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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 131-140 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 131

"What's urgent? What can be more urgent than meeting our brothers!" The young man named Du Ziteng snorted coldly.

Chen Feng glanced at Du Ziteng and asked faintly: "Do you think you are important?"

Du Ziteng's expression changed. Chen Feng's glance made him feel a lot of pressure, but in front of so many people, He cannot be subdued.

"It’s not that I’m important, but our brothers are important. Although Chen Shao now controls 39% of Kowloon International’s shares, the total number of shares controlled by our brothers is not much less than that of Chen Shao. In my eyes, it’s too unreasonable.” Du Ziteng said solemnly. He knew very well that he alone could not resist Chen Feng. Only by dragging others to a battleship could he have a fight with Chen Feng. Power.

Except for Yang Tai, the others didn't mean to say anything, apparently acquiescing to Du Ziteng's statement.

You Chen Feng is the largest shareholder, yes, but the rest of us add up, it is not easy to mess with!

"Du Ziteng, don't talk nonsense here. Shao Chen doesn't take you seriously, Shao Chen..." Yang Tai anxiously wanted to explain. If Du Ziteng is really against Chen Feng, then Kowloon International is afraid. Without an outsider's action, you will disintegrate from within.

At this time, Chen Feng waved his hand and directly interrupted Yang Tai.

"Yang Tai, you don't need to explain, I just look down on them." Chen Feng smiled faintly. The rich second-generation generations of a few second-tier families really take themselves seriously, if they think they have some shares in Kowloon International. , You can sit on an equal footing with yourself, that would be too despised of him Chen Feng.

Hearing this, the faces of several people suddenly became cold, and Chen Feng had said this, and there was no room for maneuver on the matter.

Yang Tai was very depressed. He didn't understand what happened to Chen Feng today, so angry, even if you really didn't put Du Ziteng in your eyes, you shouldn't say it.

"Since Chen Shao despises a few of our brothers, there is no need for this shareholder meeting today. Tai brother, I will take one step first." Du Ziteng snorted coldly, preparing to leave with a gloomy face, and he never thought about going What about Chen Feng here? After all, Yang Tai is here. If he does something to Chen Feng, it will be difficult for Yang Tai to do it.

"Du Ziteng, are you sure you want to give me face?" Yang Tai said in a deep voice, and now that he can no longer be a stumbling block, he can only choose to stand on the sidelines and choose Du Ziteng or Chen Feng. The answer is obvious.

"Brother Tai, it's not that I don't give you face. The premise of any cooperation is equal to each other, but Chen Shao is really looking down on our brothers. How can we brothers cooperate with him?" Du Ziteng suppressed angrily. .

In fact, Du Ziteng was also very surprised at the moment. Yang Tai would choose to stand on Chen Feng's side. You know, Kowloon International, a shareholder like him, but there are six, six of them behind, six second-line standing The family, together, is not much different from the first-line family. Yang Tai has been operating in Jinling for nearly ten years before winning their six major families. Now, Yang Tai actually wants to give up his ten-year painstaking operation for the young master of the Chen family of Yanjing, and choose to stand on Chen Feng's side. Yang Tai is so irrational.

Yang Tai sighed. Du Ziteng's words did make sense, but that was Chen Feng, the heir of the Chen family of Yanjing. They didn't understand what the identity of the heir of the Chen family meant to them.

Yang Tai is a little regretful now. Before, we should not conceal the fact that Chen Feng abolished Bai Guangyi and Yang Qing in the Kowloon International from Du Ziteng and others, and that Chen Feng is a warrior.

"Du Ziteng, let alone I didn't give you a chance, you stay now, and I apologize to Shao Chen. Master Chen has a lot and won't have the same knowledge as you." Yang Tai didn't give up, trying to keep Du Ziteng again.

But Du Ziteng snorted coldly, and said, "Brother Tai, I appreciate your kindness. As for the apology...When will Young Master Chen put down his own air, it will not be too late for me to apologize to him."

"Du Ziteng, you are the most Don't regret it!" Yang Tai took a deep breath and said.

Du Ziteng curled his lips in disdain, regretting? There is no regret in Du Ziteng's dictionary!

And this is Jinling, not Yenching. No matter how awesome you are, Chen Feng, what can you do to me in my turf?

At this moment, a black-clothed security guard hurried in.

"Master Tai,

something happened in the hunting park!" "What's all the fuss about? Do you still understand the rules?!" Yang Tai scolded angrily.

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Black-clothed Anbao swallowed and hurriedly apologized: "Thai, I'm sorry, it's really too urgent."


"A woman in the hunting park has offended Miss Du, and Miss Du threw the woman in. The Black Wolf Cave!"

"Hunting Garden?!" Chen Feng's expression suddenly changed, and then he rushed out of the meeting room like crazy.

Everyone looked at each other, not understanding what happened to Chen Feng.

"Du Ziteng, does your sister have any grudges with Chen Shao's wife?" Yang Tai asked hurriedly. If the woman who was thrown into the black wolf hole by Du Ziyue was Chen Feng's wife, then I am afraid that the entire Kowloon International will be over today. !

"Madam Chen Shao?" Du Ziteng was confused. Although he loved Du Ziyue very much, he seldom asked Du Ziyue's personal affairs, so he really didn't know who Du Ziyue had hatred with.

Yang Tai stomped heavily and said, "Du Ziteng, you better pray now. It is not Shao Chen's wife who was thrown into the Black Wolf Hole by your idiot sister. If so, your Du family will wait to be buried with Mrs. Chen. Come on!"

Let the Du family be buried? Du Ziteng curled his lips in disdain, and said, "Brother Tai, you take that Chen Feng too seriously. I admit that the Yanjing Chen family is indeed very powerful, but that Chen Feng is not known to be the Chen family. How many heirs, and this is Jinling, you said he could let our Chen family bury his wife and kill me, I don't believe it."

"You idiot! You will know if what Lao Tzu said is true when your Du family is destroyed!" Yang Tai scolded angrily. Du Ziteng didn't know what the Chen family meant.

Kill the door? Du Ziteng couldn't help being surprised. Why did he even pull out the door?

"Brother Tai, don't scare me. His wife is really going to die. The big deal is that our Du family will work hard to find him a more beautiful one. Can he really destroy our Du family for a woman?"

Find another one? Yang Tai sneered, and went straight out with a green face, and then Du Ziteng glanced at each other and followed Yang Tai.

Chapter: 132

Chen Feng was anxious at this time, and his energy was used to the limit. Everyone in the garden felt that a strong wind flashed in front of him, but it was difficult to see what it was.

On the other side, Xia Mengyao had been thrown into the wire wall.

The three black wolves with green eyes suddenly rushed forward, but due to the animal's instinctive reaction, the three black wolves did not bite Xia Mengyao for the first time, but wanted to first determine whether Xia Mengyao was a threat to him.

Outside the wire wall, everyone looked indifferent and didn't mean to step forward to rescue Xia Mengyao.

Du Ziyue's face was full of excited smiles, as if looking forward to the bloody scenes to be staged next.

Wang Jiameng and Li Xue were a little sympathetic. They did not expect that Xia Mengyao would end in such a tragic ending after entangled with Xia Mengyao for so many years.

There are also some cowardly girls who have closed their eyes, seemingly unable to bear to watch Xia Mengyao being torn apart by the black wolf alive.

Chen Feng, I'm sorry, I may not see you... Xia Mengyao closed her eyes, her pretty face was full of tears.


The black wolf led by a long howl, finally confirmed that Xia Mengyao in front of him had no threat to him.

The next moment, the black wolf slammed his hind limbs and rushed towards Xia Mengyao, the mouth of the blood basin opened, and then he closed again.

Senbai's wolf teeth pierced Xia Mengyao's arm, blood oozing out, and the pain in his heart made Xia Mengyao scream.

And Chen Feng, at this moment, there is still a hundred meters away from the Black Wolf Cave!

This scream... is Xia Mengyao's voice!

Chen Feng suddenly burst into tears, his eyes were red, and the monstrous anger in his chest could no longer be controlled. He exploded directly and turned into a shocking roar!


Powerful aura!

With Chen Feng as the center, the people in a radius of 100 meters suddenly stopped breathing, and they felt as if they had fallen into an endless abyss! Surrounded by the biting cold!

The headed black wolf also stopped its biting action, and a humanized fear appeared in the wolf's eyes. As an animal, its sense of smell is a hundred times stronger than that of humans!

