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Who are you My Husband (Chapter 491-500) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 491

"Yeah, just now Situ fired first before the robot launched a counterattack."

"Could it be that if we don't take the initiative to attack them, they won't attack us?"

Shi Jin looked at Du Fei and the others suspiciously.

Du Fei nodded and said, "I think so too, so as long as they don't fire, let's keep calm."

Situ Jian frowned and said, "Will this be too risky?"

Everyone asked . There was silence.

In the face of these alien robots, and their behavior is still aggressive, everything can happen.

"I'll go ahead and have a look, with my cultivation base, they can't hurt me." Finally Du Fei said.

He is the highest commander and the strongest among the people, so he is ready to take risks.

"No, this is too dangerous!" Situ Jian said hurriedly.

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He knew that Du Fei was very strong.

But this is in space, without gravity, no matter how high martial arts is, it is not easy to operate.

And they also have spacesuits on them.

Although today's spacesuit has been simplified to the appearance of ordinary clothing, it is still more troublesome than ordinary clothing.

"It's okay, I have a sense of measure." Du Fei shook his head, firmly drifting towards the opposing robot group.

It was too late for Situ Jian and others to stop them, and one by one had to hurriedly picked up the Gauss rifle in his hand and aimed at the group of robots floating towards them.

But what made everyone breathe a sigh of relief was that when the

group of robots saw Du Fei walk over, they did not fire, but made a few weird gestures at Du Fei.

"What are they doing?" Shi Jin looked at Situ Jian in surprise, unable to understand.

"I don't know, it is likely to invite us over?" Situ Jian frowned.

"Could it be that there are people from the Blue Clan on this battleship?" Liu Zixiu said in shock.

At this moment, Du Fei's voice came over.

"I guess they want to invite us to some place, or something at their central computer. Liu Zixiu and I will go over and take a look. The others will be there on standby. Don't open fire lightly until you are sure that your life is in danger. "Du Fei said.


Several people answered, and Liu Zixiu swam to Du Fei.

Sure enough, these robots actually invited Du Fei somewhere.

Du Fei and Du Fei went through many passages under their leadership, and only arrived at a central computer room after more than half an hour.

In the central computer room, there were also several armed robots, but none of them attacked Du Fei and Liu Zixiu.

This also relieved the two of them.

Soon, they saw a screen suddenly appeared on the front wall of the central computer room.

On the screen, a person who looked almost like a human but with blue skin appeared on the screen, and then said something, and behind him was a picture of a planet.

That planet is similar to the earth, even a little smaller than the earth, and also has mountains and water, and most of the ocean.

As the screen continued to switch and zoom in, Du Fei and the two also saw a group of blue people flash by.

"This is the blue people and the planet they live on, right? But, what does he mean?" Liu Zixiu asked in surprise.

Du Fei shook his head. Of course he didn't know what the Blue people meant, nor did he understand what these robots brought them over.

"Du Fei, what's the situation now?"

At this moment , Lu Chen's voice sounded in Du Fei's headphones.

After Du Fei entered the alien battleship main ship, he didn't contact the Hope. Lu Chen and others were a little worried, so they contacted them in advance.

Du Fei was startled, then he was happy.

Before they entered the battleship and were separated, there was no signal. He thought that the HMS Hope could not be reached.

Unexpectedly, he heard Lu Chen's voice at this time.

"Look at what this is? By the way, let Ding Dacheng and the others quickly translate it."

Du Fei said, transmitting the entire screen to Lu Chen via video.

On the Ship of Hope, Lu Chen was also a little confused when seeing the video passed by Du Fei, he didn't understand the language of the Blue race.

"Okay, I let Ding Dacheng come over and see what it means." Lu Chen returned to Du Fei and notified Ding Dacheng to bring a few linguists to the captain's room.

More than ten minutes later, Ding Dacheng brought several linguists to the captain's room.

It just so happened that they were the linguists who deciphered the Blue language.

Through the video, they recorded what the Blue tribe man said on the screen, and then they turned it over in the captain's room.

After an hour or so, they finally translated the meaning of the Blue people's words.

Lu Chen looked at the general content, and the more he looked at it, the more shocked he became.

The person who posted this video is the strongest of the Blues, and their highest leader, the captain of the Blues battleship group.

Bei Lan!

Belan said that more than 3,000 years ago, they observed a mysterious bead breaking into the Milky Way from outside the Milky Way, and then flying to the Solar System.

They speculated that the mysterious bead might have flown out of the Large Magellanic Cloud, and it might contain the powerful technology of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Just as their Blue Clan's home star resources are scarce, they are preparing to invade the solar system as a whole, and they can also take the opportunity to find the mysterious beads.

Then here, they encountered the phenomenon of space collapse. They suspected that an advanced civilization above level 7 was protecting the solar system and protecting this resource-poor galaxy.

Because civilizations above level seven can use super means of space collapse.

Bei Lan's meaning is very simple. He is willing to use their Blue Clan's technological code in exchange for a promise from mankind that in the future, when mankind meets their Blue Clan, please let them go.

Bei Lan didn't make any other requests. He directly stated that they had re-engraved all the blue technology trees on a chip at the last moment, and also said the location of the chip.

"The leader of the Blue Clan is very smart," Ding Dacheng said.

Bei Lan knows that there are high-level texts to protect the solar system, so he guessed that human civilization will one day surpass their blue race.

He is now trading a science and technology tree that mankind will reach sooner or later in exchange for a promise from mankind, which is quite worth it.

Of course, he was also betting whether humans would let his descendants go. He didn't know, and even Lu Chen didn't know whether he would fight with them when he met the Blue people one day.

Lu Chen nodded, but his expression was a little serious.

He also felt that there might be a high-level essay paying attention to humans.

But is this advanced civilization benevolent or malicious?

He didn't know, nor could he guess.

This is a very dangerous signal.

But Lu Chen didn't have time to worry about these things now.

He immediately contacted Du Fei, and then taught him how to order the robot left by the Blue Clan in the video, and asked him to let the robot take out the chip Beilan said, and send someone to bring the chip back to the Hope.

In the next time, Lu Chen did not leave here, but while letting Ding Dacheng and others digest the Blue Race's technology, he also captured the Blue Race's warship materials.

Although most of these battleships are in debris, many materials can be recycled.

Even a year later, based on the blue technology they absorbed, they built a frigate of Hope.

The frigate No. 001 is about one-twentieth the size of the Hope, and it is equipped with a complete offensive and defensive system left by the Blue Clan. As long as the civilization is not stronger than the Blue Clan, it will be difficult to break the frigate 001 defense system.

In the next three years, Lu Chen did not leave for Proxima B either. He was still absorbing and using the technological heritage of the Blues.

Over the past four years, more than 30,000 new humans have been added to the Nozomi. With the unlimited supply of resources, the standard of living of human beings is getting higher and higher, and many people have given birth.

In response to this, Lu Chen ordered the expansion of the Hope to strive for enough space for new humans to live in.

At the same time, the number of frigates around Hope has increased to 20, and they will assume the protective role of Hope.

There are also cosmic fighters. Previously, with human technology, they could only develop about seven and a half generations of fighters to serve as cosmic fighters.

But now, after absorbing the Blue Race technology, the strength of the space fighter is equivalent to that of the eight and a half or even nine generation fighters.

These will be the confidence that humans will have when they encounter alien civilizations in the future.

