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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 31-40 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 31

In this huge Cangzhou, what Chen Feng feared the most was not his bitter mother-in-law Lin Lan.

But Xia Mengyao's best friend, Xu Feirong.

This is an out-and-out witch. Like Lin Lan, Xu Feirong did not agree with Xia Mengyao's marriage to him.

In order to let him retreat, Xu Feirong can be said to have exhausted his brains.

Find someone to seduce/confuse him, let someone threaten him...

all the tricks.

Even in the end, when he and Xia Mengyao entered the bridal chamber, Xu Feirong personally took the scissors and broke into the bridal chamber, threatening to castrate Chen Feng and let Chen Feng be the last eunuch of China.

At that time, Chen Feng suffered a lot in Xu Feirong's hands.

Fortunately, soon after he married Xia Mengyao, Xu Feirong went to the UK to study for a PhD in Sociology.

Chen Feng had been happy about this for a long time, thinking about the crazy woman Xu Feirong, it would be better not to come back.

But no one thought that Xu Feirong was back, and there was no sign of it.

Chen Feng had to get up, and reluctantly took a taxi with Xia Mengyao to the airport.

After waiting for half an hour at the airport pick-up gate, a white-skinned, tall woman with large sunglasses pulled the suitcase and walked towards her.

The woman is Xu Feirong.

Needless to say, Xu Feirong's beauty is absolutely no difference between being a best friend with Xia Mengyao.

Xu Feirong's most outstanding feature is her long, one-meter long legs, slender, fair and straight. Even if she doesn't wear high heels, she is the one who stands out among the crowd.

Naturally with a strong aura.

Xu Feirong walked to Xia Mengyao, stretched out her arms, and the two girlfriends hugged tightly.

"Baby, I want to kill you." Xu Feirong kissed Xia Mengyao's pretty face hard.

In this regard, Chen Feng has long been accustomed, Xu Feirong is such a female liumang character.

But Xia Mengyao, her face was still red, and said: "I miss you too."

"Really?" Xu Feirong smiled badly and said: "How about staying with me tonight."

"You are serious ." How old is it?" Xia Mengyao rolled her eyes.

"Why am I not serious, what happened to you sleeping with me all night?" Xu Feirong pouted and said.

"Fei Rong, if you talk nonsense, I will ignore you."

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Xia Mengyao pretended to be angry. After speaking, she glanced at Chen Feng and her pretty face became even redder. Xu Feirong, the female liumang, started talking. There are no taboos, no brains at all.

"Well, don't say anything, look at your little wife." Xu Feirong smiled again and returned to normal.

"I heard that you are now the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. Congratulations. I didn't expect to leave me. You are so good." Xu Feirong said.

"It's not that I'm good, it's Chen Feng that's good, he helped me." Xia Mengyao raised the corner of her mouth.

"Chen Feng? Mengyao, don't be kidding, isn't Chen Feng delivering food, how could he have something to do with Yuquan Mountain." Xu Feirong suspiciously.

"Really, if you don't believe me, ask him." Xia Mengyao hurriedly pulled Chen Feng aside.

Before Chen Feng spoke, Xu Feirong spoke first, with an exaggerated tone: "Oh, this is Chen Feng, Mengyao, if you don't speak, I thought he was your driver, like a wooden pestle. On the side."

Chen Feng's face was full of black lines, Xu Feirong, the witch, absolutely deliberately.

Xia Mengyao naturally saw it too. She knew that Xu Feirong had been at fault with Chen Feng. If Xu Feirong was allowed to talk, the two might quarrel at the airport, so she hurriedly said: "Fei Rong, you are not Say you are hungry, let's go back to eat first."

Upon hearing the meal, Xu Feirong's beautiful eyes suddenly lit up.

"It's still my little baby who cares about me. I'm almost eating and vomiting with foreign things. I've long wanted to taste domestic dishes. Let's go." After speaking, she stared at Chen Feng motionless. Chen Feng glanced at him and said angrily: "Hey, what are you doing there? Come and carry your luggage. If you don't resist, let Mengyao carry it."

Chen Feng gave a wry smile and obediently took over Xu Feirong's luggage. box.

Then the two best friends walked in front, and Chen Feng consciously stayed behind.

The two chatted, talked and laughed all the way, forming a beautiful landscape on the airport promenade.

"Meng Yao, are you with Chen Feng?" Xu Feirong asked.

"That?" Xia Mengyao stayed for a while and asked: "Which one?"

Xu Feirong rolled her eyes and said, "That's it."

Xia Mengyao's pretty face flushed immediately, she really didn't think about that.

Seeing Xia Mengyao's expression, Xu Feirong suddenly opened her small mouth: "No way, I rely on, you have been married for three years!"

Xia Mengyao's pretty face became even more red, weak and weak: "I...I haven't Get ready."

"How is it possible! This is no longer a question of preparation. Mengyao, honestly, is there a problem with Chen Feng?" Xu Feirong asked with a serious face.

"No!" Xia Mengyao hurriedly denied. Although she and Chen Feng didn't have any intimate actions, they could still feel some of them in their lives together.

"That's because you don't love Chen Feng." Xu Feirong pouted and said.

"Fei Rong, do you have to follow him if you love someone?" Xia Mengyao didn't answer directly, but asked rhetorically.


Xia Mengyao pressed her red lips tightly and did not speak any more. She was sure that she loved Chen Feng now, and Chen Feng... should also love herself.

Then why can't he take the initiative?

However, she felt that she had to find a way to handle the matter when she returned this time, otherwise, Chen Feng would not be able to survive.

Xu Feirong seemed to be completely unaware of Xia Mengyao's thoughts at this time, and she still said to herself: "Mengyao, since you don't like Chen Feng, then dump him as soon as possible. I will introduce some friends to you. They have all stayed in school, and the conditions at home are pretty good. Some have factories, some do cross-border trade, and any of them are ten times better than Chen Feng..."

"Fei Rong, what are you talking about?" Xia Mengyao reacted. What Xu Feirong was saying, "I won't leave Chen Feng, unless he takes the initiative to leave me." Xia Mengyao said sternly.

"No, Mengyao, where is Chen Feng better? It's worth your stamina?" Xu Feirong frowned and asked. Even after three years, she still felt that Chen Feng was not worthy of Xia Mengyao, especially Xia Mengyao is now Yuquan. The person in charge of the mountain project will inevitably have a higher social status in the future, and the gap between Chen Feng, a food delivery person, and her will only widen, and there will be an insurmountable gap between the two.

Chapter: 32

"Fei Rong, don't talk about it. Maybe in your eyes, Chen Feng is not good enough for me, but in my eyes, he is the best man in the world. It's also because I don't deserve him, not that he doesn't deserve me."

"Okay... Okay." Xu Feirong wanted to say something, but seeing the rare serious expression on Xia Mengyao's small face, she was born afterwards. Swallowed into his mouth.

After the three of them got out of the airport, Xia Mengyao reached out and took a taxi on the side of the road.

"Meng Yao, you... don't have a car?" Xu Feirong hesitated and asked.

Xia Mengyao shook her head and said, "No, I don't have a driver's license."

"What about Chen Feng? He doesn't know how to buy one." Xu Feirong couldn't help taking a look at Chen Feng.

"Chen Feng..." Xia Mengyao still wanted to excuse Chen Feng, but Chen Feng spoke first: "I have no money and can't afford it."

Xu Feirong frowned, she didn't know what to say anymore. Man, he doesn't even have a scooter, and he has to take a taxi to pick up people...

Xia Mengyao sighed, after the Yuquanshan project makes money, he must buy a car for Chen Feng, so that Chen Feng can't be so embarrassed.

The three took a taxi and came to the door of a restaurant.

In order to clean up Xu Feirong, Xia Mengyao specially found this restaurant called Guyue Villa. It is said that the chef of the restaurant is the descendant of the imperial chef of the Qing Dynasty, and he is very good at cooking.

Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong walked in front hand in hand, and Chen Feng followed behind.

The decoration of the restaurant is generally old-fashioned. The tables, chairs and benches are made of black-grained nanmu, which exudes a light fragrance.

"Hello, are there any boxes inside?" Xia Mengyao said politely.

"Several customers, I'm really sorry, today's box is fully booked." The beauty receptionist showed a professional apologetic smile.

Xia Mengyao was a little disappointed, and then asked, "What about the hall?"

The beauty receptionist shook her head again and said, "Sorry, the lobby is full."

