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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 321-330 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 321


The man in black uniform didn't even have a chance to react, so he was blown out by the black ape man and hit the glass of the cafe.


The toughened glass that couldn't even be broken by a hammer shattered suddenly.

"Xiao Wu!" The

remaining two men in black uniform roared, their eyes flushed instantly.

At this time, the thin monkey man made a bold move, lifting the cigarette case in his hand, and six silver needles shot at the remaining two men in black uniforms like lightning.

The two men in black uniforms hurriedly avoided. Although they had prepared themselves, because they were too close, two of the six silver needles still shot into their bodies.

The faces of the two people suddenly showed pain.

All this is extremely slow, but in fact it happened extremely fast, from the thin monkey man taking out the cigarette case to the black ape man flying Xiaowu, it took less than three seconds!

It is conceivable that the speed of the thin monkey man and the black ape man is terrifying!

"Xiao Xuan, take Miss to run!"

The man in black uniform headed finally reacted, he burst out and rushed towards the thin monkey man with a fist.

The black uniform man named Xiaoxuan had red eyes. Although he wanted to kill the thin monkey and the black ape to vent his anger, he knew that at this time, protecting the young lady was the most important thing.

Xiao Xuan ran to the woman's side, preparing to take the woman away.

But the tower-like black ape man is faster than him!

The black ape man walked to Xiaoxuan's side first, and slammed his fist.

The fist and the wind howled, hunting and hunting.

Judging from the punch he attacked Xiaowu just now, the power of his fist obviously should not be underestimated, even iron and stone can penetrate it!

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It is conceivable that if this punch hits Miaoling woman, what will happen to Miaoling woman.

The young woman was indeed panicked at the moment.

She would never have thought of killing her, there would be a killer in the high-speed rail station.

Although she was flustered, the reaction of the young woman was surprisingly calm. When the black ape killer rushed over, she immediately grabbed the hot coffee on the table and hit the black ape man's face with the cup. .

The cup hit the Black Ape Assassin's face, and it didn't have much impact on the Black Ape Assassin's offensive, but it slowed his movements.

At the moment of stagnation, Xiao Xuan came to the Miao Ling woman and blocked the first wave of the Black Ape Killer's offensive.

Fists intersect.

Xiao Xuan retreated three steps uncontrollably, and his face flushed instantly, obviously losing to the black ape killer.

But the black ape killer's face showed a touch of anger, because the young woman took advantage of the moment he and Xiaoxuan were fighting, she had already ran out of the cafe.

"Ah!" The

black ape killer roared and fisted Xiao Xuan, like a tiger descending from the mountain, and rushed towards the young woman.

The Miaoling woman panicked and couldn't choose her way, and even ran towards Chen Feng's side.

Chen Zeli hurriedly got up, preparing to save the life of the Miaoling woman.

However, the young woman yelled at Chen Zeli with an anxious face: "Go away! You are not his opponent!"

Chen Zeli curled his lips, not paying attention, he leaped high, his body pulled like a bow full of anger. Open, the iron fist smashed towards the black monkey killer's door like thunder.

"Looking for death!" The

Black Ape Killer grinned and greeted him with a fist without fear.

"Bang" The

two iron fists met together.

Chen Zeli's pupils suddenly tightened, and then the whole person flew out uncontrollably, like a broken kite, hitting the glass of the tea restaurant.


Chen Zewen Teng got up and was about to take action, but Chen Feng pressed it out.

"Protect Wanqiu, I'll come." Chen Feng said in a deep voice, got up and walked towards the black ape killer.

At this time, the young woman had fallen into despair.

Seeing the black ape killer walking step by step, she gave a miserable laugh, and actually closed her eyes, ready to die.

But at this moment, a faint voice rang in her ear: "Who is

Wu Donghai? " Wu Donghai?

The Miaoling woman was slightly surprised and couldn't help opening her eyes.

However, there was a thin figure in front of her. At this moment, this figure stood upright with his hands, quietly facing the black ape killer.

The sentence Wu Donghai just now obviously asked the black ape killer.

The black ape killer's complexion changed, and then he threatened with a tyrannical face: "What Wu Donghai, I don't know! Get out of me, don't get out, I'll kill you!"

"Go, you are not his opponent Yes, he is a martial artist." Miao Ling gave Chen Feng a miserable look. She was very grateful to Chen Feng's hero for saving the beauty, but she knew how far the martial artist was from ordinary people.

Ordinary people like Chen Feng, in front of the black ape killer, might not even be able to hold up a single move.

Chen Feng smiled slightly without comment.

At this time, the black ape killer lost his patience.

He strode forward and slammed his iron fist towards Chen Feng's door, but Chen Feng, as if frightened and stupefied, stood motionless.

"Why do you have to die..." The

Miaoling woman sighed, a little bit worthless for Chen Feng.

In the next second, the black ape killer's iron fist came to Chen Feng's front door.

His face was full of hideous, as if seeing Chen Feng's head, after this punch, it burst like a watermelon.

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, stretched out a hand lightly, and grabbed the black ape killer's iron fist.

This action made the hideous face of the Black Ape Killer solidify in an instant, turning it into a touch of shock.

"Kacha" a

slight fracture sounded.

The Black Ape Killer let out a miserable cry, and he knelt down in front of Chen Feng with a distorted expression.

His wrist bone was completely twisted by Chen Feng!

This sudden scene made everyone in the audience stare, and many of them were like sculptures, directly falling into a petrified state.

No one thought that this 1.9-meter tall man who looked like a black ape could not even hold up a move in front of Chen Feng!

The Miaoling woman also opened her mouth wide, her beautiful eyes full of incredible expressions.

No one knows what this scene means better than her.

Being able to abolish the Black Ape Killer so easily, Chen Feng is also a warrior!

Moreover, Chen Feng's realm is far beyond her imagination.

Chapter: 322

"You don't have the right to know who I am." Chen Feng shook his head. The skinny monkey in front of him and the black ape he had deposed were obviously killers.

The status of the invisible assassin in the martial arts world is no different from that of a mouse crossing the street, almost to the point where everyone shouts and beats.

Therefore, it is impossible for Chen Feng to give the thin monkey a good face.

Not qualified to know?

Skinny Monkey's face was cloudy and sunny, and after another glance at Chen Feng, he jumped off the second floor without looking back.