Although it is still a hundred meters away from Chenfeng, it feels extremely strong about the weather field of Chenfengtao! It is very clear that if it continues to bite the woman in front of it, there is only one waiting for it, death without life!

The black wolf is scared!

Turn around and run!

But in the next second, Chen Feng, a hundred meters away, has arrived!

An afterimage swept past, and Wang Jiameng and Li Xue were dumbfounded. The one who passed by earlier was Chen Feng's trash?

It took less than two seconds for a distance of 100 meters? !

Everyone rubbed their eyes subconsciously, feeling that they must be dazzled.

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Then, Chen Feng's angry voice rang in his ears, and everyone looked up and saw the scene that made them shocked.

The three black wolves that have ran out seven or eight meters have their heads pierced by three willow leaves!

A series of "puffs" sounded.

The three black wolves fell to the ground one after another, even if they were dead, from the eyes of the three black wolves, they could see the remaining fear and a little confusion at the moment they fled.

Confused, why could Chen Feng's speed be so fast, completely surpassing their previous cognition of humans, it took less than two seconds for a distance of 100 meters.

As for the willow leaves that finally penetrated their heads, they had no chance to think about it.

"Mengyao! How could this happen..." Chen Feng held Xia Mengyao, who had fainted in his arms, and felt a pain in his heart. He regretted! He hates it!

Why must I see Yang Tai at this time!

Why have to see Yang Tai when Xia Mengyao is in trouble!

why? ! !

"Where did this bastard come from?! You rubbish, do you eat dry rice? Why did you let this bastard in?" Du Ziyue coldly scolded with hands on hips, just one second away, and Xia Mengyao could be killed by three heads. The black wolf was torn apart, but it happened that at the last second, Chen Feng was released by the security guard, which broke her good deeds.

Du! child! Yue!

Chen Feng's eyes were red and he suddenly raised his head, his murderous intent slapped towards Du Ziyue like a stormy sea.


Ding Ding Ding !" Du Ziyue took three steps back uncontrollably, his face instantly pale.

"You bastard, you dare to stare at my old lady?! Do you want to die!" Although he felt Chen Feng's unusualness, Du Ziyue was not afraid. Standing with so many security guards, even with shotguns, she still didn't believe it, and Chen Feng would be overwhelmed.

Chen Feng gently put Xia Mengyao aside and stood up blankly.

Du Ziyue took a step back subconsciously, and hurriedly looked at the security guards next to him and said: "Come on, you trash! Help me catch this bastard!" The

security guards looked at each other, but no one dared to move.

Catch Chen Feng? Du Ziyue's brain was flooded, but they didn't!

Ruthless people who can kill three black wolves with three willow leaves, can they move these little shrimps? Du Ziyue, a fool, couldn't see the situation clearly.

In fact, everyone in the venue realized that something was wrong at this moment, Chen Feng is definitely not a simple food delivery!

Seeing that no one dared to move, Du Ziyue was also a little panicked, and hurriedly threatened: "You trash, my brother is Du Ziteng, if you dare to watch me be beaten by this bastard, my brother will definitely kill you! "

Several security guards shrank their necks, but still no one dared to move. If you offend Du Ziteng, although it will be miserable, but it may not necessarily die, but if you offend Chen Feng at this time, you will definitely die!

Du Ziteng!

Chen Feng's eyes were cold. When he was in the meeting room, he guessed that Du Ziyue might be Du Ziteng's younger sister. He didn't expect it, really!

Chen Feng came to Du Ziyue.

Feeling Chen Feng’s cold gaze, Du Ziyue was finally afraid, and she began to threaten Chen Feng: "What are you going to do? I tell you, my brother is Du Ziteng. He is a major shareholder of Kowloon International. If you dare to move me, he must Will kill you!"

"How do you want to die?" Chen Feng's voice was cold, let alone Du Ziyue, even if Du Ziteng stood in front of him at this moment, he would also make Du Ziteng regret coming to this world!

Seeing that the killing intent in Chen Feng's eyes was as real and not as fake, Du Ziyue trembled, and hurriedly ran behind Zhou Shaofeng: "Husband, this bastard is going to kill me, you are going to kill him."

Zhou Shaofeng shivered, causing Chen to tremble. Feng killed him almost, let him kill Chen Feng, what a joke.

"This eldest brother, if you have something to discuss, if you have something to discuss, don't do it." Zhou Shaofeng sneered. Now he can only comfort Chen Feng first, and then wait for Du Ziteng's people to come over. After all, there is such a big noise here. Du Ziteng should also know.

Chapter: 133

"Get out!"

Chen Feng's anger was in response to Zhou Shaofeng.

Seeing that Chen Feng didn't mean to give himself face, Zhou Shaofeng was also very simple, shrinking his neck and backing away, and pushed Du Ziyue to Chen Feng again.

Du Ziyue suddenly began to scream like a cat with blown up fur: "Zhou Shaofeng, you are a trash! Are you going to watch your wife be beaten by another bastard?!"

Zhou Shaofeng smiled on his face, but sneered in his heart. At this time I remembered that I was your husband? When you brought those wild men home to fuck, why didn't you say that I was your husband?


Bang " Chen Feng sneered, and slapped Du Ziyue's face with a slap. "Bang", Du Ziyue flew out and hit the wire wall.

When he landed, half of his face was already swollen.

This is still the result of Chen Feng's retention. If not, Chen Feng will slap Du Ziyue's head with all his strength!

Seeing Chen Feng walking towards him again with a heavy face, Du Ziyue was finally frightened. With a puff, he knelt on the ground and began to beg for mercy: "Big brother, don't hit me, I was wrong..."

"Did you know it was wrong at this time?!" Chen Feng's eyes were cold. If he had just arrived one second late, Xia Mengyao would have entered the wolf belly at this time. If he arrived in time, Xia Mengyao's arm was also bitten off. This woman, Du Ziyue, would have refreshed him. The vicious perception of women!

He didn't know what kind of grudges and grievances were, so Du Ziyue could think of feeding a living person to the wolf!

"Big brother, I didn't mean it, I just wanted to make a joke with Xia Mengyao." Du Ziyue was weak and weak. Although she couldn't wait to cut Chen Feng a thousand swords, she also understood that at this time her life was in Chen's hands. Feng is in the hands, so I absolutely dare not make a mistake.

just kidding!

Chen Feng's eyes were spitting fire, his teeth creaked, and he threw a living person into the wolf's den, only to make a joke!

it is good! well!

Chen Feng clenched his fists, his body filled with a substantive killing intent, and the few people closer to Chen Feng couldn't help but shudder.

too frightening!

At this moment, Yang Tai and Du Ziteng came over.

Yang Tai saw Du Ziyue half-kneeling on the ground at a glance, but he had no time to care about Du Ziyue at this time. What he wanted to know was how Chen Feng's wife was doing.

Yang Tai looked around the crowd with anxious eyes. When he saw Xia Mengyao who was leaning on the wall and fell into a coma, Yang Tai's pupils shrank. Although Xia Mengyao was not dead, it seemed that the injuries were not light.

That's it!

Yang Tai has only one thought at this moment. Today's Kowloon International is about to usher in an unprecedented earthquake!

At least Du Ziyue, don't want to get out of Kowloon International alive.

Du Ziteng didn't think so much. His eyes were all on Du Ziyue. When he saw his sister who was treated as a princess at home, he knelt in front of Chen Feng with a swollen face. Du Ziteng's face immediately became gloomy and walked to Chen Feng. Angrily said: "Chen Shao, what do you mean?!"

Chen Shao?

Everyone was stunned. Why, Du Ziteng, would be called Chen Feng and Chen Shao?

Wang Jiameng and Li Xue couldn't help but glance at each other. Could it be that this trash has other identities?

"Brother, kill this bastard! He beat me, woo..." Seeing Du Ziteng, Du Ziyue's eyes renewed his spirit, and he crawled behind Du Ziteng, watching Chen Feng spitefully and cursing .

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"Sister, don't worry, I will definitely let him give you an explanation!" Du Ziteng said with a sullen face, since childhood, Du Ziyue has been the treasure in the hands of all the Du family members, even if the words are serious, they have not been said. But today, Du Ziyue was beaten like this by Chen Feng, how can this make him bear it.

