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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 531-537) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 531

Laser coverage!

Lukavin’s counterattack was a laser cannonball.

Suddenly, countless high-energy laser beams were launched from the Lucca civilization spacecraft, rushing towards the unmanned space fighter deployed by the human army at the speed of light.

Generally speaking, laser weapons cannot be dodged.

Because the laser flies at the speed of light, the laser arrives the moment it is observed.

But this situation has been changed after the development of ultra-distance communication technology.

At the moment the high-energy laser beam was launched, the communication satellites arranged there in advance analyzed the energy level, azimuth and other information of these lasers by means of over-distance communication, allowing the unmanned fighter system to evade.

Although the closer the distance, the lower the possibility of avoiding, but at least some unmanned space fighters have escaped the laser coverage of the Lucca civilization.

However, some of the fighters that evaded were also damaged to varying degrees, and most of them basically lost their combat capabilities.

The opponent seemed to have guessed that these unmanned fighters would dodge.

Therefore, these laser beams are emitted with wide coverage!

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It takes twenty seconds for these lasers to reach the unmanned fighter, and within these twenty seconds, at the speed of the unmanned fighter, they will be hit no matter where they escape.

Of course, these laser beams cannot achieve full plane coverage.

But the distance between them seems to have been specially calculated. Between every two lasers, the distance is 500 meters, or one kilometer, and countless lasers weave a large net in space.

The various synchronized weapons on the 4B orbit of Tianyuan will also be the target of Lukavin's next strike.

"Order the frigate on Tianyuan A to conduct a large-scale laser coverage attack." Seeing this, Lu Chen said again.

"Will it be too early, they are still outside Tianyuan B orbit, attack now, they must have enough time to evade, can't cause huge damage to them?" Du Fei asked in doubt.

"This round of laser coverage is just to lure the enemy to go deeper." A

gloom flashed in Lu Chen's eyes: "We want the Lucca civilization to think that we have felt the tremendous pressure of war and have to fight them all. As soon as they underestimate the enemy, they will definitely pounce on Tianyuan a. Only when their warships enter the orbit of Tianyuan a, we can detonate Tianyuan a."

"Well, also, I was a little excited just now, I didn't expect this. "Du Fei nodded hurriedly.

Then issued the laser coverage order.

Laser coverage attack is a very advanced and extremely lethal attack method. It is the best weapon for destroying enemy's various radars, detection satellites, defense systems and other fixed-point devices in a large area in space warfare.

To this end, scientists have come to the conclusion of countering laser covering weapons.

That is the gravity distortion field.

This theory has only been proposed by Lu Qiqi, and has not been practiced and confirmed.

However, Lu Chen believes that it will not be long before Lu Qiqi and her research team will be able to study the gravity distortion field.

But by that time, it is very likely that human science will have to develop at least to the late third level or even the peak.

After all, according to speculation, the gravitational distortion field is a product of the fourth-level cosmic civilization.

The same laser coverage network!

And it is a laser coverage network with a higher energy level than the other party!

In the outer space, brilliant firelights began to appear.

Every flame represents the death of a spaceship. But those who died were all small spaceships.

None of the spacecraft above the level of Luka Civilization Town was destroyed, but many small holes were punched. These small holes run through the entire spacecraft.

At least 20 spaceships lost their combat effectiveness in the first confrontation.

But because it is far away, and the opposing battleship group is relatively scattered.

There were more than 20,000 laser cannons, but only ten spaceships and more than fifty fighters of the Lucca civilization were completely destroyed.

It can be seen that Lukavin's advanced technology has already thrown away humans.

"This Lukawen is already the third level pinnacle. Fortunately, we left Tianyuan A first. Otherwise, the outcome of this battle would be unpredictable." Lu Chen sighed.

Although human weapons are now very powerful, they are still a bit weak in the face of the third-level peak civilization. Even if they can win by chance and win by surprise, the casualties will definitely be serious.

After being counterattacked, the Lucca civilization seems to have been completely angered.

I saw that their main fleet did not move, but all the other escort spacecraft accelerated towards Tianyuan A.

Seeing this scene, Lu Chen and others were relieved.

As long as they fly to Tianyuan a, it means that the previous plan has been half successful.

However, I saw that the main ship did not fly towards Tianyuan|A, and even the orbit of Tianyuan B was not close.

Lu Chen and others are a little sorry.

But the Near Lucca civilization is also a very cautious civilization.

However, even if their main ship was not traumatized, as long as their frigates were abolished, the Hope would also be able to destroy it in Sili Tianyuan.

"Come on, don't leave!"

Lu Chen's eyes flashed a vicious look.

"Calculate, how long will they reach Tianyuan A?" Lu Chen asked Ding Dacheng next to him.

Half a minute later, Ding Dacheng came to a conclusion: "It will reach Tianyuan A track in one minute and twenty-eight seconds."

"All-round orders, one minute and twenty-eight seconds later, full attack, we must lure them into the atmosphere!" Lu Chen ordered.

Du Fei responded and conveyed Lu Chen's instructions.

After more than a minute, the battleships of the Lucca civilization reached the orbit of Tianyuan A.

But they are also very cautious and did not break into the atmosphere for the first time.

They wanted to send two warships into the atmosphere to explore.

But at this moment, the warship that had just entered the atmosphere was directly destroyed by energy weapons.

The Lucca civilization sent ten more warships in a row to prepare to force into the atmosphere.