Uncle Master ..." Chen Zewen glanced at Chen Feng and asked Chen Feng if he wanted to chase him.

Chen Feng shook his head.

no need.

This skinny monkey killer was only in the early days of Dark Jin, and Chen Zewen couldn't catch up alone.

Unless he makes a move, he can catch up if he wants to make a move, but in a place where people like the high-speed rail station are crowded with eyes and monitors, if he makes a move, he will inevitably expose his strength.

In order for a killer to expose his strength, Chen Feng would not do this kind of loss-making business.

"Miss, are you okay."

At this moment , the black uniformed man named Xiaoxuan walked in front of the young woman. Only after the four of them were attacked by the black ape and the thin monkey, they lost three in less than ten seconds. He is the only one standing now.

"It's okay." The Miaoling woman shook her head.

Although she said it was okay, the voice of Miaoling woman still trembled a little at this moment, and it was obvious that she had not been relieved from the thrill just now.

There will be killers in places like high-speed rail stations, which she did not expect.

And the other party's disguise is perfect, without any flaws.

First approach them pretending to be passengers, and then use the dispute to show weakness, let them develop a mentality of contempt and relax their vigilance.

Then, the skinny monkey took out the cigarette case that seemed to be a sparse or ordinary killer, and suddenly violent.

Interlocking, seamless!

Without Chen Feng, I am afraid they would all be planted here today.

After taking a deep breath, the Miaoling woman walked up to Chen Feng, took off her mask, and revealed a beautiful face that was enough to eclipse Sun and Moon.

This beautiful face made the audience silent for an instant, and the needle drop could be heard.

"Chu Celadon!"

After a while, many people exclaimed.

"Oh my god, it seems to be her, how could she show up in Cangzhou?!"

"I don't know, there is no news of her filming in Cangzhou recently."

"I'm going to die, who will tell me," Is this scene in front of me real?"

"What happened to those two people just now? Why did they kill celadon?"

"Maybe they were filming."

"Filming? A fart scene, there is no camera. How could it be filming? I see those two people really want to kill Celadon."

"So, they are killers?"

"It's very possible, but this kid solved it."

Everyone around them said. Chen Feng listened to the discussion without fail.

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This woman turned out to be a star? Chen Feng frowned and glanced at Chu Celadon, which he didn't expect.

"Hello, my name is Chu Celadon."

Although her ears were full of endless discussions, the young woman seemed to be unable to hear her, and she extended her hand generously.

"Chen Feng."

Although his heart was filled with doubts, Chen Feng stretched out his hand and shook hands with the Miaoling woman.

Women's hands are very soft, as if there are no bones.

"Mr. Chen, thank you for saving me."

Chu Celadon smiled sweetly at the corner of her mouth. When she spoke, her eyes kept looking at Chen Feng like nothing, as if she wanted to see something from Chen Feng's face. .

But Chen Feng's performance was surprisingly calm: "You're welcome."

Chu Celadon's beautiful Liu Mei frowned. Doesn't this person know her?

"Who is Wu Donghai... who Mr. Chen just said?" Chu Celadon couldn't help asking this question. She didn't know the origin of black apes and thin monkeys, but Chen Feng seemed to know something.

"An old friend." Chen Feng smiled faintly.

"Old friend?" Chu Celadon's complexion was a little weird. Chen Feng's old friend was obviously ambiguous. That Wu Donghai was definitely not Chen Feng's old friend, but was more likely to have hatred with Chen Feng.

Although he was puzzled in his heart, Chen Feng obviously didn't want to say more, and Chu Celadon didn't ask any more questions.

"Mr. Chen, this is not a place to talk. If Mr. Chen is convenient, you can talk to me..." Chu Celadon wanted to talk to Chen Feng in a different place, but Chen Feng interrupted before finishing the words.

"Excuse me, Miss Chu, the train is coming soon, and I have something to do." Chen Feng glanced at the time and said, the seven o'clock train is now 6:48, and the ticket check starts.

Chu celadon choked, seeing Chen Feng about to leave, she couldn't help being a little anxious: "Wait, Mr. Chen, is it convenient to leave a contact information? Celadon still has a few questions to ask Mr. Chen."

Chen Feng frowned. He took out his mobile phone: "This is my WeChat, Miss Chu, please scan it."

"Thank you, Mr. Chen." Chu Celadon looked happy and hurriedly took out the mobile phone.

This scene made the surrounding people eating melons stare.

"You dare to say that this is not filming?! If it's not filming, I ate that phone!"

"It seems to be filming." Someone sneered.

"Not it seems, is yes, celadon how others may take the initiative to contact."

"That is, people want to have a chance to do celadon contact."

"I thought this kid really heroic rescue Miss Chu save it, turned out to be in the filming "

The reaction of the onlookers was completely unexpected by Chu Celadon and Chen Feng.

Chu Celadon had originally thought about how to explain this assassin incident to the media, but right now, it is no longer needed.

After Chen Feng left, Chu Celadon smiled sweetly, and generously extended his hand to greet everyone around him.

"Hello everyone, I’m Chu Celadon."

"I’m sorry to have affected everyone. What you saw just now is a new play we are currently filming at Tianyu. This new play will be available in major theaters at the end of next year. Come to the

theater and meet everyone." "In order to guarantee the box office revenue of the new movie, please don't tell me what happened here today, and keep the celadon a secret."

Chu celadon's sweet smile is very contagious. Although the words are full of loopholes, a discerning person can see that something is wrong with a closer look.

But most of the passengers in the venue didn't think so much at all, they all believed it.

"Goddess of celadon, don't worry, I won't say a word."

"I wish the goddess of celadon a new play!"

"Goddess of celadon, I love you!"

There was a scream in the hall.

An assassination that should have caused a sensation across the country was actually suppressed by a few words from Chu Celadon.

A few minutes later, a group of WJs in black uniforms with rifles rushed over. The medical team, high-speed rail station management personnel, and Cangzhou high-level officials also followed.

Chapter: 323

There was cold sweat on everyone's heads.

Inside the high-speed rail station, a killer appeared, which was simply appalling.

Moreover, the target of the assassination of the killer was Chu celadon, the most famous and known as the national goddess in China.

This is really going to happen, and the world is absolutely shocked!

"Miss Chu, are you okay."

A middle-aged man in a suit and half-white hair ran over, panting, with cold sweat on his forehead.

