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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 231-240 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 231

"Are you finished?" Chen Feng smiled faintly.

Ye Haidong was taken aback, what did Chen Feng mean? Could he not understand what he said?

I already broke the bubble and explained it to him. Ye Dongxiao is a master of martial arts. If he kills himself, Ye Dongxiao will definitely kill him. Is Chen Feng really so confused?

"It's finished." Although there were thousands of thoughts in his heart, Ye Haidong didn't show much in his mouth, and his attitude towards Chen Feng was still respectful.

Chen Feng nodded slightly: "It's finished."

"Then you go and die."

Ye Haidong's pupils suddenly tightened, his face was shocked, and he wanted to say something, but Chen Feng didn't give him a chance at all, he just gave him a point. Above his forehead.

The invisible energy penetrated the center of his eyebrows, and Ye Haidong fell to the ground with a stunned eyes!

As soon as Ye Haidong died, many bodyguards and servants of the Ye family suddenly became birds and beasts, urinating in their buttocks and fleeing for their lives, wishing their parents to give them more legs.

Naturally, Chen Feng had no intention of chasing these ants. Instead, he walked to Xia Mengyao and said apologetically: "Dad, Mengyao, I'm sorry, I'm late."

Xia Weiguo opened his mouth wide and looked at Chen Feng, unable to speak for a while. Come, he really couldn't connect the man in front of him who was decisive and decisive, like a human emperor, with the family cook who wears an apron and cooks in the kitchen every day.

What happened during the month he was in a coma? Why was Chen Feng's transformation so big?

Ye family is a veteran first-line family in Cangzhou, can it be destroyed by Chen Feng in less than three minutes?

Xia Weiguo's reaction was within Chen Feng's expectations, but Chen Feng didn't know how to explain to Xia Weiguo.

"It's okay, you can put your dad down first." Xia Mengyao paused. She knew about Chen Feng's skills, so Chen Feng was not surprised to kill Wang An and Ye Haidong, but it was not possible for a while. Just accept such a bloody scene.

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded, put Xia Weiguo down from the tree, and then filled Xia Weiguo's body with energy and relieved Xia Weiguo's injuries.

"Chen Feng, why are you so confused." After thinking about it for a long time, Xia Weiguo suffocated such a sentence. In his opinion, Chen Feng was too impulsive. Even if Ye Haidong is unforgivable, Chen Feng should not be. Killing Ye Haidong in the face of so many people, Ye Haidong was the head of the Ye family after all.

He is the top dignitarian in Cangzhou. Once Ye Haidong died, a major earthquake would be set off throughout Cangzhou.

The police will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly. At that time, where should Chen Feng go.

"Dad, don't worry, things here will not be leaked out." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Xia Weiguo was worried. He could more or less guess something, but he was not unprepared. Before coming, he had already Han Long and Gu Dongchen were notified, Han Long and Gu Dongchen's people had already surrounded Yejia Manor, let alone people, just flies, don't even want to escape one.

He believed that Gu Dongchen and Han Long had the means to shut these people up.

Ten thousand steps back and said, even if things really hit the police station, with his current power, it is not difficult to eliminate the case, so Xia Weiguo's worries are purely redundant.

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"Really won't leak out?" Xia Weiguo asked suspiciously. He felt that the current Chen Feng, compared with the past, has undergone earth-shaking changes. If you say that the former Chen Feng is a rusty iron. As for the sword, then Chen Feng now is a sword with sharp edges!

"Really not, Dad, just put your heart in your stomach." Chen Feng smiled slightly.

"That's good." Xia Weiguo nodded, and then said: "I heard that Ye Haidong said that I was tied here because our Xia family took some of their Yuquanshan project? What is going on? "

Dad, Yuquanshan's project..." Xia Mengyao recounted the events of the month after Xia Weiguo was in a coma from beginning to end. After hearing it, Xia Weiguo was dumbfounded and shocked.

He didn't expect that he was just in a coma for a month and so many things happened outside.

The Yanjing Chen family actually invested 50 billion in Yuquan Mountain, while the Xia family actually got in touch with the Yanjing Chen family and contracted the Yuquan Mountain project!

Hearing that the Xia family was contracting the Yuquan Mountain project, Xia Weiguo was still very pleased. After hearing that Xia Mengyao was kicked from the seat of the Yuquan Mountain project leader, Xia Weiguo was instantly pale with anger. He was just in a coma, not Dead, why did the Xia family bully his daughter so much?

Immediately, Xia Mengyao explained what Chen Feng had done.

Xia Weiguo was shocked again. He thought that Chen Feng's changes were just a handful of changes, but after hearing what Xia Mengyao said, Chen Feng started to change since he was in a coma.

Xia Mengyao almost told most of Xia Weiguo's coma during the month, but still concealed some things, such as his whereabouts in Jinling, and the identity of Chen Feng's heir to the Chen family.

Xia Weiguo didn't doubt that he had him. After listening, he patted Chen Feng on the shoulder and said with emotion: "Your kid is so capable, what kind of takeaway you said, let Mengyao follow you for three years.

" Dad, I'm sorry." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. In fact, if it wasn't for the Chen family who caused the accident and seriously injured Xia Weiguo, he would probably continue to deliver food and endure it.

"Okay, I'm sorry for what the family said." Xia Weiguo let out a sigh of relief, and said with a smile: "Your kid has become more capable now, and you can treat my daughter better in the future. If you let me know, you fail my daughter, look at me. Don't interrupt your legs."

"Dad, don't worry, you won't." Chen Feng smiled slightly, his baby Xia Mengyao was too late, so how could he fail Xia Mengyao.

A smile appeared on Xia Mengyao’s pretty face, but in this smile, there was a hint of far-fetched, she didn’t know how long her peaceful days with Chen Feng could last, although Chen Feng didn’t say anything, but She can clearly feel that there is a huge power that has been staring at her. This power, even Chen Feng, is obviously very jealous.

"Dad, Mengyao, I'll take you to the hospital first." Chen Feng said. He just stopped Xia Weiguo's internal injury with his energy, but he had nothing to do with the bone injury on Xia Weiguo's leg. There was also Xia Mengyao, whose forehead was also affected by Ye Haidong. If you don’t go to the doctor in time, you may have troubles.

"Well, go to the hospital first." Xia Weiguo nodded, but he was strange in his heart. What was the airflow that Chen Feng had passed into his body just now. After the airflow entered his body, he didn't hurt at all.

Chapter: 232

Although puzzled, Xia Weiguo didn't ask much, everyone should have their own secrets, and Chen Feng did the same.

In fact, three years ago, he realized that Chen Feng was unusual, because a normal person could not survive such a serious injury.

But Chen Feng's performance at the time was very tenacious.

It was this tenacity that made Xia Weiguo move the heart of the silhouette and brought Chen Feng back to the Xia family.

A Hao drove the three people to the hospital in a BMW.

Gu Dongchen and Han Long stayed in the Ye family to deal with the remaining power of the Ye family.

Not long after, Chen Feng received a message from Gu Dongchen: "Chen Shao, it was Xia Hao who asked the Ye family to tie Uncle Xia over."

"Well, I know." Chen Feng's eyes were slightly cold, and he said in a deep voice .

Xia Hao!

It was Xia Hao!

In fact, when he heard the news, Chen Feng felt that Xia Weiguo's appearance in the Ye family was strange. Normally, if the Ye family were looking for it, they should go directly to him and Xia Mengyao, not Xia Weiguo.

But the Ye family had just found it, and one can imagine that someone must have urged them behind.

At that time, Chen Feng had doubted Xia Hao, but he had no chance to prove it.

Now I got the answer from Gu Dongchen.

"Shao Chen, do you want me to bring Xia Hao to you now?" Gu Dongchen asked tentatively.

"No, on Xia Hao's side, I will take care of it. You should deal with the Ye family first, don't let the wind leak." Chen Feng said lightly, Xia Hao repeatedly touched his bottom line. This time, It is bound to not make Xia Hao better.

"Yes, Chen Shao." Gu Dongchen nodded. Although he had expected Chen Summit to do something against the Ye Family, he did not expect that Chen Summit used this method to directly kill the Ye Family and destroy Wang An. And Ye Haidong.

