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Who are you My Husband (Chapter 501-510) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 501

"Eh? Saturday and Sunday? Hasn't it been implemented all the time?" When

Lu Chen was signing a document on the defense of the defense army and the replacement of weapons, he suddenly heard the words of several representatives of engineers, councillors, and several calendar experts. , He immediately raised his head and looked at everyone strangely.

One of the calendar experts said helplessly: "Previously, it was executed by [Literature Museum] on the Nozomi.

But the key is that the calendar of Proxima B has not been fully implemented.

First of all, it is naturally close to two a day . Seventeen-hour timeline, there are more than four hundred and ten days of changes in the four seasons a year. By

the way, here are five-season changes, and there is another season in the middle of the dry season when even the seawater will completely recede. Such a complicated time relationship makes The current Saturday and Sunday are in vain.

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Besides, you have been busy with construction, public work, and the construction and distribution of the first batch of independent villas. Everyone is eager to be selected, so naturally it is impossible to rest, so everyone does not. Noticing the change in this timeline.

Actually, they are really tired. It's

just that everyone hasn't realized it yet."

Lu Chen helped his head and thought about it carefully, as if it was really the case.

Because the construction of the imperial capital is not fixed at present, the construction speed of engineering robots is very fast, and it cannot be distinguished from one construction site to one construction site. Therefore, all dwarven workers and human employees are settled on a daily basis. Where personnel are needed. Just fill out the form at the political axe, and then wait for the dispatch.

It can be said that all human beings have participated in the construction of this imperial capital except for the army and the scientists in architecture.

Therefore, one day off is considered to be one day less wages. You must know that the current wages are three times the wages.

In addition, the first batch of independent villas are about to be completed. In order to be able to redeem a quota at that time, it is estimated that everyone is working hard.

In addition, Proxima b has too long a day, resulting in nearly ten hours of work during the day, so I think everyone is extremely tired, this is really not a lie.

Lu Chen thought for a while and said, "Then, starting tomorrow, we will have five consecutive days of long vacation. Every year from now on, we will take these five days as a holiday. It will be called Advent.

All work involving humans will be suspended, except for the military. The rest are free to play and rest in the safe green zone, or try to talk to the dwarves.

But they are not allowed to leave the capital. At the same time, every five days after work, they will also rest as usual on Saturdays and Sundays, er, they still receive normal work hours. Half of the salary, that is, the normal salary level."

Chen Churan, the secretary next to him, immediately recorded it all, and then quickly took it outside the captain to print it out as a document.

Lu Chen immediately signed it and handed it back to Chen Chu. Then, it only needs to be handed over to Hope TV. The news will be announced at 7 pm and recorded on the official website of Hope. This series of things will do. It has been fully standardized.

The few people who came were very satisfied. In fact, they were also the group of people who were too tired. It would be best to have time to rest.

And now that everyone has found a new earth, a new home, it is time to take a good rest.

Just after this group of people left, Lu Chen stretched out.

He glanced at the few documents on the desktop, then looked out the window through the captain's room, where he saw the blue sea.

"Perhaps... it's really a good choice to take a break. Didn't Qiqi want to see the sea? This promise should be fulfilled."

Lu Chen also smiled, and the heavy burden for a long time made him feel tight. Like clockwork, if you want to talk about the people who work hardest on the Hope, it really is him.

After a long five-day holiday, apart from a few things about the army, as well as civilian security arrangements and holiday arrangements, these five days should be the time when the work was the least, and his mind flashed through the years, his daughter often complained about him by his side. No time to accompany them.

Just as Lu Chen had approved the last few documents and was about to go home, Chen Churan suddenly stopped him.

"Lu Chen, do you have any plans for these five days?" Chen Churan looked at Lu Chen's eyes.

Seeing Chen Churan's bright and resentful eyes, Lu Chen's eyes dodge a little.

Although the life span of human beings has been extended to more than one hundred and fifty years old in recent years, it feels so long in ten years.

And Chen Churan, as always, rejected the pursuit of other men.

She is waiting.

Waiting for the stalwart man in her mind, will she abandon the worldly concepts on the earth and hold her hand.

"I... haven't decided yet." Lu Chen sighed inwardly and said.

"However, Qiqi said before that she wants to see the sea. I should take her to the beach to see it." Lu Chen added.

Qiqi grew up in Yuzhou, which is an inland city. There is Yangtze River and Jialing River, but there is no sea.

Over the years on the Hope, she has grown up, and has become an outstanding scientist.

But the most regrettable thing in her heart is that she has never seen the sea.

On the day Hope arrived at Proxima B, Lu Chen saw Qiqi looking at the sea below, with a look of obsession.

"Oh, then it's okay." Chen Churan nodded and turned to leave.

"If you don't have any good arrangements, you can also go to the beach with us."

Looking at Chen Churan's back, Lu Chen subconsciously shouted.

Chen Churan's figure trembled, did not say, nor denied, but speeded up and left the captain's room.

Chapter: 502

"Madam, I'm sorry, you caused serious damage to the endometrium when you had your first child, and you didn't get timely treatment. The possibility of you wanting to have a second child is extremely low, maybe one in 100." The female doctor took Presenting a list of medical records to Lin Yijun, with a little regret on her face.

Lin Yijun nodded. In fact, she knew the result a long time ago, but her mother Wang Xue kept urging her, so she came to check it again.

"If you and the captain really want a baby, you can be an IVF. With our current technology, the success rate has reached more than 95%." The female doctor said again.

"No, I can trouble you Doctor Bai." Lin Yijun smiled slightly and left with the medical record.

"Madam, you are polite." Doctor Bai Sheng got up and sent Lin Yijun away from the hospital in person.

When Wang Xue returned home, Wang Xue was cooking. Seeing Lin Yijun came back, she couldn't wait to ask: "Yijun, how is it, can it be cured?"

Lin Yijun shook her head, then showed her medical record to Wang Xue, and said: "The doctor said it's less than 1%, basically I can't get pregnant."

She felt very relaxed and didn't care too much.

She has a daughter anyway, it doesn't matter anymore.

"Then what should I do, do you want to do IVF?" Wang Xue frowned.

"No." Lin Yijun shook her head. She always felt that the test tube baby was not the same as hers, and she felt that there would be less intimacy of blood and flesh.

"You're a child, now we humans are about to build a nation, and Lu Chen is the supreme leader. If it were placed in ancient times, he would be the emperor. If there is no emperor to succeed the emperor, can Jiangshan sit for a long time?" Wang Xue said.

"Mom, it's the universe calendar now, the new calendar hasn't been finalized yet, you think too much." Lin Yijun smiled, but she did feel a little moved in her heart.

The thinking of Huaxia people still needs a son to pass on from generation to generation.

But she really doesn't want to be an IVF.

"I think too much?" Wang Xue rolled her eyes.

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"Lu Chen and Chen Churan are together every day. They have worked together for the past seven or eight years. Do you really think they are innocent? If she gave Lu Chen a son at the time, your status would be inferior to her. I am also anxious for you." Wang Xue said with a snort.

"Mom, don't talk nonsense. They are just working relations. What they want them to have has happened long ago." Lin Yijun shook her head, but she felt a little loose in her heart.

Wang Xue still wanted to say something, but suddenly seeing Lu Chen and Lu Qiqi walk in together, she immediately closed her mouth.

