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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 311-320 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 311

"And you, old stuff!" Chen Feng moved his icy gaze to Lin Yue again, and Lin Yue's calf trembled suddenly.

"Made a mistake of not thinking about the first time admit, but think of how the wrong onto others go."

"Onto others no problem, you let someone else pay for your mistakes!"

"A mere clothes, you mouth is one hundred and eighty thousand! " "

you think money is the wind blowing it? "

" greedy! " "

Yilaomailao! " "

I do not know retreat! " "

also from the vain righteous! " "

fifty I've almost lived on a dog!"

Chen Feng scolded coldly, and Lin Yue's chest was up and down, and her face was blue and red.

She was mad.

After a long time, she gritted her teeth, pointed at Chen Feng's nose, and screamed: "You have sharp teeth and sharp mouths, do you mean what you say?"

"You said I had a mistake with Manager Zhang first. , Did you show evidence?”

Tang Ruoxue put her arms around her chest and said nothing, even though Chen Feng said nothing, but as long as he can't show evidence, everything is in vain.

"Evidence?" Chen Feng sneered: "Do you want evidence?"

"Then I'll give you evidence!"

Chen Feng stepped aside, took out his mobile phone, and called Chen Zhong.


Before Chen Zhong could open his mouth, he was interrupted by Chen Feng coldly: "Chen Zhong, who is the person in charge of the White Swan?"

"White Swan?" Chen Zhong was taken aback, and then he hurriedly said: "The person in charge of White Swan is Wang Haikuo..."

"Wang Haikuo?" Chen Feng's eyes were cold, and he said in a cold voice: "Within ten minutes, let him roll to the white swan!"

After finishing speaking, Chen Feng hung up the phone, but there was something on Chen Zhong's forehead. There was a thin layer of cold sweat.

Without even thinking about it, the white swan must have offended Chen Feng with something short of eyes.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng returned to Lin Wanqiu.

At this time, Zhang An had already gasped, and when he saw Chen Feng, his irritation in his eyes was even worse. No matter that Lin Zongwei was here anymore, he pointed directly at Chen Feng’s nose and cursed: "Get out of here. Swan doesn’t welcome your kind of rubbish!"

"No?" Chen Feng sneered: "What are you? If you say that you are not welcome, you are not welcome?"

"Lao Tzu is the manager of White Swan, what do you think Lao Tzu is!" Zhang An almost vomited blood out of anger. If Lin Zongwei weren't here, he would have asked someone to take Chen Feng off.

"White Swan's manager? You won't be right away." Chen Feng gave Zhang An coldly.

After a slight daze, Zhang An immediately reacted to Chen Feng's meaning.

"Just you rubbish, do you want people to fire Laozi?"

"You are all light to fire!" Chen Feng smiled sensibly.

Zhang An was furious at once, and he waved his big hand: "Come here, get me out of him, we white swan don't welcome such rubbish!" A

dozen tattooed guys moved after hearing the sound.

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A smug sneer appeared at the corners of Lin Yue's mother and daughter's lips.

Lin Zongwei's face became cold and he was about to step forward.

At this time, a panting voice sounded from the stairs.

"Stop it all!"

Zhang An's expression suddenly changed upon hearing this voice.

A few seconds later, a middle-aged man in disheveled clothes and a big belly ran over.

"President Wang!" Zhang An's pupils shrank slightly, why did Wang Haikuo come here!

Chen Feng raised his wrist and glanced at the time. He asked Wang Haikuo to come over within ten minutes, but now it has been less than six minutes, Wang Haikuo's speed is quite fast.

"Mr. Wang, why are you here?" Zhang An greeted him flatteringly. Although Wang Haikuo is his cousin, he couldn't call it clearly in front of so many people.

"Mr. Wang..."

"Go away!" Before

Zhang An finished speaking, he was pushed away by the angry Wang Haikuo.

Zhang An was taken aback, before he understood what had happened, he saw Wang Haikuo trot in front of Lin Zongwei and Chen Feng, and then bowed deeply to them.

"Mr. Lin, Mr. Chen, I'm sorry, I'm interrupting your meal."


Mr. Chen?


Two consecutive titles, like two heavy hammers, smashed Zhang An's mind, shaking Zhang Anhui's figure sharply, and standing a little unstable.

Cousin didn't make a mistake, right?

It doesn't matter if you call Lin Zongwei Lin, why do you call that garbage Mr. Chen? !

In fact, because Zhang An turned his back to Wang Haikuo, he did not realize that Wang Haikuo's eyes fell on Chen Feng the whole time!

He looked at Chen Feng with fear!

Fear deep into the bone!

Almost after Chen Zhong finished the phone call, he knew that the true behind-the-scenes boss of the White Swan, the heir of the Chen family who had never seen the end, was


"Mr. Wang, did you admit the wrong person? This rubbish is just a son-in-law. He and Mr. Lin are just classmates...


Wang Haikuo turned his head violently, slapped Zhang An's face fiercely, and cursed grimly: "Shut up, I!"

Zhang An was stunned, completely stunned.

He didn't understand why Wang Haikuo was so angry.

"Cousin..." Subconsciously, he called out his relationship with Wang Haikuo.

Wang Haikuo's body trembled, and his anger opened wide:

"What cousin?!"

"Who is your cousin!"


shout !" Wang Haikuo winked at Zhang An frantically, wishing to tear Zhang An's mouth apart.

"Is he your cousin?"

At this moment, a faint voice sounded behind him.

Wang Haikuo's body froze suddenly, and he turned his head back. "Mr. Chen, don't listen to him nonsense, he is not my cousin."

Chen Feng said blankly: "Is it?" When

facing Chen Feng's cold gaze, Wang Haikuo could only feel it. His back was chilly, as if he suddenly fell into an ice cellar.

Fortunately, Chen Feng didn't delve into this issue, but said lightly:

"Do you know what he did?"

"Mr. Chen, I...I don't know." Wang Haikuo smiled and shook his head.

"Then what do you know!" Chen Feng's tone became cold.

Wang Haikuan's body was stiff again.

"Mr. Wang, there may be some minor misunderstandings between Mr. Chen and I." At this moment, Zhang Anqiang smiled and took the initiative to relieve the siege.

At this moment, if he still can't see that Chen Feng has a big background, then his eyes will be long for nothing.

"Small misunderstanding?" Chen Feng sneered: "Such a big thing, when it came to your mouth, turned out to be a small misunderstanding?!"

"Zhang An!"

"Tell me honestly, what exactly did you do!" Wang Haikuo was furious. In fact, through the traces of the scene, he probably knew what Zhang An did.

But he couldn't believe that Zhang An would be so bold and reckless to call the gangsters outside and hit the guests of his own restaurant!

This is already an industry taboo!

In addition, Zhang An’s guest is the ultimate boss of White Swan!

Heir to the Chinese super giant Chen family!

To do such a thing, Zhang An's death 10,000 times is not enough!

Chapter: 312

Directly facing Wang Haikuo's angry gaze, Zhang An suddenly did not dare to conceal the slightest bit of concealment, telling everything about it!

The hall suddenly calmed down. No one thought that Zhang An would be so shameless and help Lin Yue to bully an eighteen-year-old girl. In order to prevent him from getting into the water, he even made up the nonsense that the monitoring was broken.

It is clear that Swan’s behind-the-scenes boss is the Yanjing Chen family, but in order not to lose the gambling contract, Zhang An forcibly opened his eyes and talked nonsense.


"Mr. Chen, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I'm obsessed with my heart, so let me go." Zhang An turned his pleading gaze to Chen Feng. Although he didn't know what Chen Feng came from, he knew that now only Chen Feng can decide his stay.

"Let you go?" Chen Feng's mouth raised a touch of coldness: "Why should I let you go?"

"Remember what I said before?"

Zhang An's body trembled, of course he remembered, a few minutes ago Chen Feng said that he would be fired, but at the time he didn't worry about this at all. He felt that Chen Feng was talking nonsense. Now... With a

"puff", Zhang An directly knelt on the ground.

"Mr. Chen, don't fire me. My mother is in the hospital, and there are two children in school. I still have a mortgage on my back. If you fire me, our family will have no way to

survive ..." Zhang An burst into tears. , But Chen Feng didn’t even blink his eyes, and shouted coldly, "Go!"

