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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 341-350) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 341

He remembered clearly that Yun Lao's bracelet was exactly the same as this one, with 42 beads, indicating the forty-two position in the process of cultivation.

That is, ten dwellings, ten elements, ten directions, and equal and wonderful enlightenment.

And each bead is the same size, but the color is slightly different, and not the same kind of jade.

He didn't think there was such a coincidence in the world.

This bracelet must be old by Yun.

"Why is Lao Yun's bracelet here? Did something happen to him? But who can hurt him?"

Lu Chen's mood fluctuated. Although he was confident that his cultivation base was stronger than Yun Lao, there shouldn't be many who could hurt Yun Lao?

Is it the powerhouse of the Xiao family?

Lu Chen was a little upset. The most annoying thing at this time was that not only was he unable to contact his father, but he also didn't know if something happened to Mr. Yun.

"What's wrong?" Lin Yijun asked, seeing that Lu Chen's mood was not right.

"Nothing." Lu Chen shook his head and looked at the screen, "I want to take a picture of this item, no matter how much it costs."

"Is this bracelet really amazing?" Lin Yijun asked curiously.

"It's not something that is not magical, but it is probably something that I am acquainted with. I have to photograph it."

Lu Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. He also wanted to find out how the bracelet came to Yuanzhou Group.

At this time Chengquan has not yet bid, but the price has reached 200 million.

But after 200 million, many people stopped.

Because at this time, Cheng Quan shouted a high price of 220 million yuan.

"Everyone, it's okay. Don't be afraid of me. You can bid. I lack everything, but I don't lack money." Cheng Quan saw that no one was competing with him, and couldn't help but smile.

It might be that Lu Chen had just slapped twice. He wanted someone to get angry first, and wanted to see who would really dare to bid with him.

But when he heard this, the others didn't dare to make a noise.

You're all the fucking talking about it, who would dare to compete with you, isn't that just looking for death?

Of course, that is for other people.

"Two hundred thirty million."

At this moment, Lu Chen reported a number.

When everyone saw that it was Lu Chen's private room, their minds suddenly became active again.

Lu Chen dared to slap in the face just now, and now he has to bid with him again. This is a complete blow.

"There is a good show to watch today."

"Yes, but I still think that the foreigner will suffer."

"Aren't you nonsense? In Dali, fighting against a married family is just asking for trouble. Although these two people can also sit in the top ViP area, they are definitely unable to make a family."

Amid all the discussions, Cheng Quan's face suddenly became quite ugly.

Lu Chen slapped him in the face openly.

Of course, he was beaten just now, but he didn't dare to fight back.

"Two hundred and fifty million!" Cheng Quan snorted and looked at Lu Chen who was avoiding him.

There was provocation in his eyes.

He is not calling for money, he wants to see how far the other party dares to fight him.

How could Lu Chen call for this money?

Mo said that this is probably Yun Lao's bracelet. Even if it weren't, he would take pictures of it at the cost of the bracelet alone.

"Two hundred and sixty million."

Lu Chen reported the number again.

Although he is not calling for money, he is not stupid. He has to add tens of millions to the auctioneer for nothing.

"Three hundred million!" Cheng Quan was a little annoyed, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to dare to increase the price.

The auctioneer laughed and closed his mouth, 300 million, which has far exceeded their expectations.

Seeing that the price had risen to 300 million, the others were full of energy and wanted to see if Lu Chen dared to increase it.

300 million to buy a bracelet, no matter how amazing it is, it is already a big loss.

No matter what bracelet, it can't be worth so much.

"Three hundred and ten million." Lu Chen still quoted the price in a daze, adding only ten million each time.

Anyway, Chengquan dares to follow, he dares to add.

Chengquan vomited blood, unexpectedly Lu Chen would dare to snatch him, does he really have so much money?

"400 million!" Cheng Quan reported loudly after gritting his teeth.

He wanted to make the opponent shrink with absolute aura.

Everyone was once again shocked by the aura of perfection.

400 million!

Just for a bracelet!

They all felt that Cheng Quan was a bit crazy.

So does he dare to follow this local tyrant?

Everyone got up and looked at Lu Chen's private room.

"Four hundred and ten million." Lu Chen still made an unobtrusive offer.


Everyone felt a roaring brain.

He even dared to bargain, is he really not afraid of perfection, not afraid of starting a family?

Chengjia is the emperor of Dali. If you dare to bid with Chengquan like this, you are not afraid of not leaving Dali?

At this moment, Zheng Qiu and Zhou Hua couldn't believe it and looked at Lu Chen's box.

Both felt that Lu Chen was crazy.

If you don't talk about bidding, you still keep bidding in such a calm manner, which is completely insulting to perfection.

"Boy, you bid randomly, Lao Tzu suspects that you can't pay at all!" Cheng Quan stood up a little excited, and shouted Lu Chen, who was running away.

He didn't believe that Lu Chen really wanted to buy this bracelet. He felt that Lu Chen had deliberately carried him to make him spend a little more wrongly.

Everyone was also a little suspicious, did that kid really carry it on purpose?

"That's something that the auctioneer should worry about. It's your ass? If you have money, continue to add it, and if you don't have money, shut up." Lu Chen said with an angry look of fulfillment, jokingly.

"Can't afford it?" Chengquan snorted coldly, and said: "I have nothing to achieve, but the damn is not short of money. I will follow 500 million in this round. Do you dare to follow it again?

Cheng Quan looked at Lu Chen proudly.

Five hundred million, he was angrily following, he didn't believe Lu Chen still dared to follow him.

Five hundred million is not a small amount. Even if their family assets are more than ten billion, they are total assets and current funds are only two or three billion.

Moreover, he is already the only seedling in the family, but he has the authority of 500 million at most, and no matter how much he is, he will only ask him for it in person.

"Are you crazy? Five hundred million! I feel like Cheng Daxiao is a little angry now."

"It must be a pity. Even if they get rich and have a family, the money will not be spent like this."

"Now that guy is completely offended by Cheng Da Young. Is he really not afraid to kill them after Cheng Quan?"

Everyone opened their mouths again, feeling that they were all crazy.

But Chengquan was so crazy, he was also forced by that guy, and that guy was simply not afraid of death.

"Five hundred and ten million." Lu Chen was calm and calm, even his tone of voice did not change, he was still so calm.

When he said this, the audience was surprised again.

Chapter: 342

Chengquan buys a bracelet for 500 million, that is because Chengquan has this strength, and it also has the money to become a family.

But this guy from outside, can he really spend so much money to bid for this bracelet?

Everyone felt incredible.

Who can buy a bracelet for 500 million yuan?

Cheng Quan also stood up in a rush, staring at Lu Chen.

Five hundred million is already his limit, no matter how much, he can't get it out.

"I asked for verification of his assets. I seriously doubt that he has no ability to construct sales!"

Cheng Quan said loudly that he had reached his limit, but he had to take off this bracelet, so he had to use this method to force Lu Chen back.

Others also began to wonder whether Lu Chen really had such strength.

"Is this guy really good at mouth? He really can buy a bracelet for 500 million yuan?"

"Yes, I feel that he deliberately carried Cheng Shao, and he came here."

"Is he really not afraid of death? He offends Cheng Cheng in this way, it will only make Cheng Cheng even more angry."

Everyone looked at Lu Chen's private room one after another and started talking in a low voice.

At this time, the entire auction house was surprisingly quiet.

Everyone was ready to watch Lu Chen make a fool of himself.

To be honest, although Chengquan is in Dali, in the eyes of everyone, because Lu Chen is a foreigner, of course they prefer Chengquan to a little bit, and they all hope to see Lu Chen embarrassed.

