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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 521-530) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 521

Because this feeling is sad, he doesn't want to infect the people around him with these sad things.

By the way, during the past few years of voyage, under the persuasion of Lu Chen, Lin Yijun and others, he decided to marry Chen Churan again.

He agreed to give Chen Churan a name after mankind settled down again.

He also didn't know why he finally agreed with this proposal or his mood.

Perhaps it was to make up for Chen Churan.

Maybe it was to inherit the Lu family and give birth to some sons with Chen Churan.

In short, in the first few months, he did not go back, staying in the captain's room or the Academy of Sciences every day.

He worked so hard to make himself forget these things first.

Because Lin Yijun still occupies a very important position in his heart, he felt sorry for Chen Churan in this way.

On the other hand, because Lin Yijun can no longer have children and she only has one daughter, he will marry Chen Churan again, and he feels that it is unfair to Lin Yijun.

With such an ambivalent mood, he actually wanted to escape reality even more.

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He spent most of his time asking Chen Churan to help him look after the captain's room, and he went directly to the Academy of Sciences.


sunlight is like a shuttle. Before sailing near the speed of light, the Hope fleet quickly passed through the Oort Cloud of Tianyuan 4 and reached the top of the heliosphere.

Here, the stellar wind emitted by Tianyuan IV came to a halt here. Outside the heliosphere is the world of interstellar radiation, and within the heliosphere is the territory of Tianyuan IV.

Here, it is 420 billion kilometers away from Tianyuan. Although Tianyuansi is smaller than the sun, its stellar activity is 30 times stronger than the sun because it is too young. Correspondingly, the distance between the top of the heliosphere and the main star is also greater than that of the sun. Ten times.

Here, for the first time, scientists directly detected high-energy charged particles from Tianyuan Four.

Somewhat strangely, the Tianyuan four star system does not exist similar to the Kuiper belt of the solar system.

Lu Chen and others estimate that this may be due to its special inner planet composition, and their gravitational warfare has emptied the material in this area.

This means that the number of observable comets in the Tianyuan four galaxies is much less than that of the solar system.

At the current speed of Nozomi, it will not take much time to sail 200 billion kilometers.

However, to be careful, Lu Chen decided to slow down.

Because in this year's voyage, they need to find out if there is an alien civilization on the fourth place of Tianyuan.

Is the air on that only rocky planet suitable for human habitation?

Time passed slowly, and the Hope was only 3 billion kilometers away from Tianyuan Four.

This distance is roughly equivalent to the distance between Uranus and the sun.

Here, Lu Chen observed for the first time the gorgeous aurora at the poles of the gaseous planet Tianyuan B.

Tianyuan B is a smaller Jupiter, and its magnetic field strength is five times that of the Earth.

The stellar wind intensity of Tianyuan 4 is thirty times that of the sun. Under the combination of the two, Tianyuan B's laser is extremely spectacular, like a bright blue interstellar whip, which is swung majesticly in space.

Lu Chen manipulated the huge Hope to decelerate again. Twenty days later, it reached Tianyuan B orbit.

It just so happened that Tianyuan B just moved to a place not far from the Nozomi.

Looking at this small gaseous planet, Lu Chen's excitement was beyond words.

The real exploration is about to begin. Whether Tianyuan 4 is a safe area for humans, and whether Tianyuan A is a new earth for humans, it will soon rise to the level.

In the past few days, even Lu Chen felt a little nervous.

A large number of detectors were launched by the Academy of Sciences and entered the orbit of Huantianyuan A, and a steady stream of information was collected.

"If Tianyuan A is really our new earth for mankind, then in the next few decades, the development of the entire parent star must be impenetrable. At that time, anyone who dares to invade our territory will be brutally beaten. I don't even know

my mother!" Lu Chen thought silently in his heart.

The dark universe theory has become a shadow in his heart. In order to guard against the possible arrival of alien civilization, humans must improve their strength as much as possible to ensure that their scientific research projects can proceed smoothly.

Sixteen days later, Nozomi crossed the Tianyuan b orbit, and finally could see the rocky planet Tianyuan A, which is half smaller than the earth, with the naked eye.

However, just when everyone was looking forward to developing a new home, a piece of data poured cold water on everyone.

That is, the air on Tianyuan A is pitiful with little oxygen, far from satisfying human breathing.

In this regard, the entire 200,000-plus humans on the Nozomi are extremely depressed.

Where is the next goal?

Where is the home of mankind?

Lu Chen lit a cigarette and looked at the dark space outside, feeling helpless in his heart.

"No matter what, Tianyuan A has a lot of resources we need, so let's replenish energy materials here first."

"Here is a period of major construction, striving to break through the human science, technology and liberal arts to the third level of civilization before leaving. !"

Lu Chen gave the order, and then the Hope still flew slowly onto the track of Tianyuan A.

For the same operation, first send an unmanned probe and other probes into the atmosphere of Tianyuan A to probe.

One day later, the result came out. There is no alien civilization on Tianyuan A, but there are some vegetation that does not need to breathe too much oxygen.

These vegetations are dark yellow and cannot perform photosynthesis.

The most important thing is that these vegetation are not dangerous.

Then the Hope successfully landed on Tianyuan A, and the next step was to develop Tianyuan A and build the Hope fleet.

Time flies, time flies.

In a major construction, it takes five years in a flash.

In the past five years, human science has undergone a qualitative change and finally reached the third level of civilization.

Taking advantage of the abundant resources here, the Nozomi was expanded again, and now a county-level spacecraft has been built.

The county-level spacecraft can accommodate millions of human beings for normal life, and the appearance is quite large and spectacular.

In addition, the two village-level spaceships of the dwarf race were transformed into a town-level spacecraft, and they were finally allowed by Lu Chen to give birth to next generations.

In addition, the Hope built more than fifty frigates.

These frigates are small, half the size of the original Hope, and are equipped with various top weapons developed by mankind over the years.

At this time, the scientific and technological strength of mankind, compared to the earth age, is simply a godlike existence.

And just when human beings concentrate on developing technology.

A distance of four or two billion kilometers away from Tianyuan, a twist suddenly appeared in the black cosmic space of [新笔趣阁].

Then there was a pure white, and the whole body appeared streamlined, as if something like a drop of water appeared.

It seems to have life, where it silently observes the movements of human beings.

A month later, it sent a message to the central computer of Nozomi.

"Hello, strange cosmic civilization."

Chapter: 522

At this time, Lu Chen was as busy as ever.

This big construction, everyone is working desperately.

No one knows when they met the so-called sweepers and demons.

Then, they can only win in future encounters if they upgrade their technological level as soon as possible and continue to strengthen their armed forces.

At this moment, this message suddenly appeared in the main computer of Hope, and, like the last message, it was automatically converted into Chinese without translation.

Lu Chen saw this message more than three hours later.

When he received this message, he was completely stunned in the captain's room, his face even pale.

After all, mankind has encountered a stronger alien civilization.

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Moreover, new information is still being passed on.

"This is the No. 387 patrol probe belonging to the Guardian Alliance's three-star domain squadron. If you are a smart enough civilization, you should know that I cannot be confronted.

