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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 371-380) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 371

"That might be the case, don't you know that anything can happen on the football field?" Lu Chen smiled faintly.

Hu Cong was stunned, yes, although the probability of winning on the football field is great, it is not inevitable.

Many times, the fish belly team can overturn the treasure ship of the leader.

Take his team as an example, in the Super League, but there is a championship, but some time ago, they were also tied by the relegation team.

There are still a few days in La Liga, La Liga giants Barcelona has been leading 1:0, but in the final stage, it was even filled with three goals by a big belly team, and the final score became 1:3 and lost the game.

Thinking about this, Hu Congxin raised it again.

He can't afford to lose!

What if this is really lost?

His team is a giant team in the Super League, with a market value of more than 2 billion. This is all his assets.

"Impossible, I believe in my team, I believe in my players, how can it be difficult to get them with this little difficulty!" Hu Cong said firmly.

Lu Chen smiled and didn't hit Hu Cong again.

To be honest, although Sway's team scored one goal, they were still one goal behind the Zhonghai team. If they wanted to win the game today, they would have to score at least two goals, and they could not allow the Zhonghai team to score again.

The members of the SWS team did not celebrate for too long, because they knew this was not the time to celebrate.

They quickly carried the ball to the midfield and waited for the Zhonghai team to kick off.

With the referee's whistle, the game continued.

The Zhonghai team kicked off, but they still didn't put the Sway team in their eyes.

It's just a ball, they are still one ball ahead.

And they both firmly believe that their team will definitely score again later.

With this mentality, the players of the China Sea team quickly became lazy.

Anyway, there is still half an hour, there is no need to hurry and desperately.

In contrast, the SWS team.

Because of the goal just now, it gave them a great confidence boost.

So the players are more confident than the players.

At this time, their passion, their blood, were all ignited by the goal just now, and all the players had unprecedented concentration and desperation.

The running distance of more than 20 minutes alone has been over the entire first half.

When the narrators reported this official statistics, everyone was a little weird.

"Stopped the ball, it's intercepted!"

"It's another midfielder, Yang Ke. He played superbly in the second half. This is the eighth time he has grabbed the ball from a Zhonghai player!"

"Here again, the Sway team's counterattack is coming again! It's through again, beautiful!"

"The defender of the China Sea team is desperately returning. Can he grab the ball before the SW forward Yu Zhen?"

"Yu Zhen, come on!"

"Pretty! Yu Zhen dumped the whole person. Before the defender broke the ball out of the field, he kicked the ball sideways. Li Feng, the front of the SWS team, was pushing forward desperately. He had already thrown off the defender of the Zhonghai team. , Rushing to the ball desperately!"

"No, the goalkeeper went out..."

"Oh my God, Li Feng throws himself out, is he trying to stab the ball before the goalkeeper..."

"It's a stabbing! Li Feng stabbed the ball. The ball passed through the wicket, passed between the goalkeeper's feet, and was rolling towards the goal..."

"Goal scored!!!"

With the crazy roar of the commentators, all the audience stood up in advance just to wait for Li Feng's kick.

The goal is scored!

Through the unremitting efforts of all players and the desperate stance, the SWS team finally tied the score!


This is the second place against the relegation team!

At this moment, so the players and fans all entered the state of madness, the entire Olympic Sports Center with more than 60,000 people suddenly sounded the song of the Swayze team.

All the fans are proud of their team and scream for their spirit and hard work.

"Lu Chen, we tied the score, we tied the score!" At some point, Chen Churan ran to Lu Chen's side and hugged Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was slightly startled, but he couldn't control that much at this time. Let's celebrate crazy.

On the other side, Hu Cong's expression was hard to see the extreme, and even more scolded the midfielder who had lost the ball.

In 15 minutes, the SWS tied it!

And his team didn't even score a goal.

Why not make him flustered.

If his team loses another goal in the last 15 minutes, then he will lose the entire team to Lu Chen.

In these 15 minutes, he felt that anything could happen.

Not only he thinks, but everyone thinks so.

At this time, the Weiss team was full of momentum. After filling the Zhonghai team with two goals, they were even more confident, so everyone believed that they could stage a counterattack within the last 15 minutes.

As long as they counterattack the Zhonghai team, they will all be on the front page tomorrow and will be blown up by all the Chinese media.

But if they fail in the end, no one will remember them.

History will only remember the winner.

"I'm so excited, I believe they will definitely reverse the Zhonghai team. Come on, Yang Ke, Yu Zhen, Yang Feng, Sway team!" Chen Churan kept waving his small fists and roaring heartily.

Lu Chen is not as crazy as Chen Churan, but his face is full of smiles and he keeps applauding the players.

He was actually very excited in his heart.

But at this time, you still have to take into account your identity, and don't express it crazy.

On the other hand, Hu Cong has completely lost his previous arrogance at this time. He sits in a chair silently at this time, hoping that the game is over soon, and it ends with this score. He dare not want to win Sway. The team hit the championship.

At this time, his heart was up and down. He just wanted to keep this tie, not to shame Lu Chen, and he would not lose the entire team.

He suddenly regretted now that he actually agreed to Lu Chen's gamble.

If he doesn't agree, he will lose at this time, it's just three points missing, it's no big deal.

But he has forgotten the reason that all losses are due to greed.

Under the reminder of the lesson, the members of the SWS team did not celebrate for too long.

Because they knew it was just a tie at this time.

His goal is to win the game, so they at least have to score one more goal, and they can't get the Zhonghai team to score.

With only 15 minutes left, Qianfeng Li Feng took the initiative to hold the ball and ran to the middle circle, waiting for the referee to blow his whistle.

Chapter: 372

The game started very quickly, and the SWS team became more confident. The handling of various balls, offense, defense, and all of them were very reasonable and in place.

On the other hand, the Zhonghai team, because they were dunked by SWS team twice, not only were all the players depressed, but there was also infighting.

Both the defender and the goalkeeper blamed the midfielder, saying that they were useless themselves and the ball was intercepted by the SWW team that caused this consequence.

The consequence of this is that the Zhonghai team has completely played in a mess, completely lost the game, and even the defender will not pass the ball to the midfielder, and will pass directly to the forward.

Their former team was completely double-teamed by Sway, how could they possibly receive the ball.

The situation at this time is just like the first half, the relegation team SWS actually surrounded the Zhonghai team.

The Sway team all pressed on, suppressing the Zhonghai team in their backcourt, constantly looking for opportunities.

Finally, in 87 minutes, after more than a dozen attempts of various shots, Sway's midfielder Yang Ke volleyed from the penalty zone line and once again penetrated the gate of the China Sea.

"The ball is scored!!!"

As the commentator suddenly screamed, the whole stadium was exploded again.

This time, Lu Chen was no longer depressed, and jumped up violently, with a big fist, shouting and celebrating for the team.

This time, all the SWS team members can finally celebrate. Yang Ke, who scored a goal, even ran wildly, amidst deafening roars, celebrating with all the fans.

This time, the head coach didn't care, and rushed into the court, chasing the players to celebrate frantically, so the substitute players and the three players who were replaced by cramps limped wildly, looking for teammates to celebrate.

They reversed it!

They counterattacked!

Although there are still a few minutes in the game, at this moment, no one still thinks that the Zhonghai team has any chance to tie the score.

This time, Hu Cong's face was ashen ashes, and he was paralyzed on the chair, Liushen has no owner.

His team!

A team with a market value of 2 billion!

Did you lose to Lu Chen like this?

He is not reconciled!

This is all his wealth!

This time, the Sway team members celebrated for more than three minutes, and they didn't stop until the referee called them.