Especially Zheng Qiu and Zhou Hua.

In order to fight for face in front of Lu Chen, they spent a hundred wronged money.

"Where's Liu Xing, I want to verify his assets. Didn't you hear me?" Cheng Quan exasperated after seeing no one coming for a long time.

"Cheng Shao, there is no problem with this gentleman's assets. We have verified it." Manager Liu ran over and gave Cheng Quan a respectful explanation.

"I seriously suspect that you must have made a mistake. I ask you to make another rigorous verification of his assets." Cheng Quan said in a deep voice, and he looked at Manager Liu coldly, his words full of threats.

Manager Liu frowned. Although he didn't dare to offend him, he trembled at the thought of Lu Chen's twelve-figure deposit.

Such a big boss, don't say it is him, even his boss, he dare not provoke him.

"Cheng Shao, sorry, our machine is imported from Europe, there is absolutely no problem, and we have also reported this to the boss, our company is absolutely fair and notarized." Manager Liu explained.

"If you can't afford to pay, that's Yuanzhou Group's business. Don't you think it's too lenient for you to take a mouse? If you don't have money, just go back and eat milk, don't be embarrassed here." Lu Chen looked at him playfully. Fulfilled.

"What the hell are you talking about, I don't have money?" Cheng Quan was very angry, he grew up so old, and no one dared to say this to him.

No money?

If he had no money when he got married, there would be few rich people in China.

Cheng Cheng shouted angrily: "I'm out of 600 million, you just follow the fuck if you have the seed, I want to see who gets this bracelet today!"

Everyone was taken aback by the momentum of completion.

600 million!

This is so crazy!

If the foreigner is not stupid, surely he won't follow it again, right?

This bracelet, to be honest, it is impossible to be worth a hundred million, but it was sold at a sky-high price of six hundred million, which is simply incredible.

At this time, even the auctioneer was quiet. He should be excited for such a high price.

But at this time, he only felt a little depressed.

Some difficulty breathing.

This is no longer a simple auction, this is going to happen.

"you win."

In the eyes of everyone's expectation, Lu Chen jokingly smiled and stopped increasing the price.

He knew that Cheng Quan had already offended him to death today, and Cheng Quan would definitely not let him go.

Especially after pitting him hundreds of millions, success will definitely find him desperately.

So why did he spend hundreds of millions of dollars to sell this necklace?

Take the free one directly from Chengquan.

Yes, it is to take, not to grab.

And the whole family must be delivered to him personally.

Everyone was a little dumbfounded.

Lu Chen stopped following.

He really came to perfection?

Originally, if it were not for him to raise the price, it would cost 200 million yuan to win the bracelet, but he abruptly raised the price to 600 million, I am afraid it would be crazy!

Yes, Chengquan is going crazy at this time.

He originally wanted to raise the price again, and then he could give it to Lu Chen, which he didn't want.

But he didn't really want it. He was going to wait for Lu Chen to take the photo before snatching it from Lu Chen.

He believed that as long as he was in Dali, he could snatch the bracelet from Lu Chen.

And his people have already arrived outside the auction house, and they can do it only after the auction house ends.

Unexpectedly, Lu Chen would stop following!

This is what he never thought of.

With the invisible aura that Lu Chen had shown before, he felt that Lu Chen would definitely win this bracelet.

"Do you dare to pit me?" Cheng Quan pointed to Lu Chen angrily, his eyes bursting with fire.


In the next instant, when Lu Chen raised his hand, the red wine glass in his hand was taken out, flew directly over the partition of the box, and hit Cheng Quan's forehead.

The partition between the box and the box was not high. When Lu Chen took the shot, Cheng Quan didn't see it. When he saw the red wine glass flying over, it was too late to avoid it, and it was smashed to the ground.

"Stupid X, I just cheated you, come and beat me if you don't agree?" Lu Chen looked at completion with disdain.

Yes, when Chengquan bid 300 million, Lu Chen had already given up.

But he just wants to make it happen.

Because he was afraid of previous grudges, it was not enough for Cheng Quan to find his trouble.

He is going to add another fire.

He vomited blood with anger, it was the first time he was insulted in public.

"Boy, you have a kind, we'll see you outside in a while!" Cheng Quan said through gritted teeth.

"Okay, why don't you wait for me outside for a while?" Lu Chen looked at completion jokingly.

Of course he will not go out now.

He still has things to do.

"Do you think you can stay here for a lifetime?" Cheng Quan looked at Lu Chen jokingly, and he immediately felt that Lu Chen must be asking Yuanzhou Group to protect him.

But this is Dali. Although the boss of Yuanzhou Group is also very powerful, he also gives them a face in starting a family.

Lu Chen smiled. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Manager Liu coming over.

"Sir, we, Mr. Hua, would like to see you, and we also ask you to admire you and move around." Manager Liu said respectfully to Lu Chen.

"Okay, I just want to see him too." Lu Chen smiled, got up and carried the peacock wedding dress, took Lin Yijun and Qiqi and left the box with Manager Liu.

Chapter: 343

When Lu Chen went to see Yuanzhou’s boss, he was certainly not afraid of Cheng Quan. He was definitely not afraid of Cheng Quan. He was afraid that Cheng Quan would not come to him.

He went to see Yuanzhou’s boss, of course, to find out who sold the bracelet to Yuanzhou Group.

The owner of Yuanzhou Group is Hualun, 40 years old, one of the country's ten billionaires.

In addition to the auction house, he also has a fleet that specializes in foreign trade.

When Lu Chen's family and Manager Liu came to a large reception room, they saw Hua Lun sitting on the sofa.

With a height of about 1.75 meters, a clean flat head, and a Tang suit, he is very energetic.

"Brother Lu, take the liberty to call your couple over. Please forgive me. My name is Hua Lun. You can also call me Hua Ge." Hua Lun got up and greeted Lu Chen to sit down.

"Boss Hua, did you come to me for something special?" Lu Chen generously sat down on the sofa opposite to Hua Lun so that he could be called brother. There are not many people in this world.

When Warren heard Lu Chen only call him Boss Hua, his eyes condensed, but he returned to normal in a flash.

"Brother Lu offended Chengquan, I'm afraid it's hard to deal with it. Getting married is the Emperor of Dali, but they will definitely give me Warren a little bit of face." Warren said as he watched Lu Chen, he wanted to see that Lu Chen was not on the road. .

"Emperor of Dali? But in my eyes, they are not farts. Of course, I still have to thank Boss Hua for his kindness. I have the opportunity to go to Yuzhou and I will be the host." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

Lu Chen's strength did not show the mountains or the water, but it shocked Warren's heart.

There are, but not many, people who don’t put a family in their eyes.

Especially on the site of a family.

Although this young man is rich, if you want to deal with a family, you must be rich.

To be able to become a native emperor in Dali, of course, has the means to cover the sky.

But he suddenly thought of Lu Chen's last words, and his mind was shocked.

"Lu, brother Lu is from Yuzhou? Your accent is more like Beijing?"

Warren stared at Lu Chen in disbelief.

There are four big families in Yuzhou, he certainly knows.

But to talk about Yuzhou's richest man, it must be the boss of Yiqi Technology.

Since they developed the YQ01 space engine and Mi100 six-generation fighters, the world has known about this science and technology park.

Some people have even compared it with the two super scientific research giants of the M Empire, Keiya and NASA.

Someone has investigated the boss of Yiqi Technology. It is said that if his Yiqi Technology goes public, its market value must be more than 100 billion US dollars.

Of course, if they are not listed, the personal assets of the owner of Yiqi Technology are estimated to be more than 100 billion yuan.