Come back with me, the Alliance will It will provide you with a safe area for your survival. If you resist, I will annihilate your fleet, and then destroy your race."

"I will give you a minute, where to go is up to you to decide."

"Six Ten."

Lu Chen's brilliant mind quickly recovered.

The first thing he thought of was to find out where this information came from.


But after less than a second of trying, he quickly gave up the idea of ​​finding the other side's trace. The information this time was the same as the one that claimed to be from the Guardian Alliance received last time.

Moreover, the information this time is not a wide-area broadcast, but a directed transmission. This shows that the other party has indeed found traces of humans.

Lu Chen didn't have time to be surprised or scared.

The other party only gave one minute, so within this minute, he must come up with a practical plan of action.

Moreover, the time is too late, and he has been unable to notify other people to discuss together.

He can only make a decision based on his own judgment.

Is it to be attached to... or to resist?

If you resist, how do you resist?

This was the second time Lu Chen heard the word Guardian Alliance.

However, in the last analysis, he believed that in the dark universe, such things as alliances were impossible, but now it seems that he should change his mind.

"It stands to reason that there are two forms of'alliance'. One is the peaceful coexistence of civilizations. In this case, the cohesion between civilizations will greatly increase, which means that these civilizations will show up in terms of the level of technological development. A certain level of equality means that there will not be too much difference in strength.

The second type is a strong civilization-led type. If it is of this type, there is a 70% chance that the technological development of various civilizations will be uneven. Sex, there is a big gap in strength between each other."

"Which type of Guardian Alliance is, it is temporarily uncertain. But no matter which type, if humans want to resist, the winning rate is very small, close to nothing."

Lu Chen quickly Draw a conclusion.


Eight seconds have passed.

"If you ca

n't resist , you can only return. However, if you don't resist, they will bring humans back in captivity.

As human beings, how can they adapt to the fate of being captive?"

"Since it is in captivity, there must be a lot of restrictions, and without the ability to develop science and technology, then mankind will basically have no hope of escape or rise!"

"Forty-eight..." The cold message continued to pass.

"In this case, the Hope will not be able to escape. There are only two options: obedience and resistance! When surrendered, it will be kept in eternal captivity, and resistance is 99.9% chance of death!

Malgobi Yes, Lao Tzu has gone through so many human sufferings and has yet to find a place to settle down. Where did this thing emerge from!"

At this moment, Lu Chen really had an urge to explode.



Lu Chen was thinking quickly, trying to find a silver lining.


"Damn, fight! Even if you die, you have to die vigorously!"

"Dignified humans, how can they be

raised by other characters?" At this moment, Lu Chen made up his mind to fight to the death.

At the same time, he personally issued the highest order to Du Fei, and the military immediately made a state of emergency preparation.

Then he selected several important senior executives, such as Xie Weihao, Du Fei, Wang Wei, etc., and held a video conference with them.

At the meeting, he directly explained the major crisis that mankind is about to usher in, and asked them to immediately order everyone to return to the Hope, which must be the only one to fight and retreat.

After hearing Lu Chen's words, all the senior officials were shocked.

But thinking that this was in the universe, everyone quickly understood. It's

just that the enemy faced this time is obviously much stronger than the dwarf. Although human beings have successfully entered the third-level cosmic civilization, can they really be the opponent of the alien plaintext?

Moreover, no one knows the other party's attack methods.

But it can be predicted that this attack method is absolutely beyond human imagination.

Everything humans do now is probably doing useless work.

However, since it is decided to fight a battle, then do everything to do to the fate, regardless of whether the illusory destiny exists or not, first do your own affairs well.

In this way, even if it fails, there is no regret.

"Let's first speculate on the other party's possible attack methods and defense methods!" When

Xie Weihao and others were going to arrange other things, Lu Chen and Du Fei and other military leaders discussed again.

"First of all, the other party is definitely a civilization that has mastered super-light-speed navigation and ultra-long-distance real-time communication!

And super-light-speed navigation, in our theoretical system, at least is curvature navigation, but I don't think the opponent's navigation level is only curvature navigation.

Then, it is very likely that the other party has already mastered super navigation technology such as wormhole technology or space jump.

If it is such a technology, we humans will wait to be destroyed, and there is no way to fight back."

Lu Chen slowly analyzed.

The more you analyze, the more frightened, and the more you have no chance of winning.

"Well, now that you have made a decision, don't blame me for being ruthless, and wait for it to be destroyed."

But at this moment , Lu Chen looked back at the central computer screen and immediately saw that the other party sent another one. information.

As soon as this information came out, his nerves were stretched to the extreme.

When will the opponent attack?

Chapter: 523

After the message appeared, Lu Chen and the others held their breaths to see what method the other party wanted to attack.

To be honest, at this moment, his heart was beating faster.

For the first time in so many years, he felt danger.

"No, the central computer's computing load suddenly approaches 90%. If it reaches 100%, it will crash!" Chen Churan said suddenly.

Lu Chen and the others were shocked and suddenly looked at the central computer data screen.

I saw on the data screen that the load rate was slowly increasing, reaching 91%.

If the central computer crashes, more than 70% of the equipment on the Hope will stop operating, even the gravity system, air circulation system, etc. will also stop operating, and all humans on the entire spacecraft will suffocate to death!

"So this is your attack?" Lu Chen's face was gloomy, becoming more and more ugly.

"Let the computer experts come right away!" Ding Dacheng said to a scientist.

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The scientist nodded and notified.

"What kind of attack is this? A cyber attack?" Chen Churan asked carefully.

"No, it was a logic lock attack."

Lu Chen shook his head: "The other party has already grasped that what we use is still binary, so he created a logic lock virus and invaded our central computer."

"Then, we can clean it up. Is it?" Chen Churan asked worriedly.

Lu Chen nodded, did not speak, but quickly opened the virus database and began to clean it up.

But the effect made everyone desperate.

Because the latest antivirus software stored in the central computer can't decipher the other party's logical lock password.

"It seems that the central computer can only be temporarily shut down and the standby computer is activated."

Lu Chen said with a frown.

Ding Dacheng nodded, and rejoiced: "Yes, fortunately, you had the foresight before, and you have a central computer reserved, or you can finish it today."

Since suddenly receiving the signal from the Guardian Alliance before. Lu Chen had an extra heart in his heart.

When Tianyuan 4A entered the building, he ordered a central computer to be spared.

Of course, although the power of this central computer is not stable in use, it is equipped with all safety facilities, making it impossible for external signals to enter.

In other words, after starting the backup computer, no external information can be received.

Sure enough, after shutting down the central computer and restarting the backup computer, everything returned to normal.

At this moment, Lu Chen's precautions finally played a key role.

"Come on, I'm going to see what other methods you have!" After

replacing the spare computer, Lu Chen asked Ding Dacheng to order the entire Academy of Sciences and thousands of scientists to stop their work.

Observed the entire Tianyuan four, looking for traces of the enemy.

Of course, he was also looking for the opponent's figure through the weapons launched into the starry sky around Tianyuan in the past few years.

Thousands of scientists are observing at the same time, this is the strongest power of humanity.

More than ten minutes later, a scientist finally discovered something that was definitely not human beings outside of Tianyuan A orbit.