In the fifth year, under the inspiration of Blue Race technology, Lu Chen finally broke through the difficulty of the curvature engine and forcibly advanced the speed of human navigation by at least 20 years.

The so-called curvature engine is to move the space around Nozomi.

The Hope is in this moving space, which is actually still, but the space is moving in the specified direction at a speed faster than the speed of light.

The key point is to flatten the curvature of the space at the back of Nozomi, and then let the space at the front of Nozomi pull it past.

This driving engine has been proposed more than 20 years ago, but Lu Chen has also absorbed the technological core of the Blue Race in the past five years, and has done unparalleled experiments before it succeeds.

After the curvature engine was developed, Lu Chen finally set sail to Proxima b.

According to the precise calculations of the central computer, Nozomi could reach the orbit of Proxima b in three years.

In the second year of Curvature Voyage, medical scientists finally developed a genetic evolution pill.

This pill can greatly increase human life span.

But because the core of this material is extracted from the Martian monster, it is very scarce and precious. In a short time, this pill can only be enjoyed by the high-level.

The last time he was on Mars, Lu Chen captured a Martian monster and brought it to the Nozomi for training and research. In the past few years, he has finally made a breakthrough and can use it to extract some special materials.

But this Martian monster is too bloodthirsty, and scientists are afraid to cultivate it.

In its third year of curvature, Nozomi finally came to the orbit of Proxima b.

When the figure of Hope appeared from the curved space, Lu Chen and the others suddenly felt an inexplicable fear!

Chapter: 492

For the past three years, Hope has been making curvature voyages. Due to technical problems, the Nozomi could not detect the outside situation during the curvature voyage.

Three years ago, when they set off again, they finally observed the distance and situation of Proxima b, and found nothing unusual.

But at this time, just after coming out of the space of curvature navigation, Lu Chen in the captain's room felt an inexplicable crisis.

He hurriedly looked at the detection screen and immediately found that outside the atmosphere of Proxima b, several nuclear warhead-like weapons were flying towards the Nozomi at high speed.

At the same time, the military also detected these weapons, and Du Fei immediately contacted Lu Chen.

"There is an alien civilization on Proxima b. They have already discovered an attack on us. According to preliminary analysis, they have launched a super hydrogen bomb. The equivalent of one is likely to be 10 million tons. If it is hit, one can To easily destroy the entire Hope, we still have five minutes to deal with." Du Fei said.

"All rob, prepare for war, S-level alert!" Lu Chenhao said without hesitation.

"Okay." Du Fei said and hung up the communication with Lu Chen.

Lu Chen unplugged Ding Dacheng's special line and asked them to speed up the observation and analysis of neighboring star b.

At the same time, let Chen Churan inform the senior management to hold an emergency meeting.

At this time, in the military command room, Du Fei had already issued Class S level 1 preparations, and the frigate No. 001 also fired a hijacking bomb in time to stop the flying hydrogen bomb.

More than a dozen nuclear super hydrogen bombs were detonated in a vacuum by the hijacking bomb. There was no exaggerated mushroom cloud, but more than a dozen super light sources appeared.

The brightness of this light source, even if it is thousands of kilometers apart, looks quite dazzling from the Nozomi.

Lu Chen also saw more than a dozen hydrogen bombs detonated on the screen in the captain's room.

He quickly opened the holographic screen, and then used the computing power of the central computer to calculate various data after the explosion of the dozen or so nuclear bombs.

A minute later, he came to a conclusion that the level of the hydrogen bomb produced by the other party was similar to that before humans left the earth.

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In other words, human technology in the direction of weapons is at least eight to ten years ahead of the technology of the alien civilization on Proxima B.

Of course, this is calculated according to normal development.

Since acquiring the Blue Race technology at the edge of the solar system eight years ago, human technology has developed rapidly and has steadily entered the stage of secondary cosmic civilization.

But Lu Chen was certain that the technological civilization on Proxima B was at best the late stage of the first-level cosmic civilization, and it may not even reach the late stage.

In this way, the current technology of Hope is enough to crush Proxima B.

With this discovery, Lu Chen was also relieved.

However, the specific data will be arranged after the Academy of Sciences provides more data.

At this time, in the meeting room, all the senior officials did not know what was happening.

Emergency meetings like this are the ones that most worry everyone about whether there is another major problem.

For this meeting, the military only sent second-in-command Yu Guangzheng over.

Du Fei was starting a mobilization meeting, preparing to start a war with Proxima B.

"Everyone, we have successfully reached the orbit of Proxima B.

However, beyond our expectations, there is an alien civilization on Proxima B. It

should be half an hour ago that they had launched 14 million tons at us. Grade hydrogen bomb, this is a challenge and a deterrent to us humans.

So, next, we humans will either fight them.

Or, leave dingy!"

Lu Chen said, looking at everyone.

During the past three years, we have conducted a voyage of curvature. Everyone is focused on the development of science and technology and the development of private economy, so there have not been several meetings.

"There are aliens on Proxima B? Do we know what their technological level is?" Xie Weihao looked at Lu Chen with a shock in his eyes.

Although the number of humans aboard the Nozomi has exceeded 170,000, he, the leader of the new human government, has also lived well.

But human beings are always creatures that want to live on the ground. With a long look forward to the Hope, countless people are suffocating in their hearts, and there is always a feeling of depression.

In the past few years, there have been some complaints from the people. If Proxima B was abandoned this time, where would they go?

When will it be possible to find another habitable planet?

"The specific data needs to wait for the news from the Academy of Sciences, but according to their hydrogen bomb research and development level, it is far behind ours. However, if we go to war with them, it will be more than 100,000 people, fighting against one planet." Lu Chen said .

Everyone was silent.

170,000 humans, against a planet?

No one dared to imagine how this would end.

"Why don't we go to find the next habitable planet, anyway, we can already sail faster than light." A senior said.

"The closest rocky planet to us is most likely a habitable planet called Kapteyn b. It is about 10 light-years away from us. Even if we travel with curvature, it will take at least 8 years to reach this kind of planet. , And I don’t know if it’s a habitable planet.

Then, should we look for the next habitable planet?”

Lu Chen looked at the upper level, then unfolded the holographic screen, and a web page appeared on the holographic screen. Clicking in, a line of words appeared on it: Information on Top Ten Livable Planets.

He clicked on the substation, and a rocky planet suddenly appeared.

"This planet is called HD 85512b, which is 3.6 times larger than the Earth. It is 35 light-years away from the Earth. HD85512b is located in the constellation Vela and orbits an orange dwarf. We can only judge that there may be water on it and whether there is life. , The atmosphere is still puzzled..."

Lu Chen then introduced several other planets that may be habitable planets, but apart from the 10 light-year one, the second closest is 17 light-years, and the third closest is. 35 light-years, the latter ones even exceed 2,000 light-years.

Therefore, Lu Chen's meaning is already very clear. If they give up Proxima B, then they may never find a habitable planet for the rest of their lives.

Unless human beings can take advantage of wormholes, transitions or interstellar gates in a short period of time, ignoring the cosmic starry distance.

But it is no exaggeration to say that those technologies are still in the fantasy stage, and there is not even any theory. Without hundreds of thousands of years of development, it may not be realized.

"I have 90% confidence that Proxima B's technological level is one level behind us. If we go to war with them, the chance of defeating them should be more than 60%.

So now, let everyone vote. Obey the majority."

Although Lu Chen is the captain, he has one vote.

