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Who are you My Husband (Chapter 471-480) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 471

"Brother Chen, there are a lot of small monsters attached to the shuttle." After the shuttle flew up, Xu Jing looked at the image of the shuttle on the screen, and suddenly saw countless monsters clinging to the shuttle, but did not leave. It is to enter Hope with them.

Lu Chen glanced at them and said, "Leave them alone. I will speed up and burn them all into ashes."

They have not yet come out of the Martian atmosphere. As long as the speed reaches a certain level, the entire shell of the shuttle can be burnt red. By then, these monsters attached to the shell of the shuttle will definitely be burned to death.

When the shuttle flew up to a kilometer altitude, they finally heard a loud noise from Mars, and they could also see the direction of the South Pole, five huge mushroom clouds were rushing towards the sky.

Five Gauss cannons exploded at the south pole of Mars at the same time, which not only instantly changed the magnetic field of Mars, but also made the orbit of Mars deviate several degrees.

Lu Chen estimates that it will take at least 50 to 60 years for Mars to repair and correct its orbit.

"All shuttles, adjust the anti-gravity system, accelerate away from Mars, and burn all the monsters attached to your shuttles to death!"

Lu Chenxia reached the acceleration command, and then immediately adjusted the anti-gravity system.

Soon, the entire shuttle violently increased its flight speed to 50 kilometers per second. Under the extreme friction with the Martian atmosphere, the entire shuttle shell was suddenly red.

Then everyone saw on the screen that the monsters clinging to the shuttle fell one after another.

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Although not all of them were burned to death, they were all driven off the shuttle.

Then Lu Chen ordered a speed reduction again, reducing the speed to 20 kilometers per second.

The speed is too fast, and the shell of the shuttle cannot withstand the burning.

When the shuttle entered the gate of the bridge of hope, everyone was relieved.

When they got off the shuttle, they could see the firepower and excitement in each other's eyes.

When thinking about facing those terrifying monsters on Mars before, countless people's eyes were still full of despair.

Until this moment, there was a trace of anger.

Although he led everyone to escape from Mars, Lu Chen was still in a bad mood.

After giving the box containing the Martian monster to Ding Dacheng, he went to the captain's room alone.

As for Xu Jing and others, as well as those warriors, Lu Chen asked them to go back and rest first.

At this time in the captain's room, Du Fei was waiting for him there.

"Go and get me something to eat." As soon as Lu Chen entered the captain's room and saw Lin Yijun and the others look over with concern, he said to her, since he went to Mars, he hasn't eaten for a long time, even The water was drunk in the shuttle when I came back.

After Lu Chen went to Mars, Lin Yijun and others asked to enter the captain's room and wait for Lu Chen, because only the captain's room had the live video of Mars uploaded.

However, only Lin Yijun and Chen Churan were eligible to enter.

One of them is Lu Chen's wife, the other is Lu Chen's assistant, and the others must be permitted to enter.

Lin Yijun nodded, and went out to prepare something for Lu Chen.

"By the way, just cook a bowl of noodles and have a meeting later." Lu Chen said while looking at Lin Yijun's back.

Lin Yijun nodded and left the captain's room.

"Notify all the high-level officials, let's meet in half an hour." Lu Chen said to Chen Churan again.

"Okay." Lu Chenran nodded and started to notify others.

"Give me a cigarette." Lu Chen said to Du Fei.

Du Fei took out a cigarette and handed it to Lu Chen, saying, "This trip to Mars has suffered too much. The ordinary soldiers have sacrificed more than 800, and the warriors have also sacrificed more than 140. What is the point? None of the benefits were obtained."

"Yeah, damn, how could there be such a monster on Mars, how did they survive this harsh environment on Mars? It's amazing, and Ding Dacheng and the others have to look back on that little monster. Lu Chen took a breath and said.

"Have you brought the Martian monster?" Du Fei asked worriedly.

They already knew that that kind of monsters had super reproductive ability, and as long as they sucked the nutrients from the human body, they could quickly breed a large number of small monsters.

If this is a problem, it may bring huge disasters to the Nozomi.

"Well, but it's okay. It has no threat and can't become a climate." Lu Chen said, knowing Du Fei's worry.

"That's good." Du Fei nodded.

After Lu Chen smoked for a few minutes, Lin Yijun came to the captain's room with a bowl of warm egg noodles.

She put the bowl in front of Lu Chen, and Lu Chen gulped.

Seriously, he is indeed a little hungry.

The main reason is that the physical energy consumption is too large on Mars.

After eating the noodles, Lu Chen rinsed his mouth and went to the main conference room with a few people.

The main conference room usually only held a few high-level meetings, including the two chief and deputy chiefs of the new government, Xie Weihao and Wang Wei, and there were always more than a dozen people.

After Lu Chen and Du Fei arrived in the meeting room, all the senior leaders had arrived.

"Everyone, during this trip to Mars, we not only did not mine any ore, but also lost production. The consumption of various resources is still very large. Judging from the resources we currently reserve, we can't even fly out of the solar system, let alone It has reached Proxima b, which is four light-years away. For us humans, the next days are likely to be destroyed at any time." Lu Chen swept his eyes toward everyone below and said first.

"Then can we use solar energy to supplement all kinds of energy now?" Xu Shuting asked.

Some others looked at Lu Chen, and some looked at Chief Scientist Ding Dacheng.

Lu Chen didn't answer, Ding Dacheng shook his head and said, "No, the number of people on the Hope is too much. The solar energy absorbed by its surface area can only be used by one-third of the spacecraft's people for recycling.

In other words, we have to bear the energy use of more than 70,000 people every day, including two-thirds of the spacecraft's energy, which requires the consumption of reserve energy.

Of course, if all of these solar energy is used to supply the fifth-level ecological zone, that is the energy consumption of the entire ecological zone.

In fact, the solar energy that Hope can absorb was originally prepared for the additional energy consumption of the ecological zone.

Not only can we not store solar energy, but after we leave the solar system, we will no longer be able to absorb solar energy. At that time, all energy consumption will depend on reserve resources, which will be an astronomical figure. "

"Then what to do? Jupiter and Saturn are both gaseous planets. We can't use their original quantity at all. By the way, Uranus and Neptune are also gaseous planets, and we don’t know if there are alien monsters like Mars on them. , Let alone use their resources." Xie Weihao raised a question.

Yes, then how should we replenish it next?

If we can't supply the resources, can we leave the solar system safely?

Can we reach Proxima b safely?

Everyone was stumped by this question.

Chapter: 472

After leaving the earth, everyone discovered that when they encountered many difficulties, they felt a sense of powerlessness.

How to say this feeling.

Just like a person who has been relying on his parents, suddenly left his parents and went to the field alone, he felt helpless when he encountered many emergencies.

"Everyone, based on our observations and analysis, we still have the last opportunity to develop and utilize Titan."

When everyone was a little desperate, Ding Dacheng said suddenly.

"Titan? Saturn's sixth moon?" Someone asked.

"Yes." Ding Chengda pressed the remote control and saw Titan's photos and various materials appear on the big screen.

"According to our analysis, Titan has abundant resources. We can go there for large-scale development and collection, and then leave the solar system." Ding Dacheng said.

"Well, so this time, success or failure depends on whether Titan also has the alien creatures that we have defeated countless." Lu Chen said.