"Forget it, Mengyao, let's change the restaurant." Xu Feirong said.

"Well, that's the only way." Xia Mengyao nodded, and the three of them were about to leave. At this moment, three men with different body shapes and wearing famous brands came to face.

"Song Jun?" Xu Feirong shouted, seeming to know the tall young man headed by the three.

The tall young man turned his head with a look of surprise on his handsome face: "Fei Rong, when did you come back?"

"Just back." Xu Feirong said indifferently.

"Why don't you let me pick you up?" Song Jun's attitude was very enthusiastic. Then he glanced at Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao. Chen Feng, who was dressed in ordinary clothes, was ignored by him, but when he saw Xia Mengyao, his eyes But there was a touch of stunning color in there, and then he rolled his eyes and asked: "You are here to eat too?"

Xu Feirong nodded and said, "Unfortunately, there is no place."

"That's easy to do. , I booked a big box inside, and it happens to have a place, Fei Rong, if you don't dislike it, come with us." Song Jun smiled.

"No need..." Xia Mengyao subconsciously wanted to refuse. She found that Song Jun's friends saw something wrong with her eyes, and she didn't want to trouble Chen Feng.

But after all, before she finished her words, Xu

Feirong agreed : "Okay." Xia Mengyao gave Chen Feng a little embarrassed, as if she wanted to know Chen Feng's opinion.

Chen Feng naturally read the meaning in Xia Mengyao's eyes. She was afraid of causing trouble to herself, but a few young masters did not have the qualifications to put him in their eyes,

so Chen Feng smiled slightly, nodded, and gave Xia Mengyao one. Reassured eyes.

The group entered a luxurious box on the third floor and took their seats.

Song Jun glanced at Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng, smiled and asked, "Fei Rong, who are these two?"

"She's Xia Mengyao, my best friend." Xu Feirong spoke lightly, only talking about Xia Mengyao, but did not mention Chen Feng, and I don't know what she thought.

Xia Mengyao frowned and felt a little unhappy.

Chen Feng didn't care, Xu Feirong's thoughts, he could more or less guess some, nothing more than to use Song Jun's hand to embarrass himself and let himself retreat.

I can only say that Xu Feirong thinks too much.

Xia Mengyao?

Song Jun's eyes couldn't help but brighten up. This is the newly promoted figure in Cangzhou City these days. Sure enough, hearing it is better than seeing it. Real Xia Mengyao is a little more beautiful than the rumors!

Song Jun's eyes suddenly became eager: "Miss Xia, hello, my name is Song Jun, I am the executive director of

Junsheng Group." "Hello." Xia Mengyao responded politely.

Junsheng Group is a chain hotel development group. The development of many large hotels in Cangzhou City is inseparable from Junsheng Group.

A few days ago, Xia Yunsheng hosted a celebration banquet for Xia Mengyao Cangzhou Hotel, which was one of the hotels developed by Junsheng Group.

It is conservatively estimated that the net worth of Song Jun in front of him is at least one billion yuan!

Later, Song Jun introduced to several people the identities of the two friends who were traveling with him, both of whom were standard powerful children.

The tall and thin man wearing glasses is named Wang Haitao, the son of the mayor of Xicheng District, Cangzhou City.

The man who was obese and stared at Xia Mengyao all the time was Zhao Yue. His family was in the jewelry business. The three jewelry stores in Xicheng District were all run by Zhao Yue's family.

After the introduction, Chen Feng found that the two of them were obviously more arrogant.

Song Jun turned his gaze to Chen Feng again. Before he saw Chen Feng dressed in ordinary clothes, he thought Chen Feng was a bodyguard driver, but then Chen Feng sat down with Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong, plus Xu Fei. Rong did not say the identity of Chen Feng, Song Jun had probably guessed the identity of the man in front of him.

But if he guessed it, he still had to confirm it.

"What is this brother?" Song Jun said with a smile.

"Chen Feng." Chen Feng said with a slight smile.

The expression on Song Jun's face remained unchanged, but he smiled disdainfully in his heart. It was really the abandoned son-in-law of the Xia family.

"Chen Feng?" Zhao Yue on the side narrowed his eyes and asked: "Is that the husband of Miss Xia?"

"Yes." Chen Feng responded calmly.

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"I heard that you are delivering food?" Zhao Yue asked with a smile, not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional.

"What's wrong, is there a problem?" Chen Feng asked with a smile.

Zhao Yue shook his head and said: "It's nothing, just want to ask you how much money you get for a month of food delivery."

"Four or five thousand, when it's good, you can get six thousand and seven." Chen Feng said truthfully.

"Haha, that's quite tall, it's almost half of the staff of my jewelry store." Zhao Yue laughed haha.

Listening to Zhao Yue's obvious sarcasm, Xia Mengyao couldn't help but a touch of anger appeared between her eyebrows.

"Zhao Yue, is there still a shortage of people in your jewelry store? If there is a shortage of people, it is better to ask Brother Chen's wishes and let Brother Chen work with you." Song Jun was full of enthusiasm, as if he was really thinking about Chen Feng.

The fat on Zhao Yue's face trembled, and he smiled: "Lack! A lot! If Brother Chen Feng is willing to come over, I will give him 15 thousand a month, no! Twenty thousand!"

Chapter: 33

"Twenty thousand?" Song Jun seemed to be a little surprised. He looked at Chen Feng and asked: "Don't hide from Brother Chen, I'm a little moved by Zhao Yue's salary. If Brother Chen doesn't dislike him, I can go to Zhao Yue to work. Everyone is acquaintance, and I believe that Zhao Yue will not treat Brother Chen badly."

Xu Feirong looked at Chen Feng blankly. This was her real goal. Since Xia Mengyao could not be persuaded to leave Chen Feng, she could only Chen Feng started. She wanted to borrow Song Jun and Zhao Yue's hands to make Chen Feng realize that she and Xia Mengyao are not in the same world at all, and it is better to withdraw early to avoid self-humiliation.

Chen Feng smiled, but the two of them were still acting in front of him.

"I appreciate the kindness of Mr. Song and Mr. Zhao, but I like to deliver food. I can't do such a tall job as a jewelry store." Chen Feng said seriously.

Seeing Chen Feng's indifferent expression, Xu Feirong's teeth were tickled with anger, really an uninspiring worm! And the face is so thick, knowing that he is not worthy of Xia Mengyao, but also pestering Xia Mengya.

"Brother Chen laughed. If Brother Chen can marry a goddess like Miss Xia, how can he not work in a jewellery shop in a district?" Song Jun said with a smile.

"Brother Chen, Miss Xia is so beautiful and so capable. She became the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project at a young age. If you let others know that Miss Xia’s husband is a takeaway, Miss Xia’s face, I’m afraid I can’t make it through. "Zhao Yue said with a smile, and his words were full of provocation.

"What does it have to do with you?" Xia Mengyao said coldly. She didn't know why Chen Feng had such a good temper. If she was so taunted by Song Jun and Zhao Yue, she might have slammed the door. left.

Zhao Yue smiled and said: "Miss Xia, don't be angry, don't be angry, I'm just kidding."

Xia Mengyao snorted coldly and ignored the others.

The atmosphere in the box was a bit embarrassing for a while, no one expected that Xia Mengyao would protect Chen Feng in this way.

Xu Feirong sighed. She found that she underestimated the thickness of Chen Feng's face and underestimated Xia Mengyao's love for Chen Feng.

"I'll go to the bathroom." Xu Feirong slowly got up, she wanted to go out to calm down.

After Xu Feirong went out, she washed her face in the bathroom. Just as she was about to leave, a fat bald man with a big golden chain walked towards her.

The pungent drunken breath came, and Xu Feirong subconsciously took a step to the left, but after all, the drunk man chuckled and rushed towards Xu Feirong.

Xu Feirong's face was cold, and she kicked directly on the belly of the big golden chain man.

The big golden chain man was kicked back by Xu Feirong for two steps. He was not angry. Instead, a yindang smile appeared on his fat face: "Hey, my little lady, it's so exciting."

"Disgusting!" Xu Feirong cursed in disgust and turned around to leave.

"Smelly biaozi, what are you pretending to be? I will give you one hundred thousand and stay with me for one night!" The big golden chain man walked up cursingly, and reached out to hug Xu Feirong's water snake waist.


Xu Feirong was not polite with him, she slapped her backhand on the face of the big golden chain man.

