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Who are you My Husband (Chapter 481-490) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 481

"On the matter of sailing speed, I am the only one who came by myself, so I don't want to disrupt their plans."

Looking at the dark space outside the window, Lu Chen said silently in his heart.

Scientists in the entire Academy of Science and Technology have their research projects now, and they are all important projects.

Such as the research and development project of interstellar fighter.

Shuttles cannot fight, and the Mi-100 sixth-generation fighters cannot adapt to Star Wars.

So Lu Chen asked Ding Dacheng and the others to develop an interstellar fighter that could fight in the cosmic starry sky.

For example, the upgrade research and development of the anti-gravity system.

Last time on Mars, it would have been impossible to sacrifice so many soldiers if it hadn't had a major flaw in the anti-gravity system.

In short, every scientific research department has its own research project.

"In a blink of an eye, it has been a year and a half since leaving the earth to now!" Lu Chen lit a cigarette, feeling deeply.

During this year and a half, a lot of things have happened. On the earth, the time when we lived carefree, seemed to be yesterday.

Scenes of past events flowed through Lu Chen's heart.

The first time I was far away from the earth, the fear of facing the catastrophe of Mars, the surprise when I had a big meal for the first time, the difficulty of walking on Titan, to the excitement of collecting countless resources, and finally being forced by an asteroid again Leave, wait, wait, one by one.

"Let's go, let's go, when I get out of the solar system, I will concentrate on studying sailing speed, hoping to reach Proxima b soon."

Throwing thousands of thoughts out of my mind, manipulating the huge Hope, flying towards the edge of the solar system.

During this period of time, Lu Chen and others have deeply realized a truth.

In the universe, the place where meteorites fly randomly is not the most dangerous place, but the empty place is the most dangerous place.

Because there, any star has a distance of at least thousands of years.

There is nothing there, and if something unexpected happens, you can't get any supplements.

It can only wait for the energy to run out, and then die, turning into a cold cosmic rock, drifting with the flow in infinite time.

The long time is the biggest enemy of interstellar navigation!

Lu Chen had many thoughts, while thinking about things indiscriminately, while controlling the Hope to slowly accelerate.

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At the beginning, when he left the earth, Lu Chen was very eager to leave the solar system.

But when he really wanted to leave the solar system, he was reluctant to give up.


Lu Chen exhaled, taking his mind back from his infinite thoughts.

He put aside these messy thoughts and continued to manipulate the Nozomi to escape from the solar system.

Gradually, more than ten days passed in a flash.

Nozomi has reached Uranus orbit.

"It's getting farther and farther from the sun!" Lu Chen sighed.

"Yeah, I don't know if we have a chance to return to the solar system again, I don't think we will have it again." Chen Churan next to him also sighed.

"It should be...not there!" Lu Chen shook his head slightly, looking at the starry sky with the sun's dimmer outside, Lu Chen wanted to smoke.

"By the way, you said that with our current level of technology, can we leave something memorable in the solar system?" Chen Churan said suddenly.

Lu Chen was startled, and then fell into contemplation.

The orbit of Uranus is approximately 2.7 billion kilometers from the Earth's orbit.

Looking at the sun in the orbit of Uranus is just a bright spot in the sky, and there is no essential difference from other stars.

This feeling is like seeing other stars other than the sun on the earth.

Chen Churan took a sip of coffee, looked out of Lu Chen's face and fell into deep thought.

No one knew what she was thinking.

"We can make a memorial monument and make it revolve around the sun." Lu Chen said suddenly.

Chen Churan's thoughts were pulled back by Lu Chen, she was startled, and asked, "Remembrance monument? What remembrance monument?"

Lu Chen looked at the screen, and then called out the figure of the earth.

"It has been determined that the human beings on earth have been destroyed. Although I left them with hope, they finally did not survive."

"If they can finally reunite, if they can have the feeling of sacrificing themselves, they should be able to overcome the difficulty of D virus, but in the end they will all go to extinction because of the battle for power."

Lu Chen sighed.

Although they have long been far away from the earth, they can obtain all kinds of information on the earth from the synchronous satellites that can still communicate with the earth.

There is also a possibility that the D virus evolves again and eventually annihilates all human beings.

"You mean, remember that we humans once originated in the solar system?" Chen Churan quickly understood what Lu Chen meant.

"Yes, we originated from the earth and the solar system. This is our last memory." Lu Chen nodded and said.

Chen Churan frowned and said, "You see, we humans are left with our last one hundred thousand. All the others have perished on earth, and the chance of us coming back is very slim. It is better to call it the Tomb of Mankind. how is it?"

As she spoke, she looked at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen also took a sip of the coffee on the table, thought for a while, nodded and said, "Well, what you said makes sense, then it's called the Tomb of Humans."

"What should I do?" Chen Churan asked.

"Are you interested? I plan to make this human monument myself." Lu Chen asked Chen Churan.

"Okay, I just meant it." Chen Churan smiled and agreed with Lu Chen's proposal.

In the next few days, Lu Chen took Chen Churan and used the metal materials he had previously stored to create a tombstone.

This tombstone is ten meters high and one meter thick, just like a metallic asteroid in the solar system.

Then Lu Chen used nuclear fusion technology to create a battery.

This battery can last at least millions of years to provide energy to this human grave.

Next, Lu Chen asked the central computer to perform accurate calculations, and planned a revolution orbit for the tombstone.

This tombstone will revolve around the sun in a one-hundred-and-thirty-year cycle, and within a million years, the tombstone will always be on like an everlasting lamp, illuminating the surrounding dark space.

It also illuminates their line of words carved on the tombstone.

"The Tomb of Seven Billion Humans!"

"Lu Chen, Chen Churan stand!"

Chapter: 482

After erecting the human tombstone, Lu Chen accelerated the speed of Hope again, and the Hope quickly moved away from the sun.

A few days later, in front of him, a planet once again appeared in the vision of Lu Chen and others.

He is a blue planet like the ocean.

It is Neptune, one of the eight planets in the solar system.

Here, Lu Chen and the others saw the spectacular big black spot on Neptune and observed Triton at close range.

According to calculations, Triton was once a Kuiper Belt object, but was later captured by Neptune's powerful gravity.

So Triton's orbit is retrograde, and it is slowly approaching Neptune.

When the distance between it and Neptune exceeds Roche's limit, it will be torn apart by Neptune's powerful gravitational force, and then the fragments of Triton will hit Neptune.

However, because the distance is too far, it will not have much impact on the inner planets of the solar system.

The so-called Roche limit is the distance between a celestial body's own gravity and the tidal force caused by a second celestial body.

When the distance between the two celestial bodies is less than the Roche limit, the celestial bodies will tend to break apart and become the second celestial body ring.

Of course, if the first celestial body is subjected to other forces, even if it is within the Roche limit of the second celestial body, it will not burst into fragments and become the ring of the second celestial body.

I remember that when human beings were still living comfortably on the earth, they made a movie called "Wandering Earth".