That is a drop of water!

A piece is completely made of invisible material. It is streamlined, with a big head and a small tail, just like a drop of water.

When Lu Chen learned of this scene, he immediately tested it.

After a very simple measurement, some data was measured.

Normal household mirrors can only reflect visible light and light in the lower frequency band than visible light, so laser weapons with higher frequencies than visible light can easily penetrate the mirror.

But the surface of this thing has 100% reflectivity.

This shows that the surface material of this thing can reflect even laser light.

The laser has no effect on it.

Because it has 100% reflectivity, it has no color.

What color is it in front of something, just like a chameleon.

It is very beautiful, like a perfect craft.

It is about ten meters long and three meters wide and high.

It just hovered quietly in space, flying towards Tianyuan 4A at a speed of at least 100 kilometers per second.

In one minute, it will come to Tianyuan A track.

Its speed is not very fast. On the contrary, the speed of human navigation at this time is far faster than it.

But Lu Chen and others knew that the Hope at this time had already been locked by it, and he did not dare to take off easily.

The key is.

There are countless humans still mining ore, etc., and they have not yet returned to the Hope.

Moreover, the Nozomi could not fly together to sail in curvature.

There must be an acceleration time.

This time, with current technology, will take at least a few hours.

More than a thousand combat spaceships residing outside the atmosphere of Tianyuan A have all been urgently prepared for battle, and are ready for battle in front of the water droplets.

Among the more than one thousand spacecraft, there are 500 space fighters, two hundred frigates, one hundred supply ships, and two hundred shuttles.

And the two hundred frigates are equipped with energy cannons.

Five hundred space fighters are also equipped with laser cannons and so on.

In these years, in the large-scale construction, human science and technology have developed to the third-level cosmic civilization.

Following this, cosmic weapons have also made major breakthroughs.

Laser cannons, energy cannons, gravity cannons, trillion-ton hydrogen nuclear bombs, etc., are capable of destroying a planet in an endless stream.

At this time, human technology, if it was against the original dwarves, a gravity bomb would be enough to destroy them all.

Lu Chen watched all this quietly, and then he decided to take the initiative to launch an attack.

"Don't wait, our enemy is this drop of water, just shoot!"

Lu Chen gave the order directly.

After receiving Lu Chen's order, Du Fei immediately issued an attack order.

First, all space fighters launched an attack first.

The black muzzle aimed at this drop of water.

Chapter: 524

Following the order, a cannonball entwined with blue brilliance rushed towards the droplet at a speed of at least 100,000 kilometers per second.

It only took 0.5 seconds to rush to the water drop, and then there was a violent impact, and the laser shells slammed on the water drop.

But what left Lu Chen and others speechless was that all the laser energy was reflected.

In this regard, the universe has to avoid these reflected laser beams!

The cosmic warriors apparently also discovered this, and immediately stopped the laser bombardment.

And replaced with the energy shells on the frigate.

The speed of the energy cannonball is also fast to the extreme, soon before it reaches the water drop.

This time, Lu Chen watched here nervously.

After the afterglow of the energy shell exploded, he saw an amazing scene.

The drop of water was still flying forward at a nearly constant speed.

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It's as if this energy cannonball didn't have any effect on it.

You know, an energy cannon is enough to completely destroy a planet the size of the moon!

However, this energy shell did not have any effect on this drop of water.

Its appearance is still very smooth and streamlined, and its shell reflectivity is still 100%.

There is no trace, no dust can get on it.

"What kind of material is there to have such an ability to resist? This, is this really the level that a smart civilization can reach?" Lu Chen was shocked.

This external technology is obviously more powerful than human beings do not know!

"Actually, this is just a patrol probe of the Guardian Alliance! It's just a probe!"

"But we feel like we have nothing to do with it!"

At this moment, Lu Chen only felt that his heart was full of bitterness.

This is the gap!

This gap is so desperate!

Energy cannonballs are invalid!

The laser cannon is invalid!

Is this really a drop of water?

Not only Lu Chen felt bitter.

At this moment, everyone in the entire military was a little desperate.

"This is indestructible!"

"Try the high-energy particle beam weapon!" Du Fei ordered himself.

This level of battle is not just Du Fei, even Lu Chen has to personally supervise the battle.

Because this battle is about the destiny of mankind.

This is a fateful battle.

It's a battle for survival!

"No, the killing mechanism of high-energy particle beam weapons is similar to that of laser cannons. Since laser cannons are all ineffective, if you think about it, high-energy particle beam weapons will not be useful." Lu Chen said directly.

"Then try...interstellar missile?" Du Fei looked at Lu Chen uncertainly.

For these cosmic super weapons, Du Fei certainly didn't know much about Lu Chen.

"Well, try the interstellar missile first!" Lu Chen nodded.

"Interplanetary missile, launch!"

Du Fei gave an order, and one of the space fighters immediately found the missile launcher from the lower part.

An interstellar missile carrying a large-yield hydrogen bomb whizzes forward at a speed of several thousand kilometers per second.

In just over a second, the interstellar missile has rushed to the front of the water droplet, accurately hitting this weird detector.

Then, a huge hydrogen bomb exploded violently!

A dazzling white light burst out.

In an instant, hundreds of millions of degrees of high temperature completely enveloped this drop of water.

However, after the light dissipated, Lu Chen and the others saw another amazing scene.

The drop of water was still there intact, there was still no dust, no traces of it on its body.

At this moment, Lu Chen had an urge to limp on the ground.

This is a phenomenon that surpassed what he knew, a high temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees!

What kind of material is this, even the high temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees can't hurt it?

What level has this civilization level reached?

If, if it relies on the energy shield to withstand the hydrogen bomb explosion, it would be better.

Because the energy shield is at least something within the human theoretical system.

But there is no energy shield around this thing, it only relies on its own material to withstand the explosion of the hydrogen bomb!

This can only be said to be incredible, it can only be said to be a miracle!

This has completely surpassed Lu Chen's cognition, which means an insurmountable technological gap.

At this moment, all the scientists and soldiers who watched this scene felt deep despair!

So, can we humans really withstand its attack?

Some people think sadly in their hearts.

This is indeed a sad thing.

Because if you can't resist this drop of water, once let it come to the Hope.

The entire human race will be destroyed by it!

When everyone was desperate, Lu Chen suddenly noticed something unusual.

During observations with precision instruments, he suddenly discovered that after the explosion of the hydrogen bomb, the speed of the drop of water dropped a little.

From 100 kilometers per second to 99 kilometers per second. Although it resumed its speed in an instant, it was still keenly noticed by Lu Chen.

Lu Chen immediately launched an analysis.

"It seems... Although its shell is extremely tough, its kinetic energy is not strong! At least, the impact of an interstellar missile can reduce its speed!"

"It is entirely possible, perhaps, they are through Some ingenious method bypassed the limitations of the theory of relativity, and thus gained the ability to sail faster than light, but their conventional navigation capabilities are not necessarily strong."

Immediately, Lu Chen personally manipulated the huge computing power to launch a war game.

Gradually, he found a way that might have a slight chance of winning.