Otherwise, how could he dare to invest 50 billion in the science and technology park.

Is he really the boss of Yiqi Technology?

Warren was uncertain.

"I am originally from Beijing, but I have stayed in Yuzhou for more than ten years." Lu Chen said lightly.

"I may be a little presumptuous, but I know that the only real rich man in Yuzhou is the boss of Yiqi Technology. This is something everyone knows." Warren smiled awkwardly and looked at Lu Chen tentatively.

"Yes, I'm Lu Chen, the boss of Yiqi Technology. This is no secret." Lu Chen smiled calmly, without any overlordness in his eyes, and even talked plainly.

But it made Warren's mind tremble.

Needless to say, the boss of Yiqi Technology is just a metamorphosis of wealth.

It is said that he is taking the path of cooperation with the military. For this reason, in order to protect Yiqi Technology, the military has to station a 5,000-strong force next to the science and technology park. This is completely the treatment of the national heavy arsenal.

It can be seen that the background behind it has far exceeded his wealth.

With such a deep background, it's no wonder people dare to say that starting a family is nothing in his eyes.

"It turned out to be Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu came to our company for auction. It really made my company prosperous." Warren sighed. How dare to call Brother Lu again and hurriedly changed his name.

"Are you still looking for me?" Lu Chen asked, interrupting the subject.

"No, no, I just want to remind Mr. Lu that Chengjia may target you." Warren smiled awkwardly. He originally wanted to blackmail Lu Chen and then help Lu Chen negotiate with Chengjia.

But at this time, he realized how bold and stupid his previous ideas were.

"If it's okay, please check one thing for me. If it's done, it won't lose your benefits." Lu Chen said.

"Mr. Lu, it's an honor to be able to help you." Warren's eyes lit up.

In the past two years, his company has reached a bottleneck. If he can really get Lu Chen's help and give him some business, he will be able to revitalize his somewhat quiet group company again.

"Who brought the Jade Blood Chain that was just auctioned off to you for auction? Or where did you get the bracelet?"

"You don't have to doubt, I can tell you clearly, that bracelet belongs to an old friend of mine, I just want to find him."

"Of course, if the other party is very strong, you can notify me in time. If you can't protect your company, I will lose to Lu Chen."

"I have to figure this out. No one can stop me."

Lu Chen looked at Hua Lun, without threats or inducements.

But for this reason, he believes that as long as Warren is not stupid, he will not be against him.

Although he had some doubts in his heart that it might be the Xiao family, he had no evidence and didn't know much about the hidden family.

It is also possible that Mr. Yun has provoked some more powerful hidden families. ,

The most important thing is that even in the Xiao family, he has no clue, and doesn't know any details about the Xiao family.

So he has to seize this clue and investigate it.

Because this involves the reputation of the company, Warren suddenly fell silent.

For customers who come to send auctions and auction customer information, they must be kept secret.

If they leak customer information, they will not only offend the customer, but also violate laws and regulations.

"I, Yiqi Technology, will launch three top technologies that have not yet appeared. I can ask you Yuanzhou Group to represent one of them. Think about it, and let me know if you think about it. I will stay in Dali these days. "Lu Chen said, leaving his connection method on the coffee table, and then went out with his family.

Although Mr. Yun's affairs made him very anxious, he knew that there were some things that he didn't get in a hurry.

Just accompany your family well these days, and then slowly solve this matter in a few days.

At that time, if Warren still doesn't know what's good or bad, he can only use tough methods.

Chapter: 344

When Lu Chen's family came out of the Yuanzhou Group, he was a little surprised that he didn't find a perfect person.

He remembered what it meant before, that someone was waiting for them outside.

Moreover, the sudden change in the work attitude of the staff of Yuanzhou Group made him smile knowingly.

"It seems that Warren has accepted your proposal." Lin Yijun said when seeing this situation.

This must be Warren's greeting, and his company employees are so kind to them.

There are also those who are perfect, it is estimated that they were also bombed away by Warren.

Although getting married is in Dali, Warren's power is not small at this time.

It is not impossible for him to break his wrists with the married family.

In particular, he did this to act in front of Lu Chen, and of course it was worth him to do this.

"I am an agent of advanced technology, enough to get his company to one or two grades again, and his heart is normal." Lu Chen said.

He believed that Warren would definitely call him in these two or three days.

Of course, he is not in a hurry.

After the two got in the car, they bought a better suit, and then went directly to the wedding photo shooting company.

At this time, the lady proprietor of the wedding photo knew that Lu Chen were not only local tyrants, but also very embarrassing local tyrants.

Therefore, both of them are very polite to Lu Chen.

As for Lu Chen's offense, the lady boss didn't care at all.

These gods fighting has nothing to do with mortals like them. They only need to buy melon seeds and be a leisurely crowd eating melons.

Of course, if you can get a certain benefit in it, it will be more perfect.

So Lu Chen and the two came to the door again. The lady boss was very polite, and even she herself was a little suspicious of herself with the thoughtful service.

But Lu Chen just invited a professional photographer.

It just so happens that this is already the best wedding photography company in Dali, just ask a photographer here to help them make up the wedding dresses.

The proprietress called the three best photographers in the store. Originally, she wanted Lu Chen to choose one by herself. Lu Chen didn't know which of the three would shoot better, so she hired all three.

Lin Yijun put on a peacock wedding dress in the shop, and her face was full of happiness.

Lin Yijun at this time is as beautiful as a peacock fairy descending to the world.

Not only the proprietress and the people in the store were dumbfounded, but even Lu Chen's eyes lit up, as if he had never found Lin Yijun to be so beautiful.

At this moment, he finally understood why women like to wear wedding dresses when they get married.

Because the wedding dress can really show a person's beauty perfectly.

Especially like this noble wedding dress, it shows Lin Yijun's temperament vividly.

At this moment, the eyes of the lady boss and other women were full of envy and jealousy.

"Mom is so beautiful!" Qiqi ran over and said.

Lin Yijun lowered her head, kissed Qiqi happily, and hugged her directly into her arms.

At this time, Lu Chen also put on the suit he bought, and then the family took three photographers, left the bridal shop, and went straight to Cangshan.

Their itinerary has basically been arranged. Today, they will shoot their wedding dresses in Cangshan, and tomorrow they will go to Erhai Lake and Fengqing Island.

Then let the special plane come to take Lin Yijun and Qiqi back to Yuzhou.

Of course Lu Chen still had to stay to deal with some things.


While Lu Chen’s family was enjoying their vacation, Cheng Gongming, the owner of the married family, found Hua Lun, the boss of Yuanzhou Group.

Cheng Gongming was Cheng Quan's grandfather. Before Cheng Quan, he had asked someone to settle Lu Chen in Yuanzhou Group.

Unexpectedly, Warren would not give him any face, and directly blasted away all the people who were perfect. ,

This made Cheng Quan quite angry, but he did not easily go to Warren, because he knew Warren might not give him face.

So he found his grandfather and told him about Warren bullying him.

Then Cheng Gongming went directly to find Warren in order to vent his anger to his grandson.

But it took more than an hour before Warren came to see him, which made Cheng Gongming very angry.

"Warren, you don't have a small face right now. I waited for you for an hour before you came to see me." Cheng Gongming said very annoyed when they met.

"Oh, what is Cheng Lao talking about? You came too suddenly and didn't notify me in advance. How do I know that I came all the way here." Warren looked apologetic. But his tone didn't make any sense of sorry.

Yes, he deliberately wanted to cool down to become Gongming.

In the past, he had to settle for a family because he wanted to build a branch here, but at this time, he has already been arrogant, and of course he doesn't need to care too much about starting a family.

