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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 181-190) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 181

"Sister, what should I do? I can't call the police. Brother-in-law doesn't listen to you. Looking at this situation, he must be very bad luck tonight." Lin Yijia also said worriedly.

  "Or let's go to the villa and wait for him to come. We can't do it here." Liu Lili said.

  There were several gates to enter the villa, and they didn't know which gate Lu Chen would enter the villa, so it was best to go to the villa and wait.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded, thinking that it was all right.

  The three also followed everyone into the villa.

  At this time, the compound in the villa was already crowded, and even Lin Yijun saw a lot of big bosses he knew. These people were talking and laughing, but almost all the topics were about Lu Chen.

  "Lu Chen donated 100 million yuan yesterday. I still think that although the kid just opened a supermarket, he is still very caring. I didn't expect him to be so uncomfortable."

  "Yeah, even if Zhang Daoren smashed his supermarket, he shouldn't be so impulsive. Maybe the two sides talked about it, and the Zhang family will definitely give him a corresponding compensation. It's fine now. He completely offended the Zhang family, not only He won't get any compensation, on the contrary, he will ruin himself."

  "Hey, he is still too young after all, impulse is the devil."

  Everyone sighed.

  Yesterday, no one who attended the appreciation dinner did not know Lu Chen. After all, as a small supermarket owner, he donated 100 million yuan, ranking only after Yiqi Technology and the four major families. At that time, it shocked the audience. .

  Even his momentum directly surpassed the four major families, and his popularity is second only to Yiqi Technology.

  Especially the words he said not only gave the face of those who had not donated much at the time, but also resonated with many people. At that time, many people had a good impression of him.

  I didn't expect him to do such a crazy thing today. This is a self-destructive future.

  Burning the Zhangjia Mansion and exploding the Zhangjia real estate, no matter which one of them is, it is enough to make the Zhang family and him immortal.

  "But having said that, Lu Chen is really the most courageous young man in the past few decades. Although he was too impulsive, it made people see his blood."

  "That's right, these years, even people from the underground forces can't do too much. Who dares to be as crazy as Lu Chen."

  These big bosses have no idea about martial arts, but they talk about the grievances between Lu Chen and Zhang's family.

  And the reason why they came to watch the excitement tonight is because they heard that the three major events that happened today are all related to Zhang Family and Lu Chen. They said they were watching a martial arts contest, rather than seeing how Zhang Family and Lu Chen resolve their grievances. of.

  But none of them were optimistic about Lu Chen.

  After all, the strength of the Zhang family lies there. The old family has a profound background, and it is normal that no one is optimistic about Lu Chen.

  Hearing that everyone was not optimistic about Lu Chen, Lin Yijun was even more worried and afraid.

  If Lu Chen has two shortcomings, what should she and Qiqi do?

  "Master of the East is out!"

  At this moment, the crowd began to clamor, and saw a Dongfang dragon wearing a Taoist gown and a Taoist hairpin, surrounded by the people of the Zhang family, walking onto the high platform in the compound.

  As soon as Dongfang Dragon came out, the whole momentum overwhelmed the entire compound, making everyone feel that it was difficult to breathe.

  This high platform is more than one foot high and more than five meters wide. It was temporarily erected for the battle tonight.

  Dongfang Long walked up to the high platform, did not even look at everyone, and sat back on the high platform, then closed his eyes to refresh himself.

  Everyone was shocked when they saw Dongfanglong appear. The people in the martial arts hall respect him and want to make friends with him. Although the merchants do not know Dongfang Long, the strong aura of Dongfang Long has brought them a strong oppression.

  "Sister, this person is a master at first glance. Can my brother-in-law beat him?" Lin Yijia looked at Dongfang Long. Dongfang Long's unrelenting aura made her very uncomfortable.

  Of course, Lin Yijun also felt the difference of Dongfang Long, as well as the pressure that Dongfang Long brought to her invisibly.

  But Lu Chen didn't listen to her, and she couldn't help it.

  And seeing the self-confidence on the faces of everyone in the Zhang family, she became more and more bottomless.

  "Sister Yijun, look at the back, there are a lot of people with knives and sticks. Are they going to rush to deal with Lu Chen?" Li Li suddenly pointed to another courtyard and said in surprise.

  Lin Yijun and Lin Yijia turned their heads and saw that the yard next door was full of people. They were afraid that there would not be one or two hundred.

  Lin Yijun trembled and almost didn't faint.

  Did Zhang Family kill Lu Chen Qunou!

  "Grandpa, how confident do you think Lu Chen is?" Chen Churan asked, standing next to Mr. Chen obediently.

  Old man Chen shook his head. Although Lu Chen defeated Han Tian with a punch at the beginning, he had no confidence in Lu Chen when he saw Dongfanglong playing.

  From Dongfang Long, he felt the demeanor and aura of a real martial arts master, which could not be felt from Lu Chen, Han Tian and others.

  Dongfanglong is worthy of being a master, at first glance it is a real martial arts expert.

  Judging from the momentum alone, the entire Yuzhou and even the National Wushu Association will find a master who is not as strong as Dongfanglong.

  "What should I do? Lu Chen burned the Zhang family’s mansion today and exploded the Zhang’s Bishuiwan property. If they lose, the Zhang family will definitely not spare him, or you can find a way to help him. Right." Chen Churan said eagerly.

  Old man Chen looked at Chen Churan, looked at her invisibly caring, and teased: "Why, my good granddaughter likes that kid?"

  "Grandpa, what are you talking nonsense, but they have a family." Chen Churan blushed and said shyly.

  "You can get a divorce if you are married. As long as my granddaughter doesn't mind, my Chen family is not a clich├ęd family." Old man Chen smiled.

  "Grandpa, when is it? You still have the thought of joking. Look at the Zhang Family's style. This island has arranged at least one or two hundred people with them. This is Lu Chen's rhythm regardless of whether Lu Chen wins or loses." Chen Churan said.

  "Don't worry, you all underestimated Lu Chen. He dared to do this and dare to come to fight, he must be sure. If he is really not as good as the Zhang family, I will come out to help him. Dare to fight head-on with my Chen family." Old man Chen said confidently.

  The Chen family is a veteran family with hundreds of years, and the foundation is not comparable to the other three. This self-confidence old man still has it.

  "Yeah." Chen Churan nodded, letting go of the worry in her heart, thinking about the previous grandfather's joke, she jumped inexplicably faster when she was careful.

  "Brother Han, did Lu Chen dare not come here?" Zhang Daoren frowned without seeing Lu Chen for a long time.

  Their Zhang family set up such a big game today, which can be said to be a net of heaven and earth.

  If Lu Chen didn't dare to come, wouldn't they have to work for nothing?

  Han Tian also frowned. He specially invited his brother out. If Lu Chen didn't come, wouldn't he let his brother go for nothing?

  "Here, Lu Chen is here!"

  At this moment, suddenly a big man ran into the villa and shouted.

  Everyone turned and looked at the gate of the villa.

  Then all of them opened their eyes wide, and couldn't believe it.

Chapter: 182

Lu Chen did not come alone.

  He took his brothers to eat and drink, and then went back to the clubhouse to sleep.

  Nearly three hundred brothers landed ashore vigorously, each holding a knife and stick in their hands, and seeing countless people on the villa were terrified.

  "Shujie, is Lu Chen going to fight in groups, and have so many people come back?" The secretary beside Xie Weihao said with wide-eyed eyes.

  Xie Weihao stared in the same way, and he suddenly felt that this matter seemed a bit beyond his control.

  But whether it is Lu Chen or Zhang Family, it is difficult for him to control it.

  If not for the three incidents during the day today, he would still be able to mediate from it, but whether it was Zhang’s family smashing Lu Chen’s supermarket or Lu Chen’s fire to Zhang’s building, the two forces would have become incompatible and irreconcilable. .

  "Secretary, do you want Xu Ju to send someone over to control the situation?" the secretary said worriedly.

  If the two families fight together, I'm afraid it won't kill countless people.

  And there are still so many people on the island at this time, and almost all of them are the rich and famous people in Yuzhou.

  If they were also injured or killed, this matter would be uncontrollable.

  Xie Weihao's eyebrows furrowed deeply. He didn't want him to have such a big mess when he first came to take office. Then his trip to Yuzhou would completely fail.

  He is here to gain political success so that he can return to Beijing to promote.

  Why is this Lu Chen not worrying?

  Xie Weihao thought for a while, and took out the phone to call Lu Chen himself.

  Soon after the call was connected, Xie Weihao said solemnly: "Brother Lu, brother, I just came to take office and I don't want to see any uncontrollable situation happen."

  "Old Xie, don't worry, I have my own measures, and I brought people here, mainly to prevent Zhangjia from setting up a net against me. I can assure you that my people will definitely only act as a deterrent and will not do anything. "Lu Chen replied.