That is, hitting it with an unlimited amount of kinetic energy weapons, consuming its energy, until it is exhausted. And without energy, how can it kill and destroy mankind?

The other party, after all, is just a detector.

Chapter: 525

"It's worth a try!" Lu Chen concluded.

Immediately, he gave the order, and all the high-rate machine guns fired at full force. Hundreds of millions of bullets whizzed towards the droplet, and

some interstellar missiles were interspersed with it, which launched a violent impact.

However, the results disappointed Lu Chen and others.

Except for the torrent of bullets at the beginning that made its body slightly shaken, the rest of the bullets seemed to have no effect at all.

In the rain of bullets, this beautiful water droplet, like a handicraft, elegantly and noblely maintained its trajectory and speed, slowly approaching the atmosphere.

As it approaches, various interplanetary missiles have lost their effect.

"All weapons are attacked!"

Lu Chen was also angry, and immediately issued the order!

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In recent years, whether on Proxima B or here, humans have mined too many materials, and Lu Chen is not afraid of huge consumption.

The entire Tianyuan A has been transformed into a war fortress, an interstellar fortress.

The power cannon equipped here can only be described as terror.

Lu Chen wanted to launch all the energy cannons, and its power was enough to destroy a planet the size of the earth.

As the order was issued, immediately, all muzzles flashed, and countless energy cannonballs whizzed towards this drop at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

After zero and six seconds, the two collided!

Infinite light and heat radiated out, as if another star suddenly appeared there.

This group of light illuminates at least a space of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

After the light dissipated, Lu Chen found that he had lost the trace of this drop of water.

"Could it be... was it gasified?" Du Fei said in disbelief.

But the next moment, Du Fei's guess was ruthlessly broken.

This water drop appeared in the other direction, shuttled at a faster speed.

It is still extremely smooth, without any dust, without any traces.

The power of all the energy cannons is enough to explode the power of the entire earth.

Except that it deviated from the original track by several thousand kilometers, it did not cause any impact on it.

At this moment, Lu Chen and the others were really desperate.

After the speed of the water drop accelerated to two thousand kilometers per second, it almost instantly rushed to the front of the fighters placed outside the atmosphere.

Then he plunged in from the bow of a fighter aircraft and flew out from the stern.

In less than one hundredth of a second, this drop of water has completely penetrated a space fighter, destroying the nuclear fusion reaction engine of the space fighter.

In the next instant, this space fighter was like a cooked prawn, the entire spaceship turned red, and then it exploded.

Immediately afterwards, there was another cosmic fighter,

one second, five cosmic fighters were destroyed!

A huge shock enveloped everyone.

At this moment, even Lu Chen delayed for two seconds before returning to his senses.

However, after two seconds, the water droplets have successfully entered the atmosphere.

Seeing to be in front of Hope!

At this moment, there was only despair in everyone's hearts.

Human, is it really over?

At this time, Lu Chen regretted it to the extreme.

He felt that if it were not for his persistence, mankind could not be destroyed.

If he had chosen to surrender in the first place, although humans would be raised in captivity, it is better to live than to die.

But what is the point of being a human being like that?

After being deprived of all rights by these higher literary level, is there still a chance to stand up?

This is the universe, which civilization will give the subordinate or the slave a chance to stand up?

At this moment, Lu Chen figured it out.

Even if mankind is destroyed, it is impossible to be raised in captivity.

Besides, they are just a small group of humans here.

Perhaps the heads of governments of various countries who have taken away a large number of Earth staff before, they are lucky, they have already found a planet to live in.

Then, after their group of human beings die, it does not mean that all human beings are destroyed.

Since there is still hope for human beings, what about our group of human beings?

"Come on, come on, don't break out in the fight, you will die in the fight!"

Lu Chen roared lightly, got up and walked outside.

"Where are you going?" Chen Churan asked worriedly.

"Go and fight it." Lu Chen said.

"Ah? Are you going to fight that drop of water? How is this possible!" Chen Churan said in shock.

The drop of water is almost abnormal to the extreme, and even so many energy cannons can't affect it. How can human power affect it?

What's more, Lu Chen was going to desperately.

"Impossible to go too!"

"My dignified human head, how could it be possible to die behind everyone?"

"Since we are destined to be annihilated, I must die in front of everyone!"

Lu Chen firmly Said.

Chen Churan was speechless and desperate to the extreme.

She wanted to let Lu Chen take her, she wanted to die with Lu Chen.

But she opened her mouth, but she didn't know what it meant.

"Then wait for death!"

Chen Churan smiled miserably, tears streaming out silently.

"Do you really want to do this?" Du Fei asked after Du Fei.

"It's over, we don't have any means to destroy this drop of water. Compared with this, our technology is far behind."

Lu Chen shook his head.

"Then I will go with you. The two of us, a human head and a military head, will go to death together." Du Fei nodded, the despair on his face turned into firmness.

"It doesn't matter, let's go." Lu Chen nodded.

There are still a few minutes before the drop of water will come to the Nozomi. As long as it passes through the Nozomi, the entire Nozomi will be destroyed by it.

He had given up the struggle in his heart.

He wanted to rise up to resist.

Unfortunately, in the face of absolute strength.

Human beings are

really too small, too small!

God thief, you really don’t give us humans a chance!

Lu Chen looked up at the sky habitually, and what he saw was the ceiling of Hope.

A wry smile of despair appeared on his face, and then he sat in a cosmic fighter.

Du Fei sat next to him as his deputy.

"Our brother has come all the way to today, and it's worth it to die."

"Unfortunately, it's a pity that we still haven't led mankind to dominate the entire universe!"

Du Fei exclaimed.

"It's okay, at least we have done our best, haven't we."

Lu Chen smiled lightly, then activated the cosmic fighter, and flew out of Hope with a swish.

The cosmic fighter turned into a stream of light and flew quickly against the water droplets.

Chapter: 526

At this moment, the entire people on the Hope knew the imminent destruction of mankind.

But in this case, no one has fluctuated.

Everyone is desperate, but they are used to it.

Obviously since leaving the earth, everyone knows that there will be such a day.

Anyway, it is possible to destroy, and everyone is already prepared.

Come on, it just happens to be free.

After so many years of lonely travel, human beings are actually a little tired of it.

Since there is no hope, what is the point of the riot?

Just wait for death quietly.

Just, looking at the space fighter that turned into streamer.

All humans have some loss of eyes.

It was the man on the fighter plane, who fleeed the earth with them in despair.

Let them live more than ten years.

Although lonely these ten years, although lonely.

But it also allows mankind to see the vastness and mystery of the universe.

It also allows mankind to learn more about aliens.

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And now, they finally did not die in their own hands.

But died in the hands of alien enemies.

For them, this is a relief.

"Dad, why didn't you bring me with you!" Lu Qiqi squeezed her hands into fists, very disappointed.

She followed her father as an example since she was a child, and she became an outstanding scientist as a result of growing up.

At the moment when mankind is about to end, how much she hopes to die with her father.

"It's coming!"

Du Fei sank and said as he watched the droplets getting closer and closer.

At this moment, both of them felt a horrible aura hiding their faces.

The strength of this breath was completely beyond their imagination.

In terms of martial artist's perception, this breath is simply god-level.

