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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 141-150 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 141

As soon as Chen Feng came in, he attracted the attention of most people in the museum.

Su Haoran frowned even more. Seeing Chen Feng's sloppy appearance, he didn't seem to be a martial artist, and he was still so young. How could such a person know Jin Liuan?

"Little friend knows Jin Liu'an?" Su Haoran asked. Although he was puzzled, Su Haoran was unwilling to lose his courtesy.

Chen Feng shook his head and said, "I don't know him yet."

"What did the little friend do with Jin Liuan?" Su Haoran frowned.

"Fight." Chen Feng said with a slight smile.

Su Haoran's face turned black, and he asked Jin Liu'an to fight? You are hanging by the birthday star, you are impatient.


Pouch " Su Lingyu couldn't help but laughed, and the laughter trembled.

"This brother, do you know who Jin Liuan is?" Zhao Dong said with a black face. He suspected that Chen Feng was here to make trouble. He was not even a warrior. He wanted to fight with Jin Liuan. Chen Feng can be killed with a finger.

"I know." Chen Feng smiled.

"You know what a shit!" Zhao Dongbai glanced at Chen Feng and said angrily: "Little brother, to tell you the truth, Jin Liu'an is not something you can afford. If you are acquainted, you should leave our martial arts gym. Don't mess with us."

"I really came to fight with Jin Liu'an." Chen Feng couldn't help but smile, and no one believed the truth.

"Fight? It's almost the same to die." Zhao Dong snorted coldly.

"Hey, uncle, are you a martial artist?" Su Lingyu suddenly smiled and said.

Uncle? Chen Feng touched his nose, a little speechless, is he so old?

"Lingyu!" Su Haoran glared at Su Lingyu dissatisfiedly. This little girl is really getting more and more open-mouthed. Can you tell me about the martial artist casually?

Su Lingyu stuck out his tongue and made a face at Chen Feng.

"Does little friend have any hatred with Jin Liuan?" Su Haoran asked. He could see that Chen Feng was not aimless, but he didn't understand that Chen Feng was not even a martial artist. How did he get into Jin Liuan.

"There are some hatreds."

"It must be reported?" Su Haoran raised an eyebrow.

"It must be reported!" Chen Feng was decisive.

Su Haoran sighed and said, "Little friend, listen to my persuasion, and leave our martial arts gym, Jin Liuan, you ca

n't afford it ." "If you don't try it, how can you know if you ca n't get it off? "Chen Feng laughed. Su Haoran's remarks were naturally for his own good, but Su Haoran seriously underestimated himself.

Su Haoran frowned, and suddenly felt a little dissatisfied with Chen Feng. He said it was so obvious that Chen Feng couldn't listen.

"If that's the case, then the little friend just do it yourself." Su Haoran said with a cold tone, Chen Feng had to seek death himself, and he couldn't stop him.

"Good." Chen Feng smiled and walked aside.

People like Zhao Dong and Feng Yuan began to warm up, preparing for the upcoming gambling battle.

No one greeted Chen Feng, and Chen Feng settled down and began to look at the facilities in the martial arts hall. The training facilities of Haoran Martial Arts Hall were well prepared.

Practicing piles, sandbags, bench press... etc., everything.

At this time, Chen Feng's gaze fell on a sandbag in the center of the martial arts hall, saying it was a sandbag, but it was clearly out of the scope of the sandbag.

Because the sandbag is not sand, but iron sand.

Yes, iron sand.

Nearly two meters high, the thickness of a bucket, sandbags filled with iron sand.

Just hanging there gives people a feeling of weight.

Most of the ordinary sandbags next to them are ten kilograms, 20 kilograms, and 30 kilograms in weight. These ordinary sandbags are for the students in the foreign hall to practice.

There are also some fifty kilograms and eighty kilograms of sandbags for martial artists to practice.

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The iron sand bag in front of Chen Feng's eyes actually weighs 500 kilograms. It is difficult for ordinary Ming Jin martial artists to practice, even if it is shaken.

"Hey, uncle, what are you looking at?" At this moment, a crisp voice rang behind him, and Chen Feng knew that it was the strange little girl just now without looking back.

"Look at the sandbags." Chen Feng said lightly, this kind of iron sand sandbags are also available in the Chen family's martial arts gym, but the Chen family iron sand sandbags are heavier than the one at hand, reaching 1,000 kilograms.

Su Lingyu was speechless, rolled his eyes, and said, "Of course I know you are looking at the sandbag."

"If you know you still ask?" Chen Feng smiled and said.

Su Lingyu bit her silver teeth and said, "Hey, uncle, how do you talk?"

"What's the matter?" Chen Feng was stunned.

"Nothing!" Su Lingyu stomped his feet with anger. This guy is like a fool.

"Oh." Chen Feng replied, and then moved his gaze to the iron sand bag.

Seeing Chen Feng ignored him, Su Lingyu suddenly became annoyed. What's so good about breaking the sandbag? Does this girl look so good?

No, you have to make fun of this fool! Su Lingyu was a little angry, but felt that he should punish Chen Feng for his rudeness.

"Uncle, do you want to try the feel of this sandbag?" Su Lingyu's eyes rolled and said suddenly.

"Huh? How do you try?" Chen Feng stared at Su Lingyu's eyes and smiled playfully.

Being stared at by Chen Feng, Su Lingyu suddenly felt a little guilty for some reason, but still said with a serious face: "Just use your fist to try, uncle, you are like a normal sandbag, punch with all your strength and hit this iron sand sandbag to try. It feels like this iron sand sandbag."

"Really?" Chen Feng's eyes were even more playful. This Xiaoni wanted to make fun of herself and see herself as ugly. You know, this is an iron sand bag weighing 500 kilograms. If an ordinary person punches it with all his strength, at least his wrist will be sprained, and heavier fractures are possible.

After all, the sandbag is filled with iron sand. If you use a meat punch to beat iron sand, it is equivalent to using a meat punch to beat steel. Ordinary people beat steel. Does it hurt?

"Yes." Su Lingyu said sternly.

"Well, I'll try." Chen Feng smiled and said.

"Hehe, uncle, come on." Su Lingyu chuckled, and a successful smile appeared in her beautiful eyes. Not surprisingly, Chen Feng would scream directly with this punch, even if he sprained his wrist. for sure. At that time, if Chen Feng begs himself to take him to the hospital, he must refuse, and make this guy make a fool of himself.

Chen Feng walked to the iron sand sandbag, glanced at his fist, ready to punch.


Seeing Chen Feng was standing and punching, Su Lingyu hurriedly stopped.

Chen Feng glanced at Su Lingyu suspiciously. What happened to this little girl.

"Uncle, your action is not standard."

Su Lingyu walked up and'kindly' helped Chen Feng correct the action: "Uncle, the punching bag depends on the waist, so you have to tie your horse stance first, and then the waist can get out. Power, you stand up and fight like this, you can't get your power."

Chapter: 142

Chen Feng's face twitched. This chick is really cruel. If he is an ordinary person, and believe her nonsense, if he goes on this punch, he will definitely get a fracture and be hospitalized. After all, he will hit with all his strength and a part of his strength. It is two concepts.

"Okay, uncle, you can punch." Su Lingyu's beautiful eyes flashed a sly, big idiot, telling you to be rude to Ben Guangniang, and see if this girl will not toss you to death.

Chen Feng jokes, this little girl is funny, but if she wants to tease herself for nothing, that's not good. You have to add some color. Thinking of this, Chen Feng smiled and asked: "I said I can touch this sandbag, do you believe me? ? "

Su Lingyu rolled his eyes and said:"?? uncle, you do not joke, okay, you know that you sandbags weigh 500 kg Look, I just try to make you feel sandbags, I thought to let you play You have to move the sandbag."

Su Lingyu didn't say a word behind, that was her big brother, Zhao Dong, who was almost half a warrior in the middle of Ming Jin, couldn't touch this iron sand bag, not to mention ordinary people like Chen Feng. .

"What if I can move?" Chen Feng asked.

"If you can move, I will do whatever you want." Su Lingyu blurted out, but after speaking, Su Lingyu immediately regretted it. What if this guy asks to talk to her then?

No, what are you afraid of? This guy can't touch iron sand bags at all. Thinking of this, Su Lingyu breathed a sigh of relief again, in a vernacular, anyone could say.


"Yes!" Su Lingyu banged his cheeks. Is Ben Guangniang the kind of rascal!

"Well, you don't regret it." Chen Feng smiled, and hit the iron sand bag with a punch in his backhand.

"Why don't you squat..." Su Lingyu also wanted to remind Chen Feng to squat and fight again, but the next second, the swaying iron sandbag caused her to swallow all the words.