Qiqi is seventeen years old. The long Tingting Yuli has inherited her parents' genes perfectly and is known as the most beautiful girl on the Nozomi.

But to Lu Chen's relief, even though Qiqi was only seventeen years old, she had already become the youngest scientist in the Academy of Sciences.

In the past two years, more than ten important debates have been published, achieving outstanding achievements.

"I'm back." Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen and said.

"Mom, Dad said that God will take us to the beach, my biggest wish is to see the sea." Qiqi said.

"Well, you go, I'm pretty busy tomorrow." Lin Yijun nodded, she and Chen Guangxing and others are now preparing for the Chamber of Commerce, and they have very little time to rest.

"Tomorrow's holiday, Dad's order, all staff will have a five-day holiday, don't you know?" Qiqi said.

Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen, and Lu Chen nodded and said, "Yes, we humans have not had a good rest for seven or eight years. It's time for a rest. The TV news will tell you tonight."

"Okay, then. Rest." Lin Yijun smiled slightly.

"Qiqi, call your grandfather and grandfather Zeng, let them come over for a meal." Lu Chen sat on the sofa and said to Qiqi.

Everyone has been very busy these years, except during the Chinese New Year, he rarely reunited with his family.

It just happens to be a holiday next, so get together.

"Okay." Qiqi said as a contact.

While Lin Yijun and Wang Xue were going to cook, Lu Chen thought about it and contacted Du Fei and others.

He planned to invite several senior executives to go to the beach and have activities together.

The family can't remember how long they haven't eaten together, so it just happened to have a table full, and it was so lively.

When sleeping at night, Lin Yijun asked casually, "Why hasn't Chen Churan been married for so many years? Didn't he find a suitable candidate?"

Lu Chen's mind was slightly startled, and his eyes flickered.

Why has Chen Churan not been married for so many years?

In fact, the discerning people have already seen it, but Lu Chen chose not to understand it.

"She...may have her own ideas." Lu Chen thought for a while and said, secretly thanking him that he had invited Du Fei and others to see the sea.

Otherwise, if only Chen Churan went with them, it would really be impossible to wash away after jumping into the sea.

"I think her character is too stubborn. Forget it, leave her alone and go to bed." Lin Yijun glanced at Lu Chen and reached out to turn off the light.

There was no word for a night, and early the next morning, Lu Chen was still accustomed to getting out of bed with his last name.

Then I want to wear military uniform.

He became a captain, mainly in charge of the military and academy of sciences, and he was used to wearing military uniforms on the first day.

However, he immediately remembered that today should be a vacation day, and immediately laughed at himself, put the military uniform on the sofa, and found a set of beach shorts and a t-shirt from the cabinet.

Wearing swimming trunks inside, he found out his old sunglasses again. He was dressed in an extremely casual outfit, and he looked like a different person from the usual serious military uniform.

"Perhaps this suit will be worn often in the future. A new earth has been found and humanity has settled down. At least in the past two decades, there will be no war or something."

Human technology leads the dwarf race by a large level, and the gap may only widen in the future.

If they do a good job of confidentiality with technology, Lu Chen will have the confidence to make mankind the master of Proxima B in the next 100 years.

Lu Chen smoothed his hair casually, and then walked out of the room.

Qiqi and Lin Yijun have taken care of them.

A family of three went out, and outside the door there were two members of the defense army escort standing guard.

When they saw Lu Chen's family of three, they didn't react for a while.

Because Lu Chen hasn't worn casual clothes for seven or eight years.

A few seconds later, one of them immediately picked up the Gauss rifle, while the other reacted a little faster, and grabbed him and said, "It's the captain, don't be so nervous!"

Qiqi smiled and said, "Dad, you are this. It's been a long time since they wore the rest costume, and they couldn't recognize you."

Lu Chen also smiled at the two and said, "The vacation began in the early hours of last night. Why are you still standing guard?"

He patted the shoulders of the two of them, and said, "Let’s all go on vacation. You have all had a good rest these days. There is no need to defend my house."

The dark-skinned soldier who was a bit reckless smiled awkwardly and murmured, "The commander-in-chief asked. We stand guard until you wake up this morning. Our vacation will not start until tomorrow."

Lu Chen nodded, reached out and shook hands with the two of them, without using his usual military salute, and then said: "Thanks for your hard work, go back and rest. Well, bring your family and children tomorrow, go swimming by the beach, eat seafood, lie down in the sun and sleep for a day, hehe, today I have to start enjoying it in advance." The

reckless soldier immediately said very cautiously: "You, you have been busy all the time, it's time to rest, you should, you should..."

Lu Chen smiled again, and then took Lin Yijun and Qiqi into the car.

These geniuses rushed out the Proxima luxury car, only ten, dozens of high-level cars.

Lin Tong was driving.

His wife and children also came.

"Go directly to the beach." Lu Chen said.

"Good." Lin Tong responded and started the car.

Although the vehicles of the dwarves are a bit small, the roads are very wide.

Chapter: 503

Lu Chen and the others went on a beach vacation today, and the guards had already protected the beach.

Du Fei and other senior officials also arrived at the beach before Lu Chen's family.

When Lu Chen's family arrived, everyone had already set up a barbecue, ready to have a beach barbecue.

And in order to see a long-lost sunrise, everyone came early.

The orange-red sun rises slowly from below the sea level. At this moment, the sun can still be seen with the naked eye, but it is a big orange-red ball of fire rising out of the water at the junction of the sea and the sky.

As if this fireball appeared in the sea, it dyed the entire sea surface red.

Until the entire sun had completely left the ground, thousands of people on the beach breathed out in unison.

Because there were too many people making sounds at the same time, so that the very small voices were heard by everyone around them, and many people suddenly chuckled. It was a kind of relaxed and kind smile.

Yes, on the first morning of the five-day vacation, more than two-thirds of the high-levels of All Hope came to the beach to see it.

They were all invited by Lu Chen last night.

The next day, they will spend together on the beach.

Starting tomorrow, and the remaining four days, I will play my own.

The top leaders brought their families.

There are old and young, men and women, and some couples or lovers who were just picked up by [], cuddling and sitting on the dry beach, watching the whole scene.

Looking at the happy picture of Lu Chen's family, Chen Churan's mood just released seemed a little sad.

"Churran, how about going surfing after breakfast?" Lan Ling sat beside Chen Churan with a glass of milk.

Lan Ling has become the adjutant of the special forces and is extremely powerful.

In this invasion battle, the special forces she led have repeatedly won the head of the enemy generals in the enemy camp, and it was also one of the great heroes who made the dwarves surrender.

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It's a pity, even if she was awarded an incomparable honor?

Like Chen Churan, she has been lonely all these years.

"Okay, I haven't rushed through the waves in ten years." Chen Churan smiled.

After leaving the earth, let alone surfing, no one has ever seen the sea.

On Mars, although a few people went down, there was not a single fire drop on Mars.

On Titan, there were rivers and lakes.

But it was all liquid methane.

After that, it was a lonely voyage for several years.

Stepping into the sea again, everyone felt a little excited.

After all, human beings cannot do without land.

Inseparable from terrestrial planets.