There are still the last few minutes. In these last few minutes, all the fans are a little worried.

If the Zhonghai team has poured one in these few minutes, didn't they fail the counterattack.

Everyone stood up and watched the game. In the past few minutes, even Lu Chen had been standing, waiting until the end.

Because the Sway team just celebrated for a long time, the referee decisively added five minutes of stoppage time, which immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of all the fans, and the whole stadium booed the referee.

But this did not reverse the situation for the China Shipping Team. On the contrary, the team's mentality of the players has changed dramatically. In the penalty area, the team's forefront Yuzhen was kicked and the team was given a penalty kick. .

When Yu Zhen easily sent the penalty kick, the referee didn't even wait for the ball to open, and directly blew the whistle at the end of the game.

At this moment, all the players were paralyzed on the ground. During the entire second half of the game, they tried their best. Five of the players suffered from leg cramps. The three most serious were replaced. Yang Ke and the other one. The players held on to the last second.

Until the moment when the whistle sounded, they couldn't hold on anymore and collapsed directly.

Hu Cong collapsed together.

His team actually lost,

The relegation team poured four goals in the second half. This is a disaster!

At the end of the game, all the fans were still not satisfied, and no one left for a long time.

Lu Chen went to the locker room for the first time to congratulate all the players, congratulations on their miracles, and said that after an hour, everyone would be invited to eat supper.

Lu Chen personally called Jade 36 to prepare a few private rooms for him, and then came out to join Chen Guangxing and others.

Today, all the members of the chamber of commerce came to support him. Of course, he would invite everyone to have a meal.

Hearing that Lu Chen wanted to invite everyone to eat supper, everyone was excited.

Although many of them don't like to watch football games, it has to be said that the Sway team did play out of momentum in the second half of the game today, playing out the masculinity of the Yuzhou people.

Especially throughout the second half, feeling the crazy roar of all the home fans, these big bosses were actually infected.

Especially when the SWS team scored the third goal to overtake the score, these bosses who usually don't like football even subconsciously followed other fans to celebrate the SWS team.

Then he discovered that after venting, they actually felt refreshed, and they even released the pressure of work during the day.

There are even a few bosses who are still thinking about buying a team.

After Lu Chen met with the people from the Chamber of Commerce, he suddenly saw Hu Cong with a gray face, raised his eyebrows and said, "Boss Hu, remember our previous gambling agreement. Within these two days, we went to Zhonghai to find you."

Hearing Lu Chen's words, Hu Cong shuddered and almost didn't fall directly.

"You can first transfer the liquidity of the team account in advance. I only want the team." Lu Chen still didn't rush to kill him. He thought that for a giant team like the China Ocean Team, there should still be hundreds of millions in the account. For funding, leave a way for Hu Cong to survive.

Anyway, he is not short of that money.

Hearing Lu Chen's words, Hu Cong felt a little better. He still had more than 200 million liquid funds in his team account, which he prepared to buy big-name stars in the transfer market a month later.

If Lu Chen didn't say that, he certainly wouldn't dare to transfer the two hundred million away.

However, although he lost the entire team at this time, he still has at least 200 million principals and a chance to make a comeback.

"Thank you, Mr. Lu, for being merciful. Hu Mou is grateful." Hu Cong saluted Lu Chen heavily.

His gift is entirely from the bottom of his heart to thank Lu Chen.

If you change to someone else, who cares about his life or death, I'm afraid the team can't let him take a coin.

Lu Chen shrugged, and stopped paying attention to Hu Cong.

"Ah, you, did you buy the Zhonghai Team?" Chen Churan asked curiously.

Other Chamber of Commerce members also looked at Lu Chen curiously, saying that Lu Chen was too ruthless, right? As soon as they lost, you bought their team.

No wonder the owner of the Zhonghai team is just like a bereaved dog.

Lu Chen wants to buy his team, can he not sell it?

Chapter: 373

Seeing everyone's eyes, Lu Chen knew that they wanted to crooked.

He smiled and said: "Did our team fall behind by two goals in the first half? This guy is too mad. He has been playing force in front of me and directly angered me. I asked him if he would dare to take a gamble. Put."

"The bet is the team?" Chen Churan asked with bright eyes.

Lu Chen nodded and said: "Yes, I said at the time that if his team wins, I will transfer the SWS team to him for free, and if my team wins, he will transfer the Zhonghai team to him for free. Me. As you all know, my team finally did not shame me."

"More than they didn't shame you, they didn't shame all our Yuzhou fans!"

Chen Churan said excitedly: "Today's battle is the most hearty and hearty battle of the SWS team in the past decade, and the most exciting battle. I believe that after today, the SWS fans will have more and more fans. !"

Lu Chen smiled. Although Chen Churan was a bit exaggerated, he had to say that Swee did kick out his momentum today.

Especially the craziness in the second half, the average opponent will be frightened by their aura.

In the half-time alone, the entire Sway team, the two forwards had as many as five steals.

When they are defending, they are desperately trying to tackle like guards.

"By the way, you have two teams alone, or you can sell one to me." Chen Churan said suddenly.

"You can transfer a little share to you, but let me say first, I have no intention of making money for these two teams. All the money I earn will be invested in the construction of the team. So, if you do a good job In preparation for a loss, I can transfer some equity to you."

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and said.

He never used the idea of ​​using the team to make money for him, so all the money he earned will be invested in the construction of the team. He just wants to quickly drive the development of China Football, and rush out of Asia early. world.

Although it seemed difficult and very difficult, he was still willing to do it.

Of course, some people didn’t understand Lu Chen’s approach, and felt that Lu Chen had no place to spend more money.

Those who manage the ball admire Lu Chen's righteousness.

This is because although he knew it was impossible, he still wanted to take the lead in carrying the hair of China Football on his shoulders, and he wanted to carry the whole country's football forward with his own strength.

"Okay, I invest 50 million, you just need to give me shares, I want the shares of SWS." Chen Churan nodded and said.

For nothing else, just to make the team she likes getting better and better, she is also willing to put the fifty million into it.

"It can give you 40%." Lu Chen said.

Although the team's future market value will certainly only get higher and higher under his leadership, he only spent 100 million to buy it, which is nothing to blame for Chen Churan.

Everyone chatted as they walked, and when they arrived at the parking lot, they all got in the car and went to Jade 36 to have a dinner together.

Today Lu Chen entertains, they certainly will not miss this opportunity.

With Lu Chen's status at this time, it is as difficult for ordinary people to have a meal with Lu Chen, let alone a treat by Lu Chen.

After arriving at Jade 36, Lei Dazhi, the owner of Jade 36, personally greeted Lu Chen and the others to the Emperor Bao.

Of course Lei Dazhi is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce. He also went to watch the game today. Although Lu Chen also has shares in Jade 36, he chose to have a dinner here. Lei Dazhi is still very excited.

After the manager Qiu Jian received a call from Lei Dazhi before, he still had the managers waiting here.

When Lu Chen and the others arrived at the door of the Emperor's Bag, they all greeted the group, and the show was quite big.

This made the members of the Chamber of Commerce once again feel the high status of Lu Chen.

If they were replaced by them, even Chen Guangxing or Li Qingcheng, who was rising strongly during this period, would not have this pomp.

The wine and food were ready, only waiting for Lu Chen and others to arrive.

After they were seated, Qiu Jian immediately arranged for the best artists in the store to perform on stage before arranging drinks.

The team members rushed over when everything was about to eat here.

They played the game and almost exhausted their last breath. Under the guidance of the team doctor, they took a rest for more than half an hour before going to the bath. After the bath, they came to Jade 36.