With this slap, Xu Feirong took twelve minutes of effort, and the face of the big golden chain male was directly swollen.

"Grass! Give you something shameless, I will kill you!" His face was swollen, and the big golden chain man suddenly became angry, picked up the wine bottle and rushed towards Xu Feirong.

After all, Xu Feirong is a woman. She has never seen this formation before, seeing the big golden chain man's wine bottle rushing towards her, and even forgot to avoid it in panic.

I could only watch the wine bottle slam on my forehead.

Xu Feirong closed her eyes subconsciously, but the expected wine bottle did not drop down for a long time.

Xu Feirong couldn't help but opened her eyes, but saw a big hand, firmly holding the wine bottle that was smashed down.

The owner of the big hands is Chen Feng.

It took a long time for Xu Feirong to realize that she was rescued by Chen Feng's waste?

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With gentle force, Chen Feng snatched the wine bottle from the big golden chain man.

"You are drunk." Chen Feng glanced at the furious big golden chain man and said lightly.

"Drunk, you are paralyzed!" The big golden chain man was embarrassed, and smashed his fist towards Chen Feng without saying a word.

Chen Feng shook his head, kicked the big golden chain man's calf, kicked the big golden chain man directly, his nose was hitting the floor.

Xu Feirong's red lips are slightly open, does this waste still have this skill?

"Fei Rong, what's wrong with you?" At this moment, Song Jun and Zhao Yue, who heard the movement, ran over.

"This dead pig will take advantage of me." Xu Feirong said coldly with her arms around her chest, pointing to the big golden chain man on the ground.

There was a touch of hostility in Song Jun's eyes, and Xu Feirong barely counted him as half a guest. This fat pig would really take advantage of Xu Feirong, wouldn't it be that he slapped him in the face.

"Grass, your mother!" Song Jun stepped forward and stepped directly on the back of the big golden chain.

A "click" sounded.

The big golden chain man let out a miserable cry, his hand bones were probably directly crushed by Song Jun.

"Even Sister Fei Rong dare to take advantage of it, I really don't know how to write the dead words!" Zhao Yue also walked up, kicking the big golden chain man's face a few times.

After a punch and kick, the poor big golden chain man had only breath in but no breath.

Chen Feng frowned slightly, and these people were a bit too ruthless when they started, and they directly beat them to death. Seeing that the clothes worn by this big golden chain man are all famous brands, they are by no means unknown little people.

Something is really going to happen, Song Jun and others, I'm afraid they won't be able to eat.

"It's almost done. If you hit someone, you will die." Chen Feng kindly reminded that it was not that he sympathized with the big golden chain man, but the big golden chain man was really dying, and he and Xia Mengyao would also be implicated.

"What are you counseling? You are not responsible if you are killed." Zhao Yue gave Chen Feng a disdainful look and said.

"Don't say I didn't kill, even if I was really killed, I can settle this matter." The tall and thin young man Wang Haitao said lightly, with a lot of confidence in his words.

Chen Feng shook his head and stopped talking.

Xu Feirong sighed from the bottom of her heart, and finally accumulated some good feelings for Chen Feng, and then disappeared in a flash. Chen Feng was still too embarrassed, not what a man should have.

"Forget it, let's go back and continue eating." Xu Feirong said with excitement.

"Okay, listen to Fei Rong." Zhao Yue kicked the big golden chain man again and laughed.

A few people went back to the box again. After they took their seats, Jun Song looked at Chen Feng again and said, "If you are afraid, you can go back first."

Chen Feng smiled and didn't say anything. Song Jun played with this exciting method. Very small pediatrics.

Chapter: 34

Not long after they returned to the box, a few sturdy men appeared in the other box. When they saw the big golden chain man lying half-dead on the ground, their expressions changed greatly.

"Brother Long!"

"Brother Long, what's wrong with you?"

Several people hurriedly helped the big golden chain man into the box.

At this moment, in the box, a man wearing a floral shirt was sitting on the sofa. On the left and right sides of the man, there were several gorgeous women in short skirts and heavy makeup.

After seeing the miserable appearance of the big golden chain man, the face of the man in the flower shirt suddenly became cold.

"Who did it?!" The man in the flower shirt said coldly, and the women sitting next to him shivered, obviously afraid of the man in the flower shirt.

"Master Chen, I don't know, but they are in this restaurant." The big golden chain man spoke weakly, and the bitterness in his eyes made no secret.

"Find out and kill them!" The

man in the flower shirt waved his hand and said gloomily.

Zhou Jinlong came specifically from Yuzhou to join him. A moment ago, he even threatened that he Gu Dongchen had the final say on this one-third of acre of land in Cangzhou. In the blink of an eye, Zhou Jinlong was beaten into a pig's head on his site. How could Gu Dongchen not be angry.

"Yes, Chen Ye."

Several younger brothers helped Zhou Jinlong to start a search from one box to another. Suddenly, the entire Guyue Villa was stunned.

The boss hurried over after hearing the words, but when he saw that it was Gu Dongchen who was looking for someone, he immediately shut his mouth obediently.

Others don’t know, but he knows. Gu Dongchen has been irritated these days because a ruthless person cut off a hand. He dared to touch Gu Dongchen’s mold at this time. It was purely a shit on Lord Yan’s head. , Live impatiently.

The efficiency of the younger brothers was very fast, and within five minutes, they found the box of Song Jun.

After rushing into the box, Zhou Jinlong with a blue nose and a swollen face turned red when he saw Song Jun and Zhao Yue.

As the so-called enemies met, Zhou Jinlong was extremely jealous, without saying a word, he picked up the wine bottle and rushed towards Song Jun.

Song Jun frowned slightly. Unexpectedly, this Zhou Jinlong just went out for a while and called such a large group of people. However, he was the young director of the Junsheng Group, and he also had some influence. It is impossible to admit counsel at this time.

After a cold snort, Song Jun directly whips his leg and kicks Zhou Jinlong on his back. There is a thunder, and the tables, chairs and benches in the box are broken to the ground.

The younger brothers who followed Zhou Jinlong were taken aback. Obviously, he didn't expect Song Jun to dare to do it in front of so many people.

"Grass! Fuck him!" After

reacting, the younger brothers shouted angrily and immediately surrounded Song Jun.

Song Jun sneered and greeted him without fear, but with three punches and kicks, the younger brothers lay with Zhou Jinlong.

"Huh, a bunch of rubbish!"

Song Jun was quite proud. He was a fifth-stage taekwondo black belt, playing some untrained punks, not like playing.

"Brother Jun is awesome, hahaha! Looking at the garbage/junk, I dare not dare to be arrogant next time." Zhao Yue also spat heavily at several people and cursed.

"Fei Rong, Miss Xia, are you all right." Song Jun turned around, wiped his hands, facing Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong, a gentleman's smile appeared on the handsome face.

Xu Feirong shook her head, Xia Mengyao hesitated for a while, and said, "It's okay."

"It's okay. This group of people dare to make trouble in Guyue Villa, which shows that they have a certain background. But I am here, you guys. Don't worry, no one dares to touch your finger." Song Jun believed in himself. After speaking, he took a look at Xia Mengyao pretendingly, as if he wanted to see the admiration of Xia Mengyao.

But after all, Xia Mengyao's sight was all on Chen Feng.

Suddenly, Song Jun's eyes burst into anger. What good is this waste? It deserves Xia Mengyao's love.

Xu Feirong also sighed in her heart. After the group rushed in just now, she had been observing Chen Feng’s movements. She thought that Chen Fengcheng would rush up like Song Jun, but she didn’t expect Chen Feng from beginning to end. The slightest meaning to move.

This kind of behavior falls in the eyes of Xu Feirong, and it is naturally a manifestation of counseling.

Compared with Song Jun, Chen Feng really couldn't make it to the stage, and he didn't know what Xia Mengyao liked Chen Feng.

"Brother Jun, what about these people? Do you want me to ask someone to come and chop one of their hands?" Zhao Yue asked. He can open the jewelry store all over Xicheng District and he knows many people in the street.

"Dare you!" Hearing this, the faces of the younger brothers on the ground turned pale.

"I dare not do anything." Zhao Yue walked over and kicked the little brother.

"Our Lord Chen will not let you go!" The little brother moved out of Gu Dongchen again.

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"Master Chen? What kind of thing is Master Chen!" Zhao Yue smiled disdainfully, and said, "On this three-square acre in the west of the city, there is only one master, and that is the master!"