  "Okay, I believe you this time." Xie Weihao said and hung up the phone.

  His meaning couldn't be more clear. This time Lu Chen came, and it was difficult for him to stop it, but if Lu Chen disappointed him, this would be the last time he believed him.

  "Shujie, what did he say?" the secretary asked.

  "He said he wouldn't do it." Xie Weihao said.

  "What if Zhang Zhang's family does it first, can he control those underground forces?" the secretary worried.

  Xie Weihao hesitated, and finally said, "I believe him."

  The secretary sighed, feeling that Shujie might be trapped by Lu Chen this time.

  But Xie Weihao chose to believe in Lu Chen, and he had nothing to say.

  "Then I should call the Zhang family and warn them." The secretary said.

  "Yeah." Xie Weihao nodded, and he stopped calling from the Zhang family.

  When the secretary called Zhang's family, Lu Chen also came outside the Green Island Villa with hundreds of people, and hundreds of people quickly surrounded the entire villa.

  Then Lu Chen took Du Fei, Three Heroes of the Water Margin and Liu Zixiu into the villa with their heads up.

  The people in the villa saw that the entire villa was surrounded by people from underground forces, and their eyes on Lu Chen changed one by one, and they became a little afraid.

  Even if Lu Chen usually had nothing in their hearts.

  But at this moment, they all had a nonsense idea.

  The feeling that their lives are completely in Lu Chen's hands tonight.

  When Zhang Daoren and others in the Zhang family saw the villa surrounded by hundreds of people, their expressions were all hard to see the extreme.

  Their layout today can be said to be quite concealed, and they are still known by Lu Chen.

  At this moment, they even wondered if their Zhang family had an insider.

  "Grandpa, what should I do, I came here prepared for this bad day!" Zhang Daoren said unwillingly.

  Zhang Shengqiao's face was extremely ugly. He looked at Dongfang Long, who was still on the high platform at this time with his eyes closed and rested. He was not affected by the fluctuations outside, and his heart was suddenly full of confidence.

  "Don't worry about him, wait until the Eastern Master abolishes him." Zhang Shengqiao said.

  Zhang Xingquan, who was next to him, also nodded, and said angrily: "The city secretary also called me just now. Let's wait until they finish the trial."

  Why is he not angry? Today Xie Weihao allowed Lu Chen to behave against his Zhang Family, and when they were about to move Lu Chen, Xie Weihao came to warn them of the Zhang Family. This is not putting them in the eyes of the Zhang Family.

  "It's said that strong dragons don't crush ground snakes. Even if you Xie Weihao is a raptor, it is just a raptor that crosses the river. Do you really think my Zhang family is good for bullying?" Zhang Xingquan gritted his teeth and was quite angry.

  "Grandpa, as expected, Lu Chen really came here prepared." Chen Churan said in surprise.

  Old man Chen smiled, feeling a little relieved.

  He said that he knew that Lu Chen was not an ordinary person.

  Of course, if Lu Chen is really not prepared, if Lu Chen really loses to the Zhang Family, he will also help Lu Chen. www.

  But he definitely wouldn't look at Lu Chen highly in his heart.

  From then on, whether it was Lu Chen or Lu Chen's Yiqi Technology, he would never enter the eyes of his Chen family again.

  "Sister, look, the brother-in-law called so many people, it's far more than Zhang's family!" Lin Yijia's eyes widened, and she was shocked and cautious.

  At this moment, Lu Chen was completely a hero, a big man, and a raptor in her eyes.

  Gao Lili also reached out her hand in surprise and covered her mouth, she couldn't believe it.

  Isn't it that Lu Chen is just a security guard?

  How could he call so many people?

  Is he the boss of the underground forces?

  Lin Yijun was also shocked, and then let out a long sigh of relief. Lu Chen's performance today refreshed her perception of him again.

  But while breathing a sigh of relief, she also had to admit that she knew very little about Lu Chen.

  She felt a little hurt.

  This is my husband!

  But why do I feel that he is getting more and more strange?

  At this time, Lu Chen and the others walked into the compound. Seeing everyone looked terrified, he laughed and said loudly, "Don’t be surprised, they are just watching my contest. As for the toys in their hands, they are nothing but It's just a PoSS when I visit Biyang Lake."

  Everyone is contemptuous, you fucking be our three-year-olds.

  To see you compete?

  I'm afraid it will be a group attack for a while.

  Also, are you blind or are we blind? Will the bright machete in their hands be a toy?

  Are your toys all these bright machetes?

  "Oh, what are your eyes, don’t believe me? Okay, they’re just here to frighten Xiaoxiao. You are all celebrities in our big Yuzhou, rich people, no one dares to move you, on the contrary, if someone dares You, they will definitely stand up to protect you as soon as possible." Lu Chen smiled again.

  Although Lu Chen didn't speak properly, his words finally made everyone feel relieved, as long as Lu Chen didn't mess around.

  But when the Zhang family heard Lu Chen's words, they vomited blood one by one.

  On the site of their Zhang family, they brought hundreds of people to frighten Xiao Xiao.

  This is openly calling them the Zhang family as a junior.

  "Are you the Lu Chen who defeated my junior brother with one punch?"

  At this moment, Dongfang Long, who had been closing his eyes and rested on the stage, finally opened his eyes, staring at Lu Chen with a torch.

Chapter: 183

To meet Dongfanglong's torch-like gaze, Lu Chen's eyes jumped sharply.

  Except for Yun Lao, Dongfang Long is the strongest warrior he has ever seen.

  Especially the aura in Dongfang Long's eyes, even when he saw it, he was a little uncomfortable.

  But since he was a child, he cultivated the method of health preservation, and his whole person's spirit and spirit were completely beyond the reach of ordinary people.

  Therefore, although the Dongfang Dragon's aura was like a dragon, it also caused a certain amount of pressure on Lu Chen, but Lu Chen resolved the Dongfang Dragon's rainbow-like aura in the blink of an eye.

  "Yes, it's me, it's you who is going to challenge me?" Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  "It's you, come up and die." Although Dongfang Long was surprised that Lu Chen was not deterred by his aura, he didn't care too much.

  After all, he just used his inner strength just now. Since Lu Chen can beat his junior brother Han Tian with one punch, it shows that he is at least a strong inner strength.

  Of course, those with strong inner strength will not be deterred by the aura of another strong inner strength.

  "What did you say? You say it again?" Lu Chen tilted his head, ears facing Dongfang Long on the stage.

  As soon as he came, Dongfang Long wanted to give him power, and even if Dongfang Long was an outsider in the world, he didn't need to give him a face.

  Of course, he is not 100% able to defeat the Dongfang Dragon, so it would be good to use some tricks before the war.

  For ordinary people, dissatisfaction is doing.

  Just go up and do it.

  But for those who are truly powerful in martial arts, the heart is the most important. If there is a problem in any part of the war, it will be quite a loss, or it will be defeated.

  Dongfang Long was crazy, and Lu Chen was going to kill his spirit first.

  Seeing that Lu Chen was so presumptuous in front of Master Dongfang, the admirers of Dongfang Dragon stared at Lu Chen angrily, and they all wished to rush forward to teach Lu Chen a profound lesson.

  But seeing the hundreds of people surrounding the entire villa, they immediately withered.

  It's important to vent your spirits for idols.

  But his life is more important.

  Zhang Shengqiao and others sneered when Lu Chen angered Dongfang Long so much.

  The more Lu Chen died, the more they believed that Lu Chen would die sooner.

  Maybe Dong Longfang simply wanted to defeat Lu Chen.

  But Lu Chen wanted to provoke Dongfang Long without knowing it, but Dongfang Long had to kill him in pain.

  Otherwise, he must be out of breath and have no thoughts.

  "Grandpa, what does Lu Chen think? It's unwise to anger Master Dongfang at this time." Chen Churan said with some worry.

  Elder Chen also felt that Lu Chen's move was a bit irrational.

  "Boy, do you want to die!" Sure enough, Dongfang Long was immediately angry.

  Although he has been cultivating for many years, he has always had a bad temper. Just like yesterday's opportunity, he would hit ordinary people if he didn't agree with him. If he was a high-spirited Taoist priest, he would definitely not hit people for a little thing.

  Lu Chen's move was undoubtedly humiliating Chi Guoguo, how could he treat him calmly.

  "What? Do you really want to kill me?" Lu Chen pretended to be surprised, then turned and shouted loudly outside the villa, "Brothers, there is a god stick here who wants to kill me, what do you think?"

  As soon as Lu Chen's voice fell, dozens of big men rushed in with bright machetes.

  "Fuck, who is going to kill Lu Shao, there is a way for Lao Tzu to stand up and see that Lao Tzu will not hack you to death."

  The dozens of people yelled in unison, with fierce light in their eyes, which can be described as majestic.

  The people watching the theater around were all frightened by the aura of the dozens of people, their expressions changed drastically, and they hurriedly stepped aside, all fearing that these guys would miss their hands and hurt the innocent.