"Mr. Chen..." Zhang An wanted to beg again, but Wang Haikuo flew up, kicked and kicked. Zhang An kicked three meters away.

"Mr. Chen told you to get out, can't you hear me?!"

"From today, you are fired, immediately, immediately, roll me up and get fucked!" Wang Haikuo pointed at Zhang An, sternly cursed, wishing Zhang An would go now Vanished in front of oneself.

The situation took a turn for the worse.

Zhang An, who was still holding the winning ticket just now, arrogantly turned into a rat crossing the street after a call from Chen Feng. Everyone shouted, even his cousin didn't want to look at him.

For a while, many diners cast their curious eyes on Chen Feng.

They don't understand, where does Chen Feng, a door-to-door son-in-law, come from so much energy?

Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue looked surprised, and they did not expect that Chen Feng was just a phone call and called the person in charge of White Swan to solve all the troubles.

And looking at the person in charge showing respect to Chen Feng, Chen Feng's background is obviously not small.

However, didn't Lin Lan say that Chen Feng is a waste family cook?

Why did he know the Chen family?

"Adjust the monitoring."

At this time, Chen Feng spit out three more words coldly.

Lin Yue's mind trembled, and she whispered: "Chen Feng, let's forget the monitoring, no need to adjust."

"Since you know this little girl, everyone is a family."

"The family is a little small. Friction is normal."

"My dress, I don't need this little girl to pay for it."

"Everyone regards

harmony as the most valuable, and harmony is the most important . Lin Yue's face is scornful, if the surveillance is really brought out, then her face is today. I am afraid that she will be beaten and swollen, because it is indeed her fault. The dress being splashed has nothing to do with Lin Wanqiu.

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" Peace is more important? "Chen Feng sneered at the corner of his mouth: "Now that you think of it, peace is more expensive?" "

" Late! "Chen Feng's expression was cold, and his tone was beyond doubt: "Tune! "

Yes, Mr. Chen!" "

Wang Haikuo looked overjoyed, he wouldn't let such a great opportunity to make up for it.

Soon, Wang Haikuo moved a notebook with a red face.

Many diners gathered around.

Wang Haikuo called up the scene of Lin Yue and Lin Wanqiu colliding with each other, and then played slowly.

The movements of the two were shown in front of everyone frame by frame.

Lin Wanqiu walked normally.

Lin Yue didn't even look at the back, she suddenly got up, and then bumped into Lin Wanqiu.

The soup splashes.

Lin Yue's expression gradually became ferocious...

There is no doubt that it was Lin Yue who was at fault first!

"An older man, how thick skinned so!" "Is

really shameless, are over fifty years old, but also correct people an eighteen-year-old girl, shamelessly!"


The many diners did not save Lin Yue's face, and directly cursed in front of Lin Yue.

Because Lin Yue's face is too ugly!

"No... it's not like that, you have misunderstood me." Lin Yue's face was green and red, but her defense seemed so weak in the face of the facts.


Chen Feng glanced at Lin Yue coldly. If Lin Yue doesn't apologize, then this matter is not over!

"You trash, don't be too much!" Lin Yue is going to be mad. At this moment, if she says who she hates most, then Chen Feng will definitely be ranked first.

If it weren't for Chen Feng, she wouldn't have to be so embarrassed today.

"I'll say it one last time, apologize!" A cold light flashed in Chen Feng's eyes.

This cold light immediately made Lin Yue's heart startled.

"Okay, I apologize, let's apologize." Lin Yue softened.

Turning around and gently saying to Lin Wanqiu: "I'm sorry."

"Not sincere, re- speak ." Chen Feng was expressionless.

Lin Yue gritted her teeth, bent over, bowed, and said heavily, "I'm sorry, I was wrong!"

"No... it doesn't matter." Lin Wanqiu was a little timid, until now, her little head is still a little dizzy, she I can't believe that Lin Yue, such a domineering woman, would actually apologize to her in the end.

"Let's go."

Chen Feng smiled slightly and gently raised the girl's jade hand.

Lin Zongwei glanced at Geng Hao coldly, then got up.

Seeing that Lin Zongwei was about to leave, Tang Ruoxue was anxious: "Mr. Lin, something for cooperation?"

"Go!" Lin Zongwei's response was as simple and rude as ever: "From today, Zhongsheng Group, don't think about any cooperation with Dingfeng Company. ! "

" Remember, no! "

" shabu "

mother and two of his face, opt for pale down.

Lin Zongwei said so decisively, the cooperation between Zhongsheng Group and Dingfeng Company may be completely cold.

"Trash! I'm all to blame for that dead trash, I'm mad at me!" Lin Yue stomped straight, and after Chen Feng's trouble, the cooperation between Zhongsheng Group and Dingfeng Company was completely irritated.

Her trip to Cangzhou this time not only came in vain, but because she offended Lin Zongwei, if she went back, she would be held accountable by the board of directors. Don’t even think about securing the position of deputy manager. It’s good not to be kicked out of Zhongsheng Group. Up.

"Mom, don't be angry, let this waste be proud of it for a few days! When the grandfather's birthday banquet is next month, we will find a way to find the place." Tang Ruoxue bit her silver teeth, resentful. ,

"Your grandfather's birthday banquet?" Lin Yue was taken aback: "Will that waste go?"

"I will definitely go." Tang Ruoxue said firmly: "The third aunt hasn't seen grandpa in seven or eight years. She used to have no face to see her, because she has a bad mix. Now that she has a mansion and is so good, she will definitely think about it. Be in the limelight, and grandpa's birthday banquet is her best opportunity to be limelight!"

"So she will definitely bring that waste and Xia Mengyao there when the time comes."

Chapter: 313

"Okay, this time Mom must clean up the waste!" Lin Yue had a bit of resentment in her eyes. Zhonghai is her place. As long as Chen Feng comes to Zhonghai, she will have a thousand ways to make Chen Fengsheng worse dead!

Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu walked out of the white swan.

But after only a few steps, the girl's footsteps suddenly stopped, and she bowed deeply to Chen Feng:

"Brother Chen Feng, I'm sorry, Wanqiu has caused you trouble again..." The

girl's pretty face wrote Full of guilt, she has troubled Chen Feng three times since she met Chen Feng yesterday.

Chen Feng always stood up every time when she was most difficult.

She couldn't imagine what she and her mother would be like now without Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: "It's okay. If you encounter problems that you can't deal with in the future, remember to inform me not to do it alone."

"Yeah." Lin Wanqiu bit her teeth lightly, her pretty face flushed.

"Let's go, I'll take you to the hospital."

Chen Feng said, Lin Yue didn't start with seriousness, those few benches are bound to leave Lin Wanqiu secretly injured.

"Yeah." After hesitating for a moment, Lin Wanqiu nodded.

But after a few steps, her body suddenly softened, and she fell forward without warning.

The ground is getting closer.

There was a touch of horror in Lin Wanqiu's beautiful eyes.

He was about to fall to the ground.

At this time, a big powerful hand followed Lin Wanqiu's slender waist and held Lin Wanqiu up.

Lin Wanqiu posted her whole body on Chen Feng.

The head went deep into Chen Feng's chest cavity.

An unprecedented strong masculine aura immediately surrounded Lin Wanqiu.

Her pretty face was red.

"What's wrong with you?" Chen Feng frowned.

"No...nothing." Lin Wanqiu's voice was like mosquito feet.

"It's okay?"

Chen Feng frowned and glanced down, only to see the girl's slender and white calf, which was already blue and purple, and a big bag was swollen at the ankle.

Chen Feng's face sank. There is no doubt that all of these are Lin Yue's masterpieces.

"Brother Chen Feng, I...I'm fine, let's go." Lin Wanqiu's gaze was a little dodged, subconsciously like escaping from Chen Feng's sight, but she was about to move, but a tear came from her calf. The pain of a cleft heart.

In an instant, a fine layer of fragrant sweat came out of his forehead.

"You may have hurt your bones, let me hold you." Chen Feng sighed. He didn't expect that Lin Yue would be so cruel. If he didn't come today, Lin Yue could kill Lin Wanqiu.

", Brother Chen Feng..." Lin Wanqiu wanted to say something more, but in the next second, Chen Feng hugged her up involuntarily.

Lin Wanqiu's pretty face flushed suddenly, as if water could drip out.