Su Lingyu rubbed her eyes, she must be dazzled.

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Yes, dizzy!

Even the big brother can't touch the iron sand bag, how can this fool be able to touch it.

Su Lingyu rubbed her eyes fiercely again, this time her eyes were rubbed out of acid water, but she caught her sight and got a sandbag, still moving!

Although the shaking was not as great as before, it was still shaking.

Su Lingyu had nothing to say now. Although she didn't want to admit it, Chen Feng did touch the 500 kg iron sand bag with a punch.

Seeing Chen Feng looking at him with a smile, Su Lingyu's pretty face suddenly blushed.

"Let me say yes first, although you won the bet between us, but let me tell you, I am not the kind of casual girl, if you dare to let me do that shy thing with you, I will fight Die you." Su Lingyu threatened with a fan fist.

Chen Feng's face is a little dark, Lao Tzu looks so dirty? Just your little girl film, she doesn't have the same flesh when she takes off her clothes, and she does shameful things with you.

Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Su Lingyu was a little proud, and felt that Chen Feng must have been frightened by himself.

"Uncle, are you a martial artist?" Su Lingyu rolled her eyes and asked. He didn't expect Chen Feng to hide so deeply that even his father Su Haoran didn't realize that Chen Feng was a martial artist.

"Don't call me uncle, I'm only twenty-five years old." Chen Feng said with a dark face.

"I'm still an uncle at twenty-five years old. I'm only eighteen years old. You are seven years older than me." Su Lingyu took it for granted.

Chen Feng was a little tired. He turned out to be an uncle at the age of seven.

"Uncle, what kind of warrior are you? The middle stage of Mingjin or the late stage of Mingjin?" Su Lingyu asked again. It is obvious that Chen Feng could not be the early stage of Mingjin. Su Lingyu felt that it was very likely that Chen Feng was the latter stage of Mingjin.

Chen Feng shook his head. When he was seventeen, he crossed the threshold of Ming Jin and entered the gate of An Jin.

Su Lingyu opened his mouth wide, not Ming Jin, could it be Dark Jin?

how is this possible!

If Chen Feng is really twenty-five years old, then the 25-year-old An Jin? She can't even think about it!

Because she had heard Su Haoran say that the fastest martial artist in the Jinling martial arts world to break through to Anjin was the big disciple of the Sect Master of Shenquan Sect, Gu Qianshan, who broke through to the early days of Anjin at the age of twenty-eight, was known as the Jinling martial arts world. The first person in a hundred years!

Twenty-eight years old is the first person in the Jinling martial arts world in a century. How about Chen Feng twenty-five years old?

No, you must ask yourself clearly if this guy is a dark warrior!

"Uncle, are you a dark-powered warrior?" Su Lingyu asked again. If Chen Feng nodded, then she would probably be the Jinling martial arts world, the most enchanting genius in thousands of years.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng shook his head again. He stayed in the Xia family for three years. Although it was the worst three years in his life, it was also the three years in his life with the fastest cultivation speed.

Seeing Chen Feng's denial, Su Lingyu breathed a sigh of relief, and just said, if this fool is a dark warrior, doesn't it mean that he is a hundred times more talented than himself.

"No, you said that you are not in the middle stage of Mingjin, nor the late stage of Mingjin, let alone dark energy. How did you move the iron sand bag?" Su Lingyu suddenly reacted, it was a 500 kg iron sand bag. In the early days of Jin, the strength limit of the warrior was 300 kilograms. Logically speaking, Chen Feng should not be able to touch the iron sand bag.

"Aren't you the legendary natural divine power?" Su Lingyu hurriedly said before Chen Feng could speak. Su Haoran once said that there are people in this world who are born with strength several times stronger than ordinary people of the same age. Once you become a warrior, you will have a greater advantage than other warriors, especially in terms of strength.

Chen Feng smiled, neither confessing nor denying it. Since Su Lingyu had figured out the rhetoric for himself, then he didn't have to think about how to make up.

When Chen Feng didn't speak, Su Lingyu naturally acquiesced when Chen Feng.

"Uncle, you are already twenty-five years old. It's still in the early stage of Mingjin, but you have to work hard. This girl broke through to the early stage of Mingjin at the age of eighteen. When this girl is twenty-five years old and the same age as you, I'm afraid I can break through to Anjin." Su Lingyu's tone is a bit of ostentation. Of course, the so-called breakthrough to Anjin is purely bragging. Although she is genius, she wants to break through to Anjin at the age of twenty-five. , It is also impossible.

The training of a warrior is more difficult as it goes to the back. For some warriors, it is common for some warriors to get stuck for decades in a realm.

Just like Su Haoran, who broke through to the late Mingjin at the age of thirty-two, but this year, Su Haoran is fifty years old, he is still the late Mingjin, he was stuck in the late Mingjin for 18 years!

"Then, do I want to congratulate you in advance?" Chen Feng smiled, this little nizi, his tone is not small, if ordinary people have no talents, no support from famous teachers and cultivation resources, they want to cultivate until they are twenty-five. In the late Jin period, it was simply a dream.

Chapter: 143

The reason why he could break through to An Jin so quickly back then was that on the one hand, he could not do without his terrifying talent, on the other hand, it was also because his master was called Xiao Guozhong!

The real martial arts giant in the Chinese martial arts world! Be able to start a school, and be famous for its existence!

Under Xiao Guozhong's teaching, Chen Fengshao took a detour for almost ten years.

One can imagine the importance of having a famous teacher.

"Congratulations, no need, but if this girl breaks through to An Jin, you come to this girl, this girl will cover you." Su Lingyu waved his hand and said with a'modest' expression.

"Okay, it's a deal." Chen Feng smiled. This little Nizi has a thick face.

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Seeing Chen Feng complimenting himself like this, Su Lingyu was a little embarrassed, this fool would not really believe his words.

Since this idiot is so foolish, can he fool him and let him take the stage for Haoran Martial Arts Hall for a while and have a fight with the people in King Kong Martial Arts Hall? Su Lingyu's eyes rolled around, and his idea was hit on Chen Feng again. Although Chen Feng was a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin, his strength was beyond doubt.

The iron sand sandbag that can touch 500 kilograms is probably a bit better than the big brother. Let Chen Feng come to power and replace Feng Yuan, Haoran's winning rate may increase a lot.

"Uncle, I promised to cover you in the future, you have to show it a little bit." Su Lingyu said with a smile.

Chen Feng was stunned. Is this to benefit himself?

"What do you want me to say?" Chen Feng asked with a smile.

"Ahem, simple, we will have a 5 to 5 match between our martial arts gym and Jingang martial arts gym in a while. You can just fight for our Haoran martial arts gym." Su Lingyu blinked.

"What should I do if I lose?" Chen Feng did not directly agree, but asked instead.

"If you lose, it's okay. Anyway, we have to lose in Haoran Wushu, as long as the loss is not so ugly." Su Lingyu waved his hand and said indifferently.

Chen Feng nodded slightly, and it seemed that even Haoran Wuguan himself had no confidence in this gambling fight.

"How is it?" Su Lingyu looked at Chen Feng expectantly and asked.

"Okay, I can play for your martial arts gym." Chen Feng pondered a little, and said, anyway, he was idle and idle. Playing for Haoran Martial Arts gym was just a warm-up before killing Jin Liuan.

"Hehe, uncle, thank you." Su Lingyu's beautiful eyes were bent into a crescent.

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, saying that you are welcome.

"Uncle, you're waiting here, I'll tell my father." Su Lingyu bounced away and came to Su Haoran: "Father, I found a master for you, and he promised me to play for our martial arts gym in a while. . " "

master? "Su Haoran Su Lingyu suspiciously looked at, which own daughter, to know what master?

"It's the uncle who just came in and said to fight with Jin Liu'an, dad, don't you know how powerful that uncle is..." Su Lingyu chattered and wanted to tell Su Haoran that Chen Feng punched the iron sand sandbag.

But before she could finish her words, Su Haoran snorted coldly: "Naughty! That kid is a master of

farts, he is not even a martial artist!" Su Lingyu was aggrieved, defending: "Father, he is a martial artist, and he is still born. The martial artist of the early Ming Jin of divine power..."

"Junior sister, I think you were deceived by that kid. I have seen most of the Ming Jin martial artists in the Jinling martial arts world, but this kid, I have a tight face. "Zhao Dong interrupted lightly. In his opinion, Chen Feng has a high probability that he is coveting Su Lingyu's beauty. Even when he said that he was fighting with Jin Liuan this time, it was also to attract Su Lingyu's attention. Girls who have experienced sinister hearts are very cheating.


