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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 191-200) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 191

"What? You said Shao Lu is a little white face?" Song Hai looked at Lei Puyin and almost didn't smile.

  "Who gave you the courage to humiliate Shao Lu so much?" After Song Hai laughed, a murderous intent flashed in his eyes and slowly walked towards Lei Puyin.

  He hadn't performed in front of Lu Chen for a long time. How could he miss the opportunity to perform at this time.

  "You, what do you want to do?" Seeing Song Hai approaching her jokingly, Lei Puyin suddenly became a little flustered.

  In fact, she was already desperate at this time, just because of the poor dignity, she wanted to hold on for a while.

  "Okay, you guys, don't scare the little girl." Lu Chen said upon seeing this.

  "Then Shao Lu, how do you want to accommodate them?" Song Hai was taken aback and asked.

  Du Fei shook his head. Song Hai still couldn't react. He smiled and looked at Huang Qi. Before he could even speak, he smelled a bad smell.

  "Fuck, you actually peeed, you fucking dare to pee in Lao Tzu's private room, are you going to die?" Du Fei kicked Huang Qi away with a bang. Huang Qi was actually scared to pee, which made him Some dumbfounding.

  Lei Puyin also smelled the smell of urine on Huang Qi, and his eyes suddenly showed contempt, and he looked down on Huang Qi at all.

  "Brother Fei, I'm sorry, I, I..." Huang Qi's scared soul was flying out of the sky, his face pale to the extreme.

  "You just said that this little girl asked you to treat my brother?" Du Fei asked, covering his nose.


  Lei Puyin's face was pale, and she couldn't think that Lu Chen's little white face turned out to be Du Fei's brother. How could this be possible. How could a big man like Du Fei be a brother to him?

  Huang Qi and others looked desperate.

  Let Song Hai call Lu Chen and Shao Lu. Du Fei was still calling him a brother, but they wanted to fight such a big man. They were dead today!

  "Yes, Brother Fei, we know that we were wrong, please give us a way to survive!" Huang Qi kept kowtow begging for mercy.

  "Give my brother an explanation first." Du Fei said coldly.

  Huang Qi looked dumbfounded, how can you explain it?

  "Brother Qi, Brother Fei meant to let us beat Lei Pu Yin to Lu Shao." A big man who had been in high school for several years was more flexible, and he guessed what Du Fei meant.

  Lei Puyin is a female classmate, Du Fei and those who care about face, do not want to beat her personally.

  But they were already with Lei Puyin. Du Fei meant that they wanted them to teach Lei Puyin.

  When Huang Qi's eyes lit up, he jumped up from the ground, slapped Lei Puyin up.

  "Huang Qi, are you fucking crazy, why are you hitting me?" Lei Puyin reacted, covering his cheek and exasperated.

  She didn't expect that she had enough pugs, and turned around to beat her.

  "I'm hitting you as a bitch. If you didn't fucking say that Shao Lu is a little white face, would I be so ignorant that I would be fooled by you? You just wanted to kill us, right?" Huang Qi yelled angrily , Kicked Lei Puyin to the ground with one kick.

  Lei Puyin snorted and fell on the floor looking at the hatred in Huang Qi's eyes. She was also a little scared.

  "Huang Qi, don't you like me anymore? You have liked me for so long. Today, as long as you save me out, I will agree to be your girlfriend." Lei Puyin also wanted to use Huang Qi's licking dog.

  "I like your mother, you're a fucking woman, it's too pretentious, do you think I really like you? If it weren't for you, they are indeed a bit pretty, and they are still virgins, I want to get rushed, I would lick you like this?" Huang Qi said, kicking Lei Puyin's body again, tears streaming out of Lei Puyin's painful eyes.

  "You fucking don't dare to kneel down and apologize to Lu Shao?" Huang Qi kicked Lei Puyin again.

  Lei Puyin looked desperate. She never thought that Huang Qi, who had been kneeling and licking her, was just for fun. She was also thankful that she couldn't see Huang Qi at all, and she never gave him any chance. It's Huang Qi's plaything.

  "Lu Chen, how much money did you give Du Fei to help you perform this scene?" Lei Puyin was scared, she knelt in front of Lu Chen, but she still looked down on Lu Chen in her heart.

  She believed in her judgment. Lu Chen was a big and shit. He must have given Du Fei money and let them deal with her.

  "Damn, pay attention to your words, did you call Shao Lu's name?" Huang Qi couldn't help but slapped Lei Puyin.

  Lei Puyin was desperate, and was extremely angry with Huang Qi. This guy really has a talent for licking dogs.

  Before, in order to get her, he did not hesitate to be her licking dog, but now in order to get away, he did not hesitate to be Lu Chen's licking dog.

  She hurt her face, but still looked down on Huang Qi.

  Du Fei and others were all surprised, this Huang Qi was really fucking cruel.

  In order to get away, in order to avoid getting beaten up, even the woman she likes has to beat her heart hard.

  "Ten slapped her, today's matter has nothing to do with you." Lu Chen suddenly looked at Huang Qi and said.

  He wanted to see if Huang Qi was really hot.

  Huang Qi heard this, with a hint of joy on his face, and turned to salute Lu Chen: "Thank you, Shao Lu, I will definitely not disappoint Shao Lu next time."

  As he spoke, he turned to Lei Puyin.

  "Huang Qi, do you dare to hit me?" Lei Puyin's face changed drastically, looking at Huang Qi in fear.

  Huang Qi sneered and said fiercely, "Lei Puyin, you asked for these ten slaps today. Whoever blinds you, even Shao Lu dare to provoke him."

  "He is the bullshit Lu Shao, he is Lin Yijia's trash brother-in-law, don't you also know Lin Yijia? If you don't believe me, ask Lin Yijia!" Lei Puyin said loudly.

  Huang Qi was startled, with some doubts in his heart. He wanted to look back at Lu Chen, but sensibly told him that whether Lu Chen was Lin Yijia’s rubbish brother-in-law, today he is Du Fei’s brother, he can only follow Lu Chen or Du Fei The meaning comes, otherwise he would not want to stand and go out today.

  "You bitch, at this time, you still want to mislead Lao Tzu. Damn it!"

  Huang Qi yelled and slapped Lei Puyin on the face.

  He sealed Lei Puyin's collar, no matter how Lei Puyin was crying, he slapped Lei Puyin's face with ten slaps.

  Huang Qi is also cruel enough, every slap exhausted, Lei Puyin was already dizzy and even the pain almost forgotten.

  "Lu, Shao Lu..." After taking Lei Pu's silver ears, Huang Qi looked at Lu Chen flatly.

  "It's time to roll." Lu Chen waved his hand, and Huang Qi still wrinkled his nose at this time.

  "Lu Chen, do you want to make more money with my Lei family?" Lei Puyin, who came back to her senses, still didn't believe that Lu Chen was Lu Shao. She still believed her judgment. Lu Chen must have paid for Du. Fei waited for someone to act for him.

  Lu Chen looked at Lei Puyin, who had swollen cheeks on both sides, shook his head, and said to Du Fei: "Let Lei Yanjun lead them."

Chapter: 192

Du Fei nodded to Hu Biao, Hu Biao understood, and took out his cell phone to make a call.

  Seeing Hu Biao calling his father, Lei Puyin trembled. Her father vomited blood last time and went to the hospital for a day's infusion. Du Fei would not let him go again.

  At this moment, she finally regretted it, even if Lu Chen really asked Du Fei and others to help him act, she regretted it.

  I have to say that this woman is really self-righteous. At this time, she thought that Lu Chen really paid for Du Fei and others to act.

  This is really an idiot.

  When Lei Yanjun received Hu Biao's call, he was gathering with a few friends.

  When Hu Biao asked him to pick Lei Puyin at the Sakura Club, his expression changed and the wine glass in his hand almost fell to the ground.

  Last time Lei Puyin offended Du Fei's people. He went to drink two large bowls of wine and almost killed him. It took him a day to lose liquid.

  He thought that after experiencing the last incident, he should be able to teach his spoiled daughter a profound lesson. He did not expect that in the past few days, she would provoke Du Fei's people again.

  Hu Biao is Du Fei's capable man, and the Sakura Club is Du Fei's home.

  And Hu Biao asked him to lead someone at the Sakura Club, it must be her daughter who offended Du Fei again.

  "Old Lei, what's wrong, what happened?"

  "Do you want us to help?"

  When several friends saw that Lei Yanjun answered the phone, their faces were very ugly, and they all asked.