"Thank you, Brother Chen Feng..." The girl buried her head in Chen Feng's arms and muttered in a voice that only she could hear.

The city hospital is not far from the white swan. Chen Feng hugged Lin Wanqiu and walked for less than fifteen minutes before arriving at the emergency room.

When he arrived at the emergency room, Chen Feng discovered that Lin Wanqiu fell asleep in his arms at some unknown time. It was obviously because of exhaustion.

Chen Feng shook his head, sympathizing with Lin Wanqiu in his arms for no reason.

Lin Wanqiu is no different from other young girls, but other young girls at her age don't have to bear so much.

"Chen Feng!"

She was about to take Lin Wanqiu for an examination, but at this moment, a sharp voice rang behind her.

Lin Lan?

Chen Feng frowned and turned around.

The Xia family of three came into sight.

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Lin Lan was full of resentment, Xia Weiguo frowned.

Xia Mengyao had a cold face.

Chen Feng suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.


At this time, Lin Lan stepped on high heels and walked a few steps in front of Chen Feng.

Pointing to Lin Wanqiu in

Chen Feng 's arms, he asked, "Who is this little vixen?!" "Her name is Lin Wanqiu..." Chen Feng frowned and prepared to explain, but Lin Lan didn't listen at all and cursed directly: "Okay. you are a waste! " "

a few days ago with that little slut Malus transitoria not explain things, has cropped Lin Wanqiu such a small fox! " "

you became what we Meng Yao! " "

can you point Face!"

"My relationship with Wan Qiu is not what you think!" Chen Feng gave Lin Lan a cold look.

"Not that kind of relationship?" Lin Lan sneered.

"You are holding this little vixen in your arms. Isn't that kind of relationship? Do you think we are all blind!"

At this moment, Lin Wanqiu opened her eyes and saw Lin Lan's aggressive appearance, she suddenly realized What happened, he hurriedly got out of Chen Feng’s arms and explained to Lin Lan: "Auntie, Brother Chen Feng and I just met yesterday, it was saved by Brother Chen Feng..."


Lin Lan didn't listen to the explanation at all, and raised it directly. He slapped Lin Wanqiu's pretty face with a fierce slap.

"Brother Chen Feng?! You stinky biao, even Brother Chen Feng called! Do you know the true identity of this waste?! He is a married man!" Lin Lan scolded, she was worried that she could not catch To Chen Feng's handle, unexpectedly, Chen Feng sent it up by himself.

This time, she wanted to see what Chen Feng had to say!

Lin Wanqiu was holding her face, tears rolling in her beautiful eyes. There is no doubt that the woman in front of her is Chen Feng's mother-in-law, and not far away, the icy and beautiful woman is Chen Feng's wife.


"Don't call me auntie! You are not worthy of a vixen!" Lin Lan yelled, and as she scolded, she raised her hand again, preparing to slap Lin Wanqiu again.

But this time, her hand was caught in the air by Chen Feng.

"Enough!" Chen Feng suppressed his anger, and said in a

deep voice : "This matter has nothing to do with Wanqiu." "It doesn't matter?" Lin Lan sneered, "It doesn't matter if you say it's okay? Are we all blind?"

"Lin Lan, don't make trouble unreasonably!" Chen Feng's expression turned cold, and Lin Lan made it clear that he wanted to make things worse.

"Am I making trouble unreasonably?" Lin Lan pointed to her nose with an incredible face.

"You are a trash cheating, you dare to say that I am making trouble without any reason!"

"Where is your face!"

"Chen Feng, what is going on? I need an explanation."

At this time, Xia Weiguo also walked up with a calm face. He didn't know Ye Haitang's affairs, but Lin Wanqiu in front of him, he watched Chen Feng embrace him.

He couldn't help but doubt it.

"Dad, Wanqiu and I only met yesterday..." Chen Feng explained patiently, and re-examined the matter of Wang Shuzhen's visit to Lin Yue Bentley yesterday and Lin Yue's beating Lin Yue today.

After listening, Xia Weiguo was skeptical.

Chapter: 314

But Lin Lan's complexion was instantly green, and she pointed directly at Chen Feng's nose and cursed: "You actually smashed your aunt's car for this fox?!

"You dare to say that you have nothing to do with her! "

Chen Feng face a cold:" I hit Lin Yue car, because the car hit her! "

Lin Lan exploded in anger: "Lao Xia, listen, listen to how this trash talks!" "

What is sister Yue's car should I smash?" Sister Yue is his aunt, a dear aunt! "

He smashed his auntie's car for a showy vixen, and even said that the auntie's car should be smashed!" "

What kind of bastard is this!" "

Today he dared to smash sister Yue's car for this little fox, then will he dare to kill our family of three for this little fox tomorrow!" "

Lanlan, stop arguing, go back and say something." "Xia Weiguo's face was gloomy and terrifying. As the saying goes, the ugliness of the family should not be exposed. Even if Chen Feng really did something wrong, he should go home and deal with it instead of making a lot of noise in a crowded place like a hospital.

"No! "If you

don't make things clear today, no one is allowed to go back!" "Lin Lan refused to give up, determined to make Chen Feng embarrassed in public.

"Mom, go back." "

At this time, Xia Mengyao said, her voice was cold, and there was no expression on her clean face.

"Can't go back!" "Lin Lan blurted out without even thinking about it.

"I must make things clear here today . " "

If you don't clarify the matter, what if this waste goes back and keeps cuckolding you?" "

What do you want me to say?" "Chen Feng took a deep breath and asked.

Lin Lan sneered: "What else can I say?" Frankly confess your relationship with Ye Haitang and the little vixen in front of you, and then kneel down to apologize to Mengyao and promise not to cheat. "

"If you do this, let's talk about going back."

"Lin Lan, don't take an inch! Ye Haitang and Wanqiu and I are just friends, not what you said." Chen Feng gritted his teeth and said every word.


Take an inch?" "You're a trash who has derailed three times in a row, and you still have the face to say that I have to make an inch?"

"Who gave you the courage?!"

"I tell you, Chen Feng, we Mengyao are good bullies, but I and Lao Xia , It's not easy to bully!"

"If you don't kneel down for Mengyao this time, you won't want to step into our Xia family in the future!"

"Tomorrow, you will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and go through the divorce procedures with Mengyao. That's it!"

"Okay." A

cold voice sounded.

Then, the audience was stunned.

"Meng... Mengyao, what are you talking about?" Lin Lan couldn't believe it, this good word turned out to be spit out from Xia Mengyao's mouth.

"I said yes." Xia Mengyao gave Lin Lan expressionlessly: "Tomorrow, I will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce with Chen Feng. Are you satisfied?"

Lin Lan's smile froze, and she said, "Dream... …Mengyao, are you kidding?"

Xia Mengyao shook her head: "I'm not kidding."

"Mengyao, don't talk nonsense!" Xia Weiguo's face fell flat.

Xia Mengyao continued to shook her head: "I'm not

talking nonsense." After she finished speaking, she turned her eyes to Chen Feng: "Chen Feng, let's get a divorce." Divorce


Chen Feng raised his head, as if he couldn't believe it, these two words would come out of Xia Mengyao's mouth.


Taking a deep breath, Chen Feng's tone calmed down.

"There is no reason, I am tired." Xia Mengyao still looked calm.

But Chen Feng's heart tightened, as if he was abruptly grasped by a big hand, and even had difficulty breathing.

He could tell that Xia Mengyao was serious this time.

She really wants to divorce.

It's just...

"Let's go home and say." Chen Feng took another deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

"No, I'm serious this time." Xia Mengyao looked directly at Chen Feng, without any fluctuations in her beautiful eyes.

"Meng Yao! Don't make emotions!" Xia Weiguo snorted: "The most difficult three years, you and Chen Feng have survived, what kind of marriage are you divorced now?"

" Yes , Mengyao, Mom just made a joke." Lin Lan was also on the sidelines. She rolled her eyes and said, "Although there is something wrong with this rubbish, it is still forgivable. Divorce... Forget about divorce."

"Dad, mom, don't say anything. Now, I have already figured it out clearly. Chen Feng and I are not suitable."

"Three years ago, we actually shouldn't be together."

"To this day, this relationship should end." Xia Mengyao still looks calm. , Calm and even scary.

But Chen Feng's face was paler than ever.

"Sorry, Chen Feng, I am not a qualified wife." Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and suppressed the trembling voice. After speaking, she turned and left without looking back.

