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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 211-220 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 211


Soon, the lean old man made a decision that he wanted to run away.

Although there are very few people in Cangzhou and Nanning who can threaten him, he still doesn't want to bet.

If by any chance the gambling is lost, the life will be lost.

As soon as the almost lean old man left his front feet, Chen Feng fell from the sky.

Taking a look at the four pale-faced young girls lying on the ground, Chen Feng's eyebrows couldn't help but feel cold.

Practicing evil skills!

Just looking for death!

Chen Feng was furious, but he still forcibly suppressed the urge to chase the lean old man.

The lean old man has a chance to solve it at any time, but right now, if Zhu Jiayan and the other three young girls are not saved, he might not be far from death.

Chen Feng looked down on xiashen and probed the conditions of the four girls, and found that the aura in the four girls was very disordered at the moment.

Chen Feng frowned. This disorder was obviously caused by excessive loss of vitality.

Absorb the evil power of vitality...

Miao Jiang!

Related to Miaojiang!

A gleam of light flashed in Chen Feng's eyes. When he and Xiao Guozhong traveled in China, he met many young girls who died of vitality in the Miao area.

After investigation, it was discovered that those young girls who were cut off from life had all died by the same group of people.

At that time, these people practiced a kind of exercise called the Imperial Female Scripture, and they were rampant in the Miao area, but all the young girls who were full of vitality were their prey.

There were no fewer than hundreds of young girls who died tragically under the evil power of Yunvjing!

When Xiao Guozhong learned of it, he was furious. He took Chen Feng and ran for three hundred miles overnight. He found the headquarters of the Imperial Girl’s Educator and killed dozens of high-level officials. Dogs do not stay.

In the middle of Huajin, the Pope Queen was interrupted by Xiao Guozhong, thrown into the Snake Valley, and howled for three days and nights before he died.

The entire Miao border is terrified!

Chen Feng thought that the Imperial Girl Cult was slaughtered by Xiao Guozhong.

Even if there are one or two missing fish, they should not dare to appear again.

Unexpectedly, I saw a person from the Maiden's Cult here again today, and looking at the speed at which this person can absorb vitality, he is obviously still a high-level Maiden's Cult.

The least cultivation base is also the mid-stage dark energy!

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In the mid-stage of Dark Jin, perhaps it was nothing to Chen Feng now.

But for the entire Cangzhou martial arts world, the middle stage of the dark energy is no different from the existence of catastrophe.

Since Ye Dongxiao's blood washed the Cangzhou martial arts world 20 years ago, there have been few martial artists who can stand out in the Cangzhou martial arts world.

Chen Feng estimated that in the entire Cangzhou martial arts world, the strongest martial artist at the moment would die in the mid-term, and was comparable to this cult martial artist.

Shook his head, Chen Feng suppressed the chaotic thoughts in his mind.

His top priority is to help the four girls in front of him get back to life as soon as possible.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng began to circulate the energy in his body.

After Huajin, the qi in his body has already reached a level of purity, so it can be used as a substitute for vitality in the human body.

The vitality of these four girls being absorbed by the maidens is not small, almost to the point where they each have half their lives.

But for Chen Feng, these vitalities are less than one percent of his energy.

This is the horror of Huajin Warrior.

When it comes to this state, no matter what else, just talk about the vitality in the body, the Huajinwu person is an inhuman existence.

If nothing unexpected happens, the vitality in a normal Huajin fighter is enough to support this Huajin fighter and live to be one hundred and fifty years old!

Almost twice the life span of ordinary people!

A few minutes later, the faces of Zhu Jiayan and the other three girls began to become ruddy.

After seeing that the four of them had no major problems, Chen Feng also stopped his movements.

Zhu Jiayan was the first to open his eyes and saw Chen Feng. Her beautiful eyes were suddenly full of surprise: "Mr. Chen, why are you here?"

"You were kidnapped." Chen Feng sighed, he I didn't intend to tell Zhu Jiayan the truth, because Zhu Jiayan couldn't bear it at all. For Zhu Jiayan, the warrior in the middle of the dark Jin period was more terrifying than the Deng family.

"Kidnapping?!" Zhu Jiayan was shocked, then glanced at the surrounding environment, her face turned pale suddenly.

"Mr. Chen, what's going on?"

"Do you remember how I went up the mountain?" Chen Feng asked. The place where he and Zhu Jiayan are now is seven or eight kilometers away from the hotel, which is so long. If Zhu Jiayan walked along the road, she should have an impression.

"I don't remember." Zhu Jiayan shook her head, somewhat at a loss.

"It seems that a hotel attendant came into my room and put something in my room, and then I lost consciousness, and when I woke up, I saw Mr. Chen." Zhu Jiayan said.

"Okay, I see." Chen Feng nodded. It was obvious that the imperial girl taught in the hotel.

Chen Feng estimated that Zhu Jiayan and the other three girls in front of him were definitely not the first victims.

In addition to them, there may have been people who had been killed before, but they were not exposed.

A few minutes later, Zhu Guangquan took the people up the mountain in a hurry. Seeing that Zhu Jiayan was fine, Zhu Guangquan was finally relieved.

"Brother Chen Feng, how did you find Jiayan?" Zhu Guangquan couldn't help but ask. He mobilized so many people that he didn't even see Zhu Jiayan's shadow, but Chen Feng found it easily when he shot. On the mountain seven or eight kilometers away, it was amazing.

"I don't know how to find it. It may be... intuitive." Chen Feng smiled and said, it is impossible for him to tell Zhu Guangquan that he found it by the unique spiritual mind of the Huajin warrior, so it shouldn't be scared. Zhu Guangquan died.

"Haha, Brother Chen Feng, your instinct is awesome." Zhu Guangquan laughed and said, "By the way, Brother Chen Feng, where are the gangsters who kidnapped Jiayan and these three girls?"

"I haven't seen it either." Chen Feng shook his head and said, "When I went up the mountain, I saw Jiayan and the others lying here."

"Damn bastards, it's best not to let Laozi meet." Zhu Guangquan couldn't help but explode,

"Chen Brother Feng, I won’t say thank you to Lao Zhu. After all, I don’t want to thank you. I owe you my life to Lao Zhu in the future. If there is anything wrong with Brother Chen Feng, you can call Lao Zhu, and Lao Zhu desperately. I have to do it for you." Zhu Guangquan said seriously. His words were completely rubbish and not half false. Since meeting Chen Feng, Chen Feng has helped him a lot and saved Zhu Jiayan's life. Kindness, he can only pay his life.

"It's too serious, Lao Zhu, my brother, what he said is fatal." Chen Feng smiled and said. From the moment Zhu Guangquan stood on his side against Deng Shiqi's pressure, he regarded Zhu Guangquan as his own, so no matter what trouble Zhu Guangquan encountered, he would take action.

Chapter: 212

The group returned to the hotel again, it was late at night.

The waiter who walked into Zhu Jiayan's room disappeared without a trace, and the monitoring in the hotel had long since been cut off.

It is impossible for Zhu Guangquan to find any clues.

In this regard, Chen Feng did not have the slightest surprise. The people of the Imperial Girl Cult obviously have a relationship with the high-level officials of Bohai Bay.

With the help of high-level officials in Bohai Bay, it is not difficult to erase all suspicious traces.

After washing, Chen Feng returned to the room.

At this time, in the living room of a small European-style villa not far from the Chenfeng Hotel, a tall and tall woman in a black dress was sitting on the sofa, looking bored at the photo in her hand.

If Chen Feng were here, he would be surprised.

Because these photos are all about him!

When I met the robbers up the mountain, and then rescued Zhu Jiayan in the back mountain, there was almost nothing left out!

"Heir of the Chen family, that's nothing more." After a while, the girl in the black dress pouted in disdain, and threw the photo in her hand onto the table.

"Miss, why did you say this?" A hoarse old woman's voice suddenly sounded behind the black dress girl.

"Aunt Qing, didn't you say that this Chen Feng might be in the late stage of Anjin? How can he not even catch up to the middle stage of Anjin?" The black skirt girl curled her lips.

The old woman behind the black dress girl was a little helpless. In fact, she had seen the perspective taken by the Ye family drone. It was not that Chen Feng did not catch up with Wu Jiuyou, but that Chen Feng did not chase Wu Jiuyou at all.

Although there is only one word difference, the meaning is completely different.

But her own lady is arrogant, she would rather believe that Chen Feng can't catch up, or believe that Chen Feng is too lazy to chase.

