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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 511-520) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 511

He suspects that this is probably a deception used by higher civilizations.

Although he still doesn't know why the other party did this.

But he was sure that there must be an advanced civilization somewhere watching the development of mankind.

Maybe, these two forced departures were all caused by the advanced literature.

Anyway, since this time the possible trajectory of that piece of neutron star fragment has been analyzed.

He didn't want to miss this opportunity.

He must see for himself what the neutron star fragment looks like.

Moreover, he also believes that if we can observe the fragments of neutron stars at close range, it will certainly give human astronomy a big step forward.

In the age of the universe, the subject of astronomy is extremely important, and various analyses of astronomy can determine the future of mankind.

This is why Lu Chen wants to send a frigate to observe the neutron star at close range.

"This plan is called the Observer Plan. The Academy of Sciences and the military must complete this plan within a day." Lu Chen said to everyone.

The content of the observer plan is actually very simple. It is to send a frigate directly to observe the neutron star,

using the fastest way to return between the new earth and the neutron star fragments, using close-range instruments, or directly seeing the neutron star fragments with the naked eye. exist.

This is to confirm that the neutron star fragment is not a false deception. At the same time, it can be the first time to confirm the existence of the neutron star fragment from a realistic perspective, instead of making assumptions and reasoning based on physics.

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With current human technology, as long as it is close enough, it can already be intuitively judged whether this neutron star fragment is real or deceptive.

This is why Lu Chen is so persistent.

Because he wanted to take this opportunity to explain his doubts.

"The military obeys!"


Lead the Academy of Sciences!" Du Fei and Ding Dacheng nodded almost at the same time.

"There are two difficulties in this plan. The

first is time. First, the neutron star fragments will crash into the interior of the star in three years. We will need to conduct various experiments and simulations after observation. The time required is definitely not two a year. Years can be resolved.

Second is the distance, which is actually related to time. The neutron star fragments hit the star's interior three years later, but it is very far away from the galaxy at the moment.

The acceleration of the neutron star is also included in the three years . Yes, so if you want the Observer to go to the neutron star fragment in a short time, and then return to Proxima B, and at the same time give Proxima B enough reaction time, whether it is to leave again, or to come up with a solution The way, the distance back and forth is too far.

So, everything is racing against time!

Therefore, I hope you two departments hurry up and don’t have any hesitation or delay!"

Lu Chen looked at Ding Dacheng and Du Fei said.

Both of them nodded heavily.

"Well, you two will go down and make arrangements first. For the next thing, you don't need to be present. You can just read the Times." Lu Chen waved his hand and signaled Ding Dacheng and Du Fei to go down and arrange the matter first. .

After the two left, Lu Chen looked at the others in the court.

"So, now, let's put the matter of neutron star fragments aside, it is a matter arranged by the Academy of Sciences and the military.

Regardless of whether the neutron star fragments are real or not, we have to deal with it as real.

Then, In the next two and a half years, the focus of our work will definitely shift.

I announce that from today, all construction projects will stop and go all-out to explore resources.

Even without considering whether it will disrupt the ecological balance of the environment.

We must collect more materials within these two and a half years.

In this way, we have more time to find the next new earth. "

Lu Chen talked, with a serious expression.

Proxima B's mineral resources are extremely rich, and the area where this industrial city is located is rich in iron, coal, copper, lead, and various rare minerals.

There is also a big The river runs through the entire area, and this river happens to be the river that flows directly into the alluvial plain in the area where the capital is located. Various factors indicate that this will become the most important concentration of heavy industry for mankind in the future, and the buildings here will also concentrate smelting. Manufacturing, finishing and other aspects, the most important of which is the manufacturing platform of the space battleship.

But now, humans have to exploit it, which is likely to destroy the ecological balance of the entire Leizhou.

But how can Lu Chen care so much? .

people are also nod for land dust of view, we do not have any objection

entire galaxy must be destroyed.

humans have been forced to flee, and who would spare some ecological balance here?

a command to go after , All human beings are a little

confused . Numerous projects have been forced to stop, which makes everyone very puzzled.

But fortunately, the government hastily launched a new project-mining ore. It

has stabilized the excited people.

However . Everyone couldn’t help but speculate.

Some even vowed to say that these construction projects were suspended because of huge contradictions within the government.

Lu Chen didn’t know about these things.

At this time, he was reviewing them in the office. A report.

This report was submitted by his daughter Lu Qiqi.

This is a report on the improved large particle propulsion device.

The improved large particle propulsion device this time has completely eliminated the hidden dangers of the large particle propulsion device, that is, the defects of instability and super high energy consumption. The improved propulsion power is about 80% of the prototype, but it can Stable operation for a long time.

And energy consumption is greatly reduced. In general, this is a fully qualified large particle propulsion device.

Not only can it be applied to the Observer, but the Hope can also be modified in the same way, its value is hard to estimate.

According to the assessment of other scientists, this is at least the technology in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, but it was unexpected that Lu Qiqi had proposed such a cutting-edge technology theory at a young age.

Then, as long as a large-scale ion collider is developed, the rationality and authenticity of this theory are basically verified.

"It's my daughter." Lu Chen looked at the report and was extremely relieved that this large particle collider was a qualitative improvement in technology, and it was actually proposed by Lu Qiqi, which made Lu Chen a little bit unbelievable.

"Dad, I want to participate in the Observer project this time, and I want to observe the neutron star fragments with my own eyes!"

At this moment, Lu Qiqi suddenly came to him and said.

Chapter: 512


Hearing Qiqi's words, Lu Chen's face suddenly changed, "Do you know how dangerous this action is? No one knows what the neutron star matter is, and no one knows whether it will happen after getting closer. It will cause harm, even if you are directly sucked into it and become muddy, I will never allow you to join this plan!"

"Dad, I'm not here to beg you." Qiqi smiled playfully, in Lu Sat down beside Chen.

"You know, this large particle collider was developed by me, and there are many key technologies on the frigate that I went to observe the neutron star this time, which I am best at, and I even set several sets of passwords. ..." Lu Qiqi said triumphantly.

"You kid, why are you so stubborn? This plan is full of countless variables, and the danger is extremely great, and even if I want, will your mother be willing? If I rush you, your mother will not kill you. I blame it." Lu Chen shook his head firmly.

This kind of mission is too dangerous, of course, he can't let his daughter get involved.

"Dad, you have said that this plan is full of countless dangers, so you should let me go." Qiqi blinked and said.

"Why?" Lu Chen looked at his daughter puzzled.

"You are a human leader as well as an outstanding scientist. Since this plan is dangerous, you should take an example and observe it yourself, right?

But obviously there are more things waiting for you to arrange and schedule. You certainly can’t leave.

So, as your daughter and also an outstanding scientist of mankind, am I going to stand up and do this for you?"

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Lu Chen frowned and heard Qiqi continue to say: "Right, Speaking of being responsible for human society, I should go even more.

If any device is found on the neutron star fragment, then with my knowledge and ability, I can get more useful information from it.

