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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 361-370) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 361

"Just a few of you? It's still a long way away." Xu Jing jokingly laughed, and instead of retreating, she rushed towards the seven.

Xu Jing is a special soldier, and he is not an ordinary special soldier. He has practiced martial arts since he was a child and is the kind of real soldier king.

Lu Chen used him so much, mainly because he recognized his strength, and even more assuredly asked him to protect Qiqi, which shows that Xu Jing's strength is strong.

Although the other party was besieging him with seven people, they fought for a while, and the seven did not even touch Xu Jing's clothes corner. Instead, two of them were drawn by Xu Jing in two big mouths, and they flew away. .

The remaining five people just insisted that they were less than a minute, and they all lay on the ground grunting.

Seeing all of their idol's bodyguards hit the ground within a minute, all Hu Yue fans were dumbfounded. One looked at Xu Jing without admiration, some were just angry.

The reason for their anger is that Xu Jing injured their idol's bodyguard.

But seeing Xu Jing as mighty as a god of war, he didn't dare to say anything.

At this time, Hu Yue and Assistant Liu's expressions were extremely ugly. They didn't expect her eight guards to be so useless that she was embarrassed.

"Come here and take the big star to Dongjia Electronics." Lu Chen said to Xu Jing and left before Lin Tong.

Seeing Lu Chen leaving behind, Hu Yue felt very upset, but she couldn't make other choices in front of so many fans.

She had no choice but to go to Dongjia Electronics first if she was willing to bet.

But she already had an idea in her heart, and when she arrived at Dongjia Electronics, she would take revenge again.

But seeing Xu Jing driving only a four-seater sedan, and it was only a million-dollar car, she immediately stopped doing it.

"Just this broken car?" Hu Yue stared at Xu Jing in the cab.

broken car?

Xu Jing is quite speechless. Now there are a lot of celebrities with money, but can you really not understand the money? A million cars are also broken cars in your eyes?

When you come to see, our brother Chen has hundreds of billions of worth, and he can even ride a bus.

This person is really incomparable.

"Well, just this one. If you don't take a seat, then buy a luxury car by yourself and go there." Xu Jing also has a temper. Hu Yue provokes him again and again and makes him a little angry. Up.

What attitude is this?

When Hu Yue heard this, it exploded.

With her hands on her hips, she said uncomfortably: "I won't shoot this commercial anymore. Whoever wants to shoot will do it. Buy me a plane ticket to the capital immediately, and I will go back now."

Upon seeing this, Assistant Liu hurriedly said: "Hu Yue, you should calm down first. This contract is signed by the company and Dongjia Electronics. We can't unilaterally breach the contract. He is just a bodyguard, so why bother with him. "

Assistant Liu certainly knows that Dongjia Electronics’ advertising fees are very high, and the company is definitely unlikely to default.

A breach of contract will pay 30%. But that is a fortune.

And if the contract is breached, Hu Yue must pay the money himself.

"Okay, then I don't care about him." Hu Yue snorted heavily and pulled the car door to sit in the back row.

The assistant glanced at the bodyguards and asked them to take a taxi to Dongjia Electronics, and then followed Hu Yue into the car.

After Xu Jing sent Hu Yue and her assistants to Dongjia Electronics, and after handing them to Dongjia Electronics' public relations team, they went back to the Science and Technology Park by themselves.

Lu Chen didn't care about it anymore.

Anyway, Lin Yijun just wanted him to protect Hu Yue. Lu Chen saw that she already had eight bodyguards, so it was rare to take care of it.

He has received many big people, and he has never seen someone as pretentious as Hu Yue.

To put it bluntly, Hu Yue is just an actor, what right does he have to put on airs in front of him.

"President, my dad has been here before. He asked me to ask you if I have time to watch the football game tonight. It is the game between our Huaxia team and the Korean team." At the Chamber of Commerce, Chen Churan asked.

"Do you play in our Yuzhou?|" Lu Chen asked casually.

He also liked football very much when he was in college, and used to stay up late to watch football games.

Later, I saw that the national football team was getting worse, and after getting married and having children, I never watched it.

However, Chen Churan's words reminded him of the days of watching football games in the past.

"Yeah, don't you know? Just play in our Yuzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. This is the Asian Cup group stage. If our country beats the Korean team today, it will be the first in the group." Chen Churan said with a face. She was still a little excited, and she was also a fan.

"Well, if you have a ticket, I'll go and see with him." Lu Chen nodded.

"My dad bought a box ticket, so I can sit in a few people." Chen Churan said.

"Okay, okay, what time does it start?" Lu Chen asked.

"At 7:30 in the evening, it was just fine after dinner. By the way, let's go to dinner together." Chen Churan said.

"Don't forget to eat, eat another day." Lu Chen smiled, not wanting to walk too close to Chen Churan.

Even when she was the assistant, Lu Chen was a little afraid of being jealous when Lin Yijun knew about it.

Lin Yijun is completely a jealous jar, he has already experienced it last time.

Chen Churan was a little disappointed, but his expression did not show.

She smiled and said, "I will call you then."

"No, I'm out of the stadium on time. Just wait for me wherever you are." Lu Chen shook his head.

"Well, good." Chen Churan nodded, but didn't insist.

After the Chamber of Commerce took care of something, Lu Chen went to the Science and Technology Park to lie down and asked about the delivery process of the super chip before returning to the villa.

Lu Chen leaned on the sofa and watched the news. When Lin Yijun came back, he was a little unhappy and couldn't help asking, "What happened?"

"It's really mad at me." Lin Yijun sat down beside Lu Chen and complained, "That big star Hu Yue, the shelf is really not that big."

"I saw her today, the shelf is indeed very big, or just change another one." Lu Chen said.

"Forget it, in the event of a temporary breach of contract, the deposit we paid will not be refunded, and although Hu Yue is a bit difficult to serve, she is indeed a big star and the fan base is too big." Lin Yijun shook her head, still thinking that he would continue to use Hu. Yue is better.

Lu Chen smiled and said, "Seriously, I have never heard of this Hu Yue. It may have happened to be a film, and maybe it will pass after a while. I watched her today. Arrogant, dare to conclude that she will not be hot for three years.

"That's enough. Our products will be updated in three years." Lin Yijun smiled.

Lu Chen spread his hands and stopped discussing this topic.

"By the way, I'm going to watch a football match with Chen Guangxing in a while. The national team is going to the Korean team, are you going?" Lu Chen asked.

"Forget it, go by yourself. I'm not interested in the ball game. I have to work overtime to plan this advertisement." Lin Yijun shook his head and said.

"Yeah." Lu Chen nodded and continued to watch the news.

After dinner, he drove to the Olympic Sports Center by himself.

Chapter: 362

When Lu Chen arrived at the Olympic Sports Center, he found that Chen Churan was the only one.

"Where's your dad, isn't here yet?" Lu Chen asked.

"Why, are you afraid that I would eat you?" Chen Churan said in an annoyed manner.

Lu Chen didn't want to joke with Chen Churan, shrugged, and said, "Then go in, the game will start soon."

As he said, he walked to the gate first. He guessed that Chen Guangxing might be Chen Churan's dangling son.

"This fool." Chen Churan looked at Lu Chen's back and gritted his teeth, feeling a little uncomfortable. She had never seen such a puzzling man.

Chen Churan stomped secretly and followed.

Whether the box is good or not, it just feels a little far away. People with poor eyesight may not be able to see the players on the court.

At this time, the entire stadium was already full of people, about 50,000 to 60,000, which was very noisy.

But it's this feeling and atmosphere to watch the game.

I have to say that although the strength of the Huaxia Football Team is not very good, there are still a lot of Huaxia fans. It is just that the stadium is a bit small. Otherwise, there are tens of thousands of places in such a national game, and it is estimated that you can sit. full.