It is simply not something human forces can fight against.

"Yeah." Lu Chen hummed, increased the fighter's speed to the fastest speed, and slammed directly into the water drop.

The two looked at the data displayed on the screen, and the water drop was only one kilometer away from the fighter.

In other words, in the next second, they will collide together and then be destroyed.

Facing death in a second.

Neither Lu Chen nor Du Fei had any fear.

However, when they looked back at the Hope below at the same time, there was only infinite reluctance and regret in their hearts.

However, just at the moment when Water Drop entered the space fighter.

It was the moment when both Lu Chen and Du Fei were preparing to be destroyed.

A dazzling light suddenly burst out from the bead that fell on Lu Chen's neck.

The light immediately wrapped the water droplets.

Then in Lu Chen and Du Fei's shocked eyes, the god-like water droplets were wrapped in light and dragged into the beads.

After a full minute, Lu Chen and Du Fei returned to their senses one after another.

The two of you look at me, I look at you, in addition to shock, there is still a touch of joy after the disaster.

"What kind of bead is this?" Du Fei looked at the bead on Lu Chen's chest and couldn't believe what he had just seen.

The scene just now felt like a dream, too unreal.

The god-like water droplets were actually absorbed by this little bead.

Who will believe this?

But Zong is a real fact.

"I don't know what kind of bead it is?"

Lu Chen shook his head, reached out and took the bead off, and then looked at it carefully.

He got this bead from the Lan family when it was on earth.

Then they deciphered the technology inside, and then Yiqi Technology developed so many advanced technologies.

Then at the time of human despair, the incredible hope was created.

When at the edge of the solar system, the Blue people mentioned this magical bead, probably from outside the Milky Way.

But that was just a guess, and Lu Chen couldn't find any clues about the Blue Clan's headless guess.

"Thank you for saving us humanity." Lu Chen looked at Zhuzi, thanking him from the bottom of his heart.

Had it not been for this magical bead today, mankind would really be over.


At this time on the Hope.

"Have you seen that after the drop of water got into the Führer's fighter plane, it did not come out again!"

Suddenly a scientist staring at the screen said loudly.

Others looked at the big screen one after another, only to see the Führer's fighter plane turned back again.

"Dad, dad, how are you all?" Lu Qiqi shouted excitedly.

Everyone looked at Lu Qiqi.

It turned out that Lu Qiqi connected Lu Chen's video for the first time.

In the video, both Lu Chen and Du Fei's expressions were filled with excitement. Obviously they did not seem to be affected by

"Qiqi, Dad is okay, we humans will be fine!" In the video, Lu Chen said excitedly.

"Dad, what's the matter with that drop of water?" Qiqi asked.

"I'll tell you when I go back. By the way, let Xie Weihao and the others inform that the water droplets have been wiped out by us, and we humans are saved!" Lu Chen said.

"The water droplets were wiped out by the Führer!"

"We humans are saved!"

"Long live the Führer!"

"Long live the mankind!"

After hearing Lu Chen's words, all the scientists immediately shouted in the Academy of Sciences.

This time, they really felt that destruction was in sight.

Especially these scientists, they know more about water droplets than ordinary people.

They only know how abnormal this drop is.

At this moment, many people have the urge to sit down in a catastrophe.

At the same time, the military also received news from Du Fei.

The whole army also shouted frantically.

"Long live the head of state!"

"Long live the human race!"

Then the entire Hope was boiling.

Everywhere you can hear people chanting long live the heads of state, long live mankind.

Some older people who came here from Earth with Lu Chen cried with excitement.

Everyone hugged each other, sobbing everywhere.

Humans are really not easy!

After so many ups and downs, today is an escape from the dead.

This trip to the universe is really difficult!

"God thief, when will you let us humans find a shelter!"

At the same time, the dwarves on the other two spaceships also breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Lu Chen in their own way.

In their minds, Lu Chen was like a god.

And they, as servants of God, felt proud and thankful.

Chapter: 527

After returning to the Hope, all humans, including Lu Chen, felt like they were left behind.

Lu Qiqi, Lin Yijun and others had been waiting at the entrance a long time ago, and they saw Lu Chen coming down, and the family hugged each other, tears filled their eyes.

All the senior officials who came to greet Lu Chen and Du Fei uttered fierce cheers.

For a long time, until his wife and daughter stopped sobbing, Lu Chen let them go.

Looking up, in the crowd, the lonely figure is turning and leaving.

She is Chen Churan.

Seeing Lu Chen came back safely, her worries had disappeared.

She chose to leave the rest of her life with Lu Chen's family.

"Go and share the joy with her." Lin Yijun also spotted Chen Churan leaving silently, and pushed Lu Chen down.

Lu Chen nodded, and then ran after him.

... After

returning to the captain's room, Lu Chen immediately handed the beads to Ding Dacheng for research, and then an emergency meeting was held.

The content of the meeting is roughly as follows.

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That is, Hope has been targeted by other advanced civilizations, and the Tianyuan four galaxies are no longer a safe area.

So far, Lu Chen finally told everyone about the Guardian Alliance, the Sweepers, and the Demon Race, and let everyone discuss this topic.

During the discussion, some senior officials advocated contacting the Guardian Alliance to seek asylum.

Some have the same ideas as Lu Chen and other senior executives.

That is, the Guardian Alliance is also untrustworthy.

The meeting lasted for more than three hours. Finally, because everyone insisted, Lu Chen chose to adjourn the meeting.

However, before the meeting ended, he gave an order to leave the Tianyuan four galaxies three days later.

The next target is temporarily set as the galaxy where the planet "Kepler 55" is located.

According to observations in previous years, Kepler 55 is a super planet located four to five light-years away from Tianyuan.

After continuous observation and inference by scientists, it is believed that there is very likely water on it.

Some scientists even believe that it is very likely to be covered by a vast ocean.

The size of this super planet is three times that of the Earth, and its revolution period is 312 days.

365 days very close to the earth.

But the star system it is in is older than the solar system, so everyone is worried about a problem.

Will there be alien civilizations on Kepler 55?

If so, what level is this alien civilization?

But now human beings have no better choice.

In order to find a new home, whether there is an alien or not, it must be confirmed.

After the meeting, Lu Chen left Du Fei, Yu Guangzheng and other military leaders to continue discussing another matter.

"Obviously, that advanced civilization has discovered our coordinates, and their purpose is very clear. Either slave us humans or destroy us humans."

Lu Chen looked at Du Fei and the others, and said: "But we have Their super weapons have been confiscated. Obviously, there will be no chance for peace talks anymore. After they arrive, we humans must have only one way."

"That is destruction!"

"So, we humans must not be able to wait and die. "

So, I have a plan, and that is to teach them a profound lesson!"

Lu Chen finished speaking, took a sip from the teacup on the table, and waited for Du Fei and others to express their opinions.

"This is for sure, but how will we teach them a lesson?" Du Fei asked.

"The most important thing is, how and when they came, we don't know." Yu Guangzheng also wondered.

"I have a plan that is laid out on a day of Court A false impression to lure the other into the Epsilon Eridani A, and then we set off straight days Court A, if not the destruction of the other side, at least let it be hit."

