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Who are you My Husband (Chapter 451-460) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 451

Today was a special day on June 15th. On this day, Lu Chen called all his family members to the Science and Technology Park. He also asked Wang Xue to notify the Qijiang Wang family and let them come to the Science and Technology Park early in the morning.

By about 12 noon, all his relatives, all employees of various branches, and even all the players and employees of the two teams, SWS and China Overseas, had all come to the Science Park. .

Countless people were puzzled and puzzled, especially after they came to the science park, Lu Chen asked them to live in the science park first.

Because so far, only a few people know what will happen today.

At this moment, Lu Chen's phone rang, and it was Xie Weihao.

Lu Chen was startled. Xie Weihao called him at this time. Was he given up, or was he the last farewell before he left?

With some doubts in his heart, he connected the phone.

"Xiao Lu, what's the situation on your side, buying a large amount of supplies, and calling all the workers to the science and technology park, is there something major going on?" Xie Weihao asked the biggest doubt in his mind these days.

The various operations of Yiqi Technology are too abnormal these days, and to this day, he can't help but call to ask.

"Are you in Beijing or Yuzhou now?" Lu Chen asked tentatively.

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"In Yuzhou, what happened?" Xie Weihao asked.

"I see. Come to the Science and Technology Park right away. By the way, bring your family or people you trust. It will change later. As soon as I come, I will tell you what's going on." Lu Chen said.

"Xiao Lu, what's going on?" Xie Weihao asked hurriedly. Lu Chen's words made his mind tremble.

Lu Chen knew that if he didn't reveal some news to him, in his capacity, he would definitely not easily bring his family to the Science Park.

He and Xie Weihao have helped each other, and they have been creating tax myths in the past few years. The relationship between the two is also the relationship between a partner and a friend. Since he has also been abandoned, Lu Chen will definitely take him.

"The supreme ones in the world will leave the earth this afternoon with the last hope of mankind. Tomorrow at the latest, the world will enter a state of disorder and chaos. Do I need to say more about other things?" Lu Chen said calmly.

Xie Weihao's heart trembled, and his hand holding the phone almost fell to the ground.

He was abandoned!

But what made him even more funny was that he had so many friends in the capital, and the last moment he told him the truth was Lu Chen, who he had only met in recent years.

Xie Weihao's eyes were filled with raging anger, but he soon calmed down.

He still knew in his heart why the Most High had given up on him.

Because in this case, he is a politician who can't beat him, is far less useful than a technical talent. He is sure that the sacred people of all countries would rather bring more technical talents than politicians.

After hanging up Xie Weihao's call, Lu Chen suddenly thought that even Xie Weihao had been abandoned. What about Yu Guangzheng, commander of the military region?

He was also given up more than 90%, right?

Lu Chen felt that it was very possible. Unless he has very large connections, the possibility of being abandoned is 100%.

"Call me Situ Jian." Lu Chen said to Xu Jing beside him.

Xu Jing nodded, then took out the phone and called Situ Jian.

Situ Jian hasn't used the holographic screen technology, so he can't make video calls.

More than ten minutes later, Situ Jian rushed to the Science Park.

"Find a way to contact Yu Guangzheng," Lu Chen said.

Situ Jian nodded, and soon understood Lu Chen's purpose.

Yu Guangzheng still has nearly 20,000 troops. If he is also given up, then the biggest hidden danger after the riot is likely to be him.

Yu Guang was the boss of Situ Jian. Situ Jian had his contact information. After Situ Jian got through Yu Guangzheng's phone, Lu Chen took his mobile phone.

"Commander Yu, it's me, Lu Chen." Lu Chen said first.

"It's Mr. Lu, why would you think of me calling?" Yu Guangzheng was a little surprised.

"Commander Yu, in an emergency, if you believe me, come to my science and technology park now, I have important things to discuss with you." Lu Chen said.

"Now?" Yu Guangzheng was startled, Lu Chen's attitude gave him a bad premonition.

"Yes, right now, don't drive the car anymore, come with the helicopter." Lu Chen said firmly.

It takes at least half an hour from the military region to the science and technology park. In the case of a helicopter, seven or eight minutes is enough.

"Mr. Lu, what is going on?" Yu Guangzheng was very puzzled.

"You'll know when you come. Xie Shujie will be here soon." Lu Chen didn't tell Yu Guangzheng the truth on the phone. He was afraid that Yu Guangzheng would lose control, and that was all.

"Well, then I'll go over now." Yu Guangzheng didn't know what was going on, but he was still going to call Xie Weihao first.

He found out Xie Weihao's phone number and made a call, but during the call.

He frowned, and asked his deputy to arrange a helicopter for him to go to the Science Park.

What Lu Chen said was so true that he felt that something big might happen in his heart, so he didn't dare to ask for it.

A few minutes later, Yu Guangzheng's armed helicopter arrived at the Science and Technology Park. As soon as he got off the helicopter, the phone rang. It was Xie Weihao who made the call.

"Old Xie, are you in the Science Park now?" Yu Guangzheng asked.

Over there, Xie Weihao knew that Lu Chen might have contacted Yu Guangzheng, so he said, "I'm about to go, have you arrived?"

"Well, by the way, do you know what Lu Chen called us to the Science and Technology Park?" Yu Guangzheng asked.

"Has he not told you yet?" Xie Weihao asked back.

"Well, forget, he's here, let me ask him." Yu Guangzheng said and hung up the phone.

Seeing Lu Chen waiting for him in front, Yu Guangzheng strode towards Lu Chen.

"Mr. Lu..."

Just as Yu Guangzheng greeted Lu Chen, he saw a strange ring on Lu Chen's finger glowing.

Lu Chen nodded towards Yu Guangzheng, and opened the holographic screen first, and a light curtain appeared in front of him. Ding Dacheng's figure appeared in the light curtain.

"President Lu, come to the monitoring center, they are about to take off." Ding Dacheng said.

"Okay." Lu Chen nodded and tapped the ring lightly, and the light curtain disappeared.

When Yu Guangzheng saw this magical scene, he was a little surprised by Lu Chen's communication technology.

The holographic screen technology Lu Chen has not been promoted, and the company is connected to the Internet. It is normal for people to be surprised the first time they see it.

"Commander Yu, let's go, I'll take you to see first, and you will understand why I am looking for you." Lu Chen nodded to Guangzheng, and walked to the monitoring center first.

Chapter: 452

In the monitoring center, Ding Dacheng and others personally monitored the live broadcast signal from the drone.

Yiqi Technology's drone technology is the world's top, especially the stealth technology. No country's radar can detect it.

Moreover, at this time, the attention of the supreme people in the world is all on the Shenzhou Tiangong, and no one would have thought that a drone of Yiqi Technology was monitoring their every move in the sky.

At this time, through the pictures passed by no one, the roof of the skylight of the Shenzhou Tiangong had been opened, revealing the whole picture of the Shenzhou Tiangong.

Statistics show that the Shenzhou Tiangong has two floors, with a total length of 2,100 meters, a width of 524 meters, and a height of 20 meters. It is the largest spacecraft ever built by humans.

This spacecraft, which gathers the material, human and financial resources of more than 100 countries around the world, will be the last hope of mankind.

At this time, Lu Chen walked in with Yu Guangzheng, pointed at the screen, and motioned Yu Guangzheng to look first.

"This is?" Yu Guangzheng also saw the Shenzhou Tiangong that was preparing to take off and asked in surprise.

No one answered him, because everyone was staring at the screen.

On the screen, there was a loud noise suddenly, which was a sign of the ignition of the controllable nuclear fusion engine.

If a spacecraft of this size wants to escape the gravity of the earth and fly into space, only a controllable nuclear fusion engine can do it.

After a few seconds, everyone saw that the behemoth on the screen suddenly rose from the ground. The huge impulse of the controllable nuclear fusion caused the entire spacecraft to rush to the sky, faster and faster. Soon it became a small dot on the screen and moved away from the earth at a fast speed.