Lu Chen went to drink all the team members one by one. Of course, he only took a sip, not like those team members did.

Today, although this group of players played in the first half of the game, they were respectable in the second half.

Seeing the team boss came to toast in person, the players and the lessons were a little excited, and they stood up to clink glasses with Lu Chen, and some of them couldn't even speak very smoothly.

Later, Chen Churan followed to toast the team members, but everyone was so excited.

This is the first time for them since the envoy.

Especially Chen Churan is still a stunning beauty, which makes some young players blush.

This midnight snack lasted until zero hour, and the next day, Lu Chen didn't get up until half past nine.

The first thing he did was to be called by Chen Churan to transfer the team's equity.

When he arrived at the team, he transferred 40% of the team's equity to Chen Chu. Then, Lu Chen announced that the team would let Chen Churan take care of it.

At this point, the players knew that the little beauty who toasted them last night turned out to be the second shareholder of the team and their boss.

Looking at Chen Churan's peerless face, countless players have beaten you like chicken blood, thinking that in every game in the future, they will be doing their best to play, and they must show themselves in front of the beautiful boss.

In the afternoon, Lu Chen went to the Science and Technology Park. When he arrived at the Science and Technology Park, he was planning to talk to Ding Dacheng about science and technology, but Xu Shuting suddenly found him.

"Young Master, there is news from the police from Zhonghai that the deaths of Xia Shu and Zhai Yaohui have nothing to do with you, and the investigation of you has been lifted." Xu Shuting said.

"Well, haven't you contacted Liu Jing?" Lu Chen nodded and asked.

Liu Jingcai is the minister of the deadlock of China Shipping. He wants to go to China Shipping for development. Of course, he must first open up these relationships.

What he wants is efficiency, and of course he doesn't want to be wasted time by major departments.

"Contacted, he said that he was very happy that you could invest in their Zhonghai, he asked when you will be there, he is going to meet you." Xu Shuting said.

"Then this afternoon, you tell him that I will be in Zhonghai before 7 o'clock." Lu Chen nodded and was going to Zhonghai today.

He wanted to get it up as soon as possible, so he had to hurry up.

Chapter: 374

"Okay, I will make arrangements." Xu Shuting nodded and said.

"Well, by the way, you put the matter on your hands and go to Zhonghai with me first. I think you will be responsible for Rare Earth Group in the future, and you must be prepared." Lu Chen said.

Xu Shuting's eyes lit up and nodded heavily.

To be honest, although she is also a deputy director of Yiqi Technology, there is still a positive Wang Wei above her, and she can't control many things.

This time Lu Chen asked her to be in charge of the Rare Earth Group, which meant to delegate power to her.

Rare Earth Group is a large group company that has to invest more than 10 billion yuan. Although it is not as good as the headquarters of Yiqi Technology, it is much better than being the second in command.

Xu Shuting is a woman who likes to compete and win, and Lu Chen's decision makes her excited.

When Lu Chen's special plane arrived at Zhong Hai, it was only 4 in the afternoon, but he did not go to Hu Cong to transfer the team.

He is going to find him tomorrow.

Give Hu Cong some time to prepare first.

Coming to Zhonghai again, Lu Chen brought a team, but it was mainly Xu Shuting who tuned in by himself.

These people will basically be the backbone of the Rare Earth Group in the future. Lu Chen said that Xu Shuting would be responsible for the Rare Earth Group. Therefore, he did not interfere with Xu Shuting’s selection of people. Just take care of him.

At seven o'clock in the evening when Liu Jingcai was invited, the two had a meal together at the China Overseas Hotel, mainly talking about the various projects and plans he will invest in China Overseas.

Liu Jingcai must be happy about Lu Chen's sudden coming to China Shipping for development. Not to mention, Lu Chen was in Yuzhou for only half a year, so Xie Weihao captured a lot of political achievements. Xie Weihao also competed with him in China Shipping before. Position, but in the end he defeated Xie Weihao, but if he returned to the capital at this time, he knew that he had fallen behind Xie Weihao a lot.

Originally, he had already given up in his heart, but at this time Lu Chen's arrival, his heart ignited the hope of comparing Xie Weihao.

For this meal, the two ate for more than two hours, mainly discussing the planning and layout of Yiqi Technology in China Shipping for the next ten years.

The secretaries of Xu Shuting and Liu Jingcai each made a comprehensive record of the topics they discussed.

When they finally parted, Liu Jingcai and Lu Chen were very satisfied with their meeting today.

Liu Jingcai gave him the promise that Lu Chen wanted, and what Liu Jingcai wanted to see, Lu Chen also promised to be realized in the next few years.

The investment this time has risen from 10 billion at the beginning to 15 billion.

Of course, this is a plan for the next ten years, and of course only 10 billion will be invested in the development of rare earth groups in the early stage.

The next step is the company's location, recruitment and layout.

Although Lu Chen would not intervene in most of these matters, he would still stay in Zhong Hai during this period.

At least he is in Zhonghai, and Xu Shuting's work has been carried out smoothly.

The next day, after Lu Chen contacted Hu Cong, he took Lin Tong to buy a car.

He was very low-key this time. He only bought a Land Rover worth a million dollars, mainly because other cars were out of stock, and he didn't want to wait.

After buying the car, he went to the Zhonghai team.

Although not from China Shipping, Lin Tong quickly found the position of the China Shipping team.

At this time, Hu Cong had been waiting for Lu Chen in the office for a while.

Hu Cong's expression was bitter when he saw Lu Chen coming over.

In the past two days, he recalled the whole process, and finally found that he had lost the team completely by himself.

If he hadn't provoke Lu Chen time and time again, he wouldn't anger Lu Chen, and Lu Chen wouldn't be able to make that gamble.

The more he thought about it, the more he regretted it, the more he regretted it, the more unwilling he was.

But when he thought that he was facing the boss of Yiqi Technology, and Lu Chen, who had to invest more than 10 billion in China Overseas, he was discouraged again.

In the face of such a top boss, he found that he had no way, no resistance at all.

Lu Chen came to Zhonghai. Before he invested, Liu Shujie personally hosted Lu Chen. He has worked hard in Zhonghai for more than 20 years and his identity is more than 2 billion. He is still not qualified to be met by the big guys in person. .

This is the gap.

"Mr. Lu." Seeing the secretary brought Lu Chen in, Hu Cong got up and said hello.

"Yeah." Lu Chen walked to his previous position and sat down, looking around the office.

"How about my previous proposal, have you figured it out clearly?" Lu Chen looked back at Hu Cong and asked.

When he contacted Hu Cong before, he said that he wanted to hire Hu Cong as his team director to be responsible for the operation of the team, but Hu Cong said he still wanted to think about it.

Hu Cong was still a little moved by Lu Chen's proposal.

He is a football lover himself, and if he leaves the Zhonghai team, unless he buys a middle-A team, he has only 200 million net worth at this time, and Lu Chen generously left him, or he already has nothing.

A net worth of 200 million is enough to acquire a Chinese team, but without a large influx of funds, you can't buy good players, and if you can't buy good players, it's impossible to get promoted.

If he can't enter the Super League, his team will be very difficult to profit.

"I have considered it clearly, I still can't bear to leave the team." Hu Cong said.

He brought the China Ocean team out of the team. For more than 20 years, from the Chinese Premier League to the Super League, and now the results are stable in the top three, he has poured too much energy into him, and he does not want to leave like this.

"Very well, you can make a price yourself in terms of surrogacy. My philosophy is not to make money for the team. More than 90% of the money earned by the team will be invested in team building. It can be higher." Lu Chen's original plan was to put all the team's profit into the team's construction.