This is a time of leisure and rest. Everyone feels very relaxed. After so many years of continuous tension, so many people have sacrificed, so many things have been given up, and new homes have been found. Many people are even After Qi Qi smiled and relaxed, there was a drop of tears in his eyes.

too excited.

No matter what, these are tears of happiness.

Everyone was not sentimental. After watching the day out, everyone started to eat breakfast.

The breakfast is very rich.

It is the richest time for mankind to leave the earth in so many years.

Soon, countless people came to the beach. Everyone knew that when the captain and other high-level officials were on the beach, they did not consciously break in.

The crowd outside the entire beach gradually increased, and finally Xu Wei came to tell Lu Chen, and Lu Chen ordered all humans to come over.

Everyone came here from the earth together and experienced so much suffering. Of course, they can't be blocked.

Moreover, he also asked people to go back and move the food to a small shop near the beach. During the five days, all food was provided free of charge, just to let everyone spend a good vacation.

After reading Yue Chuan, Lu Chen also took his wife and daughter to the beach shop for breakfast.

People around him kept gazing at him, bowing, and saluting, but everyone still paid attention to proportions and did not bother the captain who had finally taken a break.

I just express my sincere gratitude and respect to the hero who led them to escape from the earth and wandered in the universe for nearly ten years, and also protected them alive.

Many difficulties and many decisions that determine the future destiny of mankind are all correct.

Especially this time the aggression of the neighboring star B.

In fact, many high-level officials were opposed to it.

Because at that time, everyone felt that they had no more than 100,000 people and no more than 20,000 people in the army.

And the technology of this planet is not bad.

But in the end, it was this wise captain who stood out from the crowd, and finally really won the war of aggression.

It also won the ground and time for human beings to cultivate and live their lives.

But Lu Chen didn't seem to notice anything. He took his family in line in the crowd, and then when the waiter stared at him in a daze, he ordered a few light breakfasts for his family and two glasses of purple red fruit juice. .

Breakfast is simple, but rich. Although human beings have only arrived on the New Earth, the natural environment of this planet is so rich, and the food is almost inexhaustible.

Especially when you have a transport ship-borne high-speed flying vehicle, and the food acquisition site spans the entire Leizhou, the consumption of these hundreds of thousands of people is even more insignificant.

Therefore, the current situation of human society can really be described by material richness.

As for the dwarves, their food is a special species and does not conflict with humans.

Lu Chen thoughtfully tore open the "milk fruit" husk for Qiqi and Lin Yijun. The inside was yellow-white like curd-like flesh, exuding a light creamy smell, let alone eating it, just take a look. Just one smell is enough to open up your appetite.

And this kind of fruit is a wild fruit that was found in the northern Taiga Frozen Forest when the collection team went out to collect it. The amount collected is still very small, so the price is relatively expensive, but humans can still afford it.

In recent years, Lu Chen has devoted almost all of his energy to work, and even often complained by his daughter.

At this time, mankind has a place to rest, and he has more time to make up for it.

The family of three is very happy.

"Go and play at sea."

At this moment, Du Fei and others came to Lu Chen's table and laughed.

Chapter: 504

"Yes." Lu Chen smiled.

He asked Du Fei to sit down, then tore off his milk fruit shell and put it in his mouth to eat.

"This kind of milk fruit is very strange, it is a kind of dried fruit, but it contains vegetable fat and liquid pulp. At present, it is only found in the northern coniferous forest. The yield is very small. It is used in large artificial areas. Before planting, it is estimated that even I can only eat about ten per month."

"Come on, come and taste it today."

Lu Chen waved to Xie Weihao and others who were still standing, motioning them to go. Take a few milk berries to taste.

"I have eaten it, it's really amazing, but it's too little." Xie Weihao laughed.

"Good guys, you group of foodies, with such good delicacies, don't say give me a few pieces." Lu Chen said.

"I just ate it, when did you think we ate it?" Du Fei said.

"Okay, then I missed you." Lu Chen said and ate his breakfast alone.

After eating this simple but hearty breakfast, the sun was already shining outside at the moment, and the outdoor temperature was about thirty-two degrees, not too hot.

In this temperate seaside, this kind of temperature can only be described as just right. The sun does not sting on the body, on the contrary, there is a warm and gentle feeling.

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Uh, but that’s right. This planet has not suffered as much modern pollution as the earth’s atmosphere, and the ozone layer is still intact.

Therefore, the sun on this planet is not as "poisonous" as the earth. Only a few protective measures are needed to prevent sunburn or skin cancer.

Lu Chen and the others came to the beach again.

Then Lin Yijun and the wives of Du Fei and Xie Weihao stayed. Did not go out to sea with Lu Chen and others.

They prepared a few towels and a thin beach blanket, set up a bed on a dry beach, went to the sea to bubble, and went back to the bed to sunbathe.

And Lu Chen and others took Qiqi out to fish.

Everyone is going to come back tomorrow morning.

Of course, there are air force escorts throughout the journey, and there are also several drones flying around the world to survey the dwarf countries of other four continents.

As long as they have any changes, they will be discovered in the first time.

Of course, the other four continents have not yet re-established complete communications, and only a few of their communications satellites have been launched. I definitely don't know the itinerary of Lu Chen and others.

Among the colleagues, Lu Qiqimo said how happy she was.

Whether on earth or here, she saw the sea for the first time and was also the first time to take a boat.

Although she is already a famous scientist, but at this time, she is like a little girl, very active on the deck.

"Happy?" Lu Chen was wearing sunglasses and propped his head with his hands. While enjoying the peace that he hadn't had in a long time, he asked his excited daughter beside him.

"Happy, I was a little seasick at the beginning, but now I don't feel that way. I will come to play more at sea in the future." Qiqi smiled.

"Yes, but if you want to come out in the future, you have to be accompanied by Uncle Xu," Lu Chen said.

"Yeah." Qiqi nodded. Xu Jing has been her bodyguard since she was a child. She still trusts Xu Jing.

"Qiqi, go there to play, we have something to discuss with your dad."

At this moment , Du Fei and several people came to Lu Chen.

"Good." Qiqi nodded and went to the other side of the deck.

Du Fei, Xie Weihao, Wang Wei, and Yu Guangzheng sat down beside Lu Chen, and they all leaned on the couch.

Xie Weihao took out a cigarette to light it on several people, all of whom were smokers.

No way, long-term high-pressure work and smoking have become their tools to relieve stress.

"In ten days, a batch of constructions will almost be completed. I think it is good to hold the founding ceremony that day." Xie Weihao said.

They are responsible for the large-scale construction. The first major projects are the construction of the national capital. A lot of energy is devoted to the construction of the national capital, and a small part is on the private housing.

"Yes, we humans have already occupied a place on Proxima Centauri, and we should establish a national title soon." Yu Guangzheng said.

He has been living in a military camp since joining the army at the age of seventeen, and he is not used to this stateless situation.

"Lao Lu, what do you think?" Du Fei tilted his head and looked at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen took a puff of smoke and watched the smoke swirl around.

After a long while nodded and said: "Also, it will be settled in this way, so that everyone can feel at ease. For the country name, think about it these days, and settle it in five days."

"Well, good." The four of them nodded.

"Also, I have a suggestion that this archon cannot be changed in the short term." Xie Weihao said.

Lu Chen thought for a while and said, "Well, I will be a consul within at least a hundred years.

Whether it is for human politics or human civilization, this is the best choice.