As soon as Ye Haidong died, the Ye family fell and fell into scattered sand.

"Are you saying that only Xia Mengyao was there alone?" Xia Hao frowned and said in Yunsheng Building, the chairman's office.

Standing in front of him was Zhou He, the security captain of the company.

"Well, Chairman, after the old thing was taken away by the Ye family, the nurse in the hospital immediately called Xia Mengyao's cell phone, so Xia Mengyao was the only one going over."

"What about Chen Feng's waste?" Xia Hao asked in a deep voice, Chen Feng was the one he was most worried about now. This time he asked the Ye Family to take Xia Weiguo away. In fact, his fundamental purpose was to use Ye Family's hands to eradicate Chen Feng.

"Chairman, Chen Feng's trash, we don't know where he went. We haven't seen him in Cangzhou these days." Zhou He said.

"Let your people continue to stare at the Ye family and see if the trash will go to the Ye family." Xia Hao waved his hand and said a little distractedly. He thought that Chen Summit appeared for the first time, but now, There is no news about Chen Feng. Did this trash know that the Ye family is not easy to provoke this time, so he was persuaded?

Xia Hao didn't know that the whole Ye family was now surrounded by Gu Dongchen and Han Long's people. Even the people sent by Zhou He were controlled by Gu Dongchen's people.

At night, Chen Feng returned home with Xia Weiguo and Xia Mengyao who had treated their wounds.

Pushing the door open, Lin Lan sat on the sofa and watched TV.

"Lao Xia!" After seeing Xia Weiguo, Lin Lan suddenly widened his eyes and stood up from the sofa.

"Lan Lan." A smile appeared on Xia Weiguo's face. During this period of time in the hospital, he had been half asleep and in a coma. Although he knew that Lin Lan came to see him every day, he could not speak.

Today, although the people of the Ye family hung him on the tree, he woke him up by accident. Seeing Lin Lan at this moment, Xia Weiguo felt the joy of reunion after a long absence.

"Lao Xia, why are you... discharged? Also, why did you get a cast on your leg again?" Seeing Xia Weiguo on crutches and a cast on his leg, Lin Lan was shocked. She didn't know that Xia Weiguo was taken. I thought Xia Weiguo had some accident with the things brought to the Ye family.

"And Mengyao, what's the matter with the bandage on your head?" Lin Lan shifted her gaze to Xia Mengyao again. Why didn't you see each other for a day, and the father and daughter were both hanging out at the same time.

"Mom, it's like this. Today my dad woke up, I went to pick my dad out of the hospital, and then when he helped my dad down the stairs, my dad stepped on the empty foot and accidentally fell down. I..."

"You Also fell down?" Lin Lan interrupted Xia Mengyao suspiciously. How did she feel that Xia Mengyao's words were so unreliable?

"Well, I also fell." Xia Mengyao lied without flushing and heartbeat. On the way back, she discussed with Xia Weiguo and unanimously decided not to tell Lin Lan about this.

After all, Lin Lan is famous for her big mouth, and she has always hated Chen Feng. If she knew that Chen Feng had killed someone, the first thing she would do is to report to the police station.

"Lao Xia, tell me how old you are, why are you so careless?" Lin Lan gave Xia Weiguo angrily. Although both father and daughter were painted, they didn't seem to be a big problem. It's good to be discharged.

"Isn't this being discharged today? I'm so happy, so I didn't pay attention to my feet." Xia Weiguo said with a smile.

"You are happy. Some of these people are probably not happy anymore." Lin Lan's tone became yin and yang again, obviously, it was aimed at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng frowned and did not speak. Xia Weiguo had just been discharged from the hospital today. He didn't want Xia Weiguo to be caught in the middle, so he didn't plan to quarrel with Lin Lan.

"Lan Lan, what do you mean by this?" Xia Weiguo smiled bitterly. Didn't Lin Lan see Chen Feng's change in the past month? Why does she still have such a big prejudice against Chen Feng? When Chen Feng delivered the food, Lin Lan disliked Chen Feng. Now Chen Feng has such a long face, why did Lin Lan still target Chen Feng?

"Huh, it's meaningless." Lin Lan snorted

coldly, and said, "Old Xia, you don't know, you son-in-law want to establish another Xia family, right?" "Another Xia family?" Xia Weiguo was taken aback. This is Xia Mengyao. I really haven't told him.

"Yes, another Xia family. Some people's wings are now hard, and they want to leave the Xia family alone." Lin Lan ridiculed the yin and yang, and said: "But also, if you change me, you will be the son-in-law for a long time. I would rather, I would definitely want to try, let others see how his face feels."

"Mom, you think too much." Chen Feng said lightly. Lin Lan's meaning was obvious, saying that he wanted to stand up and be the master of the Xia family. Let Xia Mengyao act on his face instead of him acting on the face of Xia Mengyao.

"Thinking too much?" Lin Lan joked, "Chen Feng, dare you say that you didn't bring up the matter of the Lixia family?"

"I brought it up, but my intention was to make Mengyao suffer less. Some grievances." Chen Feng said lightly.

"High-sounding." Lin Lan sneered, speaking better than singing, obviously for her own sake, and pushed all this to Xia Mengyao.

Chapter: 233

Chen Feng frowned and didn't say anything. Lin Lan's impression of him was already solidified, so what he said was a sophistry to Lin Lan.

Xia Weiguo frowned. He didn't think that Chen Feng established another Xia family to satisfy his own desires. Chen Feng might have other plans, but psychologically, Xia Weiguo still didn't want his own line to be separated from the Xia family. Get out.

After all, he grew up in the Xia family since he was a child, and the Xia family has many of his brothers and sisters. Now if Chen Feng establishes another Xia family, he doesn't have to think about it. The relationship between the new Xia family and the old Xia family will be the same.

"Chen Feng, what you think... Dad understands more or less, but do you want to think about it again?" Xia Weiguo paused, then added: "I know, your two have the biggest heart disease now. It's Xia Hao. Xia Hao is really ignorant. For the position of a project leader, he can even do things like brotherhood."

"But no matter what he says, he is also your cousin, as the saying goes. Well, the bones are broken and still connected. You and Xia Hao are close relatives of blood. This relative is actually like a husband and wife. They are both quarreling at the bedside and at the end of the bed. There is nothing wrong with that, so Dad felt, It’s better for you couple to think carefully about this matter.” Xia Weiguo said bitterly. He is a very feudal and traditional person. The concept of clan has long been entrenched in the blood. For him, the relationship between Xia Mengyao and the Xia family is Like the palms of the palms and the backs of the hands, they are all fleshy.

If Chen Feng establishes another Xia family, he will be caught in the middle, without being a human being inside and out.

Chen Feng sighed in his heart. Xia Weiguo didn't know how serious the matter was now. He thought that Xia Hao was just ignorant, selfish, and committed such extraordinary things as brotherhood.

But in fact, brotherhood is nothing to Xia Hao.

Xia Hao now even dared to deal with Xia Yunsheng, turning Xia Yunsheng into a vegetable, and the third uncle of Xia Weiguo, who was also sold to the Ye family by Xia Hao. If he hadn't helped him, Xia Weiguo's life would have been lost. .

So now Xia Hao is a frantic beast, Chen Feng is not at all assured, let Xia Mengyao and such beast live under the same roof.

"Old Xia, it's useless. You said it for nothing. Now that people have good skills, how can they put us in their eyes." Lin Lan was ridiculing strangely. When Xia Weiguo came back, she instantly With the backbone of the master, talking to Chen Feng became more and more unscrupulous.

"Lan Lan! How do you talk?" Xia Weiguo glared at Lin Lan with some irritation. From the moment he entered the door, Lin Lan changed his way to mock Chen Feng. The key is that he is not a person of right and wrong. He is very clear. From the beginning to the end, Chen Feng had never done anything to be sorry for Xia Mengyao or the Xia family, so Lin Lan was totally unreasonable.

Seeing Xia Weiguo glaring at him, Lin Lan suddenly refused to follow him, hands on hips, and full of breath: "Lao Xia, what do you want me to say? Isn't it the fact that this waste has hardened wings and is going to split up?"

