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Who are you My Husband (Chapter 461-470) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 461

The scientists on the shuttle also found that they had lost contact with Nozomi. No matter how they adjusted the quantum code, they just couldn't contact Nozomi.

In this case, it was like a mysterious power in the dark that cut off the information they sent out.

Moreover, what made everyone panic was that they found that all the shuttles were not connected to each other.

Even if they were not far away, the signal sent was cut off.

"General Shi, what should I do? There is a mysterious signal on Mars that cut off the letter we sent." Several scientific personnel on the shuttle with Shi Jin looked at Shi Jin one after another.

Shi Shi was also a little panicked, but after killing the leaders of the temple, he had already become mature and stable, and this panic was only a short time.

He secretly took a breath and said, "I remember that we used quantum communication technology. Could it be that Mars does not support quantum signal transmission?"

"Impossible, and the detector that came before also used quantum communication technology, which does not exist." A scientist shook his head and denied Shi Jin's guess.

"There is another possibility that the previously launched quantum satellite is broken, but this possibility is very small, because the quality of the quantum communication satellites we have developed is very good, and can be used for at least 20 years." Another scientist Said.

Shi Jin frowned. In this situation, he didn't know what to do.

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"Then there should be no danger outside right now. We can go out first and set up tents or something to prepare for the workers who come down later. After we find that there is no signal from us on the Hope, we will definitely find a way. They can't leave it. We don't care." Shi Jin said.

"Well, according to the previous data analysis, there are no extraterrestrial creatures on Mars, but we must also be careful about the Martian sand explosion. The Martian sand explosion is much stronger than the sand explosion on the earth." The leading scientist clicked. Nodded.

"Well, let's go out and have a look first." Shi Jin nodded and ordered the shuttle to turn on.

Although their signals cannot be sent out, they can still be received in short-distance wireless signals.

The dialogue between Shi Jin and several scientists was the signal transmitted through wireless communication on the spacesuit.

However, they tried several times, and the people on another shuttle 20 meters away could not receive their signals, nor could they receive the signals from each other.

The mining area that Shi Jin is in charge of is an iron oxide mining area. Everyone came out of the shuttle and stepped on the sand layer of Mars, feeling a strange feeling in their hearts.

This weird feeling is caused by the reason why the gravity of Mars is not as great as that of the earth.

The gravity of the earth is 2.67 times that of Mars, so at this time everyone standing on the Martian ground feels light and fluttering, and feels like they can jump four or five meters high.

There is also a unique feeling of stepping on the sand on Mars.

It is the kind of thick yellow sand layer, with the soft cotton cotton on the foot, with the unique and delicate taste of sand, but the bottom is very strong, and there is no feeling of sinking.

Until the first person stepped out, the others also stepped outside the shuttle. They took their weapons to guard the surroundings carefully, but they did not see any moving objects. It was the daytime on this planet, white shaking. The sun shines on the desert, and the entrance is swaying. If you look in a daze, you seem to think that this is a large desert on the earth, and there is no unique sight of aliens.

"Ten of you, in groups of five, drive the rover to notify the other two mining areas, so that they don't have to worry, complete the mission first, and Hope will repair the communication equipment as soon as possible." Shi Jin divided the ten soldiers around him. Tao.

"Yes!" Ten people nodded one after another.

"The five of you are going to the monazite mining area. This is the route map. It is about fifty miles away from us. If you don't get lost or encounter obstacles such as hills on the way, you can get there before the sun goes down." The scientist took out a map of Mars and handed it to one of the soldiers.

The soldier took the map, and then returned to the shuttle with five others to drive the rover.

"You five go to the bastnaesium mining area, about thirty miles away from us. There should be no obstacles on your road. I wish you success." The scientist handed another Mars map to another soldier.

The soldier took the map and left with the remaining five people.

The soldiers on the other shuttles also came out of the shuttle, and soon they all gathered here.

"Set up the tent first. The task must be completed before it gets dark!" Shi Jin ordered.

Then hundreds of soldiers returned to the shuttle to take the tent.

However, when everyone here started to record, the sky gradually dimmed, and in the darkness, on the Martian ground, sand dunes were surging rapidly everywhere.

If someone sees this scene, they will be surprised to find that it is the same as the monks who will escape from the ground in the fairy tale movie.

The direction of the shuttle is the three major mining areas.

After all the workers’ temporary tents were set up, the scientists were left on the shuttle to study the signal or wait for the signal to be repaired by the Nozomi. Shi Jin then ordered everyone to enter the tent to rest.

For some time in the future, they will all sleep in tents with all the workers.

This tent is a specially built alien tent, and there is a small air system inside, which can support the normal breathing of dozens of people.

Because it was on Mars, the temperature at night was quite cold, so Shi Jin did not arrange for someone to be on duty outside.

In the middle of the night, when everyone was sleeping well, suddenly, Shi Jin and all the soldiers in his tent opened their eyes suddenly and sat up from the blankets.

I don't know why, everyone feels a sense of extreme danger inexplicably.

"Flap, pop..."

Suddenly, a small sound sounded. At this moment of silence, everyone immediately heard the sound. The sound came from outside the tent, and it seemed that it was not far from the tent.

Everyone looked at each other, each of them felt the horror. Even a brash man like Shi Jin was speechless at this moment.

After a few seconds, everyone's tightly tied nerves were suddenly broken by a scream.

Shi Jin subconsciously grabbed the pistol beside him, and said, "Go out and see what's going on, and also, wake up all of them."

He stood up as he spoke, and at this moment, a thrilling scene suddenly appeared in front of him.

Chapter: 462

Just when Shi Jin stood up, the sand exploded in front of him, and several brown metal straws suddenly pierced out under the sand.

"Be careful!" Shi Jin didn't have time to shoot. His first reaction was to roll out.

But the others did not have his skill and reaction, and one of the soldiers was stabbed by a metal pipe.

The metal tube didn't know what material it was made of. It just cut melons and vegetables, directly penetrated the spacesuit, pierced into the soldier's body, and lifted it high.

Then in the sight of everyone, a terrifying scene appeared.

Within a few seconds, the soldier's body became a corpse...

The moisture in his body was instantly sucked up!

Everyone was stunned by this scene!

However, in the eyes of everyone, in the sand below the ground, a flat monster with a length of three to four meters and a width of two to three meters, but only a thin piece of paper, emerged.

It has a brown shell and has a metal-like texture. It does not have any mouth parts or limbs. It has only a large circle of metal straws around its body. Otherwise, this creature seems to have no eyes!

However, at this time this Martian monster, after absorbing the water from the soldier's body, it began to multiply under the noses of Shi Jin and others!

Yes, everyone was surprised to see that it did not attack again, but raised something in the middle of its flat body. In a few seconds at most, dozens of them were easily drilled out from under its body and reduced by dozens. Times the small monster.

These small monsters seemed to have eyes, and they began to pounce at Shi Jin and the others at an astonishing speed.

Even though Shi Jin has experienced countless winds and heavy rains over the years, he has experienced countless battles of life and death.

But at this moment, he also felt his scalp numb, and all the goose bumps all over his body.

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He is like this, let alone other people, even more unbearable.

If it were not for their long-term training, they were all elite soldiers who had experienced these life and death battles. At this time, I am afraid they would not even be able to stand still.