  Everyone knows that these underground forces are extremely impulsive and lawless. They are basically the masters who want to do anything if they don't agree.

  The Zhang family's complexion was ugly to the extreme. Unexpectedly, Lu Chen didn't play cards according to common sense and didn't compete with the Eastern Master. Is this because he missed the Eastern Master Qunou?

  Dongfanglong was even more angry and almost sprayed out a mouthful of old blood.

  What about the good contest?

  "God stick, didn't you have a ferocious aura just now, come down, come hit me, and see if my brothers are afraid of you." Lu Chen looked at Dongfang Long on the stage playfully.

  "Are you... are you still a martial artist? Do you still have the spirit of a martial artist? Come on stage to compete with me if you have one!" Dongfang Long said with qi extremely.

  No matter how powerful he was, he could beat dozens of them, but he was not stupid. Lu Chen brought hundreds of people, and no matter how powerful he was, he couldn't beat hundreds of people around Europe.

  Although these people are like ants in his eyes.

  It is said that no matter how high the skill is, one is afraid of crowds.

  How could he withstand this group of gangsters around Europe, I'm afraid he will be exhausted to death.

  "Who told you that Xiaoye is a warrior? Xiaoye is a dignified big boss, a literate man. It is the work of the mountain woodcutter to fight and kill." Lu Chen looked awe-inspiring, "Of course. If you are trying to fight and kill, I won’t let you down. After all, you have come to Yuzhou all the way to meet your wishes. I, the landlord, is also a bit embarrassed."

  In the first half of Lu Chen's words, the directly angry Dongfang Long trembled, and his Taoist robe flew without wind.

  He is an upright Taoist priest, and an oriental master worshipped by countless people. It is really unreasonable for Lu Chen to compare him to a mountain woodcutter.

  "Well, if you want to satisfy my wish, you can come up for a dignified battle!" Taking a deep breath, suppressing Lu Chen in his heart to the extreme, Dongfang Long said word by word.

  "Brothers, this mountain woodcutter is too bad, you will meet him up. Don't be afraid, there are hundreds of brothers behind you." Lu Chen turned around and said to the dozens of brothers who rushed in.


  The Qi and blood of the Eastern Dragon could not be suppressed anymore, and a mouthful of old blood spurted out. www.

  The Zhang family is so angry, how could there be such a shameless person!

  This is too shameless.

  Obviously, he was here to challenge. Not only did he become a tortoise with a shrunken head, he also wanted hundreds of people to encircle Master Ou Dongfang. What is this?

  "Shao Lu, this sacred stick vomited blood, do you still fight? Will it kill him?" Hu Biao said loudly on purpose.


  The Dongfang Dragon on the stage once again sprayed old blood after hearing this.

  He is a dignified master, no matter where he goes, he is respected by thousands of people.

  Today was so humiliated by a group of Xiao Xiao, it was more difficult for him to accept than killing him with a single knife.

  "Lu Chen, dare you fucking dare to fight!" Dongfang Long roared.

  "Do you really want to fight? Then I asked my brothers to rush forward. Then you will be hacked to death by them and turned into a ghost. Don't blame me for not talking about justice." Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and said jokingly. .

  "You!" Dongfang Long's body trembled and he cultivated for decades. Today, his Taoist heart is finally a little unstable.

  This was the first time he had encountered such a shameless person. If he could, he could not wait to punch Lu Chen to death.

  "Lu Chen, don't you fucking want to force your face!"

  Zhang Daoren couldn't help but jumped out and accused Lu Chen.

Chapter: 184

"Why, do you want to fight with me too?" Lu Chen looked at Zhang Daoren playfully.

  Zhang Daoren was startled. Lu Chen was a master that even Han Tian could beat with a single punch. He and Lu Chen singled out. It's strange not to be beaten by him. Give him ten courage. He didn't dare to single out with Lu Chen. of.

  " obviously agreed to accept the challenge of the Eastern Master. Now that the Eastern Master is here, why don't you dare to fight, do you have the backbone of a man?" Zhang Daoren said angrily.

  "Are you fucking blind? Do you think Lao Tzu didn't fight? Doesn't this magic stick want to fight? If one is not enough, Lao Tzu will have two, if two is not enough, then three will be used. If it is not enough, Lao Tzu can still have more than 300 , He himself didn't dare to fight." Lu Chen also said angrily.

  "You, how can you be so shameless!" Zhang Daoren was also vomiting blood out of anger.

  "Young man, if you are so dishonest, aren't you afraid of being laughed at by the world?" Zhang Shengqiao couldn't help but said.

  "It's okay, I have a thick-skinned." Lu Chen laughed.

  Zhang Shengqiao vomited blood.

  At this moment, everyone was defeated by Lu Chen.

  Everyone is a businessman, and they also have to mix in Yuzhou. Although some shameful methods are sometimes used, at least the most basic bottom line must be there.

  This kid is so shameless that there is no bottom line.

  "Brother-in-law is too damn, but seeing that god stick was vomiting blood out of brother-in-law, the Zhang Family's face turned pale one by one, why is it so refreshing in my heart." Lin Yijia grabbed Lin Yiyun's arm and looked Stars appeared in Lu Chen's eyes.

  At this moment, Lu Chen was too powerful in her eyes, too.

  But she is the brother-in-law who likes this moment.

  Lin Yijun was rather speechless. After living with Lu Chen for so many years, it was the first time she saw Lu Chen so shameless.

  But despite the shameless disdain of Lu Chen, she still breathed a sigh of relief at this moment.

  At least Lu Chen is not stupid, he knows he can't beat Master Dongfang, this method also gives her the most relief.

  "Your brother-in-law is really a weird thing." Liu Lili said without knowing whether it was praise or derogation.

  "My brother-in-law is called tactics." Lin Yijia said for Lu Chen.

  "Well, it made us worry about him in vain." Liu Lili nodded.

  the other side.

  "Grandpa, what do you think?" Chen Churan looked at Lu Chen, somewhat dumbfounded.

  Old man Chen also smiled bitterly, how does he comment?

  What else can he evaluate.

  Lu Chen didn't play cards according to common sense at all.

  Does he really feel that he is not Dongfanglong's opponent?

  Elder Chen only had that thought.

  If Lu Chen really had the confidence to defeat Dongfang Dragon, he would definitely not use this kind of trick.

  After all, who doesn't care about his reputation.

  It can be said that after today, Lu Chen's shameless reputation may be with him for a lifetime.

  In front of so many people, using this kind of tricks, you can't wash it even if you want to.

  Not only Old Man Chen, at this moment, almost everyone knew that Lu Chen was definitely not Dongfang Long's opponent, including the Zhang family, and no one believed that Lu Chen would be Dongfang Long's opponent.

  But they didn't expect that Lu Chen was so shameless that he completely killed them by surprise. www.

  At this time on a small boat on the lake.

  "Xiao Zhang, who do you think will win this battle?" Xie Weihao sat on the bow, smoking a cigarette while watching the waves of scales.

  Secretary Zhang stood beside Xie Weihao, looking at the green island in the distance from time to time, and said: "I heard that Dongfanglong is a follower of cultivating Taoism and a real martial arts master. I am not optimistic about Lu Chen."

  Xie Weihao nodded, Lu Chen is a business man, a standard businessman, how can he compare with those who practice martial arts.

  "You can ask about the situation and see if there is any uncontrollable situation." Xie Weihao is still very worried about the situation on the island.

  Secretary Zhang nodded and called Xu Zuojun who was inquiring about the news on the island.

  "Xu Ju, what's the situation on the island right now? Have the two parties fought?" Secretary Zhang asked without asking questions.

  "Fart, Lu Chen, this guy really opened my eyes today." Xu Zuojun's thick voice came over, and both of them could hear the bitter smile and helplessness in his tone.

  "What's the situation?" Secretary Zhang asked in surprise.

  "The Zhang family did ambush hundreds of people on the island, but after Lu Chen and two or three hundred people directly surrounded the villa, the Zhang family really didn't dare to move a little." Xu Zuojun said.

  "Then the contest between Lu Chen and Dongfanglong, who won?" Secretary Zhang asked again.

  "The fight hasn't started yet, but I don't seem to be able to fight anymore." Xu Zuojun said.

  "Oh, didn't you say that you want to fight, so many people went to see, they stopped fighting?" Secretary Zhang asked a little surprised.

  Xu Zuojun gave a wry smile, and then said exactly what happened on the island.

  Secretary Zhang and Xie Weihao heard Xu Zuojun's report, and they almost didn't laugh.

  "Haha, I know that Lu Chen guy is reliable, oh no, it's a bit unreliable." When Xie Weihao heard Xu Zuojun's report, the big rock hanging in his heart was also let go.

  As long as the two sides can't fight, it doesn't matter how they wrangled.

