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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 261-270 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 261

Lin Lan's expression was uncertain, she didn't know how much Chen Feng knew about her and Wang Menglong.

If it's just a little bit, then she will tell everything together, and she will give the handle to Chen Feng for nothing.

But if Chen Feng knew everything, then she was not telling the truth and angering Chen Feng, Chen Feng would surely ruin her.

So Lin Lan is very tangled now.

"I know Wang Menglong, but I don't know him well, so I don't have his phone..." After hesitating for a moment, Lin Lan hesitated.

"Moreover, what did you ask Wang Menglong for calling? Mengyao was kidnapped, it has nothing to do with him." Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, and she suddenly reacted. Chen Feng meant that Xia Mengyao was kidnapped. It was Wang Menglong who did it.

"How do you know this has nothing to do with Wang Menglong?" Chen Feng asked coldly.

"Why don't I know? Wang Menglong's courage is smaller than a mouse, so he wouldn't dare to kill a chicken, let alone kidnap someone." Lin Lan almost blurted out. After speaking, she suddenly regretted it, she seemed to say Wrong words.

"Aren't you unfamiliar with Wang Menglong? How do you know that he is less courageous than a mouse?" Chen Feng sneered. He just dug a hole casually, and Lin Lan, a idiot, jumped off without thinking.

"I... I just said that casually..." Lin Lan forced her defense, but her intestines were about to repent, and she was tripped by Chen Feng's trash.

"Say it casually?" Chen Feng sneered: "Lin Lan, don't treat everyone as a fool."

"I knew everything about you and Wang Menglong a long time ago. The reason why I didn't say it was entirely because of Mengyao and My dad’s face is up, so don’t be shameless!”

“Now, I’ll give you the last ten seconds to call Wang Menglong! Otherwise, I will stab you and Wang Menglong completely!”

"Don't poke, I'll fight, I'll fight." Lin Lan panicked, she didn't dare to bet, if the bet loses, everything she has now will be vanished.

Lin Lan took out her phone in a panic and dialed Wang Menglong's number.

"Lan Lan, what's the matter?"

Wang Menglong's cautious voice came on the other end of the phone. Lin Lan's face blushed, and anyone with long ears could hear it. How ambiguous Wang Menglong called her.

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"Wang Menglong, my daughter was kidnapped. Did you do it?" Lin Lan asked straightforwardly. If Wang Menglong did this, Wang Menglong must have planned something, so he won't deny it.

"Lan Lan, what are you talking about?" Wang Menglong's tone sounded shocked: "Your daughter was kidnapped?!"

"Don't you know?" Lin Lan frowned and couldn't help but glance at Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng frowned at this moment.

"Why should I know?" Wang Menglong was surprised.

Lin Lan was speechless.

"No, Lin Lan, what do you mean! Do you doubt me?!" Wang Menglong seemed a little angry.

"I...I don't..." Lin Lan subconsciously denied it.

"No? You asked if I did it, haven't you?" Wang Menglong was a little excited: "Lin Lan, do you think I kidnapped because you didn't lend me money a few days ago and became angry and angry. Your daughter?"

"'s not..." Lin Lan denied it, but she had to say that she did doubt it in her heart because this was Wang Menglong's only motive for kidnapping Xia Mengyao.

"Do not quibble! Ringland, I tell you, I Wangmeng Long is a gambler's right, I do need the money, but the kidnapping this wicked thing, I Wangmeng Long dry out!"

"You doubt me, you are now You can call the police and let the police arrest me."


Wang Menglong directly hung up the phone.

Lin Lan couldn't help but shifted her gaze to Chen Feng, angrily: "Trash, what else do you have to say? Mengyao was kidnapped, and it has nothing to do with Meng Long!"

"I think all of this is your trash. Self-directed and acted!" Lin Lan's chest kept rising and falling, obviously she was very angry.

In fact, deep down in her heart, she is more inclined to be Xia Mengyao, whom Chen Feng had kidnapped, in order to prove that what she said an hour ago about foreign criminals was correct, so as to remove suspicion for her derailment. .

Chen Feng frowned and did not speak. He had to say that Wang Menglong's reaction was beyond his expectation.

According to the information provided by Ye Haitang, Wang Menglong kidnapped Xia Mengyao for money. Since he is asking for money, Lin Lan should call him. He should admit it openly before asking Lin Lan for a ransom.

In the end, he denied it and said that he didn't even know about it.

Is it true or not?

Chen Feng felt that things began to become confusing.

From A Hao's description, it is not difficult to know that the person who robbed Han Long's treasury and the person who kidnapped Xia Mengyao were the same people.

Among this group of people, there is a warrior in the middle of Ming Jin, and a female warrior who even Ahao can't see the depth.

It is no exaggeration to say that this force can sweep most of the current first-rate forces in Cangzhou.

Wang Menglong is just a small gambler, how could he get involved with such power?

If he really had something to do with such power, would he still care about Lin Lan's ransom?

"If it weren't for Wang Menglong, who would it be?" Chen Feng was a little irritable. He didn't say much about the enemies he offended, but he said less, and definitely a lot.

Some second-tier small families in Cangzhou, as well as the Bai family Du family in Jinling, and even the Deng family in Nanning, may have a hands on Xia Mengyao.

And the Chen family!

Chen Feng was surprised, and the Chen family is also possible!

Moreover, the possibility of the Chen family is still the largest among all the forces, because apart from the Chen family, it is difficult for other forces to make such a big deal.

But if it's the Chen family, they can just tie Xia Mengyao, why do they want to grab Han Long's treasury?

Why is it unnecessary?

Or do you mean to cover it up?

Perhaps it was because he cared too much about Xia Mengyao, so Chen Feng thought a lot at this moment.

If you think about it a lot, your thoughts will naturally be messy.

In response to that sentence, the authorities were confused and bystanders were clear.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng shook his head and tried to calm himself down.

"You call Wang Menglong again and ask where he is." Chen Feng said. It is very simple to verify that Wang Menglong has nothing to do with this matter. Just find someone else.

"Trash, are you still pretending to be here? Meng Long said it has nothing to do with him!" Lin Lan was a little angry.

Chen Feng's face turned cold: "Don't talk nonsense, I let you hit you!"

"You..." Lin Lan gritted her teeth, wishing to tear Chen Feng, but at this moment she did not dare to confront Chen Feng, so she had to Take out the cell phone and dial Wang Menglong's phone number again.

Chapter: 262

"The phone you dialed is turned off~"

"It 's turned off ." Lin Lan shook the phone in front of Chen Feng.

Chen Feng frowned and didn't say much.

Wang Menglong's suspicion was still not cleared.

In any case, he would let Gu Dongchen and Han Long continue to look for them.

At the same time, the suburban industrial zone.

"Big brother, why did you want Meng Long to lie to that bitch? How can you ask for a ransom if you lie?" Chen Zeli asked suspiciously.

Wang Menglong on the side was also puzzled. He was planning to open his mouth with Lin Lan Lion, but Chen Zewen asked him to deny the kidnapping.

Chen Zewen did not pay attention to Chen Zeli, but turned his attention to Chen Zexiong and Chen Zejiao who had just returned with Xia Mengyao.

"Axiong, you said that the other party was guarding downstairs when you went?"

Chen Zexiong nodded, and said: "Well, brother, that kid is not bad and has rich fighting experience, if not martial arts I'm almost in the realm. I'm not necessarily his opponent."

Chen Zewen's face was slightly solemn. He still knows Chen Zexiong's strength very well. In the past few years abroad, Chen Zexiong has spent almost every day fighting. Chen Zexiong was not much worse than him in combat experience.

One can imagine how difficult it is to get A Hao who Chen Zexiong commented on.

Even if it was only the early days of Ming Jin, he had to treat it with caution.

He has to consider who is behind Ahao.

"A Jiao, were there other warriors besides the warrior mentioned by Axiong at that time?" Chen Zewen asked.

"No." Chen Zejiao's expression was a bit cold, compared to Chen Zexiong, she was obviously a bit taciturn.

"Sister Jiao, why didn't you let me kill that kid?" Chen Zexiong couldn't help but ask. Originally, he wanted to kill A Hao, but Chen Zejiao said that he should not kill, and let him beat him out of force. Collected it back, leaving Ahao's life.