But what greeted these warships was an even more frenzied attack. These warships had only just dived into the atmosphere, and they were directly destroyed without detecting the entire Tianyuan A.

At this time, the Lucca civilization seemed to be angered, and nearly a thousand warships plunged directly into the atmosphere.

Although they have also suffered countless attacks, more than 90% of warships have successfully broken through the defenses of human fighters, and even more human frigates have been easily destroyed by the opponent.

But at this moment, the Lucas suddenly felt a bad feeling.

Because they found that the entire Tianyuan a, all battleships, and all equipment were uncontrolled.

"We were fooled!"

At this moment , the Lukas suddenly saw the entire Tianyuan A burst open. In less than a minute, a powerful impact swallowed all the warships directly.

Chapter: 532

The human army finally detonated the entire Tianyuan A.

At the moment Tianyuan A exploded, all the battleships of the Lucca civilization that entered the atmosphere were almost instantly submerged by the strong explosive impact of the explosion.

In the entire galaxy, a huge fire was ignited, and countless planetary fragments were rushed to all sides of the galaxy by the huge impulse.

Some were captured by the four stars of Tianyuan and quickly flew to the four stars of Tianyuan.

Some were captured by the gravity of Tianyuan B and Tianyuan C, and quickly flew to Tianyuan B and Tianyuan C.

As for the Luka main ship outside Tianyuan B orbit, the existence of the Nozomi has not been discovered so far.

"To attack with all strength, we must stay behind the opposing main ship!" Lu Chen ordered. |

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Since the opponent's frigate was successfully destroyed, of course, he could not give the opponent a chance to escape.

This is the cosmic civilization at the pinnacle of level three.

As long as they capture their technological civilization, within a few years, human technology will be able to go one step further and reach the third-level peak.

The technologies of both parties are in the same class, so there are certainly not many obstacles to digestion.

Following Lu Chen's order, the Hope did not move.

However, hundreds of frigates went straight into the curvature sailing, heading straight for the main ship of the Lucca civilization.

Originally, when the frigate entered the curvature navigation, huge spatial fluctuations would occur.

These spatial fluctuations will attract the attention of Lucca civilization.

But at this time the entire Tianyuan A had just exploded, and the attention of Luka Civilization must still be on Tianyuan Four A.

Sure enough, the Lucca civilization was shocked by Tianyuan A's explosion for a while and never recovered.

According to the news sent back by Water Drop, they knew that there was a civilization on Tianyuan A.

And they rushed over at the first time.

But the other party detonated the planet.

Obviously this planet is not their home planet at all.

Then, the opponent is either a wandering civilization, or it is a sweeper subordinate.


The water drop was also blinded and sent the wrong message.

Then, the civilization that can destroy water droplets must be level six.

And their Lucca civilization came to attack a sixth-level civilization?

But soon they found out what was wrong.

Because of the previous arrangements and the level of those squares, it was obviously only the level of the third-level civilization.

But just when the Lucca civilization judged that human civilization should still be like Tianyuan IV, suddenly, 100 million kilometers away from Tianyuan B, they finally discovered spatial fluctuations.

Those fluctuations are exactly the hundreds of frigates sailing from curvature.

After being discovered, hundreds of frigates all withdrew from the curvature voyage, and used laser coverage for the first time.

But at this moment, I saw an energy mask light up on the main ship of the Lucca civilization.

That is the energy shield.

Lucca civilization has mastered the energy shield technology. If the laser network wants to damage the opponent's hull, it must first break through the energy shield.

At this moment, Lu Chen once again felt the power gap caused by the technological gap. Your own laser network has a higher energy level than the other's, but all have been robbed.

The energy shield is the epitome of gravity distortion technology. If this technology can be obtained, human technology will definitely advance by leaps and bounds.

"I found out that their energy shield is only elementary, or it has just been developed recently, and its protection is not strong enough. As long as we keep attacking for at most five hours, the shield will be broken." Ding Dacheng suddenly Said.

"Five hours? Too long, we can't give them too much time, otherwise our frigate may be wiped out." Lu Chen said, shaking his head.

"Then we will use the energy bomb again and bombard it with full force. It should be able to blast it away in a short time." Du Fei suggested.

"Cao, underestimate them, attack with all your strength." Lu Chen cursed and ordered a second attack program to be launched.

In the interstellar war, the confrontation between the two sides began when they were hundreds of millions of kilometers apart. Moreover, depending on the speed of the weapon, it will show a certain pattern.

Laser weapons are the fastest and have the lowest energy dissipation rate for long-range strikes, so laser weapons are undoubtedly the first to be issued.

The speed of energy weapons is second, so energy weapons should be ranked second.

The first wave, the confrontation of laser weapons has come to an end, and the second wave will be the world of energy weapons.

There is no obvious time interval between the two waves of attacks.

In fact, after the laser weapon was fired continuously for ten seconds, the energy weapon followed.

When the laser weapon confrontation ended, the energy weapon had basically reached the opponent's main ship.

Before the Lucca civilization sent all the frigates to Tianyuan A.

But there is only one county-level main ship left.

The attack power of this main ship is obviously not as good as a frigate.

But its most powerful is undoubtedly the energy shield.

At this time, between humans and the Lucca civilization, it is simply the impact of spears and shields.

Humans at this time acted as sharp spears.

The Lucca civilization has become a defensive shield.

Finally, a war of attrition of resources may form.

The second wave, the confrontation of energy weapons, unfolded in an instant.

The basic theory of the energy weapon system on the human side is relatively mature.