"Shoot and kill this group of dogs!" Shi Jin was the first to react and shouted loudly.

Then, he banged the trigger at the little monsters.

Yiqi Technology has developed a Gaussian gun in the later stage, which is an electromagnetic gun. The power of the electromagnetic gun is several times stronger than that of the previous gunpowder bullets. However, the electromagnetic bullets hit these little monsters without killing them. As if they had angered them, they accelerated their speed and pounced on Shi Jin and others.

"Hit the protrusion in the middle of them!" Shi Jin said, hitting the protrusion in the middle of one of the little monsters first.


The protruding part exploded, spilling a piece of green liquid, and the green liquid accidentally splashed on a soldier's spacesuit. The spacesuit on the soldier made a squeaking sound, and most of it was corroded.

Not only that, when the soldier reacted, the green liquid began to corrode his body, and he could only let out a scream, and soon the whole person turned into a pool of blood.

Everyone's scalps were numb, but what made them breathe a sigh of relief was that the little monsters were immediately attracted by the pool of blood and rushed towards the pool of blood.

"Stand back and shoot!"

Shi Jin shouted again.

Everyone was an elite in the army, and soon put away the fear in their hearts, and began to shoot at the center of the group of little monsters.

Bang bang bang!

Everyone is an elite, even if I feel a little flustered at this time, the marksmanship is still quite accurate, and hundreds of little monsters are quickly killed.

However, at this moment, a metal straw burst out of the big monster again, very fast.

But it is fast, and Shi Jin is faster!

He raised his hand and shot several consecutive shots into the central protrusion of the monster.

A muffled sound that made people hear extremely disgusting came from the monster, the central protrusion of the monster burst directly, and the straws that were just about to pierce Shi Jin and the others fell apart.

Shi Jin took a deep breath and said loudly, "Go back to the shuttle first. At this time, it's safest to be on the shuttle!"

He said that he stepped out of the tent first, and at this time, there were screams from other tents.

"Everyone, hurry back to the shuttle, and it's safe on the shuttle!" Shi Jin kept contacting people around him through wireless communication on his space suit, but because the signal could not be transmitted too far, many people could not hear his commands.

But Shi Jin couldn't take care of that much. Although it was very dangerous, he still ran towards every tent.

As they ran, they commanded everyone, and at the same time asked everyone to shoot at the center protruding part of the monster, so that the green liquid could not be splashed on the body and so on.

On the way, Shi Jin encountered several monster attacks, but they were all killed by him and the soldiers around him.

Although at night, they all have flashlights on their space suits, so they can see the surroundings clearly.

After more than ten minutes, everyone finally rushed out of the tent. At this time, it couldn't care how many people died. Shi Jin also led everyone to rush towards the shuttle.

Fortunately, their tent was not too far away from the shuttle, only one or two hundred meters away, but on the way, dozens of soldiers were sucked into humans by monsters.

After entering the shuttle one after another, Shi Jin noted the number of people, and there were eleven fewer soldiers in his shuttle.

After the scientists heard that there were scary monsters outside, they all turned pale. They were also fortunate that they had stayed in the shuttle before, or they had no weapons in their hands or soldiers, so they would have sacrificed more.

But in the shuttle, everyone could hear the rustling noise from time to time outside. From these sounds alone, they knew that there might be more monsters outside trying to pierce the shell of the shuttle.

"General Shi, what should we do, we must stop them from coming down!" said a scientist.

"Yes, according to the plan, they will land on Mars tomorrow morning. There will be heavy casualties by then. We can't contact them now. The only way is to return to Hope." Another scientist also said.

"Well, return to the Hope first!" Shi Jin just groaned for a few seconds before giving the order.

Although this is against Hope's order, this is not the time. As the leader of this advance team, he must make the right decision.

But when he sat in the driving seat of the shuttle, he soon discovered something desperate.

The anti-gravity system cannot be activated, and the shuttle cannot take off at all!

Chapter: 463

"Why does the communication system fail? Don't we use quantum communication technology? With a unique password that changes at any time, how could it suddenly fail!"

In the main conference hall of the Hope, Lu Chen roared almost ashen.

To be honest, this was the first time he had such a big temper in front of a group of scientists such as Ding Dacheng.

It has been nearly ten hours since Ding Dacheng and the others have found the problem. There are two thousand advance teams below. Can he be in a hurry?

Now they have the last 110,000 people left, and none of them can afford to sacrifice.

"Captain, we initially suspect that there is a special band on Mars that suddenly cut off our quantum signal, because our quantum communication satellite has no problem." Ding Dacheng said with a bitter brow.

To be honest, as the chief scientist on the Nozomi, he has not found out the problem for ten hours, and he is also very anxious.

"Special band?" Lu Chen frowned. He thought this would be artificial?

Thinking of this, his heart suddenly jumped. If it was man-made, it would be a Martian or a Martian creature!

But the climate on Mars is so bad, and the Mars rover they launched before did not find any sickness on Mars. In that case, this conjecture is incorrect.

"If the special waveband really interferes with the quantum communication satellite, it must be ejected by solar activity." Lu Chen guessed.

"Yes, there are often various small activities on the sun, which will eject some special electromagnetic waves, but we don't know what kind of electromagnetic waves it is, and we can't solve this problem temporarily without finding its band."

Ding Dacheng continued: "However, we will rebuild an ordinary Mars-synchronized communications satellite, which will be launched tomorrow morning, and then we will be able to contact them via radio waves."

"Captain don't worry too much. We have basically confirmed that there are no aliens on Mars, so they must be in no danger below. Besides, if they are in danger, they will definitely return to Hope." The scientist also said.

"Yeah." Lu Chen nodded. Although he always had a bad feeling in his heart, he also felt that if there was any danger below, Shi Jin would definitely bring them back.


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At this time on Mars, all the soldiers who fled back to the shuttle also discovered the anti-gravity system out of control.

Listening to the monsters outside constantly beating the shell of the shuttle, everyone felt desperate.

They had already known the abnormality of the metal test tubes of those monsters, and they easily pierced the spacesuit. Will it also pierce the shell of the shuttle?

Everyone has no bottom.

What makes everyone even more desperate is that the question that has not repaired the communication on the Hope is that they do not know what is going on.

Some people even suddenly flashed a terrible thought in their hearts.

That is, the Martian monsters outside were probably found on the Hope, so they were abandoned by the Hope!

Although this thought only passed by in a flash, many people still couldn't help thinking about it in their hearts.

After all, whether it was the Shenzhou Tiangong in the beginning or the Hope in the future, they gave up more humans.

Although for the continuation of mankind, whether it is Shenzhou Tiangong or Hope, they have to give up the vast majority of human beings, but they did give up.

Therefore, if this is the case, Hope is not a reason for not giving up on them.

Thinking about this, many people were helplessly sitting in the shuttle with despair on their faces.

"General Shi, let me ask a question. If Hope finds a Martian monster, will they come to rescue us?" A soldier beside Shi Jin suddenly asked.

"I think if they also knew the horror of Martian monsters, they would definitely not come to save us, because the anti-gravity system failed on Mars and they would not be able to fly out of Mars when they came down." Another soldier also said.