  "Shujie, that guy is too shameless, but his trick is quite ruthless. He even vomited blood from Dongfang Long's Taoist priest. This is a soldier who can defeat people without a fight." Secretary Zhang haha. Smiled.

  If there is no large-scale conflict between Lu Chen and Zhang's family, then all this is not a problem.

  "It's really shameless, but I really like him." Xie Weihao laughed.

  "Shujie, why don't we go to the island to see how they wrestle. The Zhang family has always been very shameful to you? Seeing the Zhang family being played by Lu Chen, it is also very interesting." Secretary Zhang suggested Tao.

  Xie Weihao's eyes lit up and he moved a little.

  When he first came to Yuzhou to take office, people from the four major families didn’t ask him not to say anything, and even asked him to come and invite them in person, and he still remembers clearly that Zhang’s and Zuo’s were a little bit of the four major families at the time. Not bothered.

  He is also a grudge, if it weren't for Lu Chen's sudden birth, he might have looked at the faces of the four big families in the past four years.

  At this time, Lu Chen was playing with Zhang Family, and he was undoubtedly giving him a bad breath.

  "Okay, go ashore." Xie Weihao waved his hand, ready to see what happened.

  But he wasn't so blatant, he still used a dummy to cover most of his face.

  It was night again, and under the dim light, no one would be able to spot him.

  At this moment, not only Dongfang Dragon was vomiting blood from Qi, but also Zhang Shengqiao was vomiting blood from Lu Chenqi at this moment.

  Just when they were all about to give up, they heard Lu Chen suddenly say: "It's not impossible for me to fight alone with that oriental worm, but your Zhang family must first promise me two conditions."

  As soon as Lu Chen spoke out, the Zhang family suddenly became energetic.

  They were afraid that Lu Chen would not take action. As long as Lu Chen dared to take the stage, let alone two conditions, they would dare to agree to Lu Chen even with ten conditions.

Chapter: 185

Hearing that Lu Chen was going to fight Dongfang Long, everyone clamored again, and they couldn't believe their ears.

  When did this guy have such courage?

  Didn't he just dare not fight a decisive battle with the Eastern Master, and even in order to refrain from fighting, he thought of such a shameless way to deal with the Eastern Master.

  Could this guy's conscience discovered that he can't be so shameless?

  But Lin Yijun and the three raised their hearts at once.

  Is this guy crazy?

  Obviously there is no longer a decisive battle with the Eastern Master, what nerves does he have?

  Lin Yijun was so angry that she couldn't wait to rush to pull Lu Chen back.

  "Sister, maybe brother-in-law wants to play some tricks, do you find out, brother-in-law has completely controlled the situation in his hands today." Lin Yijia said.

  "Yeah, I also found out. Since he came, I feel that the Zhang family and this oriental master have been completely beaten by him, and they have all entered his trap. He dared to make such a choice at this time. There must be his deep meaning." Liu Lili also said.

  Both she and Lin Yijia were completely conquered by Lu Chen today.

  Of course, it was Lu Chen's shamelessness and unreasonableness.

  Lin Yijun is right to think about it. Hasn't she been very disinterested in Lu Chen before? She also thinks that Lu Chen will fall into the trap of the Zhang family tonight, but once Lu Chen appeared, the whole situation was completely out of control.

  Even if Lu Chen's methods are not bright, he can turn danger into a breeze, and can transform passive snaps into initiative, which is not something ordinary people can do.

  "Grandpa, what does he want to do?" Chen Churan asked very puzzled.

  She really didn't understand what Lu Chen was thinking. She obviously took the initiative, so why turned her advantage into a disadvantage.

  Old man Chen shook his head, he was also completely confused by Lu Chen's actions.

  Yes, at this moment, Mr. Chen's brain speed can't keep up with the rhythm.

  It stands to reason that in a good situation, Lu Chen shouldn't be so stupid. www.

  But he did such a stupid thing.

  What do you say?

  He has nothing to say.

  "What do you want?" Zhang Shengqiao looked at Lu Chen, with a gleam in his eyes.

  After a while, if Lu Chen loses, all conditions will be Baita.

  The most important thing is that the conditions are only used to comfort each other, and they can fail to fulfill them at any time.

  "Listen well, the first condition is that Zhang Daoren smashed my supermarket today, which caused a huge loss to my supermarket, and it also caused serious mental losses to my supermarket employees..."

  Hearing Lu Chen's words, Zhang Daoren couldn't help but trembled.

  Damn, this trick again, again.

  "...So, I ask you Zhang Family to pay 300 million for compensation. If there is no problem, we will raise the next condition." Lu Chen said solemnly.

  "You still lost 300 million for the broken supermarket. Are you crazy about the money?" Zhang Daoren jumped up. Last time he was pitted by Lu Chen for 50 million. This was the pain of his life. .

  "Oh, don't you Zhang Family agree? Then don't talk about it. Let's settle our grievances slowly. I won't accompany you to play with you today. Bye." Lu Chen turned around and walked outside. .

  The Zhang family vomits blood from people, so why doesn't this horrible person play cards according to common sense?

  You said that 300 million would be 300 million if you lost it Can't we bargain and bargain?

  You fucking brought us several billion in losses to the Zhang family today, and I haven't asked you to settle this account.

  But tonight, they want to find Lu Chen to settle their accounts. The only way is for Lu Chen to fight against Master Dongfang, and then wait for Master Dongfang to defeat Lu Chen first. Then they will control Lu Chen. Those mixed dragons without a leader must constitute them. No threat.

  "Okay, I promise you." Zhang Shengqiao shouted.

  You must first stabilize Lu Chen.

  "Really? Now you Zhang Family is still in charge?" Lu Chen turned around and looked at Zhang Shengqiao playfully.

  Zhang Shengqiao is extremely angry, this bastard, at this time, it is really hateful to want to provoke their father and son.

  "My dad's words are mine." Zhang Xingquan hummed coldly.

  "Well, let's transfer the money right away. As long as I receive the money, I will mention the second condition." Lu Chen snapped his fingers, took out a bank card, and threw it at Zhang Xingquan.

  The Zhang family is all startled, this kid is fucking cruel!

  Both Zhang Shengqiao and Zhang Xingquan had an urge to vomit blood, which was completely inconsistent with their thoughts.

  They promised Lu Chen, they never thought about giving money.

  But at this time, is the transfer to him or not?

  Zhang Xingquan looked at his father Zhang Shengqiao, Lu Chen’s trick was too ruthless, transfer the money, that’s 300 million. His Zhang family had suffered this catastrophe today and had already injured his muscles and bones. He would pay Lu Chen 300 million. It was simply drinking them. Blood out.

  "Turn! Give it to him!" Zhang Shengqiao clenched his fists tightly, and in a moment he wanted Lu Chen to spit out the bone scum!

  Zhang Xingquan was a bit painful, but still sent Lu Chen's card number to Finance, so that Finance could transfer the account as soon as possible.

  "Tell me about your second condition." Zhang Xingquan threw Lu Chen's bank card past Lu Chen, his eyes breathing fire.

  "Don't worry, it's never too late to mention it when I receive the money, I won't run away anyway, right?" Lu Chen said playfully.

  "Huh." Zhang Xingquan snorted coldly, and stopped paying attention to Lu Chen. Anyway, it was impossible for Lu Chen to run away tonight.

  "I understand." Chen Churan said to her grandfather suddenly.

  "What do you understand?" Elder Chen asked puzzled.

  "This guy is so bad, he must be the shameless group of Eastern Dragons later." Chen Churan said.

  Old man Chen smiled bitterly, Lu Chen wanted to refresh his three views.

  "Sister, I guess my brother-in-law will be tricked for a while." Lin Yijia smiled confidently.

  Lin Yijun smiled bitterly, she also guessed Lu Chen's thoughts.

  Today, Lu Chen is in control of the absolute situation. He doesn't fight for a while. Isn't he the final decision?

  Does the Zhang family dare to fight with him?

  He can bring two or three hundred people today, and the Zhang family dare not fight.

  Of course Zhang Xingquan also thought about this issue, but they had no choice.

  If Lu Chen were to leave today, not only would Dongfang Master be extremely depraved, they would have no chance to deal with Lu Chen.

  So although he was worried about this issue in his heart, they had no choice but to agree to Lu Chen's condition.

  Ten minutes later, Lu Chen finally received the account information on his phone. He glanced at it and smiled: "OK, your Zhang family is still trustworthy, and it did not disappoint me. So now, I will mention my second condition. Up."

  He paused after talking, looked at the direction of Old Man Chen, and said, "Last time at Old Man Chen's birthday party, you lost Green Island to Old Man Chen, and Old Man Chen gave me Green Island. Now, give me the ownership of Green Island first. Give it to me, and I will be on stage to fight the Oriental Worm."

  As soon as Lu Chen spoke, everyone in the Zhang family changed their expressions.