"It also It can delay their time to catch up with us."

Lu Chen put down his teacup and said.

He believes that a cosmic civilization that can possess a super weapon like water droplets is definitely a cosmic civilization above level five.

And mankind has just entered the third-level cosmic civilization, and the gap with it is too big.

Maybe, the other party has mastered the super speed of the Stargate and Wormhole technology.

Then, it is too easy for them to catch up with humans.

As long as a heavy blow is given to the opponent here, can they delay their pursuit and killing.

At that time, it may also be a battle.

"This plan is good, I agree." Du Fei was the first to raise his hand in agreement with Lu Chen's idea.

Yu Guangzheng and the others thought about it and found that this plan was feasible.

"Then, now, your military will arrange all this within three days. With our current hydrogen bomb storage, it is enough to detonate the entire Tianyuan 4A star in an instant." Lu Chen said.

Du Fei and the others took their orders, and then Lu Chen didn't sit idle, but went to the Academy of Sciences without stopping.

At this time, in Ding Dacheng's exclusive laboratory, several top scientists were surrounding the bead to decipher the water drop technology absorbed by it.

What made Lu Chen gratified was that his daughter Lu Qiqi was among these scientists.

I have to say that Qiqi's talent is really high. In the past few years, in addition to developing the particle collider, she has also developed several top-notch sciences, which has made significant contributions to mankind.

Ding Dacheng has publicly stated many times that Lu Qiqi is his successor.

Lu Qiqi is the candidate for future human scientists.

The only thing that makes Lu Chen a little worried is that Qiqi is now twenty-five years old, but she has no intention of falling in love.

In fact, Lu Chen has always deliberately matched her with Wang Wei's eldest son, Wang Jian.

Wang Jian is two years older than Qiqi, and he is also a goddess.

Working in the government over the years, he is also very capable and is regarded by the public as the leader of the new generation of mankind.

It is a pity that Qiqi refused Wang Jian's appointments many times because of her busy schedule.

"Head of State."

"Head of State." When

Ding Dacheng and others saw Lu Chen coming, they all greeted Lu Chen.

Qiqi didn't even look up at Lu Chen, she was still focused as before.

Lu Chen nodded and looked at the water droplet structure that was enlarged by the instrument.

Inside the instrument, the temperature will reach a point that is only one-thousandth of a degree higher than absolute zero. Under such a temperature, the water droplet shell will stop continuing to split.

These are materials that surpass everyone's thinking. If humans decipher this material, then human technology will once again make a qualitative leap.

Chapter: 528

As scientists peeled off the outer shell of the water droplet layer by layer, everyone finally saw the internal structure of the droplet.

It is a ball of light.

Yes, there is no entity, only a cloud of light condenses there, emitting a hazy light.

It seems to have lost its power and the ability to connect with the unknown distant existence, it just suspended there quietly, without any response to everyone's research.

At this moment, under Qiqi's operation, an incomprehensible reaction suddenly occurred in the light.

The whole group of light suddenly disappeared, and finally, where the light disappeared, a tiny chip-like thing appeared.

"What is this?" A question came out of Lu Chen's head.

"Could it be... this drop of water's power system, communication system, force field maintenance system, temperature maintenance system, etc., are all realized by such a small chip? This... is really incredible."

Lu Chen followed Everyone thought together, carefully observing this chip.

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The appearance of this chip is very ordinary, like a smooth iron sheet with a length of only one centimeter, and no peculiarities can be seen from the surface.

But everyone knows that this chip is definitely not ordinary.

It is ten meters in length and nearly three meters in width and height. There is only such a chip inside, and nothing else.

Qiqi personally manipulates various precision instruments and continuously analyzes it.

But she didn't dare to dissect the chip directly. After all, this is something beyond human comprehension. She is also afraid that it will destroy its internal structure, or dissecting the chip will cause explosions and other consequences.

Regardless of Qiqi's operation, Lu Chen found that this chip was emitting weak force field fluctuations all the time, which seemed to have a certain pattern.

And Qiqi also discovered this, she immediately recorded these things and began to analyze.

Lu Chen also sat beside Qiqi, and soon he discovered the mystery of these fluctuating signals.

Unless you have the original keys, they...are almost indecipherable.

Because interpreting this information requires extremely high abstract thinking and extremely high data computing capabilities.

Of course, this incomprehensibility refers to ordinary intellectual civilization or ordinary scientists.

Individuals of intelligent civilization do not have such strong data computing capabilities, while ordinary scientists lack abstract thinking. Only Lu Qiqi, a freak in human science, can successfully interpret this information.

Even Ding Dacheng and Lu Chen couldn't decipher it for a while.

Because no matter how they interpret it, the deciphered thing is always a mess of gibberish, unrecognizable.

But Qiqi's eyes lit up, and she probably knew the meaning of these garbled codes.

"In this fluctuation, there have been three groups with very big differences. Within each group, the signal fluctuations are almost the same. Because it is coded according to the ternary system.

And our human computers have always used binary, so According to the conventional method, the meaning of these garbled codes will definitely not be understood."

Qiqi finally raised her head and gave Lu Chen a look, and explained.

"That's it!" Lu Chen and the others suddenly realized.

"You continue to decipher." Ding Dacheng said. Although he is the leader here, Qiqi's talent is obviously higher than him.

And he also intends to train Qiqi to become the next great scientist in mankind, just to give Qiqi this good opportunity.

Qiqi nodded and continued to decipher the chip.

The deciphering result was completed in two hours.

Seeing that the deciphered content was no longer a mess, but had an obvious logical structure, Lu Chen and others were relieved.

This means that Qiqi's thinking direction is correct.

Next, Qiqi took more than three hours to translate the logical structure of the text into human-understandable content.

During this time, Lu Chen and others have been sitting around watching Qiqi work.

Of course, the main thing is to lay hands on her and not let her work so hard.

Seeing the first few words, Lu Chen sighed slightly.

He finally knew what this chip was.

"It turns out... it's a black box."

Lu Chen said with emotion.

On the earth, the black box generally refers to the real-time monitoring system on the plane. After the plane crash, what people have to do is to find the black box except rescuing the wounded.

Because from the black box, people can analyze the cause of the plane crash.

The deciphered content clearly indicates the function of this chip.

"Thirty-seven thousand and twenty years in the Yuan calendar, May 20, 8:05 am. The power system is normal, the defense system is normal, and the force field maintains the system. Current speed: 30 million kilometers per second, one hundred times The speed of light."

"Thirty-seven thousand and twenty years in the Yuan calendar, May 20th, 8:15 am. The power system is normal, the defense system is normal, and the force field maintains the system. It has departed from super-light speed navigation and entered the stage of regular navigation. . Current speed: 100 kilometers per second."

"Thirty-seven thousand and twenty years in the Yuan calendar, May 20th, 10:03 am. Encountered unknown attack! Power system failure! Defense system failure! Force field maintenance The system fails! It is expected to disintegrate in 20 minutes! The parameter codes are as follows:..."

Below is a large section of code parameters that Lu Chen and others cannot understand.

"This... seems to record the whole process of the water droplets from sailing beyond the speed of light and then attacking us humans until they are destroyed."

