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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 291-300 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 291

After coming out of the hospital, Chen Feng received a call from Gu Dongchen.

On the phone, Gu Dongchen told Chen Feng that all the medicinal materials needed for refining ice lotus were bought, and now only Chen Feng could come over and start refining.

After asking the location, Chen Feng rushed over.

Almost as soon as Chen Feng left with his front foot, there was an extended Rolls Royce at the entrance of the hospital.

Rolls-Royce's body and glass are obviously made of bulletproof materials, and the license plate hanging on the front of the car is even more rare with the same number-Jing C0000!

Obviously, the person sitting in the car is a big man from Yanjing.

Rich is expensive!

There was a sensation at the entrance of the hospital, and many people took out their mobile phones and prepared to shoot.

But in the next second, a few bodyguards in black suits and headsets appeared beside these people.

With just a stern look, several passers-by who were about to shoot retracted their necks, picked up their phones and fled.

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Then, the door of Rolls-Royce opened slowly.

A lady in a Chinese dress got out of the car. The lady's face was exquisite and her skin was well maintained. From her face, there was hardly any trace of age.

"Madam, here." A

hoarse voice sounded behind the lady, and then, a ghostly rickety figure emerged behind the lady. This figure, like the shadow of the lady, was hidden in the shadow, and The lady is inseparable.

"Yeah." The lady nodded gently, and then a bright smile appeared on her fair

and pretty face : "Mother-in-law, let's go in and have a look." At this moment, Lin Lan was chattering in Xia Mengyao's ward.

"Meng Yao, what did that waste just say? You honestly confess to mom."

"Mom, Chen Feng didn't say anything..." Xia Mengyao was helplessly prevaricating Lin Lan. She was about to find a reason to fool Lin Lan, but at this moment, a dark shadow appeared behind Lin Lan.

Xia Mengyao's pupils tightened suddenly, and she just wanted to remind Lin Lan, but saw the dark shadow stretch out a hand and gently grabbed Lin Lan's neck.

Lin Lan suddenly rolled his eyes, and without a chance to react, he fainted.

"What did you do to my mother?!"

Xia Mengyao was surprised and angry.

"Don't worry, your mother is okay. The mother-in-law just made her faint temporarily."

At this moment , a faint voice sounded behind the black figure.

The black shadow left, revealing the figure of a lady in glamour.

"Hello, Miss Xia." A smile came up from the corner of the lady's mouth.

"Who are you?"

Xia Mengyao's eyelids twitched. Although the lady in dress in front of her is not dewy, but she has a natural nobleness. This nobleness even gave birth to Xia Mengyao. A feeling of shame.

"You can call me Qin Xuerou, or...Mom." The lady in dress smiled deeply.


Is she... Qin Xuerou? !

Xia Mengyao's pupils shrank again. If this woman is really Qin Xuerou, then she is Chen Feng's stepmother!

The little princess of the Qin family that Chen Haotian married back then!

What is she doing here? !

Seeing the shocked look on Xia Mengyao's pretty face, Qin Xuerou couldn't help but raise her mouth: "It seems...Chen Feng mentioned me to you."

Xia Mengyao did not answer, but instead asked, "What are you doing? Looking for my husband?"

"No, I'm not looking for him." Qin Xuerou shook her head: "I'm looking for you."

"Look for me?" Xia Mengyao frowned.

"Yes, looking for you." Qin Xuerou took a step forward.

"What are you doing for me?" Xia Mengyao glanced at Qin Xuerou with some caution. The relationship between Qin Xuerou and Chen Feng was not so bad. Even when everyone in the Chen family suppressed Chen Feng's mother and son, Qin Xuerou stood up and spoke for Chen Feng's mother and son. .

But Xia Mengyao did not believe Qin Xuerou.

The reason is simple, Qin Xuerou is a woman, a woman who loves Chen Haotian very much.

This identity determines the situation between her and Su Zhaoxi.

Not to mention helping Su Zhaoxi, Xia Mengyao even felt that Qin Xuerou would be good enough as long as she didn't fall into trouble with Su Zhaoxi.

"Miss Xia, you don't seem to trust me?" Qin Xuerou's lips showed a playful smile.

Xia Mengyao gave Qin Xuerou coldly, but didn't mean to pay attention to Qin Xuerou.

Qin Xuerou was not angry either, she smiled: "Miss Xia, let's tell you, I'm here to find you this time for only one purpose."


"I want you to divorce Chen Feng."

"Impossible!" Xia Mengyao refused without even thinking about it.

"Impossible?" Qin Xuerou's mouth turned up: "Miss Xia can tell me the reason? Why is it impossible?"

"Without a reason, impossible is impossible." Xia Mengyao said coldly, she didn't know what Qin Xuerou's purpose was. But she could divorce Chen Feng, but she didn't even think about it.

She and Chen Feng have gone through three years of hardships, and finally got here now. If they left because of Qin Xuerou, what was the past three years?

Qin Xuerou sighed, "Why does Miss Xia speak so absolutely?"

"If I tell you, if you don't divorce Chen Feng, Chen Feng will die. What do you do?"

"What do you mean?!" Xia Mengyao's tone suddenly became sharp.

"It doesn't mean anything." Qin Xuerou shook her head and smiled: "Chen Feng, he probably didn't tell you, he abolished Chen

Yingrou ." "What?! Chen Feng, he abolished Chen Yingrou?" Xia Mengyao couldn't help being surprised. She fainted, so she didn't know what happened later. When asked about Chen Feng, Chen Feng only said to let Chen Yingrou roll back to Yanjing.

But now it seems that Chen Feng might have concealed it from her in order not to worry her.

"Well, your man, in order to vent your anger, he ruined Chen Yingrou's face, and also abolished her two hands and her dantian. Now Chen Yingrou is a completely useless person." Qin Xuerou smiled. As if talking about a little thing that has nothing to do with me.

After listening to Xia Mengyao, she couldn't help being touched, but when she was touched, her heart sank completely. Chen Yingrou is the daughter of Chen Boyong, and she has always been favored by the Chen family. This time she was abandoned and used I can imagine how angry the Chen family will be.

"Miss Xia, I actually envy you." Qin Xuerou changed her conversation.

"What do you envy?" Xia Mengyao asked subconsciously.

"Envy you for having such a good husband as Chen Feng." Qin Xuerou said lightly. After she finished speaking, she sighed again: "It's not like me, I'm on a man like

Chen Haotian." "Uncle Chen..." Xia Mengyao hesitated. She wanted to ask Chen Haotian if he was treating Qin Xuerou well, but when the words came to her lips, she couldn't ask.

"Do you want to ask him how he treats me?" But Qin Xuerou seemed to know what Xia Mengyao thought, so she asked for Xia Mengyao.

"Yeah." Xia Mengyao nodded gently.

Chapter: 292


Xuerou smiled openly : "You tell me, Chen Haotian is very good to me." "Very good?" Xia Mengyao couldn't help being surprised.

"Well, it's good."

"He is considerate and gentle to me, and he is almost a perfect husband."

"The only thing that is imperfect is that...he doesn't love me." Qin Xuerou said sharply, her face turned sharply. With a touch of self-deprecating smile.

Xia Mengyao pursed her mouth, and didn't say anything. At this moment, she suddenly felt a little sympathy for Qin Xuerou.

Back then, Qin Xuerou was a typical arrogant girl of heaven. Not to mention her outstanding looks, she was still the little princess of the Qin family who had been loved by thousands of hers. She would never ask for a suitor at all.

But in the end, she married Chen Haotian.

Married to Chen Haotian who was filled with Su Zhaoxi.

She and Chen Haotian slept together for five or six years and dedicated a woman's most precious youthful years, but in the end, she did not even enter Chen Haotian's heart.

"You don't need to sympathize with me, I Qin

Xuerou, I don't need anyone to sympathize." Qin Xuerou glanced at Xia Mengyao, and smiled faintly.

"I have no sympathy for you." Xia Mengyao insisted.

"Really?" Qin Xuerou was noncommittal.

But she did not intend to go deeper on this issue, but will pull back to the topic Chen Feng: "Do you know Sophie Chen Ying, Chen returned later, Chen is what reaction you?"

"React"? "Deserted

"Qin Xuerou said concisely and concisely.