  "It's okay, it's just that I have a bad stomach, and my daughter is afraid that I will drink again, so she told me to go back." Lei Yanjun laughed.

  Of course he could not tell these people the truth.

  Regardless of how many people call brothers and sisters, but how many people are sincere?

  He didn't believe that these people would really help him. I'm afraid he just said that his daughter had offended Du Fei's people, and these people would have to jump out and stom on him a few feet. www.

  After bidding farewell to several people, Lei Yanjun came to the Sakura Club for the first time.

  After entering the private room, Lei Yanjun's heart jumped sharply when he saw Chen Zhan in the private room.

  He also saw Lei Puyin’s swollen cheek, but he didn’t care about Lei Puyin’s life and death. Instead, he bowed to Du Fei and said, “Boss Du, I’m so sorry. I don’t know that my daughter is dead. If I don’t change my sex, I have offended you again. I’m really sorry!"

  A sneer appeared on Du Fei's face. At this moment, Lei Puyin saw Lei Yanjun and suddenly cried out: "Dad, save me!"

  At this time she really regretted it, no matter what Lu Chen's status was, it didn't matter what status she was. If time passed, she definitely didn't want to provoke the evil star Lu Chen again.

  "You shut up, don't you hurry to kneel down and apologize to Du Lao Dadao!" Lei Yanjun shouted angrily. If it weren't for the swelling of Lei Puyin's cheeks, he would like to rush over. Slap her a few times.

  He almost killed him last time, and this time he didn't even have any memory, so why not make him angry.

  The most important thing is that this time, he didn't know how Du Fei would fix him before he would let him go.

  Du Fei jokingly said: "No, no, if your daughter offends me, I'm fine to say, I don't bother to care about her, because she is really stupid."

  "Ah? Mr. Du, who has my daughter offended?" Lei Yanjun asked in a daze.

  "Offended you who Lei family can't afford to offend." Du Fei said.

  Lei Yanjun was startled, and hurriedly asked: "Boss Du, please expressly give me Lei family a chance. I must personally apologize to the big man and ask for his forgiveness!"

  Du Fei looked in Lu Chen's direction and jokingly said, "Lei Yanjun, your daughter is stupid, and you are also stupid. After coming in for a long time, didn't you see who is the big one in the private room?"

  Lei Yanjun looked in Lu Chen's direction when he heard the words, and the moment he saw Lu Chen, his brain roared and he almost fainted.

  Isn't this Lu Chen?

  Zhang Daoren, the Zhang family of the four big families, offended him, and he almost overthrew the entire Zhang family. This is a cruel person, let alone his Lei family. I am afraid that the ten Lei family are not enough for others.

  However, his daughter actually offended such a big man.


  Lei Yanjun bent his legs and knelt down.

  In his mind, Lu Chen was ten times more terrifying than Du Fei.

  Can he not kneel?

  Does he dare not kneel?

  The most important thing is that he knows the identity of Lu Chen.

  The backer of their Lei family, the owner of Jade 36, who would call Lu Shao when he saw Lu Chen, looked respectful, he was considered a feather.

  "Lu, Shao Lu!" Lei Yanjun tremblingly saluted, lowering his head and dared not look at Lu Chen.


  Lei Puyin's face was pale, she didn't expect her father to kneel to Lu Chen.

  Even if Du Fei forced it so hard last time, her father didn't kneel down to Du Fei.

  Today, Du Fei was also nearby. Her father did not kneel to Du Fei, but actually kneeled to Lu Chen.

  No matter how stupid she was, she could see that in her father's mind, Lu Chen scared him more than Du Fei!

  Who is Lu Chen, and why is his father so afraid of him?

  "You, know me?" Hearing Lei Yanjun calling him Lu Shao, Lu Chen couldn't help but frowned. Generally, he was not from Lu Zhong's line. No one would call him Lu Shao.

  Is this Lei Yanjun also from Lu Zhong's line?

  "Lu Shao, Lei Dazhi is my cousin. Please take Lei Dazhi's sake. Forgive my daughter this time. If you have any requirements, please mention it. I will try my best to complete it." Lei Yanjun said, he hopes Lu Chen could see Lei Dazhi's sake and gave him a chance, but he didn't know what to do.

  "You are Lei Dazhi's cousin? That's no wonder." Lu Chen nodded. Lei Dazhi is the boss of Jade 36. He toasted Lu Chen and others' wine yesterday, so Lei Yanjun took Lei Dazhi's It is normal to hear about him in the mouth.

  "Well, you turned out to be Lei Dazhi's cousin, so I will give Lei Dazhi a face today, so I won't embarrass you. But your daughter is really too stupid, and too arrogant, take it back and take care of it. Let's take a moment, if you provoke other people someday, maybe you have to collect her body." Lu Chen said mercilessly.

  "Thank you, Shao Lu, I must teach her a good lesson when I go back. Thank you, Shao Lu, a lot of people and don't care about her!" Lei Yanjun breathed a sigh of relief, and finally let go of his hanging heart.

  "Let's go." Lu Chen waved his hand and said.

  Lei Yanjun nodded gratefully and walked out of the Cherry Blossom Club with Lei Puyin.

  Lei Puyin recovered from the shock after leaving the clubhouse and getting into the car.

  "Dad, who is Lu Chen, why are you so afraid of him?" Lei Puyin asked curiously.

  Lei Yanjun originally wanted to teach his daughter a good lesson, but looking at his daughter's red and swollen cheeks, he finally relented.

  "Everyone in the world says Du Fei is the underground king and the devil. But how many people really understand that Lu Chen is the real devil. You are not qualified to know what his identity is. As long as you know, the entire Zhang family was almost caught by him. Just destroy it." Lei Yanjun said solemnly.

  "What, you mean, it is Lu Chen who will burn Zhangjia Mansion on fire tomorrow and flatten Zhangjia Bishuiwan property?"

  Lei Puyin looked at her father in surprise and couldn't believe it was true.

Chapter: 193

A few minutes after Lei Yanjun took his daughter away, Zhang Daozhong came.

  Zhang Daozhong did not come alone.

  He knew he was not a master negotiator, so he brought a few masters.

  They Zhang Family counseled or feared.

  In short, they knew that at this moment, at this stage, they really could no longer fight Neng Lu Chen.

  What they knew about Lu Chen was the broken supermarket, and Zhang Daoren had already smashed Hope.

  However, apart from Bishuiwan and Zhangjia Mansion, their Zhang family has a lot of properties. They can't let Lu Chen smash them all.

  In fact, at the moment Dongfang Dragon lost last night, their Zhang family was destined to have no capital to fight Lu Chen.

  Going for nothing, Lu Chen's backstage is Xie Weihao, and they don't touch Lu Chen at all.

  Fighting underground forces, Lu Chen and the Sakura Club seem to be together. It can also be said that the Sakura Club may have been cultivated by Lu Chen. What did they use to fight the Sakura Club?

  Personal force?

  Well, even Dongfang Long, known as the master of martial arts, has lost. Which of the Zhang family dare to fight alone with Lu Chen?

  The only way is to ask the killer to assassinate Lu Chen.

  This is Zhang's only means at this stage, and it is their last hope.

  But even a strong man like Dongfanglong is not Lu Chen's opponent, what other killer can kill Lu Chen?

  Therefore, before they found a killer who could assassinate Lu Chen, their Zhang family had to compromise and only admit counsel.

  The negotiation process also went smoothly. Because the Zhang Family took the initiative to negotiate, they had to accept Lu Chen's many unreasonable conditions.

  Moreover, Zhang Daozhong kept silent about the Zhangjia Building and Bishuiwan project.

  In short, the purpose of the Zhang family is to let Lu Chen stop and stop targeting them at the Zhang family. For this reason, they gave Lu Chen all the construction facilities and the previous development results on the Green Island. Like to go.

  In fact, Lu Chen only liked the villa. As for the other buildings, they would be torn down and rebuilt later, so he didn't care.

  But he himself didn't want to spend his time fighting with the Zhang family.

  If he could, he would not even want to see this happen.

  When he established the Science and Technology Park, he was going to work with the four major families.

  Because the four families do have a lot of energy and heritage in Yuzhou.

  But who knows that Zuo family, Zhang family will have troubles like this, constantly causing him trouble.

  Especially after knowing that Zhang Shengqiao had teamed up with Mr. Liu, Mr. Zuo and others to target his Yiqi Technology, except for the Chen family, the other three companies no longer have the opportunity to cooperate with him.

