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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 141-150) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 141

Lu Chen came out of the Moonlight Bath and found that Wang Xue and Lin Yijia were waiting for him beside his car, which made him feel a little warmer.

  Although he had hoped that the two of them would leave first, if the two of them really left directly, he would still feel a little unhappy. www.

  "Brother-in-law, did they embarrass you?" Lin Yijia stepped forward, caring in words and deeds.

  Lu Chen shook his head, definitely embarrassed him, but is he the kind of person who can be embarrassed casually?

  "Did they give you the IOU?" Wang Xue is most concerned about the IOU. If the IOU is still in the other's hand, she may be blackmailed.

  "Yes, but I have already burned it. Are you going home? I will send you back." Lu Chen nodded.

  "We don't want you to give it away, but my dear son-in-law, you have so much money, and now Mom's poor food is almost out of stock. You don't want to use it at all. No, it's a loan. Mom will definitely pay you back in the future." Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen expectantly.

  Lu Chen frowned. It was not that he was reluctant to give Wang Xue money, he was afraid that Wang Xue would not change his life.

  But he nodded and said, "How much do you want?"

  "Just give me 20 million, it won't work, 15 million is fine," Wang Xue said.

  Lu Chen is really frowning now. He knows that Wang Xue's family has no money to spend, and Wang Xue needs ten to twenty million when he speaks. He can believe that if he gives Wang Xue this money, Wang Xue will definitely Take it for a bet.

  "I don't have any money anymore, I'll go back and discuss with Yijun, she should still have some money there." Lu Chen finally decided not to give Wang Xue the money. In his opinion, if you want to give it, you must also give it to Lin Dahai.

  "Why don't you have any money? Didn't you just win 100 million?" Wang Xue was immediately unhappy. This is his son-in-law. It's so difficult to ask him for some money, and I will get it later.

  "At Lao Yanzi's birthday banquet, didn't you see me all lost?" Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Huh, do you come here to fool around where you have no money? Don't tell me you don't know what this place is, do you?" Wang Xue's face sank, and he hummed coldly.

  Lu Chen frowned, couldn't he hear what Wang Xue said.

  Xin said if I hadn't seen you being arrested, would I be here?

  He glanced at Wang Xue lightly, opened the car door and sat on it, not wanting to pay attention to Wang Xue.

  "Believe it or not, I'll call Yijun right away, saying you're here to fool around?" Wang Xue threatened as she stood by Lu Chen's window.

  "If it weren't for your accident, would I be here?" Lu Chen said angrily.

  "Hmph, how could there be such a coincidence? You obviously came out fooling around with Yi Jun on your back and saw us. You are obviously afraid of us going to sue, so you pretend to help us, right?" Wang Xue said coldly. Tao.

  "Whatever you like, your mouth grows on your mouth, whatever you want." Lu Chen replied uncomfortably, and started the car and left.

  What else can he say when he meets such a mother-in-law, he can do nothing except angry and depressed.

  "Mom, brother-in-law may really have no money. You see that he really lost 90 million last time. We have all seen it, so don't force him." Lin Yijia was still very grateful to Lu Chen for being in time today. She saved her, or she would not dare to imagine what would happen today.

  If Lu Chen didn't come to pay her mother back today, today would be the darkest day in her life.

  "Huh, how could he have no money? If he had no money, how could he pay me back 1.2 million? How could he come to such a place to fool around?" Wang Xue questioned.

  "Maybe the brother-in-law really saw us being pulled into the car, so he followed quietly." Lin Yijia defended Lu Chen.

  "If you believe his nonsense, this bastard himself won the jackpot, and it doesn't matter to your sister. He obviously came to this place to fool around. There is such a coincidence. No, I have to call your sister. Taking advantage of Lu Chen’s bastard who has some money to get them to divorce sooner, she can still divide it up, or wait a year or two, that bastard has squandered all the money, and your sister wants to get a divorce. Family property." Wang Xue took out the phone and called Lin Yijun.

  Lin Yijia wanted to stop, but when her mother said this, she felt a little shaken in her heart.

  If Lu Chen really came to such a place with her sister behind her back, then she would also agree to divorce.

  When Lin Yijun received a call from Wang Xue and heard what Wang Xue said, it was like a bolt from the blue.

  If it were a few days ago, she would not believe that Lu Chen would be such a jerk, but after guessing that Lu Chen is the behind-the-scenes boss of Yiqi Technology in the past two days, the anger of being deceived by Lu Chen for four or five years has been flooding her mind. in.

  So at this time, she had no doubt at all about her mother's words.

  Rich people raise lovers, she has seen too many things about fooling around in various pornographic places, whether it is on TV, major news media, it is often reported.

  What's more, Lu Chen is so rich that he can spend 50 billion yuan just to build a science and technology park. How much is his net worth?

  "Yijun, while he still has some money, divorce him as soon as possible, or wait for him to spend all his money, you will have nothing, you can't go out of the house. Even if you don't care, but you If you think about it, you will have to raise Qiqi in the future and raise her to an adult. How can you rely on your salary for work?"

  Mother's serious words kept appearing in her mind, and Lin Yijun's heart was shaken for the first time.

  She had been married to Lu Chen for four years, and she had listened to her mother's words for four years.

  But she never thought that one day she would part ways with Lu Chen.

  But at this moment, she was really shaken.

  Lin Yijun spent the whole afternoon in a mess. How many times did she find out Lu Chen's number and how many times she wanted to press it, listening to Lu Chen's explanation.

  But at this time, she was as if possessed, and her mind was full of the anger of being cheated by Lu Chen and betrayal. The fingers that wanted to press the number many times were taken back at the critical moment.

  "Forget it, go back and ask him again." Although she had been deceived by Lu Chen for a few years, she still had a illusion in her heart about Lu Chen going to the Moonlight Baths. She wanted to ask Lu Chen herself after she went back.

  She believes that no matter how good the concealment is, when confronted, his eyes can never deceive people.

  When Lin Yijun was in a daze amidst the evil and evil all afternoon, Lu Chen had already visited Yiqi Technology to check the work there, and he personally went to the construction site to see the progress of the construction.

  After returning from the construction site, Lu Chen received a call from Xu Zuojun as soon as she arrived at Qiqi's kindergarten and waited for Qiqi to leave get out of class.

  "Lu Shao, we sealed up the Moonlight Baths today. Indeed, just as you reported, the Moonlight Baths are almost a smog. By the way, do you have any good opinions about the Moonlight Baths?" Xu Zuojun asked cautiously.

  Lu Chen was shocked when he heard Xu Zuojun's words. Xu Zuojun was the number one in the bureau. He even called him to ask him about this. No matter how stupid he was, he understood some secrets in the Moonlight Bath and what Xu Zuojun meant.

Chapter: 142

As soon as Lu Chen heard what Xu Zuojun said, he knew why he had to be so cautious.

  Because he was afraid that Lu Chen would be dissatisfied, he stabbed the matter to Xie Weihao. At that time, Xu Zuojun was completely passive, and many things were beyond his control.

  Lu Chen values ​​the relationship with Xu Zuojun, of course it is impossible to embarrass him.

  To be honest, if he knew that Xu Zuojun and others might also have an affair with Moonlight Bath, he would definitely not let Xu Zuojun deal with Moonlight Bath in the name of donation.

  The reason why he did this was because he didn't know that the big guys had an affair with Moonlight Bath, and second, he just wanted to teach Zhang Daoren a profound lesson.

  Didn't Zhang Daoren want to open his supermarket? This time he didn't want to wait for others to make a move like last time. He wanted to tell Zhang Daoren that to fight against him, he had to weigh how many catties he had.

  Although Lu Chen is only a new force in Yuzhou, he has the confidence and strength of the four big families.

  "Xu Ju, I just want to teach Zhang Daoren a lesson. Thank you today, and thank you for your hard work." Lu Chen knew that Xu Zuojun wanted him to have an attitude, and he believed Xu Zuojun should understand what he meant.

  Sure enough, hearing Lu Chen's words, Xu Zuojun's next words were full of strategizing. The two chatted for a few more days before hanging up.

  Although Lu Chen disliked some things, he would not step on the red line, at least when he was unable to control everything, he could not step on the red line.

