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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 111-120 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 111

As if seeing what everyone was thinking, Li Xue smiled and said, "Don’t worry, in our opinion, hundreds of thousands may be many, but in the eyes of Xu Dongliang, hundreds of thousands are not money at all. The clothing factory can earn it back in a few days."

Li Xue's words dispelled the doubts of several women, and also made several women become excited. That is Huaqi Mansion, where you can have a meal in your circle of friends. One year.

Wang Jiameng is also very excited. This time she must seize the opportunity. In any case, she must find a way to hook up with Xu Dongliang, even if she can be a third party for Xu Dongliang.

Although she has not had a good time in the past three years, her figure and appearance are still very good, especially her figure. When she was in college, many boys in the class would treat her as a sex object at night and secretly use her photos. Doing bad things, figure is her gouyin Xu Dongliang's biggest capital.

"By the way, Xia Mengyao, the shameless fox, won't she come over?" At this time, someone finally remembered Xia Mengyao.

"Probably not, she didn't attend the party in the first two years." Someone hesitated. When Xia Mengyao was in college, he was almost the public enemy of all girls and a mountain that weighed on all girls.

And because Xu Dongliang had madly pursued Xia Mengyao, if Xia Mengyao came this time, Xu Dongliang would not even have a look at them. At that time, they would like to have a relationship with Xu Dongliang, but it would be difficult.

"She will come this time." Wang Jiameng said with a slightly ugly face. If Xu Dongliang doesn't come, then she would be happy to see Xia Mengyao coming. She can let other students see how miserable the school flower back then is. , But when Xu Dongliang came, she didn't want Xia Mengyao to come, because Xia Mengyao would steal her limelight, it would be difficult for her to hook up Xu Dongliang again.

"Jiameng, how do you know that sorrowful fox will come? Didn't she always show up because of her husband delivering food?" Li Xue asked curiously.

"I saw her in the hospital the day before yesterday..." Wang Jiameng did not conceal the fact that she met Xia Mengyao in the hospital the day before yesterday. However, she was vague about the reason why Xia Mengyao was beaten and did not say clearly. Her purpose is very simple, I hope people like Li Xue can think crookedly.

"I got slapped a lot? Hahaha, but the sky has eyes." As soon as Wang Jiameng finished speaking, someone burst into laughter.

"Is that Sao Fox hooking up with someone else's husband? How else would he be beaten by another woman?" Wang Jiameng's guidance worked. The same women, especially married women, are very sensitive to such things. .

"It must be that her own husband is a notorious trash. She is not reconciled. It

is normal for her to hook up with other people's husbands and do three things for others." "That's right, don't look at her in school fashion. But in fact, he is a sorrowful fox. If he initiates a sorrow, he can do anything."

"Bah, shameless, it really loses the face of our school."

"I don’t know what those men like her, this kind of slut, If you marry in, you won’t be able to cuckold you every day."


junky husband, the top of her head must be green now." Seeing that the many girls unexpectedly reached agreement on this matter, Wang Jiameng couldn’t help but sneer. The goal is half achieved. Rumors will become the truth as more people spread.

So many people say that Xia Mengyao is a third party, and it will definitely reach Xu Dongliang's ears. She doesn't believe that Xu Dongliang will still be interested in a married third party.

"This time her husband will also come with me." Wang Jiameng brought the topic to Chen Feng again.

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"Her husband? A stubborn takeaway, come over to join in the fun! Aren't you afraid of being embarrassed?"

"Isn't it because you heard Xu Dongliang going to the Huaqi Mansion to entertain guests, and come here with scornful expressions."

"It's really possible, after all. Her husband, like a food delivery company, can’t afford a meal at Huaqi Mansion for a month’s salary."

"The thought of eating with a food delivery company made me feel sick."

"I really should have said that, it's not a family, don't enter the house, these couples, one is a shameless fox, and the other is a scumbag, they are a perfect match."

"Don't say that, her husband, the day before yesterday. I saw it too, but the clothes were shabby, the others were okay, and the person Xia Mengyao also said that she really likes her life now, and she doesn't dislike her husband as a takeaway." Wang Jiameng said pretentiously.

"Hahaha? Don't you dislike it? Xia Mengyao, this stinky biaozi, really knows how to pretend. If she doesn't think that her husband is a takeaway, I will eat this telegraph pole."

"Hmph, she was so proud back then. Even Xu Dongliang refused, thinking what kind of super rich second generation she would marry when she graduated. In the end, she married a takeaway foodie, which just laughed at me."

"That saucy fox, I guess I regret it now. Her intestines are all green. Otherwise, she wouldn't be eager to come over to join a classmate gathering. She would definitely want to hook up with Xu Dongliang."

"That's right, today we have to guard against this shameless fox. She must dare to make a fuss and hook up with Xu Dongliang. Interrupt her hooves."

"Yes, Xu Dongliang is still single now, and this saucy fox must not be harmed." Li Xue reminded.

Everyone, you and me, seemed to regard Xia Mengyao as the enemy of life and death.

At this time, several Audi A4s and Volkswagen stopped at the school gate, and other students in the class also arrived.

A few women just glanced at the model of the car, and then withdrew their gazes. They were not interested in who was sitting in the car. It was not Xu Dongliang anyway.

Because it is impossible for Xu Dongliang to drive this class of car.

Generally, those who drive a car with a price of more than one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand are usually mixed after graduation. Such people are unknown in the class when they are in school, and they are almost the same when they are out of society.

After a few men got out of the car, Wang Jiameng and Li Xue greeted a few women happily.

As for some taxis, Wang Jiameng and others are not even interested in saying hello.

The essence of the class reunion is to cheer up with those who are better than you. As for those who are worse than you, who cares about you?

"Everyone should have arrived. Now that we are here, let's find a place to eat first." A gentleman with glasses suggested. His name is Zhang Jun. He was also considered a man in the class at the time and looked handsome. He also plays the guitar well, and he was a well-known figure in the class in the past.

But today, no one responded to his proposal.

Chapter: 112

"Xu Dongliang hasn't arrived yet. Today's party was organized by him." Li Xue was the first to speak, breaking the embarrassment. This Zhang Jun, she also liked to spend some time in college, but after graduation, Zhang Jun went there. In a private company, being a small clerk was not very good. Compared with Xu Dongliang, it was a far cry.

Today's Zhang Jun, she doesn't like her, and even many women in the field who have liked Zhang Jun will not take Zhang Jun seriously.

"Then wait." Zhang Jun's face was stiff, and he smiled reluctantly.

As soon as the voice fell, the black-faced Land Rover Range Rover stopped by the roadside, the domineering model, the streamlined body, just a glance, the eyes of everyone in the field lit up.

The door opened, and a tall and handsome young man in an Armani suit got out of the car. The young man had fair skin, a confident smile, and a charming look in his deep eyes.

"Brother Liang, here, here!"

"Brother Liang, it's been a long time since I

've seen him , and he's getting handsome again." The young man is Xu Dongliang. When he appeared, the women Wang Jiameng and Li Xue looked like moths and saw the fire. , Rushed towards Xu Dongliang, his attitude was a passion.

Several male classmates headed by Zhang Jun, their faces are not very good-looking, and the women Wang Jiameng can say that they have used the word snobbery to the extreme.

"Wow, Brother Liang, your car is so handsome, just like you." A freckled girl flattered.

"Nonsense, can you not be handsome? This is a Range Rover. It costs more than two million yuan." Li Xue rolled her eyes and said.

Xu Dongliang flashed a touch of pride in the depths of his eyes, then waved his hand and smiled: "A car worth more than two million is actually nothing. After the Chinese New Year, I am going to sell this Land Rover, add some money, and change to a Ferrari."

"Ferrari?! That one costs more than three million."

"More than three million, you said it is a low profile. A man like Brother Liang must at least drive a five million high-profile Ferrari."

Xu Dongliang smiled, and said: "I plan to change to a high-profile Ferrari. The low-profile one is boring."

"Brother Liang is probably the first man in our class to drive a Ferrari."

"Of course it is the first one, Brother Liang really Give us a long face in the finance class."

Seeing a few girls chasing herself like this, Xu Dongliang only felt that she was about to float up to the sky and attend class reunions. Wouldn't you just like this?

"Everyone is here, now that we are all here, let's go to the Huaqi Mansion." Xu Dongliang smiled slightly.