"Did you forget what the big brother said?" Chen Zejiao gave Chen Zexiong a blank expression.

"I haven't forgotten, it's just itchy hands." Chen Zexiong chuckled. Before coming to Cangzhou, Chen Zewen told them not to kill martial artists if they had to.

"Achon, not quick to kill." Chenze Wen Ze looked somewhat helpless bear one, said: "There Ali, you too."

"You two brothers, to do more with the mind, not just by brute force."

"Know Why should I let Meng Long lie?" Chen Zewen asked.

"I don't know." Chen Zeli and Chen Zexiong shook their heads together.

"I let Meng Long lie because that Xia Mengyao or the family behind her had problems." Chen Zewen said.

"Brother Wen, what's the problem?" Wang Menglong couldn't help asking.

Chen Zewen sighed and said, "Meng Long, have you ever heard of a martial artist?"

"Martial artist?" Wang Menglong was confused. Isn't that a character in a martial arts novel? Is there a warrior in the real world?

"Meng Long, let's not lie to each other, Ali Ahxiong and Gillian, the four of us, are all warriors now..." Chen Zewen said to the world of warriors.

After listening, Wang Menglong's eyes widened and his face was full of incredible.

He didn't expect that there really are martial artists in this world!

Moreover, according to Chen Zewen, a warrior who has cultivated to a certain level can be invulnerable to weapons, fire and water, and can even catch bullets!

In this world, a warrior with a high level of realm possesses the energy and status that ordinary people simply cannot imagine!

Wang Menglong's mood at this time was extremely complicated. He finally understood why the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family had killed nearly a hundred people more than 20 years ago and escaped safely.

It turns out that they are warriors.

"Meng Long, in this society, the number of warriors is very rare. Because of the scarcity, the status and status of warriors are much higher than normal people."

"That Xia Mengyao, she is just an ordinary person, logically speaking, she is next to her. It's impossible to have a martial artist's bodyguard, but when Ah Xiong and Gillian went there, there was a warrior guarding her downstairs."

"So she must have a problem."

After listening to Chen Zewen's words, Wang Menglong immediately understood, Chen Zewen Why did you let her lie just now.

"Meng Long, what does Xia Mengyao's father do? Is it possible for him to know a martial artist?" Chen Zewen asked. He has always been cautious in his work and absolutely does not allow any unexpected factors,

"Impossible." Wang Menglong shook his head and said: "Brother Wen, Xia Mengyao's father is a soldier. The Xia family she lives in is a small third-line family in Cangzhou. It is impossible for anyone in their family to have anything to do with the kind of warrior you mentioned. "

Wang Menglong is very determined. According to Chen Zewen, those who can afford martial artists are at least a first-line family.

As for the Xia family, it has not even fallen into place in the past few years, even the third-line family is inferior.

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"Impossible?" Chen Zewen frowned further.

"Well, it's impossible. Even if the Xia family really has a warrior, that warrior cannot be sent to protect Xia Mengyao. Because Xia Mengyao hired a wasteful son-in-law three years ago, she was not taken seriously in the Xia family, even To the point where it was squeezed out by the Xia family." Wang Menglong knew everything inside the Xia family.

"What the hell is going on?" Chen Zewen was a little uneasy, he always felt something was wrong.

"Big brother, what do you want to do so much? Didn't Ah Xiong say it? The other party was in the early stage of Ming Jin. In the early stage of Ming Jin, if there is something to be afraid of, I can pinch to death with one hand." Chen Zeli said carelessly. He is Ming. In the late stage of Jin, like A Hao in the early stage of Ming Jin, he can play ten.

Chen Zewen shook his head: "I'm not worried about this early Mingjin period. What I worry about is the people behind this early Mingjin period."

"Although there are not many warriors in Cangzhou, there are not many warriors. If we kill it rashly. In the early days of Ming Jin, if the people behind him were involved, then our mission this time will probably add a lot of changes."

When it comes to the mission, Chen Zeli's expression suddenly became more solemn.

"The reason why I don’t let you and Ah Xiong try not to kill martial artists is because of this consideration. I should have told you before that the Chinese martial arts world is different from the martial arts world of other countries in the world. Every movement is under the supervision of the Wumeng."

"If there is an abnormal death of the Wumen, the people of the Wumeng will come out to investigate. If we can't find us, it's okay. If we find it, let alone us, it means that we are far away. I am afraid that all teachers overseas will be destroyed." Chen Zewen's tone revealed an unprecedented fear.

The Wumeng he referred to was the Wudao Association that Chen Feng once said.

The Budo Association is the official name.

People in the martial arts world prefer to call the martial arts association a martial league.

Chapter: 263

"Big brother, what should I do now? How about letting this little girl go?" Chen Zeli asked, listening to Chen Zewen's meaning, now Xia Mengyao has become a hot potato.

"Can't let it go." Chen Zewen shook his head and said: "If she is let go, the people behind her will follow the vines and find us, it will be no good. We came here this time. People know our whereabouts."

"However, Axiong injured the chick's bodyguard, and the other party already knows that we are martial artists." Chen Zeli said helplessly.

"What can we do if we know it? People are now in our hands. They wouldn't dare to act rashly until we found out clearly." Chen Ze bra was successful.

"Perhaps, this little girl knows who the warrior behind her is." Chen Zeli rubbed his chin and couldn't help but glance at Xia Mengyao who was in a coma. Chen Zewen

frowned and said, "A Jiao, you go to wake her up and ask her."

Xia Mengyao was very calm. At this time, she didn't ask Chen Zewen who was such a stupid thing, but rather straight to the point: "Why do you want to tie me?"

Only Knowing the purpose, she can judge the origins of Chen Zewen.

"Miss Xia, why we tied you, it doesn't matter, what matters is whether Miss Xia wants to leave here." Chen Zewen said with a smile.

A sarcasm crossed the corner of Xia Mengyao's mouth: "Do I think you will let me go?" Chen Zewen

smiled: "As long as Miss Xia explains clearly who is behind her, we will let Miss Xia leave."

"What do you mean? "Xia Mengyao was a little confused, and didn't understand what Chen Zewen meant.

"Miss Xia, I won't go around with you. I want to know, who is the warrior who guarded you downstairs last night?" Chen Zewen said straight to the point.

"Martial artist?" Xia Mengyao was even more confused. Chen Feng had never told her about martial arts before.

"Don't you know Miss Xia?" Chen Zewen frowned, and Xia Mengyao's puzzled expression didn't seem to be pretended.

Xia Mengyao shook her head and said: "I don't know what the warrior you are talking about is, but I probably know who sent the person who protected me downstairs last night."

"Miss Xia, please say." Chen Zewen came. interest.

"My husband." Xia Mengyao bluntly said that apart from Chen Feng, it is impossible for anyone to send someone to protect her.

Now she had believed about what Chen Feng said last night and believed 70% to 80%. Chen Feng might have heard from Ye Haitang that someone was kidnapping her, so she wanted to go home and tell her, but she was misunderstood.

But Chen Feng didn't care about her, instead, when he left, he sent a warrior to protect her.

"Your husband?" Chen Zewen frowned, obviously not convinced.

"Little girl, who did you learn the ability to tell nonsense with your eyes open? We know all the details of your husband. He is just an ordinary door-to-door son-in-law who can let a martial artist be your bodyguard? Do you know what a martial artist is? How high is the status of the martial artist in this society?" Chen Zeli sneered. If you want to drive the martial artist to be a bodyguard, you must at least have the identity of a first-line family heir.

Will the heirs of the first-line family be the son-in-law? What an international joke.

"My husband is not an ordinary door-to-door son-in-law." Xia Mengyao's tone fell cold: "He is also a warrior."

Xia Mengyao didn't know Chen Feng's realm, but from Chen Feng's past performance, even in the world of warriors, Chen Peak is definitely the top presence.

"Your husband is a warrior?"

Chen Zeli exaggerated, and then clapped his legs and laughed: "Haha, chick, are you going to laugh to death?"

"Do you know what a warrior is, so dare to say such big things? Tell you the truth, you If your husband is really a warrior, your Xia family would have been wiped out by his hand long ago."

"You don't know what the word martial artist means!"

Chen Zeli's tone contained deep pride and contempt for ordinary people.

"You can't help me if you don't believe me." Xia Mengyao frowned. The facts are indeed incredible, but the people in front of them don't know that Chen Feng is not only a warrior, but he is also the heir of the Yanjing Chen family.