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"Is this the spaceship?" Yu Guangzheng said in surprise.

"Yes, it is the last hope of mankind. It is called the Shenzhou Tiangong spacecraft. The sacred people of more than 100 countries are on the spacecraft. They left the earth first with the last hope of mankind." Lu Chen said.

"This, this..." Yu Guangzheng seemed to be a little unbelievable. He hurriedly took out the phone to call an acquaintance in Beijing, but after several calls, they were all shut down.

Then he staggered, his face showing incomparable anger.

Obviously, no matter who it is, it is difficult for anyone to accept this fact the first time they know that they have been abandoned.

"Lu, President Lu, can you crack the D virus, right?" Yu Guangzheng looked up at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen shook his head.

"Are we humans going to be extinct like this?" Yu Guangzheng's expression was unwilling.

Lu Chen still shook his head and said, "I don't know, but before the oxygen content is below 19%, my spacecraft can leave the earth, no matter what the future, no matter whether we humans have a chance to continue after leaving the earth. , But it’s a period of time to live longer, it’s better than staying and waiting for death, right."

"Yes, yes, no matter what, we have to go to the universe to make a break, even if we all die in the universe in the end, it is a hundred times stronger than staying and suffocating to death!" Yu Guangzheng nodded hurriedly.

"So, Commander Yu understands the reason I asked you to come," Lu Chen said.

"Well, the world is already in a state of disorder at this time. As long as the world's supreme all abandon their compatriots to escape the earth first, as long as the news that the D virus cannot decipher is leaked out, the entire world will have unprecedented riots. Especially the military riots are the most terrifying." Yu Guangzheng said heavily.

"Yes, paper can’t contain fire. It won’t be long. Maybe tonight, at most tomorrow, this news will surely spread all over the world, and at the latest tomorrow, the entire human disaster will definitely happen. Therefore, I need to Tonight, all kinds of heavy weapons and missiles from the Southwest Military Region will be transported to the Science and Technology Park." Lu Chen nodded and said.

The Southwest Military Region has countless advanced missiles, as well as six-generation fighters.

Although all nuclear weapons must have been taken away by the Supremes, the various missiles deployed in the surrounding area must still be there.

Once a riot occurs, everything is possible.

"This is a very difficult task, but President Lu can rest assured that even if I can't bring all the heavy weapons over, I will definitely find a way to destroy them!" Yu Guangzheng nodded heavily, his eyes full of determination.

"By the way, I only give you a quota of 1,000 people, you can arrange it yourself." Lu Chen said.

Yu Guangzheng nodded, then turned and walked out of the monitoring room.

He raised his head and looked at the sky. The sky was cloudless and the sun was a bit fiery.

He took a deep breath and walked towards the helicopter.

Lu Chen was able to give him a quota of 1,000 people, and he already valued him very much, and these quotas were enough for him to complete the mission in the Southwest Military Region of Sichuan Capital.

Of course, before going to Sichuan, he had to arrange for his family to go to the Science Park, and he had to get all the weapons from the Yuzhou Military Region to the Science Park.

Time is too tight, and Yu Guangzheng only hopes that these news will not leak out before tomorrow.

After Yu Guangzheng left, Lu Chen knew that the insiders were holding a video conference.

"Wang Wei, how many people are in the science and technology park now, have you counted them?" Lu Chen looked at Wang Wei's screen first.

"There are 21,125 security personnel in the army and 30,287 employees and their family members, which is half of our number of 100,000," Wang Wei said.

The employees of his company include major members of the Chamber of Commerce and their families, as well as team players and their families. That is to say, the total number of people in the entire science and technology park is more than 51,000.

Lu Chen's spacecraft can accommodate about 130,000 people, but he only plans to take 100,000 people away from the earth.

Because the energy of the spacecraft is limited, it will consume more materials and energy that are difficult to calculate if it takes a thousand more people.

"So, do you have any suggestions for the remaining 50,000 people?" Lu Chen asked again.

"President Lu, for the remaining 50,000 people, I think we can only give technical talents. You must know that in the universe, ordinary humans are completely a burden, but technical talents may be the hope of saving various crises. Yes. For us, the universe is unknown. We don't know when we can find a habitable planet, and with our current technology, it is impossible for our generation to find a habitable planet." Ding Dacheng said.

"Well, I agree with CEO Ding." Lu Chen nodded.

"I agree too."

"I agree too."

The others nodded.

"President Lu, I have some views on the selection of the remaining 50,000 technical talents."

At this moment, Chen Churan said suddenly.

Chapter: 453

As Lu Chen's assistant in the Chamber of Commerce and the president of the Football Foundation, Chen Churan has also entered the upper class of Yiqi Technology.

"You said." Lu Chen nodded.

"Since our spacecraft is called Hope, it is not the hope of our group of people, but the hope of all mankind. We have not obtained many human sperm stocks, so I suggest that these 50,000 technical talents , Every race or skin color should bring a little bit, and as long as young people, the ratio of men to women is normal." Chen Churan said.

After hearing the words, everyone nodded first, and then remained silent.

As Huaxia people, they should take more of their compatriots to leave.

But mankind is about to be destroyed, and the world has no borders at this time. Why should we care about this?

"Okay, then you come to the statistics. I will ask Du Fei to find these talents around the world based on the results of your statistics. Remember, you only have one month. After one month, we must leave." Lu Chen said.

Although according to calculations, the oxygen content should be less than 19% of the human body's maximum endurance limit at the end of the year, but the spacecraft now only needs to install and debug the anti-gravity system to complete the construction, and the estimated time is about one month.

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When Shenzhou Tiangong departed, it used the huge impulse of the controllable nuclear fusion engine to directly recoil the entire spacecraft, but after Lu Chen deciphered the anti-gravity system, he was no longer prepared to use the controllable nuclear engine as the driving force.

Because in that case, when the spacecraft takes off, they have to prepare 100,000 safety belts, which is also very troublesome, and it is easy to destroy the air circulation system of the ecosystem in the spacecraft.

After the introduction of the controllable nuclear fusion technology, Yiqi Technology took advantage of the trend to develop an air circulation system, which converts nuclear energy into various gases and then combines them into the same proportions as the atmosphere.

This project is very consuming nuclear materials, and various systems are also very troublesome. With the current technical level of Yiqi Technology, it is only capable of maintaining the small enclosed space of the entire spacecraft.

As for the idea of ​​whether or not to extend this system to all corners of the earth, some scientists have directly rejected it.

Because to do this, it will take at least five to ten years of technological reserves to be completed.

But mankind has persisted for less than five years, not to mention five years, it will collapse after a few months.

To get back to the subject, the so-called anti-gravity system is to give an object an anti-acceleration equal to the acceleration of gravity, so that the object will be completely offset by the gravity of the earth, and it will slowly float in the air.

In fact, the maglev train used similar technology, but before that, the technology was not mature enough, and there was no controllable system, so the technology at that time stayed at the level of the maglev train.

At that time, Hope will use anti-gravity technology to leave the earth and use anti-gravity to adjust the speed of the spacecraft, which can also greatly save materials.

Lu Chen believes that the Supreme One must also know the preciousness of nuclear materials. Before leaving, they must have taken away all the nuclear materials that can be searched. The nuclear materials left to him are limited, so of course he has to wait for the anti-gravity system. Leave after installation and debugging.

Time passed quietly. In the fourth hour after the Shenzhou Tiangong left the earth, the news was finally spread, and then soon, like a virus, spread all over the world.

There will be at most half a year, the oxygen content in the air will be less than 19%, and human beings are about to suffocate in the absence of oxygen!

The supreme ones in the country have given up on us, given up that all mankind left the earth in spacecraft, we have given up!

These two pieces of news went crazy on the Internet that night, and everyone began to verify.

At night, someone finally organized a group of people to go to the government to verify, and then found out that the government was violent.

