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Who are you My Husband (Chapter 411-420) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 411

"Okay, let Xiaochen think about it first. Xiaochen, you go work first, but you have to think about it. There are still three months before the Chinese New Year. When you are celebrating the ancestors, you must go back and recognize the group. Return to Zong, let's go first."

Lu Chen's expression changed drastically, and he wanted to fight with Lu Ming. Lu Zhixing hurriedly stood up.

After he finished speaking, he forced Lu Hao and Lu Ming to go out.

"Uncle San, why don't I teach that kid a good meal? I think that kid is not comfortable!" Lu Ming said uncomfortably when he left Lu Chen's villa.

"This is his site, and I think the two people around him are also martial arts masters. Maybe we will suffer." Lu Zhixing shook his head and said.

"Then we just gave up like this?" Lu Ming said unwillingly.

"give up?"

Lu Zhixing smiled and said: "Yiqi Technology is now a cash cow, a cornucopia, and Lu Chen’s wealth is even more than an enemy. Our Lu family’s control of Plaus Island has been in a sluggish economy in recent years. Bringing over our wealth will definitely ease the economy of Pleasant Island."

"Then do we really have to wait until the Chinese New Year?" Lu Ming asked puzzledly.

"Well, don't underestimate Lu Chen, he is very capable. We have to go back and plan for this. During the Chinese New Year, we must let him obediently offer Yiqi Technology to him. Today, it's just a test of him. "Lu Zhixing sneered.

Lu Ming and Lu Hao nodded when they heard the words, a glimmer of light flashed in their eyes.


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After the three of Lu Zhixing left, Lu Chen went to find Mr. Yun and told Mr. Yun what happened today.

Old Yun's analysis is similar to his guess.

The Lu family must be jealous, and then wanted to hit him on Yiqi Technology's idea.

But they all firmly believed that Lu Chen's father definitely didn't know about this, and there would be no problem at the same time.

After all, Mr. Yun knew that Lu Tianxing was actually not interested in the position of Patriarch.

If he was interested in the position of Patriarch, he would not leave the family more than 20 years ago. He stayed in the family, and with his talents, he would definitely be Patriarch.

So they all felt that Lu Tianxing would not be in any danger in the Lu family.

After confirming that his father was fine, Lu Chen didn't worry about it again.

As for what Lu Zhixing said he would come during the New Year, let's wait until they come.

Anyway, it’s okay for him to recognize his ancestor and return to the clan, but if the Lu family wants to use Yiqi Technology’s idea, he will definitely not do it.

The YQ series of intelligent robot exhibition was very successful, attracting more than 400 merchants from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition. The performance, quality and price of all aspects of the intelligent robots on the market are a few blocks away, and there are more than half of the merchants on the spot. Willing to place an order.

But Lu Chen's model remains the same. They are responsible for launching new products, and then the major members of the chamber of commerce will promote them as an agent.

Although this will make a large part of the money, Yiqi Technology at this time does not want money, but this kind of relationship network that kidnaps the entire chamber of commerce.

The key is to better promote the economic development of the entire Yuzhou.

For Yiqi Technology to launch top-notch technology products, no one is more excited than the members of the Chamber of Commerce.

A few months ago, the universal engine made them a fortune, and they will only make more and more in the future, and new cash cows have come out.

Only then did the members of the Chamber of Commerce finally understand how lucky it is for Lu Chen to form this Chamber of Commerce.

And those businessmen who did not join the Chamber of Commerce, especially the three big families of Zhang, Zuo, and Liu, were extremely greedy.

But they all have a lot of hatred with Lu Chen, especially Zuo Jia. They have proved that Zuo Qingcheng died in Lu Chen's hands, and there is no possibility of reconciliation with Lu Chen. Watching Yiqi Technology continue to introduce top technologies Products, looking at the fact that the chamber of commerce established by Lu Chen continued to make money, they were even more jealous and mentally exploded.

Yiqi Technology is getting stronger and stronger, Lu Chen's strength is getting stronger and stronger, and their Zuo family has no chance of revenge.

There is also the Wang family. Originally they had the opportunity to impact the status of the four major families, but because they offended Lu Chen, they were pitted by Lu Chen several times, and it made their Wang family's strength back several grades over the past year. .

What made them even more desperate was that they had repeatedly applied to join the Chamber of Commerce, but they were ruthlessly rejected by Lu Chen.

Although Lu Chen did not explicitly say that he would suppress their Wang Family, invisibly, all members of the Chamber of Commerce were unwilling to cooperate with their Wang Family. This made the Wang Family more and more marginalized, and the family strength was constantly being surpassed by the Chamber of Commerce members. Up.

It can be said that the Wang family's life is quite difficult now.

The main reason why Lu Chen didn't kill the Wang family was to leave the Wang family to Wu Lei for revenge.

Wu Lei is his best classmate in university and one of his few sincere friends before the rise of Yuzhou.

After he handed over the supermarket to Wu Lei, Wu Lei did not live up to his expectations. Now at least one branch has been opened in the nine major districts of Yuzhou. Lu Chen’s sister-in-law Lin Yijia and her cousin both became supermarkets. The store manager is very optimistic about the future development.

As the president of the entire supermarket chain, Wu Lei has become one of the celebrities in Yuzhou, and in time, he will surely destroy the entire Wang family by himself.

Just after the National Day holiday, Lu Chen came to the Chamber of Commerce and convened all the members to hold a meeting to promote the YQ series of intelligent robots.

The launch of the YQ series of intelligent robots represents another big step for human civilization. Lu Chen attaches great importance to this promotion.

After the meeting, Chen Churan, who represented the Chen family at the meeting, found Lu Chen alone.

"Universal engines have a problem in Dongying and M Empire. Some politicians in their countries are very resistant to our products, forcing many businesses in their home countries to tear up their contracts with us." Chen Churan said.

Her Chen family is mainly acting for foreign channels, and being sanctioned is no longer something that their Chen family can solve.

"Are we going to start sanctioning us now? Don't they want our Huaxia market?" Lu Chen frowned. Both of these two countries are big auto countries, and China Xia is also their largest auto market. The two countries resisted for a little bit of personal gain. Their Yiqi Technology is completely stupid.

"They probably didn't think so much, nor did they investigate the influence of the universal engine." Chen Churan guessed.

"Well, I'll go to the East Yinghui to meet with their politicians before talking." Lu Chen thought for a while and said.

"I'll go with you." Chen Churan looked at Lu Chen expectantly.

Lu Chen thought for a while and nodded: "Okay, then you go and book a plane ticket."

Chapter: 412

"Let's go by cruise ship, Zhonghai is quite close to Dongying." Chen Churan looked at Lu Chen with a look of expectation. She was born in Yuzhou and rarely sees the sea. She wanted to take this opportunity to feel the magnificence of the sea.

Seeing Chen Churan look expectant, Lu Chen quickly guessed what Chen Churan meant, nodded, and agreed.

Immediately, Chen Churan booked the air ticket to Zhonghai and the cruise to Dongying, the date was tomorrow afternoon.

"By the way, how is the Sway team?" Lu Chen suddenly asked after Chen Churan booked the tickets.

He hadn't paid attention to the football team for many days, and when he thought about it, he asked Chen Churan.

After Chen Churan acquired 40% of the shares, Lu Chen placed her directly in charge.

"This season's results are very good. After our relegation was successful last season, our SWS team bought a few outstanding players. This season has been consistently ranked in the top five. By the way, the Zhonghai team you acquired is stable first. The season has not been defeated. It is the only team in the Super League that has not yet defeated. It is 8 points ahead of the second-placed Hengda team. Not surprisingly, there is no problem with the Zhonghai team winning this season." Chen Churan Said.

"What about the youth echelon? How is the construction going?" In order to promote the development of domestic football, Lu Chen knew that the development of the youth echelon is very important, so he told Chen Churan.

"It has been built, and we have recruited a lot of talented young players. However, our national league is the First Division and the Super League. There are too few teams. There is too much competition for these players to enter the league in the future. This is Many parents do not want their children to play football." Chen Churan said.