Dad, don’t forget, I am still the most outstanding astronomer at the moment."

Lu Chen said nothing, he understood what Qiqi meant, but Qiqi was his only daughter, and even if he understood it again, he couldn't make such a decision.

"Don't talk about this for now, I have already arranged someone." Lu Chen still shook his head.

"Dad, I seem to have forgotten to tell you that the core part of this improved large particle propulsion device has not been handed over. If you want it, it is just one of the current experimental products. Use it. Core key technology, you should make old-fashioned large particle propulsion devices."

After speaking, Qiqi stood up and walked out the door.

Lu Chen was startled fiercely, already completely angry.

He slammed the table, and suddenly some small objects were shaken off the table, and two soldiers walked in immediately outside the door. They both looked at everything in the house in surprise.

"It's okay." Lu Chen waved his hand, and the two closed the door again and left the room.

Qiqi turned around and smiled sweetly at Lu Chen, and said mischievously: "Dad, I know you are reluctant to hit me, so let me threaten you this time, anyway, the core technology is in my head. Here, you can't knock my head off to see if it's right."

"You've been to your mother and your grandmother's level first, let's talk about it." After a long time, the anger on Lu Chen's face softened.

Seeing her naughty and confident smile, Lu Chen couldn't help but refuse her request.

"Dad, you are so kind, you deserve to be my dear father. After I come back, I will personally develop this large particle collider." Qiqi smiled and left Lu Chen's office.

In fact, she had already told her mother and grandmother about this, but she didn't tell them the danger of this plan.

Lu Chen curled his lips silently, and then dialed Chen Churan's phone.

"Call me Lan Ling and Xu Jing." As he said, he hung up the call.

Chen Churan is his assistant, and the office is outside him.

Ten minutes later, Lan Ling and Xu Jing arrived at Lu Chen's office separately.

Lan Ling is also the second in command of the military special pearl department.

Xu Jing was appointed by Lu Chen as the commander of the guards.

This position is similar to the commander of the guards of the ancient palace. It is the emperor's cronies. Except the emperor, no one can move.

And Xu Jing's official position at this time is similar to this commander, responsible for the security of the entire new country.

At this time, Xu Jing was already the father of three children.

But from his face, there is still not much change.

It's just that after more than ten years of wind and dust, it looks a little more vicissitudes of life.

"Head of State."

"Head of State." The

two saluted Lu Chen one after another.

Lu Chen nodded and motioned for them to sit down.

At this time, Chen Churan personally brought them a cup of tea.

"You already know the Observer plan, right?" Lu Chen asked.

The two nodded.

"That's it. My daughter is going to observe the neutron star at close range. As you know, this plan is quite dangerous and full of countless unknown variables. Therefore, I want you two to visit her personally." Lu Chen said directly. His purpose.

Whether it is Xu Jing or Lan Ling, they are all peerless powerhouses among human beings at this time. With the two of them personally accompanied, he can rest assured.

Although under the mighty power of a neutron star, he didn't even have any hope of surviving, but with two people following, he still had to be a little safer.

And Lu Chen had his plan to let Xu Jing and Lan Ling go out in person.

He knows his daughter's personality, a bit like when he was in his 20s, stubborn and stubborn.

If she had to take a risk, no one else could stop her.

But Xu Jing has always been Qiqi's bodyguard, and Lan Ling is also Qiqi's elder class, and because of the relationship between the two of them and Lu Chen, it is not necessary to obey Qiqi at critical moments.

"Okay." Both nodded, without any objection.

Xu Jing and Lu Chen knew each other, and Lu Chen's arrangement was never refuted.

As for Lan Ling, the relationship between her and Lu Chen has changed from an enemy to an ally. Although it is a bit complicated, she will not defy orders.

More importantly, Qiqi is Lu Chen's daughter, and she will do her best to protect Qiqi.

"That's hard work for you. By the way, you must remember that if you find any danger, you will leave immediately. Anyway, this time, you two are the highest commanders, and everyone must follow your orders. Blue Spirit is Lord, Xu Jing is your assistant," Lu Chen exhorted.

The two nodded firmly, and then left the office.

Chapter: 513

The twelve-year human calendar (the year when humans left the earth is counted as one year)...

Three years have passed in a hurry since humans arrived at Proxima B on the New Earth, and it is also a year after the discovery of neutron star fragments.

At the same time, it was also the year when the spacecraft Observer set off.

The spacecraft Observer uses a frigate of Hope.

First, it accelerates around Proxima B, and then accelerates by the stellar gravitational field, and finally makes the Observer spacecraft reach near the speed of light, and then it enters the curvature navigation.

Because the fragments of the neutron star are too fast, it has approached the speed of light, so the curvature of this year has sailed down, and the Observer is actually not too far away from the neutron star.

At this time, in order to better observe the neutron star fragments, the Observer had to withdraw from the curvature navigation, and also reduced the speed to about 0.8 times the speed of light.

"How about? Qiqi? Can the Observer still withstand the gravity range of the current neutron star?" Xu Jing watched Qiqi lead a group of scientists and researchers with some detection equipment there, and he finally couldn't help but ask.

He always remembered Lu Chen's words, no matter what, he couldn't let danger come.

And the closer to the neutron star fragment, the more dangerous it is definitely.

So he has to stay awake and vigilant at all times.

As Lu Chen's daughter, she is also an outstanding scientist, almost equivalent to a figure of national treasure level, and she is not used to participate in this operation.

But Naihe couldn't resist her enthusiasm for scientific research, and Lu Chen had to let her come.

Moreover, Lu Chen knew that at the time, for an astronomer, perhaps no astronomical scientist could be immune to this temptation to observe the neutron star material up close.

To be honest, if he were not for the human leader, he would have come in person.

So he had to agree to Qiqi's request.

Of course, this also made many people give her a thumbs up.

Very shocked by her behavior.

Whether it is her father or herself, for the development and future of mankind, she will not hesitate to take risks with her life.

This kind of spirit is exactly what mankind needs.

At this moment, Qiqi was full of strange faces. After observing the data for a while, he turned his head and said to Xu Jing: "Uncle Xu, I feel very strange, really strange."

"Ah? What's wrong, isn't it too dangerous? Now?" Xu Jing hurriedly got up and asked.

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Lan Ling on the side also looked at Qiqi alertly. If she was sure of any danger, she would immediately send her order to return to Proxima B.

At this time, the entire spaceship was personally controlled by her people, which was also a guarantee to ensure that scientists such as Qiqi could not be random.

"No, no, don't be nervous, Uncle Xu, what I said is that the research data is a bit weird."

Seeing Xu Jing's expression on her face, Qiqi said a little funny: "The mass of this neutron star fragment is very huge. Yes, its mass is equivalent to about one-thousandth of the star. According to our current distance, it is only 100 million kilometers away. The observer spacecraft should have been pulled by its gravitational range, but why... "

What's the matter?" Even Lan Ling and the group of special bead warriors behind him couldn't help but asked anxiously.