Then the whole riot broke out in a sudden burst.

Everyone is desperate, crazy, violent...

Especially the army, it is the army that loses control the first time.

They first organized killing, beating, and wantonly releasing the emotions in their hearts.

Then when the surrounding people did not kill, finally on the third day, they began to kill each other...

Either bloom in the killing, or perish in the killing...

During these three days, there were corpses everywhere outside of Yiqi Technology.

They suddenly felt that Yiqi Technology might be their last hope, and then rushed to Yiqi Technology madly.

But the soldiers of Yiqi Technology already know that they also have spacecraft, and they also know that they will be able to leave the desperate position of the earth in one month.

So they didn't riot, they obeyed the command, and shot the people who had no brains to rush in mercilessly.

It is also fortunate that all the heavy weapons of the Guangzheng General District were immediately brought into the Science and Technology Park, leaving many chaotic troops without weapons that are too lethal.

Otherwise, killing more than 10,000 soldiers in the temple may cause heavy casualties.

But even so, during the three days of riots, Killing Temple also sacrificed more than 500 people.

Standing on a tall building and silently watching the killings outside the company, Lu Chen was in a complicated mood, but he was quickly replaced by Yisu Absolutely.

Because he knew that this was the despair and backlash of human civilization, the final madness and vent of the entire civilization.

As long as these days have passed, the situation will get better.

But what he didn't expect was...

On the fifth day, just when everyone thought the riot should stop, the news that Yiqi Technology was building a spaceship was still spread. More and more people learned of the news, and then they came to Yiqi one after another. Technology is one mile away.

This time, they no longer have no rules and no riots.

It's about one mile outside the Science Park in a disciplined and organized manner.

There, they drew a red line, and no one exceeded that red line.

Apart from the dry food and water they have prepared, they have nothing else.

They just pulled a banner every day, sitting outside the science and technology park and letting the wind blow.

"President Lu, a human hero, our savior, a year and a half ago, you have saved us once. This time, is there really no hope for us humans? If there is hope, please bring us together!"

Lu Chen watched this scene from the high-rise building. He didn't say a word, and there was no expression on his face.

However, Wang Wei hummed heavily: "This is a moral kidnapping. What kind of bastard egg leaked the news, don't let me find out, otherwise I will cancel the quota of all his family members!"

"Come on, you must find out the person who leaked the news for me within today!"

Wang Wei said angrily to his assistant.

He is angry!

Chapter: 454

Wang Wei was very angry. Yiqi Technology gave so many people a chance to escape their lives. Not only were these people not grateful, but they also leaked the news out. It was simply a frenzied white-eyed wolf.

Such a person must be punished.

Lu Chen did not object, but acquiesced in Wang Wei's handling method.

This is a matter of discipline.

Although he knew that this news would be leaked out sooner or later, he didn't want it to be leaked out by himself.

In the future in the vast universe, on this only spacecraft, everyone must be united. If you are disobedient, he will not take it even if it is an employee's family member.

This incident was quickly found out. It was an employee's mother who showed off when talking on the phone with a colleague of hers, and then the news was spread.

When Wang Wei found out about the incident, he mercilessly fired the employee and blasted their family out of the Science Park.

No matter how the employee and his family interceded, even the employee's mother knelt down and kept kowtow, Wang Wei did not say a word of affection.

This is because if this matter is not done well, it can have a great impact.

There is still a month or so until the anti-gravity system is fully installed and tested. In this month or so, I don't know how many people will come to the Science Park to be taken away, and everyone is angry.

The fact that the employee’s family was blasted out of the Science and Technology Park quickly spread. The family members who were temporarily living in tents in the entire Science and Technology Park were shocked. Everyone was thankful that they had not leaked the news before.

Especially when Yiqi Technology told them the news before, and then told everyone not to leak the message, many people have not taken it seriously. At this time, after seeing the employee’s family being bombed out, those who did not take it seriously before People have a feeling of lingering fears.

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This incident is just an episode.

Some employees think the company is ruthless, but more people feel that it should be done.

After the riots, the Science and Technology Park is already the last force of mankind to maintain order. They are in this force, and of course hope that the people above will be stricter.

Because this is for your good.

In the past few days, more and more humans have come outside of the science and technology park. These people are all people who have escaped after the riots. Yiqi Technology is their last hope, so they have come one after another.

Ten days later, the number of humans coming by Jujie has exceeded 500,000, and the number is terrifying.

People in the entire science and technology park also began to panic.

With so many humans gathered outside, if they rushed in, he could not stop him from killing the temple with more than 10,000 soldiers.

At this time, everyone who killed the temple was very guilty, for fear that people outside would violent.

"In the last five days, no matter what, you have to install the anti-gravity system for me!" Lu Chen gave Ding Dacheng the final order, and he knew that the group of people outside would definitely be violent.

Only now they know that Hope will take off in about 20 days, so they are all restrained now, just pull the banner every day, and did not do anything to irritate Yiqi Technology.

If Lu Chen didn't take them away at that time, they would surely violently immediately flood the entire science and technology park.

At this time, everyone in Yiqi Technology had discovered the crowd, and countless rocket launchers were aimed at the Science Park.

"I think you can take away a group of warriors. These warriors can become the core army in the future. You have to believe that everything can happen in the universe, whether it is killing the soldiers of the temple or the five thousand defenses of Situ Jian. The army is just ordinary soldiers. Their physical fitness is too poor. It is a pity that you waste the magical medicine like the Gene Evolution Pill on them." Lu Tianxing came to Lu Chen and looked at the dense humans outside the Science Park, suddenly Said.

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows. He hadn't had anything to do with this before, and he felt that what his father said made sense.

Although there were thousands of warriors in the entire Lu family, they were still not enough.

"Who can you recommend?" Lu Chen asked.

"The Xiao family, although I have a little selfishness, I have to say that the overall strength of the Xiao family is strong, if they haven't collapsed in the riots here." Lu Tianxing said.

Lu Chen frowned. He had a lot of feasts with the Xiao family. Not only did he kill Xiao Biqing, he also killed Xiao Anyi, a genius of the Xiao family. The first reaction of the Xiao family when he saw him was probably to kill him.

But soon he was relieved again.

It's the end of the world now. How could the Xiao family still remember that bit of grudges? Moreover, if he gave the Xiao family a chance to survive, he would be the biggest benefactor of the Xiao family, and the Xiao family would be grateful that it was too late.

"Then I will trouble you to do this." Lu Chen nodded. He can't leave the Science Park now, he must stay and sit down.


"Brother, hurry up, those people are coming to this block soon!" A block of Zhongyuan City was full of ruins. Zhou Chenchen called out to Zhou Zunfei who was panting.

"Chenchen, go quickly, brother can't walk anymore, brother stay and stop them for a while!" Zhou Zunfei bent down and held his knees, panting heavily.

His face was pale, and his eyes were already desperate.

In the riot ten days ago, their Zhou family had not escaped a disaster. There were dozens of people in the Zhou family, but he and his sister Zhou Chenchen escaped.

It's a pity that they are hiding in Tibet, and today they still encounter thugs.

"Brother, you have to hold on, we have to avoid those thugs!" Zhou Chenchen's physical fitness is much better than Zhou Zunfei's, she said back to support Zhou Zunfei.

"So what, in a few months, we are not going to die." Zhou Zunfei shook his head.

"No, no, Yiqi Technology is building a spacecraft. As long as we can reach Yuzhou in the last few days, we have hope!" Zhou Chenchen said firmly.

A few years ago, it was Lu Chen who descended from the sky and rescued her from Lin Pojun's clutches. She believed that this time, as long as they rush to Yuzhou, Lu Chen should save both of them.

"Well, then we have to find a place to rest first." Zhou Zunfei nodded, and then cheered up and walked along the place where no one was.

But at this moment, the shouts of a dozen men rang, and they appeared in the vision of Zhou Zunfei and Zhou Chenchen.