But he still wants to see everyone's opinions.

Chapter: 493

His proposal is quite crazy.

To all the senior executives present, Lu Chen at this time is simply a lunatic.

There are only a few hundred thousand human beings and only twenty thousand troops.

Lu Chen wanted to challenge a planet with 20,000 troops.

Even if the population of Proxima b is not as large as that of humans on Earth, it is at least hundreds of millions and billions.

People use population tactics, and every one of them can drown their more than 100,000 humans with a single mouthful.

Moreover, they are on the Nozomi. If the other side hits Nozomi with a nuclear bomb, they all have to finish playing.

Therefore, after Lu Chen finished speaking, no one spoke.

Everyone remained silent.

But they are also very entangled.

After leaving Proxima b, they will not be able to reach the next habitable planet at least 10 years later.

Although the Academy of Sciences has now developed a gene pill that greatly increases the age of humans, the life span of humans has reached more than 150 years.

But ten years is still too long for humans with an average life span of 150 years.

"If we miss Proxima B, we will continue to stay on the Nozomi for more than 10 years. Moreover, we don't know if there is an alien civilization on the next habitable planet. If there is an alien civilization, do we continue to give up? If the other party's technology is better than ours, it is unknown whether we can escape."

Seeing that everyone was silent, Lu Chen said again.


Xie Weihao said suddenly.

Everyone looked at him one after another.

"The captain is right. This time we have a chance of victory. If we give up, we will have to wait ten years later.

And ten years later, when we reach another habitable planet, there is a very high chance that there will be an alien civilization on it. .

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If the alien civilization is stronger than us, we may not even have the chance to escape. "

Xie Weihao said, looking at the crowd, and then said with a sigh of relief: "I think most of the people sitting here should have heard the law of the dark forest."

Although it is only the law of the universe proposed in science fiction, it is not 100% correct.

But I still feel that we humans must always be vigilant.

I would rather believe in what is there than what is not.

Therefore, if we really encounter an extraterrestrial civilization that is stronger than us, the possibility of our human beings being wiped out is very high.

So, fighting the alien civilization on Proxima B now and seizing control of this planet is our best choice. "

" Ah. "Wang Wei nodded and understood what Lu Chen meant.

He said, "Actually, if you think about it carefully, the war with the civilization on Proxima B this time will not only test our combat power, but also let us get rid of the spacecraft. The best chance of life.

You may not be very clear, but I can tell you the truth, among the people, countless people hope to leave the spacecraft and live on Lu Chen.

For this reason, even many people have depression.

We hope that although the holographic simulation of the earth's ecological environment is done, it is only a simulation after all.

It's still hard for everyone to find the familiar sense of security on the ground.

In another ten years?

I feel that even if this kind of spaceship life continues for another five years, at least tens of thousands of people will go crazy. "

Wang Wei's words once again silenced everyone.

As the second-in-command of the new human government, everyone believed Wang Wei's words.

In fact, all of them wanted to step off the Hope and feel the feeling of being down to earth.

But they More afraid of failure.

There are too few humans to fail.

As long as this kind of cosmic war is defeated, mankind will have only one end.

That is all extinction!

But just as Lu Chen and Xie Weihao said, they flinched this time, so next time they won't have the courage to fight.

"We humans have no choice. Let's fight!"

"I also support the First World War!"


All the top officials also expressed their opinions.

Instead of looking for the next habitable planet with unknown uncertainty, it is better to have a space war with Proxima B.

This meeting was not kept secret.

On the contrary, after making the decision to start the war, Lu Chen deliberately asked Xie Weihao to release the news.

Mankind is going to fight the alien civilization!

When everyone hears this news, they are

either excited or afraid of fear!

Although Lu Chen was confident of winning this battle.

But this battle is about human life and death.

Only when all the people are soldiers can we further stimulate human potential.

Human beings have always liked adventures and challenges since ancient times.

This is also the reason why human beings can develop so fast.

Lu Chen always felt that although human beings were only a second-class civilization.

But one day, mankind will definitely be able to stand on top of the universe!

In the following time, two large-scale cruise nuclear missile attacks were launched again on Proxima b.

But all were intercepted by the escort midway.

Lu Chen broadcasted these videos live on military radio for everyone to see.

The war has actually started.

I have to say that the civilization on Proxima B can launch cruise missiles out of the atmosphere, and the weapons and equipment are almost the same as when Lu Chen and others left the earth.

But this strength alone is not enough.

In the past ten years, especially after absorbing the Blue Race technology in the past few years, human technology has stepped into Level 2 cosmic civilization.

It is already the existence that Level 1 cosmic civilization looks up to.

This is also Lu Chen's confidence to defeat Proxima B civilization.

"Captain, Captain, the latest news. Our drone has successfully dived into the atmosphere of Proxima B. They haven't found us.

According to the analysis of photos taken by the drone, the organisms here are also carbon-based organisms."

In the evening, Ding Dacheng finally connected to Lu Chen's special line.

"Carbon-based creatures?" Lu Chen was startled, isn't that the same as humans?

Could the aliens here also look like humans?

Chapter: 494

"Yes, it's a carbon-based creature. The creature will be about 1.4 meters tall and weigh about 80 kilograms when it grows up.

Um... the density of muscles and bones is much higher than that of humans, so their appearance does not seem to count. Bloated.

This situation should be caused by the planet’s gravity which is a little higher than our earth. In terms of

body structure, it is generally divided into several aspects, brain tissue, gas exchange tissue, energy replenishment tissue, etc., they and humans The same is the same, but the difference is small." Ding Dacheng explained.

"Damn, isn't this a dwarf?" Lu Chen exclaimed. He didn't expect the creatures on Proxima B to be a reduced version of humans.

"Oh... yes, they look like the dwarves in science fiction movies." Ding Dacheng said err.

"Can you analyze the power in their bodies now?" Lu Chen asked again. Since it is a carbon-based organism and the mass of Proxima B is similar to that of the earth, he thinks the power system of these dwarves should be better than that of humans. It's a bit close.

"I am not sure yet, but it should not be stronger than our human power system." Ding Dacheng said.

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"In that case, their war can only rely on thermal weapons. Well, you continue. Within 12 hours, I will need specific data on this planet and the dwarves." Lu Chen said.

"Oh, yes, the latest discovery."

Just before Lu Chen was about to hang up, Ding Dacheng's voice sounded again.

"Say." Lu Chen answered.

"They are still the state of the country, similar to when we were on the earth, the country has not been eliminated, the world has not yet merged together, which is a good phenomenon for us." Ding Dacheng said.

"Yes, I don't think this civilization has much potential."

"Well. The integration of countries means the disappearance of internal resistance, so that we can focus more on exploring the universe and upgrading technology. But they still exist in the form of a country. If you want to go to the stage of national integration, it is not enough. Knowing how much internal friction will go through, maybe even the whole planet will be destroyed by their nuclear weapons." Ding Dacheng said.

"So, when we take this planet, we can't give them any chance to rise." Lu Chen nodded and said.

As a human being from the earth, and also absorbing the level 2 civilization of Blue Race technology, Lu Chen knows that if human beings want to develop and grow better in the universe, they must use all their resources for technological development.

"By the way, send all the information and photos to me." Lu Chen said.

"Okay." Ding Dacheng said and hung up the call.

A few minutes later, Lu Chen turned on the holographic screen and received information and photos of Proxima B from Ding Dacheng.