One hundred years The time has been long enough, at least four generations of newborns can be born, and these four generations of newborns are enough to lay the foundation for the future of mankind..."

"I predict that in 50 years, the human population will rise to five million. About.

Of course, based on the current population base, it is a bit low, so I plan to use frozen sperm and egg stocks in ten years’ time when the social framework has been established.

Then wait for this batch to retain the best DNA blood. Newborn babies grow up, when the total human population can reach around 5 million in 50 years, this is the previous plan."

"In the mid-term, the population reaches at least 5 million. This is the premise, and then the era of great development can begin. .

Of course, I personally do not agree to vigorously develop Proxima B.

I think that the new earth should be kept in this perfect natural form. At that time, it is estimated that the development of satellites and other planets will be the main focus.

Establish outer space warfare and alien colonies, at the same time build a large-scale space fleet, and analyze all the technology of the fourth industrial revolution.

Strive to let us mankind enter the peak of the fourth industrial revolution in one hundred years. "

At present, Lu Chen's reputation is too high among humans, and only he can suppress all humans.

All the decisions he makes can be approved and recognized by everyone.

Therefore, if a general election is held in a short period of time, it is very likely. There will be turmoil.

This is a very bad thing for

humans . Especially when humans have to compete with the dwarves for the initiative on this planet.

Humans have to be united.

Any riot may give The dwarves have an excellent opportunity to destroy humanity.

Therefore, Lu Chen decided to sit in the position of the highest executive officer within a hundred years.

Chapter: 505

Time flies, the five-day holiday is soon gone, and mankind has returned to normal busyness.

The construction of the imperial capital is once again on the agenda.

Humans, robots, hired dwarves...

Hundreds of thousands of people work together to build an imperial capital. The efficiency is unimaginable.

It was delivered to the government one day earlier than expected.

Tomorrow, and one day, when the new country is established, everyone will be very excited.

But at this time, Lu Chen was still supervising the military's weapon construction.

In fact, in Lu Chen's heart, the military's weapon construction was the top priority, and he was more concerned than Jianguo.

Although mankind has found a new home planet, in the next hundred years, at least while Lu Chen is still alive, the possibility of a civil war between mankind does not exist, and the possibility of dwarf technology surpassing mankind is very small.

But this is not to say that there is peace in the universe.

The people who have left the earth, they have clearly experienced various dangers in the universe.

Naturally, man-made, and even ruins of a higher level of civilization, the entire universe is a cruel battlefield, where the weak will die and the strong will survive.

This is the truth in the universe. Even if there is no possibility of war within human beings, it is necessary to produce weapons that can protect them. This has been recognized by more than 90% of the personnel.

Next, the material center must be biased towards the military.

Although the current level of human technology is as powerful as a god compared to dwarves.

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But the human scientists who have seen Blue Race technology know it very well.

Human technology at this time is still very small in the universe.

So in the next few decades, the plan of the Academy of Sciences is to recommend the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as soon as possible.

The fourth industrial revolution will be the era of robots, and various technologies will undergo majestic development.

Many more powerful weapons will come into being.

So far, human beings have created five floating forts that are more than 300 meters long and nearly 200 meters wide.

Each is like a hill, can be more than two hundred meters away from the ground, has a high-strength electromagnetic shield, and has a small hydrogen polymerization reactor for energy.

Each one has about two-fifths of the firepower of Hope. In other words, this kind of floating fortress dominated by Gaussian heavy weapons, its strength is all concentrated enough to rival two Hope!

A hexapod vehicle that mimics the form of a spider was also created on the ground, called a spider tank, with two Gauss revolver cannons, which can be entered by four people, and also has a Gaussian electromagnetic shield.

The maximum travel speed on land is one hundred and sixty kilometers per hour, and it has good adaptability to complex terrain such as mountains and forests.

With a body length of about six meters and a width of about 3.5 meters, it is the main combat vehicle on the ground. At present, the Hope has manufactured a total of 360 for the defense army.

These electromagnetic shields can prevent the dwarves from being bombed by any weapon without injury.

Even if their hydrogen bomb comes over, the electromagnetic shield can still block it safely.

These are Army weapons, and the Air Force has produced Type 00 space fighters that can be upgraded.

The upgraded space fighter can be used in the atmosphere and in the outer space. It travels faster, is more flexible, and has stronger defense capabilities.

However, this is already the limit of ordinary people's driving. A total of about three hundred aircraft have been built, which are also used by the defense army.

The next batch of space fighters will mainly be used by the two thousand super fighters trained by Lu Tianxing.

Their physical conditions are very good, several times that of ordinary soldiers, so they can withstand more advanced space fighters.

Furthermore, the military is preparing to rebuild a batch of frigates for offensive and defensive surveillance.

Of course, this frigate is mainly used for space warfare.

It should not be used currently.

But after seeing the Blue Clan battleship, no one knows which day a high-level alien battleship will invade Proxima.

The above is the current state of empire building and the construction of human military power, and the current situation of human society is basically good.

In order to welcome tomorrow's founding ceremony, Lu Chen still asked all the senior officials to hold a meeting again.

"...This is the basic process. It has all been recorded in the files you see. First, you will summarize the situation in your respective departments.

Then you will make a speech. Then there will be my speech, then the military parade and the celebration meeting afterwards. , Every year from now on, today will be the National Day of our new country. Do you have anything else to add?" Lu Chen looked at the people below and said.

Everyone has already looked through the documents in their hands. In fact, preparations for the founding ceremony of the country started ten days ago, and tomorrow's founding ceremony is just a matter of course.

There is nothing more to add. The only exception is a high-level congressman who suddenly said: "Captain, there is nothing to discuss about other matters. There are only two points. One is your title, executive officer. , Is this title a bit..."

Lu Chen smiled and said, "It should be fine, after all, we are already the human political axe on the new earth, and have nothing to do with the original earth. This is just a title, it really doesn’t work. , Just call it the head of state."

Everyone nodded, and he said again: "There is another problem, that is, the issue of the confinement order that has not been resolved. We all know that the key to the confinement order is actually the people holding guns. As mentioned in the document, you will announce the opening and confinement order tomorrow, but the issue of gun possession..."

At present, half of human beings are Chinese, and half are from other countries such as Europe and the United States. Many Westerners in the past hope to hold gun.

"It's a civilian-use Gauss pistol, and a Gauss shotgun." Lu Chen affirmed: "It is possible for people to hold guns. There is no need to refute this. The key is that military guns are not allowed to remain in the civilian population. This requires legislation by the Supreme Court, which is definitely not short. It can be decided within time."

Everyone thought about it, and the high-level finally said: "Then I have no problem."

Regarding this, no one else had any objections.

Lu Chen asked again. After no one had any more questions, he said, "Then everyone, go get ready, tomorrow..."

"Hold the founding ceremony and establish a new earth policy!"

Chapter: 506

The founding ceremony was held on the second day, Zhunjin, and the country name was'new'.

Represents the meaning of the new human empire.

The imperial capital was renamed'Xindu', the capital of the new country.

The entire founding ceremony of the nation was naturally at the military parade, the majestic squadron of the nine interstellar warriors, the squadron of well-armed defensive soldiers, and the squadron of spider tanks.

The 00-type space fighter formation in the sky, and the last floating fortress that floated past.