"Okay, don't say it! Let your seniors play in a while!" Su Haoran made the decision directly. After speaking, he glanced at Zhao Dong again and said: "Zhao Dong, keep your eyes on Click on that kid, don't let that kid make trouble."

"Yes, Master." Zhao Dong respectfully nodded, and if he really wanted to let Chen Feng a non-warrior come on, then Haoran's martial arts hall's face might be lost.

After Su Haoran finished speaking, he left directly, and the people from the Diamond Martial Arts Hall came and he was going to meet him.

"Junior sister, let that stinky boy roll quickly, don't roll again, don't blame me for being rude to him." Zhao Dong said lightly.

Su Lingyu pouted dissatisfiedly, and then stomped away.

At the entrance of Haoran Martial Arts Hall, a middle-aged man wearing a black robe stood with his hands behind him. Behind the middle-aged man stood a dozen young people of various shapes.

The middle-aged man is Jin Liuan, and a dozen young people behind him are all his disciples.

Looking at the four-character Haoran martial arts hall in front of him, Jin Liu'an didn't have any expression on his face, but his disciples were full of disdain.

At this time, Su Haoran took Feng Yuan and several others out.

"Congratulations, brother Lu'an, for breaking through the dark power! Add another talent to me in the Jinling martial arts world!" Su Haoran laughed when he was still in the middle door.

"Brother Haoran is polite, Lu'an is nothing but mediocre, but it has nothing to do with talent." Jin Liu'an smiled lightly. Although he was very humble in words, the expression on his face was full of arrogance.

"Haha, why should Brother Lu'an be self-effacing? If Brother Lu'an is mediocre, there are not many talents in this world." Su Haoran smiled and complimented.

"Brother Lu'an, the family has already prepared a dinner party. If Brother Lu'an doesn't mind, let's go to the dinner party with Su." Su Haoran smiled.

"Brother Haoran, don't rush for the dinner, the fighting between the disciples is the right thing." Jin Liuan waved his hand and said with a smile.

"Brother Lu'an, look at what you said, what matters to eat? This person is iron, and rice is steel. Some of your disciples can’t get enough to eat and can’t display their full strength, so how can they be with my disciples? Fight." Su Haoran smiled.

"Senior Su, do you value your disciples too much? Do you still need our stomachs to eat?" Behind Jin Liuan, a fair-skinned young man spoke with disdain, meaning that Su Haoran's disciple was hungry. They can also play.

The smile on Su Haoran's face was stiff, while Feng Yuan and the others clenched their fists in anger. Is there such a despise?

"Senior Su, let's hold a fight first. Anyway, it won't take ten minutes before the fight between us can end. When the fight is over, there is still time for the dinner party, and the food won't be cold." Someone smiled and said. Although the ridicule this time was not as obvious as the fair-skinned youth in front of him, it was even more embarrassing. The implication was that the people in Haoran's martial arts gym could not hold it for ten minutes.

Jin Liuan heard the ridicule of several disciples, but he didn't mean to stop it. After all, he has become a dark warrior. Compared with him, Su Haoran is no longer in the same class, and he doesn't need it. Be polite to Su Haoran.

Chapter: 144

Seeing that Jin Liuan didn't squint and didn't mean to care about his disciples, Su Haoran was even more angry, but in the presence of so many people, he couldn't get angry, so he had to suppress the anger in his chest and calm down. Said: "Then hold a martial arts battle first, and wait until the martial arts fight is over, then use the dinner."

Then the group entered the martial arts hall.

As soon as he entered the martial arts gym, Su Haoran saw Chen Feng who was standing with Su Lingyu. Su Haoran immediately became so angry that he looked at Zhao Dong dissatisfiedly and whispered: "Why is this kid still here? Didn't I let you drive him away?"

Zhao Dong was stunned, why didn't Junior Sister rush this kid away.

"Master, I'm going to let him go now." Zhao Dong said he was going to pass.

Su Haoran waved her hand: "Forget it, let him stand here and watch it. After watching the martial arts fight, so that he can know how self-defeating he is."

"Yes, Master." Zhao Dong Nodding, he knew very well that Su Haoran was saving Chen Feng. He believed that if Chen Feng had eyes long, he could see how terrifying Jin Liuan’s disciples were. When the time comes, he will definitely not look for Jin again. Lu'an is troublesome, but how far it goes.

"Uncle, it's the beginning, let's go and watch." Su Lingyu was a little excited, and took Chen Feng's arm and ran to the ring.

Feeling the plump touch from his arm, Chen Feng couldn't help but feel a little helpless. Is this chick a real tiger or a fake tiger, don't you understand the reason why men and women are not married?

The arena is located in the center of the martial arts gym. Because it is a ring for martial artists, this ring is much larger than a normal boxing ring, covering an area of ​​more than 50 square meters, and the floor is also made of solid steel. Even a full blow from the warrior could not leave a trace on the floor.

There were many seats under the ring, but at this moment, only Su Haoran and Jin Liuan were seated, and the other disciples were all separated behind them.

Su Haoran and Jin Liu'an talked and laughed, and the disciples under the two men arranged the order of playing by themselves.

Each of the two sides will have five people, and then take turns to take the stage, one-on-one, and the loser will step down. The winner can choose to stay on the stage and play against the next opponent, or he can choose to step down and let others take the stage.

Whichever party runs out of five people first will be regarded as a failure. The rules are simple.

And the bets placed by the two parties are not about money, but about the area where Jinling City recruits students.

The winner can recruit students in more areas of Jinling City and expand the scale of the martial arts hall. The loser can only vacate his original enrollment area and shrink a corner.

Regarding the bet, both sides are familiar with the road, so it will soon be decided which area to bet this year.

Afterwards, Zhao Dong brought the agreement to Su Haoran. Jin Liuan's eldest disciple also took a copy of the same agreement and walked to Jin Liuan. Then, only after the two parties signed it, the bet could take effect.

Su Haoran got her hand, glanced around, and was about to sign her name.

But at this time, Jin Liuan smiled and said: "Brother Haoran, you and I have been fighting for most of my life, and we have always won each other's wins and losses. Those enrollment areas are mine this year, and they will become again next year. Yours, Brother Haoran doesn't think this is boring?"

"Brother Lu'an means, want to add some color?" Su Haoran is also a smart man, and he understood Jin Liuan's meaning in an instant, too, Jin Liuan This time I finally broke through to the early stage of Anjin, so naturally I had to take advantage of this opportunity to fish more oil and water.

Jin Liu'an nodded, then glanced at Su Lingyu who was talking to Chen Feng not far away, and asked with a smile: "Brother Haoran, can

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Lingu have a marriage contract?" "Lingyu?" Su Haoran's heart shuddered. Jin Liuan, an old thing, wouldn't be eyeing his daughter, right?

"Lingyu does not have a marriage contract yet." Su Haoran bit his scalp and spoke. Although he had guessed Jin Liuan's thoughts, at this time, it is impossible to deceive Jin Liuan. After all, this kind of thing, just investigate it. It can be found out.

Jin Liuan nodded slightly and said, "My son is also single at the moment."

"Brother Lu'an mean?" Su Haoran breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Jin Liu'an was talking about his own son. He had met Jin Liu'an's son. Although he was not a martial artist, he was in business. He is extremely talented and can be called a dragon and phoenix among the people. He broke into his own business at a young age. The company was listed in the United States years ago, and it is more than enough to match his daughter.

"Brother Haoran, it's good for you and my family to be married." Jin Liu'an directly expressed his intentions. He knew Su Lingyu's talent, and he could be called a cultivating prodigy, if he was a man. In the Jinling martial arts world, there are definitely countless martial arts giants vying to accept her as a disciple.

But because it was his daughter's body, Su Lingyu had been seldom asked about it, but Jin Liuan wanted to try it. He didn't have any opinions about men and women. If Su Lingyu married into his Jin family, he would be a member of his Jin family. If Su Lingyu can be trained to become a talent, after his old age, the Jin family will not be protected.

"Brother Lu'an, I agree from the bottom of my heart that you and I become in-laws, but I am afraid that Brother Lu'an doesn't know that young people nowadays pay attention to free love, unlike you and me, when marriage is important, parents can It’s all right, so I’m going to ask the little girl’s opinion on this matter.” Su Haoran smiled. He didn’t resist being married to the Jin family. After all, Jin Liu’an is now a dark warrior, and he is in his prime. In the future, it is very likely that the martial arts will be further refined. At that time, the Jin family will be the top family in the Jinling platoon. Su Lingyu can marry into the Jin family, that is a high climb.