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"Meng Yao!" Xia Weiguo was anxious.

Lin Lan was also anxious.

She glared at Chen Feng: "Trash, what are you doing in a daze?

Go chasing it." "Brother Chen Feng, go and chase sister, explain clearly to sister..." Lin Wanqiu was almost crying.

"No need." Chen Feng shook his head. No one knew Xia Mengyao better than him. Although she looked weak, her true character was tougher than anyone else.

Once a decision is made, no one can change it.

It's useless even by myself.

As for this divorce, Chen Feng can only say that it was unexpected, but it was expected.

"Chen Feng, you really want to divorce Mengyao?!" Xia Weiguo's voice became cold.

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded slightly, his

lips twitched, and said , "I'm sorry, Dad." "Oh..." Xia Weiguo sighed heavily, not knowing what to say. He could see that there was another reason why Xia Mengyao was so decisive this time.

Not for Ye Haitang and Lin Wanqiu.

"Useless things." Lin Lan scolded bitterly. Although she had been urging Xia Mengyao to divorce for the past three years, when Xia Mengyao made a decision, she was rather at a loss and even unable to accept it.

"I blame you, if it weren't for your troubles, would Mengyao be like this?!" Xia Weiguo cast his anger on Lin Lan.

"Hey? Why do you blame me? It's obviously this trash who stole the fish outside. Mengyao divorced him when Mengyao saw him. Xia Weiguo, why are you throwing the pot on my head..."

"Don't tell me Divorce, can

Mengyao remember this?" Chen Feng left the hospital with a face full of despair. He didn't hear what Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan were arguing with.

Lin Wanqiu chased after him, crying and explaining: "Brother Chen Feng, I'm sorry, it's all because of me..."

Chen Feng waved his hand, and a forced smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: "Don't blame you, Wanqiu. This matter is with you. It doesn't matter. Mengyao divorced me for other reasons."


"Don't be, you go back first, I want to be alone."

Chapter: 315

Chen Feng walked aimlessly on the street, like playing a movie in his mind, replaying the memories of the past three years with Xia Mengyao.

There are bitterness and sweetness, but more bland.

Three years ago, when I saw Xia Mengyao for the first time, he was covered in blood. Lin Lan didn't want to cause trouble, and wanted Xia Weiguo to throw him out.

But Xia Mengyao tried his best to stop it, and even had a big fight with Lin Lan for this.

That was Chen Feng's first heartbeat.

Be moved by Xia Mengyao's kindness.

Later, with the help of Xia Weiguo, he got his wish and became husband and wife Xia Mengyao.

In order not to let the Chen family notice him, he chose to forbearance and turned himself into a waste.

This forbearance is three years.

In the past three years, he suffered all the cynicism, and in the eyes of the Xia family, he was a worthless waste.

Everyone looked down on him.

Only Xia Mengyao had hope for him.

Although Xia Mengyao never said it, he could feel it.

For Xia Mengyao, he worked hard to cultivate and almost sacrificed his life.

The Emperor lives up to his heart.

He had cultivated from the middle stage of Dark Jin to the early stage of Hua Jin.

These three hurdles, many warriors, throughout their lives, can not cross.

But he only spent three years.

When others saw him in the early stage of turning energy, they would only think that it was his talent.

But only he himself knew that it was because of Xia Mengyao that he could cultivate to the early stage of Huajin.

He is grateful to Xia Mengyao.

Without Xia Mengyao, there would be no him today.

If possible, he wants to give up his blood feud with the Chen family.

He and Xia Mengyao lived a lifeless life.

But in this world, there is no if.

The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind does not stop!

The Chen family didn't want him to be quiet.

When he walked under a maple tree, Chen Feng's footsteps stopped.

Because in front of him, a silver Rolls Royce was parked.

Rolls Royce's license plate number is Jing C0000.

In front of the car, two women stood tall.

One is dressed gorgeously, and the other is not angered.

At this moment, there was a slight mocking expression on the face of the gorgeous woman.

"Qin! Xue! Soft!" In an

instant, Chen Feng's teeth clenched, and he understood!

He got it!

He understood why Xia Mengyao was divorced!

"Qin Xuerou?" The

gorgeously dressed woman raised her mouth, and then walked towards Chen Feng with her arms around her chest.

When she came to Chen Feng, her face was full of playful expressions: "Godmother is not calling? Call me Qin Xuerou?"

"Is it you?!" Chen Feng's eyes spit fire, he said before. Thinking about why Xia Mengyao was so determined to divorce him, he knew very well that it was definitely not for Ye Haitang and Lin Wanqiu, there must be other reasons.

But he couldn't understand what was the reason.

Seeing Qin Xuerou, he instantly understood.

"What is it that I am? I didn't understand what you are talking about?" Qin Xuerou's mouth was still joking.

"Have you ever found Mengyao!" Chen Feng asked with anger.

This time, Qin Xuerou did not deny it.

"Well, it's me. I called her the day before yesterday and asked her to divorce you."

"Why?!" Chen Feng clenched his fists and couldn't help but anger.

"Why?" Qin Xuerou smiled playfully: "There is no why."

"I just want to try how much that woman loves you."

"She didn't let me down."

Taking a deep breath, Chen Feng calmed herself down: "Qin Xuerou, I don't want you to intervene in the affairs between me and Mengyao."

"I have already intervened, what do you do with me?" Qin Xuerou raised her chin, as if provoking Chen Feng.

Chen Feng didn't speak, just clenched his fists.

To Qin Xuerou, he was not hostile.

For twenty years in the Chen family, this woman did not embarrass him, nor did she embarrass her mother.

Although logically speaking, she should be the one who hates herself and her mother the most in the entire Chen family.

But unexpectedly, she never showed a trace of hatred towards herself and her mother.

He couldn't see through this woman.

"You should know that you and her are not suitable, she will become your burden sooner or later." Qin Xuerou's mouth showed a smile again.

"It doesn't matter to you." Chen Feng's response was as indifferent as ever.

"Really?" Qin Xuerou didn't care.

After speaking, she sighed: "It used to have nothing to do with me, but now, it's not necessarily anymore."

Chen Feng's eyelids jumped: "What do you mean?"

"Why does Master Chen ask knowingly?" Qin Xuerou Suddenly laughed.

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Chen Feng's pupils suddenly tightened.

"Chen Feng, you should be clear about the purpose of my coming this time." Qin Xuerou glanced at Chen Feng lazily, and said: "I don't want to go around with you, you help me deal with Chen Boyong, and I help you protect Xia Mengyao, how?"

"I don't know what you are talking about." Chen Feng's face sank, he didn't know whether Qin Xuerou was testing or really knew something.

"I don't know?" Qin Xuerou raised a joking gesture: "Chen Feng, you can't hide from other people, but you can't hide from me."

"You broke through to the early stage of Huajin three months ago."

"Twenty-five years old. Great master of martial arts, tusk, if this is going to be spread, I am afraid it will scare a lot of it to death. It is worthy of that guy's kind." Qin Xuerou sighed.

Chen Feng's heart sank, and Qin Xuerou even knew the date of his breakthrough, which showed that she had not given up monitoring him from beginning to end.

He thought the whole Chen, Chen Zhennan only one who knows, he breaks into the early strength of things, but now ......

"Chen Feng, I do not want crap. You should know how my son is dead."

"I There is only one request for you, and that is to destroy Chen Boyong’s house, the house is full, and the chickens and dogs are not kept!" When it comes to Chen Boyong, a monstrous hatred is drawn across the woman’s face. This hatred makes the air around him for a moment. Freeze.

Chen Feng was silent, he didn't expect Qin Xuerou to be so direct.

"Before you destroy Chen Boyong's family, your wife, I will protect you." Qin Xuerou said again, she believed that as long as Chen Feng is not stupid, she should understand what she meant by protection.

"You should know what realm Chen Boyong is now?" Chen Feng took a deep breath and said in a deep voice. He has no time to consider the truth of Qin Xuerou's words.

But her request is really harder than reaching the sky!

Chen Boyong is the late stage of Huajin, he is the world's top martial arts master! Only one step away from the master!

There are even rumors outside that Chen Boyong had already broken through the master!

Regardless of whether the rumors are true or false, in this age when the master is not born, Chen Boyong is the top powerhouse in the world!