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Chen Churan's words made Lu Chen startled, suddenly a little shaken.

At the beginning, he established the Football Foundation with the goal of improving the status quo of domestic football. The starting point is good, but after all, he is only a fan in football and he did not have a deep understanding of the status quo.

Yes, if parents can't see their children's future, who will let them play football?

That was a waste of children's study time.

In addition, football training is also prone to injuries. If you can't play professional games in the future, it will not be worthwhile to treat yourself if you are injured. If your financial situation is worse, you can't afford the high medical expenses.

The most important thing is that it is impossible to improve the strength of the players by training only, so it does not have much meaning for training football talents.

"Hope for teenagers who like to play football is the key." Lu Chen nodded and said suddenly.

"But our country only has a professional team. There is too much competition for players to enter the professional team. Many people may give up unless a large number of teams are added, but this may be unrealistic." Chen Churan said.

"Yes, it is to add a professional team." Lu Chen leaned on the sofa, took out a cigarette, and looked at Chen Churan with a smile on his face.

Had it not been for Chen Churan to remind him, he had not thought of this.

"The addition of a professional team will disrupt the rhythm of the league. After all, everyone is accustomed to this way of playing. Sudden large-scale restructuring may be difficult for the Football Association." Chen Churan said.

She is also the president of the Football Foundation and has dealt with the Football Association many times.

In fact, the Football Association also wants to change the status quo of China Football Association, but they can't do anything.

Many things cannot be done well with money.

"No, my so-called increase in professional teams is to set up a provincial league system in each province under the first division.

In other words, each province sets up its own professional league, reaching a prefecture-level city, at least one professional football team, and participating in the province's professional league.

In each prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of the province, as well as the counties and districts below it, there must also be different levels of amateur football teams and amateur leagues-in this way, the most basic regional units can be formed. , People of different ages can have year-round and regular games to play, so that it can promote the league mechanism starting from the most basic level and going up to the city, province, region and the country.

With such a bottom-up, professional or amateur leagues of various regions and levels, we can promote the training of young players in teams at all levels, and China’s football mass base can continue to expand, and will form an effective Long-term mechanism and system. "

Lu Chen opened the way and thought of a solution.

If he really realizes his vision, then China Football Association will be able to form a virtuous cycle of development mechanism. In the future, China Football Association will definitely have super geniuses.

With a population of more than one billion in China and a population of more than one billion, how can it be possible that the United 11 top players cannot be selected?

In the final analysis, the players have not received good learning and training since they were young, which has led to countless true football geniuses being buried.

Chen Churan's eyes lit up. With her in-depth understanding of the football project in the past few months, she felt that Lu Chen's vision was simply perfect. If it can be realized, China Football will definitely take off.

However, it is too difficult to realize this idea.

"Your plan is perfect, but, have you ever thought about how those teams can run without a certain amount of funding, let alone normal games day after day." Chen Churan said sharply.

Lu Chen nodded. The funding for so many teams must be astronomical, and he must not be able to rely on him alone.

He was smoking a cigarette, thinking about how to solve this problem.

"I have a suggestion. If you can tell the Football Association, your plan is very likely to succeed." Chen Churan's eyes lit up and said suddenly.

"Oh, tell me." Lu Chen nodded and looked at Chen Churan.

"The strength of these professional players in our country is really not good, but their salary is actually higher than the salary of many top players in the five major European leagues. This obviously does not match their strength. I think our country's These professional players should limit their salaries to the same level as Dongying and Goryeo, or even lower than theirs. This can save a lot of money for the development of the team. Secondly, many players will be willing to go to the top five in Europe. League training. I heard that because the salary of going out for training is far more than that of the national team, many players are reluctant to go abroad for further study. You know, the European football concept is strong, and we really should study hard.

In addition, it is recommended that all the proceeds of the football lottery, except for the management fee, be invested in all provincial leagues, and our Football Foundation sponsors a part, then the operation of the provincial leagues can almost be maintained.

In the end, as long as each team develops on its own, sponsors, and invests in advertising, it will definitely be able to maintain the normal operation of a team. "Chen Churan talked freely.

"Very good, very good. When you come back from Dongying, you can talk to the officials of the Football Association. I believe they will agree."

Lu Chen nodded frequently, agreeing with Chen Churan's solution.

Chapter: 413

Regarding football, Lu Chen told Chen Churan about his ideas again. Chen Churan took notes as he listened, and then added her own opinions. He planned to consult with Chen Churan when he returned from Dongying.

As long as Lu Chen's plan is implemented, it will be an epic improvement for China Football.

Imagine that if every league below the provincial level can have sufficient funds, the league can be carried out day after day, year after year, and there is hope of upgrading to the first class or super, then the whole country can be formed. Similar to the European football mass foundation and league foundation, then, if you want to prevent China Football from taking off, then you can't hold it!

So Chen Churan was also very excited. She thought about all the possible obstacles, and then made many comparisons and simulated solutions.

Of course, if the Football Association fails, Lu Chen also has his own plan.

He certainly can't get it on a national scale, but in the three southwestern provinces, he has the strength to form a provincial league in these three provinces.

As long as he makes a good start here, he will certainly follow suit across the country.

However, they will go to Dongying tomorrow to resolve the sanctions, and today they can only sort out this idea.


The next day, Lu Chen and Chen Churan flew to Zhonghai. Seeing that it was almost time, they asked Xu Shuting to arrange a car to take them to the dock.

When the two were boarding the cruise ship, a young girl looked at Lu Chen's back, looked at the photos of Lu Chen in the newspaper in her hand, and then walked towards the cruise ship.

It's just that she didn't have a ticket, and was quickly bombarded by someone on the cruise ship.

However, this did not stop the girl's determination to board the ship. She stopped a middle-aged person who was also going to cruise, and finally bought the ticket from the middle-aged person at ten times the price, and then successfully boarded the cruise ship.

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This is a super luxurious cruise ship. Not only does the cruise ship have a swimming pool, a viewing platform, there is a direct landing on the top deck, and there is a helicopter parked on it.

The cruise ship has a total of five floors, dining and delicacies, amusement halls, bars, dance halls, casinos, everything, tourists can find everything they play.

The rooms of Lu Chen and Chen Churan are on the third floor. The two rooms are next to each other. The decoration inside is comparable to a five-star hotel room, which is very luxurious.

After taking the room key, Chen Churan put the travel bag away and asked Lu Chen to go to the sightseeing platform to watch the sea.

It was okay anyway, Lu Chen nodded, agreed to Chen Churan's invitation, and went to the deck to watch the sea together.

The viewing platform on the cruise ship is very large, and the places are full of tourists traveling abroad. Some are single, some are in pairs, and some are even families with several people. Everyone needs to hold the camera and take pictures at the sea. Isn't it just taking pictures of each other with the sea as the background, and having fun talking and laughing.

Chen Churan was also taking pictures of the sea with the camera hanging on his chest. Lu Chen was standing beside her, but he had no interest in taking pictures. He just chatted with Chen Churan without a word.

"How about I take a picture for you?" Chen Churan walked to Lu Chen and smiled.

"What's good to take?" Lu Chen said with a shrug.

"Stingy, many people begged this lady to help them take pictures, this lady is not even interested." Chen Churan stuck out his tongue, and regardless of Lu Chen's answer, he directly raised the camera to take pictures of Lu Chen.

Lu Chen smiled and ignored her.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a faint killing intent coming from behind him. This killing intent was sometimes absent, as if the person emitting the killing intent seemed to hesitate.

Lu Chen suddenly turned around, and saw a young girl walking towards him. This girl was dressed in plain clothes, but she was a girl with very delicate features. She was slightly modified, and her appearance was not inferior to Chen Churan at all. It made Lu Chen a little surprised. It was just this moment. , The murderous aura disappeared again.

"Hello, you are also traveling to Dongying." Xiao Zixin suddenly panicked when she saw Lu Chen turned around to look at her.