"Chen Yingrou's brother, Chen Yingcai, rushed back from the Northern Xinjiang Military Region with Qinglongwei overnight."

"Chen Yingrou's sister, Chen Yingzi, assembled almost all the warriors in the Hongye Club."

"If it weren't for Chen Boyong to stop them, they would kill Cangzhou the night before."

"Chen Boyong...why did they stop?" Xia Mengyao couldn't help asking. Chen Boyong is the owner of the second house of the Chen family, the entire Chen family, except for Chen Zhennan. One of the most powerful people.

"How do I know?" Qin Xuerou curled her lips: "I don't know what the old fox is thinking, but he will definitely not just let it go."

"He will find Chen Feng's trouble sooner or later . "

Xia Mengyao has a look of worry on her pretty face. There is no doubt that the Chen family possesses monstrous power, which is not something that Chen Feng can resist.

"Miss Xia, do you know why I want you to divorce Chen Feng?" Qin Xuerou asked with a smile.

"Why?" Xia Mengyao's tone was cold, no matter what Qin Xuerou's purpose was, she couldn't get confused at this time.

"Because you are Chen Feng's weakness."

Qin Xuerou glanced at Xia Mengyao deeply: "The reason why Chen Boyong didn't do anything with Chen Feng this time was partly because he was afraid of Chen Zhennan, but another part was because of you."

"Because of me? "Xia Mengyao frowned, she was a little unsure.

"Yes, because of you."

"Chen Boyong knows very well that your relationship with Chen Feng, if you hold you, is equivalent to holding Chen Feng, so as long as you are in Cangzhou, he can seek revenge from Chen Feng at any time." Qin Xuerouyi The face is meaningful.

Xia Mengyao's pretty face changed color slightly, and Qin Xuerou's remarks really made sense.

She is Chen Feng's reverse scale, the hardest armor on Chen Feng's body, but at the same time, she is also Chen Feng's weakness.

As long as Chen Boyong subdues her, there will be a thousand ways to deal with Chen Feng.

"But what does this have to do with the divorce between me and Chen Feng? I divorced Chen Feng, wouldn't Chen Boyong use me to attack Chen Feng?" Xia Mengyao asked rhetorically, Chen Boyong would definitely not be simply Confused by appearance, even if she really divorces Chen Feng, Chen Boyong will continue to look for opportunities in her.

"Only you divorced Chen Feng, he will indeed start on Chen Feng through you."

"But after you divorced Chen Feng, you become my person, he will not think about it, through you to start on Chen Feng. "Qin Xuerou said lightly.

"Be your person?"

"Yes, if you become my person, I will give you all of my property in Zhonghai." Qin Xueju said.

"Why are you doing this? I want to know, what is the reason for doing this?" After taking a deep breath, Xia Mengyao asked calmly.

Qin Xuerou's meaning was obvious, she wanted to stand on Chen Feng's side and help Chen Feng resist Chen Boyong.

But Xia Mengyao really couldn't understand why Qin Xuerou would do this? Chen Feng was the son of her rival in love. At this time, she would be pretty good if she didn't push Chen Feng, let alone pull Chen Feng.

"The reason I did this, you will know in the future." Qin Xuerou smiled faintly: "Now you just need to tell me your choice."

"My choice..."

Xia Mengyao hesitated, if she could, she was not like Divorced Chen Feng, but now the facts are already in front of you. In front of Chen Boyong's great enemy, Chen Feng has long been struggling. If she does not make a decision as soon as possible, she will most likely be the last to crush Chen Feng. Root straw.

"Is the only way to divorce?" Xia Mengyao couldn't help asking.

"Only this one." Qin Xuerou was a little cold.

"The veteran of the Chen family will never allow me to intervene in the affairs between Chen Feng and Chen Boyong."

"Only when you divorce Chen Feng and you become a free body, I can secretly intervene in Chen Feng and Chen Feng through you. The struggle between Chen Boyong."

"At that time, even if I help you, the veteran of the Chen

family would not say anything." Xia Mengyao nodded slightly. Qin Xuerou meant it was obvious. She and Chen Feng divorced . To put it bluntly, Chen Boyong and Qin Xuerou would have to step down a step towards each other. The veteran of the Chen family will give an explanation.

It's not that Chen Boyong didn't know that Qin Xuerou was standing behind her, but even if he knew it, he had nothing to do with Qin Xuerou, because Qin Xuerou's actions did not violate the Chen family rules.

"Okay, I'm leaving." After taking a deep breath, Xia Mengyao spoke calmly.

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Up to now, this is the only thing she can do. Although Qin Xuerou may also have bad intentions towards Chen Feng, at least for now, Qin Xuerou is still on Chen Feng's side.

Qin Xuerou nodded, not surprisingly Xia Mengyao would make such a decision.

"I will go to Zhonghai in three days. Zhonghai is my territory. No one can hurt you on my territory." Qin Xuerou's words contained an unspeakable domineering.

After speaking, Qin Xuerou left the hospital with the black robe old woman.

Xia Mengyao was left alone, sitting on the hospital bed with a little loss...

At this time, Chen Feng had already arrived at Jinzhitang.

Gu Dongchen and Chen's four brothers and sisters were waiting in Jinzhitang early.

Seeing Chen Feng coming, Gu Dongchen took out various precious medicinal materials that he had prepared long ago, while Chen Zewen took out two ice lotus.

"How is Huang Lao San now?"

Chen Feng asked. If Huang Lao San is anxious to get rid of his fire, he intends to let Chen Zewen take Bing Tilian first. If he is not in a hurry, he intends to go there himself.

Chapter: 293

"Uncle Hui, the current situation of the old man, Master, is not very optimistic..." Chen Zewen said. After coming down from Yuquan Mountain, he changed his name to Chen Feng and no longer concealed it.

"Then wait until I refining the medicine, you can take the medicine there first."

"Let's go together after Master Chen finishes his work, the old master said he wants to see Master Chen." Chen Zewen paused.

"Alright." Chen Feng nodded. He can finish the work at hand in a day or two at most, and Huang Lao San can still hold it in a day or two.

Jinzhitang's medicine refining equipment is very advanced, and the refining process of ice lotus is also very simple, so it only took less than an hour for Chen Feng to refine two ice lotus into an elixir.

One black and one white, all exuding a faint fragrance.

The black spirit pill is used to conquer the fire poison in Huang Lao San's body, and the white pill can help Xia Mengyao temper her body, transform the veins, and make Xia Mengyao a martial artist within a month.

After loading the pill, Chen Feng left Jinzhitang and drove to the hospital again.

On the way, I received a call from Shen Hongchang.

"Chen Shao, the first phase of the resort will be completed soon. I plan to hold a completion ceremony on the 15th of this month. For this ceremony, I have invited many celebrities from Cangzhou political and business circles. By then, they may all be there. , Shao Chen, would you like to come over and cut a ribbon?" Shen Hongchang asked on the phone.

"The first phase of the project is about to be completed?" Chen Feng was a little surprised. He didn't expect time to pass so fast. Since investing more than 30 billion to Yuquan Mountain, he has been the shopkeeper and has hardly ever asked Yuquan. Things about mountain resorts.

Unexpectedly, the first phase of Yuquan Mountain Resort will be completed in a blink of an eye.

Once the project is completed, it means that the resort can be officially opened to the outside world and enter a profitable stage.

In terms of profitability, this completion ceremony is naturally the top priority.

Once the completion ceremony is completed and grandly organized, it is bound to attract a lot of attention from the outside world, which is equivalent to an advertisement for Yuquan Mountain Resort for free.

No wonder Shen Hongchang would ask his own opinions on such an important matter.

"Mr. Shen, I will pass the ceremony at that time, but you will cut the ribbon. You are the biggest project in our Yuquan Mountain Resort." Chen Feng smiled and said, indeed, the Yuquan Mountain project is from beginning to end. It was Shen Hongchang who was in charge. He didn't do anything at all except for investing 35 billion.

Of course, the most important thing is that once the ribbon-cutting person becomes him, the people in Cangzhou will know that he is the heir of the Chen family.

"Chen Shaoyan is serious, you are the biggest project in Yuquan Mountain Resort, I just stand by your light..." Shen Hongchang gave a flattering flattery.