There is no doubt!

Qin Xuerou let him destroy Chen Boyong's family, it is no different, it is harder than climbing!

"You have no confidence in yourself?" Qin Xuerou's mouth made a beautiful arc.

Chapter: 316

Chen Feng didn't say anything. Killing Chen Boyong was not a question of confidence or disbelief. In addition to having grandmaster-level strength, the Chen family's opinions must also be considered. After all, the Chen family would not watch Chen Boyong die.

Move the whole body with one move.

Destroying Chen Boyong is almost an enemy in the world!

At this time, Qin Xuerou suddenly sneered: "You should understand that Chen Boyong will trouble you sooner or later."

"When he troubles you, the first person to look for is Xia Mengyao."

"Because she is your only weakness."

Chen Feng continued. Silent, Qin Xuerou made no mistake, indeed, Xia Mengyao was his only weakness.

He subdued Gu Dongchen and Han Long, and wooed Ye Haitang, everything was for Xia Mengyao to have the power to protect himself.

But in front of the Chen family, all he did was like a joke.

The Chen family is too powerful, and any house can wipe Cangzhou instantly.

"Give Xia Mengyao to me, I won't make you worry about the future." Qin Xuerou said coldly.

As far as Chen Feng is concerned, Xia Mengyao is both a help.

It is also a shackle.

Because of Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng was locked in Cangzhou for three years.

Now, she, Qin Xuerou, wants to untie this shackle.

Let the real dragon take off!

Fly out of Cangzhou!

"Good." Chen Feng finally uttered.

The ice on Qin Xuerou's face instantly melted away, and she turned into a smile like the warm spring sun.

She stretched out her hand: "Happy cooperation."

Chen Feng didn't mean to stretch out his hand, but gave Qin Xuerou a cold look: "Protect her, if she has the slightest handicap, I will kill you!"

Qin Xuerou's tone stagnated. Obviously, she didn't expect Chen Feng's tone to be so sharp, but after all she is a woman who has experienced strong winds and waves. She soon recovered and her pretty face showed a smile again:

"Don't worry, three days later, I will let her go to Zhonghai. Zhonghai is my territory. There, even if it is the king of Lao Tzu who is here, don't even want to move her hair."

"It's best to be like this."

Chen Feng gave Qin Xuerou a cold look and said. After that, he turned and left without looking back.

Using each other with Qin Xuerou was already the best way to deal with Chen Boyong's threat.

Qin Xuerou valued his potential.

He valued Qin Xuerou's power.

Qin Xuerou relied on herself and could not complete revenge in this life.

And he could hardly protect Xia Mengyao by himself.

So they must cooperate.

Qin Xuerou protects Xia Mengyao so that he has no worries. He solves Chen Boyong and avenges Qin Xuerou.

However, Qin Xue's flexible personality was erratic, and there was no way to act. No one knew what she thought in her mind.

After returning to Yuquan Mountain, Chen Feng received a call from Lin Lan.

On the phone, Lin Lan only said a word. At 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she will divorce with her ID card.

Chen Feng did not respond, he hung up the phone and lay in bed...

Early the next morning, Chen Feng arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau on time.

Due to holidays, many people lined up at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The three of the Xia family did not line up, but waited at the door.

Xia Mengyao wore a light blue lapel tunic dress, showing slender white jade arms, beautiful neck, and wearing a thin platinum necklace, her temperament was still cold, but compared to yesterday, her pretty face is more He looked a bit tired, obviously he didn't have a good rest last night.

The same is true for Xia Weiguo.

However, Lin Lan was as bright as ever.

Seeing Chen Feng, she waved her hand hurriedly and motioned for Chen Feng to pass.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng opened his legs.

"Did you bring your ID card?" Lin Lan glanced at Chen Feng contemptuously, and Chen Feng's arrival was still somewhat beyond her expectations.

"Take it." Chen Feng said lightly, his eyes could not help but moved to Xia Mengyao, but Xia Mengyao didn't show any expressions from beginning to end.

"Oh, let's go in." Xia Weiguo sighed, knowing that it was irreversible. At home last night, he persuaded Xia Mengyao all night, but Xia Mengyao's attitude was surprisingly firm.

The process of divorce is very simple, less than ten minutes, all procedures are completed.

Chen Feng thought he could face everything calmly, but when he got the divorce certificate, his heart trembled for no reason.

It seemed that something extremely important had been lost in an instant.

Xia Mengyao's pretty face also lost its blood, pale, and even her body was trembling.

Seeing this scene, Xia Weiguo couldn't help shaking his head.

Lin Lan was as bitter and mean as always: "Chen Feng, I can tell you, from this moment on, you have nothing to do with my Mengyao."

"You go on your Yangguan road, Mengyao will go her. The single-door bridge."

"The road is heading towards the sky, and each side."

"From now on, you are you and she is her."

"I forbid you to have any contact with Mengyao."

Chen Feng ignored Lin Lan, but stared at Xia Mengyao's profile blankly.

As if he could feel Chen Feng's gaze, Xia Mengyao's body trembled more violently.

Ringland still chatter: "I will re-arrange the match to Meng Yao, up to one month, Meng Yao would get married, this time, she would marry a thousand times a hundred times more than hello man."

"At that time, you'd better Don't come to harass her."

"Shut up!" At this moment, Xia Weiguo suddenly yelled.

The audience was quiet for a moment.

Ringland also silenced, well quite a while, she Huanguo Lai, immediately to the gas child: "You shout shout what ah Xia Weiguo??"

"Divorced daughter so happy occasion, you have nothing to be angry"?

"Festive "!" Xia Weiguo gritted his teeth and wanted to slap Lin Lan.

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"Of course it's festive. My daughter followed this waste for three years, suffered three years of hardship, and suffered three years of scolding. She didn't have a good day, and now she is relieved. What is this not being festive?" Lin Lan said positively, as she saw Come, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao divorce, it is joyous.

As long as Chen Feng is dumped, in Xia Mengyao's terms, the good men in this world almost choose whichever they want.

Marrying into a rich family is not a problem at all.

"You..." Xia Weiguo became angry, and Lin Lan's fallacies and heresies left him speechless.

"Dad, Mom was right. I was really sorry for Mengyao in the past and didn't give Mengyao happiness." Chen Feng said calmly, and Xia Mengyao's body trembled again.

Xia Weiguo sighed: "Chen Feng, you are fair and comfortable. Dad sees everything you do. You have never been sorry for this family, let alone this Mengyao."

"Dad knows that you divorced Mengyao. There must be your own reasons."

"Dad cannot persuade you, nor will he persuade you."

"But what dad wants to tell you is that although you are divorced, as long as you have a dad, Xia's family will always be your home."

"You will come back whenever you want."

"You will always be a dad ." Half son, dad doesn't recognize anyone except your dad!"

Xia Weiguo's remarks came from the bottom of his heart and made a sound, which made Chen Feng's heart a touch of warmth.

Chen Feng nodded his head: "Dad, I will come back to see you from time to time."

Lin Lan curled his lips, rarely refuting it.

Chapter: 317

"Okay, Mengyao, go back with Mom." Lin Lan got up and walked to Xia Mengyao.

Xia Mengyao nodded lightly and put the divorce certificate into the bag.

"Wait a minute."

Chen Feng's trembling voice sounded, and Xia Mengyao's body stiffened again.

Seeing Chen Feng approaching Xia Mengyao, Lin Lan hurriedly got up to stop him, her eyes were bad: "Trash, what are you doing? You and Mengyao are already divorced, she is no longer your wife..."

"I have something to give Mengyao." Chen Feng said calmly.

"What?" Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng suspiciously.

"Ice lotus pill." Chen Feng took out the jade box containing the ice lotus pill and opened it gently.

The fragrant ice lotus pill lies quietly in the jade box.

"Ice lotus pill?" Lin Lan took it, put the ice lotus pill in front of her nose and smelled it, frowning suddenly: "What is the use of this medicine?"

"It can treat dark injuries," Chen Feng said.

"Cut." Lin Lan curled her lips, her face full of dissatisfaction, she put the ice lotus pill back into Chen Feng's hand again, and snorted coldly: "Your kindness is my heart for Mengyao, but you Take it back, we Mengyao don't need it."

"Mom, give it to me." At this time, Xia Mengyao spoke calmly.