"Huaqi Mansion? The consumption there seems to be a bit high..." Zhang Jun smiled and said, his monthly salary is only more than five thousand yuan, but a meal in Huaqi Mansion may be more than five thousand.

"What are you afraid of? Brother Liang will pay for all the consumption today, so you don't need to pay a penny." Li Xue glanced at Zhang Jun with disdain. It turned out to be a waste. When he heard about Huaqi Mansion, he was scared like this, Xin It's because I wasn't with him back then.

"Brother Liang pays the bill? Really?" There are many people who have the same idea as Zhang Jun. They didn't know that Xu Dongliang was going to be a treat today, so when they heard it was Huaqi Mansion, they hesitated immediately.

Xu Dongliang had a touch of disdain deep in his eyes, but he smiled: "Of course it is true. Everyone is a classmate. I can lie to you. After a while, I will get to the Huaqi Mansion. You can order whatever you want. I will treat you. "

Brother Liang is magnificent!"

"Brother Liang is getting rich.

It would be nice to bring a little brother someday." Now, even a few unsatisfied male classmates began to flatter Xu Dongliang. For a while, Xu Dong Liang became the center of everyone.

Xu Dongliang blushed, waved his hand, and said modestly: "It is not enough to get rich, but if you encounter any difficulties in the future, or if your original job is not satisfactory, you can come to me. I still have many job vacancies with a monthly salary of tens of thousands of dollars. , For the sake of classmates, these positions, as long as you come, you can directly enter the job without an interview."

"Brother Liang is the real local tyrant."

"Brother Liang? Call Mr. Liang! Haha."

"Yes, yes, Mr. Liang." There

was another flattering sound, and Xu Dongliang was almost up to the sky. .

Zhang Jun smirked and felt very uncomfortable. When he was in the class, he and Xu Dongliang were equally popular with girls, but now, the goddesses in the class are all around Xu Dongliang, and no one cares about him.

"Everyone is here, let's go there when they are all together, I have booked the box." Xu Dongliang asked with a smile.

"Xia Mengyao hasn't arrived yet." Li Xue said suddenly.

"Mengyao will come here too?" Xu Dongliang was taken aback for a moment, and then a touch of joy appeared on his face. Wang Jiameng was jealous with this expression. Sure enough, Xu Dongliang still hadn't forgotten Xia Mengyao as a fox.

Li Xue nodded and said, "Well, she will bring her husband here."

Xu Dongliang's smile stiffened when she heard the words from her husband, and asked, "How is she doing now?"

Li Xue said.

He curled his lips and said: "Not so good, Jiameng met her the day before yesterday. It is said that she is now acting as a third party, and then let her original partner find out and slap her a few times." "What?! Xia Mengyao gave it to others ." Being a third party? Impossible!"

"How can it be impossible, knowing people and not knowing one's heart, I saw that Xia Mengyao is not a good thing."

"I heard that I was married to a food delivery company, and married after marriage. If you’re unhappy, it’s no wonder that you will be a third party for someone."

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"When a third party is beaten by someone’s original match, you deserve it!"

"I really lose the face of our financial team." A

few women looked down upon me. Looking at Xia Mengyao, Xu Dongliang's expression turned ugly. The goddess he liked back then would be a third party? What a waste of her husband!

Seeing that Xu Dongliang's face was not good, Li Xue also realized that these people had overridden what he said, so she hurriedly said, "Okay, don't talk about it, what about Xia Mengyao, it doesn't matter to us, we just need to take care of ourselves. "

Why is it okay? The thought of eating with her makes me sick."

"That's right, there are so many girls in our class, why should she be the third party alone, shameless."

"If you want me to say, let us go Don’t bring this shameless fox

to the reunion of classmates, save us shame.” “Agree, Brother Liang’s money is not in

vain , how can it be wasted on such a person.” Wang Jiameng did not say a word from the side . , However, I was smiling in my heart. Xia Mengyao had not come yet, she had already been rejected like this. If this happened, she wouldn't be torn by these women.

"Brother Liang, should we go first? Xia Mengyao will not be brought to this party?" Li Xue asked tentatively.

Xu Dongliang shook his head and said, "No, take it, I haven't seen Mengyao for a long time, and I want to see how wasteful her husband is!"

Chapter: 113

An anger flashed across Xu Dongliang’s eyes. He pursued a goddess that he hadn’t chased for four years. He married a food delivery man. The damn thing was that the food delivery man hadn’t protected his goddess. The goddess is going to be the third party!

He couldn't swallow this breath!

"Oh, Brother Liang, you are too kind."

"That's right, that little bitch Xia Mengyao was really blind back then. He didn't marry him like this kind of raw jade, so he ran to get married with a takeaway. The door is clamped."

"She must regret to die at this moment." As

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soon as everyone said, a taxi stopped in front of them.

Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao got off the car.

Everyone has different expressions, but they came by taxi? Xia Mengyao's husband is indeed a veritable waste, even a car can't be bought.

Seeing Xia Mengyao, Xu Dongliang's eyes suddenly flashed hot. After three years, Xia Mengyao has not become ugly, but is more beautiful than before, with more mature temperament and fuller body.

But when he saw Chen Feng holding Xia Mengyao's hand, Xu Dongliang's expression became gloomy again.

"Meng Yao, long time no see." Although Chen Feng was upset, Xu Dongliang smiled and said hello.

"Long time no see." Xia Mengyao also responded politely.

"This is your husband?" Xu Dongliang's eyes moved to Chen Feng again, but the coldness in his eyes was very obvious.

"Well, his name is Chen Feng." Xia Mengyao smiled.

"Hello." Chen Feng also smiled and stretched out his hand, but Xu Dongliang just glanced at Chen Feng and didn't plan to shake hands with Chen Feng.

Is this trying to give yourself offense? Chen Feng smiled playfully, then withdrew his hand.

Xia Mengyao frowned and didn't say anything. She immediately looked at Wang Jiameng and Li Xue, but found that apart from Wang Jiameng, the others had their arms around their chests, and looked at herself coldly, with disgust in their eyes. Cover up.

Xia Mengyao couldn't help but wonder, what happened?

"Since everyone is here, let's go." Xu Dongliang said with a smile.

"Let's go

, let 's go." "Mr Liang, you have to be prepared for heavy bleeding today. After all, we invite so many classmates to eat without talking, but also bring some scornful outsiders."

"Mr Liang definitely doesn't care about this. But to be honest, some people’s skins are really thicker than the city walls. When they heard that they were going to eat at the Huaqi Mansion, they dragged their families over." The

yin and yang of several girls were ridiculed, needless to say, Xia Mengyao Can guess that they are mocking themselves and Chen Feng, why are they so hostile to them today?

Xu Dongliang waved his hand and said: "It's okay, everyone finally got together, and if there is no bleeding, a meal is only three to four hundred thousand, I can afford it."

Xu Dongliang said with a strong feeling . The ostentation means that it is as if three or four hundred thousand yuan is about three or four hundred yuan.

After speaking, he glanced at Chen Feng without a trace, as if he wanted to see Chen Feng astonished.

But Chen Feng was expressionless, three to four hundred thousand, perhaps to Xu Dongliang, it was about three to four hundred yuan, but to himself, it was about three to four mao. After all, his card was still lying down. One billion.

"Okay, let's not talk about it. Let's go there. I think a lot of classmates are coming by car. Let's gather together. Four or five people will take a car and go directly. There is no need to take a taxi." Xu Dongliang laughed.

"Mengyao, take my car." After saying that, Xu Dongliang smiled and looked at Xia Mengyao again.

Xia Mengyao shook her head and said, "No, my husband and I took a taxi."

Xu Dongliang frowned and was a little unhappy. He said that, and Xia Mengyao didn't even give herself face.

Li Xue also noticed that Xu Dongliang's expression was wrong, and hurriedly stood up to teach: "Mengyao, the taxi is very jammed at night, besides, if you don't go with us, we have to arrive first. You haven't arrived yet, let us there waiting for you? " "

that is, Meng Yao, you take the good brother's car go, good brother, but this car Range Rover, you've certainly not been in such a good car, just to feel today. "

few and The girls with whom Xu Dongliang had a good relationship stood up one after another, and they could tell that Xu Dongliang was still unhappy with Xia Mengyao. At this moment, he would speak for Xu Dongliang, and Xu Dongliang would definitely take more pictures of them.