"Since Miss Xia refuses to tell the truth, then in these two days, I will be temporarily wronged by Miss Xia." Chen Zewen said lightly. He did not think that what Xia Mengyao said was true, because the martial artist was going to be the son-in-law, which is more than myth. The story is still fantastic.

Seeing that Chen Zewen was about to leave, Xia Mengyao couldn't help but anxious: "Stop!"

"Miss Xia has something else?"

Xia Mengyao took a deep breath: "I don't know who you are, and I don't know your purpose, but I advise you, the most It’s good to let me go as soon as possible. If my husband

calls you, he won’t let you go.” Xia Mengyao’s remarks were a sincere and sincere consideration for Chen Zewen . It was obvious that Chen Zewen and others were malicious and malicious towards her. Not very deep, there may be other coincidences tied to her.

But Chen Feng didn't think so. Judging by Chen Feng's always domineering personality, as long as someone hurts her, Chen Feng will retaliate unscrupulously. When that happens, Chen Zewen, none of them will think about getting better.

It's not that Xia Mengyao wanted to sympathize with Chen Zewen, but she didn't want to look at them. Because of her, Chen Feng made things big again and again.

"Little girl, are you threatening my elder brother?" Chen Zeli's tone became cold.

Xia Mengyao's tone was stagnant: "This is not a threat, this is advice."

"Haha, advice?" Chen Zeli laughed and said nonchalantly: "Little girl , you should keep this advice for your rubbish husband."

"In addition, you are the most. I pray that he will get acquainted and don’t come to us, otherwise, don’t blame me for showing you how he was pinched to death with one hand!"

"You..." Xia Mengyao was a little angry. She did not expect that she was kind, but Chen Zeli was treated as a donkey liver and lungs.

"Ali, don't be rude to Miss Xia." Chen Zewen glanced at Chen Zeli, then moved his gaze to Xia Mengyao, and smiled slightly:

"Miss Xia, thank you for your advice, I will pay attention."

Obviously, he didn't take it at all. Xia Mengyao's words are in mind.

At this time, Chen Feng called Ye Haitang's phone.

"I want information about that group of foreign criminals." Chen Feng went straight in. The news was provided to him by Ye Haitang. Ye Haitang should most likely know where they are at this time.

"I don't know." Ye Haitang's tone was as cold as ever.

"Why don't you know anything?" Chen Feng's voice was somewhat angry.

"Mr. Chen, please pay attention to your tone. I am not your wife or your servant. You are not qualified to scream at me." Ye Haitang frowned.

"I'm sorry, Miss Ye, I was impulsive." After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng calmed himself down again. He really did not have the right to be angry with Ye Haitang, because he and Ye Haitang are not affiliated, and Ye Haitang is already Informing him that someone wanted to do something with Xia Mengyao, he was negligent.

Chapter: 264

"It's okay, I can understand." Ye Haitang also calmed down. Xia Mengyao is gone now, and Chen Feng is also normal to be anxious, but, for some reason, Chen Feng's attitude just made her feel very uncomfortable.

"Do you suspect that the one who kidnapped your wife is the same group as that group of foreign criminals?" Ye Haitang asked. The one who kidnapped Xia Mengyao was obviously a group of warriors, and in the information she knew, Wang Menglong had good friends. A few foreign gangsters have nothing to do with the martial artist, and Chen Feng is obviously rushing to the doctor.

"It's possible." Chen Feng said.

"I don't know the location of those foreign criminals. I only know that they are going to deal with your wife. The news was provided by a creditor of Wang Menglong. He said that when he was collecting debts from Wang Menglong, Wang Menglong told him vaguely. I met a few foreign criminals and prepared to let them help kidnap Xia Mengyao.” Ye Haitang said lightly, the largest casinos in Cangzhou were opened by the Ye family, so the Ye family has absolute control over the news from all over Cangzhou. The dead king Meng Long couldn't imagine that his creditor would be from the Ye family.

"Can you find Wang Menglong now?" Chen Feng asked in a deep voice.

"No, Wang Menglong's phone is turned off."

"Okay, I see." Chen Feng frowned, and now it seems that Wang Menglong's suspicion is very high. It is really possible that the few foreign criminals he knows are warriors.

"I'll let the Ye family find Xia Mengyao for you." Ye Haitang said lightly.

Chen Feng was stunned, and said, "Thank you."

"Don't thank you. At this moment, your reward for drinking with me yesterday." Ye Haitang's tone was still calm, as if talking about a trivial matter that had nothing to do with him.

Chen Feng was a little speechless.

Almost at the same time Ye Haitang hung up the phone, the entire Cangzhou began to surging.

Hundreds of thousands of people walked out of their respective sites, starting from the city center, and began to investigate outward.

Gu Dongchen, Han Long, Zhang Family, Shen Family, Ye Family...

Under Chen Feng's hands, almost all the power that could be used began to use.

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This night, the entire Cangzhou was turned upside down.

Early the next morning.

Chen Zeli received the news.

"Brother, this time, we are probably in trouble. The people behind this little girl are indeed very difficult..." Chen Zeli recounted the joint investigation of many families of Gu Dongchen, Han Long, Ye Family, Zhang Family, and Shen Family.

After listening, Chen Zewen's expression became serious.

He had already overestimated the power behind Xia Mengyao as much as possible, but he did not expect that he still underestimated him. He could mobilize veteran families such as the Ye Family, the Shen Family, and the Zhang Family at the same time, and the Hei Dao giants such as Han Long Gu Dongchen.

This is by no means a power that a first-line family can possess.

"Brother, the other party will investigate us right away, I'm afraid we can't stay." Chen Zeli said in a deep voice. The people he brought this time were all elite mercenaries who had retired from the battlefield and possessed excellent anti-reconnaissance capabilities. But even so, they couldn't bear the three-foot investigation of Ye Family Zhang Family.

Chen Zewen frowned: "Okay, let your people hurry up, let's set off in half an hour."

"Big brother, what should I do with this little girl? Should I keep it with me?" Chen Zeli couldn't help but glance at Xia Mengyao, Xia Mengyao is indeed It's a burden.

"Take it first." Chen Zewen also had a headache. Obviously, the people behind Xia Mengyao are not small. If he dares to move Xia Mengyao, it would be okay if he is not found. If he is found, he will face an endless situation.

"I knew this, so I didn't let Jiao Sister tie her up." Chen Zeli said with some annoyance. What he said was a bit of an afterthought. When Wang Menglong asked to kidnap Xia Mengyao, no one thought that Xia Mengyao was behind. , Will involve such a large force.

Because of one person, the entire Cangzhou is in turmoil.

"I found it, in the industrial zone north of the city." Ye Haitang called.

"Okay, I'll go over immediately." Chen Feng immediately got up.

"Better hurry up, the other party has noticed something is wrong and is packing things up. If you are late, I'm afraid you won't see anything." Ye Haitang said lightly.

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded, and went straight out to the grass in front of the door.

There was an Apache helicopter parked here. It was Shen Hongchang’s private helicopter. However, after hearing that Xia Mengyao was kidnapped last night, Shen Hongchang drove the helicopter over overnight and put it here at Chen Feng. Be prepared for emergencies.

Unexpectedly, it really came in handy.

After boarding the helicopter, Chen Feng went straight to Chengbei Industrial Zone.

The mercenaries of Chen Zeli’s are indeed very accomplished. Although Chen Zewen gave it for half an hour, they packed everything up in only 20 minutes and wiped out all traces of life on the ground. net.

Five Jinbei vans stopped at the door, and the Chen brothers were preparing to get on the bus.

At this time, there were bursts of rumblings above the head.

Chen Zewen's complexion changed first.

He is the one with the highest cultivation level among the four and the one with the most acute hearing, so he heard the roar of the helicopter the first time.

"Brother, people seem to be here." Chen Zeli was the second to discover.

Ten seconds later, the black Apache hovered above everyone like an eagle.

The dozen or so mercenary men under Chen Zeli were very tactical. They were not panicked and quickly formed their formation.

"What does it mean that this helicopter has been parked on it? Why doesn't it come down?" Chen Zeli couldn't help but ask.

Almost as soon as he finished speaking, the helicopter's hatch was opened.