The warm-up players are leaving the field, and the game is about to start.

Soon the game started. Lu Chen chatted with Chen Churan while watching the game, and the time passed quickly.

However, after the whole game, the Huaxia team did not score a goal, but the Gaoli team scored three, which made all Huaxia fans very upset.

To be honest, Lu Chen looked aggrieved.

Especially at the last moment, under the booing of the Chinese fans, the Korean players actually gave their little thumbs to the stands, which is an insult to the Chinese fans.

"Hey, I don't know when will our country's football stand up." Chen Churan sighed as he left the field.

"It won't be long, it will rise in ten years," Lu Chen said firmly.

"Do you want to invest in football?" Chen Churan asked with bright eyes.

"Have this idea." Lu Chen nodded.

Seeing that the national football is so behind, he feels that he should come out and do something.

In response to the actions of those Korean players just now, he has to find a way to make China Football soar.

"Are you going to buy a team, or?" Chen Churan asked curiously.

Lu Chen didn't speak, he was thinking about questions.

"By the way, the owner of Yuzhou Sway also joined the Chamber of Commerce. This year, Sway's performance is very poor and has fallen into the relegation zone. I heard that they are also interested in selling the team." Chen Churan said.

She is an authentic fan. Although the strength of the Sway team is very weak, she still goes to watch every home game.

"You inform everyone that there will be a morning meeting tomorrow morning." Lu Chen said to Chen Churan.

"Okay." Although Chen Churan didn't know what Lu Chen had planned yet, she felt that Lu Chen was going to start the game tomorrow. It should have something to do with football.

Everyone knows the reason why China's football has been unable to play.

It's not that Chinese people don't like football, but that they don't have that facility.

In addition, in the eyes of some parents, children think that everything else is a waste of time in addition to learning, which has led to the failure to cultivate outstanding young players.

Of course, the main reason is still the system.

The next day, Lu Chen was about to come to the Chamber of Commerce headquarters. All the members looked at Lu Chen curiously, wondering why he suddenly notified everyone of the meeting.

Yiqi Technology's next project will be launched in two months. Is it because the government has any major projects to come out?

Thinking of this in everyone's hearts, they were a little excited.

The project that can alarm Lu Chen must be a big one.

Just as everyone guessed, Lu Chen finally revealed his purpose.

"Everyone, I want to set up a football foundation to support the development of domestic football. I budgeted last night and estimated that it will take more than tens of billions of funds to run. I set up this foundation not to make money, but simply I want to make domestic football develop as soon as possible. The Football Association can't do anything, I will do it myself." Lu Chen said straightforwardly.

When they heard Lu Chen's words, everyone was silent.

They all understood what Lu Chen meant. It was an investment, but there was basically no return.

This is equivalent to a charity fund.

"I'll donate 3 billion first. How much you are willing to donate voluntarily, but as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, even if you donate one piece, you must donate. Those who don't donate will be kicked out of the Chamber of Commerce." Lu Chen continued.

He knew that relying on the Chamber of Commerce alone, it is impossible to make donations of more than 10 billion, and 10 billion is not enough to develop China Football.

However, with this tens of billions in the early stage, football training bases can already be established in many big cities.

And he also believes that once this foundation is established, there will definitely be a large number of people donating money.

After all, countless people still want to see football in their country develop as soon as possible.

As the biggest sport at present, football has spread all over the world, no fans do not want to see their country's football dominate the green shade.

"My Chen family donated one billion." As the vice chairman, Chen Guangxing also came out for the second time.

Over the past six months, I have maintained a good cooperative relationship with Yiqi Technology. The Chen family has made a lot of money. One billion yuan is painful for them, but Chen Guangxing has always liked to do such famous charity activities. Gritting his teeth, he still insisted on putting out one billion.

Of course, he dared to donate one billion. One was to cheer up Lu Chen so that all members knew that the Chen family and Lu Chen had the same steps.

Second, he believed that he cooperated with Lu Chen so that Lu Chen would definitely not lose his Chen family.

Third, Chen Guangxing, deep down in his heart, also hopes that China Football Association can stand up.

"I also donate one billion." Li Qingcheng said third.

Seeing that Li Qingcheng actually donated so much, everyone was a little surprised. Although the Li family had recently signed a big deal with Yiqi Technology, the Li family had been shaken by storms in the past few years.

Li Qingcheng's ability to donate so much money to the foundation shows that the Li family's strength is still very strong, and it has been thoroughly developed.

After that, the major members all expressed their donations. Several companies have donated 100 million, and the others are between 1 million and tens of millions.

There is no way, if you want to follow Yiqi Technology, you have to be willing to pay.

Today they raised their faces for Lu Chen and followed Lu Chen's footsteps. Tomorrow, Lu Chen would definitely give them even greater profits.

This is the mind of almost all members.

To be honest, for a large project, the real big head will definitely be in the hands of several large companies, but if they subcontract out, these small companies can also make a lot of money.

At least it's better than soup.

Chapter: 363

The establishment of the Football Foundation went smoothly. At the meeting, Chen Churan took the initiative to invite Sakura, and then she took care of the entire foundation.

It just so happens that she is also a senior fan, and she is Miss Chen Jia, and she should be able to do well in contact with the Football Association.

Of course, those things are Chen Churan's business. The foundation will leave it to her, and she will form her team by herself, and then how to spend all the money on the ground.

The establishment of the Yuzhou Football Foundation has aroused the great attention of the Football Association. It is said that there were 8 billion donations that day. As soon as this amount was announced, the entire Huaxia football fans exploded.

The Football Association has always wanted to solve these things fundamentally, but without sufficient funds, progress has been quite slow.

Over time, no hope of football's rise was seen, and many people gave up.

For Yuzhou fans recently, the most annoying is that their own team is deep in the relegation zone. There are still five games this season. At least three wins and two draws are needed to succeed in relegation.

But the team has lost five straight, and the head coach has not reversed the situation.

"Hurry up and watch the news."

"What news?"

"Swiss official news."

"What's wrong, are you going to change coach again?"

"No, the team was bought by a big guy."

"Ah? Which consortium bought it?"

"Yiqi Technology, Lu Chen, the owner of Yiqi Technology, promised to our fans that the team will be relegated successfully, and next season will introduce big-name stars to rebuild the team."

"Really, let me see."

This scene is being staged in various places in Yuzhou.

Countless SWA fans cried excitedly after watching the official news.

This is their love for Sway, their love for football.

"Boss Lu has taken action, we are saved by Sweet!"

"Every time Boss Lu makes a move, the whole world shakes. This time, can he lead us to shake the world?"

"Yes! Although our China Football Association is not very good, but I believe that boss Lu, I believe he will be able to give all of our Huaxia fans, even fans of the world a surprise."

After seeing the news, some fans gave Lu Chen likes one after another, and countless people went to the official website of Yiqi Technology to leave a message, thanking Lu Chen for saving their team.

"The fans are really a pure and lovely group!"

Seeing the sudden increase in traffic on the official website, so many football fans appeared to leave messages, the people of Yiqi Technology lamented this phenomenon.

The news of Lu Chen's acquisition of SWS has been announced to the media. Of course everyone at Yiqi Technology knows it well.

Especially for those high-level managers, Lu Chen gave them the opportunity to buy shares, and almost all the management personnel got some shares.

It’s not that Lu Chen didn’t have this money. To be honest, he only spent 100 million on the acquisition of SWS. SWS was originally a member of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, SWS has been losing money recently, so he wanted to sell it, so he had just one. Yi sold Lu Chen a favor and transferred it to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen allowed the management of Yiqi Technology to buy shares, first, to make them earn more, and second, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the management.

After issuing the official announcement, Lu Chen immediately notified the team's coaching staff and all the players to hold an emergency meeting.