Song Jun nodded slightly, obviously flattering Zhao Yue. Very useful.

"In front of our lord, your grandfather is just a pile of shit!" Zhao Yue's voice was arrogant, and his nostrils almost rose to the sky.

"Really?!" As

soon as Zhao Yue finished speaking, a voice full of anger came from outside the box.

Gu Dongchen walked in with a group of people mightily.

Unlike the younger brothers of Zhou Jinlong's belt just now, the few people behind Gu Dongchen are all elites, any one, they are all well-versed in battle, and their murderous aura is a hundred times higher than the previous ones!

The murderous aura swept across the sky, but for a moment, a layer of cold sweat oozes from Zhao Yue's back.

the fat is in the fire!

Zhao Yue's face turned pale and looked at Song Jun.

Song Jun's face is not very beautiful either. He is not a fool. The group of people in front of him are obviously not punks. The man walking in the middle has a domineering spirit on his body, and he is definitely not easy to match.

"Who just said that I had a mess of shit?" Gu Dongchen's expression was very calm, but anyone could feel it. His calmness contained a torrent of anger.

"This big brother, I... I'm just kidding." Zhao Yue smiled dryly.

Gu Dongchen took a step forward, looked at Zhao Yue calmly, and asked, "Then how about I also make a joke with you?"

"Brother, you...what joke do you want to make with me?" Zhao Yue's forehead was covered with cold sweat. The calf shakes like chaff.

"Tear your mouth." Gu Dongchen smiled slightly and spit out five words.

As soon as he finished speaking, two tattooed men stood up.

Zhao Yue's legs were suddenly soft, and he would naturally understand that Gu Dongchen hadn't joked with him at all. These two men would really tear his mouth!

Chapter: 35

"Brother, it's okay if you have something..." Song Jun took a step forward and wanted to stand up for Zhao Yue, but before he could finish his words, a big foot was kicked on his chest.


Song Jun retreated three steps uncontrollably and hit the table in the box.

Song Jun's complexion suddenly turned pale, just a kick made him feel that his internal organs are about to shift, and he also understands that this time he really provokes a cruel stubbornness. Just kicking his whole person, he definitely has real kung fu!

His five stages of taekwondo, in front of such a person, are just embroidered with fists!

"Go...forgive...ah!" Seeing that Song Jun was repelled by a single move, Zhao Yue made a puff and directly knelt on the ground begging for mercy. But the tattooed man put his hand into Zhao Yue's mouth blankly.


The tattooed man pulled Zhao Yue's mouth fiercely, and a foot-long wound spread from the corner of his mouth to the root of his ear.

Zhao Yue let out a miserable cry, and immediately fell to the ground and began to roll.

In this bloody scene, Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong's faces paled with fright.

Chen Feng shook his head. He didn't expect that it was Gu Dongchen who turned his head for the big golden chain man. He just chopped off one of his hands a few days ago. Are you going to buy one and get two free today?

But at this time Gu Dongchen's attention was all on Song Jun and Zhao Yue, and he didn't notice him in the corner at all.

"This eldest brother, my name is Song Jun, and my dad is the chairman of Junsheng Group." Song Jun never dared to be arrogant anymore. The tattooed man shot so fiercely and decisively, indicating that the identity of the man in the flower shirt is beyond his imagination. .

"Junsheng Group? Your father is Song Tieshan?" Gu Dongchen looked at Song Jun up and down and asked.

Upon hearing that Gu Dongchen knew his father, Song Jun's face suddenly became bright again: "Yes, brother, my father is Song Tieshan, do you know him?"

"You call me eldest brother?" Gu Dongchen squinted his eyes with a smile on his face.

Song Jun was stunned, what did he call his eldest brother, could it be his uncle?

"Do you know what your dad calls me?" Gu Dongchen asked again.

"What did he call you?" Song Jun suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.


Bah " Gu Dongchen slapped Song Jun directly on the face, and sneered: "Your dad will call Lao Tzu when he sees Lao Tzu. What are you going to call Lao Tzu Brother!"


Song Jun's mind exploded, he knew it! He finally knew the identity of the man in a flower shirt!

There may be many people in Cangzhou with the word Chen in their names, but Gu Dongchen is definitely the only one who can make his father Song Tieshan yell the word Chen!

It turned out to be Gu Dongchen!

Song Jun’s face was pale, and at this moment he had his desire to die. After returning to China, Song Tieshan told him that in the western part of the city, the least provoke was Gu Dongchen, because Gu Dongchen was lawless when he did things, and behind him, Backed by the big guys in the city.

Even Song Tieshan would be respectful every time he met Gu Dongchen.

"Master Chen, I was wrong, please, for the sake of my dad's face, let me go." Song Jun also knew each other, and he knelt on the ground and started begging for mercy. They were all left behind by him, and his life was the most important thing.

"Let you go?" Gu Dongchen smiled playfully, glanced at Zhou Jinlong, and said: "I have to ask my brother if I want to!"

"The big brother, as long as you let me go, I can lose you money, my dad is very Rich, ten million! I can give you ten million!" Song Jun said with tears and tears.

Zhou Jinlong grinned, "Ten million?! So I am worth ten million in your eyes!"

"I'm damn your mother!" Zhou Jinlong raised his chair and slammed Song Jun's head fiercely. Song Jun's head was bloodied.

"I gave you 20 million today. I want your two legs!" Zhou Jinlong looked savage, then took a switchblade and slammed it toward Song Jun's thigh.

"Stop it!"

At this moment, Xu Feirong stood up, her small face was also pale with fright, but after all, Song Jun ended up like this because of her. She couldn't just watch Song Jun being unloaded. Two legs dropped.

Seeing that the person who made the noise was Xu Feirong, Zhou Jinlong was not angry but was overjoyed, saying: "You stinky biao, you didn't even run."

Gu Dongchen also looked at Xu Feirong interestingly, and the lust in his eyes made no secret. This is a big beauty who is not inferior to Xia Mengyao, especially at this time, Xu Feirong is like a deer that suffers, pitiful, and even more pitiful.

"Beauty, this trash is your boyfriend?" Gu Dongchen asked with a smile.

Xu Feirong shook her head, and said, "Master Chen, it was your brother who acted on me first, and Song Jun would

act on your brother..." "Are you trying to reason with me?!" Gu Dongchen's face was fierce. Cold, interrupt directly.

"No... I didn't mean that..." Xu Feirong's face turned pale, and she was so scared that she couldn't speak completely.

Zhou Jinlong smiled and said, "Master Chen, there is nothing to talk about with this stinky

biaozi , you can just carry her back." Gu Dongchen licked his lips, "Beauty, do you think my brother's proposal...

" No!"

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Gu Dongchen finished speaking when he was interrupted by a trembling voice.

Gu Dongchen turned his head, and when he saw Xia Mengyao who was making the noise, he was shocked. Why is this little lady here? Then he moved his gaze to Xia Mengyao's left side, and he saw a face that was not smiling.

In an instant, Gu Dongchen's dead soul came out of fear!

"Haha, Lord Chen, you are really such a beautiful blessing. I did not expect that there is such a protruding beauty in this small box." Zhou Jinlong did not notice at all, and Gu Dongchen's face was almost scared. Distorted.

He walked towards Xia Mengyao still carelessly, with a great smile on his face.

"Fu, you are paralyzed!"

Seeing Zhou Jinlong approaching Chen Feng, Gu Dongchen couldn't take care of the others anymore. He dashed up and kicked Zhou Jinlong's waist.

With this kick, Gu Dongchen completely used twelve points of strength, and he did not dare to have the slightest reservation. He was afraid that Chen Feng would misunderstand him. It was his intention that Zhou Jinlong molested Xia Mengyao.

After Zhou Jinlong was kicked and gnawed shit, he was immediately confused.

"Master Chen..."


"Did your brain get shit? Miss Xia, you dare to touch it too!" Gu Dongchen was merciless and didn't give Zhou Jinlong a chance to explain it. Big ears went to Zhou Jinlong without money. Face shake.

Seeing that Gu Dongchen completely taught Zhou Jinlong to kill his father and enemy, everyone in the box was dumbfounded.

What's the matter with this TM?

A moment ago, didn't Gu Dongchen still regard Zhou Jinlong as his brother, how could he wish to kill Zhou Jinlong in a blink of an eye?

