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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 351-360) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 351

"Haha, Cheng Zong really did his job immediately." Lu Chen smiled and walked back again.

Then directly call Yiqi Technology's lawyer team to sign the contract.

The reason why he wanted the shares of a family is because Dali is the most popular city in Chinese herbal medicine. Many important medicinal materials in the country are produced in Dali.

Chengjia just monopolized the medicine business.

He has a whole set of advanced technology of first-class civilization in his hand, and it will not be long before he will definitely release many advanced technologies in medicine.

To be honest, people in today's world have attached great importance to health issues. Of course, this convenient money is the best to make. As long as the technology passes the test and the medicine is effective, it is a huge profit.

The reason why Lu Chen only needed 70% of Chengjia's shares was to give Chengjia a way to survive, and then let Chengjia work for him.

He signed 70% of Chengjia's shares, and he still wants Chengjia to take care of the pharmaceutical company.

To be honest, as long as the adult family is done well, in the future, when he launches advanced medical technology, although the adult family will only account for 30% of the shares, they will also make a lot of money, even more than they earn now.

Of course, this depends on the attitude behind the family. If the performance is not good, or if there are anti-skeletons, Lu Chen doesn't mind kicking them out.

In the evening, Yiqi Technology's lawyer team took a special plane to Dali, and then worked overtime to sign an equity transfer contract with Chengjia. So far, Chengjia's medicinal material company was officially linked to Yiqi Industrial Technology.

Cheng Hu also agreed to Lu Chen's proposal, and he was still in charge of the company.

Finally, watching Lu Chen and others escort Warren away, everyone in the married family finally breathed a sigh of relief.

If Cheng Quan had not gone to the hospital for treatment when Cheng, Cheng Hu would definitely break Cheng Quan's leg again.

Just because of his dude, the whole married family has been turned into Yiqi Technology.

Although they still have 30% of the equity, they will never buy it back.

Even if they do not perform well next, they may not even be able to control their 30% equity in the end.

"Dad, this is the scourge that you are used to. If you don't spoil him so much, how could we get to this point when we started a family?" Cheng Hu looked at his father Cheng Gongming and said helplessly.

Cheng Gongming sighed heavily, and finally realized his mistake.

The past few decades have been so smooth for them to start a family, and even he himself thinks that they are invincible in Dali, and they can cover the sky with one hand.

Unexpectedly, because of his arrogance and his indulgence to his grandson, he would eventually cause disaster.

However, although the family's assets fell into the hands of Yiqi Technology, in the end, no more serious disaster occurred, which is thank God.

"How do you think he will deal with Warren?" Cheng Gongming turned off the subject.

Cheng Hu leaned weakly on the sofa, he was a little bit unlike answering questions.

But the biggest reason why he got married and became what he is now is that Warren has pulled the water down, and he certainly has no good feelings for Warren.

"The reason why Lu Chen ultimately wanted 70% of our equity and didn't kill us is because he knew about this. The biggest culprit was Warren. Warren’s protection would not be able to keep 80% of it, but Lu Chen would not. Even his company will also be occupied." Cheng Hu said.

"With the layout of Yiqi Technology, of course it will not be limited to domestic ones. Their future vision will definitely be placed abroad. So a logistics and freight company with large cargo ships that can go abroad is necessary. So I think Lu Chen is certain It will force Warren to transfer all his company equity to Yiqi Technology, and then kill Warren.” Cheng Gongming analyzed.

"Well, but there is a big boss in the capital behind Warren, it depends on Lu Chen and that big boss in Beijing, who dare to be strong. But the big boss in Beijing didn't dare to kill Lu Chen himself, that's for sure. It was also fearful that Warren made the move. In short, this matter is still a bit fascinating, and I will find out after a few days." Cheng Hu nodded, he also very much hoped to see Lu Chen killed. Warren.

If it weren't for Warren, they wouldn't have become what they are now.

At this time in Yuanzhou Group.

"Mr. Lu, I was also forced. The man said, if I don't kill you, he will bankrupt my company. I have no way out before betraying you." Warren tried to argue for himself, hoping that Lu Chen Don't do it too hard.

Of course, he also knew that he had done this step, and Lu Chen would basically not let him survive.

But Lu Chen didn't kill him in the married family, but brought him to his company, which gave him room for fantasy.

He felt that Lu Chen should have taken a fancy to his company. If he could save his life, he would not mind transferring the entire company to Lu Chen.

"Don't talk nonsense, give you two choices. One is that I will kill you directly, and the other is to transfer all your company out, and then take me to find the so-called capital boss, I can consider killing you." Lu Chen Said directly.

Just as Cheng Gongming analyzed, Yiqi Technology's future vision is of course the world, and it will certainly not be limited to the domestic.

So he needs a transportation company with large cargo ships.

It happens that Yuanzhou Group has such strength.

He originally gave Warren a chance to prosper, but Warren not only didn't cherish it, but even wanted to kill him in turn, so what else could he say.

Just grab his company directly.

"I choose the second way." Warren nodded without thinking.

He knew that he had nothing to use to negotiate terms with Lu Chen, and he also believed that if he chose the first one, Lu Chen would kill him 1,000%.

How can a warlord’s commander-in-chief care about his life?

"Let your team of lawyers come over now." Lu Chen said.

He always pays attention to efficiency in his work. Although it is late now, he just wants to get it right today.

It was just after 12 o'clock in the evening, all the equity of Yuanzhou Jicai was transferred to the Qi under the Yiqi Technology.

Finally changed its name to Yiqi Yuanzhou Group.

As for the money in Warren's personal bank, Lu Chen didn't touch him.

As long as Warren can help him find the big man in the capital, if he says he doesn't kill Warren, he will definitely not kill him.

Finally, Lu Chen Daye called all the principals of Yuanzhou Group over, and after a meeting for them, he took everyone to eat supper.

In the past few days, let these people be responsible normally, and after he solves the problem of Mr. Yun, he will go back to see who is transferred to control Yiqi Yuanzhou.

Chapter: 352

After eating supper, Lu Chen asked Hua Lun to contact the former boss in Beijing, but the other party's phone was turned off.

Until the next day, Warren still failed to get through the other party's number and was in a shutdown state.

Warren was on the phone throughout the day and was shut down.

The other party's mobile phone was turned off all the time, and Lu Chen couldn't find the other party's identity information.

"Lu, President Lu, has been in the shutdown state and can't get through." At this time, Warren's back was already wet, soaked in cold sweat.

He knew that if he couldn't contact the other party, Lu Chen would definitely kill him.

In fact, Lu Chen thought the same way. He guessed that the other party was probably from the Xiao family, and Yun Lao might have fallen into the hands of the Xiao family.

Since it was the Xiao family, they would definitely come to him on the initiative.

Then there is no need to keep Warren.

Warren has no effect.

Lu Chen gestured to Du Fei to cut his neck, and then walked outside.

"Mr. Lu, as long as you don't kill me, I can do anything for you. By the way, I still have four billion cash in my card, and I can give you all of it!" Warren was extremely scared when he saw this. He hurried over and knelt in front of Lu Chen.

He is only in his forties, and he really doesn't want to die.

Even if you start from scratch and have nothing, it is better than just dying like this.

"I think I can give him a chance." Just then, Du Fei said.

Lu Chen turned to look at Du Fei, and Du Fei explained: "Leave him to me, maybe there are some useful things, and his billions, we can also invest in Kokang, or develop the Temple of Killing."

Du Fei wanted to keep Warren alive, mainly because he fancy his more than four billion yuan.

Although the Temple of Killing is known as invincible in Burma, he recently heard a news that Naypyidaw had purchased 500 million US dollars of weapons from the State of Su. It should have been impacted by the Temple of Killing. Naypyidaw had to be cruel. Gritting his teeth and insisting on having an arms race with Kokang.