These photos were taken by a stealthy drone launched into the atmosphere of Proxima B.

And these data are the results of the analysis by scientists based on various photos.

According to the latest photos, Proxima b is a bit larger than the map. 62% of the ocean and 38% of it are land, which is a bit larger than the earth's land area.

The 38% of the land is distributed into five major sections, and on each section, there should be many countries based on their flag model.

"Let Du Fei come to see me." Lu Chen said to Chen Churan next to him.

"Okay." Chen Churan nodded, then stepped aside to contact Du Fei without disturbing Lu Chen.

More than ten minutes later, Lu Chen came to the captain's room.

"Look, this is the mainland map of Proxima B." Lu Chen said to Du Fei.

Du Fei nodded and carefully observed the enlarged version of the map.

On the map, Lu Chen just marked ABCDE five marks on it, and one mark is a continent.

"These five continents, where do you think we can log in from?" Lu Chen looked at Du Fei and asked.

Du Fei did not answer immediately, but looked at the map and asked: "This planet is still a national system. I see different flags everywhere."

"Yes." Lu Chen nodded and said: "This is good news for us."

"Well, that's true, as long as they have different countries, when we log in, there will always be some of them who don't work hard." Du Fei said.

"Moreover, we can also make use of their national characteristics to differentiate and utilize them." Lu Chen thought of spy puppets from previous wars. As long as he has the opportunity, he can develop a puppet state.

There are at least 5 billion dwarves on this planet, and it is impossible for them to kill them all.

Although Lu Chen believed in the laws of the dark forest, he could slave these dwarves.

In fact, mankind has developed into a secondary civilization and will soon enter the real cosmic era.

He and Ding Dacheng and others have analyzed that human beings have developed to the third level of technological civilization at most, and ordinary planetary resources may not be able to meet daily development.

Then, either develop stellar resources or advance to the center of the Milky Way.

However, stellar resources are not exploited and utilized by the third-level text-level energy. At most, only the light and heat energy of stars can be used.

Then, human beings will finally leave Proxima b and go to the center of the Milky Way to develop.

Because, in the center of the Milky Way, the resources are countless times more abundant than the fringes where they are at this time.

This can also explain why those advanced civilizations disdain to come to star systems like Earth or Proxima Centauri.

Because these places are barren land and backward land relative to the central area.

“I think it’s best for us to log in from Zone C.”

Du Fei looked at Lu Chen and explained: “The zone C is about the same size as South America on the planet, and it is also the smallest of the five major zones on the planet. I have a hunch. The countries in Zone C are likely to have average strength."

"Yes, I think so too."

Lu Chen nodded, pointing to the Zone C section and said, "Look, this section has one third of it. The place is desert, and there are one-fifth of the mountains. There may be rich minerals here, but there is certainly no strong country. The economic levels of these countries seem to be the same."

"Okay, then. We are going to log in from the c area, you can send me all these information." Du Fei said.

"Yeah." Lu Chen nodded.

At this moment, Lu Chen's special line rang again, and it was Ding Dacheng.

"Captain, our language experts have deciphered some of their signals." Ding Dacheng said.

"Very good, what did they say?" Lu Chen's eyes lit up. As long as he could understand the language of these dwarves, their aggressive warfare would be much easier.

Chapter: 495

"They asked us which galaxy we belonged to, and why did we invade their galaxy? They threatened us and said that if we don't leave, they will launch a global force to destroy us." Ding Dacheng said.

"Haha, it seems that after three missile attacks failed, they are finally a little scared." Lu Chen smiled.

"Yes, judging from their tone of voice, they are indeed a little afraid of us." Ding Dacheng said.

"Well, you use their signal band to send them a message, lest they take time to translate our Chinese." Lu Chen said.

"With their technology, I guess they may have difficulty translating our Chinese meaning in the short term." Ding Dacheng smiled relaxedly.

"Well, just tell them that we just passed by their planet and did not intend to invade their planet. We are short of energy and fuel. I hope they can provide us with it. We can exchange it for them with technology they don't have." Lu Chen Said with a smile.

"Okay, I'll make arrangements now." Ding Dacheng said and hung up the call.

"I'm going, your trick is too overcast." Lu Chen put down the call, Du Fei slapped his thigh with a gleam in his eyes.

"You just know that the captain is always so dark." Chen Churan also smiled.

She also heard what Lu Chen meant.

The strength they showed now has scared the dwarves on Proxima.

Then, if humans show no intention of invading their planet, they will definitely have hope in their hearts.

As long as they have hope in their hearts, it is impossible to fight humans to death.

So, it will be very helpful for them to successfully log in to Proxima.

At least during the login process, many risk factors will be subtracted.

"What if they don't agree?" Du Fei looked at Lu Chen.


Lu Chen took out a cigarette and gave it to Du Fei.

"If they don't agree, they will fight until they agree." Lu Chen breathed out the smoke.

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"By the way, how many Gauss bombs have been delivered to your military?" Lu Chen asked Du Fei.

When I was on Mars a few years ago, high-period bombs that had just been developed and had not even been tested were all launched to the South Pole of Mars.

In recent years, they have abundant resources and have begun to vigorously develop weapons and equipment.

Among them, the Gaussian bomb is the top priority.

The Gauss bomb does not have the lethality of a hydrogen bomb, but it is expensive because it has no nuclear pollution.

Of course, after several years of development, the power of the Gauss bomb has surpassed many atomic bombs, and it is also very cheap. It has become one of the military's heavyweight strategic weapons.

"One thousand and twenty-eight, all of which are 20 million tons." Du Fei said.

"Well, then I will give them dozens of Gauss bombs first, let him taste the power of our humans." Lu Chen laughed.

The speed of current missile technology has reached a terrifying number, and it is simply not something that these first-class civilized defense systems can intercept.

"Well, then I will go ahead and prepare." Du Fei said.

"Go, we humans have this soldier. We must set up a good situation and try to avoid casualties." Lu Chen exhorted.

Lu Chen wanted to win Proxima with zero casualties. b.

Although the idea was bold and crazy.

But in the face of absolute strength, under their careful layout, the possibility of success is still great.

Just when Lu Chen and other high-levels were carefully laying out.

Among the people, the human government has initiated conscription activities.

This war is about the future of mankind, and the 20,000 soldiers of the military alone are definitely not enough.

Therefore, we must recruit a group of about 30,000 reserve soldiers.

Not only that, but also recruited various logistics arms.

Of course, it will not be these human soldiers who are really charging forward.

It is a robot [country novel] soldier.

After absorbing the blue technology a few years ago, it also accepted the tens of thousands of blue robots.

Those robots are war robots, and they are suitable for the onslaught of land warfare.

When the robot forces attract a lot of firepower from the enemy, it is the time for the human soldiers to harvest.

"I decided to join the army."

Zhou Zunfei said to his wife Wang Ping when he returned in the evening.

Last time on Titan, Zhou Zunfei was lucky, but was finally saved and became one of the human heroes.

Later, the government gave him many rewards and let him live on the third floor.

Those who can live on the third floor are all elites. Then he met Wang Ping, and the two got married. Now the children are five years old.

"This time I am volunteering to join the army. You can think about it clearly. In case you have something wrong, what should I do with Xiaobao?" Wang Ping did not directly deny the plan, just let Zhou Zunfei choose.

"I know, but I heard that what the captain meant was to conquer the dwarves on this planet, the slave planet. Then we humans will take root on this planet.

