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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 201-210 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 201

"So, is it true that Ye Haitang has chosen a son-in-law this time?" Chen Feng asked, if so many people came, then the news that Gu Dongchen said was circulating within the Ye family, I am afraid it is not groundless. Ye Haitang might really plan to choose a son-in-law this time, and she might have realized that she was going to move her, so she wanted to hug her thighs quickly.

"I don't know." Zhu Guangquan shook his head and said: "Queen Ye is terrible. She will look for men, only those who are stronger than her, ordinary men, she doesn't like it at all, although this time

Those who came to the Chess Cup were the dragons among the people in Cangzhou and Nanning. The young talents might have been scorned by Queen Ye. I am afraid there are not many." "What about you?" Chen Feng asked with a smile. Seeing Zhu Guangquan like this, he obviously admires Ye Haitang very much.

"Me?" Zhu Guangquan pointed to his nose, suddenly laughed, and said: "I'm just a fart, and Queen Renye is blind, and she doesn't necessarily look at me."

"That's not necessarily true, I think you Not bad." Chen Feng said. His words were not a compliment to Zhu Guangquan, but he really felt that Zhu Guangquan was a good person. He emphasized loyalty and affection.

"Hey, thank Chen Feng brothers for looking up, but Lao Zhu, I know what I am. This time, I just want to see if I can make some friends and solve the financial problems of our Zhu family." Zhu Guangquan smiled. , He did not care about Chen Feng, and directly stated the dilemma the Zhu family is facing now.

After listening, Chen Feng nodded, and said: "How big is your Zhu family's current funding gap?"

"Five hundred million yuan, mainly because it expanded too fast in the past few years and borrowed too much money from the bank. Now that the turnover cannot be opened, as long as there are five hundred million, then almost all problems can be solved." Zhu Guangquan said.

"Five hundred million..." Chen Feng pondered a little, and said, "Maybe I can help you figure out a solution."

"Huh?" Zhu Guangquan opened his mouth wide and was shocked: "Brother Chen Feng, you are not kidding, this is five. One hundred million, not five hundred million."

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: "I'm not kidding, I do have five hundred million."

"I don't believe it." Zhu Guangquan said bluntly, "Brother Chen Feng, I know you want to help me, but this is really not a joke. Even if you have five hundred million, five hundred million may be all your wealth. What I want now is cash, not real estate.”

In fact, Zhu Guangquan felt that Chen Feng might not even have five million. After all, it looked like Chen Feng’s clothes and the Audi that he drove when he went up the mountain. Money man.

Say that Chen Feng has five million, Thaksin.

But he didn't believe that Chen Feng had 500 million.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Zhu Guangquan didn’t believe him. He had nothing to do. He couldn’t take out his bank card now and tell Zhu Guangquan that there were a billion in his bank card, and that billion was only a thousand of his assets. One part.

"Well, brother Chen Feng, let's not talk about this, let's go to bed, there will be a supercar tomorrow morning." Zhu Guangquan said.

"Okay." Chen Feng nodded, Zhu Guangquan can help anytime, but his identity cannot be revealed right now.

No words for a night.

Early the next morning, Chen Feng got up early, and after washing, he left the hotel and went to the restaurant.

Happened to meet Zhu Jiayan who was eating breakfast.

Today's Zhu Jiayan, the plain and pretty face is still not covered with powder, but she has changed into a beige dress that shows her graceful figure. Seeing Chen Feng, Zhu Jiayan's mouth raised a polite smile.

"Mr. Chen, early."


"Where is my brother, didn't he get up?" Zhu Jiayan asked with a smile.

"No, he is still sleeping." Chen Feng said.

"Yeah." Zhu Jiayan nodded lightly, and then began to eat quietly.

The hotel’s breakfast is all buffet. Chen Feng served a bowl of porridge, and after taking some fruits, he sat with Zhu Jiayan.

Unexpectedly, not long after he sat down, a few uninvited guests came.

It is Sun Quan.

Sun Quan took a few younger brothers and stood in front of Chen Feng carelessly. After taking a contemptuous look at Chen Feng, he kicked Chen Feng's stool with his foot and said, "Brother, let me sit here."

Chen Feng used the knife. The fork slowly picked up a piece of apple and put it in his mouth, ignoring Sun Quan.

Sun Quan's face instantly turned cold, and he said gloomily, "Are you deaf? Can't hear Laozi talking?!"

Chen Feng raised his head, glanced at Sun Quan, and said calmly: "I

heard you ." "I heard you. TM don't let it!" Sun Quan was a little angry, and Chen Feng's attitude made him very upset.

"Why should I let you?" Chen Feng asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Why?!" Sun Quan grinned, took out a dagger directly from his waist, and slapped it on the table: "Just for this!"

"You want to kill me?" Chen Feng said lightly.

"Don't you dare to be an old man?!" The murderous intent in Sun Quan's eyes surged wildly. Of course, he didn't dare to kill Chen Feng in front of so many people, but it couldn't be easier to let Chen Feng disappear afterwards.

"Mr. Chen..." Zhu Jiayan glanced at Chen Feng anxiously. There was still room for maneuver between Chen Feng and Sun Quan, but if Chen Feng prevented Sun Quan from coming to the stage in front of so many people, the two In time, there is no longer any possibility of maneuvering.

Sun Quan will definitely fix Chen Feng to death.

"It's okay." Chen Feng waved his hand, then took a calm look at Sun Quan, and said, "If you want to kill me, you can do it."


Chiluo naked provocation!

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Chen Feng is provoking Sun Quan.

For a while, the temperature in the entire restaurant cooled down.

Sun Quan stared at Chen Feng, the murderous intent in his eyes surged wildly, but in the end, he still suppressed the urge to kill Chen Feng here.

In order to kill Chen Feng, it is not worthwhile to put yourself in.

"You...very good!" Sun Quan gritted his teeth and said cruelly.

"Thank you." Chen Feng smiled faintly.

Sun Quan twitched the corner of his mouth, did not say anything, turned around and left, but in his heart, he put Chen Feng on the death list.

After Sun Quan left, Chen Feng picked up the spoon again, took a spoonful of porridge, and put it in his mouth.

Zhu Jiayan sighed, and said: "Mr. Chen, you were so irrational just now."

In her opinion, Chen Feng is so unwise. In order to fight for a moment of face and offend Sun Quan, this kind of behavior is unreasonable. Death is no different.

"Irrational?" Chen Feng couldn't laugh or cry. To say that he was irrational, it should be Sun Quan who was irrational. He didn't even know what his identity was, so he wanted to kill himself with ruthless words, not afraid of bringing disaster to the Sun family. .

"Well, it's irrational." Zhu Jiayan nodded seriously, and said: "The Sun family is in real estate business. Most of their engineering teams are inextricably linked to the underground forces in Nanning. They want to kill. It couldn't be easier for one person."

Chapter: 202

"Mr. Chen, you'd better escape. You'd better escape to a foreign country. In this way, Sun Quan won't find you."

"You are thinking too simple. If they really want to kill someone, this person will escape to the end of the world. , They can also find it." Chen Feng said sternly.

"Then what to do?" Zhu Jiayan glanced at Chen Feng with some worry.

"Fight hard." Chen Feng smiled, "Either they die or I die. It is impossible to escape, and it is impossible to escape in this life."

Zhu Jiayan gave Chen Feng an angry look, thinking that Chen Feng could say. What's a good way to do it, and it turned out to be head-on. You are the one driving an Audi, so what can you do with the Sun family?

After the two had finished breakfast, Zhu Guangquan got up, and when he saw Chen Feng, Zhu Guangquan smiled and said hello.

He didn't know about the conflict between Chen Feng and Sun Quan before he came.

Naturally, Chen Feng would not say.

In this way, the three of them came to the racing track after breakfast.

The supercar race was held at 10 o'clock. Although there was still more than an hour to start, the racing track was already full of all kinds of luxury cars. There are countless entry-level sports cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Chen Feng also saw several modified Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

Those who can afford to drive this kind of sacred car are naturally the top rich second generation in Cangzhou and Nanning.

These rich second generations are surrounded by many young models and stars, as well as dog legs, just like the center of the entire arena.

However, Chen Feng did not pay too much attention to these people, he even wanted to know where Ye Haitang was.

"Brother Chen Feng, who are you looking for?" At this moment, Zhu Guangquan smiled and patted Chen Feng on the shoulder.