  After the negotiation, Zhang Daozhong shook hands with Lu Chen and left with his negotiating experts.

  Lu Chen went to Green Island again with Du Fei and others.

  Lu Chen got it, and Lu Chen planned to build it.

  But how to plan, he also has to let experts plan.

  Lu Chen and the others did not disturb the evaluation and testing of the experts, but went wild in the villa.

  The Green Island Resort is very large and the decoration is very luxurious. The total construction cost of the Zhang family is estimated to be about 100 million.

  But now it belongs to Lu Chen.

  After having invited the experts to dinner in the evening, Lu Chen went back.

  He was going to let Du Fei and the others do it himself, anyway, Du Fei and the others could only manage it.


  The next morning.


  "Yijun, are you crazy? Why do you want Lu Chen to come together? Then why do you divorce him?" Wang Xue couldn't help frowning when he heard Lin Yijun still waiting for Lu Chen to go to Qijiang with him.

  In the past few days, she finally moved her daughter to divorce Lu Chen. Although the two have not gone through the formalities, Lin Yijun has not returned in the past two days, which explains the problem.

  And she also found a match for her daughter, and she will go to Qijiang with them today.

  "I haven't divorced him now, why can't he go?" Lin Yijun said.

  She just knew that her mother had found a candidate for herself, and she had to take it to Qijiang's grandma's house with her. She was named Lu Chen.

  Although she had a cold war with Lu Chen, she had not yet felt that she had to divorce Lu Chen, and she had not prepared for the divorce.

  The most important thing was that she couldn't let it go, she also wanted to take this opportunity to give Lu Chen another opportunity to explain to her.

  "Yijun, why haven't you seen Lu Chen thoroughly yet? He is rich and will not give you half a point. He would rather go outside to spend a lot of time and drink than sell you a nice dress. Such a man is even more responsible. No heart, you still stay, what are you thinking?

  The boss Ding that mom introduced to you is the real big boss. His company has a market value of two to three billion. Moreover, his wife died of cancer. I heard that to treat his wife, they spent a total of four Tens of thousands. If someone gets sick someday, let alone more than 40 million, I suspect that Lu Chen may not be willing to spend four thousand on you. "Wang Xue started brainwashing Lin Yijun again. www.

  But Wang Xue's remarks couldn't move Lin Yijun at all.

  Speaking of being rich, she really didn't know who would have Lu Chen rich in Yuzhou as a whole.

  Speaking of spending money on her, Lu Chen has also transferred a total of 100 million to her.

  She was in a cold war with Lu Chen.

  One is that Lu Chen deceived her and made her very angry.

  Second, it was Lu Chen going to the bath to fool around, and he never explained to her.

  In addition, since the Cold War during this period, Lu Chen has rarely taken the initiative to call her, which also made her feel that Lu Chen has become more and more strange.

  That's why she was a little shaken.

  "Yijun will be the master of the matter by herself, and I don't know what you worry about all day long." Lin Dahai frowned and said impatiently.

  He was fed up with his wife.

  After losing all the family background, he even went to borrow usury. If he didn't think that he was a long time old, he was the one who really wanted to get a divorce.

  "What am I worrying about? I don't worry about it. Are you asking Lu Chen to use millions for us?" Wang Xue said uncomfortably.

  Lin Yijun couldn't laugh or cry, feeling that her mother asked her to divorce because Lu Chen didn't give her money?

  She also knew about Wang Xue's high loan, so she didn't give her the money. Otherwise, she has more than 100 million in Kari now, and she would not feel distressed at all if she gave Wang Xue a few million.

  "Lu Chen has already earned so much for our family. If it weren't for your own prodigal and lose all of it, would our Lin family become what it is now?" Lin Dahai snorted coldly.

  "Hmph, anyway, Lu Chen is rich, and if he doesn't use it for his old mother, the old mother won't recognize his son-in-law!" Wang Xue said coldly.

  At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and Wang Xue hurriedly put on a smiling face and took the initiative to open the door.

Chapter: 194

Opening the door, Wang Xue was startled when he saw Lu Chen standing outside the door, and the smile on his face instantly froze, and soon a layer of frost changed.

  "Who asked you to come here?" Wang Xue said rudely.

  "Yi Jun asked me to come, what's wrong?" Lu Chen frowned. He only helped Wang Xue to pay off the loan shark last time, she was so harsh?

  Although Wang Xue has always been harsh to him, it must be divided into time.

  In the past, he didn't inherit the family property, and he opened the company and went bankrupt. At that time, he was indeed very poor and couldn't help the Lin family. Wang Xue was counted and looked down upon him. He recognized it.

  But during this time, he thought he had helped the Lin family a lot, consciously or unconsciously, and Wang Xue turned out to be like a blind man, unable to see everything he did for the Lin family, which made him quite unhappy.

  "Huh, you are here just right. Today, everyone will make things clear, because the last time you went to the bath to fool around, Yi Jun is ready to divorce you, so we can discuss it today and find a time to divorce. And after the divorce, Qi Qi must go to Yi Jun, and half of your property must be given to Yi Jun." Wang Xue said directly before Lu Chen sat down.

  Lu Chen was startled. He slowly sat down opposite Lin Yijun and asked, "Yijun, is this the reason for your cold war with me these days?"

  Seeing her mother had said everything, Lin Yijun took a deep breath and said, "Yes, I am a woman who can't get sand in my eyes. You go to fuck with women outside. You have betrayed our feelings for so many years."

  "Your mother told you about this," Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

  "Yes, there is also the little girl who said the same. If my mother's words make me doubt, that little girl's words are the fuse of our cold war, because I believe in the little girl." Lin Yijun gritted his teeth.

  "Then you don't ask them, why did the two women go to a place like Moonlight Bath?" Lu Chen asked.

  The faces of Wang Xue and Lin Yijia changed, and they dared not look at each other with Lin Yijun and Lin Dahai.

  "Xiao Chen, what is going on?" Lin Dahai suddenly felt strange when seeing his wife and daughter.

  He didn't believe that Lu Chen was the kind of person who would mess around outside. At this time, he felt that all this was probably a ghost made by his wife.

  "Sister, you should tell our dad the truth, or I can take back my supreme card." Lu Chen said to Lin Yijia.

  He didn't look like he was joking. Lin Yijia took a look, thinking about the way Lu Chen was so powerful yesterday, she trembled, and she was a little afraid to meet Lu Chen's eyes.

  Moreover, her family was indeed extremely poor during this period, which caused her to have no pocket money.

  Had it not been for Lu Chen's supreme card, she would have been a little afraid to go out.

  Lin Yijia saw her father and elder sister staring at her with blazing eyes. She gritted her teeth and decided to betray her mother.

  "This is how it happened. Didn't my mother borrow one million loan sharks from Wang Bao before? She took the one million and lost again. Then Wang Bao asked her to pay back the money and took me to the Moonlight Bath. My mother couldn’t pay back the money, Wang Bao would force me to stay in the Moonlight Baths, and then just when Wang Bao asked someone to take me away, my brother-in-law finally showed up. Wang Bao was rescued from his hands." Lin Yijia said the whole thing at the time.

  "Mom, how could you borrow that kind of high loan interest? Luckily, Lu Chen went there, or Yijia wouldn't be hurt by you!" Lin Yijun looked at Wang Xue reproachfully. She had also heard of Wang Xue before. She borrowed money from usury, but she thought it was borrowing on the online APP, but she didn't expect it to be usury.

  "You, you prodigal wife, are you really going to make the whole family fall apart so that you can survive?" Lin Dahai was also furious, if it hadn't been for Lin Yijia to say this, he would have been blinded for a generation. In the dark.

  Wang Xue knew that she was in the wrong, and did not refute Lin Yijun and Lin Dahai. She looked at Lu Chen and asked, "I just want to know, why were you in the Moonlight Bath at the time?"

  Lu Chen didn't pay attention to Wang Xue, but looked at Lin Yijun and asked, "Yijun, if I said that I saw them being caught by Wang Bao's people and got into the car, then I followed, do you believe it?"

  Lin Yijun was a little tangled in her heart, she wanted to believe in Lu Chen, but it was too coincidental.

  "In fact, the easiest way to know the truth is to go to the traffic bureau to adjust the surveillance video that day. With your current connections, this little thing shouldn't be difficult." Lu Chen said, not explaining.

  Originally, Lin Yijun didn't trust him and it made him a little sad. If he said it all, Lin Yijun still didn't believe him, then he didn't want to explain anymore.