In that movie, in the final stage, the earth was accidentally captured by Jupiter's gravity while accelerating with the help of Jupiter's gravity slingshot.

Then quickly ran into Jupiter.

At that time, the earth, if there is no other force, when it enters the Roche limit of Jupiter's gravity, it will burst into pieces and become Jupiter's rings, just like those ice and gravel on Saturn's rings. .

Of course, at the end of the movie, there was no such ending. At the critical juncture, the protagonist returned to the spacecraft to explode Jupiter's atmosphere, and finally, with the help of recoil, rescued the earth and rescued mankind.

As for this Triton, there is no such good thing.

Its end is doomed.

Lu Chen didn't want to change it, nor did he have the ability to change it.

The encounter with Neptune was only a moment.

Not only did Lu Chen and others not stop for Neptune, but with the help of Neptune's gravitational slingshot, they accelerated their Nozomi speed a bit and left quickly.

A few days later, Pluto appeared in sight.

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But at this time Pluto is at the far end of its orbit, more than 300 million kilometers away from Hope, and they have no plans to meet with it.

It also accelerates toward the outer layers of the solar system.

Time flies so fast, these days, whether it's Lu Chen, Ding Dacheng, or Chen Churan and others.

They did not do other work, but kept observing every corner of the solar system.

This close observation helps them understand the solar system more carefully and understand the various composition structures and principles of a star system.

Soon, they finally came to the edge of the solar system.

Here is the site of the Kuiper Belt.

The Kuiper Belt is the main source of short periodic comets in the solar system.

For example, the famous Halley's Comet is believed to have come from here.

But Lu Chen and the others didn't have such good luck to meet it.

Now Halley’s Comet, I don’t know which corner of the solar system is swaying.

The Kuiper belt is six billion kilometers from the sun.

Looking at the sun from here, it is only brighter than Venus on the earth.

The entire sun has become a point of light, losing all its details.

If it weren't for scientists, ordinary people wouldn't be able to tell if the bright spot was the sun.

They don't even know where the Hope is now, whether it has already flown out of the solar system.

They just knew that it would take about ten years of loneliness to reach Proxima b.

Even how to spend this time, countless people are at a loss.

Six billion kilometers.

The Kuiper belt is so far from the sun, but the sun still rules everything here.

In the Kuiper Belt, Pluto, Zina, Sedna and other celestial bodies are still orbiting the bright spot in the distance together with countless icy rocks.

This is the horror of the sun.

In the entire solar system of a light-year, she will always be the master.

But here, it's cold and dark.

The light and heat of the sun have almost completely disappeared.

In fact, in this area, there are at least 100 million celestial bodies scattered in this huge space.

But Lu Chen and others couldn't see anything.

Compared to this huge space, the density of matter is too thin.

In space, because of the loss of the reference object, I can't perceive that I am moving.

The feeling to everyone is that the entire Hope is suspended in space quietly, without any movement.

In reality, however, the Nozomi was quickly passing through the Kuiper Belt at this time.

Lu Chen and Ding Dacheng also discovered that the speed of the solar wind was slowly decreasing.

This means that the sun's influence here has become weaker and weaker.

Gradually, gradually, the speed of the solar wind dropped from a few hundred kilometers per second to below the speed of sound of three hundred and forty meters per second.

"We are finally at the edge of the solar system!" Ding Dacheng said with emotion.

"Yes, we are about to leave the entire solar system!" Lu Chen also said with emotion.

"When we were on the earth, the earth was our mother. After we left the earth, the sun was our mother!"

"Now we are about to leave the solar system soon, and our last 110,000 humans will no longer be protected by the great mother!!"

"In the future cosmic voyage, what will we human beings become in the journey of finding our home in the future?"

Chen Churan was babbling, his eyes were already moist.

At this moment, she was inexplicably melancholy.

Inexplicably sad.

"Either perish or rise, we humans have no other way to choose!" Ding Dacheng said.

"Yes, since we left the earth, it was destined that we humans have no other choice. We have chosen the path of cosmic invasion. Then, we can only rise in the universe or be led by other advanced civilizations. It's gone." Lu Chen took a sip of coffee and said lightly.

Chen Churan was taken aback. She glanced at Ding Dacheng, then at Lu Chen, and finally said sadly, "I see, you don’t know Proxima b, you just want to give mankind the last bit of hope. , It is even possible that your goal is not Proxima b, right?"

Chapter: 483

"No, our goal is Proxima b. This has never changed."

"According to our observations, Proxima b is a habitable planet. The only thing we worry about is whether there will be civilization on it. If so, what kind of civilization will this civilization be? What level of civilization."

"In the cosmic starry sky, everything can happen. The earth can give birth to human beings, so why can't other star systems give birth to other life?"

Lu Chen shook his head, denying Chen Churan's doubts.

Their goals remain the same, but they don’t know what the future will look like.

"Then if there were other civilizations on Proxima Centauri, how would you choose?" Chen Churan asked.

Ding Dacheng did not answer this question, nor did Lu Chen answer it.

He took out a cigarette, and when he thought about a problem, he was used to lighting himself a cigarette.

Even if he knows that nicotine is harmful to the body.

But he just doesn't want to change this habit.

In other words, he doesn't want to quit.

"Do you know the law of the dark forest?" After Lu Chen took a breath, he swiped his index finger and the holographic screen appeared, and then a paragraph of text appeared on the holographic screen.

Chen Churan said curiously:

"The universe is a dark forest, and every civilization is a hunter with a gun.

Sneaking in the forest like a ghost, gently pulling away the branches blocking the road, trying to keep the footsteps from making any noise, even breathing must be careful:

He must be careful, because there are hunters who sneak like him everywhere in the forest.

If he finds another life, there is only one thing he can do: shoot and destroy it.

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In this forest, others are hell, an eternal threat.

Any life that exposes its existence will soon be wiped out. This is the picture of cosmic civilization.

Once discovered, only one side can survive.

Or neither can survive! "

After Chen Churan finished reading, she looked at Lu Chen in shock: "Who wrote this? Why have I never seen it?"

Lu Chen smiled and said, "Not a fan of science fiction. Generally, few people know the law of the dark forest.

Because this law is just a theory of the universe that a science fiction writer infused into his science fiction novels, and it has not been verified by any.

Because we humans have not encountered a real alien civilization. "

"Ah! Which science fiction writer is it? I really don't like reading science fiction, so I don't understand it." Chen Churan shook his head and said.

But she has to admit that this theory is too reasonable.

Although humans have not yet encountered a real alien civilization.

"Senior Liu Cixin is our most famous science fiction writer in China." Lu Chen said.

"Yes, although we humans have not yet come into contact with a real alien civilization, I also believe in this law." Ding Dacheng said.