Think about it, if I'm going to join the army now, and after I strike down the entire planet, I will be the founding father. This is also the best opportunity for our Zhou family to enter the decision-making level." Zhou Zunfei thought for a while and said.

Wang Ping did not speak, but her inner struggle could be seen on her face.

Although she works in the government, she is a stable person.

In fact, she had no ambitions, so she didn't understand Zhou Zunfei's thoughts a bit.

Zhou Zunfei was born into a wealthy family since he was a child, and lived the life of a rich family.

His character has been smoothed out over the years. Although he has gone through so many hardships, he still has his own dream deep in his heart.

That is, one day, he can make his Zhou family one of the decision-makers of mankind again.

Although now, their Zhou family has only his family of three and his sister Zhou Chenchen.

"Well, no matter what, I will support your decision." Wang Ping said in silence.

"But one thing, you must remember that no matter when and where, our little treasure will wait for you to come back!" Wang Ping looked at Zhou Zunfei firmly.

"My wife, don't worry, although I may not be able to be a hero of mankind, I will definitely become our son's role model and your pride!" Zhou Zunfei firmly clenched his fist and said.

Chapter: 496

After the various characteristics of the dwarves on Proxima B were broadcast on TV, almost everyone was discussing the dwarves.

Although human beings have left the earth for eight years, it is the first time to see an alien. Everyone is very curious.

"Dwarves, carbon-based life, body structure is similar to humans, body strength is weaker than humans, and their technology is weaker than humans."

"Then, this is a reduced version of our humans!"

"Yes, this is simply an adult The rhythm of playing the villain!"

"So, in this battle, we can definitely defeat them!"

After watching the dwarf race on TV, the people all started talking.

More people have chosen to enlist in the reserve.

Everyone wants to be a hero, and everyone wants to be a founding hero.

On the other side, the military is actively preparing for war, and Lu Chen and the Academy of Sciences are also waiting for the response of the dwarves.

The signals they sent used the frequency band of their dwarven race, and they used the language of the dwarven race.

So no one suspects that the dwarves cannot understand.

Obviously they haven't responded for a long time, and they must be discussing.

This is the trouble of nationalization that has not been removed.

Because such a major decision cannot be made by a certain country.

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It must be determined through discussions among several major powers.

This is the same as before on earth.

Therefore, Lu Chen and the others were not in a hurry, they just had more time to observe them.

At this time, more than ten UAVs have sneaked into the atmosphere of Proxima B.

The radar of the first-class civilization cannot detect the stealth technology of the second-class civilization.

Even if these drones dive within 10,000 meters of the ground, the probability of being discovered is very small.

At this time, they got more and more information about the dwarves, and they became more and more refined.


Although the lives on Proxima B are all dwarves, they have more than one hundred countries, which are similar to those on Earth.

They have five largest countries, namely Dashun Kingdom in Fengzhou, Dali Kingdom in Huozhou, Thunder Kingdom in Leizhou, Raksha Kingdom in Dianzhou, and Sihai Kingdom in Yuzhou.

More than a hundred other small countries are located in other parts of the five major countries.

Fengzhou is the area A previously divided by Lu Chen.

Huozhou is zone B.

Leizhou is zone C.

Dianzhou is zone D.

Yuzhou is zone E.

At this time, the leaders of all countries on Proxima B are discussing what will determine their destiny in the Fire God Palace.

That was the content of the signal that Lu Chen asked Ding Dacheng to send.

"They can decipher our language in such a short time, and even send us messages in our language, indicating that their technological civilization is stronger than ours." A dwarf leader said.

"Aren't you nonsense? They can build such a large spacecraft and fly such a large spacecraft on their home planet. At least they have mastered nuclear fusion technology. Their technology must be much ahead of us." Said a dwarf leader.

"Speaking of the point! Who the hell doesn't know that their technology is more advanced than ours?"

The President of the Raksha Kingdom, Robistine, slapped the table and shouted loudly.

Robistine is impatient, has a loud voice, and is the president of one of the five great powers. The presidents of these small countries are a little afraid of him, and instantly quiet down.

"We just want to know, do they really just want to borrow some energy and leave?"

"If they have a bad heart, how will we respond?"

"Can we deal with it?"

"Don't discuss those useless things for me!"

A series of questions from President Robistine were thrown out, and the discussion in the hall suddenly began.

"I think they must be uneasy and kind. If there is no energy, they want to borrow some energy. It is totally nonsense."

"They must have ulterior motives. I suspect that they just want to investigate the situation of our B star on the spot, and then put our B star data. Send them back to their home planet, and then let their home planet troops come to invade our B star."

This view quickly gained the approval of most people.

Although there are still a small number of people who believe in the words of humans, the few obey the majority, and in the end they decide to refuse humans to log on to their planet.

"Then what if they go to war on us?" Someone asked.

After all, they also know that human technology is much better than them, and many people are worried about this issue.

Under absolute technological suppression, will their dwarves have a chance to win?

"They are just a spaceship, we have more than 100,000 missiles, they dare to come down, they can sieve them!" Robistine said confidently.

The presidents of the other four powers also nodded.

They also feel that no matter how high human technology is, it is impossible to fight their entire planet with a single spacecraft.

As long as they don't let them down, their Star B dwarves have a chance to blow the spaceship.

After the leaders of the five major countries expressed their opinions, the matter was settled.

Two days later, Hope finally received the message from the dwarves.

Lu Chen laughed when he learned that the dwarves refused to log in to Proxima B and strongly urged humans to leave as soon as possible, otherwise they would go to war.

He directly gave Du Fei the order to start the war.

That night, the military sent hundreds of Type 001 space fighters to Proxima B.

Each fighter plane carried ten conventional electromagnetic missiles and two Gaussian bombs. When they entered the atmosphere of Proxima B five kilometers away, their absolute stealth technology prevented the radar on Proxima B from detecting them.

Lu Chen's purpose is to occupy Proxima B, and of course he cannot destroy it with nuclear weapons.

But the Gaussian bomb is expensive, and Lu Chen doesn't want to waste it too much.

In this battle, he just taught the dwarves a lesson first, let them know that they are afraid, and feel fear.

The entire war of aggression in Proxima B will definitely be extremely difficult, and the final battlefield must be above the ground.

The Type 001 space fighter is also the appearance of a flying saucer, but it is smaller than the sixth-generation fighter and has stronger combat capabilities.

Regardless of speed, flexibility, toughness, and maneuverability, they completely crushed the previous six-generation fighters.

When his cosmic fighter was discovered by the dwarven radar, they had actually sneaked into the atmosphere of Proxima B within four kilometers.

Then each found its own target and launched all the various missiles on the plane.

Whether it is an electromagnetic missile or a Gaussian bomb, the speed is hypersonic, reaching the extreme.

It's not that the dwarves' defense system can stop them.

Even their defense systems have not even aimed, and those missiles have already hit their respective targets.

At almost the same time, dozens of populous cities on the five continents were devastated.

Chapter: 497

The dwarves never thought that humans would launch a war against them so decisively.

At first they thought that no matter how strong Nozomi was, it would be impossible for a single spacecraft to declare war on their entire planet.

But when the big cities were attacked to varying degrees, they finally knew the determination of mankind.

This kind of war is completely one-sided war.

With one hundred space fighters, thousands of electromagnetic missiles, and two hundred Gauss bombs, the dwarves didn't even intercept any of them. It can be seen that there is a huge technological gap between the second-level literature and the first-level civilization.