All of this is so shocking that many people have not realized until today that human technology has reached such a terrible level.

This is the level of technology that those people whose thinking is still stuck in the period of the third industrial revolution, they cannot imagine.

In particular, the hundreds of thousands of dwarves in the new capital who came to watch were shocked to the extreme.

At this time, they really understood the huge gap between their dwarves and humans.

Regarding the previous defeat, they finally no longer felt so entangled in their hearts.

Because the strength gap is really too big.

This is the huge gap between the second-class civilization and the first-class civilization.

This is the gulf between the four industrial revolutions and the three industrial revolutions.

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There were dozens of countries in the short countries on the other four continents who applied for the ceremony, and Lu Chen agreed.

I also took the opportunity to show my muscles again in front of the dwarves.

When mankind’s nation-building activities were broadcast live back to their country, the entire planet was shocked and moved.

Human strength is enough to destroy all dwarves.

But humans did not do so in the end.

Instead, they choose to develop this planet together with their dwarves.

In this regard, countless dwarves have some fluke in their hearts, and luckily they did not encounter a race that is inhumane.

"We have experienced a lot of suffering. Since we left the earth, we have no hope for the future. We humans have not been able to leave our home planet for survival.

But when we were forced to leave, the entire universe was really too much for us humans. Danger, danger to the point that we may be destroyed at any time.

The hardships on this road have also been desperate to nowhere! I

have sacrificed countless heroes!

We have overcome all obstacles until now!

We stand on this new earth! We Got the future!"

This is what Lu Chen said at the human gate at the forefront of the Human Square.

The whole scene is very solemn, everyone is silently listening, watching and thinking.

Perhaps the new generation on the Hope and the children who were only a few years old when they boarded the spacecraft did not feel it, but every adult felt so empathetic.

They really know how everything is coming from hard, so they are also people who cherish all this more.

They can live to this day, from despair to hope.

It's really not easy.

"So, let us cheer, let us remember! I announce..."

"...I announce that our country is officially established, and the country name

is'new '!" Suddenly, the entire human square burst out Cheers.

Every human being present is shouting, even people who don’t know below may hug each other.

Some middle-aged and elderly people even cried secretly, this day...

they have been waiting for a long time.

It's been almost ten years!

When the cheers calmed down, Lu Chen's voice rang again: "In addition, the confinement order was officially cancelled today!

However, it is still necessary to carry guns when you are away. Of course, this requires human currency, and possession of a gun carrying certificate...

Also, whether it is a conflict between our own human race or a conflict with the dwarves, we cannot kill with guns.

Killers will also be severely punished.

Everyone must be familiar with our new laws and regulations. "

In this way, the founding ceremony came to an end, and the whole process was completely filmed by dozens of cameras


It was preserved as the most important historical basis for the future. Of course, all of this was not only recorded on the video tape and the center. In the computer, it is remembered in everyone's heart.

No one will forget all this, no one will forget this day.

They are all secretly telling themselves that when they get old, they must tell themselves this scene Children and grandchildren, along with the continuation of human civilization, have been passed down...

On the other hand, with the completion of the founding ceremony, the formation of the political axe with Lu Chen as the head of state will follow.

This time the formation can be completed. It is much more formalized, not only in accordance with the existing models of the original countries of the earth, but also the establishment of a large framework for the political and axe departments. The

Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Education, the Civil Department, the Administrative Department, the Legal Department, etc.

In terms of the basic national system, Lu Chen adopts a semi-centralized and semi-clear decentralization system.

First of all, it is the head of state system headed by him, political power, military power, and all the powers that the country should have. He has the right to propose, execute and veto. Quan.

Of course, in this way, the power he possesses is too amazing, it is almost equivalent to an emperor who is not an emperor, and he has more power than the emperor in Central Europe, and has already approached the emperor in ancient China.

Such a situation has attracted the attention of many people,

even when Lu Chen has such a huge prestige and mastered the entire army.

Hundreds of people still put forward their opinions to him, including even high-level officials such as Du Fei and Xie Weihao.

According to them, since Lu Chen himself didn't have such big ambitions, he didn't actually need to occupy so much power.

All you need to do is to control the army. Instead of working hard and not thanking you, it's better to let go of some civil affairs power.

Decentralization naturally means decentralization. There is no doubt about this. After all, the era is already the era of the universe.

Or to put it more simply, it is the society of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Because the development of productive forces leads to changes in social relations, totalitarian rule cannot be said to be impossible, but it can only happen under extreme circumstances.

For example, it was possible when the Hope was in the universe before, or when facing a large-scale war of extermination.

If it is in such a comfortable and peaceful development stage as before, even if Yao Yuan wants to adopt a totalitarian rule, he is likely to be overthrown.

Of course, this is just an assumption.

Of this, Lu Chen knew it clearly.

But at this time on Proxima Centauri, there are not only humans.

There are more dwarves, and humans cannot afford to experience any disturbances.

And totalitarian rule is one thing, decentralization is another.

In particular, going from harsh to tolerant will make people grateful, while from tolerant to harsh, revolution will erupt. This is the truth.

Chapter: 507

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the general framework of the political axe was soon completed.

Lu Chen once again expanded the scope of power of the House of Representatives, and they could have the right to participate in anything except the military and the Academy of Sciences.

The Academy of Sciences and the military are the fundamentals of human survival and cannot tolerate the slightest error. Therefore, Lu Chen will not delegate power to these two departments.

To put it simply, he has delegated most of the power of the Senate to the House of Representatives, and the Senate will disappear forever.

The advantage of this is that it cuts off the existence of possible political families, such as the red family or the business spokesperson family.

At the same time, the expansion of the power of the people is still everything except the army, and the people have a veto.

Even if it is a bill passed by the House of Representatives, the public still has the right to vote. If the bill passed by the House of Representatives three times is still vetoed, then the proponent of the bill will directly step down.

At the same time, the judicial separation, the Supreme Court will focus on political axe, the existence of members other than members, and the head of state will not be able to appoint or remove life officials.

This power will be handed over to a collective vote and impeachment.

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In addition, there are four honorary titles, human guard, human guard, human warrior, and human hero, which can be awarded to living people depending on the situation.

At the same time, once they are awarded the title of even the lowest level of human guard, they will directly enter the House of Representatives and become honorary members, and they will have them for life. They will not be elected according to the election of members every four years.

In short, the current human political axe is still a hodgepodge, basically absorbing the advantages of multiple political systems on the original earth.

At the same time, the basic human political axe constitution is still under preparation. This is a large project, currently involving more than 1,400 related personnel. It is estimated that it will take five years to compile the initial program, which will be followed in the future. Adjust and complement the actual situation.

This series of major reorganizations has been supported by everyone.

The people and the army, who had been worried about them, were finally relieved.

Although Lu Chen's power is still great, at the same time he also has a House of Representatives that can restrain his power expansion.

And because the number of humans is really very small at present, the army of the human political axe is the real civilian soldier, basically one in every ten households is a soldier of the defense army.

So naturally they are not afraid that the political axe will send troops to suppress or something. What they are really afraid of is what will happen in the future.

Of course, among humans, Lu Chen's authority is too high.

If he delegates all power, most people will not do it.

Because everyone understands one thing.

That is, since he left the earth, every decision Lu Chen has made has no selfishness.