"Sure, our captain is also a cruel man. You forget that when the earth riots, when the thugs rushed to the science and technology park, he didn't even think about it, and directly ordered the annihilation of those people. That is hundreds of thousands, and absolutely Most of the people who don't have weapons yet, it can be seen that the captain must have done everything at a critical moment." Another soldier shook his head and said.

"Fuck your mother's shit!" Shi Jin suddenly turned around and stared at the two talking soldiers. The dozens of soldiers in his ship were all his guards, also called princes. He didn't expect them to be so unbearable.

"I have been following Young Master for so many years, Shi Jin will never do such a thing. If Young Master is the kind of person you think, do you still have a chance to be on the Hope?" Shi Jin said silently. Tao.

Most of his soldiers are brave men. Although they have been with him for several years, few of them know Lu Chen.

"In the future, even if you die, you are not allowed to doubt the young master anymore. If anyone dares to doubt the young master anymore, I will shoot him down!" Shi Jin shouted angrily.

When everyone saw Shi Jin suddenly lose their temper, they were all chilling.

Although Shi Jin usually loses his temper when they are not well trained, everyone knows that he is not really angry.

But at this time, they really felt the monstrous anger on Shi Jin.

"Sorry general, we were wrong, and we will never doubt the captain anymore!"

The crowd got up and apologized to Shi.

"Don't worry, everyone. The outer shell of the shuttle is made of special rare materials. It is very hard. It is impossible for the group of monsters to wear it. Let's sleep first. Get up tomorrow and go out to destroy those monsters." Shi Jin's anger eased a lot, said.

Everyone nodded, and they were all ready to go back to their chairs and lie down for a while, mainly because a lot of time had passed. The monsters outside seemed to have discovered that they couldn't penetrate the shell of the shuttle, and stopped at this time.

"It's better to bring all the helmets." Shi Jin reminded when several people took off their helmets.

Although there is an air circulation system in the shuttle, if there is an emergency, it can be put into combat as soon as possible.

"Master, you must be trying to rescue us, right!"

Shi Jin was lying on the chair and gradually fell asleep.

To be honest, although he is very powerful, he will consume so much to face so many monsters tonight.

Had he not killed so many monsters desperately, the advance team would have suffered even more casualties.

"Shi Jin, Shi Jin, this is Lu Chen, please answer when you receive it."

"Shi Jin, Shi Jin, this is Hope, please answer when you receive it."

In a daze, Shi Jin suddenly heard Lu Chen's voice, and he awakened from his nightmare with a sharp spirit.

Chapter: 464

"Master, is that you? Really?"

Shi Jin still couldn't believe it, he was afraid that he might still be in a dream.

Although he believed that Lu Chen would not give up on them, everything could happen before being rescued by Hope.

"It's me, are you okay now? What's the situation below?" Lu Chen's caring voice came from the walkie-talkie, and Shi Jin, a big man, was crying at this moment.

Don't you say he is not worried?

I must be worried!

But he is the leader, he can't let him lose his confidence in the first place, he can't behave worse than his soldiers, so he must take this pressure off himself.

Even in the end, when it was really hopeless, he couldn't let his men see his cowardly side.

But at this moment, when he heard Lu Chen's care, his heart collapsed, and he could no longer control his emotions.

"What's wrong, is the signal bad?" Lu Chen asked again without hearing Shi Jin's voice for a long time.

"Hey, it's okay, it's okay, I'm just a little excited." Shi Jin laughed.

Lu Chen on the Hope rolled his eyes and heard Shi Jin say: "Master, there are monsters on Mars, terrifying monsters. They are flat like blades, but they can stretch out a few metal straws for a few seconds. Time can suck a living person into a human..."

"What? How is your situation now?" Lu Chen and others on the Hope ship changed their faces when they heard Shi Jin's words.

They have passed countless analyses before, is there really no aliens on Mars?

Moreover, the previous Mars rover also conducted field surveys, and found no traces of living things on Mars. This news is really shocking and completely overturns the various predictions and judgments of human science and technology.

"The situation is very bad, and I don’t know how many people died, because the frequency of our walkie-talkie has been reduced to a distance of about two to thirty meters. I can’t get in touch with the people in the other two mines, and the anti-gravity system. Also out of control, we can't fly at all," Shi Jin said.

"Is the anti-gravity system out of control?" Everyone on the Nozomi again changed their faces.

The anti-gravity system is completely driven by electricity. How can it interfere with its operation?

In the past, interference in the band of quantum communication can be suspected to be the cause of the special electromagnetic waves ejected by solar activities, but now even the anti-gravity system can interfere, which is too scary.

"Now that the shuttle is full of Martian monsters, we don't know what to do." Shi Jin continued.

"Well, now you can use the tight frequency band to talk. You can comfort everyone first, so that everyone can rest assured, we will definitely find a way to rescue you." Lu Chen warned.

"Yeah." Shi Jin nodded heavily, then adjusted the frequency band to a tight frequency band and started to comfort everyone.

The tight frequency band is a special frequency band and a mandatory frequency band. As long as the speaker tunes to this frequency band, anyone within hundreds of kilometers can receive the signal, no matter which frequency band you are in.

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"Everyone, I am Shishi, and the Hope is preparing to rescue us. The person in charge of each shuttle will now tell me your specific situation and how many casualties there are."

When Shi Jin's voice reached every soldier's ears, everyone was relieved.

Not many people slept well last night, but they were worried and desperate all night. At this time, hearing Shi Jin's words was like hearing a fairy sound.

"This time the loss is too great. It is my fault that I sacrificed more than 500 soldiers!"

At this time, watching the report from Shi Jin in the main conference room of the Hope, Lu Chen felt a little self-blaming.

With the exception of the moon, humans have never actually stepped on a real alien. Therefore, even if they sent a probe to detect it first, they should not have sent so many soldiers down for the first time.

He felt that at most ten people would be the advance team.

But he actually sent an advance team of two thousand, which was a major mistake.

No one spoke, especially Ding Dacheng and other important scientists.

The previous analysis concluded that there are no alien creatures on Mars, and their responsibility is indeed great.

But Lu Chen didn't mean to blame them. Lu Chen knew that Ding Dacheng and others had done their best.

The main reason for this is that they left the Earth for the first time and studied Mars at close range for the first time. Their understanding of Mars is not thorough enough.

The most important thing is that, according to Shi Jin's report, that kind of Martian monsters are too cunning. They seem to be living under Mars, and they cannot be detected under normal circumstances.

"Analyze now, why is the anti-gravity system malfunctioning?" Lu Chen put away the distressing report and looked at Ding Dacheng and others.

What happened to the advance team is currently only known to a few high-level leaders including him and Ding Dacheng. Therefore, except for Du Fei, Xiao Zhan, and Yu Guangzheng, this meeting is all scientific team leaders with various expertise.

The Academy of Sciences is divided into more than a dozen groups such as chemistry group, power group, power group, biology group, medical group, etc. Each group has a team leader and deputy team leader. This meeting is about these team leaders and team leaders. .

And Ding Dacheng, the chief scientist, is in charge of these group leaders.

Sitting on the podium in the conference hall, Lu Chen said with a heavy face, "All the data of the anti-gravity system has been transmitted to you. Everyone, I know the anti-gravity system was decoded by me, but now I want you to study it together. This makes it difficult for some strong people.

But we really don’t have time. Below, we still have 1,500 scientists and elite soldiers, including a military general and several lieutenant colonel-level generals, all of whom protect our Hope No. 110,000. The best, we must rescue them as soon as possible.