The content of the meeting is very simple. It is to motivate everyone and must be successful in relegation.

If the relegation is successful, from coaches to players, each person will have two million bonuses, and there will be a chance to stay with the team next season with a high salary.

This meeting made the whole team feel like a chicken, and they are full of confidence in the next five relegation games.

After the news spread, all SWS fans were excited and once again captured the official website of Yiqi Technology.

Everyone sighed that Yiqi Technology is rich and rich.

This makes the bosses, coaches and others of the other two teams who may also fall into the relegation zone sour.

But they only dared to talk in the media interviews.

This also understands that if Sis is not relegated, one of them will be relegated. Of course, they cannot spend money like Lu Chen to motivate the players to work hard, so they can only say a few words.

After the play meeting, Lu Chen left the team, leaving room for the team.

"Young Master, where are you going?" Lin Tong asked when he saw that it had only been past four in the afternoon.

Lu Chen checked the time, and it was too early to go back. Suddenly he thought that he hadn't visited Dongjia Electronics for a long time, so he was going to see what their new product was.

Although the new product of Dongjia Electronics was developed by the scientific research team of Yiqi Technology for them, Lu Chen did not ask what it was.

There is still time today, so just go and have a look.

"Go to Dongjia Electronics." Lu Chen said.

"Okay." Lin Tong nodded, then turned around and headed to Dongjia Electronics.

Soon I arrived at Dongjia Electronics. After Lu Chen got out of the car, he was about to go to Lin Yijun's office when he saw Lin Yijun walk out with a sad expression.

"What's wrong, has something happened?" Lu Chen asked.

Seeing that it was Lu Chen, Lin Yijun shook her head and said, "It's Hu Yue again."

"What's wrong with her?" Lu Chen asked, and he felt that the woman was unreliable.

"Isn't there a press conference today? Hu Yue acted in a TV series before, playing the role of a doctor. When the reporter interviewed, she said that she had medical skills, and then..." Lin Yijun felt a bit of a headache and didn't want to Go on.

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and said, "Then the reporter asked medical-related questions on the spot. She couldn't answer them, right?"

"Yeah, she is simply mentally retarded, I would not need her if I knew it a long time ago." Lin Yijun nodded, she was also annoying.

Lu Chen curled his lips, this woman can really do things.

"I'll go and see with you." Lu Chen said, and went to the reception hall with Lin Yijun. At the entrance of the reception hall, there were countless reporters with microphones and cameras.

Lu Chen looked around, but did not see Hu Yue's shadow.

The reporters rushed to the camera and said: "The popular star Hu Yue, who claims to have medical skills, played the role of a surgeon at the beginning, and he is also a true character. Later, Hu Yue will show it in front of you. Please wait and see."

Some of these reporters are videotaping and some are broadcasting live.

Lin Yijun led Lu Chen through the back door.

The reception hall is extremely private and is divided into compartments. At this moment, as soon as Lu Chen entered the hall, he heard Hu Yue's scolding voice and the voice of Dongjia Electronic Public Relations manager from a temporary dressing room.

"Ms. Hu, don't worry, we will deal with this matter as soon as possible."

"Handling? How do you deal with it!" Hu Yue pointed at the public relations manager and scolded loudly, "I really can't figure out how you do public relations, what should reporters ask, what shouldn't you ask, have you not arranged it? Huh? Who asked them to ask those questions?"

"But Ms. Hu, you suddenly said that you know medicine and you are still acting in your true colors. This is not in our plan."

When Lu Chen outside heard this, he couldn't help but sneer.

This incident must be that Hu Yue himself wanted to pretend to be in front of the reporter, and he was exposed at this time, but he put all the blame on Dongjia Electronics. This is really unreasonable.

With a cold snort, he entered the dressing room with Lin Yijun.

Chapter: 364

"What should I do? It's up to you!" Hu Yue stared at the beauty of the public relations angrily. "Now, it's how you want to deal with this matter, instead of questioning me unreasonably here. You are a rice bucket. The qualifications question me!"

Being humiliated by Hu Yue in public is very uncomfortable in public concern, but she knows about her job, and of course she can't fight Hu Yue hard.

But she doesn't know how to solve this matter now.

At this moment, only Lu Chen and Lin Yijun came in, and the beauty of the public relations hurried forward to say hello.

"Mr. Lu, Mr. Lin." The public relations beauty was a little at a loss.

"Go ahead and deal with this matter," Lu Chen said.

"Huh?" The public relations beauty looked embarrassed, what did she say.

"You tell the reporters that Hu Yue doesn't understand medicine at all. She was just talking nonsense before." Lu Chen said.

"Are you talking nonsense? Who are you? Is this your shit?" Hu Yue suddenly went crazy, and she turned to Lin Yijun, "Mr. Lin, you must give me an account of this matter, otherwise I won't speak for you. Up!"

"Go ahead, I didn't want you to endorse it a long time ago," Lu Chen said in a deep voice.

"Mr. Lin, who is he? I want him to make me apologize immediately, otherwise you can take care of it yourself!" Hu Yueqi said to Lin Yijun with his chest rising and falling.

Lin Yijun was also irritated by Hu Yue, she had never seen such a shameless woman, she was still a big star, it was a joke.

"He is my husband. His words are mine. I will now officially inform you that the cooperation between our company and your company ends here." Lin Yijun said indifferently.

Hearing Lin Yijun's words, Hu Yue suddenly panicked. She didn't expect Lin Yijun to be so strong, which was not what she expected.

Lin Yijun had always had a good attitude before, and she always thought that Lin Yijun was very talkative and cared about her, but she didn't expect Lin Yijun to be more straightforward and decisive than she thought.

Assistant Liu was also panicked. It was true that they did not do it well. It was caused by Hu Yue's unobtrusiveness. It really has nothing to do with Dongjia Electronics.

Even if it is a lawsuit, they can't win it.

But with Hu Yue's assistant, of course Assistant Liu has to speak for Hu Yue.

"Mr. Lin, this is a complete misunderstanding, you see..."

Before Assistant Liu finished speaking, he was interrupted by Lu Chen, "Don't read it, get out."

"You!" Hu Yue didn't expect Lu Chen to ask her to go away again and again, which immediately aroused her anger.

"You are fine, wait for me!"

She snorted coldly, then took out her mobile phone and made up a newsletter and posted it, which meant that she was endorsing a new product for Dongjia Electronics at Dongjia Electronics, but she was bullied by the boss of Dongjia Electronics. She asked Dongjia Electronics Discuss an argument.

After she sent out the news, countless people immediately responded, almost all of them condemning Dongjia Electronics.

Many people even said for the first time that they would no longer use Toka Electronics' products, and that Toka Electronics went bankrupt.

"Huh, look, this is my fan power. When the time comes, I will see who will buy your products and who will dare to endorse your products!" Seeing the replies from countless fans, Hu Yue handed the phone to Lin Yijun. The pride and arrogance of the face.

The meaning is simply saying that you will regret fighting against me.

Assistant Liu also breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Mr. Lin, if you apologize to Yueyue, this matter can be saved."

Lin Yijun looked contemptuous and felt that these two women were crazy.

She was about to let the security blast it out, but was stopped by Lu Chen.

Lu Chen took a step forward, looked at Hu Yue, and said jokingly: "You really want to play, don't you, then I will play with you."

As he spoke, he took out the phone and called Wang Wei.

"Immediately contact me with those celebrities at the annual meeting last year, ask them to come to Yuzhou to speak for me, and send a special plane to pick them up."

"Yes, it's tonight."

After hanging up Wang Wei's phone, he called Xu Shuting again.

"Put your work aside, no matter what method you use, immediately buy all the hot searches for me, saying that the traffic star Hu Yue is eloquent. He obviously doesn’t know how to do medicine, but he speaks loudly in front of the media, saying she learns. After medical treatment, the previous TV series also appeared in true colors."