"Hahaha, it's a little girl. Although her face is dirty, she only needs to be a woman. She hasn't eaten fresh meat for a few days. She has to play for two days. Haha, brothers, grab her!"

Everyone screamed and ran towards Zhou Chenchen.

Zhou Chenchen was already pale with fright, but Zhou Zunfei was flashed before his eyes and almost fainted.

Chapter: 455

The leader was a big man of about 18 meters and 5 meters, he yelled frantically, holding the small gun in his hand, he shot Zhou Chenchen, who turned and wanted to escape.

Zhou Chenchen and Zhou Zunfei stopped when they heard the gunshots.

Both of them were extremely frightened.

Seeing the thugs getting closer and looking at their crazy bloodthirsty eyes, the siblings' feet trembled.

"Brothers, kill this man first, then chop him for firewood." The leading man laughed.

Then the gun in his hand was raised to Zhou Zunfei.

Zhou Zunfei trembled, ready to give up resistance.

Zhou Chenchen's eyes were desperate.

She looked up at the sky, wishing in her heart that this time, a hero would also come down from the sky to rescue her.

However, it disappointed her.

But at this moment, a few gunshots suddenly heard behind her, and more than a dozen thugs around them were shot and fell.

The two of them were shocked and turned around to look, only to see a beautiful woman who was armed and heroic looking at them.

Behind the woman, there are also several fully armed youths.

"Brother, did you recognize it? That woman is so familiar, she seems to have seen it somewhere." Zhou Chenchen said.

"It's Lan Ling, the first beauty in the Central Plains, I remember her." Zhou Zunfei said.

He had tried Lan Ling's idea back then, but it was a pity that Lan Ling didn't catch him at all.

"Ah, it turned out to be her, no wonder why I said she was so familiar."

Zhou Chenchen nodded, then bent down to thank Lan Ling for his life-saving grace.

It's a pity that when she raised her head, she saw that Lan Ling had turned and left with someone.

"Lan Ling, I am Zhou Chenchen, please help us!" Zhou Chenchen hurriedly shouted when he saw this.

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Lan Ling was startled. She hadn't appeared in the Central Plains for several years, and she didn't expect anyone to recognize her.

She turned around, looked at Zhou Chenchen, and slowly remembered that it was Zhou's family. Someone once compared Zhou Chenchen with her and said that they were the two of Zhongyuan Shuangjiao.

But she never confronted Zhou Chenchen.

But looking at Zhou Chenchen at this time, Zhou Chenchen was messy and she couldn't recognize it anymore.

Seeing Lan Ling stop, Zhou Chenchen and Zhou Zunfei hurried over.

"Thank you just now." Zhou Chenchen thanked.

"No." Lan Ling shook his head, and finally recognized Zhou Chenchen and Zhou Zunfei.

"You, where do you want to go, are you going to Yuzhou?" Zhou Chenchen asked suddenly.

These people like Lan Ling not only have guns, but they also armed themselves. At first glance, they are very profitable organizations. If they can be with Lan Ling, Zhou Chenchen thinks they have hope to rush to Yuzhou.

"Yes, do you want to go to Yuzhou to try your luck?" Lan Ling said after looking at Chenchen next week.

"Well, at least that is our hope to live." Zhou Chenchen nodded heavily.

"Yes, Lu Chen is now our last hope for mankind, countless people hope that he will save mankind again." Lan Ling said.

"Well, he is the savior of our mankind. He will definitely save us. I believe he cannot watch us perish." Zhou Chenchen nodded and said.

"Do you think he is a softhearted person?" Lan Ling raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Well, I believe he will definitely not watch us all human beings perish." Zhou Chenchen said.

"Well, I hope you feel right, I'll take you to Yuzhou." Lan Ling sneered at the corner of his mouth and walked forward.

It's just that the faint look in her eyes looks a little sad.

She wants to stay with Lu Chen at all costs. She originally thought that she could get a love she likes. Unfortunately, that man’s heart is simply made of stone. No matter how hard she works, she has no complaints. After a few years, he still As always, keep a distance from women except his wife.

This time, Lan Ling was only ordered to find the martial artist. She was from the Central Plains. The mission Lu Tianxing gave her was to come to the Central Plains to find it. Unfortunately, there were not many martial artists in the Central Plains, and they had gone through so many days of riots. Become a real thug, or have already died in the riot, and in the end she didn't find a single warrior.

On the contrary, when he was about to leave, he accidentally saved the Zhou family brothers and sisters.

In her capacity, it would be no problem to bring two more, so she decided to bring the two Zhou brothers.

As for Zhou Zunfei's previous festival with Lu Chen, she didn't even bother to think about it.

Mankind is going to be extinct, no one cares about festivals or anything.

"Have you seen the ant-like crowd below? They are also waiting for Lu Chen to save them." On the helicopter, Lan Ling pointed to the dense crowd below.

Zhou Chenchen and Zhou Zunfei looked down. The scene was quite shocking. The crowd below felt that there were not a million, but hundreds of thousands.

"Unfortunately, Lu Chen did not intend to take away anyone. They also believed Lu Chen very much. Lu Chen even had their faith, but their faith had to abandon them in the end." Lan Ling smiled indifferently.

"Is it true that Yiqi Technology is building a spacecraft?" Zhou Chenchen asked suddenly.

"Yes, today is the last day, and we will take off at noon tomorrow, so it is really good luck for you brother and sister to let me see you before I leave," Lan Ling said.

Zhou Chenchen's mind trembled, and fortunately, their bodies were shaking a little.

They are indeed lucky, if it weren't for the blue spirit, they would be destroyed even if they didn't die in the hands of those thugs.

"Thank you." Zhou Chenchen nodded heavily at Lan Ling.

"You have to thank Lu Chen for suddenly giving me this task a few days ago, asking me to find the martial artist, or you wouldn't be able to meet me." Lan Ling said indifferently.

It's Lu Chen again, this is the second time, is it really such a coincidence? !

Zhou Chenchen felt a little bit emotional. It was Lu Chen who saved her the two most desperate times in her life.

The strange figure that emerged in her mind was so stalwart at this time.

After Lan Ling's helicopter returned to the Science and Technology Park, all the helicopters that were still out for missions returned, and at this time Lu Chen issued an order and everyone was ready to board the ship.

With this order, the entire science and technology park finally breathed a sigh of relief.

These days, as more and more humans come to the outside of the science and technology park, people in the science and technology park all have a feeling of fright, because they are worried that people outside suddenly rush in and rush in to destroy their only hope. .

But the situation in the Science Park still didn't hide the people outside. They had guessed that Yiqi Technology's spacecraft might really take off.

Yiqi Technology is also preparing to abandon them.

When this news spread among millions of people outside, everyone panicked.

Chapter: 456

The lucky ones in the Science Park were taken away one after another. The soldiers told them that the'Hope' would take off tomorrow and all would enter the spacecraft tonight.

After half an hour, they arrived at their destination.

At this moment, everyone was stunned, looking in front of them with shock and silly eyes. In front of them, this was an incredibly large underground hollow square. Even if everyone looked far away, what they saw It's still boundless, as if there is a world the size of this underground.

In this underground square, an equally incredible spaceship is parked in the center. At this moment, everyone is standing at the gate, which is about one or two hundred meters higher than the square below. In front of them is a large staircase. With elevator.

This is the spacecraft-Hope built by the SSS-class plan that Yiqi Technology has launched in the past two years!

But looking down at such a height, they almost couldn't see the boundary of Nozomi. From a simple visual point of view, the spacecraft was at least 10,000 meters in length, maybe tens of thousands of meters, which was larger than those of aircraft carriers. I don’t know how many times, it can be said to be a spaceship the size of a small city.

The height of the spacecraft was at least one or two hundred meters, because they looked straight ahead, and the highest part of the spacecraft was actually a little higher than their line of sight, in other words, at least higher than the platform.

