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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 221-230 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 221

Wu Jiuyou originally thought that he would never get involved with Xiao Guozhong in this life.

But just today, he met Xiao Guozhong's disciple again.

Although he is not a master of martial arts, the shock it brought to him is not much less than that of master of martial arts.

Because Chen Feng is too young, he is only twenty-five or sixteen years old at most!

At the age of twenty-five and sixteen, he was already a master of Huajin martial arts, so it was only a matter of time before he became a master of martial arts.

It is no exaggeration to say that Chen Feng in front of him is the tenth martial arts master in China!

Wu Jiuyou's expression was relieved, now that he has nothing to fear, he can die in the hands of a future master of martial arts, even if he goes to hell, he will blow it up.

Seeing Wu Jiuyou's face of death, Chen Feng knew that he couldn't ask anything, so he turned to Aunt Qing and said, "Aunt Qing, try to ask him about the whereabouts of the remnants of the maiden teacher.

Get rid of it!" "Also... don't let him die too happy!" A coldness flashed across Chen Feng's eyes, a beast like Wu Jiuyou, who was beastly conscientious, had killed him without knowing how many innocent girls had been mutilated. It's too cheap for him.

"Yes, Master Chen." Aunt Qing nodded respectfully, and her name for Chen Feng quietly changed from Mr. Chen to Master Chen.

Chen Feng turned his gaze to Deng Shiqi who was aside.

At this time, Deng Shiqi is no longer the same as the former Deng family in Yushu. His face is pale, and his body is shaking like chaff. Even his crotch is soaked with a light yellow liquid, which is obviously as if before Chen Feng. Tianren's method was scared to pee his pants.

Seeing Chen Feng's gaze floated, Deng Shiqi was suddenly struck by lightning, and his body was shaking more violently.

With a "puff", Deng Shiqi did not hesitate at all. He knelt on the ground with one knee and started to kowtow.

"Master Chen, be merciful!"

"Master Chen, be merciful!"

"My dog ​​sees people low, I don't know Taishan, Master Chen, just let me go..."

Deng Shiqi begged for mercy with his nose and tears. He has lived for half of his life and has never experienced such a scene. In his eyes, Wu Jiuyou, who was almost invincible, was actually destroyed by Chen Feng with a green leaf!

Moreover, Chen Feng is still a master of Huajin, a master of martial arts!

He had no way to think about Chen Feng's true identity, and he didn't dare to think about it.

He only knew that Chen Feng wanted to kill him now, it was as simple as crushing an ant.

And even if Chen Feng killed him, the Deng family wouldn't dare to put a fart, and even his father Deng Fengnian had to visit the door in person to apologize to Chen Feng!

Lest Chen Feng be unhappy and destroy the Deng family directly!

Chen Feng shook his head. Deng Shiqi looked embarrassed when he knocked his head, but he looked really beautiful when he kicked into the arrogance.

"Want to survive?" Chen Feng said coldly.

Deng Shiqi surprised a moment, then frantically nodded and said: "!! Master Chen would like very much like, as long as you put me on a horse, I would like to give you Chores, you let me do what I am willing to ......"

"Chores Just forget the horse, you don't have the qualifications yet." Chen Feng interrupted Deng Shiqi a little impatiently, and he felt embarrassed when someone like Deng Shiqi was a stubborn servant.

"Yes, yes, Master Chen, I am not qualified." Deng Shiqi quickly agreed, with a humble attitude like dust.

"Well, Zhu Guangquan is my brother. Go and help him solve the troubles of the Zhu family. I'll let you go." After a little indulgence, Chen Feng said, his current identity is not easy to expose, so he can't directly He helped Zhu Guangquan solve the troubles of the Zhu family, but he could use Deng Shiqi's hand.

"Thank you Master Chen! Thank you Master Chen! I will definitely help Shao Zhu solve all the troubles of the Zhu family." Deng Shiqi cried with joy and kowtow to Chen Feng again. He did not expect that Chen Feng was so generous and really planned to let him go.

Compared with his life, Zhu's troubles are nothing at all.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. He didn't kill Deng Shiqi. It was not that he was magnanimous, but that Deng Shiqi did not practice the majesty. Therefore, to him, Deng Shiqi is a dispensable ant. This ant is kept. , It's still a little useful, killing, except splashing his whole body of blood, there is no use for eggs.

"Also, I don't want anyone else to know about the things here, otherwise, the consequences will be at your own risk!" Chen Feng hummed and exhorted again, not many people know that he is in the early stage of Huajin, even the Chen family. Except for Chen Zhennan, few people know, so Chen Feng doesn't want his secrets to leak out.

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"Master Chen, don't worry, I will never reveal half a word." Deng Shiqi nodded quickly and assured that Chen Feng can definitely destroy the Deng family now, so unless his brain gets flooded, he will reveal Chen Feng to outsiders. news.

"Fuck off then." Chen Feng said lightly. He saw Deng Shiqi's courage in his eyes, so he was not worried that Deng Shiqi would turn back.

"Thank you, Master Chen, I'll get out of here, I'll get out of here!" Deng Shiqi had a flattering smile on his face, and he almost ran out of the courtyard after speaking.

"Miss Ye, I have done what I promised you." Chen Feng turned and looked at Ye Haitang calmly.

"Thank you Chen...Master." Ye Haitang arched her hands, she was still a little uncomfortable, calling Chen Feng like this.

Chen Feng waved his hand and smiled slightly: "Thanks no more, you just need to remember, what you promised me is fine."

Ye Haitang 's pretty face swept a complicated look, and then returned to coldness again: "Master Chen, rest assured, I, Ye Haitang, are not the kind of person who goes wrong. From now on, anyone who wants to hurt Madam Ling has to step over my Ye Haitang's corpse!"

"That's good." Chen Feng nodded. nod.

"In addition..." Chen Feng turned his gaze to Liu Qing again: "Aunt Qing, I have to trouble Aunt Qing to keep things a secret for me. I don't want the Chen family to know that I am in the early stage of transformation."

Qing Auntie's shoulder trembled slightly, and Chen Feng really knew that she had contact with the Chen family!

"Master Chen rest assured, I will never reveal half a word!" Aunt Qing nodded respectfully. For Chen Feng, she is now in awe and awe. She respects Chen Feng's strength. Twenty-five or six years old is the early stage of Huajin. It can be said that the entire Chinese martial arts world is unique!

What fears is Chen Feng's disposition and methods. Judging from everything known now, Chen Feng is very likely to be ready to break with the Chen family long ago!

If not, Chen Feng would not have cultivated to this level at this age, and even escaped from the Chen family three years ago. This is probably one of Chen Feng's plans!

In order to conceal their true strength!

Chapter: 222

Chen Feng probably knew very well that if he had been living under the eyes of the Chen family, it would be difficult to escape the control and surveillance of the Chen family, so he fled the Chen family.

Only by avoiding the eyes and ears of the Chen family will he have the opportunity to wrestle with the Chen family.

Now it seems that Chen Feng has succeeded!

He concealed the Chen family!

Although Aunt Qing did not know how many people Chen Feng had concealed from the Chen family, as far as she knew, the senior Chen family who contacted her was concealed by Chen Feng.

Until now, the senior Chen family thought that Chen Feng would die in the late stage.

Therefore, Chen Feng was not taken seriously.

In the late stage of Anjin, placed outside, perhaps you can be the overlord of the land of a state, but in the Chen family, the late stage of Anjin is a high-level subordinate!

Therefore, the Chen family is not afraid of the late Dark Jin.

It can be the early stage! That's not ordinary!

Even in the Chen family, there are not many masters of Huajin, each of them is a strategic force.

If the Chen family has always thought that Chen Feng is the late stage of the Dark Jin, then one day, the Chen family will surely plant a big somersault on Chen Feng!

After leaving the courtyard of the Ye family, Chen Feng wanted to tell Zhu Guangquan brothers and sisters, but as soon as it was late at night, Chen Feng gave up the idea of ​​saying goodbye to Zhu Guangquan brothers and sisters, and asked the front desk to leave his mobile phone number with Zhu Guangquan. , Chen Feng went straight down the mountain.

After Chen Feng left, the courtyard of the Ye family was very quiet.

After a long while, Aunt Qing sighed faintly, and said first: "Miss, is in love with Mr. Chen


Ye Haitang stiffened , did not admit it, but asked, "How about you like it?" Aunt Qing sighed. He sighed: "Miss should understand that there is no possibility between you and Mr. Chen."