Lu Chen nodded and said, "The universe is not like the earth anymore. I also think that this dark forest law makes more sense. In short, we don't encounter alien civilizations in the future. If we do, we must be careful. "

"So, what you mean is that if we get to Proxima b, if there is an alien civilization there, you will choose to destroy them or develop together with them according to the situation, right?" Chen Churan asked.

"Almost, if there is one day, we humans will definitely not be threatened." Lu Chen nodded, not wanting to discuss this issue with Chen Churan.

Many things are still unknown, and he can't say clearly now.

Maybe after reaching Proxima b, they found that the civilization there was too strong and they could only flee desperately.

If they find that the civilization there is very weak, they are likely to wipe it out.

At this point, even he was not sure if he would do it.

Hope continues to fly outside, and there will be an infinite world of interstellar medium ahead.

The sun, with her powerful energy, uses the solar wind to open up a piece of its own world in the interstellar medium.

The place where Nozomi is located at this time is the border between the solar empire and the interstellar medium.

Here is the top of the solar system.

Here, the distance from the sun has reached 18 billion kilometers!

Here, under the influence of the interstellar medium, the speed of the solar wind finally dropped below the speed of sound.

The solar wind will be here, violently confronting the interstellar medium, and countless particles will violently collide in places that scientists cannot observe, such as Lu Chen.

But scientists believe that this is the ultimate battlefield.

In the confrontation with the interstellar medium, the solar wind will definitely fail.

Because they know that after passing through here, the sun will have no other means to exert influence on this place except gravity.

Hope spent two days passing through here, through the top of the solar system.

Looking at the probe, the number of high-energy charged particles from the sun slowly decreased and eventually disappeared.

Looking at the bright spot in the distance that is already a little faint and not much different from the rest of the stars in the universe.

There was an unspeakable taste in the hearts of Lu Chen and others.

They, the last human beings.

It will eventually leave the solar system, the star system that gave birth to humans.

They will never get shelter from the solar system again!


Lu Chen and the others murmured to themselves, with an urge to cry.

Hope continues to move forward, and it will be the interstellar medium, which is the world of hydrogen and helium from the Milky Way.

The matter here is so thin that it is unimaginable, even less than one cubic centimeter of one atom.

Such a density is equivalent to the density of a drop of water evenly dispersed in a space of 5 million cubic kilometers.

What greets mankind in the front will be a lonely travel about 4 light years in such a space.

After leaving the solar top, Lu Chen has been depressed for some time.

During this year, he has been in a state of trance, and he has basically ignored the daily operations of the fleet.

Most of the time, Lu Chen just looked at the direction of the sun through the telescope every day, immersed in memories and couldn't help himself.

Fortunately, during this period, everything was normal, and nothing major happened.

Here, there is a distance of 35 billion kilometers from the sun.

It takes 32 hours for the rays of the sun to pass here.

But here, in such a remote place, Lu Chen unexpectedly made a major discovery.

He found a planet!

Chapter: 484

Yes, what Lu Chen saw in the remote realm was a planet!

This planet is not one of the eight planets in the solar system at all, nor is it Pluto that was ruthlessly kicked out before.

This is a planet that mankind has so far, there are no records.

It has reached a hydrostatic balance and has enough mass to clear the rest of the small celestial bodies in its orbit. This planet, no matter how you look at it, fits the astronomer's definition of a planet.

However, no humans have observed it.

Because it is actually quite small.

And it's too far away from the sun, it's hard for the sun to shine here.

After Lu Chen’s preliminary calculations, its mass reached 1.5 times that of the Earth. It is a rocky planet that revolves around the sun at an extremely slow speed.

Its cycle reached 732 years.

Looking at this planet, Lu Chen was full of doubts.

Although he has always been interested in the universe, he doesn't know much about astronomy.

But just in terms of science and technology, he has grown very fast, and even with many theories, his understanding is better than that of chief scientist Ding Dacheng.

"Humans have studied the solar system for so many years, why has this planet been unknown or recorded?" Lu Chen called Ding Dacheng and asked.

Ding Dacheng also studied this mysterious planet that Xia Luchen suddenly discovered, and he was also very shocked.

"This is a bit unexpected, and it feels a bit unscientific." Ding Dacheng frowned and said. He is not an astronomer either. He is generally only a technical researcher and he doesn't know much about this situation.

"I know."

Suddenly, an astronomer said.

Lu Chen and Ding Dacheng turned to look at him.

This astronomer is called Du Zihai and has been in charge of astronomical research.

"Before, because of the study of the Kuiper Belt, we found that the orbits of many small celestial bodies were very strange. After decades of research and marriage, there was no way to explain it.

Therefore, the astronomy community has been wondering whether there is another large planet outside the orbit of Pluto, otherwise this phenomenon would be illogical.

Now, I finally found the answer.

Here, there is indeed a big planet.

But because it is too small and it is too dark here, humans have not been able to find it.

Therefore, before this, although everyone doubted, it was impossible to prove it. "

Du Zihai said excitedly.

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He seemed more excited than anyone else.

Because of the discovery of this planet, many of their subsequent theories have been confirmed.

Let them have a new and positive understanding of the solar system or other star systems.

This is a breakthrough in human astronomy knowledge!

Listening to his explanation, Lu Chen and Ding Dacheng also nodded.

"This planet, just call it the Lost Star." Lu Chen said.

"This is a good name, meaning it is a planet left behind in the solar system." Ding Dacheng nodded in agreement.

Here is a lost place, there has never been a trace of it in human written records.

Therefore, it is just right to call it the Lost Star.

In the following time, the Astronomy Department poured great energy into the Lost Star.

They even hurriedly ordered a probe satellite and launched it on the orbit of the Lost Star.

In this way, the lost star can be observed more intuitively.

Preliminary research shows that the Lost Star has no atmosphere.

But on the surface of the Lost Star, scientists have observed a liquid that looks like liquid nitrogen.

And the white solid like water ice.

This shows that if there is a suitable temperature to melt water ice and sublime liquid nitrogen, it can also have an atmosphere like the earth.

Above the Lost Star, there are mountains, which prove that it has had crustal movement, and that it has a liquid, hot core.

Perhaps, it will have volcanic eruptions, hot springs caused by geothermal heat, and there may be life in the hot springs.

The scientists radiated their thoughts and fantasies madly, and even Lu Chen had a lot of thoughts.

However, when the satellite flew around the lost star, all the scientists were dumbfounded.

After some intense discussion and debate, all scientists finally came to a conclusion:

This is not a planet at all, but an alien warship that has been covered with a psychedelic color!

Alien warships larger than the earth are horrified!

If it weren't for seeing it with their own eyes, no one would dare to believe it was true!

This is completely beyond human cognition!

The reason they missed it before is because there is a protective color on this alien spacecraft. If you look at it from a distance, you will think it is really a planet.

But when the satellite flew near it, everything became clear.

Although very unexpected, it does not affect the theory of astronomers.

It is indeed there, causing the weird orbits of many asteroids in the Kuiper Belt.

It shows that many human inferences are also correct.