"Miss, the heir of the Chen family, it is better not to underestimate it. Only with the help of the heir of the Chen family can you escape the forced marriage of the Deng family." The old woman sighed quietly. Since Ye Dongxiao disappeared, the Ye family One year is worse than one year.

In the eyes of secular people, the Ye family's prosperity is beyond doubt.

But at the level of the martial arts world, today's Ye Family has a taste of the west.

The old generation of warriors left by Ye Dongxiao walked and died, and there was not much left.

The new generation, except Ye Haitang, no one can stand out and stand alone.

If this continues, within a few years, the Ye family will completely become a vassal of some martial arts families.

"Aunt Qing, is the Deng family really that scary?" Ye Haitang was a little helpless. Although she is a daughter, she has always regarded herself as a boy. This is especially true in martial arts practice. This year, although she is only 26 She was already a martial artist in the late Ming Jin period, so she didn't think how terrifying the Deng family's dark Jin mid-term was. Give her four or five years to break through to the dark Jin mid-term.

Qingyi sighed:. "Miss, you are still very small, you do not understand, for now leaves home, the Deng family, what does that mean,"

"Do not look now is the early Qing Yi Anjin, may Qingyi in In Deng Fengnian's hands, he couldn't hold on even three moves. What's more, in addition to Deng Fengnian, there were Wu Jiuyou's old things, Wu Jiuyou's old things, who practiced evil skills over the years, breaking through to the late stage of Anjin. It's just around the corner."

"Once Wu Jiuyou breaks through, the Deng family will never talk to our Ye family at all. At that time, they will probably force the young lady to marry."

"Okay." Ye Haitang pouted, although very Reluctant, but she also understands how dangerous the Ye family’s current situation is. Ye Dongxiao’s absence, and these Xiaoxiao, all regard Ye family as a piece of meat. Even if there is no Deng family, there will be Li family and Zhao family.

"Aunt Qing, what if Chen Feng doesn't dare to do anything to the Deng family?" Ye Haitang asked. This is what she is most afraid of now. Although Chen Feng is the heir of the Chen family, according to the information she found, Chen Feng is not very much valued in the Chen family, and even many people in the Chen family have the meaning of excluding Chen Feng a bit.

Such Chen Feng can be said to be weak, and it is normal to be afraid of a behemoth like the Deng family.

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Aunt Qing shook her head and said: "No, although Aunt Qing has never touched this person, looking at this person's course, it is obvious that this person is not the kind of courageous rat, on the contrary, this People are very courageous. He even dared to calculate the Chen family. There is a Deng’s family, and this person would not

pay attention to it ." Ye Haitang nodded slightly . The calculation Chen family mentioned by Aunt Qing naturally refers to Yuquanshan’s. thing. The relationship between Chen Feng and the Chen family is still top secret in the outside world. The reason why she can understand it is because Aunt Qing has a relationship with someone in the Chen family who is at a high level.

The person revealed some news, and she and Aunt Qing learned some of the inside story.

"Miss, the only thing you need to think about now is how to use this person to resist the Deng family for you." Aunt Qing warned. In fact, she had been eyeing Chen Feng a long time ago, but she has never been in contact with Chen Feng. Opportunity.

This time, Ye Haitang discovered that Chen Feng's people have been moving frequently and seemingly have a posture of dominating Cangzhou.

Ye Haitang's idea is very simple. Since Chen Feng wants to unify Cangzhou, she must not be bypassed.

Instead of waiting passively for Chen Feng to find her, she would take the initiative to create a chance for Chen Feng.

So Ye Haitang held the Cha Shen Cup.

Ye Haitang's original plan was to use the Cha God Cup to secretly cause a conflict between Chen Feng and Deng Shiqi, and without her showing up, let Chen Feng attack Deng Shiqi and make enemies with the Deng family.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng actually drove the Audi up the mountain. Obviously, Chen Feng had never thought of letting himself appear on the bright side.

In this way, her plan naturally fell through.

But Liu Anhua was in another village. Just when she thought Chen Feng would not meet Deng Shiqi, Sun Quan appeared.

Moreover, he took the initiative to provoke Chen Feng recklessly.

As soon as Sun Quan appeared, everything became logical.

Deng Shiqi turned out for Sun Quan, and naturally had an antagonism with Chen Feng.

All this has returned to the original track.

But the biggest problem now is that the gap between Deng Shiqi and Chen Feng is not big enough, and she needs to add fire.

Chen Feng didn't know that there were so many calculations in this. At this time, his mind was all on the maidens.

In the afternoon, in order to save Zhu Jiayan and the other three young girls, Chen Feng missed the best opportunity to chase and kill the imperial girl.

Now we can only rely on the only clues in her hands to judge the traces of the maidens.

Chen Feng didn't intend to let go of this evil cultivation. As Xiao Guozhong's closed disciple, Chen Feng naturally inherited Xiao Guozhong's greatest qualities, and hated evil.

So even if he chases to the ends of the world, he will destroy the evil cultivation of the Maid Cult.

The maddening martial arts sect of the Maiden Cult should not exist in this world at all.

Chapter: 213

The only clue in Chen Feng's hands now is breath.

Although the evil repairs who absorbed Zhu Jiayan's four life chances escaped quickly, he still left his breath.

Chen Feng had remembered this breath for himself, and if he saw it again, he would be able to recognize it.

Now let's see if the evil cultivator has the guts to reappear in Bohai Bay again, Chen Feng thought to himself.

Early the next morning, Chen Feng got up on time.

Yesterday's supercar race was just an appetizer for the Chashen Cup. The real highlight is today's professional race.

The so-called professional races are naturally professional drivers. Most of their level is the top of the world, which can completely crush the rich second generation of yesterday.

However, Chen Feng didn't care about these, and his mind was all on the people of the Imperial Girl's Church.

After walking in the crowd for a while, Chen Feng gradually found several suspicious figures.

The breath radiating from these figures is almost the same as the cult of the Imperial Girl Cult that I encountered in Houshan yesterday!

Chen Feng frowned. He thought that after he was frightened yesterday, the cultivators of the Imperial Girl Cult should rush out of Bohai Bay in a panic, but unexpectedly, they never thought of running away.

This is because I am sure I can do nothing about them?

Chen Feng couldn't help but feel cold, since you don't want to run, then you all should not run!

"Brother Chen Feng, the professional game is about to start, why are you still here?" At this moment, Zhu Guangquan hurried over.

"Professional competition?" Chen Feng was stunned, he didn't seem to have said that he would participate in a professional competition.

Seeing Chen Feng's bewildered look, Zhu Guangquan was also taken aback: "You don't know?"

"What do you know?" Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He went to sleep immediately after coming back last night, and didn't receive any news related to the professional game. .

"The top three in the supercar race can be directly registered for the professional race." Zhu Guangquan said, unlike yesterday's supercar race, the professional race of the Cheshen Cup, because the participants are all professional drivers, so the intensity Very high, it is not something you can participate in if you want to.

Requirement to compete.

The last time he has to be a B-class driver certified by the Racing Association.

Of course, there are exceptions, that is, players who have won the top three supercars.

Generally speaking, to get the top three in supercar races, the level is not much weaker than that of professional drivers.

Just like Deng Shiqi, he is already an A-class driver in the serious grade of the Racing Association.

It is only one level lower than the top S-class drivers in the world.

Even in this professional competition, Deng Shiqi's level is at the top.

Of course, only people in the circle know this information. Chen Feng doesn't pay attention to it at all on weekdays, and he doesn't know that the inside story is normal.

"I won't sign up." Chen Feng was a little helpless. He didn't know that there was such a rule. If he knew it, he wouldn't run second yesterday, and he would just run fourth or fifth. In short, he could beat Sun Quan. That's it.

"Why didn't you report?" Zhu Guangquan was taken aback, and said: "Brother Chen Feng, it is a pity not to participate in the professional game at your level. If you play, there is nothing to do with Deng Shiqi's grandson."

"And, do you know? The prize money for the champion of the professional tournament is one hundred million!" When it comes to money, Zhu Guangquan’s eyes flashed green.

"It's one hundred million, not ten million!" Zhu Guangquan repeated again, "Brother Chen Feng, if you can win the title, you won't talk about fame or anything. Just the bonus will be enough for you to have a good life for the rest of your life. "

Zhu Guangquan looked at Chen Feng with scorching eyes. From his point of view, this matter was not considered at all. If he was at the level of Chen Feng, he would definitely not say anything, just go to the competition.

That is a bonus of 100 million!

What is the concept of a billion, in layman's terms, is equivalent to an ordinary person winning the 5 million lottery 20 times in a row!