Chapter: 186

Lu Chen was sold by their Zhang family for 500 million, including the entire Biyang Lake. Their Zhang family planned to develop it into a scenic tourist area. Lu Chen had such a big appetite and wanted to make their family’s Green Island. Eat it too, does he think he really can eat it?

  On the stage, Dongfang Long heard Lu Chen call him Dongfang Chong again, and his body trembled with anger, wishing to jump off the stage and blow Lu Chen to death.

  But knowing that Lu Chen would be on stage when he waited, he forcibly held back.

  The hundreds of gangsters in the audience can kill him, no matter how angry he is, it is impossible for him to fight against the gangsters.

  "Old man Zhang, did you use Green Island as a bet at the time?" At this time, Old Man Chen only stood up to help Lu Chen.

  He still felt that Lu Chen would definitely not be able to get Green Island back. When Lu Chen said so confidently that he would definitely get Green back, he still only shook his head, but at this time he really admired it from the heart. Lu Chen.

  Zhang Shengqiao's face was very ugly. Facing Old Man Chen's question, he had nothing to say. The most important thing was that they had already transferred 300 million to Lu Chen, and they couldn't give him 300 million in vain.

  "And you also lost. I lost Green Island to me. I did transfer the ownership of Green Island to Lu Chen, so it is reasonable for Lu Chen to ask you for the ownership of Green Island today." Mr. Chen Said.

  The people who attended the birthday banquet of Mr. Chen at that time all watched the battle between Lu Chen and Han Tian at that time, but they didn't know that Lu Chen helped the Chen family at the price of Ludao.

  Mr. Chen is also really generous. Several hundred million green islands were given to Lu Chen in this way.

  Everyone was amazed in their hearts, and from this it could also be seen that Lu Chen had a close relationship with the Chen family.

  "Okay, I can give you the ownership of Ludao." Zhang Shengqiao took a deep breath and looked at Lu Chen with a bitter expression on his face.

  "Well, let's get the land ownership contract first." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  The Zhang family's discoloration changed again, and Lu Chenxin's cruelty once again changed the color.

  "Lvdao's attribution contract has been burned by you today. In front of so many people today, my Zhang family promised that the ownership of Ludao regulations will belong to you." Zhang Xingquan coldly snorted.

  "Brothers, since the Zhang family is so insincere, then we still go back to drink, and come back to the food stall tonight, not drunk or return." Lu Chen turned around and left without saying a word.

  "Give it to him!" Dongfang Long shouted loudly on the stage.

  If Lu Chen were to leave like this tonight, his generation would no longer want to stabilize Dao's heart, Lu Chen would become an indelible shadow in his life.

  He must defeat Lu Chen tonight, he must defeat Can Lu Chen.

  Otherwise he will never be reconciled.

  "Here you!" Zhang Shengqiao gritted his teeth and shouted again.

  "That's right, Green Island is not owned by your Zhang family anymore. Why are you still occupying it?" Lu Chen laughed.

  "Hmph, I hope you can laugh later." Zhang Shengqiao said with extreme anger.

  "Father, it's not that I don't respect the old and love the young. If you die in front of me immediately, I will laugh three times and yell "Fun" three times. If you don't believe me, you will die to me." Lu Chen haha Smiled.

  When encountering such a shameless person, what can Zhang Shengqiao say? The more he said, he might really be mad at death.

  "Go back and take over the ownership contract of Ludao." Zhang Shengqiao was too lazy to take care of Lu Chen, and said to Zhang Daoren beside him.

  Zhang Daoren glanced bitterly at Lu Chen before leaving Green Island happily.

  "By the way, it would be too irregular if there is no notary office to notarize. You should invite people from the Bureau of Land and Resources to testify." Lu Chen said again.

  "Xingquan, go get someone!" Zhang Shengqiao said again.

  Zhang Xingquan took a deep breath and went to call to invite someone.

  "This guy is cruel." Xie Weihao, who was hiding behind the crowd, couldn't help saying.

  Seeing Lu Chen playing with the Zhang Family in this way, the Zhang Family has no temper at all, and he is very refreshed in his heart. www.

  He suddenly felt that Lu Chen was the lucky star in his career.

  "Yes, but if he does this, is he really going to fight Dongfanglong?" Secretary Zhang wondered.

  "Or let's make a bet, I bet that this kid will definitely not fight Dongfang Long in the end, he will definitely go out of the old routine again, and may even drive Dongfang Long crazy." Xie Weihao said in a happy mood.

  "Forget it, you're not an obvious thing." Secretary Zhang said with a smile, is this still necessary? Lu Chen will definitely not fight Dongfanglong.

  If he had the strength to fight Dongfanglong, he would have been on stage a long time ago, so why bother to make a shameless infamy.

  He is the behind-the-scenes boss of Yiqi Technology. He is a big figure in Da Yuzhou.

  Had he not beaten Dongfanglong, would he be so contemptuous of his reputation?

  The answer is definitely no.

  Therefore, Secretary Zhang would certainly not gamble with Xie Wei in such a losing game.

  At this time everyone finally turned around, feeling that Lu Chen would definitely not dare to fight Dongfanglong.

  He is an upright pit of the Zhang family, and the Zhang family has to let him pit it.

  "This kid is really too cruel, don't provoke him again." Wang Shiju, the head of the Wang family, said to Wang Xing.

  Although Lu Chen abolished his eldest son and slapped his second son in the face, he was ready to live with Lu Chen endlessly.

  But at this moment, watching the Zhangjia Building burned by Lu Chen, watching the Bishuiwan real estate that Zhang’s invested more than 1 billion in was blown to the ground by Lu Chen, watching Zhang’s family being destroyed by Lu Chen’s pit Turns around and has to let him pit him, he is already scared.

  This is a cruel man, or a lunatic.

  An absolutely shameless lunatic, he has given up in his heart.

  He would rather stay away than he would have anything to do with Lu Chen.

  Wang Xing nodded, also quite unwilling.

  His father was obviously frightened by Lu Chen's methods tonight.

  Isn't he?

  The world says that Wang Xing is a devil.

  At this moment, he felt that Lu Chen was the real fucking devil.

  Everyone waited for nearly half an hour, and the Zhang family finally took the contract for the land of Green Island and invited the notary from the Land and Resources Bureau.

  The modification of the contract went smoothly, and the whole process only took about ten minutes.

  Lu Chen got the real estate contract for the entire Biyang Lake as he wished, and his goal today has also been achieved.

  "Your two conditions have been satisfied by the Zhang family. Now, is it time for you to fulfill your promise?" Zhang Xingquan looked at the contract in Lu Chen's hand, and his pain was extremely painful, but he was more concerned about Lu Chen at this time. Will it fulfill its promise.

  Everyone also looked at Lu Chen and how he chose.

  Lin Yijun, Lin Yijia, Chen Churan and others also looked at Lu Chen, although they all thought that Lu Chen would definitely play with Zhang Family.

  But what if Lu Chen didn't play his cards again according to common sense?

Chapter: 187

"Well, I, Lu Chen, of course is a man of great promise. Since I said I want to fight, I have to fight." Lu Chen threw Biyang Lake's attribution contract to Du Fei and walked to the high platform.

  He didn't even think about fighting cowardly. The reason why so many moths came out was just to get the Zhang family back and take back the Green Island by the way.

  In his plan, Green Island is the best base for the rough channel, and it must be taken back from the Zhang family.

  The area of ​​the Green Island is small, only about five kilometers, but it is only enough to build an island paradise.

  This paradise will be based on jewelry, diamonds, antiques, etc. Once it is built, it can be said that Zuo’s business will suffer an unprecedented impact.

  What's more, Zuo's rough jewels were bought from Lu Chen.

  Seeing Lu Chen really walking on the high platform, everyone's eyes widened.

  They always thought that Lu Chen would not dare to fight.

  But thinking of Lu Chen's two conditions just now that the Zhang Family has met him, if he doesn't take the stage again, it is estimated that Zhang Family will really fight him hard.

  Chen Churan and Old Man Chen were also quite surprised, they didn't expect Lu Chen to actually take the stage.

  This guy does not play cards according to common sense.

  "Sister, brother-in-law is really going to be on stage, what does he think?" Lin Yijia asked puzzled.

  Lin Yijun was also puzzled, but in this time, her heart had risen and fallen many times. This time, she was silent.

  She felt that no matter how she guessed, she couldn't guess Lu Chen's mind at all.

  "Shujie, is there something wrong with the script?" Secretary Zhang said in surprise.

  They all thought that Lu Chen would definitely play the Zhang Family again, and then took everyone away.

  But who knows that at the last moment, Lu Chen chose a path that anyone guessed wrong.

  Has he ever fought a decisive battle with Dongfanglong? Not for abuse?

  Xie Weihao was also confused.

  He also vowed to say that after Lu Chen played the Zhang family, he would definitely escape.