Although it has only taken shape in the past few years, it has undergone several power and speed upgrades before it takes shape.

Obviously, energy weapons have also become the backbone of human cosmic warfare.

Almost all frigates have been equipped with laser weapons and energy weapons.

At this moment, tens of thousands of energy cannons each aimed at the target and started firing.

Countless faint blue rays flashed in the space, swiftly rushing towards the target.

Although the speed of energy weapons is fast, there is always a gap compared to the speed of light.

Therefore, it is basically impossible to make network coverage with energy weapons.

But there are special cases, such as when the number of one's spacecraft is much higher than that of the other's.

Just like now, Lu Chen has enough ability to cover the opponent's energy cannon network,

but the opponent is suppressed by double firepower, but it can't cover humans.

This is an advantage!

At this moment, the two sides were one million kilometers apart, and over such a long distance, the two sides launched a confrontation of energy cannons.

Through satellite video, Lu Chen also saw that when launching energy shells, the other party also launched many small instruments.

After thinking about it for a while, I understood that these instruments must be over-distance communication satellites.

Without these ultra-distance communication satellites, the possibility of them trying to determine a human frigate is still very low.

"It seems that the other party and we have the same war theory. In the space battlefield, the speed and quality of intelligence acquisition are a very important factor in determining the outcome."

Lu Chen said.

"It seems that this Lucca civilization is also a civilization that has experienced many battles, or it is impossible to be so slippery." Du Fei nodded.

"But let it be slick, I will bury them here today."

Lu Chen's eyes flashed a ruthless look, and said: "Order, send another round of laser coverage, and be sure to remove the opponent's over distance as soon as possible. The communication satellites were destroyed for me.”

At this time, in addition to continuing to bombard energy shells, the human army also manipulated laser weapons and began to precisely target these over-distance communication satellites.

At the same time, they also began to launch new satellites to replace those previously destroyed by the Lucca civilization.

On the battlefield, it is very important to preserve one's own information acquisition channels and to eliminate the opponent's intelligence acquisition channels.

Chapter: 533

The strength of the energy shield of the Lucca civilization is not as strong as imagined.

Half an hour later, under intense firepower attack. The energy shield of Lukavin's main fleet was finally broken.

But at this moment, a familiar feeling emerged in Lu Chen's heart.

It seems that there is an invisible magical power that begins to permeate the universe.

Everyone quickly saw that the frigates closest to the card civilization main ship suddenly began to turn red.

There were even a few space fighters that were closest to them, unable to withstand the squeezing of this energy, and exploded instantly.

"This is a force field coverage... but they don't seem to be very strong. They immediately ordered a million kilometers retreat."

Seeing the battlefield ahead, Lu Chen ordered immediately.

Force field coverage should have been the last method of pressing the bottom box of the Lucca civilization.

Through calculations, Lu Chen knew that the Lucca civilization's force field coverage this time could reach about 500,000 kilometers.

In recent years, human beings have studied gravity bombs, so they are not unfamiliar with the methods of position coverage.

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After the battleship dispersed in time, the casualties were reduced to a certain extent.

After the energy shield was broken, the main ship of the Luka civilization was exposed to the human frigate.

Without the protection of the energy shield, the main ship of the Luka civilization cannot withstand the firepower of the human battleship group.

Soon, the white flag was planted on the main ship of the Lucca civilization. At the same time, they sent a paragraph of messages to the Human Hope.

Soon scientists translated it and the Lucca civilization surrendered.

In this regard, everyone was relieved.

After all, wars have to be won and lost. Human beings don’t understand the Lucca civilization, and they don’t know if they have the means to suppress the box.

It is of course the best to see them surrender.

The astronauts fighting on the front line cheered.

All the human beings who watched this war also cheered.

This is the second time that mankind has defeated other cosmic civilizations without injury.

The last time I faced the dwarves.

At that time, in order to win Proxima Centauri b, humans launched an aggressive war against the dwarves, and finally humans defeated the dwarves with a powerful advantage.

And occupied a continent on Proxima B.

On one occasion, although human beings were in a defensive state, they still defeated the Lucca civilization through human wisdom.

Half an hour later, the main ship of Lucca civilization was forcibly brought to the side of Nozomi.

Cahill, the leader of the 200,000 people of the Lucca civilization, was taken into the Nozomi.

In front of Lu Chen, Cahill knelt on both knees, accepting Lu Chen's trial.

Ask Lu Chen for mercy.

The Lucas are not looking for humans.

They update the lizardmen in science fiction movies.

About three meters tall, with a human-like head and a lizard-like body.

"Great leader of cosmic civilization, as long as you spare my clansmen, I am willing to lead my clansmen to join the noble civilization and become a faithful servant of the noble civilization!" Cahill knelt in front of Lu Chen piously and said.

Of course, he was speaking the Lucca language, and Lu Chen certainly couldn't understand it.

But Lu Chen was accompanied by a translator.

After the translator translated the words to Lu Chen, Lu Chen hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

The number of human beings is still too small. Let the Lucca civilization be let go, and they can be used as cannon fodder in the future.

"What level of civilization is the Guardian Alliance, where are they located?" Lu Chen asked.

"Sixth level civilization, they created the Guardian Alliance in the third three-star domain to fight against the sweepers and demons." Cahill said.

Lu Chen nodded, and finally from Cahill's mouth, Lu Chen finally understood the Guardian Alliance message he had received before.

I also probably know something about the civilization of the entire universe.