Chapter: 36

However, the person who was most shocked at this time was definitely Xia Mengyao. From the moment she saw Gu Dongchen, she had an inexplicable fear in her heart. Last time Gu Dongchen still left her a little psychological shadow. She thought, this I'm afraid I will not escape the humiliation when I meet Gu Dongchen every time.

But unexpectedly, Gu Dongchen met her this time, just like a mouse meeting a cat, without the slightest majestic appearance last time.

What happened?

Chen Feng's face was weird, and he may be the only one in the audience who understood why Gu Dongchen was so contrasted.

He chopped off a hand of Gu Dongchen last time and didn't say anything. Before leaving, he showed one hand, so that Gu Dongchen did not dare to disclose the slightest thing about him.

So when Gu Dongchen saw him at the moment, he had to pretend not to know him, but also had to give him enough face.

Gu Dongchen fanned for a long time, unable to lift the fan's own hands, so he stood up slowly, smiled at Xia Mengyao, and said, "Miss Xia, I'm sorry, if I know you are eating here, you will kill me and me. I don't dare to bother you."

Xu Feirong opened her small mouth. Is this still the indomitable Gu Dongchen just now? How come you look like a pug in front of Xia Mengyao?

Song Jun and Zhao Yue, who were lying half-dead on the ground, were even more regretful at this time. If they had known that Xia Mengyao was so powerful, they would not have been like a clown, jumping up and down in front of Xia Mengyao. Not to cause trouble for myself.

Xia Mengyao stared at Gu Dongchen blankly. Until now, she didn't understand why Gu Dongchen didn't even dare to show up in front of her.

"Miss Xia, I’m sorry to hurt your friends. But don’t worry, I’ll send them to the hospital. They won’t have any problems. In addition, my brother is ignorant, so you and this lady Frightened, I will let him send you five million as a mental damage expense, Miss Xia, don’t be too little."

Gu Dongchen's attitude is very low. He is a smart man. From the moment he saw Chen Feng, he knew that the relationship between Chen Feng and Song Jun and Zhao Yue is definitely not good, or else he would not look at it. Song Jun and Zhao Yue were taught by him, so for Zhao Yue and Song Jun, Gu Dongchen just compensated for medical expenses, but for Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong, even if they were not harmed, five million would be indispensable, because This is Chen Feng's woman!

"You..." Xia Mengyao wanted to ask Gu Dongchen why she was so afraid of herself, but because of tension, she stammered and couldn't speak.

Gu Dongchen naturally saw what Xia Mengyao meant, but Chen Feng didn't say it. He didn't dare to say with his 100,000 courage. So he hurriedly interjected and said, "Miss Xia, I will send them to the hospital. You Don't worry."

After speaking, Gu Dongchen hurried out of the box without looking back. He was afraid that he would go on, but the stuffing was omitted, and Chen Feng slapped him into tofu cubes.

It wasn't until Gu Dongchen got out of the box that Xia Mengyao realized that the matter was solved like this?

"Meng Yao, why is Gu Dongchen... so afraid of you?" Xu Feirong asked hurriedly.

Xia Mengyao smiled bitterly, and said: "I said I don't know, do you believe it?"

"You don't know either?!" Xu Feirong's mouth opened wide and she could lay two eggs.

"Yeah." Xia Mengyao nodded lightly, repeating what happened last time in Golden Age.

After listening to her, Xu Feirong's face was uncertain, and she happened to run into a police round to rescue Xia Mengyao?

At that time, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with this, but now it is full of loopholes. The police can still let Gu Dongchen see Xia Mengyao and the mouse and the cat?

"Chen Feng, do you know Gu Dongchen?" Xu Feirong looked at Chen Feng with keen eyes, and the woman's instinct told her that this matter had nothing to do with Chen Feng.

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Chen Feng shrugged and said with an innocent look: "What are you kidding about, I'm a takeaway, how can I know such a big man."

"Really?" Xu Feirong's face was suspicious.

"If you don't believe me, go and ask Gu Dongchen." Chen Feng said helplessly, he couldn't admit it anyway.

Xia Mengyao also felt that this matter had something to do with Chen Feng, but it was a bit too unbelievable. If Chen Feng had the power to make Gu Dongchen such a terrified snake, then he was in the Xia family for three years.

Xu Feirong did not say any more, but she was suspicious of Chen Feng in her heart. She suddenly remembered that as early as when Song Jun violently beat Zhou Jinlong, Chen Feng reminded Song Jun not to do too much. This shows that at that time Chen Feng had already noticed that Zhou Jinlong's identity was unusual, and he expected troubles later.

But none of them took Chen Feng's words seriously.

It now appears that Chen Feng is ten times better than a few of them just because of his eyesight.

Chen Feng, it's definitely not as simple as it seems!

"Master Chen, that woman, what's the source of it?" Zhou Jinlong couldn't help asking after walking out of the box. He rarely sees Gu Dongchen, who is fearless and fearless, who is so afraid of a woman.

Gu Dongchen took a deep breath and said solemnly: "That woman has no background, but the man standing behind her has a big background!"

"The man behind her?" Zhou Jinlong was immediately embarrassed. It was not Xia Mengyao, but the plain man behind Xia Mengyao!

"I cut this hand from him." Gu Dongchen sighed and said.

"What?! Master Chen, your hand..." Zhou Jinlong took a deep breath and was shocked. He didn't know before, who could make Gu Dongchen so jealous. Now that Gu Dongchen said this, he understood. , Definitely the one who can kill Gu Dongchen!

"Master Chen, you saved my dog's life." After reacting, Zhou Jinlong immediately didn't complain about Gu Dongchen's brutal beating of him, and was even a little grateful. If Gu Dongchen just didn't hit him, let him touch that. As for women, he is probably already a corpse now.

People who can cut off Gu Dongchen's hand, and make Gu Dongchen afraid of revenge, definitely have this ability! Zhou Jinlong did not dare to doubt.

"In the future, I will call on the bright spots, and I will roll as far as I see the person." Gu Dongchen warned.

"Yes, yes, Chen Ye." Zhou Jinlong nodded hurriedly.

Gu Dongchen kept his credibility, and within a short time after Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao returned home, someone sent a bank card.

Three million!

After seeing the card, Xia Mengyao opened her mouth in surprise. She thought that Gu Dongchen was just talking about it, but unexpectedly, it was delivered.

However, this made Xia Mengyao a little at a loss, not knowing what to do with the money.

In the end, Chen Feng came up with an idea, three million, half Xu Feirong, half himself.

Since Gu Dongchen sent it, there is no reason not to accept it.

After Chen Feng talked about it, Xia Mengyao finally accepted the money.

"Chen Feng, let me buy you a car." After thinking about it, Xia Mengyao decided to take out half a million from the 1.5 million li and buy a car for Chen Feng.

Chapter: 37

Chen Feng paused and wanted to refuse. After all, there was a Koenigsegg worth more than 20 million in the garage of his Yuquanshan villa, but after seeing Xia Mengyao's ardent eyes, Chen Feng couldn't bear it. Refuse.

He could guess that Xia Mengyao bought him a car to take care of his face.

"Yeah." In the end, Chen Feng agreed.

It's just that after agreeing to feel weird, this kind of behavior should be regarded as... eating soft rice, right?

"Then, shall we go to see the car tomorrow?" Xia Mengyao said with a sweet smile.

"Good." Chen Feng's answer was simply and neat.

Early the next morning, the two came to a 4S shop early, and it took only one hour for the two of them to look at the car to pick it up.

When Chen Feng drove a brand new Audi A6 out of the 4S shop, Xia Mengyao was sitting in the passenger seat, with an inexplicable look on her pretty face.

The corner of Chen Feng's mouth raised. Although the price of this Audi A6 is not as good as Koenigsegg's fraction, Chen Feng has an unprecedented comfort in the car.

"Chen Feng, do you like boys or girls?" Xia Mengyao asked, tilting her head.

Chen Feng was stunned, why did Xia Mengyao suddenly ask this question.

"Boys and girls are fine, as long as you give birth, I like them." Chen Feng said truthfully.

Xia Mengyao's face blushed, "Then we are born..."


Before Xia Mengyao finished speaking, she saw a figure rushing out from the side, and then fell in front of the car.


Chen Feng squinted his eyes. He didn't expect that he would run into a bumper after he just bought a new car before driving a few meters, and it was obviously not the first time to see the proficiency of the woman lying in front of the car. dry.