The Chu celadon in front of me is not just a simple jade actress who is popular across the mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. She has another identity that is more respected. Compared with this identity, the so-called star is not worth mentioning.

"Uncle Li, I'm fine." Chu Celadon shook his head.

"It's okay, it's okay." The middle-aged man with half-white hair wiped the cold sweat from his head before he breathed a sigh of relief.

This reaction of the middle-aged man surprised all the dozens of Cangzhou seniors, large and small, behind him.

Isn't it a star? Although his reputation is a bit bigger, it is not that Secretary Li's attitude is so humble.

The middle-aged man with half a hundred hair is Li Juncheng, the number one in Cangzhou City, the top leader in Cangzhou.

"Ms. Chu, it was my inadequate supervision that led to such an incident, which shocked you."

"But Ms. Chu can rest assured that I will not release any security personnel involved in this incident or high-speed rail management personnel. After..." Li Juncheng struck a sharp stern on his face, and he didn't know what the high-speed rail security check was for, so that the killer could get in with weapons. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with Chu celadon, but nothing happened with Chu celadon.

He is the top leader, this time I am afraid he will come to an end.

"No, Uncle Li, what happened this time has nothing to do with the security check. The two killers are martial artists..." Chu Celadon shook his head, and didn't go on with the rest, but Li Juncheng should understand.

In terms of Li Juncheng's position, he can come into contact with the world of warriors, so he should know that ordinary people can't do anything with warriors.

"Well, since Miss Chu said this, then I won't pursue their responsibilities." Li Juncheng said in a deep voice.

"Yeah." Chu Celadon nodded, and said: "Hand over the assassin you caught to the Wumeng. They have experience in handling such things."


Li Juncheng's heart trembled, and he hurriedly nodded and promised: "Okay, Miss Chu, I will do it now."

"By the way, Miss Chu, the group of people who saved you is now on the train leading to Zhonghai, should I let it go? People stopped them?" On the way, Li Juncheng had watched the surveillance, so he knew that at the very moment of his death, a young man rescued Chu Celadon.

But now, the young man left Cangzhou with a group of people.

"Zhonghai?" Chu Celadon was slightly surprised. Obviously

, she did not expect that Chen Feng and his entourage had gone to Zhonghai. But soon, she recovered from the astonishment and shook her head: "No need, Uncle Li, theirs By the way, I will contact

Chen Feng personally.” Although the contact time with Chen Feng is only a few minutes, she can tell that Chen Feng is obviously the kind of personality that doesn't like being disturbed.

If Li Juncheng stopped him, he would definitely be upset.


Li Juncheng nodded and agreed, and then ordered to continue, let all parties use energy to suppress this matter, as far as possible to reduce the major and minor matters.

After Li Juncheng and his party left, Xiao Xuan couldn't help but glance at Chu Celadon and asked, "Miss, Li Juncheng is the number one in Cangzhou after all, why not let him investigate the background of Chen Feng?"

"Li Juncheng is not qualified enough ? "Chu Celadon said lightly.

"Not enough?" Xiao Xuan's pupils shrank, what did the young lady mean?

Li Juncheng is the top leader in Cangzhou, and there is still something he can't investigate in Cangzhou?

Chu Celadon didn't explain much about Xiaoxuan's doubts. At this moment, she was only thinking about one thing, and that was whether Chen Feng really did not know her or pretended not to know her.

The reason why she wanted to take off the mask in front of everyone was to test Chen Feng.

But Chen Feng has been very calm from beginning to end, and even made her feel a little abnormal.

Even if she reported her name, Chen Feng didn't move at all.

As if she was like a passerby.

This made Chu Celadon some doubts about herself, but she was a female star on the Spring Festival Gala in her first year of debut.

In recent years, the movies she played, the songs she sang, and any one she took out were all phenomenal works.

In China, she is definitely a well-known queen-level figure, otherwise she would not be named the goddess of the nation.

Even a three-year-old child knows her Chu celadon name.

But after Chen Feng reported her name, she didn't even lift her eyelids.

Therefore, Chu Celadon now doubts whether there is a problem with her charm.

"Brother Feng, you really don't know Chu Celadon?"

At this moment, on the train to Zhonghai, Chen Zeli was also full of disbelief.

For Chen Feng, he didn't know what to say except for admiration.

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If the goddess of the nation can take the initiative to ask for contact information, and the goddess of the nation is not taken seriously, the whole world is probably only Chen Feng.

"Is she famous?" Chen Feng couldn't help asking. He really didn't know who Chu Celadon was. When he was in the Chen family, he was obsessed with cultivation.

When he arrived in Cangzhou, he also delivered food in the wind and rain all day, and he didn't even connect to the Internet.

So I don't know at all, or don't care who Chu Celadon is.

"It's not just famous..." Chen Zeli's tone was a little sour: "Brother Feng, our streets and alleys in Malaysia have been covered with posters of Chu celadon since two years ago. There is also such a joke in the local area. It is you. Ask a Malaysian, who is the leader of Malaysia, he might say he doesn't know."

"But you have to ask him who is the most famous star in China, he will definitely say Chu celadon."

"Brother Chen Feng, Chu Celadon is indeed very famous. Our school broadcast station will play her songs every day. The boys in our school are all her fans." Lin Wanqiu also gave Chen Feng a weird look and spoke carefully.

She had never seen a strange person like Chen Feng, and she didn't even know Chu Celadon.

"What about you, Wanqiu, are you a fan of her?" Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Lin Wanqiu.

"Me...Me too." Lin Wanqiu nodded, her pretty face flushed.

"In this way, I am indeed behind." Chen Feng smiled dryly.

"Brother Feng, look at WeChat quickly and see if Goddess Chu has sent you any messages?" Chen Zeli smiled. Chen Feng's hand just now shocked everyone in the audience.

Asked to be alone by the famous goddess of the nation, Chen Feng said I was going to drive.

It's a model for straight men in steel.

Chapter: 324

Chen Feng smiled, took out his phone, and glanced at WeChat.

It was discovered that Chu Celadon really sent him a message.

"Mr. Chen's life-saving grace is remembered by celadon."

"If Mr. Chen finds the place where celadon can be obtained in the future, please send it. Celadon will surely go through fire and water, and will not hesitate." It

can be seen that Chu celadon's attitude is very low. , Did not rely on his own identity to be aloof or dismissive of Chen Feng.