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: "I didn't find anyone."

"Cut." Zhu Guangquan curled his lips and said: "Don't think I don't know, your kid is looking for Queen Ye."

Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and Zhu Guangquan really wouldn't show mercy.

"I advise you not to look for it. Queen Ye will not appear today. She is not interested in today's supercar race. She will only appear in the professional race tomorrow." Zhu Guangquan said.

"Don't you think Queen Ye is a woman, but her driving skills are really not superficial. I watched her race video at the Asian Summit a few years ago. It was just four words, a great ride! At that time she combined Japan with The so-called car gods in Bangzi country are called a miserable person. The car gods in Japan and Bangzi country can't even eat her exhaust gas."

"So today's supercar race, Queen Ye has no interest at all. As far as Queen Ye is concerned, these rich second-generation games are like playing house for children." Speaking of Ye Haitang, Zhu Guangquan is a eloquent one. As a fan of Ye Haitang, he has almost seen Ye Haitang’s In most competitions, I also know Ye Haitang's level. Compared with Ye Haitang, these rich second generations are not of the same order of magnitude.

Chen Feng nodded, Ye Haitang, a woman, can play the car to that point, which is indeed remarkable.

"Hey, why is Sun Quan's dog always looking at us?" Zhu Guangquan asked suddenly. Sun Quan was standing not far from them, but unlike theirs, Sun Quan was surrounded by a large group of people. , Among them, there are quite a lot of young models with waist and hips, and even a second-line female star.

However, Sun Quan's gaze has been on their side, which puzzled Zhu Guangquan.

"I don't know, maybe it's because we are handsome." Chen Feng smiled. Of course, he knew why Sun Quan looked at them, but there was no need to talk to Zhu Guangquan.

Zhu Guangquan glanced suspiciously at Chen Feng. Is this really the case? He always felt that Chen Feng was hiding something from him.

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At this moment, there was a burst of exclamation in the crowd.

Many girls began to scream, Chen Feng frowned, and looked in the direction where everyone exclaimed.

However, I saw a tall young man wearing a red and white motorcycle suit and a black helmet walking from the crowd. On both sides of the young man, there were many people surrounded. Everywhere the young man passed, everyone retreated.

Like the emperor of the world.

"Deng Shiqi!" Zhu Guangquan's pupils shrank, his tone revealed fear.

Deng Shiqi?

Chen Feng frowned. He didn't know this person, but judging from Zhu Guangquan's performance, this person was obviously not small.

Even Sun Quan bowed his body and greeted this man with a rare humble smile on his face.

"Brother Chen Feng, remember the appearance of this person. This time, he is the most unprovoked one of all people." Zhu Guangquan solemnly said.

"Why can't you mess with it?" Chen Feng became interested.

Zhu Guangquan did not say directly, but asked: "Does Brother Chen Feng know about the Nanning Deng family?"

Chen Feng shook his head. He only knew that Nanning is an urban area with stronger economic strength than Cangzhou, but for Nanning's influence, But I don't know anything.

"Brother Chen Feng, Nanning is not the same as ours in Cangzhou. In Cangzhou, there are eight or nine first-line families, but Nanning, there are only three first-line families that are upright!"

"The Deng family is one of them. ! " "

Nanning is the main source of port cities, the city is the maritime trade, and Deng, the ship is to do business, the entire Nanning, nearly two-thirds of the ship, the Deng family are made, in Nanning, Deng is A well-deserved overlord-level family."

"According to external rumors, the assets of the Deng family may have reached 50 billion!" Zhu Guangquan solemnly said, 50 billion. This is a number he would never dare to think of in his entire life, and it is also the majority of Cangzhou. The family simply can't reach it.

Even the Shen family, the richest family, has total assets of only about 30 billion yuan.

Chen Feng didn't feel much about this, 50 billion, perhaps a lot to Zhu Guangquan, is the extremely powerful Deng family, but for him, it is nothing more than a project investment.

"But the money of the Deng family is second. The most important thing is the social relationship of the Deng family. The Black Dragon Association, one of the five major underground forces in Nanning, is a force cultivated by the Deng family. There are thousands of members of the Black Dragon Association. The family got rid of many opponents, and even a few years ago, Nanning’s murder of the door was also related to the Black Dragon Association."

"Deng Shiqi is the only heir to the Deng family, so he must not provoke him!"

Zhu Guangquan looked solemn, obviously. He said this to Chen Feng. He had already noticed that Chen Feng was a restless temperament. He provoked Sun Quan and might not die. But he provoked Deng Shiqi, which was 100% death. .

"I'll try not to provoke him." Chen Feng glanced at Deng Shiqi, who was starring the moon. He didn't like to cause trouble, but that didn't mean he was afraid of trouble.

"It's not as much as possible, it is necessary!" Zhu Guangquan was a little speechless, feeling his own words for a long time, but Chen Feng didn't listen to a word.

Chapter: 203

"Okay, must, must!" Chen Feng was helpless, did he seem to be such a troublemaker.

"Sun Quan, this dog thing, obviously wants to hug Deng Shiqi's thigh." Zhu Guangquan glanced at Sun Quan angrily and cursed. Since Deng Shiqi appeared, Sun Quan has been like a pug and has been circling around Deng Shiqi. Deng Shiqi licked the sole of his shoe.

"Let him hug it, it doesn't matter who is the thigh." Chen Feng said with a playful smile.

"How can I let him hold it? If this dog hugs Deng Shiqi's thigh, treating you is not the same as playing." Zhu Guangquan said.

Chen Feng had a funny laugh, the same? Just rely on Deng Shiqi? He really didn't put Deng Shiqi in his eyes.

"By the way, Deng Shiqi is also really rich. I heard that he spent almost 1.5 billion on the preparation of the Black Dragon team. After the team is prepared, it will cost two to three billion yuan to maintain the team every year."

"Of course, he spends it. The Black Dragon Racing Team, which has been cultivated at such a high price, has no strength to say that almost all major domestic racing events can win the rankings."

"This time the Champion of the Car God Cup, he will be the champion." Zhu Guangquan Smacking his tongue.

"Is he interested in Ye Haitang?" Chen Feng asked. Obviously, Deng Shiqi did not come for the 100 million bonus. Perhaps the 100 million bonus is very attractive to ordinary people, but at his level, a Billion is no different from 100,000 yuan, so it can only be for Ye Haitang.

"Well, Deng Shiqi likes Ye Haitang, it's no secret in the circle." Zhu Guangquan nodded, and said: "It is said that in the past few years, Deng Shiqi set up nine pieces at the door of Ye Haitang in order to chase Ye Haitang. Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine roses, made a sea of ​​roses."

"Then what?"

"Then Ye Haitang set a fire and burned them all."

"Huh?" Chen Feng was stunned and didn't look at it. After coming out, Ye Haitang still had a bad temper.

"Brother Chen Feng, I think Ye Haitang doesn't like Deng Shiqi, so you still have a chance." Zhu Guangquan patted Chen Feng on the shoulder and joked.

"I already have a wife." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Of course, even if he didn't, he wouldn't have anything to do with a thorny rose like Ye Haitang.

"Do you have a wife?" Zhu Guangquan opened his mouth wide, as if he could lay an egg.

Even Zhu Jiayan, who has always been calm, couldn't help but glance at Chen Feng in surprise. He has a wife, and came here to see Ye Haitang. Chen Feng is not a scumbag.

"Well, we have been married for three years, and our relationship is very good." Chen Feng nodded.

"Then you are still here, aren't you afraid to go back to the washboard?" Zhu Guangquan asked.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly: "I am indeed here for Ye Haitang, but not what you think."

"Not what I thought?" Zhu Guangquan was puzzled. It wasn't for Ye Haitang's people. What else could it be?

"You will understand in the future." Chen Feng sighed and said.

At this time, Sun Quan walked over here with a few people.

Zhu Guangquan subconsciously stood in front of Chen Feng.

"Get out of the way!" Sun Quan gave Zhu Guangquan a cold look.

"What are you going to do?" Zhu Guangquan stared at Sun Quan without showing any weakness, and did not move.

"Get out! I'm looking for something to do with him!" Sun Quan pointed at Chen Feng and shouted sharply.

"What's the matter?" Zhu Guangquan refused to give in.