"By the way, Shao Chen, for this ceremony, I also plan to invite a few first-line stars to come over and let them sing to help out. Shao Chen, do you have any suggestions?" Shen Hongchang asked again. Naturally, there is no such big thing as the completion ceremony. Just invite a few leaders over, and celebrity guests cannot be less.

Otherwise, it cannot attract the attention of ordinary people.

"No." Chen Feng shook his head: "Mr. Shen, you can take

care of these little things, don't ask my opinion." "Well, Chen Shao, you go ahead..." After

hanging up the phone, Chen Feng is preparing. Turn into the next lane.

But the scene that came into his sight caused him to slam on the brake.

On the side of the road in front of him, a lot of people were crowded.

In the middle of the crowd, there was a silver Bentley parked, beside the Bentley, there was a middle-aged woman lying there.

At this moment, the middle-aged woman lying on the ground was holding her head tightly and begging for mercy with a painful face, but the man who kicked her had a hideous face and did not mean to let her go.

Soon, the middle-aged woman was kicked with a bruised nose and swollen face, and her body was covered with blood.

"Let me go, let me go." The middle-aged woman pleaded bitterly, but this pleading angered the man who kicked her.

"Leave you?!"

"I crashed Lao Tzu's car, and I want Lao Tzu to let you go!"

Wearing a black suit, the tall and majestic young man was full of savage faces. After a vicious call, he kicked again. Kicked the middle-aged woman on the face and kicked the middle-aged woman two or three meters away.

Chen Feng furrowed his brows, and there was a hint of coldness between his brows.

Although I don't know what the middle-aged woman did, the young man's shot was a bit too vicious, and he directly beat people to death.

After kicking the middle-aged woman away, the tall young man was still not relieved. He stepped forward and kicked his foot again. Chen Feng took a step forward, preparing to stop the tall young man.

But this is, a smaller figure squeezed into the crowd, arms spread out and blocked in front of the tall young man, she looked at the tall young man angrily: "No hitting my mother!"

This petite figure is A girl about seventeen or eighteen years old.

The girl wears a simple double ponytail, and a face with melon seeds is very pure, even if she doesn't use any powder, she looks very bright and moving.

What is even more rare is that she still has a lovely and pitiful temperament in her body. This temperament can almost arouse the most primitive desire for protection in the hearts of all men.

At this moment, even the tall young man who was about to kick someone had stopped in the air.

But soon, the tall young man recovered.

"This pariah is your mother?" The tall young man pointed to the fallen middle-aged woman, his tone still bad.

"Don't scold my mother! My mother is not a pariah." The girl gathered up her courage and stared at the tall young man angrily.

"Not a pariah?!"

"Your mother ran into Lao Tzu's car and didn't lose money to Lao Tzu. Why is she not a pariah?!" The tall young man looked savage again.

"She hit your car?" The girl's pretty face changed color slightly, she couldn't help but glanced at the Bentley, and found that beside the Bentley, there was a red electric car that had been crashed into the frame, and there was a line at the door of the Bentley. Traces of scratching.

Obviously, it is the electric car that has hit Bentley.

"Yes... I'm sorry." The girl's tone weakened.

"I'm sorry? I'm done with one sorry?!"

"I...I am willing to lose money." The girl said that she took out a few five yuan, ten yuan, and twenty yuan from her body. She wanted to sort it out and give it to the youth. Hands.

But he was slapped flying by the youth.

The young man laughed in anger and said, "I said you're too bad, don't you have a water in your head?"

"Do you know what kind of car is Lao Tzu? Bentley!"

"More than three million cars! The paint is broken. If you give me dozens of dollars, you will lose you paralysis! "

More than three million? !

The girl's pretty face was pale and she couldn't even think of killing her. The young man's car was worth more than three million.

Chapter: 294

The passersby onlookers was also a sensation, and there was a touch of sympathy in the eyes of the girl. The car of more than three million dollars is already a great luxury car in Cangzhou.

This middle-aged woman smashed such a luxury car, and no one couldn't get it from seven to eighty thousand.

"Yes... I'm sorry, I really don't have that much money..." The pretty girl's eyes were red, and tears couldn't stop rolling in her eyes.

My mother is just an ordinary textile factory worker, with a monthly salary of more than 3,000. Except for renting a house and her food and clothing, the mother has no savings at all, so she can pay more than 3 million yuan for the luxury car.

"No money? No money, won't you sell it!"

At this time, a very sharp voice sounded from the car. The owner of the voice seemed a little impatient. She pushed the car door and stepped on high heels. To get off.

"I said Du Jiang, what did you eat? How come you haven't finished handling such a small matter in ten minutes!" The woman who got out of the car pointed at the tall young man's nose and cursed, seemingly dissatisfied with the tall young man's handling methods. .

Chen Feng frowned. He found that he got off the car with big yellow wavy hair. He was about fifty years old. The skin was well maintained. She wore gold and silver on her body, and the magnificent woman actually followed him. Lin Lan's mother-in-law is somewhat similar.

"Madam, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Du Jiang hurriedly bowed to apologize, cold sweat on his forehead.

"I don't want to hear what you say I'm sorry, I'll give you five minutes, and I will deal with this matter within five minutes. If you can't finish it, you can roll me up and go!" Resistant.

"Yes, yes, ma'am, I'll deal with it, I'll deal with it." Du Jiang nodded hurriedly, cold sweat on his forehead.

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After speaking, he walked to the pretty girl in a rage, raised his hand to slap the pretty girl in the face.

The girl shivered, and closed her eyes subconsciously.

But after waiting for a long time, there was no slap.

The girl opened her eyes subconsciously, but found that Du Jiang's face was flushed at the moment, and his hand that was waved down was also clamped in the air by the other hand, unable to move any minute.

The owner of the other hand is naturally Chen Feng.

"It's not a good habit to hit a woman." Chen Feng glanced at Du Jiang lightly. He already understood what happened. Bentley's scratching was because Du Jiang hit a middle-aged woman's electric car when he turned a corner. Theory Above all, both sides are wrong.

But after Du Jiang got out of the car, he indiscriminately attributed all the faults to the middle-aged woman.

"Let go of me!"

Du Jiang gritted his teeth and almost used all his strength to break free of Chen Feng's big hand, but Chen Feng's big hand clamped him tightly, preventing him from moving.

Chen Feng did not let go, but glanced at the middle-aged woman who fell on the ground, and said, "How much do you want her to lose?"

"Why, do you want to pay for that untouchable?" Du Jiang's mouth raised a sneer: "Three hundred thousand, you give me three hundred thousand, and I will let the untouchable."

"Three hundred thousand?" Chen Feng's expression became cold, and the middle-aged woman's electric car scratched a small piece of Bentley's paint. , I didn't touch it at all in other places.

But Du Jiang opened his mouth at 300,000, making it clear that he didn't want to deal with this matter properly.

"Too much? Or you can't afford to pay?" Seeing Chen Feng stopped talking, Du Jiang couldn't help but sneered. His tone began to become sarcasm. He saw too many stunned youths like Chen Feng who like heroes to save the United States, but nothing One, it will end well.

"I'll give you one last chance to make a good bargain." Chen Feng said blankly.

"Five hundred thousand!"

Du Jiang looked at Chen Feng provocatively, "I suddenly changed my mind, three hundred thousand is not enough, I want five hundred thousand!"

"If you can't get five hundred thousand, I Will sell this pariah and her daughter until..."

Halfway through the conversation, Du Jiang's voice stopped abruptly.

His face was full of horror, then his feet were off the ground, and the whole person was suspended in the air uncontrollably. The many passers-by who


onlookers couldn't help but take a breath.

No one expected that Chen Feng, who looked thin and thin, would have such explosive power in his body. With just one hand, he pinched Du Jiang's neck and lifted Du Jiang into the air like a chicken.

"Ho... ho... let go... let me go!"

Du Jiang's face flushed, his feet kicked in the air, ho-ho sound constantly squeezed out of his throat.

At this moment, his heart was shocked and angry, and he would not have thought of killing him. Chen Summit made such a sudden move, and he was lifted in the air without time to react.

"Let go of Du Jiang!"

At this time, the woman with big yellow curly hair was also anxious, staring at Chen Feng angrily.

"Let go?"

"Okay, please satisfy you."

Chen Feng sneered, and with a slight force on his hand, Du Jiang was thrown out and hit the front hood of Bentley.