Although there is an air circulation system in the shuttle, they are only an advance team. If I remember correctly, the food they brought down seemed to last for two days. It has been 40 hours and they must have eaten up their food. If we haven't thought of a solution by tomorrow morning, they will be hungry.

I don’t think anyone on the entire Hope wants to see their hero starving on Mars, right.

Therefore, although many people sitting here do not understand the anti-gravity system, I still hope that everyone will devote themselves to this system and try to come up with a solution as soon as possible. "

Chapter: 465

The many scientists who were called by Lu Chen this time, who were touched by planets, shuttles, creatures, and weather, were basically all present.

To be honest, this anti-gravity system is a physical technology, and there are indeed many of them who are not very good at it.

The reason why Lu Chen was like this was that he was a little ill and went to the doctor.

Yes, he himself had been thinking about it all night, but he still didn't figure out where the problem of the anti-gravity system was. According to the data from Shi Jin, everything was normal.

In addition, in another large conference room, there were thousands of skilled technicians who listened carefully to everything Lu Chen said through the video.

Although Ding Dacheng and others are scientists, they only speak out the theory. The actual hands-on operations are these skilled workers, or they can be said to be graduate students or doctoral students who have just graduated.

If they want to enter a real research group, they have to go through several years of internship before they are eligible.

Ding Dacheng pondered, stood up and said, "I will briefly talk about three points regarding this issue. First, why didn’t the anti-gravity system be neutralized when the unmanned detector was placed? Second, this is the opposite. What is the reason for the ineffective gravity system? Is there any way to solve it?"

"Okay, you can go down and discuss these points slowly. Now I want you to solve the problem of the anti-gravity system within five hours?" Lu Chen waved his hand to stop Ding Dacheng from asking.

Ding Dacheng spread out his hands, he didn't care about packing the tickets.

"No, then tell me, how long will it take you to convert the shuttle into a controllable nuclear fusion engine?" Lu Chen asked again.

"About five hours." Ding Dacheng thought for a while and said.

Lu Chen looked at Du Fei and asked, "How many shuttles does your military have now?"

"Twenty," Du Fei said.

Lu Chen nodded and turned to Ding Dacheng, "I don't want you to be left or right. You must convert all these twenty shuttles into nuclear fusion engines within five hours. I don't care about you. Do you do it yourself or supervise them."

"Okay, no problem." Ding Dacheng nodded.

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Lu Chen checked the time of his watch, and then said: "You go down first, Situ Jian, you go and transfer the shuttle to the research institute."

"Yes!" Situ Jian got up and gave a military salute, and then followed Ding Dacheng and other scientists to leave the conference room.

Lu Chen looked at Du Fei and others in the field again.

"There are our brothers and so many elites below. In any case, they have left the land with us. They are also our hope for the future of mankind. Therefore, this time, I am going to rescue them myself." Lu Chen looked towards The remaining few people said.

Those who stay now are Du Fei, Yu Guangzheng and Xiao Zhan from the military. There are also Lu Tianxing, who is in charge of martial arts training, as well as Lan Ling, Xu Jing, Lin Tong, Song Hai, Liu Zixiu, and his assistant Chen Churan.

Everyone's expressions changed, and Du Fei was the first to stand up and say: "You must not go down. You must sit down on the Hope. If you let them know that you are also going to Mars, you will definitely get flustered."

"Yes, you are now the belief of the entire Hope. It is the hope of whether we humans can successfully find a habitable planet. You must not make any mistakes, let alone go to Mars to take risks." Chen Churan also hurriedly stopped.

Everyone nodded one after another, not allowing Lu Chen to take the risk personally.

"You have also heard from Shi Jin, how terrifying the Martian monster is. Here my force is the strongest. I believe that my resilience is also the strongest, so I personally lead the team, better than any of you. , So, Du Fei, stay and guard the Hope." Lu Chen said firmly.

"Moreover, if I find that the situation is not right, I will return to the Hope as soon as possible." Lu Chen added.


"No, but, only I personally lead the team is the most realistic. For the unknown, my ability to withstand the unknown is stronger than you." Lu Chen waved his hand to stop Du Fei.

"No, I think Uncle Tian Xing is better than me as acting captain. I'm still more used to fighting for my brothers." Du Fei smiled wryly.

"No, no, no, this time, my super force will be the main force. I will definitely have to play in person." Lu Tianxing shook his head hurriedly.

Lu Chen also nodded and said, "My dad is right. Moreover, on the Ship Hope, his reputation is not as high as yours. Your reputation is the highest besides me, and you are the number one in the military. A sir, it’s up to you to be in control. If anything happens, you can suppress it."

"Commander Du, don't postpone it. Although we all know that you really want to go to the battlefield to rescue the brothers personally, but the captain insists on leading the team, the only fame on the Hope can suppress everyone. "Yu Guangzheng also nodded and said.

For this, he was also very clear in his heart. Du Fei had always been the commander of the Killing Temple, and he had made great contributions, and he was also a good brother of Lu Chen, and everyone trusted him more.

Besides, he is now the second most powerful person on the Hope, except for Lu Chen, and is also the deputy captain. If Lu Chen really makes a mistake, the entire Hope will require him to issue orders.

Du Fei frowned and looked reluctant, but in the end he could not tell everyone, he had to nod his head and said: "Well, then I am here, waiting for the good news from you. I wish you every success, to the hateful Martian monsters. Hit hard!"

In this way, after determining the personnel, everyone began to prepare.

At present there are only 20 shuttles, and only a thousand people can be carried there at the most. With this thousand people, Lu Chen is going to take all the warriors that Lu Tianxing has trained during this time.

In this rescue operation, ordinary soldiers obviously had little effect.

The main reason is that they are now above the Martian atmosphere, at an altitude of more than a thousand kilometers from Mars, and the sixth-generation fighters cannot fly on Mars at all.

The Mi-100 sixth-generation fighter designed at the time was only designed according to the situation of the earth, and certainly cannot be used for this kind of interstellar warfare.

However, after all these things, Lu Chen also thought about it. The next step is to develop star fighters. Star fighters are the guarantee for mankind.

The time on the Hope slowly passed. One minute and one second, the 110,000 people on the entire spacecraft also knew that there were terrifying monsters on Mars. The advance team had already encountered trouble.

However, most of the people on the shuttle have survived and are currently waiting for rescue.

They have no food, and they have to wait at least ten hours before they can wait for the rescue of Hope.

Everyone hopes to save them all back on the Nozomi.

Chapter: 466

"General Shi, we have no food, and everyone is already very hungry. The most important thing is that we don't even have water!"

A scientist came to Shi Jin and said that they hadn't eaten anything for several hours. At this time, everyone's lips were a little chapped.

"I know." Shi Jin nodded. Of course he knew that there was no food, but he also knew what the scientist meant. He wanted him to remind him of the Hope, hoping that they could come up with a solution to the anti-gravity system as soon as possible.

But he believed that his young master was definitely thinking of a way, so he didn't want to urge the Hope.

The most important thing is that he believes in his own master.

"Oh!" The scientist sighed and sat back in his place.

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In fact, this is the third time he has asked Shi Jin like this. Although he did not explain, he believes Shi Jin understands what he meant.