But Chen Churan suddenly acquired 40% of his Sway team. He still intends to reserve 10%, so that Chen Churan can't make a penny.

That would only slowly wear away Chen Churan's passion for football.

In his plan, he wants to establish a perfect echelon in the two teams of Sway and Zhonghai, so that through his continuous training of young players, he can continuously improve the overall strength of China Football Association.

He hopes that his two teams can set a good example, and other teams will follow suit. When the entire system focuses on cultivating local young players, then China Football Club will definitely take another step up.

"This..." Hu Cong was a little surprised. He didn't expect Lu Chen to have this idea.

All the profits are fed back to the team's construction. In this way, the team's strength will definitely become stronger and stronger, but this is the first time he has seen such a boss.

But thinking of Lu Chen's identity and strength, he quickly felt relieved.

If people want to make money, they simply don't look down on football.

Chapter: 375

After talking with Hu Cong, Lu Chen went to the team to meet with Jiao and the players. Although everyone was curious about why the team suddenly changed owners, no one asked why. .

Although the Zhonghai team was reversed by SW in Yuzhou in the last game, the Hengda team, ranked number one in the last round, also lost violently. Zhonghai team and Hengda team are still three points away.

There are four games left, and the last opponent of the Zhonghai team is the Hengda team. If they win all four games, they still have a chance to win the championship.

So far, Lu Chen has proposed a reward mechanism. If the Zhonghai team wins the championship, the main player will be rewarded 5 million, each of the substitute players will be rewarded 2 million, the coach of the training group will reward 5 million, and the other members will be rewarded 2 million.

This reward is placed on the European giants, which is really nothing.

But in the China Super League, it is already a very high bonus.

So when they heard Lu Chen's reward mechanism, everyone cheered.

For the Zhonghai team, Lu Chen didn't say much, because they have their own strength.

He believes that these two Catholic practice must have also pointed out the reason why they were reversed by the SWS.

The team continues to be run by Hu Cong, but his identity has changed from the previous boss to the general manager.

In the next month, Lu Chen was basically in Zhonghai.

I have to say that Xu Shuting is indeed very good at employing people, and also very good at doing things. In this month, the Rare Earth Group has been very successful in all aspects of construction.

Instead, Lu Chen spent most of his time on the team.

Inspired by his bonus, the team demonstrated super-level strength. The last four games were won. Although they encountered unprecedented difficulties in the last life and death battle with Hengda, they finally relied on the guards. Headed a lore and won the league championship.

On the Sway team's side, since the reversal of the Zhonghai team a month ago, the entire team has also been vigorous. The last four games played three wins and one draw with a high-gloss surface, and finally successfully relegated.

As the team succeeded in relegation, Lu Chen invested 500 million in the SWS team to delay the construction of a youth echelon.

Lu Chen’s goal for the SWS team is to get into the top five next season, so this summer must re-introduce a few strong players, and even the head coach.

In addition to defending the league, the goal of the Zhonghai team is to win the AFC Champions League.

But in order to defend the title and win the AFC Champions League, it is necessary to spend a lot of money to supplement individual positions.

Of course, these plans are put forward by the team, he is only responsible for investing money.

This summer, he invested a total of one billion yuan on the two teams, partly for slowing down and partly for the construction of youth echelon.

There was also Chen Churan's proposal for the SWS team to build their own home court. Lu Chen asked her to use naming to make other business investments.

Just like the home stadium of La Liga Atletico, it was also invested and constructed by Chinese companies, and the stadium was crowned with the name of Chinese companies.

In the past few days, Yiqi Technology, which has been silent for several months, finally released its news.

The Science and Technology Park will launch a universal car engine on July 1, which is the first half of a month.

This engine technology uses a brand-new vector control technology, which can adjust its power for different models, and is suitable for many cars that have been produced or even not yet developed.

The most important thing is that this universal engine, in terms of performance and quality, far exceeds the current best car engine.

Moreover, the price given by Yiqi Technology is only at the price of a medium engine.

In this way, once this universal engine is launched on the market, it will definitely attract the pursuit of countless car manufacturers.

This universal engine is for the whole world. In the end, Lu Chen gave the domestic general agent to the Allure Group, and the foreign general agent to the Chen family.

Then other chambers of commerce members cooperated with the Li family and the Chen family.

However, every order of the exported brand must be consigned by the Yiqi Yuanzhou Group.

Yiqi Yuanzhou Group, also known as the Yuanzhou Group Company in Dali, is in charge of Tang Dalong, the former manager of the personnel department of Yiqi Technology.

As soon as the official news of Yiqi Technology came out, although it did not shock the heads of major countries, it recognized that all automakers at home and abroad were shocked.

The engine is the heart of the car, and the kinetic energy system of the car. The better the engine performance, the car's brand will continue to improve.

When countless car dealers saw the development of Yiqi Technology, they contacted Yiqi Technology for the first time. When they finally learned that Yiqi Technology would export, foreign automakers, especially European automakers, were finally relieved.

European cars have always occupied the bulk of the world's four-car market. If they can't buy a universal engine, then China's auto brands will surely gradually replace their market.

However, the universal engine is used to make money, so Lu Chen still sells it to automakers all over the world.

Seeing that Yiqi Technology has launched advanced technology, M Empire actually stood up and said that it would sanction Yiqi Technology. The reason given was that Yiqi Technology was disrupting the international market.

But as soon as they released their rhetoric, they were directly slapped by the other four permanent members in the United Nations.

The four permanent members have almost unified opinions. You M Empire can buy other people's engines.

Moreover, those European allies that were originally the M Empire also stepped up and emphasized that they must introduce the universal engine of Yiqi Technology.

This also slapped M Empire in the face severely.

In the end, M Empire stopped talking, and even the major domestic auto dealers blatantly contacted Yiqi Technology. They didn't even know.

This is absolute strength.

If Yiqi Technology's universal engine is just a normal engine and does not pose a threat to major foreign engines, as long as the M Empire speaks, other allies will definitely support them and cooperate with the sanctions against Yiqi Technology.

But what M Empire did not expect is that the impact of universal engines on the car market is too great, and they can't stop it unless they abandon the entire car market.

But this is certainly impossible.

For this matter, Yiqi Technology did not keep a low profile, but a high-profile satire of the M Empire government.

Lu Chen even posted a news directly on the official website:

If you don't have the strength to punish others, please trouble you not to come out.

This dynamic immediately detonated the Internet, and became an Internet slang used by netizens to mock the M Empire government. ,

But this was just an episode, and Lu Chen didn't care much about it.

Yiqi Technology will continue to introduce various high-end technologies in the future, and M Empire will only become more and more desperate.

Therefore, in the face of the so-called sanctions of the M Empire, Lu Chen was just a joke.

Just after the launch of the universal engine on July 1, Lu Chen received a piece of news that made him very unhappy.

Chapter: 376

After taking the rough stone channel on the Guokang side, Lu Chen asked Kaitian rough stone to send someone to the African Gass country to contact the Zhou family.

At the beginning, Gas had always used the unstable situation as an excuse and had been dragging him away from cooperating with the Kaitian Yuanshi Group.

In just the past few days, people from the Kaitian Yuanshi Group finally found out that it was the Zhou family who had been behind the scenes.

They were cooperating with a Tuwang. I heard that Zhou's family went to find the Tuwang. They didn't know what conditions were given to him, so that the Tuwang temporarily changed the cooperation with the Kaitian Yuanshi Group.

Gass is rich in natural resources. Graphite reserves occupy the first place in Africa, in addition to mica, uranium, lead, gems, gold, silver, copper, nickel, bauxite, chromium, coal, etc.