"Not to mention that Mr. Chen is already married, and the young lady can't get in. Even if he is not married, just because of his intricate relationship with the Chen

family, the young lady cannot have anything to do with him." "Aunt Qing, you think too much, I will not I don’t like him, I just... I just admire him a little.” Ye Haitang’s voice was a little cold. She used to be arrogant and felt that men in the world were nothing but arrogant. But after seeing Chen Feng today, she knew that she was young. Looked at the people of the world.

Chen Feng was at the same age as her, but she was already a martial arts master who was regarded as a god, and a talented man who could rule the roost in a province.

And she, who is also regarded as the proud woman of heaven, who is among the best in the world, is only in the late Ming Jin period.

What's more ridiculous is that in the later period of Ming Jin, she was still complacent in the past, thinking that the world's talents were nothing but this.

When I saw Chen Feng today, she only knew how many frogs in the bottom of the well she had.

Feihua picks leaves, wastes the dark mid-term master Wu Jiuyou!

Strategizing, facing the No. 1 giants of China, it is not afraid!

Whether it is strength or tolerance, Chen Feng is a hundred times better than her.

Moreover, Chen Feng's disposition was also beyond her reach.

In the Xia family for three years, he was regarded as a disused son-in-law by thousands of people. He was so ridiculous that he could not help but do something to the Xia family if it were her. But in the past three years, he has never shown his strength. once.

Just this forbearance is enough to be a hero!

"Appreciation..." Aunt Qing sighed and didn't say anything. In fact, with Ye Haitang's arrogant disposition, appreciation is actually a kind of liking, but she may not even notice this subtle emotion. change.

Early the next morning, Zhu Guangquan woke up early and came to Chen Feng's room. Seeing that the room was empty, Zhu Guangquan was immediately astonished.

"This guy didn't come back all night?"

"Won't he put Queen Ye to sleep?" Zhu Guangquan whispered. In his opinion, there is only one possibility that Chen Feng has not returned overnight, and that is Sleeping Ye Haitang.

As soon as Zhu Guangquan finished speaking, he felt a little chill in his back, as if he was being stared at by something.

"Brother..." At this moment, Zhu Jiayan's sly voice sounded.

"Sister, what are you..." Zhu Guangquan turned around and just wanted to ask why Zhu Jiayan had come, but a pretty face covered with frost that came into his sight made all his words swallowed back into his stomach.

"Ye... Queen Ye..." Zhu Guangquan's tongue was a little knotted. He didn't expect that not only Zhu Jiayan was here, but also Ye Haitang came together. Seeing Ye Haitang's pretty cold face, he clearly heard him. The whispered sentence just now.

Zhu Guangquan’s mouth was bitter, and when he was thinking about how to explain to Ye Haitang, Ye Haitang said coldly: "Chen Feng has already left. Before he left, I left a phone call for you and asked you to give him anything Call."

"Brother Chen Feng is gone?!" Zhu Guangquan opened his mouth wide. At this time, he couldn't care about what caused Ye Haitang just now. He wanted to know why Chen Feng left suddenly.

"I left last night. The phone number is at the front desk." Ye Haitang said coldly. After speaking, he left the room without looking back.

Zhu Guangquan's brothers and sisters looked at each other. After a while, Zhu Guangquan was puzzled and said, "Why did Brother Chen Feng leave without saying goodbye? Are you afraid of hurting us?"

"I don't know." Zhu Jiayan shook her head and sighed: "Brother, you Still think about how to tell your uncles, uncles, grandfathers, and the others about the things that caused you to provoke the Sun family and the Deng family."

Zhu Guangquan also had a headache when I heard about the Sun family and the Deng family.

"What else can I say, I can only take the initiative to surrender the identity of the heir of the Zhu family." Zhu Guangquan said depressed. When he went up the mountain, he rushed to make a few friends to solve the problem of the Zhu family bank loan. In the end, friends were friends. I made it, but this friend, not only could not solve the problems of the Zhu family, but pushed the Zhu family into a dire situation.

However, Zhu Guangquan did not regret it. Even if he was asked to come again, he would still choose to be friends with Chen Feng, and between Chen Feng and Deng Shiqi, he would choose Chen Feng.

"I'm afraid that giving up the identity of the heir of the Zhu family will not solve this problem." Zhu Jiayan sighed. If Zhu Guangquan provoked just the grandson family, it would be fine. However, Zhu Guangquan provoked even Deng Shiqi together, Deng Shiqi, The three giants in Nanning, the heir to the Deng family, with a net worth of more than 50 billion, are simply not something that the Zhu family can provoke.

If you provoked Deng Shiqi, the Zhu family's senior management would be furious, and their anger could not be held by a small Zhu Guangquan.

"Could it be that they could still kill me?" Zhu Guangquan pouted his lips. Soldiers came to block, and the water came to Tutun. He still didn't believe it, what could the Zhu family really do to him.

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Zhu Jiayan was a little speechless, "Brother, do you really think they dare not kill you? If they kill you, they can get the forgiveness of the Deng family, they will never be soft."

"No, sister, grandpa, they are so cruel?" Zhu Guangquan was frightened.

"What do you mean?" Zhu Jiayan rolled her eyes, "Do you think your life alone can be compared with that of the Zhu family?"

Chapter: 223

Zhu Guangquan stopped speaking. Although Zhu Jiayan's words were cruel, they were true.

Born in this kind of wealthy family, there is no family affection at all. If he can use his life alone to change the safety of the Zhu family, the Zhu family's senior officials will definitely raise their hands and feet in favor.

"Oh, my bad life, if it is gone, it will be gone. It is the brothers Chen Feng." Zhu Guangquan sighed. When going up the mountain, Chen Feng's Audi was punctured by the robber. After Chen Feng's journey, it was so hard to die. After arriving at the hotel, the narrow-minded Sun Quan saw Chen Feng and Zhu Jiayan walking together...

Needless to say, Chen Feng first slapped Sun Quan in the face. , And then offended Deng Shiqi again, making the matter into trouble.

What Zhu Guangquan regrets most now is that he shouldn't take Chen Feng when he goes up the mountain.

"Brother, do you still care about him? You can hardly protect yourself now." Zhu Jiayan glared at Zhu Guangquan a little bit irritably. She really didn't know why Zhu Guangquan had such a big heart, and she almost couldn't keep her life. There is also the mind to control others.

"Sister, look at what you said, I care about what happened to Brother Chen Feng? If it weren't for the two of us who caused Brother Chen Feng, Brother Chen Feng would never have a grudge against Sun Quan, let alone offend Deng Shiqi...

" Okay, don’t tell me, brother, I’m not letting you care about him.” Zhu Jiayan interrupted Zhu Guangquan impatiently, and said: “Let’s go home quickly, brother, I’ll be at home in a while, Grandpa No. 2 If they ask about the crime, don’t be foolish to take it all by yourself, just say that Sun Quan and the others took the initiative to provoke them. In addition, be more sincere in admitting the wrong attitude, and don’t talk back to Grandpa or them.”

“ Don’t worry, brother.

You're not stupid." "You're not stupid yet..."

At this moment, in the Zhu family's living room, the Zhu family seniors were almost all present, but everyone's faces were gloomy as if dripping water, and the atmosphere was depressing and suffocating.

"That wicked animal hasn't come back yet?!"

After a while, Zhu Fengchun, the old grandfather of the Zhu family who was sitting in a high position, said with a full face.

Everyone in the Zhu family shuddered.

"Dad, Guangquan, he... is still on the way." A rich middle-aged man who is as fat as Zhu Guangquan looked at the Zhu family grandfather with a wry smile and said.

"Still on the road?!"


Just let him die on the road! Why do you come back!" Zhu Fengchun scolded. After receiving the news last night, he almost vomited blood. He couldn't think of killing him, his grandson. , For the sake of a door-to-door son-in-law, at the same time offending Sun Quan and Deng Shiqi these two wealthy young masters.

Zhu Fengchun really couldn't figure out why Zhu Guangquan would do such a stupid thing.

For the sake of a door-to-door son-in-law, against the eldest of Nanning Deng's family? !

This is because the brain is kicked by the donkey!

"Grandpa, President Sun of China Merchants Bank just called me again. He said..."


"President Sun said, give us three more days to the Zhu family. Three days later, if the loan is not repaid, They went through the proceedings and auctioned off the restaurants in the east of our Zhu’s home.” At the bottom, a young man in a black suit gritted his teeth. His name is Zhu Kangle, Zhu Guangquan’s cousin.

"What, go through the litigation process!"

"It's over, it's over. If the bank is sued by the court, then our Zhu family will really be over!"