Lu Chen said suddenly.

"Well, it's the record of this time." Qiqi nodded.

Then, Qiqi translated the remaining parameters.

The content recorded in this paragraph, translated into a language that humans can understand, is "Thirty-seven thousand years of the Yuan calendar, the third-level civilization, the Lucca civilization rented the probe. One hundred alliance contribution points have been paid. Two thousand points deposit Paid in full. Lease time limit: 30 years."

"The probe entered the third three-star domain in the 37th thousand and one-hundred-thousand-one years of the Chinese calendar. Life planets were found around the star numbered 75601. Biological progress: Elementary , Single-cell structure. Contribution to the harvest alliance: 10 points."

"The third three-star domain in the 37th year of the Yuan calendar. In the area of ​​the interstellar dust belt numbered 83206, gold deposits were found, and the mining index It is: inferior. Reap the contribution of the alliance: 8 points."

"The third three-star domain in the 37th year of the Yuan calendar. Around the giant star numbered 5571, accurately determine the time of the supernova explosion of the star. Harvest. Contribution to the alliance: two points."

"Thirty-seventh-star domain in the thirty-seventh-fifteenth year of the Chinese calendar. Around the brown dwarf star numbered six eight three four, a second-level intelligent civilization was discovered and guided to join the alliance. Reap the contribution of the alliance. Degree: 50 o’clock."

"Thirty-seventh-star domain in the thirty-seventh sixteenth year of the Yuan calendar. The second-level Zerg civilization was found around the red dwarf star numbered 7791 and eliminated. The contribution of the Harvest Alliance: Three Ten o'clock."

"Thirty-seventh-star domain in the 37th and 17th year of the Yuan calendar. The second-level alien beast civilization was found around the dust belt numbered 38, and it was eliminated. The contribution of the harvest alliance: 35 points "

Thirty-seven thousand and twenty years in the Yuan calendar, the third three-star domain. Around the yellow dwarf numbered 653044, the third-level early cosmic civilization was discovered."

"Alert! Alert! This third-level early cosmic civilization is adopted. Unknown means attacked the water droplet, and the water drop power system failed! The defense system failed! The force field maintenance system failed!"

"Alert! Alarm! Lucca civilization, please take quick measures to eliminate the early stage 3 universe civilization, otherwise, the water droplet will be damaged. The 2,000-point alliance contribution deposit will be confiscated!"

"Alarm! Alarm! The water droplets are damaged. The third-level early cosmic civilization has mysterious technology from the outer domain, and its value is increased. It currently contributes 2,500 points to the alliance. The Lucca civilization has the priority to capture and obtain a free fixed-point superlight transmission. Opportunity. Until the Lucca civilization's consent is obtained, the information on the third-level cosmic civilization will not be made public."

This is the last piece of information. From this information, Lu Chen and others re-examined the process of destroying water droplets from another angle.

After reading these pieces of information, Lu Chen was suddenly relieved.

Chapter: 529

There is a lot of valuable information in this text.

It is currently known that a third-level civilization named "Luca" in the Guardian League (at least mid-level third or higher) rented this drop-shaped detector from the league to conduct inspections in the third three-star domain. , And then discovered humans.

As long as it is within the third-level civilization, even if it is the third-level peak, human beings are not without room for confrontation.

The current cosmic civilization of mankind as a whole has just broken through the third-level cosmic civilization.

But since mankind left the earth, the main direction of attack has been the two directions of space weapons and the speed of space navigation.

The science and technology trees of these years mainly point in these two directions, in order to deal with the alien civilization that may be encountered in the cosmic wanderings.

The development of weapons is mainly used for the main attack in war.

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The development of the speed of navigation, one is to quickly reach the target galaxy.

Second, it is also to have more chances to escape when encountering a strong enemy.

Regardless of the overall cosmic civilization of mankind, it has just broken through the third level of civilization.

But over the years, various high-tech weapons have been continuously developed, and Lu Chen has absolute confidence to fight against the enemies in the middle of the third level, and the winning rate is still very high.

Anyway, with the current technology, humans can attack and retreat as long as they don't encounter the fourth-level cosmic civilization.

If the other party is a civilization of the third-level pinnacle, it is enough to retreat. Anyway, the cosmic civilization of the third-level pinnacle may not be sailing as fast as humans currently sail.

If it is a civilization below the third-level peak, you can let it go.

As for this abnormal drop of water, it is at least the product of Level 5 civilization.

This guardian alliance cannot be a civilization below level five.

So after reading these diaries, Lu Chen was greatly relieved.

Ding Dacheng and others also reacted, and the tense mood before also relaxed.

"At present, it is known that water droplets travel at super-light speeds, and this Lucca civilization has also obtained a free fixed-point super-light transmission opportunity.

Does this mean that Lucca civilization does not master the super-light-speed navigation technology? The Alliance put forward this reward separately, can it show that this reward is heavy enough?”

A scientist said suddenly.


absolutely impossible." Ding Dacheng shook his head and said: "We have developed curvature navigation in the late stage of the second civilization, and the current sailing speed has reached twice the speed of light, as Lucca in the middle and late stage of the third stage. Civilization, even if they have not reached twice the speed of light, they can at least travel faster than the speed of light."

"Yes, the fixed-point teleportation of the Guardian Alliance must be similar to super teleportation technologies such as Stargate, Wormhole, and Interstellar Transition. It's not calculated by the speed of light." Lu Qiqi said.

"In that case, they already know our cosmic coordinates, can they be teleported to Tianyuan Si in a short time?" Lu Chen looked at Qiqi.


Qiqi nodded and said, "Also, within a week, it will definitely reach us."

Lu Chen nodded. A week, three to five days is enough for war mobilization. ,.

If they were really a fixed-point teleportation like the Stargate, then it would be enough to come to Tianyuan IV in two days.

"Let’s now analyze the response plan after the Lucca civilization.

According to statistics, it took 20 years from the 37,000 year period to the 37,000 year period until the water droplet was destroyed. By manipulating the water droplets to cruise in the third three-star domain, Civilization has gained...

900 Alliance Contribution Points. In

other words, they earn an average of 45 Contribution Points from the Guardian Alliance every year.

It seems that this Alliance Contribution Points are still quite similar. valuable."

Lu Chen analyzed: "Eliminate us humans, or capture us, and they can get 2,500 Alliance Contribution Points... It

shows that we humans in the Guardian Alliance are more valuable than that drop of water.

Then you can be sure, Lu Card civilization will not take the initiative to disclose our information, but will choose to capture us alone..."

"Yes, but their civilization should be at the third level peak, or they dare not come again when we destroy their super weapons. Trouble with us." Ding Dacheng nodded and said.

"If they don't dare to trouble us, they must leak our coordinates.

Or sell them to the Guardian League in exchange for alliance points or other things." Qiqi said.

"Well, then we'd better implement the original plan, lure the enemy into deep, and then give them a fatal blow, depending on whether they are the Lucca civilization or other advanced civilizations." Lu Chen made the decision again.

Everything went according to the original plan, and after three days, the Hope still had to leave Tianyuan IV.

But he will not leave soon.

This is the only detail change.

Lu Chen had to see which civilization and level the opponent was.