"What is family separation? Did Chen Feng say to take one stitch and one thread from the Xia family?" Xia Weiguo said angrily.

"It's because this rubbish doesn't take a needle and a thread from the Xia family, I'm angry!"

"You don't know how stupid this rubbish is now. He establishes another Xia family. Not only does he not take a penny from the Xia family, but he pays it back. Meng Yao worked so hard to put our sign of Yuquan mountain project, gave intact summer home. " "

that was five billion project, Meng Yao Why should he call the shots for us! " "

to me, the other the beginning of summer Home, it’s not impossible, but we have to take half of those projects in Yuquan Mountain.”

Lin Lan confidently said. In fact, she supports Chen Feng’s establishment of the Xia family because she has not supported the Xia family for so many years. After starting, her status and status will only be higher if she establishes another Xia family.

She is now angry that Chen Feng’s bargaining chip when discussing the establishment of another Xia family turned out to be Yuquanshan’s 500 million yuan project. In her opinion, these projects should all belong to Xia Mengyao, so they must establish another Xia family. Home, even if not all of it is taken away, at least half of it should be taken away as the capital for the rise of the new Xia family.

But Chen Feng, an idiot, actually told Xia Yunsheng that he wanted to give all of the five hundred million projects to the old Xia family, as long as the old Xia family agreed to establish a new Xia family.

This news almost made Lin Lan half-to-dead, and he wouldn’t be able to do such a stupid thing if his brain gets into the cement. You don’t want anything for a 500 million project. You don’t want to give it all away, and it’s Xia Mengyao’s typical. Can Lin Lan not be angry about being generous to others?


Huh trouble !" Xia Weiguo said a little upset. Lin Lan, a financial fan, only has money in her eyes. What she worries about is that after the establishment of Xia's family, she will have no money to spend, but she doesn't know what Chen Feng is. There is so much energy that even first-line families like the Ye family can be destroyed with one hand, so making money is not difficult for Chen Feng, even Xia Weiguo suspects that Chen Feng’s current assets have long surpassed the Xia family. That's why he didn't hesitate the Yuquanshan Project.

"Lao Xia! Why am I messing around!" Lin Lan began to scorn, "Everything I do is for the good of my family, why do you say I mess around?!"

"What are you not being messing around? Then Yuquan. The project of the mountain is not Mengyao alone!" Xia Weiguo blew his beard and stared, and was also angry.

Seeing that there was a tendency for the two to quarrel, Chen Feng couldn't help but sighed and said, "Dad, Mom, don't talk about it, I will reconsider the Lixia family's affairs."

"Reconsider? What can I consider I don't want to take care of the Xia family if you don't create another one, but you have to give me back for those projects in Yuquan Mountain. It is our Mengyao, and you have no right to be the master for her." Lin Lan was unreasonable.

"Mom, those projects were requested by Chen Feng from his classmate Lin Zongwei. Strictly speaking, it should be Chen Feng's, not mine." Xia Mengyao said impatiently. She already told Lin Lan about this problem. I have talked about it no less than ten times, but once Lin Lan could hear it, in fact, let alone the projects of the Xia family, all the projects in the entire Yuquan Mountain belonged to Chen Feng.

"Mengyao, what are you talking about? Lin Zongwei is not a fool. What kind of classmate relationship is worth five hundred million? The reason why people give you the project is because of the face of our Xia family. As for this waste, It's just incidental." Lin Lan pouted.

Chapter: 234

Xia Mengyao shook her head, too lazy to argue with Lin Lan.

Lin Lan was also acquainted, did not continue, turned her head and looked at Xia Wei Guodao: "Lao Xia, you just left the hospital today, and I don't want to quarrel with you. This rubbish is another matter of establishing the Xia family. Let's leave it alone. The top priority now is to

buy a house as soon as possible ." "Buy a house? Where did you get the money?" Xia Weiguo frowned. He knew the situation at home. He was not very rich. This time he fell ill and spent a lot of money. Money is even more difficult. Not to mention buying a house, but eating is a problem. Where did Lin Lan get the money?

"Don't worry about where I got the money." Lin Lan took out a card and said with an air of expression: "Anyway, we will go to Yuquan Mountain tomorrow to see the house."

"Yuquan Mountain? The house there needs at least one set. Seven or eight million." Xia Weiguo's brows deepened. The seven or eight million houses he was talking about were just the most common 70-80-square-meter residence in Yuquan Mountain, not a mansion or a villa.

"Seven or eight million houses, which are also people living in?" Lin Lan

curled his lips in disdain, and said: "If we want to buy it, we will buy more than 10 million." Xia Weiguo opened his mouth wide, and Lin Lan was not afraid. The wind flashed his tongue?

Dare to say that ten million houses?

"Lan Lan, where did you get the money? Did Chen Feng give it?" Xia Weiguo asked. In his opinion, only Chen Feng could have so much money. Otherwise, Lin Lan alone would have three or four thousand a month. I can’t afford to buy a house in my life.

"Lao Xia, what do you think? If this waste can give me 10 million, I can wake up with a smile in my dreams." Lin Lan sniffed, and said: "This money in my hand is what I saved every cent. There is nothing to do with this waste. Last time in Yuquan Mountain, a surnamed Lin..."

Lin Lanjiang was beaten by Lin Zhaozhong’s wife in Yuquan Mountain a few days ago. At that time, Lin Zhaozhong lost five million yuan and Gu Dongchen paid for it. I said everything about Xia Mengyao's 1.5 million yuan. After listening to it, Xia Weiguo was dumbfounded, his mouth widened, as if he could squeeze two eggs into it.

That Lin Zhaozhong paid Lin Lan 5 million!

Is that man a fool, or is there nowhere to spend more money? Xia Weiguo thought in astonishment, this year, if a person lost his life, he would only lose 600 to 700 thousand at most, but Lin Lan was fine, but was slapped a few times and lost five million.

How could there be such a good thing.

There must be a problem!

Almost in an instant, Xia Weiguo thought of Chen Feng. Chen Feng was there at the time. Lin Zhaozhong must have given Chen Feng face and gave Lin Lan five million.

Otherwise, Lin Lan alone, let alone five million, would be good not to be beaten to death on the mountain.

What kind of background does my cheap son-in-law have that makes so many people so jealous? Xia Weiguo became more and more curious about Chen Feng's true identity.

But right now, in front of Lin Lan, he couldn't ask any more, so he could only focus on buying a house.

"Even if Lin Zhaozhong pays you 5 million, plus the original Gu Dongchen's 1.5 million, you still have 6.5 million in your hand now, why would you think of buying a house for 10 million?"

Xia Weiguo I asked, undoubtedly, the house in Yuquan Mountain is the top residence in Cangzhou. Almost all the wealthy people in Cangzhou live there. The original Xia Weiguo had thought that one day he could live in Yuquan Mountain, but he could only live there. Just think about it, let him buy a house in Yuquanshan, he definitely can't afford it.

"Isn't there still this rubbish? We buy a house, he can't always pay nothing." Lin Lan glanced at Chen Feng, Yin and Yang said strangely.

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"Mom, why did you buy a house for Chen Feng to make Chen Feng pay for it? Also, can't you live in a house of more than 6 million? Why do you have to buy more than 10 million?" Xia Mengyao said a little displeased, Lin Lan used to be She saw everything about Chen Feng. It could be said that she didn't treat Chen Feng as a human being. Now that she needs money, she thinks of Chen Feng again. Is there such a bully?

Besides, more than six million yuan can buy a good villa in other parts of Cangzhou, but Lin Lan has to go to Yuquan Mountain to buy a house. The house in Yuquan Mountain is good, but the price is too high. Lin Lan Buying a house there was purely to satisfy my vanity, to show off in front of her gang of sisters, without considering the actual situation at home.

"Why should Chen Feng pay for it?" Lin Lan glanced at Xia Mengyao dissatisfiedly: "Mengyao, what do you say, Chen Feng is my son-in-law, mother-in-law bought a house, what happened to the son-in-law paying some money? Besides, I have three years. I saved his life before, and let him eat and drink for free in my Xia family for three years. Now he just bought a house and asked him to pay for it, not killing him. Am I still wrong?

" Mom! Chen Feng has no money. His money was given to you last time."