  "How can there be such a coincidence, it's obviously that you fooled around in the Moonlight Baths, you were a guilty conscience, and you just came out just when you saw us." Wang Xue said coldly, "Lu Chen, I will tell you the truth, I have already given Lin Yiyun I have found someone more suitable for her. If you are really good to her, just let it go and let her live the life she likes."

  "Live the life she likes?" Lu Chen sneered and looked at Lin Yijun, "Yijun, what kind of life do you want to live?"

  Lin Yijun was still silent, her heart was upset at this moment, she didn't know whether to believe her mother or Lu Chen.

  Reason told her that Lu Chen shouldn't lie to her, but a voice kept lingering in her ears, accusing Lu Chen of cheating her.

  "I will tell you the truth. I am looking for a big boss for Yijun. The market value of his company is several hundred million, and I don't mind that Yijun has children. You only won the prize once. You can only be regarded as an explosive household. , It can't be compared with others at all. Moreover, the one hundred million of you is almost lost." Wang Xue said again.

  Lu Chen just sneered. He had more money than him. He wanted to know, who would dare to compare with him in Yuzhou?

  "Mom, don't talk nonsense. When did I say that I would divorce Lu Chen? I believe him." Lin Yijun gritted her teeth when she saw her mother talk more and more outrageous.

  Although she still had some doubts in her heart, it was better to say she believed in Lu Chen than to let her mother talk nonsense all the time.

  Even if Lu Chen really deceived her, she still wasn't ready to divorce Lu Chen. www.

  Wang Xue was about to say something, but at this moment, the knock on the door rang again.

  Wang Xue's eyes lit up and went to open the door again.

  This time, Wang Xue was finally not disappointed.

  She opened the door and saw a middle-aged man standing outside the door politely.

  "Aunt Wang, hello, I'm not late." The middle-aged man looked almost the same age as Wang Xue, but he called Aunt Wang Xue and he didn't feel embarrassed at all.

  "No, no, Ding, come in quickly." Wang Xue smiled and welcomed the middle-aged man into the living room.

  Lu Chen and others also looked back at the middle-aged.

Chapter: 195

"Yijun, this is President Ding, so I can't get up and pour a cup of tea for President Ding." Wang Xue said as he welcomed the middle-aged man into the living room.

  The middle-aged man is called Ding Hua, the owner of a construction company. In the past two years, he has been a nobleman, done a few projects, and made a lot of money. He is also a small celebrity in Yuzhou.

  "No, no, I'm not thirsty." Ding Hua saw Lin Yijun in person, and his eyes lit up. When Wang Xue showed him Lin Yijun's photo before, he was startled as a fairy.

  Unexpectedly, even if Lin Yijun was married and gave birth to a child, she would be so naturally beautiful, and her skin care was as soft and tender as a 17-year-old girl.

  Lin Yijun looked at Ding Hua and said hello.

  Mo said that Ding Hua is still so old, even if Ding Hua is still young, she will not have anything to do with Lu Chen before she divorces Lu Chen.

  "Yi Jun, why are you ignorant of your child?" Wang Xue said a little unhappy.

  "President Ding, I'm sorry, my daughter is a little confessed, or you can talk first." Wang Xue laughed at Ding Hua again.

  When Wang Xue greeted Ding Hua, she turned to look at Lu Chen contemptuously. She just wanted to see when Lu Chen left consciously.

  Seeing Wang Xue directly treating him as non-existent, Lu Chen was extremely angry, if it weren't for Lin Yijun's sake, he would want to be ugly.

  "Ding always, I heard that you wanted to beat my wife?" Lu Chen looked at Ding Hua with a calm face.

  "Are you?" Ding Hua asked with a frown looking at Lu Fa.

  "It doesn't matter who I am, you only need to know that Lin Yijun is my wife." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Oh." Ding Hua replied, contemptuous in his eyes.

  Lu Chen is Lin Yijun's husband, but Wang Xue still wants to introduce Lin Yijun to him. Even if he is a fool, he also knows that Lu Chen must be a waste, a waste that even his wife and mother-in-law look down upon.

  Why is such a man qualified to have a beautiful woman like Lin Yijun?

  "President Ding, don't worry about him, my daughter will divorce him soon." Wang Xue said.

  "Mom, if you talk nonsense again, I will leave. When did I say that I would divorce Lu Chen?" Lin Yijun was really angry.

  Even if she really divorced Lu Chen, she would never agree to associate with Ding Hua.

  Besides, Lu Chen was by her side at this time. Her mother was so mean that she didn't put Lu Chen in her eyes.

  Wang Xue didn't know the identity of Lu Chen, but she knew it herself.

  The owner of Yiqi Technology, the Zhang family provoked him, and he burned the buildings of the Zhang family in a fire, and it was said that the Zhang family’s Bishuiwan real estate was blown to the ground.

  It could be seen that Lu Chen was a cruel person, her mother still humiliated Lu Chen in such a way, she didn't know what would happen when Lu Chen broke out.

  "Mom, can't you say a few words less? And brother-in-law is still here, so you can introduce other men to sister, what do you think of brother-in-law?" Lin Yijia also saw the anger in Lu Chen's eyes.

  After what happened last night, she also learned that Lu Chen almost destroyed the Zhang family.

  Whether she admits it or not, her view of Lu Chen has completely changed since last night.

  She also didn't know what kind of feeling it was.

  But she knew that she was no longer prejudiced against Lu Chen like those before.

  "Brother-in-law? He is not worthy of being your brother-in-law at all. Compared with Mr. Ding, he is a hundred thousand miles away." Wang Xue said coldly.

  "Aunt Wang is polite, everyone has their own ambitions, and each has their own adventures. Maybe this brother Lu has not yet reached the time to explode. By the way, brother Lu, have you found a job, or I will provide you with a copy? Ah, our company is just short of a security guard. I think you are a burly figure, and you are born to be a security guard." Ding Hua looked at Lu Chen and said jokingly.

  Lin Yijun heard that Ding Hua wanted to mock Lu Chen, and there was a touch of joking in her eyes. You actually want the boss of Yiqi Technology to work as a security guard for your company. I am afraid that the White House of M country does not have this ability.

  "President Ding really looks like a torch. He happened to be a security guard before." Wang Xue said in surprise.

  "Ah, no, Brother Lu is really a security guard? Brother Lu, I'm serious. Come to my company as a security guard and I will give you double salary." Ding Hua said with a serious expression.

  "Oh, right? Then tell me what your company is called." Lu Chen asked with a joking smile.

  "My company is Jialing Real Estate. If you come, you can go to work tomorrow." Ding Hua smiled.

  "Is the Jialing property? Very good." Lu Chen smiled, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

  Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed out a number: "Within ten minutes, bankrupt the Jialing property for me. By the way, check if their boss is called Ding Hua."

  Lu Chen hung up the phone as he spoke. Wang Xue and Ding Hua couldn't help laughing when they heard Lu Chen's call. Only Lin Yijun narrowed his eyes and felt a little sympathy for Ding Hua.

  Ding Hua's company only had assets of two to three billion yuan. In Lu Chen's eyes, it was completely an ant-like existence. Lu Chen wanted to destroy his company. It really took minutes.

  "Lu Chen, Lu Chen, you are so self-sufficient, who do you think you are, and bankrupted Mr. Ding's company within ten minutes, would you like to be so embarrassed?" Wang Xue couldn't help laughing.

  "Heh!" Ding Hua couldn't help but chuckle, and looked at Lu Chen, "Boy, are you still alive in your dream? You can bankrupt my company within ten minutes? Let me think about it, are you? I think you are a security guard who can fight very well, or if you know a few who can fight, you want to find them to smash my company?"

  "Heh, then we will see the real chapter in ten minutes." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  "Huh, pretending to be!" Ding Hua snorted heavily. Although he didn't believe that Lu Chen could bankrupt his company, Lu Chen's attitude made him very unhappy.

  He is the owner of Jialing Real Estate. He is a big figure in the upper class in Yuzhou. Lu Chen is just a small security guard, so why pretend to him.

  "Boy, although I don't know why you dare to speak up in front of me, I will give you a choice. One, kneel down and apologize to me. I will make you disabled. You choose."

  Ding Hua snorted and added: "I will also give you ten minutes, so please think about it."

  As he spoke, he took out a cigarette and leaned on the sofa to smoke.

  At this moment, he didn't seem to be in someone else's house at all, just like he was in his own house.

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, and took out a cigarette, leaning on the sofa to wait for time.