"Of course, the development of Titan is certainly dangerous. Although according to the information we have now, there is no alien life on Titan. But after the trip to Mars, I believe that everyone will not use these external So, let’s make a positive judgment on the outer surface data. So now, let’s make a statement about whether to develop Titan or not.” Lu Chen said again.

Everyone was silent for a while, but thinking that the Nozomi would not be supplied, they could only wander around the solar system for a while, and eventually all their energy would be consumed, and everyone would die on the spaceship.

So just after a few seconds of silence, almost everyone agreed to develop Titan, because that was indeed the last hope of mankind.

"Okay, that's it, the next target, Titan, no matter what dangers and sacrifices are, we must overcome it!" Lu Chen clapped.

"So, how long will it take for the speed of our spacecraft to reach Titan?" someone suddenly asked.

"Sail at full force and we will be there soon, because we hope that the maximum speed now can be increased to 0.4 times the speed of light, but then after we get to Titan, we basically don't have much energy.

So we plan to reduce the speed to one week to fly to Titan, so that we can use Jupiter's gravitational slingshot to speed up once and greatly reduce energy consumption.

The advantage of this is that if we also fail to develop Titan, then we have one last chance, that is, there is enough energy to fly to the Kuiper Belt, and see if we can encounter some asteroids containing a lot of mineral resources in the Kuiper Belt. Or comet. ,

Of course, this can only be a chance, because we are still very new to the Kuiper belt. "Ding Dacheng said.

Everyone nodded one after another. As the senior leaders of the Science and Technology Park, they are certainly no noobs, and they still know something about the Kuiper Belt.

The so-called Kuiper belt is a hollow disk-shaped area with dense celestial bodies in the solar system outside the orbit of Neptune (about 30 AU from the sun), near the ecliptic plane.

That is, the edge of the solar system.

It was put forward by the former Irish astronomer on Earth, Edgworth, and developed by Gerald Kuiper (gPK).

Of course, after years of research, it has been shown that the Kuiper Belt is full of tiny icy objects, which are the remnants of the original solar nebula and the source of short-period comets.

In theory, there should be a lot of mineral resources.

But this is only theory.

And these are not easy to exploit.

Therefore, this time, humans can only supply supplies on Titan.

After the meeting, Lu Chen went back to rest, he was a bit too sleepy.

Other things must of course be done by Ding Dacheng's Academy of Sciences.

For example, artificial satellites for the manufacture of earth satellites, artificial satellites for communications, meteorology, and observation.

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Preliminary arrangements. This time, they plan to build 28 artificial satellites to monitor Titan in all weather and all directions. Then they will also send rover and robots to conduct field surveys first, and then send about ten advance teams. Field survey.

After it is finally determined that Titan is safe, workers will be sent on a large scale.

Lu Chen slept for 17 hours this time, he got up and took a bath, and Lin Yijun went to help him cook.

"Dad." Qiqi was reading and studying when she saw Lu Chen coming out of the room and ran over.

Before she knew it, Qiqi was also ten years old. If she was still on earth, she would be in the fifth or sixth grade of elementary school.

"It's okay to study recently." Lu Chen touched his daughter's head and smiled slightly.

"Well, by the way, Dad, I heard my mother say that our next target for the Nostalgia is to go to Titan. Is Titan a moon as big as the moon?" Qiqi asked curiously.

Regarding this question, she asked her mother Lin Yijun yesterday, but Lin Yijun usually doesn't pay attention to the universe and stars, so she didn't know if she asked about it.

"Well, Titan is bigger than the moon. It is the second largest satellite in the solar system, with a diameter of 4,828 kilometers, and the moon is 3,476 kilometers in diameter." Lu Chen walked down to the sofa and said.

"Then which is the largest moon in the solar system?" Qiqi asked again.

"It's Ganymede, 5262 kilometers in diameter." Lu Chen replied with a smile.

"I heard Grandpa Yun say that Jupiter is closer to us, and Ganymede is the largest satellite, so why don't you go to Ganymede to replenish it?" Qiqi looked at Lu Chen curiously as a baby.

"Because Ganymede does not have the resources we want, and the magnetic field on Ganymede is unstable, which can affect the stability of the antigravity system, so we went to Titan." Lu Chen was very patient. Explained.

As she grows older, Qiqi understands more and more things, and she has more and more doubts. It is a baby with a hundred thousand why.

This is mainly because Lu Chen has been too busy in the past two years and didn’t have much time to spend with them. Whether it’s Qiqi’s grandmother’s family, Lin Yijun and Lao Yun, etc., it’s hard to answer those of Qiqiti. Weird question.

Qiqi is full of curiosity about the stars of the universe. Although she is only ten years old, she observes the stars from the telescope by herself every night, so the reasons she put forward are basically related to the stars of the universe.

When the father and daughter were asking and answering questions, Lin Yijun was also ready to eat.

"Today, when I was walking on the third floor, I heard a lot of people discussing the compensation for the sacrificed soldiers. Now everyone is worried about whether the new government will compensate the families of the sacrificed soldiers." Lin Yijun said during the meal.

Chapter: 473

"The compensation is definitely necessary. I will ask Xie Weihao and the others to discuss it later." Lu Chen nodded and said.

"Well, by the way, now we have 110,000 people on the Nozomi Nozomi, which is already the size of a small city. If an economic system is not established, I am afraid that over time, there will be trouble." Lin Yijun said suddenly.

Lu Chen was stunned. It is reasonable to say that as a businessman, he should be able to think of this kind of thing, but he was too busy during this time to think of this thing.

"Okay, this is a good suggestion. At the afternoon meeting, I propose to let you do this. Then you can ask Chen Guangxing and Li Qingcheng to help you. Both of them are business elites and have unique eyesight." Lu Chen said.

"What about the currency? Still use RMB?" Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen questioningly.

Lu Chen took a piece of beef into his mouth and chewed slowly. This question is worth thinking about.

"I think we are no longer on the earth now. We are now in the cosmic starry sky, and about half of the people on the spacecraft are not Chinese, so it's better not to use RMB better." Lin Yijun said.

"Well, what you said makes sense. It is not the age of the earth now. Now that we humans have entered the age of the universe, it is really not good to use RMB again. Then use...cosmic coins?" Lu Chen nodded and said.

"Cosmic Coin? It's too exaggerated, should you decide at the afternoon meeting?" Lin Yijun smiled.

"Okay, let everyone decide together, anyway, just a name, I don't care." Lu Chen said.

After eating, Lu Chen went to the captain's room first.

In the captain's room, apart from his assistant Chen Churan, there was also Du Fei. Seeing Lu Chen's arrival, they both got up to greet Lu Chen.

"Are you just getting up?" Du Fei asked.

Lu Chen nodded, sat down in the captain's seat, and took out a cigarette.

"I've heard that many people are wondering if we will compensate the soldiers and families who died on Mars. It seems that the trouble is a bit big." Du Fei said.

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"It must be compensated, and high-standard compensation. They sacrificed for the continuation of our humanity, they should be remembered in the annals of history, and their families should enjoy high-standard compensation." Lu Chen snorted. Said the circle.

He was too tired yesterday, so he went to bed first, but he didn't mention it at the time, which doesn't mean he doesn't care about the matter.