Naypyidaw’s already poor group, if all their financial income is used to buy weapons, it will only make him lose the hearts of the people and accelerate their demise.

This is Du Fei's ambition.

If they had more than four billion and they bought another batch of weapons, it would definitely give Naypyitaw a boost.

"Okay, then he will leave it to you." Lu Chen nodded and went out.

Lu Chen asked the driver to drive him back to Yuzhou, while he took a special plane back to Yuzhou.

Within two days of returning to Yuzhou, the New Year holiday is over.

On the night before starting to work, Tang Qingshan brought his son Tang Dalong to Lu Chen's family.

Seeing the two coming, Lu Chen had to greet them.

Tang Qingshan is Lin Yijun's godfather and can be considered a relative.

And Tang Dalong is also a capable cadre of his company, of course he will not be left out.

"Xiao Lu, this is the big red robe I brought with my friend from Wuyi Mountain. Please try to ask how." Tang Qingshan took out a box of exquisite tea leaves and handed it to Lu Chen, and said enthusiastically.

Lu Chen smiled, took the tea, and asked the nanny at home to make it.

"I heard that you went to Dali for a trip a few days ago, haven't Yijun mother and daughter come back yet?" Tang Qingshan asked curiously without seeing Lin Yijun and Qiqi.

"On her grandma's side." Lu Chen said.

His mansion is also too big, although Lin Dahai's family has also moved in, it is also a bit empty.

Tang Qingshan saw that Tang Dalong had been silent, so he bumped him and motioned him to speak.

But in front of Lu Chen, Tang Dalong was always a little twisted.

He didn't know how to speak well.

To be honest, when he came here today, he was also dragged into the car by his father.

"Dalong, just say it directly." Lu Chen smiled when he saw it.

Seeing Lu Chen's words, Tang Dalong had to smile awkwardly, and said, "Mr. Lu, this is the case. I heard that the company wants to transfer a high-level executive to Dali to take charge of the Yiqi Yuanzhou Group in the past two days. I think, I want to go over and try it. I know what level of President Lu wants to pass."

The company's lawyers came back before Lu Chen, and after they came back, they exposed Lu Chen's idea of ​​arranging high-level management to take charge of Yiqi Yuanzhou.

Of course, it was also because Tang Dalong had a good relationship with one of the lawyers that he was told the news.

He is now the HR manager of Yiqi Technology, a super hundred-leader of the new million class.

But this is definitely no better than going out to run a large company with tens of billions of assets.

At the level of the company, he is still not a real decision-making level, so if he follows the normal steps, this opportunity will definitely not be his turn.

But he has an advantage, that is, he is still somewhat related to Lu Chen.

Of course, he hadn't planned to seize this opportunity, but after his father heard about it, how could he miss this opportunity and forcibly bring him here.

As long as he seized this opportunity, then his son Tang Dalong would really step into the decision-making level of Yiqi Technology.

When the time comes, let’s not talk about anything else. The salary generation alone will definitely be one million, but over ten million.

Lu Chen looked at Tang Dalong.

To be honest, although he hadn't figured out who would take care of Yiqi Yuanzhou in the past, he did not think about Tang Dalong.

Tang Dalong is just a personnel manager, and he really can't enter his decision-making circle.

"Do you have confidence? If you have confidence, I can give you this opportunity, but if you fail to meet our requirements, I will also throw you down." Lu Chen thought for a while and decided to give Tang Dalong this opportunity to let him It’s not impossible to try it.

Anyway, this guy also came back from overseas. It just so happened that Yiqi Yuanzhou will be dealing with foreigners in the future, maybe he is really a suitable candidate.

"Yes, I have the confidence to take care of the branch office!"

Seeing Lu Chen agreed, Tang Dalong was a little excited.

To be honest, he never thought that Lu Chen would promise him.

He has never liked to engage in relationships. If his father hadn't insisted on pulling him, he would definitely not come back and beg Lu Chen.

But he didn't expect Lu Chen to actually agree to him.

"Xiao Lu, don't worry. Dalong has always been a real person. He has been a master of learning since he was a child. He said that if he has confidence, he is absolutely confident. He will definitely take care of a large number of branches." Tang Qingshan is also excited. Said something nice for Tang Dalong.

But he is not all exaggerating, Tang Dalong is indeed a real person.

"Well, anyway, I will give you one year. If you can't answer my request in one year, please come back." Lu Chen said.

Yiqi Technology will definitely only grow bigger and bigger in the future, and it will definitely need more and more talents. Of course, he is willing to train Tang Dalong.

Chapter: 353

If Tang Dalong went to Dali, the matter would be resolved in this way.

Of course, before he went to Dali, he had to settle the matter here.

Lu Chen handed it over to Wang Wei. Finally, Wang Wei picked up the deputy manager of the personnel department to replace Tang Dalong, and planned to recruit another deputy manager.

After starting work, Lu Chen contacted Li Qingcheng.

Years ago they planned to acquire an engine company to assemble the YQ-01 space engine. After letting out the wind, Lu Chen received a call from Li Qingcheng. He said that he could visit her engine factory in the next year.

On the first day at work, he took the initiative to contact Li Qingcheng.

Although he believed that if he did not contact Li Qingcheng, Li Qingcheng would definitely contact him in a few days.

But then there are too many things, how could he waste time needlessly.

Upon receiving Lu Chen's call, Li Qingcheng's beautiful face suddenly showed a light.

She didn't intentionally wait for the phone to ring again, but after seeing that it was Lu Chen's call, she answered it immediately.

"Mr. Lu, you have fun during the holiday," Li Qingcheng said with a smile.

Although he knew that Lu Chen couldn't see the smile on her face, it might be an occupational disease. Li Qingcheng still made a smile.

"It's okay, right, let me just say it. You said a year ago that you would take us to see your engine company. When will you be free?" Lu Chen asked straightforwardly.

"I have time today. Anyway, if you have a special plane, it will only take an hour to reach Qianyang," Li Qingcheng said.

Although she has other arrangements today, she is ready to push directly without thinking about it.

Obviously in her opinion, cooperation with Yiqi's technology is more important than anything else.

"Well, come to the Science and Technology Park, we will go to Qianyang in a while." Lu Chen said and hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Li Qingcheng's smile remained for two full minutes before it dissipated.

After calming down, she picked up the phone and let the secretary in.

"Mr. Li." The secretary soon came to Li Qingcheng's office.

"Call the lawyer team, let's go to Yiqi Technology." Li Qing said.

"Ah? Has Yiqi Technology agreed to cooperate with us?" The secretary looked at Li Qingcheng in surprise.

She also knew about the fact that Li Qingcheng called to seek cooperation a year ago. Now that she goes to Yiqi Technology, it means that the cooperation must be progressing.

"Well, take them to Qianyang to see our factory today." Li Qingcheng nodded and said.

"If you just go to see the factory, then you don't need to bring a team of lawyers, maybe a few days later there will be a conclusion." Based on past experience, the secretary feels that even if Yiqi Technology is really willing to cooperate with their company, she will definitely Will not sign a contract with the company.

"Call them." Li Qingcheng said without question.

Of course she knew that even if Lu Chen originally intended to cooperate with her, the chance of signing a contract with her today is very small, and it is even impossible to enter into negotiations today.

But she has always been happy and prepared.

What if Lu Chen is also in a hurry, should he negotiate with them today? Are they going to call the lawyer to go there again, wouldn't that delay Lu Chen's time?

She has always been that she would rather spend time waiting for her clients than let them wait for her.

"Okay." Seeing Li Qingcheng's insistence, the secretary nodded and went out to make arrangements.

In half an hour, Li Qingcheng finally brought her team to the Science Park.

After meeting with Lu Chen and seeing that Lu Chen had also gone to Qianyang with his team of lawyers, Li Qingcheng suddenly smiled knowingly.

But her secretary had to sigh, this is the gap between her and Li Qingcheng.