"Zhu Guangquan! Don't be shameless!" Sun Quan clenched his fists, tending to get angry.

At this time, Chen Feng stood up: "Old Zhu, get out of the way, he is here to find me."

"Brother Chen Feng..." Zhu Guangquan gave Chen Feng anxiously.

Chen Feng shook his head and gave a relieved look, then turned his gaze to Sun Quan, and said lightly: "What's the matter?"

"I want to compete with you in the supercar race for a while." Sun Quan was gloomy. For him, the supercar race is a good opportunity for revenge, because every year, so many people die on the field. This year, Chen Feng can also be on the death list.

"I can't drive." Chen Feng shook his head. He naturally knew Sun Quan's thoughts, but his time was precious and there was no need to waste it on Sun Quan.

"Are you persuaded?" Sun Quan sneered, somewhat provoking Chen Feng.

"Well, I was persuaded." Chen Feng nodded and admitted directly.

"You..." After a long time, Sun Quan cursed two words: "Trash!"

"He doesn't compare with me, you come to compare with me!" Sun Quan turned his somber gaze to Zhu Guangquan again.

"Why do I compare with you?" Zhu Guangquan curled his lips. Although Sun Quan's skills are at the level of an amateur driver, he is still much better than him. Compared with Sun Quan, his chance of winning is almost zero!

"You don't compare with Lao Tzu, believe it or not I will bankrupt your Zhu family now?" Sun Quan sneered, and took out his cell phone as he spoke.

The reason why he proposed to compare with Zhu Guangquan was not to humiliate Zhu Guangquan, but to use Zhu Guangquan to elicit Chen Feng. If Chen Feng and Zhu Guangquan’s relationship were deep enough, then Chen Feng would certainly not stand idly by.

"Sun Quan, don't go too far!" Zhu Guangquan's face flushed. Sun Quan did grasp his weakness, and Sun Quan's words were not to intimidate him. Sun Quan really had a way to make the Zhu family bankrupt now.

"Lao Tzu is so excessive, you bite Lao Tzu." Sun Quan was very arrogant.

"Okay, I compare with you!" Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth. Now, he can only catch the ducks on the shelves. If he doesn't race with Sun Quan, the Zhu family will go bankrupt. If he loses, he can compete with Sun Quan. Sun Quan humiliated him, but he was not unacceptable.

"Brother..." Zhu Jiayan is a little anxious. Zhu Guangquan is not Sun Quan's opponent at all. He really wants to force a comparison. Losing is a trivial matter. I'm afraid that Sun Quan will do bad things in the middle of the game, and Zhu Guangquan will have an accident on the court.

"Don't worry, it's not always true who loses and who wins." Zhu Guangquan waved his hand and said solemnly.

"Forget it, let me compare with him." At this moment, Chen Feng stood up. He didn't want to pay attention to Sun Quan, but Sun Quan resorted to this trick to disgust him. I have to say that Sun Quan has a good vision. I can see that his relationship with Zhu Guangquan is not shallow.

He couldn't just watch Zhu Guangquan being humiliated.

"No! Brother Chen Feng, you haven't been on the field at all. Supercars are different from your usual driving, and the field is constantly changing, and the response to people is very demanding. If there is a slight difference, the car will be destroyed... "Zhu Guangquan was in a hurry. Although he had only been in contact with Chen Feng for less than a day, he really regarded Chen Feng as his brother, so he really didn't want Chen Feng to have an accident.

And the most important thing is that Chen Feng has never driven a supercar, and is not familiar with the performance of supercars. If he really wants to go on the field, the probability of an accident is as high as 100%!

"Don't worry, I haven't eaten pork, haven't you seen a pig run? I drove a supercar. It's really not good. It's a big deal. I'll drive slower." Chen Feng interrupted with a smile. In fact, he didn't. Worried about any problems, as a chemist, he has enough confidence to deal with no matter what happens on the court.

Chapter: 204

Drive slowly? Sun Quan sneered in his heart, on the track, I can't help you!

"Okay, you pay attention to safety." Zhu Guangquan was a little helpless. Chen Feng had already made up his mind. He couldn't persuade him anymore. He could only pray that Sun Quan would not go too far and would show some mercy.

"Trash, what car do you drive?" Sun Quan asked coldly. Supercars can only be supercars. If Chen Feng's car is not supercars, I'm afraid he won't be able to go on the court.

"I don't have a car." Chen Feng said truthfully. When Audi went up the mountain, those stupid robbers punctured the tires. He got up in Zhu Guangquan's car.

"No car?!" Sun Quan almost vomited a mouthful of old blood. Without a car, what car god cup would you participate in?

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"I'll drive his car and compare with you." Chen Feng glanced at Zhu Guangquan's California, and said.

"His car?" Sun Quan also glanced at Zhu Guangquan California, then sneered and asked: "Are you sure you want to drive his car to compare with me?"

"Why, is there a problem?" Chen Feng smiled slightly and asked. Tao.

"No problem, of course no problem!" Sun Quan sneered again and again. He really didn't know whether Chen Fengshi was stupid or pretending to be stupid. Although Zhu Guangquan’s California is a Ferrari, it also belongs to a sports car, but it is the most garbage kind of sports car.

Other sports cars generally use two seats in order to increase the speed, but California has four seats.

In addition, Zhu Guangquan’s California car has obviously not been modified, not to mention the poor track performance, and the 100-kilometer acceleration is not at the same level as other supercars.

If Chen Feng takes such a car and compares it with his modified Lamborghini, he is simply playing a lantern in the pit and looking for shit!

"Since there is no problem, let's start." Chen Feng said lightly.

"Wait, it's meaningless to just bet on winning or losing, you have to add some color," Sun Quan said again.

"Colors?" Chen Feng smiled playfully, and said, "What color would you like?"

"It's simple, whoever loses will climb around the track, climbing while learning how to bark." Sun Quan sneered. Originally, his plan was to use small tricks to make Chen during the game. Feng died unexpectedly, but if you think about it carefully, it would be too cheap for Chen Feng to die. It would be better to humiliate Chen Feng and leave Chen Feng a lesson he will never forget.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Chen Feng looked a little strange.

"Why, don't you dare?" Sun Quan gave Chen Feng a provocative look.

Chen Feng shook his head and faintly said: "There is nothing to dare, anyway, I won't lose."

"Hahaha, I won't lose? Who will give you the courage, Liang Jingru?" Sun Quan laughed wildly, tears of laughter. It's all out.

Chen Feng smiled and didn't say anything. When the results came out, Sun Quan should know who gave him the courage.

Soon, Sun Quan hummed a little song and left to make preparations before the game.

Chen Feng got into the car slowly, preparing to get familiar with the performance of California.

"Brother Chen Feng, are you really sure to win that dog thing from Sun Quan?" Zhu Guangquan couldn't help asking, Chen Feng's performance was so calm that he had to doubt it.

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded.

"How confident are you?"

"Ten percent," Chen Feng said truthfully.

"Ten...success?!" Zhu Guangquan's tone couldn't help but hesitated, you really dare to say.

Even professional drivers dare not say that they are 100% sure that they can beat Sun Quan.

Zhu Jiayan also frowned Liu's eyebrows, obviously not believing Chen Feng's words, she even felt that Chen Feng was a bit too arrogant.

Chen Feng's character would not end well at all.

On the other hand, after Sun Quan returned to his venue, he advertised the gambling agreement. Soon everyone in the stadium knew that this year's Cheshen Cup had a player who could not help himself.

"These days, all kinds of cats and dogs can participate in the car god cup, and the broken car of California, even daring to drive out." In the

audience, a woman with a net red face spoke disdainfully, beside her, There are also several women who are equally fair and beautiful.

"It doesn't

matter if you drive in California. I don't have any brains yet. I want to compete with Sun Shao in car skills. Isn't this a court death." "Yue Ling, look at what you said, why are you courting death? Maybe people just want to learn from dogs. I called." A woman with European and American makeup and big earrings giggled. It was Yue Ling who was sitting next to her.

Ever since she was frightened by Chen Feng and Han Long's last time, Yue Ling blocked all Xia Hao's contact information and fled to Nanning.

Yue Ling didn't dare to come back until this car god cup.

"Perhaps." Yue Ling replied absent-mindedly, her eyes constantly wandering on the field, as if looking for something.