  You can also despise Lu Chen's conspiracy, but he is only a businessman, so he has to have a businessman's consciousness.

  If he shouldn't intervene, he can't intervene.

  After picking up Qiqi, Lu Chen bought vegetables and went home to cook as usual. Lin Yijun returned home on time after get off work, but when Lu Chen asked her to eat, she did not eat, and did not even respond to Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen also hesitated, seeing that Lin Yijun was still angry today, he was wondering whether to tell her the truth.

  Seeing Lin Yijun cooking and eating by herself, Lu Chen understood her mood. Just as he walked into the kitchen to tell her the truth, he saw Lin Yijun turned around and looked at him.

  Lin Yijun didn't have any expression on her face, nor the anger that she had received when she received her mother's call at the company. She just said calmly: "Are the vast majority of men who can't escape a spell after they have money?"

  "What spell?" Lu Chen asked subconsciously.

  "Well, then you ask you, besides being a super rich second-generation identity, what else is hiding from me?" Lin Yijun stared at Lu Chen's eyes, not letting go of any details of the changes in Lu Chen's eyes .

  "Except for my identity, I have nothing to hide from you. In fact, I told you that I was the second generation of rich, but you said that I was crazy and didn't believe me, so I didn't continue to talk about it. I'm telling you because I have troubles not telling you, or that it's not the time yet." Lu Chen said without thinking.

  "Hmph, I don't blame you for your identity. I blame myself for not believing you at the beginning, but are you sure there is nothing else to hide from me?" Lin Yijun coldly snorted.

  "Except for my identity, I really have nothing to hide from you. Now that you have guessed that I am the owner of Yiqi Technology, you must understand that your promotion in the company is all my intention. Your two orders I help you secretly for the big business. I really don't have anything else to hide from you." Lu Chen said affirmatively.

  Lin Yijun kept silent, turned around to cook.

  But there was a touch of sadness and heartache in her eyes.

  If her mother only said that Lu Chen was fooling around in the Moonlight Baths, she still had reason to doubt. After all, her mother had never been optimistic about Lu Chen, and always wanted her to divorce Lu Chen and remarry a rich family.

  But she asked Lin Yijia, and Lin Yijia also said for sure that she saw Lu Chen go to the Moonlight Bath with her own eyes, so she couldn't persuade herself anymore.

  "Well, do you have any doubts, you ask, no matter what the problem or my privacy, I will tell you everything." Seeing Lin Yijun's turn around, tears of sorrow filled his eyes, Lu Chen said distressedly.

  "Go out, I have nothing to ask, and there is nothing to ask." Lin Yijun said in a low voice. She was very disappointed in her heart. If Lu Chen took the initiative to tell her and asked her to forgive her, she might forgive Lu Chen. Once, but Lu Chen's performance disappointed her.

  Lin Yijun took a deep breath and resisted crying.

  She didn't want to cry in front of Lu Chen, even if she wanted to cry, she just wanted to cry silently by herself.

  Lu Chen silently looked at Lin Yijun's back. He stretched out his hand and wanted to take Lin Yijun into his arms, but thinking about Lin Yijun's cold words, he finally put his hand back.

  Except for his own identity, he really couldn't think of any other place he had concealed Lin Yijun, except for his identity, he really did not hide Lin Yijun from doing anything that could hurt their feelings.

  "Then ask again when you want to ask." Lu Chen was also a little sad about Lin Yijun's distrust, he hesitated, and turned and walked out of the kitchen.

  That night, Lin Yijun and Lu Chen split the room to sleep again. Lu Chen felt a little sad for Lin Yijun's silence all night.

  The next day, Lu Chen took Qiqi to the kindergarten.

  Just halfway there, a sirens suddenly rang the whole city.

  "A strong earthquake wave will reach this city after 20 seconds. Please find a safe place within 20 seconds, 18, 17..."

  The alarm sounded almost at the same time in all parts of the city. After one or two seconds of reaction, people suddenly knew that there was an earthquake in more than 20 seconds. In an instant, the whole city was full of shouts and panic.

  As the alarm keeps trying to sound, the whole city is full of panic.

  At this time, Lu Chen’s car was in front of a private house. The shock resistance of the general house must be very low, but the sound of the alarm has paralyzed the entire road traffic. Without saying anything, he had to get off with Qiqi and try to stay away from the house. .

  "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Woo~~~~~~"

  As the alarm reached the last second, the entire city was shaking violently in the eyes of everyone, and some old houses suddenly collapsed.

  In the face of natural disasters, almost everyone is equal.

  Even Lu Chen was a little nervous, but he was still calm.

  As for Qiqi, although she didn't know what happened, she was a little scared in Lu Chen's arms.

  "Which good-hearted person saves my child, he is still on the fifth floor, please, please save my child!" A woman with a lame leg looked at the collapsing bungalow, and begged like a rupture. Everyone around.

Chapter: 143

The woman limped to the bungalow while shouting. At this moment, the maternal love was undoubtedly great.

  "It seems that the private house is about to be crossed. If you go, you will die."

  "Yes, eldest sister, the aftershocks have not passed at this time. When the next wave of aftershocks comes, this house will definitely collapse."

  People next to them were persuading the lame women, but no one knew when the next aftershock would come, and the house had already collapsed partially. Who would dare to go up and save someone.

  But how could a lame woman listen to their persuasion? It was her son who was dependent on each other, so why didn't she save it.

  Looking at the persistent woman, and then at Qiqi who was a little scared in his arms, Lu Chen felt a little bit in his heart, and strode towards the lame woman.

  "Sister, you help me take my daughter to the People's Park in front, and I will go up and save your son." Lu Chen said.

  "Really? Thank you so much. Don't worry, even if you don't save my son in the end, I will take good care of your daughter." The woman said gratefully.

  "Well, your son is on the fifth floor, right? The collapse happened on the seventh floor just now. Your son should be fine. Tell me the room number and I will go up to save people." Lu Chen nodded.

  "504, thank you!" the lame woman said.

  "Qiqi, you go to the People's Park in front of you with this guy. Dad will go up and save someone." Lu Chen put Qiqi down and said.

  "Dad, I'm afraid, I want to go with you." Qiqila Lu Chen's hand was a bit afraid to approach the lame woman.

  "Qiqi, my dad will be down in a while, let's go there first with auntie." Lu Chen stroked Qiqi's head and said.

  "Well, Dad, you have to hurry up." Qiqi nodded, and reluctantly followed the lame woman away.

  Lu Chen nodded firmly to Qiqi before rushing into the house.

  "Hero, great!"

  "Yes, he is very brave, but it's too stupid. The house has collapsed in half, and it is in danger at any time. Maybe he will be buried in the ruins."

  Seeing Lu Chen rushed into the house, everyone was moved, but they also shook their heads and sighed.

  Of course, some people think that lame women are somewhat selfish, but it is normal to think of being a parent in order to save their children.

  Lu Chen rushed into the house, the elevator was no longer available, and he dared not take the elevator if it collapsed at any time.

  He ran upstairs all the way, and some residents in the corridor went downstairs in a panic.

  Although some places on the stairs were broken because of the collapse, Lu Chen quickly rushed to the fifth floor and found Room 504.

  "Mom, mom~" Lu Chen just found outside the door of room 504, he heard a little boy crying in the room, tearing apart, Lu Chen kicked the doorway open with a slam. .

  A five- or six-year-old boy in the room watched Lu Chen vigilantly, afraid to cry.

  "Come on, I'm going to cross here, I'll take you to find your mother." Without a word, Lu Chen picked up the little boy and walked out.

  The little boy didn't know if he understood Lu Chen's words, or was frightened by Lu Chen's aura, he nodded silently.


  Suddenly, aftershocks arrived at this time, and the whole house shook violently, and the originally unstable corridor suddenly collapsed.

  The scared face of the little boy was pale, and he subconsciously grabbed Zi by Lu Chen's shoulder, and Lu Chen was also shocked. If he had just reacted slowly, he and the little boy would have been smashed by the collapsed corridor on the sixth floor. A positive.

  "Brother, help!"

  At this moment, at the entrance of the corridor on the sixth floor, two people, one old and one young, rushed to Lu Chen on the fifth floor.