There was a "bang".

Du Jiang's weight of over 180 kilograms, coupled with inertia, directly smashed the Bentley's hood and deformed it, and even the windshield was shattered at the same time.

"What are you doing! Do you want to die?" Seeing the car was smashed like this, the woman with big waves and curly hair suddenly turned red, and she came to Chen Feng angrily.

Chen Feng gave the woman a cold look: "Don't you know what your driver did?"

"Just scratched a piece of car paint, and he asked the mother and daughter to pay him 300,000 yuan. What's the difference between the lives of mothers and daughters?"

" What does their fate have to do with me?! Shouldn't you lose money after hitting my car!" The woman's tone was extremely sharp.

"Losing money?" Chen Feng sneered: "Your driver beat this aunt, why didn't you pay this aunt?"

"Which eye do you see that I didn't lose any money?" The woman sternly asked, saying, She took out her purse, took out three red banknotes from the purse, and threw them on the middle-aged woman covered in blood.


you see it? Three hundred yuan is enough for this pariah to go to the hospital for treatment!" "Can you still have a thicker skin?! How can you see such a serious injury, three hundred yuan!" Chen Feng's face suddenly became gloomy. In the end, if the middle-aged woman went to the hospital, it might not be possible to get 30,000 or 40,000 yuan, but the big wave woman only paid 300 yuan, and it seemed that the middle-aged woman took advantage.

"She is not dead yet, why is 300 yuan not enough?"

"Give her 300 yuan, it's all cheaper for her." The

woman yelled arrogantly.

At this time, even the onlookers couldn’t stand it anymore. Some people yelled: "You have to be shameless! Three hundred yuan is enough for such a serious injury!"

" Yes , now you have a small cold and you can go to the hospital. Thousands of dollars."

"For the rich and unkind!"

Chapter: 295

Many passers accused heard the voice, the big wave suddenly frantic woman, pointing to the numerous passers-by arrogant nose cursed: "?! You bunch of untouchables, who gave you the courage curse his aging mother, his aging mother, you know who you are" ,

"the letter If you don't believe my old lady, you will be locked in by a call!" As

soon as this word came out, the crowd fell silent for an instant, and many passers-by dared not speak.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the background of this big wave woman is definitely not simple, and her sentence that keeps everyone in is probably not empty talk.

Seeing everyone was frightened by her own words, the big wave woman became proud again. She turned her gaze to Chen Feng: "I have something to do today, I have no time to follow you in ink."

"The medical expenses of this untouchable, my mother. It’s already out."

"Now it’s up to you to pay this untouchable car repair money, 300,000 yuan, one cent can’t be less!

"In addition, if you broke the hood of the old lady Bentley, you have to lose money. For the sake of breaking an Audi, you just pay 500,000! "

Three hundred thousand plus five hundred thousand, the total is eight hundred thousand!" Lose money! "The

big wavy woman raised her chin, her face proud.

"Go!" "

Chen Feng glanced at the Big Wave woman coldly. It wasn't that she had never seen an arrogant person, but like this Big Wave woman was so arrogant, he was the first time he saw him, he severely injured someone and paid only 300 yuan. , Someone rubbed her with a piece of paint, but she asked for 300,000.

"Go away? ! "

Dare you tell me to go!" "The big wave woman's voice became sharp again.

"Little bastard, I really think I can't do anything with you..."

"Mom, Lin and the others called again. "

The big wave woman wanted to say something more, but at this time, a tall figure emerged from the car. At this time, a young woman dressed in fashion and beautifully dressed, her appearance was somewhat similar to the big wave woman, and The difference between the big wave woman is that the pretty face of this young woman is more refined.

There is a sense of arrogance that is difficult to hide between the eyebrows.

Even if Du Jiang was smashed on the hood of the car, this young woman never stepped out of the car door, which shows how calm she is.

But now, a call from President Lin made her unable to calm down anymore.

"Mr. Lin?" The big wave woman was also taken aback, and hurriedly ran to the Miaoling woman, took the phone, smiled and said something to the person on the other end of the phone.

"Mr. Lin said that he will have a meeting in the afternoon, let me rush over in ten minutes." The big wave woman said with an ugly expression.

"Then go quickly, what are you doing in a daze." The Miaoling woman said impatiently.

"But..." The Big Wave woman couldn't help but glanced at Chen Feng, wanting to say that Chen Feng has not lost money, but she was interrupted mercilessly by the young woman: "800,000 is important, and cooperation with the resort is important. "The

big wave woman looked stiff: "Of course the cooperation with the resort is important."

"That's not hurry up." The Miaoling woman rolled her eyes.

"Well, well, let's go now." The big wave woman nodded hurriedly, and she kicked Du Jiang who was still on the ground and cursed: "Du Jiang, don't pretend to be dead, get up quickly. , Drive my mother.” After

scolding Du Jiang, the woman in Big Wave took out her mobile phone and took a picture of Chen Feng and Chen Feng's license plate numbers.

After the filming, I did not forget the vicious threat:

"Little bastard, your person and the license plate number of the old lady have been written down. If you are acquainted, go and collect 800,000 for the old lady as soon as possible. If you can't get the money, you Spend the rest of your life in prison!"

"Get out!"

Chen Feng's response was as straightforward as ever.

The big wave woman's expression was stagnant, but this time, she didn't say anything and got into the car directly.

After Bentley left.

The girl with two pony tails trot with tears in front of the blood-covered middle-aged woman: "Woo, mom, how are you? Does

it hurt ?" "Mom is fine, it doesn't hurt." The middle-aged woman is a little weak. Smiled.

"Let's go, I'll take you to the hospital." Chen Feng sighed. The family condition of this middle-aged woman is not good at first glance. If he sends a benevolence, this middle-aged woman will probably not go to the hospital at all. Is hard resistance.

"No, benefactor, I've already troubled you a lot." The middle-aged woman shook her head hurriedly. Among so many people just now, only Chen Feng stood up for her. For their mother and daughter, Chen Feng has offended the big wave woman. , And trouble Chen Feng again, she is really sorry.

"No trouble, I happen to be going to the hospital." Chen Feng could not help but helped the middle-aged woman up.

"Thank you, big brother." The ponytail girl gave Chen Feng a timid look.

Chen Feng smiled and said nothing.

Walking to the front of the car, Chen Feng opened the door. A look of hesitation appeared on the face of the middle-aged woman again. Chen Feng's car is so clean, but there is so much blood on her body...

"Auntie, it's okay, sit down." Chen Feng smiled bitterly, compared with a life, a car What is a car.

The middle-aged woman glanced at Chen Feng somewhat complicatedly, and got into the car.

On the way, Chen Feng also knew the names of this middle-aged woman and pretty girl.

The middle-aged woman is named Wang Shuzhen, and the charming girl is named Lin Wanqiu.

Lin Wanqiu has never seen her father since she was born, and her mother and daughter have lived together for 18 years.

The situation at home is naturally not optimistic, but Lin Wanqiu is very upbeat, and has achieved the first grade for three consecutive years. This year, Lin Wanqiu passed the city's first in the college entrance examination to Zhonghai University.

The mother and daughter were sent to the hospital for an examination by the doctor. The result of the examination was a bruise of the sternum and required hospitalization.

Upon hearing of the hospitalization, Wang Shuzhen hurriedly shook her head. She had two thousand dollars all over her body. If these two thousand dollars were spent on the hospitalization, she and Lin Wanqiu would probably starve to death.

"Aunt Wang, you don't have to worry about the hospitalization expenses, I have already covered it." Chen Feng smiled. To him, ten to twenty thousand is not money at all.

"Benefactor, how can this be done? Wanqiu and I already owe you a lot..." Wang Shuzhen was a little at a loss.

Chen Feng smiled slightly: "Since I already owe me a lot, I don't care about the medical expenses."

"Enre, thank you, thank you." Wang Shuzhen was moved, and really didn't know what to say.

"Aunt Wang, thank you, no need, please feel relieved, this is my phone number, if you have anything in the past few days, please call me." Chen Feng said and wrote down his mobile phone number, handed it To Lin Wanqiu.

"Okay, Aunt Wang, you live first, I have something to do, go ahead."

"Benefactor, you go slowly."