"Yue Ling, are you still looking for that Koenigsegg?" Song Na, a European and American makeup woman, couldn't help asking. A few days ago, Yue Ling said that she ran into a Koenigsegg worth more than 20 million in Cangzhou, but she When asked about the identity of the car owner, Yue Ling kept secret, and refused to say anything.

This time, since the start of the Car God Cup, Yue Ling has been looking for that Koenigsegg, so Song Na is very curious, who is the Koenigsegg owner who can make Yue Ling remember.

"Yeah." Yue Ling nodded, without concealing it.

"The Koenigsegg owner you are talking about really has so much energy? Can Han Long and Gu Dongchen be his younger brothers at the same time?" Song Nahu questioned. Han Long and Gu Dongchen are the two kings of the underground world in Cangzhou. And the relationship between them has always been incompatible. Who can be so powerful and can subdue them both at the same time.

"Well, his energy is absolutely beyond your imagination." Yue Ling said quietly, she did not dare to directly say Chen Feng's identity, because after that day, Han Long sent someone to warn her not to disclose anything about Chen. Peak news.

The reason why Song Na was told part of the news was because Song Na was her best friend and she trusted Song Na, but she did not dare to disclose the core news about Chen Feng.

This time she came to the Cheshen Cup, she actually came here with the idea of ​​trying her luck, to see if she could meet Chen Feng again, to resolve the bad impression left on Chen Feng last time.

"Is there still such a person in Cangzhou?" Song Na muttered with some suspicion. If there is any, then she must pay attention to it. Tender models like them eat youth rice. If you are lucky Well, if you can get into a rich second generation and marry into a wealthy family, then they won't have to worry about them in the next life.

Of course, even if you don't marry into a rich family, you can be a third party for the rich second generation.

Finally, the much-anticipated supercar race began.

More than 30 various supercars are neatly listed on the track. Among them, Chen Feng's four California supercars are the most eye-catching, which is in sharp contrast with the other two supercars.

Chapter: 205

With the firing of the starting gun, the game finally began.

More than 30 sports cars roared together, and the deafening sound waves slapped on the eardrums of many spectators.

The audience began to boil!

The leader is a blue Bugatti Veyron, and the owner is naturally Deng Shiqi.

There is no doubt about his driving skills, even if it is more than a professional driver, it is even worse.

Of course, most of the audience's eyes fell on his Bugatti Veyron.

In the audience, many girls screamed and cheered wildly for Deng Shiqi.

Of course, there are also a few eyes on Sun Quan's white Lamborghini and Chen Feng's California.

Especially Chen Feng's California is today's'protagonist'.

Chen Feng did not disappoint everyone. From the very beginning, he lags behind everyone by a lot, driving fast on the Bohai circuit.

The director also gave Chen Feng a lot of face, and deliberately put this scene on the public screen.

In the audience, a sneer suddenly sounded.

"A shameful thing, I dare to participate in the

Chess Cup at this level." "I bet with Sun Shao irresponsibly. I really don't know how to write the dead words!"

Zhu Jiayan listened to the slurs around him. She couldn't help sighing. She no longer had any expectations for Chen Feng. Chen Feng's speed could not even catch Sun Quan's exhaust, let alone surpass Sun Quan.

Zhu Guangquan was also a little speechless. He did not expect that Chen Feng was so much behind from the beginning. The entire track, with a total length of 30 kilometers, has the fastest passing record of five minutes and 21 seconds.

Almost a minute has passed. Deng Shiqi, the leader, ran more than four kilometers, while Sun Quan ran nearly four kilometers. However, Chen Feng didn't even finish one kilometer. There is no doubt that Chen Feng was dumped. , If nothing else, he ran the entire course, it took almost half an hour, which was the slowest in history.

Sun Quan was paying attention to Chen Feng from the audience. Seeing that in the many supercars behind, there was no shadow of Chen Feng’s California at all. Sun Quan could not help but sneered. As expected, Chen Feng was from the beginning. For the loss.

Really a waste!

Sun Quan gradually filled the speed, he had to wait for Chen Feng!

Wait for Chen Feng to follow up, and then humiliate Chen Feng severely.

He has no interest in the champion of the supercar race, because the champion has been booked by Deng Shiqi.

He didn't have the guts to compete with Deng Shiqi for the championship.

His main purpose is still Chen Feng!

After dozens of seconds, Chen Feng's California followed.

Sun Quan began to deliberately control the speed of the car, so that his Lamborghini just overwhelmed Chen Feng's California side.

His plan was that no matter how fast Chen Feng drove, he would keep one head faster than Chen Feng.

Just like a cat catching a mouse, a cat can obviously eat a mouse, but it just doesn't.

He wants Chen Feng to lose this game in despair!

Sun Quan's idea is very good, Chen Feng is also very cooperative, has been controlling the speed of California.

Not too slow, not too fast.

Soon, a strange scene appeared on the public screen of the track.

A white Lamborghini seemed to be humiliating, always leading the red California car next to it.

California slowed down, and Lamborghini slowed down.

California became faster, and Lamborghini followed.


Chiluo naked molesting!

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Sun Quan is molesting Chen Feng.

Obviously, Sun Quan didn't care who the champion of the supercar race was at all, he only cared about humiliating Chen Feng.

Just win Chen Feng.

"This rubbish is so damn thick-skinned. If I were him, I would now find a piece of tofu and hit myself to death."

"Knock myself to death? Who will bark a dog later? Hahaha, I have to wait until he finishes learning to die. The dog barks and then died." In the

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audience, everyone mocked unscrupulously.

Yue Ling's eyes widened, staring at California on the public screen. How did she see the car owner in California, she looked a bit like Chen Feng?

Is she dazzled? Or is Chen Feng really here?

No, if Chen Feng really wants to come here, he should drive his own Koenigsegg.

"Yue Ling, why have you been staring at that Californian? Do you know that stupid car owner?" Song Na asked Yue Ling suspiciously.

"The California car owner seems to be the one who drove the Koenigsegg I told you last time." Yue Ling said uncertainly.

"Shit! You must be dazzled, it's impossible!" Song Na curled her lips in disdain, and said: "The Koenigsegg you said is a big man who can let Gu Dongchen and Han Long be younger brothers. How could a big man in California drive a broken car like that in California, and also make Sun Quan so unscrupulously humiliated."

"Maybe, I was wrong." Yue Ling hesitated, she also felt that Chen Feng would start adding The possibility of Liberia is extremely small.

"Okay, okay, don't look at that idiot, look at Shao Deng, Shao Deng is so handsome, he drove one-third of the road, almost ten kilometers away, maybe this time, Deng Shaoneng broke the Bohai Bay race Dao's record." Song Na said.

"Yeah." Yue Ling nodded and moved her gaze to Deng Shiqi, who was the leader on the public screen.

Deng Shiqi's blue Bugatti, like an invincible king, led the audience and missed the second place by more than 600 meters!

The whole audience was screaming crazy for it.

Reflecting Sun Quan and Chen Feng, few people have paid attention at this time, because there is no suspense about the victory of the two.

This is purely a unilateral humiliation.

Everyone only needs to wait for the moment when the results are announced. Chen Feng crawls around the playground and just learns to bark.

When everyone thought that Chen Feng was bound to lose, Chen Feng finally put his hands on the steering wheel.

"It seems that I still can't manage the Qi." Chen Feng sighed to himself, if anyone saw it In the scene where Chen Feng was driving before, his eyes would fall off.

From the moment he started running, Chen Feng did not put his hands on the steering wheel, but controlled the steering wheel with his energy!

The reason why Chen Feng wanted to use his strength to control the steering wheel was not because Chen Feng wanted to pretend, but because he had been unable to break through the early stage of Huajin and enter the middle stage of Huajin.

The key to breaking through the mid-term of Huajin lies in controlling Qi.

Precise control of Qi!

Because of the rapid breakthrough, Chen Feng has been unable to accurately control the energy in his body.

In this racing, after seeing the steering wheel, Chen Feng had the idea of ​​controlling the steering wheel vigorously.

The effect is not very satisfactory. After all, Chen Feng can't control his energy like an arm swing, he can only control the direction roughly.

However, Chen Feng was not discouraged either. After all, he had only broken through to the initial stage of Huajin for less than two months. This speed can already be called the fastest in the world.

Therefore, it is only a matter of time to break through to the middle stage of Huajin. Chen Feng has absolute confidence in his talent.