  Lu Chen looked up and saw a young man in his twenties and a grandmother in his sixties, both of them looked a little embarrassed.

  At this time, the corridor on the sixth floor collapsed, and they couldn't get down.

  Young people can jump off, but grandma definitely can't.

  "Young man, go quickly, leave me alone." The old lady looked at the broken corridor, sighed, and said to the young man.

  "Old man, don't worry, I will definitely save you." The young man shook his head firmly and looked at Lu Chen.

  "Brother, please help me find some rope or curtains. I can't open the door of our building, thank you." The young man looked at Lu Chen pleadingly.


  At this moment, the aftershocks came again, causing the houses to shake again. The grandmother couldn't stand still, and the whole person was shaken and thrown down.

  The young man was shocked and hurriedly stretched out his hand to catch the old woman. Instead of catching anyone, he was thrown off.

  Before Lu Chen could think about it, he hurriedly put down the little boy, rushed to the top of the stairs, and grabbed the grandmother who was about to fall in front of him.

  The body of his youth also fell straight down, and Lu Chen had to stretch out his other hand and grab the youth at once.

  Due to their inertia, both of them fell with great force. Although Lu Chen rescued them, he was hit on the floor by the powerful inertia.

  "This eldest brother, my name is Wu Tao, I thank you so much just now." The young man got up and thanked Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen shook his head and asked the grandmother: "Old man, you are not injured, right."

  "No, no, thank you young man." The old lady's face turned pale, and at that moment, she really thought she was willing to die.

  There is a big gap between the corridors, which leads directly to the first floor. She just fell into the gap and fell from the sixth floor to the first floor. She must be dead.

  "Well, that's fine, let me carry you down." Lu Chen nodded, and the house is about to collapse. If you don't leave, there will be no chance.

  "Brother, you can carry your child, I'll carry the old woman." Wu Tao carried the old woman on her back as he said, and then ran downstairs quickly.

  Seeing this, Lu Chen didn't say anything, picked up the little boy, and quickly rushed downstairs.

  "Sister, don't look at it. That house has collapsed twice again. If you do it again, it may be completely destroyed. That person can't save your son at all."

  At the gate of the People's Park, the lame eldest sister was holding Qiqi in her hand, staring at the direction of the house without blinking, and she was extremely worried.

  And the people next to her sometimes blow her confidence, and the lame elder sister can't help but cry.


  There was a sudden bang, and everyone looked at it. It turned out that the house with the worst earthquake-proof capability finally crossed after many aftershocks.

  With the explosion, a cloud of dust rose up all around.

  Seeing the private house fell directly, the lame eldest sister trembled and almost fainted.

  In the dusty sky, the two figures were rushing towards the people's side.

Chapter: 144

These two figures were Lu Chen and Wu Tao. They were lucky. They just rushed out of the residential building, and the building slammed across, almost unable to get out.

  The two of them ran more than ten meters away and looked back at the house in the smoke and dust.

  "Young man, let me down." The old lady said to Wu Tao.

  The old grandmother watched the building she had lived in for decades turned into ruins, her eyes flushed, and she felt a little bit reluctant.

  "Let's go, it's safer in the park," Lu Chen said to Wu Tao and the two.

  The grandmother nodded and walked towards the park.

  "Come out, he escaped!"

  "He still holds a child in his arms. Did he really save the child?"

  Suddenly everyone saw Lu Chen at the entrance of the park. Some admired his courage, but some felt that Lu Chen was a little stupid, but everyone was surprised that Lu Chen was able to go to the fifth floor and rescue the child in such a period of time. It's talent.

  "Mom, mom." The child struggled to get down when he saw the lame woman at the gate of the park.

  Lu Chen put him down, and he ran towards the entrance of the park.

  "Little Treasure!" The lame eldest sister held the little boy tightly in her arms, tears streaming down her eyes.

  At the moment when the private house stepped down, her brain was blank, so she would never see her son again. She didn't expect that the young man would really rescue her son.

  Thinking of Lu Chen, the lame eldest sister hurriedly let go of the little boy, knelt down to Lu Chen, and cried, "Benefactor, thank you, thank you..."

  Lu Chen hurriedly helped her up, shook his head and said, "You're welcome, it's easy."

  "Sir, do you know this eldest sister? Why do you risk your life to save her child?"

  At this moment, a female reporter interviewed Lu Chen with a microphone.

  Lu Chen glanced at the female reporter, and was quite speechless about her idiot questions.

  He pointed to Wu Tao, who had just walked over, and said, "Go and interview him. He is the great hero. He carried the old woman and escaped from the house."

  As Lu Chen said, he walked away holding Qiqi, took out the phone and called Lin Yijun.

  The female reporter was a little disappointed when she saw that Lu Chen was unwilling to accept her interview, but when she heard Lu Chen said that Wu Tao would escape the grandmother with her back on her back, she went to interview Wu Tao excitedly.

  "Where are you now?" Lu Chen asked after Lin Yijun answered the phone.

  "I'm in the company, but we all came to the square, are you and Qiqi still safe?" Lin Yijun asked concerned.

  Although she was very angry with Lu Chen, at the critical moment, she was still very worried about the other party.

  She called Lu Chen the first time, but at that time, Lu Chen was busy saving people and didn't have time to answer.

  "Well, let's go back first, there may be aftershocks today, and I must not be able to go to work." Lu Chen nodded and said.

  "How to go back? There are still aftershocks. It is more dangerous to go back. The police on our side are forming people to scatter onto the square. The road is blocked and I can't go back." Lin Yijun said.

  "Well, let's wait a while and keep in touch at any time." Lu Chen hung up the phone as he said, and then took Qiqi to sit down on a bench in the park and began to check where the earthquake was.

  The news has come out that a magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred in Wuyi Town, Huangping County, Nan'an City, Xichuan Province. Yuzhou is very close to Huangping County and was also severely affected by the earthquake.

  Lu Chen called Wu Lei again and asked about the supermarket. Many shelves in the supermarket fell apart and the goods were scattered all over the floor. Fortunately, no one was injured.

  Lu Chen called Wang Wei again and asked about the situation on the construction site. There was almost no damage on the construction site, and several workers suffered minor injuries.

  The Grand Hyatt Building was originally an earthquake-proof building, and it was not affected.

  But these two days must be all holidays.

  After the book had no effect, Lu Chen was also relieved.

  But that night, because he didn't know that there was no aftershock, Lu Chen also took Lin Yijun and Qiqi to set up a tent and shop on the floor.

  It was safe overnight. The next day, all walks of life recovered. After Lu Chen sent Qiqi to school, he received a call from Xie Shujie.

  Xie Shujie invited Lu Chen to lunch together, and Lu Chen knew it must be a fundraiser. www.

  When he arrived at Yuzhou Hotel at noon, he found that the heads of the four major families had also been invited.

  Chen Guangxing didn't feel surprised when he saw Lu Chen, but Zhang Xingshu and others were a little surprised when they saw Lu Chen. This is the rhythm that puts Lu Chen on the same level as them.

  When Zhang Xingquan looked at Lu Chen, his eyes narrowed slightly. Not only did Lu Chen cheat him 50 million a few days ago, he also caused his family’s Moonlight Baths to be used to maintain the relationship to be sealed up. At that time, he almost didn't vomit blood.

  Fortunately, Lu Chen didn't kill him, he didn't shove out the ugly things in the Moonlight Bath, or he didn't even have the heart to attend Xie Shujie's banquet today.

  "Brother Lu, here you are." Although Zhang Xingquan hated Lu Chen to the extreme in his heart, he seemed to be happy on the surface, as if he really had a good relationship with Lu Chen.

  "Oh, it's Patriarch Zhang, I'll be lucky enough to be here." Lu Chen smiled and shook hands with Zhang Xingquan enthusiastically.

  "It's easy to talk." Zhang Xingquan smiled faintly, but in his heart he was thinking about when to find a chance to make Lu Chen bleeding.

  Seeing Zuo Jialiang walking towards Lu Chen, Chen Guangxing nodded to Lu Chen and did not go again.