But it takes luck to win the lottery. Many ordinary people cannot win once in their lifetime, let alone win 20 times in a row.

But now, Chen Feng only needs to take part in the competition, and he can do many things that ordinary people can't do in a lifetime.

"Okay, let me try." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Zhu Guangquan had already said that. If he didn't pass, he would be a bit too much. Although he doesn't lack the one hundred million, he is also good for fun.

"Walk around, Brother Chen Feng, I'll take you to change your clothes." Zhu Guangquan said happily. He can't wait to see what Chen Feng looked like when he was leading the audience on the professional field for a while.

"Master, he is participating in the competition." Almost as soon as Chen Feng entered the locker room, someone reported the news to Deng Shiqi.

Deng Shiqi's eyes flashed insignificantly, and he said gloomily, "Do it!"

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"Yes, Master!"

At the same time, inside the Ye Family Villa.

The female secretary in an OL skirt said respectfully: "Miss, as you might expect, Deng Shiqi's people moved their hands and feet on Chen Feng's car." Ye Haitang

nodded slightly and said, "I see."

Did you know? The female secretary was stunned: "Miss, don't you plan to remind Chen Feng?"

"Remind?" Ye Haitang raised his mouth and said, "Do you think that Chen Feng is so stupid?"

"Stupid?" The female secretary was even more puzzled. .

Ye Haitang shook his head and said, "Xiang'er, don't worry, Deng Shiqi is a mere mere person, and he can still handle it. If he can't even handle Deng Shiqi, then he deserves to die!"

Chen Feng changed into his safety clothes. After that, it was already ten thirty, and half an hour before the start of the game.

Other professional drivers participating in the competition have also appeared one after another.

Deng Shiqi, who was wearing a red and white motorcycle uniform, was on the list. Today, Deng Shiqi not only wears a motorcycle uniform, but also wears a white safety helmet on his head.

Although his body was covered tightly, his tall and straight figure was very eye-catching among the crowd.

Several cameras next to him have aimed their cameras at him, doing pre-match interviews for Deng Shiqi.

As one of the few A-class drivers in the Chess Cup, Deng Shiqi definitely has the ability to win the championship. Coupled with his status as the young master of the Deng family, it is difficult not to pay attention to him.

At this time, there was another agitation in the crowd.

A slender figure wearing a black motorcycle suit and a black safety helmet appeared.

Ye Haitang!

Chen Feng squinted his eyes. Although this figure also wore a safety helmet, only a pair of eyes were exposed, but Chen Feng could still recognize it.

This figure is Ye Haitang.

Not much worse than Chen Feng had expected, Ye Haitang was indeed a martial artist, and his realm was still very high.

Late Ming Jin!

It's horrible!

In Cangzhou, a place where Wudao fault martial arts practice is extremely scarce, Ye Haitang's ability to reach the late Ming Jin realm at this age can already be said to be unique.

Chapter: 214

Jinling Yang Family, Yang Tai, known as the prince, is now only the late Ming Jin.

Needless to say Yang Tai's own talent.

Behind him, there is the huge Yang Family, who provides him with training resources, and even more secretive late martial artists to show him the way.

But even so, Yang Tai is only in the same realm as Ye Haitang.

One can imagine how terrifying Ye Haitang's talent is.

Many drivers were in place one after another, and official maintenance personnel began to inspect the vehicles.

Chen Feng sat in the car with a touch of playfulness at the corner of his mouth.

Deng Shiqi did not let him down. He made some changes to the official car that was prepared for him. Braking, clutching, jetting, tires...almost everywhere, he moved his hands and feet.

If you are a normal person, you can drive a car like this and run for a few minutes at most, the car will be destroyed.

The official maintenance personnel arrived and inspected Chen Feng'attentively', and then made an OK gesture to indicate that there was nothing wrong with Chen Feng's car.

Chen Feng did not have the slightest surprise in this regard. Deng Shiqi can do things in his car, and naturally he can buy official maintenance personnel. This is not difficult for him.

At this time, many people in the venue were observing Chen Feng in secret.

Deng Shiqi breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the official maintenance personnel had left, and Chen Feng did not personally check it again.

Chen Feng didn't find it!

Since you haven't found it, you are a trash, just wait for the car to crash and die! Deng Shiqi glanced at Chen Feng coldly, and thought secretly.

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"Miss, Mr. Chen doesn't seem to notice anything wrong." Ye Haitang's people also felt that Chen Feng was a bit too calm, as if nothing happened, wouldn't he plan to check his car himself? Although the hands and feet of Deng Shiqi's people are very cryptic, if you check carefully, you can still find something wrong.

Ye Haitang's beautiful willow eyebrows frowned, why is Chen Feng so eager? This kind of life-threatening matter did not end up personally.

"Forget it, don't worry, the medical team will be staring at him for a while. If something goes wrong, save the person as soon as possible." Ye Haitang said, the game will start in one minute, and at this time, she can't go anymore. Remind Chen Feng that it would only be inside and outside and not a person. The reason why the medical team was staring at Chen Feng was not because she cared about Chen Feng, but because Chen Feng’s identity was too special. After all, he was the heir of the Chen family, and Deng Shiqi didn’t know. She still knew Chen Feng's identity.

If she sits and watches Chen Feng's death here, then she will not escape the Chen family's responsibility.

With the firing of the starting gun, the game officially began.

The audience cheered thunderously.

The drones of Douyu and Huya all focused their perspective on the track and began to broadcast the Car God Cup.

The harsh racing sound reverberated throughout the audience.

Lightning catapulted to start.

Today’s professional race track used the Bohai Eighteenth Bend, known as the death track.

Winding and twisting, shaped like a dragon.

The entire track is built entirely on the hillside, and the terrain is extremely high. If you are not careful, the vehicle will rush out of the track and fall into the valley.

Every year, two or three unlucky professional drivers are buried in the Bohai Bay circuit, using their lives to achieve the prestige of the death circuit.

Today's Chen Feng did not control the steering wheel with great effort like yesterday.

But by hand.

The effect is also obvious. From the beginning, Chen Feng ran to the first echelon.

The ranking is second only to Ye Haitang and Deng Shiqi, and there is another professional driver.

One minute later, Chen Feng had already surpassed the professional driver and came behind Deng Shiqi, almost on par with Deng Shiqi.

After seeing Chen Feng catching up, Deng Shiqi sneered in his heart and didn't panic. If nothing happens, Chen Feng's car should be able to run for two or three minutes at most. After two or three minutes, it will completely lose control, and then Out of control, rush out of the track and become the ghost of Bohai Bay!

As time passed, Ye Haitang, Deng Shiqi, and Chen Feng’s car had already pulled other cars a long way.

No one was surprised by the performance of Ye Haitang and Deng Shiqi.

However, Chen Feng was beyond the expectations of many people.

After yesterday's supercar race, everyone almost knew the identity of Chen Feng.

It is the son-in-law of the Xia family.

Therefore, everyone did not pay attention to Chen Feng, how capable a door-to-door son-in-law can be, although in the supercar race, everyone's attention was amazed.

But in the professional competition, everyone didn't think that Chen Feng could be so brilliant.

After all, these are two completely different systems.

But Chen Feng slapped everyone in the face again.

A door-to-door son-in-law can also be awesome!

At this moment, Chen Feng's car has gradually surpassed Deng Shiqi's trend!

Deng Shiqi was in a hurry. He had been calculating the time in his heart. It stands to reason that at this point, Chen Feng's car should have a problem.

But not at all!

Chen Feng's car is still stable, even more stable than his car.

Could it be that your own people didn't do anything in Chen Feng's car? Deng Shiqi couldn't help thinking.

After another minute, Chen Feng completely passed Deng Shiqi and followed Ye Haitang closely.

This also aroused Ye Haitang's competitiveness.

From the beginning, she did not pay attention to Chen Feng and Deng Shiqi. She did not think that Chen Feng and Deng Shiqi could beat her in the field where she was best.

But now, Chen Feng gave her a great sense of crisis.

The three of them almost started to step on the accelerator.

Ye Haitang is too competitive, but Deng Shiqi is not reconciled.

Only Chen Feng was the most calm in the whole process. He was actually not very concerned about winning or losing the game. The reason for participating in the game was just because of Zhu Guangquan's face.

In this state of mind, Chen Feng's performance is the most stable one.

Ye Haitang and Deng Shiqi both made a lot of mistakes because of their anxiety. There were several corners, and both of them had problems.