Xia Mengyao opened her mouth and didn't know what to say. The driver of Qiao Xiaoyue has been driving her four-eight Rolls-Royce to pick her up. A Land Rover Range Rover, what is it?

"Well then, my husband and I will take Xu Dongliang's car." Xia Mengyao said helplessly.

"Let your husband go to another car, this car has no seats, Jiameng and I, and Xiaoqian, the three of us, plus you, there are exactly four people, and then we will be overloaded." Li Xue She smiled, what Xu Dongliang thought, she naturally knew, if Chen Feng also got in his car, how he would hook Xia Mengyao.

"Li Xue is right. Let your husband go in another car. There are many students who drive today. Anyone can ride." After that, Xu Dongliang glanced at a young man in a floral T-shirt and asked. "Sun Liang, do you still have a seat in your car?"

"Yes! Brother Liang, let this brother come and take my car." Sun Liang said heartily. He was Xu Dongliang's attendant when he was in school, and now he is even more successful. With Xu Dongliang's confidant, he can understand what Xu Dongliang is thinking as long as Xu Dongliang makes a look.

"How about, Mengyao?" Xu Dongliang asked with a smile.

Xia Mengyao gave Chen Feng a little embarrassed, she was afraid that Chen Feng would think more about it.

Chen Feng smiled, and said, "Well, you can take his car. I can take any car."


"Mengyao, get in the car, we sisters, but we haven't seen each other for several years, I have a lot of things to say to you." Li Xue smiled enthusiastically.

Immediately pulled Xia Mengyao into the Land Rover Range Rover.

Xu Dongliang was the last to get in the car. Before getting on the car, Xu Dongliang glanced at Chen Feng jokingly, and then gave Sun Liang a look. Sun Liang also nodded, expressing his understanding.

"Everyone get in the car and follow Brother Liang." Sun Liang looked at everyone and said with a smile.

Chen Feng didn't think much, and walked towards Sun Liang's car.

But when he got to the car, Sun Liang stretched out his hand and stopped Chen Feng. He smiled and asked, "What are you doing?"

Chen Feng frowned and said, "Take the car."

"Take the car?" Liang jokingly smiled, and said, "I'm sorry, my car is full. Go and take a taxi by yourself."

Chen Feng also laughed, and even tricked himself?

"Dude, didn't you deliver food? What about your electric car that delivered food? Why didn't you see you riding out?" Another young man with triangular eyes who had a good relationship with Sun Liang smiled.

"Broken." Chen Feng said lightly

Chapter: 114

The triangular-eyed young man nodded and said, "It's broken, then I'm afraid you can only walk over by yourself today."

"How can you let this brother walk over?" Sun Liang's mouth raised a joking gesture.

"What do you mean by Brother Liang?" the triangular-eyed youth asked.

"Give this brother a hundred yuan and let this brother take a taxi." Sun Liang said.

"Haha, no problem." Triangular eyes smiled and took a hundred yuan from the wallet, threw it in front of Chen Feng, and said: "Here, this is one hundred yuan. Take it for a taxi. If it's not enough, you can ask for it."

After speaking, the two got into the car door and walked away.

Chen Feng's face became cold, this Xu Dongliang was a bit interesting.

Originally, he didn’t intend to care about Xia Mengyao’s face with people like Xu Dongliang. After all, they were Xia Mengyao’s classmates, but he didn’t care. Now these people are actively looking for things. If he keeps shrinking, wouldn’t it be for these people? Face up.

Chen Feng took a deep breath and prepared to call the driver to send himself there.

At this moment, a pink Ferrari stopped behind Chen Feng, and the window was drawn down, revealing a delicate and pretty face.

"Shao Chen?" the man in the car tentatively asked.

Chen Feng turned around and discovered that the person calling himself was actually Liu Yiyi.

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"What are you doing here?" After all I have seen it two or three times. Chen Feng still has some impressions of Liu Yiyi. Although Liu Yiyi is a little stubborn and has a lot of bad tempers from rich ladies, in general, Liu Yiyi still has a heartfelt heart. Not bad.

"Chen Shao, I am going to school here. Now school is over. I just saw you when I was about to go home." Liu Yiyi stuck out his tongue and said carefully.

Chen Feng nodded slightly, but he had forgotten that Liu Yiyi was a student of Jinling University.

Seeing that Chen Feng didn't stink a face this time, Liu Yiyi's courage has also grown a lot, and he smiled and asked: "Chen Shao, where are you going? Do you want me to send you off?"

Chen Feng frowned, and let Liu Yiyi send him a ride. The driver didn't know when he rushed over.

So Chen Feng said: "I'm going to Huaqi Mansion, trouble you."

"No trouble, no trouble." Liu Yiyi hurriedly shook his head. This was the chance to be alone with Chen Feng, so how dare she Too much trouble.

Then Chen Feng got in the co-pilot.

This scene was naturally seen by many students at the school gate. Liu Yiyi is the school flower of Jinling University and also the eldest lady of the Liu family. On weekdays, she is famous for her arrogance. In the school, her suitor can From the south campus to the north campus, I have never seen any suitor she gave a good face.

Her Ferrari, except for a few close friends, has not pulled any man.

But today, Liu Yiyi not only let a man get in the car, but she also stopped and let this man sit in her co-pilot. What does it mean?

And what is the identity of this man?

Someone immediately took a photo of Chen Feng getting on the bus and posted it to the campus forum. Fifteen minutes later, the Jinling University forum burst open...

At this time, Chen Feng didn't know so much. He squinted. From the beginning to the end, I didn't even look at Liu Yiyi, which made Liu Yiyi who was driving very tasteful, and his mood was extremely complicated.

As a school bachelor of Jinling University, she let a man get in her car for the first time. As a result, this man didn't even look at her from start to finish. Is she that bad?

Liu Yiyi sighed. She knew very well that Chen Feng was not pretending to be deep with her at all, but was really not interested in her.

At the same time, Liu Yiyi was also a little curious about what the two women who appeared at the airport last time had to do with Chen Feng.

Half an hour later, Liu Yiyi drove the car to Huaqi Mansion.

"Chen Shao, do you want me to wait for you here and send you back after you finish eating?" Liu Yiyi asked, as if he was Chen Feng's driver.

"Um..." Chen Feng shook his head hurriedly, and said: "No, you go back quickly, and I will take a taxi by myself after eating."

Although he walks rightly, if Xia Mengyao sees Liu Yiyi, I am afraid it is still difficult to explain, women have always been very sensitive in this regard.

"Oh." Liu Yiyi pouted with disappointment.

Chen Feng didn't say anything and left hurriedly.

At the same time, Xu Dongliang just stopped the car.

After getting out of the car, Xu Dongliang walked to Xia Mengyao and started talking with Xia Mengyao, faintly showing off the career he had broken down in recent years.

Standing behind Wang Jiameng saw this scene, with jealousy in her eyes. She did not expect that everyone said Xia Mengyao was a third party, and Xu Dongliang still did not give up on Xia Mengyao.

Li Xue on the side was not focused on Xu Dongliang and Xia Mengyao at this time.

"Jiameng, look at the back of the man who got off the Ferrari over there. He looks like the husband of Xia Mengyao." Li Xue tugged at Wang Jiameng's clothes and pointed to the distance strangely.

Wang Jiameng also took a look, then frowned, as if it really looked a bit like.

"Maybe it's just like that, Xia Mengyao's wasteful husband is a takeaway, how could he get off Ferrari." Wang Jiameng said casually.

Li Xue also breathed a sigh of relief, and said: "Well, I should have

misunderstood it. That rubbish, it should still be in Sun Liang's car at the moment, and I haven't come here." Wang Jiameng nodded and said; "First Let's go, keep up with Xia Mengyao, the sorrowful fox, lest she hook

up with Brother Liang while we are away." "Yes, right, hurry up." After speaking, the two hurriedly followed.

After a few people entered the hall, they discovered that Chen Feng was already waiting at the front desk, but there were no other people like Sun Liang beside him.

Li Xue suddenly became more confused and couldn't help but ask: "Why are you here so soon? Where's Sun Liang?"

"They are still behind, I'm here first." Chen Feng said.

"In the back? Are you not in the same car?" Li Xue was even more suspicious.