Marriage has been rampant in Dali for too long. Now that I have provoked the boss of Yiqi Technology, it's time to give up their throne.

Warren had his own plan in mind.

If Lu Chen can really suppress the start of a family, and he cooperates with Lu Chen, then in the next few decades, or even longer, it is estimated that he should have the final say in Dali as a whole.

"Huh, Warren, you seem to have forgotten how you begged me when you opened a branch in Dali." Cheng Gongming snorted coldly.

"I haven't forgotten to thank you all these years. Didn't I give you a big gift every year? Don't you think it is enough." Warren said with a smile.

Cheng Gongming snorted heavily, and said, "I'm not talking about this. My grandson was cheated by hundreds of millions at your auction. It was even more embarrassing. Not only did you not help him, but you also took his People are gone, don’t you think I’m married? You must give me an account of this matter!"

"I'm a bit wronged when I'm old." Warren said with a wry smile, "First of all, I'm not familiar with that customer. Whether he really deliberately raised the price with Chengquan, I don't know at all, and I was not there at the time, right. Secondly, my company has a policy that outsiders are not allowed to make trouble at the door of our company. My employees acted according to the rules and accidentally injured the person of Chengquan Son. I am also very sorry."

"How about this, if those people feel wronged, how about I give them a bit of compensation?" Warren looked at Cheng Gongming.

"Warren, do you think I really don't know what you want to do? Do you think your wings are hard and you can get rid of us and start a family?"

Cheng Gongming looked at Warren indifferently, and said in a deep voice, "I will put the words here today. Either you will contact that kid and ask him to come to my grandson to kneel down and apologize, or you will just wait and see if I am fulfilled. How to leave you with nothing!"

Chapter: 345

Warren didn't care about Cheng Gongming's threat.

He shrugged and said, "I'm old, listen to my persuasion, this matter will just pass away. If you continue to make trouble, you may regret it forever."

When he said this, Cheng Gongming's whole body trembled, and he didn't expect Warren to threaten him.

In Dali, the branch of Yuanzhou Group was supported by him. He did not expect that Warren was such a white-eyed wolf.

"Warren, you are fine, you actually threatened me to come to Gongming. If I didn't cross your Yuanzhou Group a little bit by Cheng Gongming, my damn name would not be Cheng!" Cheng Gongming said angrily and waved his hand. , Left Warren's office.

Watching Cheng Gongming leaving angrily from the window, Warren narrowed his eyes.

"It has been too long for a family to dominate in Dali. I hope the boss of Yiqi Technology can completely suppress their prestige this time."

Obviously in his mind, although getting married is strong, in front of Yiqi Technology, it is really just scum.

That's why he didn't hesitate to turn his face with the married family, but also stood on Lu Chen's side.

He had already thought about it, waiting for Lu Chen's family to enjoy their vacation today, and tomorrow he will tell Lu Chen the origin of the Jade Blood Chain.

When Warren was about to go out to play, the phone rang suddenly.

He took it out and saw that it was an unfamiliar number, which was in the capital area.

He frowned. It didn't look like an advertising number, but he did not have many acquaintances in the capital.

So he clicked to answer.

"Are you?" Warren asked after connecting.

"You don't care who I am, you are not qualified to know who I am. You only need to know that I want to cross your company, it's just a matter of minutes." As soon as the other party connected, he was forced to install on the sky.

"Neurotic." Warren snorted coldly and was about to hang up.

In his opinion, this must be a trick to get married.

The family power is strong enough, but it is still a bit difficult to bankrupt his company.

As he is today, he has long been eager to compare with Cheng Gongming.

"Boy, don't believe me, my power in the capital is far from what you can imagine as an ant. If you want to test my details, I can leave you with nothing within today. You listen to me, listen. Say that Lu Chen asked you about the origin of the Biblood chain, right? I will give you two ways, one is to kill Lu Chen, and the other is to lure him to the capital according to my instructions." Just in Hualun When he wanted to hang up, the other party's extremely arrogant words made him stop hanging up.

"Who are you? How do I trust you?" Warren asked tremblingly.

From the other party's words, he had already guessed that the other party was definitely not the one who arranged the family.

The Cheng family didn't even know that Lu Chen was asking about the origins of Bixuelian.

Only a few people in his company knew about this incident. Obviously, a traitor appeared in his company and revealed the incident to the capital.

Although he was angry, it was not the time to adapt the traitor.

"Boy, let me give you some information. Yiqi Technology is very powerful and has military relations, but in our eyes, he is just an ant." The other party said proudly.

Warren was shocked, but he didn't expect the other party to have such a strong tone.

To make Lu Chen inseparable from Dali, isn't this to openly oppose him?

Yiqi Technology is so powerful that it can be wiped out with a single finger. How could he provoke Lu Chen?

Get married!

Warren's eyes suddenly lit up and thought of a strategy of killing two birds with one stone.

He didn't care about recruiting Lu Chen, but he believed even more that the person on the phone was even more terrifying than he thought.

Being able to unknowingly not place a chess piece beside him shows that the opponent does have the ability to destroy his company within a day.

Although Lu Chen allowed him to provoke him, he still made a choice he felt was the right choice compared with the company's destruction.

This time, it would be better if the married family could keep Lu Chen in Dali, if not, then he would lure Lu Chen to the capital step by step.

"I took such a big risk, what can I get?" Although Warren made a choice, he still wanted to make more profit.

"You are not qualified to negotiate terms with me. If you don't believe it, you can try to see if I can bankrupt your company today." The other party threatened unceremoniously.

Warren trembled and said, "Okay, I promise you that if you can't kill Lu Chen, you will lure him to the capital."

"Well, you know the current affairs well. Give you three days. If you can't kill him, you must lead me to the capital. Then I will give you instructions." The other party said and hung up.

Warren took a deep breath. He didn't expect Lu Chen to have such a powerful enemy.

But thinking of Lu Chen's Beijing accent, he said he was relieved.

He sat down again, took out a cigar and lit it.

This is his favorite cigarette after success.

Especially every time he thinks about a problem, he will come up with a point.

He felt the smell of cigar, which stimulated his nerves and made him more awake.

"I hope I won't fight the wrong team this time."

Warren thought for a long time, and he didn't make a decision until he finished smoking a cigar.

He still felt that Lu Chen might not be able to beat the opponent.

There are two reasons that made him firm this idea.

The first was that he felt that Lu Chen was too young and too domineering. He felt that Lu Chen was too tender in front of the real super bosses.

The second is his natural respect for the big bosses in Beijing.

In fact, this is not just him, as it is said that being born in the imperial city is three cents expensive. Beijing is a place where power is concentrated, where is it comparable in the locality?

Although Lu Chen had a military background, it was not enough for him to fight the big boss in Beijing.

Moreover, he also wanted to see if Lu Chen was really that powerful.

Putting out the cigarette butt, Warren's eyes showed a sullen look. He picked up the phone and dialed out a number.

It was Cheng Gongming who had just returned home.

"Cheng Lao, you want to see Lu Chen, right? I can arrange for him to meet with you, even on your home. As for what you are going to do after meeting, that's your business." Warren directly Said.

Cheng Gongming was still in anger at this time. He received a soft phone call from Hua Lun. He sneered and said sarcastically, "Warren, I thought you were a fucking hero. You are just a cartilage shrimp."

Regarding Cheng Gongming’s irony, Warren said indifferently, “It was Cheng Lao who helped me back then, so I have the status that I am today. How can I get through with Cheng Lao.”