"That's a five hundred million loan, our Zhu family, now it's completely I can’t get it out."

"Damn Zhu Guangquan! It's not good to offend anyone, but he wants to offend the Sun family. That Governor Sun, who is Sun Quan's cousin, must vent his anger for his nephew at this moment."

Many relatives of the Zhu family accused Zhu Guangquan. The wealthy middle-aged man who was in the same shape as Zhu Guangquan sighed and said: "This matter is indeed something that Guangquan did wrong. As a father, I have a great responsibility, President Sun. There, I’ll talk to him, and I’ll try my best to let him give us Zhu’s

family for some time ." "Leave some time? Is it useful? It’s nothing more than death sooner or later." Someone snorted. Very dissatisfied.

"Yes, it's nothing more than death sooner or later. Besides, the idiot Zhu Guangquan, it is not just President Sun and his family who offends."

"And the Deng family!"

"Offended the Sun family , our Zhu family may still have a way to survive, but it is offended. The Deng family, our Zhu family, there is no way to survive!"

"Damn idiot, even if you die by yourself, you have to drag the whole family to his burial..."

The accusations from many relatives of the Zhu family are endless, and Zhu Haodong is somewhat He sighed helplessly, and now that he said nothing is useless, Zhu Guangquan has already committed public anger.

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"Grandpa, I'm back." At this moment, Zhu Guangquan stepped into the door.

"You bastard, you still have a face to come back!" Zhu Fengchun was furious, picked up the teacup on the table, and slammed it towards Zhu Guangquan's face. Zhu Guangquan did not dodge, letting the teacup hit his face, hot. The tea splashed all over his face.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry." Zhu Guangquan lowered his head.

"I'm sorry? I'm sorry, do you want to expose everything!" Someone made a strange voice.

"Don't kneel down yet!" Zhu Fengchun yelled with hatred for iron and steel, and

Zhu Guangquan also knew it and knelt on the ground with one knee.

"Grandpa, this matter is all my fault. How you punish me, I will admit it." Zhu Guangquan said in a dejected voice like an eggplant beaten by cream.

"Punish you? If we punish you, we don't have to pay back the Sun's five hundred million?!"

"If you punish you, the Deng family won't bother us!" Zhu Fengchun asked angrily.

Zhu Guangquan was speechless. Indeed, Sun Quan and Deng Shiqi would not give up dealing with the Zhu family because they were punished.

"From today, the seat of the heir of the Zhu family will be handed over to Kang Le. Do you have any comments on my decision?" Zhu Fengchun asked coldly. The Zhu Kangle in his mouth was the black suit who had just reported the news of President Sun. The young man is Zhu Guangquan's cousin.

"No comment." Zhu Guangquan shook his head like a dull gourd.

Although he became the heir of the Zhu family, Zhu Kangle didn't have any excitement on his face at this time, and there was even a bit of sorrow. After all, the Zhu family is now a mess. It is said that he is the heir, but in fact he can't inherit it.

"In addition, from tomorrow, you will kneel in front of the gate of Sun's house, confess your mistakes to Sun Quan, and ask Sun Quan for forgiveness, when will Sun Quan forgive you, and when will you come back." Zhu Fengchun said solemnly, Sun Quan He is the heir of the Sun family. As long as Sun Quan promises to let go of the Zhu family, the Sun family will not have trouble with the Zhu family.

Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth in humiliation and told him to confess his mistake with Sun Quan, which is to put his face on the ground and let Sun Quan step on it. This is more uncomfortable than letting him eat shit, but he also understands that the Zhu family has come to life and death. The stall, if he still can't let go of his face, then the Zhu family is really over.

Chapter: 224

"Okay, I promise!" Zhu Guangquan gritted his teeth.

"Jiayan." Zhu Fengchun turned his gaze to Zhu Jiayan again.

"Grandpa, I'm here." As if knowing what Zhu Fengchun was going to do, Zhu Jiayan stood up calmly.

"You will marry tomorrow, when you arrive at Sun's

house ..." "I don't agree!" Before Zhu Fengchun finished speaking, Zhu Guangquan anxiously interrupted: "Grandpa, I don't agree with Jia Yan marrying Sun Quan!"

"Grandpa" I offend the Sun family and the Deng family. It has nothing to do with Jiayan. Why do you decide Jiayan’s destiny?"

"Sun Quan’s inferior pig and dog raised seven or eight outside. Woman, Jiayan will never be happy after marrying..."

"Happiness? Zhu Guangquan, you still have the face to say happiness, your sister is happy, what about all of us? Shall we drink northwest wind?"

"Two Aunt is right, you are the cause of the disaster, and it should be your family's responsibility. Besides, Jiayan will have to marry sooner or later. What is the difference between marrying

sooner or later? I will marry tomorrow to please Sun Quan and let Sun Quan let our Zhu

family go .” Many of the Zhu family’s relatives talked about each other and wished to send Zhu Jiayan to the Sun family immediately.

"You guys have to be shameless!" Zhu Guangquan roared, stood up, clenched his fists and looked at the Zhu family with blood red eyes: "Jia Yan is a girl..."

"Brother!" At this time, Zhu Jiayan lightly lightened. Speaking softly, Zhu Guangquan interrupted.

"Brother, they are right. Sooner or later, I will marry Sun Quan. I will marry sooner or later and I will marry later." Before a moment, he regretted it so much.

Originally, Zhu Jiayan didn't have to marry Sun Quan. The Zhu family had a chance to get rid of this marriage, but now, because of his impulse, everything has become impossible.

"Jiayan, I'm sorry, brother." Zhu Guangquan held back his tears and choked out.

Zhu Jiayan smiled slightly: "Brother, what nonsense are you talking about."

"Jiayan, I'm wronged you." Zhu Fengchun sighed, how could he not know that Sun Quan's character, greedy for money and lust, must be repaid, he is a typical dude. But if Zhu Jiayan is not married, Sun Quan's anger will not be subdued at all.

"Grandpa, there is nothing wronged." Zhu Jiayan shook her head, "After I marry the Sun

family, I will please Sun Quan and let him spare the Zhu family ." In fact, when she was on the mountain, she realized her destiny. Zhu Guangquan couldn't bear the anger of the Sun family alone, and she needed her sister to fight together.


Zhu Fengchun sighed, the atmosphere in the Zhu's living room was somewhat depressed.

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At this time, Zhu Kangle couldn't help but speak: "Grandpa, and the door-to-door son-in-law named Chen Feng, he is the culprit in this incident. I suggest that he and his eldest brother go to the Sun's family to make amends."

"Yes, That Chen Feng is the culprit, and I must not let him go!"

"Let him kneel and kowtow to Sun Quan with Guangquan, when will he be forgiven by Sun Quan, and then let him go back."

Zhu Kangle's words were obtained from the Zhu family. The unanimous approval of all relatives, in their opinion, Chen Feng is even more hateful than Zhu Guangquan. If it were not for Chen Feng, the Zhu family would not have had such a disaster.

"Impossible! Don't think about it!" Zhu Guangquan's face was flushed, his family's relatives really got more and more talking, and even Chen Feng got involved.

"Don't think about it? Zhu Guangquan, your brain is flooded, but our brains are not. That Chen Feng is just a door-to-door son-in-law. It is his honor to let him kneel down for Sun Quan."

"Yes, honor! I've asked about it. Yes, the Xia family where Chen Feng joined the family is a small third-line family, not as good as our Zhu family. If the Xia family knew that their son-in-law had offended the Sun family and the Deng family, they would never let it go. That idiot."

"Brother Chen Feng, he is more than just a door-to-door son-in-law..." Zhu Guangquan blushed with a thick neck. Everyone felt that Chen Feng was a waste door-to-door son-in-law, but he had never thought about it that way. In the Pro Cup, so many professional drivers can't match it?

A door-to-door son-in-law can let Queen Ye take the initiative to put down her shelf and invite dinner?

"Brother Chen Feng, Zhu Guangquan, your name is quite affectionate, but where is your brother Chen Feng now?"

" Yes , where is the other person? After knowing that you are in trouble, he might have avoided 100,000 Eight thousand miles away."

"Brother, you treat others as brothers and others as idiots."

Everyone ridiculed, Zhu Guangquan clenched his fists in humiliation and gritted his teeth.

At this time, a panicked figure rushed into the living room.

"Master, it's okay, the people of the Deng family are here!"

"What?! The people of the Deng family are here!"

"The people of the Deng family, how come they come so quickly?"

"It's over, the people of the Deng family, It must have come to trouble us."