But in this matter, Su Haoran could not be too proactive, at least not as soon as Jin Liuan said, he promised to marry Su Lingyu, so it would appear that Su Haoran lowered Jin Liuan.

That's why Su Haoran said, to ask Su Lingyu's opinion.

Soon, Su Lingyu was called over.

"Uncle Jin is good." Su Lingyu smiled sweetly. In front of outsiders, she has always been a good lady.

"Lingyu nephew is good." Jin Liu'an smiled and nodded, very satisfied with Su Lingyu, beautiful, energetic, and simple, with high martial arts talents, such a daughter-in-law, but she can't find her with a lantern.

"Father, what are you looking for?" Su Lingyu turned his gaze to Su Haoran again.

Su Haoran didn't say it directly, but asked, "Lingyu, have you seen your Uncle Jin's son?"

"Uncle Jin's son?" Su Lingyu frowned and shook his head: "It seems... Once"

"Then how do you feel about your Uncle Jin's son?" Su Haoran asked with a smile.

Chapter: 145

"Not very good." Su Lingyu is very direct. She admires the strong and likes the kind of masculine man, while Jin Liu'an's son is an out-and-out nymph. Although he is handsome, but But it didn't meet her vision at all.

Jin Liuan’s face was stiff, this little girl, really... Upright

Su Haoran was also a bit embarrassed, and persuaded: "Daughter, your Uncle Jin’s son is actually very good. He has it at a young age. His own business, his company, were listed in the U.S. last year, that’s what Aiyiling cosmetics company, you are a girl, you should have heard of it."

"Father, you don’t want to marry me to him ." Right?" Su Lingyu asked with her cheeks bulging. No matter how stupid she was, she could also understand the meaning of Su Haoran's words.

"Ahem," Su Haoran coughed slightly, and said: "Daughter, you are no longer young, and you should consider life-long events, your Uncle Jin's son..."

Su Haoran interrupted before he finished speaking. He said, "Father, what is my eldest son? I am only eighteen years old this year. Moreover, Uncle Jin's son is not my type."

As soon as he said this, Jin Liuan's face suddenly became a little unsightly, Su Lingyu You still look down on your son?

Apart from his lack of martial arts talent, what else is bad about his son?

Seeing Jin Liuan angry, Su Haoran glared at Su Lingyu hurriedly, and shouted: "Lingyu, how do you talk?! Your Uncle Jin's son is a typical dragon and phoenix. How many girls squeezed their heads and wanted to marry you? Uncle Jin’s son can’t find a way out, why are you still

picking things up here!" "Father!" Su Lingyu stomped heavily, and a mist of mist appeared in her beautiful eyes. I didn’t expect Su Haoran to use such a heavy one. Say her in tone.

"Okay." Seemingly realizing that what he said was a bit heavy, Su Haoran slowed down again and said, "If you don't want to marry your Uncle Jin's son, you can ask your senior brother and them to let them win. After fighting, you don't need to marry."

Su Haoran said this to Su Lingyu as well as Jin Liuan.

Speaking to Su Lingyu, I want to remind Su Lingyu that Haoran Martial Arts Hall is now in a weak position. After all, Jin Liuan has already broken through to An Jin. If Su Haoran embarrass Jin Liuan this time, then in the future, King Kong Martial Art Hall will definitely not. After leaving the Haoran Martial Arts Hall, Jin Liuan would suppress Haoran Martial Art Hall everywhere. He hoped that Su Lingyu would understand his own difficulties.

Speaking of Jin Liuan, it was to let Jin Liuan see his attitude. He agreed with Su Lingyu's marriage, but Su Lingyu himself did not agree. Then he had no choice but to let Su Lingyu marry. Okay, you Jingang Wuguan Winning the fighting, Su Lingyu is the winner.

Su Haoran believed that Jin Liuan should be able to see his sincerity, after all, the winning rate of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall was close to 80%.

"Father, can I ask for foreign aid?" Su Lingyu asked with red eyes.

"Foreign aid?" Su Haoran was taken aback, "Is that kid you said?"

"Well, that's the uncle." Su Lingyu nodded heavily. Now, she has no choice but to pin all her hopes. Regarding Chen Feng, she also knew that Su Haoran was a helpless move. After all, Jin Liuan was a dark-powered fighter, and as far as Haoran martial arts hall was concerned, dark-powered fighters were an insurmountable mountain.

"Is he really a martial artist?" Su Haoran was a little suspicious. Looking at Su Lingyu's appearance, he obviously had great confidence in Chen Feng, but where did her confidence come from? No matter how he looked at that kid, he didn't look like a warrior.

"Uncle he is a warrior, a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin." Su Lingyu affirmed.

"Brother Lu'an, look..." Su Haoran shifted his gaze to Jin Liu'an. This matter depends on what Jin Liu'an meant. After all, Chen Feng is not from the Haoran martial arts gym, so let Chen Feng replace the Haoran martial arts gym. Outbound, non-compliant.

"Haha, Brother Haoran, since the woman is so confident in her friends, let him play on behalf of your pavilion." Jin Liuan smiled heartily, a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin, he didn't take it seriously. Among his disciples, someone broke through to the middle of Ming Jin a few days ago.

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"However, niece Lingyu, if your friend goes to war and your Haoran martial arts school still loses, then you must marry my ineffective son." Jin Liuan smiled and looked at Su Lingyu again.

"Uncle Jin, don't worry, uncle, he is going to lose, I must marry your son." Su Lingyu categorically said that although she has only met Chen Feng for less than half an hour, she still has an inexplicable trust in Chen Feng. .

"Good!" Jin Liuan readily agreed.

Immediately Su Lingyu found Chen Feng again and looked at Chen Feng miserably and said: "Uncle uncle, you must help me this time."

"What's wrong?" Chen Feng was confused, this little Nizi was just fine. Is it?

"My dad bet with Jin Liu'an, he took me as the winner, saying that if the King Kong Martial Arts Club wins our Haoran Martial Arts Club, I must marry Jin Liu'an his son." Su Lingyu said.

"You don't want to marry?" Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.

Su Lingyu headlong nod:. "Uncle, you do not know, Kim Luan of his son, how your mother, the last time I saw him, I also twist orchid fingers towards it, killing I do not marry him,"

twist orchid? Chen Feng's expression was a little strange.

"Uncle, if you don't help me, I'll buy a ticket to Africa." Su Lingyu said.

"Why are you going to Africa?" Chen Feng did not react.

"Marriage escape." Su Lingyu took it for granted. "Anyway, I can't marry the dead girl. The people at the King Kong Martial Arts Center really want to win, so I ran away and went to Africa to work hard. I didn't believe they could catch me. Come back."

Chen Feng couldn't laugh or cry, this little Nizi really dared to think.

"Uncle, do you have the heart to watch a beautiful girl like me go to Africa alone?" Su Lingyu looked at Chen Feng with eyesight, and began to sell miserably.

"Have a heart, what can't you bear?" Chen Feng said solemnly.

Su Lingyu was speechless: "Uncle smelly, uncle bad, ignore you."

"Okay, it's funny, since you have said so, then I will ask the people in the Diamond Martial Arts Hall to stand upright and go down horizontally." Chen Feng smiled.

"Really?" Su Lingyu looked suspiciously Chen Feng one, said: "Uncle, you're not bragging, I just asked the brothers who, they said, was a disciple of Lu'an gold to break through to the mid-Ming Jin."

"Ming Mid-Jin? Is it strong?" Chen Feng smiled playfully.

"Uncle, you are only in the early stage of the Jin Jin." Su Lingyu curled her lips. Now she felt that Chen Feng was a little unreliable. The difference in combat power between the martial artists was upside down. It is said that in the middle stage of Mingjin, three initial stages of Mingjin can be defended head-on without losing the wind.

Fighting at higher levels will only happen to certain genius warriors

Chapter: 146

"What's wrong in the early stage of Mingjin? In the early stage of Mingjin, I can't beat the middle stage of Mingjin?" Chen Feng asked seriously. Perhaps in Su Lingyu's eyes, there is an insurmountable sky between the early Mingjin and the middle Mingjin. But to him, this so-called ditch is a small ditch that can be crossed by lifting his foot. Since he started practicing martial arts, Xiao Guozhong's requirement of him is that he must be invincible at the same level.

Therefore, every state of Chen Feng has been polished extremely solidly. For him, the early stage of Ming Jin and the middle stage of Ming Jin were simply too simple.

"Okay, uncle, I believe you, you can beat the Mingjin mid-term, okay." Su Lingyu smiled, but in his heart he decided not to bet all the treasures on Chen Feng. If for a while, the situation would be a little bit different. No, she booked a ticket to Africa and left Jinling overnight.