Lu Chen looked at Chen Churan and said, "We will prepare a report and an announcement from the entire spacecraft to tell everyone that we will not only make up for all the fighter families who sacrificed on Mars this time, but also the soldiers who sacrificed for mankind. We will have a grand collective star burial, which will be after leaving Titan."

"Okay." Chen Churan nodded, and then recorded Lu Chen's words.

"Also, inform all the high-level officials that there will be a meeting at three in the afternoon." Lu Chen said again.

Although they didn't know what would happen after they went to Titan, he also felt that some things should indeed be resolved now.

For example, the life of ordinary humans on the second floor is still living in tents, and they collectively queue up to the canteen to fetch food every day. Two meals a day and one meal of rice are not a solution.

You must know that these people were all elites when they were on the earth. After about half a month of this kind of life, there may be troubles.

This meeting was the largest since Hope left the earth. There were more than 100 participants, and many people who were not qualified to participate before, such as Chen Guangxing, Li Qingcheng and others, were also invited this time.

The main theme of this meeting is reform, which is all about how to solve the life problems of ordinary people on the second floor.

First, Lin Yijun put forward the original problem of restoring the economic system and currency.

She emphasized one point, that is, after restoring the economic system and solving the currency problem, it should be able to solve the employment problem of tens of thousands of people in a short time.

Regarding this, Lu Chen has also determined that certain projects can be taken out to private businessmen to complete, which can also reduce the pressure on the research and manufacturing department.

This question was passed quickly, and finally the currency name was designated as human currency.

The issuance of human currency is mainly determined by the operation of the economic system, but the key is to allow everyone to have a human currency to eat.

Then Lu Chen took out all kinds of planting and breeding on the fifth floor to the new government to run, and also provided a lot of jobs for the new government.

After some discussions, Xie Weihao and Wang Wei promised to provide 30,000 jobs to the private sector.

Coupled with the 10,000 or so jobs in Lin Yijun's business department, it will be able to solve about 40,000 jobs in the short term.

Needless to say, everyone knows that this is basically the limit of Hope.

Moreover, this is also what Lu Chen canceled many types of robot jobs and let them out for private employment.

Lu Chen couldn't help it because of this situation.

He knew that once the system worked, many people would not be able to eat unless they practiced government relief.

But this is not a good way. Over time, many people will definitely develop a kind of lazy thinking.

Anyway, everyone knows that the government will help them, and will not watch them starve to death. It doesn't matter whether they are working or not.

Of course, there is another point that the operation of robots will also consume a lot of energy, so let humans replace them instead. It happens to be the time of energy shortage.

The energy consumption of 110,000 people is an astronomical figure every day. They are still in the solar system, and solar energy bears about one-third, but once they leave the solar system, they will have to rely on them on their way to the neighboring galaxies. This time Titan's supply is up.

"I hope Titan this time is the hope of our humanity!"

Looking at the dark starry sky outside, Lu Chen's expression was a bit solemn.

It can be said that this trip to Titan can really determine the future of mankind.

Whether they, the last 110,000 humans, can overcome this difficulty and whether they can successfully reach Proxima b depends on this trip to Titan.

Time flies quickly. Although it is in the starry sky of the universe, for the busy people, time flies like a flight. Unknowingly, Nozomi arrived in Titan's orbit.

After everyone knew the news, they paid attention to this matter for the first time.

Whether it can succeed or not is here.

Chapter: 474

Titan has a thick atmosphere. The total mass of the atmosphere is even higher than that of the earth's atmosphere. Its main component is nitrogen, which is as high as 95%.

Such a concentration of the atmosphere means that when the shuttle enters the atmosphere of Titan, it will produce violent atmospheric friction, even more violent than Martian atmospheric friction.

"The results of their field investigation show that there is no life on Titan, and there is no danger." Ding Dacheng said to Lu Chen.

The military has sent ten soldiers and two scientists to explore Titan for three days, and nothing dangerous has happened.

Then Ding Dacheng displayed the three-dimensional map of Titan that they had gradually drawn in front of Lu Chen.

On this map, Ding Dacheng marked the different topography on Titan, such as where are mountains, where are volcanoes, where are areas rich in iron, where areas are rich in silicon, and where areas are lakes. Where is the land and so on.

Lu Chen nodded, and then carefully watched the map.

After careful analysis, the two finally chose a place.

Shangdu District, also known as Shangri-La, is a highly bright reflective area located in the leading hemisphere of Titan, the size of Australia.

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The previous traditional theory believed that this was a huge methane lake, but after field observations, Ding Dacheng rejected this claim.

Through the dense atmosphere, the surface conditions of Shangdu District entered the lens. What appeared before Lu Chen was a magical world.

There are solid ground and lakes, but not very big. At the same time, there are rivers all made of liquid methane flowing slowly, just like on the earth.

The geological survey report shows that there is an extremely rich iron ore in a certain area of ​​Shangdu District. Lu Chen and Ding Dacheng planned to come and go, and finally chose the landing place here.

Yes, because Titan is safe, they decided to bring Nozomi to Titan.

Because the resources on Titan are too rich, they plan to develop on Titan for one to two years before leaving.

So, for the Nozomi to revolve around Titan, the energy required is an astonishing astronomical figure, enough for them to fly far out of the solar system.

Moreover, with such a wealth of resources, it is very troublesome to slowly use a shuttle to transport it to the Hope.

Everyone was a little excited when they heard the news that Nozomi was coming to Titan, because they hadn't stepped on the land for more than 20 days, and many people hoped to have the opportunity to work on Titan.

Not only can you have a high income, but you can also breathe out from the Nozomi.

After adjusting the landing speed, Nozomi has left the earth for more than 20 days, and finally it is about to land again.

Under high-speed friction, the hull of the spacecraft quickly turned red. But all of this is expected, and everyone is not worried about the current level of technology.

The altitude continued to drop, from 3,000 kilometers to 1,000 kilometers, to 100 kilometers, and entered the troposphere of Titan’s atmosphere. The speed began to drop sharply, from two kilometers per second straight down, 1.5 kilometers per second, one kilometer per second, 600 meters per second...

Of course, these speeds are completely adjusted by the anti-gravity system. It can also be said that when the entire Nozomi is about to descend to the surface, it feels like it is floating.

Amidst the white mist, the entire Hope is like a fairy from the nine worlds, landing on the ground of Titan.

Everyone cheered.

When the white mist dissipated, Lu Chen ordered to open the hatch.

Then the long-prepared army went out first.

They quickly checked the surrounding situation to ensure the safety of the entire Nozomi.

Then Lu Chen and a group of senior officials also walked off the Hope in spacesuits.

What caught everyone's eyes was a magical world.

It was the night of Titan, and the sky was very dark.

Under this thick atmosphere, there are basically no stars in the sky, only a few bright stars can be observed.

There is also a huge'moon' on Titan.

It is Saturn, the slightly khaki Saturn.

Looking at Titan, the huge figure of this'moon' is quite conspicuous.

Its size looks like looking at the sun on the earth.

Saturn is 1.22 million kilometers from Titan.

This distance is enough to cover Titan within Saturn's own magnetic field, which helps to withstand the solar wind from the sun.

Titan orbits Saturn in about 16 days.

The earth is shrouded in a vast darkness, which can basically be described as being out of sight of five fingers. At least, standing in front of Hope, without turning on the flashlight, you can't see anything.