"No, his car is full. I took a taxi myself." Chen Feng shook his head.

"Taking a taxi is faster than us?" Li Xue looked at Chen Feng like an idiot. She was certain that the person who got off the pink Ferrari just now was Chen Feng. She was right.

"Why can't the taxi be faster than you?" Chen Feng shrugged and said.

"You..." Li Xue was a little angry, this trash, dare to talk back to herself.

"Well, Li Xue, don't say anything, let's go in first." Wang Jiameng frowned and said.

Chen Feng's cover up like this is probably really a problem, and the Ferrari just now was a pink Ferrari, and the owner looked like a woman.

Chen Feng got out of a woman’s car and kept it under cover. Obviously, he and that woman have a shameful relationship. At this time, Wang Jiameng will naturally not puncture. She has to investigate clearly and then use this Go to deal with Xia Mengyao.

Chapter: 115

Under the leadership of Yingbin, Xu Dongliang advanced into the box. A few minutes later, Sun Liang and the others followed.

As soon as he walked in, Sun Liang saw Chen Feng sitting next to Xia Mengyao, his expression was shocked, isn't this kid taking a taxi? How can you be faster than yourself?

Although he was surprised, Sun Liang didn't ask any more.

Everyone sat down, Xia Mengyao naturally sat next to Chen Feng, and Xu Dongliang did not shy away from him, sitting directly next to Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng was full of gunpowder.

Wang Jiameng sat down next to Xu Dongliang, using the fullness of his chest from time to time to rub Xu Dongliang's arm intentionally or unintentionally, in order to arouse Xu Dongliang's anger.

The crowd was divided into four tables. In Chen Feng's table, except for him and Xia Mengyao, everyone else had a good relationship with Xu Dongliang. Xu Dongliang's two younger brothers, Sun Liang and the triangular-eyed youth Wang Chao were among them.

"Waiter, let's get a few bottles of Lafite first." Xu Dongliang ordered lightly.

"In addition, you can order whatever you want to eat. Don't save me money. I said that I will treat you tonight." Xu Dongliang smiled and said at everyone.

"Brother Liang, then I'm not polite."

"I have long heard that the food here is a must in Jinling. I couldn't eat it before. Today, Brother Tuoliang can eat meat, haha."

"Meng Yao, I often come here to eat. The Kobe veal here is very good. Let me have one for you." Xu Dongliang said with a polite expression while holding the menu.

Xia Mengyao frowned her eyebrows slightly. Just about to refuse, Chen Feng spoke first: "No, Mengyao doesn't like beef, she prefers fish. Just order this Xihucuyu fish."

Xu Dongliang was a little annoyed:" I'm ordering Mengyao, what does it have to do with you?"

Chen Feng smiled, and said, "Mengyao is my wife. What do you think it has to do with me? If you don't believe me, ask, Mengyao herself, what kind of food does she like? ? " "

just Xihucuyu it, I like to eat fish. "Xiameng Yao sweet smiles.

Xu Dongliang's face is even more ugly, isn't it to say that Xia Mengyao's marriage was unhappy? And she was derailed as a third party. Why is she still on Chen Feng's side now?

Doesn't she know that she has over 100 million in assets now!

"Hey, you guys figure out whether the priority is good or not. It's Brother Liang who is the guest today, not you. What big tail wolf are you pretending to be here?" Li Xue couldn't stand it anymore, and the cup in her hand was put abruptly and started Reprimanded Chen Feng.

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"Did I ask him to invite me?" Chen Feng said indifferently, meaning it was obvious that I can pay for it by himself, and I don't need to invite others.

"Don't be shameless! Brother Liang's treat is to give you face, or else you, a poor food delivery man, can come here to eat?" Sun Liang patted the table and looked at Chen Feng coldly.

"That's right, the price here is one or two thousand, which is different from those fast food restaurants that cost ten or eight yuan on the side of the road. Brother Liang, if you don’t treat guests, let’s not talk about eating, you even have the door here. I can't get in." Li Xue said coldly.

"I can't afford to eat here? Which one of your eyes sees that I can't afford to eat here?" Chen Feng sneered at Li Xue and Sun Liang. If he wanted to, let alone eat here. It is not a problem to buy the entire Huaqi Mansion!

"Oh, I'm still pretending, don't think I don't know your details. You will deliver the food immediately, and the salary will cost 6,000 yuan, but do you know how much the meal is here?

Ten thousand!" "You have to say that you can afford to eat, that's fine. If you have the ability, you can learn from your brother and buy all of our orders. Don't just buy your own orders. Who knows if you take a few of your own. The monthly salary is pretending.” Li Xue sneered. Although the food here is expensive, if Chen Feng is the only one, he can still use one or two months’ salary to pretend to be coercive, but if everyone is invited to eat, That is not something that can be solved by one or two months' salary, at least five or six years' salary, four or five hundred thousand!

"If I really bought all of you, what should you do?" Chen Feng asked lightly.

"If you really bought all of us, I would kneel before you and call your father." Li Xue blurted out, she didn't believe that Chen Feng could really spend so much money!

"Sure?" Chen Feng seemed to smile.

"Of course it is!" Li Xue raised her voice. She could see what clothes Chen Feng was wearing. The maximum was only 300 yuan. Such a person would spend hundreds of thousands to invite people to dinner? What an international joke!

"Okay, I hope you remember what you said. After everyone finishes eating, I will pay the bill." Chen Feng said lightly.

Li Xue was stunned, this waste was taken seriously? He wouldn't really want to use hundreds of thousands to pretend to be.

"You're not kidding, there are so many of us, and the consumption is at least four to five million yuan. Can you afford it?" Li Xue suspiciously. She felt that Chen Feng was now going to make a living for the sake of face. Well, when it comes time to check out, he will definitely find an excuse to slip away.

"When you finish eating, you will know that I can't afford it anymore." Chen Feng was as calm as ever.

"What should you do if you ran away halfway through the meal?" Li Xue still didn't believe that Chen Feng would really pay.

Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: "My wife is still here, where can I go." Now

it was Li Xue's turn to be uneasy. She felt that Chen Feng seemed really emboldened, and then Li Xue thought about what was before. The scene of Chen Feng coming down from the pink Ferrari, this waste, doesn't it really have that much money?

But suspicion turned to suspicion, and Li Xue knew that at this time, she would never admit counsel, if Chen Feng was pretending to be forced, then she admitted counsel, but missed the opportunity to slap Chen Feng in the face.

"Okay, it's a deal. If you really buy all of our orders, I will kneel down and call you Dad." Li Xue said fiercely, even if Chen Feng didn't pretend to be forceful, she really paid the bill, she only needs Kneeling down and calling Chen Feng's father, but Chen Feng has to pay hundreds of thousands. Depending on Chen Feng's conditions, it has absolutely nothing to do with affluence. Hundreds of thousands may be all his savings. Please take all of his savings. People eat, even if they pretend to be successful, Chen Feng will definitely bleed when he comes home.

"Okay, you are ready to kneel down and call Dad." Chen Feng smiled faintly. Looking at Li Xue's expression, she obviously felt that hundreds of thousands were a lot to her, but what she didn't know was that she had ten in her card. One hundred million, one billion, and the interest alone is almost hundreds of thousands a month.

Xia Mengyao didn't say a word from beginning to end. She didn't know how much money Chen Feng had, but it was definitely more than a few hundred thousand. Li Xue thought she could embarrass Chen Feng with money, then she was too naive.

"Okay, then Chen Shao will pay for the entire consumption tonight." Xu Dongliang sneered. He doesn't mind Chen Feng stealing the limelight. Diaosi is Diaosi. If Chen Feng thinks that he has bought a single order, he can leave Diaosi. As for his identity, that can only be said that he thinks of the world too simple.

Chapter: 116

"Since Chen Shao pays the bill, what you want to eat, please hurry up." Sun Liang said in a strange way. Since Chen Feng wants to pretend to be forced, he must be prepared to pay the price. He will be polite to Xu Dongliang, but he is not. Will be polite to Chen Feng.

"Waiter, I want three servings of Ice Harrier Jiuwei Fish!" Wang Chao said with a big wave of his hand.

"Waiter, do you have Romani Conti here? If you have one, get two bottles!"