Several soldiers looked at Shi Jin, wanted to say something, and chose to keep their mouths shut.

"Who is not afraid of death?" Shi Jin suddenly looked at all the soldiers in the shuttle.

Everyone also looked at Shi Jin one after another, they understood what Shi Jin meant.

There was still some food in the tent outside. Shi Jin wanted to take them out to get back the food left in the tent.

Although they are safe now, they all know that the monsters outside must still be in ambush outside, and they must be waiting for them to open the hatch of the shuttle and then give them a fatal blow.

"I'm not afraid of death!"

"Anyway, both left and right are dead, why not kill more monsters before you die!"

"Yes, yes, we will kill now and go to the tent to retrieve food, or all of us may starve to death here!"

Everyone stood up one after another.

Who is not afraid of death?

No one is not afraid of death.

It’s just that sometimes you can’t avoid it if you don’t want to die.

So at this critical moment, both left and right are dead, and of course everyone can put aside life and death and fight for it.

Seeing that all the soldiers looked like death, the scientists were all moved.

They usually only focus on research and know too little about these soldiers.

At this moment, they all felt a shock in their hearts, and they also saw the blood in these soldiers that ordinary people did not possess.

"Okay, wait for me to ask other people on the shuttle!" Shi Jin nodded, and adjusted the frequency band to all the shuttle frequency bands in this mining area.

"Everyone, what's the situation on your side? How long can we last? We have no food here. We plan to go out to get food in the tent. Do you want to be together?" Shi Jin did not require everyone to participate in this kind of thing. Come in.

Because after they went out, for the vast majority of people, it would definitely be a life-threatening situation.

Therefore, if he doesn't want to go out and fight, he doesn't force it.

Let it die.

After a minute or so, Shi Jin's intercom finally heard the voices of everyone.

"No. 14 is willing to go out for a fight!"

"No. 10 is willing to go out for a fight!"

"Number 4 is willing to go out for a fight!"


The captains on each shuttle expressed their opinions one after another, and it seemed that their situation was similar to that of Shi Jin and others.

This number is exactly the number of the shuttle. Everyone in this close channel can hear it, but only the captain can speak.

"Okay, that's it. I'll count down three times. Together we are going to open the shuttle and kill them. Let these Martian monsters taste the boundless anger of our human beings on Earth!" Said loudly.

"Kill the damn piece of armor without leaving it, let these Martian monsters taste the boundless killing anger of our earth human beings!"

The captains shouted one after another.

"3, 2..."

Just as Shi Jin was about to count down, suddenly, Lu Chen's voice came from his walkie-talkie.

"Shi Jin, we will set off right away, let everyone hold on for a while, and it will take about two hours. We brought you food and water." Lu Chen said.

"Good, good!"

Shi Jin was excited, and immediately shouted at everyone: "Brothers, the captain came to rescue us personally. They brought food and water, and they will be there in two hours at most. Let us hold on for a while!"

"Long live the captain!"

"Long live the captain!"

Everyone cheered upon hearing the words, the original desperate bleakness, but now it has become a sea of ​​cheers.

"Okay, okay, everyone should save some energy. Two hours later, with the captain, they wanted to kill these damn Martian monsters." Shi Jin said hurriedly.

Then everyone nodded and returned to their positions to lie down and rest.

The scientists heard that Lu Chen personally led the team to rescue them, and they were a little excited, and an inexplicable emotion spread in their bodies.

At this time on the Hope, Lu Chen and others had all arrived in front of the shuttle.

One thousand people were divided into three teams, and Lu Chen personally led a team to target the iron oxide mining area.

Lu Tianxing led a team to target the monazite mining area.

Xiao Zhan led a team in the bastnaesite area.

"ready to go!"

Lu Chen yelled, and went to his shuttle first.

Everyone got on the shuttle, put on streamlined spacesuits, and waited for the departure.

The spacesuits they wore were not as clumsy as the ones worn by humans when they landed on the moon a few years ago.

At this time, the spacesuits were still supplied with oxygen by the itchy gas tank, but all aspects of the technology were improved too much, so these spacesuits can also be used as the initial version of the Star Wars suit.

"The gate of the first bridge is about to be closed, and nearby staff immediately leave the area. After 30 seconds, open the outer door to balance the pressure..."

"The first launcher moves to the bridge orbit, and the patency of the outer end of the track is scanned... the patency is 100%, and the first launcher's charging procedure is started, which is expected to be completed in 30 seconds...

"The launch counts down to thirty seconds, twenty-nine, twenty-eight..."

At this moment, on the entire Hope, 110,000 people all walked out of the tent, staring at the big screen on the wall, watching the images of the shuttles preparing to launch to Mars.

They knew that the last twenty shuttles were going to rescue the advance troops on Mars. Everyone silently blessed them, wishing the captain and others successfully to rescue everyone back to the HMS Hope.

I have had the last successful launch experience. This time, no one is worried about anything. After all, everyone still believes in the Academy of Sciences.

Even a behemoth like the Nozomi is flying into the sky. In terms of technology, what they have to worry about.


Following the lasing of the first shuttle from the gate of the bridge, the nineteen behind it also lased out, and then the entire bridge gate was completely closed.

The twenty rescue shuttles also flew to Mars with great consistency.

Chapter: 467

Lu Chen felt very depressed. Since their shuttle left the Hope, he felt very depressed in his heart. This feeling is hard to describe. It feels like a duel of life and death. A little cautiousness may wipe out the entire army.

A strange thought suddenly appeared in his heart, Mars must have some unknown danger waiting for them, and this unknown danger is not the kind of monster that Shi Jin and their advance team encountered.

Although that kind of monster was terrifying, Lu Chen felt that if they went down this time, they would probably encounter something more terrifying than that kind of monster.

Lu Chen almost dared to be so sure in his heart. Of course, this was just his hunch, so he didn't say it, lest it affect the mood of others and lower everyone's morale.

Twenty shuttles moved forward in such a silent atmosphere.

Of course, everyone knows that this is going to be a life and death fight with alien monsters, so no one speaks.

But it does not mean that everyone is indifferent to this matter.

On the contrary, they are all watching the shuttle, watching the surface of Mars getting closer and closer.

Although it is just a monotonous yellow desert, this feeling of being in an alien still makes many people feel weird.

If it weren’t for the knowledge that this is Mars, or that there are countless unknown terrifying monsters waiting for them on Mars, at this moment, many people might want to take out their phones and take pictures.

Although mobile phones are no longer useful on the Nozomi, everyone is used to them and they are still carried with them.

It was the morning of Mars in the three major mining areas. The sun had just risen shortly, and the sun outside was not so hot.

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In order to have time to prepare, the shuttle of Lu Chen and others landed at a distance of fifty meters away from the shuttle of Shi Jin and others.

Under the reverse thrust, the six shuttles stopped firmly on the yellow sand on the surface of Mars.

Lu Chen picked up the pistol and stood up first, then Lin Tong and Xu Jing quickly walked to the door of the shuttle, made a gesture to open the door, and the others raised their weapons one after another.

"Open." Lu Chen said, Lin Tong suddenly opened the hatch, but when everyone was relieved, no monster was seen in the sand.

"Be careful, they might be lying in ambush in the sand under the ground." Lu Chen reminded.

Xu Jing and Lin Tong nodded, and stepped out of the shuttle first.