  Zuo Jialiang was also taken away by Lu Chenpit for 100 million last time, and he was quite unhappy with Lu Chen in his heart.

  But when he saw that Lu Xie Weihao invited Lu Chen over again today, he knew that it was still difficult to deal with Lu Chen at this stage.

  However, they all guessed that Xie Weihao mostly asked them to donate. Can Lu Chen have that much money?

  Zuo Jialiang said hello to Lu Chen, and didn't say anything more.

  On the contrary, it was Liu Kaiyang, the head of the Liu family, who had been staring at Lu Chen, with endless curiosity in his eyes.

  The last time Xie Weihao took the initiative to toast Lu Chenjiu, he was shocked. He didn't expect that Lu Chen would be able to come over on this occasion, which shows that in Xie Weihao's heart, Lu Chen is on an equal footing with their four big families.

  But how is this possible?

  Why is this kid?

  Lu Chen saw Liu Kaiyang's puzzled look, but he just smiled at Liu Kaiyang.

  Although he has not yet confronted Liu Kaiyang, he knows that Liu Kaiyang is not easy to follow.

  Like these old foxes, if you don't provoke them, you'd better not provoke them.

  "The four Patriarchs, Brother Lu, I'm sorry, they just got out of the car in a jam and were late."

  At this moment, Xie Weihao and his secretary finally arrived, and first smiled apologetically to the five people.

Chapter: 145

"We just came too." Chen Guangxing said with a smile.

  The others also smiled and nodded.

  If employees say that they are late in a traffic jam, the boss will probably not believe it.

  But Xie Shujie said that the traffic jam came late, no one would doubt.

  After a few people sat down, Xie Shujie asked to serve the food and said directly: "Everyone, you should have guessed the reason why I invited you to dinner. As the most successful entrepreneurs in Da Yuzhou, you donated money for the earthquake. You need to take the lead."

  "Well, it should be." Chen Guangxing nodded and said.

  Zhang Xingquan looked at Xie Weihao and asked, "Xie Shujie, why don't you invite the boss of Yiqi Technology?"

  Liu Kaiyang and others also stared at Xie Weihao.

  To be honest, they have been trying to find out who the boss behind Yiqi Technology is during this period, but they just didn't get any traces.

  Xie Weihao looked at Lu Chen. Just as he was about to say something, he heard Lu Chen say: "Xie Shujie, regarding this disaster, I feel very sorry for the people in the disaster area. I can't go there and help them personally, just donate on behalf of Shengshi Supermarket. One hundred million."

  Damn it!

  Your little supermarket actually donated 100 million yuan, so where do we put our four big families?

  Even Chen Guangxing stared at Lu Chen unhappy.

  You have to donate 100 million for a small supermarket, and everyone is personally invited by Xie Shujie to donate. Can you compare it?

  This kind of fundraising needs to be on TV, which is equivalent to the city in order to thank the major donation entrepreneurs and also take the opportunity to help them publicize it, and at the same time make the donating entrepreneurs feel a little more balanced.

  Of course, this kind of activity is more effective than spending tens of millions on advertising.

  Seeing Chen Guangxing's bitter eyes, Lu Chen said that I was forced by them.

  Didn't you see them? Are you taking this opportunity to find me out?

  Since they are uneasy and kind, let them shed some blood and also draw their attention.

  "Okay, okay, on behalf of the people in the disaster area, I thank Mr. Lu for his generosity." Xie Weihao's face moved, and Lu Chen donated 100 million yuan to a little-known supermarket. How could there be less of the four big families? When the time comes, we will return to the capital. Xie Weihao had the face of him when he held the summary meeting.

  Although a city is a municipality directly under the Central Government, several major entrepreneurs have donated more than 100 million yuan. This amount of donation he believes is beyond the reach of 23 provinces across the country, as well as several municipalities and special zones.

  Xie Weihao's secretary widened his eyes. It was the first time he saw Lu Chen. He still didn't know Lu Chen's true identity. The owner of a small supermarket in Lu Chen donated 100 million, so why not surprised him.

  When Zhang Xingquan, Zuo Jialiang, and Liu Kaiyang looked at Lu Chen, they were shocked first, then resented.

  Lu Chen kidnapped them completely.

  "My Chen family donate 120 million yuan." Chen Guangxing glanced at Lu Chen bitterly, and finally said.

  His original intention was to donate thirty to fifty million to the sky. He didn't expect that Lu Chen would be so pitted that he would make one hundred million when he shot it. The key point was that he did not represent Yiqi Technology, but a small supermarket.

  As the head of the four major families, can Chen Guangxing not follow him?

  Although one hundred and twenty million is a bit distressing, face is more important on this occasion.

  Hearing what Chen Guangxing said, the other three had their eyelids twitched, and Chen Guangxing dug a hole for them.

  The three of them are also tied for the four major families. The Chen family donated 120 million yuan, and they can only follow it. Before the time of the thank you banquet, all the credit and face will be robbed by the Chen family.

  "My Zuo family also donate 120 million yuan." Zuo Jialiang said distressedly.

  "My Liu family is also 120 million." Liu Kaiyang shrugged and followed.

  "The Zhang family is the same." Zhang Xingquan also said.

  "Well, on behalf of the people in the disaster area, I thank you for your generosity." Xie Weihao said with excitement in his heart.

  These people alone directly donated 680 million yuan. Coupled with other people's donations, he feels that the entire Yuzhou donation will easily reach one billion yuan this time.

  Even under their leadership, more than two billion is possible.

  Lu Chen transferred the money to the donation account on the spot, and left first. After walking out of the hotel, he called Wang Wei and asked him to donate 200 million yuan in the name of Yiqi Technology, so that Xie Weihao would call him alone next time. Come for a drink.

  He left the hotel, and when he passed a department, he frowned when he saw that yesterday's lame eldest sister had red eyes and was driven out by several staff members.

  Lu Chen stopped the car and waited for the elder sister to bring her good son over before reaching out and asking, "Sister, what are you?"

  "It's a benefactor, thinking of people, it's like this, isn't my house spanned? My bank card still has thousands of dollars, but the card and ID card are all buried. I don't have an ID card, so I can't reissue a bank card. , So I want to ask them to give me a proof first, but they are very busy today, and they have to come tomorrow. But my Boer hasn’t eaten since yesterday.” The lame sister touched herself heartily. Said the son's head.

  "Uncle, Bo'er is hungry." The little boy looked at Lu Chen pitifully.

  The eldest sister wanted to say something but stopped, but in the end she said nothing.

  Because she and her son are really hungry.

  "Sister, get in the car, I'll take you to some food first, and then I will find a way to reissue your ID card." Lu Chen said distressedly while looking at Bo'er.

  "Thank you great benefactor, Dasiren, for your kindness, when Bao'er grows up, I will definitely repay you." The eldest sister bowed deeply to Lu Chen with a sincere expression.

  Lu Chen nodded, his elder sister's sincerity touched him a little bit. After the two got on the bus, he took them to a Chinese restaurant.

  After ordering the food, Lu Chen took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and gave Xie Weihao a reaction.

  Xie Weihao was busy pulling the donations from these entrepreneurs until they were very diligent, but he didn't know that the disaster in the city would require them to step up to solve it.

  "Sister, what is your name?" Lu Chen asked when he came back for dinner.

  "My name is Li Hongmei." The lame sister said.

  "Where do you usually work?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "I became a sanitation worker because my left leg was inconvenient and it was difficult to find a job. But my family was gone, and I couldn't leave my son to work, so I didn't go to work today." Li Hongmei said.

  "Where is your husband?" Lu Chen asked again.

  Li Hongmei was silent, her eyes flushed slightly, and she swallowed hard: "At the beginning, I was interrupted by someone else. He also broke that person's leg on an impulse. He was sentenced to three years in prison, and one and a half years left. Has just completed his sentence."

  Lu Chen sympathized with Li Hongmei’s experience. After eating, he said, "Well, let me introduce you to a job, including food and housing. The salary is more than 6,000. You can also take your son to the company when you go to work. of."

Chapter: 146

"Great benefactor, I, I'm just a sanitation worker, and I don't have any special skills." Li Hongmei was a little moved when she heard Lu Chen's words, but she still told the truth. She was moved by Lu Chen's kindness, but she couldn't make Lu Chen embarrassed. www.