Xia Mengyao said angrily. She didn't understand how Lin Lan could be so arrogant and shameless, but she couldn't hold her face. Chen Feng paid for it. Although millions of dollars were trivial to Chen Feng now, she just didn't want Lin Lan to succeed so easily.

"No money? No money, he ran to rent a luxury car for 50,000 yuan a day? What kind of garlic?" Lin Lan frowned and said angrily: "I don't care anyway! I have already taken a good look at the house, anyway, before noon tomorrow , I want to see 3.5 million yuan. If this waste can’t make up money, I’ll sell blood and kidney, even if I rob the bank. In short, I only need money!”

Lin Lan said with both hands Ringing her chest, she returned to the bedroom with a cold face, she didn't believe that Chen Feng had no money.

If there is no money, it would be impossible to rent such a good car last time, so Chen Feng must have some way of making a fortune, but I just don't want her to know it.

But Chen Feng didn't want her to know, she still wanted to know that buying a house this time was a good opportunity for testing. She wanted to take the opportunity to find out if Chen Feng had a small vault and how much private money he had hidden!

Lin Lan's unreasonable appearance immediately made Xia Mengyao angry, but she was also determined to pay attention, and she must not let Chen Feng pay for it, otherwise, Lin Lan would definitely slap her nose and buy an ordinary house today. , Then tomorrow, Lin Lan will probably buy the villa directly.

"Chen Feng, your mother, don't go to your heart, you don't care about the house, I will persuade your mother again." Xia Weiguo sighed, Lin Lan is now more and more greedy, there are hundreds of people Wan, I don’t know what my surname is, and even dare to buy a house in Yuquanshan.

Chen Feng nodded. In fact, he did not resist giving Lin Lan millions of dollars to buy a house. Of course, it was not that he wanted to give Lin Lan face, but for Xia Weiguo's sake. After all, Xia Weiguo treated him well and saved his life, which was equivalent to half of his father.

Chapter: 235

This summer Weiguo is also in his old age, and his old age is the age of Qingfu. Chen Feng can't bear it. Xia Weiguo continues to live in this dilapidated resettlement community, climbing stairs every day.

Chen Feng's original intention was to find a suitable opportunity to take Xia Weiguo into Yuquanshan's villa after Xia Weiguo was discharged from the hospital, and invite a few servants to take care of Xia Weiguo, but now that Lin Lan has taken care of him, Chen Feng is gone for a while. idea.

The time came to the next day, early in the morning, security captain Zhou He rushed to Xia Hao's office.

"Xia Dong, it's not good." Zhou He rushed in without knocking at the door.

"What's wrong? What's wrong?" Xia Hao felt a sense of anxiety.

"The few brothers I sent out to watch, none of them came back."

"None of them came back?" Xia Hao was also surprised.

"Well, none of them came back, and I went to see the Ye family today and found that the entire Ye Family Manor, let alone people, not even a dog." Zhou He said in fear, the huge Ye family, overnight, people Going to the empty space is as if all traces have been erased by an invisible big hand. The meaning of this is really terrifying.

"You mean..." Xia Hao's face was a little pale. It was obvious that the Ye family was gone, including those sent by Zhou He. Although they might not be dead, they didn't even want to contact each other anymore. Will not give them a chance.

"Dong Xia, I'm afraid... that waste did it!" Zhou He gritted his teeth. In fact, he didn't even believe that Chen Feng did all this. But in the current situation, he can't help but believe it because Xia Mengyao didn't. So much energy.

Xia Hao's body trembled. If Chen Feng did everything, then he didn't dare to think about the meaning of it.

Quietly erased a first-line family, and it was still an old first-line family...

Xia Hao shuddered again.

"Zhou He, are you sure that the trash did it? Could it be that the Ye family offended others?" Xia Hao swallowed and asked. He still couldn't believe that Chen Summit had such monstrous energy. After all, What Chen Feng showed was a useless image.

Although Chen Feng suddenly became stronger in the past month, Xia Hao still couldn't connect Chen Feng with the mysterious giant who erased the Ye family.

Zhou He hesitated for a moment: "Xia Dong, there is such a possibility, but...the probability is very small. The Ye family has been rooted in Cangzhou for more than 20 years. If it is going to be destroyed, it should have been destroyed long ago, but it happened at the node yesterday. It’s a bit of a coincidence.”

Zhou He’s meaning is obvious, and this matter still has a lot to do with Chen Feng.

"If that waste really destroyed the Ye family, why didn't he come to me trouble?" Xia Hao asked unwillingly. If Chen Feng really had the energy to destroy the Ye family, then Chen Feng would definitely know that it was him who let me take care of it. Xia Weiguo sent it to Ye's family, so yesterday, Chen Feng should have troubled him, but unfortunately, until now, Chen Feng has not seen any actions.

Zhou He shook his head, and said, "Xia Dong, I don't know, maybe...what's the scruples of that waste?"

Xia Hao's expression was uncertain, scrupulous? Chen Summit scruples him?

He didn't think so. The reason why Chen Feng didn't act on him must be because of other considerations.

"Zhou He, let your people have a snack recently. The company's security measures must be done well. In addition, I will hire a group of bodyguards to come back. They must be strong. The price is not a problem." Xia Hao said with a sullen face. By now, the matter was clear, Chen Feng should have destroyed the Ye family.

The reason why Chen Feng hasn't done anything to him for a long time is probably because of his disdain, or maybe he has some scruples. He doesn't want to think about the reason.

The only thing he needs to do now is to accumulate strength to resist Chen Feng's possible revenge. He doesn't want his own life to be in the hands of others.

"Okay, Dong Xia, I will do it now." After a moment of silence, Zhou He nodded and left.

Xia Hao let out a sigh of relief and couldn't help pacing back and forth. In fact, everything he did now was nothing but futile. If Chen Feng could even destroy the Ye family, then the so-called bodyguards he invited were in front of Chen Feng. , Just like a bug, you can shoot to death at will.

"Old Xia, get up quickly and go to the room with me." Early in the morning, Lin Lan woke Xia Weiguo.

"Which room to look at? Lin Lan, are you going to end?" Xia Weiguo was a little annoyed with sleepy eyes. He persuaded him to spend the night last night, but Lin Lan didn't listen to a word.

"Xia Weiguo! What do you mean by me is endless. I asked you to go to the house with me instead of asking you to pay for a house. What are you talking about here!" Lin Lan also got angry.

"Yes, you are not letting me pay, but you plan to let Chen Feng pay." Xia Weiguo said angrily.

"What's the matter with letting that waste pay for it? The house is bought, and it's not just the two of us who live in it. Moreover, if the two of us die in the future, the house will not be left to that waste." Lin Lan curled his lips.

Seeing that Xia Weiguo was still indifferent, Lin Lan suddenly became a little annoyed: "Xia Weiguo, what kind of ecstasy has been poured into you by that waste? Mengyao believes him and forget it, why now even you are on his side? Co-own this family, I'm an outsider alone, right?"

"Lin Lan, don't make trouble unreasonably." Xia Weiguo's eyes widened and said, "When did I stand on Chen Feng's side? Think it’s easy for Chen Feng to make money? You’re asking someone to pay you a few million. Why? Chen Feng’s money is not made by the wind!"

"I don’t care anyway, you see The room is okay, but let Chen Feng pay for it, no! I can't look down on that face." Xia Weiguo said with a heartbeat.

"Xia Weiguo, your face is a face, but my face is not a face?!" Lin Lan asked angrily, "Besides, you thought I wanted that waste to pay for it, if it wasn't for these two days to meet a new sister. , Ren son-in-law works in the sales department of Yuquan Mountain

. Buying a house can get an internal preferential price. Do you think I will ask for that waste?" "What internal preferential price?" Xia Weiguo was taken aback.

Lin Lan put her hands around her chest and said angrily: "Just a few days ago, I went to the beauty salon for SPA and met a sister named Fang, the son-in-law of Renfang, who is the sales manager of Yuquanshan's sales department."

"Sister Fang told me that her son-in-law has a very high status in the sales department and can get discounts that others can't get. Others can only get a 10% discount when buying a house in Yuquan Mountain, but we have Sister Fang on this floor. Because of the relationship, her son-in-law can give us a 30% discount!" Lin Lan said proudly.