And before a hundred space fighters left, they fired thousands of missiles, but only one was shot down.

The cosmic fighter that was hit was also the pilot who underestimated the enemy. Otherwise, the human race would definitely have zero casualties.

In this battle, the dwarves suffered heavy casualties, especially in the two hundred cities that were attacked by Gauss bombs, each of which killed at least one million people.

The place where the entire city was hit was in ruins within twenty miles of the square garden, and there was nothing to survive.

This is also a Gaussian bomb, there is no nuclear pollution and secondary casualties.

If it were a hydrogen bomb, more people would die.

When the results of the battle were seen on the Nozomi, everyone cheered.

They finally saw how powerful the Hope was at this time.

Although Yiqiang often sees some reports on science and technology on TV, for the people, they still don't know the gap between Hope and alien civilization.

Today, when they saw a hundred space fighters bloodbath Proxima B, they finally had an intuitive understanding and comparison.

And this battle has completely relieved countless people who were worried before.

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When the space fighters here returned to the Nozomi, the dwarves finally decided to launch cyclic missiles to attack the Nozomi.

Although they are still only in the middle of the first level, their missile technology is already very advanced, especially in cruise missiles.

It has been able to pass through the atmosphere and reach the position of Hope.

Faced with the crazy counterattack of the dwarves, Lu Chen and others were not worried.

Although the other side fired thousands of missiles, their missile speed still cannot compare with the defensive missiles on the Nozomi.

However, there are too many opponents, which is also a great loss to them.

However, this loss was acceptable to Lu Chen.

As long as Proxima B has been laid down, they will have enough time to distribute supplies.

The opponent's first batch of attacks were all stopped by the frigates.

In the middle of the atmosphere and the Nozomi, thousands of huge light spots were continuously exploded, and the entire space was filled with dazzling light clusters.

"This is not a way. Although these nuclear bombs are all detonated outside the atmosphere, they are on the outer edge of the atmosphere. Over time, they will definitely cause harm to the atmosphere."

Ding Dacheng said to Lu Chen in the captain's room.

Lu Chen nodded, he understood what Ding Dacheng meant.

Human beings will use Proxima B as the basis for their survival in the future. When they were on Earth, they had already tasted the bitter fruit.

So for Proxima B, they must be more caring.

"How many missile bases has the drone found?" Lu Chen asked.

"There are twelve sites, all of which are large-scale missile bases. Half of the nuclear missiles launched this time were launched from these twelve sites, and half of the launch bases are under search." Ding Dacheng opened the holographic screen. Then said the map they had marked.

Lu Chen nodded, and then said to Du Fei: "Before they launch the second round of attacks, they will destroy their twelve missile bases."

"Okay." Du Fei nodded and directly sent a message to Yu Guangzheng.

Soon, the military once again dispatched a hundred space fighters for the second assault mission.

This time, they did not carry Gaussian bombs, but they carried more conventional electromagnetic missiles.

The Gauss bullet is too powerful and expensive. Before being driven to desperation, before the dwarves fight to death, he is still not prepared to cause too many killings.

This time, although the dwarves were fully prepared, they were also blood-washed by the space fighter again.

Wherever the space fighter passes, the main buildings in that city will suffer huge damage.

The twelve missile bases were also completely destroyed.

Moreover, under their temptation to use their body as a bait, the missile bases of the top ten weapon powers among the dwarves have been exposed.

Then, before the return of these space fighters, the military once again sent the last 30 space fighters to destroy the missile bases.

After all the important missile bases of the dwarves were destroyed, no matter how many nuclear weapons they had, they would not be able to launch them.

Their fighter plane is only a fifth-generation and a half fighter plane. They dare not fly out of the atmosphere at all, nor do they have the technology to fly out of the atmosphere.

So their missile base was destroyed, and their hydrogen bombs could not be launched.

The three attacks on the HMS Hope caused more than 10 million casualties in the five empires of the Dwarves, and nearly two hundred first-tier cities were reduced to rubble.

Among them, the Thunder God Empire in Leizhou and the Great Li Empire in Huozhou were destroyed by Gauss bombs, and the two empires were directly paralyzed.

The remaining three empires were all scared, but the dwarves did not send out a signal of surrender.

Although they couldn't attack the Hope, as long as the Hope dared to descend on their planet, they still had hope in their hearts.

"Get ready to land." Lu Chen said.

This kind of war is too expensive, but it has already laid the groundwork for landing on Proxima B. He can't miss this opportunity.

"Still the reserved place, area c?" Du Fei asked.

"Yes, it's area C. Area C has a small population and is convenient for our slaves." Lu Chen nodded.

There are too few human beings, only 170,000. It would be a waste of time to develop a planet with this little manpower.

Therefore, Lu Chen was prepared to try his best not to kill the dwarves, and to turn them into human slaves as much as possible.

Of course, more than 100,000 people want to slave billions of dwarves, which is quite difficult.

Therefore, Lu Chen feels that in the next few decades, humans may not be able to truly control Proxima. b. In the

next few decades, it is very likely that the two races will continue to have various small-scale wars.

The day after the third attack, hundreds of improved shuttles finally brought more than 10,000 soldiers and thousands of robot soldiers to Proxima B.

This time it was Du Fei himself who led the team.

Chapter: 498

Although the stealth technology has not been applied to the entire Nozomi, the shuttle has also achieved fighter-like stealth.

"Destroy their various communication satellites first."

Before entering the atmosphere, Du Fei issued an order.

These are the steps they had planned before they set off.

As long as the dwarves’ communication satellites are broken, they will not be able to truthfully communicate over long distances, let alone attack them in all directions when they land.

It was also a hundred space fighters that opened the way.

It took about half a time, and all the man-made communication satellites above Proxima B were destroyed by the human air force.

At this moment, the entire Proxima b completely lost its signal, and all communication tools failed.

The entire dwarves panic again.

Because they know that this is the clarion call that mankind will start war again.

The radars of various countries are operating to the extreme, and the global alarm sounds long.

boom! boom! boom!

The radar monitoring centers were hit and destroyed by missiles before they found enemy fighters.

First it was the ears of the dwarves, and now it was their eyes, almost completely deaf and blind by humans.

At this time, the entire dwarf race was all panicked and panicked.

They had no idea what was waiting for them next.

Area C is Leizhou.

At this time, the Thunder God Kingdom, one of the five empires, was panicked.

Whether it is the people or the top of the empire, they are all shrouded in a shadow.

Their radar was destroyed and their eyes were destroyed.

I don't know when the enemy will come again.

The destruction of communications satellites is completely ruining their ears.

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Except for short-range communications, they couldn't reach the other four continents at all.

No, except for their capitals, they basically can't reach other cities.

So, what is going on in other places now, they don't even know.

"Emergency communications will be activated immediately. We must contact other continents to see what's going on there!"

At the emergency meeting of the Thunder Kingdom, President Blaine was issuing emergency orders.

"The military is vigilant and ready to fight the devil at any time!"

"They only have one spacecraft, but we have billions of compatriots. We will definitely win the final victory!"

"Long live the rich!"

"Star B Long live!"

Brian gave an order, followed by a mobilization meeting.

The rich people are exactly what the dwarves call themselves, and it is the same with humans.

"Long live the rich!"

"Long live the B star!" There

was a loud shout in the entire conference room.