"Hahaha" Cheng Gongming laughed triumphantly, and said, "If you know you guys, go and make arrangements. I will see him tonight."

Chapter: 346

After hanging up Warren's phone, seeing grandson Chengquan still look upset, Cheng Gongming walked over and smiled: "Why, don't you believe Grandpa?"

Cheng Quan's eyes lit up and asked, "Grandpa, what did Warren say?"

He hadn't gone out for a day, because he was slapped in the face by Lu Chen, and he was slapped by Lu Chen's price by several hundred million.

The most important thing is that the person he called was blasted away by Warren.

If he doesn't mutilate waste Lu Chen, how can he go out with the face?

"Hmph, grandpa personally comes forward, how dare he not listen to grandpa's arrangements? Unless he doesn't want to hang out in Dali." Cheng Gongming said proudly.

At this moment, he was simply proud of the spring breeze.

When he was rejected by Warren before, he was indeed very angry, but at this time Warren suddenly surrendered to him, making him feel that he was still the god of Dali when he became Gongming.

"How did Grandpa deal with it?" Cheng Quan asked impatiently.

"Warren invited the kid named Lu to our house tonight, and then we will slowly accommodate him." Cheng Gongming smiled.

"Okay, okay, tonight, I will let the kid kneel in front of us and watch me humiliate his wife." Cheng Quan shook his fists excitedly, thinking of Lin Yijun's beautiful beauty, although Lin Yijun was married and gave birth to a child, he simply I'm not calling. On the contrary, he prefers the kind of charming mature women.

"As long as you don't kill anyone, in Dali, if you don't kill anyone, you can play whatever you want." Cheng Gongming said dotingly.

"Grandpa don't worry, I know this. I won't kill that kid, I want him to die."

Cheng Quan smiled gloomily.

In Dali, he is certainly not afraid of his grandfather supporting him.

He hadn't thought about how to concoct Lu Chen tonight, how to humiliate his woman in front of Lu Chen.

At this time, Lu Chen's family had just returned to the hotel from Cangshan. They were a little tired after spending a day taking a wedding dress.

Just when Lu Chen's family was eating, they received a call from Hua Lun.

"Mr. Lu, take the liberty to call you, and please forgive me. This is the case, don't you want to know the origin of the Jade Blood Chain? That person is here to get the money. I will meet him at Mingli Villa." Warren said.

"What time?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Eight o'clock in the evening," Warren said.

Lu Chen raised his hand and looked at his watch. There were two hours left, and he said, "Okay, I'll be there on time."

Seeing Lu Chen agreed, Warren also let out a long sigh of relief.

But his hand holding the phone was still trembling.

After all, this is the boss of Yiqi Technology. By doing this, he is blatantly opposed to Yiqi Technology.

Yiqi Technology's strength is beyond doubt, and he is not at all able to provoke it.

But thinking of that mysterious call, he gritted his teeth and made this choice.

"Don't blame me, I don't have a choice. Although your Yiqi Technology is in Yuzhou, you certainly don't dare to provoke those big bosses in Beijing. Although I don't want to be a direct enemy to you, I don't want my company. It went bankrupt overnight."

Warren put away the phone and said firmly.

Lu Chen, who hung up the phone at this time, looked at Lin Yijun apologetically and said, "Let’s come here first this holiday, and I will spend time with you next time."

"Because of getting married?" Lin Yijun asked.

"That's all trivial things, mainly because of the bracelet, that bracelet is Lao Yun, I have to figure out what happened to Lao Yun." Lu Chen said.

He knew that there might be a fight next, so he wanted Lin Yijun and Qiqi to go back first.

As long as he returned to Yuzhou, Yiqi Technology's absolute force at this time was enough to protect his family.

"Well, then you be careful, I will take Qiqi home first tomorrow.|" Lin Yijun nodded, Lu Chen told her about Yun Lao, she knows the relationship between Yun Lao and Lu Chen.

"No, I'll let them pick you up in a while." Lu Chen shook his head, then picked up the phone and called Du Fei.

It just so happened that it was very close to Guokang, and Du Fei didn't have much time to come over, the helicopter would arrive in half an hour at most.

Lu Chen has already applied for entry qualification in Kokang's armed helicopter, so the military will not interfere with the entry of his helicopter from Kokang.

But the fighter plane will not work, but he does not need to drive the fighter plane to the country.

After eating, they received a proper gift at the hotel. Within a few minutes, the helicopter from Du Fei and others arrived on the roof of their hotel.

A total of two helicopters arrived. Du Fei arranged one to send Lin Yijun and Qiqi back to Yuzhou, while the other one stayed at his command.

Lu Chen and Du Fei had a chat, and only after seeing the time was about to go to the manor that Hua Lun said about.

According to Hua Lun's positioning, Lu Chen came to a mansion. This was not a manor at all, but the most luxurious villa in Dali.

Seeing this scene, Lu Chen's eyes showed a playful smile.

Especially when he looked at the big word "marriage" at the door of the villa, the smile on his face became stronger.

After Lu Chen got out of the car, he saw Warren who was waiting beside him, and Warren walked over in person.

"Mr. Lu, here." Warren greeted enthusiastically.

"You arranged this matter well, it's pretty good." Lu Chen gave Warren a sarcastically, and a flash of murderous intent flashed before his eyes.

I don't know if he felt the killing intent in Lu Chen's eyes, or if he was a little guilty. Hearing what Lu Chen said, Warren's heart jumped subconsciously.

"It's an honor to work for President Lu." Warren laughed, concealing his guilty conscience.

"Well, that's good, I believe you, since you arranged it, there will definitely be no problem." Lu Chen said without a trace of irony in his eyes.

Warren just breathed a sigh of relief and listened to Lu Chen again: "Do you know what happens to those who oppose me?"

Warren became nervous, and suddenly became a little nervous.

He made this choice as a helpless move, so in front of Lu Chen, he was a little nervous.

But Lu Chen's words made him unable to understand what he meant.

"I don't know this too well." Warren smiled awkwardly and didn't know how to answer the topic. At this time, he felt an invisible pressure in front of Lu Chen.

This is the young man he has encountered the most incomprehensible in so many years of hard work.

To be honest, he had always suspected that Lu Chen was too young before, and in front of the big bosses in Beijing, it was not worth mentioning.

But at this time, he was suddenly shaken.

Is his remote choice really right?

"You'll know in a while." Lu Chen smiled indifferently, and walked into the villa first.

Chapter: 347

Watching Lu Chen walk to the villa first, Warren smeared a sweat secretly. He had never seen a young man with such a big aura before, and he was even a little afraid of Lu Chen coming.

Just a few uncommon words brought great pressure on him.

He thought to himself that even if Lu Chen fell into Chengjia's hands, if Chengjia couldn't kill Lu Chen, he and Chengjia would probably die.

But the most important thing is that he didn't dare to tell Chengjia about Lu Chen's identity, so would Chengjia kill him?

If he told Cheng Jia about Lu Chen's identity, he believed that Cheng Jia would definitely kneel down and apologize to Lu Chen.

"I hope I think more." Warren shook his head, comforted himself, and strode to follow Lu Chen's pace.

This is a married mansion, but the security guard saw that Hua Lun behind Lu Chen blinked at the security guard and opened the door to let Lu Chen enter.

At this time, Cheng Gongming and Cheng Quan were sitting on the sofa in a living room of the Chengjia villa. Behind them were more than a dozen burly men.

These big guys are all bodyguards hired by married families, and all of them are real professional bodyguards with extraordinary identities.

"Boom boom boom."

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, Cheng Quan said excitedly: "Come on, open the door."

As soon as his words fell, the servant next to him went to open the door, and then saw Lu Chen and Hua Lun walking in one after another.