In the entire galaxy, there are countless cosmic civilizations, but most of them are civilizations below level 4. The highest known civilization is the Guardian Alliance, the Sweepers, and the Demon Race, all of which are level six civilizations.

However, there may be civilizations of level 7 and above in the second star field.

Because the Galactic Center is a huge black hole, civilizations at level six and below cannot survive in the first and first two star regions.

The Milky Way is divided into five star regions, just like the ring road of a big city.

Among them, the first star field refers to the area of ​​Yinxin, which is also within one ring.

It is said that there may be a seventh-level civilization in the second star field, which is also the former second ring.

The third three-star domain is the place where the three major forces of the Guardian Alliance, the Sweeper, and the Demon Clan of the sixth level of civilization live.

Of course, there are also countless low-level civilizations in the Guardian League.

These low-level civilizations depend on the Guardian Alliance for survival and are also a member of the Guardian Alliance.

However, most of them have low strength, such as level 1, 2, 3, and 4 civilization.

Only the fifth-level civilization can be reused by the Guardian Alliance, and they are also the left arm of the sixth-level civilization.

The fourth star field is the star field where humans are located at this time and the galaxy where the solar system is located.

The fifth star field is the area outside the solar system.

In the entire galaxy, the fifth star field is the most barren, and there is basically no cosmic civilization.

The fourth star field is also said to be the area where the solar system is located. Compared to the third star field, it is also very barren.

Therefore, generally, civilizations above level 4 will not come to the fourth star field.

Even the second three-star domain rarely conducts activities in the fourth star domain.

This is also the main reason why humans were so weak in the solar system, but they have not been discovered by alien civilizations.

Because basically no extraterrestrial civilization will explore such a remote place in the solar system.

After subduing the Kalu civilization, mankind completely absorbed the technology of the Lucca civilization.

Although the Lucca civilization has become a slave to mankind, they are indeed the cosmic civilization at the third level.

It's just that they have just stepped into this level.

Coupled with being pitted by humans, thousands of frigates were all swallowed by Tianyuan A's explosion.

Otherwise, they might not really lose.

In the next time, Lu Chen ordered to fly to the Kepler 55 galaxy while doing his best to study and absorb the essence of Lucca civilization.

I don’t know if I will encounter other civilizations on the way.

The most important thing is that Lu Chen always feels that this Guardian Alliance is likely to be the biggest crisis for mankind in the future.

Chapter: 534

It was another lonely voyage.

It took more than ten light-years from Tianyuan 4 to Kepler 55, and there were several galaxies on the way, so everyone did not dare to neglect it personally.

On the other hand, over the years, everyone has held a fire in their hearts, and even recorded all this in the historical record of the Nozomi.

Especially after Proxima B was forced to leave, many people gradually became depressed.

This is also the reason why when faced with a water drop attack last time, everyone knew that when humans were likely to be destroyed, humans did not appear in too many chaos.

Because everyone doesn't care much about destruction anymore.

At least it doesn't seem to care as much as it would when leaving the earth in the first place.

Lu Chen and several senior officials also secretly investigated this phenomenon.

The main reason is that the new earth has not been found, which makes people very depressed.

If it were just ordinary people, Lu Chen could still use robots to replace their jobs.

But this has also happened to many high-level government officials.

This is what Lu Chen worries most.

This is completely different from when he left the earth. There was no hope at that time. This was the only way out, the only hope, and no one thought that he might find a new home star in his lifetime.

So if you don't get it, you don't have to lose it. This is an indifferent attitude, and if life is going to continue, everyone can't continue to be low.

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In fact, whether it is Lu Chen or a scientist, after so many years of wandering in the universe, his heart is more inclined to plunder other civilizations to develop himself.

It’s not impossible to find a new earth to live and develop like before, but it will be very slow.

If possible, Lu Chen is indeed willing to use the youth of this generation in exchange for a civilization above level 6.

In his opinion, after reaching the sixth level of civilization, he should be able to sit down and develop slowly in the galaxy.

However, he knew that the people still wanted to live on the ground.

Moreover, this is the only goal and belief that the people have pursued over the years.

Therefore, his plan is still to find a new earth.

But the situation is different now. A new earth has been obtained on Proxima B before.

I have found the home planet of a new life that can be seen, confirmed, and experienced.

The final result was forced to leave and wander again.

This is something that no one can bear, and because it has been obtained, it will be more painful to lose again.

As a result, while holding the fire in their hearts, many people are also depressed, because they all know that even if they find a new home star in their life, they probably can’t live there, maybe thousands of years in the future. , It's all like this...

Lu Chen saw this situation in his eyes, anxious in his heart.

But he was helpless.

Because this is not something he can change, unless something that can divert their attention, otherwise it is impossible to change. This is a mental management problem, and it is the most difficult problem to change.

This is what Lu Chen worries about. Sooner or later, it will cause big problems. But who the hell knows if Kepler 55 is really a habitable planet?

So Lu Chen was really upset during this time.

While he was still standing by the aisle window looking into the void of the universe, his head was full of solutions.

Suddenly a series of footsteps came over behind him. Lu Chen quickly turned around and saw a group of staff rushing forward. He quickly asked: "What's the matter? What happened? Guardian No.1 and No.2 What's wrong with the number? Or is there something wrong with the Observer number?"

The head of the staff was full of excitement, and could not see whether it was happy or panic. He hurriedly said: "No, Captain, it is the signal! We received a strange signal. After the initial cracking by the central computer, it was very It may be a signal of an alien civilization!"