Chen Feng could see the distrust in Su Lingyu's eyes, but he didn't bother to explain anything. When he got on stage, everything could be revealed.

"Uncle, let's go over, the fighting has begun." Su Lingyu said, pulling Chen Feng's sleeve.

Then the two came to the ring.

Although Zhao Dong still didn't believe that Chen Feng was a warrior, Su Lingyu said so. They decided to let Chen Feng replace the original Feng Yuan, but Chen Feng was placed on the finale and finally played.

Of course, Chen Feng's finale is not because he is worthy of Chen Feng, but because he hopes that Chen Feng can retreat after watching the intense scenes of the first four games.

At the Haoran Martial Arts Hall, the first one to come to power was Su Haoran's second disciple, Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan is the second master among the disciples of Haoran's martial arts hall, second only to Zhao Dong.

The reason for arranging for Lu Yuan to come to power is to hope that Haoran Martial Arts Hall can get a good start. After all, the victory or defeat in the first battle is the key to morale.

"Senior Lu Yuan comes on stage. As long as Duan Hong and Chang Qiu are not sent to the King Kong Martial Arts Hall, then Senior Brother Lu Yuan should be able to win this game." Su Lingyu analyzed from the side that she knew everything about the two martial arts players. , Lu Yuan has stayed in the realm of Ming Jin's early stage for five years, so he can be regarded as the veteran Ming Jin's early stage, with rich combat experience.

Duan Hong and Chang Qiu are Jin Liu’an’s eldest and second disciples. Duan Hong is in the middle period of Ming Jin, and Chang Qiu is in the early period of Ming Jin. Needless to say, Duan Hong, in the middle of Ming Jin period, is the largest of the Jin Gang Wuguan this time. The hole card, as far as Yu Haoran's martial arts hall is concerned, is almost invincible.

Although Chang Qiu was also in the early days of Ming Jin, he was much richer in combat experience than Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan had less than 30% chance of winning against him.

The Haoran Martial Arts Hall naturally hopes that Duan Hong and Chang Qiu will not be sent to the King Kong Martial Arts Hall in the first battle, so that Haoran Martial Arts Hall has the possibility of winning.

Yes, one game, only one win.

Zhao Dong and the others never thought that they could play the fifth game with Haoran Martial Arts Center, because their strength did not allow it.

Their only hope is not to be shaved by the Vajra Museum.

If it loses five games in a row, then Haoran's martial arts hall will lose face.

As for the loss of Haoran's martial arts hall, Su Lingyu wants to marry. They don't care about this. They know very well that Su Haoran wants Su Lingyu to marry. Su Haoran's face, they naturally dare not refuse.

Soon, the King Kong Martial Arts Hall also sent someone to the stage. He was a short and fierce man, not Duan Hong and Chang Qiu.

Seeing the short man, Su Lingyu was a little happy: "It's Zhang Shanyue!"

"Uncle, Brother Lu Yuan has won. The man at the head of the King Kong Martial Arts Center is named Zhang Shanyue. He is Jin Liuan's five disciples. He and Lu last year

Senior Brother Yuan played one game, but in the hands of Senior Brother Lu Yuan, he didn't even hold the ten moves ." Looking at the excited Su Lingyu, Chen Feng couldn't help but shook his head. This little Nizi was too happy.

Perhaps last year, Lu Yuan's strength was indeed far superior to Zhang Shanyue.

But this year, Zhang Shanyue has obviously undergone earth-shaking changes. He has a calm temperament, confident eyes, and his own strength has reached the peak of Mingjin's early stage, and he can break through to the middle of Mingjin almost at any time.

On the other hand, Lu Yuan, although he stayed for many years in the early days of Ming Jin, he lacked perseverance, and he was already somewhat complacent.

In the comparison of spirit, energy and spirit, Lu Yuan is far behind Zhang Shanyue. If the two match up, Lu Yuan will be defeated within five rounds.

Su Lingyu couldn't see all of this, let alone Su Lingyu, the entire Haoran martial arts hall, including Su Haoran himself, had an expression of completeness on their faces, feeling that Lu Yuan had already won the battle.

It was the corner of Jin Liuan's mouth with a little joking.

On the stage, Zhang Shanyue had no expression on his face. Lu Yuan, who was opposite him, couldn't hold back the joy on his face.

"Brother Shanyue, don't worry, I will keep my hand this year." Lu Yuan smiled. Last year, when he and Zhang Shanyue were in a fight, Zhang Shanyue refused to admit defeat, so he accidentally broke Zhang Shanyue's two ribs. The mountain went back and lay on the bed for a month before coming down.

Zhang Shanyue sneered: "Lu Yuan, if you want to die, just keep your hands!"

"Huh?" Lu Yuan raised his brows, "Brother Shanyue, what do you mean?"

"You'll know in a moment." Zhang Shanyue snorted coldly and said. After losing to Lu Yuan last year, he engraved Lu Yuan's name on the bedside to remind himself to always remember this humiliating battle.

This year, perhaps in the entire Diamond Martial Arts Hall, he is not the one who has made the fastest progress, but he is definitely the one who has cultivated the hardest!

Paying his own rewards, he successfully increased his power to 350 kg, which is almost the limit of an ordinary Mingjin fighter. In addition, after Jin Liuan broke through to Anjin a few days ago, he guided him in many ways to control his power. It can be said that he is definitely the top group among the warriors in the early days of Ming Jin.

Lu Yuan, an idiot, dare to despise him. I really don't know how to write dead words!

"Okay, let's start!" With Zhao Dong's order, the fighting between the two officially began!

Lu Yuan took the lead, stomping his foot fiercely, and his whole body shot towards Zhang Shanyue like an off-string sharp arrow.


Bell and whistle !" Zhang Shanyue sneered, and directly hit Lu Yuan with a cannon punch.

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The iron fist broke through the air and slammed directly into the bridge of Lu Yuan's nose.

Lu Yuan's expression suddenly changed, why is he so strong? !

He felt Zhang Shanyue's punch coming, and instantly sealed all his retreat!

In a hurry, Lu Yuan turned his head subconsciously, trying to avoid Zhang Shanyue's powerful punch.

But Zhang Shanyue seemed to have anticipated this situation, and the moment Lu Yuan turned his head, he turned his fist into his palm.

There was a "pop".

Zhang Shanyue slapped Lu Yuan's face with a heavy slap. In Lu Yuan's mouth, four or five bloody teeth burst out instantly, and five blood-red handprints appeared on his handsome face.

Chapter: 147


Chiluo naked humiliation!

As the saying goes, beating people is not slapped in the face. Although the two are fighting at the moment, Zhang Shanyue chose to defeat Lu Yuan with humiliation.

Lu Yuan's eyes were blood red, and he gasped like an angry bull.

"I killed you!" Lu Yuan roared and rushed towards Zhang Shanyue again.

Zhang Shanyue smiled contemptuously, his backhand was a heavy punch that hit Lu Yuan's lower abdomen.


spit out blood.

Lu Yuan flew out and hit the guardrail of the ring.

"Lu Yuan!"

"Brother Lu!" In the

audience, Zhao Dong and everyone in Haoran's martial arts hall changed their faces.

too strong!

Zhang Shanyue is too strong!

Lu Yuan didn't even have the slightest power to parry!

How could this be?

You know, last year, Lu Yuan beat Zhang Shanyue. In just one year, how could the gap between the two be so big?

Su Haoran's face is not very good, he not only lost to Jin Liu'an in martial arts, he also lost to Jin Liu'an in teaching disciples.

"Will you accept it?"

Zhang Shanyue walked up to Lu Yuan and asked with a condescending look at Lu Yuan.

"I don't accept it!" Lu Yuan looked resentful and stood up, wanting to attack Zhang Shanyue.

Zhang Shanyue sneered, just kicking Lu Yuan's chest.

There was a "click".

Lu Yuan flew out again without knowing how many ribs were broken.

"Enough!" At this moment, Zhao Dong sipped coldly and flew onto the stage.

"Zhang Shanyue, in this round, count as my junior's loser!"

"You mean it?" Zhang Shanyue raised his eyebrows. Although Zhao Dong is the strongest among Su Haoran's many disciples, he is not at all at this moment. fear.

"Don't deceive people too much!" Zhao Dong's eyes were cold, Zhang Shanyue's meaning was obvious, and he wanted Lu Yuan to admit defeat.

But Lu Yuan really wants to admit defeat, then he will probably be abolished in his life, at least in the martial arts, don't even think about diligence!