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It was a miracle that such a huge spaceship was built by Yiqi Technology in such a short time.

The greatest miracle in human history.

Yiqi Technology has released the video of Shenzhou Tiangong's departure. Everyone has seen the whole picture of Shenzhou Tiangong. Compared with Yiqi Technology, the hope, it is obviously not twice as small.

Lu Chenzhi's use of the D virus antibody technology and the technology of cultivating Shu Bodhi in exchange for hundreds of billions of rare materials, and those materials are used to build Nozomi.

Hope is actually only five kilometers long, one thousand meters wide, and two hundred meters high, like a leather belt.

There is no way, with the current technology, this is the technological limit that Yiqi Technology can build, and it is impossible to make the kind of spacecraft in science fiction movies.

But Hope is the essence of Yiqi Technology in recent years.

In the past few years, Lu Chen continued to seek for ore, and there were so many rare materials, and finally built the Hope.

How can such a large spaceship fly?

In the early stage of the design, thousands of controllable nuclear fusion engines were installed, and thousands of controllable nuclear fusion engines were ready to be ignited together during takeoff.

But more than a month ago, Lu Chen deciphered the anti-gravity system, and finally Lu Chen changed his mind and let the anti-gravity system push the spacecraft away from the earth.

At that time, dozens of engines can be ignited at most, which greatly saves energy.

Hope is divided into five floors, each forty meters high, with a gravity simulation system, an ecological environment simulation system, and an air circulation system.

With the blessings of these three systems, human beings live in a spacecraft as if they are on the ground, and the contrast is not too great.

The first floor is full of materials and energy, and humans live on the second, third, fourth, and fourth floors.

Of course, at present, in addition to the soldiers and their families, as well as the senior officials and family members of Yiqi Technology, everyone else still lives on the second floor. They have been given out countless tents and can only temporarily set up tents to live in. Because of time, Yiqi The living rooms of Qi Technology Building are limited. At present, it can only supply high-rise and military personnel. Only after leaving the earth, will it gradually become the second-story living room for human beings.

When the lucky people here entered the Nozomi, people rioted outside the Science Park.

Because everyone has discovered the change of Yiqi Technology, they have suspected that Yiqi Technology will abandon them and escape alone.

"Everyone, everyone cheer up, Yiqi Technology is going to abandon us, we can't just sit idly by!"

"The oxygen content in the air is getting lower and lower now, and we humans are running out of time."

"Yiqi Technology is our last hope. We regard us as the savior, and we regard Lu Chen as the last hero of mankind, but our savior, our last hero of mankind, he will abandon us!"

"In order to survive, in order to survive, we have worked hard. It is also a victory to have one rush to the spaceship!"


In front of the crowd, Zhang Daoren was holding a megaphone and was inciting the rioting crowd, preparing to lead the crowd into the science and technology park.

But at this moment, the door of Yiqi Technology slowly opened, and a car without a roof drove out. On the car, Lu Chen stood upright like a benchmark.

Seeing Lu Chen's figure, the rioting crowd suddenly stopped, and Zhang Daoren and other people who took the lead in the trouble were a little dumbfounded.

"My compatriots, please forgive me for taking so long to meet with you."

There were five microphones in front of Lu Chen, and his voice was sent out by a loudspeaker. Almost a crowd of millions of people could hear his voice.

"As you might guess, I built a spaceship, and I named it Hope, because I hope it can carry the hope of our humanity and lead us to find our next home."

"But I regret to tell you that the Nozomi can't fit so many people, and I can't take everyone away. Moreover, even if we fly to the sky, we don't know how long we can live, because the nuclear energy on the earth is mainly controlled by In the hands of the country, they left with the nuclear energy a month ago. There is too little left for me. I am not sure if Hope can fly out of the solar system. Even if it flies out of the solar system, I don’t know the future. Where is the house."

"So, it's the same whether you are on the Hope or not, maybe the ending is the same."

"No, the ending may be different, because I left a complete set of all the technologies that we have developed so far in the science and technology park. I also built the air circulation system for you in advance. I hope you can build it as soon as possible under the air circulation system. More spacecraft will be released, and in the future they will be able to fly out of the solar system to find a second home suitable for human survival."

"So, maybe after you inherited my science and technology park, you have become the true savior of mankind, and we may well become the precursors of finding a new home for mankind."

"So for now, as long as you keep quiet and enter the science and technology park until tomorrow, I promise to leave you a complete science and technology park after the Nozomi leaves, to ensure that you stay in the science and technology park to avoid hypoxia."

"But if you go against me, I will destroy the entire science and technology park, including you, more than one million people."

After Lu Chen finished speaking, Lin Tong turned around and left.

Left millions of people whispering.

But Lu Chen gave them a hope of living, so Lu Chen believed that they would definitely choose to believe his words in the end.

At 5:30 am the next day, all 110,000 humans entered the spacecraft Hope.

The plan was one hundred thousand, but in the end thousands of warriors were added.

And everyone was relieved that millions of people finally chose to believe in Lu Chen.

Because Lu Chen's popularity was too high, even Zhang Daoren and other minorities who wanted to rebel were quickly beaten to death by the public.

Lu Chen took the position of captain, and under his head, Xu Jing was waiting for his cronies.

And Du Fei, Xiao Zhan, and the scientists are all already in their positions, waiting for Lu Chen to give orders.

"I order, activate the anti-gravity system, Hope, ready to go!"

"The captain ordered, activate the anti-gravity system, ready to go!"

"Ten, nine, eight... three, two, one!"

As the last second passed, ten controllable nuclear fusion reactors in the entire base were simultaneously producing power. After trembling slightly, the entire spacecraft slowly but firmly suspended towards the sky.

As for all the personnel inside the spacecraft, although they could not see outside the spacecraft, they all held their breath when the tremor rang out. They knew that the time had come to decide their order.

And millions of people outside the science and technology park were also awakened by the tremor, like an earthquake, everyone got up and looked at the depths of the technology.

But he wanted to rush into the Science Park now, but thinking of Lu Chen last night, everyone chose to wait and see.

If what is ultimately brought about is destruction, then it will not help them to rush in now.

They only hope that Lu Chen will be the last human hero worthy of their trust.

In the Hope, in the eyes of Lu Chen and others, the entire spacecraft is getting faster and faster. Because of the anti-gravity system, the spacecraft ignores the gravity of the earth and levitates upwards, and it gets higher and higher, reaching several kilometers. Tens of thousands of meters, tens of thousands of meters... The entire spacecraft has risen out of the earth's atmosphere, and even continues to levitate outward, but its speed has begun to slow down.

When the spacecraft took off and flew farther and farther, millions of human beings looked at the behemoth that was gradually moving away, saddened, and with deep despair in their eyes.

In the spacecraft, because of Lu Chen's order to open several places where the starry sky outside can be seen, many people took turns standing by the windows looking at the smaller and smaller blue planets.

Then tears flowed silently.

Lin Yijun, Lin Yijia, Chen Churan, Li Qingcheng, Lan Ling, Xu Shuting, Chen Jing, Wang Wei, Tang Dalong and other senior executives of the group companies were all in tears at this moment.

Parting is also a new beginning.

But after entering the vast universe, no one knows whether it is a new beginning or a slumber in the starry sky and a lonely universe.

"Farewell, Earth! Farewell, home!"

"Farewell to the mountains, rivers and earth that gave birth to me!"

"One day, I, Lu Chen, will definitely lead mankind to find a mother who is as gentle as you."

"Rebuild a new home for mankind!"

"Inheriting the new hope of mankind!"

Lu Chen's eye sockets were a little lost. Seeing that blue color gradually disappeared in his eyes, he finally sat up straight and gave the next command.

"I order, start all the controllable nuclear fusion engines, leave the earth at full speed, the next target, Mars!"

"The captain ordered to start all controllable nuclear fusion engines and fly to Mars at full speed!"