"No, I can't give it to you. The origin of this medicine is unknown, what if it is poison?" Lin Lan snorted coldly.

"Lin Lan, don't treat a gentleman like a villain! Will Chen Feng give Mengyao poison?" Xia Weiguo's expression fell cold.

"Why not?"

"This waste has just divorced Mengyao, right now he is resenting Mengyao, why wouldn't he give Mengyao the poison?" Lin Lan was plausible.

At this time, Xia Mengyao directly took the ice lotus pill from Chen Feng's hand and swallowed it in one bite.

"Meng Yao, what are you doing?!" Lin Lan was anxious.

"How can this medicine be taken directly? What if it is poison?"

"Quickly vomit it!"

Xia Mengyao ignored Lin Lan, but turned around and glanced at Chen Feng, and said calmly, "Thank you."

"No." Chen Feng shook his head.

"I'm leaving." Xia Mengyao's expression remained calm.

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded, then took a deep breath, and a forced smile

appeared at the corner of his mouth: "Take care of yourself." "Yes." Xia Mengyao nodded gently.

The two were speechless.

Immediately Xia Mengyao turned around.

The moment he turned around, tears burst into tears...

After coming out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Chen Feng only found it difficult to breathe, as if a big rock was pressed against his chest.

He and Xia Mengyao still failed to reach the end after all.

Although he had guessed the ending when he got married three years ago,

when this scene happened, he still couldn't accept it.

The promise of growing old together suddenly became a dream bubble.

For the divorce, he did not blame Xia Mengyao, nor Qin Xuerou.

He only blamed himself.

Blame yourself for not being strong, blame yourself for not being strong enough.

If he has enough strength, if he is strong enough, he can protect Xia Mengyao comprehensively.

That thing will never evolve into what it is today.

I blame myself...

Chen Feng took a deep breath.

Calm down.

Now he has only one thing to do, and that is to become stronger!

Strong enough to fight against the Chen family!

Powerful enough to make Chen Boyong jealous!

Only in this way can he pick up Xia Mengyao.

"Mengyao, wait for me, we won't be separated for too long." Chen Feng took a deep breath and swore secretly in his heart.

Soon after leaving the Civil Affairs Bureau, Chen Feng received a call from Chen Zewen.

"Uncle Chen, the fire poison in the master's body can't be suppressed..." Chen Zewen's tone was a bit solemn. Half a month ago, the fire poison had penetrated Huang Lao San's body.

However, Huang Lao San has a deep cultivation base, and carried it over abruptly.

But in the past few days, fire poison has a tendency to invade the lungs.

Once the fire poison invades the lungs, it is Hua Tuo's reincarnation, and I am afraid that it will not be able to save Huang Lao San's life.

"I see, you buy the tickets right away, and we will leave for Zhonghai in the afternoon." Chen Feng said in a deep voice, busy dealing with the mess brought by Chen Yingrou these days, and almost forgot that Huang Laosan was caught in the fire.

"Okay, Uncle Chen, I'll go buy it now." After

hanging up the phone, Chen Feng went back to the hospital. Before leaving Cangzhou, he had to see Wang Shuzhen and Lin Wanqiu.

As soon as he entered the ward, Chen Feng saw Lin Wanqiu who was feeding Wang Shuzhen porridge.

"Brother Chen Feng..." Seeing Chen Feng, Lin Wanqiu stood up in a panic, a seductive blush on her fair and pretty face.

"How is your leg?" Chen Feng smiled slightly.

"No... it's okay, the doctor said that my legs are nothing serious, and I can rest for two days." Lin Wanqiu looked at Chen Feng with dodgy eyes.

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded slightly, then turned his gaze to Wang Shuzhen again: "Aunt Wang, how do you feel?"

"I'm better too, benefactor." Although Wang Shuzhen's tone was still a bit weak, it was obvious that her complexion was much better than the previous few days.

"That's good."

"I'm going to Zhonghai in the afternoon . I'm going to Zhonghai this time . I don't know how long to stay in Zhonghai ." "After I leave

, if you have any trouble and need help, give it to this person. Call and report my name, and he will help you." Chen Feng said, sending Gu Dongchen's phone number to Lin Wanqiu.

"Benefactor, how can this be done... Our two mothers have already troubled you a lot." Wang Shuzhen was a little apprehensive, and Chen Feng said to their mother and daughter that it was true, and he simply brought the best of benevolence to the extreme.

Chen Feng shook his head: "Aunt Wang, the woman who bumped into you that day was my aunt. She has something to do with me. I have an obligation to make up for the mistakes she committed."

"Alas, benefactor, Anyway, Wanqiu and I still want to thank you. Without you, our mother and daughter really don't know what to do." Wang Shuzhen said sincerely.

"By the way, benefactor, you and your wife..." Wang Shuzhen glanced at Chen Feng again. Yesterday Lin Wanqiu came back and told her everything about it. When I heard that the Xia family had divorced because Chen Feng was holding Lin Wanqiu. At the time, her heart couldn't help but grabbed.

If Chen Feng divorced because of Lin Wanqiu, the family would owe Chen Feng a lot.

It's still unclear in this life.

"It's okay, we have made up." Chen Feng smiled and lied. What happened last night had nothing to do with Lin Wanqiu, so he didn't need to add psychological burden to Wang Shuzhen and Lin Wanqiu.

"That's good, that's good." Wang Shuzhen couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when Chen Feng said this.

Lin Wanqiu on the side also looked relieved.

At this time, Lin Wanqiu's phone call suddenly remembered.

After answering the call, without knowing what was said on the other end of the phone, Lin Wanqiu's pretty face actually showed a bit of difficulty.

Chapter: 318

Soon, Lin Wanqiu hung up the phone.

But the look was a bit lost.

"What's the matter, Wanqiu?" Wang Shuzhen asked, knowing her daughter Mo Ruomu. Seeing Lin Wanqiu's look, Wang Shuzhen knew that Lin Wanqiu must have encountered a difficult problem.

"No...nothing." Lin Wanqiu shook her head, Qiao's face showed a far-fetched smile.

"Tell mom honestly." Wang Shuzhen's face sank.

Lin Wanqiu bit her lip, and then whispered: "The admissions office of the school just called me. They asked me to report to the school immediately."

"What did you say?" Wang Shuzhen's voice sank.

"I...I said I can't go for the time being." Lin Wanqiu lowered her head and said.

"Naughty! How can you say that?"

"What if someone doesn't want you in school?"

"You didn't get it easily..." Wang Shuzhen was a little angry. Lin Wanqiu was admitted to Zhonghai University with the city's first grade. Yes, I should have gone to school to register a few days ago, but because of her affairs, Lin Wanqiu missed the registration time, but the admissions office gave Lin Wanqiu a few more days of grace.

Unexpectedly, I called again today.

"You call the teacher back immediately and tell the teacher that you will be there today."

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Lin Wanqiu shook her head: "Mom, I will go again in a few days. You have lost your job now and it is inconvenient to move. I went to school. No one takes care of you. When your injury is cured and you can find a job, I will come back."

"No, you go to school immediately. Mom's injury is almost healed. As for work, Mom has asked Aunt Wang to look for it. Once the injury is healed, mom can go to work without delaying your going to school." Wang Shuzhen said undoubtedly.


"Okay, Wanqiu, you just listen to Aunt Wang and go to school to sign up first. As for Aunt Wang's work problem, I can solve it." At this time, Chen Feng smiled and said that Lin Wanqiu really wanted to take care of it. Wang Shuzhen, but it is now September, and universities across the country are open. If Lin Wanqiu doesn't sign up again, I'm afraid the three years of high school hard work will be wasted.

"Brother Chen Feng, what... what you said is true?" Lin Wanqiu asked with some surprise. If Chen Feng can solve Wang Shuzhen's work problems, then she will have no worries and can go to school to sign up with peace of mind.

"Yeah." Chen Feng smiled and nodded, and said: "I happen to be short of a babysitter for daily cleaning. I have never been able to find a suitable one. Aunt Wang, if you don't dislike it, go to my house to be a babysitter. "

Don't dislike it, don't dislike it." Wang Shuzhen waved her hand hurriedly, with a happy expression. She was already grateful for Chen Feng to work for her, and she was still qualified to dislike it.

"That's good." Chen Feng nodded: "Auntie Wang, when you are discharged from the hospital, you can go to work at my house."