Lu Chen's heart clucked, without saying anything, and immediately accompanied these staff to the Academy of Sciences.

There Ding Dacheng and others were already waiting, and immediately told him the details.

It turns out that during this period of time everyone has been digesting the technology of the Lucca civilization, and even the people in the monitoring room have been mobilized a lot, which has caused a lot of signals to be processed without time.

The monitoring personnel who remained were unable to determine the types of these signals, let alone translate them.

So only the report went up.

The signal itself diffuses into the universe in the state of electromagnetic waves, and Hope just intercepted a piece of information.

However, because the language is unclear, or it can be said that there is no communication or relationship with alien civilization, this signal cannot be deciphered at all.

The so-called preliminary cracking is actually nothing more than analyzing it as a signal with logic and information. Otherwise, it is completely impossible to analyze its content.

"Ship, Captain, we have detected that this signal source is approaching us at an extremely fast speed..."

"The speed is at least twice the speed of light."

"In other words, their civilization is very likely to match us. At the same level, it may be higher than ours."

Ding Dacheng analyzed.

The speed of human navigation has exceeded twice the speed of light. Although it has broken through to this speed a few years ago, even if the technology of the Lucca civilization has been continuously absorbed in the past few years, the speed of navigation is still difficult to advance.

Although science has formally begun to study wormhole technology, it is clear that this technology cannot be studied in a few years.

Moreover, according to their calculations, to realize the wormhole technology, at least human science and technology must develop to the fifth level of civilization.

This is because all scientists agree that only the technology of level 5 civilization can support the wormhole technology, such an abnormal or even mythical sailing speed technology.

"In other words, is there an alien civilization that may be as powerful as ours is quickly approaching us?" Lu Chen nodded and asked.

"Yes, we don't know whether the other party is a friend or an enemy now, nor do we know the other's technological strength, so I think we must plan for the worst." Ding Dacheng suggested.

"Okay, I see. You continue to intercept their signal sources. You can also try to send some messages to them and give them some warnings."

Lu Chen said, he contacted Du Fei and asked him to prepare for the first level of battle. .

Chapter: 535

Wandering in the universe and encountering an alien civilization is not uncommon.

Moreover, as the Nozomi further goes deeper into the galaxy, the chances of encountering alien civilizations will only increase.

It's like a countryman entering the city.

When I first went out, there was no one on the road, and I couldn't even meet a person even after a long walk.

When you get closer and closer to the city, you will meet more and more strangers.

After Lu Chen gave Du Fei an order, he looked at the screen.

Suddenly, the No. 1 machine standing next to Chen Churan, which is a special robot serving Chen Churan, suddenly flashed a light in its eyes, and then a group of signals were transmitted to Chen Churan's virtual keyboard screen through it.

All these people around were watching, everyone looked at the screen curiously to see what it was, and Chen Churan directly chose the cosmic language interpretation.

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Soon, these signals became Chinese characters.

Ding Dacheng directly read it out.

"The universe collects waste, all kinds of technology, and all kinds of life forms!"

This translation is so weird, it makes people around you speechless, and there are black lines on your head...

What is the collection of waste from the universe? All kinds of technology, all kinds of lives? This is almost like the universe is ragged...

Because this translation is too weird, so that people around have not recovered for a long time, everyone is full of sluggish expressions, God knows how long it has been before Lu Chen slows down Slowly said: "Is there a civilization that harvests tatters in the universe?"

Yes, such a powerful cosmic civilization, which is capable of traversing curvature and speeds of light, is actually a civilization that harvests tatters... This is too weird. Right.

Chen Churan asked: "Will there be a grammatical translation error? After all, the grammar of an alien civilization must be fundamentally different from the grammar of our human civilization. Could this be the reason for the translation error?"

These remarks aroused the approval of many people. After all, to say that such a powerful civilization is actually broken by the universe, no one can accept such a thing, and even if you think about it a little bit, you can get all this. It is a nonsense conclusion.

But he didn’t want Ding Dacheng to shook his head and said, “No, it’s a real translation. We have mastered thousands of languages ​​in the Guardian League through the records of the Lucca civilization. These thousands of languages ​​are all recorded by the Lucca civilization.

Yes , it can’t be wrong. How can I put it to say, in fact, they are not harvested in tatters, I remember there was such a record in the Lucca civilization, these civilizations are the cosmic merchant civilization of the fourth-level cosmic civilization! "

Universal merchant civilization?

Hope, or this human civilization, although they have not really come into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, in another sense, they have actually been in contact with several extraterrestrial civilizations, or at least know that these extraterrestrial civilizations exist. .

Naturally, human technology has advanced a large level of alien ruin civilization, that is, the civilization of the blue race, followed by the dwarf civilization of Proxima B, and then the Lucca civilization.

And the guardian civilization, the sweeper and the demonic civilization that I have only heard of.

The above are a few cosmic civilizations that human beings can at least confirm.

Of course, the entire universe is so big, there must be many other cosmic civilizations.

Each has its own characteristics and levels of civilization are completely different, but these civilizations are at least known to mankind.

When Ding Dacheng mentioned that this is a cosmic merchant civilization, everyone immediately began to conceive information about this cosmic merchant civilization.

In the end, a few people came up with a general conjecture, that is,

relative to most cosmic civilizations in the universe, cosmic merchants should be a rare "moderate" cosmic civilization.

At least they won't appear as the weak and the strong when they come, even if the cosmic civilization with weak technological standards often appears as exchangers and merchants.