This caused Chen Feng to have a lot of good feelings.

After thinking about it, Chen Feng flipped his fingers and sent a message to Chu Celadon.

"There is no need to go through fire and water. I only have one requirement: being let too many people know my identity, and keeping it secret if possible."

Chen Feng said bluntly, the meaning is simple and clear, he does not want to be known by too many people.

The background of Chu celadon's identity is obviously very deep, and it is by no means as simple as a celebrity. The four warriors who protect her are, at first glance, the warriors who came out of the military.

The black ape and skinny monkey who assassinated her are also well-known professional killers on the killer list. The price of their shots is definitely not low, at least 200 million.

It is conceivable how terrifying it would be to use 200 million hired assassins.

And since Chu Celadon is worth 200 million yuan, it shows that the power behind her is definitely better than the power behind the killer.

This kind of battle between the two forces, how deep the water is, Chen Feng can think of it with his toes.

If he could, he didn't want to get involved, but at the high-speed rail station, Chen Zeli had already made a move. As an uncle, he couldn't sit still on the Diaoyutai.

However, there is another reason why Chen Feng made the move besides Chen Zeli.

This reason was related to the black ape killer. Chen Feng discovered that when the black ape killer was fighting with the bodyguard of Chu celadon, he used a secret technique called bronze armor in western Hunan.

Bronze armor, as the name suggests, makes the skin hard as copper.

After casting the Bronze Armor Secret, the caster's own defense power can be greatly increased in a short time, making the caster invulnerable.

Chen Feng had seen this secret technique three years ago. It was performed by a warrior named Wu Donghai in the middle of the dark Jin when he was chasing him. Wu Donghai at that time left a deep impression on Chen Feng. .

After casting the bronze armor, he was almost in a state of invincible defense in the same realm, resisting Chen Feng's seven punches without dying, and finally vomiting blood to escape.

Chen Feng thought that he would never see Wu Donghai again in his life, but he didn't want to. Today, at the high-speed rail station, he saw the black ape who also practiced bronze armor.

Chen Feng didn't know what the black monkey had to do with Wu Donghai. The reason why Chen Feng asked like that was purely tentative.

Unexpectedly, the test came out.

Black Ape does know Wu Donghai, but he doesn't know what the relationship is between the two.

Thinking of this, Chen Feng sent another message to Chu Celadon. The content of the message was very simple, only five words.

"Xiangxi, Wu Donghai."

But the Chu celadon on the other side was ecstatic after seeing the news.

The news of Chen Feng is more than just a little information.

There is another meaning behind these five words, that is, he intends to intervene in this matter!

Compared with Wu Donghai's information, Chu Celadon values ​​this point more.

Judging from the degree of Chen Feng's swiftness, Chen Feng's strength is obviously unfathomable, at least it is also the mid-term start of Anjin.

The 25-year-old Anjin mid-stage, placed in the Zhonghai martial arts world, is definitely a shocking existence.

To be able to reach the mid-Dark Jin at this age, Chen Feng's talent is self-explanatory.

The family background will never go too far.

The Chu Family is now at a time of turbulent winds and rains. There are powerful enemies on the outside, and people with interests inside are watching them. Therefore, the help of the outside is extremely important to the Chu Family.

If she can draw Chen Feng to the Chu family's battleship, the Chu family's chances of winning will definitely increase out of thin air.

Chen Feng didn't know, he just simply sent five words, and Chu Celadon thought so much.

Of course, even if Chen Feng knew, Chen Feng would not say anything.

Because this was originally a mutual use, Chu Celadon wanted to use him to solve the dilemma of the Chu family, so he was using the Chu family to investigate Wu Donghai.

I can only say that it is good to know each other well.

Two hours later, the train arrived at Zhonghai Station.

Zhonghai is an international metropolis with a population of more than 20 million, and has always been known as the'Paris of the East'.

As China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center, China Shipping has created and broke many of the world's best and China's best in the China World Record Association.

China's largest foreign trade port, China's largest industrial base... and so on, there are countless titles.

When a few people got out of the car, they felt a prosperous breath coming toward them.

People from all over the world gather here.

Here are the dreams of countless ordinary people.

Here is both heaven and hell.

For the wealthy, Zhonghai is a glamorous Jinjin Cave, Lujiazui, and the Bund, all of which are open to you.

For ordinary people, Zhonghai is a dream place that sheds blood and sweat, with endless basements, endless subways, endless orders for takeaways...

All of these will make ordinary people breathless.

But under the pressure, there will be many amazing and brilliant people.

Financial giants, business giants, emperor protégés...

every year, there are many princes of heaven who jump into the sky in the China Sea and become the guests of the upper class.

In the 1990s, China Shipping even emerged among the heroes of Du Yuesheng, Huang Jinrong, and Zhang Xiaolin who had a profound influence throughout China.

A typical place of Longxing.

For Zhonghai, Chen Feng did not feel much, because the last time he came to Zhonghai was ten years ago, when he came with Xiao Guozhong.

That time Xiao Guozhong took him to meet the first person in Zhonghai, Lin Qingdi!

Emperor Lin Qing left a deep impression on Chen Feng. After ten years, Chen Feng could not forget.

Even Chen Feng gave birth to a feeling of being a big man.

I don't know if Lin Qingdi is still in Zhonghai now? If so, I am afraid I will go over and visit, Chen Feng thought to himself.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng calmed down his complex feelings and turned to Chen Zewen and said: "Awen, you first take Wanqiu to Zhonghai University to sign up. After signing up, go directly to the hospital to find Huang Laosan. I will go Send something to my dad’s comrade-in-arms, and after sending the things, I will find you."

"Good Brother Feng." Chen Zewen nodded respectfully, and then took Lin Wanqiu away.

Chen Feng took out his cell phone and dialed the number Xia Weiguo gave him.

Xia Weiguo said that if he let him go to Zhonghai, he would call this person, and this person would come to pick up things.

Chapter: 325

Chen Feng dialed the phone number, but it kept showing that there was no answer.

Chen Feng patience to fight again, still no one answered.

Chen Feng frowned and struck again three times.

After the sixth time, the call was finally connected.

But as soon as it was connected, an impatient voice came from the phone: "Hey, who?!"

"I'm Chen Feng, come to find Uncle Wang for something." Chen Feng frowned.