  "It's okay, you can clean up. Of course, you can also choose other types of work." Lu Chen decided to help the poor woman.

  "I..." Li Hongmei was a little moved. She is indeed in need of a job covering food and housing, but she feels a little sad.

  "That's it. I'll take you to the company to take a look." Lu Chen said as he walked outside.

  Li Hongmei hesitated and got into the car with Lu Chen.

  When he arrived at the Junyue Building, Lu Chen asked Wang Wei to come down and take Li Hongmei's mother and son up there, and told him about arranging work for Li Hongmei, then he left.

  Seeing Lu Chen introducing her to her job, she turned out to be working at Yiqi Technology, Li Hongmei was a little excited, and at the same time she was not confident.

  "Wang, Mr. Wang, I, I can only clean up." Li Hongmei has become less confident. This is not an ordinary small company.

  "Well, okay, then you can clean up first." Wang Wei nodded. It was Lu Chen who arranged it anyway, and he wouldn't ask more, and just pay her a salary.

  Wang Wei took Li Hongmei to the HR office and saw Xu Zhiheng, the deputy manager of the HR department, and said, “Deputy manager Xu, you can arrange for her to do the cleaning first. The accommodation and meal card will also be handled for her at one time. Up."

  "Good Dong Wang." Xu Zhiheng nodded, and immediately after Wang Wei left, he looked at Li Hongmei curiously.

  Seeing Li Hongmei not only lame, but also bringing her son to apply for a job, there was a hint of contempt in her eyes.

  But this was the person Wang Wei had brought personally. He didn't know her relationship with Wang Wei, and he didn't have much to say.

  "What's your name?" Xu Zhiheng asked.

  "Li Hongmei." Li Hongmei replied.

  "Have you brought your ID card?" Xu Zhiheng asked.

  "My ID card hasn't been reissued yet, can I apply for a job first, and I will reissue it after two days?" Li Hongmei said weakly.

  Xu Zhiheng frowned, how can I go through the entry procedures without an ID card?

  "Dong Dong called you?" Xu Zhiheng looked at Li Hongmei.

  "It's my son's Dasiren. He said he would introduce us to work, so he brought us in, and then asked Wang Dong to bring us in." Li Hongmei said truthfully.

  "Okay, remember to reissue your ID card and complete the procedures as soon as possible." Xu Zhiheng nodded. Although it is not directly related to Wang Dong, the number of women who has a certain relationship with Wang Dong, then first Open your eyes and close your eyes, she is just a cleaner anyway.

  Thinking about this, Xu Zhiheng went through the entry procedures for Li Hongmei, and then called the person below to take Li Hongmei to arrange a place to live.

  After Lu Chen left the Junyue Building, he received an unfamiliar call. Lu Chen saw that it was Yuzhou's number and was connected.

  "Mr. Lu, this is Chen Churan. I organized a banquet at 7 o'clock in the evening. A friend of mine wants to meet you. Can you come?" Chen Churan said directly after the call was connected.

  "I'm a rough person, what do you know?" Lu Chen smiled, he didn't want to participate in this kind of banquet.

  "Mr. Lu, this is actually the case. Zhang Daoren still doesn't give up on me. I want you to help me again, okay?" Chen Churan pleaded.

  "Also, his grandfather Zhang Shengqiao has already spoken out. He said that if I don't marry Zhang Daoren, they will not take out the land of Green Island." Seeing Lu Chen not speaking, Chen Churan said again.

  Lu Chen's mind moved. The land of Ludao, Old Man Chen, had already been given to Lu Chen. The Zhang family didn't take it out, just trying to make it clear that he wanted to bully him.

  "Okay, I'll be there on time then." Lu Chen thought for a while and said.

  He had to take that piece of land. He had already thought about it in his heart. After the piece of Green Island was taken down, it would be used as the resident of the original stone company.

  Now the Rough Stone Company has been established, but it is a rented office, and the warehouse has not been rented yet, so it has not imported rough stones until now.

  In the afternoon, I picked up Qiqi and Lu Chen made a meal. After Lin Yijun came back to eat together, Lu Chen checked the time. It was already 6:30 and said, "I have something to go out for a while and come back later."

  "What does it matter to me if you don't come back?" Lin Yijun said coldly.

  She was still angry with Lu Chen. If it hadn't been for the earthquake yesterday, she wouldn't have wanted to talk to Lu Chen.

  But even if I speak, there is nothing good.

  Lu Chen sighed and left the house.

  After getting on the bus, Lu Chen asked about the place of the banquet and set off directly.

  When he arrived at the address, Lu Chen found that it was a private newspaper, and it looked very advanced.

  A lot of luxury cars have been parked in front of the clubhouse. Lu Chen's A6 is inconspicuous in these luxury cars, and even looks dull. No one will take a second look.

  Just as Lu Chen found a parking space and was about to stop, a security guard ran over and knocked on his car window.

  Rolling down the car window, Lu Chen frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"

  "Sorry, there is no parking space here. Please find another parking space." The security guard looked at Lu Chen contemptuously, how could a broken Audi parked here.

  "Isn't this the parking space?" Lu Chen frowned and said, pointing to the parking space in front.

  The security guard pointed to a circle of luxury cars around and said jokingly: "You don't even look at what other cars are. Can your broken car park here?"

  broken car?

  When did the security guards be so awesome and look down on the hundreds of thousands of Audis?

  Lu Chen was taken aback, and looked up and down the security guard. He didn't realize what was so special about the security guard.

  Could this guy pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?

  "Is the parking space still divided into cars? When is your club so awesome?" Lu Chen said playfully.

  "Brother, let me tell you the truth. Our clubhouse has already been contracted by people. All the big people are here, so let's go. I don't want to embarrass you." The security guard persuaded.

  "Are you sure I didn't come to the party?" Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  "You?" The security's eyes were full of contempt, "Do you know who we are contracted for?"

  Lu Chen said silently, the security guard said proudly: "Ms. Chen's house is the one who has taken care of our club. Those who can be invited by Ms. Chen are all really rich second-generation Yuzhou. They drive at least one million cars. At the beginning, which shallot do you count?"

  Lu Chen looked around, and there was indeed no luxury car under one million in the parking lot.

  No, at this time, a big g drove over. Although the big g is not imported, it costs one or two million.

  "Security, what's the situation? Just let him stop by himself with a broken Audi? It's boring, so quickly tell him to leave." In the g500, a young man stretched out his head and said impatiently.

Chapter: 147

The security guard greeted him with a smile: "Brother, don't worry, I'll let him move the car right away."

  After speaking, the security guard turned to Lu Chen and said coldly, "Dude, please move your car away, don't delay our work."

  Lu Chen frowned and started the car to stop.

  "Hey, I told you to drive out, not to stop here. I told you that we are a private club and you can't stop here." Upon seeing this, the security guard knocked on the car window with a cold face. Said.

  Really look down upon others.

  Lu Chen had never seen a security guard so snob.

  "I'm going to stop here, what's the matter?" Lu Chen was also a little angry, he hadn't seen anything like this before.

  There are so many parking spaces here, and he was really invited by Chen Churan to stop him from parking and want to slap him in the face?

  "Want to make trouble?" The security sneered and looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  Their club was not afraid of others coming to make trouble. Lu Chen wanted to die, so he was going to play with Lu Chen.

  As he spoke, he took out the walkie-talkie and prepared to call someone.

  At this moment, the young man driving the big g got out of the car, kicked on the door of Lu Chen's car, and shouted in a cold voice: "What kind of cock shit, hurry up, I wasted Lao Tzu's time, I will give you this shit Smashed."

  Lu Chen was also angry. He pulled the car door down, locked the key, and kept running, and he was about to lie in the middle of the road like this.

  "You had better look after my car, otherwise I'm afraid you can't afford it." Lu Chen said to the security guard.

  "Fuck me, what the hell are you, I told you to move the car, believe it or not, I smashed you!" The young man snorted and kicked Lu Chen's door again.

  "You can try." Lu Chen watched Lu Dag youth jokingly, and wanted to go with him. He wanted to see who gave him courage and dared to smash his car.