After hanging up Xu Shuting's phone, Lu Chen dialed out another mysterious number.

"Tell Sanjiang Brokerage Company to ask them to make their artist Hu Yue immediately apologize to the boss of Dongjia Electronics, otherwise they will let their company go bankrupt."

Lu Chen hung up as he spoke.

He doesn't get angry anymore, but Hu Yue is too rampant. A young artist dare to run wild on his turf. Isn't this looking for death?

That's right, Lu Chen is going to kill her today.

Seeing Lu Chen making calls one by one, Hu Yue was still a little flustered at the beginning, but in the end she couldn't help laughing when Lu Chen said that she would bankrupt her agency.

Dongjia Electronics is very rich, but her brokerage company is richer and more famous than Dongjia Electronics. She doesn't believe that a small electronics company can compete with their brokerage companies.

"Are you so angry that you asked me to apologize to you?" Hu Yue laughed.

"Who do you think you are and dare to let our company go bankrupt? Are you afraid that you are drinking too much fake alcohol?" Assistant Liu also sarcastically said.

"Assistant Liu, if you call the company right now, it is said that Dongjia Electronics actually said that it would bankrupt our company and that they insulted our company." Hu Yue said viciously.

This matter was logically her own fault, but she didn't expect Lu Chen to be so stupid, just giving her a chance to fight back.

She could also take this opportunity to take Lu Chen back to the army, and then push all the faults to Lu Chen.

At that time, even if a lawsuit comes, it has nothing to do with her.

"Good." Liu Zhuli nodded, then took out the phone and called the company back.

During the phone call, she added fuel and jealousy to magnify the matter and put all the responsibilities on Lu Chen.

"Mr. Lin, our manager wants you to answer the phone." Then Assistant Liu handed the phone to Lin Yijun, her face full of schadenfreude.

Lin Yijun answered the phone, pressed the speakerphone, and heard the voice of the opposite woman saying: "Lin always, we already know about your company bullying our artists. As for what you said about making our company go bankrupt, I have the right to assume that you are farting, but if you bully our art Hu Yue, we will see you in court."

The other party just hung up with a snap.

Chapter: 365

"Mr. Lin, you are still the boss of a big company and made your husband behave like this. This is what you deserve." Assistant Liu said gleefully after answering the phone.

To be honest, they were able to reverse the situation, and they would also like to thank Lin Yijun's husband for his impulse.

Lu Chen and Lin Yijun didn't bother to take care of them. Lu Chen sat in a chair and smoked and waited for news from there, while Lin Yijun asked the PR to pour her a cup of hot coffee and drank slowly.

Now that Lu Chen took action, she was even more concerned.

Years ago, at the annual meeting of Yiqi Industrial Technology, Lu Chen was just a word, and countless superstars came to join him. A small traffic star was a hammer.

Seeing that Lu Chen and Lin Yijun didn't care at all, Hu Yue both felt very upset.

To be honest, she really wanted to see Lu Chen helplessly asking for her.

But Lu Chen actually regarded them as a joke, which is simply a humiliation to them.

Hu Yue was so angry that she took out her mobile phone to post a message, and cried out how Dongjia Electronics bullied her so strongly.

As soon as she sent out this dynamic, it immediately aroused the concern of her countless fans and a more surging condemnation of Dongjia Electronics.

At this moment, the PR also saw what Hu Yue was doing. She frowned and was a little worried, so she took her mobile phone and walked to Lin Yijun, with an ugly expression on her face, and put the mobile phone in front of Lin Yijun. ."

Lin Yijun looked down. On the phone screen of the PR beauty, it was exactly what Hu Yue posted on the social software. In a short period of time, there have been nearly two hundred comments below.

The TV series that Hu Yue is filming are in the heat. At this time, it is the hottest time, and every move is being watched.

Below her dynamics, all were condemnation of Dongjia Electronics.

"Shameless Dongjia Electronics, dare to bully our family's Yueyue, it is simply dirty and nasty!"

"The humble Dongjia Electronics must fully resist!"

"Yes, we must fully boycott all Dongjia Electronics products. This is the fate of daring to bully us Yueyue!"

"Trash Dongjia Electronics, I wish you all bankruptcy tomorrow!"

All kinds of verbal abuse, condemnation, directly swiping the screen, and such comments are increasing every second.

The fans were even more excited, and they spoke directly, saying that they are coming to Dongjia Electronics now. If you are looking for troubles with Dongjia Electronics, you must ask Dongjia Electronics for a fair deal!

Lin Yijun looked at the comments and shook her head.

If Lu Chen didn't take action today, she would be really at a loss. After all, she had never experienced such a thing, and she didn't know how crazy a star's fan power would be.

But Lu Chen had already taken action, she and Lu Chen would definitely be able to handle everything.

This is her trust in Lu Chen.

Besides, Hu Yue is just an actor, what is she afraid of.

Looking at the comments below his own dynamic, Hu Yue sneered repeatedly.

"Dongjia Electronics, just wait, didn't you just blatantly want our company to go bankrupt? I don't know whether our company will go bankrupt or not. I only know that your company may really go bankrupt!" Hu Yue teased He looked at Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, then turned and walked outside.

The next thing is to be handled by her company, she just needs to constantly mobilize fans to besiege Dongjia Electronics.

"President Lin, the current form is very unfavorable to us. If new products are released, they will be boycotted by a large part of the group. Hu Yue's deliberate discrediting will also provide opportunities for other companies. If they get into trouble, it will be even worse. Let's make things worse." Watching Hu Yue and the two proudly go out, Guan Gong's beautiful lady's eyes are full of worry.

"It's okay." Lin Yijun shook her head. No matter how many fans Hu Yue has, how many fans of the world's top stars are waiting to arrive? Under the influence of the huge base, that is nothing at all, and Ye Dongjia Electronics can't keep on carrying on this black pot.

She believed that Lu Chen would definitely let Hu Yue go around without eating.

The economic company behind Hu Yue is strong and may not care about her Dongjia Electronics, but what about Yiqi Technology as a whole?

Yiqi Technology is her husband’s company. How powerful Yiqi Technology is. I believe that countless entrepreneurs and even heads of state at home and abroad have realized that, how would you care about a theater company?

"Don't worry, they will be back soon," Lu Chen said lightly.

Although he knew that Lu Chen was the boss of Yiqi Technology, public relations still didn't believe Lu Chen's words at this time.

After all, what Lu Chen just said was too big.

At this time, Hu Yue, Assistant Liu and others left the reception hall through the back door. They thought they could avoid the reporters waiting outside.

Unexpectedly, the eyes of these reporters were also poisonous, and they were discovered immediately.

"It's out, it's out."

"Go, go up and ask her what is going on."

A group of reporters saw Hu Yue coming out and immediately surrounded him.

Hu Yue was a little displeased, but she suddenly thought of borrowing the pens in these media to pit Dongjia Electronics, and a smile appeared on her face.

"Excuse me, Hu Yue, are you really good at medicine?" a reporter asked hurriedly.

Hu Yue was startled, her expression a little displeased, but she still said, "Didn't you just say this question before? I don't want to answer it a second time."

"Then Hu Yue, if you happen to encounter a patient with coronary heart disease, how can you help the patient?" A reporter asked a tricky question.

This question stunned Hu Yue. She looked very ugly and didn't know how to answer for a long time.

"Okay, I'll be here today. I'll ask you other questions next time. Our Jia Yueyue was bullied by Dongjia Electronics just now and is in a bad mood. Please let me in." Assistant Liu saw this and hurriedly started. A face forced the reporters away.

A reporter shouted from behind: "What kind of shit medical skills are still acting in their true colors, are all the stars now so talkative?"