Many relatives of the Zhu family were panicked.

Zhu Fengchun also looked uncertain and pacing back and forth. The Deng family came over, but it was a little bit beyond his expectations. When he wanted to come, even if the Deng family troubled the Zhu family, it would be after the Sun family, not now.

too fast.

"Go out to welcome it." Zhu Fengchun sighed, and now, only bravely faces the matter.

Headed by Zhu Fengchun, a group of high-level Zhus with gray faces followed closely behind them, and everyone from the Zhu family greeted them.

When I arrived at the door, I discovered that the Deng family came from an old man with fair skin wearing a silk Tang gown.

The old man looks elegant and easy-going, but he has an aura of no anger and prestige.

"The Deng's housekeeper, Deng Yuze!"

Someone recognized the old man's identity.

Everyone in the Zhu family immediately trembled. Unexpectedly, the Deng family dispatched such a big figure to come to Xingshi to question the crime.

"Lao Deng, there are misses to welcome, and some misses to welcome!" Although Zhu Fengchun was worried, he did not show any signs on his face and greeted him with a smile.

"Brother Fengchun, you're polite." Deng Yuze arched his hands, with a kind smile on his face, with no signs of anger at all.

Everyone in the Zhu family looked at each other. Why didn't Deng Yuze's attitude be like Xingshi's questioning.

"Brother Fengchun, where is your eldest grandson?" Before Deng Yuze came, he had already inquired about Zhu Guangquan's news and knew that Zhu Guangquan was Zhu Fengchun's eldest grandson and heir to the Zhu family.

Seeing Deng Yuze heading straight to the subject, Zhu Fengchun's heart sank, with a smile on her face: "Old Deng, the wicked animal is behind me." The

wicked animal? Deng Yuze was taken aback for a while, and he turned his gaze to Zhu Guangquan. He was about to speak, but he heard Zhu Fengchun's roar: "Naughty animal, don't kneel down!"

"Kneel down?" Deng Yuze was shocked, and he did not realize why Zhu Fengchun said so. But seeing Zhu Guangquan in front of him had gritted his teeth and knelt on the ground with a puff.

Chapter: 225

Deng Yuze was shocked, and he hurriedly took possession of him and helped him: "Master Zhu, don't make it, don't make it, get up quickly." "Huh


Everyone in the Zhu family was dumbfounded, their mouths were open, as if two eggs could be stuffed into Deng Yuze. Are you guilty? Why is it impossible to use it now?

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Zhu Guangquan also looked dumbfounded. Is the old man in front of him really from the Deng family?

Although he was puzzled, he dared not get up because Zhu Fengchun hadn't spoken yet.

"Guangquan, you should get up first." At this moment, Zhu Fengchun said in a deep voice. He could see that Deng Yuze's attitude did not seem to be fake. He was very likely. It really wasn't for Zhu Guangquan to question him.

"Yes, grandpa." Zhu Guangquan agreed in a muffled voice, and then got up.

Deng Yuze breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Deng Shiqi told him to be polite to Zhu Guangquan, but as soon as he came over, Zhu Guangquan knelt in front of him on one knee and almost messed up the matter.

"Master Zhu, my young master asked me to come over." After a little indulgence, Deng Yuze spoke slowly.

"If you have anything to do with Mr. Deng, just come at me. The disaster is caused by me alone, and it has nothing to do with the Zhu family." Zhu Guangquan said in a deep voice, and one person took all the responsibility.

Deng Yuze shook his head lightly, smiled and said, "Master Zhu has misunderstood. I came here on this trip and didn't mean to offend the Zhu family."

Everyone in the Zhu family was taken aback and didn't ask for trouble?

"Then Mr. Deng...?" Zhu Guangquan glanced at Deng Yuze suspiciously.

"Well, my young master, in the mountains when, between Zhugong Zi, Chen also took place with little conflict, afterwards, my young master was very sorry, I thought I was a little too reckless."

"So this decrepit I came here because I wanted to make amends to Young Master Zhu on behalf of my young master." Deng Yuze bowed slightly, full of sincerity.

Everyone in the Zhu family is like a sculpture, all sunken into petrification.


The young master of the Deng family, Deng Shiqi, actually wants to make a payment to Zhu Guangquan! !

how can that be!

Everyone feels like they are separated from each other, and they have a feeling of living in a dream.

Deng Yuze shook his head. He also knew that no matter how nice he said, the Zhu family would not believe him.

Fortunately, he also prepared a generous gift.

Deng Yuze waved his hand, and a crowd of bodyguards in black suits and headsets filed in behind him.

Everyone in the Zhu family was shocked and took a step back subconsciously.

Then I saw that many bodyguards in black suits were holding a silver safe in their hands.




One by one the safes were placed flat on the ground, and the password was entered and the boxes opened.


A large swath of red banknotes lay quietly in the safe, and the unique red light of the 100-yuan life coin gleamed in the sun.

Nearly a hundred silver password boxes are neatly placed together, and the bright red light that comes out together is dazzling and shocking!

Everyone in the Zhu family stood on the spot, not even daring to breathe.


So shocking!

Except for shock, they couldn't think of any other words that could describe the scene before them.

Unclear banknotes have almost piled up into mountains!

Everyone in the Zhu family has never seen such a scene.

No, to be more precise, they have never seen so much money!


After a long while, someone's throat surged and swallowed, breaking the silence.

Zhu Fengchun, who had seen many big scenes at an age, also had a dry throat at this time and couldn't help but say: "Old Deng, what do you mean?"

"Apologize." Deng Yuze smiled slightly, although the appearance was light. , But blood was dripping in his heart, and he didn't know the background of the Chen Feng that Deng Shiqi had offended. He actually scared Deng Shiqi and prepared so much just for apologizing.

"Compensation... apologize?"

Many people in the Zhu family have their tongues knotted. The money in front of them is at least hundreds of millions of dollars, right? The hundreds of millions of apocalypses, Zhu Guangquan's face, when has it been so great?

"Well, apologize." Deng Yuze nodded slightly, and said: "This is five hundred million."

"Five hundred million!" The

audience shouted in amazement , and even several timid Zhu family members could not stand and were Sitting on the ground in shock.

Although they had already estimated in their hearts, they still did not expect that the sum of money in front of them would be 500 million!

How does it feel to put 500 million in cash in front of you!

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A meal of one hundred yuan of life coins is about 80 million. If these life coins are five hundred million, then it is more than six meals!

Everyone in the Zhu family was already shocked to speak.

At this time, Deng Yuze smiled slightly and said again: "This is not all."

This is not all! !

The pupils of the Zhu family shrank, and Deng Yuze could not have emptied the bank.

"Didn't the Zhu family still owe the bank five hundred million? Our young master helped the Zhu family repay the five hundred million." Deng Yuze smiled and said, one billion!

This is all Deng Shiqi's sincerity this time!

Or apologize!

It is not easy even for the Deng family, who has a big business, to come up with a cash flow of one billion at a time.

But after Deng Shiqi returned home, he wanted his fate, saying that someone would destroy Deng's family if he didn't give money, so Deng Fengnian couldn't believe it.

Of course, it was Deng Shiqi's words that really prompted Deng Fengnian to make up his mind.

Wu Jiuyou was killed with a leaf.

It was this sentence that almost made Deng Fengnian stand unstable, so he used the Deng family's relationship overnight to withdraw five hundred million yuan from banks in Nanning and sent it to Zhu's family.

Deng Yuze didn't understand the world of martial artists, but he knew that Wu Jiuyou was better than Deng Fengnian, and the other party could kill Wu Jiuyou with a leaf. Then, if you kill Deng Fengnian, you might not be able to use a leaf.

"Lao Deng... can you tell me the real reason for Fengchun?" Zhu Fengchun said hoarsely. These few words of Deng Yuze set off a huge wave in his heart, and his mind was a little unstable because of the impact. He thought now I know why the Deng family did this.

There is no doubt that it is not because of Zhu Guangquan!

Zhu Fengchun knows better than anyone else that the only advantage of his grandson's ability is that he is honest and honest, loyal, and not bad-minded. Sometimes, he is a little short-minded, otherwise he would not make it. For the sake of being a son-in-law, offend Nanning. One of the three giants, the Deng family.

But now, Deng Yuze told him that the Deng family had spent one billion to make amends for his grandson!

This is no longer as simple as falling pie in the sky, but falling gold ingots!

"The real reason?" Deng Yuze smiled meaningfully and turned his gaze to Zhu Guangquan: "Maybe Master Zhu knows."

Deng Yuze's words also made Zhu Guangquan who was in a sluggish state wake up.