"The civilization level of this alien spacecraft must be level 2 to level 3!" Ding Dacheng said with emotion for a long time.

No one speaks.

They are now a first-class civilization, but the spacecraft they can build can only hold 110,000 people, which is almost the same as a village.

Yes, in front of this terrifying alien spacecraft, Nozomi is completely as small as a small village.

Then, a civilization that can build such a huge spaceship will surely be able to easily destroy the earth's civilization with a snap of its fingers.

"Anyway, the technology of this alien civilization is definitely much stronger than ours. Then, I want to obtain the technology of this alien civilization, what do you think?" Lu Chen said suddenly after a long while.

Human beings entered the universe, not only for survival, but also for exploration and development.

It is now affirmed that there are alien civilizations in the galaxy, and their technology has thrown the earth civilization thousands of miles away.

Then, in the next time, the chance of human encountering aliens will only increase.

If you don't strengthen your own strength, sooner or later you will be slaved or destroyed by a stronger alien civilization.

"I agree!"

"I agree!"

"I agree too!"

Many scientists including Ding Dacheng expressed their views.

When encountering such cutting-edge alien technology, they wanted to obtain it more than Lu Chen.

"Then, let's go to the conference room now and convince all the senior leaders."

Lu Chen nodded, and then asked Chen Churan to notify all the senior leaders of the meeting.

Chapter: 485

It was the time to sleep at night in the Hope, but after receiving the news, all the senior executives got up from the bed and came to the conference room one after another.

Some people are still a little sleepy.

Lu Chen sat in the chief seat and looked at everyone.

Then he said: "I believe that everyone is awakened from a beautiful dream, and you must be in a bad mood.

But this matter can't help us, because it is important that we called you over in the middle of the night.

Let me just say that, whether you believe it or not, there are alien civilizations in the galaxy where we live anyway.

Moreover, this alien civilization is much stronger than our human civilization. "


Everyone was shocked, their faces all showing surprise.

Although everyone has always suspected that there should be alien civilizations in the universe, and even in the Milky Way.

But it has never been confirmed.

Therefore, whether there are alien civilizations in the universe is just a guess.

Unexpectedly, today their captain Lu Chen could say with such certainty that there is an alien civilization, and it is still an alien civilization that is much higher than human beings.

"Then Captain, do you mean that we human astronomers have made new discoveries?" Wang Wei asked.

"Yes, we found a ruin, a cosmic ruin of an alien battleship group."

Lu Chen wiped his hands, the holographic screen unfolded, and a clear picture appeared.

"From the pictures we have taken, we can see that, about five days away from our voyage, there is an area of ​​alien space battleship ruins that covers an area of ​​tens of thousands of kilometers.

We can clearly see that these space battleship groups have completely collapsed and shattered. The smallest fragments are only a few centimeters or tens of centimeters in length, and the largest ones are larger than our Hope. "

This picture was taken by a satellite at close range, with super high definition.

Everyone looked at the picture, and their eyes became more and more shocked.

From the pictures, they can feel the horror of this alien warship.

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Even if it is dilapidated, you can still feel the terrifying top technology, which is not comparable to the current human technology.

There was a feeling of despair in everyone's heart.

If this alien spacecraft attacked the earth, the earth would have been destroyed long ago.

"I am not a scientist, not a scholar, not even a graduate student. Although I am a captain, I still want to hear your opinions..."

"At present, from the analysis of these pictures, it is clear that this alien warship is far more powerful than ours. If we want to discover this level, it may take dozens or hundreds of years of development.

Therefore, I agree with the Academy of Sciences, we plan to visit this alien warship to obtain their technology.

If they have acquired their technology, there is no doubt that our human technology will definitely make a big leap forward.

But at the same time, we don't know anything about this alien warship, so we don't know what dangers there will be.

Even if it will bring a devastating blow to the Nozomi, we do not know.

So, now, I want to hear your opinions. "

Lu Chen glanced over everyone, and said seriously and firmly.

There was silence in the entire conference room. This matter was related to the safety of mankind, so no one spoke easily.

Everyone is a smart person, an elite with a very high IQ.

"Professor Ding, I would like to ask, do you know the technological content of this alien space battleship group? That is to say, if we rashly log on to the alien battleship, how likely is it to bring hope to the extreme?"

Xie Weihao pondered for a while, then looked at Ding Dacheng and asked first.

"I can't answer your question, because we just discovered that it is an alien battleship group, and we don't know anything about its internal conditions.

But if we are going to log in to the alien battleship group, of course, we must first capture some of its perimeter for analysis and research.

Only after getting more data can someone be sent over.

Of course, we will not rush the entire Nozomi in order to obtain advanced technology. "Ding Dacheng said, shaking his head.

Everyone nodded, Ding Dacheng's words were impeccable, and what he said was in place.

A scientist can maintain such a clear cognition under the temptation of technology. This is exactly what the chief scientist should be like.

According to legend, many scientific researchers are crazy.

They are all stubborn to perverted humans.

Only their research projects are in their world.

The only goal they pursue is advanced technology that continues to evolve.

Dante Dacheng's sober cognition has changed many people's views on scientists.

Human beings are such a contradiction.

On the one hand, I hope that scientists will continue to change everyone's lives.

On the other hand, I worry that scientists are too stubborn, and what will happen to them.

For example, the D virus on Earth before.

Had it not been for some paranoid biochemists to study, it would have been impossible to destroy the earth.

"Professor Ding, I would like to ask, is there any intact part of this alien space battleship group? I don't mean the intact battleship that can be occupied and controlled by humans, I mean..."

Speaking of this, Du Fei's expression was a bit ferocious, he said:

"I mean, is it possible for alien creatures to live? Are they still manipulating a certain warship? Will they be able to attack us humans!

This question is the most important question. Only by giving us the answer can we decide whether to send a team to log on to the alien warship. "

"Right right, Du Commander's question is very important. In addition to their questions above, I also have some questions here."

Military Deputy Commander Yu Guangzheng also asked his question: "That is, where are they from and where will they go on such a huge alien space battleship?

What is the reason that this space battleship will become a ruin, is it drifting here from a distance? Or is the site of its destruction here? Is it a cosmic disaster? Horror planet? still is……"

Yu Guangzheng finally asked almost word by word: "Have you encountered an attack by another civilization?"

Ding Dacheng is having problems with Enkadufei and Yu Guangzheng.

Lu Chen thought for a while and said: "The doubts of the two commanders are actually our doubts, because we just learned that it is the ruins of an alien warship just before the meeting."

Chapter: 486

"Don't tell me, when I discovered this ruin before, I thought it was a planet, and we gave it a name, called the Lost Star.

However, when we launched an artificial satellite to observe it at close range, we discovered that we were wrong.

Outside of it, there was a psychedelic atmosphere, which made us think it was a planet.

This is obviously a protective color that the owner of this warship has put on it.

As for your question, it will be answered soon.

So, we are going to log in to the alien warship, do you have any questions or questions?