"Boy, didn't you think about it?" Seeing Lu Chen coming in, Chengquan stood up, looking at Lu Chen with a sullen expression.

Lu Chen looked at Xia Chengquan, then looked at the group of bodyguards behind him, and said sarcastically, "I'm just here, so why bother to move the crowd like this."

"Boy, are you afraid? Just be afraid. If you knelt down and apologize, now Young Master Ben can consider whether to be a little bit lighter for a while." Cheng Quan laughed.


Lu Chen jokingly smiled, walked over to the married family sofa and sat down calmly, then slowly said, "There are many things in this world that scare me, but it definitely does not include coming to you to start a family."

Cheng Gongming kept looking at Lu Chen, Lu Chen's calmness and calmness caused him to frown.

This kid knew it was a trap, but he still dared to go to the meeting alone. This courage was not simple. Even if he was facing such a feast, he would definitely not dare to eat.

"Do you know that we are going to deal with you?" Cheng Gongming asked curiously.

Lu Chen raised the stage to look at Cheng Gongming, and said with a smile: "Of course I didn't know before, but I didn't realize it until I got to your villa."

He said, looking at Warren next to him, and said lightly: "I promise to represent you a cutting-edge technology product, why would you not be moved? You have to know that we will launch three cutting-edge technology products this year. The profit of each generation is at least 100 billion yuan. Such a big piece of cake, even if I take the big head of Yiqi Technology, you can easily make tens of billions in a year. I am very curious and get married. What kind of conditions can you give you so that you can be indifferent to my cutting-edge technology products?"

Yi, Yiqi Technology?

When the Cheng family heard Lu Chen's words, they all trembled.

In the past few months, Yiqi Technology is so famous, whether it is domestic or foreign, it is famous and famous.

Of course they also know about this newly emerging giant when they get married.

But, is he really the boss of Yiqi Technology?

Cheng Gongming and Cheng Quan both looked at Warren for the first time. They believed that Warren must know Lu Chen's identity.

Warren's mind trembled as well. He didn't expect that the cutting-edge technology products Lu Chen said would have such a large profit.

With a total profit of hundreds of billions, even if the bulk is owned by Yiqi Technology, he believes that as long as he becomes an agent, he will definitely make more than tens of billions.

His current net worth is just over 10 billion. If he chooses to cooperate with Yiqi Technology, wouldn't his net worth be doubled in a short time?

And it will definitely only get better in the future.

At this moment, Warren felt quite regretful.

He felt that he should think more about it before making the final decision.

But at this time it was too late to regret, he had taken the first step on the wrong path, and of course he had to continue in this direction.

"Old man, do you believe his nonsense?"

Seeing that both Master Cheng Quan looked at him, Warren hurriedly stabilized his mind, "I have his information here. This kid is indeed very rich, but only a deposit of more than 5 billion yuan. Think about it, Yiqi Technology is How powerful, it’s like a giant, their boss will only have billions of deposits? This is something that the whole world will not believe. The reason why he said this is that he found that he has entered our trap, no With a little trick, he won't be able to get out of this villa today."

Listening to Warren's analysis, Cheng Gongming nodded, thinking about it.

It is no secret that Yiqi Technology invested 50 billion yuan at the time, and the whole world knows it.

Moreover, the boss of Yiqi Technology still has several major industries. How can such a big and powerful person only have a few billion in deposits?

Moreover, if this kid is really the boss of Yiqi Technology, even if he gives Warren a little bit more courage, he firmly believes that Warren must not dare to start a family with them.

"Boy, I can't see that you are still clever, but unfortunately, in front of Cheng Gongming, all the scheming and hands are useless." Cheng Gongming laughed ironically.

"By the way, I will answer your previous question now."

Cheng Gongming seemed to be showing off, and continued: "You ask Warren what conditions I can give him when I get married, so he will betray you, right?"

Lu Chen shook his head and smiled: "It's not a betrayal, it's just that he is on the wrong team."

Warren is not his person, of course it is not a betrayal, at best it is just ignorance of the current affairs.

"Hmph, it's all the same." Cheng Gong was obviously very upset when Lu Chen interrupted him.

"You can listen clearly to the old man. Warren's company can rise in Dali because of me Chengquan's help. At this time, if he dares to betray me and start a family, he will also lose everything. You said that in this situation Under the circumstances, how dare he help you?" Cheng Gongming laughed.

Even though Warren was by their side at this time, he didn't put Warren in his eyes at all.

If Warren didn't call him to convince him, he would really admire Warren as a male hero, but since Warren called him to cooperate, he looked down on Warren even more.

In fact, how did he know that Warren never regarded him as Gongming Tai in his eyes?

The reason why he chose this path was just to kill Lu Chen with the help of a family.

Chapter: 348

"You are too tall to see you get married."

Lu Chen sneered and turned to Warren again: "Warren, or it's up to you, it's all this way, what else can you hide?"

He didn't believe that Warren's sudden cooperation with Chengjia was because of the pressure on Warren.

In his opinion, starting a family has not yet such great strength.

Maybe Warren’s Yuanzhou Group relied on getting married before, but the Yuanzhou Group at this time must have the strength to dare to break the hand with the marriage.

Well, it must be another bigger reason that caused Warren to take great risks to deal with him.

Warren's heart jumped, but soon he calmed down, but he also did not dare to look at Lu Chen's eyes.

He just looked at Cheng Gongming’s direction and said: “After you left my company, I received a call from Beijing. I don’t know who he is, but I believe he can bankrupt my company within a day and let I have nothing."

"What? You didn't agree to cooperate with us because you were afraid of me becoming Gongming?" Cheng Gongming asked.

Warren jokingly smiled, and said: "Song old, you are really outdated. In terms of the times, you don't want to check my Yuanzhou Group. Do you think I still care about you getting married?"

"You!" Cheng Gongming vomited blood, unexpectedly Warren dared to humiliate him.

Warren did this, of course, because Cheng Gongming repeatedly humiliated him, or he must have saved Cheng Gongming some face first.

Cheng Quan listened to the conversations of the people, only to realize that things were a little out of the control of their married family. He wanted to avenge Lu Chen and take Lu Chen's woman down, but at this time he found that things seemed to become more and more complicated.

"Warren, aren't you two afraid that you will never get out of the door of my family?" Cheng Quan threatened viciously.

Warren jokingly smiled and said, "I've already gotten into trouble with the big boss in Beijing, saying that you will definitely help kill Lu Chen when you get married. The big boss in Beijing said that if you can't kill Lu Chen, you will definitely get married. There is nothing left, so you should figure out how to take Lu Chen down.

I can tell you irresponsibly that he is indeed the boss of Yiqi Technology, Lu Chen, but he has offended the boss of Beijing, and the boss of Beijing wants him to die here today. Think about it yourself, if it’s not from the boss of Beijing The strength is stronger than Lu Chen. If he weren't really capable of making Warren nothing in a day, would I dare to fight the boss of Yiqi Technology?

What he just said is right. If I stand on his side, he really wants me to act as an agent for a high-end technology product, and the annual profit will be hundreds of billions. You should always believe me, that big boss in Beijing, so If you become a family with nothing, you must have this strength.

So, now you consider yourself whether or not to take Lu Chen. "

This is half true, but the boss threatened him to be true.

But the capital boss did not threaten to start a family.

But anyway, he doesn't know the truth about getting married. He has to bet that getting married has the same idea as him, and he dare not make jokes about his wealth and let him go.

Big bosses like them have come to their level, but after suffering, they have achieved today's achievements.

How can they bear the fact that they have become nothing?