There are also many primary civilizations that have just entered the universe, that is, the most popular cosmic civilization for second-level civilizations, because the most important star and aeronautical charts can be obtained from merchant civilization, as well as the fifth-level industrial revolution technology that may be exchanged. These are all important things for the continuation of primary civilization.

When everyone wants to understand what the universe merchant is, the next question arises, is it really to avoid this civilization completely and refuse to communicate with them?

This is a serious question.

Because after the contact, the opponent can definitely simulate one's approximate civilization level in a short time.

Exposing one's bottom line to strangers is a very dangerous behavior, and this is also an issue for everyone to discuss.

Because contact with it is not without benefits.

Since it is guessed that this universe merchant civilization is likely to be a fourth-level civilization, they must have a lot of things that humans need in their hands.

For example, the star chart, the interstellar map of the Milky Way, the advanced technology of various four-level civilizations, and so on.

These are the current human needs.

If humans had an interstellar map of the Milky Way at this time, it would definitely be easy to find where there are terrestrial planets. Because planets do not emit light, it is still difficult for humans to find planets in existence at the current level of technology, and it is also difficult to find terrestrial planets. planet.

With an interstellar map of the Milky Way, you can also get a quicker understanding of which civilizations exist in which areas, and you can avoid them.

Moreover, if you know what kind of civilization the other party is, and know the other's rules and guidelines, then the outcome of the matter may develop in another aspect.

Lu Chen thought sharply in his head. In fact, he also thought deeply about this question.

First of all, it is impossible for human civilization to never come into contact with alien civilizations. This contact is definitely and necessary.

Before that, he had discussed the theory of the dark forest of the universe with those scientists, but the answer given by the scientists was completely denied.

Because according to scientists, the first of the dark forest theory is that the speed of light is a limit that can never be crossed.

The maximum speed that can be navigated in the universe can only be the speed of light. When any curvature of navigation, wormholes, interstellar gates, and space transitions are all non-existent, the dark forest theory itself may be established.

Once the speed of light barrier can be crossed, it means that civilizations in the universe can communicate. Although it is unlikely that there will be a peaceful coexistence, at least the dark forest theory cannot exist.

It's not the kind of possibility that has been lurking, and if any exposed person is found, it will be extinct.

In other words, if human civilization wants to develop and truly become a member of the cosmic civilization, then it must have contact and exchanges with other cosmic civilizations, which is definitely and necessary.

So, if this alien civilization is really the civilization of a cosmic merchant, then human civilization really doesn't have to run away immediately.

Because instead of contacting other completely unknown cosmic civilizations, from the risk that you have to bear at that time, if the cosmic civilization you first encounter is the cosmic merchant civilization, it may be the best result.

At least some common sense of the universe can be obtained from the cosmic merchant civilization, some knowledge of getting along with other cosmic civilizations, and even some more advanced revolutionary technologies that may be available, such as...wormhole technology!

Of course, this possibility will be very small.

But these general conditions are all combined, and the advantages of staying and waiting for this alien merchant civilization outweigh the disadvantages...

Of course, this decision can be said to be a bet on the lives and future of all human beings, so Lu Chen really had to Be cautious, even after he has made a decision, he still asks people around him immediately.

Chapter: 536

The final result of the discussion is to come out of the curvature navigation, waiting for the space merchant civilization to come at 0.5 times the speed of light.

The final reliance on making this decision is that everyone believes that although the Universe Merchant Civilization is a fourth-level civilization, their technology tree is crooked, so their combat power is definitely not strong.

Even if it is stronger than humans now, it won't be much stronger.

At that time, Wan Almighty will fight the space merchant.

Unless it is a life and death crisis.

Otherwise, no one will fight a wounded battle.

"We are the 3rd and 400th Universe Team of the Universe Merchant Civilization. I would like to ask whether there is anything to be bought or sold or exchanged in the Universe Civilization ahead. We have the highest level 4 and level 5 cosmic civilization technology and a large number of new and precious materials. With a large number of genetic maps of life forms, you can buy everything and sell everything.”

Soon, when the spacecraft of the cosmic merchant appeared in the sight of humans, this message was sent to the convenience of the first time.

Youfang's spacecraft are separated by a million kilometers, which is also a relatively safe distance in the universe.

At least if the opponent attacks suddenly, there is also the power to fight back.

Seeing this message, everyone present looked at each other.

This situation is unexpected. I didn’t expect that the other party’s words would be so straightforward. There is no such thing as we come for peace, why we come, just a word, Laozi come for profit, what do you have? Want to buy or sell?

There is something like the contact between different civilizations in the universe. It's like a hawker selling the latest products of his own manufacturer to customers.

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Such straightforward words made a group of experts think about diplomatic rhetoric, but now everything is useless.

To use the simplest analogy, the other party is a hawker who sells goods and comes to sell things. As soon as you open your mouth, I want peace, my life, and the world. The other person will treat you as mentally ill. .

This is how humans feel now.

In the beginning, Lu Chen planned to have the first exchange with this alien merchant civilization in accordance with the diplomatic rhetoric drawn up by some experts.

But he didn't expect that the other party was really so straightforward. It seemed that he hadn't communicated with one or two alien civilizations, and was already completely proficient.

In a word, let's come for profit, what do you want to buy, what do you want to sell, don't fucking bullshit.

Then there is the human problem, what on earth do you want to buy? What are you going to sell?

This issue has actually been discussed for a long time on the human side in these ten days.