Of course, when we formally send people into the alien warship, we must first capture its fragments for analysis and research. If it encounters danger, the Hope will definitely leave immediately. Lu Chen continued to explain.

Everyone shook their heads and did not speak.

Lu Chen said again: "I can tell you the truth, our trip to Proxima b is also full of countless dangers.

Based on our current observation data, Proxima b is indeed a habitable planet.

Well, since it is a habitable planet, it means that there is a very high possibility of alien civilization on it.

I am not exaggerating to say that as long as the level of the alien civilization on it reaches our current level, it can easily destroy our Hope.

Therefore, if we want to live longer in the universe, we must continue to grow our strength.

Therefore, as long as the risk factor is not particularly large, I decided to log in to this alien warship to have a look.

Okay, do you have any questions? If there is nothing, let the meeting adjourn. "

Lu Chen moved his eyes firmly from the crowd.

His words have already expressed his attitude.

If the Nozomi is sailing in space, if it does not have absolute strength, it must be very dangerous.

Therefore, he will not give up this opportunity to strengthen his strength.

Seeing that everyone still didn't speak, Lu Chen stood up and said, "Then the meeting will be over."

He said and went straight out.

He also has to rush to the monitoring and detection room immediately, where new situations may arise at any time.

Ding Dacheng caught up with Lu Chen and said, "I feel that many people are still very worried."

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"Definitely, I am also worried that the alien warship is far more advanced in technology than ours. If there are aliens on it, if we rush into their warship, they will definitely destroy us. "Lu Chen nodded and said.

"However, you also know that in the universe and stars, we humans are really too small.

When I didn't find this alien warship before, I didn't have much pressure, and sometimes I even wondered whether there are aliens in the universe besides us humans.

But today, the facts are in front of us. Not only are there aliens in the universe, but their civilization is much stronger than ours.

Therefore, only when we continue to grow ourselves can we have more capital to survive. "

Ding Dacheng nodded and said, "Yes, I think so too. If we humans want to continue, we must continue to grow ourselves, even if it is worth taking some risks."

Lu Chen nodded, "Where is there no risk? Give them some time to digest.

I allow you to use any resources, manpower, and material resources. All laboratories are open. All the instruments in the Hope are all available. Don't be afraid of energy loss. There is not much else on the Hope, but you can use the energy.

To detect the overall situation of the alien warship as soon as possible, the most important thing is to determine whether there are aliens inside, and if there are aliens, what combat effectiveness will they have? This is the most critical point. "

"Okay." Ding Dacheng nodded heavily.

"Okay, go, remember, this matter is related to the future of our humanity!"

Yes, this is related to the future of mankind...

This alien warship registration plan will definitely bring different changes to mankind.

Either they were destroyed by the civilization above and beyond.

Or, they have obtained their top-notch alien technology, which has greatly improved human technology in a short period of time.

Lu Chen returned to the detection room and again observed the entire alien warship through the artificial satellite that had already been launched.

What a magnificent space battleship this is!

This is a huge elliptical man-made star.

Yes, it is no longer a battleship, it is simply a star!

If it counts its various cruel areas, it is already the size of a planet like the Earth.

Even if it is a huge star with its center serving as the main ship, its longest diameter is about four thousand kilometers, showing an elliptical shape.

And around it, there are oblate warships the size of the Hope, at least tens of thousands of ships.

Such an alien battleship group is too magnificent to imagine, especially the main ship star. This one alone is enough to produce a feeling of oppression for humans...

This is the technological level that human beings cannot imagine at present, and the technological peak!

The most frightening thing is that it has reached the periphery of the solar system, and then it can enter the solar system within a few hundred million kilometers.

And with its technological level, this distance of hundreds of millions of kilometers should be the same as walking and playing.

It can be seen that its target at that time must be the earth in the solar system.

So why did it stop again?

Why is it here, in a space only a few hundred million kilometers away from stepping into the solar system?

Is it inside?

Is technology collapse?

Or is it the blow of other advanced civilizations?

Lu Chen thought of this, not knowing why, there was always a bad feeling in his heart.

He also didn't know why this was, but at this moment, he did inexplicably rise in malice.

Yes, he suddenly had a creepy thought.

That is:

The entire human race, or the entire solar system, is the place of exile for other advanced civilizations.



"I hope it's not what I thought, or it's too scary!"

Lu Chen murmured in his heart.

He retracted his thoughts and looked at the simulated reproduction map on the screen, and he became more and more sure that this piece of alien battleship ruins was too important to mankind.

Must get it!

This is probably the most important upgrade since mankind entered the universe.

In front of the ruins of the alien space battleship group, their technological level... will definitely not surpass human beings for tens of thousands of years or more than thousands of years, and at most hundreds of years, it is remarkable.

Therefore, if it is possible, it is likely that the technology that will lead to the current human technological leap.

Not to mention, this alien space battleship group, the metal materials of their battleships, this alone is likely to cause a qualitative leap in the existing metal craft of mankind.

Then there are communication equipment, space navigation engines, various space exploration and monitoring equipment, and even space warfare weapons...

All of these things may be absorbed by humans, even if they cannot be mastered within ten years, but the most basic analysis can always be done?

Then the analysis accumulates year after year, until the technological level is completely mastered!

Chapter: 487

"As long as it is confirmed that there are no alien creatures in the ruins of this alien warship, and there is no general danger, then the technology carried on these alien warships...we must get it!"

Lu Chen gripped the palm of his hand tightly, even his nails were inserted into the flesh with his strength, blood dripping out.

But he didn't even notice, all his mind had been put on the picture he was observing.

It was already around 7 o'clock in the morning, but Lu Chen hadn't gone to bed yet, he was still analyzing, calculating, or observing tirelessly like other scientists.

In fact, it wasn't just Lu Chen who knew the meaning of this alien battleship ruin zone.

At least 90% of the scientists present also knew its meaning.

So everyone was so excited that even their eyes were red, and they were even more excited than having a chicken blood.

This kind of performance is no longer the so-called chicken blood, this is the performance after doping.

"All the scientists who are studying alien warships stopped their work, had breakfast first, and if nothing was discovered by lunch, they would go back to rest and continue tomorrow.

This is an order, I’m repeating it, everyone must stop working and eat first! "

At more than eight o'clock in the morning, the breakfast food had been delivered to the various personnel, but Lu Chen knew that few of these people would care about eating.

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Therefore, he must stop their research.

As the saying goes, people are iron, and rice is steel. You must eat enough before you have more energy to do research.


On the same day, under the analysis of all the scientists, it was preliminarily determined that the alien warship should have no alien creatures at this time.

But even so, Lu Chen still didn't plan to log on to the alien warship directly, or in case there were aliens they hadn't observed on it, it was very likely that the people in the past would not even have the chance to escape back.

Therefore, he is still going to send a shuttle to the outer periphery of the alien warship to capture some alien creatures.