"Yeah." Lu Chen nodded and didn't say anything. He was very curious about who the other party was from.

He had roughly guessed that this woman must have come to fight him on purpose.

It's just that he still doesn't know what tricks the other party will use to deal with him, and who came to her.

"My name is Xiao Zixin, what do you call Big Brother?" Xiao Zixin said in a flustered heart.

"Lu Chen." Lu Chen nodded lightly.

Seeing that Lu Chen didn't have much interest in talking with her, Xiao Zixin turned around and smiled at Chen Churan, who was looking at her, "This sister, you are so beautiful, and you are really handsome and talented with Brother Lu Chen, or I will take a picture of you How about a group photo, my photography skills are very good."

Chen Churan raised her eyebrows and felt that there must be something wrong with Xiao Zixin. It was just that she couldn't guess what was wrong for a while, but when Xiao Zixin misunderstood her relationship with Lu Chen, a smile suddenly appeared on her face. After Lu Chen explained, he smiled directly: "Thank you, then, my name is Chen Churan."

She said that she took the camera off and handed it to Xiao Zixin, then pulled Lu Chen to her side, not giving Lu Chen a chance to explain.

Lu Chen shrugged, and it was rare to explain it. How could he not know that Chen Churan thought carefully.

With their backs to the sea, the two placed a few PoSS under Chen Churan's initiative. After a while, Chen Churan released Lu Chen.

Maybe Xiao Zixin didn't show any desire for merit, right? Chen Churan quickly chatted with her.

Because Xiao Zixin had shown murderous intent to him before, and Lu Chen also saw that Xiao Zixin was a warrior, so he had to watch the sea while paying attention to Xiao Zixin's actions.

He knew that most of Xiao Zixin was going to assassinate him, so she shouldn't expose her identity to Chen Churan's disadvantage.

Looking at Xiao Zixin's situation, most of it is to establish a friendship with them first, and then only take action when he relaxes his guard.

Thinking about this, Lu Chen's eyes showed a touch of playfulness.

He won't do anything until Xiao Zixin can bear it.

Soon it got dark, and tourists all returned to the boat house to find their favorite food for dinner.

The three of Lu Chen also came to a cafeteria and ordered their favorite food and sat at a table to eat.

At this time, the two Dongying people in a corner of the restaurant looked at Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin, their eyes flashed suddenly.

Obviously, Chen Churan's stunning looks immediately gave them some ideas.

Chapter: 414

"These two Chinese beauties are too punctual. If we get our company to film, they will definitely be more popular than Sora Aoi back then." A Dongying person wearing glasses said in Dongying dialect.

"Well, it will definitely bring our Dongying film and television industry to another peak again." Another thinner Dongying nodded, his eyes full of lewdness and evil.

"I have some friendship with Wang Jun who is blocking the market. Should I ask him for help and get these two girls to our company?" said the man in glasses.

"You can try, you call Wang Jun and see what he means first, if you can really get them to our company, then the two of us will definitely make a fortune." The thinner man nodded.

The man in glasses took out the phone and drew out a number to say a word, then put the phone away and made an "ok" gesture.

Then the two got up and walked towards the three of Lu Chen.

"The three are also traveling to Bincheng." The two sat down beside Lu Chen and asked politely.

"Well, what's the matter?" Lu Chen glanced at the two uninvited guests and said lightly.

"Oh, we are just from Bincheng. This trip to China Overseas has felt the enthusiasm of your Chinese people. If you travel to our hometown, it happens that we can do the best of the landlord." The glasses man said enthusiastically.

Lu Chen looked at the two of them. Although they were doing very well, the twinkling expressions in their eyes betrayed them.

Lu Chen sneered inwardly, and immediately knew that these two people were definitely going to do something.

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He inadvertently looked at Xiao Zixin, wanting to see if Xiao Zixin arranged it.

However, from Xiao Zixin's expression, nothing suspicious was found.

"What are the interesting tourist attractions in Bencheng?" Chen Churan asked curiously when he saw that the two of them were from Bencheng.

"That's too much. There are shrines, Deadfire Mountain Park, Ocean Park and so on. When we arrive at Bencheng tomorrow, we can be your tour guide for free." The thinner man's eyes lit up and said enthusiastically.

"That's so embarrassing." Chen Churan shook her head. She was not going to travel at all, she was just talking casually.

"You are welcome, we Dongying people are very hospitable." The thinner man smiled.

"By the way, there are fun entertainment programs on the first floor, how about we go and play together later?" The glasses man suggested.

"What entertainment are there?" Chen Churan asked curiously, she was a little moved. It's only eight o'clock in the evening, it's too early to go to bed, and it's boring to go back to the room.

It just happened that there was a chance to be alone with Lu Chen, so it's better to have fun.

"There are singing and dancing, there is a circus, but the most lively thing is Las Vegas card blocking, or we will go and see, I don't want to go back to the room to sleep after you play." The man in glasses saw that the three of them had also eaten. Just said.

Chen Churan was not interested in these at all, but if he could go to play with Lu Chen, the meaning would be different.

So she looked at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen knew that these two Dongying people were ill-intentioned, but he didn't care either. He just happened to return to the room so early and couldn't sleep, so he nodded and said, "Then let's go and see."

The two Dongying people didn't expect that the three of them would be so easy to get hooked. They were overjoyed and felt that the success rate of this matter was quite high, so they hurriedly got up and took the three of them to the negative level.

The negative floor of the cruise ship is quite wide. There are dozens of blocked tables in the entire hall, and each blocked table is full of tourists, some playing Lengha, some playing Huaxia Three, and some playing dice...

"You can also exchange some chips, just play a few, if you lose, you will be entertained, and if you win, you will make a profit." The glasses man looked at Lu Chen and said, then he went to a counter and swiped his card for a hundred thousand chips. .

Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin both shook their heads, indicating that they would just take a look.

"Since it's here, let's play a few." Lu Chen smiled and changed his 100,000 chips.

His two Dongying people were so enthusiastic to ask them to gamble, obviously they were going to spend a lot of his money.

But for Chu Chien, even he himself admired himself, of course he was not afraid of the tricks of the Dongying people.

"It's boring to play in the lobby. Let's go to the private room to play." The thinner man said with a smile when Lu Chen changed his chips.

"Alright." Lu Chen nodded, and followed the two Dongying people to the private room.

The private room is also very large and luxuriously decorated. When a few people entered the private room, they saw five or six people sitting on a huge blocking table, playing dice, as if guessing the size.

"Wang Jun." The two Dongying people nodded and greeted the middle-aged man in charge.

There is a scar on the face of the middle-aged man, which looks a bit hideous.

"It's you guys, sit down and play two." Scarman looked at the two Dongying people, and then when he glanced over Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin, a lustful-evil color flashed quickly.

Obviously, it was the first time he saw such a stunning beauty as Chen Churan.

Since ancient times, Yuzhou has been a place rich in beauties, plus Chen Churan is also a first-class beauties in Yuzhou, it is no wonder that the Scar Man has evil thoughts.

"Come and sit down." The man in glasses greeted Lu Chen enthusiastically and greeted the three of Lu Chen to sit in several other empty seats, and then the two also sat down with Lu Chen's three.

"Xuedaijun, these three are all your friends, don't you introduce us?" The scar man looked at the three Lu Chen and thought that these two women were really punctual, and it was a waste of taking them to film.

"Oh, Wang Jun didn't tell me, I really forgot. My name is Xuedaichuan. I don't know how the three are called?" The glasses man asked with a smile.

"Lu Chen, the two of them are my friends." Lu Chen nodded, not intending to introduce Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin, because he didn't think it was necessary.

"Haha, I'm very happy to meet three handsome men and beautiful women. My name is Wang Zhen. These are my friends. We are also traveling to Bencheng. We are bored at night. How about a few of you playing?" Scared Man looked at Lu Chen and smiled Tao.

"Yes, it's a long night. It's really boring if I don't find something to entertain." Lu Chen looked at Scar Man with a smile.