He was made with the overall situation of mankind.

After the power was gradually released, Lu Chen also became relaxed.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, on the contrary, he still had more time to go to the Academy of Sciences and Ding Dacheng and other scientists to do research.

For Lu Chen, doing research is always more passionate and interesting than fighting for power.

He always believed that only advanced technology can change the destiny of mankind.

Time flies so fast, and in a blink of an eye, the new human nation has been established for half a year.

In the past six months, earth-shaking changes have taken place in all aspects.

Many different types of tall buildings stand up everywhere and various departments are rapidly improving.

The rapid development of commerce, and the unmanned technology and other advanced technologies that have entered the private sector, have constantly refreshed the recognition of the dwarves of Xindu.

The dwarves of Xindu also gradually accepted the fact that humans replaced our country.

Gradually people are approaching humans.

Of course, mankind has strong military power and science and technology.

But after all, the number is still too small.

Therefore, the various policies of Zheng Axe did not specifically target the dwarves.

On the contrary, several policies introduced by humans are very friendly to dwarves.

The summary is.

In addition to not having the right to enter the various departments of the human government, the dwarves can enjoy the various benefits issued by the government.

This is why more and more dwarves are accepting humans to replace their countries.

There are more than ten small countries in Leizhou. Although they still maintain their own government, in the last negotiation, the entire Leizhou has been allocated to humans.

So nominally, these small countries are honored by the new mankind, and they have to pay tribute every year.

This is a bit feudal.

But Lu Chen insisted on doing this.

Unless they abolish the national system and become an alliance centered on the new nation of mankind.

And this is also Lu Chen's plan.

He intends to form an alliance centered on the new nation of mankind in the future, so that these dwarves will remove their national system and become a state or province of the alliance.

Of course, this is just a long-term plan, and it must be very difficult to implement now.

However, as human technology has become more and more powerful, and after the fourth industrial revolution has become more and more mature, he believes that more and more dwarves will definitely choose to rely on humans.

The development of the new country of mankind is getting better and better, all departments are prospering, and everyone is very motivated.

Seventy-seven thousand human beings have all lived in villas. This is a welfare they never enjoyed when they were on earth.

It can be said that in the human-centered new capital, the lives of more and more dwarves have also improved, and more and more dwarves have come to the new capital.

In just half a year, the number of dwarves in Xindu exceeded 30 million, which is a terrifying number.

You know, in the original Thor Empire, there were only 300 million dwarves, and more than one million were sacrificed in the war with humans.

This is equivalent to that one-tenth of the population has poured into Xindu.

In response to this, the human government issued several policies to prevent dwarves from other cities from pouring into the new capital.

At the same time, a new decree was issued to restore the economy of other cities and let the dwarves settle down.

Extraordinary technology is constantly being distributed to the major cities of the new country, making the development of other cities in the new country where there are only dwarves is also accelerating.

It also greatly solves the phenomenon of the dwarves who continue to flow into the new capital.

While the new country was developing majestic, Lu Chen encountered something that bothered him.

He never gave Chen Churan a chance, but he didn't expect Chen Churan to be so persistent. Whether it was him or Chen Guangxing, he arranged multiple blind dates for her, but she firmly pushed them.

When Lu Chen was on the Hope before, although Lu Chen was emotional, he did not persuade Chen Churan.

But now that mankind has found a planet on which he lives and lives, and a new country has been established, he has been with him for ten years and has always been a conscientious assistant, and it is time to start a family.

But at this time he sat face to face with Chen Churan, but he didn't know what to say.

He suddenly felt that whatever he said was the greatest harm to Chen Churan.

Chapter: 508

"Churan, why are you doing this..." Lu Chen gently grasped Chen Churan's hand, not knowing how to continue.

"Don't worry about me, I think I'm fine now." Chen Churan smiled, and did not object to Lu Chen holding her hand.

Suddenly, Lu Chen turned around and saw Lin Yijun looking at the two of them not far away.

Lin Yijun didn't say anything, turned around and left.

Chen Churan also saw Lin Yijun and hurriedly shrank his hands from Lu Chen.

"Let me explain to Sister Yijun." Chen Churan said in a flustered manner.

"No, I'll tell her." Lu Chen shook his head, a wry smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"How can this be done? If Sister Yi Jun makes things big, it will have a bad influence on your reputation." Chen Churan frowned.

"It's okay, she won't, and it won't affect anything." Lu Chen still shook his head. Just as he was about to chase Lin Yijun, the holographic screen flickered.

It was Ding Dacheng who sent him a message. He just glanced at the message, his expression changed, and then changed his mind.

"Aren't you going to chase Sister Yijun, what are you doing to the Academy of Sciences?" Chen Churan asked in a puzzled way, seeing that Lu Chen went in a different direction.

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"There are more important things to be solved!" Lu Chen's tone was heavy.

Chen Churan frowned and had to go after Lin Yijun.

"Sister Yijun, wait." Chen Churan ran to Lin Yijun quickly.

Lin Yijun looked back at Chen Churan, how angry he didn't show.

On the contrary, she looked calm and smiled at Chen Churan.

But the more she was like this, the more panicked Chen Churan's heart became.

"Sister Yijun, Lu Chen and I are not what you think. Today is just a misunderstanding..." Chen Churan explained hurriedly.

Lin Yijun shook her head and said with a smile: "I know."

Chen Churan was finally relieved to see that Lin Yijun's smile was not a fake.

She was afraid that Lin Yijun would misunderstand something and make things worse.

She didn't care.

I have been by Lu Chen's side for so many years and have not talked about marriage. She knows that except for her family, everyone else is suspecting that there is something wrong with Lu Chen.

She has long been used to this misunderstanding.

Now Lu Chen is the top leader of the new country. If his reputation is damaged, it will definitely affect his reputation among the people.

So Chen Churan had to come to Lin Yijun to explain clearly.

"By the way, Lu Chen was originally going to chase you, but just now, he suddenly received a message and went to the Academy of Sciences.

I think his expression is a little wrong, maybe there is something urgent to deal with." Chen Churan again To excuse Lu Chen.

"Chu Ran, did you find out? Actually, you have always cared about him, right?" Lin Yijun suddenly smiled.

"Ah?" Chen Churan was a little confused, wondering what Lin Yiyun meant.

"Don't put any pressure on you. In fact, we all can see that before you leave the earth, you have only Lu Chen in your heart, right?" Lin Yijun said.

Chen Churan wanted to deny it very much, but she nodded silently without knowing why.

When the figure that makes your heart move comes into your heart, when you find that he is getting better and better, it is quite difficult for you to forget him again.

This is why she hasn't talked about marriage for more than a decade.

"Chu Ran, for so many years, I have suffered you too. Looking back, I will persuade Lu Chen to let him give you a name." Lin Yijun said suddenly when no one was around.

"Huh?" Chen Churan trembled and looked at Lin Yiyun in a daze, his eyes full of panic.

She felt that Lin Yijun tried her again, but she found that the smile on Lin Yijun's face was still so pure and without any impurities.

"Sister Yijun, I... There is really nothing between Lu Chen and I. This is really a misunderstanding today!" Chen Churan shook his head and said.

Lin Yijun looked around again, and then whispered: "Chuan, tell you the truth, I can't give birth anymore."