Qiqi shook her head again and said, "Our spacecraft has not been affected by any gravitational influence. To put it simply, we are as if we are in an empty space, not close to any stars, but whether it is an electromagnetic detection system or an old-fashioned All of the radio telescopic detection systems showed the existence of neutron star fragments, which is really weird..."

Lan Ling's expression was slightly excited, but after a while, she returned to her usual, cold and solemn expression.

He thought for a while and said: "Kiki, is it possible that what your dad said is true?"

"Aunt Lan, what did my dad say?" Qiqi looked at Lan Ling puzzled.

"Your dad said that he suspects that the neutron star fragment actually does not exist. We are just being deceived by the information of higher civilizations?" After a

pause, Lan Ling explained: "He also said that he suspects that there may be something in the world. Higher civilizations are secretly manipulating or monitoring us to prevent us from staying on the parent star to develop.

Because, he said, developing on the parent star, technological civilization progresses very slowly.

And if you flee in the universe to survive, The various dangers in the universe will continue to stimulate the potential of mankind, making our human technology stronger and higher and higher and higher.

Of course, this is just your dad’s guess. The reason why he wants to implement this observer plan this time , Just to verify whether his guess is correct."

Upon hearing Lan Ling's explanation, Qiqi and others were all lost in thought.

In the Academy of Sciences, Ding Dacheng alone is eligible to participate in the conference, so Qiqi and other scientists do not know what Lu Chen said at the conference before.

"My dad's guess, I have heard about it before, but I always think he is a bit neurotic. Scientific things, he said so, it's the same as fantasy..."

Qiqi hesitated, then Discuss with surrounding scientists and researchers.

Regarding the professional knowledge they discussed, Xu Jing looked at Lan Ling, and the two shook their heads, indicating that they did not understand.

It's no wonder that one of them was born as a soldier, and the other was born in business. For those parameters and various data, let alone listen to them, they can't understand them.

A scientist said: "I have always dismissed the F├╝hrer’s guess, but now it may be possible. After all, gravitation cannot deceive people. Since the Observer has not been disturbed by any gravitational interference, then there may be something really there. Nothing..."

At this moment, the Observer spacecraft is extremely far away from the galaxy star where New Earth Proxima B is located.

And before that, the Observer had crossed a cluttered asteroid zone, which was the Oort Cloud of the Centaurus star system.

It shows that they have left the entire Centaurus star system and are no longer affected by its gravity.

At the same time, the Observer spacecraft is only about 100 million kilometers away from the neutron star fragments. It stands to reason that it must be disturbed by its gravitational force.

But it didn't.

Moreover, this distance is not visible to the naked eye. In addition, the neutron star fragments do not emit light, and there is not enough stellar light to emit its position, so it is even more impossible to observe it. Various reasons cause the observer to actually Did not see the existence of neutron star fragments.

This is quite abnormal.

It's even quite weird, so the scientist felt that Lu Chen's previous guess might be true.

At this moment, everyone looked at Lan Ling.

She is the captain of the Observer spacecraft and the overall person in charge of the Observer operation.

At this moment, although the existence of a gravity-free source has been basically confirmed, only the situation is shown on the information, so it is already possible to leave here and return to Proxima B.

But in general, the operation is not complete.

So they have to see what Lan Ling thinks.

Are you going to move on?

Or should we return immediately?

Chapter: 514

Faced with this problem, Lan Ling also hesitated.

On the one hand, Lu Chen wanted the result.

On the other hand, it is to protect the safety of everyone, especially Lu Qiqi, she must not let her be dangerous and hurt.

"It's a strange feeling. I have never noticed such a feeling."

Lu Qiqi said suddenly while Lan Ling was still hesitating.

The people around were curious and looked at her.

Because Lu Qiqi is the most outstanding astronomer, her words must be of important reference value for this situation.

Lu Qiqi thought for a while and said, "I have a vague feeling that we are safe on the Observer now, basically there is no danger, but there..."

She pointed to the location of the neutron star fragment and continued. "It feels very dangerous over there. The unspeakable feeling of danger is like a nuclear bomb that may explode at any time. In short, it is so dangerous that it can destroy us at any time." The

people around became silent, they did not know this. What is the situation of the situation? First, there is no gravitational response after approaching the neutron star fragment, and second, it makes Qiqi feel dangerous. Could it be that the information source is the fleet of alien civilizations?

Lan Ling and the others also looked in the direction of the neutron star fragment, where there was a dark night sky.

But soon, Lan Ling's face changed.

"I also vaguely feel this way, does it mean that there is really a piece of neutron star fragment flying towards us?" Xu Jing said suddenly before Lan Ling spoke.

Then Lan Ling looked at Xu Jing, and both of them saw shock in their eyes.

In fact, several scientists also nodded one after another.

"What is certain is that whether it is a neutron star fragment or not, it is definitely dangerous."

Several scientists said.

Qiqi thought about it again. She looked at Lan Ling and suddenly said, "Auntie Lan, how about we let the Observer carefully approach the neutron star fragments. Once we find any gravity, we immediately stop or retreat away, we can release Slow down, then turn on all the engines, at the critical moment, forcibly sail into curvature."

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"How big is the risk factor in this situation?" Lan Ling looked at Qiqi.

"Under normal circumstances, as long as we enter the curvature navigation in time, the probability of being captured by the neutron star's gravity is not great. But for neutron stars, we still know too little. Will it let us enter the curvature navigation in time? No one knows. "Qiqi said honestly.

"However, in order for our human technology to develop rapidly, or to directly confirm my dad's guess, I think it is necessary for us to take this risk. Perhaps, this is a danger at all, but an opportunity for our humanity." Qiqi continued Said.

Her words made several scientists nod their heads.

With this kind of opportunity, even if they know it will be dangerous, they still want to take a risk.

They are such a crazy group of people.

Even if they knew that there was a sea of ​​swords and flames ahead, as long as they knew that there might be the truth ahead, they would have no time to look back.

Although Xu Jing and Lan Ling are not scientists, they also know their spirit.

But I don't know why, at this time, they should resolutely oppose Qiqi's suggestion.

But the two of them glanced instead, and there was hesitation in their eyes.

They clearly kept Lu Chen's instructions in their hearts, but they were moved by Qiqi's words at this time.

After seeing the power of the Blue Race technology again, they know that human technology is still too far behind and too small in the universe.

Moreover, now they are not sure if there is really a neutron star ahead, and if they go back like this, they will not complete the mission at all.

So, do humans want to escape from Proxima B and continue to wander the starry sky?

Still don't take this matter seriously and continue to develop Proxima B safely?

"Go ahead, at least, we need to know if there is really a neutron star fragment ahead before returning home!" After

silence, Lan Ling clenched his fist and said.

Now that she gave the order, the rest of the people can only obey the order.

Besides, who is not curious, this is the biggest secret in front of him.

Are there really fragments of neutron stars?

In what way does it exist?

Why is there no gravitational response when you get so close? Or is it really a deceptive drama directed by an advanced alien civilization?