This is a very large rough channel, which is very important for the current Yiqi Technology.

In particular, Gas has several rare earth mines, which are also rare earth materials that Yiqi Technology needs.

So Lu Chen decided to go to Gas in person.

After Lu Chen called Du Fei, he took Lin Tong and Xu Jing to Gas first.

Gas is an island in non-regional waters, with a land area equivalent to only Xichuan Province and a population of nearly 30 million.

Gass was a British colony before, and after continuous independence movements, it gained true independence 20 years ago.

However, after independence, it has been in a long-term civil war. It was only ten years ago that the ten-year civil war ended, peace was achieved, and the post-war period of comprehensive recovery and reconstruction entered.

Among the non-regional countries, there are many people, rich in oil, natural gas and mineral resources, and after reconstruction, it has become a non-regional investment hot spot, and many countries have participated in the country’s mineral veins. , Oil and other resources, infrastructure construction, etc.

China, Dongying, Korea, and some countries in Europe and the United States have also cooperated with Gas, but the current national projects are mainly on oil and steel vein engineering, and rare earth mines are still in the discovery stage.

However, Gas has just ended the civil war, and the economy is still relatively backward. Currently, the only airport opened by China is Beijing International Airport.

This time Lu Chen was going to the capital first, and then from the capital to Gas Island.

After all the visas were processed, Lu Chen and the three left for the capital on July 5.

However, there was only one flight from Beijing to Gas, and it was late. ,

In the end, the three of them waited more than two hours before finally taking off.

It was the first time that Lin Tong came to Beijing. He did not pay attention when he came. At this time, he was sitting in the first-class cabin, looking down at the capital from the window of the plane. Kind of deeply shocked feeling.

Even if he is a big boss, he is still very delicate in his heart, especially after he became a Lu Chen driver, his knowledge has been much broader, and he can hardly see the trace of the half-power boss.

"The capital is so magnificent, it's not comparable to our Yuzhou." Lin Tong sat by the window, looking at the ancient capital under the plane, and exclaimed.

"Sure, how about calling it an international metropolis." Xu Jing nodded. He has spent a lot of time in the capital.

Lu Chen also looked out the window, and saw the majestic Taihang Mountains snaking and rushing from south to north.

To the north of the city, the vast Yanshan Mountains are clustered around, guarding the capital, and converging with the Taihang Mountains, gathering like a giant dragon flying.

The forest is covered with mountains, the mountains are vast, and the clouds are looming, but when you see it from the plane at this time, it looks like an ant at the feet of an elephant.

Except for the previous visit, he has not been to the capital for many years.

It stands to reason that this is his hometown, where there are memories of his childhood.

It's a pity that time is like an edge, and the years cannot be reversed.

After the plane entered the clouds, Lu Chen fell asleep on the chair.

It takes more than ten hours to fly from the capital to Gas. When they arrive in Gas, just in time for the night over there, the person in charge over there will pick them up.

Gas has a tropical climate, it's already hot.

When they first got off the plane, the three of them didn’t feel that when they left the airport, a heat wave hit their faces. There was a huge temperature contrast. If it weren’t for Lu Chen and the three of them were martial arts practitioners, their physique was much stronger than the average person. adapt.

Kaitian Yuanshi Group is in charge of project manager Chen Jing, who is also a strong woman like Xu Shuting.

Young, twenty-eight years old, fluent in eight languages, including Gass and some dialects of Gass.

Chen Jing is the kind of high-scoring beauty with a top-notch figure and appearance. It is a pity that her own temperament is too strong, and countless men who wanted to pursue her have retreated.

Chen Jing drove a Honda cross-country, which is hundreds of thousands in China. Although I have only bought it for ten days, it feels that the body is gray and dirty.

Behind her is a first-class bodyguard equipped for her by the company.

There were originally four, but Chen Jing knew that Lu Chen had three people here, so she brought only one.

Her four bodyguards were recruited by Lu Chen himself, and they were powerful.

"I just washed the car this afternoon. I went to the mountains and it looked like this." Seeing Lu Chen and the three people looking at her car curiously, Chen Jing explained with a smile.

"Is the environment here so bad? Do people in this country often get sick? I think it would be very profitable to open a hospital here." Lin Tong said curiously.

"Most of the countries that come to invest here only look at their minerals. Who would open a hospital here, and not stay here for a long time." Chen Jing smiled, although Lin Tong is also one of the shareholders of Kaitian Yuanshi Group, but She didn't care much.

The main reason is that she knows that several major shareholders are very easy-going people in front of employees.

"But the British Isles have opened a lot of hospitals here. It used to be a British colony, and many British islands have settled here." Chen Jing said with a smile.

"Oh, it seems you can really make money." Lin Tong smiled.

"Then you just stay and open the hospital." Xu Jing teased.

"Get in the car first, it's too hot." As Lu Chen said, he got on Chen Jing's off-road first.

Lin Tong and Xu Jing got in the car one after another, and the bodyguard she brought was responsible for driving.

"Where are we going?" Lin Tong asked, sitting in the back row.

"Rema City, Wantong Province, the Tuwang we want to work with is there. It will take more than five hours to get to Rema City, should we leave tomorrow?" Chen Jing looked back at Lu Chen.

She is not afraid of tiredness, and as a strong woman, Chen Jing is also very physical.

"Go to Rema City first." Lu Chen said.

"Okay." Chen Jing nodded and drove the car out of the airport.

After leaving the airport, the road was a bit bad, but Wang Baolai was also an old driver, and he drove smoothly.

Wang Baolai is Chen Jing's bodyguard. He has also experienced the baptism of bullets on the battlefield in the Middle East.

"Tell me about the rough channel." Lu Chen said.

Chapter: 377

"Our partner is a land king, a local commander. He controls several mines, but there are several people who cooperate with him. In addition to us, there are Koreans and Dongying people. With the British, King Sambajilu was planning to sign a contract with us at the beginning, but I don’t know why, but the next day he suddenly changed his mind and said that it would take twice the unit price before he was willing to cooperate with us. Later we investigated Later, it was discovered that someone from the Zhou family in the Central Plains had also come here and had contact with King Samba Jilu, so we knew that this must be the Zhou family behind the scenes." Chen Jing said.

"Tuwang? Feudal society?" Lin Tong interrupted curiously.

"No. But it's quite complicated."

Chen Jing smiled and explained: "The Tuwang is the largest warchief in Gas, and Xi Guan calls them Tuwang.

Many countries in Africa, including Gas, have different systems from China and even European and American countries. In addition to the government, they also have a non-governmental supreme ruler, these kings.

The land kings have very large rights on their own territories. Mine exploration, port construction and operation, and oil sales are all determined by the land kings. Moreover, in their own jurisdictions, they can also canonize and appoint chiefs at all levels. Assist in the management of own territory and people.

The land kings all have their own palaces, but it is their private soldiers that give them such great power. Although they can't compare with the government army, local wars are enough to fight. "

"It's a weird country. No wonder their country has constant civil strife. The two kinds of ruling institutions are not unified, and this country will never be able to truly achieve peace." Xu Jing said.

He was originally a soldier, so he still has some opinions about these situations.

"Well, I heard that King Sambajilu had feuds with the other two surrounding Kings, and local small wars often occurred." Chen Jing nodded and said.

Lu Chen suddenly thought of the warlords in Myanmar.

There was also constant civil war with the government army, but several major warlords often joined forces, resulting in the government army being unable to destroy them.

Hearing what Chen Jing said, he felt that Gass should be about the same as Myanmar.