Chapter: 457

Finally embarked on the journey of the sea of ​​stars.

Lu Chen sighed with emotion, if given another ten years, he would be sure to conquer the entire solar system.

But now, a D virus forced him to embark on this road full of danger and unknown to conquer the sea of ​​stars ten years in advance.

For a long time, Lu Chen was still quite heavy.

At this moment, looking at the earth becoming smaller and smaller, a touch of blue in the starry sky.

Everyone's mood is complicated.

This time, the future is full of unknown and dangerous.

This time, there is no possibility of returning to the embrace of Mother Earth.

This, perhaps, is extinction.

Lu Chen didn't break his promise, he left hope for the mankind who finally occupied the Science Park.

But that hope is a little bleak.

Because the air circulation system is completely supported by controllable nuclear fusion, and he has very few rare materials left in the Science Park.

At most, the air circulation system lasts for one year. If the humans who occupy the science park cannot find more rare materials within a year, they will still die.

"I hope you can do miracles." Lu Chen retracted his gaze, and put away his heavy heart.

"All the executives, meeting room, have a meeting." Lu Chen said to a channel that only the executives could hear, and got up and walked towards the meeting room.

Before entering the meeting room, he was going to the smoking area to smoke a cigarette. Xu Jing and Lin Tong followed him.

And his assistant Chen Churan went to the meeting room first.

Lu Chen took out cigarettes and gave them one each. Although they had bought countless cigarettes before, cigarettes will definitely become a luxury item starting today.

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"You two, usually go to the general area on the second floor and find out what they are thinking. We can also make arrangements." Lu Chen said after lighting the incense.

"They dare to have any ideas. We gave them hope of living. It's too late for them to be grateful." Lin Tong said disapprovingly.

"You know what a shit, I am not exaggerating. The 110,000 people on the Hope are probably the hope of our human beings. The previous Shenzhou Tiangong, many of them were immature in technology, and they persisted for ten years at most. Years later, if there is no habitable planet, then they are likely to be destroyed. Therefore, as long as there is a little hope, we must stick to it, because these 110,000 people are the last incense of our human heritage." Lu Chen stared. Lin Tong said with a glance.

"Brother Chen, you told him all this is to play the piano against the cow." Xu Jing smiled.

"Hey, that's it, I'm just a big boss, I don't understand your great principles, you can just give orders directly." Lin Tong also laughed.

Lu Chen gave Lin Tong a squint, but what Lin Tong said was correct. He said it was useless.

After smoking, Lu Chen walked to the meeting room first.

At this point, the meeting room is full of people, and everything that should be there has arrived.

Lu Chen sat in the position of the captain, and the audience was silent.

"We have left the Earth, and there is no possibility of returning to Earth again. Now our whole hope is a power. We have 110,000 humans, but I believe that in the next ten or twenty years, the population of our power will gradually increase. , Then, I hope that there will be a government to rule our last 110,000 humans and give humans an orderly spaceship society. What do you think about this?" Lu Chen looked at everyone.

"I agree!"

"I agree!"

All the senior executives agreed with Lu Chen's proposal.

Although they had not discussed this matter before, everyone hoped that there would be a stable order to maintain it.

Especially the ordinary people on the second floor, he actually hopes so.

Although it is impossible to restore the living habits on the earth on the spacecraft, if there is a set of systems and regulations that everyone must abide by, and there are government agencies that can solve various things for them, then everyone can live in peace.

"Then, today, let’s elect the chief of the government. This chief is only responsible for solving all kinds of things among ordinary people. He has no right to interfere in the decisions made by Hope. Only I can decide the fate of Hope, and , If it is some major decision, I must sign it before it is officially approved." Lu Chen said again.

No one had any objections to Lu Chen's dictatorship.

On the contrary, if there are several different voices on the Nozomi, it will surely create a mess.

That's it for humans, and no one can afford it.

On the entire Hope, only Lu Chen had the highest prestige, and no one did not believe him.

Therefore, people with vision also hope that Lu Chen will be dictator, at least before he finds a habitable planet, he must be dictator.

"I recommend Xie Weihao as the chief officer. He was originally Yuzhou Shujie. Under his leadership, Yuzhou has developed Yuzhou from the fourth municipality to the second municipality, which shows his strong political ability." Wang Wei recommended Xie Weihao for the first time.

"I also recommend Xie Weihao. I think Xie Weihao is indeed the best candidate." Yu Guangzheng, the former military commander, said.

On the day of the riot, he thrilled to complete the task arranged by Lu Chen and successfully entered the management of Hope.

"I agree too."

"I agree too."

Others also nodded, indeed only Xie Weihao was the best candidate.

Xie Weihao’s eyes lit up. Originally, he thought that they could enter the spacecraft management because they were already in the light of Lu Chen, because he and Lu Chen have always had a good relationship with the top management of Yiqi Technology. He did not expect that he would have the opportunity to be a decision maker. .

Although this decision-maker can only manage human beings, his rights cannot be compared with Lu Chen, but he is also a great right.

"Okay, then I will appoint the first chief of the Xie Weihao government now. Chen Churan remembered that the appointment letter will be announced on the entire network to inform everyone." Lu Chen looked at Xie Weihao and then said to Chen Churan.

Chen Churan nodded, then turned on the holographic screen and began to record.

"Thank you for your trust, Xie will never let everyone down." Xie Weihao got up and saluted everyone.

"Okay, Deputy Chief, I recommend Wang Wei. Then you two will go down to form your government agency. As for who you want to appoint, I don't care about it." Lu Chen nodded and arranged for Wang Wei again. work.

"Yes!" Wang Wei stood up and responded.

Everyone applauded, congratulations to Xie Weihao and Wang Wei.

"Then now, let's discuss the second question." Lu Chen said again.

Chapter: 458

"The second problem is that we don't have many rare materials anymore, and we can't support us to leave the solar system, let alone find a new earth. Therefore, we have to mine more rare materials in the solar system." Lu Chen The second question of today's meeting was raised.

For this issue, only he and Ding Dacheng know about this issue on the Hope, and perhaps also the scientific researchers who manage rare materials.

Before outside the science and technology park, Lu Chen didn't make false claims. All the rare materials on the earth were taken away by the Shenzhou Tiangong. There must be rare ores on the earth, but they have no time to mine.

The five major systems in the Nozomi, power system, power system, anti-gravity system, ecological balance system, and air conversion system adapted to human breathing are all driven by controllable nuclear fusion. At present, the key material for controllable nuclear fusion is hydrogen. Isotope deuterium and tritium.

"I discussed this with the captain before. Our goal is Proxima Centauri b, which is four light-years away. This is the C star in the South Gate 2 of Sagittarius, which is the planet of Proxima Centauri.

According to observations, Proxima b is an earth-like planet, and it is likely to have an environment suitable for human survival. The Shenzhou Tiangong mission must also be Proxima b.

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But the moment of four light-years is not far away, not far, but also far away.

At our current maximum speed, it will take about ten years to reach Proxima b. Of course, if our speed can reach the speed of light on this way, or if we develop curvature navigation technology, then we may be able to reach this planet in one or two years.

Even so, our energy resources are not at that time.

I can tell you the truth that our uranium can only be consumed for half a year at most. Therefore, we are going to sweep the solar system and then go to Proxima b. It happens that we can also use this time to study curvature navigation. Ding Dacheng said after taking Lu Chen's words.

These matters are only discussed by him and Lu Chen, so today, with the help of this meeting, everyone should first understand some of Hope’s future plans.

Only when the senior management knows more about the plan will the whole team work better.

After all, I don't just want to stay on the Hope for a lifetime.

Only planets are the home of mankind.

Only by stepping on the ground can humans feel safe.

Therefore, both Shenzhou Tiangong and Hope have a common goal, which is to lead mankind to find terrestrial planets suitable for human habitation.