Gradually, Chen Feng's car started to lead the audience, leaving Ye Haitang behind.

In the end, Chen Feng crossed the finish line without any suspense.

The audience was silent.

Nine minutes and twenty-one seconds!

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After seeing the time it took Chen Feng to complete the course, the audience fell into deathly silence.

There is no doubt that Chen Feng broke the record!

Break the fastest record of the Bohai Bay circuit!

Thirty-two seconds ahead!

The original Bohai Bay track’s fastest passing record was 9 minutes and 53 seconds, held by an S-class driver.

But today, this record was broken!

It was broken by someone without a driver rating!

What's this?

Ye Haitang was the second to pass the track, and Deng Shiqi was the third.

Ye Haitang gritted her silver teeth, obviously not convinced.

Deng Shiqi's complexion was pale, and his anger almost spurted out his eyes.

Losing to Chen Feng is not terrible!

The scary thing is that he moved his hands and feet in Chen Feng's car, and he still lost.

It's equivalent to playing a game, but still can't beat normal players after opening and hanging!

Chapter: 215

No one knows how frustrated Deng Shiqi is at this time.

At first, after learning the identity of Chen Feng's door-to-door son-in-law, he didn't put Chen Feng in his eyes, and he even had a bit of disdain.

He felt that any man with a little ability would not run to be a door-to-door son-in-law.

So he looked down on Chen Feng in his heart.

Of course, look down on Chen Fenggui and look down on Chen Feng. He is still very afraid of Chen Feng's car skills. He knows very well that if Chen Feng is allowed to perform normally, his chances of winning should be small.

So he made people move to Chen Feng's car.

He can allow himself to lose to Ye Haitang, but he does not allow himself to lose to Chen Feng.

But in the end, Chen Feng not only won him, but Ye Haitang also won.

Deng Shiqi has lived a little half of his life and has never been so frustrated!

Chen Feng got out of the car with a calm expression on his face, Zhu Guangquan greeted him with excitement and gave Chen Feng a thumbs up: "Brother Chen Feng, awesome! Old Zhu, I have never convinced people in my life, brother Chen Feng, you are The first one!"

Chen Feng smiled slightly, and did not take Zhu Guangquan's words to heart.

At this moment, Zhu Guangquan's eyes widened suddenly, as if he had seen something incredible.

Chen Feng frowned, what happened to Zhu Guangquan?

Without giving Chen Feng any time to think about it, a gust of fragrance came from behind.

Ye Haitang, wearing a black motorcycle uniform, came to Chen Feng, took off his safety helmet, and his jet-black hair spun out naturally, revealing an overwhelming face that was enough to make the sun and the moon pale.

"Hello, this is Ye Haitang." Ye Haitang smiled and stretched out his hand.

"Chen Feng." Chen Feng smiled slightly and stretched out his hand to hold Ye Haitang together.

The audience was silent, and the needle drop could be heard!

Didn’t that mean Ye Haitang never shakes hands with men?

What's going on today? !

Everyone felt that their brains couldn't turn around, and many of Ye Haitang's admirers were even more short of breath, and their faces were as uncomfortable as their dead mother.

Ye Haitang does not like to shake hands with men. As Ye Haitang's admirer, no one knows this better than them!

But today, Ye Haitang took the initiative to reach out to a man. What does it mean? !

Everyone didn't dare to think about it, and didn't want to think about it!

In Deng Shiqi's eyes, there was also anger surging continuously at this moment. He felt that his lungs were about to explode, and he usually regarded himself as Ye Haitang's fiance.

It can be said that among all the suitors, he is the closest to Ye Haitang.

To be fair, he never touched Ye Haitang's hand. Every time he offered to shake Ye Haitang, he would be rejected by Ye Haitang for various reasons.

But today, Ye Haitang took the initiative to reach out to a man in front of him.

And this man is still a son-in-law he looks down upon!

"Mr. Chen used to be a professional driver?" Ye Haitang asked. She was still a little unconvinced. Chen Feng's martial arts skills were higher than her. She could accept it, but she could not accept it. Chen Feng was also better than her in racing. It seems that Chen Feng must have systematically learned racing skills before, and even worshipped a certain car god as his teacher.

And what puzzled her the most was that Deng Shiqi's people obviously moved their hands and feet to Chen Feng's car, but Chen Feng drove the car safe and sound.

Chen Feng shook his head and said, "No, today is the first time I drive a car."

Ye Haitang choked and didn't know what to say. Of course she could see it. Chen Feng said the truth. It is indeed him today. Driving a car for the first time.

This also means that her previous illusions have been disillusioned. Chen Feng has not learned any racing skills, nor has he ever visited a teacher. He has won this championship entirely by virtue of his terrifying talent.

Ye Haitang was a little imbalanced in her heart. She didn't expect that there would still be a geek like Chen Feng in this world, the martial art talent and the enchanting talent, and the racing talent is equally amazing.

"Miss Ye?" Chen Feng frowned.

"Ah? What's the matter?" Ye Haitang was startled.

"Hand... when are you going to hold it?" Chen Feng glanced at Ye Haitang speechlessly. He didn't know what Ye Haitang was thinking. After holding his hand, he began to be in a daze, and he was very close. One minute.

"Oh oh." Ye Haitang blushed, and quickly let go of Chen Feng's hand, "I'm sorry, Mr. Chen, I was thinking about something just now."

"It's okay." Chen Feng shook his head, Ye Haitang and her The imagination is different. The image of Ye Haitang he imagined is an iceberg goddess who is resourceful and close to a demon, but the Ye Haitang he sees now is like a... stupid girl?

I have to say that the contrast is a bit big. Of course, it is also possible that Ye Haitang was pretending to dispel his vigilance.

"Does Mr. Chen have time tonight?" Ye Haitang soon returned to normal.

"Yes." Chen Feng smiled slightly. He originally thought about how to find a chance to talk to Ye Haitang about Cangzhou, but he didn't expect that Ye Haitang came to him first.

"Then Mr. Chen can appreciate his face and have a meal with Haitang?" Ye Haitang's mouth raised, revealing two cute little tiger teeth.

"Miss Ye is serious, I can't ask for it." Chen Feng chuckled, Ye Haitang's attitude was so low, it was obvious that he meant to use him.

There is no need to look back, Chen Feng also knows how bitter Deng Shiqi's eyes are at this moment.

However, Chen Feng didn’t care. Just the same thing. If Deng Shiqi is acquainted, he should be the elder of his Deng family in Nanning. If he is ignorant, he must go to Cangzhou to provoke him. Then he doesn’t mind, let Deng Shiqi know. Know, what is regret!

After telling Chen Feng the time and place, Ye Haitang greeted everyone's shocked eyes and left calmly.

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Beside Chen Feng, Zhu Guangquan was already dumbfounded.

Ye Haitang took the initiative to shake hands with Chen Feng and invited Chen Feng to dinner? !

Zhu Guangquan couldn't believe what happened just now, he felt that he must be dazzled.

Not only Zhu Guangquan, but the many passersby who were onlookers also couldn't believe that Ye Haitang, who had always been arrogant, would be so proactive about a man.

Only when I met for the first time, I proposed to eat with this man.

And it is rumored that this man is still a son-in-law, that is to say, he is a person with a family.

What exactly does Ye Haitang picture?

Let the super rich second generation like Deng Shiqi not marry, but walk so close to a door-to-door son-in-law with a family!

No one can figure out this question.

"Brother Chen Feng, you honestly confess, are you the heir of a super giant?" Zhu Guangquan swallowed and asked. Chen Feng's awesomeness refreshed his knowledge time and time again, first winning the Cha Shen Cup championship. , And then let Ye Haitang take the initiative to meet, all of this is not like a door-to-door son-in-law can do, Zhu Guangquan believes that Chen Feng definitely has other outstanding identities.

"Yes, I am indeed the heir of the super rich." Chen Feng admitted with a mocking expression. Although he knew that Zhu Guangquan was joking, he took it seriously.

"Really?!" Zhu Guangquan's eyes widened.

"Really." Chen Feng nodded solemnly.

Chapter: 216

"Impossible! If you are really a super wealthy heir, how could you become a door-to-door son-in-law." Zhu Guangquan felt that Chen Feng was joking with himself. The wealthy heir, letting his rich second-generation days go, ran to be the door-to-door son-in-law. What are you doing if you are full?

"If you don't believe it, I can't help it." Chen Feng shrugged, he had already told the truth, but Zhu Guangquan still didn't believe it, then he really had nothing to do.