All in all, the Observer began to approach the neutron star fragments continuously. Because of the need to be cautious, the speed of the Observer spacecraft has dropped to fifty kilometers per second.

It's only a distance of 180,000 kilometers per hour. For a distance of 100 million kilometers, this speed is actually not fast.

In this way, Lan Ling ordered all engines to be turned on, and everyone was paying attention 24 hours a day.

A distance of 90 million kilometers, a distance of 80 million kilometers, a distance of 70 million kilometers... A

few days later, the Observer was only 6 million kilometers away from the neutron star fragment, which was already close to half of the distance from the beginning.

But from the Observer's detection instrument, it was shown that the spacecraft was still not affected by any gravity, as if there was still nothing in front of it.

Everyone is too excited. Scientists both yearn for the existence of neutron star fragments, but also yearn for nothing.

It's just information deception. As for the rest of the military and crew, then naturally they don't want neutron star fragments to exist.

In this mood, everyone suffered for a few days.

Until then, Lan Ling issued a stop order.

The Observer will stay at a distance of six hundred kilometers from the neutron star fragment.

Everyone started to go to sleep and rest, leaving only the basic operators. At the same time, several shifts were arranged for cyclic work and rest.

According to Lan Ling, everyone rests to their best physical strength, and tomorrow, they will actually go to the location of the neutron star fragments, and it can be clear at a glance whether there are neutron star fragments.

No one disputes this order.

Even Qiqi, who was extremely expecting in her heart, listened to Lan Ling and went to sleep first.

After a few days of continuous spirit and excitement, everyone is indeed a little lacking in energy.

Under Lan Ling's order, everyone began to rest and sleep. Until the next day, all the scientists, researchers, and most of the soldiers and crew members were refreshed.

Lan Ling gave an order to speed up a bit and began to approach the neutron star fragment.

At this moment, everyone is full of expectations.

What will the truth be?

Chapter: 515

What will the truth be?

Everyone is full of expectations.

But at the same time, they also maintained absolute sobriety and caution.

Especially Lan Ling and Xu Jing.

Qiqi and other scientists put all their energy on the observation devices.

And they have

to catch the heinous dangers that are likely to come suddenly.

Five million kilometers, four million kilometers, three million kilometers...

As the Observer got closer and closer to the neutron star fragment, the Observer still did not feel any gravitational fluctuations.

Gradually, more and more people believe that neutron star fragments are nothing more than information deception.

Then, when the Observer reached a distance of only 100,000 kilometers from the neutron star fragment.

When the super-intensity and high-energy rays emitted from the Observer illuminate the possible existence of neutron star fragments, an unimaginable scene appeared in front of everyone.

When the light beams toward the front of the observer.

That is, when the neutron star fragments are irradiated, after irradiated, the beam of light presents an arc-shaped flowering change in front of everyone.

An elliptical arc ball with a diameter of about five thousand kilometers appeared in front of everyone, and the light was bent!

And this elliptical arc ball is rotating and changing at a very fast speed.

It is like a figure in a kaleidoscope, sometimes regular and sometimes messy.

But every change carries an unimaginable sense of art.

It's like natural art!

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The light beam emitted by the Observer is expressing this amazing and surprising art in a strange way!


This scene caused everyone to take a breath.

"The light is distorted. It is escaping the gravitational range of the neutron star fragment in a parabolic state!"

"Heaven, the neutron star fragment is real!"

"Its gravitational range is constrained to within five thousand kilometers, which is simply unbelievable. , What kind of Weili can achieve this level?"


confine the neutron star fragments of one-thousandth of the mass of a star to within five thousand kilometers?" Lu Qiqi suddenly exclaimed.

Not only her, all the scientists and researchers who saw this scene were stunned.

The neutron star fragments are real!

In addition to scientists and researchers, although the others were also shocked by all the scenes before them, many people did not understand what all this meant.

Moreover, the light is distorted and transformed on a large scale to the degree that the naked eye can see. This situation is even more puzzling.

Xu Jing asked strangely: "Qiqi, what does this mean? Why is this light pattern formed?"

Lan Ling and others also looked at Lu Qiqi.

Qiqi replied: "Because of gravity."

She looked back at Xu Jing and explained: "The mass of this neutron star fragment is about one-thousandth of that of a star, which is already higher than the earth or even Proxima B. It’s much bigger. You

must know that the mass of either the earth or the neighboring star b where we live now is only about one hundred thousandths of the star.

And such a huge mass is compressed into such a small piece, at least we are close It is impossible to see the physical existence of neutron star fragments at the range of 100,000 kilometers. It is such a small piece."

"The gravitational field within the range formed by such a large mass and such a small volume is even light. Super terrifying gravitational range that can only escape with a parabola.

To put it simply, the escape speed has reached the point where the light needs to travel in a parabola to escape..." After

Qiqi finished speaking, she found that Xu Jing and others were a little confused and not impatient.

She laughed. Laughing, he still said patiently: "To put it simply, a star has universal gravitation.

In fact, not only stars in the universe have gravitation, but all matter should have gravitation.

That's why it can be called'universal' gravity. It is just some small mass matter, such as living bodies like you and me, or larger ones such as rocky hills. The mass is too small, and its universal gravity is basically negligible.

But for a massive star, its universal gravitation can be said to be mighty.

For example, in the case of the earth or Proxima b, the living organisms living on it, and even things like air, are all attracted by its gravitational force, so that it can attach to its surface instead of being thrown into the universe. "

And a star with gravitational force, to leave the surface of the star, it must have a force to eliminate gravitational force.

For example, our Nozomi or Observer relies on anti-gravity systems to counteract gravity.

So what if there is no anti-gravity system?

Then you can only rely on speed to escape. This is the so-called planetary escape velocity. In the case of the Earth and Proxima B, the escape velocity is about ten kilometers per second. Only at this speed can it completely leave the star. "

The greater the mass of a star, the greater the escape velocity to leave the star. If it is a star like the sun, its surface escape velocity can reach more than 600 kilometers per second..."

So that's it.

I heard Qiqi's auspicious details. Explain, Xu Jing and others have a sudden realization.

Qiqi has already said so bluntly, and there is no parameter data used.

If they still can’t understand it, then it really is—

Need to collectively understand the common sense of physics.

Lan Ling was silent for a while before asking: "Qiqi, is this really a neutron star fragment? In what way does it exist? Can we approach it? Also, is there any way we can change its course? direction it? " "

blue aunt, from everything we've seen so far, fragments of neutron stars should exist.

or even if there is no debris neutron stars, we humans will face the threat of no less than neutron stars debris.

If the front of this The horrible scene was created by a certain advanced cosmic civilization, so I really hope that the neutron star fragments are real, so that we still have the possibility to escape, otherwise..."

Everyone understands what this means, because the neutron star fragments If it’s not information deception, it’s real, or it’s made with science and technology.

Then humans would rather be real, because that means humans can escape.

Otherwise, a cosmic civilization that can create fragments of neutron stars descends into the galaxy. How do they want to treat humans?