"So, our next stop is Mars. It has been proven that there are not many rare materials on the moon, so we can only go to Mars to explore. According to multiple image analysis, Mars must have rare earth minerals, so our first A supply station is Mars." Lu Chen said after receiving Ding Dacheng's words.

"Yes, at our current speed, it only takes ten days to reach the orbit of Mars. Now we will discuss how to explore and mine rare ores on Mars." Ding Dacheng said.

Next, Ding Dacheng wiped his hands out of thin air, and suddenly a light curtain appeared in the place he wiped. On the light curtain, suddenly many photos of Mars appeared.

These photos are all observed from a telescope and then synthesized by computer, with a reduction degree of over 90%, so they are not too far from the real Mars.

Ding Dacheng pointed to the photos to analyze the specific conditions of Mars. Although many people didn't understand it, they knew what Mars was like.

With the naked eye, Mars is a striking red star. The distance between it and the Earth varies greatly at different times, so the brightness of Mars we see varies greatly.

Mars is 1.524 astronomical units from the sun on average, with an orbital eccentricity of 0.093. It is a large planet with a relatively flat orbit.

Back then, the astronomer Kepler came to the conclusion that the planet’s orbit is elliptical through the study of the apparent motion of Mars. The revolution period of Mars is 687 days, and its orbital speed is 24 km/s; The rotation period is 24 hours and 37 minutes, very close to the earth; the inclination of the rotation axis is 23°59′, which is only 32′ larger than the earth. In addition, there is a thin layer of atmosphere on the outer layer, so Mars not only has obvious seasons The difference can also be divided into five zones (the tropical zone, the southern and northern temperate zones, and the southern and northern frigid zones) like the earth.

Mars has an equatorial radius of 3395 kilometers, which is about half the size of the Earth, 15% of the Earth's volume, and 11% of the Earth's mass. At present, Mars has been discovered to have two natural satellites-Phobos 1 and Phobos 2.

However, these two satellites are very small, and there are probably no rare ores.

Then everyone came to the conclusion that there is a 90% chance that there is no life on Mars.

Then, there is no serious potential crisis for mankind.

However, in the end result, Lu Chen suggested that the Hope stay in the orbit of Mars and send a shuttle to explore the Mars first. After it was determined that the rare ores could be mined, the mining would be arranged.

After determining the plan and goals, the meeting ended, but Lu Chen still left the military personnel.

Although there are 20,000 troops on the Hope, most of these soldiers are ordinary people, and it is still unknown whether they can adapt to the interstellar war.

The first commander of the military is Du Fei, Xiao Zhan and Yu Guangzheng are the deputy commanders, Situ Jian is the general of the defense army, and Shi Jin is the general of the Tiantai Army. This is the position that was set before the Hope took off.

"This time I go to Mars. Although there should be no extraterrestrial life on Mars, people in your military still have to clear the way for everyone to ensure the safety of the technicians. Of course, before you go down, we will send a batch of robots down. On-site investigation. But you still have to prepare for everyone, and don't let the whole situation get out of control when there is any unexpected situation.

In this outer space, even if everyone is out of control, your military will never lose control. We cannot give up until the last minute. "Lu Chen looked at several military leaders and exhorted.

"Yes!" Several people nodded one after another.

"Well, let's go down and make arrangements. This time, they must be elites, and no one can drop the chain." Lu Chen said again.

"Yes!" Several people nodded again, and then left the meeting room one after another.

Walking out of the conference room, Lu Chen suddenly thought of something, and stopped Chen Churan and said, "By the way, inform Xie Weihao and Wang Wei to form a government as soon as possible, and then recruit 2,000 to 5,000 workers to go to Mars for mining."

"Okay." Chen Churan nodded, and immediately contacted Xie Weihao and Wang Wei.

Chapter: 459

After Lu Chen left the meeting room, he went to find his father Lu Tianxing.

Lu Tianxing suggested to him earlier that he found nearly two thousand warriors, all of whom were members of the hidden family.

In the future universe, they will inevitably encounter various unknown dangers on their way to Proxima b.

So Lu Chen planned to train more than two thousand warriors into a super force.

And his father is the best candidate for the commander of this army.

Because these people were basically found by Lu Tianxing, and after Lu Tianxing took the genetic evolution pills, his strength greatly increased, these warriors admired him even more.

What everyone is most worried about is whether they will encounter aliens.

While Lu Chen and Lu Tianxing were discussing the training of the super team, Xie Weihao and Wang Wei were also vigorously building a human government. They recruited many backbones and soon formed a simple government agency.

They had a lot of work to do, but in order to recruit people to mine ore on Mars, they had to put down other tasks first.

"Brother, I have found a job. The new government is recruiting a large number of workers. The workers can live on the third floor. There are many repaired houses on the third floor. By the way, they are also recruiting workers now. Do you want to try? "In a tent on the second floor, Zhou Chenchen said to Zhou Zunfei with a look of excitement.

Although the two of them were put on the Hope by Blue Spirit, they were not qualified to live on the third floor and had to live in the tent on the second floor.

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Every day I eat with an identity card issued by the military and go to the collective canteen to eat. Due to the shortage of water resources, ordinary people on the second floor do not have water for bathing.

As a rich second generation, or the kind of rich second generation who has no ability, Zhou Zunfei can hardly adapt to this kind of life at once, so he seems a little decadent these days.

"What are the benefits for workers? Is there a separate living room?" Zhou Zunfei asked with a moment of energy.

He has been living in a tent these days, and he can't stand it anymore.

"Yes, but I heard that it can only be arranged after returning from Mars." Zhou Chenchen nodded and said.

Zhou Zunfei nodded. He had heard that in order to supplement energy, he decided to mine rare earth mines on Mars, but no one said at the time that he would hire workers.

Zhou Zunfei and Zhou Chenchen walked to the third floor together, and they saw that there were more than a dozen soldiers on duty at the entrance of the third floor.

"Are you here to apply for the job? Take this path. You can't run around. There are surveillance and security personnel everywhere. When you are caught, you will never have the opportunity to go to the third floor." A soldier said.

"Okay, well, we know, we won't go around." Zhou Chenchen said hurriedly.

"Go." The soldiers nodded and let them go.

Zhou Chenchen has already come for the second time, and of course he can't go wrong, and soon took Zhou Zunfei to the recruitment place of the new government.

Today there are two recruitment sites, one is for government civilian staff, and the other is for workers.

The conditions and remuneration on both sides are clearly written.

Although civilian staff are more attractive, they are also more demanding, so there are more people in places where workers are recruited.

However, these workers are all going to work on Mars, and they have higher physical requirements.

"What did you do when you were on Earth?" a recruiter asked, looking at Zhou Zunfei.

"I..." Zhou Zunfei smiled bitterly, saying that I used to eat, drink and have fun, but he dare not say this.

"Sir, my brother has learned Sanda before, and if he has great strength, he will definitely be able to adapt to this job." Zhou Chenchen said hurriedly.

"Huh?" Several people in charge of recruitment looked at Zhou Zunfei.

Zhou Zunfei reacted and nodded hurriedly.

"Fill in the information, and report here before 12 noon tomorrow." Seeing Zhou Zunfei nodded, the recruiter asked him to fill in the information.

There is a simulated earth ecosystem on the Nozomi. Although Hope is about to approach Mars, it still uses the previous timing system.

After filling in the information, Zhou Zunfei finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He is no longer the rich second generation, so now, he has to change the fate of him and his sister with his own efforts.

He looked up at the dense housing area in the distance, and vowed in his heart that he must take down a house on this floor.

He heard that although these houses are only two-story, they are all built as community houses on the earth. Although they cannot be compared with the mansions on the earth, in the Hope, in the long universe life, Having such a house is already a luxury.

At noon the next day, Zhou Zunfei arrived at the place designated yesterday on time, and under the arrangement of the staff, all of them underwent a medical examination.