After the two stepped out of the shuttle, they did not encounter an attack, but they still carefully observed the surroundings.

Lu Chen also stepped out of the shuttle afterwards, stepped on the gravel with his feet, and glanced at the shuttle group fifty meters away.

More than forty warriors in the back also stepped out of the shuttle. Although they are warriors, they mainly train guns and other methods of use these days, so the posture of holding the guns is also unique, and gradually has the characteristics of a soldier.

Of course, their actual combat power is much stronger than soldiers, even stronger than ordinary special forces.

This is determined by their own force.

"It they are here, ready to fight!"

At this moment, Lu Chen suddenly looked at the sandy ground fifty meters away, just outside Shi Jin's shuttle.

I saw the sand there, like plowing upside down, the sand was surging quickly, coming from their side.

Upon Lu Chen's reminder, everyone saw the abnormal changes in the sand.

They are all martial artists, with sensitive six senses, and of course they are not comparable to ordinary soldiers.

Then everyone took out the grenades they were equipped with, and after Lu Chen gave an order, they threw out the grenades in their hands.

These grenades are very powerful. One grenade explodes and can destroy the surrounding five meters. In the middle part, it can even blast a pit or two meters deep.

"Boom boom boom!"

As the grenades exploded on the sandy ground, among the shuttles of the people and the others, they were completely submerged by the explosion of sand and dust.

They didn't know how many monsters were killed, but when the sand was scattered, they seemed to see fewer monsters coming over.

After the blasting of this grenade, the monsters were blown out one after another. At this time, Lu Chen and others finally saw this terrifying Martian monster clearly.

What kind of monster is this?

It looks like it came out of a nightmare!

This is the first reaction everyone sees the monster.

The body is flat like a thin steel plate, without eyes, no mouthparts, no external organs that indicate the front, back, left, and right of the body, only the hideous things around the body like a steel straw.

And these straws can easily puncture a thick spacesuit. The straws must be extremely sharp.

And what is even more terrifying is the next countless little monsters. They move faster and are only the size of a palm. It is a nightmare to host these warriors who have just trained for a few days with guns.

Because of their marksmanship, it is not difficult to target these little monsters.

However, although these little monsters are so fast that they are almost invisible to the naked eye, they are martial artists with sensitive six senses, and they can also make up for some of the deficiencies in marksmanship.

When everyone fired a volley of bullets, more than a dozen little monsters were beaten to pieces.

They already knew how to deal with these monsters before, so every shot was aimed at their seven inches.

But fifty people shot together, but only fifteen or six were hit.

Seeing countless large and small monsters breaking through the bullet blockade, they rushed towards him and others.

A murderous opportunity appeared in Lu Chen's eyes.

He concentrated quickly and entered a wonderful realm.

He felt silence around him, and even the sound of gunshots had disappeared. He only felt his heartbeat and the crazy monster surging in front of him.

And in his eyes, the speed of the monsters suddenly slowed down...

Yes, it was a martial art realm that was extremely quiet. In this realm, everything around him suddenly became so slow in his eyes, just like your time would stop.

Bang bang bang!

The small spear in Lu Chen's hand was constantly tapped, and every time it was tapped, a small monster was blown by him.

The reload of this Gauss pistol had reached an astonishing 100 rounds, but soon, it was all shot by Lu Chen.

But he still had a Gauss master machine gun on his body. He threw the pistol on the ground, unhook the Gauss submachine gun on his back, and faced the monster group that had flooded into them ten meters away.

At this time, Lin Tong, Xu Jing, and the more than forty warriors all removed the Gauss submachine guns on their backs and fired frantically.

Finally, after more than ten minutes, after they changed their magazines twice, they finally broke a bloody path and came outside the shuttle of Shi Jin and others.

At this time, Shi Jin and others also turned on the shuttle and walked out.

But at this moment, Lu Chen's heart was shocked, and a strong sense of crisis suddenly rose in his heart.

Chapter: 468

Lu Chen suddenly gave birth to a strong malice.

Yes, it just feels disgusting.

"Everyone, get out of the way, pay attention to your feet!"

Lu Chen shouted suddenly, and then he violently retreated.

But at this moment, under them just standing, a dust like a small tornado burst straight up, and in an instant, it suddenly enveloped more than a dozen people.

Among the more than ten people, two warriors who responded slowly, ten guards from Shi Jin, and three scientists who came out to meet Lu Chen.

In the sight of everyone, a "flower" made of bone and carapace slammed out of the ground.

The "flower" opened, and the bone fragments "petals" closed. These more than a dozen people disappeared in the center of the "flower", as if this huge bone "flower" had only swallowed a fly.

Then, the center of this huge bone "flower" exploded fiercely, and the more than a dozen people who had swallowed them were completely blown into pieces and turned into food for this new strange thing!

Everyone was stunned by the shock of this scene.

Originally, Lu Chen's unknown premonition had erupted to its limit. When a flat tornado occurred on the ground, he had a premonition of a crisis that was as strong as it could be.

But it was still a step too late. The monster appeared too suddenly, and it must have been motionless underground before, so Lu Chen didn't realize its horror until the moment it launched its attack.

This kind of pure and incomparable sense of crisis has no impurities at all, but he only found out when the monster launched an attack, which shows how fast the monster's tolerance and attack speed is.

He looked at this terrifying monster, which was a bone and carapace like a flower.

The lower part is the rhizome, and the top part is a huge tearing mouth, shaped like a petal. The whole body is composed of bone-like carapace, hideous and terrifying.

The most terrifying thing is its hugeness. After it absorbed the ten people just now, its body was getting bigger and bigger, and it quickly grew to an incredible level.

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I saw it stood upright, at least a hundred meters in height, and the petal-like mouth was about 20 meters in diameter. When opened, it was even bigger, like the big mouth of a monstrous beast.

No wonder you can swallow all ten living people in one bite.

"The rocket bombards its roots. It can't grow again. It must be blown off for me!"

Lu Chen shouted, holding the submachine gun, and started shooting the monster's roots.

There are about ten people around the stem that are so thick, which is quite terrifying.

But when Gauss bullets hit it, they were still pierced one by one, indicating that the body of this monster is not so hard, and the rocket can definitely burst.

At this time, the rocket launcher is no longer pure gunpowder, but added the principle of electromagnetic blasting. Its power is several times stronger than that of the previous rocket launcher. A rocket exploded, which is equivalent to the previous high explosive bomb.

Boom boom boom!

"Damn it to Lao Tzu, you bastard!"

Shi Jin and the others screamed frantically, and the shoulder-mounted rocket shells blasted at the monster's rhizome.

Among the dozen or so people who had just been swallowed by this monster, most of them were guards who had been with him for several years, although they were subordinates.

But in his mind, these guards were already his brothers.

Why don't you let him go crazy!

The rocket blasted into the rhizome and immediately exploded. It also blasted the rhizome of this huge flower monster to shreds, directly breaking the connection between its petals and the rhizome.


Soon, the entire monster that had grown into the sky crashed onto the ground, stirring up layers of wind and sand.

For a moment, everyone saw that the monster's rhizome crazily twisted and twitched, and a stream of green liquid began to spray everywhere. Suddenly, corrosive gases began to diffuse, and the entire sand was corroded into pits everywhere.