"It feels that the people of this country are living too hard. Wars often break out, and they will definitely be hit." Lin Tong shook his head, some sympathized with the people here, they didn't even live with foreigners. With guarantee, there is no one in this country.

"That's for sure. Civil wars often occur, and the people are the most hurt. Didn't our country have such a poem in ancient times: Hing, people suffer, die, people suffer. I think it fits the current situation of Gas at this time." Chen Jing said.

"Yes, no matter which soil king wins, the people will suffer the most in the end." Xu Jing nodded and said. ,

"Our country should have a consulate here, right?" Lu Chen asked suddenly.

"Yes, it's just in the capital of Gas, in another city, do you want to ask them for help?" Chen Jing asked.

"It is of course much better to have them come forward. Generally these kings prefer to cooperate with officials." Lu Chen nodded.

As a businessman, he certainly knows that investment in this place is not very profitable, and the risk is too great. So many investment merchants cannot make money, so they must give up their money and leave. This is very hurt for the local kings. They do nothing with those merchants.

But if you cooperate with the official, many programs go to the official, it will not be so messy.

Chen Jing also thought of Lu Chen's question.

She has been here for the second time, and she has also learned a lot about things. For example, many European and American companies, after investing and discovering that they can't make much money, have directly invested and left.

"Then how about we go to the consulate tomorrow for help?" Chen Jing asked.

"Don't look for them first, let me talk to the Tuwang first." Lu Chen thought for a while, still felt that he had to understand the Tuwang first before making plans.

"By the way, Shao Lu, it is said that a rare earth ore vein has been found in the territory of the Tuwang. I think Gaoli and Dongying are probably here to seek cooperation in mining rare earth mines." Chen Jing said suddenly.

"Rare earth mine? How much storage capacity is there?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and asked.

Rare earth mines are more valuable to him than rough stones such as jadeite.

The former are just decorations.

The latter is the material needed by Yiqi Technology.

"I don't know, I'll find out tomorrow." Chen Jing shook her head. She had only heard the news in these two days. It's just that they only need raw stones such as jade and jade, so they don't care much about rare earth mines.

Chen Jing is only the project manager of Kaitian Yuanshi Group, and cannot enter the decision-making level of Yiqi Technology.

So although Lu Chen recently established a rare earth group company in China Shipping, she is not sure.

Otherwise, she was sure that she would go to inquire immediately.

When the car is getting closer and closer to the city of Rema, from a distance, you can see a European medieval square palace on a green area not far in front. The palace is very big, and it is better to say that it is a palace.

From a distance, you can see the gate of the palace. Although it is midnight, the lights are still brilliant, and there are black men with guns standing guard on the walls of the palace.

"That is the palace of King Sambajilu, it is the most magnificent building in Rema City, and the spiritual symbol of the people of Wantong Province. I heard that the King Samba every year chooses a princess, a young woman from Wantong Province. We have to select the top ten through the draft, and then the Samba Tuwang will choose the best one." Chen Jing said.

"This Tuwang will really enjoy it." Lin Tong smiled enviously.

"I guess you don't look down on the black girl paper here. What's so envious." Xu Jing teased.

"That might be true." Lin Tong raised his eyebrows, and he really had some thoughts in his heart.

"Mr. Lin, should I arrange one for you?" Chen Jing also teased.

The shares of Kaitian Yuanshi Group were shared by Lu Chen among Du Fei and Shuihu Sanjie. Don't think Lin Tong was just Lu Chen's driver. He paid millions of dividends every month.

"Forget it, our aesthetics are different." Lin Tong laughed, still a little afraid to provoke a black girl.

Seeing Lin Tong admitted to counseling, all of them laughed.

Rema City is the capital and capital of Vantone Province. But there are only two million people.

Soon after entering the city of Hot Horse, Chen Jing took the three of Lu Chen to a hotel run by British people. It was said to be a five-star hotel, but it was actually only equivalent to a domestic three-star hotel.

There are frequent civil wars in Gas, and the security is very poor. However, it may have been caused by the British colony. The hotels opened by the British people in the three islands are the safest. Those gangsters dare not come here to make trouble.

All foreign businessmen who come to invest like to live in hotels run by British people.

Lu Chen just got out of the car, and three off-road vehicles drove over at the intersection. After they stopped, they saw a group of people getting out of the car drunk and drunk. All of them were Koreans and spoke in Korean. The yelling people don't know what they are talking about.

These Koreans also saw Lu Chen and others. When they saw Chen Jing, their eyes flickered, and the wine seemed to wake up a lot, and they walked over with wretched eyes.

Chapter: 378

"That little girl is on time, she should be from Huaxia," said a Korean man.

Another drunk man looked in the direction of Chen Jing, then nodded and said: "It's really punctual, we are not half of the beauty of Korea, right?".

"You stupid? This woman is just so-so, how can it be compared to our No. 1 beauty in Korea, but this figure is indeed punctual." The third big man shook his head, it seemed that he was not very drunk.

Chen Jing is indeed not stunning, but she has a strong temperament, and she looks more beautiful than many actresses, and it is sad that these Korean big guys were attracted in an instant.

"The men around her are very strange. They should have just been here. Brothers, do you want to do something tonight?"

Several Koreans looked at Chen Jing with wicked eyes, whispered in Korean language, and walked over it wretchedly.

They have a good relationship with people in the British Isles, so they don't pay attention to investors from other countries.

And they also have a team, which is even more arrogant.

Lu Chen glanced at a few Koreans and walked to the hotel, just a few clowns.

Chen Jing frowned slightly, her eyes a little worried, but she didn't say anything, and the three of them walked into the hotel with Lu Chen.

"These people are also Koreans who are looking for Samba Tuwang to cooperate." Chen Jing followed Lu Chen and whispered beside him.

Lu Chen nodded, not taking it seriously these few days.

Several Koreans saw a few people walk into the hotel, and followed them into the hotel.

The rooms Chen Jing had opened for them were all on the same floor. Seeing a few Koreans following along, Chen Jing felt a little scared.

No need for Lu Chen to say anything. Seeing a few Koreans coming, Xu Jing and Lin Tong waited at the door of Chen Jing's room.

When someone came over, the two of them didn't say anything, just as a few drunks crackled and beaten up, even their people dared to make ideas. Don't these Koreans live long?

"Damn, you dare to mess around with such rubbish, if you were in Yuzhou, I would have killed them." Lin Tong clapped his hands and spit on the other side.

At this time, a few people fell on the corridor, humming and waking up from the wine.

Seeing both Lin Tong and Xu Jing look fierce and vicious, they didn't dare to put one fart, so they got up and limped downstairs.

When Lu Chen got up the next day, he heard a knock on the door just after he washed up. He opened the door and saw Lin Tong and Xu Jing frowning and walking in.

"What's the situation?" Lu Chen looked at the two in confusion.

"Damn, Chen Jing's car was lost when I drove out," Lin Tong said irritably.

The money for the car was nothing, and the company had already reimbursed Chen Jing. He just felt a little embarrassed.

He and Xu Jing got up very early this morning. Seeing that Lu Chen might still be asleep, they drove Chen Jing's car to go out for a stroll.

They were all very curious when they came to Africa for the first time and asked Chen Jing to give them the car keys.

Although the country of Gass is poor as a whole, there are a lot of weird things. Lin Tong and the two immediately became interested. Look here and there. When they bought a lot of fresh things and returned to the parking lot, Found that the off-road vehicle was missing.

Xu Jing called the police at that time, but after waiting for nearly an hour, the local police rushed over, and then the police did not care because the two parties had language barriers.

When he heard Lin Tong finished the process, Lu Chen frowned. There was nothing wrong with the car, but it was too shameful, and it was not convenient to go out without a car.