Seeing Zhu Fengchun looking at him, Zhu Guangquan swallowed, "Is it Brother Chen Feng?"

Brother Chen Feng?

Everyone in the Zhu family looked at each other. Zhu Guangquan was talking about...that son-in-law?

Chapter: 226

Deng Yuze said nothing, but his deep eyes showed everything.

"I said, Brother Chen Feng is more than just a door-to-door son-in-law..." Zhu Guangquan muttered to himself, his expression was extremely complex, excited, lost, bitter...

He remembered the scenes of meeting Chen Feng on the mountain, he said Zhu The family is now in crisis, and when it needs five hundred million, Chen Feng said that he could help him, but he did not believe it. He felt that Chen Feng was hitting the swollen face to fill the fat man. Now it seems that he is the one who beat the swollen face to fill the fat man.

People who can force the Deng family to give out one billion yuan to apologize at once, will they not have five hundred million?

And Chen Feng's calm and self-confidence facing Sun Quan and Deng Shiqi, as if Sun Quan and Deng Shiqi were like ants...

Zhu Guangquan figured it out, and he figured out everything.

Chen Feng went down the mountain without saying a word. It was not that he had escaped, but that he had handled everything for him long before he went down the mountain!

Zhu Guangquan was very moved. Apart from being touched, his heart was a little heavy. He owed Chen Feng too much, and it was more than just a life that could be paid off.

Zhu Guangquan's complicated expression immediately confirmed the speculation of the Zhu family.

It turned out to be the son-in-law at home!


Crazy jealousy!

This is the gaze of Zhu Guangquan now that everyone in the Zhu family looks at Zhu Guangquan. They don't know what kind of shit luck Zhu Guangquan has had.

But they know that Zhu Guangquan has made a noble man!

A real nobleman!

A noble person who can make the Nanning Deng family humbly give out one billion yuan as an apologetic!

Although the identity of that nobleman is just a door-to-door son-in-law, it is not important!

The important thing is that the other party has monstrous power!

With just one sentence from the other party, the Zhu family can become a first-line family in Cangzhou!

Everyone in the Zhu family was enthusiastic, and they never felt that Zhu Guangquan in front of them was so pleasing to the eye.

"Brother Fengchun, Mr. Chen's matters must not be told to the outside world. In addition, these billion-dollar matters are only known within the Zhu family." Deng Yuze smiled and exhorted that Chen Feng's news has been taken as Deng's family. After the top secret, he naturally didn't want it to leak out at Zhu's house.

"Don't worry, Mr. Deng, I will make them tight-lipped!" Zhu Fengchun's eyes narrowed slightly and he said in a deep voice.

"That old man will leave first." Deng Yuze smiled slightly and turned to leave.

Everyone in the Zhu family stayed in place, until Deng Yuze walked away, and they turned their attention to the 500 million cash in front of them.

How to divide?

There is no doubt that this is a problem before everyone.

The Deng family has helped the Zhu family pay off the bank’s 500 million loan, so the 500 million is now extra.

There will be an extra 500 million, and in the next few days, they will probably count the money every day to get cramps.

Just as everyone in the Zhu family was thinking about how to divide the five hundred million yuan, Zhu Guangquan stood up with a cold face.

"You don't want these five hundred million!" Zhu Guangquan looked at the Zhu family coldly.

"What?! Don't want a single point!"

"Zhu Guangquan, what do you mean! Do you want to swallow it alone ?!" "Zhu Guangquan, can you make a little

face ? These five hundred million are given by the Deng family to all of us in the Zhu family. , It's not for you alone, why do you swallow it alone!"

" Yes , swallow everyone together."

Many of the relatives of the Zhu family were furious, showing an ugly face that was inevitable.

Zhu Guangquan sneered, and did not pay attention to everyone. Instead, he turned his attention to Zhu Fengchun: "Grandpa, what do you mean?"

Zhu Fengchun paused. He naturally wanted Zhu Guangquan to hand over the five hundred million, but he did. It was ashamed to say this. After all, Zhu Guangquan had solved the biggest bank loan problem for the Zhu family. If he still stared at Zhu Guangquan's five hundred million yuan, it would be too much.

"These five hundred million, you make your own decision." After hesitating for a while, Zhu Fengchun still said this sentence. He now dares not offend Zhu Guangquan, or in other words, dare not offend the door-to-door son-in-law behind Zhu Guangquan.

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The other party's background is too big, so big that even the Nanning super giant Deng's family has to whisper to the Zhu family.

You can earn more if you don't have 500 million, but the Zhu family won't find a second one in this life.

"Master, I am not satisfied? The Deng family paid the five hundred million to our Zhu family, and not to Zhu Guangquan alone."

"That is, it is really impossible. You can let Zhu Guangquan take 200 million by himself, and the remaining 300 million. Give it to us."

Many relatives of the Zhu family are blushing. Under the temptation of hundreds of millions of people's life coins, no one can remain calm.

"Shut up all!"

Zhu Fengchun was furious, slammed the table, and the tea cups on the table were buzzing.

"I'll say it one last time, for these five hundred million, Guangquan alone is in charge. If anyone has an opinion, let me

get out of the Zhu family now!" When the old man showed his power, everyone in the Zhu family was speechless, but looked towards Zhu Guangquan. In his eyes, it was full of spite.

Zhu Guangquan faced everyone's resentment and resentment, and he was not afraid.

"Do you think I want to swallow these five hundred million?" Zhu Guangquan sneered.

"What is it not to swallow?" someone asked loudly.

"Idiot!" Zhu Guangquan snorted coldly and said, "I won't get a point for these five hundred million."

"What?" Everyone in the Zhu family was shocked, not taking any points?

"I will return the five hundred million to Brother Chen Feng." Zhu Guangquan said in a deep voice. This was a decision he made after careful consideration. He already owed Chen Feng a lot. When Chen Feng was on the mountain, he saved Zhu Jiayan's life. After going down the mountain, he also solved the troubles between Sun Quan and the Deng family for him, and let the Deng family pay off a 500 million loan for the Zhu family.

With these alone, he couldn't change it clearly.

Not to mention the five hundred million in cash.

He is not the kind of insatiable person, five hundred million, although he wants it too, but what he values ​​more is the relationship with Chen Feng!

"Give it back to the door-to-door son-in-law?" Everyone in the Zhu family was already shocked by Zhu Guangquan's words and didn't know what to say.

Zhu Guangquan's brain is flooded, it's five hundred million!

Not fifty thousand, nor five million fifty million, but five hundred million!

If they were given to you for nothing, don’t you want to give them back? !

Zhu Fengchun was also stunned. He did not expect that Zhu Guangquan would make such a decision, five hundred million, without frowning, he would return?

"Zhu Guangquan, you don't have a fever? This is five hundred million..."

"Brothers Chen Feng have already paid back a five hundred million loan for the Zhu family." Zhu Guangquan said coldly.

"But, this money is not from Chen Feng, it's from the Deng family, besides, your brother Chen Feng, who is so capable, certainly does not lack these five hundred million." The Zhu family still did not give up. Still want to persuade.

Chapter: 227

"Brother Chen Feng lacked five hundred million is his business, but it is my business that he hasn't paid it back." Zhu Guangquan sneered. The group of people in front of him really showed the snobbery to the fullest. At that time, he When they first returned to Zhu's house, the gang wanted to have Chen Feng plucked, and they wanted to send Chen Feng to Sun's house to apologize.

But now that Chen Feng is unusual, this group of people immediately changed their faces.

"Don't say anything!" At this time, Zhu Fengchun drank with a dignity, "Guangquan did the right thing, and I support his decision!"

"My Zhu family are not insatiable people. We should take it. We have one point. We won't take less, we shouldn't take it, give it to us, we can't take it!"

Everyone in the Zhu family said nothing, no one dared to question what Zhu Fengchun decided on.

However, Zhu Guangquan is really a pig's brain, five hundred million in cash, even if he said that he paid it back, his brain was crushed by a car wheel.

Only Zhu Fengchun took a look at Zhu Guangquan with satisfaction. At first he didn't understand how Zhu Guangquan made friends with a big man like Chen Feng. Now he understands.

All by a pure heart!

A heart of innocence worth ten thousand dollars!

"Guangquan, your brother Chen Feng, what is his true identity?" Seeing that no money was allocated, Zhu Guangquan's second aunt, Wang Chunhua, hit Chen Feng again.

Zhu Guangquan frowned: "I don't know."