  After seeing that Lu Chen smoked ordinary cigarettes, Ding Hua's doubts finally disappeared completely.

  Time passed quickly, and when the two of them finished smoking their second cigarette, ten minutes finally arrived as scheduled.

  "Boy, are you going to kneel down and apologize now, or should I let someone break your legs?" Ding Hua took the phone in his hand and turned it around.

  Suddenly, his mobile phone rang, and when it was connected, he stood up from the sofa in a rush, looking at Lu Chen with a gray face.

Chapter: 196

"The surname Ding, you provoke someone you can't afford, don't provoke Lao Tzu, our cooperation has ceased!"

  The owner of this call is very important to Ding Hua, because this is their company's largest partner. If this partner suspends cooperation, many of their projects will not be able to proceed normally.

  Ding Hua stared at Lu Chen fiercely. Is this kid's phone really working?

  He couldn't believe why a rubbish who was looked down upon by his wife and mother-in-law had so much energy.

  At this moment, the second phone rang again. Ding Hua looked at the display, and suddenly a bad feeling arose in his heart. Could it be that...

  "Ding Hua, are you fucking crazy? You provoke someone who shouldn't be provoke? Are you trying to drag Lao Tzu into the water? I will officially inform you that our cooperation is all terminated!" Hang up with a sound.

  Did you provoke an offending person again?

  Who the hell did I mess with?

  It was really difficult for Ding Hua to associate Lu Chen with these two phone calls.

  Because no matter how Lu Chen looked at it, he didn't look like the kind of person who couldn't afford it.

  "President Ding, it's not good. In just a few minutes, the company account was hacked, all funds were transferred to a mysterious account, and all secret files were reviewed by others!"

  At this moment, Ding Hua's secretary finally called him. Ding Hua just heard half of it, and he lost his sense.

  "It's you, you did all this, right?" Ding Hua pointed to Lu Chen, roaring, his inner fear was getting stronger and stronger, especially the joke on Lu Chen's face, which made him panic.

  Lu Chen pulled Ding Hua's finger away and said with a joking smile: "How could it be me? I gave you the opportunity to choose. You chose to oppose me."

  Wang Xue trembled. Although she did not hear the content of Ding Hua’s call, she might have guessed Ding Hua’s face and his conversation with Lu Chen. In these ten minutes, Lu Chen really let Ding Hua's company went bankrupt.

  But how is this possible? www.

  How can Lu Chen make a large company with hundreds of millions of assets go bankrupt if he says it goes bankrupt?

  Lin Yijia and Lin Dahai were also shocked.

  Lu Chen didn't do anything, he just made a phone call, but what he felt to Lin Dahai and the others at this time was the kind of ever-victorious general who was strategizing and winning a thousand miles.

  Only Lin Yijun looked indifferent, because from the beginning, she knew that Ding Hua's company was going to end.

  Ding Hua kept on calling, and almost every call was to accuse him of offending people who shouldn't be offended, and all of them should stop cooperating with him and ask him not to hurt them.

  Ding Hua fell weakly on the sofa, feeling more and more frightened.

  He finally knew what kind of existence he had provoked.

  This is simply a demon from hell, who can easily destroy himself.

  It is not unambiguous to say that you are going to bankrupt your company.

  Ding Hua didn't answer the phone, because his heart was completely broken.


  Ding Hua knelt directly in front of Lu Chen, he was really scared, he was afraid that the next call would come to kill him.

  "Big brother, I was wrong, please forgive me. It's all your mother-in-law. She said that you are already divorced. She said that as long as I give him two million, she will marry her daughter to me. All this is not It's my business, if I know that you haven't divorced yet, I wouldn't dare to come here to kill you!" Ding Hua cried.

  Crying very sad.

  Thinking of him, a big man, unexpectedly kneeled in front of a young man begging for mercy. Even if his company does not go bankrupt, after today, he feels that he has no face to meet people again.

  Wang Xue trembled to the extreme. At this moment, she felt the horror of Lu Chen.

  Is this really his son-in-law who has been humiliated?

  Is this really your own son-in-law who is worthless?

  The boss of Jialing Real Estate Company must kneel in front of him and beg him for his life. Is this really the son-in-law she has always looked down on?

  "Go ahead, don't provoke me anymore." Lu Chen waved his hand and said coldly.

  If he dares to beat his wife's idea, he won't be soft, when he doesn't exist?

  Ding Hua's face was gray, he got up, and silently left the Lin family.

  His company was finished, his assets were hacked away by hackers, and all the companies that worked with him had ceased their cooperation with him, and it was impossible for him to make a comeback.

  The only thing he can do now is to cash out those properties, get ten or twenty million, and start again.

  But all his relationships are gone, does he still have a chance to get up?

  He has no bottom in his heart, and he even dare not develop in Yuzhou.

  "Sister, brother-in-law, did you really bankrupt his company?" Lin Yijia asked curiously after Ding Hua went out.

  If this is the case, how much energy does her brother-in-law have.

  "What do you think, it's just a company with a market value of several hundred million. I want him to go bankrupt. Isn't it a matter of minutes?" Lu Chen said lightly, the confidence exuding from his brows made Lin Yijia a little bit afraid to be right. Depending on.

  "You, how did you do it?" Lin Dahai also asked in shock.

  "Dad, this is too simple, because my team is stronger, and there are all kinds of talents. They have to find out the details of Jialing's real estate, but it only takes a minute. As long as they find out the details of Jialing's real estate, they can call Those partners who threatened him, terminated the contract with him, and let the hackers ransack the company directly. It would be difficult for him not to go bankrupt." Lu Chen explained.

  Wang Xue's eyes lit up and asked, "You mean, you just asked the hacker to transfer all the money from Ding Hua's company. What about the money, there are several hundred million, right? Where did it go?"

  Lu Chen looked at Wang Xue and didn't want to pay attention to her, but when Lin Dahai and others looked at him curiously, he said: "Ding Hua's company account won't have much money, mainly because of his company's private interests. Secret documents, and the money will not be seen in the eyes, of course they are all labor fees."

  "Prodigal son, even if it's not too much, you can have one hundred million. You actually gave it all to your men. Do you have nowhere to spend more money?" Wang Xue couldn't help but say.

  "Yes, I just don't have much money to spend." Lu Chen said playfully.

  Wang Xue was speechless, and some did not dare to look at Lu Chen.

  Just after witnessing the scene of Ding Hua kneeling to Lu Chen, she felt a sense of fear in Lu Chen inexplicably.

  She couldn't say why, but at that moment, Lu Chen's eyes made her feel a tingling sensation.

  "Brother-in-law, when will your supermarket reopen? I want to go to work in your supermarket, can I?" Lin Yijia said suddenly.

  She has been idle all the time, it is not a solution, now she has no money, she also wants to find something to do, go to Lu Chen's supermarket, she does not believe that Lu Chen will let her be a salesperson or something.

Chapter: 197

"A month or so, do you really want to go to work?" Lu Chen looked at Lin Yijia. He knew that Lin Yijia had graduated and did not go to work. He often followed Wang Xue wherever he went. He didn't do a good job. It's okay to do something for her.

  "Yeah, what do you think I can do when I go to your supermarket?" Lin Yijia looked at Lu Chen expectantly.

  "A salesperson, I think you are quite suitable." Lu Chen said seriously.

  Lin Yijia jumped up as soon as she heard it: "Brother-in-law, you look down on people too much, right? I also graduated from Yuzhou University anyway. You let me be a college student as a salesperson?"

  "You take college students too seriously." Lu Chen shook his head, "Let's do it, I will give you the manager's appointment, but you have to start with the salesperson. When can you do the salesperson's job well, I will Promote you."

  He is just about to open a branch. If Lin Yijia is really capable at that time, it will not be impossible for her to be the manager of the branch.

  But the premise is that Lin Yijia must start from the grassroots first.

  Only when the work at the grassroots level is done well can we have the potential for good management.

  If you can't even do the grassroots work well, let you be a manager, aren't you harmful?

  Both Lin Yijun and Lin Dahai understood what Lu Chen meant. Lin Yijia interrupted Lin Dahai if he wanted to say anything.

  "I think your brother-in-law is a very good idea. You have never been to a supermarket before, and you don't know anything about the supermarket processes. If you don't start at the grassroots level, how do you manage the employees below you?" Lin Dahai said.

  "Yi Jia, listen to your brother-in-law and start from the grassroots level." Lin Yijun also persuaded.

  The biggest in Lu Chen's hand is Yiqi Technology. If her sister performs well in the supermarket, Lu Chen will promote her to Yiqi Technology, then she won't have to worry about her career in her life.