Under the leadership of Wang Chao and Sun Liang, everyone started ordering, and they all picked the expensive ones. Ordering one or two dishes, after Chen Feng paid the bill, naturally became three or four. As for wine, what wine was expensive, they ordered whatever. The purpose was simple, to make Chen Feng bleeding and pay the price.

Xu Dongliang nodded in satisfaction. These people are not their classmates, but they still know how to look at their faces.

However, Wang Jiameng put his mouth to Xu Dongliang's ear and asked in a low voice: "Brother Liang, if this waste is pretending to be forced and cannot pay the bill, what should I do?"

Wang Jiameng The meaning is obvious. If Chen Feng cannot afford to pay, the Huaqi Mansion will not allow so many of them to eat Bawang’s meal, so in the end, they may still have to pay, or Xu Dongliang may pay for it alone.

Xu Dongliang's face changed, and he realized this possibility. If Chen Feng really couldn't pay, then he would only lose face, and people like himself would probably lose money.

There is even a high probability that he will lose money alone, because the sky is falling and he is going to top the tall man.

Thinking of this, Xu Dongliang hurriedly coughed twice and reminded: "Everyone's order is enough to eat. Don't order too much. In case someone doesn't have the money to pay, you might have to buy it yourself. ."

Xu Dongliang’s words still played a big role. Many people who wanted to pit Chen Feng also stopped ordering. They are not stupid. If Chen Feng really wants to run out of money, they are trying to be poor. If you order forty to fifty thousand dishes, it is yourself, not to mention Xu Dongliang, no matter how rich Xu Dongliang is, it is impossible to buy them two or three million orders at once.

Seeing the crowd, Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and only ordered more than one million dishes, he was so afraid of you? He thought that these people could at least order three or four million dishes, but he didn't expect that if he only ordered one million, he was scared.

I originally wanted you to have a good meal, but if you are not up to date, you can't blame me. Chen Feng thought in his heart that he really planned to invite these people to dinner, and he didn't joking with Li Xue.

Soon, the waiter brought up the dishes ordered by everyone, and Xu Dongliang has been observing Chen Feng’s expression. If Chen Feng shows a little timidity, then he can be sure that Chen Feng is pretending to be coercive, but unfortunately, Chen Feng was calm from start to finish, without blinking his eyes.

Xu Dongliang was a little suspicious at once, this food delivery guy won't really have that money, right? You know, even though he has just reminded everyone to order less food, he has already ordered more than one million dishes, more than one million, even if it is him, it will hurt. Where is the confidence?

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Li Xue's mood at this time was not much different from Xu Dongliang's. She hoped that Chen Feng had no money and Chen Feng had money, which was very complicated.

Halfway through the food, Wang Jiameng couldn't sit still. She found that Xu Dongliang's gaze had been on Xia Mengyao, and she didn't even look at herself.

Wang Jiameng's jealousy immediately ignited, and she must not sit still like this!

Wang Jiameng finally made a decision and got up and ran to the bathroom. To make things easier for a while, Wang Jiameng took off his underwear, then came back and sat next to Xu Dongliang.

"Brother Liang, it's boring to just eat food, or let's drink a bar." Wang Jiameng said to Xu Dongliang affectionately, and the fragrant breath in his mouth kept beating on Xu Dongliang's face.

Feeling the soft touch on his shoulders, Xu Dongliang suddenly felt a little bit disheartened, his lower abdomen felt hot and he was also a veteran of flowers, how could he not tell, Wang Jiameng was in gouyin himself, this little wave hoof.

Since Xia Mengyao can't be run, it's not bad to run this little wave hoof first, Xu Dongliang's eyes rolled and thought.

"Good, good! Then let's drink, waiter, come here some bottles of Moutai!" Xu Dongliang waved his hand and said.

In a short while, a few bottles of Moutai were brought up, all of which were the finest Guojiao old Moutai.

"Chen Feng, how's your drink?" Wang Jiameng suddenly looked at Chen Feng and asked.

Chen Feng frowned and said faintly: "It's okay."

"It's okay?" Wang Jiameng's mouth raised a bit of playfulness, and continued: "How does it compare to Brother Liang?"

"I haven't drank it together, how can I know? "Chen Feng said calmly, but in his heart he probably guessed Wang Jiameng's purpose.

"Isn't there a chance now?" Wang Jiameng smiled. Since she decided to hook up with Xu Dongliang, she had to let Xu Dongliang see her value first, and right now, hitting Chen Feng was the only one who let Xu Dongliang see her value. opportunity.

Xu Dongliang sees Chen Feng unhappy, and as long as he helps Xu Dongliang make Chen Feng foolish, Xu Dongliang will be very happy.

She knows how much Xu Dongliang drinks. She was called a lion in the wine when she was in college. Xu Dongliang has never lost in the wine market.

What Wang Jiameng said, Xu Dongliang also immediately understood Wang Jiameng's meaning, everyone is a man, and in front of his own woman, naturally he cannot admit that he is inferior to another man.

At this time, even if Chen Feng couldn't drink, he would only listen to the scalp saying that he could drink, otherwise, he would have any face in front of Xia Mengyao.

Xu Dongliang was a little excited, but Wang Jiameng's little wave hoof is still useful.

"How about it, Master Chen, dare you to compare your drinking with me? Of course, if Master Chen doesn't dare, just say it straight, and I won't force it." Xu Dongliang laughed and said, he is a dignified man, Chen Feng has only two choices. Either he will accept defeat, or he will fight with him. If he fights with him, Xu Dongliang has never been afraid of anyone. Let alone Chen Feng, even ten Chen Fengs together are not enough for him. for drink.

At that time, as long as Chen Feng gets drunk, he has a way to make Chen Feng embarrassed, and Xia Mengyao can let him play, maybe he can take Wang Jiameng, the little wave hoof, for a double flight.

"Are you sure you want to compare drinks with me?" Chen Feng's expression was a little strange.

"Why? Don't you dare?" Xu Dongliang raised his brows and said.

Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: "There is nothing to be afraid of, I'm just afraid you will regret it for a while."

"Regret?" Xu Dongliang sneered, "I don't have these two words regret in Xu Dongliang's dictionary!"

Chapter: 117

"Are you sure?" Chen Feng smiled playfully.

"Yes! Chen Feng, if you are a man, don't dare to play, let's blow directly at each other." Xu Dongliang said domineeringly.

"Okay, then blow to it." Chen Feng sighed and said, since you are looking for death, you can't blame me.

"Waiter, bring a few cases of beer here." Xu Dongliang shouted loudly.

"What's the point of blowing beer, there is liquor here, let's just blow up the bar." Chen Feng said lightly.

Xu Dongliang's face stiffened, blowing white wine? Are you a fool? If a bottle of liquor blows down, I am afraid that it will burn the stomach directly.

Other people looked at Chen Feng like a fool, thinking that Chen Feng was joking. Anyone who has drunk liquor knows that a small cup of a small cup of liquor like Moutai is fine, but you can take it directly. When I get up and blow, I'm afraid my stomach will be burnt through.

"Why, don't you dare?" Chen Feng raised his brows and said.

Xu Dongliang's face turned black. Is this a question of dare to dare? If you really want to blow white wine, I'm afraid it will kill you.

"What is it that I dare not? I'm afraid that you can't drink enough. If you pour a bottle of white wine, you will have a stomach piercing. If you die on the wine table, what should your family do if you trouble me?" Xu Dongliang said with a stubborn neck. He seemed to be thinking about Chen Feng's words, but in fact he was still persuaded. He wanted to hit Chen Feng in the face, but there was no need to hit him with his own life.

"To put it plainly, I still dare not." Chen Feng smiled disdainfully.

Xu Dongliang blushed, but said nothing.

"In this case, you can drink one cup after another." Chen Feng said again.

"What about you?" Xu Dongliang asked subconsciously.

"I will blow a bottle directly." Chen Feng said lightly.

"You look down on me?" Xu Dongliang was a little annoyed. What does this waste mean, let himself have a drink, and he drink a bottle, isn't this obviously looking down on himself?

Chen Feng nodded, and said straightforwardly: "Yes, I despise you."

Xu Dongliang's tone was stagnant, well, you are awesome!

"Okay, let's start drinking, but I'll say it first, if you have any problems with drinking, don't rely on me." Xu Dongliang said coldly.