Chen Feng walked out of the gate of the inpatient department, but at this time, Lin Wanqiu chased up panting.

"Big brother, thank you." She bowed deeply to Chen Feng, her pretty face flushed.

"No thanks, go back and take care of your mother." Chen Feng rubbed the girl's hair and smiled.

Chapter: 296

"Big Brother, what's your name?" Lin Wanqiu asked with courage.

"Chen Feng." Chen Feng said without looking back.

"Chen Feng..." Lin Wanqiu said these two words silently in her heart again, as if to be engraved in her heart.

Not long after Chen Feng sent Wang Shuzhen's mother and daughter to the hospital, Du Jiang also sent the big wave woman and the young woman to the Junsheng Hotel.

But a few minutes later, the three of them walked out of the hotel lobby with gloomy expressions, and it seemed that the trip was not going well.

As soon as

she stepped out of the hotel’s door, the young woman stomped angrily : "Mom, this Lin Zongwei is too bad for us. Our Zhongsheng Group is one of the top 500 companies in the world. He didn't even give us the opportunity to cooperate. , Let us roll, why is he?"

"How do I know!" The

big wave woman gritted her teeth, and the water came out with a gloomy face. She brought her daughter over with confidence this time and asked the chairman A military order was issued, saying that it would definitely cooperate with Dingfeng Company. As a result, now, even the boss of Dingfeng Company has not seen him, and he was sent off by a person in charge.

"Mom, what should I do now?"

"If we can't talk about cooperation, I'm afraid you will not be able to keep the position of deputy manager." Miao Ling glanced at the Big Wave woman with some worry. As a Fortune 500 company, China The competition within the Sheng Group is fierce. Many people have long been staring at the position of deputy manager of my mother.

If the cooperation with Dingfeng Company cannot be achieved this time, and Zhongsheng Group cannot be settled in Yuquanshan Resort, then I am afraid that once I go back, my mother will be fired, and even the secretary to the general manager will instantly fall out of favor.

The big wave woman frowned and said nothing. She didn't know what to do. She didn't have any contacts in Cangzhou. Even if she wanted to go through the back door, she couldn't find a good way.

"By the way, mom, isn't Sanyi and his family in Cangzhou? Maybe they can help with this matter." She seemed to think of something, Miao Ling's eyes suddenly lit up.

"They?" The

big wave woman snorted disdainfully: "It would be nice if they didn't ask us for help, but they would help us."

"Why can't you help? Mom, didn't you say that the third aunt was here some time ago? What did the circle of friends post, did my daughter become the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project?"

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"The Yuquanshan project is one of the industries of Dingfeng Company. If Sanyi and her daughter really become the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, then Maybe, she will know Lin Zongwei herself." said Miao Ling woman.

"Ruoxue, do you believe what your third aunt said?" The big wave woman glanced at the young woman.

"I grew up with her. I know exactly who she is."

"There is fifty cents in her pocket, and it can become fifty from her mouth."

"Return her daughter to be the head of the Yuquanshan project? It's ridiculous."

"The person in charge of the Yuquanshan project is her daughter?" The

big wave woman sneered with disdain. She and Lin Lan are half sisters. They have not dealt with each other since childhood. , It’s better to eat, and better to wear. From small to large, there is almost nothing that they can't compare.

But in the end, it was Lin Lan's complete defeat.

Because she was married to a wealthy member of Zhonghai, but Lin Lan was married to Cangzhou, where birds do not shit, and her husband is still a marginal figure in a small third-rate family who is not valued.

It's almost heaven and earth.

Tang Ruoxue furrowed her eyebrows: "Mom, do you mean that the third aunt is bragging?"

"Nonsense." Lin Yue rolled her eyes: "She has a bad life after marriage. What else can she do without bragging?"

"It doesn't matter if my daughter is the head of the Yuquanshan project. A few days ago, she posted a set of photos in Moments, saying that the richest man in Cangzhou, Shen Hongchang, gave her a house worth more than 40 million yuan."

"You Is it ridiculous to say?"

"It's ridiculous." Tang Ruoxue sighed, and the impression of the third aunt who had never met before suddenly became worse.

"Mom, since Sanyi can't help us, let's go back to Zhonghai first." Tang Ruoxue said again.

"Go back? Why are we going back?" Lin Yue suddenly sneered.

"Not going back? Mom, what do you mean..."

"Let's go to your third aunt's house and ask your third aunt and her daughter for help. By the way, let's take a look at what her 40 million-plus house looks like." Lin Yue's mouth raised. There was a playful smile.

Tang Ruoxue suddenly understood what Lin Yue meant. Lin Yue was going to humiliate the third aunt and find the place where she was a child.

At this time, Lin Lan just woke up and found herself lying next to the bed, while Xia Mengyao had already turned over and fell asleep.

"Why did I suddenly fall asleep?" Lin Lan stroked the back of her head suspiciously.

At this moment, her mobile phone rang, and a WeChat voice call came.

Lin Lan was shocked when he saw the words Lin Yue.

After hesitating for a while, she pressed the answer.

On the other end of the phone, a compelling voice came: "Lin Lan, where are you now?"

"I'm in the hospital." In front of Lin Yue, Lin Lan's momentum was naturally weaker.

"What are you doing in the hospital?"

"Mengyao..." Lin Lan just wanted to say that Xia Mengyao was sick, but Lin Yue interrupted mercilessly: "Forget it, I don't want to know what you are doing in the hospital. I am now in Junshengda in Cangzhou. Hotel, my car is broken, you find someone to pick me up, I'll come to you, I want to talk to you about something."

"Are you in Cangzhou?" Lin Lan's eyes widened, obviously very surprised.

"Why, isn't it welcome?"

"Welcome, of course welcome. I'm very happy that you can come to Cangzhou, sister." Lin Lan hurriedly changed her tone. Today is different. When she was young, she could compete with Lin Yue. Struggling to go, but now, she has no right to compete with Lin Yue.

On the contrary, she wanted to court Lin Yue.

Not to mention that Lin Yue is the general manager of a Fortune 500 company, and her husband is also a rich man with a net worth of over 100 million.

No matter what, she was scumbed by Lin Yue.

"Hurry up and let your driver pick me up if you are happy. Remember, the car that picks me up must be a luxury car of the upper grade. I can't get used to sitting in a cheap car." Lin Yue said in a proud tone, rather instructing Lin Lan. After that, she hung up the phone.

Lin Lan was a little at a loss, where she would go to find the luxury car at this moment.

While thinking like this, Chen Feng entered.

See Chen Feng, Ringland eyes suddenly lit up, she walked a few steps in front of Chen Feng, asked: "Chen Feng, the last time that you where to rent a luxury car and now can not rent to??" "Rent

What are the luxury cars doing?" Chen Feng glanced suspiciously at Lin Lan, and what Lin Lan was doing.

"Pick up, my eldest sister has just come from Zhonghai, and she is now at Junsheng Hotel. If you want to come to our house, you can pick her up." Lin Lan said.

Chapter: 297

"Your eldest sister?" Chen Feng frowned, and Lin Lan was the eldest sister who came out from where, why did he never see it in his mind.

"Don't worry about who it is, you should rent a high-end luxury car and pick up people at Junsheng Hotel." Lin Lan said impatiently.

"What's your eldest sister's background? You can't come here by yourself. She has to be picked up by a luxury car?" Chen Feng was a little speechless. People who didn't know Lin Lan thought she was going to pick up the leader.

Chen Feng's attitude made Lin Lan very upset, but she still suppressed the anger in her chest cavity, and patiently explained: "My eldest sister is the general manager of Zhongsheng Company, and her husband is also a big boss with a net worth of over 100 million yuan. Everyday, people have special cars to pick them up. When they first arrived in Cangzhou today, they said they wanted to come and see me. If I asked them to take a taxi, what would you say to me?"

"Okay, I will pick them up." Chen Feng sighed After a sigh of relief, even though he was reluctant, Lin Lan had already spoken to this point, so he would be a little bit unreasonable if he didn't go.

"Remember to rent a luxury car and don't make me shame." Lin Lan warned.

Chen Feng dealt with a few words casually, then left the hospital and drove his Audi.

As for renting a luxury car, Chen Feng didn't even think about it. Lin Lan wanted to make a fat man with a swollen face. He didn't have that habit.