"I will pay you 10,000 a month, and then I will cover both board and lodging..."

"10,000? "Wang Shuzhen's eyes widened, and Lin Wanqiu also opened her mouth.

At the next moment, Wang Shuzhen hurriedly said: "Benefactor, this is not possible. The salary you pay is too high. For a housewife with a primary school degree like me, who is incapable of working as a babysitter, up to two to three thousand a month, you give me ten thousand. It's really too much..."

"Aunt Wang, listen to me and finish talking first." Chen Feng smiled slightly: "I live in a large area, more than 500 square meters. It will cost a lot to clean by yourself. Jin, so the salary of 10,000 yuan is not high."

More than five hundred square meters?

The mother and daughter looked at each other, and they all saw the shock in each other's eyes. How big is the house of more than 500 square meters?

"In addition, the reason why I am looking for you is because you are reliable and trustworthy. If you are someone else, even if you only need one thousand yuan a month, I won't let her be my nanny."

Chen Feng’s remarks are naturally sincere. Wang Shuzhen’s character, he has been in contact with him these days, and he has seen it. Honestly, he has no heart, and knows how to repay his kindness. He gave the Yuquanshan villa to Wang Shuzhen to take care of him. rest assured.

"But..." Wang Shuzhen still felt a little sorry, ten thousand is too high.

"Don't worry, it's so decided, Wanqiu studies in Zhonghai, tuition and living expenses are still a lot of expenses, all of which have to be borne by you. Aunt Wang, your burden is still very heavy." Chen Feng smiled. Smiled.

"Well, benefactor, don't worry, I will definitely clean your house." Wang Shuzhen said.

"Thank you, Brother Chen Feng." Lin Wan solemnly bowed to Chen Feng, and at the same time vowed to repay Chen Feng when she graduated and earns money in the future.

"Wanqiu, you go back to pack up and take everything you want to bring. It just so happens that I go to Zhonghai in the afternoon. You can go with me. You can have some care along the way." Chen Feng said again, Lin Wanqiu was the first. She was so beautiful again when she went out for a long time. Let her go out alone, not knowing what will happen on the road.

"Then trouble you, benefactor." Wang Shuzhen said.

"No trouble." Chen Feng smiled.

After setting up Wang Shuzhen and Lin Wanqiu, Chen Feng left the hospital and returned to Yuquan Mountain.

He took a few changes of clothes, took out the ice lotus pills prepared for Huang Lao San, and then he came to Xia's house.

After knocking on the door, he found that only Xia Weiguo was at home.

"Dad, where is Mengyao?"

"Lan Lan took Mengyao to buy clothes. Come in first." Xia Weiguo said.

"No, Dad, I won't go in."

Chen Feng shook his head, and then took out an equity certificate from his bag.

"Dad, when Mengyao comes back, you give her this equity transfer letter."

"Equity transfer letter?" Xia Weiguo frowned, took the equity transfer letter in Chen Feng's hand, and glanced at random. After seeing the signature on the equity transfer letter, Xia Weiguo's pupils suddenly tightened, a little unbelievable: "This …You bought Yunsheng Company?"


Chen Feng nodded, and said: "Since Xia Hao took charge of Yunsheng, the company’s revenue has been getting worse and worse, and it has been on the verge of bankruptcy, so I let My friend bought the company from Xia Hao through the bank."

These things were done secretly by Gu Dongchen, and Chen Feng didn't handle it, so Xia Hao still doesn't know that his company is in Chen Feng's hands.

" much did it cost?" Xia Weiguo still couldn't accept it. The core industry of the Xia family was placed in front of him.

"Fifty million." Chen Feng said casually. The real value of Yunsheng Company is naturally more than 50 million, but now Xia Hao is in charge of Yunsheng. Xia Hao has long since made a mess of the company, with heavy debts and constant high-level management. Resignation, such an empty shell, few people dare to take over.

But Chen Feng has Yuquanshan's endorsement, so he doesn't have to worry about this issue.

So after hearing that Xia Hao had listed Yunsheng for sale a few days ago, he asked Gu Dongchen to buy Yunsheng over.

Chapter: 319

Fifty million?

Xia Weiguo closed his eyes, only to feel the pain in his heart.

He did not expect that Yunsheng, founded by Xia Yunsheng's painstaking efforts, would end up like this in the end.

What is the difference between a price of 50 million and a free gift?

The market value of the company at its peak was 800 million!

But now...

Of course, Xia Weiguo didn't mean to blame Chen Feng, and he even felt a little grateful, because without Chen Feng, Yunsheng Company might fall into the hands of others and become their industry.

That is absolutely unacceptable to him!

The hard work of Xia Yunsheng fell into the hands of others, which was the greatest humiliation to the descendants of the Xia family!

"Chen Feng, this thing is too expensive. You should wait for Mengyao to come back and give Mengyao yourself." Xia Weiguo sighed. He understood what Chen Feng meant. It was indeed the best to hand over Yunsheng Company to Xia Mengyao. select.

In the Xia family, only Xia Mengyao can lead Yunsheng to glory.

If it were before, Xia Yunsheng would not hesitate to accept Chen Feng for Xia Mengyao.

But now, the two have divorced.

It would be inappropriate for him to collect such expensive things.

"No, Dad, I'm going to Zhonghai soon. I don't have time to wait. You should leave it to Mengyao, Mengyao will accept it." Chen Feng said, not so much that Yunsheng Company was a gift he gave to Xia Mengyao. It would be more appropriate to say that it was a gift for Xia Weiguo.

Xia Weiguo may not know that Xia Mengyao will also go to Zhonghai soon.

Once Xia Mengyao went to Zhonghai, then the last person in charge of Yunsheng would inevitably become Xia Weiguo.

"Then... okay." Xia Yunsheng finally accepted the equity transfer letter.

"By the way, what are you doing in Zhonghai?"

"An old friend is sick, I'll take a look." Chen Feng said.

Xia Weiguo nodded: "Be careful over there, Zhonghai is no better than ours in Cangzhou. It is a serious international metropolis with many rich people, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Ten years ago, my leg was interrupted in Zhonghai. ..."

"Who did it?" Chen Feng's eyes sank. He knew about Xia Weiguo's broken leg a long time ago, but he always thought that Xia Weiguo's leg was broken.

But now, Xia Weiguo said that it was interrupted...

"It's a rich young master. Who is it? Just don't ask. Dad won't tell you."

"The reason why Dad wants to tell you this. , I just want to remind you that when you go there, you should be low-key in your life. When you bow your head, you should lower your head. Don't make a fuss. If you get someone who shouldn't be offended, you can go back to Cangzhou or go outside to hide. Don't work hard with others..." Xia Weiguo told me bitterly, his words were completely from the bottom of his heart. As a person who came by, he knew how deep the water in Zhonghai was.

When you meet a small gangster on the street, you may be backed by a big guy with a bright background.

"Dad, I remember your words. When I get there, I will be careful." Chen Feng nodded with a wry smile. He didn't know that he would stay in Zhonghai for a few days. It is very likely that he will be back tomorrow if he goes today. It is also possible that you will have to deal with Huang Laosan before returning.

"By the way, I have a piece of jade here, which was mortgaged to me by an old comrade-in-arms. At that time, he encountered difficulties in business and was unable to open his capital, so I borrowed him 100,000 yuan, and he took his own Jade gave me."

"He called me a few days ago and said that he wanted to redeem that piece of jade. You went to Zhonghai this time and brought the jade to him."

Xia Weiguo said, taking out a piece of ink from the house. Black ancient jade, ancient jade carved with dragon and phoenix, is not very good, but it is definitely not bad.

After handing the jade to Chen Feng, Xia Weiguo said again: "My old comrade-in-arms has a pretty good relationship with me. If you encounter any trouble, you can ask him for help."

"Thank you, Dad." Chen Feng nodded. Xia Weiguo's intention to ask him to give jade was obvious. He wanted to let his old comrades take care of him.

"Chen Feng, Meng Yao and dad know you divorce, there must be other reasons, the specific reasons, Dad will not ask you."

"But there is a saying, dad have to tell you."

"Hundred years of cultivation the same boat degree, the Millennium cultivation Sleep together."

"The fate between you and Mengyao was not easy to come by. It was a pity that it broke out of thin air."