Obviously, Lu Chen also thought that if he fell in love with Li Qingcheng's factory, he would enter into negotiations today, or else he would not be able to go to Qianyang with the lawyer team.

Li Qingcheng’s engine plant is in Jinyang New District, which has just been developed. The government has given many preferential policies and attracted many businessmen to come and develop.

Li Qingcheng came to build an engine production plant at that time.

However, her engine factory produces car engines, and the business is good, and there is no loss.

The reason why she is willing to sell her equity to Yiqi Technology is to open the door to cooperation with Yiqi Technology.

She also saw the infinite potential of Yiqi Technology in the future.

Her company has reached a bottleneck, and it will be difficult to make a breakthrough in the short term unless changes are made.

Her ideal is to bring the family business to surpass the four big families in her lifetime, at least to reach the level of the four big families.

Then the cooperation with Yiqi Technology will give her the opportunity to achieve this goal in the short term.

Her factory is called Xunjie Engine Group, and its scale is quite large, and the plant covers an area very large, which can add several more aviation production lines.

Aerospace engines generally don’t use a few lines. They are mainly sold and assembled with the Mi-100 sixth-generation aircraft. Therefore, Lu Chen plans to assemble five more production lines.

If you really want to sell it to the outside world in the future, you can expand it again.

And Xunjie also has five production lines for automobile engines, but if we talk about it, Lu Chen is going to prepare for universal car engines, he must expand several lines.

However, they observed the configuration and site of the entire plant, and there was enough area for expansion.

Along the way, Li Qingcheng stayed with Lu Chen, explaining various situations to him.

What she doesn't understand is explained by the plant manager.

They all hoped that Lu Chen could see their factory buildings.

"Mr. Lu, what do you think? This is not far from your airline company, and it is enough to expand several production lines. We also have enough skilled workers." Finally, after visiting the entire factory, Li Qingcheng asked.

Mainly because of the visit along the way, Lu Chen didn't say anything, and she couldn't tell whether Lu Chen would have liked her factory. Suddenly he was a little anxious.

"Are you planning to sell wholly, or just sell part of the equity?" Lu Chen asked.

Of course, he prefers a wholly-owned acquisition, taking down all of the plant at one time.

"Sell part of the equity." Li Qingcheng said. If it is a wholly-owned sale to Lu Chen, how can she get more cooperation with Yiqi Technology?

So of course she can only sell part of the equity.

"If you sell part of the equity, then my idea is that I will develop the technology and hold 70% of your shares. Of course, the profits of the future engines will be distributed to you. You should consider it first."

Lu Chen turned around and walked to the factory office.

Chapter: 354

For Lu Chen, he can make less money, but he must have an absolute controlling stake.

In this way, there will be no uncontrollable situation when various conflicts occur in the future.

Moreover, at first glance at the proposed acquisition plan, I thought that Li Qingcheng would suffer a big loss, but it was clear that even if he only took up a three-point share, Li Qingcheng made a wild profit.

Let’s not talk about YQ01. This is the core of the sixth-generation fighter. The price is very expensive, and the top fifth-generation fighters also want to buy the fifth-generation fighter to make it a fifth-generation semi-fighter, greatly shortening it to the sixth-generation fighter. difference.

Domestic super space shuttle companies like Cheng Fei, Shen Fei and others are already preparing to purchase YQ01 Aerospace from Yiqi Technology to improve their fifth-generation aircraft.

Several foreign countries also expressed their desire to negotiate with Yiqi Technology to purchase the possibility of QY01 aviation development.

Of course, from the current point of view, even if Lu Chen is willing to sell this engine to the outside world, Beijing certainly cannot agree to it.

After all, the core of this sixth-generation aircraft is one of the top military technologies, and of course it cannot be sold.

However, Lu Chen knew that when YQ Hangfa developed two more generations, this model could be sold.

When it is time to sell to foreign countries, it will definitely be a sky-high price.

So Li Qingcheng seemed to be at a loss on the face of it, but as long as she looked a little longer, it would definitely be a big profit.

"Okay, I think President Lu's plan is very relevant, so go to the office to discuss the details." Regarding Lu Chen's proposal, Li Qingcheng agreed without even thinking about it.

She must have thought of this plan a long time ago.

To be honest, technology is the most profitable right now, and Lu Chen’s technologies are among the top in the world. She even thought a few days ago that if Lu Chen proposed such a plan, even if he wanted 80% of the equity, she would agree.

"Mr. Li is refreshing enough, let's go. It just so happens that our team is here. Let's try to get this thing done today." Lu Chen smiled, and then walked to the office area first.

At this time, the aerospace company is still waiting for YQ01 to assemble the sixth-generation fighter. Of course, he does not want to waste time.

And the military is also waiting for their delivery.

As for the production of various materials for the sixth-generation machines, and those small projects of less than one billion yuan, Lu Chen didn't even bother about it, leaving Wang Wei and Xu Shuting to handle it.

Of course, in order to promote the economic development of Yuzhou, Lu Chen is still planning to delegate those projects to local merchants in Yuzhou for agency or production.

The reason why he did this was first to promote the economic development of Yuzhou, and second, to prepare for the establishment of a chamber of commerce.

The more benefits he gives, the companies that can cooperate with Yiqi Technology will definitely stand firmly on his side.

The negotiations between the two companies went very smoothly. Whether it is Lu Chen or Li Qingcheng, they are not the kind of people who care about small interests.

After signing the contract, under Li Qingcheng's warm invitation, Lu Chen and others returned to Yuzhou after dinner in Qianyang.

The next day, when Lu Chen came to the company, Xu Shuting came to report to him.

"Lu Shao, the Chen family won the bid for the construction of the military base, and the construction of the fuselage of the sixth-generation aircraft was also taken by the Chen family. They will also take the agency rights for some other parts, but I have not responded to them." Xu Shuting said.

Lu Chen nodded and said, "For the time being, let's cooperate with them on these two projects. For other projects, try to give other companies that are not too weak."

"By the way, Zhang family, Liu family, and Zuo family also bid for it. In fact, their prices are very high, even higher than those of the Chen family, but I did not choose them." Xu Shuting did this, of course. Knowing that these three big families had great feuds with Lu Chen, of course they couldn't cooperate with them.

When she said it, she wanted to see what Lu Chen's attitude was, and whether to cooperate with these three families.

"For all projects, there is no need to cooperate with the three big families." Lu Chen said without thinking.

The three big families are just a little complicated in their networks, and Lu Chen doesn't even see their assets.

He even believed that the Allure Group would surpass these three families in at least one or two years.

In addition, if he wants to cultivate power, it will take a few years for the group company he fancy and cultivate will certainly surpass these three families.

Lu Chen believes that as long as he can get the companies represented by Yiqi Technology, he will be able to easily surpass the three families in a few years.

In the next few days, Lu Chen has been very busy, because Ding Dacheng and others have finally developed a supercomputer these days.

This computer also uses quantum technology, but because of the super Ai chip, its calculation speed is 5 times that of the world's most advanced quantum computer.

This quantum computer was also developed by Huaxia itself, and it was the most advanced computer in the world before Yiqi Technology's supercomputer was released.

But as long as Yiqi Technology announces this important news, the supercomputer will once again represent China to refresh the world's computer technology.

After countless tests and confirmation, Lu Chen finally decided to announce this news that shocked the world.

As soon as this news came out, as everyone thought before, the whole world went crazy about it.

In the past few days, countless media all over the world are frantically reporting this shocking news.

Because of another breakthrough in quantum technology, it means that China will fully surpass the M Empire and the Soviet Union in the field of communications, military information warfare, and even aerospace.

Let’s take war first. The future war will definitely be an informationized war. Whoever has more and more accurate information will have a greatly increased chance of winning.

In addition, China has developed six generations of fighter jets before the two empires, and then used quantum technology in the military, then China's military strength will be invincible in this world.