"Is the law and order here so bad? Even the car in broad daylight dare to steal?" Lu Chen said.

"Yes, the law and order here is indeed messy, but the local area generally does not target foreigners who come to invest because it is convenient for the local government to say hello here. But here as long as you are willing to pay, you can openly buy murderers. "At this moment, Chen Jing also walked into Lu Chen's room and said.

"I think it's very possible that the locals stolen the car by those Koreans." Chen Jing continued. Last night Xu Jing and Lin Tong beat those Korean drunks miserably. It is normal for a few experts to retaliate against them.

"Damn, if it was those few days of stealing, I will kill them!" Lin Tong said angrily.

He has always been the only one to do this kind of thing, and no one has ever dared to steal his car. The most important thing is that there is no use for calling the police today, which makes him angry.

"Well, it's probably them. Go out and see if you can find any clues." A cold light flashed in Lu Chen's eyes.

"Young Master, it should be useless to go out on such a hot day. If they are really targeting us, they should come to the hotel to find us." Chen Jing said.

Lu Chen thought for a while, and felt that what Chen Jing said was reasonable. It was indeed very hot outside and not suitable for going out.

"Then wait." Lu Chen nodded, and took a few people to the hotel restaurant for dinner.

After eating, several people went back to the room to play their own games.

Lu Chen took out some information about the country of Chagas on his mobile phone, so he should first understand the current situation of this country.

After watching it for a while, Lu Chen realized that this country was more chaotic than he thought, with civil wars happening all year round.

He went to the website here, and after translating it, he immediately saw a headline news that King Baltu hired a mercenary of more than two thousand men to attack the royal family of Gasth. The royal family of Gasth had already asked the British Isles for help. The British Isles also sent a group of thousands of mercenaries to support them, which will be here in the next few days.

This is the rhythm of another civil war.

Lu Chen thought for a while, then called Du Fei and made some arrangements.

After six in the afternoon, Chen Jing came to ask Lu Chen to have dinner, and Lu Chen asked, "Didn't the Koreans come to you?"

"No, I don't know if it's them." Chen Jing shook her head.

"Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, and was also a little confused. Isn't it really a Korean?

"What entertainment shows are there at night?" Lu Chen asked again.

"Only bars, there are more bars here. They are also very popular with foreigners. They usually go to bars at night." Chen Jing said.

"That night, take us to the bar with the most alcoholic beverages. Let's rent a car first." Lu Chen said.

"Okay, I went to mention a car again today." Chen Jing said.

Chen Jing knows the importance of a car. With so many people, even if the car is retrieved, it can still be used, so today she took a few bodyguards to buy another off-road vehicle.

"Well, that's good." Lu Chen nodded.

Lin Tong and Xu Jing's eyes lit up when they heard they were going to the bar to play at night.

They are unfamiliar with their lives here, and there is nothing fun in the evening, so you can go to the bar to pass the time.

Drink some wine and you can have a good night's sleep when you come back at night.

After dinner, seeing that it was still early and it was still dark, several people waited for more than an hour before they went down to the bar under Chen Jing's leadership.

Chapter: 379

The Black Beauty Bar is the largest bar in Rema City. It was opened by a Korean businessman and the son of the chief of the area.

The front hall is a casino. The black people here like to gamble. At night, they like to come to the bar to gamble. At this time, there are countless black people around the gaming table, drinking and gambling. The noise is overwhelmed. Music sounds.

There are also ballrooms and karaoke halls in the hall on the inner floor. Every night there are a lot of people here. There are people of all kinds of sex. Maybe you can see the chiefs and even the high officials of the palace.

Of course, the Tuwang would definitely not come to such a place to show up.

Tonight, at the invitation of Chief Luca’s youngest son, Hue Yongjun also came to the bar.

Cui Yongjun is the son of the head of the Korea Lotte Foundation. This time he is also here to talk about rare earth ore cooperation.

At this moment they were drinking and chatting at the best booth, watching the black hot girls dance.

Lu Chen and others came to the bar lobby, randomly found a place to sit, ordered a few glasses of wine, and looked around.

Soon, he saw the group of Koreans, and the few Koreans obviously saw them.

"It's them, it's their hands." Seeing Lu Chen and a few people, a Korean man suddenly said beside Hu Yongjun.

Since the bar was a bit noisy, they all spoke a little loudly.

"Very well, I'm going to see what these Chinese dogs are capable of, even my people dare to beat them." Cui Yongjun's face suddenly became a little gloomy.

"Hush, what's the question, do you want me to take action?" Little Luca asked.

Little Luca is the son of Chief Luca. He is a big black man with a size of 1.5 meters. Cui Yongjun and others cooperate with them, so the relationship is very good.

"Those Chinese dogs hit my people last night, let a few people teach them." Cui Yongjun said to little Luca.

This is the site of Little Luca. He asked Little Luca to help him. First, he strengthened Luca's sense of existence, and second, he also avoided his own hands from exposing his strength.

"Just a few of them?" Little Luca pointed at Lu Chen and asked.

"Yeah." Cui Yongjun nodded.

"OK. I'll ask them to return them to my site, and then I won't be able to help them." Little Luca made a gesture and got up and left the deck.

Hue Yongjun and others also got up and left the bar with little Luca.

On the other side, Lin Tong and others also saw the eyes of little Luca and others, and they immediately understood what they meant.

Chen Jing was a little frightened, and said worriedly: "Young Master, I think those Koreans may be looking for someone to deal with us. The black people here, as long as they are a little bit powerful, have guns in their hands, or we should go first. Right."

"If you have a gun, then it will be fun." Xu Jing smiled confidently. Yiqi Manufacturing Technology developed a bulletproof vest for them. Just like the golden cicada silk in ancient times, they are invulnerable and they are not afraid of being hit by bullets.

As long as they dodged the head, the bullet could not hurt them.

This body armor has surpassed the modern body armor technology too much, you can't feel it when you wear it, and it can automatically generate a strong rebound force to offset the energy of the bullet, greatly reducing the impact of the bullet.

But the cost of this bulletproof vest is too expensive, as high as more than three million pieces, which is simply beyond reach.

Lu Chen only developed one set for a few important people.

However, the military still ordered about a hundred sets, mainly for senior generals.

Because this body armor can also offset the power of bombs, it is very suitable for battlefields.

"Don't worry, it's okay." Lin Tong didn't take it seriously.

Lu Chen nodded and signaled Chen Jing not to be afraid.

Don't say that these Africans are not good at marksmanship. Even if their marksmanship is very accurate, he does not take it seriously. As long as he avoids the beginning, he will not give the opponent a second chance to snap the board.

"Okay." Chen Jing spread her hands, a wry smile appeared on her face. Since the boss is not afraid, she has nothing to fear.

Although at this time she was also a little overwhelmed.

Lu Chen and the others also drank and talked, but they didn't take Cui Yongjun and others to heart.

More than ten minutes later, several big black men walked over to everyone, with murderous intent in their eyes.

Several big black men came to Lu Chen and revealed the pistols on their waists. At the same time, they said in English without question, "Our chief wants to see you and follow us."

Chen Jing was a little frightened when she saw the gun on the other's waist. Lin Tong and Xu Jing were joking around the corners of their eyes.

Although Lu Chen's English is not very good, he can still have simple conversations and probably understand what the other party means.

"Lead the way." Lu Chen replied in English, and led the three of them to get up and follow them and walked outside the bar.

Needless to say, these people are those chiefs.

What made Lu Chen a little surprised was that it was not the bodyguard hired by the Koreans, but a chief. It seemed that they had a close relationship.