"Too much deception?" Zhang Shanyue sneered, and looked at Zhao Dong said: "Do you know that your brother, how many ribs interrupted me last year?"

Zhao Dong's expression changed. During the martial arts fight last year, Lu Yuan did act too much. Cruel, it's no wonder Zhang Shanyue hates him this time.

"What happened last year, it is true that my junior brother did something wrong..." Zhao Dong bit his head and wanted to explain.

Zhang Shanyue waved his hand and said indifferently: "Okay, needless to say, this time I will let him go and continue fighting."

"Go on." Zhao Dong took a deep breath. After this time, Zhang Shanyue I am afraid that he will become Lu Yuan's heart demon. If Lu Yuan cannot defeat Zhang Shanyue, he will live in the shadow of Zhang Shanyue for the rest of his life.

"Which one of you is going to play?" Zhang Shanyue gave a provocative look at everyone in Haoran's martial arts hall. He was going to raise his eyebrows and kill him alone.


Zhao Dong said with a cold face, even Lu Yuan was not Zhang Shanyue's opponent, and the others went up, only to give Zhang Shanyue food, only he could fight Zhang Shanyue.

"Brother, help me destroy him!" Lu Yuan yelled bitterly, Zhang Shanyue's slap made him lose face, and he hasn't been able to slow down until now.

Zhao Dong frowned and said nothing.

Zhang Shanyue dismissed it with a smile. If Zhao Dong was in the middle stage of Ming Jin, he might still be a little bit afraid, but Zhao Dong was the same as him in the early stage of Ming Jin, so he would not care about it.

In the audience, Su Lingyu waved his powder fist with angrily on his face: "This Zhang Shanyue is too disgusting, so I have to let the big brother teach him a lesson!"

Chen Feng shook his head, smiled faintly, and said: "Who teaches and who is not necessarily? ""

"Uncle, what do you mean? Isn't even my big brother an opponent of that guy?" Su Lingyu asked with his cheeks, Zhao Dong is the number one master of Haoran's martial arts, and he is superb with one hand. Compared with him, Zhang Shanyue is not in the same order of magnitude.

Chen Feng sighed: "Just keep watching."

Originally, Zhao Dong and Zhang Shanyue might be in a 50-50 situation, but Zhang Shanyue found confidence in Lu Yuan and accumulated invincible belief, while Zhao Dong Because of Lu Yuan's defeat, his state was more or less affected. It was clear at a glance who won and lost.

As soon as the voice fell, the two handed over.

Zhao Dong's Xingyiquan opened and closed, and the momentum was indeed far beyond that of Lu Yuan.

However, Zhang Shanyue was not weak at all at this time. With one hand of artillery fist, Zhao Dong retreated again and again like a storm.

After a few moves, Zhao Dong was blown away with a punch and fell directly out of the ring.

"Big Brother!"

Many disciples in Haoran's martial arts hall surrounded Zhao Dong and helped Zhao Dong up.

Su Lingyu also opened her mouth wide. When Chen Feng said that Zhao Dong was not Zhang Shanyue's opponent, she still didn't believe it. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Dong became Zhang Shanyue's defeat, but how did Chen Feng see it.

On the stage, Zhang Shanyue looked proud, "Who will come next?"

"I am coming!"

Su Haoran's third disciple, Sun Jian, was full of anger. Zhang Shanyue, this time, made Haoran's martial arts hall lose his face and do his best. , Defeated the first and second two masters of Haoran Wuguan.

"You are not my opponent." Zhang Shanyue snorted disdainfully.

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"Fart!" Sun Jian flushed and shot Zhang Shanyue directly.

Zhang Shanyue's eyes were cold, and he took a step forward, like a heavy artillery out of the chamber, directly smashing Sun Jian into the air.


Sun Jian was defeated!

Everyone in Haoran's martial arts hall looked pale, and the three masters of Haoran's martial arts hall were struck by Zhang Shanyue alone!

A string of three!

This is how to do?

"Uncle, is this guy taking drugs?" Su Lingyu stomped with anger, even Zhang Shanyue is so strong, isn't that Duan Hong and Chang Qiu invincible.

"It's over, uncle, I may really be going to Africa." Su Lingyu was a little flustered and began to mutter to himself.

"I haven't taken a shot yet, what are you anxious about?" Chen Feng yawned lazily.

"Uncle!" Su Lingyu rolled his eyes, "even my big brother is not that guy opponent, you should not even think Well, even if you win the guy, he was still behind Duan and often autumn."

"Oh , I'd better buy tickets as soon as possible." Su Lingyu has no expectations.

Chen Feng smiled, and didn't say anything,

"Who else?" Zhang Shanyue stood with his hand in his hand, arrogant to the extreme.

Everyone in Haoran Martial Arts Hall looked at each other, but no one dared to speak out again. Although Zhang Shanyue was arrogant, he had arrogant capital. At this moment, absolutely no one in Haoran Martial Art Hall could fight Zhang Shanyue.

Su Haoran's four disciples, who were supposed to play, lowered their heads, and didn't have the slightest intention to play. He was scared!

Shame is a trivial matter. What he fears is that Zhang Shanyue will be severely injured and step down.

Chapter: 148

"No one dares to go?" Zhang Shanyue raised his eyebrows. How come the people in Haoran's martial arts hall were so embarrassed?

Su Haoran's face was a bit ugly. Although she had expected that today's martial arts fight with the King Kong Martial Arts Hall would end in failure, she did not expect it to be so ugly.

It was just Zhang Shanyue who pressed the entire Haoran martial arts hall to the ground and rubbed it, and finally there was a scene where no one dared to fight.

Su Haoran sighed and prepared to admit defeat. Now that there is no need to continue, the mentality of Haoran's martial arts hall has been destroyed.

"I'll go on."

But at this moment, a lazy voice rang out of the court, Su Haoran paused, and then swallowed the words of admitting defeat.

Everyone looked back, only to see a young man with a smile on his face.

"Why is this kid?" Everyone in Haoran Martial Arts Hall was shocked. People in King Kong Martial Arts Hall didn't know Chen Feng. They still knew. Just half an hour ago, Chen Feng still ranted that he wanted Jin Liuan to fight. At that time, they only thought that Chen Feng was in the water.

Now it seems that Chen Feng is really in his head. After seeing such a cruel Zhang Shanyue, he didn't even leave dingy, but wanted to challenge Zhang Shanyue.

"Uncle, are you really going to go up?" Su Lingyu opened her mouth wide and asked in astonishment. She still has a good feeling for Chen Feng. Before asking Chen Feng to help, she was only thinking about the evenly matched situation in Haoran and Jingang. Next, let Chen Feng play for Feng Yuan to increase the winning side.

But now, the strength of King Kong Martial Arts Hall completely crushed Haoran Martial Arts Hall, and Zhang Shanyue beat Haoran Martial Arts Hall to the ground alone.

At this time, Chen Feng's wisest choice should be to protect himself and directly admit defeat instead of coming to power, because even if he can win against Zhang Shanyue, there will still be four disciples of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall behind him, unless Chen Feng can wear four?

But is it possible?

Totally impossible!

Because Duan Hong and Chang Qiu are much stronger than Zhang Shanyue, especially Duan Hong, who is even a warrior in the middle of Ming Jin, what will Chen Feng use to fight him!

"I won't go up, someone will go to Africa to do hard work." Chen Feng said with a playful smile. In fact, he can also directly attack Jin Liu'an. There is no need to play with Zhang Shanyue's ants, but killing Jin Liu'an directly will be meaningless. He has to give this old thing a'surprise'.

Su Lingyu's pretty face blushed, and said, "Uncle, you don't need to go up, I'm ready to lose."

Su Lingyu's preparation is naturally an air ticket to Africa. She does not have any expectations for Chen Feng. Chen Feng defeated the King Kong Martial Arts Hall alone, which was more difficult than climbing to the sky.

Chen Feng smiled and said nothing.

Su Lingyu still felt a little guilty. After all, Chen Feng came to power for her. What if he should get hurt?

"Uncle, what is your chance of winning?" Su Lingyu couldn't help asking. If Chen Feng's chance of winning is not high, she will pull Chen Feng down.

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Chen Feng paused, then slowly said, "Ten%."

Ten%? !

Su Lingyu's tone was stagnant, it was time, and Chen Feng was still thinking about joking.

Everyone in the court was even more stunned. Why didn't this kid go to heaven? It's still ten percent.

Su Haoran also shook his head. Originally, he still had a little hope for Chen Feng, but when Chen Feng said this, his last hope was gone.

Chen Feng is a typical arrogant arrogance, it is strange to have real power.