In the past few days, Yiqi Technology has once again resounded throughout the world. In the summits of major powers, the words Yiqi Technology were mentioned the most.

In just a few months, Yiqi Technology has launched three top-notch technologies that shocked the world in a row. How can they not be shocked?

Especially the M Empire, this is a red flag that impacts their dominance, and they are completely unable to deal with it.

In the past few months, they have held several important meetings in order to target Yiqi Technology.

But at this time, Yiqi Technology has not developed abroad at all, and they can't sanction it even if they want to sanction it.

The most incomprehensible thing is that M Empire discovered that Yiqi Technology is independent of all material technologies, and none of the materials are imported.

This is mainly because Huaxia itself is the country with the largest rare earths, so with advanced materials technology, Yiqi Technology can of course extract better materials by itself.

The materials I refine are already far more advanced than foreign ones, so why should I import them abroad?

Chapter: 355

Regarding the material, Lu Chen will talk to the big bosses in Beijing next.

Rare earth is an indispensable material for all kinds of military weapons and space equipment. Although China is the world's largest rare earth ore country, it has been exporting for decades, and most of them have been exported, and then imported at high prices. Rare materials.

Therefore, Lu Chen is going to persuade the bigwigs to withstand foreign pressure and sell all the exported rare earths to him, and then he will sell the refined rare materials to major national suppliers at low prices.

He believes that the numerous benefits brought by this way will definitely be seen by the bigwigs.

I also understand the good intentions of Yiqi Technology.

Of course, Lu Chen also had his own ambitions.

Yiqi Technology is getting stronger and stronger, and it can only become the eyes of the whole world. At that time, the major empires will definitely restrict their development abroad.

Therefore, he must first make preparations in all aspects to deal with future changes in the international market.

Yiqi Technology’s future focus must be placed on the international market.

With the advent of supercomputers just a few days ago, the capital sent a big boss in the first time.

It was also Minister Liu Changfeng Liu who had negotiated with Yiqi Technology last time.

Yiqi Technology announced the supercomputer only to launch the super Ai chip.

The super Ai chip was directly bought out by the capital because of the two absolute advantages that can be used in the military and in communications.

The result of the negotiation is also very smooth. In the future, except for the country, only Yiqi Technology can use this super Ai chip in their own research and development.

The state will give Yiqi Technology a 50 billion technical compensation, but the technical compensation fee will be paid in three years, with 30 billion in the first year and 10 billion a day for the next two years.

In this regard, Lu Chen mentioned the issue of the purchase of rare earths. After confirming that Yiqi Technology does have one of the advanced refining technologies, Liu Changfeng asked for instructions in Xiajingcheng and directly agreed to Lu Chen's request.

In the future, domestic rare earths will no longer be exported, and all will be sold to Yiqi Technology.

This news once again caused a sensation in the whole world.

Rare earth is the material that the major countries have won in competition. Huaxia suddenly announced this news. Why didn't it cause a worldwide sensation?

Countless countries have come forward to oppose it, demanding that Huaxia immediately cancel this stupid decision and must export rare earths normally.

In this regard, Huaxia did not make any response.

A week later, foreign media suddenly discovered that China had tested several supersonic weapons. The speed was so fast. According to preliminary calculations, it reached 8 times the speed of sound, which completely exceeded the interception speed of all current five-generation fighters and air defense systems of various countries.

Three days later, the pilot finally announced that the sixth-generation fighter-mounted missile test introduced to Yiqi Technology last year was successful, and the fighter will be mounted within one month.

The name of this missile is a hypersonic electromagnetic bomb, and its power and speed will be far greater than that of an electromagnetic gun.

As soon as the news came out, the national media who had previously clamored for China to eliminate the decision to ban the export of rare earths shut their mouths.

How could this feeling be so suffocated.

For Huaxia people, this is exciting news.

It is the first time in history that a weapon can shut up a large country such as M Empire.

On this day, the domestic media once again blew up Yiqi Technology.

In the next few months, Lu Chen plans to invest 10 billion yuan to build a rare earth refinery and establish a rare earth group company.

As technology becomes more advanced, the importance of rare earths will become more apparent.

Not only in the military and aerospace fields, but even in civilian applications, the role of rare earths will become greater and greater.

Lu Chen plans to build the Rare Earth Group in Zhonghai.

But before that, Lu Chen was still planning to create a chamber of commerce.

This is the result that all parties hope to see.

Yiqi Technology is not only strong on its own, but also brought many enterprises in Yuzhou ushered in a period of vigorous development. Not only Chen Guangxing hoped that Lu Chen would build a chamber of commerce, but also Xie Weihao mentioned when he accompanied Liu Changfeng and Liu to negotiate. this matter.

He hopes that Yiqi Technology will be the leader of Yuzhou's business, and at the same time, it will also try to promote the development of more enterprises.

Achievement is one aspect. A big-time figure like Xie Weihao, in ancient times, was a dead minister. Of course, he also hopes that the overall living standards of the people under his control can be qualitatively improved.

Just as Lu Chen was preparing for the Chamber of Commerce, in a luxurious villa in the capital, a quarrel with Ju Lie was taking place.

"Uncle, since we have confirmed that the second aunt was killed by Lu Chen, why don't we avenge the second aunt?" Xiao Anyi questioned Xiao Tai, the head of the Xiao family.

Xiao Anyi is a descendant of the Xiao family and a nephew of Xiao Tai, but he is the most promising young man in the Xiao family.

He has been cared for by Xiao Bieqing since he was a child, and after knowing the news that Xiao Bieqing had died in Lu Chen's hands, he had always wanted to give Xiao Bieqing a grudge.

"An Yi, your second aunt's cultivation base is not below me, even she is not Lu Chen's opponent, even if I make a move, I will definitely not be able to beat him." Xiao Tai explained.

"Uncle, Lu Chen was able to kill the second aunt. He must have used modern weapons. The reason why Lan Ling was wiped out in the Kokang army was because of his tricks and was directly annihilated by his army. This is the national team, he The army cannot come, and Yun Zhongqi is in our hands. He has to obediently obey orders. Isn't it easy to kill him at that time?" Xiao Anyi said confidently.

"Guan Jian is afraid that Lu Chen won't dare to live and die in the clouds. Moreover, Lu Tianxing has already returned to the Lu family. I heard that the second child of the Lu family is going to be dying. Lu Tianxing wants to go out again and take over the position of Patriarch. He took over as the head of the Lu family, knowing that we killed his son, he will definitely fight our Xiao family." Xiao Tai said.

"What should I do? The second aunt's hatred will not be reported?" Xiao Anyi frowned and asked.

"Wait slowly for this matter. Lu Chen almost destroyed the entire Lan family. The Lan family will definitely not let him go. After the Lan family takes action, we can take advantage of the fisherman's profit." Xiao Tai shook his head and said.

Xiao Anyi returned to his residence unwillingly, and was quite dissatisfied with his uncle.

"Yi Shao, Patriarch is too timid. Why don't we take Yun Zhongqi to Yuzhou and let Lu Chen come out to see us alone. I won't be a few of us together, and I can't kill him or a kid." , Xiao Dapeng, Xiao Anyi's protector, persuaded.

Xiao Dapeng is Xiao Tai's protector, very strong, and one of the older generations of the Xiao family.

"Okay, just do it. When I saw that the uncle was ashamed." Xiao An only hesitated and agreed to Xiao Dapeng's proposal.

Chapter: 356

On this day, Lu Chen was about to go to the company, and he received an unfamiliar number. He took it out and saw that it was the number of Beijing. He immediately guessed that it might be the Xiao family or the so-called Beijing boss before.

A sneer twitched at the corner of his mouth, and then connected.

"Lu Chen, right? If you want your master Yunzhongqi's old life, come to Geleshan. Remember, you can only come by yourself, otherwise you can wait for Yunzhongqi to collect the body." The other party said no. After Lu Chen answered, he hung up.