First of all, regarding the distribution of various civilizations in the universe, the common sense of each civilization, the exchanges and taboos of various civilizations, it is necessary for [].

Otherwise, the human side thinks that arranging a guard of honor is a kind of respect and glory, while the other side thinks it is an insult like "my grass", which makes a big joke of what causes a war.

The second is navigation technology, and the extension of related technologies, that is, a series of science and technology trees about wormhole navigation technology. These are also necessary.

In addition to the above two most needed technologies, other technologies can be selected, such as how to transform an earth-like planet and transform it into a planet suitable for survival. These technologies can be purchased or exchanged.

Then there is something on the human side that can be exchanged.

From the signal of alien merchant civilization, at least human beings have cherished minerals, various biological genes, and completed the fourth and fourth industrial revolution technology trees, all of which can be exchanged, it is not. Various minerals, alloys, and energy spars purified by alien plants can also be exchanged.

After discussing again, Lu Chen said to the contact person; “Answer them, we have many treasured minerals, we also have complete technology trees of level 3 and below, and there are also many original ecological creatures of our planet. It can be used for trading and buying and selling. We need a lot of things, so please ask them to list out a related map.”

Soon, the signal using the language of the alien ruin civilization was transmitted, and the continuous signal sent by the small spacecraft stopped immediately. In a short while, all the signals they send are based on this signal, and their answers are quick.

"Okay, please wait a moment. We have a lot of things. In order to avoid time delays, please specify what you need, whether it is materials, technology, or life itself. We can do everything. Buy, everything can be sold."

Lu Chen said immediately: "Then we only need technology and information. This series of things is the most important to us."

Soon, Lu Chen's words were passed on. After waiting for a while, a large amount of information was passed on from the other party. The amount of information was so large that even the staff at the liaison office felt that they had been swiped.

Moreover, most of this information is no longer text and language, but direct 3D stereo image information. A large amount of information is almost like the screen of the entire contact device.

Until the relevant personnel connected the information to the position on the central computer's processor, the relevant signals were translated into 3D effects, and the classification began one by one.

First, there are various common sense information of the universe. There are galaxy diagrams of various constellations, various galaxies, and even various river systems. Where is the danger, where is the star, and how many years or tens of thousands of years will it take to reach where.

There are even more than one place in some places, even hundreds of civilization gathering places, so-called "refuges".

These were things that Lu Chen and others were extremely jealous of, especially the so-called "refuge", which almost made some people's hearts jump out.

The second is the content of each technology, from some very weird, such as how to make a stone axe by hand, to the collection of coal and other minerals, the simple smelting of metals, and even the principle of coil generation, and even how to make light bulbs. Actually, I listed them one by one, because the amount of information is so much that everyone will be watching 3D images here in the next few hours.

And there is another thing that makes everyone confused and doubtful, cautious and cautious, that is, every piece of information or material or technology is marked with an existence named "value" behind it.

For example, how to make a stone axe by hand has a value of zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero.

As for the location information, coordinate information, and star map information of the three refuges in this universe, their value reached 50,000, 70,000, and 100,000, respectively. The difference between them It's really very different.

And in this information, Lu Chen also discovered a rule, that is... the highest technology is only from the third industrial revolution to the fourth industrial revolution, and the fifth industrial revolution and related technologies are not at all!

"Tell them, tell them the original words, what we need is..."

"...The technology of the fifth industrial revolution, that is, the technology of the universe civilization of level 4 and above!"

Chapter: 537

Although the cosmic merchant once showed the face of a profiteer, human wisdom is not covered.

After three days and nights of bargaining, the two parties each got what they wanted.

I have to say that there are indeed many technological trees in this universe merchant civilization.

In this transaction, mankind has acquired several key technologies of Level 4 civilization.

What excites Lu Chen most is that even though the Space Merchant does not have a complete wormhole technology, they have a complete theory of wormhole technology.

Although there are many unknowns in this theory, as long as there is a general direction, it can shorten the research time by tens or even hundreds of years.

With wormhole technology, humans can really occupy a place in the galaxy.

Of course, according to preliminary estimates, scientists have developed wormhole technology without a ten to twenty-year study.

Although this transaction wasted nearly 20 days, it was generally pleasant.

It's just that the large and rare minerals stored by human beings are gone this time.

However, after obtaining the interstellar voyage map, the scientists quickly found that on the way to Kepler 55, there are still a large number of asteroids, and those asteroids can mine ores.

It's just that whether you can encounter rare ores depends on God's will.

Next, humanity's goal is still Kepler 55 terrestrial planet.

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The wandering voyage in the universe is lonely. Fortunately, several asteroids containing ore were encountered on the way, and Lu Chen asked more people to mine the ore.

Even, in order to improve the existence of the people, Lu Chen did not use robots as coolies, but directly hired the people as coolies.

Of course, with current human technology, mining asteroids is not dangerous at all.

Many people even became miners for free in order to get out of the Hope.

Finally, after six years of solitary voyage, Nozomi finally reached the star system of Keller 55.

After passing through the suntop of the star, scientists began to intensively study the planet Kepler 55.

Planet Kepler 55 is in a moderate position in the star system and is in a habitable zone.

The temperature of the entire planet varies between 10 and 40 degrees. There is no snow, but it is very suitable for human habitation.

Now we just wait to determine whether there is an alien civilization on the planet.

However, science believes that there is a high probability that no alien civilization will be produced.

Because this star system is too young to form only 2 billion years old, and Kepler 55 was formed only 1.5 billion years old.