Several big black men brought them to the two off-road vehicles and motioned to Lu Chen and the others to get on.

A few people got in the car, and the off-road vehicle quickly drove out of Rema City, all the way to the countryside.

Seeing the car go further and further, Chen Jing became more and more frightened. She already firmly believed that something was going to happen tonight, and it was still a major event.

After about half an hour, they came to a village called Kambu Village.

Cambu Village is a village with a strong original flavor. The houses in the village are almost all conical-shaped grass tops, covered with soil on four walls, and only a few are built like country houses. The one facing west is a two-story stone house, which looks the most impressive.

In the middle of the village is a small square. The spear thatched cottages in the village surround the square. In the center of the square is a mango tree about 20 meters high. There is a big umbrella under it and bright lights.

A fat and black gold necklace with a thick thumb on his neck, six gold rings with precious stones on his ten fingers, and a black man in his forties who was drinking under a big umbrella.

Sitting behind him were three black women with almost bare upper bodies, all younger than him.

But beside him, there were a few Koreans sitting.

The eyes of several Koreans fell on Chen Jing who had just got off the car, and some of them showed resentment.

They are Cui Yongjun and others.

Lu Chen was not surprised by this.

A black man stretched out his hand to push Lu Chen, meaning to urge Lu Chen to go there quickly.

Lu Chen just glanced at the black indifferently, and the black big Han suddenly trembled and took a few steps back in shock.

Chapter: 380

"You are so courageous. He stole our car and dared to bring us over." Lu Chen looked at the Koreans playfully.

His eyes quickly focused on Cui Yongjun, because among these Koreans, Cui Yongjun was the leader.

"Stealing your car?" Cui Yongjun was startled, and asked, "I think this Chinese friend made a mistake."

The smile in Cui Yongjun’s eyes remained unchanged. He spoke Chinese. Lu Chen and others were also surprised that he could speak Chinese.

Just listen to him continue to say: "I’m urging Yongjun, the person in charge of the Korea Lotte Foundation in Gas, please come over. I heard that my subordinates had some unpleasantness with this beautiful lady. I want to be in Chief Luku today. Under the witness, everyone resolved this matter peacefully."

"Yes, as long as you take out the rare earth ore vein mining contract signed with Samba Tuwang for Remashan, that's all about it," Lu Chen said in the interface.

He already knows that the rare earth vein of King Samba has already cooperated with the Koreans. For him, the value of rare earth vein is definitely more useful than rough ore.

As for the theft of cars, as long as they can win the contract, it doesn't matter if they send them ten more cars.

Of course, Lu Chen was just the one who urged Yongjun to start the game.

"This friend, big ambition is a good thing, but do you think you can grab food in our Lotte Group?" Cui Yongjun looked at Lu Chen jokingly, "You Huaxia have a saying that the tiger’s mouth is plucking hair, you don’t Do you think what you are doing right now is plucking hair on the tiger’s mouth."

The Lotte Consortium is one of the five major consortia of Goryeo, with strong strength, so Cui Yongjun doesn't look at Lu Chen at all.

So I directly compared him to a tiger, and Lu Chen was a man who wanted to pluck his hair at the tiger's mouth.

"Really?" Lu Chen looked at Cui Yongjun with a smile, raising his eyebrows, "I want to see who is the tiger and who is always the best."

Seeing that both sides were smiling and hiding their knives, Chief Luca stood up and smiled enthusiastically: "Two distinguished guests have come from afar, please let me entertain you."

Chief Luka said this in English. Lu Chen probably understood what he meant, but after seeing his warm smile, there was a hint of bad intentions hidden behind him, so he joked and ignored him.

With their current strength, even if they are far away in Africa, he doesn't need to give these black people face.

Seeing that Lu Chenren ignored him, Chief Luku's face changed. He clapped his hands, and a dozen black men behind the big tree came forward, each with a gun in his hand, with gloomy eyes.

Among these people, it is little Luca who takes the lead.

Cui Yongjun showed a playful smile on his face, and said: "I am afraid that this is the first time for some of you to come to Africa. I don't know their manners. You refuse their invitation, but don't give them a face. I persuade them to ask Lu immediately. Chief Ka apologized, otherwise this matter may not be resolved."

"It's just a small chief, even if the king of Samba, I don't worry about it, you should worry about yourself first." Lu Chen said lightly, not even looking at the black people who came with guns. Big man.

"You Chinese are still so blind and arrogant. You have to see the form clearly. When you are here today, it's not your decision." Cui Yongjun's eyes flashed cold and he waved his hand. The one who brought Lu Chen and others over Several people in black approached Lu Chen, and at the same time they pulled out the pistols from their waists.

Chen Jing's face changed, her face pale in shock, and she was a little at a loss for a while.

"Boy, didn't you guys be good at fighting last night? You call me now?" A Korean man who had been beaten by Lin Tong and Xu Jing last night looked at them with a mocking expression.

However, Lin Tong and Xu Jing couldn't understand the Korean language he spoke at all. Only Chen Jing understood. Lu Chen and others could only judge from his expression, and they must be mocking something.

Lu Chen sneered, his body flashed, and he rushed out like a cannonball.

His speed was very fast, almost to the extreme. When everyone reacted, his right hand was already clasped on Chief Luka's neck. With a slight force, Chief Luka who was stuck immediately snorted.

At the same time, Xu Jing and Lin Tong shot at the same time, and brought down the black-clothed men behind them in three or two. From start to finish, the other party did not have time to slam the board.

And when the little Luca and others saw his father old Luca fell into Lu Chen's hands, they didn't dare to move one by one, but all their guns were aimed at Lu Chen instantly.

"You... Chinese warrior?" Cui Yongjun's face changed drastically, looking at Lu Chen with a gloomy expression. Chief Luka and the others were all shocked. Obviously he did not expect that Lu Chen would be so powerful. Accurately, can control him like lightning.

The speed at which Lu Chen sprinted past has completely exceeded their cognition.

In their view, China is a magical country with countless incredible legends.

Among them, Huaxia Martial Arts is one of the legends that puzzles foreigners like them most.

Obviously, what Lu Chen had just performed was the martial arts magic in Chinese legend.

Several other Koreans thought of Lin Tong and Xu Jing's terrorism last night, and they were all frightened.

"On my turf, you are not afraid that I will kill you?" Although Chief Luka fell into Lu Chen's hands, he quickly calmed down. He believed that although this Chinese youth was terrifying, he certainly did not dare to kill. he.

"Are you too confident? Do you think that if I kill you, those of you can kill me?" Lu Chen said jokingly. Although his English is not good, simple conversations are fine.

"Okay, then my people can't kill you, then you think you kill me, our country will let you go? You know, I am the chief, who was appointed by the king of the earth himself, and the king of the earth will surely pass it the first time Edit you guys." Chief Luca threatened.

"King Samba? Do you not watch the news? He is going to fight with other kings, and will still call your life and death? Besides, he still wants to ask me to help him, believe it or not?" Lu Chen Said jokingly.

King Baltu wants to replace the Gasth royal family and has already cooperated with a powerful mercenary. A full-scale civil war should break out within a few days.

King Samba Tu is a loyal follower of the royal family of Gas. The Allied forces of the King Baltu will attack the capital of Gas City and must pass from Vantone. King Samba Tu is a hindrance to their advancement and will definitely be destroyed first. The king of Samba Tu.

That's why Lu Chen dared to say that even if he killed Chief Luka, Samba wouldn't have time to dare it.

In the past few days, Samba's mind will only be focused on how to fight with the coalition forces resisting King Baltu.

"Then, what do you want?" Of course, Luca also knew these things. He was a little scared when he heard that.