"Go to Gele Mountain." Lu Chen said to Lin Tong.

When Lu Chen was in Yuzhou, Lin Tong was basically driving him.

In fact, Lu Chen wanted to change his driver, because Song Hai took over the Sakura Club in the Three Heroes of the Marsh, Shi Jin was a general in Guogan, and Lu Chen wanted Lin Tong to do what he wanted.

But Lin Tong said that he wanted to drive Lu Chen, and Lu Chen had no choice but to do it with him.

Anyway, even if he was just a driver, Lu Chen would not treat him badly.

"Lord, what's the situation?" Lin Tong asked.

"Someone kidnapped someone important to me." Lu Chen said lightly.

"Should you call someone from the Sakura Club?" Lin Tong asked.

Although he mainly drove for Lu Chen, his position in the Sakura Club was still very high.

Lu Chen nodded and said, "No, you drive the car, I'll call Xu Jing."

He talked and dialed Xu Jing's phone, and after arranging a call on the phone, he hung up.

Obviously Sakura can't solve this kind of thing, only the armed forces of the Science Park can do it.

After the opening of the school in the Science Park, Qiqi went to school in the Science Park, so Xu Jing spent most of her time training security guards in the Science Park.

Of course, Lu Chen also gave him the post of deputy manager of the security department, but his deputy manager is different from other deputy managers. He, the deputy manager, doesn't take care of the security dispatch, he is only responsible for training.

Half an hour later, Lin Tong drove the car to the villa group on the top of Gele Mountain, and Lu Chen asked him to stop.

He felt that the other party should be in this villa group.

Lu Chen took out the phone and called the other party, and the other party was connected soon.

Lu Chen asked first, "I've arrived at the Geleshan Villas, where are you?"

The other party was obviously stunned, maybe he didn't expect Lu Chen to come so soon.

However, he was just stunned and said: "Villa No. 5, remember, you must come alone, otherwise you will come to collect his body."

"Okay, I'm alone." Lu Chen said and hung up the phone.

"Young Master, let me go with you and have a caregiver." Lin Tong said.

Lu Chen shook his head, he got off the driveway: "No, you helped me when you went."

Lin Tong nodded. He knew his strength was too far behind Lu Chen. If even Lu Chen couldn't handle it, it would be useless for him to go.

"Master, take this." Lin Tong said as he handed the silencer pistol to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and took the silencer pistol.

Although he has the confidence to deal with it, having this thing in his hands can always give the enemy unexpected effects.

Lu Chen hid the eliminator pistol, looked at the number of the villa, and walked to the villa group.

Soon, he came to Villa No. 5 and saw that there was no security guarding the door, so he walked directly in.

"Are you Lu Chen?"

At this moment, a group of people walked out of the villa, about twelve or three, surrounded Lu Chen one after another.

It is Xiao Anyi, Xiao Dapeng and others.

"People from the Xiao family?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and asked faintly.

"Boy, if you are acquainted, this young man is Xiao Anyi, the eldest son of the Xiao family. The Xiao Biqing who died in your hands before is my second aunt. Today, this young man is here to avenge his second aunt." Xiao Anqi Sneered.

"Sure enough, it's you." Lu Chen said calmly.

"Since you know it's us, let's catch it with your hands. Young Master Ben will use your head to pay homage to the Ergu grave today!" Xiao Anyi said viciously.

"Then it depends on you not having this strength." Lu Chen looked at Xiao Anyi playfully, his eyes full of disdain.

Before contacting Xiao Bieqing, he always felt that the Xiao family should be very strong, very strong.

So that he didn't dare to leak his identity for half a year.

It wasn't until he personally killed Xiao Biqing that he felt that the Xiao family was nothing more than that.

Xiao Anyi is just a younger generation of Xiao Bieling. Only since he dared to come to Yuzhou alone to find him, he knew that Xiao Anyi must also be an arrogant generation.

Generally arrogant people are not too strong.

"Huh, you are very strong? Then let me meet you." Xiao Dapeng snorted coldly, stepped out, and blasted towards Lu Chen with a punch.

Lu Chen couldn't avoid it, and also blasted out a punch.


The two fists collided in the air, Lu Chen's figure remained unchanged, but Xiao Dapeng retreated nearly ten steps before standing still.

Lu Chen's strength has improved a lot more than when he fought against Xiao Feiqing a few months ago, and Xiao Dapeng himself was not Xiao Feiqing's opponent.

With this increase, Xiao Dapeng couldn't even take a punch from Lu Chen.

When Xiao Anyi and everyone in the Xiao family saw this, they all had big faces, and they never expected that Lu Chen's strength would be so abnormal.

Could it be that the second aunt really singled out with Lu Chen and was killed by Lu Chen?

Why is he so perverted!

At this moment, Xiao Anyi suddenly regretted his decision. He felt that he should listen to his uncle and suppress this hatred first.

"Your subordinate is too useless, should you play in person?" Lu Chen looked at Xiao Anyi and said with a playful smile.

Xiao Anyi's expression was quite ugly. Xiao Dapeng was his guardian, and he was stronger than him. Even Xiao Dapeng couldn't take a punch from Lu Chen. Didn't he come up to die?

"Give it to me!"

Xiao An shouted angrily, and the dozen or so Xiao family experts he had brought rushed towards Lu Chen.

After Xiao Dapeng gasped, he quickly joined the battle.

He didn't believe that so many people couldn't beat Lu Chen alone.

It was just something that shocked him again. Apart from him, everyone else in front of Lu Chen didn't even have the power to fight back.

As long as they were hit by Lu Chen, they basically lost their combat effectiveness instantly.

After just over a minute, the only ones standing on the court were Lu Chen and Xiao Dapeng.

As for Xiao Anyi, he had already entered the villa at this time.

"You people from the Xiao family are really rubbish. With your strength, you dare to come to Yuzhou to find me revenge?" Lu Chen looked at Xiao Dapeng with disdain in his eyes.

Xiao Dapeng had just received a few punches from Lu Chen. At this time, he had suffered internal injuries, and blood still flowed from the corners of his mouth.

Being ridiculed by Lu Chen, he was even more attacking with blood, and a mouthful of blood came out directly.

"Boy, if you don't want Yunzhong to die, just kneel down for me!"

At this moment, Xiao Anyi walked out with Yun Lao.

Chapter: 357

The old Yun at this time is no longer the light and breezy when Lu Chen saw him last year.

At this time, the old Yun, who had been smashed by Xiao Anyi for a long time, was like a dying old man, with blank eyes and weak aura, and he could die at any time.

Seeing Mr. Yun's miserable appearance, Lu Chen's heart trembled, and a strong murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

Just like Xiao Dapeng was Xiao Anyi's protector, Yun Lao was also Lu Chen's protector, and even Lu Chen's martial arts and various skills in his body were taught by Yun Lao since he was a child.

He was supposed to call Lao Yun a master, but was rejected by Lao Yun.

So they became a relationship of teachers and friends.

And because of his affairs, Mr. Yun was beaten like this by the Xiao family, and Lu Chen had already sentenced the Xiao family to death in his heart.

"Boy, I know he is your master. If you want to save him, you should kneel down for Ben Shao immediately, otherwise Shao Ben will break his neck now!" Xiao Anyi threatened again.

Old Yun Chong Lu Chen shook his head and motioned that he could not kneel.

"Do you not kneel?" Xiao Anyi sipped in a deep voice, clasping Lao Yun's hand tightly again.


A murderous intent flashed in Lu Chen's eyes, but seeing Old Yun's painful expression, his heart sank and he knelt down slowly.

At this moment, just when Lu Chen's feet were about to kneel on the ground, suddenly, there was a mute noise, and a bullet penetrated the back of Xiao Anyi's head.

Lu Chen looked up and found that it was Xu Jing who just rushed over.

Xu Jing used a disincentive gun. When Xiao Anyi found out that something was wrong, he had no time to escape and was shot directly into the head.