"Haha, it seems that the little brother is also a Taoist, so Wang will play with the little brother tonight, what do you like to play?" Wang Zhen also laughed.

"Just the dice you just played." Lu Chen said.

"Guess the size or the points?" Wang Zhen asked.

Three dice add up to a maximum of 18 points, and the smallest is three points. If the points of three dice add up to more than nine points, it is big, and if it is less than nine points, it is small. If it is three six, it is a leopard, and the dealer will kill it.

"What is the compensation method for size, and how is the compensation method for points?" Lu Chen looked at Wang Zhen lightly.

"One pays two for each size, and one pays ten for a point." Wang Zhen looked at Lu Chen with a smile on his face.

"Then guess the number, stimulate it." Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and smiled slightly.

Scar and the others brightened their eyes and smiled heartily.

Chapter: 415

"Well, how about 100,000? If Brother Lu is too big, change it to 10,000."

Wang Zhen was not sure how many family backgrounds Lu Chen had. On the surface, all three of them should be ordinary people, but Lu Chen's calmness made him a little uncertain.

Generally, those who dare to play guessing points are not Xiaobai, or the real veteran, or who would dare to play that way.

But Lu Chen's performance was too steady, and he couldn't see the details of Lu Chen for a while.

"Let's start with one hundred thousand." Lu Chen said lightly.

"Okay, Brother Lu is refreshing." Wang Zhen smiled and picked up three dice and put them into the shaker, "Kang Dang Kang Dang" and shake it up. The technique is very familiar, even the mouth of the shaker is facing the bottom. Is the master of dice.

"Brother Lu, guess." Wang Zhendang snapped the shaker on the tabletop, and looked at Lu Chen with a smile.

Lu Chen looked at the shaker, did not give an answer immediately, he looked like hesitantly.

Everyone was smiling, they had already seen that Lu Chen was not a veteran, he was probably the casino Xiaobai who likes to act in front of beautiful women.

In particular, Yukidaikawa and his companions were even more excited. When this kid had lost all of them, they would lend them generously to move their books, but they didn't want to be at their mercy.

"Ten...three o'clock, I guess it's 13 o'clock." Lu Chen hesitated for more than ten seconds before hesitated.

"Brother Lu, is it thirteen?" Wang Zhen looked at Lu Chen with a smile.

"Yes, sure." Lu Chen nodded in uncertainty.

Seeing Lu Chen's appearance, everyone no longer doubted.

"Okay, then I will drive it now." Wang Zhen put his hand on the shaker, slowly raised it, and said with a smile: "I hope Brother Lu will have more luck..."

Before Wang had finished speaking, he was actually stunned. He saw that the three dice were three o'clock, five o'clock, and five o'clock respectively. It was not exactly what 13 o'clock was.

Others also looked incredible, and they were guessed by Lu Chen in the first game. Is this kid really lucky?

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This is too good to guess.

If this were not for luck, how could it be possible to guess right at once.

But everyone thinks it’s funny. This kid is a novice at first sight. It’s just foolish to guess. It’s bullshit if you can guess what luck is. For real gamblers, they never believe in luck. They only believe in their own technology.

"Wow, Lu Chen, you're so amazing, you got it right at the first guess, it's really 13 o'clock." Chen Churan said unwillingly, his expression a little excited.

"Don't look at who I am, I am the No. 1 God of Gamblers in Yuzhou!" Lu Chen shook his head proudly, looking awkward.

Seeing that Lu Chen was like this, everyone was relieved. If Lu Chen had a humble appearance, they would have to wonder if Lu Chen was really old and pretended to be a pig and a tiger.

"Haha, it seems that Brother Lu is really lucky. Come on, let's continue." After Wang Zhen was taken aback, he also felt that this kid was really fucking lucky, and he was confused. Can be confused.

Wang Zhen pushed the nine hundred thousand dollars in front of Lu Chen and started to roll the dice again.

In this first game, he lost 900,000, which was a real loss.

But he believed that Lu Chen must be the blind hen who met the head of rice.

"Brother Lu, how much is the bottom?" Wang Zhen asked while shaking the dice. He had lost 900,000 in just one round. Of course, he hoped that Lu Chen would go up and bet a little more in this round.

Or he would have to win nine games in a row before he won back to his roots.

"One million is all in. I watched the stars the night before and found that I had great luck tonight." Lu Chen laughed.

"Oh, it turns out that Brother Lu is actually a master at looking at pictures. If you have the opportunity, please help me to see how you look like?" Wang Zhen also smiled and agreed. He hoped that Lu Chen would be like this. Come, that's a waste of his time.

And if this kid guessed once, it would be impossible to win it back in half a day.

This is the pros and cons of guessing points.

The chance of the player's guess is too small to pick, but if you get lucky, the dealer will cry.

"Guess what time is this?" Wang Zhen buckled the shaker on the table with a sound, staring at Lu Chen.

"Well, it’s a big point just now, so I think the chance of a small point in this round is a little bit higher. If you didn’t roll three dice into one, then the range is between 3 and 7 points. I like it. Going to the extreme, I think this round is either 3 or 7 o'clock." Lu Chen analyzed it seriously.

Everyone was a little funny when they heard Lu Chen's serious appearance there. This kind of guessing points was all nonsense. This kid really regarded him as a god.

"So, is it 3 o'clock or 7 o'clock?" Wang Zhen looked at Lu Chen with a smile. In this round, he was about to win back the profit.

"I guess it's 7 o'clock, um wait, me, can I change it?" Lu Chen suddenly hesitated.

"Haha, of course not." Seeing Lu Chen's hesitation, Wang Zhen knew in his heart, thinking that this kid was really guessing, so he opened the shaker with a smile, only when he looked at the dice on the table. The smile froze in an instant, and his entire face became very ugly.

The dice on the table are one, two and four respectively.

Add up to exactly 7 o'clock!

The people in Xuedaichuan were also dumbfounded in an instant.

It turned out to be 7 o'clock!

He guessed it again? !

"Wow, Brother Lu Chen, you are too good, you guessed it again, this time you won nine million, oh my god!" Xiao Zixin grabbed Chen Churan's arm, showing excitement and excitement.

Lu Chen glanced at her expression, and couldn't help but admire Xiao Zixin for acting too much.

Is this the killer of the acting school?

"Haha, I said, I am the No. 1 God of Gamblers in Yuzhou. I just guess a dice. I can play it when I was three years old." Lu Chen laughed and said arrogantly.

Although Chen Churan knew that Lu Chen was bragging, but Lu Chen guessed twice in a row, she still showed a touch of worship in her eyes.

"You fucking come out!"

Just when Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin were extremely excited, they saw Wang Zhen slapped on the table with a slap, then stood up abruptly and glared at Lu Chen. Several other big and thick men also stood up, looking at the landing with a fierce look. dust.

In that frame, there is a big meaning of doing something wrong.

But what made Wang Zhen and the others a little puzzled was that neither Lu Chen nor Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin, the two beauties, did not take him seriously.

Even at this moment, there was no emotional change on the three people's faces.

Chapter: 416

"You fucking come out!"

When Wang Zhen yelled these words fiercely, none of Lu Chen had any reaction.

But Xiao Zixin quickly became worried and afraid.

Although she performed very well and reacted in almost half a second, Lu Chen still observed the change in her entire expression.

A sneer flashed in Lu Chen's heart, and he looked at Wang Zhen.

"You're blind, you drew the dice yourself, how can we make a big deal!" Before Lu Chen spoke, Chen Churan scolded.

Although she didn't understand the rules of the gambling table, she knew that in this case, Lu Chen would not be able to play Lao Qian, and it was the dealer who wanted to play.

"Little girl, it's a bit spicy. Our real brother said that if you are a thousand people, you are a thousand people. Here, our real brother has the final say." A big man with a big face smiled evilly and reached out to tease Chen Churan.

"Fuck!" Chen Churan learned martial arts from her grandfather since she was a child. Although she is not as good as those real martial arts masters, it is enough to deal with ordinary gangsters.