Do professionals touch porcelain households? A sneer appeared at the corner of Chen Feng's mouth, and then slammed on the accelerator. The black Audi, like a tiger out of the cage, whizzed towards the woman lying on the ground without any scruples.

Looking at Chen Feng's battle, he was going to crush the women on the ground directly!

"Chen Feng! What are you doing!"

Xia Mengyao opened her mouth in horror.

Chen Feng was expressionless, and stepped on the accelerator without hesitation and ran towards the woman lying on the ground.

"Ah! It's going to kill!"

Seeing the black Audi rushing towards him, there was no intention of stopping at all. The middle-aged woman lying on the ground was so scared that she screamed and squeezed from the ground. Got up.


Chen Feng finally stepped on the brakes and the tires rubbed against the road, making a harsh grip on the ground.

The black front of the car stopped abruptly, and the distance from the middle-aged woman was no more than a foot. If Chen Feng had just stepped on the brakes for half a second late, the middle-aged woman might have already flown out.

Rao, the middle-aged woman was also scared into cold sweat, and her calves were trembling.

How can she not understand that this time she really encountered stubble, if she had just lay on the ground and couldn't afford it, this Audi would really run over her!

"Aunt?" Xia Mengyao widened her beautiful eyes and couldn't help but blurt out.

Chen Feng frowned. After the car stopped, he realized that this professional householder was actually Xia Mengyao's aunt Sun Guifang. Two years ago, Sun Guifang took her son to Xia's house. They asked Lin Lan to borrow half a million yuan, saying it was for her son's marriage.

Of course, Lin Lan didn't have that much money at all, and even if he had it, it was impossible to lend to Sun Guifang.

Without borrowing money, Sun Guifang cursed and took his son away from the Xia family, and before leaving Xia Mengyao's wallet.

Afterwards, he still refused to admit it, so angry that Xia Mengyao didn't sleep well for several days.

Therefore, Chen Feng was extremely impressed with Sun Guifang.

This family is the best of the best.

Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao saw Sun Guifang standing in front of the car, and Sun Guifang naturally saw Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao through the windshield.

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Why is this deadly useless? !

Suddenly, Sun Guifang's expression became extremely wonderful.

The deep fear gradually turned into shock, and after the shock, it was endless anger.

"Bang bang bang"

Sun Guifang walked to the window of Chen Feng a few steps and knocked on the window a few times.

Chen Feng rolled down the car window and gave Sun Guifang a cold look.

"You are a waste of money, who gave you the courage? You almost killed me just now, do you know it!" Sun Guifang cursed. The moment Chen Feng stepped on the accelerator just now, she really thought that she had encountered a life-threatening situation. It was terrible, but after the car stopped, she found out that the driver turned out to be her own useless niece. How could Sun Guifang bear it?

"Auntie, you climbed to the front of the car yourself." Xia Mengyao said coldly.

"You're a dead girl! What do you mean? What do you mean by my old lady crawling to the front of the car? Obviously, the old lady walked well, and this dead girl was hit by a car. If it wasn't for the old lady's quick response, today the old lady was caught by this It's dead and dead!" Sun Guifang was arrogant and confident, as if the person touching the porcelain was Chen Feng.

"A person like you deserves to be killed." Chen Feng sneered and said.

Sun Guifang's expression suddenly changed when he said this.

"What are you talking about?! Chen Feng, you are a waste of money, believe it or not that

my old lady tears your mouth." "Tear my mouth?" Chen Feng sneered again and again, and then slammed the cart door and knocked Sun Guifang One staggered.

Sun Guifang couldn't stand still and sat down on the ground.

"You...what are you doing?" Sun Guifang panicked as he watched Chen Feng's tall figure standing condescendingly in front of him.

"Aren't you going to tear my mouth? Come on, tear it!" Chen Feng said coldly.

"Chen Feng, don't be foolish, I'm your aunt! You have to dare to beat me, Xia Weiguo, Lin Lan will not let you go!" Sun Guifang said sternly. She didn't understand why Chen Feng, who has always been the only promise, is so bold today. Her aunt dared not take it seriously.

"Mom!" At this moment, a deep voice sounded.

Hearing this voice, Sun Guifang immediately looked as if he had seen a savior, and his face was happy.

"Son, you have come here!"

Chen Feng turned his head to look, but saw a man with a face full of flesh walking over with an iron rod. This man Chen Feng also knew him. He was Sun Guifang's son Lin Dajun, in his 30s. He was still an unemployed vagrant when he was old, and he had a bad reputation on the street with a bunch of friends and friends.

"Mom, is this bastard bullying you?" Lin Dajun stared at Chen Feng with an unkind expression.

"Son, he is Chen Feng, don't you know him?" Sun Guifang couldn't help but reminded when Lin Dajun didn't seem to recognize Chen Feng.

"Chen Feng?" Lin Dajun raised his brows, only to realize that the man in front of him was familiar. He seemed to have seen him two years ago.

"Is he the trash son-in-law of my third uncle?" Lin Dajun asked, raising his eyebrows.

Chapter: 38

"It's him! Son, this rubbish is so proud now. I just happened to be walking on the road. This rubbish actually drove a car and wanted to kill me! I went up to the theory with him. Not only was he unreasonable, he wanted to hit me. , Son, if you don't come again, Mom will let this trash kill you!" Sun Guifang cried out with aggrieved expression.

When I heard that the person in front of him was Chen Feng, Lin Dajun felt confident in his heart. Although he hadn't been to summer in the past two years, he had never heard of Chen Feng’s name. It can be said that anyone can step on Chen. Lin Dajun's face was gloomy when he thought of this. He looked at Chen Feng coldly and said, "Which hand

did you just beat my mother with?" "Dajun Lin, Chen Feng didn't do anything to your mother. Xia Mengyao is almost dying of anger. For relatives of other people's family, when encountering this kind of incident, the major incidents are reduced to small ones.

"Shut up! I didn't ask you! Eat something inside and out!" Lin Dajun gave Xia Mengyao a cold look. As his cousin, Xia Mengyao didn't help him to speak, but stood on Chen Feng's side.

"Who do you think is eating inside and out?" Chen Feng's expression turned cold.

Looking at Chen Feng's icy eyes, Lin Dajun felt a little palpitating for no reason. Is this still the rubbish that he didn't even dare to say loudly before?

"Why? She is Lao Tzu's cousin, she does not help Lao Tzu to speak, but to help you an outsider. Isn't this what it means to eat inside and out?!" Lin Dajun said positively.

Chen Feng almost laughed at the words, he didn't know what kind of brain circuit this Lin Dajun had, he actually felt that his husband had no cousins.

"That's right, my son is Mengyao's cousin anyway, how about you? It's just a waste of Xia's soft rice, what right do you have to quarrel with my son!" Sun Guifang with hands on hips, with Lin Dajun by her side, she appeared Very confident.

"Auntie! Be polite!" Xia Mengyao couldn't stand it anymore. "Don't say Chen Feng didn't eat soft rice at all. Even if he eats soft rice, he also eats soft rice from our house. It has nothing to do with you!"

After speaking, Xia Mengyao turned to look at Lin Dajun coldly, "Also, Lin Dajun, I don’t have a cousin like you, please don’t put gold on your face in the future! In my mind, Chen Feng’s importance Sex is more than ten times and a hundred times more than your family combined!"

These words immediately made the two of them angry, and Sun Guifang became even more angry, pointing directly at Xia Mengyao’s nose and screaming: "Xia Mengyao, you How do you say it?! Is there any elders and humbles in your eyes? Is this how Lin Lan taught you to talk to your elders?"

"I don't have an elder like you!" Xia Mengyao said coldly.

"What?! There is no elder like us!" Sun Guifang was so angry that his voice became sharper, turned to look at Lin Dajun, and said: "Son, palm! Give me a few slaps on this bitch, Lin Lan manages I'll take

care of her daughter!" Lin Dajun stepped up to Xia Mengyao, raised his hand and was about to slap it down.

"Slap" a

crisp applause sounded, but the person who was slapped was not Xia Mengyao, but Lin Dajun.

Lin Dajun covered his face, only to feel his ears buzzing, as if there were 10,000 flies flying.

Sun Guifang was also stunned in the same place, his face full of incredible, Chen Feng, this trash, dare to hit someone? After reacting, Sun Guifang suddenly rushed to Chen Feng hysterically.

"Why are you hitting my son?! The old lady did it with you!"