At this time, Deng Shiqi had returned to the hotel and went straight to the luxurious suite on the top floor of the hotel.

After a vigilant glance around, Deng Shiqi took out his room card and entered the room after seeing that there was no one around.

In the room, a lean old man in a black robe was closing his eyes and practicing.

After Deng Shiqi came in, the old man raised his eyelids and glanced at Deng Shiqi faintly: "How's the investigation?"

Deng Shiqi bowed slightly and said respectfully: "Uncle Wu, I have checked it out. It is one who took the four girls away. Ordinary people."

"Ordinary people?" The thin old man frowned tightly together. Why would ordinary people give him such a strong sense of life and death?

"Are you sure he is an ordinary person?" Wu Jiuyou said in a deep voice.

"Yes." Deng Shiqi said, "The man's name is Chen Feng. He is twenty-five years old this year. He is the son-in-law of the Xia family in Cangzhou City..."

Deng Shiqi said all the information about Chen Feng without missing a word. After listening to it , Wu Jiuyou's brow furrowed even tighter, and he had no doubts about the authenticity of Deng Shiqi's information.

But he couldn't understand how an ordinary person made him give birth to such a strong sense of crisis of life and death.

Is it because my intuition is wrong? Wu Jiuyou couldn't help thinking.

After a while, Wu Jiuyou sighed, and his brows gradually unfolded. He was twenty-five years old and still a son-in-law. This kind of person could not be a warrior at all. He has become more and more suspicious recently.

"Okay, you go down." Wu Jiuyou waved his hand. Now that Chen Feng is not a martial artist, he doesn't need to be suspicious anymore.

"Uncle Wu..." Deng Shiqi didn't leave, but gave Wu Jiuyou a bit hesitantly.

"Something?" Wu Jiuyou raised his brows.

Deng Shiqi bowed slightly and said respectfully: "My nephew does have something to ask ."

"Let's talk."

"My nephew wants to ask Uncle Wu to

do my nephew a favor." "What's a favor?"

"Subduing Ye Haitang!" Deng Shiqi There was a trace of hatred in his eyes.

"Ye Haitang?" Wu Jiuyou gave Deng Shiqi a puzzled look, and said, "Why did you do something with that girl? Isn't that girl your fiancee?"


Deng Shiqi gritted his teeth. Perhaps to outsiders, Ye Haitang was her fiancee. But only he knew that Ye Haitang had never looked at him directly!

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Don't even let him touch his hands!

Ye Haitang burned all the flowers he sent!

Today, Ye Haitang is still shaking hands with a married man in front of him, and he also invites the married man to dinner. What a fiancée!

"Uncle Wu, it's true, that bitch, she never thought about marrying me! I thought, sincerely, and Jinshi is open, I slowly pursue her, one day, she will be touched by me , Promised to marry me."

"But then I found out that it was purely my wishful thinking, that bitch, she never thought about marrying me from start to finish, and she was still in my face today, gouyin. There is a husband!" At

this point, Deng Shiqi's eyes burst out with anger again. He hates Chen Feng, but he hates Ye Haitang even more! If it wasn't for Ye Haitang's strength, he would have shot in front of Ye Haitang today, killing Chen Feng, and then slapped Ye Haitang severely.

"What you said is true?" Wu Jiuyou's eyes fell gloomy. Deng Shiqi is Deng Fengnian's son, but he and Deng Fengnian are close friends, so he always regards Deng Shiqi as half of his son. Now Deng Shiqi is a son. The woman treated this way, his mood was not much better.

"If anything is false, I will be struck by thunder from the sky!" Deng Shiqi gritted his teeth and swore to the sky.

"Then how do you want to deal with Ye Haitang?" Wu Jiuyou asked. Ye Haitang's talent, even if it was him, had to praise a few words. Like Deng Shiqi, both are twenty-five years old. Ye Haitang is now in the late Ming Jin period. On the other hand, Deng Shiqi only had the mid-term Ming Jin.

Although it sounds like there is only one level difference, the actual difference is earth-shaking!

If Deng Shiqi wants to break through to the late Ming Jin, it will take at least three years.

Three years later, Ye Haitang is very likely to break through to the early stage of Anjin!

Such Ye Haitang, looking at the two places in Cangzhou and Nanning, are the top existences.

Therefore, Ye Haitang has the arrogant capital, she looks down on Deng Shiqi, and no one can say anything.

"Uncle Wu can help me beat this bitch back to the middle of Ming Jin?!" Deng Shiqi said viciously. As a man, he couldn't accept it. He had been pressed by a woman, so this time, he wanted to completely destroy Ye Haitang. , To fight Ye Haitang back to the middle of Ming Jin.

He wanted to see, Ye Haitang, who was in the middle of Ming Jin, dare not pretend to be high in front of him!

"Yes, yes, but have you asked Fengnian about this matter?" Wu Jiuyou sighed. Deng Shiqi was completely blinded by hatred and wanted to destroy such a peerless seedling as Ye Haitang. The original opinion of the Deng family was to let Deng Shiqi pursue Ye Haitang, and then let Ye Haitang marry into the Deng family openly and become the Deng family.

In this way, after a few years, the Deng family will add another dark power fighter, a pair of dark power, and the Deng family will become the first family in Nanning.

But now, Deng Shiqi wanted to destroy Ye Haitang.

"No." After hesitating for a while, Deng Shiqi spoke truthfully. In front of Wu Jiuyou, he did not dare to lie.

"Your father won't agree." Wu Jiuyou shook his head and said.

Deng Shiqi looked dark. Indeed, the probability of Deng Fengnian agreeing to this matter is very small. After all, Ye Haitang is the hope of the Deng family to become the number one giant in Nanning. Deng Fengnian will not easily agree and let him ruin Ye Haitang.

This is the reason why Ye Haitang has been safe and sound in recent years.

Deng Fengnian wanted Ye Haitang who was in Deng's house physically and mentally, not Ye Haitang who was in Cao Yingxin's Han.

"Fine, your father, let me talk about it." Wu Jiuyou sighed suddenly.

"Uncle Wu, you want to help me?!" Deng Shiqi said in surprise. He didn't expect Wu Jiuyou to be on his side.

Wu Jiuyou nodded slightly. Deng Shiqi's current state was very wrong. If he didn't help Deng Shiqi, Ye Haitang would very likely become Deng Shiqi's heart demon. Deng Shiqi would never recover, and martial arts could no longer improve.

"Thank you Uncle Wu!" Deng Shiqi was so excited, he hurriedly bent over to thank him, and if Wu Jiuyou helped him speak, there would be no resistance on Deng Fengnian's side!

Chapter: 217

"Thanks no more. After your uncle helped you abolish the girl, you have to practice hard so that you won't waste Uncle Wu's hard work today." Wu Jiuyou waved his hand and said. In fact, he promised Deng Shiqi not all for Deng Shiqi's sake, he also had his own selfishness.

He has been stuck in the middle stage of the dark power for seven years. Although the practice of the maiden power has made him a realm, he can't break through the level of the middle stage of the dark power.

The vitality in a normal girl is no longer of much use to him.

What he needs now is a more refined girl's vitality.

Ye Haitang is a good choice.

In the virgin body, and in the late Ming Jin stage, the vitality in the body has already undergone a qualitative change.

If he can absorb the vitality in Ye Haitang's body, then he will most likely break through to the late stage of Anjin.

At that time, the world was so big that he could go.

Instead of sneaking around as it is now, being hunted and killed by people from the Budo Association.

"Uncle Wu, my nephew will study and practice hard in the future, and will never disappoint Uncle Wu's trust." Deng Shiqi clasped his fists excitedly, and when he had subdued Ye Haitang, the first thing he had to do was to ride Ye Haitang on his hips. Down, humiliated him severely and vented all the humiliation he had suffered over the years.

Wu Jiuyou nodded slightly, Deng Shiqi's talent was still good. Although it was incomparable to Ye Haitang, it was more than enough than the average young man. It was not hopeless to break through to the dark energy.

"Uncle Wu, my nephew wants to wait for that bitch and that trash to have dinner. Then, you will deal with that bitch and Liu Qing, and I will deal with that trash." Deng Shiqi said, night is the best time. He was going to break the bones of Chen Feng's body inch by inch in front of Ye Haitang's face! Let Ye Haitang know how stupid her choice is!

"Okay." Wu Jiuyou nodded. The only one of the three who was on the stage was Liu Qing, the early stage of Anjin. Although it was the early stage of Anjin, Liu Qing's combat effectiveness was due to his early injuries. Because of this, it's not that the general Ming Jin is much stronger in the late stage.