Seeing that she grabbed the hand of the big-faced man and twisted it hard, the big man screamed, losing his balance and falling down.

"Grass, this little girl turned out to be a Lianjiazi!" Everyone was shocked and pulled out their pistols and pointed at the three of Lu Chen.

The whole private room fell silent.

At this time, Chen Churan was also a little panicked, but Xiao Zixin was really panicked.

Guns, this is an existence that can only be seen on TV, not to mention Chen Churan, at such a close distance, even Xiao Zixin can't guarantee that he can easily avoid bullets.

"Fuck, you are crazy!" a big man grinned grimly.

"Mom pushes me hard, and dares to be arrogant in Lao Tzu's territory. Lao Tzu will let you two girls know how good Lao Tzu is today!" Wang Zhen laughed.

"Brother, two chicks together, can you do it?" a big guy smiled.

"Grass, Er Gouzi, you look down upon Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu can fight for three days and three nights." Wang Zhen smiled.

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Everyone had a real guy in their hands, and the three of Lu Chen had completely become lambs to be slaughtered in their eyes, and they all looked unscrupulous.

However, at this moment, Lu Chen's face turned gloomy, and a coldness flashed in his eyes, and his body turned abruptly for one to eighty degrees, avoiding the muzzle of the man closest to him. The next second , Directly won the hands of the big man.

"Mapi, you died early!"

Wang Zhen and the others fired one after another when they saw it, but Lu Chen was faster than them. Only Wang Zhen pulled the trigger once. Before the other people pulled the trigger, their guns were shot in their wrists. The gun fell to the ground.

But Wang Zhen also only pulled the trigger once, and never a second time.

His wrist holding the gun was also pierced by a bullet.

Several people held their wrists pierced by bullets in pain, looking at Lu Chen's eyes full of fear.

Speed, marksmanship, decision...

Each item is at the top level, which is a strong one they have never seen before.

Chen Churan finally breathed a sigh of relief, seeing the love that could not be hidden in Lu Chen's eyes.

But Xiao Zixin looked at Lu Chen, her eyes flickered, Lu Chen's strength also surprised her.

Xue Daichuan and his companions were a little stupid. At this moment, the two people knew that it was not that Lu Chen and the three were easy to get hooked, but that they were not taken seriously.

"You just said who came out of the house?" Lu Chen asked Wang Zhen's head with a pistol.

"Big, big, big brother, yes, it's me, oh no, no one pays a thousand!" Wang Zhenxiong looked at Lu Chen tremblingly, and he couldn't say things smoothly.

Obviously he is also a person who is extremely afraid of death.

"Since no one has paid a thousand, then continue." Lu Chen said lightly.

"Big brother, please spare me. I was wrong. I shouldn't hit these two young ladies. I damn it!" Wang Zhen knelt down in fright, and then snapped two mouths. How could he pay? Dare to bet.

This time he lost nine million. How could he have so much money?

No matter how stupid he was, he could see that Lu Chen didn't really rely on luck. It must be a thousand years old, but he didn't grasp the evidence.

But at this time, several of their hands were injured, and the blood was still gurgling.

"What about you two? Since we are so enthusiastically invited to play, of course we have to play with us." Lu Chen turned his head to look at Xue Daichuan and his companions, and said with a smile.

He knew from the beginning that these two Dongying people had bad intentions, and of course he couldn't let them go so easily.

"Lu, Jun Lu, we, we have no money!" Xue Daichuan shook his head bitterly.

"Is there really no money?" Lu Chen said, playing with the pistol in his hand. He pulled out of the magazine and there were just two bullets left, and then put it in again.

"Do you think I dare not kill you?" Lu Chen pulled up the gun and pointed at Xue Daichuan.

Xue Daichuan trembled, he also wanted to suspect that Lu Chen would not dare to shoot.

But he dare not.

"Lu, Lu Jun, the two of us add up to 10 million yuan, please forgive me!" Xue Daichuan and his companions turned pale with fright, and hurriedly bowed to Lu Chen and begged for mercy. Lu Chen forced them to gamble, obviously. They are going to be blackmailed, they have to spend money to eliminate disasters, or Lu Chen pulls the trigger, then let alone return to Dongying, it is still unknown whether they can see the sun tomorrow.

"Ten million? It's okay. Let's go. Change to a bargaining chip. I want to change to RMB." Lu Chen nodded, got up and forced Xue Daichuan and Wang Zhen to walk outside the private room, everyone hurriedly To keep up, go to the casino's reception desk to change chips.

Xue Daichuan and the two put together 10 million chips to Lu Chen, and Wang Zhen gave them nine million.

Although Qian Luchen didn't like this, it was a lesson for Xue Daichuan and others, and he certainly had to accept it.

Besides, 19 million is not a small number.

Seeing everyone playing with Lu Chen between her palms, Xiao Zixin sighed in her heart. She knew that Lu Chen was very powerful, otherwise her future heir to the Xiao family, Xiao Anyi would not have died in Lu Chen's hands.

Yes, she was the Xiao family, who was ordered to assassinate Lu Chen.

To be precise, she was the adopted daughter of the Xiao family, or a dead man trained by the Xiao family.

If she couldn't kill Lu Chen, based on what she knew about her master, she would be executed by her master 100% after returning home.

There were two tyrants in the Xiao family, one was Xiao Biqing, cruel and ruthless, and the other was her master An Ruyi, who was also Xiao Anyi's mother, equally cruel and ruthless.

"Sir, which bank are you going to transfer to?" The lady at the counter looked at Wang Zhen and several people unexpectedly, and then said to Lu Chen. Many big bosses here often bet hundreds of millions of dollars, and Lu Chen only changes With 19 million chips, the lady at the counter did not blink.

"Give her the official account of the foundation." Lu Chen said while looking at Chen Churan.

This kind of ill-gotten wealth happened to be donated to the Football Foundation.

"Good." Chen Churan nodded and reported the account to the staff.

She knew that Lu Chen was not bad for this amount of money, of course she wouldn't hesitate.

The staff was very efficient. The transfer was processed within a few minutes, and then the three of them walked out of the casino.

"Wang Jun, I will definitely make up your nine million." After the three of Lu Chen left, Xue Daichuan saluted Wang Zhen.

"Then there is Lao Xue Dai Jun." Wang Zhen nodded, his face looked better. He knew the identity of Xue Dai Chuan. Although it was only a side branch of the Xue Dai family, it had a lot of properties. The Xue Dai family all belong to Dongying. The big consortium that can be ranked in the top 15 is completely scary.

Xue Daichuan nodded, and walked to the side to take out the phone and call his family. Lu Chen blackmailed him 10 million yuan, and he was sure to make Lu Chen vomit twice or more.

Although Lu Chen was a bit perverted, he believed in the strength of their Xuedai family, and when they arrived in Dongying, he didn't even think about coming back alive.

Chapter: 417

Although Dongying is just an island country composed of countless small islands, its domestic economy is extremely developed. As early as the 1980s and 1990s, it was in full swing, far surpassing several streets in China.

However, China's majestic development in these years, whether it is economic, military, or international status, has already left Dongying a few streets away.

Nevertheless, as an old economically developed country, Dongying’s Bincheng is much better than many similar cities in China in terms of urban construction and environment.

Especially with regard to environmental sanitation, Lu Chen couldn't help but nodded. Rows of scenic trees were planted on both sides of the street. There were no fallen leaves on the road. There were clusters of flowers spreading out. Walking on the road gave people a look. Kind of comfortable feeling.

The three of them got off the cruise ship, because they had a good chat with Chen Churan, and because Xiao Zixin was very good at talking, they became friends with Chen Churan.

Chen Churan didn't even doubt Xiao Zixin's purpose, she felt very comfortable chatting with Xiao Zixin, especially after knowing that Xiao Zixin also liked martial arts, Chen Churan let Xiao Zixin live in the same room with her.

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It happened that Xiao Zixin took her purpose again and was with the two after getting off the cruise ship.