"Brother Haoran, your daughter, this friend, is a bit interesting." Jin Liu'an also joked. He hadn't met for a long time, Chen Feng was such a brainless person.

Su Haoran paused. He wanted to say that Chen Feng originally planned to fight with you, but he swallowed it back when the words came to his lips. After all, Chen Feng is now a member of their Haoran martial arts gym.

In this way, Chen Feng came on stage slowly.

"Boy, you are crazy." Zhang Shanyue snorted coldly and said, even Lu Yuan didn't dare to say that he could beat himself 100%, but Chen Feng directly said that it was 100%.

He didn't put Zhang Shanyue in his eyes at all.

"I'm just telling the truth, why am I crazy?" Chen Feng sighed helplessly. He is a Huajin warrior, and fights a warrior from the early Mingjin period. If he still can't beat him, then he can find a piece of tofu and hit himself to death.

be honest?

Zhang Shanyue's tone was stagnant, good! well!

I will let you tell the truth!

The light in Zhang Shanyue's eyes flashed by, and in the next second, he kicked his foot abruptly, and his whole body shot at Chen Feng at a rapid speed like a cannonball in a chamber!

However, Chen Feng didn't make the slightest move, as if he was frightened and stupefied, and stayed on the spot.

Upon seeing this, everyone in Haoran's martial arts hall couldn't help but sighed. Sure enough, he was really a guy with a brain.

"This Shamao children, is awe-inspiring martial arts Where did you get it?" "I

do not know, looks are not even a fighter, I feel brothers Zhang Zhe Yiquan, directly killing him."

"Awe-inspiring martial arts who is also My mind was flooded, and I found an ordinary person to come on stage. This would cost my life, and the people from the Martial Arts Association would find trouble with our martial arts

gym ." Many disciples of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall talked with disdain, Duan Hong and Chang Qiu. , Even yawned, got up and left. In their opinion, there was no need to watch the battle afterwards.

There is only one thing waiting for Chen Feng to end, and that is to be fisted by Zhang Shanyue and then go to the hospital for several months.

"Bang" There was

a loud noise from the ring.

Then, the audience was quiet!

Quiet needle drop can be heard.

Duan Hong and Chang Qiu, who had already turned and walked a few steps, were stunned. How do you feel that the atmosphere is a bit wrong?

At this time, the people in their martial arts gym should cheer for this year's victory in the martial arts.

How could their reaction be so calm?

The two turned their heads in doubt, and then their eyes widened.

On the stage, Chen Feng stood with his hand like a okay person, and Zhang Shanyue, who was placed high in their hopes, was gone at this moment.

Yes, Zhang Shanyue is gone!

But the railing of the ring was knocked away by a humanoid silhouette!

Duan Hong and Chang Qiu looked at each other, they all saw the shock in each other's eyes. You don't need to think about it. At the moment when they looked back confidently just now, Chen Feng on the stage blasted Zhang Shanyue out. !


Except for this word, the two people did not expect other words to describe Zhang Shanyue's state at that time.

Because the ring is more than 50 meters in diameter, but now, Zhang Shanyue has disappeared from the ring and appeared on the ground ten meters away from the ring, unconscious.

It was shot out more than 30 meters away!

What kind of terrifying power is this? !

The two were extremely horrified. Zhang Shanyue was a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin. How did Chen Feng punch him more than 30 meters away? !

Chapter: 149

Duan Hong and Chang Qiu just filled Chen Feng's punch with their brains, and their inner shock was beyond words.

It is conceivable that the other people who witnessed Chen Feng's punch will feel what they are at this moment.

No one in the audience made a sound for two full minutes.

All thinking back, Chen Feng's punch just now, that fluttering punch!

"Brother, where is this senior?" Sun Jian swallowed and asked, the name of Chen Feng has changed from that kid to senior. He felt that Chen Feng's strength was not in the same class as them. .

Zhao Dong shook his head, took a deep breath, and said, "I don't know, but I think he might create a miracle this time!"

"Brother, you mean...?" Sun Jian's expression changed. He knew exactly what the miracle Zhao Dong said was, but is that really possible?

"Brother Haoran, what is the origin of this friend of Lingyuan?" Jin Liuan's expression was also a little solemn. Chen Feng's punch gave him the feeling that it was still the strength of Ming Jin's early days, but there was one thing, he thought. It doesn't work, Ming Jin's initial strength limit is generally 350 kg, and people with different talents may reach 400 kg, but even if it is 400 kg, it is impossible to blow Zhang Shanyue away!

Chen Feng is weird!

Almost for an instant, this thought came to Jin Liuan's mind.

Su Haoran smiled bitterly: "Brother Lu'an, I said I don't know his name until now, do you believe it?"

"You don't even know his name?" Jin Liu'an was a little surprised, looking at Su Lingyu's appearance. , Obviously, I am very familiar with Chen Feng. I thought that Su Haoran should know Chen Feng's name no matter what he said, but unexpectedly, Su Haoran also asked three questions.

"But Brother Lu'an, that person seems to know you." Su Haoran hesitated for a while, then said again. At first, Chen Feng said he wanted to fight with Jin Liu'an. He didn't take it seriously. He felt that Chen Feng was talking nonsense, and After Jin Liuan arrived, he also showed an appearance of not knowing Chen Feng.

But now it seems that what Chen Feng said is not necessarily false! It is very possible that he really knows Jin Liuan! But Jin Liuan does not necessarily know Chen Feng.

"Brother Haoran, what do you say?" Jin Liuan frowned and asked.

Su Haoran said the purpose of Chen Feng's visit to Haoran Martial Arts Hall again.

After listening to it, Jin Liuan's expression became serious , and he began to think in his mind whether he had seen Chen Feng, but he thought about it for a long time. He couldn't think of seeing Chen Feng there.

If I can’t figure it out, I don’t think about it, Jin Liuan thought to himself, he is not an indecisive person, although he does not know where he offended Chen Feng, but Chen Feng came to trouble him, and he was not afraid. Martial artist, it can be said that in the entire Jinling, he is the top figure in the platoon.

Chen Feng's punch was indeed amazing, but it was impossible to say that it made him fear.

After all, the difference between Ming Jin and An Jin lay there. A hundred Ming Jin fighters added up would not necessarily be the opponent of one Dark Jin fighter.

Su Lingyu's blushing blushed, she must be the most excited person in the field at the moment!

She didn't expect anything from Chen Feng, but she didn't expect that Chen Feng just fisted Zhang Shanyue, and seeing Chen Feng's calm and calm appearance, it was obvious that she hadn't used all her strength.

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Such strength can no longer be described as terror!

Before Chen Feng came to the stage, he said that he had a ten-percent chance of winning. Everyone didn't believe it. He felt that Chen Feng was bragging. But in the blink of an eye, everyone's faces were slapped by Chen Feng!

In the audience, everyone in the King Kong Martial Arts Hall looked at each other, a little bit awkward. Next, who should be allowed to play?

Even Duan Hong in the mid-Ming Jin period was a little nervous at the moment. He felt that he was not necessarily Chen Feng's opponent!

Because when he was playing against Zhang Shanyue, he would definitely not be able to punch Zhang Shanyue so far.

Seeing that everyone in the Diamond Martial Arts Hall was silent, Chen Feng couldn't help but say: "Why don't you go together?" Let's...

go together? !

Everyone in the field fell into petrification again.

Chen Feng wants one to pick four?

Duan Hong and Chang Qiu's faces are a little bit green, do they look down on people so much? They are not four Chinese cabbages, but four warriors.

As if aware of the tendency to pretend what he said, Chen Feng coughed slightly and explained embarrassingly: "Don't think too much. The reason why you four go together is not because you look down on you, but because I rushed. Time." In a


The crowd was silent again.

The eyes of Duan Hong and Chang Qiu were red, they had never been so despised!

"Do you really want to fight alone with the four of our senior brothers?" Duan Hong suppressed his anger and asked. Although Chen Feng's words were arrogant, it just proved that Chen Feng was emboldened.

But, why is he? !

Why is he so crazy in the early days of Ming Jin?

On my own side, there are three early Ming Jin, plus one Ming Jin mid-term!

"Do you think I'm joking with you?" Chen Feng raised his eyebrows. The reason why he let the four brothers Duan Hong go together is not because he wanted to pretend, but because he was in a hurry. After all, he had to send Jin Liu'an on the road.

"Okay! Very good! I hope you don't regret it! The four of our brothers and sisters will not keep your hands!" Duan Hong sneered, and there was a hint of murder in the depths of his eyes. Chen Feng is so arrogant, then don't blame yourself. Heartbroken, on the ring, dead, but it's normal!