"Who do you mean to say something? You're talking about avoiding it, and I sue you for defamation!" Hu Yue stopped doing it immediately. If these reporters reported it, wouldn't her personal setting collapse?

"Go and see for yourself, all the hot searches are all lies you uttered." A reporter smirked with a smile.

Hu Yue frowned, took out her phone and looked in. As soon as she clicked on the website, she saw more than a dozen hot searches, all accusing her of talking nonsense.

Hu Yue's face changed, and the whole person felt like the sky was spinning.

"It's Dongjia Electronics. They must be smearing me. I'll find them trouble!"

She suddenly thought of what Lu Chen said on the phone before, and she rushed into the reception hall again like she was crazy.

Liu Zhuli didn't know what was going on, and he didn't have time to check it online.

Seeing this, I had to chase Hu Yue first.

Chapter: 366

"Mr. Lin, you deliberately slandered my reputation. You must explain this to you!"

Hu Yue was very angry. The whole hot search was about accusing her of news, which was deliberately discrediting her.

Although this is true, she does not know how to get medical treatment, and she was just talking about it before.

But that was her own business. She felt that Lu Chen had slandered her so much and deliberately targeted her. If this matter is not handled well, her personal settings will be over.

When the character collapsed, her popularity would only decline like a broken end, and even be blocked by the entire entertainment circle.

"Intentionally slander your reputation?" Lin Yijun frowned and looked at Hu Yue with some puzzlement.

She can't remember what she did to her.

"Mr. Lin, see for yourself, isn't this what you did?" Hu Yue angrily handed the phone to Lin Yijun.

"I remember clearly before that it was your husband who bought the entire hot search on the phone and deliberately slandered me. We can hear you clearly. You can't erase this thing!"

Hu Yue hummed heavily.

"Why are we erasing it?" Lu Chen looked at Hu Yue jokingly, "This is what I did on purpose, because you are so arrogant, you dare to be arrogant on my territory, what are you? Yes, I Today is to completely abolish you."

"Hmph, do you think you have a few bad money to be great? Wait for our company's lawyer Han!" Hu Yuezhong hummed.

"Let's talk about it when your company still has a chance to exist. If I'm not mistaken, your boss should call you within a few minutes." Lu Chen said jokingly.

Just as Hu Yue was about to say something, the phone rang. Lin Yijun handed her the phone number. She took it and saw that it was the manager of her company.

There was a bad feeling in Hu Yue's heart. Could this guy really threaten the company?

"Sister Wang..." Hu Yue watched carefully. She didn't know the situation at this time. If it was like what Lu Chen said, then she would be done.

"Hu Yue, are you crazy? Even the boss of Yiqi Technology dare to offend, do you want our entire company to go bankrupt?" Hu Yue just said, the other party blasted her over.

"Ah? Wang Zu, what are you talking about, why did I offend the boss of Yiqi Technology, I don't even know who he is." Hu Yue said, giving Lu Chen a shocked look, already doubting Lu Chen's identity. .

No matter how stupid he was, he could almost guess that Lu Chen should be the boss of Yiqi Technology.

How else could he have so much energy.

He said to buy all the hot searches immediately, and he bought all the hot searches in a few minutes.

She said she was going to bankrupt her company. In less than ten minutes, her company called to accuse her of offending people who shouldn't.

In this way, the humble young man in front of him must be the boss of Yiqi Technology.

"What am I talking about? Are you deaf? I said you offended the boss of Yiqi Technology. People want our company to go bankrupt. The only way now is for you to apologize to them immediately, otherwise you and the entire company will be finished. Do you understand?" The opposite side roared almost roaring.

Hu Yue's mind trembled to the extreme, and they thought it would be the end.

But she is a first-class star, with so many fans, how can she kneel down and apologize!

If she knelt down to apologize today, then her future star road will basically be over.

Especially at this moment when she saw countless reporters pouring in from outside, her expression was extremely embarrassed, she felt that all this was arranged by Lu Chen.

Yes, these reporters were all informed by Lu Chen.

He has never seen a celebrity so arrogant, especially in his territory.

Although the abolition of Hu Yue's star road was no different from crushing an ant, Hu Yue completely angered him.

"Have you not apologized yet? Have you not obtained the forgiveness of the boss of Yiqi Technology? Do you know that in just two minutes, our company's stock has fallen by 20%, and this trend is still increasing. The key is that the company account has been hacked, and the 500 million liquidity funds have been transferred away in an instant. Now, please quickly ask Mr. Lu to stop, otherwise our company will be over! Have you heard that, believe it or not, we will immediately Block you!"

Hearing the roar from the other side, Hu Yue's heart was extremely confused.

On one side is her agency, on the other side is the person she hates.

And also kneel down to this annoying person.

The most disgusting thing is that he also called a group of reporters, and she knelt down, and she won't be able to stand up again in the future.

"Yueyue, it's not good. Now the entire entertainment industry is saying that you have a character problem. The top directors have publicly developed dynamics and said that they will never use you again. Your director said that he was blind before. , Actually used someone of low quality like you."

At this moment, Assistant Liu ran over in a panic with his mobile phone and placed the mobile phone screen in front of Hu Yue.

Hu Yue just glanced at the dynamics of several top directors, and almost did not faint.

This is really going to block her!

Seeing this, Hu Yue couldn't take care of any face, so he hurried to Lu Chen and knelt down with a bang.

"Mr. Lu, I'm sorry, I was wrong, please raise your hands high, don't be familiar with me!" Hu Yue was scared, she was really scared.

She was so arrogant before that even Lin Yijun, the boss of Dongjia Electronics, didn't pay attention to it, because she felt that her company was stronger than Dongjia Electronics, and she was the company's focus on training. It is the company's cash cow, and the company will definitely fight Dongjia Electronics for her.

But in front of Yiqi Technology, their company is just scum.

Before, she knew that Yiqi technology was very strong, but that was all just imagination.

Today, I finally saw the methods of Yiqi Technology's boss, and she understood what it means to cover the sky with one hand, and what it means to call the wind and the rain.

They only need a phone call to make her, a first-class traffic star, instantly fall from heaven.

It only takes a phone call to make her company nothing.

"Raise your hand high?"

Lu Chen looked at Hu Yue jokingly, showing no pity at all.

"Since I have made a move, there is no possibility of ending it."

"The security guard, go out."

As soon as he uttered his words, several security guards rushed in and dragged Hu Yue out abruptly.

Assistant Liu didn't react until now.

Hu Yue is over!

Her sponsor is over!

"Don't touch me, I'll go out by myself!"

Seeing two security guards approaching her, she hurried to the door.

Lu Chen got up and looked at the group of reporters, then motioned to Lin Tong to seal each of them a red envelope.

After this matter was processed and polished by these media, Hu Yue basically never had a chance to stand up.

Chapter: 367

This was the end of Hu Yue's matter, and Lu Chen did not pay much attention.

It was after seven o'clock in the evening that day, five or six top celebrities came to Toka Electronics personally to endorse new products for Toka Electronics.

Hu Yue and Assistant Liu, who were waiting outside Dongjia Electronics and waiting to find Lin Yijun to intercede, saw so many top stars come to speak for Dongjia Electronics, and they regretted it to the extreme.

First of all, the endorsement fee given by Dongjia Electronics is higher than that of ordinary companies. Second, she knows that the boss of Dongjia Electronics is the wife of the boss of Yiqi Technology, and the loss of this agency will cause him even greater loss.

But it doesn't make much sense to think about those now. She just wants to ask Lin Yijun and ask her to persuade Lu Chen to let Lu Chen raise her hands, otherwise she really has no chance to stand up.

When the top directors came out to block her before, coupled with the accusations from all the hot searches on the screen, her personality has collapsed.

Now there are countless fans asking what is happening under her dynamics and how this is happening.

But she didn't stand up and say anything at all.