Lu Chen guessed that Xiao Zixin was probably here to kill him, but seeing that Chen Churan could chat with her, he just ignored her for now.

Anyway, he wanted to wait for Xiao Zixin to be exposed.

He didn't have to guess. If Xiao Zixin used her real name, it should have been sent by the Xiao family.

"Let's go find a hotel to stay in." Chen Churan suggested.

They did not go to Tokyo, but came to Bencheng, because Dongying’s largest robot manufacturer is located in Bencheng, and Lu Chen is going to acquire this robot manufacturing factory and use their channels to launch Yiqi Technology into the smart robot in Dongying. Comprehensive promotion.

When the time comes, we will open a branch plant to produce the universal engine independently, so that we can avoid the sanctions of certain politicians in Dongying.

Although some big guys in Dongying and the M Empire want to sanction Yiqi Technology, they have not yet determined it, and not everyone agrees. Therefore, Lu Chen can use this method to solve the problem of being sanctioned.

"No, they are here." Lu Chen shook his head and said.

"They? Who?" Chen Churan asked puzzledly.

"Troublemaker." Lu Chen's eyes calmly looked not far away. The two women followed his gaze, and saw twenty or thirty Dongying people approaching them, and everyone was bulging around their waists. , At first glance, there are weapons such as swords and sticks hidden.

"Mr. Lu Chen, we met again." Xue Daichuan walked out of the crowd, looking at Lu Chen with a smile on his face, but the two young people behind him unscrupulously looked at Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin.

When they saw Xue Daichuan, Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin finally knew what was going on. It was Xue Daichuan who found the place back. After all, Lu Chen blackmailed them 10 million yuan last night.

Both of them were a little worried. After all, this is Dongying and Xuedaichuan's home game. Although they know that Lu Chen is very powerful, this is a country of others. The so-called strong dragon does not suppress the local snake, this is the truth.

"Why, do you have money again?" Lu Chen looked at Xue Daichuan with a smile.

"Jun Lu Chen can really laugh. The son of my dignified Xuedai family is more than one person in charge of half of the underground forces in Bencheng. Does Lu Chen think I will put 10 million yuan in his eyes? Haha, as long as you follow us Take a trip, I'll give you tens of millions of visits." Xuedaichuan smiled, returning to his home court, he has confidence.

"Really, what if I don't go with you?" Lu Chen smiled faintly.

"Don't go with me? Haha, I'm afraid I can't help you today." Xue Daichuan also smiled, looking unscrupulously at Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin.

Their original purpose was Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin, but when they looked away, Lu Chen gave them 10 million yuan.

At this time, the two young people behind Xuedaichuan also laughed unscrupulously. They looked at Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin in their eyes full of wretchedness and licentiousness.

Seeing the other party talking in Dongying dialect, Lu Chen turned to Chen Churan, who understood Dongying dialect.

"What are they talking about?" Lu Chen asked.

Chen Churan was full of anger, and his face was quite ugly. He shook his head in shame when he heard Lu Chen asked.

"Mr. Lu Chen, let me tell you. I have opened a film and television company that specializes in shooting various AV short films. They said that if these two beautiful ladies go to film, they will definitely become popular in the world." Xuedaichuan Looking at Lu Chen with a smile on his face.

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, and said to his heart that this was the case. No wonder Chen Churan's face was very ugly.

"Do you want to invite them to film? I'm afraid your entire Xuedai family can't afford it either." Lu Chen said playfully.

He has heard about the Xuedai family. It is said that the financial resources are ranked in the top 20 in Dongying. For Lu Chen, the economy of Dongying has been stagnant in recent years. Except for the top two or three chaebols, there is nothing to be afraid of. .

The main reason is that the big chaebols all have close and complicated relationships with the Dongying government, and it is hard to move them.

As for the other chaebols, he didn't see it at all.

Hearing Lu Chen's words, both Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin showed a blush on their faces, especially Chen Churan, who gave Lu Chen a fierce look.

"No, no, no, you are wrong, as long as you fall into my hands, why should I pay." Xuedaichuan laughed playfully.

He smiled and waved his hand, and immediately the group of big men behind him surrounded the three of them.

Unfortunately, the three of Lu Chen didn't take it seriously.

"Boy, I heard that you dare to blackmail our boss. You are tired of your life." A big man came to Lu Chen's side, reaching out to slap Lu Chen.

Lu Chen sneered, clasped the opponent's wrist, and then slapped it forcefully.


A sound of broken hand bones sounded, and the big man screamed, covering his wrists and squatting down.

With the power of Lu Chen's wrist, breaking the opponent's hand bones didn't take much effort.

"Hit me hard!" Xuedaichuan's face sank and shouted loudly.

He did not expect that Lu Chen would dare to fight back when he was on his territory.

When the others saw this, they pulled out the machete steel pipes behind them, and greeted Lu Chen.

As for Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin, nobody cares about them.

But the people of Xuedaichuan didn't care about Chen Churan, but Chen Churan was not idle. She stepped forward and grabbed the steel pipe in the hand of a big man, and then drew a steel pipe on the foot of the big man.

She wasn't as cruel as Lu Chen's shots. Every steel pipe hit the opponent's back or leg.

Xiao Zixin hesitated, but after thinking about it, she joined the battle.

The three of them are martial arts practitioners. The thirty-something gangsters of Xuedaichuan, in front of them, are completely chickens and dogs, and they were all released in minutes.

Seeing this scene, Yukiyokawa and the two young people's faces were ugly to the extreme.

Seeing Lu Chen walking towards them, the legs of the three of them trembled.

Chapter: 418

Xue Daichuan knew that Lu Chen was very powerful. He already valued Lu Chen's combat power, so he called more than 30 younger brothers over, all with weapons in his hands.

Originally, he thought that no matter how great Lu Chen was, he would definitely be beaten up in front of so many people.

But I didn't expect it to be such a result.

His more than 30 younger brothers were all beaten up in minutes by others.

What made him tremble even more, whether it was Chen Churan or Xiao Zixin, the two Chinese beauties he had always wanted to make up his mind were also violent. One of his little brothers couldn't get up after going down.

Although not as perverted as Lu Chen, this was the first time he saw a woman so fierce.

"You, what do you want?" Xuedaichuan panicked when Lu Chen came over.

"I can warn you, this is our Dongying, not your Huaxia, if you dare to move me, I will let you not return to China, believe it or not!" Xuedaichuanqiang acted boldly and threatened.

"Really? Then you have to see why you can't go back to Huaxia." Lu Chen pulled a sneer at the corner of his mouth, raised his knee, and immediately gave Xue Daichuan a heart-warming leg.

Of course, Lu Chen's knees didn't really touch Xue Daichuan's heart, or just this one would kill him.

Lu Chen just pressed against his stomach.

But in spite of this, Yukidaikawa snorted in an instant, and curled up, covering his stomach for a long time without making a sound.

Seeing this, the other two young men scolded them in Eastern dialect and ran away.

Lu Chen didn't care about them, but squatted down to look at Xue Daichuan, and said coldly: "This is the last time, next time I will provoke me and let you go to hell!"

He said that no matter what Yukiyokawa's reaction was, he stepped directly over Yukiyokawa.

Chen Churan and Xiao Zixin also followed.

Soon they found a five-star hotel and stayed in the hotel first.

Xiao Zixin had not shown murderous intent, and Lu Chen didn't bother him for the time being.

Next, he asked Chen Churan to investigate the situation of the Oudish Group.

Oudish Group is the largest manufacturer of intelligent robots in Dongying.

Before the YQ series of intelligent robots came out, Oudixi's intelligent robots ranked first among intelligent robot manufacturers in the world, and the intelligent robots they developed were very realistic.

But in front of the YQ series of intelligent robots, it is a little insignificant.

The YQ series of intelligent robots is very advanced and mature in technology, and the cost is only about 1,000 yuan. After complete production, the cost will be even lower. Only about 700 is enough. This cost is less than one-tenth of Oudish .

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So the launch of the YQ series of intelligent robots is simply a nightmare for intelligent companies all over the world.