"Chen Feng?" The voice on the other end of the phone was taken aback, and then he reacted: "Are you the son-in-law of my dad's comrade-in-arms?"

"Yes, where are you now?"

"I'm not at the high-speed rail station now, I'm at Dongyu The clubhouse...huh, hahaha!" The voice on the other end of the phone was intermittent, but Chen Feng could hear it right away. The other party is now in a casino.

"Well, I have something to do right now. I don't have time to come over to pick you up. You can get out and get a taxi and bring me things to the Dongyu Clubhouse, fast."

After speaking, the other party didn't care about Chen Feng's reaction. , Directly hung up the phone.

Chen Feng's expression naturally cooled down.

It was the first time he saw such an unclear person.

If it were not for fear that Xia Weiguo would be caught in the middle, he would definitely throw the jade into the trash can on the spot.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng walked out of the high-speed rail station and beckoned to stop the taxi...

Half an hour later, the taxi stopped at the gate of Dongyu Clubhouse.

Chen Feng called the other party's number again with a cold face.

"I'm here." "I'm

here? When it's there, you come in. I'm in the clubhouse. You come in and tell me my name, Wang Defa, and the welcoming guest will bring you in to find me." The person on the other end of the phone still refused to take Chen Feng Going on.

Chen Feng's patience finally reached the limit, he said coldly: "I'll give you one minute, and after one minute, if you don't come out, you will never want to see your family heirloom in your life."

"Hey, kid, what are you? Meaning? I gave you a face, right?!" In the clubhouse, Wang Defa slammed the table, and suddenly became angry. He wanted to scold Chen Feng, but found that Chen Feng had already hung up.

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"Grass!" Wang De scolded with an angry face, then folded his hands together and smiled at the other three people on the mahjong table: "Brothers, I'm sorry, I have to go and be back in a few minutes, you guys. Let's play first."

"Go and come back soon!" The other three waved their hands, not paying attention.

Then Wang Defa turned and went out.

As soon as he left the club, Wang Defa saw Chen Feng with a cold face. He stretched out his hand and pointed at Chen Feng's nose, aggressively: "I said you kid, I gave you a face, didn't you? Let you send something, you really have to I'm a human being. Believe me or not..."


Slap " Chen Feng raised his hand and slapped Wang Defa's face.

"Believe it or not?" Chen Feng said coldly.

"Do you dare to hit me?!"

"Do you dare to hit me?!" Wang Defa covered his face, his eyes suddenly red.


Slap " Chen Feng raised his hand and slapped Wang Defa's face with another slap.

"Why don't you dare?" Chen Feng looked at Wang Defa coldly. Wang Defa's eyes were sunken and his footsteps were vain. You can tell by looking at his face that he is a typical gambler. This kind of person cannot be used to him by Chen Feng. .

"I...I killed you!"

After being slapped twice by Chen Feng in a row, Wang Defa suddenly lost his mind. His heart was filled with anger instantly, and he roared towards Chen Feng.

But how could this weak chicken be Chen Feng's opponent.

Chen Feng just lifted his toe slightly, and tapped Wang Defa's calf.

Wang Defa screamed and fell directly to the ground, clutching his legs, and began to cry.

A big man's tears came out of his eyes.

Chen Feng frowned. Xia Weiguo said that his old comrade-in-arms was in the army, but he was a top-notch man. I came to say that the offspring of such an old hero would never go far behind.

It can be seen that Wang Defa's wimpy look before him has nothing to do with the hero.

"Dad, mom, someone bullied your son, so you don't care."

"Dad, mom, if you don't come, your son will be beaten to death..."

Wang Defa sat on the ground, howling, and causing him to cry. The passers-by pointed and pointed, and many people had sarcasm smiles at the corners of their mouths. A man in his 30s was not ashamed to this point, and there was no one.

Even Chen Feng, at this time, can't hold back a bit of face, if he let others know that he is a master of martial arts, bullying this kind of stuff, I am afraid that all the martial arts masters in the world will lose the face.

"Don't cry!"

Chen Feng couldn't bear it, and he drew a deep voice, but Wang Defa on the ground, hearing Chen Feng's voice, not only didn't mean to stop, but cried louder, almost to the point of crying. .

Chen Feng's face turned black and terrible. He gritted his teeth and threatened every word: "Cry again, I will beat you to death!"

Perhaps it was because he was scared by Chen Feng. When he heard that Chen Feng was about to do it, Wang Defa shrank his neck unexpectedly, and immediately stopped choking, but the eyes that looked at Chen Feng were still full of hatred.

Chen Feng was full of black lines, and then took out a black box from his bag, took the box to Wang Defa, and said coldly: "This is the ancient jade of your Wang family, take it."

Wang Defa looked at Chen Feng bitterly. One glance, then took the black box, opened it, and took a look.

After confirming that the things were correct, he took out his wallet from his pocket and counted fifteen red banknotes. He wanted to pass them directly to Chen Feng, but he seemed to think of something. He rolled his eyes and turned from ten. Five of the five banknotes were withdrawn, and the remaining ten banknotes were handed to Chen Feng. He looked at Chen Feng with a face of charity and said, "I only planned to give you five hundred, but I saw you take a taxi to me. For the sake of giving the jade, I will give you another five hundred yuan."

"It is a total of one thousand yuan. I redeemed this jade. From then on, your Xia family has nothing to do with our Wang family.

" A thousand yuan?" Chen Feng almost laughed angrily. He had overestimated Wang Defa's shamelessness as much as possible, but he still underestimated Wang Defa's shamelessness.

If he remembers correctly, a few years ago, Wang Defa’s father mortgaged this piece of jade to Xia Weiguo, and then borrowed one hundred thousand yuan from Xia Weiguo. Now it’s not bad. A few years later, one hundred thousand yuan turned into 1,000 yuan. Piece.

Moreover, according to Wang Defa's meaning, in this thousand yuan, there are five hundred alms to him.

Chen Feng really didn't know what to say about this kind of ungrateful and wolf-hearted thing.

"Why, are you still too young?"

Wang Defa raised his eyebrows: "I'm telling you, one thousand yuan is enough for you. Originally I didn't want to give you a single point, but your father-in-law also helped my dad. This jade has been preserved for several years. Although there is no credit, there is hard work. This thousand yuan..."

Chapter: 326


Wang Defa wanted to say something more, but Chen Feng directly slapped Wang Defa's 1,000 yuan.