Lu Chen picked up the night vision telescope, and soon, a shocking scene appeared before his eyes.

There is a lake in front of it, just one kilometer in front of Nozomi.

It was a huge lake. Under the wind blowing on Titan, ripples appeared on the surface of the lake. At the edge of the lake, some waves slapped against the shore, making a clattering sound.

They had already analyzed this lake before, and just looking at it so close, it still feels very beautiful.

Next to it, there was a small crooked river, some liquid from where I didn't know came slowly into the lake.

Under the feet, there is a slightly mottled ground, like sandy soil, with some rocks, similar to the Gobi Desert above the earth.

"Let’s go back to the spacecraft and rest. Tomorrow, we will begin to formally develop this satellite." Lu Chen put away the night vision telescope, and then ordered the senior officials to return to the Hope.

But those thousands of soldiers, of course, have to stay outside to patrol.

Five hours later, Titan's daylight arrived.

The sky of Titan is a very beautiful, dark blue.

When Titan moves to the side of Saturn facing the sun, sunlight will shine on Titan. After most of the sunlight is reflected away, a small part of the sunlight will penetrate the ground and pass through the earth. The diffuse reflection of the thick atmosphere of satellite, the sky becomes this blue.

The principle is similar to the blue sky on the earth.

At this time, countless miners and geologists came out of Hope.

Because they have determined that there is a huge oxide ore and methane lake nearby, they will mine oxide ore and collect liquid methane immediately.

Liquid methane will be the raw material of the same number of deuterium as hydrogen, and deuterium is the necessary energy source for controlled nuclear fusion.

In addition to these two places, scientists have also discovered several abundant rare material minerals.

In the next one to two years, Nozomi will undergo major development and construction on Titan.

Chapter: 475

It's raining.

On the second day of the development, a light rain began to fall in the sky.

Yes, there is also rain on Titan.

However, the rain on Titan is not made of water, but liquid methane.

There are also lakes and small rivers, all made of liquid methane.

The rain gradually increased, and the workers had to return to their tents to rest. The mining plan was postponed until the rain stopped.

Seeing the heavy rain, everyone felt a strange feeling.

It's like returning to the past, the era of carefree living on the earth.

"We have no homes."

Lu Chen thought sadly: "There are not many humans."

"Our most 110,000 people, how long can we hold on!"

With heavy rain, Lu Chen's thoughts drifted far away.

For the first time, he began to put aside the frenzied large-scale development and large-scale construction work, and began to have energy to think about the rest.

It was also because of the strong rise of his Yiqi Technology, coupled with the domestic system, that many of the top technologies of Yiqi Technology could not be sold to Western powers such as the M Empire, which caused them to feel unbalanced, so they wanted to take a curve and overtake. .

Unexpectedly, it came up with the D virus, forcing human beings to be unable to survive on the earth, and had to wander in the stars of the universe.

All this is just like the arrangement in the dark.

Could it be that, in the dark, is there really a hand that controls the destiny of mankind?

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Lu Chen looked up at the sky. Through the rain curtain, the sky was still gray.

Just don't know why, his mood seems a bit heavy.

Magic beads, future technology.

In all this, there is almost a hand controlling the Lan family, deliberately sending it to his hand.

Whether others believe it or not, Lu Chen definitely believes that there are other human beings or other higher beings in the universe.

Relying on the magical bead he holds.

He was sure that besides these 110,000 people, besides the Shenzhou Tiangong, there must be other advanced civilizations in the universe.

Otherwise, this magical bead could not be explained clearly.

This heavy rain lasted for three days.

The soaring lake almost didn't even reach the Hope.

However, Lu Chen and others were not worried at all, they were quite confident about the airtightness of their spacecraft. Moreover, the lake water will recede sooner or later, taking advantage of this time, they just can easily collect some liquid methane as a reserve.

The liquid methane here is simply inexhaustible, enough to decompose and extract the deuterium raw materials for them to reach Proxima b.

In the next year or so, Lu Chen and others worked on Titan mining, smelting, remodeling Hope, and building housing for ordinary people on the second floor. It can be said that the entire spacecraft, except for a few elderly people, took action.

Over the past year or so, several large veins of tin, gold, silver, silicon, chromium, and nickel have also been mined.

For the continuation of mankind, in order to have enough energy to reach Proxima b in the next few years of space flight, everyone has shown super enthusiasm.

Over the past year or so, the science and technology of the Academy of Sciences has developed to a certain extent, the most typical of which is that the upgrade of intelligent robots can already bring people to mine at the bottom of the cave.

And many difficult tasks are all handed over to intelligent robots.

Only the cost of making robots is still quite high, so so far, more than 500 intelligent robots have been built in more than a year.

However, given Titan's resource richness, Lu Chen planned to develop here for two more years before leaving.

After leaving the solar system, you can only replenish resources after reaching Proxima b. It happens to be able to use the rich resources on Titan to develop technology.

At this time, in the entire Hope, the people on the second floor basically have a suite, and basically they can use water to take a bath.

At the beginning, due to energy shortages, even high-level water was restricted, not to mention ordinary people in the second tier.

Regardless of the problem of energy conservation, except for heavy-duty workers, that is, workers who sweat every day, everyone else is restricted to taking a bath once every two days.

No way, this is on the spacecraft, everything must be converted by energy, even if the energy is now abundant, it cannot be used unlimitedly.

However, as more energy is collected, the fifth-level ecosystem is becoming more and more complete. The previous luxury foods such as meat, eggs, and milk have gradually been listed on the second-level farmer’s market, and people with ample resources are also available. Gradually I can eat these luxury items.

"Captain, there is bad news. I think you should come and see it now."

Lu Chen was inspecting the mining area and received news from Ding Dacheng.

"Okay, I'll go back to the Hope." Lu Chen replied, and walked to the Titan inspection car, asking Lin Tong to send him back to the Hope.

In this year, they have built countless trucks, mainly for the transportation of ore.

Of course, several patrol vehicles have also been built, which are generally used by the senior executives when patrolling.

Back on the Hope, Lu Chen went straight to the scientific research department, and then saw Ding Dacheng and others watching something in front of the telescope.

Seeing Lu Chen coming back, Ding Dacheng pointed to the computer screen and said: "We found an asteroid hitting Titan's direction quickly. This asteroid is about 20 kilometers straight. At its current speed, as long as Hit Titan, and the entire system on Titan will be changed.

Although Titan will not explode, a huge earthquake of magnitude 11 or higher will definitely be found on it, and the Nozomi may be destroyed by that time. "

Lu Chen stared at the computer screen, and there was an asteroid flying in the direction of Titan.

"How long will it take to reach Titan?" Lu Chen asked.

"One day, to be precise, at most twelve hours." Ding Dacheng said solemnly.

"Twelve hours? You only discovered it now?" Lu Chen said with a frown.

"This asteroid is a bit weird. We just didn't notice its existence before, and we don't know how and where it came from. It feels like you suddenly appeared." Ding Dacheng also Said helplessly.

Lu Chen frowned tighter.

It stands to reason that with their current level of technology and the advanced level of their telescopes, they can already observe many stars outside the Milky Way galaxy, and it will not be impossible to discover a planet in the solar system.

And it was only twelve hours away from him to find it, which is simply incredible.

Not to mention their current technology, even their observation technology before leaving the earth is enough to discover the trajectory of asteroids in a few years or ten years from now.