At that time, they will face the fate of either changing their careers or being acquired by others.

Because the YQ series intelligent technology has led them by two or three generations, they will definitely not have the chance to reach that level in a short time.

This is why Lu Chen is confident in acquiring Oudish.

During dinner in the evening, Chen Churan finally found out about Oudish, and contacted them, saying that she and Lu Chen would visit Oudish tomorrow.

But what surprised Lu Chen was that Oudish turned out to be an industry under the Xuedai family.

This is a bit interesting.

"Look up Xuedaichuan's position in the Xuedai family again." Lu Chen said.

Yukidaikawa and him are considered to be a bridge. If he has a high position in the Yukiyo family, then the Yukiyo family may not cooperate with him, let alone let him buy Oudish.

Although the Yukidai family is not very good, they can give up the intelligent robot.

Xuedai's family is the No. 1 chaebol in Bincheng, involving many industries. Intelligent robots are just a branch project of their family, so Lu Chen's worries are not superfluous.

If Yiqi Technology wants to avoid sanctions in Dongying, the best way is to acquire companies and use their own channels to launch products.

After Yiqi Technology's advanced technology products have penetrated into the hearts of the people in their country, it will be difficult for the government to sanction them.

The government can use it, but you can't stop your people from using it.

"Okay." Chen Churan nodded.

"By the way, what about Xiao Zixin?" Lu Chen asked curiously without seeing Xiao Zixin.

"She said she was going to go shopping today. She originally asked me to go with her, but I didn't have time, so I didn't accompany her." Chen Churan said without doubt.

She hasn't noticed anything unusual about Xiao Zixin until now, instead she has established Youyi with her.

Lu Chen nodded and didn't say anything. Xiao Zixin's purpose was him anyway. He believed his instincts, but Xiao Zixin didn't show her true face before coming, and Lu Chen didn't bother to force her to show her true shape.

He took out his cell phone and called Xu Jing, asking him to bring some manpower to Bencheng.

He felt that this trip to Bencheng would not be so easy.

The main reason was that there was a conflict with Yukiyokawa, and the Yukiyo family would definitely not cooperate with him so easily.

"If the Xuedai family does not cooperate with us, what are you going to do?" Chen Churan asked.

Lu Chen pondered and said, "If they really don't cooperate with us, then go to Jiuzhou Island."

Dongying’s second-largest intelligent robot production plant is located on Jiuzhou Island, and it is fine to acquire that company.

"Well, my dad also planned to acquire a company here before, but in the end he didn't talk about it. The policy here is very unfriendly to us Huaxia people." Chen Churan nodded and said.

"Normally, we Huaxia people are not all friendly to Dongying people. Many people are also very resistant to Dongying products. However, the quality of their products is good, so many people also use Dongying products while scolding Dongying people. But this situation , I won’t go out again.” Lu Chen said with a smile.

Whether it's Dongying cars or other Dongying electronic products, they were all very big in the China market before.

But he believes that this situation will be completely changed in the next one or two years.

In the future, whether it is China's market, Dongying market, and the world, all will be taken by Yiqi Technology.

In this regard, Lu Chen has absolute confidence.

Because he has absolutely top technology.

"You watch the news." Chen Churan suddenly pointed to the TV screen on the wall of the restaurant.

Lu Chen looked up, a hostess was reporting something with a serious expression, but he couldn't understand a word anyway.

However, the scenes quickly switched, and it turned into a catastrophic exploding scene, with many Dongying people's corpses blurred and very scary.

"What's the situation?" Lu Chen asked.

"An hour ago, a mysterious biological company in Jiuzhou Island exploded, causing hundreds of casualties. The exact cause of the explosion is currently unclear." Chen Churan translated.

Lu Chen nodded, and suddenly noticed that when several corpses flashed across the screen, some were abnormal.

The corpse was not injured at all. Although the screen was switched quickly, Lu Chen could still see that the skin of those corpses had a huge problem.

It's like being changed directly by something, it's quite scary.

Chapter: 419

Lu Chen has mastered most of the various advanced technologies in that mysterious bead, at least the part deciphered by the scientific research team such as Ding Dacheng has basically mastered it.

So he noticed the Piff anomaly of the corpses that flashed on the screen just now.

In that case, it was not caused by the bombing, but was rotted by radioactive materials.

Biological company, radioactive material?

Lu Chen frowned, feeling that this mysterious biological company might not only be a biological company.

"Try to get the Oudish Group from the Xuedai family, don't go to Jiuzhou Island." Lu Chen said.

The radioactive material was probably leaked from the nuclear materials developed by the biological company. Then in the next few years or even decades, the entire Jiuzhou Island may be nuclearly contaminated, so Lu Chen’s family cannot go to Jiuzhou Island.

"Biological companies, research and development of nuclear materials..."

Lu Chen frowned slightly, this was a bit abnormal.

"When you have time, help me check the situation of this biological company." Lu Chen said to Chen Churan, he always felt something was wrong.

"Good." Chen Churan nodded, without asking Lu Chen's purpose.

Lu Chen glanced at the TV screen again, then bowed his head to eat.

At this moment, a strong sense of crisis suddenly hit Lu Chen's heart, which was a kind of crisis warning when facing death.

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With a heartbeat, he picked up Chen Churan and got out.


As soon as the two of them rolled out, a sniper shell almost flew past his ears and hit the wall of the cafe.

Lu Chen didn't see the bullet, but he felt it.

This is the intuition he has developed after practicing health preservation over the years.

It is also a vigilance at a moment of extreme danger.

Because Lu Chen suddenly hugged her and rolled out, Chen Churan didn't know what had happened, so he subconsciously let out a scream.

"??" After seeing Lu Chen rolling himself onto the sofa, Chen Churan looked at Lu Chen with a puzzled expression.

She didn't think that Lu Chen meant to take advantage of her.

This scene came too suddenly, making her very puzzled.

"Someone wants to kill us, no, it should be to kill me, you just wait here and don't get up, I'll come as soon as I go." Lu Chen loosened Chen Churan and said.

It should be Xiao Zixin who made the move, but she chose to do it this way, and she underestimated his Lu Chen.

Chen Churan had no doubts, she had always trusted Lu Chen.

Soon she also saw the small hole in the wall that was pierced by a bullet, which was a sniper ambushing them.

She suspected that it was from Xuedai's family for the first time, and she had a different idea from Lu Chen.

Lu Chen got up to leave. He glanced at Chen Churan's windbreaker. He took off his coat and threw it on Chen Churan. He couldn't wait to explain and took off her windbreaker.

"Huh?" Chen Churan was startled and looked at Lu Chen in disbelief. She didn't stop Lu Chen's movements, but the whole pretty face was already red.

"I'm going to chase the killer, borrow your trench coat for a use, wait for me here, and I will be back soon." Lu Chen said, forcibly taking off Chen Churan's trench coat.

Although Chen Churan was very slim, she was tall enough, and although she was still a little small, she was not too awkward to wear on Lu Chen.

Lu Chen quickly put on Chen Churan's windbreaker, and in Chen Churan's surprise and speechless, he rushed out quickly.

"What a pervert!" Chen Churan couldn't help laughing when he saw Lu Chen put on his windbreaker's nondescript appearance.

After all, she hurriedly put Lu Chen's coat on her body.

At this time, the waiter rushed over and saw Chen Churan wearing a man's coat sitting behind the sofa and laughing, his eyes widened.

"Beauty, are you?" the waiter asked in surprise.

"Don't ask if you shouldn't. Go away and leave me alone." Chen Churan frowned and said.

"Oh, you can be happy." The waiter shook his head, saying that these two people are abnormal.

But where did the man go? Wouldn't you take this woman's clothes to the bathroom and do that?

Although the service attendant is also a woman, she has not seen this kind of news rarely in this age of Internet development.

Some perverted men like to wear the underwear of their favorite women.

I just thought that these two people should be lovers. I would rather do this kind of thing than open the house, which is really abnormal.