"Hey, you..." Wang Defa suddenly became angry. He pointed to Chen Feng's nose and he was about to get angry, but when he thought of Chen Feng's strength, he instantly wilted again and said bitterly: "Five thousand, I'll give you a thousand and five."

"I said...get off!" Chen Fengqiang suppressed his anger and tried to restrain the urge to slap Wang Defa to death.

"Get out?"

"What do you mean? You don't want the money?" Wang De looked at Chen Feng in a daze. Before Chen Feng could speak, he hurriedly picked up the money on the ground, and while picking it up, he said: "This is what you don't want. Ah, it's not that I won't give you..." When I

finished picking up the money, I looked up, only to find that Chen Feng was no longer in front of him.


Wang De screamed, and then a smug smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: "I will give you nothing, nothing promising."

Just after cursing Chen Feng, Wang De's phone rang.

"Son, did anyone receive it?" A sharp voice rang from the other end of the phone.

"I got it, Mom, I've got the jade." Wang Defa smiled flatteringly.

"How much did you give him?"

"One hundred fifty thousand!"

"What?! One hundred fifty thousand!" The voice on the other side of the phone can pierce a person's eardrums sharply, like a night owl.

"Wang Defa, did you have a brain drain?!

My old lady gave you one hundred thousand, you don't have to bargain with others, and you give them fifty thousand more?!" "Mom, you think I want to give that country boy 15 Wan..." Wang De looked aggrieved: "In the beginning, I only planned to give the hillbilly 50,000 yuan, but when the hillbilly heard that I only gave him 50,000 yuan, he slapped me twice on the spot..."

"What are you talking about?! That hillbilly slapped you twice? Does he want to die?!" The voice on the other end of the phone exploded.

Wang De's voice was even more aggrieved, even with a cry of crying: "Mom, that bastard not only slapped his son twice, he also threatened his son, saying that he must give out 150,000 yuan today. If he can't get 150,000 yuan, he we went to the door, take a large speaker shouted, saying my dad owed him money, and he wanted it so much noise well known for the whole sea of people know, my dad was a shameless. " "

in order to For my dad's reputation, I had to borrow another 50,000 yuan from a friend, and pooled 150,000 yuan, and gave it to that bastard." Wang Defa said with a bitter expression.

"Ah! I'm mad! What about that brute? Find him out for me, I want to kill him!" Wang Defa's mother Peng Yanfang screamed and cursed. Through the phone, Wang Defa could feel that in her mother's tone. Shares of monstrous anger.

Wang Defa shrank his neck: "Mom, he's gone, I don't know where he went."

"Find! Find me! Find him out for me! I want him to pay the 150,000, one point Quite a lot! My Peng Yanfang's money is not so easy to take!" Peng Yanfang screamed sharply.

"Mom, don't be angry, I'll look for it, I'll look for it." Wang Defa hurriedly said with a grin, but there was a smirk at the corner of his mouth. A mere country boy, dare to fight himself?

Just looking for death!

Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, Wang Defa turned one thousand yuan into one hundred and fifty thousand in just a few words.

If Chen Feng knew, he would vomit blood out of anger.

At this moment, Chen Feng has arrived at a private hospital in Pudong District.

After Huang Laosan was expelled from Malaysia, he was trained in this private hospital.

After asking at the front desk which ward Huang Laosan was in, Chen Feng quickly found him, and when he was still outside, he heard the excited voice of Chen Zeli inside the door:

"Master, don't you know how powerful Master Chen is. When we went to Yuquan Mountain to find ice lotus, we ran into a black snake. The black snake was nearly thirty meters long. The body was thicker than a bucket. It's like a monster."

"At that time, more than 20 mercenaries from the Huo family were present. They swept more than a thousand rounds of bullets with AKs, but they didn't even scratch the black snake's skin. . " "

so horrible? "on the bed, Huanglao three suck down a cold lump.

His eyes widened, and Chen Feng, who looked outside the door, laughed. He didn't expect that after so many years, Huang Lao San was still the same childish heart.

"Yes, it's so horrible!" Chen Zeli nodded heavily, and the stars flew wildly. Half of his escape temperament was cultivated by Huang Lao San.

"After the Huo family’s mercenaries swept over a thousand rounds of bullets, there was no way to get the black snake. Then, the Huo family’s two dark energy appeared in the mid-term, but in front of the black snake, they were in a row. It didn't last for a round, and was slapped by the black snake's tail."

"And then? What happened afterwards?" Huang Lao San couldn't wait with a full face.

"Then, then I, Uncle Chen, will be on the stage." A triumphant expression on Chen Zeli's face, as if he was on stage.

"Three swords!" Chen Zeli stretched out three fingers and said triumphantly: "My Master Chen made three swords, and three swords cut the black snake!"

"That snake blood directly stained the entire lake red. Master, you didn’t see that scene, how shocking, at that time, the little girl of Huo’s family was scared and stupid. Afterwards, she looked at Shishu Chen’s eyes, it was an admiration, and I just wanted to marry Shishu Chen on the spot. If you want me to say, Master Chen should take away the little girl's skin. After all, that little girl's skin is the little princess of the Huo family, and Chen is worthy of Master Chen..." Chen Zeli was talking about excitement, and suddenly felt a little cold in the air around him. Huang Laosan also opened his eyes wide, his face full of incredible.

Chen Zeli grabbed his eyeballs and coughed slightly, "Ahem, master, I was joking with you, Master Chen is actually very dedicated, um, dedicated, he only sees his mother... "

Really?" Chen Feng came behind Chen Zeli with a black line on his face.

Chen Zeli stiffened, turned his head hurriedly, and said with a grin: "Yes, Chen Shishu, you are the most dedicated man I have ever seen in this world."

"Get out!" Chen Feng cursed angrily.

Chen Zeli's problem with running the train with his mouth full, I don't know when it can be corrected. If he doesn't come in again, I am afraid that even Chu Celadon will become his admirer.

Chen Feng turned his gaze to Huang Laosan again, but saw Huang Laosan at this time, his face was jet-black, and his ear had been cut off. The original weight was nearly 200 jin, but at this moment, he was only a skeleton. Son, it feels like a gust of wind can blow.

Chapter: 327

Huang Lao San's miserable look gave Chen Feng an unprecedented tyrannical and murderous intent in Chen Feng's chest, but at this moment, his face did not show any signs.