Whether it's annihilation, ignorance, or extreme slicing research, everything has nothing to do with humans.

The humans at that time were even more difficult in front of humans than the dwarves now.

Even the opportunity to be slaves to others is not necessarily there.

"So, can we get closer now?" Xu Jing asked suddenly.

Chapter: 516

I don't know why, obviously looking at the image of the neutron star fragment on the screen, I felt extremely dangerous in my heart.

But driven by curiosity, he still wanted to take a closer look.

Blue Ling thought a moment, and asked: "?? Kiki, we can get close to some observers No longer do such distance to about one million kilometers, not close to five thousand kilometers long range, it should be is safe"

"to , If it is really not a creation of an advanced civilization, but a neutron star fragment or similar star, as long as we do not enter the distance of five thousand kilometers, it is safe.

Of course, if it is a creation of an alien advanced civilization, then we now think You can't escape."

Qiqi nodded and said.

"Then get closer. I know that for you scientists, the closer you are, the more real the observed data will be." Lan Ling nodded and ordered the speed of the spacecraft to get closer to the neutron star fragments again.

Because there is a light distortion point as a marker, the people on the spacecraft can clearly measure the specific location of the neutron star fragment, and then approach it carefully to ensure that it does not enter the death line within five thousand kilometers.

And until the Observer spacecraft reached a distance of only 10,000 kilometers from the neutron star fragment, everyone wore dark special sunglasses and looked carefully at the location of the neutron star fragment.

They actually saw it with their eyes, it was an oval-shaped substance that was tumbling and twisting extremely fast.

Both ends of it are emitting beams of waveband light, which can be seen with the naked eye.

But the light is not strong, [youyou reading] so it's no wonder that you can't see it far away.

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And it is so small that the radius of the entire fragment is definitely not more than 100 meters, and even the Observer is much larger than it.

"Is this the neutron star fragment?" Xu Jing said in surprise while watching.

Then, he carefully inspected the surface of the fragment and its surroundings, and found no possible instruments. In the entire void, only the fragment of the neutron star was advancing, and nothing else was seen.

Such observations continued for several hours, until Xu Jing was exhausted, and the Observer remained at a distance of 10,000 kilometers from the neutron star fragment.

Various scientists are desperately recording and researching, and they are doing their best to explain all this in front of them with common sense.

This time lasted for five days, until five days later.

The neutron star fragments will crash into the chaotic asteroid belt ahead, and it is expected that thousands of asteroids of different sizes will crash into the neutron star fragments!

This is the path map of the neutron star fragments detected by the Observer.

There is a small cluttered asteroid belt directly in front of it, and an impact is expected in a few hours.

And everyone watched with breathlessness, because this impact is likely to see through the true colors of the neutron star fragments.

Whether it is true or false, everything will be finalized after the impact.


when the first asteroid with a diameter of several hundred meters hits within 5,000 kilometers of the neutron star fragment, at the moment of entering...

it disappeared!

Yes, this asteroid with a diameter of several hundred meters disappeared.

At least everyone can't see what's happening with their extremely clear special glasses.

Is it vaporized at high temperature?

Or is it instantly absorbed and compressed by the overweight gravitational force, is directly attracted to the surface of the neutron star, and then becomes a thin layer of neutron star matter?

Or something else?

It just disappeared...

Then hundreds of asteroids of various sizes crashed into the neutron star within 5,000 kilometers.

The same moment disappeared without a trace, there was no trace of its existence, it disappeared completely!

The picture is weird to the extreme!

"Let's go back, go back to Proxima Centauri B... Start all engines at full speed and enter the curvature sailing!"

Seeing the whole process of the impact, Lan Ling gave such an order to the spacecraft operator for the first time.

Everyone could see her face was pale.

In this regard, Qiqi and other scientists did not stop.

Especially Qiqi, she stared at the neutron star fragments, thoughtfully.

When the Observer returned to New Earth Proxima B, it was only half a year since the neutron star impact.

In fact, Lu Chen had already made preparations for the escape of mankind as early as six months ago.

When Lu Chen received the complete observation information from the Observer half a year ago, he has decided to leave Proxima b again, allowing human civilization to step into the unknown and dangerous universe once again.

This decision was a bit difficult for Lu Chen.

But he had to go!

Because this is the result of unanimous research by thousands of scientists including Ding Dacheng.

First of all, as the members on the Observer saw.

This matter presents all the conditions that meet the neutron star matter.

That is to say, everything that was seen, calculated, and deduced had proved that the matter was neutron star matter, and until this step, Lu Chen really had no more thoughts about it.

Even if this neutron star fragment is false, everything is achieved by information deception.

Including the super high quality, super temperature, super magnetic field, and everything is false.

In fact, nothing hits the star, but so what?

The alien civilization that can achieve all of this, even if the neutron star fragment virtual technology is its highest technology, is like a space station in the 21st century.

It needs to be achieved with the scientific and technological strength of the entire country. Even so, so what?

When human beings can't even figure out the scientific principles, they just feel that all this violates all known scientific common sense of mankind.

What if this alien civilization really just released a false message to deceive humans from leaving the home planet so that they can occupy it?

What is it to destroy you?

Lu Chen only had such a sentence in his mind.

In a super-classic science fiction novel he once read on the earth, when human beings face the invasion of an alien civilization whose technology far exceeds it, a sentence appeared in it.

Destroying you...what

to do with you? !

Human beings are simply weak in front of them.

Weaker than dwarves in front of humans!

Facing such a result, what can human beings do?


Continue to escape in the universe and find a new earth!

Continue to grow up.

Then, there is a chance for revenge!

Chapter: 517

Yes, even knowing that mankind wants to fight against such a powerful enemy is simply a fantasy.

But so what?

Even if it was just a hope, Lu Chen would never give up!

All the data has confessed that it is indeed a neutron star fragment.

But it is also a neutron star fragment processed by external forces.

An alien civilization that can manipulate neutron stars...

including Lu Chen, found it incredible.

Such a powerful alien civilization simply exists like a god.

Are they really just trying to drive mankind out of the home planet with such a big momentum?

It makes people very puzzled, but also very angry.

Yes, it doesn't matter whether this neutron star fragment is true or false, whether it is a deception, or whether it wants to destroy the galaxy.

When the Observer confirmed that everything there is real, rather than a simple set of electronic signals.

It means that mankind must leave.

The technological level of this alien civilization is too far apart, so that there is no room for communication at all.

Have you ever seen a person talk to an ant?

Uh, maybe mental illness might do this...

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So, have you ever seen a person talk to bacteria?

Or more extreme...

Have you ever seen a person talk to an atom in a bacterium? !

Either leave, and once again go to the dark and dangerous universe...

but at least...the

human race has a future!

There is hope!

There was never such a moment when Lu Chen had a dark flame in his heart.

It is not so much anger, sadness, and excitement.

Or crazy-

it's more forbearance!

For the future of mankind, he must forbear.

Besides, in front of such a powerful enemy, he really can only tolerate it.

But he firmly believes.