Because she is not good at medical skills at all, she will be exposed if people ask casually.

The next day, as soon as Lu Chen arrived at the Science and Technology Park, Xu Shuting came to Lu Chen's office.

Lu Chen's office was prepared for him by the office, and he would not normally work in it.

When he came to the Science and Technology Park, most of the time he talked to Ding Dacheng about science and technology.

Lu Chen himself is also very interested in these super high-techs. In addition, his learning ability is very strong, and he has also learned a lot of advanced technology these days.

Of course, his learning of these advanced technologies was entirely a temporary interest, but seeing Lu Chen's talent for learning, Ding Dacheng, a great scientist, was also impressed.

However, Lu Chen came to the office today and wanted to ask Xu Shuting about something.

He asked Xu Shuting to contact China Shipping’s relationship because he would invest 10 billion yuan to build a rare earth group in China Shipping.

China Shipping is an international metropolis, and rare earth is an international material. Whether it is exporting materials or importing ores in the future, it needs convenient water and land transportation.

Yuzhou is far inland, and water transportation can only go through the Yangtze River, which is too restrictive. However, China Shipping is not the same. Sea and land transportation are not comparable to Yuzhou.

"Young Master, because the Zhonghai police suspected that the deaths of Xia Shu and Zhai Yaohui were related to you, we are still dealing with this matter. Only after we deal with this matter, can we proceed with other negotiations." Xu Shuting came to Lu Chen Said before.

Lu Chen frowned. Xia Shu and Zhai Yaohui were sent by Lan Ling to kill them, and they had a relationship with him.

At the Yuzhou Hotel at that time, he had clearly told them that Zhai Jun and Xia Yi were not murdered, but Lan Ling killed them. He also gave Xia Shu and Zhai Yaohui a chance to return to Zhonghai.

It was just that he didn't expect that Xia Shu and Zhai Yaohui were killed by Lan Ling's people as soon as they arrived at the airport.

But at this time Lan Ling had already taken refuge in him, and was training a special assassination organization for him at the Kogan Killing Temple. Of course, he would not confess Lan Ling.

Then only let the Zhonghai police conduct the investigation on its own.

The big deal, he built the Rare Earth Group in another special zone, Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is also an international metropolis. Regardless of the degree of land and water transportation, or the degree of nationalization, it does not agree with China Shipping. China Shipping does not want him to invest, so he will not go.

"Well, you go to deal with it first." Lu Chen nodded, this matter can also be delayed for a few days.

He chatted with Wang Wei again and went to Sway Stadium.

Today, Sway played against the Zhonghai team at home and he had to go to the stadium to cheer up the players.

The China Shipping Team is now second in the China Super League, only three points away from the first-placed Hengda Team, which is a game. Therefore, the China Shipping Team is willing to take all three points on Sway today.

Lu Chen just bought the Sway team, of course he hopes his team will give him a good start.

It may be the reason why it was just acquired by the new boss, or it may be that Lu Chen’s reward yesterday inspired everyone. In today’s pre-match training match, all the players performed well, which also made Lu Chen watching the training in the stands. I was relieved.

If he gives such a big reward, the team is still a mess, then dare to slap him too much.

After the players finished training, Lu Chen held a small meeting for everyone, once again excited everyone, and after taking a photo with everyone, he left the court.

There are more than three hours left before the game, and it is useless for him to stay in the game now.

Before leaving, the team director told him that all the tickets for today were sold, and even all the box tickets were sold, and they were all purchased today.

This is a seeming reality, regardless of whether the game is won or lost, at least he can have a full seat after he acquires the team.

"Mr. Lu, Mr. Hu from the China Sea Team is here too. According to the regulations, we are going to invite him to dinner. Do you have time?" Director Liu Yi asked.

"Go and eat with him, I'll come back later." Lu Chen shook his head. Although he acquired the team, he would not always manage the team. He must be handed over to a professional manager in the future.

"Okay." Liu Yi nodded and watched Lu Chen leave the court.

Lu Chen went to the Chamber of Commerce. At this time, Chen Churan was still in the Chamber of Commerce dealing with the Football Foundation. Lu Chen went to chat with her.

"Can you do me a favor?" Lu Chen looked at Chen Churan and asked.

Chen Churan's eyes lit up, and this was the first time she heard Lu Chen speak for someone to help.

"You said." Chen Churan nodded. At this time, she had lost the childishness of a girl. On the contrary, she was more mature in professional clothes.

"Help me find a professional manager in Europe, I want to leave the team to him." Lu Chen knows that football is the most prevalent in Europe, so he wants to find a first-class professional manager from Europe, than he manages himself. It must be good.

Just now Chen Churan is in charge of the Football Foundation and has to deal with many big players in the football world. There must be a way to help him.

"Okay, I'm going to Beijing tomorrow. I'll ask you what price you want?" Chen Churan nodded and asked.

"Meeting on behalf of others is not a problem, as long as he has the ability to lead the team well, he can fill in any meeting on behalf of others," Lu Chen said.

What he wants is the victory of the team, the team can not make money, but must win.

Moreover, he is not short of this money.

"Okay, this should be fine."

Chen Churan nodded and said with a smile: "The ball game is about to start, go have dinner, it's almost the end, you must treat me to dinner today."

"No problem at all." Lu Chen smiled. He had always rejected Chen Churan before, and he really can't reject her anymore today.

Chapter: 368

The home court of the Sway team is actually quite full today.

Today, it was the first game of the SWS team after it was acquired by Yiqi Technology. A total of more than 60,000 spectators came to witness the game and the SWS team came back to life.

Although their opponent today is the second-ranked Zhonghai team in the league, everyone is optimistic about the Sway team.

Because of Lu Chen's million reward system yesterday, everyone saw hope.

As the saying goes, there must be a brave man under the big reward. In the face of such a big reward, if the SW players are not working hard, then they have too little professionalism.

Seeing Lu Chen walking towards the box area, all the members of the Chamber of Commerce greeted Lu Chen one after another, and Chen Guangxing and Li Qingcheng also came personally.

Lu Chen knew that the two of them had no interest in football. Obviously, they had come to watch the football match today, and it must have given Lu Chen face.

"President Lu, I didn't expect you to get involved in football."

At this moment, a middle-aged man walked over. The middle-aged man was a little protruding, dressed in formal clothes, and stretched out his hand to Lu Chen with a look of enthusiasm.

"He is Hu Cong, the owner of the China Shipping Team." Director Liu Yi said beside Lu Chen.

Tonight, he went to dinner with Hu Cong on behalf of the team. Seeing that Lu Chen had not gone, Hu Cong directly refused to eat with him, which made him lose face.

But he knows that he and Hu Cong are not at the same level. After being wronged, he can only hide in his heart. He only hopes that the team that rests tonight can beat the Zhonghai team.

"It's Boss Hu, hello." Lu Chen smiled and shook hands with him, seeing the smile on his face.

"Hello, hello, I came here to visit Mr. Lu specially. I didn't expect Mr. Lu to be too busy, but fortunately Mr. Lu is still going to watch the game. Mr. Lu, please." Hu Cong said with a smile. .

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows slightly, this guy had something to say.

However, he didn't care either. After signalling Chen Guangxing, Li Qingcheng and others to sit in, they also walked to the box belonging to the owners of the two teams.

A few minutes after sitting down, the game started.

Seeing his players continuously steal the football at the feet of SW players and soon formed a siege on SW SW, Hu Congmo said how excited he was.

He has been cheering beside Lu Chen.

Lu Chen looked back at Hu Cong and then watched the game normally.

It's just that although the players of the Sway team are already working hard, they still have some problems with their skills and tactics. They can't make it through the midfield at all.

Lu Chen sighed inwardly, the difference in strength was not even slight.