He really didn't know Chen Feng's true identity. Of course, he would not ask. If he could, he didn't want the relationship between himself and Chen Feng to deteriorate.

"I don't know?" Wang Chunhua was stunned: "How can I not know? This is a terrific thigh, Guangquan, you have to find out which young master the other party is..."

"Second aunt, brother Chen Feng, he is Which young master has anything to do with you?" Zhu Guangquan interrupted a little impatiently. Among the Zhu family, the second aunt Wang Chunhua was the most snob.

"Guangquan, how do you talk?" Wang Chunhua refused to follow him: "Which eldest master Chen Feng is, why has nothing to do with me?"

"He helped our Zhu family this time, then he belongs to our Zhu family. Benefactor, the benefactor of the Zhu family is my benefactor of Wang Chunhua, how could it have nothing to do with me?"

Zhu Guangquan sneered, Wang Chunhua can be regarded as let him see, what is thicker than the city wall, they are obviously two people who have nothing to do with each other. , She was able to pull a piece abruptly.

"Second aunt, don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking! The Chen Feng brothers are the Chen Feng brothers, and the Zhu family is the Zhu family. There is no relationship between the two. You can’t even think about the Chen Feng brothers and our Zhu family. Together." Zhu Guangquan glanced at Wang Chunhua coldly. After speaking, regardless of everyone's reaction, he turned and left the hall.

"Hey, you..." Wang Chunhua stomped his feet angrily. This person who doesn't know good or bad really regards himself as a character!

In fact, the reason why she cares about Chen Feng's identity is because of her selfishness.

According to the news she heard, Chen Feng was in Xia’s house and was very unwelcome. Almost any Xia family could ridicule Chen Feng. Although she didn’t understand why Chen Feng had to be so tolerant, she did I think Chen Feng will break with the Xia family sooner or later.

At that time, Chen Feng is likely to be single again. Once Chen Feng is single, there will be hope for these unmarried women in the Zhu family, especially her daughters, who are waiting to be married.

If there is one, who can be fortunate enough to be favored by Chen Feng and become Chen Feng's wife, then the Zhu family, I am afraid, will soon become a first-line family in Cangzhou, and it is even impossible to match the Li family and Shen family!

At that time, she, Wang Chunhua, will also become a great hero of the Zhu family, completely exuberant.

Although she also knows that the chance of success is slim, how can she not try?

Chen Feng had already returned to Yuquan Mountain at this time. When he went to the mountain this time, he did not bring the charger. Last night, the phone was turned off.

After charging and powering up, Chen Feng turned on immediately.

Suddenly saw seven or eight missed calls.

Several of them were made by the same person, and the caller ID was an unfamiliar number.

There are three more, from Xia Mengyao.

Naturally, Chen Feng dialed Xia Mengyao's phone immediately.

"Mengyao, you are..."

"Chen Feng, dad is gone!"

Before Chen Feng finished speaking, Xia Mengyao anxiously interrupted.

"Dad is gone?" Chen Feng's heart sank. Xia Weiguo was so good, how could he be gone?

"In the afternoon, the nurses from the hospital called me and told me that my dad was missing. The nurses said that the person who took my dad away seemed to be from the Ye family." Xia Mengyao's voice was crying. My family's affairs were messed up, so I neglected to care about Xia Weiguo. I never visited the hospital a few times.

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Ye family?

court death!

Chen Feng was frightened and angry. He didn't expect that the Ye Family would use such abusive tricks to threaten him and Xia Mengyao through Xia Weiguo.

"Mengyao, where are you now? I'll be there right away?" After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng asked calmly, taking away Xia Weiguo's Ye family, not the Ye family where Ye Haitang is, but the two brothers founded by Ye Haitang. Ye Family, these two people will be more unscrupulous than Ye Haitang when they do things, so Chen Feng is really worried that if they can't wait for themselves, they will take Xia Weiguo's knife.

"I'm on my way to Ye's house now." Xia Mengyao said.

"Okay, don't worry, I'll come right now!" Chen Feng said solemnly, and after speaking, he hung up the phone.

Came to the garage, got into Koenigsegg, kicked the accelerator, and Koenigsegg went away.

At this time, many people had gathered in the Ye Family Manor.

There were the Ye Family's servants, as well as the Ye Family's bodyguards, as well as the families of Wang Qishan and Kang Haibo. These two people went to the banquet with Ye Mingwen. After the banquet, they were also gone.

So after hearing that the Ye family had a way to find someone, the family came to the Ye family.

"Ye Dong, that waste, he will really show up?" Kang Haibo's brother, Kang Yunbo, said suspiciously. At first, Xia Hao said that the disappearance of Ye Mingwen, Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan had nothing to do with the Xia family. It was Chen Feng alone. Dry.

They didn't believe it, but later, when they saw Xia Hao kneeling in front of them and swearing a poisonous oath, they believed it, that waste, it is very likely that it really turned out of the Xia family!

So they followed Xia Hao's suggestion, used Xia Weiguo as a bargaining chip, threatened Chen Feng and let Chen Feng hand him over.

But Kang Yunbo felt that Chen Feng might not dare to appear, after all, this time, he offended the Ye Family!

And their Kang family and Wang family!

Chen Feng, a door-to-door son-in-law, what would he do with a first-line family and two second-line families?

Chapter: 228

"Don't worry, he will show up. If he doesn't show up, then I will kill this old thing!" The man called Ye Dong said with a gloomy face. Ye Mingwen is the chief butler of the Ye family and has always represented the Ye family. Ye Mingwen's face and the affairs of the Ye family are all handled by Ye Mingwen.

He also handed over the Yuquanshan Project to Ye Mingwen.

In his opinion, if the Xia family were acquainted, they should offer Yuquanshan's engineering hands to them without taking any money.

Unexpectedly, the Xia family knew each other, but the door-to-door son-in-law who lived in the Xia family was not as good as a dog, but he slapped his nose on his face!

Tied Ye Mingwen!

He simply didn't pay attention to Ye Family.

How could Ye Haidong not be angry!

"I hope this waste can be acquainted." Kang Yunbo sighed. He didn't believe it at first when he heard the news. How could a door-to-door son-in-law be so daring to do things like kidnapping people, but later, I heard about the Xia family. After his remarks, he had to believe that Chen Feng was really a bold son-in-law.

He even dared to say something like another Lixia family.

But this time, he has to face it, not a small Xia family!

"Wait another ten minutes, if they can't come, they will break this old man's leg!" Ye Haidong glanced at Xia Weiguo who was hanging on the tree, and said coldly.

"Yes, Dong Ye!"

Several bodyguards nodded respectfully.

Xia Weiguo at this time was quite miserable. When he was tied up from the hospital, he was only wearing a thin medical gown.

He had not healed from his injury. After being hung on a tree for more than half an hour, the wound spontaneously split open, so a lot of blood was leaking out of his medical suit at this moment.

Xia Weiguo's lips were pale and his eyes were weak.

The physical torture is all trivial. What Xia Weiguo can't accept is the pointers and ridicule of Ye's servant under the tree. After all, he is so old that he should have enjoyed the good fortune at home, but now he is humiliated like a monkey. tease.

From the conversation between Ye Haidong and Kang Haibo, it is not difficult to know that the reason why he was brought here is inseparable from Chen Feng.

This made Xia Weiguo very puzzled, what happened during his coma.

Why is my son-in-law who only cooks vegetables so courageous now that even the Ye family dare to tie him?

Soon, ten minutes passed, and there was still no sign of anyone coming at the gate of the Ye Family.

Ye Haidong gave a grin, lifted a steel pipe, and slapped it heavily on Xia Weiguo's lap.


Xia Weiguo snorted with a crisp fracture sound, and his face was instantly defeated.

His right leg, when he was a soldier in his early years, had suffered a dark injury, and he could not walk easily. This time he was knocked like this by Ye Haidong, and he was probably broken.

"Old stuff, it's quite hard." Ye Haidong made a strange sound of yin and yang. He was still a little surprised. Xia Weiguo's reaction was that Xia Weiguo hadn't said a word since he was taken in, neither asking why they brought him here, nor Begging them for mercy is as if you have long looked down on life and death.

"Ye Dong, why do you have a general knowledge of a small person like me?" Xia Weiguo smiled miserably. In fact, since being brought into the door of the Ye family, he knew that this time he might have to peel off if he died. He knew the strength of the Ye family. , It was not something the Xia Family could resist. Even if the Xia Family could resist it, the Xia Family would not offend a behemoth like the Ye Family because of his such a waste.