"Could it be that this asteroid really suddenly appeared out of thin air?"

Lu Chen frowned, with a bad feeling in his heart.

Chapter: 476

"What is the probability of it hitting Titan?" Lu Chen asked.

"100%, it has been captured by Titan's gravity, 12 hours later, it hit Titan." Ding Dacheng said.

"Fuck, that is to say, we only have about 10 hours to leave, and there are so many tool carts that can't be separated." Lu Chen said a rare violent sentence, and he was quite depressed.

Originally, he was planning to develop on Titan for another year or two, but he was forced to leave early.

This scene feels the same as when they were on earth. If they were given a few more years to develop, they would have enough time to collect more resources and develop better technology.

But in the end, when they were just able to leave the earth, the D virus forced them to leave the earth early and entered the age of space voyage early.

And now, just when they finally found Titan, a resource-rich satellite, to make great progress, they encountered the incident of an asteroid colliding with Titan again. Is that special? Is it such a coincidence?

"I hope this is a real coincidence!"

Lu Chen sighed inwardly. If this was not a coincidence, but someone arranged it in the dark, it would be terrifying.

If so, what will the future of mankind be?

He didn't know, nor dared to think about it.

"Order everyone to stop their work immediately and throw all the tools back to Hope. We still have ten hours. After ten hours, we will leave Titan." After Lu Chen contacted Xie Weihao, Shen Sheng said.

These things were all arranged by the new government, so Lu Chen asked Xie Weihao to arrange them.

"Is there something big that happened?" Xie Weihao asked when Lu Chen's tone was not normal.

"Well, there is an asteroid with a small diameter of 20 kilometers that will hit Titan in twelve hours. At that time, the entire Titan will undergo earth-shaking changes. If we don't fight to leave in time, I am afraid the Nozomi will be destroyed. "Lu Chen said.

"Okay, I'll make arrangements." Xie Weihao said and hung up.

At this moment, everyone's feet trembled violently, and everyone fell to the ground, and as the tremor increased, the entire Hope shook violently...


or it could be……

The entire earthquake lasted about three to five minutes. In fact, the shock was very violent for the first one or two minutes, and then gradually calmed down. When it stopped completely, it shook for nearly five minutes.

When all the vibrations stopped, everyone was able to carefully see everything around them. At this moment, there were many big cracks in the ground of Titan.

This is the earthquake on Titan.

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You know, the ground in this area is made of cement. It is not the original loose ground on Titan. It has also passed the strict quality inspection of the expert team. It is by no means a collapse after three days of rain. The tofu dregs project has already cracked, and you can imagine how violent the previous earthquake was.

The luck of the oxide ore mining area was very bad, and the same cave collapsed during this sudden earthquake.

All the workers who were still working in it were buried inside.

Lu Chenyun was also very bad. He was talking with Xie Weihao and didn't realize that there would be an earthquake. With hope, the sudden tilt in the violent vibration caused his head to knock on an alloy container.

Even if he is a peerless master, but that moment is really unavoidable.

Even if he was aware of the danger in advance, he basically spent the few minutes in a semi-consciousness. Until then, after the earthquake, his head was still a little unconscious, and his head was full of blood. It was scary.

At this time, the people around also woke up from the sudden upheaval,

Xu Jing discovered Lu Chen's injury for the first time. He rushed forward with a roar and helped Lu Chen up. At the same time, his red eyes shouted, "Doctor! Call the doctor! Where is the doctor? What's wrong with not having eyes?"

"I'm okay." Lu Chen shook his head, then looked at Ding Dacheng and the others. At this time, Ding Dacheng and the others were also bruised, but they were only minor injuries.

"Hurry up and check the Hope to see if there is any damage, fuck, this earthquake came too suddenly!" Lu Chen said in a deep voice.

"Yeah." Ding Dacheng nodded, and personally arranged a staff member to check Hope.

If there is something wrong with Hope, it's over.

They have only been in a dozen hours, and there must be no difference at this time, otherwise they, the last 110,000 human beings, would all be buried on Titan.

"Master!" Lin Tong hurriedly found a white cloth strip and wrapped Lu Chen's head. Soon, the whole cloth strip turned red.

Fortunately, within a few minutes, the doctor came, and they hurriedly gave Lu Chen a simple treatment.

"Captain, the wound on your head is a bit long and you must have stitches. Please go to the infirmary," said a female doctor.

"No need, just sew here." Lu Chen said.

"This, okay, let's give you anesthetic first." The girl doctor had to say.

"No, let's sew like this." Lu Chen shook his head. At this critical moment, it was about Hope and the last hope of the class. Of course, he couldn't pass out.

In the last ten hours or so, he must confirm that everything is going well before he can rest assured.

Therefore, he didn't want to use anesthetics, nor could he use them.

"Captain, your wound is very long and deep. If you don't use anesthetics, you will be very painful when we clean it..." the female doctor said.

"Don't be fussy, it's numb, this pain is nothing." Lu Chen glared and said loudly.

The girl doctor was shocked, she didn't dare to say more, and hurriedly asked her assistants to help Lu Chen clean the wound.

Seeing that Lu Chen didn't take anesthetics, the nurses let them clean their wounds. They didn't know whether they were guilty of conscience or their awe of Lu Chen, and their hands trembled.

Lu Chen grinned, but still didn't say anything. He looked at Xu Jing and said, "Bring me a cigarette."

Xu Jing nodded and hurriedly lit a cigarette for Lu Chen.

Lu Chen leaned on the chair and took a deep breath, staring straight ahead without blinking.

This surprised a few little nurses.

It was the first time that they had seen Lu Chen, a patient who did not take anaesthetics and allowed them to clean their wounds.

Moreover, enduring this severe pain, he didn't even hum.

Just then, the communicator in front of him rang.

Without waiting for everyone's reaction, he was connected, and it was Xie Weihao.

Chapter: 477

"Captain, it’s not good. The mine in the oxidation mine area collapsed. More than 400 workers were buried alive in it. If it is digging, I don’t know how long it will take or how many people will be able to persist in the rescue. We can't draw conclusions on this issue now."

Xie Weihao said.

He and Wang Wei and others have discussed with several experts. It is quite difficult to save him and approve workers, and he doesn't know if there are any living people.

"What?" Lu Chen was startled, and sat down until he reached his body.

"Ah, I'm sorry for being so long, I didn't mean it!" The cotton lottery in the nurse's hand hit Lu Chen's wound and it was immediately broken.

Lu Chen grinned again in pain, but he took a deep breath and shook his head at the nurse, not blaming her.

"If we go to dig a mine, it may take a lot of time, and there is no time to sprinkle other materials. The most important thing is that the iron oxide mine is the deepest, more than 30 meters deep. We have a few hours You can't dig it out at all," Xie Weihao said.

"You don't need all the tools, but you must dig out these four hundred workers for me. Even if it is only four hundred corpses, you must give me all hope and give them the richest star burial!" Lu Chen was determined. Said.

They are just such a little human being, and the one who died will be one less. Not to mention that there is hope of rescue. Even if there is no hope, he will save it. He will not give up any hope until the asteroid comes.

These four hundred jobs were buried alive in the mine for the continuation of mankind. Can he leave them indifferently?

Until the last moment, he will not give up!