So even if it is a fake him, they dare not gamble.

At this time Cheng Gongming and Cheng Quan were caught in this choice.

While they were shocked by Lu Chen's identity, they were also facing important choices.

Especially for completion, at this time he regretted it to the extreme.

I knew that Lu Chen was the boss of Yiqi Technology. How could he dare to make Lin Yijun's idea? How dare you offend Lu Chen? How dare he let his grandfather come forward to help him find his place.

If it hadn't been because he had offended Lu Chen, things would have evolved to this point.

Lu Chen jokingly smiled and said, "Warren, I still look down on you too much. But if I didn't guess wrong about the big boss in Beijing, it's where the Jade Blood bracelet came from."

Warren ignored Lu Chen, but said to Cheng Gongming: "Old Cheng, you don’t need to believe me, but I think you use your family business for decades to make a big bet, it’s a bit unreasonable. You are old. , You can enter the coffin at any time, but what about your children and grandchildren? Do you think the capital boss will let them go?"

"Do you dare to threaten me? You are not afraid that I will let you never get a half-step into a family?" Cheng Gongming jumped up angrily and pointed at Warren.

Warren shrugged and said: "I'm just getting old, I'm just thinking about starting a family for you. Yes, I did use some small tricks to pull you off the water. I was not kind enough, but at this time You have no choice when you start a family, right?

I can say responsibly that today you have only two options for getting married. One is to kill Lu Chen now, and then you may get a reward from the boss of Beijing, and the other is to let Lu Chen go and wait for Feng Jingcheng to bear the anger of the boss of Beijing. .

Well, I think you can make wise choices now. "

Warren looked at Cheng Gongming with confidence. He believed that as long as Cheng Gongming was not stupid, he would definitely make this choice led by him.

"You, you are fine!" Cheng Gongming stared at Warren in anger, almost vomiting blood in anger.

He originally thought it was Warren who was afraid of him, so he convinced him, but he didn't expect Warren to take advantage of it.

Is it just a use or a trivial matter, the key is what the big boss in Beijing really means, they don't know at all. In this way, they will not be pinned by Warren in the future?

But at this time he really had to make a choice.

He was old, but he really didn't dare to use his first family legacy to bet that Warren was lying to them.

"Lu Chen, right? I didn't expect my grandson to offend you, a great god. You heard it too. After knowing your identity, I apologized to you when I got married, but we have no other choice, or else You can do it yourself." As soon as Cheng Gongming's voice fell, the more than 20 bodyguards behind him stood up one by one and surrounded Lu Chen.

These bodyguards are all hired from the Middle East at high prices, and they have strong personal combat power. Any one can beat seven or eight ordinary people.

Seeing those bodyguards dispatched, Warren's hanging heart finally let go.

Not to mention that more than 20 bodyguards had shot together. In his opinion, even if there was only one bodyguard, Lu Chen would definitely be taken down.

But, of course, quietly turning around, when he saw the irony in Lu Chen's eyes, his heart jumped sharply.

Lu Chen, why can he remain so calm at this time?

Is he not afraid that Cheng Gongming would really kill him?

Chapter: 349

Warren was puzzled, but Cheng Gongming was a little confused.

But more is admiration.

In this situation, Lu Chen can still keep his face unchanged. This is really a talent!

But Cheng Gongming chose to let all the bodyguards go together, just didn't want to leave any chance for Lu Chen.

This is related to the foundation of his family, of course he can't be careless.

At this moment, Chengquan's phone rang. After he connected, he hung up after hearing a few words in it.

He walked up to the bodyguards and looked at Lu Chen with a grim look: "I didn't expect your kid to be quite clever. Before coming to my family, he let your wife choose to hide."

At this time, Lu Chen was a dead person in his eyes, although he knew that Lu Chen's identity was very impressive, it was far from what they dared to provoke when they got married.

Their purpose today is to kill Lu Chen.

Anyway, his grandfather had already spoken, and of course he would no longer be afraid of Lu Chen.

Of course, Lu Chen is definitely going to die, but he still has Lin Yijun in his heart.

Although that woman had given birth to a child, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met in his life.

none of them.

"My wife and children have already returned to Yuzhou. I should get off the plane soon." Lu Chen said playfully.

"Huh, are you my three-year-old child? How could there be a plane to Yuzhou at night? And I want to get you, and I am ambushing good people at the airport. How could your wife get to the airport." Cheng Quan sneered.

Lu Chen looked at completion like an idiot. Just when everyone was confused about Lu Chen, a helicopter roar suddenly sounded outside.

Everyone was startled. At this time, how could a helicopter fly over their heads?

No, it's not flying by, listening to this sound is the rhythm of stopping in the square outside his house.

"It's not good, it's not good..."

At this moment, a servant ran in in a panic, but before he could finish his words, he saw four or five big men rushing in, armed with submachine guns.

The Cheng family shocked one after another, and fear flashed in the eyes of the more than 20 bodyguards who were about to surround Lu Chen, and none of them dared to move.

However, Hua Lun looked at Lu Chen and saw that there was irony in Lu Chen's eyes. His heart beat fiercely. Could these people be called by Lu Chen?

God, if it was really called by Lu Chen, then this would be too scary.

He clearly remembered that after Lu Chen arrived outside the married house, he had never taken out his mobile phone. Then there was only one possibility, and that was that Lu Chen had already made arrangements before coming.

Did he doubt me before he came?

Why is this kid so fine?

Does he really know that I am going to target him?

Warren couldn't believe it, and his heart sank to the bottom.

If these people were really arranged by Lu Chen, then Lu Chen would definitely be fine today, not only that, he and Cheng Quan would have to finish the game together.

"Who are you?" Cheng Gongming asked with a gloomy expression.

Du Fei pulled out a quasi-smile from the corner of his mouth and snapped the trigger in his hand.

Da da da!

Chen's gunshot sounded, and the more than twenty bodyguards surrounding Lu Chen were shot and fell.

Including Chengquan also fell.

For an instant, apart from the screams of everyone in the entire living room, there was heavy breathing.

"What is your family? Dare to threaten our commander." Du Fei smiled coldly.

Of course, they had just fired, and they didn't hit the key point, they all hit the thigh.

At this time, the bodyguards, including Cheng Quan, were all shot in the thigh and lost their mobility.

"Commander?" Cheng Gongming and Warren both took a breath, thinking they had heard them wrong.

At this moment, Lu Chen looked at the two of them and smiled jokingly: "I forgot to tell you, I am not only the boss of Yiqi Technology, but I still dare to kill the commander-in-chief of the temple."

He turned his gaze to the painful fulfillment lying on the ground, and said sarcastically: "You just said that you don't believe my wife has left, so I can answer your question now because I have asked the gunship to send them away."

"By the way, my people have just rushed over from Kokang half an hour ago. Do you still want me to ask, why do my gunships dare to enter the domestic airspace from Kokang?"

Lu Chen satirically looked at Cheng Quan, the arrogant energy that had just been completed made him want to laugh after thinking about it.

Listening to Lu Chen's words, Warren and Cheng Gongming's feet softened and they almost couldn't stand firm.

Lu Chen told them how hard his relationship with the military was.

They were unable to refute this pretense.

Warren regretted it to the extreme at this time, knowing that he had chosen to cooperate with Lu Chen.

Lu Chen's power was beyond his imagination.

He is still not too sure whether the big boss in Beijing can bankrupt his company.

But he believes that tonight, he is likely to lose his life.

Some time ago they said they had heard about the Guokang place. They said that Menguo had leased the place to a Chinese person for a one-hundred-year lease.

Ordinary people don't know why.