"Old stuff, if it wasn't your trash son-in-law who wanted to die, do you think I would have the same knowledge as you?" Ye Haidong sneered. What he meant was to find Chen Feng directly and torture Chen Feng, but Chen Feng had followed The world had evaporated, and there was no trace at all. Xia Mengyao did not show up at Xia's house either, so helpless, he had to pay attention to the disabled Xia Weiguo.

"Ye Dong, I know exactly what my son-in-law is capable of. He is a takeaway. He can't do anything except take out. He can't do anything like kidnapping, and he doesn't have the courage to do it. Yes, Dong Ye, you are probably being used by others?" Xia Weiguo sighed. He didn't think that Chen Summit had done kidnapping. In the past three years in the Xia family, Chen Feng expressed that he had been watching In my eyes, there are no other shortcomings except for a little bit of frustration.

He is a person of good order and his mind is not bad. He doesn't believe that Chen Shanfeng kidnapped others. Xia Weiguo thinks that it is more likely that someone from the Xia family has planted Chen Feng.

"Is it being used? I know it in my heart!" Ye Haidong snorted coldly, and said, "Besides, if your trash son-in-law is innocent, what would he hide? In front of Lao Tzu, just make everything clear.

Got it ." Xia Weiguo sighed and said no more. Ye Haidong has already determined that Chen Feng did the job, so he has nothing to do.

At this time, a blue taxi stopped in front of the gate of Ye's house, and Xia Mengyao hurriedly got out of the car.


When she saw Xia Weiguo who was hung on the tree in a miserable manner, Xia Mengyao's beautiful eyes suddenly turned red.

"Mengyao, why are you here?" Xia Weiguo was a little surprised. How come it was not Chen Feng, but Xia Mengyao. Could it be that Chen Feng really did this thing. He didn't have the guts to come over?

Xia Mengyao didn't answer Xia Weiguo, but her beautiful eyes flickered, looking at Ye Haidong and roared: "Let go of my dad!"

"Let go of your dad?" Ye Haidong looked at Xia Mengyao interestingly, and the lust in his eyes flashed past. Before, he had only heard of Xia Mengyao's name, but he had never seen Xia Mengyao's real person. Seeing him today, he really deserved it.

She is really a big beauty, even her angry look is so beautiful.

Ye Haidong licked his lips and said, "Miss Xia, if you let me let it go, wouldn't I be very shameless."

"Ye Haidong, I can give you whatever you want, including the Yuquan Mountain project, as long as you let go of my dad." Xia Mengyao said anxiously. Xia Weiguo's body is already weak, and he is still hanging on the tree. How long can she hold on? If she is hung up for too long and leaves the root of the disease, she will probably regret it forever.

"Yuquanshan's project?" Ye Haidong raised a joking gesture at the corner of his mouth, and said, "Miss Xia, Yuquanshan's project was originally mine."

"Then what do you want?!" Xia Mengyao asked anxiously.

"I want to..." Ye Haidong paused, Chiluo stared at Xia Mengyao naked and said: "I want Miss Xia to sleep with me."

Xia Mengyao bit her angry silver teeth, but she still pressed the inside of her chest. Angrily said: "Ye Haidong, I am married, I am a married woman..."

"A married woman?" Before Xia Mengyao finished speaking, she was interrupted by Ye Haidong sneer: "Miss Xia, it's not what kind of thing. You can be a husband for someone. In my opinion, Chen Feng's trash is not worthy of being your husband."

"Your father has something wrong, and he can't be a big man, but let you be a woman in front. Such rubbish is what a husband." Ye Haidong sneered and sneered.

Chapter: 229

Xia Mengyao's pretty face was cold: "Ye Haidong, Chen Feng is worthy of my husband, I have the final say, you have the final say!"

"In addition, he will come soon, and when he comes, you will know that he

Are you worthy of being my husband?" "So, you are rejecting me?" Ye Haidong's face sank. He has given Xia Mengyao enough face. If Xia Mengyao doesn't recognize him, don't blame him for being polite.

"So what!" Xia Mengyao faced Ye Haidong without giving way.

Bang bang bang.

Ye Haidong smiled and applauded, clapping his hands and said: "Miss Xia, should I say that you are fearless, or should I say that you are ignorant? Do you know where are you now?"

"Ye family! You are at the Ye family! You believe me? If you don’t believe me, as long as I say a word, you can’t get out of this door today. Moreover, it’s called every day and the ground is not working!"

Xia Mengyao's complexion changed slightly, and she said coldly, "Ye Haidong, I warn you, don’t last Hu Lai, I have already called the police before I went out. If I don’t go back within half an hour, the police will come over."

"Haha, police?" Ye Haidong laughed, and then he smiled sharply: "I Ye Haidong will be afraid. Police? Those policemen, don’t be afraid of me, Ye Haidong is pretty good!"

"Xia Mengyao, to tell you the truth, Lao Tzu borrowed the courage of those police 100,000, and they did not dare to search my Ye family! So if you know you, take off your clothes as soon as possible. Sleep with Lao Tzu. If I have served Lao Tzu well, if I am happy, I might be able to let this old thing go.” Ye Haidong's tone was rampant and full of confidence.

"Don't think about it!" Xia Mengyao's silver teeth gritted and creaked, obviously irritated.

"Don't think about it?" Ye Haidong sneered: "I want to see it today, why don't you think about it!"

"Come here, take this stinky clothes off, then take a few nude photos and send it to the waste." Ye Haidong smiled grimly Waved, he wanted to see when Chen Feng could be a tortoise.

"Ye! Hai! Dong! If you dare to move my daughter, I will kill your whole family!" Xia Weiguo threatened to split his eyes. Ye Haidong's move was tantamount to murder and condemnation. It can be said that both Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao were destroyed.

"Old stuff, I give you a face from time to time!" Ye Haidong's expression suddenly cold: "Unload this old stuff for me!"

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"Yes, Ye Dong."

As soon as Ye Haidong's voice fell, someone picked up a steel pipe and pointed toward him . Xia Weiguo threw his other leg down.

There was a crisp fracture sound, and Xia Weiguo's blue veins burst out instantly, but he gritted his teeth without saying a word, just staring at Ye Haidong, like a fierce beast choosing people to eat.

"Old stuff, look!" Ye Haidong was agitated by a sharp eye staring at him. He picked up the steel pipe next to him and smashed it on Xia Weiguo.

"Dad!" Xia Mengyao let out a heartbreaking cry, and threw herself in front of Xia Weiguo.

Then, the solid steel pipe that Ye Haidong picked up hit Xia Mengyao's forehead heavily.

Xia Mengyao snorted, and a few bloody bloodstains leaked out of her white forehead.

"Smelly biaozi, are you going to die with this old thing?" Ye Haidong sneered. Although he beat Xia Mengyao to the blood, he didn't mean to regret at all. Instead, he pulled up the steel pipe in his hand again and turned toward him. Xia Mengyao smashed down.

Kang Haibo couldn't stand it anymore and couldn't help but persuade him: "Ye Dong, don't really kill someone, you really want to kill this

lady, what should we do if you want to find the waste?" Ye Haidong glanced at Kang Haibo, frowned and said: "You What are you afraid of, that trash, what did he use to fight against Lao Tzu, his fate, if I want to, I can take it anytime, desperately, he is also worthy?"

After speaking, Ye Haidong picked up the steel pipe again and smashed Xia Mengyao. Down.

Kang Haibo moved his lips and did not persuade him again. Indeed, to Ye Haidong, Chen Feng is a trivial ant. Not to mention the Ye family, even their Kang family, there are 100,000 ways to make Chen Feng disappear without a trace.

At this time, the distance between Chen Feng and Ye's house was already less than one kilometer.

Ever since Xia Mengyao couldn't get through, Chen Feng was so anxious that he almost stepped on the accelerator pedal. He didn't know how many red lights he drove along the way.

Finally, the door of the Ye family approached.

Several security guards at the door, seeing the lightning-like Koenigsegg, were suddenly shocked, almost subconsciously, and flew back.


Koenigsegg slammed into the Ye Family's gate directly, roaring and rushing into the Ye Family Manor like a beast out of its cage.

From a distance, Chen Feng saw Xia Weiguo hanging on the tree and Xia Mengyao standing in front of Xia Weiguo.

After seeing Ye Haidong push the steel pipe onto Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng's eyes suddenly became blood red!


Looking for death!" Chen Feng almost popped two words from his teeth, and then he slammed on the accelerator.

Koenigsegg, like a mad beast, roared towards the Ye Family's bodyguard.

The roaring engine finally awakened the many bodyguards of the Ye family.