Seeing this, Lu Chen rushed towards Yun Lao.

Xu Jing fired several shots at Xiao Dapeng.

Xiao Dapeng could have avoided bullets originally, but at this time all his thoughts were on Xiao Anyi's body. When he reacted, he could not escape the bullets either, but none of them hit him.

This is also Xu Jing deliberately staying alive, or he would be violent with a shot.

Lu Chen checked Xia Yun Lao and found that Yun Lao was poisoned, and could not even speak at this time.

"Brother Chen, how do you deal with these people?" Xu Jing asked.

"Kill all, let Song Hai handle the corpse." Lu Chen said coldly.

"Lu Chen, you can't kill me!" Xiao Dapeng hurriedly begged for mercy.

"Give me a reason?" Lu Chen looked at Xiao Dapeng ironically.

"Because you have already killed Xiao Anyi, if you kill me again, our Xiao family will definitely die with you!" Xiao Dapeng threatened.

"Really? I'm so scared, let them come and die."

Lu Chen sneered, pulled out the silencer gun, and shot Xiao Dapeng over the head.

Xiao Dapeng's eyes widened, and he couldn't even look at him. He just died.

I will never look down until I die.

After killing Xiao Dapeng, Lu Chen didn't stop, and instead shot the dozen or so Xiao family members on the ground.

The Xiao family dared to make Yunzhemo like this, he had been immortal with the Xiao family.

After Lu Chen shot a bullet, a few others saw it, and got up and ran out of the villa desperately.

Unfortunately, how could their speed be as fast as a bullet?

Moreover, Xu Jing was still the real special forces king when he was in the army, and he repeatedly detained several boards, and the last few people in the Xiao family fell in a pool of blood.

Putting away the pistol, Xu Jing took out the phone and called Song Hai.

He explained the situation, then hung up the phone and sent Song Hai a location.

Lu Chen called Lin Tong and asked him to drive to the villa.

A few minutes later, Lin Tong drove the car in front of Lu Chen, and Lu Chen helped Lao Yun get into the car.

Old Yun was poisoned, and he didn't know what the poison was, so he had to go to the hospital for detoxification.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctors checked Yun Lao as soon as possible, but Lu Chen was relieved that this kind of poison is not a poison without detoxification. The doctor said that it can be cured. There is a detoxification serum, but it needs to rest for one or two. Just a few days.

But what shocked the doctors was that after they gave Yun Lao a detoxification serum, it was only half an hour later that Yun Lao was back to normal.

Yun Lao is a martial arts expert, and his body is stronger than many young people after decades of self-cultivation.

Only after dissolving the toxin, his internal energy began to slowly recover.

As soon as his internal strength was restored, Mr. Yun would of course no longer be weak.

"He is a martial artist, so he has such a physique." Seeing the doctor's shocked expression, Lu Chen explained.

"The martial arts powerhouse? Will it be like those in martial arts novels?" the beautiful nurse asked in surprise.

"Almost." Lu Chen smiled, then thanked the next few doctors, and took Mr. Yun out of the hospital.

After getting in the car, Lu Chen asked curiously: "Lao Yun, why did you fall into the hands of the Xiao family?"

Those martial artists of the Xiao family can see that the overall strength of the Xiao family is not strong, and with the old Yun's cultivation base, they will certainly not be able to defeat the Xiao family.

"Hey, don't say anything, for a while, I was caught in their trap." Mr. Yun sighed, as if in memory.

"Years ago, Xiao Zhiyuan said he wanted to challenge me, so I promised him. I did not expect that he poisoned the tea. I have been in friendship with him for decades. I did not expect that he would become a running dog of the Xiao family. "Lao Yun said.

"Xiao Zhiyuan?" Lu Chen was a little speechless, "Did you not watch it when I participated in the gambling contest in Zhonghai a few months ago? Xiao Zhiyuan is not my opponent yet, how could it be possible to challenge you."

"Oh, I didn't know about your game at the time. If I knew it, I would be able to guess that Xiao Zhiyuan must have ulterior motives." Yun Lao sighed.

If he knew at the time that Xiao Zhiyuan's stone bet could not even be won by Lu Chen, and Xiao Zhiyuan was going to challenge him, then there must be a problem.

"Forget it, leave it to me from the Xiao family. When I have time, I will kill them." Lu Chen shook his head and said.

"I've heard of your current forces. They are doing well, but don't commit too many killings, or it will not affect your reputation." Old Yun said.

"In the face of absolute strength, reputation is nothing. When I killed Xiao Bieqing, I had already forged an inscrutable enemy with the Xiao family, and today I killed so many people in the Xiao family. The Xiao family is sure I won't let it go." Lu Chen shook his head.

"Well, yes, but your father was depressed for many days when he knew that you killed Xiao Bieling." Old Yun nodded and said.

"Do you know where my dad is?" Lu Chen looked at Mr. Yun. He asked Lu Zhong a year ago, but Lu Zhong said he didn’t know. He was also quite speechless. Hearing what Yun said, whether it was his father or Mr. Yun, have been following him all this time.

Chapter: 358

"Your dad went back to the family a year ago. I heard that your second uncle is seriously ill. The old man wants your dad to go back to inherit the position of the head of the family." Old Yun said.

"I'm very curious, he knows everything about me now, why didn't he contact me? Could it be that I killed Xiao Bieling? It was not caused by him." Lu Chen said silently.

"He has his ideas. The most important thing is that he has no influence in the family. Even if he becomes the head of the family, many people will not listen to him. The situation in your Lu family is quite complicated. He doesn't want to reveal the reason for your identity." Old Yun explained.

Lu Chen nodded and stopped struggling with this question. He suddenly asked: "Yes, Mr. Yun, where is my Lu family?"

This is a question that Lu Chen has always wanted to know after knowing his life experience.

He asked Lu Zhong, and Lu Zhong said that his father didn't want to tell him, and he couldn't.

Old Yun hesitated, and finally said, "Your Lu family is in the European island country of Pulce, and is the master of that island country. So when you don't have absolute strength, don't go back easily. Because they will eat your bones. Nothing left."

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, and said in his heart that if they are such a person, then why should I go back?

What he didn't expect was that the Lu family actually controlled an island nation in Europe, which was much more popular than other hidden families.

Of course, when Mr. Yun said that, he finally understood the reason why his father didn't want to contact him. He really didn't want to expose him.


Lu Chen pulled out a sneer at the corner of his mouth. No matter how strong they were, they were in Europe. If they came to Huaxia or Yuzhou, they would have to hold him around.

"Lao Yun, stay in Yuzhou for an enjoyable life." Lu Chen said suddenly.

He wanted to let Yun Lao stay, Yun Lao Qi Lao 80 old man, there is no need to go about his father's business, it is time to rest.

Old Yun thought for a while, nodded and smiled: "Alright, I will stay and teach Qiqi for you."

Lu Chen's eyes lit up and he smiled and said, "It's so good."

Mr. Yun is very knowledgeable and talented. Almost all his skills are taught by Mr. Yun. It is really a blessing for Mr. Yun to teach Qiqi.

What Yun Lao left behind made Lu Chen a little excited. What those teachers could teach Qi Qi was knowledge, but what Yun Lao could teach Qi Qi was all the means and techniques for survival.

Although with his current achievements, his children don't have to worry about survival at all, but who as a father does not have the ambition to be a dragon?

Next, it is the matter of forming a chamber of commerce.

The office location of the Chamber of Commerce was chosen in a five-star hotel in the Chen family. For the Chen family donated this five-star hotel for public use, Lu Chen proposed to waive the membership fee of the Chen family in the future. There are also priority options.

Although others have some criticisms about this, they are only discussing and discussing in private, and they are not expanded.

On the day of the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, nearly half of the enterprises in the entire Yuzhou joined the Chamber of Commerce, and most of the remaining half were closely related to the three major families. They would not join the Chamber if they did not.