  Hu Hong, who smashed his car last time, sold him the entire Hu's supermarket at a low price. He hasn't opened the supermarket again yet. He has to see how this young man can stand and dare to cross him.

  Seeing Lu Chen talking, he walked towards the door, without even looking at him, the youth suddenly felt that he was ignored.

  He stepped forward and reached out to grab Lu Chen's shoulder: "Brother, don't be too ignorant of what is good or bad, otherwise you can't afford the consequences."

  "What kind of thing do you dare to threaten me? Take your hand away." Lu Chen looked back at the youth, with a sneer on his face.

  "I can let go, but you have to drive your broken will right away, otherwise don't blame Lao Tzu for being polite." The youth threatened.

  "Oh, then I'm going to see how you are not polite." Lu Chen looked at the young man playfully.

  "Looking for death!" The young man snorted, and tried to move Lu Chen down as soon as he tried hard.

  Lu Chen snorted coldly and quickly shot, grabbing the young man's hand on his shoulder, bowing, and violently pulling forward.


  The young man was thrown over his shoulder and hit the floor firmly.

  "My mother, dare you to do something, what are you?" The young man got up from the ground, staring at Lu Chen and shouted angrily.

  "I'm someone you can't afford to offend. If you don't believe me, you can try." Lu Chen sneered and turned and walked towards the clubhouse.

  The security guards were dumbfounded. An Audi who broke the Audi was so arrogant. Doesn't he want to survive?

  He hurried over and asked, "Brother, are you okay?"


  The young man shouted angrily and walked to his big g.

  Damn, dare to break ground on Tai Sui, I am embarrassed to want you to die!

  After he got in the car, he saw Lu Chen lying in the middle of the road with a cold light flashing in his eyes: "If you don't move the car, I will help you!"

  As he said, he slammed on the gas pedal, then slammed into it.

  The big g is worthy of being one of the richest in Mercedes-Benz. It smashed Lu Chen's Audi A6 away, and it smashed Audi beyond recognition.

  Of course, the big g was not much better, and the entire front cover was knocked over.

  But the young man didn't care at all, so he parked the big g in the parking space of Lu Chen.

  The security guard looked dumbfounded.

  This is a luxury car of nearly two million. Is it worth it to crash an Audi?

  These rich people are too fucking to take money seriously.

  At this time, a Porsche drove over. A young man stopped the car and looked at the young man with a big g. He curiously asked: "Wu Kai, what's the situation with your car and why did it crash into this?"

  "Damn, a stupid thing grabbed a parking space for Lao Tzu, I drove him away." Wu Kai said coldly.

  "Fuck, is this Audi? You have a blood loss." The young man looked at Lu Chen's Audi in surprise.

  "To me, this g500 is just a means of transportation, but to that idiot, what is all his possessions, of course I am not at a loss." Wu Kai said proudly.

  It just so happened that he wanted to change the car too, as long as he could let out such a bad breath, it would be broken if he crashed, which was nothing at all.

  "That's what you said, but that idiot can make you pay the price of a big G. You wouldn't just let it go tonight? By the way, he also came to the banquet?" The young man nodded and said.

  "It should be. I saw that I went in. Let's go in. Let's go in and take a look. The thing that forces you to dare to play with Lao Tzu, I will play with him tonight." Wu Kai snorted and walked into the venue. go with.

  At this time, Lu Chen just walked into the clubhouse.

  This club is worthy of being a private high-end club. The decoration is very luxurious and most people can't afford it.

  Lu Chen came to a hall and saw that many young men and women had already arrived.

  These women are beautifully dressed, most of them are dressed in formal dresses, noble and elegant, and the men are also stylish and youthful and handsome.

  Looking at this situation, Lu Chen knew that this was a party often held by the rich second generation. It was usually about drinking and teasing girls, and at the same time pretending to be forceful, showing off their wealth or something.

  There is a saying how to say it, rich and idle eggs hurt, talking about these rich second generations.

  They have money and no abilities, so they can only hold these parties regularly, eat, drink and have fun to pass the time to brush their sense of existence.

  At this time, Wu Kai also came to the hall. Seeing Lu Chen from a distance, he took a few people and walked towards Lu Chen.

  At this time, Lu Chen did not find Chen Churan's figure. He was just about to find a place to sit. When Chen Churan came to look for him, he saw Wu Kai leading someone towards him.

  "It's this stupid thing, it's that he grabbed the parking space with me, and I ran into his broken car." Wu Qi said jokingly at Lu Chen.

  "Every time we have a party, we will mix in a few rubbish things in. The key is that these rubbish things are mixed in or come to curry favor with us. I am particularly curious. They actually came to curry favor with us, why dare to come in with us? Being right, who gave him the courage?" A young man beside Wu Kai looked at Lu Chen, his eyes full of disdain and contempt.

  The others also looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  They also heard Wu Kai talk about Lu Chen robbing him of a parking space, and they were very curious about who gave Lu Chen the courage to drive a broken Audi, and dare to clamor with them, the rich second generation.

Chapter: 148

"That's right, these rubbish, do not take photos of soaking urine, even if they broke their heads and mixed in, but they can integrate into our circle?" Wu Kai looked at Lu Chen contemptuously.

  "Don't say he just drove a broken Audi. Even if he drives a luxury car and doesn't have the family background, he can't become our friend. This kind of person just wants to take shortcuts. They don't know that in this world, if there are shortcuts, they can go."

  "I think this guy is not pleasing to the eye, do you want me to play with him?" Another young man said.

  "Yes, this kind of trash needs to teach him a lesson." Wu Kai knew that Lu Chen was not easy to provoke, and seeing the person next to him wanted to lead the battle, it was just what he wanted.

  The young man took a sip of the red wine glass and walked to Lu Chen jokingly, "The broken car outside belongs to you?"

  "What about it? Am I familiar with you?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at the youth coldly.

  "What kind of stuff are you? Of course I don't know you. It's just that this is a party organized by Miss Chen's family. Do you have an invitation?" The young man looked at Lu Chen mockingly.

  "I'm here, I don't need an invitation." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Oh, who do you think you are, the Big Four?" The young man looked at Lu Chen jokingly, and sprinkled half of the red wine in his glass on Lu Chen's face.

  He came here on purpose. This half glass of red wine was a humiliation to Lu Chen, and it made Lu Chen understand that he was not qualified to melt into their circle. The red wine sprayed you, so you wouldn't dare to fight back.

  Wu Kai and the others also looked at Lu Chen mockingly, seeing that Lu Chen was sprinkled with red wine on his face, they were still silent, and their eyes showed contempt.

  Especially those beauties, even more disdain to look at Lu Chen.

  "Trash, didn't you just yell at me, how come I was sprayed with drinks, and I didn't even dare to put a fart." Wu Kai said sarcastically.

  "Trash is trash, in front of us, does he dare to fart?" The young man laughed.

  The others laughed wantonly, and they liked the sense of accomplishment that they humiliated others, and others dare not even fart.

  Lu Chen narrowed his eyes, and he slowly reached out his hand to wipe off the drink on his face, a cold light flashed in his eyes: "I give you two a chance to kneel down and apologize."

  Everyone's laughter stopped abruptly, and they all looked at Lu Chen incredible.

  "What? You say it louder, you want us to kneel down and apologize to you?" Wu Kai turned his ears to Lu Chen and made an earwax gesture.

  "What the hell are you, and you want us to kneel down and apologize? Are you afraid that you drank fake wine?" The young man who spilled the wine on Lu Chen's face laughed playfully.

  Everyone smiled and shook their heads, their eyes were actually joking.

  "Are these uninfluenced people doing this right now? I don't want to get into our reception, and I can't get into our circle, and I dare to offend Wu Kai. Isn't this looking for death?"

  "Maybe this is what people think they are, thinking that they can get our attention if they don't take the usual path."

  "Bah, just his rubbish, rolling on the ground can't attract our attention, let alone enter our circle."

  Everyone discussed Lu Chen with contempt, and they all regarded Lu Chen as the second generation of the rich.

  The gorgeously dressed beauties looked at Lu Chen, and their eyes turned out to be contemptuous.