After Du Fei's arrangement, Shi Jin was the person to perform the task this time.

But for safety, Lu Chen still let Lin Tong and Xu Jing follow him.

Especially Xu Jing, whose combat power is stronger than both Lin Tong and Shi Jin, and in case of any accident, he has a little more chance to return.

He was also a little bit darkened by the catastrophe of Mars.

So in this unknown situation, Lu Chen was still very cautious.

What made Lu Chen and others feel at ease,

The process of obtaining the alien creation went smoothly without any surprises.

But even so, the alien creations obtained are still handled with caution.

Xu Jing and others first used mechanical arms to separate outside the shuttle. The ordinary metal fragments were not carried, but the reflective object was carefully wrapped.

First, a layer of plastic is used to isolate it from contact with the air, as well as possible viruses, microorganisms, and alien alien organisms.

Then there is a small sealed glass box, carefully put it into it, until this time, it was collected into the shuttle, and carefully placed in the inventory, so as not to crash it to break.

"The external robotic arm picked up the previous piece of metal fragment, and then we returned to the Hope." Shi Jin whispered.

In fact, even though he was a little excited at this moment, he also remained cautious.

After all, whether there are any aliens in the alien battleship main ship, they still don't know.

With their current science, even if several artificial satellites have been flying around it, the data in it cannot be obtained.

Lin Tong nodded, and drove the shuttle to the direction of Hope.

Nothing happened during this journey. With the fear of the three people on the shuttle and the thousands of people on the Hope, the shuttle returned to the Hope safely.

When the shuttle had just entered the bridge passage, even the closed door had not been completely closed. A group of people had arrived outside the shuttle in space suits, waiting for the return of Xu Jing and the three.

"Thanks, it's beautifully done!"

Lu Chen personally stepped forward and hugged the three of them.

You know, if they encounter danger there, Lu Chen will give up the three of them.

Because he couldn't make the whole one hundred thousand human beings fall into unrest for the three of them.

Even if he has regarded them as brothers, he is still the leader of 110,000 people, and he has to take care of the overall situation.

Xu Jing and the three were also a little excited. Before they set off, Lu Chen told them that if they were in danger, they might be abandoned.

But they still successfully completed the task, and their emotions were a little high.

"Go back to rest, and be prepared too. We are likely to personally log on to the alien battleship main ship soon, and it may be a fierce battle at that time." Lu Chen patted the three people on the shoulders and said.

"Yeah." The three nodded heavily and walked into the cabin.

Ding Dacheng and others began to encapsulate the metal plate and walked out carefully holding the glass box.

It was as if there was not an alien creation inside, but a life that was so fragile that it would disappear with the touch of it.

"Research it out as soon as possible, as soon as possible." Lu Chen said to Ding Dacheng.

"Okay." Ding Dacheng nodded, preparing to decipher the alien creation himself.

There is obviously a signal reflection on the alien creation, maybe some language of this ethnic group is stored in it.

After Lu Chen went back, he still went to sleep. There was no way. He couldn't stand it anymore. He couldn't stand it for a long time staying up all night.

Ding Dacheng personally supervised the scientific researchers, analyzing and deciphering alien creations.

These scientists are members of various groups.

There are physics team, energy team, mechanical team, material technology team, etc. They are all waiting for the detection of this alien creation to end.

"Comrades, work harder, we must hold on, and we must decipher this alien thing as soon as possible!"

Although Ding Dacheng was also very sleepy, he kept reminding researchers.

After a day and night of hard work, just when everyone was going to rest for a few hours.

Suddenly, a soft and melodious melody suddenly sounded from the experimental platform.

The scientists who were just about to go back to rest were shocked and hurriedly looked over.

Then everyone's eyes focused on the small metal ball that reflected light.

It looks about the size of a child's fist. At this moment, its shell has been disassembled, and the sound of music is coming out of this shell.

Softly, melodiously, like a child's voice resounding in the laboratory...

Chapter: 488

"Captain, deciphered! Deciphered!"

Ding Dacheng didn't talk on the holographic screen, but went directly to the captain's room to find Lu Chen.

"Say." Lu Chen's eyes lit up, knowing what Ding Dacheng was talking about.

"The alien battleship group is a battleship group of an alien civilization called the Blue Race. The galaxy where the Blue Race is located is the Aspen star system, 157 light-years away from our solar system.

Based on the observation of the characteristics of the Oort Nebula, they discovered the earth in the solar system and also discovered us humans.

Three thousand years ago, their home planet resources were scarce, and they returned their hundreds of millions of elite groups to invade our planet.

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Unexpectedly, when their battleship group had just moved through the Oort star, before entering the solar system, they would be killed here by a super civilization. "Ding Dacheng stopped here.

"Super civilization? Did they not record the super civilization that destroyed them?" Lu Chen asked with a trembled heart.

This Blue Clan script already exists like a giant to humans.

So, how strong would the super civilization that destroyed the blue civilization be?

Ding Dacheng shook his head and said: "It may be that the content stored on the alien chip is not much, they don't have much record of the supertext that destroyed them.

They only said that the space collapse was suddenly discovered at that time, and then their battleship group began to collapse from the periphery.

In just a few hours, the force of the collapse of that space strangled all of their hundreds of millions of people, and more than 90% of the warships exploded into fragments.

In the end, they didn't know what terrorist existence used the space collapse method to kill them all.

The person who left a paragraph was the strongest of the Blue Clan, because he was the strongest, so he died in the end.

He witnessed the violent death of hundreds of millions of people in front of them and the destruction of countless battleships.

He witnessed the space collapse of the super civilization, and then left this message before his body was about to burst into pieces.

Originally, he wanted to send this information back to the home planet before he died, but he failed, so he attached it to the central computer of a battleship.

But the warship finally exploded. "Ding Dacheng explained.

"A civilization that can collapse the space, what level of civilization is it!" Lu Chen said with a trembling heart.

Ding Dacheng spread his hands, of course he couldn't answer Lu Chen's question.

He also wanted to know how far it would take to develop the level of science and technology to allow one space to collapse and directly destroy a super war fleet.

Of course, Lu Chen's sigh was just a matter of emotion. He also knew that Ding Dacheng could not answer his question.

But in any case, it shows that there are too many civilizations stronger than humans in the universe.

"What do you think about this?" Lu Chen asked.

Ding Dacheng thought for a while, and said: "Someone once suspected that the solar system or the earth is the exile place of higher alien civilizations, or in other words, in the universe, where we can't see, there is a powerful civilization silently watching. we.

It is possible that more than three thousand years ago, they destroyed the alien warships of the Blue race and saved us humanity.

But we can't distinguish whether they are good intentions or evil intentions. "

"Well, I have also seen that some scientists once speculated that we humans are some kind of energy raised by an alien higher civilization. Maybe one day they will come to harvest our lives.

But no matter which guess it is, it is desperate.

Therefore, do not announce this matter, otherwise it will cause panic among the people. "Lu Chen nodded and said.