The future, whether it is a thousand years.

a thousand years.

One hundred thousand years.

As long as we humans still survive in the universe.

As long as our human civilization can continue.

As long as we are still improving and getting stronger, sooner or later...

sooner or later we will pinch you to death like bugs!

Lu Chen's face was a bit hideous, his fists clenched tightly together, and he made a crunch!

"The presidents of the other four continents and four major countries have arrived."

Just then, Chen Churan's voice rang in the communicator.

Lu Chen loosened his fist slowly, and he quickly returned.

But his expression was still a bit heavy.

He took a deep breath and walked out of the office.

Six months ago, dwarf scientists on other four continents also discovered that neutron star fragments were about to destroy their galaxies.

After their research failed, they had to ask humans for help.

Because they found a sad thing.

That is-

they can't build a spaceship in a short time.

They don't even have the core technology to build spacecraft.

Although the technological level of the dwarves is equivalent to the three-generation industrial level of the human earth in the 21st century.

But their technology tree is off the mark.

They attach importance to military research and unmanned technology research.

Their skills in astronomy and aerospace are really not flattering.

It was almost the same as the Earth during World War II.

This is why they found the neutron star fragments two years late.

When the dwarves asked for help, at the beginning, Lu Chen had the same attitude as other senior officials.

Can't save it!

No way, although the Hope has been expanded to the eighth floor, the number of humans is also increasing, and it has exceeded 200,000 in recent years.

And over time, the number of humans will only increase.

Where can the dwarves come up?

However, after analyzing that the neutron star fragment was indeed an advanced alien technique, Lu Chen changed his mind.

After entering the universe again, there are still too few human beings.

There are too few human scientists.

So he plans to bring one million dwarf elites. This million dwarf elites are distinguished from humans, and they are not slaves, but their level is lower than humans.

Lu Chen gave them hope of living, and they must serve mankind.

To this end, Lu Chen purposely built two village-level spaceships for them.

That is the level of the previous Hope.

Of course, the current Nozomi has been upgraded to a township-level spacecraft.

Not only has it increased by four layers, it has also been lengthened and widened by about twice.

After everyone's discussion, the class was designated as a township class spacecraft.

Later, there will be larger township, county, municipal, provincial, national, and intercontinental levels.

Like the battleship group of the Blue Clan, it is simply an earth-like planet, which is even more terrifying.

Of course, Lu Chen made spaceships for them, and all the materials for these two spaceships were made by the dwarves themselves.

Moreover, the two spacecrafts are also under the control of Nozomi, and can only follow Nozomi to escape and fled in the universe.

Let’s talk about Hope.

After three reconstructions, two floors were added under the first floor, namely the negative second floor.

At the same time, two more layers are added to the seventh layer, and the eighth and ninth layers appear.

The negative second floor is still the residence of the people. As the population increases, the required living area will also continue to increase. This negative second floor is precisely the location predetermined for the future population increase of mankind.

The eighth floor is a large number of planting points on Proxima B.

Plants that are rich in organic nutrients are grown in it.

Such as purplish red fruit and milk fruit, it is also possible to stock two cultivable herbivorous lizards found in the new earth, which are also rich in a lot of rare nutritious meat.

The ninth layer is a simulated ocean.

The height of this ninth floor is more than twice that of the other floors of Hope, and the length of tens of thousands of meters is enough to simulate the simplest marine environment.

Among them, a large number of marine fishes collected from Proxima B, crustaceans, which are crab-like creatures on the planet.

There are also some edible seaweeds that are also cultivated. This is the largest type of organism to be carried away at present, involving more than 90 species of organisms.

In addition to being for human consumption, it is also used to study the evolution of species.

In addition to these transformations and construction actions, a large number of minerals were collected during the six months before the return of the Observer.

All are forged into physical objects and stored in the Hope.

At the same time, it has also increased the planting of various luxury crops, and at this time has no longer cared about maintaining the ecological environment.

Basically, the most primitive slash-and-burn cultivation is used. When the fire is set, a large amount of the field is emptied. Under the use of plant ash and various chemical fertilizers, such as tea, coffee, cocoa, or tobacco, cotton, etc., all are large amounts. Of reckless planting.

In society, although Zheng Axe still conceals the arrival of neutron star fragments.

However, the sensitive elites already seemed to have sensed something, facing the massive destruction of the natural environment.

Almost in the case of predatory collection and planting, except for the protest at the beginning, there was no more noise afterwards.

The whole society is like a tightly wound clockwork. Everyone is working hard, whether it is for manufacturing, planting, or mining, everyone is doing their best to harvest all materials.

At this time, Lu Chen also met with several presidents of the dwarven race.

Chapter: 518

"I have seen a respectable lord!"

Seeing Lu Chen coming in, the four presidents knelt down to Lu Chen.

They had accepted all Lu Chen's requirements, and Lu Chen was the god in their hearts.

When they were only defeated on the battlefield before, they still didn't think human beings were great.

But after they looked at more than one hundred thousand humans, and only a few years had passed the water that Leizhou had built, they only admitted the horror of humans in their hearts.

Then he respected Lu Chen, the leader of mankind even more.

Especially when Lu Chen agreed to build two spaceships for them and flee Proxima B with their dwarves, he almost regarded Lu Chen as the god of their dwarves.

"Get up."

Lu Chen waved his hand, then walked to the main seat and sat down.

"My lord, we have too many dwarf elites, far more than one million, let's take another half million." Charlotte begged to look at Lu Chen.

"Yeah, sir, you see that our races are too many. We can't just leave them all behind. Don't worry, we can take a little more." Shili Naiben nodded and attached.

Although the other two did not speak, they looked at Lu Chen weakly.

Lu Chen looked at the four dwarf country presidents who were a lot shorter than him, and resolutely said: "You can't bring more, one million is already the limit of those two spaceships.

And, remember, what I want is The elite is the elite of your dwarves.

You must know that after entering the universe, only by continuously developing technology can you have a greater chance of living.

Also, speed up the progress and collect as many materials as possible, otherwise the next few years will even be Within a few decades, your family of dwarves will have to control birth.”

Lu Chen’s words are not unreasonable. A village-level spacecraft can accommodate half a million dwarves. So only after continuous expansion can it be possible to accommodate more. dwarf.

Therefore, before the expansion, the dwarves have to control their birth problems, otherwise they simply cannot accommodate.

Lu Chen's plan was to expand the spacecraft for them the next time he encountered the replenishment planet.

Hearing Lu Chen's words, the four presidents all looked bitter, but they didn't dare to say anything.

"Do you know how many races we gave up at the beginning?"

Lu Chen snorted coldly, seeing the expressions of the four people, "I released nearly seven billion tribesmen back then, twice as much as yours. What's it?"

"There are still five months to supervise your people, and collect materials for me."

"Also, when the time comes, I will choose a captain for each of the two spaceships, and I will take orders. , When the time comes, choose the two of the four of you that have the most materials."

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He finally said, shaking his hand and leaving the room.