Everyone looked at the green liquid that burst out of the monster's body so terrifying, they all subconsciously moved away.

"I have six remodeled shuttles here, you should arrange to send them up first." Lu Chen said to Shi Jin.

The monsters on Mars are too powerful, these ordinary soldiers can't handle it, it is better for him to keep these hundreds of warriors to guard them.

"Yeah." Shi Jin also knew that it was useless for his soldiers to stay, and maybe there would be more casualties, so he had to send them up.

It just so happened that there were about 300 soldiers left in this mining area, and six modified shuttles could send them all at once.

When Shi Jin made arrangements, Lu Chen asked the warriors to be on duty outside, while he took Xu Jing and Lin Tong into Shi Jin's shuttle.

He was going to personally check what was going on.

Before they were on the Nozomi, they just listened to the scientists here describe the problem of the shuttle anti-gravity system failure. They didn't see it personally. It must be difficult to judge.

He deciphered the anti-gravity system. Lu Chen opened the system interface, entered a string of passwords, and quickly entered the system's central control room.

Turning on the central control room, Lu Chen started to investigate one by one.

The program instructions of the anti-gravity system are very complicated, and often a small program contains more than ten functions, and the amount of engineering is quite large.

"Fuck, it's actually a resistance problem!" After more than two hours of investigation, Lu Chen finally found the problem.

Because the anti-gravity system uses power source energy, only when the current passes, it will produce the corresponding anti-gravity or simulated gravity.

If at this time, there is a special reason to increase the resistance of the wire loop on the shuttle, or a certain magnetic field affects the voltage, then the anti-gravity system will fail or weaken.

The anti-gravity system on the shuttle was not damaged, it was running all the time, but it was unable to generate anti-gravity and make the shuttle levitate. This should be the only reason.

"It seems that the biggest reason should be the Martian magnetic field. Fortunately, the shuttle finally failed after landing on Mars, or the casualties would be heavier." Lu Chen said to himself.

"Brother Chen, there are more and more little monsters, and several warriors on our side have sacrificed."

At this moment, Xu Jing walked in and said.

Lu Chen frowned. He looked at the time. The shuttle should have just arrived on the Hope, so they would have to fight for more than two hours.

Unless, he can now solve the problem of Martian magnetic field interference.

Chapter: 469

"Moreover, the situation in the other two mining areas is similar. I just contacted them. They are also being besieged by a large number of monsters. Too much, we don't have enough ammunition, we can support it for an hour at most." Xu Jing said again.

"Well, wait for me to think about it." Lu Chen muttered, thinking about how to eliminate the interference of Mars' magnetic field on the antigravity system.

Lu Chen's eyes lit up suddenly, and then he adjusted the channel to Ding Dacheng's channel, which was the channel he had agreed with Ding Dacheng before coming down.

"Ding Dacheng, are you there?" Lu Chen asked.

"Yes, Captain, please speak."

"I found a problem with the anti-gravity system, because the resistance was disturbed by the Martian magnetic field." Lu Chen said.

"It turns out that it is for this reason, then it is easy to handle. As long as we change the magnetic field of Mars, those shuttles can fly again." Ding Dacheng said excitedly.

"Yes. Now, I want you to launch high-magnetic artillery to bomb the poles of Mars, can you do it in half an hour?" Lu Chen asked.

"No problem, it's just that, how far do you expect to change to remove the interference of this kind of magnetic field?" Ding Dacheng asked.

"Well... I think about it, I think, just change the current magnetic field intensity at will, it's almost the same. Feeling that the Martian magnetic field intensity can just affect the resistance of the resistor." Lu Chen said.

When the anti-gravity system was deciphered before, Lu Chen knew that different resistance values ​​could affect its anti-gravity. When it was on the earth, the resistance value was also constant due to the stable magnetic field.

But at this time, the magnetic field strength of Mars is obviously much weaker than that of the earth, so the resistance value is affected.

"It seems that the anti-gravity system will have to continue to be studied in the future, especially the problem of resistance value, which must be solved." Lu Chen said with emotion.

"Tell them to hold on for another half an hour, then enter the shuttle and return to the Hope." Lu Chen said to Xu Jing.

"Okay." Xu Jing nodded, and the debugging channel began to broadcast Lu Chen's words.

The problem of the anti-gravity system was solved, and Lu Chen was also relieved.

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Otherwise, if so many shuttles are just thrown on Mars, it would be violent.

You know, this time they came to Mars to mine ore, not only did not collect any resources, but suffered heavy losses.

These dozens of shuttles would be worth tens of billions according to the Earth's standards five years ago, and the actual rare materials are also worth more than 5 billion.

But now being able to re-drive these shuttles back to the Hope, it is considered to have greatly reduced losses.

Lu Chen raised his submachine gun and walked out of the cabin again, Lin Tong and Xu Jing closely following him.

When Lu Chen checked the program of the shuttle before, the two of them were guarding Lu Chen.

At this time, the three of them stepped out of the shuttle again, and were immediately shocked by the dense crowd of monsters.

I saw the mountains and plains, everywhere, all kinds of Martian monsters.

At this time, hundreds of warriors were shooting frantically.

But supposing that their firepower was fierce, many monsters broke through the firepower blockade and rushed in front of everyone.

Then some warriors who fail to respond will be sucked up by the monsters.

However, what made Lu Chen breathe a sigh of relief was that these warriors responded quickly, and even if a monster broke through the blockade occasionally, they would rarely be injured.

"Ding Dacheng, have the high magnetic cannon fired? We can't hold on anymore. There are too many monsters!" Lu Chen called to Ding Dacheng's channel.

"The launch system is being activated. Because the high magnetic gun is still in the test stage and has not been delivered to the military, we have not yet established an automatic launch system and can only launch manually." Ding Dacheng explained.

"Yeah." Lu Chen said, tuned the channel to Du Fei again.

"A Fei, are you there?" Lu Chen asked.


"We have found a solution to the problem of the anti-gravity system. You don't want the shuttles they just went up to go down." Lu Chen said.

"Okay, received." Du Fei replied.

Lu Chen turned off the walkie-talkie and looked at the monsters rushing in madly, and joined the warriors in the battle.

The marksmanship of Lu Chen, Xu Jing, and Lin Tong was quite accurate. As soon as the three of them joined, they suddenly exploded with large monsters.

Ten minutes later, the crazy monster charge was finally suppressed, and everyone was relieved.

In front of them, there were empty magazines.

You know, one of these Gauss magazines is 100 rounds. It can be seen how many monsters they have killed during this period.

At this time, even if they were the martial arts powerhouses, they all got red eyes, and their eyes were full of killing and violence.

If he were to be an ordinary soldier, after such a long battle, it would have been exhausted.

However, although they were faintly tired at this time, their individual strength was obviously still very abundant.

"Captain, I’m afraid we will not be able to hold on for the last twenty minutes. A terrifying monster appeared on our side, like a flower bone magnified countless times. Damn, it swallowed us more than thirty in one bite. This warrior is simply too scary. The most important thing is that the green liquid it sprays will die if it touches it. In this short time, we have had hundreds of warriors killed by it!"

At this moment, Xiao Zhan's voice came from Lu Chen's intercom.

Lu Chen's figure was startled, hundreds of warriors, it was a huge loss, damn, this time it was really a heavy loss.