Chapter: 236

"30% off?" Xia Weiguo doubted, how could there be such a high discount, the ordinary houses in Yuquanshan generally start at 10 million, compared with the 10% discount, the 30% discount is equivalent to a direct saving of 2 million!

"Lan Lan, the sister Fang you mentioned is not a liar, right? This discount is too high." Xia Weiguo couldn't help but said.

Lin Lan rolled her eyes: "Lao Xia, do you know where Sister Renfang lives


" Where do you live?" "Sister Renfang lives in the high-end residential area of ​​Yuquan Mountain. Renfang's house has a net area of ​​280 square meters. It costs more than 40 million to buy it. Do you think someone with such money is a liar?" Lin Lan asked.

"How can you not be a liar if you have money?" Xia Weiguo still doubted that when he was a soldier in his early years, most of the liars he had met were rich people.

"Xia Weiguo, don't you make people think so sinister? My relationship with Sister Fang is good. Sister Fang deceives anyone and won't lie to me." Lin Lan said irritably.

"I still don't think this matter is reliable, that sister Fang, she has only met you for a few days. If you really want to have such a good thing, people must consider their relatives the first time, how can they find you." Xia Weiguo is bored Said, he is not the kind of person who can speculate, he never believed in things like pie falling in the sky.

"Xia Weiguo, don't you know?" Lin Lan suddenly smiled deeply and said: "When the discount quota was first released, Sister Fang really wanted to give the discount quota to her relatives, but I bought it."

"Buy it?" Xia Weiguo was taken aback, can I still buy the preferential quota?

Lin Lan nodded, and said, "I paid half a million and bought it."

Xia Weiguo was shocked, and said with a bit of hatred for iron and steel: "Lin Lan, why are you so confused? You dare to have such a vain thing. Buy it?"

Xia Weiguo was about to vomit blood. He didn't expect Lin Lan to be so stupid that he would spend 500,000 yuan to buy a vain discount quota. What if someone doesn't accept it by then.

"Confused? Xia Weiguo, who is confused? Don't you know how to do the calculation yourself? I spend 500,000 yuan, buy a 30% discount, and then when I go to buy a house, 15 million house, I can give Three million less, which is equivalent to my indirect savings of 2.5 million. Do you dare to say that I am confused? You are confused." Lin Lan looked triumphant and obviously felt that she was very witty this time.

There is no discount quota for a house of 15 million, so you can only get a 10% discount. If you buy it, you will need 13.5 million yuan. With the discount quota, you can get a 30% discount. It needs 10.5 million.

Excluding the 500,000 yuan given to Sister Fang, it is equivalent to indirectly saving 2.5 million yuan.

"Two and five million!" Xia Wei was so angry that he didn't know what to say. He looked at Lin Lan like a two hundred and five.

"Lao Xia, I don't want to argue with you here either. It's true or not. You'll know if you come with me and see." Lin Lan said with confidence.

"Okay, let's go over, but first say yes, don't call Chen Feng and Mengyao." Xia Weiguo slowly said, this is a matter of millions after all, he really can't just watch Lin Lan be deceived, but his The bottom line is still that Chen Feng cannot pay.

"Don't call that trash, do the two of us walk up?" Lin Lan gave Xia Weiguo angrily, as if she knew what Xia Weiguo was worried about, Lin Lan said again: "Don't worry, I never thought about letting that trash Paying for the money, the reason why I said that yesterday was just to see if the waste has any intentions. Besides, I have a 30% discount and I have enough money to buy an ordinary house."

" Scream." After hesitating for a while, Xia Weiguo nodded and agreed.

The corner of Lin Lan’s mouth raised a touch of complacency, and she dialed Chen Feng’s phone number. She is just stabilizing Xia Weiguo. When she gets to the mountain, she will definitely make Chen Feng bleed. Even if she writes an IOU, she will let Chen Feng took out several million.

"Chen Feng, your dad and I are going to Yuquan Mountain to see the house. He has inconvenience in his legs and feet and can't drive. You immediately come over and take us over." Lin Lan said in a commanding tone. She also knew that she couldn't drive Chen at all. Feng, you have to use Xia Weiguo as a guise.

"Okay." Chen Feng sighed. Lin Lan made this move. He really had nothing to do. He could not give Lin Lan face, but he had to give Xia Weiguo face.

Fifteen minutes later, Chen Feng's Audi arrived downstairs in the Xia's house. Xia Mengyao was sitting in the co-pilot. Her pretty face was a bit cold, obviously dissatisfied with Lin Lan's means.

Lin Lan helped Xia Weiguo go downstairs and sat in the back row.

"Why don't you rent a luxury car here today?" Lin Lan frowned and gave Chen Feng a little dissatisfied. In her opinion, Chen Feng drove this broken Audi purely to embarrass her and make her She couldn't raise her head in front of Sister Fang.

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"No money." Chen Feng said lazily.

"Huh, I don’t think you have no money. You are purely trying to embarrass me and your dad. Sister Renfang’s son-in-law drives a Porsche 911. If you’re better, you just drive a broken Audi and you are also the son-in-law. Why is the gap so big?" Lin Lan snorted coldly. She thought that Chen Feng would rent a luxury car to fill the facade like last time, so that she would have a long face in front of Sister Fang.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng drove the Audi bought by Xia Mengyao this time. He didn't pretend to be forced when he should be forced, and he pretended to be more active than anyone when he shouldn't.

"What's wrong with Audi? Just can run on the road. We are not a wealthy person. What do you do that swollen face and fill up fat." Xia Weiguo sighed helplessly. Lin Lan has become more and more vain lately. I can even think of things like renting a luxury car.

As for Chen Feng renting a luxury car, Xia Weiguo didn't believe it. Yesterday, Chen Feng used Koenigsegg as a bumper car driver. He even hit several Ye family bodyguards and killed Xia Weiguo. Xia Weiguo didn't believe it. Chen Feng would rent it. People in luxury cars.

Lin Lan curled her lips and didn't say anything, anyway, when she arrived in front of Sister Fang for a while, she was not the only one who was ashamed.

Chen Feng walks on the road of Yuquan Mountain every day, so he is familiar with the road. It took less than ten minutes to reach the place agreed by Lin Lan and Sister Fang.

On the way, Lin Lan triumphantly talked about the preferential quota again. After speaking, she couldn't help but mocking Chen Feng's yin and yang. She was also the son-in-law of the door, and the son-in-law of Sister Fang was Yuquan at a young age. The sales manager of Shan's sales department, and Chen Feng, is still a takeaway.

Chen Feng sneered at this, and Xia Mengyao also had a weird expression. If Lin Lan knew that the delivery person in her mouth was the real owner of Yuquan Mountain, who had 50 billion assets, what kind of expression would Lin Lan look like? ?

Chapter: 237

"Lan Lan, it's been half an hour, why couldn't that sister Fang come here?" Xia Weiguo couldn't help but said, the agreed time is nine o'clock, and it's already half past nine, but Lin Lan said That Sister Fang can't even see a shadow.

"What are you in a hurry?" Lin Lan glanced at Xia Weiguo, and said: "Sister Renfang is a busy person. It's normal to delay a few minutes if you encounter something on the road..." As

he said, a white Porsche drove away. come.

The car door opened, and a young man wearing an Armani suit and a Patek Philippe watch got down from the main driver's seat, walked to the front passenger door, opened the car door, and then slightly bent over. It was a gentleman who put his hand under the car and made it. A courteous action.

This scene caused Lin Lan to finish eating and shook her head and slapped her tongue: "Lao Xia, look at the son-in-law of Sister Fang, who knows more about etiquette. You can look at this trash in our house. I have ten sentences."

Xia Weiguo pouted, disapproving. Perhaps in Lin Lan’s opinion, the son-in-law of Sister Fang is very gentle and polite, but in his opinion, the son-in-law of Sister Fang is a bit too pretentious. It's just a car, it's so grand, people who don't know think you are welcoming the big leaders of the city.

Sister Fang is a woman with heavy make-up and elegant dress. She may have been in her fifties, but because of her good care, she looks almost like a forty-year-old woman.