The remaining people are on the sidelines.

After all, the annual membership fee of one million is not what every businessman is willing to pay.

These membership fees are managed by the Chamber of Commerce Funds, which are publicly owned. Except for the usual expenses, the other money is used for investment. If you make a profit, the Chamber of Commerce will pay dividends, and if you lose, everyone will lose.

Of course, this little investment will definitely not make much money, but if it is done properly, it will also allow members to recoup the cost.

The purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is mainly to promote the economic development of Yuzhou and support some weak enterprises, mainly led by Yiqi Technology and Chenjia.

So the last president chose Lu Chen, and Chen Guangxing assumed the position of vice president.

However, Li Qingcheng, who has risen from power, has the sole post of general manager, which is equivalent to the post of chairman.

As for some other positions, they are also selected by members.

But what surprised Lu Chen was that Chen Guangxing even let Chen Churan be his deputy.

"Don't look at me, the girl insisted on coming. I just helped convey her wishes. If you don't want it, just call her and refuse." Seeing Lu Chen staring at him, Chen Guangxing laughed.

"Then why don't you call her and refuse?" Lu Chen was a little speechless, but didn't think much about it. It's okay to have an assistant, lest he always goes to the Chamber of Commerce for everything.

There is an assistant who doesn't need him to come out in person for many things.

His purpose is only to make more people's business better and better, not to come every day to make everyone compliment him.

"If my words are useful, she won't stop listening to me." Chen Guangxing smiled bitterly.

"Well, let her come, but I will tell you the ugly things. I am a very strict person. She can't bear the hardship by then, so don't blame me but save face." Lu Chen smiled.

"If you can't bear the hardship, just let her go back and learn martial arts with her grandfather, without giving me face." Chen Guangxing smiled.

Before the meeting in the afternoon, Chen Churan finally came to report.

"President, what am I doing?" Chen Churan looked at Lu Chen with a smile.

Lu Chen looked up at Chen Churan. She was dressed in professional attire, perfectly highlighting her figure, looking really like a professional assistant.

Raising his eyebrows, Lu Chen said, "Wipe the table and chairs first."

Chen Churan was startled, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to let her clean.

She curled her lips, okay, sweeping the floor and sweeping the floor, this girl recognized.

But she soon discovered that there was no dust in the entire office, so it was spotless.

But she still took the towel and wiped it pretentiously.

"President, it's done." Half an hour later, Chen Churan put down the towel and walked to Lu Chen's desk and said.

"Oh, then you take a break and wait for the meeting." Lu Chen said casually without raising his head.

He is studying the speech draft to see how to make good use of this first Chamber of Commerce speech, mainly how to raise everyone's enthusiasm.

Speech is an art, which is not Lu Chen's strong point, so he still needs to make temporary preparations.

It wasn't that he wanted to deliberately embarrass Chen Churan, but at this time he had no intention of arranging Chen Churan.

Chen Churan thought that Lu Chen was deliberately embarrassing her, and with an angry look, he simply sat on the sofa and played with her mobile phone.

It was Lu Chen who let her rest anyway, and he was not afraid that Lu Chen would say her for a while.

After another half an hour, the time finally arrived. Lu Chen put away the manuscript and found that Chen Churan was playing on his mobile phone, and suddenly became speechless.

But he didn't say anything, just said: "Let's go, meeting."

Chapter: 359

The Chamber of Commerce's speech was very successful, which surprised Lu Chen.

In fact, he felt that he still did not perform well.

But he forgot that with his status at this time, he doesn’t need any radical words to modify. He only needs to plan a blueprint for the future for everyone, so that all members can see hope, and he can already Everyone is full of confidence.

Not to mention anything else, just Yiqi Technology and my project will be enough for the entire Chamber of Commerce to digest.

Moreover, with the influence of Lu Chen and Chen Guangxing, as well as the recently rising Li Qingcheng, when competing with the other three families for government projects, they must have a large part of the advantage.

So everyone is still full of confidence in the future of the Chamber of Commerce.

After returning home in the evening, Lin Yijun had already prepared the meal.

During the meal, Lin Yijun said: "Can the Science and Technology Park deploy some bodyguards? I want you to help me protect this person."

Lin Yijun took out a photo to Lu Chen as he said.

Lu Chen took it and saw that it was a woman with delicate facial features. This woman was tall and walking on the red carpet, behind which was the title of a certain film festival.

"This is a new star." Lu Chen looked at the photo and said. He invited a group of first-class stars to sing at his annual meeting a year ago, but did not find this female star.

"Well, the one who has just risen today is called Hu Yue. I heard that she is likely to win the actress of this film festival. She is currently the most popular star among the new generation of actors. Didn't Ding Dacheng give us a few items? Is there any new product technology? I'm going to ask her to speak for us about the new product." Lin Yijun said.

Lu Chen nodded. Lin Yijun's Dongjia Electronics is certainly not like Yiqi Technology. It doesn't need to advertise, and only an official announcement can shock the world.

There are too few people who know Dongjia Electronics, especially when new products are released. If you find some celebrities to endorse or advertise on TV networks, it is difficult to launch new products.

"The current star, who would kidnap her, still need to be protected alone?" Lu Chen shook his head, feeling that this Hu Yue was a little airy. He invited such a superstar a year ago, and no one needs protection.

However, he still took out his phone, took a picture of Hu Yue and sent it to Xu Jing, ready to let Xu pick up Hu Yue.

"If they are requested by the agency, let's cooperate. By the way, she will arrive at the airport at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon." Lin Yijun said.

Lu Chen nodded, and sent Hu Yue's itinerary to Xu Jing.

Xu Jing received Lu Chen's assignment and arrived at the airport half an hour early the next afternoon.

As soon as I arrived at the airport, I saw a group of young men and women standing outside the airport, not crowded.

Some even pulled up banners and saw words like "Hu Yue, we love you" written on it. Xu Jing suddenly knew that these were fans of the big star he was about to pick up.

Xu Jing doesn't watch movies and TV shows very much, so he doesn't understand these stars, let alone these crazy star fans, what are their thoughts.

He has heard of the diehard fans of ordinary stars, and they are crazy.

So he didn't squeeze in, and didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble.

"Yesterday, the beautiful Hu Yue said that she arrived at the airport at one o'clock today. Now it is 28 minutes. She is about to see my idol. I am so excited." A 17 or 18-year-old girl was holding her mobile phone and facing her excitedly. The person said.

"Yeah, I'm so nervous, I didn't expect that Sister Hu Yue would come to our Yuzhou." A little girl next to her also nodded excitedly.

"This is the first time I have met a big star at such close range, and I am still my super idol. It's no longer possible, I feel a little unstable."

Hearing everyone's crazy words, Xu Jing raised his eyebrows, saying that these fans are really crazy.

He stepped aside and checked the time. It was estimated that Hu Yue would be out in just a few minutes, so he seemed to smoke in front of the car cover.

Just when Xu Jing finished smoking a cigarette, he suddenly heard a scream from the airport exit. He looked up and saw a group of people screaming at the exit, constantly waving the banner in his hand.

Then four black-clothed bodyguards came out, a standout that no strangers should get close to.

Behind them, there is a tall beauty with a scarf.

Although the beauty's face is mostly covered by wide-brimmed sunglasses, she can still be recognized as the superstar Hu Yue.

Behind Hu Yue is a woman in her thirties who also wears sunglasses.

And behind the assistant, there are four bodyguards.

Eight bodyguards escorted him. Xu Jing only saw Lin Yijun receive this treatment in such a big battle.

But there is no way. Lin Yijun has already encountered two kidnapping incidents. Of course, he has to be careful and careful.

Is this big star Hu also full of enemies like Brother Chen?

Xu Jing shook his head and became speechless.