He already had an idea in his heart, after the end of this season, he must bring in a few capable outsiders.

The Sway team also has an outside forward, but the strength is not good. After playing for more than 20 minutes, there is no shot at all. Lu Chen saw that he was completely sleepwalking on the court.

Finally, when the game came to 30 minutes, the long-time incapable Zhonghai team finally broke the deadlock and their forward scored a header.

The entire Zhonghai team cheered heartily, and Hu Cong also stood up and applauded and cheered for his team.

Lu Chen applauded symbolically.

The entire Sway team was silent.

"Mr. Lu, this football is not like other industries. Many people are calling for trouble in other industries, but after coming to football, they have become soft-footed shrimp." After celebrating, Hu Cong sat down again and looked back at the landing. Chen, his face was full of smiles.

To be honest, he usually rarely goes with the team, but Lu Chen even bought the Sway team, so he came to Yuzhou specially.

Originally, he wanted to take this opportunity to get close to Lu Chen. After all, Lu Chen is a hot critic in the country, and he has to dump countless streets of small businessmen like him in all aspects.

Unexpectedly, Lu Chen didn't even accompany him to eat. He felt insulted. So when the director of the SWS team Liu Yi went to accompany him, he directly let Liu Yi get out.

Not to mention, Lu Chen didn't intend to manage the team by himself, so he didn't want to accompany Hu Cong to dinner, so he looked down on Hu Cong.

"Really, I'm really interested when Mr. Hu said that." Lu Chen said with a faint smile.

"Yeah, congratulations to President Lu in advance, and hope that your Sway team can succeed in relegation.|" Hu Cong laughed.

What he meant was that the SWS team will be relegated from the Super League to the First Division next season. No matter how great you Lu Chen, you can only play in the second league.

Being despised by Hu Cong, Lu Chen smiled faintly, did not speak or refute.

The Sway team looks like a bear today, which really makes him unable to refute Hu Cong.

If they lose today, they must win the last four games before they can be relegated, otherwise they will really be relegated.

The game continued, but the SWS team, who was filled with a ball, was beaten out of spirits, shrank and defended, one by one, as if they hadn't eaten.

Finally, before the end of halftime, the midfielder of the China Sea team came to a terrifying long game and once again opened the door of the Sway team.

Seeing Hu Cong cheering beside him again like a stimulant, Lu Chen's face finally turned a little ugly.

He got up, with a gloomy face, and walked to the players' locker room alone.

Upon seeing this, team director Liu Yi had to follow.

When he came to the locker room, Lu Chen stood by the door. Seeing Lu Chen's face gloomy, Liu Yi stood beside him silently, afraid to speak.

After a few minutes, the players finally returned to the locker room one by one, each of them looked like your discouraged ball.

But when they suddenly saw Lu Chen, they all felt a little panicked.

In the first half, two goals were poured into the team, and they were the second-ranked China Sea team. They had no chance of a comeback.

Obviously Mr. Lu came to the locker room at this time and was not satisfied with their game in this half.

"President Lu."

"President Lu."

The players carefully greeted Lu Chen one by one.

Lu Chen nodded his head until the head coach arrived.

The head coach suddenly saw Lu Chen and his expression was a little flustered.

For the team's victory, Lu Chen had already given out so much money as a reward, and even came to the home court to watch the game in person to cheer everyone on.

Unexpectedly, he was poured two goals in the first half, and there was no chance of a comeback. He had no face to face Lu Chen.

"Go in first." Director Liu Yi said with a frown.

The team's performance today also exceeded his expectations and made him very unhappy.

Although the team's performance today has nothing to do with him, and Lu Chen will not blame him, but Lu Chen played like this in the first game of the acquisition of the team, and he was somewhat afraid to face Lu Chen.

When all the players sat down to rest, they all dared not meet Lu Chen's eyes.

Lu Chen glanced at everyone, and finally spoke slowly.

Chapter: 369

"To be honest, I bought the SWS team for nothing at all. I can tell you without reservation that even if SWS wins the domestic championship and the Asian championship, it will not bring me much substantial income. For football I just look down on this profit in the world."

"You should know that just yesterday, I donated RMB 3 billion to the Football Foundation, in order to make our domestic football have a good development environment, so that those who like football can not enter the football school. The system trains children to provide free training venues."

"Three billion, what do you think the SWS team will achieve? How long will it take for me to earn three billion?"

"Obviously, this is impossible, at least within these ten years, it is impossible to achieve in our country."

Lu Chen took out a cigarette and put it on. At this time, all the players, including the main trainer, bravely looked up at Lu Chen.

Of course, they admired Lu Chen's charity.

There are so many rich people in China, and I am afraid that some of them have wealth not under Lu Chen, but none of them donated money to develop China Football.

But Lu Chen was willing to donate so much money. Could it be that he picked up the money?

The answer is of course no, because he also loves China Football.

He also wants to do something for China Football.

"All I have to acquire SWS is just to make SWS the leader of China, and continue to drive the development of China Football."

"What I think is victory. It is the fighting spirit of every player."

"But your game in the first half disappointed me too much!"

"My team can lose, but it must not be ashamed!"

"As a man, you can be defeated by your opponents, but you must stand up as long as you have a breath!"

"If you are still a fucking man, and you look like a man, give me a hundred and twenty minutes of energy and give me a good kick for the entire second half!"

"It's best to lose, even if our team is demoted, at least we won't have any regrets!"

Lu Chen's voice gradually increased from the previous calm, and in the end, it almost came out with a roar.

His voice is just like your magic, and it penetrates the hearts of all the players of the entire team at once, making everyone feel the urge to palpitate.

Yes, everyone has dignity and face.

Although Lu Chen's words were very merciless, he didn't even give them any face.

But this actually aroused their wits.

What are men most afraid of?

Men are most afraid of others pointing to your nose and saying that you are not a man, you are not like a man!

Seeing the raging anger that gradually ignited in everyone's eyes, Lu Chen saw that he was almost in place, and turned to the head coach.

"If you lose one ball, you will lose, and if you lose ten goals, you will also lose. In the second half, I ask you to switch to offensive tactics. All of you will attack me. Even if we lose in the end, it’s better to be scolded than if we lose. Strong!" Lu Chen turned and left the locker room as he said, leaving the rest of the time for the players to rest.

"Do you know that when the China Shipping Team scored, Hu Cong, the owner of the China Shipping Team, openly said in front of Mr. Lu that you are soft-footed shrimps. That's why Mr. Lu was very angry. Think about it carefully. Should a man win the game with his head held high, or was he pointed at the bridge of his nose after the game was over?"

The director finally made up for everyone and then left the locker room.

Although Lu Chen and Liu Yi had both left for a few minutes, the entire locker room was still terribly silent.

An anger burned in everyone's eyes.

"Coach, I think Mr. Liu is right. In the second half, we have to change our tactics and we have to fight against the China Sea team, otherwise we will not have any chance of comeback!" said Captain Xie Feng.

The other players also looked at the coach. This is their only chance and their last chance. They must not disappoint Mr. Lu, let alone the 60,000 fans who came to cheer for them.

"Okay, we will have all attack and defense tactics in the second half. Everyone is involved in offense and defense. Is it okay?" The coach looked at everyone firmly.

"no problem!"

Whether it is the main force or the substitute, at this moment, all shouted in unison.

"Very well, my chance of a comeback today can be said to be difficult, but we must do our best, must create miracles, and must let the 60,000 fans such as Mr. Lu in the stands see hope! In order to relegation, for us We will fight for a better tomorrow!" the coach said sonorously.

"For what level, for our better tomorrow, fight!"

Everyone clenched their fists and shouted out with all their strength.

At this moment, they were as if they were beaten up, and each one was full of fighting spirit and hard work.