Looking at Lu Chen's back, the four dwarf presidents had no choice but to spread their hands, and then left one after another.

However, when Lu Chen chose the captain in the end, they still made small calculations in their hearts.

In the next few months, everyone learned about the impact of neutron star fragments on the neighboring galaxy.

Although everyone couldn't accept it at first, they accepted this fact after a day or two.

Then everyone already felt the sense of urgency.

Five months passed in a flash, and there was one last month before the neutron star broke into the Centaur galaxy.

On this day, Lu Chen finally spoke to all human beings.

"My compatriots, I am Lu Chen. I am here with a very sad heart to tell all my compatriots a cruel reality that a neutron star fragment is colliding with the star of our galaxy..."

"Yes, just like Shiduo Like the D virus that occurred on the earth a year ago, we were once again driven to despair."

"When we were on Earth, we were still looking forward to deciphering the DNA code of the D virus. But now in the face of neutron star fragments, we are powerless and there is no way..."

"We discovered this neutron star two and a half years ago. We did not give up, and sent a space frigate spacecraft and many scientists including my daughter to fly to the neutron star fragments."

"We tried to find any possible solution to this dilemma, but we failed."

"This spacecraft It’s been half a year since the crew of Proxima B was returned to Proxima B. After the information brought back was handed over to the scientists for careful verification, we finally confirmed that we are indeed powerless..."

"We can only abandon our home star again, we only I can go to the universe again and continue to wander..."

"However, I promise all my compatriots that I will not leave any of you behind, and we will all leave together!"

"I will also promise that this time I leave will not It represents our resignation!"

"We are weak now, but we humans will progress, grow, and become a race that will gradually become stronger!"

"Here, I, and you who listen to my voice, are named Human us!"

"All of us put all of this in our hearts, our souls, our genes!"

"Let us remember all of this, tell our children and grandchildren, and let them tell their children and grandchildren The escape from the earth is the death of billions of people!"

"The escape of the new earth, this is the loss of our new life!"

"Let us remember all this hatred and humiliation!"

"Even thousands of years, thousands of years , One hundred thousand years, one million years... Let us record everything with history!"

"In the future, we humans must kill this alien civilization that is forcing us! Squeeze them to death like bugs!"

Lu Chen said more and more. Speaking louder, I have reached a high level.

He clenched his fist and slammed it out.

The tearing voice shouted:

"We humans will have revenge!"

"We humans will have revenge!" At

this moment, the emotions of 200,000 humans have been ignited.

Two hundred thousand people shouted at the same time with exhaustion, and the sound was like a sharp sword, shooting out from the ground.

Go straight through the sky!

At this moment, the sky was covered with dark clouds, and the sky seemed to be trembling!

The one million dwarves who were about to board the two village-level spaceships, listening to the tearing roar of humans from a distance, their

legs were a little trembling.

They also seem to feel the spirit of human beings who never surrender!


My compatriots, let's go, goal, Tianyuan Four." "I wish we can successfully find a new earth in Tianyuan Four!"

With Lu Chen waved his hand, everyone walked towards the Hope in an orderly manner.

Chapter: 519

According to the latest research and analysis, the Tianyuan four star system is a newborn galaxy at most one billion years old.

The most obvious planet is Tianyuan 4B, which is a gaseous planet similar to Jupiter in the solar system.

When I was on the earth before, at that time, there was no habitable planet in the four-star sea of ​​Tianyuan.

But on Proxima b, the distance is only about four light-years, coupled with the increasingly sophisticated technology, scientists have discovered that Tianyuan 4C is actually a habitable planet.

Moreover, the Four Star Sea of ​​Tianyuan is very young, and there may not be civilization on Tianyuan Four C.

So Lu Chen decided to take a look at Tianyuan Four.

If you sail with curvature, it only takes three years to get from Proxima B to Tianyuan IV.

However, in order to witness the feat of neutron star fragments destroying the Centauri, this month, Lu Chen only allowed Hope to sail at 0.7 times the speed of light.

One month later...

Finally, through the various communication satellites left on Proxima B, the dwarves on the Nozomi and two other village-level spacecraft, saw the images transmitted by the satellites.

The first is that three irregular stars burst open suddenly.

Then the planets in the entire galaxy exploded.

Then after a monstrous white light, the whole picture fell into silence.

This picture was frozen by the scientists and entered into analysis and research one after another.

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Time slipped away slowly in the busy research.

In a blink of an eye, two years have passed.

It is less than a year to reach the four galaxies of Tianyuan, and less than a light-year remains for the voyage.

Tian Yuan Si has become the first bright star in the sky. She exudes a faint red light and looks very beautiful.

At this moment, Hope received a strange message.

In fact, it was inappropriate to say that it was received. This message appeared abruptly in the main control computer and was noticed by Lu Chen.

However, none of the scientists such as Ding Dacheng found it.

It was almost like a virus, and Lu Chen was shocked at that time.

This message automatically becomes a Chinese character without translation.

Lu Chen's heart almost jumped out.

"Thirteen thousand six hundred dark energy broadcasts, the third three-star domain."

"If you can receive this message, it proves that you have at least the primary interstellar navigation capabilities. The information broadcast below may be It’s very important to you, please be sure to analyze it carefully."

"The Sweeper has stepped up its efforts to clean up the third three-star domain, and at the same time, the first three-star domain has traces of demons."

"Your situation may change. Very dangerous. This piece of information contains a simple manufacturing method for over-distance communication equipment. Please import this piece of information into your central computer and the program will automatically start the manufacturing process."

"Then please communicate with us so that we can locate your Coordinates. At that time, there will be special personnel to welcome you to the safe area."

"Repeat again, your situation may be very dangerous! Very dangerous!"

When Lu Chen just noticed this information, Lu Chen was really taken aback.

He even wondered whether the central computer of the Nozomi was hacked.

However, it did not follow the worst-case scenario afterwards. At present, this seems to be just a piece of information.

However, this kind of technical means of sending information and automatically translating it.

Simply appalling!

He didn't rush to analyze the meaning of this information, but quickly asked a computer expert to conduct a large-scale inspection of the master computer.

He also checked it out, but he was not a computer expert after all.

The expert inspected every corner of the array memory, analyzed every signal receiver, and tried to analyze the ins and outs of this information.

But the result disappointed Lu Chen, and the experts did not notice any clues of this information.

After returning from a comprehensive inspection, Lu Chen asked Ding Dacheng to arrange a philologist to analyze the meaning of this information.

"How is this possible? This signal has its own intelligence?" Ding Dacheng and a group of linguistic experts were also a little unbelievable after seeing it.

A signal is a signal, just a section of beams that are emitted. How can the signal also have intelligence?

But if the signal is not intelligent, how could it appear on the host computer of Nozomi and be translated into Chinese?

Lu Chen couldn't figure it out, and the scientists couldn't figure it out either.

It feels that this method is simply amazing, completely beyond human knowledge.

The most frightening thing was that Lu Chen contacted two other spaceships, but those two spaceships did not receive any signal.