Chapter: 206

After placing his hands on the steering wheel, Chen Feng slammed his foot and directly stepped on the accelerator pedal.

In an instant, a strong and direct feeling of pushing back came, and the red California, like a hurricane, rushed into a madness almost in an instant.

The white Lamborghini next to him was thrown a dozen meters away in an instant.

Sun Quan's eyes widened, and he didn't react for a while. How could this guy suddenly be so fast, as if he had taken Viagra?

After regaining his consciousness, Sun Quan also began to slam on the accelerator, Lamborghini's engine roared frantically, and deafening sound waves echoed in the mountains and forests.

This sudden scene did not attract the attention of many people. Most of the audience's eyes were still on the leading Bugatti Veyron.

However, Sun Quan, as the party concerned, was a little frightened, too soon!

If the California just now was just a sluggish tortoise, then the current California is just a wild horse running away!

Uncontrolled fast!

It even made Sun Quan feel that Chen Feng's car was out of control!

The brake is broken, only the accelerator!

Is Chen Feng's brake broken? not at all!

It was that Chen Feng disdain to step on the brakes, he had already played enough with Sun Quan, and then there was no need to continue playing.

The only thing he needs to do is to slam on the brakes, and then let Sun Quan know what it means to be there, there are people outside the world!

There was a big drop of cold sweat on Sun Quan's forehead, and he found that the situation was beyond his control.

The mouse in his eyes has become a tiger!

Although the performance of his Lamborghini is much better than that of California, even if it exceeds the performance, his car still has to slow down when cornering and drifting.

But Chen Feng's car is not used!

Chen Feng completely violated this law. No matter what the corner, Chen Feng drifted through at full speed!

Sun Quan even felt that Chen Feng's car was flying off the ground!

Inertia, as far as Chen Feng is concerned, it does not exist at all!

Sun Quan was scared, Sun Quan panicked!

In less than 30 seconds of practice, he was thrown more than 300 meters by Chen Feng, and he was almost out of sight of Chen Feng's taillights.

If this goes on, let alone win against Chen Feng, it would be good not to be thrown out by Chen Feng for a few kilometers.

How could this waste suddenly be so powerful? !

Sun Quan was surprised and annoyed, stepping on the accelerator's foot and couldn't help but increase his strength a bit.

He doesn't allow himself to lose to such waste as Chen Feng!

Seeing Sun Quan chasing him crazy, Chen Feng couldn't help but sneered, idiot, now you know you are afraid?



Chen Feng kicked the accelerator again, and the red California, like a sharp arrow off the string, threw away Sun Quan again several tens of meters.

The anomaly here finally came into the sight of everyone.

When they saw that the leading car turned out to be Chen Feng's California, everyone's eyes fell from shock.

"What's the matter?! How did that wasteful car get ahead of Shao Sun?!"

"I don't know, maybe there is something wrong with Shao Sun's car."

"No, the speed of Shao Sun's Lamborghini is not at all It looks like something went wrong, it's almost 300."

"So, is this waste surpassing Shao Sun by strength?"

Everyone talked a lot, some couldn't believe that things would reverse so quickly.

A moment ago, Chen Feng, who was still being teased, suddenly turned over and sang, and ran in front of Sun Quan?

And seeing how Sun Quan was caught off guard, he obviously couldn't catch up with Chen Feng at all.

In this way, doesn't it mean that Sun Quan is going to lose?

After another two minutes, Sun Quan had completely lost sight of Chen Feng's California.

Sun Quan panted heavily, flapping the steering wheel frantically, his expression a little hysterical.

He didn't believe it, he didn't believe that he would lose to Chen Feng this way!

In fact, not only Sun Quan, but even the many spectators on the field couldn't believe it. Chen Shengeng suddenly stood upside down, pushing him to the sky.

After nearly one kilometer from Sun Quan, Chen Feng's California, unexpectedly caught up with the first car echelon, and entered the top ten!

It's incredible!

You know, at the beginning, Chen Feng was in the inverted position. He was thrown two kilometers away by a few cars from the first team.

But now, Chen Feng has caught up.

And still use the broken car from California.

"This rubbish car skill seems to be a bit awkward."

"It's not a bit, it's a blast!" Someone swallowed and said.

"I didn't slow down at all when cornering, and drifted the whole time. On several occasions, I saw him crashing and crashing, but he came back abruptly." In the

audience, many people were racing enthusiasts. Naturally, many things can be seen from Chen Feng's car skills.

Even if they have a prejudice against Chen Feng, they have to admit that Chen Feng's driving skills are simply impeccable!

The entry of Chen Feng's car into the first echelon naturally puts pressure on many drivers of the first team.

If it is overtaken by Sun Quan's Lamborghini, and overtaken by a four-seater California, they can't afford to lose that person.

As a result, many drivers have accelerated a bit. At this time, it is not very important that the danger is not dangerous.

For them, face is more important.

After another two minutes, the game is drawing to a close.

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Chen Feng's California has already reached the third overall pick!

At this time, even the headed Deng Shiqi's expression was a bit solemn.

Chen Feng's speed also exceeded his expectations.

From the bottom to the bottom, to catch up to the third positive number, and even to be second soon, this can no longer be described as terror.


Deng Shiqi can clearly feel the pressure brought by Chen Feng's California.

Although it was only one kilometer away from the end, Deng Shiqi did not dare to be sloppy.

Instead, go all out!

After another fifteen seconds, Chen Feng's car smoothly surpassed Rafa, which was originally in second place.

Be the second!

Deng Shiqi is only three hundred meters away!

At this time, the end is in sight.

After being caught up by Chen Feng, Deng Shiqi was also a little anxious, and almost used twelve points of effort to step on the accelerator.

The engine of the Bugatti Veyron spins frantically, and the sound waves roar violently.

Fast as lightning!


The blue Bugatti Veyron took the lead in flying past the finish line.

Followed by Chen Feng's red California.

The two cars crossed the finish line almost at the same time.

The audience screamed.

The cheers sounded like a tide.

"Woo, Deng Shao is so handsome."

"Deng Shao, I want to have a baby for you!" In the

audience, many net red-faced girls were crying with joy and shouting for Deng Shiqi with excitement. They didn't know any driving skills, they only knew, The final winner was Deng Shiqi.

Moreover, the car Deng Shiqi drove was a Bugatti Veyron worth more than 20 million.

In the audience, everyone was cheering for Deng Shiqi.

But Deng Shiqi, who was sitting in the car, didn't look so good at this time.

Chapter: 207

There is no doubt that he lost!

Although he was the first to cross the finish line, in terms of driving skills, he was thrown out a lot by Chen Feng!

Let alone Chen Feng’s four California buildings, how much worse than his Bugatti Veyron.

Just because Chen Feng was nearly two kilometers behind him at the beginning, he couldn't finish the loss!

Deng Shiqi's face was a bit gloomy. He has always been arrogant and conceited. When participating in the Car God Cup, he never considered the situation of losing.

In his opinion, he should sweep the audience.

But now, instead of sweeping the audience, he has lost!

Deng Shiqi was a little unacceptable.

After a minute, most cars crossed the finish line.

Sun Quan's Lamborghini is also on the list.

When Sun Quan got out of the car, the atmosphere of the audience was suddenly a bit strange.

Many people looked at Sun Quan with weird faces and wanted to see how Sun Quan reacted.

After all, before the start, Sun Quan offered to make a bet with Chen Feng.

Whoever loses will crawl around the track, climbing while learning how to bark.

At that time, Sun Quan looked confident, but everyone saw it.

Of course, no one thinks there is any problem with Sun Quan, because Chen Feng is obviously a novice, and he drives a recognized broken car.

But the result was that Chen Feng not only slapped Sun Quan in the face, but also almost everyone in the audience!

Zhu Guangquan ran up to Chen Feng with excitement on his face, and patted Chen Feng on the shoulder again. He was a little bit incoherent with excitement: "Brother Chen Feng, it's hard for you to hide from Lao Zhu."

Pretending to be a pig and a tiger!

There is no doubt that Chen Feng is pretending to be a pig and eat a tiger!

Before starting the run, Zhu Guangquan had never thought that Chen Summit would win Sun Quan. He even prayed that Chen Feng would not lose too badly.

But in the end, not only did Chen Feng beat Sun Quan, even Deng Shiqi almost ate Chen Feng's exhaust!