  This guy is really hard to guess.

  "Let's take a look first, maybe he has some new tricks." Xie Weihao had to comfort himself like this.

  At this time, with the eyes of the crowd focused, Lu Chen finally got on the high platform and stood opposite Dongfang Long.

  The eyes are facing each other, one is burning like a flame, and the other is calm as water.

  "You finally dare to come up and fight with me!" Dongfang Long said in a deep voice.

  "Do you think I didn't come up before because I was afraid of you and didn't dare to fight with you?" Lu Chen smiled lightly. It was only to pit Zhang's family before, so I deliberately made such a moth.

  He admitted that Dongfang Long was indeed the strongest warrior they had ever seen except for Old Yun, but what about it, Dongfang Long was strong, and he himself was not weak.

  Is not it?

  Everyone asked for Dongfanglong in their hearts.

  At least before Lu Chen came to power, no one would believe that he would dare to take the stage for a battle.

  "Very good, let's do it, I'm going to see if your strength is as powerful as your shamelessness." Dongfang Long said sarcastically.

  "As you wish." Lu Chen slid his left foot back slightly, clenched his fists, and opened the frame.

  Although he was not afraid of Dongfanglong, he didn't dare to be careless anymore if a master made a move.

  The moment Dongfang Long saw Lu Chen open the frame, an invisible pressure was emitted, causing his pupils to shrink slightly, and he no longer looked down upon Lu Chen. He clenched his fists, his feet moved slowly left and right, but his eyes were They were staring at Lu Chen's eyes.

  Lu Chen moved still, his eyes were as calm as water, and he could not see any fluctuations at all.

  When everyone in the audience saw the confrontation between the two on the stage, they all felt an invisible pressure from the high stage, and everyone who was close felt a little difficult to breathe.

  "What are they doing? Why don't you do it yet?" Lin Yijia saw that Lu Chen and Dongfang Long both opened up, but neither of them took the first move. They were a little anxious for the two on stage.

  "I don't know, maybe you are waiting for something." Liu Lili shook her head and said.

  Liu Lili guessed well.

  Whether it was Dongfang Long or Lu Chen, when the two of them dispersed, they both felt the strength of each other, so they didn't dare to make a move easily.

  Everyone is a master and knows that in many cases, static braking is the best start.

  Because as long as the opponent moves, some flaws will be revealed, but if you don't move, the opponent will have some scruples.

  Because he doesn't know your background and details.

  Both of them are waiting, waiting for the other to take the first shot.

  "Why doesn't Master Dongfang make a move yet? Is he afraid that he won't be able to beat Lu Chen? Impossible?" Zhang Daoren asked in confusion.

  "Senior brother is a real martial arts master. Lu Chen doesn't count as bullshit in front of senior brother." Han Tian snorted coldly.

  "Well, I'm just curious about how Master still doesn't do anything." Zhang Daoren nodded, he didn't believe that Lu Chen would be Master Dongfang's opponent.

  "Moved, they finally moved!"

  Just when everyone was about to lose patience due to the suppressed atmosphere, the Dongfang Dragon finally moved.

  Seeing that Lu Chen was as calm as water, Dongfang Long had no flaws at all, so he had to tentatively start.

  As soon as he moved his hands, his clenched fists burst into a sound of cracking soybeans, his body rushed towards Lu Chen, and his fist blasted towards Lu Chen.

  As soon as he punched, in the eyes of everyone, he suddenly became a shadow of the fist, and he smashed towards Lu Chen.

  Seeing this powerful punch, everyone in the audience squeezed a sweat for Lu Chen.

  Even in the audience, they could feel the power of Dongfang Long's punch.

  Lu Chen bent his body, showing a posture of pulling a bow, but then he glared, his entire body shot fiercely towards Dongfang Dragon like an arrow shot.

  The two charged at the same time, and the entire high platform seemed to collapse, shaking.

  Everyone held their breath.

  As soon as the two took action, even if they were ordinary people, they also saw the difference between the two.

  This is no ordinary fight.

  This is the real master clash.


  The two punches collided, and they gave a slight pause.

  Lu Chen's right hand trembled, and a sharp pain struck from the knuckles, but he did not step back, his sharply defined face did not even change at all.

  Dongfanglong's expression was a little surprised. Lu Chen was only in his twenties, but he was able to punch him without retreating.

  You know, he has been practicing for decades, and his internal strength is strong, long and long, and even a big stone can be broken with a punch.

  Lu Chen actually punched him and didn't retreat. Lu Chen's strength completely exceeded his expectations.

  Everyone in the audience was also slightly surprised.

  No one was optimistic about Lu Chen before the two shot.

  Because Dongfanglong looks more like a real martial arts master.

  And Lu Chen is a businessman himself, and looks more like a gangster, how could he be the opponent of the Eastern Master.

  Many people felt that Lu Chen would definitely not be able to take a punch from Master Dongfang.

  But with this punch, they all shut their mouths.

  "You have a strong inner strength, right? Let's compare it with you!"

  Dongfanglong gave a deep cry and shot again.

  He attacks like rain, fists to the flesh, no fancy moves at all.

  Completely compete with Lu Chen for strength.

Chapter: 188

Facing the dense rain of fists like Dongfang Dragon's gusty wind and rain, Lu Chen was caught in a predicament for a while, unable to counterattack, and could only defend desperately.

  Then Dongfang Long shouted, blasted out with a sharp punch, and pointed at Lu Chen's chest.

  In a hurry.

  Lu Chen folded his hands into his palms and protected his chest. The impact of the huge fist gang hit Lu Chen all the way to the edge of the high platform. Everyone under the stage could smell the burning smell of excessive friction on the soles.

  Seeing this scene, everyone couldn't help but scream for Dongfang Long.

  "The Eastern Master is the Eastern Master. His boxing skills are like rain, and his power is infinite. It's really amazing."

  "It's a pity that it's just a little bit worse. Lu Chen is about to be blasted off the high platform. It's a pity, but he guesses he will be able to hold Dongfang Master's punch again."

  When the three Lin Yijun saw that Lu Chen was almost knocked off the platform by Dongfanglong's punch, they all mentioned Sangziyan in their hearts.

  Although she knew that Lu Chen was fighting fiercely, to be honest, she had never thought that Lu Chen was so fierce.

  Even if Lu Chen had just been knocked off the platform with a punch by the Eastern Master, it has become a fact that Lu Chen is a strong man.

  Throughout Yuzhou, there are a dozen martial arts schools of all sizes, but no martial arts center has masters of internal power.

  Everyone looked down on Lu Chen before, but at the moment when they knew that Lu Chen was indeed a master of internal strength, the gazes of some of the martial arts practitioners who looked at Lu Chen suddenly changed dramatically.

  Without him.

  Just because Lu Chen belongs to Yuzhou, that's enough.

  Seeing that Lu Chen was almost knocked off the stage with a punch, everyone in the Zhang family sighed secretly.

  But seeing that Lu Chen had no power to fight back under Master Dongfang's offensive, they were relieved.

  As long as Master Dongfang abolished Lu Chen for a while, they would control Lu Chen for the first time.

  "After completely eating such a strong punch of mine, you would rather bear the impact of all the punches than take a step back, yes." Dongfang Long couldn't help but admire Lu Chen.

  If he were to be an ordinary person, he would have fallen on the stage a long time ago, but Lu Chen did not, he was still as stable as Mount Tai.

  With the punch he just took, if Lu Chen stepped back, he could take off a part of his punch, but if that was the case, he would back up in front of Dongfang Long, and backing back would represent a weakening momentum.

  But Lu Chen didn't. He would rather be worn through at the bottom of the dragon, and would rather have eaten all the strength of Dongfang Long's punch, and he did not step back.

  Lu Chen put his hands down, holding his hands behind, and facing the people behind Lu Chen's back. With good eyesight, he could see that Lu Chen's hands behind his back were shaking slightly.

  "You are indeed very strong. It is a waste of talent to stay in the old forest and eat fast and recite sutras. Come and help me. I will pay you 100 million yuan every year." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "My generation of warriors, with a firm heart, how can you change your original intention by a few stinky money? I just admired you, but I think you have such strength at a young age, but I will also defeat you today." Dongfang Long With a cold snort, he didn't pay attention to Lu Chen's 100 million.

  If he was greedy for money, he would have a wealth of wealth.

  He is dedicated to cultivating Taoism and fighting for martial arts. How can external forces shake his belief?

  He hummed coldly, pressing his left foot on the ground, and a thrilling footprint was hollowed out on the high platform. His thin body was like a cheetah, and his left fist roared out.

  He wants to defeat Lu Chen as soon as possible.

  Lu Chen also kicked his feet and jumped up fiercely, his body rotated 180 degrees in the air, his right leg descended from the sky, and pressed down fiercely with the force of smashing Huashan Mountain.

  He no longer fights against Dongfanglong.