When Lu Chen heard what Xiao Zhan said, he tuned the frequency to the private channel, and then said loudly: "We have encountered the kind of monster you mentioned before. If it is upright, just hit its rhizome. It will die if it blows up its rhizome."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier, I was killed by this monster over fifty warriors."

At this moment, Lu Tianxing's voice said reproachfully.

These warriors are all trained by him. Although there are more than 3,000 people in total, they are too precious, and sacrificing one is a huge loss.

"This is my mistake. I forgot to notify you before. Let's stick to it for another 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the high magnetic cannon launched on the Hope will reach Mars. Then we can take the shuttle. left."

Lu Chen took the responsibility on his own initiative.

He did make a mistake.

Although he was anxious to solve the anti-gravity problem before, his thoughts were taken away, but this was indeed his major mistake.

More than a hundred warriors.

Moreover, today Lu Tianxing selected outstanding warriors. In this case, more than a hundred people were sacrificed, showing the horror of alien creatures.

"Brother Chen, no, that kind of super monster is here again, and there are still many more!"

At this moment, Xu Jing said to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen put away the walkie-talkie and looked at it, only a kilometer away, dozens of super monsters like the previous flower bones were quickly attacking them.

At this moment, everyone took a breath.

Chapter: 470

"Fuck me!"

Upon seeing this, Lu Chen spoke violently again.

He has rarely been violent, but he did not hold back at this time.

He knew how terrifying that kind of monster was, and if there were only a few, they could still handle it.

But there are dozens of them, which is a bit difficult.

"How many rockets are there?" Lu Chen asked.

"I liquidated it before, and there are more than one hundred, which should be enough." Shi Jin said.

"Well, then kill it." Lu Chen said.

"Okay." Shi Jin nodded, and let his last fifteen soldiers carry out the shoulder-mounted bazooka.

These fifteen guards were also not bad warriors, so they stayed in the end.

The use of the rocket launcher is the responsibility of these ten guards, because the only ones present are the masters of the rocket launcher.

Rocket artillery shells are limited, and it is a weapon for bombarding such large monsters, and each one cannot be wasted.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Following Shi Jin's order, the guards fired shells.

With howling sounds, shells shot at the dozens of monsters.

Those monsters obviously wanted to evade, but maybe they were too clumsy. When they just reacted, the shells had already blasted into their rhizomes.

But their rhizomes are so big that a single rocket is not enough to burst them.

However, it can be seen that the actions of the fifteen monsters that were shot have dropped significantly, and their towering bodies also felt shaky.

"Hit me, hit hard, hit the same position!" Shi Jin shouted.

The fifteen soldiers hurriedly reloaded the shells, turned on the automatic tracing mirror again, and quickly found the target they had just hit.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Fifteen shells shot out again, and in the next instant, the rhizomes of the fifteen monsters that had been bombarded by two bombs exploded, and the huge body fell down.

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Although it was a kilometer away, everyone could clearly see that the green liquid exploded out of that puddle of sand, quickly corroding a large piece of sand and gravel into large pits.

"I don't know what the green liquid is, it's too corrosive!" Xu Jing exclaimed.

"It's similar to strong current acid, but it's far more terrifying than strong current acid. Unfortunately, there is no container, or I would like to collect a little bit and go back to the Hope for research." Lu Chen said.

"I'm afraid that thing can be filled without a container. I think it can corrode everything." Xu Jing said.

"Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, feeling a little regretful. If they could bring this liquid to study, the chemistry department might make substantial progress.

"Actually, we can catch such little monsters and study them. They also contain that kind of extremely corrosive liquid." Xu Jing said suddenly.

Lu Chen's eyes lit up, he hadn't thought of this problem before.

He was also very curious in his heart as to how this kind of monster contained that liquid in their bodies.

"Bring a small one here." Lu Chen said.

Then the people next to him deliberately let a little monster rush over.

Seeing that it was not far from Lu Chen, the little monster didn't know if it was a little overly excited, and suddenly crashed on a rock, suddenly he looked a little confused.

Upon seeing this, Lu Chen fired several shots at its tiny straws.

Although the metal straws on this little monster are very small, they are easily hit by a Gaussian bomb at close range.

The metal straw was interrupted, and the little monster no longer had any threat except the green liquid inside.

A few minutes later, Lin Tong took out an iron box from the shuttle, then clamped the little monster without a straw with pliers, and threw it into the iron box.

"Show it to me well." Lu Chen said to Lin Tong.

"Hao Le." Lin Tong replied, taking care of the iron box himself.

After more than ten minutes, the fifteen guards finally killed the last few large monsters that had rushed a few hundred meters away, and everyone was relieved.

"Ding Dacheng, how much time does the Gauss cannon have to reach Mars?" Lu Chen asked after tuned to Ding Dacheng's channel.

A few seconds later, Ding Dacheng’s voice came: "Five minutes, in order to achieve the maximum effect, this time, we blasted all the Gauss cannons we just developed to the south pole of Mars, which will surely trigger various planets on Mars. Catastrophic changes, such as volcanic eruptions, such as magnitude 9 earthquakes, so you finally entered the shuttle one minute earlier. Once the anti-gravity system is restored, you must leave Mars immediately, or you will encounter danger."

"Damn, you are so cruel!" Lu Chen said, startled.

The power of the Gauss cannon can be called a nuclear weapon, but it has no nuclear pollution. It uses electromagnetic lethality to cause huge damage.

Previously, the Weapons Division had developed five Gauss cannons, which had not been tested yet, and I did not expect that they would all be used to bomb Mars today.

"I'm afraid of accidents, so I used them all, and I was just about to tell you about it." Ding Dacheng said.

Lu Chen checked the time and hung up Ding Dacheng's call. Everyone shouted: "Everyone, hold on for another 4 minutes, we can return to the shuttle, everyone hold on!"

Although that kind of huge monster looks scary, those thin-shaped monsters with straws are the most threatening.

Because there are too many of them, even the martial artist, who has been fighting for several hours, would have been exhausted.

But after hearing Lu Chen's words, everyone forcibly cheered up again.

If you don't look at those terrifying monsters that are endless to kill, many people almost want to give up.

Lu Chen tuned to the private channel again and reminded the people in the other two mining areas: "In four minutes, you will enter the shuttle, and then the anti-gravity system will be restored. Everyone is ready to return to Hope."

Hearing Lu Chen's words, the people in the other two mining areas were also excited.

They were actually worse than Lu Chen's side.

Because they didn't know how to deal with that kind of super monster like flower bones, it can be described as heavy casualties, which greatly affected everyone's emotions.

Four minutes later, Lu Chen ordered everyone to return to the shuttle, and then entered the shuttle while covering.

When everyone got into the shuttle, closed the hatch, and fastened their seat belts in their sitting positions, they suddenly discovered that the anti-gravity system in the shuttle had recovered.

Immediately afterwards, I felt that the shuttle was shaking slightly.

Lu Chen knew that it was the Martian vibration caused by the explosion of the Gauss Cannon at the South Pole of Mars.

Because shock waves travel much faster than sound waves, they haven't heard the monstrous roar.

"Everyone is ready, return to Hope!"

Lu Chen gave the last command on Mars, and then activated the anti-gravity system.

Then, the shuttle, which had been surrounded by countless large and small monsters, slowly lifted off and left Mars.