  "Then, how much do you pay me?" Lin Yijia was still a little unwilling, but her sister and her father had said so, and she had only to obey. Now she is most concerned about the salary issue.

  "How much do you want?" Lu Chen looked at Lin Yijia and smiled.

  "Is it okay for a monthly salary of 20,000?" Lin Yijia asked tentatively. If not, she felt that 10,000 would be fine.

  "Okay, then 20,000 yuan. When you become a manager, I will give you more than 50,000 yuan." Lu Chen assured.

  Lin Yijia regretted seeing Lu Chen so simply, she knew it would be more important.

  "When do you go to work then?" Lin Yijia is really out of money now. If it weren't for a supreme card, she can use it infinitely to buy things in Xintianze, she would not dare to go out.

  "You can go there when you come back from Qijiang." After returning from Qijiang, he planned to let Lin Yijia follow Wu Lei to get a new store.

  "Well, good, brother-in-law, can I advance one month's salary in advance, there is really no money left." Lin Yijia said pitifully.

  "Yes, but this is the first and last time. When you go to work, I will let you pay you the financial advance." Lu Chen said solemnly.

  He knew that Lin Yijia and Wang Xue were running around during this time, and had developed a disposition to spend money randomly, so she had to control it.

  She is not a rich girl, she is learning what other rich women do.

  "Dad, do you know Kaitian Yuanshi Group?" Lu Chen asked Lin Dahai.

  Kaitian Yuanshi Group was the original stone company he asked Xia Jun to get. The name was taken by Du Fei. Seeing Du Fei's excitement when he took the name off, Lu Chen smiled bitterly in his heart and used it directly.

  Anyway, the rough stone he was going to let Du Fei take care of, so that Du Fei could be washed out of the underground forces.

  Even if it can't be completely whitewashed, it will at least make him a successful businessman in the eyes of others, rather than a boss of underground forces.

  "I know, I heard that it was a rough stone company that was only recently established. I heard that its registered capital exceeded one billion. Once registered, it has become one of the top rough stone companies in Yuzhou." Lin Dahai said.

  "It's not one of the best, but from now on, there is only one rough stone company in Yuzhou. All jewelers, including Zuo's Yunfei Jewellery Group, will also import rough stones from Kaitian Rough Stone Group." Lu Chen laughed.

  "Is this monopolizing the entire rough stone? Will the Zuo family agree?" Lin Yijia said curiously.

  "If it was before the day before yesterday, maybe the Zuo family would have some small actions against the Kaitian rough stone group, but after seeing the end of the Zhang family the day before yesterday, I believe that even if the Zuo family is unwilling to do so, they will have to import rough stones obediently." Lu Chen Said confidently.

  "Ah, brother-in-law, do you mean that Kaitian Yuanshi Group is also yours?" Lin Yijia's eyes widened. This is a company that even Zuo's jewelry can monopolize. It is also owned by her own brother-in-law. How much is it, how many companies have you opened?

  Wang Xue also widened her eyes. She was a little weird just when she heard that Lu Chen had a supermarket. She didn't expect Lu Chen to have a rough company. Why didn't she find it before?

  "Yes, Kaitian Yuanshi Company is mine, but I rarely care about things over there. Dad, are you interested in antique jewelry? Go to Kaitian Yuanshi Group as a consultant. The company is located in Biyang. On Hulu Island, you can just go if you want to, or whatever you don’t want. I will give you a monthly salary of one million, five insurances and one housing fund, plus a car.” Lu Chen said while looking at Lin Dahai.

  Lin Dahai just likes antiques, and also likes to study rough stones. Lu Chen let him go, first, he loves to adapt to his interests, and second, it can be considered as an old age pension for him in advance.

  Lin Dahai has no sons, only two daughters. Of course, Lu Chen's head will fall on Lu Chen and Lin Yijia's future husband.

  Lu Chen just advanced the time.

  Millions of monthly salary is still equipped with a car? !

  As soon as Lu Chen spoke, everyone in the Lin family was stunned.

  Even Lin Yijun was taken aback, Lu Chen sent money to her father!

  Lin Yijia regretted her death. She realized that she was just stupid. She only needed a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan. She had known that her brother-in-law was so generous and inhumane. She would also need a million monthly salary.

  She moved her mouth a few times, but if she wanted to speak, her face was not as thick as that.

  Wang Xue looked envious, and looked at Lu Chen eagerly, hoping that Lu Chen would also arrange such a high monthly salary for her, yet such an easy job.

  Although she is still running business, she is still the deputy director of business.

  But since Lu Chen took the order from the Grand Hyatt Group last time, she still has no orders, and she has exported all her deposits. There is no idea to run the business.

  "My son-in-law, also arrange a job for me."

  Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen with a cheeky face, with anticipation in her eyes. She also wanted a job with a monthly salary of one million and not tiring.

Chapter: 198

"Okay, when there is a suitable job, I will arrange it for you." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  Wang Xue has been aiming at him, and today he took other men to see his wife too much. He already didn't want to care about Wang Xue's life and death, so how could he arrange a job for her?

  Wang Xueqi's face sank, Lu Chen must have done it deliberately.

  Everyone knew that Lu Chen must be deliberate.

  But no one helped Wang Xue speak.

  Because of how Wang Xue treated Lu Chen, they all saw it. Lu Chen hadn't turned his face, it was already very good.

  After lunch, the family went to Qijiang to wrap a grave for the old man of Lin Dahai.

  "Wow, brother-in-law, your car is so beautiful, how much is it?" Coming downstairs, Lin Yijia looked at Lu Chen's courage, not envious.

  "Three million yuan, it was someone else's compensation. My previous car was crashed." Lu Chen smiled faintly. He said this because he didn't want Lin Yijun to misunderstand, because Lin Yijun knew this car was. Chen Churan compensated him.

  Lin Yijun took a look and didn't say anything. She also thought it was impossible for Miss Chen Family to have anything with Lu Chen.

  A family, two cars, Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia took Qiqi in Lu Chen's car. At this time, in their eyes, Lu Chen was really promising.

  Especially Lin Dahai had nothing to say to Lu Chen in his heart. This was not only his good son-in-law, but also his own son. Even if he was a son, he felt that he might be so kind to him.

  "Brother-in-law, if I behave well, will there be a bonus?" Lin Yijia was still a little unwilling to give up. When she thought of Lu Chen giving her father a million monthly salary, she felt pain and regret.

  Lu Chen smiled, knowing Lin Yijia’s thoughts, and said: “If you perform well, you will of course have bonuses. If you don’t perform well, you will also have to deduct wages. So, can you get a high salary? Manager, it depends entirely on your performance, and the initiative is in your hands."

  Lin Yijia didn't achieve the goal, and was a little reconciled, so she simply played with Qiqi and ignored Lu Chen.

  In another car.

  "Yijun, Lu Chen is not good to mom, nor is it bad to you at all. You see that he drives a car for several million, but he only buys you a car for several hundred thousand. Why don't you talk about him?" Wang Xue There was a big opinion on Lu Chen, and he couldn't help but recite again.

  Lin Yijun was speechless and said, "Mom, I don't want to change cars."

  She was telling the truth. She still has more than 100 million in Kari. If she wanted to change the car, she would have changed it.

  "And mom, Lu Chen is not as bad as you think. Don't talk about him anymore. You see Dad never said about him. He helped Dad earn 40 million last time, and this time he arranged it for him. Good job. If you treat him better, will he not arrange for you? Is he good to you?" Lin Yijun said again. www.

  To be honest, Wang Xue was really not good to Lu Chen at all. It has been several years since they got married. Wang Xue has not seen Lu Chen directly, so she always wants to divorce Lu Chen.

  To be honest, this time, if she couldn't let go of her heart, she was almost killed by her mother.

  She felt that Lu Chen would not go to the bath to fool around.

  Although she didn't see it with her own eyes, she felt that she shouldn't doubt Lu Chen.

  Qijiang is a county seat in Yuzhou City. It is about an hour away from Yuzhou. However, it took more than 20 minutes to get out of the city. When it came to Qijiang, it was past one in the afternoon.

  The Wang family in Qijiang is just an ordinary working family, with little influence.

  The Wang family’s house is still the old house it used to be, but it has two floors and is quite large in size.

  But the path to Wang's house was blocked.

  "Walk in, the car will stop here." Lin Dahai said.

  "Okay." Lu Chen nodded and stopped the car on the side of the road.