Hearing Lu Chen's decisive words, several nurses and doctors were shocked.

This is their captain!

This is the hope and belief of all of them to live!

"Hurry up and sew it on for me." Lu Chen glanced at the female doctor and said.

This matter cannot be sloppy, he must go to the scene to supervise himself.

"Okay, okay." The female doctor personally cleaned Lu Chen's wound. She was more calm than a few nurses and quickly cleaned it up.

A total of twelve stitches were stitched on the wound on Lu Chen's head. If he were an average person, he would have to be hospitalized for recuperation.

But after the female doctor sewed him and bandaged the wound, they took Lin Tong and Xu Jing out of the Hope again, and then stepped on the inspection vehicle to the iron oxide mining area.

At this time, the iron oxide mining area was in a mess. After knowing that his family was buried alive in the mine, many family members rushed over and participated in the excavation.

But the oxide ore was mined from the very beginning, and the deepest mined, so it will definitely not be dug out for a while.

Xie Weihao also personally supervised the mine. Lu Chen's attitude was firm, of course he could not be careless.

Wang Wei, Du Fei and others are responsible for the separation of other mining areas.

They already knew that they only had ten hours, and everyone was a little worried.

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When everyone's family saw Lu Chen's arrival, they all surrounded Lu Chen.

"Captain, you must rescue my son. My old Zhang family is just such a son. He has been mining ore desperately this year for the continuation of our humanity, and has made great contributions to the Hope and humanity. You He must be rescued!" An old man in his sixties knelt before Lu Chen and started crying.

"The elderly don't worry, we will definitely not give up on them." Lu Chen hurriedly helped the old man surnamed Zhang and said firmly.

"Captain, you can't abandon them. They are all human heroes. Even if they are corpses, they must be dug out!"

More and more family members came around. They already knew that an asteroid was colliding with Titan, and they had to leave Titan in ten hours, otherwise they would be wiped out.

So everyone is very worried that the senior management will give up digging for people buried alive in the mine.

Those who were buried alive in the mine were their relatives, either sons, husbands, or fathers. Of course, they could not accept the fate of being abandoned.

"Captain, I beg you to save my brother. I can live to this day. I can come to the HMS Hope during the riots. My brother tried his best to protect me. I don't want to see him die like this. Now! Captain, I believe you, you must have a way to rescue my brother and them, right!" At this moment, Zhou Chenchen knelt in front of Lu Chen.

Lu Chen had to help Zhou Chenchen up. He recognized Zhou Chenchen as soon as he wanted to comfort him.

Although he had only met Zhou Chenchen once, he always remembered very well, and immediately remembered that this woman was Zhou Zunfei's sister.

When Zhou Zunfei irritated him, he caused the Zhou family to bleed once. Unexpectedly, Zhou Jiayuan was in the Central Plains, and Zhou Zunfei still fled to Yuzhou with Zhou Chenchen.

The most important thing is that they even entered the science and technology park.

"Don't worry, I won't give up on anyone. Your brother can take you alive in the riots, which shows that he is a lucky person. This time, he will be fine." Lu Chen comforted and cried. The tearful Zhou Chenchen then walked to Xie Weihao.

When everyone heard Lu Chen's words, they hurriedly gave way to a passage.

Lu Chen came to Xie Weihao and said, "What's the use of your digging? When you dig to their location, people are almost dead. Now go to the manufacturing department to assemble an excavator with ready-made materials. , It will definitely be done within an hour."

Xie Weihao's eyes lit up and nodded hurriedly.

He was also a little impatient, so he didn't even think of this level.

Most people's minds are all about the asteroid hitting Titan, which makes them lose their normal IQ.

More than forty minutes later, Xie Weihao finally brought a group of people over with an excavator.

Seeing the excavator coming, everyone was relieved, as long as they were not directly killed by the ore, they would basically be saved.

Because they are all wearing spacesuits, they can last for seven or eight hours as long as they are not crushed to death.

Now that there is an excavator, everyone is relieved and stepped aside to let the excavator operate.

After half an hour, another excavator was assembled, and the two excavators were operated at the same time. It took just over five hours to dig to the bottom of the mine.

The remaining distance, in order not to hurt the people below, had to be dug manually.

After half an hour, they finally saw the spacesuit, and everyone was overjoyed and carefully planed it out.

All the family members gathered around one after another, all wanting to see whether it was alive or dead.

Chapter: 478

"Get out of the way, don't get in the way, send them back to the Hope for treatment, they still have life!"

Several medical staff yelled loudly, and the family members who had surrounded themselves stepped aside.

Then one by one workers were planed out and sent to the car.

But whether they are alive or dead, nobody really knows.

"Captain, it's only in the last two hours before the asteroid will collide. If it is later, I hope it will be affected when it lifts off."

At this moment, Ding Dacheng unplugged Lu Chen's channel.

Lu Chen was startled, looking at the one hundred or so workers who had just been digging out, he felt an inexplicable anger in his heart.

He didn't know where this anger came from, he was just inexplicably angry.

"Wait, I must leave before the last half an hour!" Lu Chen said in a deep voice.

"Captain, that would be too dangerous. Even if we avoid the direction of the asteroid, the huge energy released by its collision with Titan can cause serious damage to the Nozomi Destroyed!" Ding Dacheng emphasized loudly.

Lu Chen was silent. There are still three hundred workers here who haven’t been able to figure out. The asteroid on the other side is about to collide in two hours. Their plan is to leave Titan now, otherwise Hope will rise. If it is empty, it will also be seriously threatened, or it will be destroyed by the monstrous energy released by the collision of the two planets.

That monstrous electromagnetic wave speed is definitely much faster than the current speed of the Nozomi, and it will soon be able to catch up with the Nozomi!

"What to do? Are you really going to give up the remaining 300 workers?" There was a struggle in Lu Chen's eyes. This was the first time this happened to him.

When he was on Earth, he chose to abandon most humans without blinking his eyelids.

But at this moment, he hesitated, and he struggled inside.

This choice is really too difficult!

Others gradually realized that the time had come to the predetermined point.

This time point was previously scheduled, and it is necessary to all return to the time point when they left on the Hope.

But at this time, they still have three hundred workers who have not dug up.

At this moment, everyone looked at Lu Chen one after another.

Especially when seeing the struggling emotion in Lu Chen's eyes, everyone's heart trembled slightly.

They knew that the captain was about to make a decision.

Captain, is he really going to give up?

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Especially those whose relatives have not dug out, their legs are shaking.

They were very unwilling, even if it was to see their relatives for the last time.

By this time, their mentality has calmed down a lot, and even if they dig it out in person, their chances of surviving are not great.

They are just holding on to obsession, just in case.

What if the loved ones can be saved?

"Captain, give your order, we don't blame you, we just blame God for not giving us a way to survive!" An old man saw Lu Chen struggling, and he took the initiative to say to Lu Chen.

"Captain, give your orders, the rest of us humans will continue to live, we have reached the limit, we can only blame them for this!"

"Yeah, Captain, you are not struggling anymore, give orders!"

"Captain, the overall situation is the most important, we understand your feelings, give orders!"

At this moment, all the families of the victims petitioned Lu Chen, asking him to take the overall situation first and lead everyone away.

Lu Chen's eyes were a little moist, and a stream of liquid ran down his cheeks, blood-red. He didn't know whether it was sweat with blood or tears with blood.