But they all knew that it was because of the Kokang Killing Temple, which became famous in World War I, and the whole country of Burma was terrified, and had to rent Kokang to the commander-in-chief of Killing Temple.

Unexpectedly, Lu Chen turned out to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Killing Temple.

Thinking about this, Warren suddenly suspected that the big boss in Beijing asked him to deal with Lu Chen. Maybe he didn't have the confidence to face Lu Chen, right?

Cheng Quan was ridiculed by Lu Chen, but his heart sank to the bottom.

He could indeed cover the sky when he got married in Dali, but in front of a super boss like Lu Chen, they didn't even have a fart when they got married.

Gunships can come to Dali from Guokang, which completely killed them, and no one can be fair to them.

"How the hell could I provoke such a big boss!"

Chengquan regretted it to the extreme, and was even more afraid.

Although Du Fei and the others just injured their thighs, maybe they could be killed directly later.

"You, what do you want?" Cheng Gongming asked with a trembling voice.

Lu Chen looked up at Cheng Gongming, jokingly smiled: "You asked me what I wanted? You just wanted to kill me, now you ask me what I want?"

Hearing Lu Chen's words, Cheng Gongming trembled and fainted directly.

They did kill Lu Chen just now, so it seems that Lu Chen would not let them get married today.

As soon as he thought of Nuo Dacheng's family, he was actually abolished in his hands, a burst of blood rushed up, and Cheng Gongming fainted directly.

Although Warren did not faint, he was filled with despair.

In particular, he personally led the killing. No matter how soft Lu Chen's heart was, he would definitely not let him go if he let go of a family.

Chapter: 350

"Kill them all." Lu Chen said jokingly, looking at the family.


Hearing Lu Chen's words, the brains of everyone in the married family roared, and they felt the sky spin.

This time, Cheng Gongming really fainted directly.

"No, don't kill me, we can give you whatever you want!" Cheng Quan paled and hurriedly shouted.

"Why should I believe you? You are the master?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at Chengquan jokingly.

"I called my dad right away. He is now my grandpa's house, and my grandpa's house is only half an hour away from here." Cheng Quan said hurriedly.

"Okay, I'll give you half an hour." Lu Chen said, leaning on the sofa, and took out a cigarette.

After Chengquan finished making the call, Lu Chen looked at Chengquan again and said, "There is still such a jade-blooded bracelet. Take it out now, you don't deserve it."

"Okay, I'll ask someone to bring it over right away." Cheng Quan nodded quickly, then picked up the phone and called.

More than ten minutes later, the beauty who followed him today came to the married villa with a delicate box.

Seeing the situation of Chengquan and others, the beauty screamed in fright, turned around and was about to run, she was immediately picked up by Du Fei and walked in.

"Don't kill me, don't kill me!" The beauty was thrown on the ground by Du Fei, and she shrieked.

Du Fei took the box in the pretty girl's hand and handed it to Lu Chen, and asked, "Is it this?"

Lu Chen opened the box, and it was the jade bracelet.

He nodded, then closed the box again.

After waiting for another twenty minutes, Chenghu finally came back.

Chenghu is Chengquan's father, the current master of the marriage, and the power of marriage is in his hands.

He and his wife went to his husband's house to pay a New Year's greetings. After calling Chengquan, he hurried back first without saying anything.

He would become a son, and of course he was very anxious.

When he came back to see the situation at home, Cheng Hu was shocked. He only went out for one day and this kind of thing happened, which was completely beyond his imagination.

"Excuse me, are you?" Cheng Hu's face was sullen, and finally his eyes fixed on Lu Chen's body.

"I am Lu Chen, the boss of Yiqi Technology. Your father and your son are going to kill me. Now I give you a chance to save their lives." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

Lu Chen's words made Cheng Hu's mind tremble. He didn't doubt Lu Chen's words, he was just wondering how they could offend the boss of Yiqi Technology.

"Mr. Lu, is there any misunderstanding?" Cheng Hu asked slyly.

"Misunderstanding?" Lu Chen smiled jokingly and said, "Give you a few minutes, first ask your son if he misunderstood."

Chenghu had to ask Chengquan.

Chengquan honestly said how he offended Lu Chen, and then asked his grandfather to come forward, and then all the things they had been used by Warren were said.

Cheng Hu looked back at Warren, his eyes also flashed murderous.

It can be said that the most serious thing about this matter today is that his father was used by Warren, and finally he had to kill Lu Chen.

If only his son offended Lu Chen, the consequences would certainly not be so serious.

However, after hearing his son's words, he began to worry again.

Does the big boss behind Warren really exist?

Is it really as good as Warren said?

Although he was worried, he was even more worried about how Lu Chen would marry him.

Lu Chen gave his son a chance and called him back. He believed that this matter still had a chance to change.

It's just that he didn't know how Lu Chen would open his mouth and blackmail them into a family.

"Lu, Mr. Lu, my son is really a jerk, please..." Cheng Hu has nothing to say, especially looking at the guys with guns and live ammunition behind Lu Chen, he felt a little numb in his heart. I really believe that Lu Chen really dared to kill his family.

Lu Chen waved his hand to stop Chenghu from continuing, saying, "I am a person who has always been treated to me by others, and I will give it back twice. If you get married and want to kill me, I must kill you to get married, but It seems that today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. I don’t want to make too many killings. That’s why I give you a chance. I want you to get 70% equity in the family, and you can get dozens of lives in the family. Look at the solution."

"Seven percent?" Chenghu's mind was shocked, this was the direct cause of their family's destruction.

"You can disagree, you still have three minutes to think about it." Lu Chen said as he took out a remote control, which was flashing infrared light.

"This is the remote control of the time bomb. As long as I press it lightly, the entire villa of your family will be turned into ashes in an instant." Lu Chen turned the remote control over and explained.

The faces of Cheng Hu and others changed, and they turned pale.

Looking at the remote control in Lu Chen's hand, he was extremely entangled.

To be honest, but if what Lu Chen said is true, they are far from qualified to go against Yiqi Technology when they get married.

Although they can cover the sky with one hand in Dali and have more than tens of billions of assets when they get married, in front of Yiqi Technology, they are indeed no different from Ants.

And even if Lu Chen killed them today, there are still means to make them fall into the abyss of marriage.

"You only have one minute." Lu Chen stood up as he said, and walked outside first.

He didn't brag. When Du Fei and the others came in, they had already planted a time bomb in the married house. The married family wanted to kill him. How could he easily let the married family go.

Although it is not very good for people to kill evil at the beginning of the New Year, what is there?

He just wants to be well thought out.

With his current achievements and power, there is no need to think too much about many things.

In this world, the big fists will always have the final say.

Anyway, Chenghu didn't agree to his request before he set foot on the helicopter. When the helicopter took off, he would detonate the bomb.

"Dad, don't hesitate. In addition to being the boss of Yiqi Technology, he is also the commander-in-chief of Killing Temple in the Gokang area. These people were called from Gokang half an hour ago!"

Seeing that Lu Chen was about to leave, Cheng Quan suddenly became anxious.

He already knew Lu Chen's identity, and of course he would not doubt that Lu Chen would kill their family.

Killing the commander-in-chief of the temple, people don't know that there are many lives in their hands, and they have a family.

"Lu Chen, wait, I agree to your request!" Just when Lu Chen and the others were about to step out of the door of the meeting room, Cheng Hu finally compromised.

Because if it is fulfilled, he completely lost his illusion.

Of course he knew about the courageous thing. If Lu Chen was really the Commander-in-Chief of the Killing Temple, he would definitely do it if he said he wanted to kill his whole family.