When Lu Chen returned to the box, Hu Cong was telling him to smoke on the chair of the box. Seeing Lu Chen came back, he looked over with a smile on his face.

"Oh, Mr. Lu, you won't use millions of rewards to motivate players again, right? Alas, I really envy you rich guys, you can do whatever you want." Hu Cong said in a weird manner.

"When the players are not confident, it's okay to give some incentives appropriately," Lu Chen said lightly.

"Yeah, don't you know that some players are just cheap bones, and you can't afford to support Adou. If you give him more rewards, he won't have the ability to take it." Hu Cong smiled.

Lu Chen was noncommittal.

Soon the second half began, and Hu Cong became active again as the players entered.

"Mr. Lu, your acquisition of the Swayed team is completely a failed acquisition. The Swayed team is deeply trapped in the relegation zone and it is impossible to relegation."

"I don't want to let my team release the water, how about letting you win a game first?" Hu Cong looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

Although Lu Chen is a legend in the business world, in the football world, in the eyes of Hu Cong, he is completely stupid.

The Sway team made it clear that there is no possibility of relegation. At this time, only fools should buy it, and it is still 100 million.

The acquisition will definitely be next season. When they are downgraded to the first division, then the acquisition will be 30 million.

Lu Chen looked back at Hu Cong and was also irritated by Hu Cong's words.

"That's how you want to irritate me?" Lu Chen looked at Hu Cong playfully. He had some doubts that Hu Cong took the wrong medicine today, and jumped in front of him again and again.

Seeing Lu Chen's ill-intentioned eyes, Hu Cong's heart trembled suddenly, and he suddenly felt that he seemed to be over.

"Mr. Lu thinks too much, I just said casually, watching the game and watching the game." Hu Cong smiled, concealing his embarrassment.

"Or let's make a bet." Lu Chen said lightly.

"What are you betting on?" Hu Cong said subconsciously.

"If your team wins today, I will transfer the SWS team to you for free. If your team loses, you will transfer your team to me for free. How about it, excite me, dare you? Come to gamble?"

Lu Chen looked at Hu Cong playfully.

Chapter: 370

Seeing the playful smile on Lu Chen's face, Hu Cong's heart jumped fiercely.

He stared at Lu Chen, unable to see whether Lu Chen was joking or serious.

He looked back at the next game. He really didn't know why Lu Chen dared to make such a bet with him.

Sway's team has fallen behind by two goals. Although they seem to have improved in the second half, their strength is right in front of them. Sway's team has no chance to stand up.

"Boss Lu, are you serious?" Hu Cong asked tentatively.

To be honest, although the Sway team is destined to be relegated this season, as long as he invests a little money next year and introduces a few better players, he can also enter the Super League. By then, the market value will be more than 100 million.

"I don't dare to dare, but only one hundred million. Since I lose, I'm afraid you don't have the guts." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

"Boss Lu, what you said is a bit hurtful. Although you are one of the best in the country, I don't dare to have more money than you, but you can't insult me. Since you insist on doing this, then I will give it up. You made a bet." Hu Cong looked helpless, his talent for acting is still very good.

He is different from Lu Chen. He was indeed moved by Lu Chen's proposal, but he was afraid that Lu Chen would play with him.

He didn't dare to play with Lu Chen, but if Lu Chen played with him, he could do nothing.

So first stop Lu Chen's mouth.

"Okay, then it's settled, and this match will prevail." Lu Chen said lightly.

"Okay, should we find a notary?" Hu Cong said.

He must not dare to shame if he loses, but if Lu Chen loses shame, he really has no choice.

Does he dare to fight Lu Chen?

He didn't even dare to poke the matter out.

Because he believed that with Lu Chen's current status and strength, it would be easy to kill him.

"Do you think it is necessary?" Lu Chen looked at Hu Cong playfully.

Hu Cong trembled and suddenly had a bad feeling.

But he quickly relaxed.

Anyway, he thinks he will not lose today, because his team has a 2-0 lead and there is still the last half time, even if Lu Chen went to give him chicken soup or gave them a high reward, Swee The team can't stand against it.

So as long as he doesn't lose, he won't lose. At most, it's just because of Lu Chen.

Thinking about this, Hu Cong didn't take it seriously anymore. Maybe Lu Chen lost in a while, and he didn't transfer the team to himself. He had to give himself a little benefit.

The two men's gamble went on quietly, and the assistants beside them felt a little frightened.

This is a gamble to determine the fate of the team.

On the field.

At this time, the Sway team was like a collective fight, full of high wits. Many times, even if they fouled and injured, they couldn't let the Zhonghai team players get the ball.

The full court was like a mad dog, chasing and biting the ball.

Wherever the ball goes, the closest SWS player rushes forward desperately, not giving the Zhonghai team a chance to pass the ball comfortably.

The China National Sea team was a little despised of SWS, and with a 2:0 advantage, many players were a little slack in the second half.

Being forced by the Sway team's hard-working style of play, there was a partial panic immediately, but they still did not take it to heart, thinking that this was just a three-pronged axe of the Sway team's dying struggle.

But when the time came for 60 minutes, the Zhonghai team was forced by Sway in midfield and immediately lost the ball.

With the ball at his own feet, all the Sway players except for a central defender dragged forward to protect, and then the midfielder made a scalpel-like thrust, and the football immediately penetrated the entire loose defense line of the Zhonghai team.

It may be that the entire game has been played until now, and the China Shipping Team has not kicked the ball to their backcourt. Therefore, the players of the China Shipping Team are a little loose and their defensive positions are chaotic.

At this time, the two forwards desperately chased the ball, and immediately left the Zhonghai team's defender behind.

Seeing the opposing goalkeeper attacking, the left forward pulled to the left and the right forward got the ball. Seeing that the left forward was not offside, he did not shoot, but passed the ball across. The left forward pushed lightly and the ball went straight into the net!

"The ball is scored!"

With a wild roar from the commentator, the entire Olympic Sports Center was instantly exploded by the roar of more than 60,000 fans.

Almost everyone jumped to their feet and celebrated with the players on the field who were screaming and celebrating.

Throughout the first half, all the fans were suffocated with anger as they watched their team being hung up and beaten by the Zhonghai team.

The Sway team's goal immediately let them vent their depression.

At this moment, no one cared about the image and celebrated wildly.

Chen Churan didn't even look like a lady, jumping and shouting there like a little girl.

At this moment, almost everyone was shouting the name of the goal player.

Lu Chen also stood up to applaud the players enthusiastically.

This is the team he wants to see. Everyone must work hard for one hundred and twenty minutes. No matter how strong the enemy in front is, they must rush forward.

This is the team spirit he wants to see!

Hu Cong's expression was a bit ugly. He just made a big bet with Lu Chen and his team lost a goal, which made his previously relaxed heart a little suspended.

He also noticed that the momentum of Sway's team at this time was the same as that of his Zhonghai team in the first half. In order to win, the momentum was overwhelming.

At this time, his Zhonghai team, completely the Sway team in the first half, was slouched and lost the wit.

Although they still lead by one goal, this is a dangerous signal.

Lu Chen could dare not transfer the team to him if he lost.

But if he loses, will he dare not transfer the team to Lu Chen?

Even without a notary, he would never dare to do so.

Unless he doesn't want to mix up.

"Boss Hu, just scored a goal, don't be so nervous." Lu Chen looked at Hu Cong with a gloomy expression and smiled faintly.

The reason why he made this bet before was mainly because he saw that when he appeared in the second half, all the Weiss players were burning with a anger for victory.

Everyone's spirits have reached a peak, if they still lose, then he will admit that this team is not worthy of him to reform, simply export it, so as not to be upset.

"Boss Lu is too worried. Although you scored a goal, there is still half an hour, and we are still one ahead. Besides, our team is much better than you. Who will win the game? The result is unknown. ."

Hu Cong countered.


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