"Don't worry, I will bear the responsibility if there is any problem." Chen Feng said lightly.

"Hmph, there are so many people watching at the scene, they can all serve as witnesses, and your wife, who are all here, I hope you can speak up!" Xu Dongliang snorted coldly.

"Yes." Chen Feng said.

"Chen Feng..." Xia Mengyao hesitated to say something and stopped. In fact, she also felt that Chen Feng was a bit too big, but she couldn't say these words, and she might lose Chen Feng's face.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything uncertain." Chen Feng blinked and said.

"Yeah." Xia Mengyao nodded slightly. Indeed, she should believe in Chen Feng, Chen Feng is not the kind of person who is aimless.

"I hope you can still be so confident when you drink into a dead dog in a while!" Xu Dongliang sneered at Chen Feng and said, "Wine!"

Soon, the wine in the box was concentrated on Xu Dongliang's table.

In front of Xu Dongliang, a dozen cups of liquor were lined up in an orderly manner. It was not a small cup, but a medium-sized cup. It was obvious that Xu Dongliang was also very confident.

In front of Chen Feng, there were more than a dozen bottles of white wine. The sight of it made his scalp numb.

"Dare to fight for alcohol with Brother Liang, and he is so big, I really don't know how to write dead words!"

"If he knew that when Brother Liang was a junior, he would have fallen down for five big Hans in eastern Henan by himself. What kind of expression."

"I don't know, I might regret it."

"How many bottles do you think he can hold?"

"Bottles? You overestimate him, I bet most of his bottle, you will be unconscious."

"I think a bottle, a bottle if he does not fall, I'll eat this bottle."

Box Other people in the crowd also gathered around and started watching the show. Of course, no one was optimistic about Chen Feng.

"Are you ready? Start drinking when you are ready." Xu Dongliang looked at Chen Feng coldly.

"Wait." Chen Feng said suddenly.

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"What are you waiting for? You TM won't be persuaded, are you?" Xu Dongliang frowned and said.

Chen Feng shook his head and said: "I am not counseling, but I have a suggestion."

"What suggestion?"

"You should call an ambulance." Chen Feng said.

"Call an ambulance?" Xu Dongliang sneered, "I also said that you didn't counsel, how could you call an ambulance!"

"You misunderstood, the ambulance I was talking about was called for you, I'm afraid of your alcohol poisoning. "Chen Feng said lightly.

Xu Dongliang almost didn't spit out a mouthful of old blood, why is this idiot so crazy? !

The rest of the people almost laughed at the words, and before they started drinking, they started to think about calling an ambulance for their opponents, it was crazy!

"No! I don't want to call an ambulance even if I die!" Xu Dongliang said viciously. He drank a glass at a time and Chen Feng drank a bottle at a time. He didn't believe that he would kill him. It would be himself who called the ambulance.

"Well, then don't regret it." Chen Feng sighed and said.

"I don't regret my death!" Xu Dongliang gritted his teeth, then took up the white wine in front of him, raised his neck, and drank it.

"Bang." The

wine glass was placed on the table again, and Xu Dongliang turned his gaze to Chen Feng: "It's you!"

Chen Feng smiled without saying anything, picked up the liquor in front of him, and started blowing directly into his mouth.

"Gudong Gudong."

Like drinking water, Chen Feng quickly drank a bottle of Maotai weighing a catty in less than ten seconds.

After drinking, Chen Feng just hiccuped, but his complexion remained unchanged.

This scene immediately made everyone dumbfounded. The mouth was big enough to stuff two eggs. This is Moutai, not boiled water. You just drank it like that? Is your stomach beaten with iron?

Xu Dongliang's complexion is also uncertain, this trash, is it so drinkable?

"Continue." Chen Feng put the empty wine bottle on the table and said lightly.

Xu Dongliang gritted his teeth, picked up the wine glass in front of him, and drank it again. After placing the wine glass on the table, Xu Dongliang looked at Chen Feng unconvinced, and said: "It's you!" He didn't believe it, Chen Fengzhen. You can finish the second bottle of liquor without changing the color!

Chen Feng smiled, picked up the second bottle of Moutai, opened the cap, and started blowing directly into his mouth.

"Gudong Gudong."

The sound of white wine entering the throat hit everyone's hearts like a drum, causing everyone's hearts to tremble. They were afraid that in the next second, Chen Shanfeng foamed at the mouth and died directly here.

But soon, the second bottle of liquor was blown out by Chen Feng. The expected scene of Chen Feng foaming at his mouth did not appear. The only change in Chen Feng's face was that his face became a little rosy, but it was similar to those two catties. Compared with liquor, this ruddy is nothing at all.

Chapter: 118

"Continue." Chen Feng said with a smile. Xu Dongliang is really looking for death. It is not good to compare with him. He must be compared to drinking. He is a martial artist who cultivates vigor. No matter how much liquor he drinks, his vigor can directly evaporate liquor. , Can be said to be a thousand cups of not drunk in the true sense.

Xu Dongliang's face changed, and he didn't say anything. He picked up a glass of white wine and drank it all at once. However, when he drank this time, he was not as relaxed as the previous two, and he felt a little hot on his face.

Although his drinking volume is good, he is not so good that he drinks liquor as water.

"Can you drink more?" Chen Feng looked at Xu Dongliang with a smile.

"Is there anything I can't drink! Lao Tzu has just warmed up." Xu Dongliang bit his head.

"I hope so." Chen Feng smiled deeply, opened another bottle of Moutai, raised his neck, and drank it.

Everyone looked straight, and even gave birth to a feeling that Chen Feng was drinking water.


Xu Dongliang slammed the wine glass on the table, looking at Chen Feng blushingly.

Chen Feng took out Moutai and continued to drink it all.

The two of you came and went, and in just three minutes, there were eight empty wine bottles on the table.

Chen Feng drank eight bottles of Moutai alone, while Xu Dongliang drank less, but the total amount was almost two catties.

Looking at Chen Feng as a okay person, Xu Dongliang's face was as red as a monkey butt, apparently the spirit of white wine came up. At this time, Xu Dongliang only felt that there were human shadows everywhere in front of him.

After Chen Feng had another bottle of liquor, Xu Dongliang finally couldn't help it.

"Waiter! Get out of here!" Xu Dongliang shouted with red eyes.

"Sir, may I ask you something?" Several waiters came over in a panic.

Xu Dongliang pointed to Moutai in front of Chen Feng and cursed: "Your Moutai, TM is not fake!"

Fake wine?

Hearing Xu Dongliang say this, the head of the waiter's complexion suddenly changed and he hurriedly said: "Sir, this is impossible. Our Huaqi Mansion, but the most high-end restaurant in Jinling, every bottle of wine is taken directly from the Moutai Distillery. The most authentic liquor that comes here is absolutely impossible to have fake liquor."

"Fart! If it weren't for fake liquor, why is he not drunk after drinking eight bottles alone!" Xu Dongliang pointed to Chen Feng and said.

"Eight bottles?!" The waiter in the lead was also surprised, only to discover that in front of Chen Feng, there were eight empty wine bottles neatly placed, but Chen Feng was standing like an okay person.

"Sir, did you really drink eight bottles by yourself?" The waiter asked Chen Feng incredulously.

Chen Feng nodded.

"Wait, I'll call our manager over." The waiter said with a solemn expression. She felt that things were a little big. If Chen Feng really drank eight bottles and it was all right, there might be something wrong with the wine.

A few minutes later, a middle-aged man in a suit walked over.

"Gentlemen and ladies, my name is Liu Bo and I am the lobby manager of Huaqi Mansion. I am sorry that this situation has disturbed your meal." The middle-aged man glanced at everyone apologetically.

Then he turned his gaze to Xu Dongliang, and asked, "This gentleman, do you say that the Maotai in our Huaqi Mansion is a fake wine?"

Xu Dongliang was a little bit up at this moment and started a drunken madness: "Even if it is not a fake wine, it must be mixed. He can drink eight bottles alone?”

Liu Bo took a look at Chen Feng. He was also shocked that Chen Feng drank eight bottles alone, but he was pretty sure that this batch of Moutai was from the factory. It is impossible to have fake wine if you take it directly.

"This gentleman, your suspicion is very reasonable, but what I want to tell you is that all the wines on this table are from the same batch of Moutai, that is to say, the Moutai you have drunk and this gentleman There is no difference between the eight bottles of Moutai I have drunk." Liu Bo said in a hurry.