He took a deep breath and said to Ding Dacheng: "Within ten minutes, give me a calculation, if we fly to the side of Saturn orbit that blocks Titan, will it be able to withstand the power from Titan? Electromagnetic energy shock wave?"

"Okay, I will ask the astronomer to calculate it right away!" Ding Dacheng said.

Lu Chen looked at the crowd in front of him again and said loudly, "My fellow citizens, and relatives of the victims, I have asked our chief scientist Ding Dacheng to personally calculate the possibility that we will hide behind Saturn. If we If we can hide behind Saturn and use Saturn to prevent us from the terrible disaster that Titan is about to bring, then we have the opportunity to save all our fellow citizens who are still buried in the ground!

They are also my brothers and sisters, even if there is only a glimmer of hope, Lu Chen will never give up on them.

Similarly, I will not give up anyone easily!

Everyone, wait ten minutes.

In ten minutes, I will give the order! "

The whole body trembled. When they set foot on the Hope, they regarded Lu Chen as their hope and their faith.

At this moment, hearing Lu Chen's heartfelt words, even if they couldn't save their relatives today, they would have no regrets.

This is already the limit of what the captain can do, and they can accept this fact.

"Everyone, while there are still ten minutes or so, everyone will work hard to find more human heroes!" Lu Chen shouted again.

Everyone continued to dig again.

Soon, a few more workers were dug out from the hole. Everyone, regardless of whether he was alive or dead, threw him on the medical cart and continued to work.

Seven minutes later, Ding Dacheng contacted Lu Chen again: "Captain, after our repeated calculations, if we don’t use the anti-gravity system and use the nuclear fusion engine as the starting power, we can set off before the last half an hour. It will reach Saturn's orbit in a few hours and hide completely behind Saturn."

"Okay, then you should make all the preparations to leave now. You must leave in the last half an hour." Lu Chen said in a deep voice.

"Good." Ding Dacheng replied and hung up.

Lu Chen looked at the busy crowd and said loudly on the public channel: "Everyone, we can hide behind Saturn. Therefore, we still have one hour and ten minutes. Everyone will work harder and try to get all the heroes. dig it out!"

Everyone's hearts trembled when they heard the words, they all waved their fists, gritted their teeth and started to work.

Especially the families of the victims, all in agitated, desperately digging down.

Finally, with the concerted efforts of everyone, within an hour, all the work was finally drawn out, and no one was going to check how many people survived. At this time, seeing only 20 minutes, they all returned to Hope.

Even many tools were thrown away.

Sitting in the captain's room, Lu Chen was also greatly relieved when he heard that everyone had successfully returned to the HMS Hope.

"I order, start all the controllable nuclear fusion engines and leave Titan!"

"The captain ordered to start all fusion engines..."

As soon as Lu Chen's order was given, all the nuclear fusion engines ignited, and then the entire Hope blasted into the sky of Titan.

At this time, they could already clearly see a huge asteroid, which was quickly crashing into Titan.

Chapter: 479

The picture looked shocking, but at this time Lu Chen was really thinking about watching it.

What he wants is to fly to the back of Saturn as soon as possible.

After half an hour, under the full acceleration of dozens of controllable nuclear fusion engines, Nozomi finally successfully entered the orbit of Saturn, and then with the help of Saturn's huge gravitational slingshot, the Nozomi was thrown behind Saturn.

At this time, there is a huge Saturn between Hope and Titan, and the monstrous energy that is about to be released on Titan will also be blocked by Saturn.

The Hope finally doesn't have to worry about being affected.

At this time, Lu Chen and others were in the mood to use the refracting telescope at the top of Nozomi to see the situation on Titan through the communications satellite they had previously launched on Titan.

"Ten, nine, eight... two, one!"

Everything is as expected.

The asteroid hit Titan violently.

Lu Chen and the others saw an amazing scene.

Of course, Lu Chen asked the Academy of Sciences to broadcast this scene, so that everyone on the Hope spacecraft could personally watch the spectacular scene of the asteroid hitting the planet on the big screen.

At this time, on the ecliptic plane of the solar system, the light from the sun was almost completely covered by the other half of Saturn. Therefore, the current Hope is dark.

However, just in the darkness, in the boundless sky, a huge light source suddenly appeared, the intensity of which was almost ten times more than the sunlight reflected by Saturn! This huge light source instantly illuminates the entire Saturn system.

This picture only appeared for a moment, and then the signal was interrupted.

Lu Chen and the others knew that the small satellite they launched on Titan was directly melted by the powerful radiation from Titan.

This is the horror of the asteroid hitting the planet, and the energy released is simply unimaginable.

The powerful light source, heat source, and high-energy rays directly turned the starry sky around Titan upside down.

Had it not been for the huge Saturn to shield the wind and rain, the HOPE at this moment would have been destroyed by the powerful energy released by Titan.

In history, the earth hegemon once was in the era of dinosaurs, and the entire dinosaur was wiped out by an asteroid hitting the earth.

According to research, the asteroid hit the earth at that time, causing infinite dust to cover the entire earth globe's atmosphere, and the whole earth was plunged into darkness.

The imbalance of air pressure caused a super hurricane to blow on the earth in an instant. The strong wind force almost blew some rubble directly into the synchronous orbit of the earth.

At the same time, the place where the earth was hit quickly melted in all directions, and the rocks and gravel were heated into a dark red torrent, raging on the ground.

Huge tsunami, super strong Mars, countless earthquakes...

Directly wiped out the entire dinosaur era.

It is conceivable how it would be like if Hope had stayed on Titan before.

If they were not hiding behind Saturn, they would have to be overtaken by the monstrous energy released by Titan if they left after two hours later.

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In the face of this kind of mighty power, the 110,000 people of Hope did not dare to move at all, but silently hid behind Saturn, observing all this silently.

Lu Chen and the others began to rejoice that they had made this correct decision.

If it hadn't found the great shield of Saturn, I am afraid the entire Nozomi has become a pool of molten iron.

The high-energy rays did not stop at all. After passing through the orbit of Saturn in an instant, they continued to fly in all directions at the speed of light.

"According to observations, the north of Saturn has been impacted by the powerful energy released by Titan. Saturn is about to produce huge Saturn activities, and a powerful Saturn wind will be launched into the starry sky. We can only set off after the Saturn wind passes. "

At this moment, Ding Dacheng said.

The Saturn wind is similar to the solar wind, and both are streams of high-energy charged particles.

The speed of the stream of high-energy charged particles is much slower than the speed of light, about 4 million kilometers per hour.

Moreover, the direction it blows is also the direction that Nozomi is heading, so they have to wait for the Saturn wind to blow before they can set off.

"How long is the Saturn wind this time?" Lu Chen asked.

"About five to six hours, it should be intermittent." Ding Dacheng said.

"Okay, then wait until the Saturn wind passes."

Six hours later, after confirming that the fire on the surface of Saturn had calmed down, Lu Chen gave the order to set sail again.

This is the last time away from the sun, this time away, there will be no return.

Under the acceleration of dozens of nuclear fusion engines, Nozomi is rapidly leaving the solar system at about 0.4 times the light.

As the distance gets farther and farther, the sun is getting dimmed, and Lu Chen and the others feel a little heavier for no reason.