After Sister Fang got off the car, Lin Lan immediately greeted her with great enthusiasm: "Sister Fang, you are here."

"Yeah." Sister Fang nodded slightly.

"I'm sorry, I made you wait a long time." Sister Fang said lightly, embarrassed, but she didn't show her expression at all, instead she looked arrogant.

"It's okay, it's okay." Lin Lan hurriedly shook her head, "I'm fine anyway."

After finishing speaking, Lin Lan glanced at Xia Weiguo again, and enthusiastically introduced: "Sister Fang, this is my husband, Xia Weiguo."

"Fang Sister, hello." Xia Weiguo pulled a reluctant smile on his face.

"Yeah." Sister Fang nodded lightly, her expression a little cold.

"This is my daughter, Xia Mengyao." Lin Lan was not embarrassed, and pulled Xia Mengyao over again.


Hello Aunt Fang." Xia Mengyao greeted her without being humble.

Sister Fang nodded slightly, her attitude was still arrogant, but there was a touch of surprise in her eyes. Lin Lan didn't look very good, but this daughter was really beautiful.

"Sister Fang, this is me..." Lin Lan still wanted to introduce Chen Feng, but Sister Fang waved her hand a little impatiently, and said, "Okay, no need to introduce me. I can’t remember, let’s go to see the room. I have other things after seeing the room."

"Okay... okay." Lin Lan smirked, and then gave Chen Feng a bitter look. The expression in her eyes was clearly saying , You trash, as long as you have the slightest ability, you will not be so despised.

Chen Feng was expressionless, this sister Fang looked at people with dog eyes, what could he do?

Along the way, Sister Fang's reaction was cold, but Sister Fang's son-in-law Zhang Hong was very enthusiastic, and would talk to Lin Lan from time to time.

"By the way, Aunt Lin, your daughter is so beautiful, your son-in-law must be very good."

Zhang Hong suddenly brought the topic to Xia Mengyao. He was curious about what kind of man a goddess like Xia Mengyao would marry.

Lin Lan's face was stiff. How could she answer this question? Is she going to say that her son-in-law is here, who is a takeaway?

"Aunt Lin, isn't it convenient to talk about the occupation of your son-in-law?" Zhang Hong couldn't help but wonder when Lin Lan hadn't spoken for a long time.

Lin Lan shook her head and smiled forcefully: "No, my son-in-law works

in a food delivery company." Lin Lan did not say directly that Chen Feng is a food delivery company, but adopted a more euphemistic way.

Zhang Hong nodded slightly and smiled: "Then your son-in-law must have a very high position in the company. Let me guess, is it the supervisor or the manager?"

Supervisor? manager?

The errands are almost the same!

Lin Lan was a little embarrassed at this time, wishing to dig a crack in the ground and then get in. The supervisor was too embarrassed by the waste.

As the manager of the sales department, Zhang Hong's ability to observe words and expressions is not weak. Lin Lan's expression shows that if he can't react to it, then he, the sales department manager, will do nothing.

Zhang Hong raised a faint sarcasm at the corner of his mouth, glanced at Chen Feng, and asked: "Aunt Lin, this brother, who is yours?"

"He...he is my son-in-law! His name is Chen Feng." Lin Lan gritted her teeth and said, now that there is nothing to hide, let's be ashamed.

"Oh -" Zhang Hong nodded slightly, his tone of surprise was deliberately stretched, and smiled: "If Aunt Lin didn't say anything, I thought he was the driver of Aunt Lin's house."

Lin Lan smirked, not knowing what to do. How to respond.

"Looking at the talents of Brother Chen Feng, they must be the high-level people in the company." Zhang Hong smiled and turned his gaze to Chen Feng. His words were obviously praised and dismissed. From Lin Lan's reaction just now, he has already Knowing that Chen Feng is absolutely bad at the food delivery company, so he absolutely has nothing to do with the senior management. The reason why I asked it out was to embarrass Chen Feng.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm not a high-level person. I'm just an ordinary food delivery guy." Chen Feng said lightly. There is no doubt that Zhang Hong's words are stabbed because of jealousy. He may not even be himself. It was discovered that his jealousy began to be jealous after seeing Xia Mengyao.

Chen Feng has experienced this situation many times.

"Delivery?" Zhang Hong opened his mouth pretendingly in surprise: "Brother Chen Feng, are you kidding me?"

"No." Chen Feng smiled slightly.

"Brother Chen Feng is really...upright." Zhang Hong smiled dryly, then changed the conversation, sighed and said: "Brother Chen Feng, to tell you, I actually think that the job of delivering food is quite good."

"Freedom , I can go where I want, and I can often climb the stairs and exercise. If I don’t have a mortgage on my back, I’m planning to quit my job to deliver the food.”

Zhang Hong sighed, someone who didn’t know. I am afraid that he really thought so.

Chen Feng smiled slightly, Zhang Hong's pretense was very round.

"Manager Zhang, don't laugh, how can you quit your such a good job?" Lin Lan said with a smile. Of course she knew that Zhang Hong was mocking Chen Feng, but what can she do at this time, just I can hate Chen Feng in my heart, and he doesn't even know how to lie and pretend to be compelling. It is clear that I want her to lose face.

Chapter: 238

"Auntie Lin, my job is good. I can earn more than 3 million yuan a year, but it's too tired. Every day I have a social gathering in various wine bureaus. Sometimes it depends on the faces of some big people, unlike the Chen Feng brothers delivering food. Although the salary is low, it is easy and free." Zhang Hong's remarks were of a very high standard. They showed his salary without a trace, and indirectly mocked Chen Feng.

"And the most important thing is that the Chen Feng brothers will definitely be healthy in the future. In these years, health is worth more than anything." Zhang Hong smiled and glanced at Chen Feng again, pressing the word health very heavily.

Health is worth?

Worth the money!

Lin Lan cursed secretly, if someone is willing to give her 100 million, she is willing to contribute her health on the spot.

Although she thought so in her heart, Lin Lan did not show it on her face. Instead, she smiled and said: "Manager Zhang, don’t say that. The health of the poor is really the least valuable thing. Compared with health, I also hope that our Chen Feng’s salary can reach half of yours. If he has a chapter manager and you are half excellent, then I, a mother-in-law, I’m afraid I can wake up in dreams."

"Aunt Lin, you are serious, I think. Brother Chen Feng is very good. If he works hard, he can be the general manager of their company within ten and a half years. At that time, his salary should be about the same as mine." Zhang Hong smiled. Dao, after speaking, glanced at Xia Mengyao inadvertently, seeming to want to know how Xia Mengyao reacted.

Xia Mengyao had a cold look on her own, and she didn't even glance at Zhang Hong.

Zhang Hong's expression froze, he pretended to be forced for a long time, didn't Xia Mengyao see it? Lin Lan saw the feelings alone?

Zhang Hong couldn't help being annoyed. He actually thought about Xia Mengyao a little bit carefully. He felt that the flower of Xia Mengyao couldn't just be inserted into Chen Feng's cow dung.

Instead, he should take care of it.

In the end, looking at Xia Mengyao's appearance, from beginning to end, he didn't care about him at all, which made Zhang Hong feel uncomfortable to punch the cotton with all his strength.

Several people were talking, the house to see has arrived.

The residences of Yuquan Mountain are divided into three areas, the villa area at the top of the mountain, the high-end residential area at the mountainside, and the ordinary residential area at the foot of the mountain.

Right now, what Zhang Hong took Lin Lan to see was an ordinary residential area.

Although it is an ordinary residential area, the decoration in the community is extremely luxurious, with swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, all kinds of facilities, and even supporting private kindergartens and hospitals.

The house that Lin Lan wants to look at is at the northernmost part of the community, unit three, on the 11th floor.

This building seems to have just been completed, and the exterior walls still smell of fresh paint.

After Zhang Hong entered the password, everyone entered the elevator.

In the elevator, Zhang Hong smiled and said, "Aunt Lin, the house you want to see has a three-bedroom, one-living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. In addition, the house faces south, with good lighting, warm in winter and cool in summer. There are almost no shortcomings."

"What is the area of ​​the house?" Lin Lan asked, this is her most concerned question.