"So what?" Xu Dongliang's consciousness was a little unconscious, and he didn't reflect the meaning in Liu Bo's words.

Liu Bo sighed and said, "This gentleman, I mean, if our Maotai is fake, you wouldn't get drunk at all."

"Fart! I'm not drunk!" Xu Dongliang became angry, and he reacted too. , I did a very stupid thing, even if it was fake wine, it was the same fake wine. After drinking it, Chen Feng was not drunk, but he was drunk. Anyway, he was inferior to Chen Feng.

Liu Bo helplessly said: "Well, sir, you are not drunk, but I can assure you that there is absolutely no problem with our Moutai. Next, I will check it on the spot for you."

Liu Bo said, and Chen Chen The eight empty bottles that Feng had drunk were placed in front of him, and he began to scan the QR code one by one. Soon, the production batches and serial numbers of the eight bottles of liquor appeared, indicating that it was the authentic liquor produced by Guojiao Distillery. The possibility of fake wine.

"Sir, you have also seen that our liquor is indeed real. If you still don't believe it, you can still let people from industry and commerce come over and continue the inspection." Liu Bo said sternly.

Xu Dongliang's face was a bit ugly, and he doubted: "Could it be your waiter who opened the wine halfway and then mixed the white wine he wanted to drink with water."

Liu Bo's eyes flashed a cold color, Xu Dongliang was already entangled in this way. Up.

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"Sir, you can eat rice indiscriminately, but you can't talk nonsense. You are already slandering the reputation of our Huaqi Mansion. If the situation is not true, you will be legally responsible." Liu Boleng said coldly.

As soon as he heard that he was legally responsible, the cold sweat on Xu Dongliang’s forehead suddenly broke down, and most of the wine became sober in an instant. Behind the Huaqi Mansion, but the Yang family, if he really made a mistake today, then the Yang family would definitely let him eat Can't walk around.

"Sorry, sorry, Manager Liu, I drank too much, I made a mistake." Xu Dongliang hurriedly apologized.

Liu Bo's complexion is still cold and severe. With his eyesight, he can naturally tell that Xu Dongliang and Chen Feng are not dealing with each other. The two estimated that they are fighting for alcohol at the wine table. As a result, Xu Dongliang loses, and then becomes angry and wants to throw the pot. Huaqi Mansion, so as to give yourself a step down.

But this is the Huaqi Mansion, not the small restaurant outside. If you want the Huaqi Mansion to hold the pot, what are you Xu Dongliang!

"Manager Liu, I'm sorry, our brother Liang really drank too much. Don't take what he said, your wine has no problem." Wang Jiameng also sneered and helped Xu Dongliang make the rounds. Xu Dongliang really drank it. But the Huaqi Mansion, let alone their wine is okay, even if there is a problem, you dare not say.

"Huh, if you can't drink enough, don't do it. Next time, I won't be so polite with you." Liu Bo snorted coldly, then turned and left.

Xu Dongliang nodded hurriedly, blushing like a monkey butt. If someone else dared to humiliate him so much, he might rush up and slap a few slaps on the spot, but Liu Bo is the manager of Huaqi Mansion and borrowed him 100,000. He didn't dare to do anything with Liu Bo.

Chapter: 119

Everyone looked at each other, and they were also very dissatisfied with Xu Dongliang. If you can't drink it, you can't drink it. What kind of alcohol is crazy? Even the Huaqi Mansion sells fake wine. It is Liu Bo's generosity and didn't care about them. Otherwise, people like them today will probably not be able to eat.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the box became depressed, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that Xu Dongliang’s alcohol volume was not a little bit worse than Chen Feng’s, and it could even be said that he was not on the same level at all. Chen Feng was blowing bottle by bottle. And Xu Dongliang drank one cup after another, but Chen Feng was nothing. You Xu Dongliang was fine. You got mad at first, and even the manager of Huaqi Mansion got offended.

"Brother Liang, are you okay, do you want to call an ambulance?" So dying, Sun Liang just came to this sentence at this time. His original intention was to flatter Xu Dongliang and care about Xu Dongliang, but after speaking, he saw With the weird eyes of everyone, he immediately realized something was wrong, as if before drinking, Chen Feng had said that he would call Xu Dongliang an ambulance.

The result was rejected by Xu Dongliang confidently. At that time, everyone thought Chen Feng was arrogant and pretending to be forced.

But now it seems that if Xu Dongliang is not drunk crazy, if he continues to fight with Chen Feng at this moment, I am afraid he will really call an ambulance!

Sun Liang's words are tantamount to tearing apart Xu Dongliang's last fig leaf and sprinkling a handful of salt on Xu Dongliang's wound.

Xu Dongliang's face was completely pale.

"I'm paralyzed, do you think Lao Tzu looks like something is going on!" Xu Dongliang looked at Sun Liang viciously and cursed.

Sun Liang smiled angrily: "Brother Liang, I'll make a joke, a joke."

"Since you are all right, let us continue to drink." At this time, Chen Feng said lightly.

Xu Dongliang's face became stiff, continue to drink? Is he desperate?

"Chen Feng, why are you so ignorant of praise? Brother Liang just wanted to see how well you drink, so he drank with you, otherwise you are a takeaway, what qualifications do you have to sit at a table with Brother Liang? Drinking.” Wang Jiameng looked at Chen Feng coldly. Although Xu Dongliang had lost the fight, she felt nothing. No matter how Chen Feng could drink, he was just a takeaway. But Xu Dongliang was different. He can't drink, and it can't affect the fact that he is a big boss.

"That is, some people really don't know how many catties they are. Our Liang brother is a big boss who can earn tens of millions a year, while some people are just takeaways. The salary of a year is less than our Liang brother's one day. I've earned a lot of money, and I can't be complacent after drinking a drink." Li Xue was also full of disdain.

Wang Jiameng and Li Xue ridiculed Chen Feng with one word and one word, and began to resolve the embarrassment for Xu Dongliang. Xu Dongliang's expression eased, but he completely hated Chen Feng in his heart. Anyway, he was drinking. The defeat to Chen Feng is a fact.

See the two people spare no effort to belittle Chen Feng.

Xia Mengyao couldn't help but frowned. Li Xue looked down on Chen Feng as she expected, but she was a little surprised by Wang Jiameng helping Xu Dongliang to speak. She and Wang Jiameng were university classmates at least, and they lived in the same dormitory. Jiameng does not speak to Chen Feng at the moment, nor should he stand on Xu Dongliang's side.

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled. He didn't know what Xia Mengyao thought. If he knew it, he would only say that Xia Mengyao was still too young. In the face of interests, there was no relationship with classmates. Wang Jiameng started to put his own chest into the box. Xu Dongliang rubbed his arm and apparently climbed onto Xu Dongliang's bed. It was only a matter of time.

Although Chen Feng has overestimated Wang Jiameng's initiative as much as possible, Wang Jiameng still let him know what is licking a dog.

When Xu Dongliang got up and said that he was going to go to the bathroom, Wang Jiameng also got up, and the two went into the bathroom one after the other.

As soon as he entered, Xu Dongliang locked the door of the bathroom and roughly pressed Wang Jiameng on the sink.

"Brother Liang..." Wang Jiameng's eyes were very attractive.

Panting heavily, Xu Dongliang opened Wang Jiameng's skirt directly, only to realize that Wang Jiameng had already taken off his underwear.

"Sure enough, it's a slut!" Xu Dongliang cursed secretly in his heart, and immediately started to move...

Ten minutes later, the two reappeared in the box, the flush on Wang Jiameng's face still did not fade, and Xu Dongliang was satisfied.

The two of them looked like this, even if they were fools, they knew what they did in the bathroom.

All of a sudden, several women in the box who were interesting to Xu Dongliang had ugly faces. Before they came, everyone agreed and said that they should guard against Xia Mengyao. Unexpectedly, Wang Jiameng would start the show first.

And also let her successfully hook up with Xu Dongliang.

Sure enough, it is day-to-day and night-proof.

Xia Mengyao's expression is also a bit complicated. I didn't expect that Wang Jiameng, who was so innocent in college, would become like this after she was out of society. Moreover, she was still a married woman, and she didn't know that her husband knew that she was openly engaged with other men. What will it be like to be together.