  I have to say that Dongfanglong's boxing power is indeed much stronger than Lu Chen's, and Lu Chen's fight against him is quite a disadvantage.

  Because his strength is not boxing skills, but overall combat power.

  "You are looking for death!"

  Dongfanglong snorted coldly, Lu Chen's speed was too fast, he had to fist back to block.

  Lu Chen slammed Mount Tai on Dongfanglong's forearm, and Dongfanglong's face changed slightly, and his body actually took two steps back subconsciously.

  However, with the help of the upward elastic force, Lu Chen turned his body in the air again, and now once again smashed down with the pressure of Mount Tai.

  His actions are completely incompatible with human mechanics.

  But Lu Chen did it.

  Not only did he do it, he also used the power of the Dongfang Dragon stall every time, his body turned again, and once again made the Taishan top pressure.

  The whole picture fell in the eyes of everyone in the audience, just like watching a martial arts movie, gorgeous and beautiful, but majestic, and even more powerful, and the platform trembling.


  When Dongfanglong received Lu Chen's ten consecutive splits, his face turned pale, his feet bent, and he knelt down with a bang, and could no longer withstand the heavy gravity of Mount Tai.


  The moment Dongfanglong knelt down on the high platform, the entire platform seemed to be unable to withstand the heavy load anymore and collapsed suddenly.

  When everyone saw this scene, they were all dumbfounded, and they dared not come out.

  Is this the Eastern Master losing?

  Especially the Zhang family members, they couldn't believe their eyes.

  Master Dongfang is a real master of martial arts, how could he lose?

  How could he lose to Lu Chen?

  Zhang Shengqiao stood up on the chair with a bang, and looked at the Eastern Master who was kneeling on the table with pale face and bleeding from the corner of his mouth. His whole body was ten years old instantly.

  The Eastern Master was defeated.

  The hope of the Zhang family is also shattered.

  "It's over..." Zhang Shengqiao's qi and blood surged, not knowing whether it was a brain rush or something, and he fell down with a bang.

  "Grandpa, grandpa..." Zhang Daoren hurriedly supported Zhang Shengqiao, Zhang Xingquan and the others also changed a lot, and hurried over to check the situation.

  At this time, everyone in the Zhang family could no longer take care of Lu Chen, and they were all concerned about the safety of the old man.

  Soon, the Zhang family sent the old man out of Green Island, and they had to take Zhang Shengqiao to the hospital as soon as possible.

  At this time, Dongfang Long, who was kneeling on the table, finally eased his breath, but the whole momentum was gone. On the contrary, his eyes were full of frustration.

  This is the first time he has lost since he started, but he has lost so thoroughly.

  "Are you Yun Zhongqi's disciple?" Dongfang Long took a deep breath and asked Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen was startled, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

  The combination of his attacks just now was indeed an old master Yun's fame stunt. Once he was connected, even if he was stronger than him, he would have to slash him alive in the end.

  "What is strange in the cloud, I don't know. I still said that if you go back to the old forest in the deep mountains to eat the fast and chant, it is a waste of talents. It is better to follow me and make more contributions to the world. Why not do it." Lu Chen Interrupted the topic.

  Dongfang Long saw that Lu Chen pretended not to know Yun Zhongqi, and did not ask too much. For Lu Chen's words, he just chuckled and turned and walked under the platform.

  "Cultivation is to cultivate the mind, to perceive the various states of life. If you live alone in the mountains, you will only feel deeply lonely..." Lu Chen said to Dongfanglong's back.

  Dongfang Dragon is a bit arrogant, but he is indeed a rare martial arts expert. To be honest, if he is not connected to the combined attack technique, he is not necessarily Dongfang Dragon's opponent, he still wants to recruit Dongfang Dragon.

  Dongfang Longwen was startled slightly, but eventually left Green Island alone, even Han Tian didn't want to see him again.

Chapter: 189

Lu Chen won.

  Defeated the Eastern Master that everyone touted.

  Fame in one fell swoop.

  It can be said that Lu Chen's name has already been on the table of Yuzhou, and no one knows it.

  This is the man who single-handedly put the Zhang family of Nuovo into crisis.

  It was the man who made the Zhang family of Nuo big face disgraced overnight.

  The Zhang family lost.

  Not only did he lose Ludao, he lost 300 million yuan, and he also lost the face of the entire Zhang family.

  The old man Zhang Shengqiao was admitted to the hospital angrily, and Zhang's family was full of sorrow.

  Because of this incident, Zhang Daoren had been abolished by Zhang Xingquan's inheritance rights, and Zhang Daozhong became the most powerful heir of the Zhang family.

  Lin Yijun still didn't go back with Lu Chen, but she asked Lu Chen to go to Qijiang County together the day after tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, her uncles wanted to give her grandpa a grave, and their family would go back.

  Lu Chen agreed to go to Qijiang County together.

  On the second day after the competition, Lu Chen and Wu Lei met to discuss the renovation and restoration of the supermarket.

  This time, Lu Chen plans to spend 200 million yuan to decorate the supermarket and open branches.

  Wu Lei's ability during this period is still something that Lu Chen can trust. Lu Chen is going to give him another chance and open a branch for him first.

  Lu Chen gave Wu Lei an Audi worth more than 500,000 yuan, and prepared a lot of things for Wu Lei to talk about.

  With money in his hands, Wu Lei did not disappoint Lu Chen. He quickly set up his own team with Shengshi Supermarket as the center, preparing for the renovation of the old store and the location of the new store.

  In the afternoon, Lu Chen and Wu Lei were having lunch when they suddenly received a strange call.

  The call was made by Zhang Daozhong, and Zhang Daozhong asked Lu Chen very lightly.

  Lu Chen agreed to Zhang Daozhong's invitation. If he could negotiate well, he didn't want to spend time with Zhang Family. That would be very detrimental to him or Zhang Family.

  The address of the negotiation, Lu Chen, was chosen at the Sakura Club. It was not that he was afraid that the Zhang family would plot against him, but that he also went to Du Fei to discuss matters in the afternoon. After talking with Zhang Daozhong, he happened to talk to Du Fei.

  Lu Chen drove Shi Danwei, whom Chen Churan had sent him, to the Sakura Club, parked the car, and walked into the club.

  At this time, outside the club, passing by, Lei Puyin saw Lu Chen getting off the car, and his anger suddenly burst out.

  The last time she was threatened by Du Fei people, her father was filled with two large bowls of wine and drank directly until he vomited blood. It took a day of infusion in the hospital before being discharged.

  She attributed all this to Lu Chen.

  In her opinion, it would be impossible for Luo Yunhuai and Chen Xiaobing to ignore him unless for the appearance of Lu Chen.

  If Lu Chen didn't save her at the time, it would be impossible for her father to be filled with two large bowls of liquor by Du Fei.

  She hates Lu Chen, and she hates it for not breaking Lu Chen into pieces these days.

  At this moment, seeing Lu Chen set the car away and put it in the clubhouse, she went directly to Lu Chen's car. Unconvinced, she took off her high heels directly and slammed into the front of Lu Chen's car.

  There was a very obvious depression, which was still unresolved, and I wanted to find a rock to hit it.

  It's a pity that there are no stones around here, and she saw a security guard coming here, so she had to put on her shoes and walk away.

  "Where are you? Why did you call me now? Don't explain, I'm at the entrance of the Sakura Club, and I will give you ten minutes. If you don't come, you will never come to me." At this moment, Lei Puyin's phone rang I got up, connected, and said unhappy.

  Then he hung up with a snap.

  Eight minutes later, a BMW car was left in front of Lei Puyin, and a thin young man got off the car.

  This young man is called Huang Qi, and he is pursuing Lei Puyin. It can be said that he is just a dog licking, shouting as he pleases.

  After Lei Puyin was hurt by Luo Yunhuai last time, he gave Huang Qi the opportunity to pursue her.

  But she used Huang Qi most of the time.

  "Who offended you with such a big anger?" Huang Qi asked.

  "A rubbish, asshole," Lei Puyin said angrily.

  "I'm silly, who doesn't have eyes so much that you dare to provoke you? Just listen and I'll avenge you." Huang Qi said immediately when he heard the opportunity came.

  "You give me revenge?" Lei Puyin looked at Huang Qi up and down, deliberately said aggressively, "Do you have the ability?"

  "Pu Yin, don't underestimate me, I'm on the road, but there are many brothers, do you want the kid who bullied you to kneel down in front of you and apologize?" Huang Qi patted his chest and said confidently.

  Kneel down to apologize?

  Lei Puyin's heart moved.

  In the past few days, she has been thinking about how to avenge Lu Chen, how to make Lu Chen kneel in front of her and apologize to her. She always doesn't want Lu Chen to kneel in front of her and apologize to her.

  "Huang Qi, as long as you can make him kneel down in front of me to apologize, I will accompany you to dinner tonight." Lei Puyin said.