He can solve it with one hand.

Soon, the time came to night.

People from the Ye family took Chen Feng to an ancient-style decorated villa on the mountain.

This villa is the Ye family's industry in Bohai Bay. It integrates holiday catering and entertainment. On weekdays, it is not open to the outside world and will only receive important guests inside the Ye family.

After entering the door, a faint fragrance of flowers pounced on his face, making people feel much lighter in an instant.

Today's dinner is a private dinner, so Ye Haitang did not fan out.

Just made a few home-cooked dishes in the small courtyard of the villa.

In the courtyard, there was no one else except Ye Haitang and a crooked old woman.

Chen Feng didn't pay much attention to Ye Haitang, but the old woman behind Ye Haitang made Chen Feng a little surprised.

The old woman in front of him, with a rickety figure, a withered old face, was full of wrinkles like folds. Such wrinkles were obviously not caused by time, but they seemed to be caused by some kind of dark wounds and vitality.

Of course, what stunned Chen Feng was not the wrinkles of the old woman, but in his impression that he had seen this old woman in front of him once when he was a child.

"Mr. Chen?" Seeing Chen Feng staring at the old woman, Ye Haitang couldn't help but remind him.

Chen Feng recovered, and after an apologetic smile, he sat in a chair.

"Mr. Chen knows Aunt Qing?" Ye Haitang

couldn't help asking. She didn't know much about Aunt Qing. Since she remembered, Aunt Qing stayed with her, but at that time, Aunt Qing could It wasn't like this. The Aunt Qing at that time was a great beauty who was famous in Cangzhou, and she was no more than she is now.

"I don't know."

Chen Feng smiled slightly and shook his head. The old woman in front of him, maybe he had seen it when he was a child, but that happened more than ten years ago. At that time, he just met, did he have to say .

Even if he had seen it, looking at what the old woman looked like now, he obviously didn't want to mention old things, and he didn't need to sprinkle salt on other people's wounds.

"Miss Ye, let's talk straight to the point." Chen Feng smiled. Ye Haitang obviously knew her identity a long time ago, so he didn't need to cover up with Ye Haitang.

"Get to the point?" Ye Haitang was shocked, what did Chen Feng mean.

"Miss Ye, I can help you resist the pressure from the Deng family." Chen Feng smiled. He knew from the moment that Deng Shiqi was pursuing Ye Haitang when he went up the mountain. He knew that he was calculated by Ye Haitang. Of course, he did not. Blame Ye Haitang, because he took the initiative to jump into Ye Haitang's pit.

"Mr. Chen is really... straightforward." Ye Haitang smiled bitterly. She thought that Chen Feng would still think of a snake with her for a long time before stepping into the topic, but she didn't expect Chen Feng to be so direct and directly deal with everything. All moved to the bright side.

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"This is not a question of straightforwardness. Since Miss Ye knows who I am, Miss Ye should understand that sooner or later there will be a battle between me and the Chen family. Before fighting the Chen family, the first problem I need to solve is Cangzhou, and Miss Ye is the most unstable factor in Cangzhou." Chen Feng looked at Ye Haitang and said. His words were not exaggerated. Ye Haitang was indeed the most unstable factor in Cangzhou.

Because she is a warrior, a warrior with extremely talented talents, and behind her, there is the Ye Family, a first-line family.

As for the so-called first-line families, Chen Feng is not so jealous now. Although the first-line families are extremely powerful, they are also subject to great restrictions in the world.

Just like the two first-line families of the Shen family and the Li family, their families have hundreds of members. As family minds, no matter what they do, they must consider the hundreds of members of the family, so they are unlikely to do that kind of Things that hurt Xia Mengyao because they couldn't bear their anger.

Moreover, Gu Dongchen and Han Long are protecting Xia Mengyao, even if they want to do it, they have to weigh whether they are qualified.

But Ye Haitang was different. She had no affection for the Ye Family at first, and she was still a warrior. If she really wanted to go crazy, no one could stop her.

Chen Feng's original idea was to warn Ye Haitang or drive Ye Haitang out of Cangzhou before he left.

But this time when he went up the mountain and saw Deng Shiqi, he changed his attention.

He can cooperate with Ye Haitang.

Ye Haitang did not want to marry Deng Shiqi, and he had the strength to prevent Ye Haitang from marrying Deng Shiqi.

He can take this opportunity to pull Ye Haitang to his side, and even let Ye Haitang protect Xia Mengyao secretly. Although the possibility is very small, Chen Feng still wants to try.

Chapter: 218

Although Chen Feng said bluntly as the most unstable factor in Cangzhou, Ye Haitang was not angry, and even a little bit of joy.

Ever since he was hit by Chen Feng one after another, Ye Haitang has developed a sense of frustration. He feels that in Chen Feng’s eyes, he is a dispensable existence, but now, Chen Feng’s remarks prove that she is in In Chen Feng's mind, he still has that little status.

"What does Mr. Chen want me to do?" Ye Haitang smiled sweetly and asked. Chen Feng said that it was obviously not in vain to help her resist the pressure of the Deng family.

"I want to... let you help me protect someone." Chen Feng paused.

"Xia Mengyao?" Ye Haitang raised her eyebrows, but she was still a little surprised when Chen Summit made such a request. She thought that Chen Summit had asked her to submit, but unexpectedly, Chen Summit asked her to protect Xia Mengyao.

Ye Haitang suddenly became curious as to what kind of person Xia Mengyao was that could make Chen Feng pay for her.

"Not bad." Chen Feng said bluntly.

"Mr. Chen, Shu Haitang said frankly, Haitang can't do this." Ye Haitang shook her head. She was always arrogant and asked her to protect another woman and serve as a bodyguard for that woman. She couldn't do it. .

"Miss..." Aunt Qing couldn't help speaking. She did not expect that Ye Haitang would refuse. In her opinion, Chen Feng's condition was already very attractive, but Ye Haitang was asked to protect Xia Mengyao without any other requirements. It simply gave Ye Haitang enough face, but Ye Haitang is still like this, which is a little bit ignorant.

Being arrogant is a good thing, but too arrogant is a good thing.

"Why can't it?" Chen Feng smiled and asked. Ye Haitang refused. He was not surprised. She is an arrogant woman who has to fight first in everything. Let her protect another woman. , Is to make her bow her head invisibly, so she refused, which is normal.

"There is no reason, it just can't be done." Ye Haitang put his hands around his chest, quite a bit of breath.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly: "Well, since Miss Ye can't do it, then Chen won't force it."

Aunt Qing sighed, but she didn't expect that the talk would collapse so soon, Ye Haitang was still too young and energetic after all.

"Mr. Chen, Haitang is not sensible, please forgive Mr. Chen." Qing Auntie said, Ye Haitang was ignorant, she had to be sensible. The Ye family is already in dire straits. There is a powerful enemy like the Deng family outside, inside. There is a fault of warrior, if it makes Chen Feng this super wealthy heir unhappy, then the Ye Family is really hopeless.

"Aunt Qing is serious, Miss Ye's mood, I can understand." Chen Feng waved his hand, he is not the kind of stingy person, not just because Ye Haitang rejected him, he was dissatisfied with Ye Jiaxin.

"Ms. Ye can't meet this requirement. Chen has another request. Would you like Miss Ye to listen?" Chen Feng asked.

"Mr. Chen, please speak frankly." Aunt Qing said with a happy expression and hurriedly spoke, unexpectedly there was still room for maneuver.

Although Ye Haitang didn't speak, he also pricked his ears.

"I hope Miss Ye can take a shot once in the future when my wife encounters a danger that cannot be resolved." Chen Feng smiled. In fact, this is his real goal. The reason why he said that Ye Haitang would protect him at first. Xia Mengyao is also paving the way for the present.

"No problem, Mr. Chen, I agreed to this for Haitang." Before Ye Haitang could say anything, Aunt Qing hurriedly spoke. She was afraid that Ye Haitang would be stupid again, and she would say something that would hit Chen Feng. Chen Feng's condition can be said to be so generous that he can't be more generous, just let the Ye Family take a shot instead of tying Ye Family to Xia Mengyao to death. In exchange for Chen Feng to take a shot and resist the pressure of the Deng family, they didn't even think about it before.

"What do you mean by Miss Ye?" Chen Feng glanced at Ye Haitang with a smile. Ye Family, after all, was in charge of Ye Haitang.

"No problem." Ye Haitang's eyebrows frowned slightly, and Chen Feng had already shown full sincerity. If she refused again, she would be suspected of not knowing good or bad.