The dinner was finally coming to an end, but no one got up first, instead they all turned their eyes to Chen Feng.

Li Xue couldn't sit still, and snorted coldly: "Go to checkout, what are you waiting for here?"

Chen Feng smiled playfully, and said, "Do you remember what you said before?"

Li Xue's face became stiff. He insisted again: "Of course I remember! Is the old lady the kind of person who doesn't believe in words? As long as you settle the bill, let alone dad, I can call you grandpa!"

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: "Grandpa No need, I don’t have a granddaughter like you."

Li Xue's tone was stagnant, and it’s time for the takeaways . She dare to pretend, but I want to see if you can laugh at the checkout. come out.

"Waitress, check out!" Li Xue said with an aura.

"Hello, lady, the total consumption of your boxes is 1.8 million..."


Everyone took a breath, 1.8 million! How come there are so many? !

Xu Dongliang's complexion also changed, 1.8 million, what should Chen Feng do if he can't make it? Do you really want him to be taken advantage of?

"Could it be wrong..." someone whispered.

"That's right, we are only a few people, how can we eat so much." It's

not that everyone wants to help Chen Feng speak, but if Chen Feng can't afford the money, then in the end, the money may fall to them. Above, after all, the betting is only a matter of Li Xue and Chen Feng, but the meal is eaten by everyone. Renhuaqi Mansion will not just ask for money by Chen Feng alone.

The waiter still has a smile on his face: "Everyone, every purchase you have here is recorded. You ordered 15 bottles of Lafite, 6 bottles of Romani Conti, and more than 20 bottles of Moutai. The price is nine hundred and thirty thousand, and there are nine caviar and ice harrier..."

Everyone's faces are getting more and more ugly, and they are not wrong. They did order so many dishes.

Chapter: 120

"Madam, may I ask..." The waiter turned his gaze to Li Xue and wanted to ask Li Xue to check out.

Li Xuezi pointed at Chen Feng and hurriedly interrupted: "Don't find me, find him, he

will settle the account!" The waiter was helpless, and then turned his gaze to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng didn't say anything, he just smiled and said, "Swipe your card."

An unexpected look crossed the waiter's face . The man in front of him didn't look like someone who could afford 1.8 million. , But I thought so in my heart, but with a smile on his lips: "Sir, please go to the front desk to brush with me."

Then everyone went out of the box and walked to the front desk .

"Everyone is optimistic about Chen Feng, don't let him run away." Li Xue reminded loudly.

"Li Xue, my husband is not that kind of person." Xia Mengyao said with a cold face. Li Xue's behavior is typical of treating a gentleman's belly with a villain. Since Chen Feng said that he would treat guests, let alone a treat. One million eight hundred thousand, even 18 million, he would ask.

Li Xue sneered and said: "Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng is your husband, not my husband. How do I know who he is? In case he wants to talk as fart, and we ran away inadvertently.

Are you paying for the 800,000 meal?" "You..." Xia Mengyao's tone was stagnant, and she found that she couldn't talk with someone like Li Xue at all.

The expressions of several boys changed, and they began to lean against Chen Feng without a trace. What Li Xue said was not unreasonable, but it was 1.8 million. Chen Feng was really going to run, and Xu Dongliang would definitely not dig it all out. At most, you can pay out a few hundred thousand. What's more, they can share the rest. Everyone has to put out three to four thousand.

Thirty to four thousand, but most of them earn half a year's salary, if they spend it for a meal, they will not feel sorry for it.

In this way, a group of people gathered around Chen Feng and came to the checkout counter. Liu Bo happened to be here, but at this time, Liu Bo had no good expressions on the group, especially Xu Dongliang, who left Liu Bo's impression even worse. To the extreme.

"Check out, I can wait to call your father." Li Xue put her arms around her chest and looked at Chen Feng coldly.

Wang Jiameng was holding Xu Dongliang’s arm, waiting to see Chen Feng’s jokes. She knew Chen Feng’s details. She was a takeaway. Even if she had deposits in the past few years, she would never have too much. One thousand and eight hundred yuan is still possible, but one thousand and eight hundred thousand are used, pure dreaming!

Chen Feng smiled, took out a card from his pocket and handed it to the front desk cashier.

Seeing Chen Feng seemingly emboldened, Li Xue frowned. Does this waste really have so much money?

"You really have 1.8 million in this card?" Li Xue couldn't help but speak.

Chen Feng smiled and said, "Are you afraid?"

"Fart! How could my old lady be afraid!" Li Xue stubbornly explained, "My old lady is just afraid that you will use an empty card to pretend to be here. It’s time to lose our faces together."

"Li Xue is right, Mengyao, if your husband really has no money in his card, there is no need to swollen his face to fill a fat man. I have a card with three hundred in the card. Wan, I can lend it to your husband and return it to me when you have money in the future." Xu Dongliang smiled and took out a black gold card, but the meaning in his words was also very clear. The money was lent to Chen Feng. It is not given to Chen Feng, so if Chen Feng is still not up, Xia Mengyao, as Chen Feng's wife, may not be able to escape his clutches.

"No, my husband is rich." Xia Mengyao said coldly.

rich? The corner of Wang Jiameng’s mouth raised a touch of disdain. How rich can a food delivery person be?

At this time, the cashier finally swiped Chen Feng's card with the POS machine.

The bank card passed through the card slot, and a long string of zeros appeared on the computer. Suddenly, the cashier's pupils shrank, and then he rubbed his eyes severely.

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"What? Isn't there a dime in this waste card?" Seeing the cashier's reaction was a little strange, Li Xue raised her brows and gritted her teeth.

The faces of the rest of the people also became difficult to look at. Sure enough, they shouldn't expect a food delivery person to give out 1.8 million.

The cashier pursed his lips and said nothing, and even his hands trembled. It was not that Chen Feng's card had no money, but that Chen Feng's card had too much money! She can't count them too much!

A 1 at the beginning and nine 0s at the back!


A whole billion!

After five years of cash registering, all the cards she had seen did not add up to the amount of money in Chen Feng's card alone!

She suddenly felt that the so-called local tyrants and rich second generations she had met before were simply weak!

In front of a man like Chen Feng who has a billion in his card, everything is a cloud!

"What are you stupefying? If he doesn't have money in Kari, just say it, don't worry about his face." Wang Jiameng looked at the cashier dissatisfied.

"Mengyao, let your husband swipe my card, I have money in the card." Xu Dongliang also smiled and turned his eyes to Xia Mengyao. As long as Xia Mengyao accepts his money, he will have the confidence to turn Xia Mengyao into him. Plaything.

Xia Mengyao didn't speak, and she was also a little strange at the moment. Why did the cashier look so strange? Could it be that Chen Feng Cari really has no money? He was hitting a swollen face to fill a fat man?

"What's wrong, the card balance is not enough?" Liu Bo also frowned. Zheng Jia is a veteran cashier at Huaqi Mansion. He has seen everything. How could he be so gaffe today.

At this time, Zheng Jia finally reacted and hurriedly shook her head, saying: "Enough enough!"

Chen Feng's money in the card, let alone paying for a meal, it is not a problem to buy the entire Huaqi Mansion!

"Swipe your card if you have enough, what are you doing there." Liu Bo reprimanded.

"I'm sorry, Manager Liu, I'll do it right now." Zheng Jia hurriedly apologized. She was indeed too gaffe today. After all, she is an ordinary person. Seeing one billion in front of her at once, there is no reason to shock.

Seeing Chen Feng lost the password and paid for the meal, everyone opened their mouths wide and looked very strange.

This waste is really 1.8 million? !

Li Xue was even more incredulous, and looked at Liu Bo and said: "Manager Liu, is your cash register wrong? How could this stinky dick silk card have 1.8 million?"

"Our cash register can't be done. Wrong." Liu Bo said with a black face. This is 1.8 million. If Zheng Jia is really wrong, she has to pay for it herself.

"How can it be impossible? Manager Liu, I am afraid you don't know. This stinky dick is a takeaway. How could one take out 1.8 million." Li Xue still didn't give up. Problem.

"Why can't the takeaway take out 1.8 million?" Liu Bo's face was a bit gloomy. Although he is now the lobby manager of the Huaqi Mansion, he was also a takeaway five or six years ago, so He hates it the most, people look down on the delivery.