Chen Feng sneered, and he slapped Sun Guifang to the ground without being polite with Sun Guifang.

Not hitting women?

Sorry, there is no such rule in Chen Feng!

"I'm damn your mother..." Seeing Sun Guifang was slapped to the ground, Dajun Lin immediately picked up the iron rod and rushed towards Chen Feng with red eyes.

Xia Mengyao's pupils shrank, subconsciously like pulling Chen Feng back to protect Chen Feng.

But who knows, Chen Feng didn't mean to be afraid at all. He didn't retreat but instead moved forward, directly facing Lin Dajun's iron rod.

Later, Xia Mengyao was stunned. Lin Dajun's iron rod smashed towards Chen Feng's head with the force of thunderbolt, and Chen Feng just raised his hand at random and held the iron rod.

Lin Dajun pressed his hands, his eyes rounded with anger, and wanted to pull the iron rod out of Chen Feng's hand, but he found that he couldn't do it at all!

It's as if Chen Feng's seemingly thin body contains endless power!

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Lin Dajun flushed, and even because of too much force, blue veins burst on his forehead.

Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and with a light force, he snatched the iron rod from Dajun Lin's hand. Then he grabbed Lin Dajun's arm and threw a straight shoulder over his shoulder, directly slamming Dajun Lin to the ground.

How could Chen Feng have such a skill? ! Xia Mengyao’s consternation at this time could not be added. After three years of marriage, she thought that Chen Feng was just an ordinary person. Not to mention the power of handlessness, it was not much worse. But today, Chen Feng is in front of her, showing it. Far beyond the combat power of ordinary people.

It is not easy for Chen Feng to bring down a fierce man like Lin Dajun who has been fighting on the streets all the year round easily!

Lin Dajun, who was lying on the ground, felt that his bones were scattered all over his body. He hated and feared Chen Feng. He couldn't understand why such a person could be so horrible. power.

"It's killing, it's killing! This beast of conscience is bullying us orphans and widows."

"Everyone, come and take care of us ." "No one cares about us, we will be beaten to death by this beast ." "

Seeing that Lin Dajun was not Chen Feng's opponent, Sun Guifang rolled his eyes, and immediately began to cry and cry, making a look of bitterness and hatred, hoping to attract the attention of passers-by.

It has to be said that Sun Guifang's trick is very effective. It is the nature of the Chinese to love watching lively. When she cried, many people immediately gathered around and gathered together.

"Everyone, help me, this beast who killed a thousand knives, he borrowed half a million yuan from our wife two years ago, and kept saying that he would pay back immediately, but two years later, he did not pay me a penny. Say, I still want to drive and hit me to death today!"

"My son couldn't see it, he wanted to come and help me, but was beaten up by this brute."

"Is there any reason! Who will help our mother!"

Sun Guifang A nose and tears.

"She's talking nonsense, everyone, don't believe her!" Xia Mengyao was so angry that her chest trembled, and Sun Guifang once again demonstrated to her that what is called the most cheap is invincible.

But many passers-by didn’t believe it at all. Chen Feng’s Audi A6 stopped by, lying on the ground and Lin Dajun was still struggling for his life. Together with the bitter and bitter Sun Guifang, anyone would make up for it. Once Sun Guifang’s mother and son were bullied. Drama.

Chapter: 39

"Borrowed money also does not think, but thinking about borrowing money to their own people killed, heart TM really rotten!"

"That is, have the money to buy the Audi A6, why not give back the money!"

"Looks It's human-like, and the things that people do are not what people can do."

Passers-by spoke one after another, and many stood by Sun Guifang's mother and son.

"Everyone listened to me, she was my aunt. Seeing my husband bought a new car, she wanted to touch porcelain..." Xia Mengyao was almost crying.

But passers-by did not listen to her explanation at all.

"Cut! The porcelain has come out. It's obviously that you borrowed the money and didn't pay it back. You still want to give it to others."

"Funny, whose aunt will touch your niece's porcelain."

"This gang of rich people doesn't have a good thing. !"

Everyone said to me, as if Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao had committed an unforgivable sin.

Sun Guifang glanced at Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao triumphantly. The provocation in his eyes was obvious. He wanted to fight with the old lady, so he could go back to his womb and practice for another two years.

Looking at Sun Guifang with a smug face, Xia Mengyao was even more angry, but at this time she had nothing to do with Sun Guifang, because everyone was on Sun Guifang's side.

"You said I borrowed half a million yuan from you?"

At this moment , Chen Feng said coldly.

"Yeah, two years ago you said you wanted to do business and you asked me to borrow money. I lent you the 500,000 worth of the house sold at home. At that time, you said that you would return it to me at most one month, but it was delayed. Years..." Sun Guifang said straightforwardly, and people who didn't know could not see that she was lying.

"What about the IOU? You borrowed so much money from me. You should always let me make an IOU." Chen Feng said.

"IOU?" Sun Guifang's eyes dodged, and said bit the bullet: "I put the IOU at home. How could I take such important things with me casually."

Chen Feng sneered and continued: "Okay, let's not talk about the IOU. You just said I wanted to kill you, do you have evidence?"

"Evidence?" Sun Guifang screamed, "I was almost hit by you."

I'm dead, where's the evidence." "It means you have no evidence?" Chen Feng said indifferently.

When Chen Feng said this, the brows of many passers-by began to frown. When Sun Guifang cried, they preconceived that Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao were the culprits. It seems that things are probably not what Sun Guifang said, because Sun Guifang's reaction was a little abnormal.

"I...I don't care. It's true that you beat our wife anyway. My son is lying on the ground. It's impossible for him to beat him by himself." Sun Guifang continued to savagely.

"I did the injury on your son's body." Chen Feng admitted lightly.

"Have you heard! Did you hear that! He admitted to the beast who killed Thousand Swords, and he was the one who hit my son." Seeing Chen Feng dare to admit it himself, Sun Guifang's expression was overjoyed.

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"But I haven't asked you to borrow half a million, let alone hit you." Chen Feng said again.

"Then why are you hitting my son?" Sun Guifang said with his arms around his chest.

"Because he owes a fight." Chen Feng said lightly.

"You..." Sun Guifang was angry. She thought Chen Shengeng was sophistry, but she didn't expect that Chen Feng didn't mean sophistry at all.

"Criticism, everyone, this beast of conscience, borrowing money from our orphans and widows, but also wants to kill our orphans and widows, is there any king?" Sun Guifang knelt on the ground again and began to sell miserably.

"Call the police! Take this scumbag to the police station and let the police teach him!"

"Don't think you can do whatever you want if you have money ! Let's go together and take off the clothes of the dog and the dog."

Someone who held the horror wanted to take the opportunity to take advantage of it. Xia Mengyao is cheap.

"A bunch of mindless idiots!" Chen Feng glanced at many passersby, his eyes instantly cold.

"Which idiot are you scolding?!"

"TM's, you dare to be so arrogant if you make a mistake, let's go together and kill him!"

Someone rolled up their sleeves, eager to try.

Sun Guifang, who was on the side, was full of delight. This trash, she was an out-and-out idiot. In this case, she even dared to commit public outrage. She could already predict the tragedy of Chen Feng being attacked by a group. Up.

Sun Guifang not help Chen Feng looked at, Chen Feng seems to want to see the expression of horror, but who knows Chen Feng but disdain smile, faint and asked: "? I know why you are not fools the brain it"

crowd Keep your mouth shut.

Chen Feng shook his head and sneered: "Yes, you idiots, maybe you don't even know that there is something in this world called a driving recorder!" A

driving recorder? !

Everyone's face changed drastically in an instant, how could they not know this kind of thing.

Seeing that Chen Feng was so confident, everyone instantly reacted, the truth of the matter may not be what Sun Guifang said!

Immediately everyone turned their eyes to Sun Guifang, but saw that Sun Guifang's eyes were really dodging.

"I owe you half a million?" Chen Feng glanced at Sun Guifang and asked lightly.

"I...I..." Sun Guifang hesitated, unable to speak.

"I just wanted to drive you to death?" Chen Feng sneered and continued to ask.

"I... I still have something to do in my house. I'll leave first." After Sun Guifang put down these words, she left in a hurry. She was afraid that she would not leave again. Chen Feng directly published the video in the dash cam. I am afraid it is her.

Seeing Sun Guifang fleeing with his tail sandwiched between them, many passers-by, no matter how stupid they were, realized that they were tricked by Sun Guifang!