These rich second-generation car skills in the field are not on the same level as Chen Feng!

Zhu Guangquan even felt that Chen Feng's true identity was a retired car god, and he came here purely to abuse food.

"I seem to have said, I am 100% sure that I can beat Sun Quan." Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and Zhu Guangquan felt that he was hiding it from him.

"Hey, how could Lao Zhu take it seriously at that time." Zhu Guangquan smiled, a little embarrassed.

Zhu Jiayan on the side was also flushed. She didn't believe in Chen Feng at first, and felt that Chen Feng was arrogant and bragging.

But facts have proved that Chen Feng is not only not arrogant, on the contrary, Chen Feng is very humble.

With Chen Feng's strength, if he runs earnestly from the beginning, he can completely win the championship of this supercar and even break the record of the Bohai Bay circuit.

But Chen Feng was not like that.

Zhu Jiayan hasn't seen a person like Chen Feng for a long time.

Chen Feng is completely different from the young Junyans she has seen in the past. The Junyans she has seen in the past have a three-point ability and can't wait to show off to others.

However, Chen Feng was very capable, only showing three points, as if he was afraid that others would know that he was good.

"Go, brother Chen Feng, let's go over and let Sun Quan's dog stuff fulfill the gambling agreement." Zhu Guangquan excitedly pulled Chen Feng and rushed to Sun Quan, fighting with Sun Quan for so long. This is the first time that Sun Quan has to eat. It is impossible for Zhu Guangquan to miss such a great opportunity to watch Sun Quan make a fool of himself.

On the other side, Sun Quan came down from Lamborghini without saying a word, his face gloomy and dripping with water.

The few young models who were originally surrounded by him were so far away from him at this time that they did not dare to come up and touch Sun Quan's brow.

"Sun Quan!" At this moment, Zhu Guangquan shouted excitedly.

Everyone's eyes all cast over.

"Sun Quan, do you remember what I said before the game?" Zhu Guangquan asked Sun Quan proudly.

"Zhu Guangquan, this matter seems to have nothing to do with you, right?" Sun Quan suppressed his anger. He was betting with Chen Feng, and Zhu Guangquan ran up to join in the fun.

"Why does it have nothing to do with me?" Zhu Guangquan raised his brows and said, "Chen Feng is my brother, and he drove the car I lent him. If he wins you, it is equivalent to I win you. Do you think this matter has anything to do with me?" What

Zhu Guangquan said is a righteous man, he has never been so proud in front of Sun Quan.

"What do you mean?!" Sun Quan suddenly turned his gaze to Chen Feng. The dangerous light gleaming in his eyes was self-evident, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that Sun Quan was threatening Chen Feng. As long as Chen Feng let go , Then he doesn’t have to fulfill the gambling contract and learn to bark on the ground.

"What do you mean?" Chen Feng smiled playfully, and said: "I mean, of course, you climbed around the track, while climbing while learning how to bark."

"Brother, don't be too much! Be a man and stay a line in the future. You should understand the truth of meeting each other!" Sun Quan threatened in a low voice. He didn't want to be too blatant and make this incident a storm, giving others an image that Sun Quan could not afford to lose.

Chen Feng shook his head, and said lightly: "I don't understand what to stay as a human being, so I can meet each other in the future. I only know that the gentleman takes revenge, not overnight! You make me upset today, then I don't have to make you upset!

" Get down and learn how to bark."

"Are you sure you want to do this?!" Sun Quan's teeth creaked, and the anger in his eyes almost turned to substance.

If he really lay down and learn how to bark in front of so many people, then his reputation would be completely over.

And the face of the Sun family will be lost.

"Why, you don't want to?" Chen Feng's expression also turned cold. If Sun Quan dared to break the contract in public, then he wouldn't mind letting Sun Quan know what it means to regret!

"Sun Quan." At this moment, a faint voice sounded in the arena.

Everyone turned their heads in amazement, but saw Deng Shiqi in a red and white motorcycle uniform walking over without expression.

Everyone automatically gave way, and Deng Shiqi came to a few people like a stroll in the courtyard.

"Shao Deng!" Sun Quan looked overjoyed and bowed respectfully.

"Shao Deng." Zhu Guangquan and Zhu Jiayan also bowed slightly and said hello to Deng Shiqi. Deng Shiqi's face, they dare not refuse.

Only Chen Feng didn't say anything during the whole process, or even glanced at Deng Shiqi.

"Your name is Chen Feng?" Deng Shiqi examined Chen Feng and said calmly.

Chen Feng smiled slightly and did not respond. He was not surprised that Deng Shiqi was able to investigate him so quickly, because Deng Shiqi had that strength.

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"Chen Feng? Does anyone know this kid do? Cangzhou Chen Han does not seem right."

"Nanning no, this kid estimate which sort of small family came out."

"Small family came out of dare So crazy, Shao Deng dare not answer any questions?"

Everyone talked in a low voice, not paying attention to Chen Feng at all.

Chapter: 208

Among the crowd, only Yue Ling was shocked and couldn't even speak.

It turned out to be Chen Feng!

Just when she saw California cross the finish line, she felt something was wrong and felt that the person in the car looked like Chen Feng.

When she walked closer, she immediately set off a huge wave in her heart.

It really is Chen Feng!

She read it right!

At this time, Yue Ling's inner shock was beyond words.

For Chen Feng, she was both fearful and afraid. When she was in the hotel last time, Chen Feng taught her a good lesson, letting her know what it means to be someone outside, there is heaven outside.

This time, Chen Feng came to the Chashen Cup again. Although it was not for her, she was also curious about what Chen Feng would do.

Obviously, apart from her, no one knew Chen Feng's identity in the field, and even everyone thought that Chen Feng came from an unknown family.

But Yue Ling knew it was impossible!

Although she didn't know what Chen Feng's true identity was, it was definitely not the heir to a small family that Gu Dongchen and Han Long could bow their heads at the same time.

At the very least, it is on the same level as Deng Shiqi!

Yue Ling was very curious whether Deng Shiqi, a strong dragon, could suppress Chen Feng, a local snake.

"Zhu Guangquan, give me a face, how about?" Deng Shiqi shifted his gaze to Zhu Guangquan and said with a smile.

"Shao Deng, what do you mean by...?" Zhu Guangquan said with a smile. In fact, he knew very well what Deng Shiqi meant.

Just want to stand up for Sun Quan and not let Sun Quan make a fool of yourself!

The reason why Deng Shiqi did not ask Chen Feng but asked him was obviously because Deng Shiqi was not sure to let Chen Feng bow his head.

But for him, Deng Shiqi is sure!

"What do I mean, you should understand." Deng Shiqi took a deep look at Zhu Guangquan. He actually underestimated Chen Feng's position in Zhu Guangquan's heart. He thought that after he said that he gave a face, Zhu Guangquan should immediately agree with sincerity and fear.

But Zhu Guangquan was here, gagging with him, with the intention of getting through it.

Obviously, Zhu Guangquan was afraid of hurting Chen Feng's face. After all, Chen Feng and Sun Quan made the bet. If he directly agreed on Chen Feng's behalf, he would not have Chen Feng in his eyes.

"Shao Deng, this matter depends on the opinions of Brother Chen Feng!" Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth and said. He also understood that saying this was tantamount to offending Deng Shiqi, but he could not help it. He still valued Chen Feng more than Deng Shiqi.

Although he had only met Chen Feng for less than a day, Zhu Guangquan thought Chen Feng as his brother, and let him lose Chen Feng's face in public at this time. He couldn't do it!

"Are you sure?" Deng Shiqi's voice became a little cold, Zhu Guangquan was a little too ignorant of praise.

"OK!" Zhu Guangquan categorically cut the railway.

Zhu Jiayan on the side sighed insignificantly. Her brother was too irrational. He even offended Deng Shiqi for someone who had only met for a day.

Now it is difficult for the Zhu family not to go bankrupt.

"Very good." Deng Shiqi smiled slightly and returned to his previous appearance.

But anyone with a discerning eye can see that Deng Shiqi was really upset this time, but his good upbringing did not let him show it.

"Zhu Guangquan, this stupid pig, has his brain flooded? He actually offended Shao Deng for a hillbilly."

"Yes, I'm so impatient to live. Shao Deng has given him and this hillbilly a lot of face. These two idiots, also I'm not satisfied."