If you can win it, you must seize this opportunity to absorb all the opponent's spacecraft resources.

This is the easiest way for civilization to improve itself quickly.

This method is similar to plundering the luck and resources of other civilizations to expand the luck and technology of one's own race.

Up to now, all human beings have firmly believed in a fact.

That is the law of the dark forest.

In the universe, if you are not strong enough, what awaits you is either perish.

Or, it is a slave who has no human rights more than destruction.

In the past, everyone only believed in science, not in luck.

However, in recent years, many scientists have confirmed that human beings have luck.

Moreover, there is an even sadder thing to say that there are things in the universe that say that they plunder other civilizations to strengthen their own kind of luck.

Therefore, if there is a chance to wipe out the opponent's luck and resources, Lu Chen certainly cannot miss it.

Chapter: 530

Three days later, Nozomi left Tianyuan 4A as planned.

Then sailed at 0.6 times the speed of light to the four-day summit of Tianyuan, and stopped at the four-day summit of Kaiyuan.

Of course, the Nozomi station here has activated the ECS super stealth system, and it is difficult for civilizations below Level 4 to find the Nozomi.

Of course, at such a long distance, the fourth-level civilization is hard to find.

Two days later, the scientists arranged a satellite in the four star systems of Tianyuan and detected a strange wave.

Lu Chen and the others saw that a strangely shaped spaceship suddenly appeared on the orbit about 415 billion kilometers away from Tianyuan.

This spacecraft is about 1,300 meters in length, which is a bit larger than the Nozomi spacecraft.

This spacecraft is irregularly shaped, dark green all over.

At the moment it appeared, it did not accelerate to leave, but began to defensively move around a point in the void, and at this point in the void, new spaceships continued to emerge.

One, two, ten, one hundred... a thousand spaceships appeared.

These spaceships are large and small, and the largest is twice the size of the Nozomi.

The smallest one is smaller than the village-level spacecraft.

Among them, there are five largest spacecraft. Lu Chen and others who saw this scene through monitoring satellites concluded that it should be the flagship spacecraft of the Lucca civilization.

After these years of improvement, Nozomi is already a standard township spacecraft.

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The two dwarven spaceships also developed to the township level.

After all the more than a thousand spaceships appeared, they began to speed up sailing.

Lu Chen saw that on the surface of these spacecraft, a dark green light suddenly appeared, like a cover, covering the entire hull.

After a while, Lu Chen suddenly lost the image data of these spacecraft.

"They destroyed our satellite." Ding Dacheng said.

Lu Chen nodded. Between Tianyuan A and B, there were countless satellites and probes waiting for them.

Along the way, Lu Chen never saw the images of these spaceships again.

But through the location of the destroyed satellites, he can still clearly infer the location of these spacecraft at the moment.

"A day later, they will reach Tianyuan B orbit. We must launch an attack wherever they are, or it won't arouse their suspicion."

Lu Chen said, "There is no doubt that they have shield technology. , I just don’t know. In addition to the shield technology, what weapons they have beyond my imagination.

In our previous deductions, high-energy laser weapons and super energy weapons are at the same level as the shield technology. They should have These two weapons. The

rest, material annihilation weapons, proton-neutron-class decay weapons should not yet exist. In other words, their spacecraft, the average combat power is two to three times higher than our frigate.

Then, their civilization , It should be the pinnacle of level three, maybe even the early stage of level 4."

"However, as long as we lure them to the track of Tianyuan 4A, we can give him a feast that will make them crazy and even desperate. "Lu Chen said,

"But! They have a total of 1,000 spaceships, and we, plus space fighters, only have 1,500 spacecraft! If we can really lure them into Tianyuan A. We will have a big one. Chance to win!" Du Fei said.

Ding Dacheng and Du Fei were also in the captain's room at this time.

They are observing and analyzing the direction of this war and so on.

One day later, the spacecraft of the Lucca civilization was captured by the satellite on Tianyuan B again.

They are indeed heading to Tianyuan A, and have reached the outer orbit of Tianyuan B.

"If you want to catch us humans, and then raise us in captivity, you can dream."

Lu Chen gritted his teeth and thought, coldly watching the fleet group on the screen start searching and destroying various satellites one by one.

The war is finally coming.

This battle is likely to be another battle that determines the survival of mankind.

If the Lucca civilization is not fooled.

If they are strong enough, they can still find Hope.

The Hope is likely to be unable to escape.

So, this battle.

It's really likely to be a battle of life and death.

"Order, start attacking!" Lu Chen suddenly said to Du Fei.

The other party has already begun to destroy various satellites on Tianyuan B in large numbers. If they don't fight back, it would be too fake.

Lu Chen was sure that this Lucca civilization must be the old fritters of space war.

In front of them, human beings cannot reveal too many flaws.

Otherwise, all preparations may be in vain.

Du Fei responded and directly passed the order to the military combat command and control department.

Precisely targeted weapons, miniature nuclear bombs whose size is reduced to several times smaller than ordinary bullets!

Through electromagnetic coil acceleration technology, these miniature nuclear bombs can reach a speed of 6,000 kilometers per second!

In Tianyuan B orbit, there are two frigate-class spacecraft, 300 space fighter-class spacecraft, and more than 20 shuttles.

In addition to the six armed satellites at Tianyuan B and the space-based fort, nearly 30 million micro-nuclear bombs were launched at this instant.


more than one thousand spaceships of the Lucca civilization.

In Lu Chen's combat plan, these miniature nuclear bombs will consume the energy of the opponent's shield.

This is a flood of bullets without a doubt.

This trick can also be called consumption flow tactics.

Without exaggeration.

These torrents of bullets are enough to destroy all fleets of a second-level cosmic civilization!

But beyond everyone's expectations,

these bullets basically did not cause much damage to the opponent.

The over-distance communication satellite arranged by humans in advance transmitted such a picture.

These bullets, after approaching within 100,000 kilometers of the Lucca Civilization Fleet, all the bullets suddenly turned red, and after less than twenty seconds, they exploded in the void.

In the distance, a large bright spot appeared, one after another, like stars in the sky.

Each flash of light means that a bullet has done useless work.

"What kind of technology is this! I haven't detected any laser weapon interception! Why do these bullets explode on their own!" Lu Chen said in surprise, and the others were shocked.

Obviously, they are also a bit despising each other's technology.

Thirty million bullets exploded at least 99% because of this unknown interception method.

The remaining one percent of the micro-nuclear bombs, after breaking through numerous obstacles, entered the enemy fleet, and after another laser interception, the remaining bullets finally hit the target.

Lu Chen saw that when these last bullets hit the target, a dark green light suddenly appeared on the surface of the opponent's spacecraft, quickly neutralizing the white light from the bullet explosion, and both disappeared invisible.

The final result came out.

Lu Chen saw that 30 million bullets, enough to destroy the entire secondary cosmic civilization of the bullet torrent, only eliminated three Lucca civilization spacecraft. It is the smallest spacecraft, smaller than Xiao Yu's village-level spacecraft, and there are only three!

Lu Chen was shocked, but there was no time to analyze the cause.

Because he observed that the Luka civilization spacecraft had already made an attack.