You said that you already have eight bodyguards, which is not enough. If Brother Chen calls some bodyguards, you won’t necessarily be treated like you when the president travels.

Fortunately, Brother Chen only let me come alone, otherwise people really think that Yiqi Technology cares about you as a traffic star.

Seeing the fans constantly taking pictures, the assistant behind Hu Yue kept shouting: "No pictures, no pictures!"

Xu Jing is a little hard to understand. You have notified your fans to come and greet you, but you don't let people take pictures. What is the reason? This shelf is too big.

At this moment, he doesn't understand these fans even more.

Obviously, Hu Daxing is just asking you to increase her traffic.

"Fortunately, my girlfriend doesn't chase stars, so why not piss her off." Xu Jing thought.

Hu Yue walked out of the machine voice exit, but still did not see Dongjia Electronics sending someone to pick her up, and suddenly asked a little displeased: "Assistant Liu, where are Dongjia Electronics' people? Why haven't they come yet? Don't you know if I get off the plane at one o'clock?"

"I will ask now." Assistant Liu was also a little unhappy, because he didn't take them seriously.

"No need to contact, I'm here to pick you up." Xu Jing squeezed the crowd and stepped forward.

Hu Yue looked at Jingxu, and asked in an unhappy heart: "Is Dongjia Electronics sending you alone?"

"Yeah." Xu Jing nodded and said confidently: "I am enough to protect you."

Hu Yue glanced at Xu Jing with disdain, then folded his hands, not speaking.

Xu Jing was startled and didn't know what Hu Yue meant, but at this moment, he heard Assistant Liu go crazy.

Chapter: 360

"What do you mean by Dongjia Electronics? You don't want to cooperate with our Hu Yue? You don't want to inquire about it. There are many companies that line up to ask our Hu Yue to cooperate. What is your Dongjia Electronics? Let me tell you, if we hurry up and arrange ten luxury cars worth more than one million dollars to pick us up, we won't go!" Assistant Liu looked at Xu Jing with disdain.

"Eh?" Xu Jing was a little speechless. Are all the stars now so popular?

But he was just a bodyguard, so he wouldn't argue with Hu Yue.

"Oh, wait a minute, I will ask the boss first."

Xu Jing took out the phone and called Lu Chen.

He didn't avoid Hu Yue either, and hit directly in front of her.

"Brother Chen, the big celebrities think that there are too few people from us to pick her up. If we don't arrange ten million-class luxury cars to pick her up, she won't cooperate." Xu Jing said honestly.

"The shelf is so big? She thinks her boss is traveling with ten luxury cars? Okay, you let her wait. I'll go over and take a look. It just so happens that I'm not far from the airport." Lu Chen finished speaking and hung up the phone. , And let Lin Tong drive to the airport.

He just went to Li Qingcheng's company to examine a new project, and he was heading back. At this time, he was only ten kilometers away from the airport.

Ten minutes later, Lu Chen's car came outside the airport exit and saw a group of people pointing around Xu Jing.

It's also a shame that Xu Jing was a person who crawled out of the bullet pile. He has experienced all the big winds and waves, or I am afraid that the drool of fans like Hu Yue would have drowned.

"excuse me."

Lin Tong squeezed away from the crowd and forced a way for Lu Chen.

Some of these fans recognized Lu Chen, and all opened their mouths in shock.

Obviously, in front of Lu Chen, any big star is just a scum.

As these young people, there are still a few who can recognize Lu Chen.

Except for those technology fans, few young people know Lu Chen.

At this time Lu Chen was looking at Hu Yue, and Hu Yue and others were also looking at Lu Chen.

I have to say that Hu Yue still has a bit of beauty, it is difficult for her to have so many fans.

"Are you the boss of Dongjia Electronics?" Assistant Liu looked at Lu Chen. As soon as Lu Chen came, his whole aura made her and Hu Yue a little uncomfortable.

Lu Chen didn't say anything, but he put an invisible pressure on the two of them.

"Almost, I heard that you want us to arrange ten luxury cars to greet you, otherwise we won't cooperate with you?" Lu Chen asked lightly.

"Since you are the boss of Dongjia Electronics, then you should know that our Hu Yue's fame and traffic, we have clearly talked about it, and said that you want you to send more bodyguards to protect my Hu Yue, but you only send one What do you mean by the bodyguard?" Assistant Liu asked.

"My bodyguard, you can get ten in one gear, why don't you try it?" Lu Chen said lightly.

"Huh, do you mean he can beat ten? If he doesn't have this ability, what would you say?" Hu Yue glanced at Xu Jing with disdain and said.

"Just look for ten bodyguards. As long as they can defeat my bodyguard, I will meet your requirements and arrange ten Maserati to pick you up immediately." Lu Chen said lightly.

"Well, if your bodyguard wins, I will follow you too." Hu Yue coldly snorted.

When all the fans saw this, they all cheered on Hu Yue. The battle was like not her bodyguard but herself.

"Sister Hu Yue, defeat him and let them know how good you are."

Hu Yue still enjoys this kind of mindless words.

Lu Chen shook his head secretly, and then let Xu Jing appear.

"Let the eight of them go together." Xu Jing said arrogantly.

After doing it for a long time, this woman still didn't believe in his strength, and even more so that he called Lu Chen, and he was also uncomfortable.

"Just your skinny appearance, I'm enough." Hu Yue a bodyguard snorted coldly and walked towards Xu Jing.

Seeing that the bodyguards of the two sides were going to compete, Hu Yue's fans were crazy. Today is nothing in vain. This benefit is too cool.

While everyone was excited, they also cheered on Hu Yue's bodyguard.

Hearing everyone's cheering, Hu Yue's bodyguard became more arrogant.

He rubbed his fists, and said disdainfully: "Let you three punches, you can shoot first."

"Then you can pick it up." Xu Jing sneered, not polite, and took a step forward with a punch.

Xu Jing's punching speed was not fast, Hu Yue's bodyguard saw this, a sneer evoked at the corner of his mouth, and he wanted to avoid it when he turned his upper body.

If Xu Jing is still punching, he can certainly avoid it.

Unfortunately, when Xu Jing's fist was about to rub Hu Yue's bodyguard, he suddenly changed his fist into a palm and slapped the opponent's face with a slap.


Although it was close to him, Xu Jing's last blow made him force, and he drove the opponent away.

When everyone saw that Hu Yue's bodyguard was slapped by Xu Jing and flew more than two meters away, each of them opened their eyes wide and looked at Xu Jing in disbelief.

Hu Yue couldn't believe it. Her bodyguards were all professional bodyguards arranged for her by the brokerage company. How could they not be able to defeat a thin monkey?

Yes, Xu Jing's figure looks a little thin, but this does not affect his strength.

On the contrary, it makes him more flexible.

"I've said it all, let the eight of you go together." Xu Jing clapped his hands and looked at the bloody bodyguard lying on the ground jokingly.

"Let your people come together, don't waste everyone's time." Lu Chen also said.

Hu Yue and her assistant's faces became quite ugly, and they didn't expect Xu Jing to be so powerful.

"Seven of you go up together and beat him down severely. I will be responsible for what happened!" Hu Yue, who was furious, turned and said to the seven bodyguards behind him.

Although the seven bodyguards were also shocked by Xu Jing's strength, after thinking of the seven of them, they would definitely be able to win Xu Jing.

"Boy, you are so arrogant, let us elder brothers teach you a lesson." One of the bodyguards snorted coldly.

"Don't get rid of it, don't you know that the supporting roles are all due to the excessive talk?" Xu Jing said sarcastically.

"court death!"

After being ridiculed by Xu Jing, the seven yelled and rushed towards Xu Jing.

Seeing the momentum of the seven, whether it was Hu Yue or her fans, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Just now, Hu Yue's bodyguard was slapped by Xu Jing and he was hitting them in the face. At this time, they all hoped that these seven people would slap Xu Jing down.

It doesn't matter whether it is more bullying than less.