  To be honest, in a small county like Qijiang, there are still relatively few luxury cars worth millions of dollars. Lu Chen's car quickly attracted a group of people to give pointers.

  Lin Yijun also parked the car behind Lu Chen's car. Wang Xue and Lin Dahai led the way. People around recognized Wang Xue. When they saw the two cars coming, they were a little envious. Some who knew Wang Xue took the initiative. Say hello, very enthusiastic.

  Seeing everyone's envious eyes, Wang Xue's vanity was greatly satisfied, and he walked a little bit windy.

  "Second Aunt, Second Aunt, you are here, Sister Yijun, Sister Yijia, Brother Lu Chen."

  When I arrived outside Wang's house, I saw a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl greeted her.

  "Xiaoqiong, where are you going?" Wang Xue asked.

  This little girl is called Wang Qiong, the daughter of Wang Xue's third brother, and her niece.

  "I'm going out to buy something." Wang Qiong said that she was going to hug Qiqi, but Qiqi was a little confessed and refused to let her hug.

  "Second aunt, you can go in first, I'm going shopping." Wang Qiong said to several people again, and then went out.

  Wang Xue and several people came to the main courtyard of the Wang family and met with the old lady.

  The old lady was very happy to see Wang Xue's family coming.

  She is over seventy years old, and she doesn't know how many years she will live. Seeing the family of her married daughter come back, the old lady is indescribably happy.

  It was the first time that the old lady saw Qiqi. She hugged Qiqi for a while. At first, Qiqi was a little scared, but gradually she was very happy when she shouted.

  Wang Xue and others helped at home, while Lin Dahai took Lu Chen around to the grave mountain.

  The tomb mountain was only a few miles away from Wang's house. At this time, Lin Dahai's two brother-in-laws, Wang Kai and Wang Jin, were carrying a few people to move stones.

  "Uncle San, let me come." Seeing that Wang Jin was struggling to move a big rock, Lu Chen went to help him move it last time.

  This stele weighed more than one hundred and sixty kilograms. Wang Jin was a little thin, but it was a bit hard to move it.

  Seeing that Lu Chen easily moved over one hundred and six kilograms of stele, Wang Jin smiled and said, "Years are good."

  As he spoke, he turned to Lin Dahai, "When did you come?"

  "I just came to your house," Lin Dahai said, throwing a cigarette to Wang Jin.

  "Didn't my second sister and others come?" Wang Jin asked after taking the smoke.

  "All are here." As Lin Dahai said, he took the cigarette and walked to Wang Kai and the others.

  "Brother, let's smoke a cigarette first." Lin Dahai said.

  Wang Kai nodded, wiped his sweat, and then started smoking.

  Several other people are also neighbors of the Wang family, and they all know Lin Dahai, and they are welcome to see Lin Dahai smoking.

  "This is?" Seeing Lu Chen's strength, several people asked Lin Dahai in surprise.

  "My son-in-law Lu Chen." Lin Dahai smiled.

  "Lu Chen, this is your third uncle, this is your elder uncle, and this is your fifth uncle." Lin Dahai introduced those people to Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen greeted them one by one, looking very humble.

Chapter: 199

Lu Chen and Lin Dahai were helping out on Tomb Mountain, and they didn't go back until the evening.

  Tomorrow, my husband will be invited to recite the scriptures at home, and there will be more people on the tomb. www.

  Baofen is a folk custom in the southwest region.

  In the rural areas of the southwest region, people who died were buried in their own graves, unlike in the cities, they were buried in designated cemeteries.

  Therefore, after a certain number of years, the tomb is damaged, and the younger generations will spend some money to repair the tomb as long as the economic conditions are not too bad.

  At dinner in the evening, because there are more Wang Xue's family, one table can't sit down, and two tables can't fit in the living room.

  "Go to the restaurant to eat, Xu Jie and his friends will come later." Wang Wan said.

  Wang Wan is Wang Kai's daughter. She looked at Lu Chen and the others not very friendly.

  Originally, she brought her boyfriend back for dinner today, but she didn't expect that so many people in Wang Xue's family made her feel a little uncomfortable.

  "Go and eat in the hall below, you can set two tables." Wang Kai said.

  "Dad, those friends of Xu Jie are all his business partners. They are all bosses. Can they eat with a group of ordinary people?" Wang Wan wrinkled and said.

  No matter how stupid Wang Kai was, he understood what his daughter meant. What a woman meant was that people like her boyfriend looked down on Wang Xue's family.

  What a shrewd person Wang Xue is, she felt a little unhappy when she heard what Wang Wan said.

  "Xiaowan, you Xu Jie is your boyfriend, what do they do?" Wang Xue asked.

  "Aunt Xue, Xu Jie started a company and is the boss of the company, and all his friends are company bosses." Wang Wan said proudly.

  Wang Xue raised her eyebrows, but she didn't expect Wang Wan to find a good boyfriend, so she didn't know what to say.

  "By the way, Aunt Xue, is Lu Chen still working as a security guard?" Wang Wan glanced at Lu Chen, her eyes flashed with disdain.

  When they went to Yuzhou and Wang Xue's house last time, Wang Xue complained that Lu Chen was a security guard and was useless.

  Compared with her boyfriend, Lu Chen is a complete waste.

  "Yeah, my brother-in-law is still a security guard now, and she has no promise at all." Lin Yijia blinked at Lu Chen after hearing the irony in Wang Wan's words.

  Hearing Lin Yijia's words, the disdain in Wang Wan's eyes became stronger.

  Wang Wan’s mother Xu Fang said, “Second sister, although you live in the city, what is the future of being a security guard? If you don’t let Lu Chen stay in Qijiang, I will ask Xu Jie to arrange a job for him.”

  As soon as Wang Xue was about to take a bit of irony, she heard Lin Yijia say: "Okay, okay, maternal uncle, then I will trouble you."

  Lu Chen and the others smiled bitterly, Lin Yijia wanted to cheat Wang Wan and Xu Fang's rhythm.

  Yes, Lin Yijia just can't bear the look of Wang Wan and Xu Fang looking down on people.

  If before today, she wouldn't know if Lu Chen was really capable.

  But after today, she doesn't think that many people dare to provoke her brother-in-law.

  Let's not talk about the Zhang family.

  Just at her house this morning, Lu Chen made Ding Hua’s company go bankrupt within ten minutes and made Ding Hua kneel down to apologize with a phone call. She dared to judge that Wang Wan’s boyfriend’s company was definitely not good. The boyfriend is definitely not as strong as Lu Chen.

  So she was going to let her brother-in-law slap Wang Wan and Xu Fang in the face.

  Lu Chen shook his head. Why didn't he understand Lin Yijia's meaning, but he didn't say anything, and he was a bit uncomfortable with the low-looking eyes of Wang Wan and Xu Fang.

  "What is the trouble? Isn't it a matter of one sentence?" Seeing Lin Yijia's expression of gratitude, Xu Fang smiled triumphantly.

  "Let's go, let's go to the restaurant for dinner, I will let my brother-in-law treat me." Lin Yijia said.

  "Forget it, Xu Jie and the others will definitely not go to eat, let me order it," Wang Wan said.

  Upon hearing Wang Wan's words, Lin Yijia snorted and said something else, Wang Xue slapped her hand and stared, "Don't be fooling around."

  "Oh, all right." Lin Yijia narrowed her mouth somewhat convincingly.

  After Wang Wan booked a private room, she asked Wang Xue and others to eat.

  Lu Chen said, "You go, it's the same for us to eat at Sanjiu's house."

  Both Wang Wan and her mother Xu Fang were too powerful, and Lu Chen didn't bother to be with them, and it was annoying to look at them.

  Hearing what Lu Chen said, Wang Xue and others also planned to stay.

  Wang Xue is still thinking about waiting for Lu Chen to arrange her retirement work. Of course, what Lu Chen said shall prevail.

  "A group of buns living in the city." Wang Wan said contemptuously, and went out. Although her voice was not loud, everyone could hear her.

  Wang Xue, Lin Yijun, and Lin Yijia were all upset, but Lu Chen and Lin Dahai thought they hadn’t heard.

  "Haha, don't see outsiders. Wanwan has been going to school in the city since she was a child. She has a temperament and her speech is a bit awkward. Don't be familiar with her." Although Xu Fang was trying to excuse her daughter, her tone was not at all. No apology.

  Lu Chen also chuckled, stopping Wang Xue who were a little dissatisfied.

  "Uncle San, it's okay to eat at your house, right?" Lu Chen looked at Wang Jin and smiled.