Zhou Chenchen didn't lie. Zhou Zun had practiced Sanda before, and his physique was much stronger than ordinary people. He was even considered a relatively good martial artist.

And if Zhou Zunfei hadn't learned Sanda, he wouldn't have been able to protect Zhou Chenchen during the riots.

Seeing that all the data of his physical examination were excellent, Zhou Zunfei clenched his fists secretly.

While the recruitment and formation of the new government was in full swing, Lu Chen and others on the fourth floor were not idle.

Hope is only one day away from the orbit of Mars. Scientists have launched 16 artificial satellites to Mars, first using artificial satellites to detect Mars at close range.

According to the data analysis sent back by artificial satellites, there are indeed many mineral resources on Mars.

One day later, Hope entered the orbit of Mars, but for safety reasons, No Hope orbited Mars outside the Martian atmosphere.

"Launch the rover to conduct on-the-spot assessment of the pointing location." Lu Chen said to Ding Dacheng.

Although humans have launched a rover to Mars, the specific data is all in NASA's hands. Now it has been taken away by the Shenzhou Tiangong, so Lu Chen had to launch the rover again to the surface of Mars.

There are also a few simple robots on the rover, which can only do simple data analysis, so the following work still needs to be done manually.

Originally, Yiqi Technology’s intelligent robot technology is already very good, but because D disease has caused the earth in the past two years, most of their energy has been put on the D virus, including intelligent technology, etc., have been stranded.

Of course, after the Hope has stabilized, these technologies must continue to be developed.

In the future, intelligent robots will undoubtedly be the best labor force in the universe.

It can also greatly protect humans.

Chapter: 460

Five days later, the Mars rover sent a lot of useful data and found several rare mineral veins.

Among them are monazite and bastnaesite.

There is also a kind of hematite, which is iron oxide.

Iron oxide can be decomposed into refined iron and oxygen. The role of oxygen is too great. It can be used as various combustion aids and can also reduce the energy consumption of the air circulation system.

After seeing these data, Lu Chen, Ding Dacheng and others were very excited. These are the resources they are looking for.

"It has been determined that there is no alien life threatening us on Mars?" Lu Chen asked Ding Dacheng.

"Yes, Mars is basically dust. The life forms we know can't survive at all, so we don't need to worry about this. As long as the spacesuit is not broken, there will be no casualties." Ding Dacheng said .

"All right." Lu Chen nodded and pressed Du Fei's holographic screen.

"The advance team is ready to set off. Give you half an hour to prepare." Lu Chen ordered.

"Yes!" Du Fei nodded, then turned off the holographic screen.

Du Fei looked at the selected two thousand advance team with a serious expression.

"Everyone, you just received the captain's order. In half an hour, your two thousand advance teams will land on Mars. You will soon become the first human pioneers to set foot on planets beyond the earth. Human history will always be remembered. I hope you will not let the captain down, or let us all down.

Now, are you ready? "

"Ready!" The two thousand advance team, led by Shi Jin, shouted loudly.


Du Fei nodded, and then said: "On the shuttle, there is a high-power contactor. That high-power contactor is manufactured using top technology. Its power is very powerful. Any high magnetic, closed, In the interference environment, it can communicate with Nozomi without any delay.

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But one thing is very important, that is, it uses quantum encryption program itself. Because of technical defects, this quantum encryption program cannot be deprived of it. Therefore, every shuttle will be equipped with cryptographic experts for you. You must protect it. This cryptographer, if your shuttle has an accident, you will not be able to contact the Nozomi, and the Nozomi will not know what happened to you, so you will not be able to rescue them immediately.

So, let's board the plane first! "

It is also the cause of the D virus. Yiqi Technology has also stranded the development of quantum technology, which has caused many defects.


Everyone nodded, and then entered the shuttle.

The shuttle is an aircraft that was developed only afterwards to deal with space navigation. The technology originated from the improved version of the sixth-generation fighter technology. If it is on the earth, it can also be a sixth-generation fighter.

However, the shuttle can accommodate fifty people, unlike a fighter plane that can accommodate a few people.

Each position has a set of refined space suits. After the soldiers entered the shuttle, they put on the space suits, fastened their seat belts, and waited for departure.

"The gate of the first bridge is about to be closed, and nearby staff immediately leave the area. After 30 seconds, open the outer door to balance the pressure..."

"The first launcher moves to the bridge orbit, and the patency of the outer end of the track is scanned... the patency is 100%, and the first launcher's charging procedure is started, which is expected to be completed in 30 seconds...

"The launch counts down to thirty seconds, twenty-nine, twenty-eight..."

At this moment, on the entire Hope, 110,000 people all walked out of the tent, staring at the big screen on the wall, watching the images of the shuttles preparing to launch to Mars.

Everyone has already learned that the advance team will be the first human beings to land on Mars. This is the first time humans have landed on a planet outside the Earth. ,

Today’s scene will always be remembered in human history.

At this time, everyone was praying and praying secretly, praying to their different beliefs or beliefs, hoping that all the actions of the shuttle were normal, hoping that all resources could be found on Mars, and that the resources here could help the Nozomi to fly to neighboring Star b goes.

Because everyone knows that Proxima b is likely to be the homeland for human development in the future.

Now under the high-speed drive of controllable nuclear fusion, the fastest speed of Nozomi has reached 0.5 times the speed of light, and the earth is about 4 light-years away from Proxima b. Even if the speed of Nozomi does not increase in the future, humans will reach Proxima. Star b is only 8 or 9 years old.

A period of 8 or 9 years is a bit long for a person's life, but for the continuation of human development, it is very short.

So this time the exploitation of Mars resources determines whether humans can get out of the solar system in the future.

A lot of hopes, the hopes of 110,000 people, are all concentrated on this small space shuttle, pinned on the advance team of these two people, heavy.

Finally, the thirty-second countdown was over, and the back end of the shuttle jetted out current, and then flew straight out of the Nozomi along the track at a very fast speed, and then cut into the atmosphere from the central computer that had been calculated in advance by the shuttle. The angle began to enter the atmosphere, a flame burned, and the violent friction between the shuttle and the atmosphere generated heat, making the shuttle seem to turn red.

But the scientists in these scenes have all calculated, so they are all made of rare materials.

But the ordinary people don't understand this. They just watched this hot scene, thinking that the shuttle might burn and explode.

Everyone on the spacecraft had already tightened their apex, but no accident happened next. The shuttle penetrated the planet's atmosphere and pierced directly into the atmosphere of Mars.

At this time, the pilots who trained the shuttle to take over the control. At the same time, the anti-gravity system on the shuttle was activated, and the shuttle, which was landing at a rapid speed, began to stabilize, and then fell in parallel. State, slowly flying towards the Martian ground.

The flames that seemed to be burning on the shuttle were also extinguished because the speed of the shuttle dropped.


One hundred thousand people, through the surveillance video of the outer space of Hope, saw that the shuttle was already in parallel flight. Everyone knew that the most dangerous moment of the shuttle had passed. At present, the anti-gravity system has been used, and there is no more crash. It was dangerous, everyone cheered immediately, many even embraced and wept, and for a while, the Ship Hope became a sea of ​​joy.

And those workers who are going to mine ore on Mars clenched their fists. The success of the advance team also gave them greater confidence and courage.

A few hours later, the shuttles finally landed safely on Mars, and everyone cheered again.

Lu Chen also shook his fist heavily.

Humans finally set foot on planets other than Earth!

This is a moment to remember human history!

But at this moment, Ding Dacheng suddenly connected to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was still in excitement, but he opened the holographic screen for the first time, and then Ding Dacheng's projection appeared.

"Captain, it's not good, so the shuttles all lost contact at the same time, that is to say, we lost their signal all at once!" Ding Dacheng said anxiously.

Lu Chen looked at the big screen again, and saw that all the shuttle projections that had just logged on to Mars disappeared on the big screen.

Lu Chen's face changed drastically, and he felt a bad premonition inexplicably.