"It's not good! It's not good!"

Just then, an official rushed into the conference room and said in horror.

All officials, including President Bryan, trembled.

"Hundreds of small spaceships have already landed in the west of our imperial capital city, and they are attacking us all the way!" The communications officer trembled.

"Why did they come to our land before we found them!" a senior official questioned.

"Because our radar system was completely destroyed, and their stealth technology was too advanced, even when they were less than a kilometer away from my father, the naked eye saw them!" said the communications officer.

"Now is not the time to discuss these, let's organize a national challenge!" Brian slapped the table and shouted angrily.

"They don't have weapons, how can they fight?" a senior official asked.

"If you don't have a weapon, you have to fight. The country has fallen, and they still have to die!" Brian said coldly.

Everyone was silent, and no one opposed Brian's view.

This is a war of different ethnic groups.

It is the battle of the universe.

The loser will definitely be destroyed!

After the government issued orders one after another, the entire Emperor of the Thunder Kingdom was all soldiers, and tens of millions of dwarves took up arms and prepared to defend their homes.

Moreover, the human army led by Du Fei has completely landed on Proxima b.

The place they chose was the imperial capital of Thunder God Kingdom.

This was a strategy he and Lu Chen had planned. They wanted to take the imperial capital of the Thunder God Empire in one fell swoop, and then use the Thunder God Empire as the center to expand outward step by step.

So, one hundred shuttles, fifteen thousand soldiers and two thousand robot fighters, all land here.

The shuttles are all anti-gravity systems, and after they enter the sky over the kingdom of Thor, they land directly on the ground in an unparalleled way.

The first thing that came out was two thousand robot warriors.

As soon as these robot warriors came out, the faces of the surrounding dwarves showed horror.

In their eyes, it is completely a monster!

At this time, on the shuttle, there are constantly broadcasts.

These announcements were all broadcast in the language of the dwarves.

The general idea is to persuade the dwarves to surrender, or else kill them.

Although most dwarves are four to five meters tall, their housing space is not small.

Visual inspection is similar to that of human construction.

What surprised everyone is that many designs of Dwarf Architects are imaginative, and they have never seen some strange buildings on the earth.

But soon, they were attacked by the dwarves.

Various shells continued to fly out of their imperial capital barracks.

Although their communications satellites were destroyed, they could not rely on satellite positioning within a short distance.

"It seems that they won't shed tears if they don't see the coffin." Seeing countless shells coming from the screen, the deputy general Xiao Zhan said.

"Then don't be polite with them, who will destroy their barracks first?" Du Fei said.

"I'll go." Shi Jin said.

"Okay, here are forty shuttles and five thousand soldiers. The mission must be completed by tomorrow." Du Fei said.

"Okay." Shi Jin nodded and got up to perform the task.

Within a few minutes, forty shuttles flew towards the army camp of the Emperor's Capital of the Thunder God Kingdom against the sky full of artillery fire.

It has to be said that Thor's army, which has lost the support of modern technology, is almost as paperless in front of the human army.

Wherever the human army has passed, it is unstoppable.

The entire battle lasted only ten hours, and the human army was victorious.

That night, the imperial army was destroyed, and Du Fei's soldiers took control of the presidential palace.

The entire Thunder God Empire's capital was completely under Du Fei's control.

Chapter: 499

In the next few days, although the imperial capital was under control, it was attacked by the dwarves of Thunder God every day.

That is to say, the human army is too strong, or it would have suffered heavy casualties long ago.

On the third day, Lu Chen sent all the tens of thousands of newly recruited reserves to the capital of Thunder God to participate in the battle of expansion.

On the fifth day, the other four empires launched several communication satellites and spy satellites into the sky, but they were all discovered and destroyed by Hope.

On the tenth day, Nozomi launched dozens of various satellites to Proxima b, and the entire Proxima b was completely monitored by Nozomi.

On the same day, Lu Chen sent more than 500 scientists to the Thunder Kingdom to establish a modern defense system.

A month later, the dwarves of the entire Thunder Kingdom surrendered to humans, and the surrounding two provinces were completely destroyed by the human army.

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During this month, the dwarves from the other four states continued to send troops, and tens of millions of dwarves were encircling the Kingdom of Thor from all directions.

However, their modern technology was cut off, and countless satellite-guided missiles all lost their effect.

However, the dwarves are not fools. In a short period of time, they came up with a solution. They carried short-range rocket launchers to the territory of the Thor Empire, and bombed them indiscriminately.

Even dozens of nuclear bombs were used.

But all were robbed by the human army in advance.

Even so, the casualties of human soldiers are slowly increasing.

In just one month, more than a thousand human soldiers died.

For mankind with only more than 40,000 soldiers in addition to the reserve, the sacrifice of a thousand people is too terrible.

Is unacceptable.

Two months later, the tens of millions of dwarves all entered the city of Thor, ready to launch a general attack on the human soldiers.

At the same time, more than one hundred space fighters continued to carry out air strikes over the dwarf army, and countless super bombs were dropped on the dwarf army.

The air raid lasted for three days and three nights, and the HMS Hope sent a five-plus frigate, which directly consumed two-thirds of the various super bombs developed over the years.

The entire area within a thousand miles around the Kingdom of Thunder was completely turned into ruins.

The army of more than 50 million dwarves preparing to launch a general offensive, directly or indirectly, caused more than 41 million casualties.

The remaining nearly ten million troops, completely frightened, retreated to their own countries.

This battle, for the dwarves, is simply the Asura cemetery.

It is the birth of the devil!

One month after the slaughter, the dwarves chose to negotiate with humans.

After more than half a month of negotiations, the two sides finally reached an agreement.

Article 1. The entire C area, that is, Leizhou, is under human control. Within ten years, the two sides shall not war again, and humans shall not enter the territory of the other four continents, nor shall the dwarves of the other four continents enter Leizhou. Half a step.

Article 2: Humans can no longer destroy their communication satellites, and cannot send unmanned stealth drones to monitor the other four continents.

Article 3, whether it is human beings or the other four continents, they will destroy all their nuclear weapons such as atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs, and retain technology, but cannot develop them.

Article 4...

Without Article 4, human beings refuse to talk more.

These 3 items are enough.

After all the nuclear weapons were publicly destroyed, Lu Chen finally ordered Hope to descend on Proxima B.

Before Hope arrived, Lu Chen held the last major meeting of Hope.

In this meeting, all the senior executives participated.

The content of the meeting first announced to everyone a major victory on Proxima B.

All the high-levels cheered.

Next, Lu Chen put forward the proposal that the entire Nozomi was descended on Proxima B, which was approved by everyone.

Everyone has lived on the Nozomi for ten years and lived in this simulated ecological environment for ten years. They are all a little depressed. Everyone hopes to descend on Proxima b immediately.

The feeling of being down to earth and looking up at the stars has not been experienced in ten years.

Then everyone let go of their hearts to discuss various matters of take-off and landing.

For example, the new policy of mankind to build a nation.

Since Proxima b is to be shared with the dwarves, the establishment of a new human kingdom is a must.

At the same time, another group of experts put forward an opinion.

Now that the Nozomi has arrived in its new homeland, it would be better to establish the founding ceremony of the human political axe on this day.

Anyway, the army is readily available. At this time, the military has completely controlled the entire capital of the Thor Empire, even the country is readily available.

It was also suggested that instead of getting busy with a major reorganization of the political axe, the current political policy of Nozomi could be used temporarily.