Although he doesn't know what the truth is, he believes that no matter which speculation it is, it is extremely unfriendly to mankind.

Moreover, it also proved that alien civilization is indeed too powerful. With the current level of human technology, it is too difficult to survive in the universe.

Fortunately, the solar system is in the resource-poor zone of the Milky Way, and there are very few extraterrestrial civilizations. Humans still have a certain amount of time to develop and grow themselves.

However, alien civilizations as strong as the Blue Clan are all extinct, and Lu Chen's heart is heavy.

Where can human beings go?

To what extent can human beings develop?

What year can human beings last?

These problems, like a block of boulders pressed in his heart, made him a little breathless.

Ding Dacheng nodded, and then said: "So currently we have confirmed that there is no longer the Blue Race on the alien battleship of the Blue Race, and we can go and harvest the Blue Race technology."

"Well, leave the rest to me." Lu Chen nodded.

After Ding Dacheng left, he asked Chen Churan to notify several military leaders to meet him in the captain's room.

Soon Du Fei and others came to the captain's room.

Lu Chen didn't go around the corner, and said directly: "Ding Dacheng and the others have deciphered the alien creation, they have already known that there are no blue people on the alien battleship, and we are ready to receive the blue technology."

"The Blue Race?" Du Fei and the others looked at Lu Chen suspiciously.

"Yes, it's the Blues. Their star system is the Aspen galaxy one hundred and fifty light years away. The level of technology is much higher than ours." Lu Chen explained.

"So, why are they staying here?" Du Fei asked again.

Lu Chen looked at Du Fei, hesitated, and said, "They are preparing to invade our earth, but more than three thousand years ago, when they first came here, they encountered a space collapse and the entire battleship group was destroyed. Destroyed, all the more than 100 million Blue tribesmen were strangled by the force of space collapse."

Lu Chen didn't tell the fact that the super civilization destroyed the Blue civilization.

It's not that he doesn't believe in Du Fei and others.

Rather, this matter is likely to cause a huge panic.

Therefore, one thing is worse than one thing less.

"It's really lucky, otherwise we humans might have been wiped out more than three thousand years ago."

Du Fei took a deep breath and sighed.

Yu Guangzheng and the others also opened their eyes wide, feeling a little grateful.

Had it not been for the Blue Clan's space collapse event, then humans would have been destroyed more than three thousand years ago.

The human beings more than 3,000 years ago had extremely low technology, and faced the powerful blue race, there was no way to fight back.

Not to mention the ancients at that time, their current technology is also vulnerable to the top technology of the Blue Race.

Chapter: 489

"Yes, we humans are indeed very lucky."

Lu Chen nodded and said, "Then, this time, A Fei, you should come and take a seat. I will personally lead the team to the Blue Race battleship."

"Why me again? No, I have to take it personally this time." Du Fei said uncomfortably with a firm attitude.

Seeing Du Fei's appearance, Lu Chen smiled and said, "Okay, but if you lead the team, you must lead a few scientists. So, no matter what happens, you must protect the scientists. Safety of life."

Originally, he wanted to lead the team personally, which just saved the scientists.

Based on his scientific research foundation, more than 90% of the sciences are not necessarily strong.

However, since it was determined that there was no Blue Clan on the battleship, he was not too worried.

"Don't worry, my old Du is here, and a scientist will not be threatened by life." Du Fei promised, patting his chest.

Lu Chen nodded and emphasized: "Although it has been determined that there are no Blue people on the alien battleship, there must be countless organs and dangers in their battleship. Therefore, you must be careful and careful."


Du Fei nodded, and then said to Guangzheng, "Lao Yu, then you can stay and sit behind."

"Okay." Although Yu Guangzheng is the deputy commander, he is unable to use force, so he is also willing to dispatch orders in the rear.

Of course, he used to be a commander of the Yuzhou Military Region and has a natural advantage in management.

"I will let my dad send five hundred super soldiers with you." Lu Chen said suddenly.

It's not that he doesn't believe Du Fei's men.

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It’s that those under Du Fei are just ordinary soldiers. They have limited combat power. Even though most of Du Fei’s soldiers have eaten genetic evolution pills, they still can’t compete with the two thousand super soldiers trained by Lu Tianxing. Than.

Those two thousand super warriors, they are martial arts powerhouses themselves, and then all took the genetic evolution pill, at least half of them are not below the Lin Tong three brothers.

"Okay, okay." Du Fei's eyes lit up and nodded hurriedly.

To be honest, he had long been greedy for Lu Tianxing's two thousand super fighters. If they could help with the mission, then their military would have a much better chance of success.

After five o'clock in the afternoon, Du Fei, Shi Jin, Xiao Zhan, Liu Zixiu, Situ Jian and others returned five thousand soldiers, five hundred super soldiers, and took the shuttle to prepare to log on to the alien warship.

The alien warship was only one day away from the Hope, but after Du Fei and the others left the Hope, Lu Chen still decided to stop the Hope in the outer area of ​​the alien warship.

It is also good to respond to Du Fei and others.

At this time, the army sent out five thousand troops, so there must be nothing wrong, or the sacrifice would be too great.

After the military force reached the outer periphery of the main battleship of the alien battleship group, they stopped the shuttle directly on the debris of the battleship.

There are fragments of alien battleships everywhere, many of which are even larger than Hope itself, and they happened to be used by Du Fei and others to stop the shuttle.

After getting off the shuttle, Du Fei personally picked up the Cosmos Gauss rifle, took the lead and walked at the forefront of the team, and walked towards the predetermined hatch.

In the entire team, his official position is the highest, but his combat power is also the strongest.

So he rejected the proposal of the guards to clear the way for him, and walked in the front himself.

After the hatch door was opened, it was facing the entrance of a dark battleship fragment, where there was no light source.

It was like a pitch-black monster with a big mouth, and Du Fei just yelled: "For humans!"

When the voice fell, he had already jumped into that entrance first.

Shi Jin, Xiao Zhan, Situ Jian, Liu Zixiu, and their guards followed closely, and they all yelled, "For humanity!"

Then jumped in one by one.

Thousands of troops behind shouted at the same time: "No regrets for victory!"

Then one after another jumped in.

At the moment inside the entrance, Du Fei and others did not turn on the wolf's eye lights, but waited for the others to arrive together.

Then under Du Fei's signal, everyone took up their weapons and made a precautionary action, and then he turned on the wolf's eye light.

When everyone entered, there was a chaotic wreck, with traces of explosions and cracks everywhere, many metal fragments, and various creation fragments.

There are also some large pieces of metal, filling the entire cabin, but from the general structure of the cabin, everyone can still see its original shape.

To be honest, everyone actually has some slight regrets in their hearts, because this first glance is not the kind of future high-tech scene as imagined.

The layout of the cabin is similar to that of the Hope, the only difference is that the metal compartment in the cabin seems to be thinner.