An expressionless figure appeared in the hatch, condescendingly looking down at the Chen brothers on the ground.

"What does this guy mean by opening the hatch now? Does he want to jump directly from a hundred meters high?" Chen Zeli sneered, somewhat disapproving.

As soon as his thoughts fell, Chen Feng at the door of the cabin jumped directly from a height of 100 meters!

No equipment is used!

All in an uproar!

The dozen or so mercenaries under Chen Zeli's eyes were almost falling off.

They would never have thought of killing them, someone would dare to jump directly from a height of 100 meters.

Are you not afraid of throwing yourself into mash?

"Dodge, get away!"

Someone yelled in a panic in broken English. This guy who jumped from a height of 100 meters wanted to die, but they didn't want to.

Chen Zeli's expression at this time was a wonderful one. He didn't expect that if he just thought about it, someone would really jump.

You don’t want to bring it to death, right?

Chen Zewen, who has always been calm, is not calm at the moment.

The impact of the scene before him was too great.

That's a hundred meters high in the sky, equivalent to a thirty-three-story building!

Chapter: 265

Jumping from such a high place will definitely smash the ground into a big hole.

"Miss Xia, your rescuer seems to have a bad brain..." Chen Zeli sneered, trying to say that Chen Feng's brain was not good, but before he finished speaking, he heard a "bang", and there was an extra face in front of him. Emoji figure.

Chen Feng descended from the sky, and then landed steadily like a feather without arousing the slightest dust.

The smile on Chen Zeli's face was completely frozen, and his unfinished words were swallowed back into his throat abruptly.

The dozen or so mercenaries behind him also stared wide-eyed, their faces full of incredible, as if they had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Jumping down from a height of one hundred meters, nothing happened!

This... is it a man or a ghost? !

"Master of Martial

Arts ..." Chen Zewen's pupils suddenly tightened, and he was the only one in the audience who knew the most about what this scene meant.

Extend your energy and control your strength!

This is the sign of Huajin Warrior!

The shameless young man in front of him turned out to be a martial arts master!

why? ! why? ! Isn't it said that there are no high-level warriors in Cangzhou? !

There was a voice in Chen Zewen's heart ranting frantically.

At this moment, his intestines are almost regretful. If he had known the kidnapping of Xia Mengyao, a martial arts master would eventually be involved, and he would not dare to do that if he killed him!

"Big brother, sister Jiao, go away!"

Chen Zeli's eyes were horrified. He reacted the fastest. Almost instantly, he drew a dagger from his waist and put it on Xia Mengyao's neck.

Although he couldn't see Chen Feng's realm, he knew clearly that he was definitely not Chen Feng's opponent if they tied the four of them together!

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Chen Feng's strength has definitely reached an incredible level!

So right now, the only way to survive is to take Xia Mengyao as a hostage.

Seeing the dagger resting on Xia Mengyao's white neck, Chen Feng's eyes were cold: "Let go of her!"

"Let my eldest brother and them leave!"

"My eldest brother and they are safe, I will let them go!"

Chen Zeli yelled, with a crazy look. Undoubtedly, from the moment Chen Feng appeared, things had been beyond their control.

This time, the four brothers, I am afraid one of them must be handed over here.

"Looking for death!"

Chen Feng's eyes were completely cold, he hated being threatened by others!

"Ali, let go of Miss Xia!"

At this moment, Chen Zewen suddenly said in a deep voice.

"Big brother?" Chen Zeli was taken aback. Xia Mengyao was the only chance for their four brothers and sisters to survive. Why would Big Brother let her go?

"I asked you to let her go, did you hear that!"

Chen Zewen was angry.


Chen Zeli gritted his teeth and drew back the dagger that was resting on Xia Mengyao's neck.

Although unwilling, but Chen Zewen's order, he did not dare to disobey.

Xia Mengyao wept with joy, trot to Chen Feng's side, and hugged Chen Feng.

A smile reappeared on Chen Feng's face, and he gently tore off the tape that had sealed Xia Mengyao's mouth.

"It's okay." Chen Feng said softly.

"Well, it's okay." Xia Mengyao nodded slightly, she no longer knew that this was the first time Chen Feng had rescued her.

Every time, at the most critical moment, Chen Feng will appear, never absent.

At this time, Chen Zewen stepped forward with a cold sweat, and said, "Senior, this junior really has no intention of offending Miss Xia. Please also ask Senior for your life..."

Ask for mercy directly!

This is Chen Zewen's attitude.

The moment Chen Feng landed smoothly, it was not that he had never thought of threatening Chen Feng with Xia Mengyao.

But this thought only existed in his mind for less than a second, and then he wiped it out abruptly.

He knows exactly how terrifying the martial arts master is!

If Chen Feng really angered Chen Feng, none of the people present today would be able to get out of here alive, and even their teachers far away overseas would be avenged by Chen Feng!

He could only catch with his hands, and then bet Chen Feng for their knowledge and spare their lives.

Maybe the chance of survival is only one in ten thousand, but they have to bet!

Chen Feng glanced at Chen Zewen coldly, and did not speak.

The atmosphere in the venue is extremely depressing.

The four brothers and sisters of the Chen clan looked down at the ground, as if a Taishan Mountain was pressed on their shoulders. They were so heavy that they didn't even have the courage to look up at Chen Feng.


The cold sweat on Chen Zewen's forehead hit the ground heavily, and even ran into his eyes, a bit sore, but he did not dare to wipe it.

Any one of his actions now may affect Chen Feng's decision.

The life and death of their four siblings is now between Chen Feng's thoughts.

After a while, Chen Feng finally spoke.

"Capital crime is forgiven, living crime is inevitable, let him sever his arm."

Chen Zeli's heart trembled, and Chen Feng looked at him.

"Thank you, senior!" With a

"puff", Chen Zewen knelt directly on the ground as if he heard the sound of the sky, kowtow in fear.

Chen Zeli felt ashamed, and Chen Zewen had said so, so his arm would definitely not be able to keep it.

Chen Zeli was not an indecisive person either. After realizing that his arm could not be kept, he lifted the dagger and slashed towards his right arm without hesitation.

Hand up and down!

The right arm was all broken, and blood was pouring!

Chen Zeli snorted, his face pale instantly, but he was a ruthless person, even so, he didn't scream.

Chen Feng nodded, Chen Zeli was still very acquainted.

But if he hurt Xia Mengyao just now, then this matter can't be solved with one arm.

"Let's go, what did you come to Cangzhou for?" Chen Feng asked calmly. He could tell at a glance that Chen Zewen was the early stage of Anjin, and Chen Zeli and Chen Zejiao were the late stage of Mingjin. Even the weakest Chen Zexiong was in the middle stage of Mingjin. With such a force, it is impossible to be an overseas criminal.

The identity of the so-called overseas criminals is more likely to be just the smoke bombs thrown by them to cover up.

They must have other ulterior motives when they come to Cangzhou.

Chen Feng's calm gaze made Chen Zewen's eyes flustered, but he still bit the bullet and said: "Senior, this junior came to visit relatives in Cangzhou."

"Visiting relatives?"

Chen Feng snorted and glanced at the dozens of people behind Chen Zewen who were scared. The stupid mercenary said: "Are you bringing a bunch of mercenaries back to visit relatives?"

The cold sweat on Chen Zewen's forehead came down.

"I'll give you three seconds to tell your purpose." Chen Feng said lightly. Cangzhou is now his territory. He must know what Chen Zewen and others did in Cangzhou.

"Looking for medicine."

Chen Zewen's mouth was bitter. "Senior, the younger came to Cangzhou to find medicine."

"Oh? What kind of medicine?" Chen Feng was interested.

"Bing Tilian." Chen Zewen did not dare to conceal it. This is Chen Feng's site. If Chen Feng wants to pinch him to death, it would be easier than pinching an ant.

Chapter: 266

"Ice Lotus?" Chen Feng frowned. He seemed to have heard Xiao Guozhong mention that ice Lotus is a cold-attribute elixir that is blindly worth tens of thousands of gold, and it has a miraculous effect on expelling fire poison.

But isn’t ice lotus generally only growing in extremely cold places? Chen Zewen and these people went to Cangzhou to find what ice lotus? Chen Feng thought to himself.