"120 levels." Zhang Hong smiled slightly.

120 square meters, Lin Lan began to calculate in her heart, the ordinary house in Yuquan Mountain, the price is 100,000 square meters, 120 square meters, even if a normal person can get a 10% discount, they would need 10.8 million to buy it. If she discounts 30%, she needs 8.4 million.

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Similar to what she had previously calculated at home, Lin Lan felt a lot more settled. She was also worried that if the house was too big, she would not have enough money. Although it is not enough now, it is only two million yuan short. Feng got two million out of him.

In the presence of so many people, even if Chen Feng had no money, he had to give her money today, unless Chen Feng didn't want the face of the family.

When the elevator reached the 11th floor, Zhang Hong took the lead to go out and made a please gesture.

Lin Lan followed.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, Chen Feng frowned. Why is the corridor... so gloomy?

As a warrior, Chen Feng's perception is far superior to that of ordinary people, so he found something wrong as soon as he got out of the elevator.

After the door was opened, Lin Lan and Xia Weiguo led the way to the door, Zhang Hong followed close behind, but Sister Fang did not enter, and even retreated two steps unchecked.

Chen Feng squinted his eyes, interesting.

In fact, starting from Lin Lan talking about the preferential quota in the car, Chen Feng felt that this matter was a little strange.

According to Lin Lan, she and Sister Fang have known each other for less than ten days.

Chen Feng didn't think that a savvy person like Sister Fang would dig his heart out for someone who had only known him for ten days.

Although it was Lin Lanhua who bought the discounted quota of 500,000, no matter how it was calculated, Sister Fang lost.

Because houses in Yuquan Mountain have always been scarce, Sister Fang can ask a relative to take out the money, buy a house with a 30% discount, and then resell it. How can she make more than half a million in this way.

Sister Fang must be conspiring.

At first, Chen Feng thought that Sister Fang got his information from where, and wanted to attack him through Lin Lan.

But Sister Fang completely ignored his reaction after getting out of the car.

Now Chen Feng knew that Sister Fang did not come for him, but for Lin Lan.

There was a problem with the house she showed Lin Lan!

"Aunt Fang, why don't you go in?" Chen Feng asked with a smile.

Sister Fang glanced at Chen Feng, with a subtle disgust in her eyes, and then coldly explained: "The newly renovated house has a big smell. I have bronchitis and I feel uncomfortable going in."

Chen Feng nodded gently. Without saying anything, he followed in the door.

As soon as he entered the door, a ghastly breath rushed toward him, which was several times stronger than what I had just felt in the corridor.

The house looks like it has just been renovated, and it even smells of baking paint.

The lighting in the room is indeed as Zhang Hong said, extremely transparent and bright.

The apartment layout is also very good, Lin Lan looked very satisfied and nodded frequently.

Chen Feng did not follow Zhang Hong to look at the house, but started to observe the corners of the room.

When passing the kitchen, Chen Feng's mouth raised.

At the kitchen sink, the wall cracked slightly, revealing a smoky yellow wall.

The house has been renovated. Although only a small corner is exposed, you can't even see it if you don't look carefully, but Chen Feng can still be sure that this house has been renovated.

It's not a new house at all, it turned out to have lived in someone!

This Zhang Hong is brave enough to sell the second-hand house as a new house.

And looking at what Sister Fang looked like just now, this house is probably more than just a second-hand house!

There must be other oddities!

Chen Feng kept a mind.

At this time, Zhang Hong had already started to inquire about Lin Lan.

"Aunt Lin, look, are you satisfied with the house?" Zhang Hong asked with a smile.

"Satisfied, I'm very satisfied." Lin Lan nodded with a red face, more than satisfied, she was satisfied. Originally, she was worried that the 30% discount would have any pits that she could not see, such as problems with the apartment layout and lighting. It’s not good, or something is leaking in the house.

After seeing the house, all her doubts disappeared instantly.

Chapter: 239

"Since Aunt Lin is satisfied, let's go to the sales department to go through the procedures. I have all the property rights certificates and everything ready." Zhang Hong smiled.

"Okay, go through the formalities." Lin Lan nodded with a blushing face, thinking that this time she really picked up a huge bargain.

"Mom, I can't buy this house."

At this moment, an untimely voice sounded.

Lin Lan's face suddenly became cold: "Why can't you buy it?"

"There is a problem with this house." Chen Feng said lightly.

"There is a problem? What's the problem?"

Lin Lan frowned, and gave Chen Feng a little displeased: "Chen Feng, I and your dad both looked at the house. It's obviously fine, what can be the problem? You one If you don’t understand, please don’t talk nonsense."

"The house has been renovated." Chen Feng frowned.


Almost as soon as Chen Feng finished speaking, Zhang Hong retorted, with an unhappy tone: "Brother Chen Feng, you can eat rice, but you can't talk nonsense. This building is our latest issue. It's completed. It's less than half a year. You are the first to see the house."

"Are you sure?" Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.


Zhang Hong's tone was a little cold: "Brother Chen Feng, if you don't want to buy a house, you just say, why bother to discredit us in Yuquan Mountain?"


Chen Feng smiled nonchalantly.

"Manager Zhang, don't listen to this rubbish talking nonsense. The house is very good and there is no problem. We will buy it today." Lin Lan smiled and said.

After speaking, he glanced at Chen Feng in disgust, and cursed: "Trash, you better control your stinky mouth, don't talk nonsense here."

I don't know how to pretend to understand, and I'm talking about Chen Feng, who is obviously a layman, but he wants to show off in front of others.

Zhang Hong sneered: "Brother Chen Feng, everyone is a man, and I understand your thoughts. You want to prove to your wife that you are not so wasteful, I understand, but you should never, never, shouldn’t take it. The reputation of our Yuquan Mountain is your stepping stone."

"You also met me today. If it is the other sales manager of our Yuquan Mountain who receives you, your house has been renovated. Don't even think about buying any house in Yuquan Mountain. Even your Xia family will be blacklisted by our Yuquan Mountain." Zhang Hong looked arrogant and his tone was high.

In his opinion, Chen Feng purely wanted to brush up on his sense of existence in front of Xia Mengyao's family. After all, as a Xia family, buying a house for such a big thing, but unable to talk from beginning to end, would definitely be unbalanced in his heart.

"Pull into the blacklist?"

Chen Feng smiled faintly: "Mr Zhang's words represent your Yuquanshan's position?"

"Why, is there a problem?" Zhang Hong is still proud.

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Chen Feng shook his head and said sarcastically: "Sell the renovated house to the customer and bring the customer closer to the blacklist. Yuquanshan does this business...tsk tsk."

"Brother Chen Feng, passed it!" Zhang Hong Her face became completely cold: "You have repeatedly said that our Yuquanshan house was renovated. I really think that Yuquanshan is so bullied!"

Lin Lan's expression changed slightly and Zhang Hong was angry!

"Manager Zhang, don't be angry, this trash brain is flooded, don't listen to the trash talking nonsense, whether to buy a house, he said no, we have the final say." Lin Lan smiled and soothed, and at the same time felt to Chen in her heart. Desire to hate the peak.

"Chen Feng, can you read it wrong? I think this house is pretty good, it doesn't look like it is renovated." At this moment, even Xia Weiguo couldn't help standing up and helping Zhang Hong to speak. Following Zhang Hong, the house is indeed no problem, it is newly built.

"Dad, I'm not mistaken." Chen Feng shook his head and said: "You follow me."


Xia Weiguo followed into the kitchen.

Zhang Hong's brows wrinkled insignificantly. Could it be that this waste really found something wrong.

"You trash, what can there be in such a good house..." Lin Lan cursed and entered the door, and then choked. The words that followed were swallowed abruptly by her.

The house really has a problem!

The wall next to the pool, perhaps because it was soaked in water, cracked, exposing the original yellow wall.

A person with a discerning eye can see that the white wall outside now has been repainted from behind.

Lin Lan was silent now.

Zhang Hong also looks ugly, damn it!

These damn decoration workers cut corners!

Useless waterproof material!

Although his heart was furious, Zhang Hong didn't show any signs on his face. Instead, he calmly said: "Aunt Lin, I forgot to say, this kitchen is indeed used by someone."