On the way, Lin Lan sent over the contact information of Lin Yue's family.

At the entrance of Junsheng Hotel, Chen Feng took out his mobile phone and dialed the contact information given by Lin Lan. As soon as the phone was connected, Lin Yue's carefree voice came: "Is it Lin Lan's driver?"


Chen Feng frowned. Why did he feel a familiar feeling when he heard this voice?

"Come to the South Gate to pick us up right away, we are at the South Gate." Lin Yue ordered.

"Okay." Although he was puzzled, Chen Feng didn't think too much, and drove to the south gate directly.

From a distance, Chen Feng saw two familiar figures.

It was the big wave woman and the young woman who had just quarreled more than an hour ago.

Chen Feng's expression suddenly became weird when he saw them.

No wonder when he first saw the Big Wave Woman, he felt that the Big Wave woman looked somewhat similar to Lin Lan, because she was Lin Lan's eldest sister.

"What did Lin Lan do for food? I even sent a broken Audi to pick us up!"

Lin Yue scolded dissatisfiedly. She repeatedly told Lin Lan on the phone and asked Lin Lan to find a high-end luxury car. Lin Lan was good, and got an Audi over.

Because of the distance between them, she didn't see clearly, this Audi was the one she took before.

But Tang Ruoxue reacted first: "Mom, this Audi's license plate number seems to be exactly the same as the Audi license plate number that damaged our Bentley before!"

"What?!" Lin Yue was startled immediately, and was about to take out his mobile phone to read it. Look, at this time, Chen Feng had already drove up to her.

The window opened, revealing Chen Feng's expressionless face.

"You are the driver of Lin Lan?!" Lin Yue gritted her teeth, and the anger in her chest gushed out uncontrollably. Her Bentley, but a luxury car of more than three million yuan, was only scratched with a small piece of paint. , It would cost 30,000 to 40,000, but Chen Feng threw Du Jiang in front of the car and broke the hood. Now it costs 300,000 to return to the factory for repairs!


Get in the car." Chen Feng said lightly, as if he didn't bother to pay attention to Lin Yue.

"What car! Get me down!"

"Pay me for the 800,000 owed to me first!"

Lin Yue went to the front of Chen Feng's car and knocked on the window.

"No money." Chen Feng was very simple and tidy, and just rushed to Lin Yue for what he had done before, not to mention paying 800,000 yuan, or 80 yuan, he didn't bother to pay.

"No money?!"

Lin Yue's eyes were round, and she almost spit out a mouthful of old blood.

"Do you know who I am! Believe it or not, I will let Lin Lan fire you!"

Chen Feng smiled nonchalantly. Lin Yue obviously took him as Lin Lan's driver, otherwise he would not be able to say such stupid things.

Chen Feng's appearance of a dead pig not afraid of boiling water immediately made Lin Yue angry. She took out her mobile phone and dialed Lin Lan's number.

"Lin Lan! Do you know what your driver did!"

Lin Yue asked angrily as soon as the call was connected.

"My driver?" Lin Lan was confused at first, and then immediately reacted, who was the driver Lin Yue said.

"Sister Key, the person who picked you up is not my driver. He is my incompetent son-in-law, Chen Feng." Lin Lan said cautiously, and at the same time scolded Chen Feng half to death in her heart. Feng was a little more polite to Lin Yue, but Chen Feng turned out to be better, and he got into Lin Yue right away.

"Your son-in-law?!"

Lin Yue almost laughed angrily. After a long time, the bastard in front of him turned out to be the poor son-in-law of the Xia family.

For Chen Feng, Lin Yue is no longer familiar with it. In the past three years, Lin Lan has scolded her home son-in-law the most in her circle of friends. He is useless, weak, and accomplish nothing. He is simply rubbish in the trash.

So Lin Yue used to be very curious about what kind of superb Chen Feng is. He didn't expect that she would have seen it today, and it really wasn't disappointing.

"Since it is your son-in-law, then this matter is easy to handle, Lin Lan, immediately ask your son-in-law to bring me 800,000." After knowing Chen Feng's identity, Lin Yue suddenly came to feel confident, Chen Feng can not be afraid of her , But can he not be afraid of his mother-in-law?

"Huh?" Lin Lan was surprised.

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"Sister Key, where did he offend you with that trash?"

"Remember my previous Bentley?" Lin Yue sneered.

"Remember." Lin Lan nodded, a bad premonition suddenly occurred in her heart.

"You trash son-in-law, you broke the hood of my Bentley today. You said I should ask him for 800,000!"

"What? Sister Yue, you said that trash broke your Bentley?" Lin Lan Eyeballs almost stared out. She knew about Lin Yue's Bentley, because Lin Yue had been in the circle of friends many times before. For a while, she was still secretly envious, thinking about when she could pick it up. Come out.

Now Lin Yue said that her Bentley was smashed by Chen Feng, which really scared Lin Lan.

"Sister Yue, is there any misunderstanding in this matter? He has been in the hospital today for this trash." Lin Lan still couldn't believe it, Chen Feng really did such a thing.

"Misunderstanding? Lin Lan, what do you mean!" Lin Yue suddenly became angry: "Do you think I'm ruining you?"

", sister Yue, I didn't mean that." Lin Lan hurriedly shook her head: " It's just..."

"Just what? More than an hour ago, this bastard broke my Bentley in order to save two untouchables, but was clearly photographed by surveillance, and I took a photo, Lin Lan, You have to dare to reckless, don’t blame me for being rude to you."

Chapter: 298

"Sister Yue, I don't mean to be wronged." Lin Lan said hurriedly: "Sister Yue, don't worry, if that trash really destroys your Bentley, I will definitely let him take out 800,000 for you.

" What if he has no money?" Lin Yue asked nonchalantly, Chen Feng's position in the Xia family was clear to her, she was not as good as a dog, and it was impossible to spend 800,000.

"Sister Yue, don't worry. In any case, I will let this waste collect 800,000 yuan for you." Lin Lan patted her chest and assured that she doesn't know whether Chen Feng has a small treasury, but she estimates that Chen Feng will take it. There is no big problem with 800,000.

"Well, this is what you said. If he can't take out 800,000, then I'll ask you." Hearing Lin Lan's assurance, Lin Yue was relieved.

"No problem."

"Sister Yue, let's take that waste car back first. It's pretty cold today." Lin Lan said.

"Okay, I'll give you face this time." Lin Yue hung up the phone, but for Chen Feng, she still has a nose instead of a nose, and her eyes are not eyes.

The two opened the back door and sat in the back row.

"Driving, what are you doing in a daze!"

Lin Yue shouted again when Chen Feng hadn't started yet.

Chen Feng frowned uncomfortably, but he didn't care about Lin Yue, but stepped on the accelerator.

As we are catching up with the rush hour, the road is very crowded.

After blocking the car a few times, Lin Yue became angry again, and shouted at Chen Feng: "Can you drive? You can't drive faster. Can you pay for the delay of my wife?"

Chen Feng also With a temper, after slamming the brakes, Lin Yue coldly glanced at Lin Yue: "Are you here to drive?"

Lin Yue suddenly refused: "I said you are a trash, did my old lady give you a face! My son-in-law, who gave you the courage to challenge me?"

"Believe it or not, let you get out of the Xia family!"

"Fool." Chen Feng sneered and cursed. Lin Yue may have been used to domineering things in the past, thinking that everyone is her servant, but Here, there is no such rule.

When Chen Feng dared to scold himself, Lin Yue almost died. Seeing her about to have an attack, Tang Ruoxue couldn't help frowning her brows: "Mom, don't say a few words, you said you have something to care about with a door-to-door son-in-law. "

Tang Ruoxue's tone was full of disdain for Chen Feng. In her opinion, any man with a bit of spine wouldn't be a son-in-law.

Only the kind of waste who is incapable and likes to eat soft meals will consider the status of a door-to-door son-in-law.

"Okay, mom listens to you, don't care about this waste. To care about him is purely lowering Mom's grade." Lin Yue comforted himself again, and his emotions eased.

Chen Feng sneered and shook his head, too lazy to care about Lin Yue, stepped on the accelerator and came to the hospital.

Seeing Chen Feng parked the car to the hospital, Lin Yue was upset again.

"Didn't you mean to go home? Why did you drive the car to the hospital?"