The key is to hold the founding ceremony first, so that everyone can feel at ease.

Moreover, holding the founding ceremony on the occasion of the arrival of Hope, isn't this a historical event worthy of being recorded by future humans?

This proposal made almost all senior officials nodded in agreement.

But after thinking about it, Lu Chen refused the proposal.

He has deeper ideas.

First of all, it is natural that there is insufficient preparation. How can things like the founding ceremony be rushed? All kinds of plans must be very adequate.

Secondly, he also wants to investigate among the people to see what the people think.

Although his idea is a bit redundant.

But for these 170,000 people, what we need is to work together to go further.

As a leader, he certainly has to make all the people feel safe.

In the end, Lu Chen vetoed the advancement of the founding ceremony, and everyone agreed.

So it is still decided to only carry out the Nozomi landing ceremony.

Tomorrow morning, the Hope will officially land on a plain ten kilometers away from the capital of Thor.

At the same time, a cordon was established with a distance of 100 kilometers around the Nozomi and the capital circle.

At ten o'clock in the morning of Proxima b time, with an order from Lu Chen, the Hope began to descend towards the ground.

Everyone looked out from the windows on both sides of the Nozomi. In the distance is a forest area, closer is a green grass, and the window at the other end is a deep blue sea.

Seen from an altitude of several thousand meters, the sea and sky line, the entire planet has seen a slightly circular horizon.

As the Hope trembled slightly, not so obvious, everyone in the Hope cheered loudly. Together with the soldiers of the defense army on the ground and the first group of descendants, everyone was in joy. Cheered.

At this moment, Hope descended on Proxima b!

At this moment, the last 170,000 humans who had escaped for ten years in the cosmic starry sky

finally found a new home!

Chapter: 500

Since the advent of the Hope, all the people have naturally burst into joy.

They haven't stepped on the ground for ten years!

When all the people came out of the Hope, countless people burst into tears, and countless people shouted in excitement.

At this moment, Lu Chen also had tears in his eyes.

To win Proxima B, it can be said that he will go his own way.

At the moment of success, he felt at ease in his heart.

After all, after ten years of lonely voyages, they still found a new home for mankind.

With the advent of the Hope, the great cause of national capital construction will also begin one after another.

Although the imperial capital of Thunder God Kingdom is also very prosperous, it is only a dwarf building after all.

The aesthetics of humans and dwarves are still very different.

Besides, these dwarven buildings are generally short and small.

At the same time, a giant square was to be built in the center of the imperial capital. The name was already thought of before the arrival.

It's called the Human Square.

There are also various decorations, various wire laying, location selection, size, foundation, and layout of various surrounding buildings. These are naturally left to professional architects to consider.

Not to mention that when Lu Chen left the earth, he chose so many elites. Although these people usually have no effect on the spacecraft, they are naturally more useful than no scientists.

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But when the construction of a planet started, their role was manifested. Of course, these constructions only took time, but when it was discussed that a few statues should be erected in it, the problem really came out.

Because this is the human square built by humans to celebrate the acquisition of the new earth. It was built in the name of race. Could it be careless?

In terms of material, it is definitely impossible to have silk buckles. The key is to see the magnificence in detail, especially the proposed statues.

One is a human statue. A man and a woman are standing in the north and south of the square. Then a deep blue planet, which is a statue of the earth, is erected in the east, and a reduced statue of Hope is erected in the west, and finally in the center.

Originally, the high-level people proposed to erect a statue of Lu Chen, but for Lu Chen, mankind would not have been today.

However, Lu Chen directly rejected it. His suggestion was to erect a statue of a hero.

That is, in the ten years or so when the earth opened the earth, the statues of countless human heroes who sacrificed for the Hope were erected.

The main point is that men and women must have it, and at the same time they must show the characteristics of the three groups of white skin, yellow skin, and black skin, as well as the memory of their victims, and the great feelings of the victims.

These statues belong to the category of art, and it is naturally impossible to build them with machinery.

But it is a pity that when I left the earth, I didn't bring any artist.

After all, art is an essential part of human civilization.

But it is not a necessity for survival and food. Bringing an artist is worse than bringing a linguist or accountant.

As a result, up to now, there are more than 100,000 old people from the earth on the spacecraft, but they can't find any artist who can undertake the work of sculpture. This really hurt Lu Chen and the senior officials of Zheng Axe.

"Dwarves. I have been watching their various arts these days, and I have to say that their artistic accomplishments are indeed much better than our human beings."

Du Fei gave Lu Chen a good idea for this question. Suggestions.

That is to recruit dwarves to help them do these things.

Now they have completely controlled the entire Leizhou, and Leizhou's more than ten countries, large and small, have to honour the human race, otherwise they will directly destroy their country.

After seeing the incomparable strength of human military power, the dwarves completely surrendered.

Thousands of casualties, in exchange for tens of millions of casualties of their dwarves, the gap is too big.

In the eyes of dwarves, humans are tall and mighty.

It is like a god, making them afraid.

After a round of recruitment and selection, hundreds of dwarf carving masters were finally selected.

In front of humans, these dwarven master carving masters had no choice but to work obediently.

However, Lu Chen selected more than a hundred people who were involved in art from among humans, and then asked them to learn the art of carving from these dwarves.

These more than one hundred humans are about to become masters of human sculptors in the future.

This is a huge project that cannot be completed overnight.

All in all, all human beings are suffering and happy.

Watching the new human emperors rise from the ground every day, they are busy to death every day.

Basically, even the time for walking on the grass can only be enjoyed when you go to get off work in the morning and when you leave at dusk.

Of course, Proxima B has various flavors of fruits, wild vegetables, and all kinds of game and seafood.

These are really beautiful enjoyments. Many foods have never been enjoyed by humans when they were on earth.

Although the dwarves are relatively advanced in technology, their total population is only 3 billion, which has not caused much environmental pollution.

Moreover, the volume of Proxima B is much larger than that of the earth, which is really vast and sparsely populated.

Lu Chen believed that in the future Proxima Centauri would not have the same environmental pollution as the earth.

People who have suffered from the destruction of the earth's environment, they naturally know how to protect the environment.

In a major meeting, there were many high-level suggestions that all dwarves must also raise awareness of environmental protection.

This proposal directly passed the general constitution of the human political axe. When the empire is established and the new country is established, the presidents of all dwarven nations must be notified to meet.

As the large-scale construction has become more and more smooth, countless people with business acumen have applied to the government to open stores for approval.

Although there are only more than 100,000 humans, there are tens of millions of dwarves in the entire imperial capital.

Moreover, this planet still has the largest number of dwarves, so these smart businessmen are ready to make money from these dwarves.

I have to say that no matter which planet human beings are on, there will be no shortage of business geniuses.

Lu Chen and others would also like to see this.

There are still too few humans.

Although the strong occupation of Leizhou, the strong dwarven tribe surrendered.

But to truly gain a foothold, it takes a long period of development and peaceful coexistence between two nations.

At first, Lu Chen wanted to slave all the dwarves on Proxima B.

But now, he knew that this idea was a bit naive and too difficult.

Every nation has its national soul. If they are forced to the brink of extinction, they will definitely burst out with superhuman potential.

Proxima Centauri is still too big for the two nations to survive together.

As long as humans have been crushed by military and technology, the dwarves can only be suppressed, and it is difficult to be strong in front of humans.