"Huh?" Lin Lan was stunned and spoke subconsciously. : "Who used it."


Zhang Hong didn't change his face.

"Because the renovation batch of this house is at the end, the few renovation workers who renovated the house at the beginning had to work almost 24 hours a day. Their food and accommodation are all in the house. They use their own The induction cooker was used for cooking, and the kitchen was not equipped with a range hood, so it was normal for the walls to be yellowed.”

Zhang Hong looked calm, and there were almost no loopholes in the reason he came up with anxiously. The decorators were cooking in the house. Although there are few things, but not without.

Ten thousand steps back and said, even if Lin Lan didn't believe him for this reason, and felt that the house was really occupied, he was not afraid.

Because this house is no different from Lin Lan's pie from the sky, Lin Lan will not give up such a huge benefit because of a small problem.

It was exactly as Zhang Hong expected.

Lin Lan did doubt and felt very upset, but she still hadn't thought about not wanting this house.

Because Zhang Honglai has already said that there is a 30% discount on this one.

All other houses are 10% off.

If she wants to buy the same apartment and area, it will cost more than two million yuan.

She didn't have that much money at all, and even if she had it, she wouldn't pay.

So even if the house has really lived in, as long as the title certificate is no problem, she will buy it.

She is not so delicate.

After all, buying a house in Yuquanshan is more for the sake of face.

It is to go out in the future, to be able to brag about her former neighbors and sisters in the neighborhood.

"If Aunt Lin minds, then I will take Aunt Lin to see other houses." Zhang Hong smiled.

"No, no, I don't mind, just this one, this one is pretty good." Lin Lan waved his hand hurriedly. There is no 30% discount for other houses.

"That's fine." Zhang Hong nodded, then turned his gaze to Chen Feng, and said proudly: "Brother Chen Feng, do you have any comments?"

Chapter: 240


Chiluo naked provocation.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Zhang Hong is provoking Chen Feng.

However, Chen Feng didn't mind. Zhang Hong's move was to retreat for advancement. It was indeed a good game, but it could only be used against Lin Lan, not against him!

"Yes, I have opinions."

Chen Feng said lightly.

The audience was quiet again.

After a while, Lin Lan roared like thunder: "You trash, do you have any other opinions? Should I buy a house or yours?"

" Any opinions? You have big opinions today, and you have to hold them back. This family, it's not your turn to speak up!" Lin Lan didn't give Chen Feng face at all.

"Mom, this house is a second-hand house." Xia Mengyao helped Chen Feng with some helplessness.

"What's wrong with the second-hand house? Can't live in the second-hand house?" Lin Lan's eyes widened, and she looked determined.

Xia Mengyao moved her lips, but she didn't say much. Indeed, as Lin Lan said, even if this house is a second-hand house, it is what they earn.

Because the houses in Yuquanshan have always been in demand, even if they are second-hand houses, the price will not be much lower than that of new houses.

"Manager Zhang, don't take care of this waste. It is me who wants to buy a house, not him. I will go through the formalities with you." Lin Lan smiled, as if afraid Zhang Hong would regret it.

Zhang Hong’s story is difficult: "Aunt Lin, would you like to think about it again? Brother Chen Feng is also a member of your Xia family after all, and his opinion is so firm..."

"He's just a fart!"

Lin Lan relentlessly He scolded: "Manager Zhang, you don't know how useless this waste is. In my Xia family for three years, I have never done anything with this waste except eating from my Xia family!"

"Honestly, chapter manager, if I do not agree with her, I would have let this get out of my summer home of the waste, such waste, I would not put him as part of the summer at home."

Although when In the face of outsiders, Lin Lan did not leave any affection for Chen Feng at all.

Ringland such a statement, but also to Zhang Hong completely calmed down, looked after arrogant Chen Feng, Zhang Hong smiling opening:. "That being the case, that Auntie Lin, let's go to the sales department the formalities."

"Ok , Go and go through the formalities." Lin Lan nodded hurriedly, she was worried that Zhang Hong would not sell her the house because of Chen Feng's offense. Now it seems that her worry is purely redundant.

Compared with Chen Feng, Zhang Hong didn't know how generous.

"Manager Zhang, are you sure you want to sell the house to my mother?" Chen Feng's voice fell. In addition to the renovation of the house, there are obviously other problems, but Zhang Hong never mentioned it, making it clear that he wanted to take Lin Lan. Be taken advantage of.

If only Lin Lan was taken advantage of, it would be fine. Chen Feng didn't bother to take care of it, but Xia Weiguo would live in this house in the future, which made Chen Feng sit and watch.

"Brother Chen Feng still want to do something to me?" Zhang Hong stopped and sneered as he heard the threat in Chen Feng's words.

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"I'll give you one last chance to tell the real problem with this house." Chen Feng squinted his eyes. In fact, he has probably guessed that Zhang Hong is incomprehensible now.

Zhang Hong shook his head and smiled, and did not speak at all, but turned his gaze to Lin Lan: "Aunt Lin, you son-in-law, I don't seem to want you to buy our house."

"Chen! Feng!"

Lin Lan gritted her teeth. Anger burst out from his eyes: "Get out of here!"

"Chen Feng, you mean, apart from the renovation, there are other problems with this house?" Xia Weiguo frowned. He didn't doubt Chen Feng, he knew. Chen Feng will not be confused about this kind of thing.

"Dad, this house is dead."

Chen Feng spoke lightly.


The audience was silent for an instant, and the needle dropped silently.

The smile on Zhang Hong's face froze abruptly, and a huge wave was set off in his heart.

Xia Weiguo's face also changed wildly. If the house had been dead, the problem would be really big. Not to mention the 30% discount, it was Zhang Hongbai's gift. They didn't dare to ask for it.

"Chen Feng, what are you saying is true?"

Xia Weiguo asked hurriedly. He didn't think Chen Feng was joking about this kind of thing, but he didn't understand how Chen Feng could tell that the house was dead.

"It's true." Chen Feng nodded.

"How did you see it?" Xia Weiguo couldn't help asking.

Chen Feng can see that the house has been renovated, and it is excusable. It is possible to see that the house has been dead. This is very scary. Is there any blood that has not been removed?

"Dad, you'll know in a while." Chen Feng smiled faintly. In fact, he wasn't sure what was wrong with the house. It was just the gloomy atmosphere in the complex, and Sister Fang's taboo look, thinking that the house had died. People are the most likely, so I cheated Zhang Hong.

As a result, he didn't expect that this swindle really caused him to swindle. Zhang Hong's expression obviously changed drastically the moment he spoke.

"Manager Zhang, go ahead, what's going on?" Chen Feng glanced at Zhang Hong calmly.


Zhang Hong was a little flustered, but his mouth was sternly inwardly: "Chen Feng, I warn you, you are legally responsible for talking nonsense."

"Our house in Yuquanshan is the best in Cangzhou. Yes, let alone people, even a dog has never died!"

"Now you say that people have died in this room. This matter will be spread out, which will affect our reputation of Yuquan Mountain. That responsibility Can you afford it!"

At this moment, Sister Fang outside the door couldn't help but walk in.

"Lin Lan, do you want to buy the house?" As soon as she walked in, Sister Fang shouted at Lin Lan fiercely, her tone extremely unhappy.

Lin Lan is also the six gods at the moment. It is the news that Chen Feng said. It has had too much impact on her. If the house is really dead, she would not dare to buy it if she had a hundred thousand courage.

"Sister Fang, I..." Lin Lan was a little cowardly.

"Lin Lan, do you believe in your trash son-in-law or me?!" Sister Fang gave Lin Lan a cold look.

"I believe in you." Lin Lan almost blurted out, jokes, one is Sister Fang who lives in more than 4,000 Marriott houses, and the other is a trash son-in-law who always fights against herself. Do you need to ask whoever believes it.


Sister Fang nodded slightly: "Since you believe me, then I will tell you the truth, this house has never died!"

"He is lying to you!" Sister Fang pointed at Chen Feng, Things are finalized.

"Yes, Aunt Lin, this rubbish is lying to you. He made up this kind of absurd reason because he made it clear that he didn't want you to sell the house." Zhang Hong also helped.