"Lin Lan is in the hospital." Chen Feng gave Lin Yue a cold look, and after speaking, he turned and left without looking back.

"How did Lin Lan educate this rubbish, this uneducated thing, dare to call her name directly." Lin Yue scolded and followed behind.

Chen Feng advanced into the ward, and as soon as he saw Chen Feng, Lin Lan asked, "I said Chen Feng, what do you do with your trash, even your aunt's car would dare to smash it?!"

"Don't ask. Why did I smash her car?" Chen Feng said coldly.

"Just for what, you can't smash people and cars. Your aunt's Bentley is worth more than three million. You smashed it, can you pay for it!" Although Lin Lan knew that there was something else hidden. Obviously, he didn't intend to intervene, but was holding on to the problem of losing money.

At this time, Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue also entered the door.

"Lin Lan, you really have a good son-in-law." As soon as he walked in, Lin Yue began to mock with yin and yang.

Lin Lan smiled and said before: "Sister Yue, come here."

Lin Yue snorted coldly, too lazy to talk to Lin Lan.

Lin Lan was not embarrassed, and turned her gaze to Tang Ruoxue who was aside.

"This kid is Ruoxue. I haven't seen him in a few years. Ruoxue has grown up so old, and he is more beautiful than a big star." Lin Lan enthusiastically flattered.

But Tang Ruoxue's reaction was a little cold. In her eyes, Lin Lan, the third aunt, was a typical poor relative, and she liked to brag.

If not, their family would not stop contacting Lin Lan for several years.

"Come, come, sister Yue, Ruoxue, sit down, sit down."

Lin Lan stretched out her hand and greeted.

Lin Yue frowned, and said in disgust, "Why are you sitting on? This place is so dirty and there are so many bacteria. What should we do if we get tens of thousands of dollars of clothes dirty?"

Lin Lan's face became stiff and she smiled. Said: "Sister Yue, I'm sorry, Mengyao was injured a few days ago, so our family is in the hospital these days..."

"Mengyao?" Lin Yue glanced at Xia Mengyao who was sleeping sideways and couldn't bear it. I stayed and asked: "Lin Lan, didn't you say some time ago that your Mengyao is the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project? Is this true?"

"Of course it is true." Lin Lan was a little surprised, no I understand why Lin Yue mentioned this suddenly.

"You didn't lie to me?" Lin Yue looked at Lin Lan suspiciously, her eyes full of mistrust. Lin Lan's husband Xia Weiguo was in the Xia family, isn't it a small third-tier family in Cangzhou, how could it be possible to cooperate with Dingfeng Company?

"Sister Yue, what did I lie to you for? If you go out and ask someone to ask about this, you can ask." Lin Lan was a little upset. She originally thought that Lin Yue came over suddenly because of her conscience. She wanted to take care of her. Well, when Lin Yue said so now, she immediately understood.

Lin Yue came here not to take care of her at all, but to mock her.

"That's it." Lin Yue's expression suddenly became a little unnatural. Lin Lan said so, and this incident is probably true.

Xia Mengyao, I am afraid, is really the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. Although I don't know how Xia Mengyao got in this position, he was indeed beaten because Lin Lan did not brag.

"Since Mengyao is the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, she should know Lin Zongwei, the general manager of Dingfeng Company." Lin Yue focused her attention on Xia Mengyao.

"Yes, Mengyao went to Lin Zongwei to talk about the Yuquanshan project." Lin Lan nodded, her waist straightened a lot invisibly. There is no doubt that Lin Yue is asking Xia Mengyao for help.

"Really?" Lin Yue said with joy, "Since Mengyao knows Lin Zongwei, let her get up and do me a favor."

Chapter: 299

"What's busy?" Lin Lan asked subconsciously.

"Don't worry about anything, let Mengyao get up quickly." Lin Yue was a little impatient, saying that she was going to wake up Xia Mengyao who was sleeping.

"Mengyao is sleeping, don't disturb her."

At this moment, Chen Feng faded out.

"What sleep? What can I sleep? Is it important for her to sleep or to help me?" Lin Yue glared at Chen Feng, then pushed Lin Lan away unreasonably, intending to wake Xia Mengyao directly.

But just a few steps after she walked, Chen Feng grabbed her arm. At this time, Chen Feng's face was a little chilly: "Can't you understand human words?! I said Mengyao is sleeping, what is waiting for her? Say it when you wake up!"

Xia Mengyao has just finished the infusion, and now his body is in an extremely weak state. It is just when he needs a rest, let alone Lin Yue, even if it's the King of Heaven who has something to do, he has to stay obediently!

"Trash, did my old lady give you a face?!" Lin Yue's eyes widened, and the anger in her chest suddenly rose.

"Sister Yue, don't be angry!" Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, Lin Lan hurriedly stood up to persuade the fight.

Lin Yue pulled away Lin Lan’s hand and pointed at Lin Lan’s nose and cursed: "Lin Lan, how did you educate this rubbish? The old lady asks his niece for help. What does it have to do with this rubbish? What do you

care about my mother!" "Meng Yao is my wife."

Chen Feng gave Lin Yue a cold look.

"You..." Lin Yue almost vomited blood.

"Chen Feng, don't you say a few words!" Lin Lan glared at Chen Feng, and then said: "Sister Yue, Mengyao suffered a little injury two days ago. She is very weak and needs a rest now. If you have If anything, you can ask after she wakes up..."

"Resting? What to rest!"

"She is injured, not dead!"

"My business is more important than her injury!"

"As long as she is not dead today, she will have to get up for me and take care of my affairs." Lin Yue yelled loudly, putting on a rather unreasonable look.

Chen Feng clenched his fists, and there was anger in his eyes. If it weren't for the fear of attracting too many people and waking Xia Mengyao, he really wanted to slap Lin Yue a few times.

Lin Lan was also furious, but she restrained herself.

"Sister Yue, Mengyao is no longer the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. Lin Zongwei, she may not be able to say anything..."

"Lin Lan, what do you mean!" Before Lin Lan finished speaking, she was caught by Lin. Yue interrupted angrily, "Didn't you say that she was the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project? How come she is not anymore!"

"Sister Yue, Mengyao was indeed the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project before, but a few days ago, our family and Xia There was a little conflict at home, so she was kicked from the position of Yuquanshan project leader." Lin Lan explained with a wry smile, she also wanted to show off in front of Lin Yue, but reality is not allowed.

"What?! Kicked down!" Lin Yue was about to be mad, and after a long time, Xia Mengyao was not the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project at all, so she asked Xia Mengyao to help.

"Sister Yue, don't worry, Mengyao can't help you, but this waste is OK." Lin Lan pointed at Chen Feng.

"He?" Lin Yue glanced at Chen Feng suspiciously.

Lin Lan nodded: "This rubbish is Lin Zongwei's college classmate. At the beginning, he asked Lin Zongwei to help discuss the Mengyao Yuquan Mountain project." When

Lin Lan said this, Lin Yue instantly reacted to everything, no wonder Xia Mengyao will be the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. It turned out that Chen Feng was involved.

"Since you and Lin Zongwei are college classmates, you will ask me to ask him out tomorrow night." Lin Yue said in a commanding tone.

"Why?" Chen Feng sneered. Lin Yue really treated him as mud and could not be kneaded by others?

"Why? It's your honor to let you help the old woman. If other people want to help the old woman, the old woman doesn't look good."

"Then you go find someone else." Chen Feng said coldly. Lin Yue glanced at him. If Lin Yue begged him in a low voice, maybe he could still save Lin Yue, but he didn't even care about Lin Yue's attitude.

"How do you talk! I am your aunt, you are my niece, we are a family, can you be a little bit older and inferior in your eyes?!" Lin Yue asked confidently.

Chen Feng sneered again and again, Lin Yue could be regarded as letting him see what snobbery is. When he called him in front of him, he was an outsider. Now he needs his help, and he immediately became a family.

"Chen Feng, you can help your auntie. Your auntie is the general manager of Zhongsheng Group. If you can help her, she will not treat you badly." Lin Lan also persuaded, although she was unhappy. Yue's domineering attitude, but where Lin Yue's position is actually laid out, if Chen Feng can please Lin Yue, the two families will often come to play in the future, Lin Yue will certainly not treat her family badly.