"If you can, Dad would like to see that you and

Mengyao reunite in a broken mirror." Xia Wei said with heartfelt heart. .

"Dad, don't worry, Mengyao and I won't be separated for too long." Chen Feng took a deep breath. As long as she has the strength to wrestle with Chen Boyong, then he and Xia Mengyao can get back together.

"Dad believes in you." Xia Weiguo patted Chen Feng's shoulder heavily...

After leaving Xia's house, Chen Feng went straight to the high-speed rail station.

At the entrance of the high-speed rail station, Chen's four brothers and sisters and Lin Wanqiu are waiting.

Today, Lin Wanqiu is wearing a conservative overall, with a brown Scottish plaid shirt and flat shoes as the inner lining. She is completely dressed as a school girl.

Looking from the bottom to the top, the girl’s long legs are straight and round. Even if she wears loose trousers, she can still see some outlines. The small waist with a full grip, the shallow eyebrows, and the faint lips make people can’t help but give birth. Kind of a bright feeling.

Compared with Lin Wanqiu, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family dress more casually.

However, Chen Zexiong and Chen Zeli, who are fierce and fierce, still stand out in the crowd.

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"Uncle Chen!"

Chen Zeli couldn't help yelling when he saw Chen Feng.

Uncle Chen?

Lin Wanqiu couldn't help being a little surprised. She didn't understand why Chen Zeli would call Master Chen Feng, just like martial arts novels. Moreover, according to Chen Zeli's age, he was obviously much older than Chen Feng. It should be Chen Feng calling Master Chen Zeli. ?

Chen Feng smiled and walked in front of a few people.

"In the future, don't call me Shishu Chen outside." Chen Feng said. In China, warriors and ordinary people are completely in two worlds. If Chen Zeli often talks about Shishu, he might be regarded as Neurosis.

Chen Zeli was stunned for a moment: "What do you call?"

"Anything will do." Chen Feng smiled. He is not the kind of stereotyped person. He has never cared about such things as sect etiquette.


"Then call Brother Feng." Chen Zeli said carelessly.

Chen Feng smiled and said nothing.

"Brother Feng, the high-speed train we took takes an hour to arrive at the station. Let's go to the lounge to rest and rest."


A group of people dragged their luggage and walked towards the station. Lin Wanqiu was like a bunny, cute He followed Chen Feng, blushing all the way, without saying a word.

"Thanks to the trouble!"

"Thanks to the trouble!"

At this moment, several dull voices suddenly sounded at the entrance, and the crowd began to evade.

Chapter: 320

However, four men in black uniforms with sharp eyes like falcons, surrounded by a young woman wearing a black mask, passed the security check.

The young woman wore a white Givenchy shirt on her upper body, and Xiashen wore a sky blue denim shorts.

The two beautiful legs under the shorts are round and white, like jade, without the slightest flaw.

Although the woman was wearing a mask, her face was completely covered up.

But the figure of a woman is an undoubted devil figure.

The moment she appeared, she attracted the attention of countless people.

In the hall, there was a trembling of Adam's apple, swallowing saliva.

Even the eyes of Chen's four brothers and sisters were a little straight at this moment.

Chen Feng's gaze was naturally attracted to him.

However, his attention was not on the woman, but on the four men in black uniforms that surrounded the woman.

These are four warriors!

Two Ming Jin mid-terms, two Ming Jin late!

Their expressions were solemn and their eyes were sharp. Even though they had passed the security check, their eagle-like gazes kept scanning the audience, trying to kill all potential threats in the cradle.

Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and a hint of curiosity rose from the bottom of his heart. What is the identity of this tall and young woman?

Four warriors were dispatched for protection.

Chen Feng was thinking about it, but saw the eyes of the young woman drifting over here.

The four men in black uniforms immediately understood what the Miaoling woman meant, and walked towards Chen Feng around the Miaoling woman.

Chen Zewen frowned and took a step forward subconsciously.

But the Miaoling woman didn't even look at Chen Zewen. She passed Chen Zewen and went straight into the tea restaurant behind her.

After entering the tea restaurant, the woman took out a book, ordered a cup of coffee, then sat on a chair and started reading.

"Brother Feng, let's go in too." Chen Zeli rolled his eyes and said with a smile.

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded slightly and stepped into the cafe.

Chen Zeli walked in the forefront. As soon as he entered the door, his eyes fell on the young woman sitting in the chair. The woman was reading at the moment. Two slender legs were superimposed on each other, and the white flowers were very eye-catching.

Although Chen Zeli was itching, he also understood that this woman's identity was extraordinary and he could not get involved.

So he walked towards the bar, ready to order a few cups of coffee.

But not a few steps away, a man in a black uniform stood in front of him.

"Sir, I'm sorry, this place is reserved by our lady, please leave." The

black uniformed man gave Chen Zeli a blank expression.


Chen Zeli frowned, a little unconvinced: "This is the high-speed rail station, and it's not your home. Besides, you don't own this cafe. Why do you book the venue?"

"Sir, I don't want to say the same thing. The second time, please leave, or you will be at your own risk." The black uniformed man's voice became cold, and it was a little threatening.

Chen Zeli came out of temper and was about to get angry. At this time, Chen Feng said lightly: "Ali, come back, let's change place."

"Okay, Brother Feng." Chen Zeli was taken aback for a while, and he hurriedly agreed, Chen Feng said. , He didn't dare not listen.

Seeing Chen Zeli coming, the man in black uniform couldn't help but glanced at Chen Feng in surprise. He thought that Chen Feng and his group were headed by the older Chen Zewen, but he did not expect that the real head was actually watching. The most humble Chen Feng.

Although the man in black uniform was surprised, his gaze did not focus too much on Chen Feng.

The young woman sitting in the chair did not even glance at Chen Feng from the beginning to the end, and did not even lift her head. All her attention was attracted by the book in her hand.

After coming out of the cafe, Chen Zeli glanced at the opposite side and said: "Brother Feng, there is a tea restaurant opposite, let's go and rest there."

"Okay." Chen Feng smiled, Chen Zeli thought he was more or less capable Guessed some, but the identity of that young woman was not something he could offend.

Five people entered the tea restaurant, Chen Zeli ordered a few things at random, and then chose a seat by the window.

The glass here is a fully transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, so through the glass, you can completely see the young woman in the opposite cafe.

The four men in black uniforms had noticed this too, but they just took a cold look at Chen Zeli and then withdrew their gazes.

A few minutes later, another group of people came over and entered the cafe.

But it was also kicked out.

The four men in black uniforms are obviously of the kind who don't get in. Whether they are men, women, young or old, as long as they dare to step into the cafe, they will stop them.

Soon, half an hour passed.

"Brother Feng, it's almost there. Let's check the tickets. The train will come over immediately." Chen Zeli glanced at the time and stood up and said.

Chen Feng nodded and was about to get up. At this moment, the two figures that came into the line of sight attracted his attention.

These are two men dressed as travelers with backpacks, jackets and hiking shoes.

The heights of the two men are very different.

The tall one seemed to be 1.9 meters tall. He had a big waist and a round waist. He walked like a black ape in a deep mountain, giving people a strong sense of oppression.

The short one is about 1.6 meters tall. He is small and thin, with a sharp-mouthed monkey gill. His whole person is just like the golden monkey in the zoo, and he looks weak.

They talked and laughed and stepped into the cafe, and walked straight to the bar.

The headed man in black uniform stood up again, rushing away with a cold face.

The black ape-like man seemed to have a hot temper. After arguing with the black uniform man, he actually reached out and pushed a hand of the black uniform man.

The black uniformed man took a step back after being pushed, and his temper suddenly appeared. The backhand was a small grappling technique to subdue the black ape-like man on the spot.

The black ape-like man half-kneeled on the ground, blushing and cursing.

The thin monkey-like man smiled and apologized, and took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, as if he wanted to smoke the man in black uniform.

The man in black uniform was cold-eyed and unmoved.

At this time, the thin monkey-like man opened the cigarette case.

In an instant, something happened!

In the thin monkey man's cigarette case, three finger-long silver needles were shot out!

"Ah!" In the

blink of an eye, three silver needles plunged into the eyes of the man in black uniform.

After a scream, the man in black uniform fell to the ground with blood on his face.

The black ape man under his control roared and violently slammed into another black uniform man nearest to him with a punch.


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