Her voice sounded a bit bitter, and she suddenly felt very reasonable when she thought of what her mother had said before.

The vast majority of Huaxia people have the traditional idea of ​​giving birth to a son to pass on from generation to generation. She has been with Lu Chen for so many years and only has a daughter. Although Lu Chen didn’t say anything, she knew that Lu Chen’s family definitely hoped that they would have another boy. .

But was it once on Earth, or on Proxima at this time, the Lu family was a wealthy family, how could it be broken in Lu Chen's generation?

In fact, during this period of time, she had already thought about it clearly, and persuaded Lu Chen to continue to marry and inherit the Lu family.

And she had been watching Chen Churan's affairs. To be honest, Chen Churan had kept a certain distance from Lu Chen for so many years.

She felt that the main reason was not how Liu Xiahui Lu Chen had, but Chen Churan who knew how to score.

For Chen Churan, besides sympathy, she also admired a little.

"You can do test-tube babies. Now that our technology is so advanced, we almost have a 100% success rate." Chen Churan said.

Lu Chen and Lin Yijun have not had a second child for so many years, and everyone has guessed the reason, so Chen Churan was not surprised.

"It feels like my own child, so I don't want to do that."

Lin Yijun shook her head, and said seriously: "You have been with Lu Chen for so many years to serve her tea and water, your assistant deserves it too. Correspondingly returned.

Don't worry, I will discuss this with your dad and let him put some pressure on Lu Chen."

"Sister Yijun, we really don't have anything..." Chen Churan was anxious, but Lin Yijun didn't give her a chance to refute at all, so she started talking for herself.


At this time, Lu Chen came to the Academy of Sciences, and saw Ding Dacheng and others gathered around a large screen to analyze image data.

"Head of State."

"Head of State."

The scientists who discovered Lu Chen greeted Lu Chen one after another.

Lu Chen nodded to them, and walked over to the group of scientists from Ding Dacheng.

This group of scientists are the leaders of major science and technology departments.

Even the head of the military science department came, a scientist with the rank of major general.

"What's the situation?" Lu Chen walked over and asked.

"Head of State! We found out, found out..." It

was a military scientist who was speaking. Lu Chen hadn't approached yet, he had already spoken loudly.

However, Lu Chen immediately greeted him, and at the same time prevented him from saying the following, and immediately asked Ding Dacheng to let the people around him leave.

He has a bad hunch that this is a big event, one that should not be known to too many people.

"What's the matter? What happened? Don't panic, tell me in a low voice, have you forgotten the confidentiality regulations?"

The youngster looked scaryly pale at this moment, and he almost muttered: "A fragment of a neutron star It suddenly appears outside the galaxy, and it will crash into the star in three years!"

"The calculation result of the central computer, it will directly crash into the star!"

"At that time, the entire Proxima Centauri galaxy will be destroyed!"

Chapter: 509

Neutron star fragments...

This is a term that is unfamiliar to all human beings, but anyone with a little scientific knowledge knows what a neutron star is and knows the horror of a neutron star!

Even if it is just a big fist, as long as it really crashes into this star system, then this star system will be destroyed.

This is probably the killer star second only to black holes!

At this moment, everyone including Lu Chen turned pale.

When on board the Nozomi, astronomers focused on the existence of neutron star fragments and how to deal with them.

There are at least hundreds of such scientists, but the research results are really pitiful. After all, the neutron star itself is an existence that humans have never seen before. This is a theoretical speculation.

The so-called neutron star is a stellar body with a mass far greater than that of the sun.

After the hydrogen and other light element substances inside it are completely polymerized, and heavy element substances such as carbon and metals are formed, the mass of these heavy element substances is too large.

That is far more than the total amount of matter many times the earth does not know.

It collapsed under the action of its own gravity, and the atom completely collapsed to the size of the nucleus. Each sesame-sized substance can be calculated by how many tens of thousands of tons.

Such a degree of collapse, but has not reached the exaggerated state of the black hole even collapsed and shrunk, at this time the stellar remains are called neutron stars.

A neutron star is such an incredibly dense matter.

Except for the matter inside the black hole, which may or may not exist in the entire universe, the matter with the largest mass per unit volume is the neutron star matter.

And its hardness is simply unimaginable. Comparing diamonds is like comparing alloys with air. This is not a matter of magnitude at all.

It is this kind of substance with the largest mass density and the same hardness that is known in the entire universe, and there are small-volume fragments? how can that be!

Even though scientists have calculated the size and gravity of the material through various means, they have confirmed that this material can only be the legendary neutron star material, but how is this possible!

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Let alone whether there are scientific and technological means to break the neutron star.

Just speaking of a kind of scientific common sense, that is, the reason why a neutron star is a neutron star is because its huge mass causes the internal compression and collapse of atoms.

An atom is completely compressed into a nucleus, there is no gap between atoms, an existence of absolute density.

If a neutron star is broken and a small piece of fragment is taken out, the result is that at the moment of taking it out, this piece of neutron star material fragment will immediately expand.

Because there are interaction forces inside atoms, not only are there gravitational forces, but they are also more repulsive, and when the atoms are close, the repulsive force is an absolute force.

An approximate analogy is like a magnet of the same pole. The closer you get, the greater the repulsive force between each other.

To completely compress them together, a huge external force must be applied.

Once the fragments of the neutron star leave the unimaginable mass gravitation of the neutron star itself, its matter will instantly expand, and the original neutron star's material form will never be restored.

In other words, the existence of neutron star fragments directly challenges two common-sense concepts of human science. First, how does neutron star matter cut it? Nuclear explosion? laser? Do not make jokes!

Second, how do neutron star fragments preserve the material form of their neutron star? Don't let the compressed atom restore its original size? glue? Alien brand glue? ?

These are all the current doubts and incomprehensions in the scientific community about the existence of neutron star fragments. Similarly, with current human technology, whether it is the original third industrial revolution technology or the fourth industrial revolution technology, the neutron star fragments impacted. Everything is unsolvable!

Yes, there is no solution!

There is no way for humans to prevent neutron star fragments from crashing into the star!

When Lu Chen heard the report from Ding Dacheng and other scientific team leaders, his face suddenly paled.

what does this mean?

This means that they have just laid down Proxima, and they have just picked up here.

The dwarf who had just conquered became the master of Proxima.

Then within three years, they will leave again than necessary.

Enter the lonely cosmic voyage.

At this moment, everyone seemed to have seen a ghost alive, and there was only deep despair in everyone's eyes.

After a daze for a while, Ding Dacheng suddenly roared: "What the hell! How is this possible! Fuck, why are we humans so unlucky!"

Everyone also looked sad and angry.

Human beings have experienced solitary voyages for more than ten years, and have experienced several desperate battles.

Finally settled down, and will be driven to escape in the universe like a dog!

Who is willing!

Lu Chen was lost in thought.

This [biquge520] thing is too weird.

When he was on the earth ten years ago, he wondered if there was something in the dark, guiding and persecuting mankind.

Humans cannot be allowed to stay and develop on the earth.

It's like a monster upgrade. You stay on the map all the time, and the experience you can learn is definitely pitiful.

And this has indeed been confirmed.

After being forced to leave the earth, mankind first experienced the Mars crisis, and then received everyone's resource replenishment on Titan, which allowed human science and technology to develop significantly.