"Brother, grab him, I'm going to break every bone of that bitch in front of him." Du Ziyue said bitterly. No one has ever dared to make her so embarrassed. If this hatred is not reported, she Sleeping and eating! Don't you like Xia Mengyao? That old lady will let you watch, how did the old lady break every bone of that bitch!

That bitch?

Du Ziteng only noticed Xia Mengyao who was leaning against the wire wall, and suddenly understood that this was Chen Feng's wife.

Seeing that even though Xia Mengyao was injured, he was still alive, Du Ziteng couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. It would be nice if he hadn't died. If he died, he couldn't stand upright for Du Ziyue.

"Shao Chen, don't you want to say something?" Du Ziteng's tone at the moment was a bit aggressive. He knew very well that Du Ziyue and Xia Mengyao must have been looking for something between Du Ziyue and Xia Mengyao, so the truth is not on his side, he must preemptively. Suppress Chen Feng up and down in momentum.

"I want to know, why do you treat Mengyao like this?" Chen Feng suddenly turned his eyes to Du Ziyue and asked calmly.

Directly facing Chen Feng’s calm gaze, Du Ziyue couldn’t help shrinking her neck, but when she thought that Du Ziteng was beside her, she had nothing to fear, so she said with confidence: “This bitch, she is shameless, gouyin my husband doesn’t say. ?! I also let her husband gave her one hundred thousand a month, baoyang her, I can not give her a lesson yet, "

Chen Feng nodded his head, turn his gaze toward the Du Tang:" do you believe it? "

DU Zi Teng eyes micro Ning, Du Ziyue doesn’t know Chen Feng’s identity, he still knows. The 39% stake in Kowloon International’s largest shareholder means that Chen Feng has at least 5 billion in his body, and there are other assets. Ten billion is more than tens of billions. With his net worth, it is impossible for his wife to go to other men for one hundred thousand yuan.

But he thought so, but at this time, he couldn't say it. He had to stand on Du Ziyue's side, otherwise the truth would not be on Du Ziyue's side.

"Chen Shao, I don't understand Madam Chen's behavior, but I think that since my sister said so, she must not be aimless. Maybe Madam Chen has such a hobby." Du Ziteng said lightly, although his words sound ambiguous. , But anyone with a long mind can hear that he is affirming what Du Ziyue said.

"Well, I understand." Chen Feng nodded.

I understand? Du Ziteng is a little confused, what do I mean?

In fact, in the field at this moment, only Yang Tai knew what Chen Feng was thinking about, and Chen Feng was liquidating!

He wants Du Zi Teng Du Ziyue brothers and sisters to die clearly! At the same time, he also gave himself a reason to kill Du Zi Teng Du Zi Yue two brothers and sisters!

Poor Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue brothers and sisters are still complacent, without realizing it.

Yang Tai sighed. At this time, he would no longer think about fishing for Du Ziteng. He was afraid that he would even get in if he did it again.

Chapter: 134

"Shaofeng! Chen Shao's wife, are you gouyin?!" Du Ziteng looked at Zhou Shaofeng coldly and asked, the threat in his eyes was self-evident, Chen Feng did not speak, Du Ziteng naturally thought Chen Feng was weighing the pros and cons , So he wanted to use Zhou Shaofeng to qualitatively determine this matter, so that it was his side that was responsible.

Zhou Shaofeng nodded hurriedly and said, "Yes, Brother Teng, Chen Shao’s wife, she is really interesting to me. When she first arrived at the hunting park, she hinted that I wanted to be my lover and asked me to give She is one hundred thousand

yuan. " Zhou Shaofeng.

Chen Feng glanced at Zhou Shaofeng faintly again, and added this name to his death list.

Du Ziteng nodded in satisfaction, Zhou Shaofeng was still very acquainted.

"Chen Shao, the matter is now very clear. It was Mrs. Gouyin's husband who made Ziyue first. Ziyue threw his wife into the black wolf hole. Of course Ziyue was at fault, but his wife could not escape the blame." Du Ziteng's face was selfless.

"Then what?" Chen Feng said lightly.

"Then?" Du Ziteng raised his eyebrows, and said: "Then Shao Chen taught Ziyue a lesson, so let's forget about this matter. As for the injury to the wife, I can only say sorry. Besides, I One million can be used as compensation to Madam Ling. "

One million? !

Many people's eyes lit up. The injury Xia Mengyao suffered can be cured at most 10,000 to 20,000, but Du Ziteng took out one million, which is really magnificent.

"Brother? What do you mean? Are you going to let this bastard and that bitch go?" When Du Ziyue heard this, she became angry. Chen Feng has humiliated her so much, can't Du Ziteng see it? Even to pay Xia Mengyao one million!

What is the reason for this? Du Ziyue felt that at this time Du Ziteng killed Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao not an exaggeration, and actually lost money to Chen Feng.

Du Ziteng frowned and said, "Ziyue, Shao Chen is my friend. If you give your brother face, treat it as it passed."

Yang Tai shook his head. He didn't know what to say anymore. Du Ziteng, a idiot, still wanted to let Chen Feng go, instead of begging Chen Feng for mercy. It was a miracle that this kind of person grew up so big and didn't die.

"But, brother..." Du Ziyue was still a little unconvinced, feeling that it would be too cheap for Chen Feng to let him go.

"Be obedient!" Du Ziteng glared at Du Ziyue. After all, Chen Feng was the largest shareholder of Kowloon International, and he did not look at the face of the monk to the face of the Buddha. He still wanted to give Yang Tai the face.

"Okay." Du Ziyue pouted dissatisfiedly, then turned his gaze to Chen Feng, and said fiercely: "Hill, you are lucky this time. I met my brother to intercede for you, next time you dare to provoke the old lady. , Heavenly King Lao Tzu can't protect you if he comes!"

"No next time." Chen Feng shook his head, his tone of sympathy.

"What does Shao Chen mean?" Du Ziteng frowned, a little unhappy. He was so generous that he didn't care about Du Ziyue with Chen Feng. Why did he listen to what Chen Feng meant and wanted to trouble Du Ziyue.

Chen Feng did not answer Du Ziteng’s question, but asked indifferently: “How many people are in your Du family’s direct line?”

Du Ziteng was even more confused, but still resisted his anger, replied: "My Du family’s direct line has 38 people. What advice does Chen Shao have?"

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Chen Feng nodded slightly, turned his head and glanced at Yang Tai, and said, "Turn around and send 38 million to the Du family."

Yang Tai's eyelids jumped and he nodded hurriedly, but later But his back was a little chilly, he naturally understood the meaning behind Chen Feng's words.

But it is not clear Duzai Yue, Chen Feng thought the move was in soft clothes, but proud of Chen Feng looked at, Leng Heng said: "! Count your sensible"

"Chan Siu if it is to apologize to the child Wyatt, you do not send 38 million, my Du family does not lack this money.” Du Ziteng said lightly, what kind of raptor Chen Feng is like, but he was subdued, really boring.

Chen Feng smiled: "Do you think my 38 million is to amend her?"

"Otherwise?" Du Ziteng raised his eyebrows.

Chen Feng shook his head and said calmly: "My 38 million yuan is compensation for the 38 members of the Du family."

Compensation? !

Du Ziteng's face suddenly became gloomy. At this moment, even if he was stupid, he could still understand the meaning of Chen Feng's words.

"Chen Shaowei would not take my Du family seriously. Madam Ling was only bitten by a wolf, and she was not bitten to death. Chen Shao actually wanted my Du family to be directly linked to thirty-eight people. Madam apologizes, I really think my Du's family is the fish on the chopping board, can you kill it?" Du Ziteng asked coldly with a pale face.

At this moment, Yang Tai stood up and looked at Du Ziteng pityingly: "Du Ziteng, if Mrs. Chen was really killed by a wolf, then you Du family, it is not as simple as apologizing to Chen Shao."

"Brother Tai, you What does this mean?" Du Ziteng asked, his face changed.

"It's not interesting, remember what I said in the conference room?" Yang Tai shook his head and asked.

Du Ziteng sneered. Of course he remembered what Yang Tai said in the conference room. Yang Tai said that if Xia Mengyao had an accident, Chen Feng could let the entire Du family be buried with Xia Mengyao.

But is it possible?

Totally impossible!

The Du family is a super giant in Jinling. Although it is not among the top ranks, it also holds a decisive position in Jinling. How can you say that you can destroy the entire family?