"Then thank Miss Ye first." Chen Feng smiled and said. Ye Haitang is obviously the kind of person who promises a lot of money. Chen Feng is not worried that Ye Haitang will regret it in the future or pretend to ignore it.

"Mr. Chen is polite, just take what you need." Ye Haitang said lightly. In fact, in terms of what the two parties paid, Chen Feng was at a disadvantage. , Although he wanted to help Xia Mengyao once, it was obviously not a strong opponent to deal with.

"In that case..." Chen Feng smiled and got up, preparing to leave, but at this moment, there was a sound of heavy objects falling to the ground outside the courtyard.


The gate of the courtyard was torn apart by a kick, and pieces of wood flew across.

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Outside the door, Wu Jiuyou stood with his hands in his hands, his expression proud.

Deng Shiqi on the side was breathing fire in his eyes, hatred to the sky.

"Bitch, did I ruin your good deeds?" Deng Shiqi gritted his teeth and gave Ye Haitang a cold look.

Ye Haitang smiled meaningfully: "Yeah, you have broken my good deeds. If you come back later, it will be fine."

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. This lady is a typical buzzer and it's not too much of a big deal. Deng Shiqi already has it. I hate her and herself enough. She is still adding fuel to the fire at this moment, for fear that Deng Shiqi hates it not deep enough?

"Bitch! People!" As Chen Feng expected, Deng Shiqi's teeth were almost broken when Ye Haitang said what he meant.

"This rubbish, how is he better than Lao Tzu!" Deng Shiqi looked at Chen Feng with blood red eyes. If Ye Haitang likes a man whose family is better than him and better than him, that's fine, but Ye Haitang fell in love with Chen Feng. Such a waste.

A son-in-law who eats soft food! In the past, he would never look at this kind of garbage, but now, Ye Haitang kicked him away for such a garbage!

This makes Deng Shiqi, how can he not be angry!

"Brother Feng is better than you everywhere." As if to irritate Deng Shiqi, Ye Haitang took the initiative to take up Chen Feng's arm, and even the name of Chen Feng was changed to Brother

Feng . Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Fan didn't break free, just let Ye Haitang hug it.

But Deng Shiqi's blue veins on his forehead were about to burst open.

"Let go of her, I will spare you not to die!" Deng Shiqi yelled at Chen Feng. He couldn't tolerate it. Chen Feng had nothing to do with Ye Haitang.

"What if I don't let it go?" Chen Feng gave Deng Shiqi a playful look.

"Don't let it go?!" Deng Shiqi gritted his teeth, "If you don't let it go, I will kill you all!"

Chen Feng smiled contemptuously, killing him all the way? Deng Shiqi is a idiot, read too many novels, it will kill people at every turn.

Deng Shiqi trembled all over, and Ye Haitang didn't care if he looked down on him. Why should he look down on him for such a trash like Chen Feng!

Chapter: 219

Wu Jiuyou also glanced at Chen Feng in surprise, didn't he say Chen Feng is an ordinary person? How can ordinary people be so crazy?

When Wu Jiuyou looked at Chen Feng, Chen Feng was also looking at Wu Jiuyou, but Chen Feng looked at Wu Jiuyou's eyes with a touch of playfulness.

Wu Jiuyou really used his own behavior to vividly demonstrate to him what it means to step on iron shoes and find nowhere to find it. It takes no effort at all.

During the day, he was still thinking about how to find Wu Jiuyou and destroy the Imperial Girl's Church. He didn't expect that at night, Wu Jiuyou showed up by himself.

"What do you think of the old man?" Wu Jiuyou frowned and was very unhappy. For some reason, Chen Feng's eyes made his heart a little hairy, as if the prey was being stared at by a hunter.

But Chen Feng was obviously an ordinary person, every ordinary person he didn't even look back at.

"Nothing." Chen Feng shook his head and retracted his gaze. He planned to give Wu Jiuyou a'surprise' for a while.

After Chen Feng regained his gaze, Wu Jiuyou’s heart-pounding feeling eased a lot, but he was still very upset. If he hadn’t agreed to Deng Shiqi and let Deng Shiqi solve Chen Feng himself, he wanted to slap Chen Feng directly at the moment. mud.

"Uncle Wu, abolish this bitch!" Deng Shiqi pointed at Ye Haitang and said angrily.

"Okay." Wu Jiuyou nodded lightly, and then stomped his feet suddenly, and the whole person flashed up to Ye Haitang like a ghost.

Ye Haitang's complexion changed slightly and he hurriedly backed away.


Old Monster Wu, I'll fight you!" At this moment, Aunt Qing shouted and greeted her.

"The light of the fireflies, how can you compete with Haoyue!" Wu Jiuyou sneered with disdain, and then threw a punch.

Aunt Qing was shocked, and she was blocked from running.


Wu Jiuyou's cannon fist slammed into Aunt Qing's arms, Aunt Qing snorted, and flew out like a kite with a broken line!

"Auntie Qing!" Ye Haitang yelled in surprise. The auntie Qing in the early days of Anjin couldn't even stop Wu Jiuyou's move!

How could Wu Jiuyou be so scary!

"Girl, let's catch it, I don't want to do it to you, after all, you will be a niece for the old man in the future, and the old man doesn't want to hurt you." Wu Jiuyou stood with his hand in his hand, with an arrogant expression. In the middle stage of Anjin, he stayed for seven or eight years, so his combat effectiveness was not much weaker than that of the average later stage of Anjin. Dealing with Liu Qing, who was injured in the early stage of Anjin, was simply handy.

"Dreaming!" Ye Haitang's silver teeth gritted and creaked. After speaking, she stepped on her feet and Qing Hong glimpsed towards Wu Jiuyou.

"Haha, the girl is so courageous, she dare to do something to the old man!" Wu Jiuyou laughed, his tone was full of appreciation, Ye Haitang really deserves the name of genius, ordinary Ming Jin late, met him in the middle of his dark power, They all wished that his parents could give birth to a few more legs, and it was too late to run, but Ye Haitang still dared to do something to her, just this courage was enough to make him admire.

At this time, Deng Shiqi also walked up to Chen Feng with a grim face.

"Trash, kneel now, I can give you a good time!"

"Are you sure you want me to kneel?" Chen Feng raised his eyelids.

"Trash, I let you kneel down, it's a gift to you! A toad like you shouldn't have fantasies about Begonia at all!" Deng Shiqi looked extremely vicious, "I heard that your trash has a beautiful flower protector. My wife, her name is Xia Mengyao, don’t you worry, after you die, your wife, Lao Tzu will take care of you, haha!"

"Lao Tzu will find a dozen homeless people, let them one by one..."


Pop ." Before Deng Shiqi finished speaking, he was'interrupted' by Chen Feng.

Interrupt with a slap!

Chen Feng's expression was cold, and Deng Shiqi, an idiot, really didn't know how to write dead words, so he dared to humiliate Xia Mengyao in his presence.

"You... are you a martial artist?" Deng Shiqi covered his face with a little horror. He didn't even react to Chen Feng's slap just now.

how can that be? !

"So what?" Chen Feng sneered. Only then did he realize that he was a martial artist. Isn't it a bit too stupid? Deng Shiqi, if he has a bit of a brain, should understand that he is a martial artist after he finishes the professional game. Not now.

"" Deng Shiqi's mouth trembled, so shocked that he couldn't even speak, and he couldn't even think of killing him. Chen Feng turned out to be a warrior!

It was not that he had suspected that Chen Feng might be a warrior at first, but then he thought about it, if Chen Feng was a warrior, would he join a small family like the Xia family, and serve as an airbag for three years?

How can a superior warrior tolerate the humiliation of a bunch of ants?

It is this inertial thinking that made Deng Shiqi subconsciously deny Chen Feng's possibility.

But now it seems that Chen Feng is indeed a warrior!

"What am I?" Chen Feng laughed, slapped Deng Shiqi's face directly.


Pop ." Deng Shiqi turned around two or three times like a spinning top . Before he stood still, a few bloody teeth popped out of his mouth.

Of course, if Chen Feng didn't keep his hands, Deng Shiqi would not have lost his teeth now, but his head would explode like a watermelon.

"Uncle Wu! He is a warrior!" Deng Shiqi panicked and asked Wu Jiuyou for help. Although Chen Feng was a warrior, he didn't think that Chen Summit had Wu Jiuyouqiang, and Chen Feng was at the same level as Ye Haitang. It is the late Ming Jin.