  Huang Qi felt a little excited when he heard it. www.

  He had asked Lei Puyin many times, but every time Lei Puyin rejected him, this was an opportunity.

  "Don't worry, I will arrange the person to call, what is his name and where is he?" Huang Qi said confidently.

  "He said in the Sakura Club, I just saw him go in." Lei Puyin said.

  "Okay, I have a brother who works in the clubhouse. When that happens, I will ask him to look for one of our private rooms and one outsourcing room. He will definitely be able to find that kid." Huang Qi took out the phone and started calling. .

  Lei Puyin glanced at Lu Chen's Shi Danwei luxury car, she actually wanted to smash Lu Chen's luxury car into a mess.

  But she was afraid that Huang Qi wouldn't dare to deal with Lu Chen after seeing such a good car.

  In fact, she clearly remembered that Lu Chen was Lin Yijia's brother-in-law. He was an incapable person, and seemed to be eating his wife's waste.

  But looking at Lu Chen's luxury car at this time, she was a little shaken.

  "No, I did see him without a car last time. It's impossible to suddenly buy a luxury car in such a short time. Most of his car was rented to act as a force." Lei Puyin thought to himself. .

  But in the end she felt that she had to forget it. She was afraid that Huang Qi would not believe it, but scared Huang Qi away.

  "Pu Yin, wait more than ten minutes, the person I called will come." Huang Qi said after the call.

  "Yeah." Lei Puyin nodded, thinking that Lu Chen's parents who would be able to fight for a while didn't know him, she felt a sense of pleasure inexplicably.

  More than ten minutes later, a Chery car stopped in front of Huang Qi, and five big men got off the car.

  "Brother Huang, who are you going to hit?" one of the big guys asked.

  "That kid is in the clubhouse, let's find him first." Huang Qi said.

  "Okay." Several people nodded, and after Huang Qi introduced Lei Puyin to them, the seven walked into the clubhouse.

  At this time the clubhouse is not open yet, it is actually very easy to find someone.

  But Huang Qi still found his friend and asked that friend to take them to find Lu Chen.

Chapter: 190

"Huang Qi, this is Fei Ge's clubhouse. Don't make things big, otherwise you will even hurt me." Huang Qi's friend reminded.

  Huang Qi's friend is just the waiter here. He doesn't even know who Lu Chen is. He just heard Huang Qi say that Lu Chen had offended Lei Puyin and wanted to avenge Lei Puyin. www.

  "Don't worry, we have our own measures, and we will definitely not make things difficult for you." Huang Qi patted his friend on the shoulder and took a few people upstairs.

  "Brother Qi, what your friend said is reasonable, or we can get that kid out and fight, or else we can't offend Brother Fei, we don't know how we died." A big man said worriedly.

  Du Fei's reputation is surging. Don't be fooled by them. There are even a lot of people who know Du Fei.

  Of course they dare not provoke Du Fei.

  "It's okay, that kid is just a little white face who eats soft rice. How could Fei put him in his eyes. And even if something goes wrong, I can protect you, trust me." Huang Qi said disapprovingly.

  Several people nodded, Huang Qi still has some energy at home.

  In fact, Huang Qi looked indifferent. In fact, he was still very worried, but he just wanted to block it. Du Fei would not care about Lu Chen's life and death. Hearing Lei Puyin said that Lu Chen was just a white face. , He felt that a big man like Du Fei would definitely disdain to associate with a little white face.

  If Du Fei is angered, he believes that he and others must have died miserably, but for the sake of Bo Hongyan's smile, he also gave it up.

  "Pu Yin, just wait for the little white face to kneel in front of you and apologize." Huang Qi smiled to Lei Pu Yin.

  "Don't waste time, hurry up and take care of that guy and leave." Lei Puyin said.

  Knowing that this was Du Fei's site, she suddenly became a little scared.

  Last time her father was forced to drink by Du Fei and vomited blood. She was afraid of meeting Du Fei again.

  At this time, Lu Chen was smoking on the sofa in the private room. The appointment time between him and Zhang Daoren was three in the afternoon, and it was only two thirty in the afternoon, and there was still half an hour left.

  But he didn't have much in the afternoon, so he just came over and waited for Zhang Daoren.

  But to his surprise, Du Fei was not in the clubhouse. He made a phone call. It turned out that several people were on Green Island.

  Zhang's family transferred the right to use Green Island and the entire Biyang Lake to Lu Chen. Lu Chen was about to turn it into a rough base. Du Fei and others were a little excited, and took people to Green Island in the morning.


  When he was there, the private room door was pushed open, and Huang Qi and others walked in.

  Lu Chen looked up at a few people. When he saw Lei Puyin, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

  Huang Qi and others carefully pushed open the private room door, and then filed in, not daring to damage the private room door.

  When they found that Lu Chen was alone in the private room, and they didn't even turn on the music, they were a little surprised.

  This guy is too boring, in broad daylight, open a private room to smoke?

  I'm afraid it's not crazy.

  "You are Lu Chen, the Lei Puyin you bullied?" Huang Qi looked at Lu Chen and asked in a deep voice.

  Lu Chen looked at Lei Puyin and saw that there was resentment in her eyes. He immediately guessed it. It must be the last time. Lei Puyin was all blamed on him, so he found out that he was here today, so he found someone. Come to revenge him.

  "What is it, what is it not?" Lu Chen looked at Huang Qi lightly, just now bored, so he played with them.

  "Boy, you're looking for death, even Lei Puyin dare to bully? Kneel down and apologize immediately, or I will let you go to the hospital to lie down for a month!" Huang Qi immediately yelled. He didn't expect it to be at this time, Lu Chen unexpectedly Still so horizontal.

  The big guys surrounded Lu Chen very cooperatively, and each of them looked fierce.

  "Lu Chen, you kneel down and beg me at this time, I can make them lighter, don't beat you miserably, or you will be injured and disabled, you don't blame me." Lei Puyin said coldly.

  "I'm wondering if your father Lei Yanjun didn't drink enough last time, or did you still want him to drink it once, otherwise, who would give you the courage to provoke me?" Lu Chen looked at me playfully Lei Puyin.

  "Humph, it was Du Fei who forced my dad to drink last time. What kind of thing do you dare to force my dad to drink? Do you have that ability?" Lei Puyin said sarcastically.

  "Well, I don't have the ability, but my brother Du Fei has the ability." Lu Chen smiled lightly.

  "Your brother? Can you put gold on your face? You are just a white face. Why would Du Fei know you?" Lei Puyin sneered.

  "Why can't I Du Fei know him?"

  At this moment, the private room door was pushed open, and only five or six people came in.

  It was Du Fei and others who had just returned from Green Island.

  "Fly, fly, brother Fei!"

  Seeing Du Fei and others, Lei Puyin's face changed, and his hands couldn't help shaking.

  She didn't expect Du Fei to actually know Lu Chen, and it seemed that the relationship was still very good.

  And Huang Qi and others trembled. They were making trouble in Du Fei's place, and it was just looking for death.

  "You guys encircled and landed young men, why do you want to hit Lu Shao?" Song Hai Qiang shouted in a deep voice.

  "Stop it." Lu Chen said lightly.

  He originally wanted to play with Huang Qi and others. Since Du Fei and others are back, there is no need to waste time.

  Huang Qi and the others wanted him to kneel, so he didn't need to be merciful.

  "Damn, even Shao Lu dared to offend him, it's almost death!" Song Hai slapped Huang Qi up when he heard that, Huang Qi had to fight back. Instead, he knelt down and begged for mercy.

  "Big Brother Song, misunderstanding, it's really a misunderstanding. It's all a bitch like Lei Puyin. She said that Shao Lu had offended her and asked us to help her out. She said Shao Lu was just a little white face..." Huang Qi Keep begging for mercy.

  When Song Hai called Lu Chen as Lu Shao, he knew that today was over.

  Although Song Hai is not as well-known as Du Fei, he is also a well-known figure in the underground forces of Yuzhou, and they dare not provoke him.

  Even Song Hai wants Lu Chen to scream for Lu Shao, but they want Lu Chen to kneel down and beg for mercy.

  At this moment, he had the thoughts of killing Lei Puyin in his heart.

  "Yes, Brother Song, they are all this bitch woman. She is the one who talks nonsense and encourages us to deal with Shao Lu. It really has nothing to do with us."

  Several other people also knelt down, where there was still half a minute ago arrogance.

  Lei Puyin's face was pale. She didn't expect that Huang Qi, who had always been a dog licker in front of her, would dare to betray her and scold her as a slut in public. Wouldn't he be afraid that I would ignore him?

  Is he not afraid that I will no longer give him a chance?

  "Yes, I asked them to fight Lu Chen. Lu Chen is just a little white face. Don't be deceived by his appearance." Seeing Song Hai and others looking over, Lei Puyin said loudly.