"Now just wait to see the Zhu family go bankrupt."

Zhu Guangquan listened to everyone's whispering sarcasm, but he still didn't change his face. Now that he made a choice, he will not regret it. The Deng family's revenge, he will do it!

There was no expression on Chen Feng's face, but there was a bit of warmth in his heart. He could see that Zhu Guangquan's performance was not fake, it was completely true.

I have to say that there are not many people like Zhu Guangquan with a true temperament. It was the first time Chen Feng met in Cangzhou in the past few years.

Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, people like Zhu Guangquan are stupid and not worthy of friendship.

But in Chen Feng's view, a sincere person like Zhu Guangquan is someone who can truly entrust his friends for life. You can trust him with your back, and he will never betray you.

Soon, Deng Shiqi left the field, leaving Sun Quan alone.

Obviously, he does not intend to stand up for Sun Quan.

Sun Quan didn't dare to complain. Deng Shiqi's ability to show this attitude already made him very frightened.

He has to deal with the next thing himself.

"I'll give you one last chance. This matter will be exposed! From now on, our well water will not violate the river water!" Sun Quan said coldly, as a last resort, he didn't want to tear his face with Chen Feng, but let him It's impossible to learn how to bark on the ground!

"I'll give you one last chance. I will immediately kneel down and learn how to bark." Chen Feng said lightly.

"You! Find! Die!" Sun Quan gritted his teeth and said word by word, his eyes were cold and terrifying, and Chen Feng was so ignorant to promote, then he didn't need to reason with Chen Feng.

"Looking for death?" Chen Feng smiled jokingly, and said: "Not necessarily."

"Not necessarily?!" Sun Quan grinned, and you knew right away, it's not necessarily!

Seeing Sun Quan directly took out his mobile phone and began to call people, Zhu Guangquan's expression suddenly changed: "Sun Quan, what are you going to do?"

"Dead fat pig, now I know I'm afraid?!" Sun Quan sneered. Zhu Guangquan, an idiot, didn't know whether he was really naive or fake. He actually thought he would really lie down and learn how to bark.

"Sun Quan, you can't afford to lose?" Zhu Guangquan was a little frustrated. He did not expect that Sun Quan would dare to break the contract in front of so many people, completely shameless.

"I just can't afford to lose, what can you do to me?" Sun Quan looked arrogantly provocative. Since he has torn his face, he doesn't bother to pretend to Zhu Guangquan.

"You...grass!" Zhu Guangquan said in a straightforward and foul language, and there was really no way to make sense with a rogue like Sun Quan.

"Brother Chen Feng, let's go." Zhu Guangquan couldn't help taking a look at Chen Feng, and now he can only leave. After all, heroes don't suffer from immediate losses, and the people Sun Quan calls are definitely not capable of fighting. Although he has studied martial arts, before he became a Ming Jin martial artist, he was hard to beat with four hands.

Ten thousand steps back and said, even if he could beat the person Sun Quan called, Chen Feng couldn't stand it.

"Go?" Chen Feng raised the corner of his mouth and said, "Why are you going? I haven't heard the dog barking yet."

Zhu Guangquan was shocked, the dog barked? At this time, you are still thinking about the barking of dogs, are you not afraid of death?

"This hillbilly... is that stupid? He thought that Shao Sun would be as good as Shao Deng?"

"It's probably itchy, and I want to be loosened by Shao Sun's people."

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"No, I think he has a bad brain and wants to let him Shao Sun's people fix his brain."

Everyone mocked unscrupulously.

Chapter: 209

A minute later, more than a dozen big muscular men in black came over, carrying various weapons in their hands.

"Shao Sun." A dozen big men in black walked up to Sun Quan, bending over together.

Sun Quan glanced at Chen Feng triumphantly, as if he wanted to see Chen Feng's expression of horror, but Chen Feng's expression was still indifferent, as if he didn't know what was afraid of.

Sun Quan suddenly became angry, pointing at Chen Feng, and said viciously: "Unload this bastard's two legs for me!"

"Yes, Shao Sun." A

dozen black-clothed men nodded together, then raised their weapons and turned towards Chen. Feng wrapped up.

"Want to clean up Brother Chen Feng? First pass the Lao Tzu test!" Zhu Guangquan stood up angrily.

"Fight together! I am responsible for killing!" Sun Quan sneered, Zhu Guangquan, the only one who really took himself seriously.

"Mr. Chen, run quickly, you are not their opponents." Zhu Jiayan glanced at Chen Feng anxiously. Zhu Guangquan's temperament, she knew very well that he was the kind of person with a streak. Chen Feng would not run. He won't run away. Once Sun Quan comes to life, Zhu Guangquan might be killed today.

Chen Feng shook his head and said: "Miss Zhu, don't worry, I won't let your brother have an accident."

"But, there are more than a dozen of them..." Zhu Jiayan just wanted to say that there were more than a dozen people on Sun Quan, but she said Before he finished speaking, he saw that Chen Feng had walked straight towards a dozen men in black.

Seeing Chen Feng standing in front of him, Zhu Guangquan suddenly became anxious: "Brother Chen Feng, will you fight?"

"A little bit." Chen Feng smiled and said.

know a little? Sun Quan grinned, this idiot who doesn't know the heights of the sky, thinks his bodyguards are the same as those on the street? It is no exaggeration to say that any of his bodyguards can fight ten or even twenty street gangsters!

Clean up Chen Feng, maybe you don't need a hand!

In the next second, more than a dozen black-clothed men waved their weapons towards Zhu Guangquan and Chen Feng.

Zhu Guangquan took the lead in stepping out, and his iron fist swung sharply like a cannonball out of the chamber, and slammed heavily on the chest of the leader.

With just a punch, the black-clothed man headed flew out like a kite with a broken line, flying a full seven or eight meters before landing on the ground.

There was a commotion in the crowd, and everyone obviously did not expect that Zhu Guangquan, who was obese, would have such an amazing fighting power.

Sun Quan's gaze was also condensed for unchecked. He knew that Zhu Guangquan was just a step away from the martial artist, so Zhu Guangquan was not surprised by this behavior.

If Zhu Guangquan is a warrior today, then it is impossible for him to trouble Zhu Guangquan, and even kneel directly to Chen Feng.

But Zhu Guangquan is not after all.

Although he is only one step away from the martial artist now, this foot may not necessarily be crossed in his life.

So Zhu Guangquan, strictly speaking, he is still an ordinary person.

A slightly stronger ordinary person.

As long as it is an ordinary person, there will be some treatment.

The dozen or so people he sent could completely kill Zhu Guangquan with a wheel war.

All the focus of the audience was on Zhu Guangquan, and few people paid attention to Chen Feng.

At this time, Chen Feng shot.

With a fluttering punch, it hit the arm of a big guy who was brandishing a mountain knife.

"Kacha." There was a

crisp fracture sound, and Big Han screamed suddenly, his face turned into pig liver color.

This sudden scream finally attracted everyone's attention.

Compared with Zhu Guangquan, Chen Feng's moves are not very open.

On the contrary, Chen Feng seemed to have not eaten enough, and every punch gave a soft feeling.

But it was such a soft fist that made the scalp numb of everyone in the audience, and they couldn't stop breathing in cold air.

They found that anyone who was hit by Chen Feng's fist would have their bones broken!

Whether it is an arm or a leg bone, as long as Chen Feng touches it, there will inevitably be a click!

It's as if Chen Feng's fist is like a hammer!

The onlookers all had scalp numb, and one can imagine how frightened the dozens of black-clothed men who are facing Chen Feng at this moment.


They are scared!

Although Zhu Guangquan's moves are fierce, at most he suffers from internal injuries.

But Chen Feng was different. This guy broke the bones directly.

Almost subconsciously, a few big men in black went to Zhu Guangquan's side. They would rather be bombarded by Zhu Guangquan than face Chen Feng.

In less than three seconds, Zhu Guangquan was surrounded by big men in black, and there was no one in front of Chen Feng.

This scene almost directly exploded Sun Quan.

He never expected that things would turn into this way. The person he called to clean up Chen Feng was afraid of Chen Feng and didn't dare to do anything to Chen Feng!

Chen Feng was also a little surprised. How could Sun Quan's bodyguards be so spineless. He didn't even show 1% of his strength, so he was afraid of this. Then if he tried his best, these people would not be scared. dead.