"What? Martial artist?!" Wu Jiuyou, who shot Ye Haitang with a palm, was also surprised. That kid is a martial artist? Why didn't he see it just now?

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Wu Jiuyou couldn't help but glanced at Chen Feng, but saw that Chen Feng was also looking at him.

For an instant, Wu Jiuyou was terrified, his scalp numb!

Something's wrong!

It's definitely not right!

Wu Jiuyou's thoughts turned, and almost instantly, he realized what was wrong.

Chen Feng in front of him is probably the same person as the owner of the terrifying breath he felt on the mountain yesterday!

When he met, he couldn't see that Chen Feng was a martial artist. It was probably because Chen Feng's realm was much higher than him!

Chen Feng can hide his breath from him!

After reacting, Wu Jiuyou was afraid of the cold, turned and ran.

"Uncle Wu?" Deng Shiqi's eyes widened. Uncle Wu, why did he run away?

Ye Haitang was also shocked, Wu Jiuyou turned and ran without saying a word? Is Chen Feng that scary?

Chen Feng was also a little dumb, Wu Jiuyou was so persuaded that he ran away without saying anything, and he didn't even plan to try it out with him.

This person is so persuaded, how did he cultivate to the middle stage of the dark energy?

A few hundred meters away yesterday, Wu Jiuyou ran away without seeing anyone else.

Although I saw other people's shadows today, Wu Jiuyou's first reaction was still to run.

He likes to run so much, what is his name Wu Jiuyou, just change his name to Wu Paopao, Chen Feng thought a little speechless.

Chapter: 220

"Mr. Chen, don't you chase it?" In the blink of an eye, Wu Jiuyou ran 20 meters away, seeing that he was about to climb over the courtyard wall, but Chen Feng was still motionless, Ye Haitang couldn't help but worry. .

"Of course chase it." Chen Feng took it for granted. Wu Jiuyou had been sent to the door. If he let Wu Jiuyou run away, he could find a piece of tofu and hit himself to death.

After Chen Feng finished speaking, Ye Haitang wanted to ask how to chase him, but saw Chen Feng picking a green leaf from the ginkgo tree beside him at random.

Then it flicked lightly like a dart.


Feiye broke through the sky! Go straight to Wu Jiuyou.

Ye Haitang stomped angrily. She didn't expect Chen Feng to chase in this way, grab a green leaf!

That's Wu Jiuyou, a warrior in the mid-stage dark Jin.

It's not an ordinary person, Chen Feng is so contemptuous, isn't he letting the tiger return to the mountain? !

Aunt Qing who was lying on the ground also sighed, feeling that Chen Feng was a little too big in the past.

Ye Haitang and Aunt Qing both thought this way, one can imagine how delighted Wu Jiuyou was at this time.

Although he didn't look back, he could perceive that Chen Feng chased him with Feiye as a weapon.

Simply wishful thinking!

Wu Jiuyou couldn't help being excited, he was also a veteran dark power mid-term strong, Chen Feng actually despised him so much.

Can a leaf just want to cut him?

When you are the master of martial arts!

As the wall got closer and closer, Wu Jiuyou's mood became more and more excited. As long as he climbed over this wall, he could escape to death!

Finally, he came under the wall.

Although the wall is two meters high, Wu Jiuyou is not afraid. For a warrior like him in the middle of the dark, the two-meter high wall is no different from a small mound, and he can cross it with his foot.

Wu Jiuyou thought about it and prepared to raise his foot and step over the wall in front of him.

But at this time, he felt something was wrong. Why were his feet chilly?

Can't use it at all?

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Wu Jiuyou couldn't help lowering his head and glanced at the lower part of his right calf.

This glance immediately made him horrified, and his soul rushed!

His feet...


From the bottom of the calf, it's all broken!

When did it break? Wu Jiuyou has no time to think about this question because it hurts!

Heart-piercing pain!

The intense pain instantly made Wu Jiuyou unbalanced and fell to the ground.

Wu Jiuyou screamed screamingly, blood pouring like a fountain where his right foot broke!

This horrific scene directly scared Deng Shiqi to the heart, and his soul was gone.

Ye Haitang and Aunt Qing are also petrified like sculptures.

Flying flowers picking leaves!

Flying flowers picking leaves!

The legendary martial arts master means!

Is Chen Feng in front of him a master of martial arts? !

The two were inexplicably horrified, and there was a huge wave in their hearts. Except for the master of martial arts, the two of them could not think of other words to describe Chen Feng's horror. A green leaf broke the right foot of Wu Jiuyou in the middle of their eyes!

Moreover, looking at Chen Feng's appearance, it was obvious that he still had his hand left. He didn't want to kill Wu Jiuyou directly. If not, his green leaf could rush to Wu Jiuyou's heart!

"Wu Jiuyou, do you know that you are guilty?" Chen Feng said faintly. He could indeed kill Wu Jiuyou directly, but he didn't plan to do that. He wanted to know if there were other relics left besides Wu Jiuyou.

Wu Jiuyou did not answer Chen Feng's question, but looked at Chen Feng with a horrified face, and tremblingly asked: "You...are you a martial arts master?!"

"This question...makes sense?" Chen Feng smiled slightly. Whether he is a master of martial arts or not does not make any sense. No matter what, Wu Jiuyou cannot escape death.

"Hahahaha!" Wu Jiuyou laughed frantically. Although Chen Feng did not admit it, he was still alive and well.

Master of martial arts!

Master of martial arts!

It turned out to be a master of martial arts!

Traveling all over the province, there is not a single martial arts master, but he has encountered it!

He Wu Jiuyou, why is he so unlucky? !

Wu Jiuyou is unwilling, extremely unwilling!

He couldn't figure out why his life was so bad!

You can meet the legendary master of martial arts by going out at will, and he is still so young!

"How did you learn the Gongnv Gong?" Chen Feng asked with a frown. When he and Xiao Guozhong were in the Miaojiang area, they almost slaughtered the Imperial Girl Cult, but the Pope was interrupted by Xiao Guozhong. The limbs were thrown into the Snake Valley, and Xiao Guozhong’s teachings were also burned clean by Xiao Guozhong. Logically speaking, there should be no maidens teaching exercises spreading outside, but Wu Jiuyou's practice is the purest. Chen Feng was puzzled by this point of her maiden power.

"Do you know the female prince?!" Wu Jiuyou was shocked, and Chen Feng even knew the female prince! This is his biggest secret. Even his best friend Deng Fengnian doesn't know about his practice of imperial women, but Chen Feng actually knows, is it...

Wu Jiuyou suddenly thought of a possibility!

"Xiao Guozhong! You are Xiao Guozhong's disciple!" Wu Jiuyou looked at Chen Feng incredulously, feeling that the sky was about to fall.

Chen Feng sneered: "You know my master, it seems that you have a deep relationship with the maiden sect back then."

"Haha, Xiao Guozhong's disciple, you turned out to be Xiao Guozhong's disciple." Wu Jiuyou laughed wildly, his tears came out, he understood, he understood!

Why is Chen Feng already a master of martial arts at a young age? It turns out that he is a disciple of master of martial arts Xiao Guozhong!

Wu Jiuyou didn't know what to say anymore, and it didn't matter if he met the master of martial arts, now even the master of martial arts is involved.

The martial arts master is a thousand times more terrifying than the martial arts master!

Yangyang Huaxia, with a population of 1.4 billion and an area of ​​9.6 million square kilometers, only has nine martial arts masters!

The master of martial arts, to the world, is god, immortal, and invincible!

Only one martial arts master out of 200 million people!

This is the master of martial arts!

The master of martial arts who can control the luck of a country!

Back then, Wu Jiuyou's master, Lei Qianshan, was a martial arts master in the middle of Huajin!

The fifth existence in the Miao Jiangtian list! Much stronger than Chen Feng now.

But such a Lei Qianshan, in the hands of Xiao Guozhong, without even a single move, he was interrupted by Xiao Guozhong and thrown into the Snake Valley.

Wu Jiuyou was far abroad. After learning that the Imperial Girl Church had been destroyed, he did not dare to step into China for ten consecutive years.

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Even if separated from Xiao Guozhong by the ocean, Wu Jiuyou was still awake day and night in those ten years!

A martial arts master can make a warrior in the dark mid-term on the other side of the ocean not sleep well for ten years!

This is the power of the master of martial arts!

Later, Wu Jiuyou dared to return to China because he heard the news that Xiao Guozhong retired from the scene and did not ask about world affairs.

If not, with his 100,000 courage, he would not dare to step into China.