In other words, when this signal is transmitted, it is known that the Hope is the central host.

Thinking of this, everyone suddenly burst into a cold sweat!

"The technology of this civilization surpasses at least three of our civilization levels!" Ding Dacheng said with an ugly expression.

"Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, his face also a little gloomy.

There is no doubt that this civilization is definitely a super civilization that has surpassed oneself for many years.

"However, I see the meaning of this text, they don't seem to be malicious." Ding Dacheng said again.

This is also something that makes everyone feel a little relieved.

But a sentence aroused Lu Chen's alertness.

"Please import this piece of information into your central computer, the program will automatically start the manufacturing process, and then please communicate with us so that we can locate your coordinates."

"With smart wireless signal...import it into the central computer? What if this piece of information With what malicious program, after creating an over-distance communication device, it exposes our coordinates. What should the other party kill us?

After all, under the principle of the dark forest of the universe, any civilization, in the eyes of other higher civilizations, They can all be used as slaves or killed." Lu Chen said suddenly.

Ding Dacheng and others were also lost in thought. This is a very important question.

Issues related to the destiny of mankind.

If this signal is a trap and installed on the central computer, the entire human race, including the one million dwarves, will have to finish playing.

So, should we follow the message?

At this moment, both Lu Chen and Ding Dacheng and other scientists were all lost in thought.

Chapter: 520

This is a signal full of temptation and crisis.

Speaking of words, human beings nowadays really long for a peaceful place to develop slowly.

So at this moment, whether it is Lu Chen or Ding Dacheng and other scientists, their hearts are full of expectations and worries.

"It can be assumed that the other party's intelligence signals can only possess the currently known abilities for the time being, without the ability to automatically obtain control rights..." A linguist said suddenly.

"The matter of implanting it into the central computer will be discussed later. Before you are absolutely sure, you must not take any risks." Lu Chen immediately shook his head and denied the linguist's proposal.

This is about the survival of 200,000 humans and a million dwarves, and of course there can be no even the slightest risk.

"Let’s first assume that this information is true.

Then, four keywords are mentioned, sweepers, demons, guardians, and safe areas. From the

overall analysis, it seems that there is a kind of existence called'guardian'. An area called

the'safe zone' was constructed to resist the'sweeper' and the'devil race'. Moreover, after the guardian, the word'alliance' was added..." Ding Dacheng analyzed.

Lu Chen nodded and took the topic: "Then let's analyze first, in the dark universe, is it possible for the so-called'alliance' to exist?"

He said, and he fell into contemplation.

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He has always firmly believed that in this dark universe, the dark forest method that has a high probability of following, the so-called alliance should be nonsense.

Ding Dacheng nodded and said: "Since it is an alliance, it must be composed of two or more civilizations. Just like us and the dwarves, it is actually possible to coexist peacefully.

There is also a possibility that these civilizations were not at the beginning. When you know the principles of the dark universe, you have already begun to contact.

Then, after many years of coexistence, they have merged with each other and can no longer be separated. Only then can they form an alliance. "

Lu dust or shaking his head, and said:" You're not unreasonable.

But the odds are still very small.

Moreover, even if it is really possible, it is only suitable for a very small number of civilizations to form an alliance.

In this piece of information, since there is a saying of the'Guardian League's 3rd Domain Squad', this possibility can basically be discarded. "

Lu Chen is still cautious as always.

Ding Dacheng and others nodded, thinking that Lu Chen's statement is indeed reasonable.

"Then the second possibility is that there is an extremely powerful civilization as the leading factor, connecting many weak civilizations to form an alliance.

Under the suppression of a powerful civilization, the principles of the dark universe will temporarily fail.

But, why does this powerful civilization need to do this?

Doesn't it know that eliminating these many weak civilizations will give it more benefits? Perhaps it comes from pure kindness, a sense of morality? Lu Chen asked back,

"This is too joking, basically impossible." Lu Chen shook his head and directly denied Ding Dacheng's hypothesis.

"Since the statement of'Alliance ' is basically unreliable, how true is this piece of information?" "

Lu Chen looked at the scientists.

"According to the usual practice, to lie and deceive people, there must be true and false information in the information, so that the other party is afraid and fooled.

So it seems that the Sweeper and the Demon Race are real.

I just don't know what these two nouns represent or what kind of existence.

The Sweeper may be to detonate the existence of Proxima, what is the Demon Race? "

Faced with the terrible unknown, Lu Chen felt vaguely worried.

"Well, what you said is true."

Ding Dacheng nodded and said: "The universe is so big, there are too many things that we don't know.

Perhaps, with our current level of technology, we can pretend to guess that. Waiting for it to exist is really ridiculous."

"Yeah, if there is a safe zone that can allow us humans to develop technology with peace of mind, that would be great!"

A linguist exclaimed.

Lu Chen and the others nodded. This was indeed what they looked forward to most.

"Then let's put this matter aside."

Lu Chen glanced at the letter on the screen again, and said: "At least the universe we see is dark.

Therefore, we must look at it with dark eyes. Everything.

Relying on others is better than relying on ourselves.

Besides, we are not necessarily so unlucky. We happened to meet the sweepers and demons on the way to Tianyuan Si.

Now we are less than one kilometer away from Tianyuan Si. Light years, less than a year’s journey, let’s first arrive at Tianyuan Four.”

Lu Chen thought for a while, and finally deleted this piece of information cruelly. Then, without any hesitation, he accelerated all the way towards the sky. Yuan Si rushed away.

Although it is stated in this piece of information that it contains primary methods for manufacturing ultra-distance communication equipment, Lu Chen and others do not believe that they can obtain these technologies under safe conditions.

To obtain the manufacturing method of ultra-distance communication equipment, this code must be imported into the central computer and let it run automatically.

However, scientists such as Lu Chen were unable to determine whether this piece of information contained malicious code.

"Don't bring unnecessary danger to yourself because of greed."

Lu Chen thought firmly.

The eight-month sailing time is a blink of an eye relative to the time of the universe.

But for human time, it is extremely long.

Fortunately, it finally passed safely.

During this long voyage, Lu Chen and others finally saw for the first time the rest of the matter except for their own human fleet.

It was a large meteorite about 30 meters in length, with a total mass of about 10,000 tons, mainly composed of dry ice and iron.

Here is the Oort Cloud of Tianyuan Four, which is the boundary of the four territories of Tianyuan.

Beyond here, the Hope fleet will truly enter the Tianyuan four star system.

Because the mass and age are much smaller than the sun, the Oort cloud matter of Tianyuan 4 is only 0.6 light-years away from the main star, which is almost half the distance of the Oort cloud of the sun.

The brightness of Tianyuan IV has been further increased. Of course, at this distance, her brightness has no essential difference with other stars, and it is still just a bright spot, without any detailed features.

The moment he saw this meteorite, Lu Chen felt like crying.

After a long journey of several years, the loneliness and loneliness on the way, and the taste in it, he has no way to tell anyone.

Even his wife, or Chen Churan, who was about to marry him, did not confide in them too much.