  In their opinion, Lu Chen, a rich second generation who is not influential, must also want to come in and talk to them, really think they have such a good bubble?

  "Wu Shao, this kid just asked you to kneel down and apologize, you won't just let it go, do you?" someone booed.

  "Forget it?" Wu Kai snorted coldly, this is just the beginning, how could he just let it go.

  But Wu Kai knew that Lu Chen was not so skilled, and didn't want to lead the battle, and planned to let the other young man do it first.

  "That's right, of course we can't forget, or we despise you."

  "Yes, yes, like this kind of rubbish, it's okay if you mutilate him, maybe he has to take the initiative to apologize to you afterwards."

  "Wu Kai, come on, didn't you say that you have learned taekwondo, just take this opportunity to perform to us." A beautiful woman laughed.

  "Yeah, Wu Shao, show us your taekwondo." Another beautiful woman followed.

  Wu Kai was a little embarrassed. He wanted to let another young man take the lead, but as soon as these two beauties encouraged him, he had to bite the bullet.

  "Fool, you forced me to take action. Even if you are unlucky today, you will obediently cooperate with Lao Tzu to perform, otherwise God Fairy Daluo will not be able to save you." Wu Kai threatened, and reached out to Lu Chen and grabbed it.

  Everyone was excited when they saw Wu Kai's hands.

  To see this kind of performance at this kind of party just satisfies their boring nature.

  But in the next instant, everyone's eyes widened, and they saw Lu Chen grabbing Wu Kai's hand, and Wu Kai couldn't pull it out.

  "Wu Kai, are you so persuaded? You won't dare to fuck him if he grabs your hand?"

  "I'll go, you won't even be able to beat this kind of trash? Don't brag in front of us in the future that you have practiced taekwondo."

  "Do you have anyone to help Shao Wu? I think Shao Wu is sweating on his forehead. It seems that he really can't beat this rubbish."

  Hearing everyone's teasing, Wu Kai's face was quite ugly. He was so embarrassed that he was played by a rubbish. It was a shame.

  "Trash, let me go, otherwise Lao Tzu will let you eat and walk around today!" Wu Kai threatened in a deep voice.

  Lu Chen looked at Wu Kai jokingly, and said indifferently: "I just said, give you the opportunity to kneel down and apologize. You are not only not holding it, but also provoking me again and again, since you want to die. , Then I will fulfill you."

  He raised his right foot as he said, then kicked Wu Kai's left foot violently.


  The sound of broken leg bones made everyone in the hall instantly silent.

  "He, did he kick Wu Kai's right leg?" Everyone took a breath and looked at Lu Chen in disbelief.

  They really couldn't figure out who gave Lu Chen the courage to break Wu Kai's foot.

  As for the young man standing next to Wu Kai, who just splashed Lu Chen's face with wine, his feet were a little soft, and his face changed drastically. www.

  It was also because of standing close that the sound of Wu Kai's broken leg bones just passed into his ears clearly, giving him a feeling of tremor.

  "You, did you fucking break my leg?"

  At this time, Wu Kai let out a stern roar.

  The heart-piercing pain came from his right leg. He looked down and saw that his right leg was deformed, and he couldn't use any strength at all, so scared that he almost didn't faint.

  "It's only one leg, what are you worried about." Lu Chen jokingly smiled, raised his foot again, and kicked Wu Kai's other leg.

  When everyone saw this, their complexions changed drastically and their scalp numb.

Chapter: 149

As soon as Lu Chen's voice fell, everyone heard the crisp sound of'click' again.

  Wu Kai let out a scream, his body finally fell down, both legs were bent backwards, and his whole body shrank on the ground like an injured wild dog.

  Everyone took a cold breath again, all of them trembled and their faces turned pale.

  Lu Chen should have knelt down to beg Wu Kai for mercy and apologize. Unexpectedly, Lu Chen would be so arrogant and ruthless. Not only did he not apologize to Wu Kai, but he directly destroyed Wu Kai's legs.

  We must know that the Wu family is a well-known rich man in Yuzhou, and Wu Kai's father's net worth is no less than one billion.

  Why did this guy dare to destroy Wu Kai?

  "And you." Lu Chen abandoned Wu Kai before turning to look at the young man who dared to splash wine on his face.

  The reason why he was so angry was also because the young man poured red wine on him.

  Otherwise, he would not be angry to the point of being useless.


  Everyone took a breath.

  If Wu Kai’s legs are abolished, he has to abolish another person. Is this guy really rubbish?

  Didn't he know that this party was organized by Miss Chen's family, so he was not afraid to offend Miss Chen's family completely?


  The young man saw the chill in Lu Chen's eyes, his legs softened, and he knelt down in shock.

  "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's not that I want to target you, it's Wu Kai, it's all Wu Kai's idea. I was completely instigated by him. Please let me go!" The young man turned pale and trembled and begged for mercy.

  "Whether he instigated you or not, when you pour half a glass of red wine on my face, you should be prepared to bear my anger." Lu Chen said indifferently, kicking the young man's face. He directly kicked off the bridge of the young man’s nose.

  The young man screamed and rolled on the ground holding his nose.

  Everyone was timid, and among their peers, this was the cruelest youth they had ever encountered.

  Lu Chen turned to Wu Kai, who was curled up on the carpet, and put his foot on his face, and said in a cold voice, "I heard you crashed my car? I told you that there was something wrong with my car. , You can't afford it."

  Wu Kai trembled, Lu Chen's car had been completely changed by him. How did he know that Lu Chen was so cruel.

  "You dare to do this to me, do you know who I am? Just confirm that you can provoke me?" Wu Kai endured the severe pain of broken bones in his legs and shouted angrily.

  "Who you are is important to me. What's important is that you have to remember that in Da Yuzhou, there is no one I can't afford to provoke Lu Chen." Lu Chen smiled faintly, with confidence in his eyes.

  He has this strength, so he dares to be so confident.

  The beauties who looked down on Lu Chen before, heard what Lu Chen said, and saw the confidence and restrained arrogance on Lu Chen's face, all of them trembled.

  This is the arrogance of a man.

  It doesn't matter if what he said is true or not, but who has his momentum in this event.

  The man must not be an ordinary person.

  "You guys, who else has an opinion?" Lu Chen turned to look at everyone, his eyes full of jokes.

  He could hear clearly, but many of these guys made a fuss before.

  Everyone didn't dare to show up, even the rich second generation like Wu Kai was directly abolished by him, where would they dare to fart more.

  At this moment, no one even dared to meet Lu Chen's eyes.

  What is waste?

  What is garbage?

  Before, they didn't spray Lu Chen less, but now under Lu Chen's strength, they realized that the talents they were waiting for were rubbish.

  Because none of them wanted to follow in the footsteps of Wu Kai.

  But their counseling at this time does not mean that they will continue to counsel.

  Anyway, today is Miss Chen's home court. This guy directly abolished the person invited by Miss Chen at Miss Chen's home court. It's strange that Miss Chen can let him go.

  "Just like you, do you dare to call yourself the upper class? And dare you to look down on others?" Lu Chen sarcastically relentlessly saw everyone's counsel.

  In Lu Chen's eyes, these rich second generations are a group of moths.

  A group of worms who have eaten and supported themselves to defeat their parents.

  In the real upper class, people gather together to discuss economic trends and international trends every day, but at least they will not show off the achievements of their parents like they did, look down on others, or take pleasure in making fun of and humiliating others.

  Lu Chen's ironic expression on everyone's face was extremely hard to see.

  But no one dared to refute Lu Chen half a word.

  "Miss Chen is here!"

  At this moment, someone suddenly shouted.

  "Are you here? Is Miss Chen really here?"

  As if seeing a savior, everyone looked at each other.

  At this time, two beautiful young ladies in noble evening dresses were walking towards this side. Beside them, they were the brothers of the family headed by Zhang Daoren.

  "Blue, the friend I introduced to you today will definitely surprise you." Chen Churan said to the beautiful woman next to her.

  The woman is twenty-two or three years old, wearing a blue evening gown with diamond jewels on her head. The noble is always a princess.

  This woman was called Lan Ling, the eldest lady of the Lan family in Central Plains.