However, in such a comfortable ring, there may be creatures, but it should not have formed a civilization.

After Hope entered the orbit of the Kepler 55 planet, after another half month of research, it launched hundreds of shuttles to survey it, and finally determined that there was no alien civilization on it.

But there are many powerful wild animals.

In other words, humans are likely to dominate the planet together with these wild animals.

After everything was determined to be okay, Lu Chen finally ordered the Hope to descend on the planet.

Although there was the last encounter with Proxima B, after landing on the new earth, Lu Chen ordered the establishment of a kingdom of mankind on this planet.

At this time, the number of humans has reached more than 400,000, the dwarves more than 2 million, and the Luka civilization 300,000.

But so far, the latter two are only human slaves.

As to whether they will be allowed to become independent in the future, it will take time to test.

Especially the Luka civilization, they themselves are the third-level peak civilization, just like humans at this time, so knowing that within time, Lu Chen will not let the Luka civilization be free.

In the coming decades, the scientists of the Lucca civilization can only work for humans.

Said to be the founding of the country, but in fact it is to build a metropolis.

Although everyone is very enthusiastic about the big construction.

But because of the experience of Proxima B last time, everyone is worried that there will be neutron star fragments again, forcing mankind to flee in the universe again.

It wasn't until ten years after the founding of the People's Republic that no asteroid or neutron star hit the new earth before human beings gradually forgot about it.

And this year, Lu Chen made an important decision.

That is to start the human gene bank, take out tens of millions of test tubes from the freezer, and formally cultivate test tube babies to expand the number of humans.

These test-tube babies were all assigned to the first human family to raise them.

Human beings now occupy the new earth alone, and it can be said that every household is rich.

Ninety-five percent of people agree with this policy. Only a few people don't really want to adopt these IVF babies.

What kind of life do human beings live now?

Each household is equipped with two intelligent robots and one Luka slave.

Although the dwarves are not slaves, they are still at the bottom of the society and continue to work for humans.

Because only humans are qualified to develop a new earth.

If the dwarves want to live a good life, they must continue to work for humans, or if they have outstanding people, they will enter the upper class.

Human beings are devoted to the development of a new earth and the development of technology, and life is so fast.

In a blink of an eye, another twenty years have passed, and it has been thirty years since mankind came to the new earth.

Over the past 30 years, the tens of millions of IVFs have grown up, and the number of humans has surpassed the number of Lucca civilization and the number of dwarves.

After growing up, the test-tube babies have also become the backbone of mankind.

The development of science and technology has also reached the fourth level.

Lu Chen was quite dissatisfied with this speed.

It took 30 years to develop to the fourth level of civilization only with the support of a large amount of technology. This speed is still too slow.

In the fortieth year after the arrival of mankind on the New Earth, Lu Chen finally made a major decision.

He passed the position of the head of state to his eldest son Lu Xingyuan, and then selected a group of elites to continue exploring the secrets of the universe on the Nozomi.

(By the way, Lu Chen has raised more than 100 children in total, of which Lu Qiqi was born to Lin Yijun, Lu Xingyuan was born to Chen Churan, and the others were all adopted test-tube babies.)

Lu Chen has been cultivating Lu Xingyuan for decades. For example, today's Lu Xingyuan is 37 years old, and under Lu Chen's vigorous cultivation, Lu Xingyuan is already a qualified human leader.

Therefore, under Lu Chen's proposal, 90% of humans agreed to elect Lu Xingyuan as the head of state.

So far, Lu Chen led an army of 10,000 humans, thousands of scientists, and thousands of technicians, leaving the new earth.

Lu Chen chose this way.

One is because he and Ding Dacheng and others have always believed that only the civilization that continues to turmoil is the fastest growing civilization.

If they stay on the new earth, it is conservatively estimated that it will take at least five hundred to one thousand years for humans to break through to the fifth level of civilization.

Five hundred to one thousand years. This is a very long process. Will other civilizations give mankind a thousand years to develop?

No one knows.

At least after knowing that there were six levels of civilization such as the Guardian civilization, Lu Chen didn't dare to stop human beings to develop slowly.

Second, because of the magical bead on his body.

Over the years, whenever he looked at the research beads, he felt a little irritable in his heart.

Especially in the last two years, he always felt that something big would happen to him.

So he didn't want to stay on the new earth.

Because he was afraid that the new earth would bring some devastating blows because of his existence.

Du Fei was still left by Lu Chen.

Lu Chen wanted him to stay and protect his son Lu Xingyuan.

As long as there is Du Fei as Lu Xingyuan's backing, Lu Chen believes that no one can move Lu Xingyuan even if he is barely capable.

Now human beings are in a stage of great development and don't need too wise leaders.

Because Lu Chen has already built the cornerstone of human development for hundreds of years.

As long as the bricks are laid slowly along his cornerstones, there will be nothing wrong with mankind.

But the vast majority of veterans.

People like the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, Xu Jing, Xiao Zhan, Liu Zixiu, and Lan Ling chose to explore the universe and the stars with Lu Chen.

On the day of leaving, all the humans on the entire New Earth, all the Luka tribe and the dwarf tribe, all went out to see Lu Chen and the others.

Until the Hope disappeared from sight, there were only legends of Lu Chen and others on the new earth.

But the entire Milky Way, the entire universe and the starry sky, will leave the legend of Lu Chen and others.

Leave human footprints.

The future universe will be conquered one by one by humans represented by Lu Chen and others.

End of the book!


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