Many bodyguards turned their heads subconsciously, and then their pupils suddenly tightened!

Shocked and scrambled and ran out.

Some bodyguards ran out, but some bodyguards were frightened and froze in place.




Koenigsegg hit three or four figures.

The black figure is like a kite with a broken wire, flying horizontally for more than ten meters. When the person is in the air, many internal organs that have become broken pieces are spit out from the mouth.

The impact force of Koenigsegg with its motor fully turned on is not less than that of a large truck driving at full speed. These bodyguards have no reason to survive.

Everyone in the Ye family was frightened.

Who is driving this suddenly rushed car?

Without giving them much time to think, the harsh brakes sounded and the black tires left a long string of marks on the ground, Koenigsegg stopped.

The butterfly door opened, and Chen Feng fell heavily.


The whole audience is suffocated!

The moment Chen Feng got out of the car, everyone in the field except Xia Weiguo and Xia Mengyao felt that their neck was instantly pinched by an invisible big hand.

After seeing Chen Feng's angry eyes, everyone in the Ye family began to tremble!

"Wang...Uncle Wang, kill him!" Ye Haidong trembled. He didn't know who the man in front of him was, but he was scared, he was really scared!

The look in this man's eyes is terrible!

Just like a prehistoric beast, it makes people fear from the depths of the soul!

"Ye... Ye Dong, I am not his opponent." The old man called Uncle Wang swallowed, and said in fear.

He is a warrior, a warrior in the middle of Ming Jin!

The patron saint of the Ye family!

In the past ten years of the Ye Family, he has eliminated countless powerful enemies for the Ye Family.

Chapter: 230

Ye Dongxiao's former enemy, the assassin sent, arrived at Ye's house, and none of them could survive the three moves in his hands.

In the past few years in Cangzhou, he felt that he had reached the pinnacle of Cangzhou martial arts world.

Because there are no warriors in Cangzhou!

But today, when he saw Chen Feng, he knew what it means to sit on a well and watch the sky!

Although Chen Feng hasn't made a move yet, he knows that he is not Chen Feng's opponent, and Chen Feng can run him to death with just one finger!

"Uncle Wang, what are you talking about?!"

"You are a warrior, a warrior!" Ye Haidong roared with an angry face. His greatest confidence was Wang An, a mid-Ming Jin martial artist. Twenty years ago, Ye Dongxiao killed Cangzhou martial arts world. The blood flowed into a river, leading to a fault in the martial arts world of Cangzhou. Since then, there have been few martial artists in Cangzhou, and one occasionally appeared. It was just entering the threshold of Mingjin, or in the early days of Mingjin.

Wang An in the mid-Ming Jin period can completely crush.

With Wang An, he is not afraid of anyone!

But now, Wang An didn't even dare to fight the opponent, saying that he was not the opponent's opponent!

What is the origin of the other party!

"Okay! Let's give it a try!" Ye Haidong's words also aroused Wang An's eagerness. Although Chen Feng in front of him has a terrifying aura, his true strength is not necessarily strong. After all, his age is there. At most, he was only twenty-five or sixteen years old. Even if he started practicing from the mother's womb, it was only the late Ming Jin stage now.

He Mingjin's mid-term, it might not be impossible to fight!

Wang An thought so, and he did the same.

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But when he came to Chen Feng, he realized how naive he was!

This monstrous Qi machine is not something that Ming Jin can radiate, and it is impossible even for Dark Jin!

"You want to kill me?" Chen Feng said blankly.

Wang An's eyes were frightened, and he subconsciously shook his head.

But at random, he was shocked to find that he couldn't move at all!

Chen Feng slowly stretched out a finger, keeping a little space apart.

An invisible force was close to Wang An's eyebrows.

Wang An's pupils suddenly tightened, and his soul shot straight out.

Put your energy out, master of martial arts!

The strength gradually approached, Wang An barely pulled a sorrowful smile at the corner of Wang An's mouth. He couldn't even think of killing him, Chen Feng turned out to be a master of Huajin martial arts!


Invisible energy penetrated Wang An's head, and Wang An crashed to the ground.

The patron saint of the Ye family, Wang An.

One finger to death!


Biting cold!

Wang An's fall caused everyone in the Ye Family to fall into a bitter cold.

They couldn't believe that this old man who had stayed in the Ye family for nearly twenty years and wiped out countless powerful enemies for the Ye family died just like this.

And it was still poked to death with a finger!

Ye Haidong's eyes were frightened, and his body trembled like chaff. Seeing Chen Feng walking step by step, his soul began to tremble.

With every step Chen Feng takes, his aura becomes stronger.

First like a river rushing.

Like a landslide and a tsunami.

When I stood in front of Ye Haidong, the world was already hanging upside down!

The overwhelming pressure slapped Ye Haidong away like a violent wind and huge waves.

There was a "puff".

Ye Haidong directly knelt on the ground with one knee, his face pale as paper!

"Forgiveness... Forgiveness..." Ye Haidong uttered his tongue and begged for mercy, and his voice was crying. He didn't know when he got into such a big man. He only knew that his own life would be held right now. In the other's hands.

"Why play Mengyao?" Chen Feng said calmly.


This title made Ye Haidong stunned for a moment, and then his pupils suddenly tightened, and an incredible thought popped up in his mind. The big man who killed Wang An with one finger in front of him seemed to be Xia Mengyao's waste husband? !

Do not! impossible!

Absolutely impossible!

How could Xia Mengyao's trash husband have something to do with the murderous god in front of him!

Ye Haidong screamed frantically in his heart. Although he had a hundred thousand disbelief in his heart, he couldn't help but say: "You... are you Miss Xia's husband?"

"I ask you, why do you want to fight Mengyao?" Chen Feng did not answer, but calmly looked at Ye Haidong and asked.

Ye Haidong's face turned pale, really! It turned out to be! Hahaha!

"Mr. Chen, Ye Dong, he... he didn't mean it." At this moment, Kang Haibo on the side trembled and defended Ye Haidong. In fact, he couldn't believe that the man in front of him who looked like a human emperor would be Xia. My son-in-law is abandoned, but the facts are before my eyes, so he can't help but believe it.

"Did I let you talk?" Chen Feng glanced at Kang Haibo lightly.

This glance immediately made Kang Haibo's liver and gallbladder torn apart.

"Mr. Chen, I'm sorry..." Kang Haibo apologized with his tongue knotted. It was terrible, Chen Feng was terrible!

He felt that when Chen Feng looked at him just now, he seemed to be watched by the god of death, and he could die at any time!

Chen Feng turned his gaze to Ye Haidong again.

Ye Haidongqiang resisted his fear and raised his head, and looked at Chen Feng. He knew that he had little hope of living today, but he still wanted to try.

"Chen...Mr. Chen, I am willing to hand over all the property of the Ye family as compensation to Madam Ling."


The audience is silent!

The many bodyguards and servants of the Ye family are like sculptures, petrified on the spot.

All the assets of the Ye family are worth tens of billions, right?

Ye Haidong actually said that he would hand over all his property and make amends for that woman? !

Is Ye Haidong crazy!

"Not enough." Chen Feng shook his head lightly.

The audience was silent again, and there was no sound. Ye Haidong made such a concession, and the young man hadn't said enough.

"Then Mr. Chen...what do you want?" Ye Haidong asked dryly.

"Your life."

Chen Feng said lightly. He has never been merciful to those who hurt Xia Mengyao.

"Mr. Chen! I'm Ye Dongxiao's son, and my father is not dead! You can't kill me!" Ye Haidong panicked, he was completely panicked, as he felt the monstrous murderous intention hidden under Chen Feng's calm expression.

The news that was exposed at the same time also shocked everyone in the audience.

Ye Dongxiao is not dead? !

Chen Feng is still indifferent, Ye Dongxiao is still alive, what does it have to do with him?

Even if Ye Dongxiao is not dead, if he dares to trouble himself, then he doesn't mind letting him die again!

Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Ye Haidong's heart suddenly rose in hope. He thought Chen Feng was frightened by himself, and continued to persuade him painstakingly: "Mr. Chen, it is true that my father was in the middle of Anjin 20 years ago. Martial artist, now, twenty years have passed. If he leaves the customs again, he is likely to break through the dark power and become a martial arts master."

"Mr. Chen, you are also a martial artist yourself. You should understand the four words of martial arts master. What does it mean."

" What's more, there is no unsolvable grudge between me and you. Although I offended Madam Ling, I have shown my sincerity, so Mr. Chen, you really can't commit it. , For a woman, to offend my father, the martial arts master..."