  She and Chen Churan are university classmates, and they have a very good relationship. This time it was here to visit Chen Churan.

  "Churan, you didn't lie to me, don't you introduce me to the four famous princes in Yuzhou, and introduce someone you don't know. You won't have any intentions." Lan Ling joked. .

  "To be honest, it's not that I don't give face to my brothers. The so-called Big Four are nothing in front of him." Chen Churan smiled.

  Lan Ling's eyes lit up, but he heard Zhang Daoren next to him interject: "Chu Ran, I won't accept what you said. If the person you want to introduce to Miss Lan today is not your brother, it is not Liu Shanshan, or Zuo Qing. If the three people in the city, who else can overwhelm me?"

  "Are you sure you are considered a person in front of others?" Chen Churan looked at Zhang Daoren sarcastically.

  Zhang Daoren's face was quite ugly. Chen Churan's words made him think of someone, but the more he thought of that person, the more upset he felt.

  That guy is indeed a monster, just the owner of a supermarket, but it is the owner of this supermarket that prevents him from going down the steps. A few days ago he even cheated his family of five thousand and caused his moonlight bath to be directly sealed up. .

  Fortunately, this matter was strongly suppressed by Xu Ju, otherwise his Zhang family would have already been burnt.

  "Chu Ran, if you say that, I'm really more curious about that person." Lan Ling said with bright eyes.

  At this moment, I saw a group of second-rate rich second-generation people gathered around, all of them looked pretty ugly.

  "Miss Chen, it's terrible. A bastard came in and maimed Wu Kai directly. Take a look."

  "Who?" Chen Churan asked in a deep voice with a change of expression.

  "it's him!"

  Everyone pointed towards Lu Chen, and each of them showed a sense of revenge.

Chapter: 150

"Miss Chen is here, let's see how he ends up later."

  "Isn't this garbage just arrogant? I dared to scrap Wu Kai's legs. I think Miss Chen should also scrap his legs and give Wu Kai an explanation." www.

  "That is, if I just thought that this was Miss Chen's place, and wanted to save Miss Chen's face, I would go up and abolish him."

  Before everyone turned their eyes, they all looked awesome in front of Chen Churan, completely forgetting that they had just been pressured by Lu Chen's aura and they didn't even dare to show up.

  At this time, in front of Chen Churan, each of them seemed to be the incarnation of justice. They all looked at Chen Churan's face, so they didn't touch Lu Fa, otherwise Lu Chen would have been killed by them many times.

  Little did they know how they could understand Chen Churan's mood at this time.

  Chen Churan finally invited Lu Chen over, and even mentioned the land of Green Island, which finally touched Lu Chen.

  Unexpectedly, she just went out to accompany Lan Ling with makeup for a while, and these people offended Lu Chen.

  She never looked at Wu Kai and his friends on the ground from beginning to end.

  In her eyes, how could Wu Kai and others compare with Lu Chen?

  "Ms. Chen, you have to help me get ahead. This rubbish stuff got mixed in for friendship, not to mention, I just asked him to show your invitation, and he hit someone directly and broke both my feet. Go!" Wu Kai looked at Chen Churan pitifully and said.

  He was full of hatred in his heart. If possible, he would personally interrupt Lu Chen's hands and feet.

  But Chen Churan ignored him at all. Instead, he went straight to Lu Chen and said apologetically, "Lu Chen, I'm really sorry. I just went to make-up with my friend. I didn't expect these people to have no eyes and offend you. I……"


  Everyone's brains roared.

  Chen Churan even apologized to this guy?

  My God, didn't he really come in?

  Just now he had an arrogant look on his face and felt that he could dispose of Lu Chen's followers. At this time, the arrogant expression on his face was completely frozen, and his heart was shocked beyond recognition.

  This is Miss Chen, she actually wanted to apologize to this kid, and she apologized directly to this kid without asking right or wrong.

  Is he better than the four princes?

  This world is crazy.

  This kid interrupted Wu Kai's legs, and Chen Churan not only did not trouble him, but also apologized to him.

  The aura in everyone's hearts instantly collapsed, and they all regretted that they had just offended Lu Chen.

  Even Chen Churan apologized so carefully. In front of Lu Chen, what are they?

  The people who had talked big and wanted to get Lu Chen had their intestines turned blue.

  They just wanted to show off their tongues for a while, but they didn't expect to slap their faces so quickly.

  Wu Kai was even more struck by lightning. At this time, they realized that they seemed to have really offended big people who shouldn't be offended.

  Especially Wu Kai, thinking that he had hit Lu Chen's car completely unrecognizable, although he broke his legs, at this time he stretched out a wave of despair.

  "I knew that you had invited these goods, so I won't be here. Seriously, in your identity as Miss Chen's, mixing with these garbage will lose your identity." Lu Chen said in an elder's tone. .

  Chen Guangxing called him Old Brother Lu, although he was only a few years older than Chen Churan, at this time Lu Chen was indeed speaking to Chen Churan as an elder.

  Everyone was very angry when they heard Lu Chen call them trash, but no one dared to stand up and say something unpleasant.

  How can they afford to teach even Miss Chen's eldest?

  Unless they are also holding the thought of ending like Wu Kai.

  "Mr. Lu, I'm sorry, it's my fault." Chen Churan lowered her head, feeling a little sad. Lu Chen talked to her like this, not treating her as a friend, but treating her as a junior. She didn't want to see this. .

  Lan Ling looked at Lu Chen curiously, and blinked with a pair of smart eyes. Is this guy Chen Churan wants to introduce me to the big person?

  "Forget it, this matter has nothing to do with you." Lu Chen shook his head. Seeing Chen Churan's repeated apologies, the anger in his heart was mostly eliminated.

  "Mr. Lu, what should the two of them do?" Chen Churan asked Wu Kai, who was curled up on the carpet with regret and despair.

  "They seem to have crashed my car. You can let them pay me one car." Lu Fa said lightly.

  He is not an unreasonable person. Anyway, one of these two people was interrupted by his nose, and the other was kicked by him with two legs. He should be almost out of breath. There is no need to be with such a small role. Endlessly.

  "Okay." Chen Churan nodded and motioned to take Wu Kai to the hospital first.

  "Lu Chen, are you so majestic?" After Wu Kai and the two were sent out, Zhang Daoren finally came to Lu Chen with an angry expression.

  Lu Chen looked at Zhang Daoren faintly, then looked at the big guys like bodyguards around him, and laughed: "How can I compare to the prestige of Mr. Zhang? Mr. Zhang is accompanied by bodyguards when he travels."

  "Hmph, Lu Chen, I won't talk to you about these or not. You cheated me 50 million last time. You must give me an explanation today." Zhang Daoren said strongly.

  Anyway, Xu Ju had dealt with the bathing matters, and he was not afraid that Lu Chen would threaten him with bathing matters.

  When everyone heard that Zhang Daoren had been smashed by Lu Chen by tens of millions, their eyes widened again.

  What's the identity of this guy? Even Zhang Daoren, one of the four eldest sons, has suffered a loss in his hands. Isn't this kid a monster?

  Both Chen Churan and Lan Ling looked at Lu Chen curiously, and at Zhang Daoren curiously, they were even more curious about the contradiction between the two.

  "What do you want to confess?" Lu Chen said sarcastically.

  "Return the fifty million to me." Zhang Daoren said solemnly.

  For the fifty million, he was scolded by his father for a while, and because of this, he was mocked by his brothers.

  Even because of the seizure of the Moonlight Baths, he would have some difficulties in succeeding the Zhang family's inheritance in the future.

  "Yes, you ask your dad to come to me. If he really dares to ask for the fifty million, I will immediately turn it over to him." Lu Chen said jokingly.

  Before he knew everything in the Moonlight Bath.

  But that day Xu Zuojun suddenly called him that phone number, and he guessed at odds.

  If Zhang Xingquan was not a fool, he would never come to provoke Lu Chen during this time.

  "Okay, I can give you the fifty million, but you must accept my challenge." Zhang Daoren waved his hand, a sly flash in his eyes, staring at Lu Chen firmly.

  Lu Chen was startled.

  Zhang Daoren knew his skill, why would he dare to provoke him?