Instead, he glanced at Huang Lao San with a joking look, and said with a smile: "Huang Lao Dog, your fate is pretty big."

"Hey, look at what you bastard said, Lao Tzu is your big brother, Lao Tzu's life, Isn't it too big?" Huang Lao San's eyes widened, and his angrily appearance was a bit naive.

Chen Feng smiled and said nothing.

"I just heard this stinky boy Ali say, you little boy can't think of going to Cangzhou to be the son-in-law? Is there such a thing?"

"There is such a thing." Chen Feng smiled and nodded.

Huang Laosan opened his mouth wide and his face was incredible: "Really?!"

"Of course it is true, do I have to lie to you an old dog?" Chen Feng smiled.

"Hey, do my younger siblings look like the fairies in the sky?" Huang Laosan suddenly became interested.

Chen Feng shook his head and said faintly: "Your younger brother and sister, she is more beautiful than the fairies in the sky."

"Hey, that's good, that's good." Huang Laosan smiled and nodded in satisfaction, "That's down. It’s not as shameful as to shame your kid.”


Chen Feng laughed at himself and shook his head:

“There’s no shame. I really want to say that I shame Mengyao, not Mengyao shame me.

” Huh?"

Huang Laosan's eyes flashed a touch of surprise, the boy insulted the woman? how can that be?

Chen Feng's identity is not clear to others, but he still knows it.

Regardless of the relationship with the Chen family for the time being, the identity of Xiao Guozhong's gated disciple alone is enough to disregard 99.9% of the young talents of China Land.

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If Chen Feng wants to marry a wife and have children, he only needs to say a word, and the top giants in China will send the arrogant girl in line to Chen Feng.

Not even the Chen family can say anything.

Because Chen Feng's master is Xiao Guozhong, the master of martial arts Xiao Guozhong!

China has 9.6 million square meters of land, and there are hundreds of wealthy families, the Zhang family in Tiannan, the Li family in Jiangbei, and the Sun family in Dongwu...

They have a long heritage, amazing power, and rich and adversary country. , Stomping, can make a province shake three times.

But in front of the grandmaster, they still dare not even dare to show off!

This is the deterrent of the master.

If those in the Chen family knew that Chen Feng, an illegitimate son, had been accepted as a closed disciple by Xiao Guozhong when he was fifteen years old, they would definitely not have the same attitude towards Chen Feng.

At this time, Chen Feng took out a black pill with a delicate fragrance from his bag, interrupting Huang Laosan's thoughts, Huang Laosan could not help but blurt out: "This is the Ice Lotus Pill?"

"Yeah." Chen Feng Nodded.

"This thing can really cure fire poison?" Huang Laosan was skeptical.

"Can I get rid of it, I'll know if I eat it?" Chen Feng glanced at Huang Laosan: "Open your mouth."

Huang Laosan smiled and opened his mouth wide. Chen Feng took out the ice lotus pill and prepared to put it in Huang Laosan. Three mouths.

At this moment, there was a coquettish sound at the door of the ward: "Don't give the patient random food!" In the

next second, the owner of the voice walked over a few steps, snatching the ice lotus in Chen Feng's hand. Dan then took a cold look at Chen Feng and Chen's four brothers and sisters, and asked, "Who are you? What's the relationship with the patient?"

Chen Feng frowned and said nothing.

"We are the patient's family." Chen Zewen stood up and looked at the tall beauty in a white coat in front of her. Judging from the breastplate on her chest, her name is Jiang Yuting, the chief physician of the hospital.


Jiang Yuting's pretty Liu frowned, and there was a suspicious look in her beautiful eyes: "Why haven't I seen you here

before ?" "Before..." Chen Zewen was a little embarrassed and was about to make up a reason to explain. At this time, Huang Laosan smiled and said: "Doctor Xiao Jiang, they are my son and daughter. They have been busy abroad some time ago, so there is no time to see me. These days, things are almost busy. , So I came back..."

Hearing Huang Laosan say this, Jiang Yuting's doubts were relieved a lot.

But for Chen Feng, the nose is not the nose, and the eyes are not the eyes.

After all, Huang Laosan has been in the hospital for almost a month, but Chen Feng and others have just rushed over now. Is there such a descendant?

"What is this?" Jiang Yuting picked up the ice lotus pill and turned his gaze to Chen Feng.

"Ice lotus pill." Chen Feng said lightly.

"Ice lotus pills?" Jiang Yuting frowned, "What's the use?" "Cure the


"Cure the disease? That's it?" Jiang Yuting sneered, with a touch of disdain in her tone.

"Well, just rely on this." Chen Feng smiled faintly.

"I didn't make a joke with you!"

Jiang Yuting's face suddenly became cold. "Do you know what kind of disease Grandpa Huang has? You dare to give him random medicine. If something goes wrong with him, who is responsible?!

" If something goes wrong, I’m responsible.” Chen Feng was still calm, but Jiang Yuting was furiously furious: “Are you responsible?! Are you responsible?!”

"Grandpa Huang is the patient whom our dean personally greeted. For his illness, our hospital has set up a medical team to gather top chief physicians from all major hospitals in Zhonghai to formulate treatment plans."

"We even Grandpa Huang every day. Drinking a few milliliters of water must be calculated accurately. You are fine, just give Grandpa Huang this messy medicine without saying a word. Do you think Grandpa Huang died fast enough?!"

Jiang Yuting's chest rises and falls sharply, obviously angry Not light.

Chen Feng frowned, is this little girl taking dynamite? I haven't fed the ice lotus pill to Huang Laosan yet, if I really feed it, wouldn't this little girl just explode.

"Ahem, Doctor Xiao Jiang, don't be angry, Xiao Chen is also out of good intentions..." Huang Laosan coughed slightly, preparing to make a round, but Jiang Yuting didn't listen at all and interrupted with an angry voice: "He is not this Out of good intentions, he is stupid!"

"He didn't even know what kind of illness you had, so he dared to give you medicine. Isn't this stupid?"

Chen Feng's face sank: "Who said I don't know What kind of disease did Huang Laosan

get ?" "You know?"

"Then you mean it!" Jiang Yuting was irrational.

Chen Feng opened his mouth and was about to speak. At this moment, there was a loud voice at the door: "Xiao Jiang, what's the matter? Who is angry with?"