"If you are looking for ice lotus, you should go to Kunlun Mountain to find it. Why do you go to Cangzhou?" Chen Feng asked. Although Cangzhou is located in the north, the temperature has always been extremely high and it is not suitable for ice lotus growth.

Chen Zewen has a great chance of lying.

Chen Zewen was taken aback: "Senior, Cangzhou also has ice lotus."

"Cangzhou has it?"

" Yes , it's in Yuquan Mountain."

Chen Zewen was very sure.

Chen Feng was a little dazed. Yuquan Mountain was his site. Would he not know if there was ice lotus?

"Senior, Yuquan on Yuquan Mountain is connected to an ancient pond, and there are ice stilts in that ancient pond." Chen Zewen said.

"Why didn't I know that Yuquan Mountain has ancient pools?" Chen Feng became more and more puzzled. He still understands Yuquan Mountain. After all, he invested 50 billion yuan to develop Yuquan Mountain. But there are ancient lakes in Yuquan Mountain, but he has never heard of it .

"It is normal for seniors not to know." Chen Zewen was not surprised at this: "The ancient pool of Yuquan Mountain, let alone seniors, is not necessarily known to many mountain people who have lived on the mountain for generations."

"The reason why I know is also because of my master. . " "

thirty years ago, I had been to his old master Cangzhou once, in passing Yuquan Hill, his old accidentally discovered the secret of Yuquan Yuquan mountain. " "

bottom Yuquan, and communicates with an ancient lake. "

" The ancient pond is hidden under the ground all year round, and there is no sunshine all day long. The water in the pond is so cold that if ordinary people enter, within a minute, they will be frozen into an ice sculpture."

"But my master had a deep cultivation back then, so he insisted on staying in Gutan for ten minutes before leaving."

"Bing Tilian was discovered when he left. There are three plants in total, but none of them were mature."

"This The next time I waited over, I just wanted to see if the three ice lotus plants were mature. If they were mature, the three ice lotus plants. I only need one, and there are two left. I would like to give it to the seniors. Offended Miss Xia's apologize."

Chen Zewen said these words very politely, he only needs one of the three ice lotus, and the other two are given to Chen Feng, which shows how sincere he is.

Chen Feng pondered a little without opening his mouth.

The ice lotus is indeed an extremely rare elixir. It has only matured once in a hundred years, and it can even be called a treasure of heaven and earth.

In addition to expelling fire poison, it also has the effect of tempering the body and beautifying the skin.

If it is only used for body tempering, it can temper a person without any martial arts foundation into a bright martial artist within ten days!

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If only used for beauty, it can keep a woman's face unchanged for ten years.

This shows how terrifying the utility of Bing Tilian is.

Even in the Chen family, Bing Tilian is a rare thing, and cannot be measured by price.

Now that three plants popped up in Yuquan Mountain at once, it would be impossible to say that they were not moved at all.

However, Chen Feng didn't feel wronged.

"I only need one plant and the other one, and I can buy it for a billion." Chen Feng said. Although Chen Zewen said he would give him two plants, if he swallows them all, it would be too ugly.

However, not taking any of them is not justified. After all, Yuquan Mountain is now his site. People like Chen Zewen are hunting treasures on his site, and it is understandable that he is the master.

So the best way is to take one and buy one.

The price of one billion yuan, compared with the true value of Bing Tilian, is not high, or even low, but it can be regarded as the sincerity expressed by Chen Feng.


As soon as Chen Feng's price was released, the four Chen brothers were shocked on the spot, and they would never have thought of killing them. Chen Fengcheng was worth a billion.

They have made a lot of money overseas over the years, but they have not made a billion.

Moreover, this time the master was seriously injured. In order to manage the relationship, the money was almost spent by them. Otherwise, their four martial artists would not be reduced to the point of grabbing the treasury.

Now Chen Feng has one billion in one mouth, and they want to buy things for nothing. How can he not be surprised?

Although shocked, Chen Zewen did not dare to have any thoughts about the billion.


joked , the two icy lotuses were given to seniors voluntarily by juniors, and the juniors won't ask for a penny..." "I'm not kidding." Chen Zewen was interrupted by Chen Feng before he finished speaking: "I said to buy is to buy, one billion, I will give you a lot of money."

Everyone was once again suppressed by Chen Feng's domineering, even Xia Mengyao was a little dizzy at this time, although she had known it a long time ago. Chen Feng is very rich, but she never asked how much Chen Feng is.

Until today, in order to buy a lotus flower, Chen Feng had one billion per mouth. She didn't know that Chen Feng's property now has reached a figure she couldn't match.

One billion, enough to buy two or three summer houses.

"Senior..." Chen Zewen wanted to say something more.

Chen Feng waved his hand and said, "Okay, don't talk about it, that's it."

"When the time comes, I will go picking ice lotus with the four of you."

"Yes, senior." Chen Zewen was busy. He hurriedly bowed, Chen Feng said that when it came to this, he did not dare to refuse.

Of course, he also understood that Chen Feng still couldn't worry about him, otherwise he wouldn't propose to go picking ice tylianes with him.

After speaking, Chen Feng was about to leave, but at this moment, the blood jade worn on Chen Zewen's neck was exposed, and the blood jade instantly caught his attention.

"Who is Laosan Huang?" Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The blood jade worn by Chen Zewen on his neck was seen when he and Xiao Guozhong traveled overseas five years ago.

"Senior knows my master?"

Chen Zewen was shocked. Huang Laosan is his master's nickname. Only people who are very close to the master know it. How did Chen Feng know?


Chen Feng's expression at this time was strange. He didn't expect that the world would be so small, and the four people in front of him were actually Huang Lao San's apprentices.

"It's a acquaintance." Chen Feng's expression quickly returned to calm. In fact, his relationship with Huang Laosan can't be explained clearly by knowing two words.

Strictly speaking, he is also Huang Laosan's lifesaver.

After Xiao Guozhong took him overseas, he threw him to Malaysia alone, where he met Huang Laosan.

At that time, Huang Laosan was quite powerful in Malaysia. He was the leader of the Malaysian Chinese Gang, and Anjin's later strength.

And he was not in the early days of Dark Jin.

The process of getting to know Huang Laosan was also very interesting.

Huang Laosan had a son called Huang Tianba. Huang Tianba was extremely arrogant and domineering. He liked to bully men and women and sway the market. He was one of the most notorious dudes in Malaysia.

Chapter: 267

Because of a woman, Huang Tianba provoked Chen Feng.

Back then, Chen Feng didn't know what Yin Ren was. He almost beat Huang Tianba half to death on the street, removed Huang Tianba's legs, and blinded Huang Tianba in one eye.

Huang Laosan, who learned of Huang Tianba's tragic situation, said nothing, entangled with the entire Chinese gang and avenged Huang Tianba.

In the end, Chen Feng was killed by nearly seven.

Even if Huang Lao San, the gang leader himself, did not hurt Chen Feng.

In the end, Huang Laosan could only be soft.

Respectfully invited Chen Feng to the door, let Huang Tianba pour the tea and apologize.

Chen Feng waved his hand generously, ignoring the premonition.

Later, there was turmoil in the Chinese Gang, and the second-in-command Li Haichao joined forces with the leader of the Malaysian Gang to assassinate Huang Laosan and take control of the Chinese Gang.

Due to the chance meeting, Chen Feng saved Huang Laosan's life, allowing the Chinese Gang to escape.

Huang Laosan was very grateful to Chen Feng, and the two also became brothers of the opposite sex.

So in a strict sense, Huang Laosan is Chen Feng's eldest brother.

Chen Feng's weird complexion made Chen's four brothers and sisters even more confused. They intuitively told them that the relationship between Chen Feng and the master was absolutely unusual, but they couldn't tell what was unusual.

The reactions of the four Chen brothers and sisters were expected by Chen Feng. Five years ago, they were not in Malaysia, so it is normal not to know him.

Chen Feng didn't plan to tell them about his relationship with Huang Laosan.

"You are looking for Bing Tilian for Huang Lao San?" Chen Feng asked.

"It's for the master, the master was poisoned by fire." Chen Zewen replied with a bow, his expression a little unnatural, if an outsider dared to call his master Huang Laosan in front of him, he would slap it over.

But facing Chen Feng, he didn't dare, and seeing Chen Feng's appearance, obviously the relationship with the master was very unusual.