So it seems that the internal structure is wider, even the aisle is about one and a half times wider than that of the Hope.

Since there is no danger at the entrance and exit, everyone did not delay, and immediately began to explore forward.

Of course, this is in the universe, there is no gravity or anything, every time you move forward, you need to move forward against the wall.

Therefore, the advancement speed of the people is not so fast, especially the various debris creations on the ground have to be checked, so the travel speed is even slower.

In this way, everyone marched toward the inside from the entrance and exit, and they moved forward for about ten minutes. Suddenly everyone saw the lights flickering in the front aisle, which meant that the front aisle did not lose power!

"It has been more than three thousand years, and the power has not been completely cut off, everyone be careful, there may be fraud in this!" Du Fei remembered that Lu Chen had to be careful before, so he did not dare to be careless.

Their purpose is to occupy the entire alien warship in advance, and after it is fully controlled, this allows the scientists to come in and receive the Blue Race technology.

Everyone carefully walked towards the flashing light.

And the closer to the flashing lights, everyone is more cautious, and very obvious.

The closer you get to the flashing lights, the more complete the aisle structure here, and there should be the best preserved area.

If there is any big discovery, it must be there.

But at this moment, when everyone passed through the end of a more complete aisle, a dim red light suddenly flashed all around.

It turned out that there was already a power source here, and at the same time, Du Fei and others had a bad feeling in their hearts.

"Back! Exit the area with power supply immediately!" Du Fei suddenly shouted loudly.

Chapter: 490

In the voice, Du Fei had already turned around, his hands were constantly moving on the wall next to him, using friction to bring his body back tightly.

Xiao Zhan and the others also heard this order, and they retreated sharply in unison.

But before everyone had time to exit ten meters away, behind them, in the depths of the aisle just passed, a metal wall door was closing down unhurriedly. After a few seconds at most, the metal wall door would close the entire aisle. Close it.

This wall door immediately separated them from the large troops outside.

"Oops!" Du Fei subconsciously picked up the rifle in an attempt to aim.

But the aisle here is rotten all around, unless it is relatively complete, and there is no big hole for people to pass through, there is no place that is intact here, and he does not know where to shoot it.

Xiao Zhan and others' expressions also changed drastically. Although there were five hundred super soldiers outside, the five thousand soldiers were just ordinary soldiers.

Maybe they can be regarded as the best on earth.

But in the universe, they are no different from ordinary people.

Finally, the ground shook, and the thick metal wall door had completely closed the aisle, and everyone's retreat was completely sealed!

Everyone knows in their hearts.

The unknown danger is also approaching...

"Hu Biao listened to the order, no people outside of you are allowed to move, just stand by where there is any abnormality, notify me immediately!"

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Perceiving that the unknown danger is approaching, Du Fei hurriedly informed him through the wireless walkie-talkie.

But what made him frown was that he did not receive Hu Biao's reply.

"Be careful, everyone. This wall door has the function of isolating wireless signals. Now we can only rely on ourselves." Du Fei said to Xiao Zhan and others who were kept inside.

Everyone nodded and watched the surroundings carefully.

"There is a passage on the left. That is our only exit. No matter what, I think we must rush to that exit first when danger comes!" Liu Zixiu suddenly pointed to the left and shouted.

Everyone looked around and found the big hole-like exit.

"Come with me and cross the big hole next to the aisle" Du Fei made a decisive decision without any muddle.

He is extremely fast, and he has rushed past while speaking.

What made him breathe a sigh of relief was that on the other side, there was a dilapidated room without a door, and the various instruments and objects in the room had been shattered.

The whole room was in chaos, and after turning over to this room, Du Fei immediately aimed his weapon at the cracked front door.

At the same time, he said to his back: "Situ Jian and Liu Zixiu are investigating. After Xiao Zhan and Shi Jin are broken, the rest of them immediately follow and we continue to move forward."

As soon as the voice fell, Du Fei floated out of the gate again...

It's just very helpless. No matter how urgent the situation is, you must drift forward step by step in this vacuum environment. There is no way to run or the like, so the speed will not get up at all.

But everyone is super strong, and they can also use their inner strength and true energy to do countless actions that ordinary people make.

"Before, keep going, let's get out of this energy-rich area"

After passing through the door of the room, Du Fei did not hesitate to direct everyone to move towards the external broken area.

But he had just taken the lead to move ten meters away, and suddenly there was silence around him. Right in front of him, a source of danger was rapidly approaching.

"Beware of danger!"

Liu Zixiu shouted suddenly.

Everyone immediately picked up the Gauss rifle in their hands.

Then directly in front of them, a robot with light on its body had floated over.

Yes, this robot does not touch the ground. It floats about 30 centimeters above the ground, and it is floating in this vacuum environment with fast speed and fluency. The most important point...

There was no spark in any part of its body. In fact, except for the lights on the various joints of its body, it floated like a ghost and flew in a vacuum and weightless environment.

And it's a robot... It's a tentacle monster at all

This is a long, non-humanoid machine creation with eight arms on its body.

Each arm should be its weapon.


Situ Jian let out a loud roar, pointed the revolver at the robot in both hands, and immediately squeezed the trigger.

At the same time, the eight arms of the robot glowed red at the same time, and beams like electromagnetic waves were immediately emitted.

Hey hey hey!

Gauss bullets kept hitting the robot, and soon the robot fell apart.

The electromagnetic beam emitted by the robot before it fell apart was avoided by Situ Jian.


"Good job!"

Seeing that Situ Jian broke up the robot, Du Fei and others gave Situ Jian a thumbs up.

"I have a hunch that our Gaussian weapon may be the nemesis of the machine." Du Fei said suddenly.

"Well, Gauss bullets mainly use the magnetic field of electromagnetic waves to produce huge destructive power. Maybe this robot just has something in the chip that will be affected by the magnetic field, so as long as it is hit by Gaussian bullets, they may lose their combat power. "Xiao Zhan nodded and said.

As the senior level of Hope, everyone still knows a little bit about science and technology, so it is also the head of the analysis at this time.

"Now we have to figure out how many robots there are on this battleship, whether they are conscious or unconscious, or whether they have developed into the artificial intelligence stage!" Du Fei said.

Everyone nodded.

"I think we can disassemble the chip of this robot first, and show it to the scientists to study. Maybe from these robot chips, the scientists can analyze these problems." Shi Jin said.

"Your proposal is correct, but how can we leave here now?" Liu Zixiu said.

Everyone was silent.

"Let's disassemble the robot first." Du Fei said.

Everyone nodded, and Shi Jin personally stepped forward to dismantle the robot that had just been smashed.

"Hurry up, there are at least 40 or 50 robots in front of us quickly moving towards us!" Liu Zixiu said suddenly.

Everyone looked up, and immediately found that countless bright spots in the aisle in the distance were moving towards them.

"Have you noticed that these robots can obviously start shooting from a distance, but why don't they fire at us?"

Xiao Zhan said suddenly.