After shaking his head, Chen Feng walked towards Sun Quan.

"Brother, I have something to discuss." Sun Quan swallowed. Now he is a bare siling. It couldn't be easier for Chen Feng to clean him up.

"Discussion?" Chen Feng glanced at Sun Quan with a smile, "Now I know the discussion. Why didn't you discuss with me when someone interrupted my leg?"

Sun Quan smirked and said: "Joke …Mr. Chen, I was just kidding with you.”

Sun Quan’s performance made Chen Feng a little speechless. He knows why Sun Quan’s bodyguard is so spineless. There is such a spineless master Sun Quan. It’s strange that they have a backbone.

"Really?" Chen Feng said with a playful smile, "Then how about I also make a joke with you?"

"What joke?" Sun Quan spoke subconsciously. After speaking, he regretted a little, his mouth was too cheap.

"Either kneel and learn how to bark, or I will interrupt your three legs." Chen Feng smiled slightly, and he added one more leg to Sun Quan's two legs, which men have.

Sun Quan's mouth twitched, three legs, why Chen Feng was more ruthless than him.

"Give you a minute to think about it." Chen Feng said lightly. He didn't have the time to play with Sun Quan. If Sun Quan still doesn't kneel down to learn how to bark after a minute, then he won't be polite to Sun Quan.

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Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds...the

time passed every second, everyone in the audience stared at Sun Quan, wondering, Sun Quan was kneeling to learn how to bark and was interrupted by Chen Feng's three legs. Which one will you choose?


Sun Quan finally knelt on the ground with a knee full of humiliation.

He didn't dare to bet whether Chen Feng had the guts to break his three legs in public.



Chapter: 210

Sun Quan learned how to bark several times, but no one onlookers dared to laugh.

Instead, his expression is complicated.

No one thought that the situation would evolve into what it is now.

In the beginning, when Sun Quan and Chen Feng bet, no one thought that Sun Quan would lose.

Even if Sun Quan loses, no one thinks that Chen Summit has the ability to let Sun Quan fulfill his bet.

But now...

Looking at Sun Quan, who was kneeling on the ground to learn how to bark, everyone felt their own faces aching.

Only Yue Ling in the court was not surprised by this result. She was the only one who knew Chen Feng's approximate identity, so she knew that Sun Quan could not jump up in front of Chen Feng.

After Sun Quan fulfilled his betting contract, Chen Feng left the arena directly, preparing to return to the hotel, and did not have the thought of continuing to care about Sun Quan.

Looking at Chen Feng's back, Zhu Jiayan sighed slightly, Chen Fengshi sighed for their brothers and sisters and severely humiliated Sun Quan.

But the price of this humiliation is a bit big.

Offended the Sun family, and... the Deng family! These two mountains!

The next Zhu family will inevitably walk on thin ice, and if you are not careful, they will be forever.

"Brother Chen Feng, wait for me!" Contrary to Zhu Jiayan, Zhu Guangquan didn't think so much at all. In his opinion, it's okay to be cool now, and I'll talk about things later.

At night, Chen Feng's identity was finally dug out by everyone.

The son-in-law of the Xia family!

There is no doubt that Chen Feng's identity once again caused an uproar.

No one thought that the ruthless man who could beat Deng Shiqi in a supercar race and then let Sun Quan kneel and learn to barking would be just a door-to-door son-in-law!

The son-in-law now is so awesome?

Inside the hotel, Sun Quan panted heavily, his eyes flushed, and he shredded the documents in his hand.

My son-in-law!

Turned out to be a waste son-in-law!

He couldn't even think of killing him. The person who caused him to be humiliated was such an identity.

Sun Quan was almost mad.

It can be foreseen how people outside will laugh at him.

The grandson of the grandson was forced to kneel to learn how to bark by a door-to-door son-in-law!

Not only his face was lost, the Sun family's face was also lost!

Must find this place!

Sun Quan gritted his teeth and thought, if he can't kill Chen Feng before the end of the Cha Shen Cup, then he will be killed by the family elder when he returns to Sun's house!

Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, his identity has spread throughout Bohai Bay.

At this time, he was still in the room, trying to control his true energy.

At this moment, Zhu Guangquan pushed the door in anxiously.

"Chen Feng, Jia Yan is missing."

"Jia Yan is missing?" Chen Feng's mind sank. Why was Jia Yan missing?

"Well, when I called her, I couldn't get through. I asked the staff at the hotel and they said they didn't see it." Zhu Guangquan's sweat burst out. Zhu Jiayan is not the kind of person who leaves without saying a word. Now that it disappears mysteriously, it is very likely that it was kidnapped.

"Have you ever asked Sun Quan?" Chen Feng said solemnly. Although he offended Deng Shiqi and Sun Quan at the same time today, Deng Shiqi is not like the kind of person who can do things like kidnapping, but Sun Quan. People, it is very likely that Zhu Jiayan will threaten him and Zhu Guangquan.

"I asked, Sun Quan said that he didn't know about that dog." Zhu Guangquan said.

"I'll ask again." Chen Feng got up, how Sun Quan was afraid of Zhu Guangquan, so he might not tell the truth to Zhu Guangquan.

"Okay." Zhu Guangquan nodded.

Soon, the two came to Sun Quan's room.

Seeing Chen Feng, Sun Quan's eyes suddenly burst into anger, but he was quickly suppressed.


"Where is Jiayan?" Chen Feng said coldly.

"I don't know!" Sun Quan suppressed his anger. Zhu Guangquan had already come to ask him, but he really didn't know where Zhu Jiayan was.

"Let's go." Chen Feng frowned, turned and left, Sun Quan did not lie, he could tell.

"Could it be Deng Shiqi?" Zhu Guangquan couldn't help asking after leaving Sun Quan's room. Although he also knew that Deng Shiqi was unlikely to do this kind of thing, he could not help but doubt.

"It should not be." Chen Feng frowned. Deng Shiqi is obviously the kind of arrogant person. He can't use this kind of kidnapping method. If he wants to deal with himself and Zhu Guangquan, he can use his hands directly. Power.

"Don't worry, I'll go to the mountain to look for it." Chen Feng said. He is a warrior of Huajin. If he runs with all his strength, he will search the Bohai Bay and it won't take long.

"Okay, I'll go to the foot of the mountain." Zhu Guangquan nodded. Now, it's useless to be anxious. If the other party takes Zhu Jiayan away and the ultimate goal is for him and Chen Feng, then they will speak up sooner or later. If not, it will take more than an hour. After all, Zhu Jiayan's hope of survival is probably not great.

After leaving the hotel, Chen Feng closed his eyes and began to feel Zhu Jiayan's breath everywhere.

When the martial artist reached the realm of Huajin, in addition to the vitality in his body, his divine consciousness began to develop slowly.

In the early stage of the transformation, even if he closed his eyes, Chen Feng could feel the wind and grass within a hundred meters.

This is the benefit of divine consciousness.

The reason why the Huajin fighters can avoid bullets is because they have divine minds, which can predict the trajectory of bullets in advance and react accordingly.

After a while, Chen Feng opened his eyes suddenly, and a ray of light burst into his eyes.

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Originally, he just felt it with the attitude of trying it out, but he didn't expect that it really made him feel it!

Chen Feng stomped his foot abruptly, and his whole body flew away like an off-string arrow in the direction where Zhu Jiayan disappeared.

At this time, on a boulder deep in the forest.

A lean old man with dry skin in a black robe was sitting cross-legged, closing his eyes and practicing.

In front of the old man, there were also four young girls in different dresses sitting cross-legged, but at this time, the state of these four young girls was a bit strange.

Their pretty faces were pale, they had completely lost their blood, and their bodies were shaking uncontrollably.

Each of their wrists was wrapped with a red thread. The red thread was two meters long. One end was wrapped around the wrists of four young girls, and the other end was held in the hands of thin old people.

At this moment, the lean old man seemed to be performing some kind of exercises, and he kept exhaling breath, and his abdomen kept rising and falling with the breath.

It looks terrifying.

After a while, it seemed that something was wrong, and the lean old man suddenly opened his eyes, his expression a little surprised.

Who is coming?

Why do I have a sense of crisis of life and death? The lean old man's heart was enveloped by a strong anxiety. He had never felt such a strong sense of life and death, as if he was about to die in the next second!