"Okay, Yang Tai, don't talk nonsense with him." Chen Feng was already a little impatient, "Is there a black wolf in the garden?"

"Young Master Chen, the black wolf is gone." Yang Tai couldn't help but glanced not far away. The three black wolves where Chen Feng pierced their heads with a willow leaf hole said: "But there are two Siberian tigers."

"Well, bring the two Siberian tigers here." Chen Feng said calmly.

"Yes, Chen Shao." Yang Tai didn't dare not agree. The Siberian tiger is a precious prey, and the Kowloon International will naturally raise it. On weekdays, only when some big men come, will the Siberian tiger be released for those Big guy hunts.

But today, Yang Tai knows that Chen Feng did not release the two Siberian tigers for hunting, but wanted the two Siberian tigers to be hunters. As for who was the prey, it was obvious.

"Brother Tai! Are you really going to help him?!" Du Ziteng's expression was a bit ugly for the first time. He didn't expect that Yang Tai's attitude was so firm, and he stood on Chen Feng's side without hesitation.

Yang Tai shook his head and sighed: "Ziteng, don't blame Brother Tai, Brother Tai is not helping Young Chen, but helping himself."

Help yourself? Du Ziteng finally understood the meaning of Yang Tai's words, Yang Tai was afraid of Chen Feng!

He had to stand by Chen Feng!

Chapter: 135

Du Ziteng was a little panicked at this time. The reason why he was not afraid of Chen Feng was that Yang Tai would choose to be neutral between him and Chen Feng. After all, there was the Du family behind him. Even if Yang Tai values ​​Chen Feng, he should not Will offend the Du family for Chen Feng.

But now, looking at Yang Tai's appearance, it is obvious that he has never considered the Du family at all!

I am afraid that the importance of Chen Feng in Yang Tai's mind is beyond his imagination!

In fact, other people were dumbfounded at the moment. Yang Tai's respectful attitude towards Chen Feng was seen by them.

But who is Yang Tai?

Prince Jinling!

It is not an exaggeration to even call it the number one in Jinling.

Have they ever seen Yang Tai talk to people in this tone?

The few youths who stood close to Du Ziteng had been far away from Du Ziteng without a trace. As the top group of people in the rich second-generation circle of Jinling, they were not stupid. There was something wrong with Tai's attitude, so he naturally wanted to hug Du Ziteng to resist Chen Feng, the largest shareholder.

But now, Yang Tai's attitude shows that Chen Feng's identity may be beyond their imagination. Even if they are tied together, they cannot stand against Chen Feng!

Wang Jiameng and Li Xue were also dumbfounded. Du Ziteng just called Chen Feng Chen Shaoshi. They still doubted Chen Feng’s identity. But now, even Yang Tai has such an attitude towards Chen Feng. They have to doubt it again. It's just for nothing!

When everyone was guessing Chen Feng's identity, two army green trucks carrying iron cages drove over.

In the iron cage, there are two Siberian tigers as tall as a person. Even if they are separated from the iron cage, everyone can smell the ferocity of the Siberian tiger.

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Du Ziyue panicked too. Chen Feng asked Yang Tai to bring the Siberian tiger over, and it was self-evident that he wanted to use the same methods she used in Xia Mengyao's hands on her.

"Brother, help me." Du Ziyue looked at Du Ziteng pleadingly, saying, Xia Mengyao can escape from the wolf's mouth, but she may not have such good luck to escape from the tiger's mouth.

Du Ziteng's face was ugly, and he stood in front of Chen Feng again, and asked coldly: "Shao Chen, really want to live with my Du family?!"

Du Ziteng moved out of Du's house, he had to move out of Du's house! Now Yang Tai is not on his side, the only thing he can rely on is the Du family!

"Du's family?" Chen Feng shook his head, with a look of disdain, and said: "You may not have heard what I said just now. I asked Yang Tai to send 38 million to your Du's family, which means that even if you Du Family, you can’t stay out of the matter. Mengyao’s injuries, your Du family’s thirty-eight direct lines, everyone will suffer it again intact, so it’s not your Du family and me that will never die, but me and your Du family. , No! Die! No! Hugh! "With

a word, the whole house is silent!

Before that, except for Yang Tai, everyone had no idea what Chen Feng wanted to give the Du family 38 million, and now they understand!

Chen Feng was venting his anger for Xia Mengyao. Du Ziteng said he would compensate Xia Mengyao a million yuan for his wounds!

However, this is too domineering!

Xia Mengyao was injured anyway, Du Ziteng said this, but the Du family was directly affiliated with 38 people, but it didn't matter at all.

But now, Chen Feng is going to get Xia Mengyao's injury to the 38 members of the Du family's direct line to suffer again, and then give you 38 million!

What kind of domineering style is this!

Du Ziteng's complexion flushed. He didn't expect that Chen Feng would have been arrogant to this point. Hearing this, he planned to let the Du family go from the beginning, which meant that he would even afflict the nine clans.

However, the Du family standing behind him!

A family that has rooted in Jinling for more than 800 years, has a complex and intertwined force in Jinling, which can influence the economic trend of Jinling. Why is Chen Feng so arrogant!

"Chen Shao, my sister is just ignorant. Why didn't Chen Shao refuse to give her a chance?" Du Ziteng sternly shouted. Now, he doesn't dare to gamble whether Chen Feng has that much energy at this time. , He can only be soft.

"Non-sensible?" Chen Feng's expression suddenly became cold, and he wanted to expose the matter when he was ignorant?

"Shao Chen, for the injury that caused Madam, our Du family will ask the best doctor to treat it with all their strength. In addition, I will take Ziyue home this time and punish her well, and will not let her step out of the Du family again in the future. Step..." Du Ziteng bit his head. This is already the biggest concession he can make.

"No, I will treat Mengyao's injury by myself!" Chen Feng waved his hand and said coldly.

"As for this poisonous woman, don't say that I didn't give her a chance, let her enter the black wolf cave, and stay for three minutes. After three minutes, if she can come out alive, I can leave it alone!" Chen Feng looked coldly. He glanced at Du Ziyue and said.

"Impossible!" Du Ziteng's expression changed drastically. There are now no black wolves in the black wolf cave, but there are two more Siberian tigers, so Du Ziyue stays with the two Siberian tigers, which is different from killing Du Ziyue directly.

"I'm not going in!" Du Ziyue also screamed, tears streaming down her feet, and she couldn't stand still in fear.

"Impossible?" Chen Feng sneered, and then moved his icy eyes to Du Ziteng: "Then you can go in with her!"

"Chen Feng, dare you! I'm the only male in the Du family, you want me to go in." , Is to let the Du family die, our Du family will never let you go!" Du Ziteng shouted sternly. He didn't expect Chen Feng to be lawless to this point. He is the heir of the Du family, let him Going in, that is to completely offend the Du family, and the Du family will never die with Chen Feng, and there is no room for maneuver.

"The Du family won't let me go? Do you think I will let your Du family go?" Chen Feng raised his eyelids and asked indifferently.

"Yang Tai, do it." Chen Feng glanced at Yang Tai and said.

Yang Tai's scalp was a little numb, he couldn't help but glanced at Du Ziteng, and asked, "Shao Chen, Zi you want to go in too?"

His words meant to intercede for Du Ziteng. However, the Du family will be furious, turning into a mad dog and biting people everywhere. Although Chen Feng is the initiator, he is an accomplice and cannot escape the blame.

Yang Tai is a little regretful now. He thought that tying Chen Feng to the ship of Kowloon International would bring unimaginable benefits to Kowloon International, but he did not think that it was simply to lead a wolf into the room. Chen Feng was so cruel! He certainly wanted to vent Xia Mengyao, but it didn't happen, to remove Du Ziteng's hidden danger, and then to kill the chicken and the monkey. After all, Du Ziteng was in the conference room before, showing his dissatisfaction with Chen Feng.

"You don't want to?" Chen Feng raised his brows.

Yang Tai's tone was stagnant. At this time, if he said that he did not want to, he would completely offend Chen Feng. Then, did all the actions he did to win Chen Feng in vain?

Thinking of this, Yang Tai gritted his teeth and finally made a decision.

Chapter: 136

Yang Tai knows very well that since ancient times, there hasn't been any good end to the wall. He can't please both sides. The Du family and Chen Feng must choose one side!

As for choosing Du Family or Chen Feng, can he still choose at this time?