The road ahead is long, and what awaits mankind will be a long journey of 4.2 light years and a long voyage of about ten years.

What kind of strange things will you encounter during the journey? What kind of danger will you encounter?

Nobody knows.

But Hope still had to set off.

Humans originated on terrestrial planets, and they are destined to take root on terrestrial planets.

Proxima b is the closest habitable planet to the earth.

According to various sources, Proxima b also has an atmosphere similar to that of the Earth. It is preliminarily inferred that there is an oxygen content of 20%, which is exactly what humans need.

Moreover, there are mountains and oceans on it. If nothing happens, Proxima B will be the new home of mankind in the future.

At this time, Chen Churan also sent a report about the collapse of the mine.

According to the report, out of the 400 workers rescued this time, 124 of them still died.

Lu Chen felt a little sad. Whether it was the trip to Mars or the trip to Titan, many people were sacrificed. It can be seen that the terrifying aspects of cosmic voyage are full of life dangers everywhere.

"Improve rewards for the workers. At the same time, on my behalf, go and ask the family members of those victims." Lu Chen said after reading the report.

"How big is this reward?" Chen Churan asked.

"You let Xie Weihao and the others figure it out. Of course, you can't chill everyone's hearts. We have extracted a lot of energy this time, so we don't need to be stingy." Lu Chen said.

This time I have gained a lot on Titan, and it is time to give the people some substantial rewards.

"Okay." Chen Churan nodded.

"By the way, a piece of news will be released. Three days later, the biggest star burial ceremony will be held for all the victims of Mars and Titan."

Lu Chen had promised before that when he left Titan, he would hold a grand star funeral ceremony for the heroes of mankind. Now is the time.

Chapter: 480

"Shoot! Silence! Salute!"

With the sound of the empty bombs, more than a thousand coffins floated into the universe from the bridge.

They are all the legacy of human heroes who died on Mars and Titan.

Today, Hope held a major star burial ceremony for them.

In the crowd, thousands of people have cried into tears.

Everyone around was bowing their heads in silence, and all the soldiers present sent them off with military salute.

Hope represents the last hope of mankind.

110,000 people set foot on the Hope, and in just over a year, more than a thousand people have been sacrificed.

Facing the lonely journey of the next ten years, how many people can safely reach Proxima b?

How many people will be lucky to continue the last human heritage in Proxima b?

Nobody knows!

No one dared to think about such a heavy problem.

According to Chinese customs, the seventh day after death is called the first seven.

But Hope was too difficult, and Lu Chen had to postpone the date of Star Burial to today.

Everyone gathered in the lobby outside the bridge and held the first star burial ceremony of the HMS Nozomi.

"End of ceremony!"

With the loud roar of the horn, all the soldiers slapped down and saluted, but no one moved or talked.

They all cast their eyes deep into the depths of the universe.

The coffin that is still looming is still emerging, everyone's eyes are so deep, and their expressions are sad...

Especially those soldiers who survived the catastrophe of Mars, their eyes are firm, like ice that never melts forever.

Only when they looked at the relatives around them and the people in the Hope, the ice melted and turned into warmth like a breeze.

During the whole ceremony, Lu Chen didn't say anything.

Nor did any high-level leaders including Xie Weihao and Wang Wei from the new government, and they all did not come forward to say a word.

The whole ceremony was so solemn until after the end.

Except for those family members and some people, the others left silently, all of which seemed so different.

"Why don't you go up and say something? I think saying something is a comfort to their family members." Chen Churan said puzzledly on the way back.

According to her understanding, she feels that at this special moment today, the families of the sacrificed heroes most need to be comforted.

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"What are you talking about? What about the merits of those human heroes? This is just an insult to them!" Lu Chen said, shaking his head.

Xie Weihao and Wang Wei discussed this issue with him before, but they were both opposed by him and the military.

They are not soldiers who have gone through the catastrophe of Mars, nor soldiers who have fought in blood and fire.

No one knows how heroes those victims are.

On Mars, they fight with Martian monsters.

They fought, they worked hard, they sacrificed...

They are already true heroes, so treat them with the glory of heroes!

So, in this case, what great achievements to say.

It's all blasphemy against heroes!

It's all an insult to them!

"Well, I misunderstood that." Chen Churan nodded, seeming to understand what Lu Chen said.

"Keep all the names, deeds, and recorded videos of their battles brought back into the museum." Lu Chen suddenly looked at Chen Churan with a serious expression.

"At the same time, the combat videos are backed up to the central computer, and they are all awarded the highest medal, the human hero medal."

"We must let our descendants, let the entire human civilization remember them, knowing that it is their sacrifice, that our human civilization will continue!" Lu Chen said as he walked.

Chen Churan nodded, while recording all what Lu Chen said.

But as Lu Chen said, he coughed, but Chen Churan was startled.

"You, what's the matter with you?" She stopped recording and asked.

Lu Chen waved his hand and said, "It's okay. The wound was a bit infected last time. I'll go and treat it again."

Although his wound was stitched up last time, he was so busy these three days that he even slept for less than five hours a day.

Although his physique is very good, too much work and too little rest have also infected his wounds and caused a cold.

But in the next time, he is ready to take a rest. Next, they have enough resources to go to Proxima b, so he doesn't need to worry too much.

As for scientific research, with Ding Dacheng present, he was also relieved.

"Go, I'll accompany you to the medical department first." Chen Churan said, pulling Lu Chen towards the medical department.

Lu Chen was going to see the medical department, smiled, and followed Chen Churan to the medical department.

After the doctor's meticulous treatment, and the doctor's strong request.

In the next few days, Lu Chen stayed at home honestly to recuperate.

But he has always been a person who can't sit still.

Especially after he resolutely took these 110,000 people and followed him to leave the earth to find a new home.

He can't be idle anymore.

He can't let himself idle, even if he is really sick, he doesn't want to let himself idle.


The road ahead is long, and what awaits him will be a long journey of 4.2 light years, and a long time of ten years.

In the universe, four light-years are nothing.

But for humans, ten years is a long time.

Because there are not a few decades in life.

This is a period of time that is enough to make human beings lonely and crazy.


What kind of dangerous things will you encounter during the journey? What kind of experience will you encounter?

Lu Chen didn't know.

But when they fly out of the ball, humans have no choice.

No matter how dangerous the future is, no matter what the future of mankind looks like, is it glorious or perish?

He had to take the last 110,000 humans first and move on.

In fact, to be precise, the current technology on the Nozomi is 0.4 times the speed of light.

It can only be said to have gained the ability of interplanetary navigation.

Because at the speed of their current nuclear fusion power, interstellar voyages for decades and hundreds of years are enough to shut out all creatures with a lifespan of less than a thousand years.

Moreover, human beings have been around for tens of hundreds of years.

Therefore, in the next time, Lu Chen is ready to vigorously study the speed technology.

Not to mention exceeding the speed of light, at least the navigation speed must be increased to about 0.7 to 0.8 times the speed of light.

Only in this way will they have more choices and responses when they encounter any accidents on Proxima b in the future.

When on earth, human scientists have made calculations.

The lowest threshold for interstellar navigation is half the speed of light.

But even so, the entire Milky Way galaxy is so big that people doubt life, with a diameter of 160,000 light years and hundreds of billions of stars.

Even if humans travel at the speed of light, it will take 160,000 years to travel from one side of the galaxy to the other.