For a while, everyone was ashamed and annoyed, and they dared not even look at Chen Feng.

Xia Mengyao opened her mouth wide, she didn't know what to say anymore.

Only she in the audience knew that Chen Feng's car was newly mentioned!

There is no driving recorder at all!

Chen Feng is cheating!

But by the way, no one can see it!

Seeing Sun Guifang and Lin Dajun leaving the scene like mourning dogs, Chen Feng couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that this pair of superb mothers and sons had a streak in their minds, so they had to look at the driving recorder and follow him to the end. .

Chen Feng turned around and saw Xia Mengyao staring at him blankly. Chen Feng couldn't help but smile: "What are you looking at, is your husband so handsome?"

Xia Mengyao blushed. Just now, when Chen Feng scolded many passerby idiots, it was quite Handsome, with a special temperament, but Xia Mengyao couldn't admit it.

"What's so handsome? It's ugly." Xia Mengyao curled her lips and said Jiao Ya.

Chen Feng touched his nose and smiled, ugly? It's not too ugly.


"Son, how come Chen Feng, this trash, can suddenly be hit like this? You can't even hit him." After fled to a residential building with Lin Dajun, Sun Guifang asked suspiciously that she knew her son's abilities. Even the elementary school teacher commented on Lin Dajun that the student had stable grades and extremely strong hands-on skills. It can be said that Lin Dajun has hardly suffered a loss in fighting.

But today, in front of Chen Feng, Lin Dajun is like a primary school student. He fell down by Chen Feng even if he couldn't even touch Chen Feng's side. Could it be that Chen Feng, this waste, took some panacea to transform his body?

Chapter: 40

"I don't know." Lin Dajun said with a look of bad luck: "This waste is like a chicken blood today. It is powerful, and I feel that he still has his hands."

"He still has his hands?!" Sun Guifang's eyes widened, and his hands were so fierce?

"Son, it's better for our mothers not to provoke him in the future." Sun Guifang worried.

"No! Mom, let others know that my Lin Dajun was beaten by a squatter, and what other people would think of me, I will still be in the street in the future." Lin Dajun was not convinced.

"But you can't beat that uselessness now." Sun Guifang said.

"Mom, I can't beat him alone, but I still have more than a dozen brothers. I don't believe it, that one can beat a dozen!" Lin Dajun sneered, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

Sun Guifang nodded, and said, "You can fight that scumbag anytime, but before hitting him, my wife has to make a fortune from that scumbag."

Sun Guifang's eyes were full of greed, she had seen it before. , The car that Chen Feng drove was an Audi A6 with a landing price of more than 500,000 yuan. She had never seen so much money in her life.

"Mom, how do you fish?" Lin Dajun couldn't help but move.

"We went directly to your third aunt's house and filed a complaint with your third aunt, saying that Chen Feng beat us up and asked Chen Feng to pay us for medical expenses."

"Does Chen Shengeng listen to my third aunt?" Lin Dajun He hesitated to ask, he always felt that today's Chen Feng was different from the previous squandered one, but he couldn't tell where the specifics were different.

"Son, you forgot that when we went to your third aunt's house for dinner two years ago, your third aunt did not let Chen Feng serve the table, so did Chen Feng obediently take the meal to the kitchen?" Sun Guifang pulled out the corner of his mouth. A touch of sarcasm, asked.

Lin Dajun's eyes lit up and said, "Mom, I remember! When Chen Feng entered the kitchen, you still smiled and told my third aunt that you are more obedient than a dog."

"No, but in the eyes of Mom at the time, the dog was not as good as a dog! At least the dog was forced to bite, and he wouldn't even dare to bite the dog!"

"So son, you just Don’t worry, let’s go to your third aunt’s house for a while, just file a complaint with your third aunt, and then ask your third aunt to put pressure on that wasteful waste. He will definitely dare not listen to your third aunt’s words. Those brothers, my mother and I can return the humiliation we suffered today." Sun Guifang said gloomily.

"Mom, let's go quickly, I can't wait to make that useless and kneel in front of me." Lin Dajun said excitedly.

Almost as soon as Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao went home, Sun Guifang and Lin Dajun rushed over.

As soon as Lin Lan opened the door, she saw Sun Guifang's imposing face.

"Sister-in-law, why are you here?" Lin Lan was surprised. The Sun Guifang family had not come to the house for two years since they came to Xia Weiguo to borrow money last time. One family never asked.

"Why can't I come?" Sun Guifang opened her mouth with a strange tone of yin and yang. After she finished speaking, she ignored Lin Lan and led Lin Dajun directly into the door without changing the slippers, as if, She is the owner of this house.

"Chen Feng is a waste of money, let him get out and see me!" Sun Guifang yelled, sitting on the sofa carelessly.

"Sister-in-law, what are you looking for Chen Feng for?" Lin Lan asked suspiciously. Hearing Sun Guifang's tone, it was obvious that Chen Feng had provoked her.

"Why do you talk so much? If you call him out, don't you know." Sun Guifang said impatiently.

Lin Lan's face was a bit ugly. Sun Guifang was notoriously difficult to deal with. If she didn't handle it well today, Sun Guifang would definitely scold her on her mother's side, but she didn't know. Where did Chen Feng provoke Sun Guifang? It is not easy to make a round.

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"Chen Feng and Mengyao went shopping for groceries and will be back soon." Lin Lan said.

"Buy food? What kind of food to buy! Call him quickly and let him get back right away." Sun Guifang said with an aura.

Seeing Sun Guifang's attitude, Lin Lan was also furious, so she could only pick up the phone and cast her anger on Chen Feng.

"Chen Feng, you quickly get me back!"

"What's wrong, Mom?" On the other side, Chen Feng was confused. How did Lin Lan feel like eating a dynamite bag.

"Did you offend your aunt somewhere?" Lin Lan asked boredly.

Chen Feng squinted his eyes. It turned out that Sun Guifang came to the door.

"There is a little friction, why, did they come here?" Chen Feng asked.

"Their family is sitting on the sofa now, Chen Feng, you'd better come back right away and take care of this matter for me!" Lin Lan ordered, and after speaking, she hung up the phone directly.

A few minutes later, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao rushed back.

As soon as I walked in, I saw Sun Guifang sitting leisurely on the sofa, eating grapes.

"Sister-in-law, you can always tell me now, where did Chen Feng provoke you?" Lin Lan asked with her arms around her chest.

"Mom, don't listen to my aunt's nonsense, it was my aunt who had to touch porcelain before Chen Feng did her." Sun Guifang didn't speak, Xia Mengyao was anxious, but she had seen Sun Guifang's ability to reverse black and white, she was afraid of Sun Guifang. Open your mouth, maybe what to say.

"You damn girl, what nonsense! Am I touching porcelain? Obviously, I accidentally fell while walking and fell down, and then Chen Feng was so useless, he wanted to drive me to death!" Sun Guifang was right. In words, she thought clearly on the way here, anyway, she didn't say anything about Chen Feng's money. The video of herself crawling in front of Chen Feng's car on the dash cam did not mean that she touched porcelain.

"Chen Feng drove you into a car?" Lin Lan was stunned. Where did Chen Feng come from? Doesn't Chen Feng only have an electric car?

"Yeah, you son-in-law, he may be patient now. You still drove an Audi A6 and Lin Lan. You gave him a lot of money." Sun Guifang sneered with yin and yang.

Lin Lan's face turned black immediately. Where did she give Chen Feng money, if Chen Feng gave her the same amount of money. ,

"Sister-in-law, are you sure that Chen Feng drives an Audi A6?" Lin Lan asked.

"Don't you know?" Sun Guifang was also stunned.

Xia Mengyao secretly said a bad cry. She did not tell Lin Lan about picking up a car for Chen Feng. Her plan was to hide Lin Lan for a while, because she told Lin Lan in advance that Lin Lan would never agree to buy a car for Chen Feng. , Even if the money comes for nothing.

"Chen Feng! What's the matter? Where did you get the money to buy an Audi A6?" Lin Lan's face was a little cold.

"I asked Mengyao to buy it for me."

"Mom, I bought it for Chen Feng." The

two said almost in unison, but what they said was very different. Chen Feng said he asked Xia Mengyao to buy it for himself. Yes, this would prevent Lin Lan from blaming Xia Mengyao, but Xia Mengyao said that he bought it for Chen Feng on his own initiative, with a clear purpose, not wanting Lin Lan to scold Chen Feng.