"Chen Feng, I heard the third aunt said that you seem to be a food delivery company, so, if you can help my mother arrange Lin Zongwei out this time, I will let my mother give you a chance to go to work in Zhongsheng Group." Tang Ruoxue couldn't help but speak, but there was a hint of charity in her tone.

"Have you heard? Waste, as long as you can help, I will let you go to work at Zhongsheng Group. Our Zhongsheng Group, but the world's top 500, working there is a hundred times better than your delivery." Lin Yue also raised her chin. In her opinion, as long as Chen Feng is not stupid, she should know how to choose.

Chen Feng had a cold face and did not speak. Even if the chairman of Zhongsheng Group came to invite him, he would not even look at it, let alone Lin Yue, a young man.

Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Tang Ruoxue couldn't help being a little anxious: "Why, you don't believe my mother?"

"My mother is the general manager of Zhongsheng Group. It couldn't be easier for her to arrange for someone to go in."

"Is it? "

"Then let her arrange for me as the chairman of Zhongsheng Group?" Chen Feng sneered back.

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"You are just a waste, and you want to be the chairman of our Zhongsheng Group?! You don't take a piss and take a picture of yourself! Just as a security guard, we Zhongsheng will hate it!" Lin Yue is about to be angry, she Unexpectedly, Chen Summit was so ignorant of praise.

"It's just wishful thinking!" Tang Ruoxue was also very angry.

"Are you finished? You can roll after you finish talking!" Chen Feng glanced at the two coldly, and if the two continued to quarrel like this, Xia Mengyao might be awakened immediately.

"Lin Lan, do you see what his attitude is..."

"Sister Yue, Chen Feng has this temper. Please forgive me." Lin Lan smirked, very helpless. She used to use Chen Feng to do something, but now Chen Feng of Chen Feng has never regarded her in his eyes.

"Well, waste, I don't want to waste time with you."

Chapter: 300

"Just tell me, how much money do you want to help us ask Lin Zongwei out?" Lin Yue looked at Chen Feng coldly. In her opinion, Chen Feng must have something to demand. If it is not a job, that is Money.

Chen Feng sneered and did not speak.

"One hundred thousand?"

"Or two hundred thousand?" Lin Yue frowned.

Chen Feng still did not speak.

Lin Yue has no patience anymore: "I said you are a trash. I wouldn't mean to say 800,000. Let me just avoid the money you owed me."

"I tell you, this is impossible. You asked Lin Zongwei to come out." Money, and the money you owe me are two different things."

"In this way, if you can ask Lin Zongwei out, I will give you 300,000 yuan !"

Chen Feng still said nothing.

Lin Yue was a little uncomfortable:

"300,000 is the highest price I can offer, you better stop making an inch!"

"For you, you can earn 300,000 yuan by making a phone call. You won’t be able to meet once in ten lifetimes."

"I hope you take it well."

" Have you finished talking?" Chen Feng raised his brows: "After you finish talking, you can roll."

"Trash, what do you mean?! "Lin Yue's face suddenly turned green.

"It doesn't mean anything." Chen Feng shook his head and sneered suddenly: "To tell you the truth, let alone 300,000, or 3 million, I won't help you about Lin Zongwei out."

"Because of you, it makes me very sick. . " "

waste! I'll kill you! "Lin Yue was mad, threatening gestures towards Chen Feng rushed over.

Chen Feng's eyes were cold and he was about to take a shot, but Lin Lan and Tang Ruoxue held Lin Yue.

"Chen Feng, quickly apologize to your auntie!" Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng angrily, Chen Feng was too much, and he dared to say she was sick in front of Lin Yue.


Chen Feng spit out three words coldly and asked him to apologize to people like Lin Yue unless the sun came out to the west.

The attitude of Chen Feng made Lin Lan almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. She didn't expect that Chen Summit was so pretentious now that she did not regard her as a mother-in-law at all, even in front of outsiders, she would not be kept. The slightest face.

"Lin Lan, you are also a trash. Even your son-in-law can't manage well. Why don't you let him go out of this uneducated thing!" Lin Yue was so angry that she had nowhere to send her anger, so she had to use Lin Lan as a punching bag.

Lin Lan smiled and said: "Sister Yue, don't be angry, it's me who is not good, it's me."

"But you shouldn't compete with this rubbish, you should compete with this rubbish to lower your grade."

Tang Ruoxue also Helping me on the side: "That’s right, Mom, you, the general manager of Zhongsheng Group, have something to compete with a door-to-door son-in-law who delivers food. No matter how awesome he is now, he can’t change his identity as a door-to-door son-in-law, and you can It's the same. Even if you can't make an appointment with Lin Zongwei, you are also the general manager of Zhongsheng Group."

Tang Ruoxue's words immediately made Lin Yue's heart less angry.

"Okay, Ruoxue, mom listens to you, so don't be angry with this rubbish."

"That's right, because he irritated your body, it's not worth it." Tang Ruoxue smiled at the corner of her mouth, and then she looked coldly. He glanced at Chen Feng: "Chen Feng, don't think that you are the only one who knows Lin Zongwei in Cangzhou. Tang Ruoxue, if I think about it, can find dozens of people who are capable of meeting Lin Zongwei."

"It has something to do with me . Is it?" Chen Feng sneered. There were more people who knew Lin Zongwei, but Lin Zongwei's immediate boss was the only one!

"It has nothing to do with you." Tang Ruoxue sneered: "But I will let you see. Even without you, I can make an appointment with Lin Zongwei and let Dingfeng Company and Zhongsheng Group reach a cooperation."

"Oh." Chen Feng responded indifferently, he wanted to see how Tang Ruoxue got Dingfeng Company and Zhongsheng Group to reach a cooperation without his consent.

"Daughter, do you really have a way to make an appointment with Lin Zongwei?" Lin Yue pulled Tang Ruoxue aside and asked in a slightly suspicious voice, if Tang Ruoxue really had a way, why didn't he say it when he was at the Junsheng Hotel just now.

After hesitating for a moment, Tang Ruoxue nodded: "Mom, in fact, I have a classmate who works in Dingfeng Company now. He and Lin Zongwei are colleagues, and their status in the company is not low, so they should be able to speak. "

Then why didn't you say it earlier?" Lin Yue glanced at Tang Ruoxue accusingly. If Tang Ruoxue had said it earlier, she wouldn't have to give Chen Feng so much face.

"I forgot." Tang Ruoxue said helplessly. In fact, it wasn't that she had forgotten, but that she didn't want to have too much intersection with this classmate. If possible, she didn't want to ask each other.

But now, Chen Feng's ugly face completely angered her, and she had to make this choice.

After getting Tang Ruoxue's assurance, Lin Yue became arrogant again.

She walked in front of Ringland, proudly opening:. "Ringland, as you can see, not that I do not give you this opportunity to waste law, but I gave him a chance, he did not live up to expectations"

"So, that Don’t blame me for being impolite to him.”

“The 800,000 he owes me must be paid off within three days, and it won’t work

if he can’t pay it back!” “If he can’t pay it back, then the amount will be counted. On you." Lin Yue glanced at Lin Lan coldly. She still knew Lin Lan very clearly.

It is a typical character who wants to face and suffer, especially in front of her, Lin Lan has been thinking about not losing face, so this time, Lin Lan will give her 800,000 yuan no matter what, even if she sells iron.

"Sister Yue, don't worry, I will let this waste be paid back to you." Lin Lanqiang responded with a smile, but in his heart he scolded Chen Feng half to death, but as long as Chen Feng knows the slightest promotion, things will not be like this. .

"That's good." Lin Yue snorted. She wanted to leave directly, but she seemed to remember something. She turned her gaze to Lin Lan and asked, "Lin Lan, didn't you say that you are from Cangzhou? Did the richest man, Shen Hongchang, give you a big house?"

"Where is the house, do you mind letting my sister take a look?"

Lin Yue's tone, with a subtle playfulness, resolved the cooperation with Dingfeng Company. Only then did she remember what she wanted to do with Lin Lan this time.

Take a look at what the "big house" the richest man gave Lin Lan looks like.

"Sister Yue, the house is in Yuquan Mountain, but it is not convenient for me to go there now. I still have to take care of Mengyao." Lin Lan didn't think so much at all, and didn't realize the meaning behind Lin Yue's words.