Then it was on the edge of the solar system, occasionally the blue alien technology, which made human technology enter the four industrial revolutions, and entered the secondary cosmic civilization.

Although it has been invincible on Proxima in the past two years, the level of human technology has been stuck again.

Many technologies have encountered bottlenecks, and there are still numerous breakthroughs.

And now, they got the evil depletion of neutron star fragments to destroy the galaxy.

Is this really just a coincidence?

Lu Chen gently rubbed his temples, always a little disbelief that this was a coincidence.

Because this is a fucking coincidence!

Ding Dacheng and others suppressed their grief and anger, and suddenly sat down on the sofa and sighed. At the same time, they picked up Lao Baigan and poured it out like drinking water.

Lu Chen was also overwhelmed with grief and indignation, but he was much more sensible than Ding Dacheng and others, and immediately said, "Don't let this matter out. The fewer people you know, the better. We must use these three years to observe carefully. Is it true? Also, we will also use these three years to collect supplies, energy, materials and so on."

Everyone nodded . They believed Lu Chen's words, and they really couldn't let too many people know. .

Otherwise there will be riots.

"Others continue to observe. Ding Dacheng and I will go to the meeting room."

Lu Chen stood up as he said, and then notified Chen Churan to let her inform the senior management of the meeting.

emergency meeting!

Chapter: 510

"Today, let everyone come to this emergency meeting. Everyone must have a lot of speculation

in their hearts. Here, I will not sell it. I regret to tell you a bad news.

I can only stay on this planet for two years at most. Half a time."

Lu Chen said regretfully in the meeting room, looking at all the senior executives of various departments who had rushed down.

Neutron star fragments cannot be prevented by humans at this stage.

Therefore, he has accepted this reality.

"Why? We have just established the nation. We have already conquered and adapted to this planet. Why should we leave in such a hurry?" Yu Guangzheng looked at Lu Chen suspiciously. He really didn't understand Lu Chen's words. meaning.

There are many people who have an idea with him.

At this time, few people understood what Lu Chen meant.

In the past two years, everyone has lived well on the new earth, and many people have made long-term plans.

Lu Chen suddenly told them that humans can only stay on this planet for at most two and a half years. How could they accept this for a while?

This is also the reason why Lu Chen did not allow the Academy of Sciences to leak the news.

The top executives are so uncomfortable.

Not to mention ordinary civilians.

"Ding Dacheng, you come to tell everyone the truth." Faced with human doubts, Lu Chen looked at Ding Dacheng, the chief scientist and dean of the Academy of Human Sciences.

Ding Dacheng coughed, got up and said, "This is how we have just discovered a piece of neutron star fragments flying towards this galaxy at high speed, and it will take up to three years to break into this galaxy.

Presumably everyone who is sitting knows about neutron stars. What kind of star it is, I won't repeat it.

Anyway, once the neutron star fragment breaks into this galaxy, the entire galaxy will be instantly destroyed by it."

"How is this possible?"

Everyone trembled when they heard this.

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They can serve as high-level officials in various departments, knowing more or less about astronomy, and of course they understand the horror of neutron stars.

Naturally, he understood the meaning of Lu Chen's previous words.

If what Ding Dacheng said is true, then mankind can indeed only abandon Proxima B and search for a new earth.

Otherwise, it will be ruthlessly destroyed with this galaxy.

"This, our entire Academy of Sciences can't believe it.

However, after countless verifications, we finally determined that this is true." Ding Dacheng said.

"So, how did you find the neutron star fragments?" Someone asked.

Ding Dacheng glanced at the high-level who raised the question and continued: "At that time, we checked the system. As soon as we checked it, we found that a lot of weird data appeared on it. All

these data showed that a very massive star appeared in the galaxy. In addition, it flew towards our galaxy at a fairly fast speed."

"At that time, we had a vague premonition in our hearts . After simple calculations, it was confirmed that the mass of the star even reached about one-thousandth of the star. , And the speed of its travel seems to be gradually increasing.

Although the increase is very low, but the current acceleration continues like this. According to the data calculated by the central computer, when it hits the star's interior three years later, its mass will be Increased to about one-tenth of the star, this is...

This is the neutron star fragmentation data. It

is the embodiment of the research results of our Academy of Sciences over the years. "

Everyone kept their skills silent.

Everyone is still very convinced of the various studies conducted by the Academy of Sciences where Ding Da became the head.

In recent years, human beings have become stronger and stronger, mainly because these human scientists have made major breakthroughs in research in various fields.

Therefore, they have no reason to doubt the Academy of Sciences.

At this moment, the faces of all the seniors became quite ugly.

Even many people's eyes are full of anger and unwillingness.

"This matter..." After Lu Chen said three words, his mouth was full of bitterness.

He couldn't help but uncovered the bottle cap and took a big sip of Lao Baigan. After the cold liquid entered his throat, it immediately turned into a fiery scent like a knife, as if he was in his current mood.

To be honest, he was also quite desperate inside.

For a moment, he even had the heart to kill.

"Don't say anything about this matter, you must earnestly implement the confidentiality regulations, and the confidentiality regulations regarding this matter are temporarily raised to the s-level..." Lu Chen put down the wine bottle and said for a while.

Everyone was awe-inspiring, the s-level confidentiality regulations were already equivalent to the hydrogen warhead code and storage location.

If it is arbitrarily leaked, it can be shot directly in the military court, and they will immediately answer the order and so on.

No way, Lu Chen originally didn't want these high-level officials to know about [Xinbi Quge].

But if you don't let them know, many commands will be unexplainable.

Moreover, these 170,000 humans depend on these high-level leaders to lead the dispatch.

Lu Chen took a deep breath and continued: "This matter needs further confirmation. We cannot determine our fate by instruments alone. This time...

This time we need more definite evidence. I intend to send one. A frigate personally monitors that piece of neutron star fragment."

"This...isn't this too dangerous?" Someone asked.

"Yes, and, what more evidence do we need? We believe in the Academy of Sciences!"

"Besides, isn't the huge mass and gravity count as evidence?"

Everyone was puzzled. The frigate was a reduced version of Hope. Expensive, they all think this frigate must be meat buns and dogs, and some have no return.

Lu Chen directly shook his head and said, "Of course these don't count!

These are just what we observed through instruments. In fact, I had such an idea as early as when we left the earth.

Will there be a more powerful alien civilization? Controlling our human destiny?

The emergence of the D virus forced us to leave the home planet.

When we discovered the Blue Clan battleship group, I had this idea again, because then we knew that there was a more powerful alien Civilization used the space collapse method to destroy the blue warships, so that we humans were not invaded by the blue race thousands of years ago.

Now we have just settled on this planet, and we are ready to regard Ji as our humanity. The mother star.

But at this moment, we discovered the neutron star fragments that were about to crash into the galaxy. This is the same as the D virus, which is to drive us humans out of the mother star and enter the universe.

This is also a coincidence. "

So, it doesn't

matter whether there are neutron star fragments or not. According to our scientific theories, neutron star fragments are impossible to exist! Then is it possible... It is the alien civilization that wants to invade our home star, thinking To get this planet with suitable environment, and don't want to fight with us to destroy the planet, so what's the way to expel it?"


Lu Chen resolutely said, "I must see the neutron star fragments with my own eyes this time. Don’t exist!"