"The Holy Fire teaches it?" Chen Feng raised his eyebrows. The biggest effect of ice lotus is to get rid of fire poison, so it must be the fire attribute that hurts Huang Laosan. There are many local gangs in Malaysia, but those who have the fire attribute. The gang is the only family of Holy Fire.

"Senior even knows the Holy Fire?!"

Chen Zewen was shocked and almost speechless, and Chen Feng knew his master even if he knew about the Holy Fire.

Could it be that... Chen Feng lived in Malaysia? Soon, Chen Zewen thought of this possibility.

"Is it weird to know the Holy Fire?" Chen Feng curled his lips. He almost knew about the larger gangs in Malaysia.

"It's not strange, it's not strange." Chen Zewen also realized that he had lost his temper, and he hurriedly shook his head.

Also: "The injury to master, is the flame priest Kagong."

"Kagong" Chen Feng got into blind eyes: "? Kagong Why Huanglao three hands-on"?

"Because only master Anjin realm of giants Consummation is about to break through the realm of vitality. Once the master becomes a master of martial arts, it will definitely affect the local pattern of Malaysia."

"In order to prevent this from happening, Kagong united with Songzhu, Renzan, Malaysia and other big gangs. , The sneak attack master..."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. The situation Chen Zewen said was no different from what he had guessed. In a small place like Malaysia, An Jin is already a master in the late stage. If there is another master of martial arts , Then other people don't need to mix up at all.

"Where is your master now?" Chen Feng asked. In this case, it is impossible for Huang Lao San to stay in Malaysia anymore, so he is very likely to leave Malaysia.

"Master is..."


Before Chen Zewen finished speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Zeli behind him. Chen Zeli looked anxious and puzzled, as if he didn't understand why Chen Zewen told Chen Feng about such life-critical matters.

Huang Lao San is now seriously injured and his life is dying, let alone a warrior, even a random ordinary person who passes by, can kill Huang Lao San.

If Chen Zewen told Huang Lao San's hiding place, if Chen Feng had a bit of evil thoughts, Huang Lao San would not see the sun tomorrow.

"Ali, rest assured, this senior is a close friend of the master. He will not treat the master." Chen Zewen smiled slightly and seemed confident. If he didn't know Chen Feng's identity at the beginning, then Chen Feng said the holy flame. When teaching, he knew everything.

At such a young age, he is a master of martial arts, and he has also been to Malaysia. He also calls his master Huang Laosan. It is obvious that Chen Feng is the wizard who saved the Chinese Gang five years ago.

At the same time, he is also a master's brother with a different surname. Anyone could harm Huang Laosan, but Chen Feng alone could not.

"Senior, Ali is not sensible, please don't mind Senior. Master is now recovering from Zhonghai. Because of the people like Kagon who sent people to chase down, only I know the specific address of the master. If Senior wants to know, Zewen can tell seniors in private for a while." Chen Zewen said.

"No need." Chen Feng shook his head: "When I find Bing Tilian, I will go to see Huang Laosan with you."

"Thank you, senior."

Chen Zewen looked happy and hurriedly bowed to thank him, Chen Feng said. He didn't mean to visit Huang Laosan, but he made it clear that he wanted to make an appearance for Huang Laosan.

"Old Han, arrange a place for them to live." Chen Feng turned his gaze to Han Long, who was aside. Not long after he jumped from the helicopter, Han Long and Gu Dongchen arrived.

"Yes, Chen Shao." After a slight daze, Han Long nodded hurriedly. He didn't expect Chen Feng to let Chen Zewen go.

Seeing Han Long, Chen Zewen's face suddenly became a little stunned.

"Ali, hurry up and carry out the things of Boss Han." What he said was an antique in Han Long's vault.

"Yes, brother." Chen Zeli was just about to order, but Han Long waved his hand: "No need."

"Those things, just treat them as old Han's meeting presents to my brothers." Han Long groaned and said with a smile. Although the antique calligraphy and paintings here are valuable, they are worth about 200 million yuan. He doesn't lack that few money.

But these people are different now. They obviously have a deep relationship with Chen Feng, and the four of them are all martial artists. If they can take this opportunity to bring these four to Chen Feng, then he can make a lot of money. Up.

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"Boss Han, it's not so good." Chen Zewen was a little embarrassed. He didn't expect Han Long to be so generous and so many antique calligraphy and paintings that he would give it away.

"What's wrong, everyone is a family." Han Long said with a grin.

"Okay, Na Zewen is disrespectful." After hesitating for a while, Chen Zewen accepted with a smile. He naturally understood what Han Long meant, and if he accepted things, he would have to contribute to Chen Feng in the future.

Compared with the 200 million, the value of their four warriors is obviously higher.

Chapter: 268

Chen Zewen's sigh was even worse. It is true that he was the fierce man who had saved the Chinese Gang.

At a young age, he is a master of martial arts. Not only is his strength terrifying, he also has a thoughtful confidant like Han Long under his hand.

"Brothers respect their surnames?"

"Chen Zewen." Chen Zewen smiled slightly, and then introduced Chen Zeli, Chen Zexiong and Chen Zejiao one by one.

Afterwards, the two chatted for a while, and Chen Zewen learned the name of Chen Feng.

When he knew that Chen Feng's current identity was the son-in-law of the Xia family, Chen Zewen was shocked and almost fell out of his eyes.

Chen Zeli behind him was also dumbfounded, his back was cold.

When Xia Mengyao said that Chen Feng was a warrior last night, he not only didn't believe it, but also mocked Xia Mengyao face to face, saying that he would pinch Chen Feng to death.

Now Chen Feng has appeared, his realm is a master of martial arts, what will he do in the late stage of Ming Jin?

It's almost like being pinched to death by Chen Feng!

Han Long arranged several people to his own hotel.

"Brother, this Chen Feng, do you know the master?" Chen Zeli asked anxiously as soon as he entered the hotel.

"More than knowing." Chen Zewen smiled deeply and said: "He is the only brother of the teacher with a different surname."

"Brother, you mean..." Chen Zeli's eyes widened: "He is our little uncle?!" Chen

Zewen nodded. , said:. "Ali, A bear, and Gillian, the three of you, later met with Chen Shishu, Chen Shishu kind to some of Chen Shishu although age is still small, but on the qualifications, he Que Shibi we have to be much higher,"

three People nodded hurriedly, not to mention seniority, Chen Feng's cultivation base is already there, master of martial arts, this is higher than their masters.

And because Chen Feng saved Huang Laosan’s life five years ago, Huang Laosan has been talking about Chen Feng all the time in the past few years. He values ​​Chen Feng far more than them. disciple.

If any of them dared to offend Chen Feng, they would definitely not be able to pass Huang Laosan.

"Big brother, which family is Uncle Chen's child? His talent is too enchanting." Chen Zeli asked, the twenty-five-year-old martial arts master, let alone China, looking at the world, they are rare in the world. The presence.

"Don't ask too much, Uncle Chen's background is not something you and I can arrogate." Chen Zewen's face sank. Chen Feng's life experience has always been a taboo topic in the Chinese Gang, because it is Huang Lao San's lover. He knows more or less.

I know that Chen Feng is the abandoned son of the Chen family, but he is not valued by the Chen family.

Even if he finally came to the master Xiao Guozhong's school, this situation still failed to change.

Even in the end, Chen Feng fell out with the Chen family, ran away from the Chen family, and came to Cangzhou to become the son-in-law of the Xia family.

Whether it was for keeping a low profile or avenging the Chen family, no one except Chen Feng himself knew.

"Well, big brother, I won't ask."

Chen Zeli nodded hurriedly, and Chen Zewen treated it so solemnly, indicating that Chen Feng's birth must involve an astonishing inside story.

At this moment, Chen Feng took Xia Mengyao back home.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw Lin Lan who was wiping tears and Xia Weiguo with a heavy face.

"Mom, I'm back."

Xia Mengyao couldn't help but said.

"Mengyao?" Lin Lan was taken aback, she burst into tears of joy, walked a few steps to Xia Mengyao, circled Xia Mengyao, and asked with concern: "Mengyao, are you okay, what did those bastards do to you? "

Xiameng Yao shook his head:" I'm fine, they tied the wrong person. "

This was naturally Xia Mengyao's excuse. Until now, she didn't know why people like Chen Zewen would tie her up.