From the moment Chen Feng was introduced to Kowloon International, he had no choice!

Yang Tai gritted his teeth and walked in front of Du Ziteng: "Ziteng..."

"Brother Tai!" With a thump, Du Ziteng knelt down in front of Yang Tai, snotting tears: "Brother Tai, forgive me."

Yang Tai shook. Shaking his head, said: "Ziteng, you shouldn't listen to me."

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Du Ziteng smiled miserably. He naturally understood what Yang Tai meant. In fact, Yang Tai had reminded him many times before that Chen Feng was very difficult. , But he did not listen.

"Brother Tai, can you tell me his true identity?" Du Ziteng asked miserably.

Yang Tai couldn't help but glance at Chen Feng, wanting to see Chen Feng's face, because Chen Feng said before that everything about him must be kept secret, so he only vaguely told Du Ziteng these people, Chen Feng and Yanjing Chen family It's related, but he didn't dare say anything about Chen Feng. This is also the root cause of the conflict between Du Ziteng and Chen Feng in the conference room.

Chen Feng was expressionless, and did not look at Yang Tai here.

Yang Tai gritted his teeth, attached his mouth to Du Ziteng's ear, and said in a voice that only two of them could hear: "Chen Shao is the only heir of the Chen family in Yanjing. Bai Guangyi and Yang Qing's hands are Chen Shao interrupting. Yes, Chen Shao himself is also a martial artist, and it is very likely that he is a martial artist!"

Du Ziteng's pupils suddenly tightened!

The only heir to the Chen family!

Still Huajin Warrior!


Du Ziteng laughed suddenly, looking mad, Yang Tai stared at Du Ziteng, as long as Du Ziteng dared to confide in a word about Chen Feng, he would definitely take action and kill Du Ziteng with a single blow.

But Du Ziteng did not. Du Ziteng just glanced at Yang Tai calmly and said, "Brother Tai, help me persuade my parents and my parents."

Yang Tai nodded with a complicated expression, Du Ziteng didn't say anything, but Yang Tai But I understand.

The next moment, Du Ziteng took a violent step forward, grabbed the shotgun on the waist of the security guard beside him, and aimed at his head, with a "bang", the sound of a loud gun sounded, Du Ziteng fell to the ground, his head exploded like a watermelon. , The ground is red and white.

"Ah! Murder!" The

crowd screamed, and then fled like birds and beasts.

Chen Feng frowned, and there was an unexpected look across his face. Du Ziteng, a person who is greedy and fearful of death, would actually commit suicide, which he did not expect.

"Brother!" Du Ziyue screamed, suddenly limp to the ground.

Zhou Shaofeng's body also trembled like chaff on the side, completely frightened, Du Ziteng...he died like this? !

The gunfire that pierced the sky also awakened Xia Mengyao, making Xia Mengyao woke up leisurely.

"Chen Feng..." Xia Mengyao was somewhat weak at this time. Although she had lost consciousness just now, she knew exactly what happened in the field.

"Mengyao, how's it going?" Chen Feng regained a smile on his face. The black wolf bite the wound not deeply. He had already stopped Xia Mengyao's bleeding with his strength just now, so Xia Mengyao was fine at this time.

"I'm much better." Xia Mengyao's pretty face was still slightly pale, but a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. Just now, she thought she would never see Chen Feng again, but unexpectedly, at the last moment, Chen Feng fell from the sky. , Saved her.

"Chen Feng, let them go." Xia Mengyao said again, Du Ziteng had died because of her, she didn't want to see it again, Chen Feng made another murder for her, and let Du Ziyue and Zhou Shaofeng follow in Du Ziteng's footsteps.

Chen Feng frowned, he naturally understood who Xia Mengyao said they were.


Chen Feng couldn't help sighing in his heart, Xia Mengyao was too kind. This is where he likes Xia Mengyao the most, but it is also Xia Mengyao's most fatal weakness.

"Hahaha! Xia Mengyao! Don't cry at that cat and mouse! The old lady doesn't need your pleading, you die with the old lady!" Du Ziyue laughed like crazy, and raised the spear next to Du Ziteng's body. Aimed at Xia Mengyao.

But before the trigger was pulled down, Du Ziyue flew out like a kite with a broken line, and before he landed, he spit out a big mouthful of blood.

Yang Tai shot out with a cold face. He is a warrior in the late Ming Jin period. There is no suspense when dealing with ordinary people like Du Ziyue. With a full palm, Du Ziyue's internal organs will probably be directly broken into foam. There is no reason for survival. .

Chen Feng pursed his mouth and didn't speak, but he knew in his heart that Yang Tai was buying him, because Xia Mengyao had spoken and he could not do anything to Du Ziyue, but Yang Tai was OK.

Xia Mengyao stared at Du Ziyue who was lying on the ground blankly, unable to speak, even if he was dead, Du Ziyue's face still remained hideous. Why, hate herself so much?

"I'll take you to the hospital." Chen Feng sighed and said, this incident will inevitably leave a lot of psychological shadow on Xia Mengyao. Looking back, I have to ask a few psychologists to give Xia Mengyao psychological counseling.

"Yeah." Xia Mengyao nodded gently.

"Meng Yao, I will go with you." At this moment, Wang Jiameng suddenly laughed out loud.

Chen Feng gave Wang Jiameng a cold look. Wang Jiameng smiled and said: "Chen Shao, there may be a misunderstanding between Mengyao and I..."

"Get out!"

Chen Feng scolded him, misunderstanding. ? You can't be a fool!

Although Chen Feng was scolded in public, Wang Jiameng did not dare to be half angry at this time. After all, Chen Feng's identity was placed there, and even Yang Tai had to treat Chen Feng respectfully. How could she even dare to say that Chen Feng's It's not.

However, Wang Jiameng regrets that her intestines are all blue at the moment. She is the first person to come into contact with Chen Feng. If at that time, she would not look down on others, and give Chen Feng enough respect, and even become Chen Feng’s My friend, then her future achievements...Wang Jiameng has not dared to think about it, anyway, Xu Dongliang is definitely not comparable.

But unfortunately, her short-sightedness ruined all this.

If you don’t go to gouyin with a super god like Chen Feng, you go to gouyin Xu Dongliang.

Yes, Diaosi, after seeing the princes like Yang Tai yelling at Chen Feng and Shao Chen, in Wang Jiameng's mind, Xu Dongliang, who has assets of more than 100 million yuan, was immediately regarded as Diaosi.

After watching Chen Feng hug Xia Mengyao to leave, Li Xue, who was hiding in the corner, dared to come out. He witnessed Du Ziteng’s suicide with his own eyes. Li Xue, who was scared to death, hid directly in the corner of the garden for fear of being seen by Chen Feng. , Throw her into the black wolf hole.

It was not until Chen Feng left that she dared to gasp.

Chapter: 137

"Brother Liang, this Chen Feng, what is his identity?" Li Xue asked, if someone still believes that Chen Feng is a food delivery company, then his brain is in the shit, and he can let the prince Yang Tai call respectfully. If Chen Shao's person is a takeaway?

"You ask me, who am I going to ask!" Xu Dongliang said in a bad tone. He is also up and down in his heart. After all, he has offended Chen Feng before. If Chen Feng wants to settle accounts with him, his ten lives are not enough to die. . As for the identity of Chen Feng, he might have guessed that he is at least the shareholder of Kowloon International, and he is also the largest shareholder. Otherwise, Yang Tai would not have such an attitude towards Chen Feng.

"Brother Liang, Chen Shao won't trouble us." Li Xue asked weakly, and now she didn't dare to call Chen Feng directly.

Xu Dongliang sneered: "Now that I know I'm afraid, why did you go there earlier? At that time, you ridiculed Chen Shaoxing the most sarcasm. Even if Chen Shao was looking for trouble, he would trouble you first!"

"Brother Liang, don't you Frighten me, Chen Shao doesn’t have such a small heart." Li Xue almost cried when Xu Dongliang said this. When she was in the Huaqi Mansion, she stabbed Chen Feng and scolded Xia Mengyao shamelessly. Chen Feng slapped.

The point is that after coming out of Huaqi Mansion, she didn't have a long memory. She was still on the road mocking Chen Feng for earning less than a million and couldn't afford the membership card of Kowloon International. Now, in retrospect of her stupid behavior, Li Xue His face was hot and sore.