"Come on." Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and even these few stinky fish and shrimps wanted to kill himself.

"Uncle..." Su Lingyu glanced at Chen Feng with some worry, and then stopped talking. She felt that Chen Feng was a little bit too big. You know, Duan Hong is in the middle of Ming Jin, even if it is one-on-one, Chen Feng may not be able to. Steady win, besides, still with one enemy four, Duan Hong a mid-term Ming Jin, plus three early Ming Jin.

Even if Chen Feng is the late Ming Jin, it would be very difficult to win.

"It's okay." Chen Feng turned his head, smiled, and gave Su Lingyu a relieved look.

Subsequently, Duan Hong and Chang Qiu took the stage.

The four of them looked a little solemn, obviously intending to go all out. After all, Zhang Shanyue was still lying in the audience unconsciously. If they dared to despise Chen Feng, they might not know how to die.

" King Kong Martial Arts Hall, Duan Hong!"


King Kong Martial Arts Hall, Changqiu!"

" King Kong Martial Arts Hall, Liu Donghao!" " King Kong Martial Arts Hall, Zhang Que!" The

four of them clasped their fists together and reported their family .

"Haoran Martial Arts Hall, Chen Feng!" Chen Feng smiled, clasped his fists in response, and now he is representing Haoran Martial Arts Hall, so he naturally had to report the name of Haoran Martial Art Hall.

In the audience, everyone in Haoran's martial arts hall looked strange, and it was the first time many people heard Chen Feng's name.

It turned out that this guy was called Chen Feng, if he was really from the Haoran martial arts gym, that would be great.

Chen Feng and Su Lingyu also recited Chen Feng's name silently once, as if to imprint these two words in their hearts forever.

Chapter: 150

Jin Liu'an also thought about setting it for a moment, Jinling, it seems that there is no martial arts family or gang sect whose main surname is Chen.

It stands to reason that an outstanding Ming Jin martial artist like Chen Feng, if he were a Jinling martial artist, would have long been on the Jinling martial arts world's Qianlong list and was well-known by all major sects.

However, before today, Jin Liuan had never heard of this name.

Although he was puzzled, Jin Liuan didn't think too much. If Chen Feng only played against one person alone, then Jin Liuan had to worry about Duan Hong and Chang Qiu.

However, Chen Feng was arrogant and arrogant. He wanted to pick four from one, and that was nothing to say.

No matter what Duan Hongchangqiu said, they are also four Mingjin junior high school martial artists. The four of them work together, even in the late Mingjin period, they can fight.

Therefore, the suspense was gone from the moment Chen Feng proposed to pick four in this competition.

On the ring, Duan Hong took the lead, followed by Chang Qiu and the other two.

The combined tactics Jin Liu'an taught them can bring out two hundred percent of their strength, so the four of them are very confident, and they surrounded Chen Feng in a big way from the beginning.


Duan Hong's iron fist roared, rubbing the air and making bursts of sound. In a blink of an eye, the iron fist had arrived three feet in front of Chen Feng's nose, and Chang Qiu and the other two also aimed the offensive. The key part of Chen Feng.

Embarrassed on all sides!

Duan Hong sneered, as if he had already seen Chen Feng's nose, blood splattered by his punch.

At this time, Chen Feng raised his eyelids, and a faint smile crossed his mouth.

Then, Chen Feng made a bold move!


Lightning punch!

Duan Hong only felt the darkness in front of him, and the shadow of a fist was infinitely magnified in his field of vision.


Chen Feng's fist hit Duan Hong's nose.

"Kacha!" The

crisp bone cracking sound resounded through the audience!

Duan Hong flew out like a straw and smashed onto the guardrail of the ring.

Like a boulder hitting, the solid wood guardrail of the ring was instantly torn apart, and the wooden blocks flew horizontally.

Immediately, Duan Hong fell heavily on the concrete floor outside the ring and lost consciousness.


Deathly silence!

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No one thought that Duan Hong, the strongest of the four, would be blown away by Chen Feng again!

The same ending as Zhang Shanyue!

On the stage, Chang Qiu and the three were also scared to lose their sense of measure by this scene, with cold sweats on their backs.

After seeing Chen Feng's calm gaze, Chang Qiu's mind suddenly came up with a thought.

Give up!

Only admit defeat! To save yourself!

This man is invincible at all!

Almost at the moment when his thoughts came up, Chang Qiu hurriedly said: "I admit..."

Chang Qiu wanted to say that I had surrendered, but before losing the word, Chen Feng's figure came to him like a swallow swallowing water. In front of him, he kicked on Changqiu's lower abdomen.

Chang Qiu arched his body like a soft-footed shrimp, flew out and hit Duan Hong who was outside the ring.

The remaining Liu Donghao and Zhang Que were full of horror. They turned around and ran away. It was terrible. Where did Chen Feng come from? To deal with Duan Hong and Chang Qiu, they only used two tricks. Then the two of them should stay in Taiwan. On, isn't it waiting to die.

The reaction of the two was timely, but Chen Feng's speed was even faster!

After just a step, Chen Feng came behind them and rewarded them with one foot.

Without any suspense, the two flew out again, hitting Duan Hong and Chang Qiu in the audience!

With a muffled hum, Duan Hong at the bottom was hit unconsciously.

Everyone in Haoran's martial arts hall looked shocked and strange. The two martial arts halls had fought for so many years.

There has never been such a scene before, and the people in the King Kong Martial Arts Hall were beaten and turned around and fled in the ring.

This is the end of the face of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall!

In the audience, Jin Liuan's face was extremely green.

These three wastes!

Even if Chen Feng was ousted from the stage, there was nothing wrong with his skills.

However, these three people didn't even have the courage to fight against Chen Feng. Chang Qiu directly surrendered. Zhang Que and Liu Donghao were even above the ring, turning their heads and running.

Where and where is the face of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall!

Su Haoran’s face is also mixed with shock and worry. Shock is naturally shocked by Chen Feng’s terrifying strength, while worry is that he actually didn’t want King Kong Martial Arts Hall to win. When Chen Feng came to power, he never thought that Chen Feng would win. .

But by the way, Chen Feng won, and he won so simply and neatly, it was almost like playing, it took less than a minute for the audience.

First, he fisted towards Zhangshan Mountain, and then fought against Duan Hong Changqiu alone. They were so scared that Chang Qiu was so scared that they turned around and fled.

He didn't save the slightest face to the people of the Kongo Martial Arts Hall, and pressed the face of the Kongo Martial Arts Hall to the ground.

Seeing Jin Liuan's furious appearance, Su Haoran knew that life in Haoran's martial arts hall would be difficult in the future.

Chen Feng stepped down, and many disciples in Haoran's martial arts hall headed by Zhao Dong obediently gave way to Chen Feng. The eyes looking at Chen Feng were full of respect and enthusiasm!

Especially Zhao Dong and the others, they admire Chen Feng.

Zhang Shanyue defeated Haoran Martial Arts Hall alone, and then Chen Feng avenged them. Not to mention Zhang Shanyue, he blew up the entire King Kong Martial Arts Hall with one out of four.

The strong!

Absolutely strong!

"Uncle, you are amazing." Su Lingyu also rushed over happily, stood on his toes, and with a bang, red lips were printed on Chen Feng's cheek paper.

Chen Feng's face became stiff, why is this little girl so courageous?

After seeing the weird eyes of everyone around, Su Lingyu's pretty face suddenly turned red, and he realized that he seemed to be too active. After all, he was a girl, how could he kiss his uncle in front of so many people.

If you want to kiss, you should find a place where no one is.

I blame the uncle, it's too powerful, if he is not so powerful, he will not be so excited, and then lose his sense of measure, yes, blame the uncle, not yourself! Su Lingyu thought firmly.

But after meeting Chen Feng with some helpless eyes, Su Lingyu gritted her silver teeth again. How do you look at the uncle's appearance, it seems very unhappy, this is the first kiss of others, so it was handed out, dead uncle, smelly uncle, unexpectedly Not happy yet!

Su Lingyu pursed his mouth, with an urge to punch Chen Feng on the spot.

At this moment, Su Haoran and Jin Liuan came over. Jin Luan's face is not very nice, but Su Haoran's mouth is with a smile, Chen Feng toward the arch of the hand, and said:. "Friends of the strength of small, ranks first among peers, an exercise in Sumou Ping raw rare"

Su Haoran this Although the words were meant to compliment Chen Feng, most of them were true. Judging from Chen Feng's current strength, among his peers in the Jinling martial arts world, there are indeed few people who can compare with Chen Feng.