"Tie the wrong person?" Lin Lan suspiciously: "It's impossible." After

that, she also glanced at Chen Feng, and obviously still felt that Chen Feng was leading everything.

However, she was also very acquainted, and did not talk about Wang Menglong in front of Xia Mengyao and Xia Weiguo.

Lin Lan didn't mention it, and Chen Feng wouldn't say much. In fact, Chen Feng also has a headache now, how to deal with Wang Menglong.

Kill directly, then the misunderstanding between him and Xia Mengyao will never be solved, Xia Mengyao will probably always think that he is the master of this matter.

But if you don't kill, Wang Menglong is like a time bomb buried inside the Xia family. You never know what day he will explode and blow the Xia family to pieces.

"What's impossible, everyone has already returned." The cloud on Xia Weiguo's face finally disappeared. As soon as he returned from the hospital, he heard Lin Lan complain that it was Chen Feng who had been tied up in order to remove his suspected derailment. Xia Mengyao.

If it were the original him, he wouldn't believe Lin Lan's words.

But now, as Chen Feng became stronger and stronger, he had to believe it.

As a man, he knows the thoughts of men very well.

The richer the man, the more eager.

Is Chen Feng rich now?

Of course rich!

Moreover, Chen Feng still has power, he has great power!

Ask yourself, if you replace the current Chen Feng with him, he might have derailed long ago.

Rich and powerful, what kind of woman can't find her, she must hang herself on the tree of Xia Mengyao?

Sent Xia Mengyao back to the room.

Chen Feng wanted to turn around and leave, but Xia Mengyao's unsentimental voice came from behind: "What is the matter with you and Ye Haitang?"

She needed an explanation.

Chen Feng sighed, will he still have to face this problem after all?

Moving his lips, Chen Feng said: "Ye Haitang is my friend."

"At the bar yesterday, she told me that someone was going to kidnap you..."

" You have to go to the bar to talk?" Xia Mengyao asked coldly, she didn't understand Why did Chen Feng go to the bar to talk with Ye Haitang out of thoughts, can't we talk outside?

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He didn't know how to explain to Xia Mengyao. Could it be that Ye Haitang forced him in? With that said, Xia Mengyao would be even more angry.

Besides, Ye Haitang didn't force him either.

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"If you like her, we can divorce." Xia Mengyao looked calm.

Chen Feng frowned: "Don't say anything like this in the future."

"I will explain my relationship with Ye Haitang sooner or later."

"The only thing I can tell you is that I have a clear conscience."

Xia Mengyao sighed. Red lips did not speak.

Chen Feng sighed, "Well, you should rest first, and I will come to see you tomorrow."

After leaving the Xia family, Chen Feng received another call from Ye Haitang.

"Is the person found?" Ye Haitang's voice was still cold.

"Found it."

"Would you like me to explain it to you?" Ye Haitang is very smart. She already knew about the video. She thought about it with her toes, Xia Mengyao would be a door-to-door response.

"No." Chen Feng refused without even thinking about it. Ye Haitang met Xia Mengyao and it was Tianlei hitting the comet. Don't explain it clearly. If the two of them don't fight, I'm afraid it will be considered good.

Chapter: 269

According to Huang Laosan's records, the ancient pond at the bottom of Yuquan on Yuquan Mountain will only appear when the spring water returns at the end of each month.

Therefore, the time for picking ice stilts was set to three days later.

During these three days, Chen Feng did not sit idly, but wrote out a few medicinal materials needed to make ice lotus and asked Gu Dongchen and Han Long's people to buy them everywhere.

There are three ice lotus, and Chen Feng's plan is to use one for Huang Laosan, one for Xia Mengyao, and save the other for emergencies.

Give Xia Mengyao this strain, and plan to let Xia Mengyao step into the early Ming Jin and become a warrior.

In the future, in case of any accidents to him, Xia Mengyao will be a little self-protective.

In a blink of an eye, time came to the next day, but Gu Dongchen's journey to purchase medicinal materials was not very smooth.

The people who sent out sent back news that several medicinal materials had been bought out, especially the ginseng and fleece-flower roots that were in the last few years. They were sold out without even seeing their shadows.

According to the owner of the medicinal material shop, in the past few days, someone in Cangzhou specially purchased the elixir, and the entire Cangzhou medicinal material market was wiped out.

This afternoon, Gu Dongchen sent another message back.

The younger brother who was sent out to buy medicinal materials was beaten.

Moreover, the other party was still a stubborn stubborn dog. Not only did he not leave after beating people, but instead let Gu Dongchen's people continue to call people and call the most awesome people he knew. Today, I will teach Gu Dongchen's people to be humans.

Helpless, Gu Dongchen could only call Chen Feng.

"Shao Chen, the cause of the incident was that the owner of Jinzhitang said that he would sell us Polygonum multiflorum, the treasure of the town’s store for the millennium. When I sent someone to buy it, the owner of Jinzhitang suddenly changed his mind and said that someone had a higher price than us. Buy that root of Polygonum for twice the price."

"And that person's background is very deep, he can't afford to offend him."

"I asked Zhou Jinlong to stay in Jinzhitang, waiting for the other party to come over, ready to touch the other party's details."

"As a result, the other party found Zhou Jinlong as soon as he came over. Knowing that Zhou Jinlong was going to grab Polygonum multiflorum, the other party interrupted Zhou Jinlong's leg on the spot. He also said that if Zhou Jinlong is not convinced, he will continue to call and call until he is served."

"Then, I sent dozens of brothers in succession, but the other party interrupted his hands and feet. Now the other party is still guarding Jinzhitang. "

Gu Dongchen said a little upset.

"So arrogant?" Chen Feng raised his eyebrows, and when the other party did so, it could be said that Gu Dongchen didn't take it seriously.

"Shao Chen, they seem to be backed by warriors." Gu Dongchen paused and said: "The medicinal materials in Cangzhou these days are probably bought by them."

Gu Dongchen's subordinates are also A Hao, a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin. Sun was also injured by Chen Zexiong, so when he encountered a warrior at this time, there was nothing to do with the warrior.

"I'll go there." Chen Feng frowned. After all, Gu Dongchen's people were responsible for purchasing medicinal materials for him. It is reasonable and reasonable, and he has to take care of it. Moreover, Polygonum multiflorum is also necessary for making ice lotus. Blindly medicinal materials.

Chen Feng had planned to only take Gu Dongchen there, but after hearing the news, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family followed them eagerly. In this way, the group of people came to Jinzhitang.

As soon as he got out of the car, Chen Feng saw dozens of Gu Dongchen's little brothers, but at this moment, they all lay on the ground with black noses and swollen faces with painful faces.

Headed by Zhou Jinlong, he was stepped on his feet by a middle-aged man wearing a flowered shirt, wantonly humiliated.

"Let go of him!"

Gu Dongchen shouted angrily, Zhou Jinlong was his confidant, and the opponent stepped on not only Zhou Jinlong's face, but also his face.

"Let go?" The man in the flower shirt smiled playfully and kicked Zhou Jinlong's chest. Zhou Jinlong slid seven or eight meters on the ground before he slid in front of Gu Dongchen.

Gu Dongchen hurriedly helped Zhou Jinlong up.


but Zhou Jinlong vomited blood violently, and a large part of his chest was sunken. Some of his ribs were broken by the man in the flower shirt.


looking for death!" Seeing Zhou Jinlong's miserable appearance, Gu Dongchen couldn't help but rattle his teeth. He was about to be blown up with anger. The other party clearly provoke him!

"Don't you want me to let him go? I let go, why are you saying that I am looking for death again." The man in the flower shirt laughed, as if he didn't put Gu Dongchen's killing intent in his eyes.

At this time, Chen's four brothers and sisters got out of another car.

The headed Chen Zewen saw the man in the flower shirt for the first time.

"Second Brother?" Chen Zewen was shocked and couldn't help blurting out. He didn't expect to see Huang Feihao here.

The man in the flower shirt was also taken aback: "Senior

Brother ?" "Second Brother, why are you here?"

Chen Zewen had a headache. He didn't expect that he had just robbed Han Long's vault the day before yesterday, and today Huang Feihao beat Gu Dongchen's people again.

Could this be against Chen Feng's people?

"I came here to buy Polygonum multiflorum for Ms. Huo, but I came across a bunch of things that don't have eyes long, so I taught it a lesson." Huang Feihao grinned.