In front of the largest shareholder of Kowloon International, he said that he earns less than one million yuan. He also mocked that they could not afford the membership card of Kowloon International.

Xu Dongliang snorted coldly, but didn't say anything. In fact, these people are all fish on the chopping board. They can only pray that Chen Feng will not think of them, otherwise, none of them can escape.

After sending Xia Mengyao to the hospital, Chen Feng called Liu Wanmei and asked Liu Wanmei to come over from Cangzhou.

Although Xia Mengyao didn't seem to be seriously injured, Chen Feng still had to treat it with caution. After all, Liu Wanmei was a closed disciple of Sun Xi Temple, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, who could surpass her in medical skills. The entire Qiannan Province is only three fingers.

Three hours later, Liu Wanmei came to the hospital and began to examine Xia Mengyao's wounds.

On the hospital bed, Xia Mengyao had a pale face and a haggard expression. Chen Feng felt distressed when she was watching.

After dealing with Jinliu'an, he had to send Xia Mengyao back to Jinling immediately. Chen Feng thought to himself, he found that Jinling was an ominous place for Xia Mengyao. Xia Mengyao came to Jinling in just a few days. Two life and death crises.

Chen Feng never believed in Feng Shui's fate, but for Xia Mengyao, he would rather believe it once.

"Young Master, the madam is not in serious trouble, but she has been overwhelmed. The young master should accompany his wife more these days." Liu Wanmei said respectfully.

"That's good." Chen Feng nodded, and said: "How is the situation in Cangzhou recently? Can Han Long and the others still have peace?"

"Young master, the situation in Cangzhou is very stable, and Han Long has always been very regular. There is no place to go beyond, but the Xia family..." Liu Wanmei stopped talking.

"It's okay, Aunt Mei, just say it!" Chen Feng frowned.

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"Young master, when Xia Qichao and his son saw his wife leaving Cangzhou, they began to intervene in the Yuquanshan project without authorization. They contracted several key projects in the Yuquanshan project to some local real estate companies at a price of five million. Most of the companies do not have construction permits, and they used to build tofu

dregs projects .” Chen Feng sneered. As expected, Xia Qichao and Xia Hao and Xia Hao really couldn’t change their feces. He and Xia Mengyao only left Cangzhou for a few days. The two father and son couldn't sit still, and began to profit from the Yuquanshan project.

Normally, if you want to contract the key processes of the Yuquanshan project, each cost at least 10 million, or even 20 million, but Xia Qichao and his son sold them at a low price of 5 million. It can be seen that, They are very urgent, because once Xia Mengyao returns, they will never let them contract out those projects.

Moreover, the cheap sales are all companies without construction permits. One can imagine what Yuquanshan would be ruined.

"Lin Zongwei didn't get the clear instructions from the young master, so he didn't stop Xia Qichao and his son." Liu Wanmei said again.

Chen Feng nodded. After all, Lin Zongwei belongs to the Chen family, not his. It is impossible for him to do his best in this matter. However, Chen Feng knew in his heart that Xia Qichao and his son still lacked the guts, and behind this incident, there must be Xia Yunsheng's acquiescence.

It seems that Xia Yunsheng, the old fox, is not at peace. He wants to take this matter to test his own bottom line. Chen Feng can't help but sneer. Or, when I get to Cangzhou, I will let you know where my bottom line is!

Soon after Liu Wanmei left, Xia Mengyao woke up.

Seeing Chen Feng looking at herself tenderly by the hospital bed, Xia Mengyao's nose couldn't help but tears poured down her eyes: "Woo, Chen Feng, I thought I would never see you again..."

Only experienced life and death , You can understand who is the most important person to you in this world.

At the moment the black wolf pounced on him, the figure that emerged in Xia Mengyao's mind was not Lin Lan, nor Xia Weiguo, but Chen Feng.

She can face death calmly, but she can't face the loss of Chen Feng.

"It's okay, it's all over." Chen Feng gently hugged Xia Mengyao, patted Xia Mengyao on the shoulder, and said softly.

At this moment, Xu Feirong also hurriedly arrived, seeing that Xia Mengyao was fine, she was relieved.

"Chen Feng, how did you take care of Mengyao?!" Xu Feirong questioned her head and face. In just a few days in Jinling, Xia Mengyao was first slapped by Yan Chunmei, and today she was thrown into the black wolf hole. After being buried in a wolf belly, Xu Feirong was not angry, and Xu Feirong's good feelings for Chen Feng had finally disappeared in just a few days.

"It was my fault, I was careless." Chen Feng admitted calmly. Chen Feng didn't care about Xu Feirong's attitude, and was even a little happy for Xia Mengyao, because Xu Feirong was not like Wang Jiameng. Plastic sister, she cares about Xia Mengyao from the bottom of her heart.

"Fei Rong, it's not about Chen Feng's problem..." Xia Mengyao smiled bitterly. She really didn't mean to blame Chen Feng, because the people she met these days were all the kind of psychological change-tai strange work, a Yan Chunmei, A Du Ziyue, this kind of poisonous woman, many ordinary people may not meet in a lifetime, but it happened that she met them all in just a few days when she arrived.

"What does it mean is nothing to do with him? He is your husband, you man, isn't it right for him to protect you!" Xu Feirong said with some dissatisfaction, but she knew in her heart that these two things are really related to Chen Feng It didn't matter much. Although Chen Feng didn't protect Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng didn't let off anyone who hurt Xia Mengyao.

Chapter: 138

Yan Chunmei just slapped Xia Mengyao a few times, and Chen Feng abandoned a hand. In the end, Qin Hu of the Dragon Tiger Club came forward and failed to save her. Although Yan Chunmei did not know what happened to Yan Chunmei, it must be miserable.

By the time Du Ziyue, it can no longer be described as miserable, and he has paid the price of his life directly.

Although Xu Feirong was not present at the time, she still heard the wind, and she didn't know what Du Ziteng had heard Yang Tai said. She was so scared that she shot and committed suicide. Du Ziyue wanted to kill Xia Mengyao, but Yang Tai slapped him to death.

The beautiful Du family had two direct descendants in one day, but now, the Du family has no intention of seeking revenge on Chen Feng.

The implications of this are so terrifying that Xu Feirong dare not even think about it.

She originally thought that Chen Feng was only on the one-third acre of land in Cangzhou, but now it seems that even the capital cities of Qiannan Province, Jinling and Chen Feng have stepped in.

Qiao Xiaoyue, chairman of Dalong Real Estate, Yang Tai, the prince...

Either one is the person Xu Feirong needs to look up to, but they are respectful to Chen Feng.

What identity does Chen Feng have? Why did he endure three years in Xia Family?

Xu Feirong shook her head and tried to keep herself from thinking about this. She felt that Chen Feng was enveloped in a huge mystery. She could not imagine the forces involved behind this mystery.

At this moment, the Du Family Manor was also overcast, and the people in the manor were even more silent, walking back and forth without even daring to breathe the atmosphere.

They could not think of killing them. Du Ziyue and Du Ziteng, who were still alive yesterday morning, just went to Kowloon International and lost their lives there.

The two brothers and sisters died. At the moment the news came, Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue's mother were heartbroken, crying and fainting several times in one night.

But to the surprise of many people, until now, there is no rumor that Patriarch Du Kangling wants to avenge Du Ziteng brothers and sisters, as if Du Ziteng brothers and sisters died in vain.

In the Du Family Hall, all the heavyweights of the Du Family were present.

Du Kangling sat high in the main seat, beside him, was a graceful young woman in luxurious dress. The young woman was Du Kangling's wife, Fang Ling.

A few years ago, Fang Ling was also a great beauty who was famous in Jinling, but after hearing the news of the death of her children last night, this great beauty turned white overnight. Even now, her beautiful eyes are still red and swollen, and the tears on her face are clear. visible.

Below Du Kangling and Fang Ling, sitting directly from the Du family, the second child Du Kangyun, and the third child Du Kangrui, as well as the young children of the Du family.

"Big Brother, what Yang Tai said is true?" Seeing Du Kangling's gloomy expression, Du Kangyun couldn't bear to ask. Last night, Yang Tai personally came to the door and pleaded guilty, saying that the death of Du Ziteng brothers and sisters could not be separated from him. I would like to let him go. Du Kangling disposal.