At this time, there were not many people in the restaurant. Everyone was in the separate deck, and the attention was focused on the TV news, until no one noticed the bullet hit the wall just now.

This also made Chen Churan a little relieved.

It would be strange if she was sitting alone on the floor behind the sofa in Lu Chen's coat and not laughed to death.

But thinking of Lu Chen chasing the killer, she worried about Lu Chen again, the other party had a gun.

In fact, how Lu Chen escaped, even the waiters did not see.

When he turned and sneaked out in front of Chen Churan, he took a guest's hat with his hand.

He put his hat on his head, coupled with a woman's windbreaker, and his somewhat thin figure, and he didn't pay attention to it, thinking he was a woman.

Lu Chen rushed out of the restaurant, looked up at the opposite building, and saw a figure flashing by the window on the third floor.

He rushed over without hesitation, because his crossing of the road caused many vehicles to stop suddenly, almost causing a traffic accident.

He turned a deaf ear to the scolding of those drivers. He didn't understand the Eastern dialect anyway, so he rushed into the building.

The building had only been repaired and had not yet been renovated. Lu Chen rushed to the third floor and saw a 30-year-old young man in a black T-shirt walking out carrying a guitar-like bag.

The youth glanced over Lu Chen and saw that Lu Chen was wearing a female windbreaker and a hat often worn by women, and he didn't care for the first time.

But soon she suddenly felt that this trench coat was a bit familiar, as if she had seen through the scope before that the woman next to his target was wearing this one.

Lu Chen was also looking at the young man. Although the young man did not show murderous aura, he still sensed a faint murderous aura from the young man's eyes.

This murderous aura was of course not aimed at him, but an aura developed by the killer who had killed people regularly.

Of course, only people who have seen life and death can sense it.

But he suddenly raised his head to look at the young man, and the young man saw his face clearly, and his complexion suddenly changed.

Seeing Lu Chen walking straight over, the young man's eyes gradually narrowed.

Just as the two passed by, the youth suddenly moved.

Chapter: 420

He moved quickly, a dagger pierced Lu Chen's weakness with his wrist turned.

But Lu Chen's movements were faster than him.

At the moment he took the shot, he buckled his wrist back, and at the same time, he slammed the dagger in the opponent's hand into the opponent's abdomen.

The man's face was shocked, he stepped back a few steps, and covered his stomach before running.

Without saying anything, Lu Chen rushed up and knocked him to the ground.

The man rolled on the spot and took out his pistol to shoot.

Lu Chen kicked the gun out of the man's hand with a kick, then stepped on the man's chest and slowly squatted down.

"Xue Daichuan or Xiao Zixin?" Lu Chen looked at the young man coldly.

He thought it was Xiao Zixin before, but after seeing the killer, he thought it might also be from Xuedaichuan.

After all, he made Xuedaichuan suffered a lot yesterday, and even blackmailed him 10 million. This is the territory of Xuedaichuan, and it seems that Xuedaichuan is more suspicious.

The young man was silent, but looked at Lu Chen like an idiot.

"I've said, I'll give you a good time. If you don't say it, you will be slowly crushed to death." Lu Chen understands the killer's eyes. Although he knows that ordinary killers stick to their professional ethics, he can't ask nothing. Just solve the other party directly.

There was a playful sneer in the man's eyes, he was too lazy to speak, and he did not hesitate to bite the poison between his teeth.

This is the regulation of their organization. When performing tasks, you must be ready to die at any time, and you would rather die than reveal the secrets of the organization and customers.

Seeing the man's face turned purple and blue, and then his body was subconsciously pumped up, Lu Chen's heart sank, so he was also a wolf.

In less than a minute, the assassin died out.

Of course he doesn't care about the life or death of a man, he cares about who wants to kill him.

Is it Xue Daichuan or Xiao Zixin?

Lu Chen frowned. He didn't know who it was. Then he could only wait for the opponent to reveal himself before speaking.

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"Wait for the little girl to come back in the evening, go and test her." Lu Chen thought for a while, but still felt that he couldn't sit still

Then he searched the killer again, and there was nothing, not even a cell phone.

In the end, he had to destroy the sniper rifle in the box on the killer's back and the pistol two meters away from his hand. This thing would fall into the hands of others and would be harmful. ,

Just when he was about to leave, he looked back at the killer's corpse, and inadvertently saw the dagger beside the killer, which seemed to have some pattern on it.

He stepped forward and checked the dagger, and found a strange pattern carved on the dagger. It was a pattern of a dagger inserted on the head of a skull.

Lu Chen frowned. He hadn't seen this pattern before. Could it be the mark of this killer organization?

Although he wasn't sure in his heart, he decided to take it back and let people check it.

Lu Chen put away the dagger, then came out from the back of the building, made a circle, avoiding all street cameras, and then returned to the restaurant.

"How's it going?" Chen Churan finally breathed a sigh of relief when Lu Chen came back.

"Let him run away." Lu Chen said regretfully, and took off Chen Churan's trench coat.

"Why don't you call the police?" Chen Churan said worriedly. After all, this is Dongying. The two of them are not familiar with each other in their lives. It is really troublesome to deal with this kind of thing.

"No, that will only startle the snake." Lu Chen threw the windbreaker to her, and then took the coat that Chen Churan handed over and put it on.

Chen Churan nodded, and said no more.

The two of them had no intention of eating, they checked out and left.

Seeing that the two of them had changed their clothes back before, the service was contemptuous in their eyes.

Xin said what kind of woman it would take to tolerate her boyfriend being so perverted.


In the evening, Chen Churan sent Lu Chen a message about the situation of the biological company that exploded today.

According to the information sent by Chen Churan, the biological company that exploded was an official scientific research institution established by M Empire and Dongying. On the surface, it was engaged in the research and development of biological agents, but many people were very skeptical, but everyone did not have anything. The relevant data information is again state-owned, and over time, no one pays attention.

Even if it weren't for this sudden explosion, no one knew that this biological company was owned by M Empire and Dongying State.

Seeing this, Lu Chen didn't care about it. He was only curious and asked Chen Churan to help him investigate.

"Has Xiao Zixin come back?" Lu Chen suddenly sent a message to Chen Churan.

I don't know if Chen Churan is busy, and only returned to him after more than a minute: No, you have something to do with her?

Lu Chen could feel different emotions from Chen Churan's message, but he just smiled and didn't care.

Just when Lu Chen was about to take a bath and was about to go to bed, he suddenly heard the doorbell. He walked over to open it and saw Chen Churan hurriedly walk in.

"What happened?" Lu Chen asked with a raised eyebrow.

"This is just sent to me by a friend of mine. It is the latest news from Empire M. It is estimated that it will reach our country soon." Chen Churan said with a bad face.

"What news?" Seeing Chen Churan's expression on his face, Lu Chen couldn't help frowning.

"The news from the M Empire said that the biological company that exploded today was a secret base for the M Empire and the East China to jointly develop biological and chemical weapons. This accidental explosion may have leaked the biochemical virus inside. A person from the M Empire. It was revealed that they are still not sure to what extent the biochemical weapons in the base have been studied. If the biochemical viruses are not handled properly, it is likely to bring devastating disasters to the entire East and even the world. Although the M Empire officially stood up for the first time I have refuted the rumors, but this matter has already affected the attention of all forces, so I think we need to abandon the Dongying market. Dongying is indeed a big cake, but this cake is likely to be poisonous." Chen Churan said.

"biochemical weapon?"

Lu Chen was slightly startled, and the tragic appearance of the corpses he had seen on the TV screen flashed in his mind. It was indeed not a normal bomb injury.

"I think it is very possible. You see, Yiqi Technology has not only launched the sixth-generation fighters, but also launched supersonic electromagnetic missiles, making the world hegemony of the M Empire immediately replaced by our China. They know that in a short time It is impossible to develop sixth-generation fighters and hypersonic electromagnetic missiles to contend with China, so it is possible to take a curve to overtake, so it is reasonable for them to take risks to develop biological and chemical weapons." Chen Churan nodded and said.