After speaking, he glanced at Chen Zewen and Gu Dongchen again, and said dissatisfied: "Brother, don't tell me that these short-sighted things are yours."

Chen Zewen's head is as big as a cow: "Second brother, they They are not my people, but they are the little brothers of my friends..."

"Friends?" Before Chen Zewen finished speaking, he was interrupted by Huang Feihao's sneer: "Junior brother, you said this country boy is your friend?"

"What, Is there a problem?" Chen Zewen frowned.

"no problem."

Huang Feihao shook his head, his tone of disdain: "

Brother , who do you want to be friends with is your business." "But the senior is very disappointed with you. I didn't expect that after helping out from the Chinese, you would get mixed up to this point. A local boss from a prefecture-level city making friends?

Tsk tsk ." Huang Feihao sighed, his attitude was high, and his tone was full of disdain for Gu Dongchen.

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He is a warrior, and his status in the Chinese Gang was not low, so he always looked down on ordinary people from the beginning to the end.

Gu Dongchen clenched his fists, his face flushed aggrieved, but he also understood that the man in the flower shirt is definitely not simple. From Chen Zewen's name, it is not difficult to know that the man in the flower shirt is also a warrior, and he belongs to the Chinese gang. High level.

At least in terms of seniority, he is higher than Chen Zewen.

"Brother, please be polite to my friend." Chen Zewen clenched his fists, a little annoyed.

"You are welcome?" Huang Feihao glanced at Gu Dongchen sternly, and said with a sneer: "He is also worthy?"


"Okay, brother, I won't talk nonsense with you anymore, since you are friends with this bunch of rubbish, then I I'll give you face today. If you don't clean up these wastes, let them go." Huang Feihao waved his hand, and said to Gu Dongchen like a fly.

Chapter: 270

"Brother, you passed!" Chen Zewen's eyes were filled with anger. When Huang Feihao was at the Chinese gang before, although Huang Feihao was at odds with him, Huang Laosan was there, and Huang Feihao would more or less restrain it.

But now that the Chinese gang came out, Huang Feihao was completely unscrupulous, and didn't take him seriously.

"Passed?" Huang Feihao's expression also cooled. He glanced at Chen Zewen and said, "What about it? Junior, you want to do it to me?" Chen Zewen's

cheeks were tight, restrained, and did not speak.

Huang Feihao smiled openly: "If you do, you four brothers and sisters can go together and let the brothers see if you leave the Chinese Gang to see if your practice has improved."

Seeing Chen Zewen was silent, Huang Feihao shook his head and said:" If you don’t do anything, the senior brother can leave. Miss Huo is still waiting for Polygonum multiflorum."

"Who is Miss Huo? You took refuge in her?"

Chen Zewen gritted his teeth and asked, seeing Huang Feihao here at first glance. At that time, he thought that Huang Feihao was also here to help Huang Laosan, but Huang Feihao said that he was looking for Polygonum multiflorum for Miss Huo.

"You don't have the right to know Miss Huo's name. You just need to remember that Miss Huo is from the Huo family on Hong Kong Island." Huang Feihao looked very arrogant, as if it was a glorious thing to join the Huo family on Hong Kong Island. .

Hong Kong Island Huo Family?

Most people present did not understand the meaning of these four words.

But Chen Zewen was shocked.

It's actually the Huo family on Hong Kong Island!

Chen Zewen never expected that Huang Feihao would hug Huo's thigh.

Huo Family, one of the four big families on Hong Kong Island!

The real Big Mac family!

According to rumors, the Huo family’s assets amount to five to six hundred billion!

Twenty years ago, when Hong Kong Island returned, the Huo family’s head was even received by the No. 1 and 2 chiefs of China.

Even now, the senior officials of the Huo family can still talk directly with the top group of people in China.

In recent years, although the Huo family has fallen, their investment in China Land has still reached nearly 100 billion.

There are schools and factories built by them all over China.

Their influence in China is far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Chen Zewen's eyes were full of jealousy. If Huang Feihao really hugged the Huo family's thigh, then they wouldn't want to clean up Huang Lao San.

Even Huang Lao San himself, he might not be able to take Huang Feihao, who is sheltered by the Huo family, like that.

Because the Huo family has martial arts masters, and there is more than one!

"Did you reveal the news about Bing Tilian to the Huo family?" Chen Zewen took a deep breath and asked. The situation is clear now. Huang Lao San was seriously injured and the Chinese Gang was destroyed. Their disciples scattered and fled.

Some disciples are still loyal to Huang Laosan, looking for ways to cure Huang Laosan.

But some disciples betrayed Huang Lao San, and even took Huang Lao San's past secrets as a token of fame, and took refuge in other forces.

There is no doubt that Huang Feihao is the one who betrayed Huang Laosan. He not only betrayed Huang Laosan, but also told the news of Bing Tilian, the only one that could save Huang Laosan’s life. Of the vote.

"Yes, I did reveal the news about Bing Tilian to the Huo family." Huang Feihao yawned lazily, "Junior Brother, you are quite smart."

"Huang Feihao! The Huo family took the Bing Tilian, you let What do you do with the master? Do you know that only ice lotus can save the master?" Chen Zewen roared with an iron face. Huang Feihao didn't save Huang Laosan, and also revealed the news of the ice lotus on which Huang Laosan lives. To the Huo family, this is undoubtedly worse.

"What does the life and death of the old thing have to do with me?" Huang Feihao sneered.

"Also, that old thing is your master, not my master. Don't tell him in front of me in the future. His life and death have nothing to do with me!" Huang Feihao looked ruthless.

" traitor, if it weren't for the master to take you in back then, you would have starved to death on the street. Now that you say this, wouldn't you be afraid of thunder and lightning!" Chen Zewen trembled all over and pointed to Huang Feihao's nose. Scolded.

Huang Feihao curled his lips, with a look of disapproval.

"Okay, Chen Zewen, don't talk nonsense. Since you are my fellow junior, I'll give you a piece of advice, three days later, don't show up in Yuquan Mountain, Bing Tilian, Miss Huo has already booked it, it's not you Things you can get involved." Huang Feihao had a cold expression.

"Of course, if you are not convinced and want to touch Huo's family, then the senior will not stop you."

"But the senior advises you, it is better to prepare four coffins in advance." Huang Feihao sneered, and after speaking, he stopped Turn and leave without returning.

But after a few steps he walked, there was an indifferent voice behind him: "The one who hit me, do you want to

leave like this?" Huang Feihao paused, turned his head with a sullen face, but saw that it was A young man of twenty-five and six.

At this time, Chen Feng stood with his hands in his hands, expressionless.

"Are you talking to me?" Huang Feihao said coldly. When Chen Feng appeared, he saw Chen Feng, but he didn't care about it at the time, thinking that Chen Feng was Gu Dongchen's little brother.

But now it seems that he was slapped just now.

Chen Feng, who looks shameless, is the leader of the group.

Even Chen Zewen is faintly headed by Chen Feng.

"What do you mean?" Chen Feng took a step forward and looked straight at Huang Feihao blankly.

Huang Feihao's heart trembled. For some reason, he actually felt a dangerous breath from Chen Feng in front of him.

Forcefully suppressing the anxiety in his heart, Huang Feihao said in a deep voice: "Are you going to care about me for several ordinary people?"

Ordinary people, this is what Huang Feihao thinks of Zhou Jinlong.

In his view, ordinary people and warriors are completely the existence of two worlds.

Yangyang Huaxia has a population of 1.4 billion, but the number of warriors is less than one million.

Every warrior is an absolute elite.

Their identities are equally noble.

For ordinary people and warriors, it is an ant-like existence.

So let alone hurt a few ants or trample a few ants to death, Chen Feng shouldn't care about him.

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To offend a warrior for a few ordinary people, this kind of behavior is very stupid!

"Ordinary people?" Chen Feng frowned and shook his head calmly: "They are not ordinary people, they are my brothers."

"Your brother, hahaha." Huang Feihao smiled suddenly, and then he closed his smile suddenly. With a cold face, "How do you want to stand up for your brother?"

"Cut your arm, or... die!" Chen Feng was expressionless.

"Break my arm?"

Huang Feihao laughed angrily: "Boy, are you kidding me?"

"Do you know who I am?"