Although Du Kangling was extremely angry at the time, he also contained his murderous intentions against Yang Tai. He knew very well that Yang Tai was just the executioner for the death of his children. The real murderer behind the scenes was Chen Feng.

He wanted to ask the killer to go to the hospital to end Chen Feng, but Yang Tai said that Chen Feng was a martial artist, and immediately caused a cold sweat on his forehead.

Huajin Warrior!

Which assassin organization dared to assassinate Huajin fighters? Unless this killer organization wants to be uprooted!

Even if there is a killer who dares to take orders and kill a warrior, the remuneration required is a sky-high figure, starting at least 50 billion!

Yes, 50 billion! And it can be killed without a ticket!

50 billion, even if the Du family went bankrupt, they couldn't get it out!

So Du Kangling gave up the idea of ​​seeking revenge on Chen Feng last night. Of course, what made him even more desperate was what Yang Tai said later that Chen Feng was still the only heir to the Chen family of Yanjing.

The heir of the Chen family of Yanjing, let alone killed, even if one hair is injured, the Du family will probably be wiped out.

Thinking of this, Du Kangling seemed to be ten years old for an instant, and sighed feebly, and said: "It's true, Yang Tai can't lie to me on this matter. That young man is indeed Yan Jingchen. The heir to the family, and he's still a warrior." As

soon as he said it, the whole house was silent!

Quiet needle drop can be heard!

The heirs of the Chen family, the martial artist, no matter which one, is not something the Du family can afford!

"Hey, Zi Teng and Zi Yue two children, why are their lives so bitter." Du Kangyun sighed sadly.

However, the others in the hall were sneered. Du Kangyun is a typical cat crying mouse. The death of Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue means that the position of the next Patriarch of the Du family will fall to his son Du Kangyun, so In Du Kangyun's heart, it's too late to be happy now, sad? It's just for Du Kangling.

Du Kangling's expressionless face, what others can see, he can naturally see it, but it has already happened, what can he do? To say grief, who has the grief of being a father, who has raised him for more than 20 years All the children died in one day, but he didn't even see the last side.

If it weren't for the hundreds of people in the Du family, he would have gone to Chen Feng desperately, even if Chen Feng was a martial artist, he would splash Chen Feng's blood when he died.

But for the Du family, Du Kangling had to suppress the hatred like ants biting their hearts.

"In the future, all the Du family members who encounter people surnamed Chen will have to retreat, and must not have any conflicts with people surnamed Chen! This is the Du family rule, if there is any violation, expel from the Du family!" Du Kangling's voice was a little haggard. , But everyone in the Du family was shocked when they heard this.

Sure enough, Du Kangling didn't plan to seek revenge from Chen Feng, and even wanted to clear up the relationship with all the Du family members who sought Chen Feng's revenge!

This is the enemy of murder! Many people in the Du family have mixed feelings in their hearts. If they were replaced by them, would they be able to let go like Du Kangling?

"Have you heard what the big brother said? No one is allowed to provoke that Chen Feng again! If you provoke it, get out of Du's house for me!" Du Kangyun shouted forcefully.

The younger generation of the Du family is busy nodding their heads. In the past, Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue were two big stones that were placed on the heads of all the younger generations of the Du family.

Everyone dared not say anything about the arrogant behavior of these brothers and sisters, and they could only secretly call them the devil and witch.

But just yesterday, overnight, the Demon King and Witch in their eyes died at the same time, but Du Kangling didn't even dare to put a fart.

Therefore, in the hearts of many younger generations at this time, Chen Feng is a more terrifying existence than the Demon King and Witch. It is no different from the evil star. Whoever touches it will die!

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They didn't dare to mess with Du Kangyun!

Yang Tai quickly reported the Du Family's reaction to Chen Feng. Chen Feng was a little surprised. Can you bear the hatred of murder?

Although the Du family said that they would not retaliate, Chen Feng was still a little worried and asked Yang Tai to stare at the Du family and report every move of the Du family to himself.

He himself is not afraid of Du's revenge, but Xia Mengyao is an ordinary person, and any killer can put Xia Mengyao's life on the line.

Chapter: 139

Just when Chen Feng was about to head back to Cangzhou, Li Li called.

"Chen Shao, what you asked me to investigate has results."

Chen Feng frowned, and then remembered that he had asked Li Chang to investigate Jin Liu'an before.

"Let's talk."

"Chen Shao, Jin Liuan did participate in a hunting operation three years ago, but the villain did not find out about the identity of the person being pursued and the information about the people who participated in the hunt with him. According to Jin Liu’an, the hunt three years ago was a reward issued by someone, so many people who participated in the hunt at that time did not know the identity of the person being pursued, even because of the masked relationship. These chasers, they don't know each other's identities." Li Li said truthfully.

"Where is Jin Liu'an now?" Chen Feng asked. The group of people who pursued him three years ago were indeed covered in face. At that time, he thought that all the people who pursued him knew each other, but if they offered a reward. , It’s normal if they don’t know each other, but although they are masked, Chen Feng remembers the number of martial arts they used. If they meet again, Chen Feng is still confident and can recognize it. .

"Shao Chen, Jin Liuan will take the disciples in the hall to the Haoran Martial Arts Hall at five o'clock this afternoon to take part in the gambling fight." Li Li said.

"Gambling?" Chen Feng squinted his eyes. To put it bluntly, it is kicking the field. However, gambling is more civilized than kicking. The kicking is to directly smash people's signs, but gambling, instead of smashing signs, takes gambling. The nature of, before the two sides fight, they will bet first, whoever wins will get the bet.

Hearing what Li Yan said, Jin Liuan took the initiative to take his disciples to the Haoran Martial Arts Hall to fight at home. This shows that Jin Liuan has confidence in his disciples and will win gambling battles in all likelihood.

However, if he were in the past, it would not be impossible...

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Chen Feng smiled and then asked the location of Haoran Martial Arts Hall.

Hearing that Chen Feng was going to Haoran Martial Arts Center, Li Yan couldn't help but sympathize with Jin Liu'an. He had only been a dark warrior for a few days, and before he had time to congratulate him, he offended Chen Feng. Jin Liu'an might not die now. It's going to peel off.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Chen Feng set off from the hospital on time. After Chen Feng left, there was a rickety figure at the door of the ward. It was Pang Dongqi.

Yang Tai's personal bodyguard, the number one master of the Yang family!

The warriors in the middle of the dark Jin, looking at the Jinling martial arts world, are also among the top ten existences.

Pang Dongqi's presence here did not intend to disadvantage Xia Mengyao, but came to protect Xia Mengyao.

Chen Feng asked Yang Tai to send someone to protect Xia Mengyao. Naturally, Yang Tai didn't dare to neglect, and directly sent the most capable cadres under him.

Chen Feng knew about Pang Dongqi's arrival, otherwise he wouldn't be able to go to Haoran Martial Arts Hall at this time. With Pang Dongqi here, even if the Du's family invited a tactical assassination team over, they wouldn't want to hurt Xia Mengyao half a point.

When the martial artist reaches the mid-to-late stage of Anjin, his sensitivity will rise to a very high level, within a hundred meters of a radius, any disturbance can be sensed for the first time.

The realm of Mingjin judges the realm of a warrior based on the strength of the warrior's control. In the early stage of Mingjin, the strength of a punch can be about 300 kilograms, which is equivalent to the weight of a wild horse. The warrior can defend the wild horses directly without falling into the wind.

In the mid-term warrior, the punched power is about 600 kg, 600 kg, which seems to be only half of the power of the warrior in the early Ming Jin period. However, in actual combat, the difference between the early Ming Jin period and the mid Ming Jin period is not the same. Half of it can make up for it.

In the late period of Ming Jin, a warrior who has general control over power can reach about 900 kilograms of power, and can reach 1,000 kilograms or even 1100 kilograms of power when controlled. This is the weight of a small car. I want to lift it up. A small car requires seven or eight normal adults, while the warriors in the late Ming Jin period only need one hand. This is the gap between the warriors and ordinary people!

Among ordinary people, only some of the world’s top boxers who can fight head-on with the warriors in Ming Jin’s early stage are the top boxers in the world. Their peak strength is generally around 230, and their use of strength is also more professional. However, although these boxers can fight head-on with the warriors in the early Ming Jin period without losing the wind, they want to defeat the warriors in the early Ming Jin period.

The reason why a warrior is called a warrior is not only because he has power, but also because he has martial arts skills and a special way of using power!