  "Of course it's okay. Let's go and eat at my house." As Wang Jin said, he greeted Lin Dahai and the others to go downstairs. It just so happened that the few people they invited to help today were also greeted by his family for dinner.

  "Why don't you go to a restaurant with Wang Wan? We gave her more than two thousand yuan as soon as we came. What else does his family want?" Wang Xue said uncomfortably after coming downstairs.

  Their family rarely comes back, so every time they come back, they have to give the old lady, as well as her elder brother and younger brother several thousand dollars, which also means that she is better than her family in the city.

  Wang Xue is a good face, if it hadn't been lost some time ago, she would have given more.

  "Mom, don't you see that people don't like us to go together? What kind of cold ass are you going to follow?" Lin Yijun said.

  Wang Xue was still a little unhappy, but they were all relatives, and she didn't want to make trouble too stiff.

  At this time in the hotel room.

  "Xu Jie, my second aunt's family has come to my house, you must raise my face at night." Wang Wan said while sitting next to Xu Jie.

  The reason why Wang Wan wanted to embarrass Wang Xue's family was because Wang Xue always looked down on their family before. Now she talks about a capable boyfriend, and of course she wants her boyfriend to help her up her face.

  "Let's talk about it, but just a few hillbillies living in the city, how can I help you raise your face?" Xu Jie smiled.

  He had heard that Wang Xue's family were just ordinary people. Wang Wan wanted him to make her face up. For him, it was too simple. Just show off in front of them.

Chapter: 200

After eating at Wang Jin's house, Lu Chen answered a phone call and went out. The person who called him was Niu Dashan, the richest man in Qijiang.

  Niu Dashan was originally a rough man. He was Lu Zhong's driver before. Seeing that he had a business acumen, Lu Zhong single-handedly promoted him.

  With the strong support of Lu Zhong, Niu Dashan set up real estate in Qijiang. Especially after Lu Wenli transferred from Yuzhou to Qijiang as a book master a few years ago, almost half of Qijiang’s real estate was built by the construction company of Niu Dashan. Let him become Qijiang's richest man in one fell swoop.

  After Niu Dashan knew that Lu Chen had come to Qijiang, he called Lu Chen and wanted to entertain Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen was a little uncomfortable with Wang's house, so he came out to see Niu Dashan.

  When Wang Wan and others came back, they came to Wang Jin's house and chatted with Wang Xue and others.

  "Second aunt, this is my boyfriend Xu Jie." Wang Wan introduced.

  "Hello." After Wang Xue knew that Xu Jie was the boss of the company, she greeted them lukewarmly. Wang Wan personally took Xu Jie to Wang Jin's house to see them. Even though she was stupid, she knew that Wang Wan was here to show off.

  "Hello second aunt, by the way, didn't you hear that Lu Chen's brother-in-law is also here, where did you go?" Xu Jie asked without seeing Lu Chen.

  "He has something to go out." Lin Yijun looked at Xu Jie and said.

  "Oh, you are the Yijun sister Wang Wan said. By the way, my aunt Fang said that I want me to arrange a job for sister-in-law Lu Chen. I want to see what he is suitable for." Xu Jie smiled.

  Lin Yijun was a little bit dumbfounded, she couldn't help but glanced at Lin Yijia reproachfully. If it hadn't been for Lin Yijia, how could the maternal uncle take it seriously.

  "Oh no, thank you for your kindness, Lu Chen doesn't need to work." Lin Yijun said.

  "Sister Yijun, isn't Lu Chen just being a security guard? What's the point of being a security guard? A salary of less than a few thousand yuan a month, even in our Xiaoxuan City, Qijiang, is not enough to buy a one-square-meter house. If he really He has the ability, my family Xu Jie can arrange for him to manage something." Wang Wan said with a smile.

  "Really no need, he won't stay in Qijiang either." Lin Yijun said.

  "Sister Yijun, my Xu Jie's company can make more than one million yuan a month, and can buy a house in a month. Lu Chen can't afford a house as a security guard for a lifetime, right?" Wang Wan said openly.

  "Yeah, Yijun, Xu Jie bought us a suite with a total price of one million yuan, three bedrooms and one living room, which is the best house in Qijiang. By the way, I will take you to see it now." Xu Fang Said proudly.

  "Forget it, it's all so late." Lin Yijun said embarrassedly. She knew that the uncle's family was showing off in front of them, and she couldn't refuse.

  "Let's go, let's go, it's quite boring at home, it's better to go out for a walk." Xu Fang said enthusiastically.

  "Well, my mother, let's go and see." Lin Yijun was really not good at rejecting Xu Fang, so she had to agree.

  "I'm not going, you take Qiqi at home. Xiaoqiong, go, let's take Qiqi to play." Lin Yijia didn't want to give her uncle's family face at all, holding Qiqi and calling her third uncle's family The daughter left the hall.

  Both Xu Fang and Wang Wan were a little unhappy, but Wang Xue and others just went together.

  Her purpose was just to show off in front of Wang Xue and others. If Lin Yijia didn't go, didn't it just prove her guilty conscience.

  Xu Fang's family took Wang Xue's family to see their new home. To be honest, Wang Xue was quite envious in her heart.

  The most important thing is that this house was given to them by Wang Wan's boyfriend.

  Thinking of Lu Chen saying nothing to send her off, she felt a little uncomfortable.

  They are all sons-in-law, and my son-in-law is not as good as others.

  "Yijun, when do you change houses?" Wang Xue asked in a low voice beside Lin Yijun.

  "Isn't the one living well now? Why do you change houses?" Lin Yijun smiled bitterly. She knew what her mother meant, and wanted to wait for them to change houses so that they could find some face in front of the uncle's family.

  But she thought it was interesting, and to be honest, Xu Jie's income was less than one million yuan a month, and she looked like a small company, and she really didn't care much.

  "Yijun, how is your job now?" Xu Fang walked over and asked.

  "Yijun is now the vice president of Dongjia Electronics. Have you ever heard of Dongjia Electronics. The market value is nearly one billion." Before Lin Yijun answered, Wang Xue said rushingly.

  In fact, she herself doesn't know how much Dongjia Electronics is worth. She said so much to save face.

  "Ah, vice president, the salary must be high, right?" Xu Fang said in surprise.

  "It's okay." Lin Yijun didn't want to show off, and smiled faintly.

  At this moment, Lu Chen came over. He had received a call from Lin Yijun before and came to Lin Yijun.

  "Lu Chen is here, let's go, uncle will take you up to see your uncle's house." When Xu Fang saw Lu Chen, she pulled Lu Chen into the community.

  Lu Chen was a little dumbfounded, and Lin Yijun and the others were a little dumbfounded, so they had to root into the community again.

  "Lu Chen, this is the house Xu Jie bought to give us. What do you think? It will be renovated in a few days. You must come when you move." Xu Fang said.

  Lu Chen looked at the layout of the house. It had three bedrooms and one living room on the seventh floor. It was indeed quite good. He kept boasting a few words before Xu Fang let him go.

  Hearing Lu Chen's constant praise, whether it was Xu Fang or Wang Wan and Xu Jie, their faces were very proud.

  They enjoy the envy of others.

  Especially in front of Wang Xue.

  In the past, every time Wang Xue came back, she had to show off in front of them.

  After coming out of the community, Wang Wan said, "Sister Yijun, let's go to the mall. Our mall will close after ten o'clock."

  When Lu Chen came, Wang Wan suddenly had a plan to make Lin Yijun and Lu Chen unable to look up in front of her and Xu Jie.

  "Forget it, I don't have anything to buy for the big night." Lin Yijun shook her head. She really didn't want to go to any shopping mall.

  "Why don't women like shopping in the mall? Sister Yijun, are you afraid that Lu Chen can't afford to buy something to give you, or that he is embarrassed, so you dare not go?" Wang Wan smiled.

  Lin Yijun frowned. Wang Wan was so direct that she was a little uncomfortable. After all, everyone is an old watch and relatives, so why bother to show off?

  "Yijun, go, there is nothing wrong with going back anyway." When Wang Xue heard Wang Wan's words, she felt a little angry.

  Just now she also knew that Lu Chen was rich. Wang Wan asked to go to the mall, didn't she want to show off again, just in time for Lu Chen to slap her family in the face.

  "Okay." Lin Yijun shook her head. Why didn't she understand Wang Xue's meaning, but what did she think was the point of hitting Wang Wan's family in the face?

  All of us are relatives and will only become more alienated.