These are not understandable by ordinary people.

Although most warriors are in the same world as ordinary people, if you carefully distinguish them, the world of warriors and the world of ordinary people are basically two different worlds!

The martial arts world has a default rule, that is, once you become a martial artist, you must try to interfere with ordinary people's affairs as little as possible. In order to prevent someone from forcibly interfering, the martial arts community has also established a special martial arts association to supervise the martial artist.

Without supervision, the world of ordinary people would be messed up.

A few years earlier, there were ordinary warriors in the early Ming Jin era who went to participate in the Olympics with hidden identities. In that Olympics, the gold medals in power events were swept away by these warriors, and even the record they set was still no one. Can be broken.

After the incident, it naturally attracted strong condemnation from the International Budo Association. In the end, it was the President of the China Budo Association who came forward to apologize and severely punished the warriors in the early Ming Jin period before suppressing the matter.

You know, in this world, it is not only China who has warriors, but Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Japan...Most countries with long traditions have warriors, but they have different names.

Haoran Martial Arts Hall was built on the outskirts of Jinling. When Chen Feng arrived, there were only a few young people at the gate of the martial arts hall. These youths were wearing custom-made martial arts uniforms from the Haoran Martial Arts Hall. The word Haoran.

Chen Feng glanced at him and found that although these young people were students of Haoran's martial arts gym, none of them belonged to martial artists. On the contrary, most of them were ordinary people. The only difference between these students and ordinary people was their comparison. Ordinary people are more energetic and look more capable.

Chen Feng did not have the slightest surprise about this. If an ordinary person does not have the chance to become a warrior, it is harder than climbing to the sky. Most of these young people in front of them are idlers in the society. They may even What a warrior is not clear.

The reason why I came to Haoran Martial Arts Center is because I want to learn some martial arts like Taekwondo Karate. These young people are all students of Haoran Martial Arts Hall, not core students. Haoran Martial Arts Hall does not even teach them the real martial arts. Cultivation skills, because their roots have been finalized, the reason why they are accepted is only to earn some tuition and maintain a living, after all, the martial artist also has to eat.

Chapter: 140

Nowadays, most of the real martial artists in the martial arts world have inheritance, either from the sect or the family. These sects and families will select young children with good roots. When the children are five or six years old He began to soak medicinal wine for young children and build the foundation of martial arts. When he was seven or eight years old, he would begin formal martial arts practice, tempering his flesh and forging his roots.

The time spent on martial arts training in summer and winter training is thirty-nine, at least twelve hours.

Even with such cruel cultivation, many people may not be able to become martial artists, only those who are talented have a chance.

One can imagine how difficult the road to martial arts is.

When Chen Feng came to the door, he was stopped by several students.

"The martial arts hall is closed today. If you want to register for martial arts students, you can come back another day." A tall young man smiled. Chen Feng did not wear martial arts uniforms, so the tall young man regarded Chen Feng as wanting to enter Haoran Wu Ordinary people studying martial arts in the museum.

Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: "I won't sign up for the martial arts gymnasium students, I will come to the people in the diamond martial arts gymnasium."

"King Kong martial arts gymnasium?" The tall young man was taken aback, his tone suddenly became bad: "You are the diamond martial arts gym. People?"

"No." Chen Feng continued to shake his head, and said: "There are some personal matters between Jin Liu'an and I. I need to deal with it."

"Then wait, I'll go and ask the owner of the

museum ." Inside the museum, there is a momentum. The majestic middle-aged man sat cross-legged on a martial arts mat. In front of the middle-aged man, there were also seven or eight serious young men and women wearing martial arts uniforms, listening to the middle-aged man's lecture.

"Jin Liu'an came here prepared this time. His disciples were not easy to deal with at first. This time Jin Liu'an has become a dark warrior, and his understanding of martial arts has improved, so he must I will teach some disciples some more advanced techniques for exerting strength. When you come to the stage for a while, if you lose, you just surrender and you must not resist!" The middle-aged man warned the few in front of him with worry. My disciple, he and Jin Liu'an were both martial artists in the late Ming Jin period, so Haoran Martial Arts Hall can still fight against King Kong Martial Arts Hall. Every year, the two martial arts clubs will win each other's gambling battle, but this year, Jin Liuan was promoted to Anjin, and the two sides were no longer on the same level in an instant.

This time the gambling battle, it can be said that the King Kong Martial Arts Hall is pretty sure.

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"Master, can you postpone this gambling fight for a few days?" a thin young man asked weakly. His name was Feng Yuan, Su Haoran's youngest disciple. He was just promoted to a Ming Jin martial artist a few days ago, except for and He had never fought with any warriors, but this time he was going to play in the gambling fight. Feng Yuan had no confidence at all, and he would fight with several disciples of Jin Liuan.

Su Haoran frowned, and was disappointed in Feng Yuan. He was typically timid before a fight, and he had already lost half before a fight. If he came to power in this state, he might not even be able to hold on to a single move.

"Junior brother, the annual gambling fight is a practice and cannot be postponed. And even if it can be postponed, what will other martial arts gyms think if we postpone them? They will definitely say that we Haoran martial arts gyms are instigated and lose. I'm sorry, at that time, where did you put the face of the master?" Zhao Dong scolded with a cold face. He is Su Haoran's big disciple and the only one who is expected to break through the middle of Ming Jin this year.

Although Su Haoran was not optimistic about this gambling fight, he was extremely confident.

"Well, the big brother is right. If you lose, you don't lose. Besides, it was Jin Liu'an who became a dark power fighter, and it was not his disciples who became a dark power fighter. We may not have no chance to win." At that time, a pretty girl with a proud figure wearing a white martial arts uniform said crisply.

The girl is about eighteen or nineteen years old. Although she is not very old, she is already a slim and big beauty, with delicate features and a pretty face. She is very beautiful.

As soon as the girl spoke, the eyes of several young people were attracted by the girl, their eyes were very fiery.

"Junior Sister is right! What's scary, everyone is about the same age, and also in the early Ming Jin, the people in the King Kong martial arts gym can have one more leg than us."

" Yes , what are you afraid of? It’s just a

matter of life and death if you can’t beat and admit defeat.” Several young people started talking, and the enthusiasm of everyone rose instantly.

"Father, can't I be on the stage for a while?" At this moment, the girl's dark eyes rolled and smiled.

"No!" Su Haoran refused without even thinking about it, and reprimanded her majesticly: "You are a girl, what kind of stage do you want to fight and kill?"

"Master is right, sister, this kind of beating? You just leave it to the seniors to do the killing. It’s not appropriate for you to go up."

"Junior sister, your body is so delicate, if there is a bump wherever you go up, it’s not good." The

girl muttered. , Somewhat dissatisfied: "But, I am also a martial artist." When the

girl said this, many people in the martial arts hall were very ashamed. These people are the core disciples of the martial arts hall, unlike the students outside. These people were cultivated by Su Haoran since childhood, and they are expected to become warriors.

But many of them, who are in their twenties or even thirty years old this year, are still on the verge of becoming a warrior, unable to step into the doorstep.

The young girl Su Lingyu became a warrior when she was eighteen years old. She was a master of the world. The only pity is that Su Lingyu is a daughter. Compared with the male warrior, the female warrior is more or less vulnerable.

In the martial arts world, male warriors are the mainstream.

Su Haoran was also choking, and immediately felt a pity. If Su Lingyu was a man, it would be great. With her talent, even in the middle and late stages of the dark energy, there is great hope. Su Haoran's position in the Jinling martial arts world. It will not be as low as it is now.

"Okay, let's not mention this matter again. You will stand under the stage for a while and not be allowed to come on stage." Su Haoran waved his hand and said with majesty.

"Okay." The girl pursed her lips. Although she was dissatisfied with Su Haoran's decision, she did not dare to refute it. After all, Su Haoran was not only her father, but also the owner of a restaurant.

At this time, the tall young man came over.

"Master, someone outside said that he was looking for someone from the

King Kong Martial Arts Hall. Listening to his tone, he seemed to know Jin Liu'an." "Knowing Jin Liu'an?" Su Haoran frowned. Jin Liu'an still has a good reputation in Jinling martial arts world. Fame, if someone outside knows Jin Liu'an, they must not be an unknown person. They are likely to be people in the martial arts world who come to watch gambling fights. Thinking of this, Su Haoran said: "Let him come in."