"Dad?" Hearing this voice, Jiang Yuting's beautiful eyes suddenly appeared. There was a touch of joy.

Chen Feng glanced back, but saw the door of the ward, which was already full of people.

Chapter: 328

The head was an old man wearing Tang gown, white beard and hair, and spirited. The old man had clear eyebrows, and his whole body exuded a breath of fairy style from the inside out.

Next to the old man, he was accompanied by a man in his fifties.

This man is wearing a white coat and a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He has a very gentle temperament. It was he who asked Jiang Yuting with a smile at the door. Obviously, he was Jiang Yuting's father.

"Dad, why are you here?" Jiang Yuting stepped forward happily.

"What's your dad? No rules, call the dean!" The gentle man glared at Jiang Yuting with a straight face.

"Oh, Dean Jiang." Jiang Yuting stuck out her tongue, looking quite cute.

The gentle man shook his head, chuckled, and turned his gaze to the fairy-like old man beside him: "Old Sun, I made you laugh, this is my

ineffective daughter..." "Old Sun?!" Jiang Yuting The voice was suddenly sharp. In the next second, her beautiful eyes were filled with incredibleness. When she turned her gaze to the old man, the voice began to tremble: "You... are you

old man Sun?" Hehe smiled and nodded gently.

Jiang Yuting suddenly covered her mouth, but the shock flowed from her eyes. Old Sun, it turned out to be Old Sun!

Dad actually invited Mr. Sun over!

How did he do that? !

Lao Sun is a Chinese medicine doctor. Even the big leaders in the province who want to invite Lao Sun have to line up half a year in advance.

"Lao Sun, you... hello, I... I am Jiang Yuting." Because of the excitement, Jiang Yuting was a little stumbling at the moment.

"Little girl, hello." With a gracious smile on his face, Old Sun asked, "How is the patient's condition now?"

"Patient?" Jiang Yuting was taken aback for a while, and then he reacted. Sun Lao turned out to be yellow. The third child is here!

What is Huang Laosan? Can you call out Sun Lao? !

After taking a deep breath, Jiang Yuting suppressed the doubts in her heart and said, "Lao Sun, the patient’s current condition is not optimistic. Ten days ago, fire poison has spread all over her body. In the last two days, fire poison has been more serious. The trend of spreading to the internal organs can’t be

controlled at all..." Jiang Yuting calmly explained the situation of Huang Lao San. After listening to it, Sun Lao nodded slightly, with a solemn expression in his eyes, and walked to Huang with his hands. In front of the youngest third, he smiled and said: "Old man, can I get your

pulse?" " Take the pulse?" Huang Lao- san was taken aback for a moment, and then shook his head: "Don't be so troublesome, the boy made ice lotus pills for me. I ate ice Lin Dan, like a disease, we do not need to feel the pulse. "

audience silent.

This old man actually refused Sun Shengshou's pulse?

And what is the ice lotus pill made by the boy?

Can you cure a disease that so many of them can't help?

In the ward, many attending physicians looked at each other, all thinking that Huang Laosan was crazy.

Sun Qingfeng's complexion was also stiff. This was the first time he took the initiative to give someone his pulse and was rejected.

Jiang Yuting couldn't help stepping forward and explaining: "Grandpa Huang, this is Lao Sun. He is a sacred doctor of Chinese medicine specially invited by our hospital for you. His medical skills are among the best in the country."

"Old man. Yuting said. It’s not bad. Sun Lao is the Queen’s TCM doctor of the old chiefs of Diaoyutai. On weekdays, even the provincial leaders, who want to ask Sun Lao to see a doctor, have to line up. The reason Sun Lao came to see you this time is because you The symptom of fire poison is an unprecedented special case. If this special case can be overcome, it will be recorded in the annals of medical history and will bring immeasurable contributions to the medical world." Dean Jiang said with a smile. It seems that Huang Lao San just didn't know Sun Lao's reputation, so he said that.

Once Huang Lao San knew what the two words Sun Lao mean, he would probably beg Sun Lao to see him.

But this time, Dean Jiang was beaten in the face.

Huang Laosan shook his head without thinking about it, "No, I believe the boy, he said that if the ice lotus pill can heal me, he will definitely heal me."

There was nothing to say in the audience.

Dean Jiang's face was even a bit ugly, Huang Laosan said so, but he didn't give Sun Qingfeng face at all.

Jiang Yuting was irritated: "Grandpa Huang, are you always confused? How many people want to ask Sun Lao to see a doctor on weekdays, but Sun Lao will not do anything. Today, Sun Lao finally did it for you, but you would rather believe him. I don’t want to believe in Old Sun..."

Huang Laosan is bitter, not knowing what to say, but it’s not that he is stubborn and has to reject Sun Qingfeng, but the ice lotus is Chen Feng’s effort. It came out of the painstaking effort, but when it came to his head, Sun Qingfeng treated him with a pulse. Didn't this show that he didn't believe Chen Feng?

"Okay, Lao Huang, let the old man take your pulse. If the old man can't do anything with your fire poison, it won't be too late to take ice lotus pills." At this time, Chen Feng spoke lightly, Huang Lao San's thoughts He can guess more or less, but his mind is not that narrow. If this Sun Shengshou really has a way to conquer the fire, then he just saves an ice lotus pill.

Huang Laosan smiled, and then stretched out his hand: "Old sir, I trouble you."

"Humph." Sun Qingfeng snorted unchecked. If he was changed to someone else, he would have dared to refuse him once. He waved away, but Huang Laosan in front of him was a special patient.

A special patient who can live more than a month under the erosion of fire.

He must know how Huang Laosan got it.

Sun Qingfeng put his hand on Huang Lao San's wrist, then closed his eyes and felt it carefully.

After a while, Sun Qingfeng wrinkled, as if he had encountered some problems.

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Chen Feng on the side shook his head slightly. He probably knew why Sun Qingfeng cared about Huang Laosan so much, because Huang Laosan was a miracle to him.

Normal people are invaded by fire poison and live for up to two or three days before they dry up and die.

But Huang Laosan lived for more than a month, which is really hard to understand.

Of course, this kind of incomprehension is only for ordinary people like Sun Qingfeng, and for a warrior like Chen Feng, who can carry it for more than a month, it is simply normal.

After the warrior steps into the realm of dark energy, energy will be generated in the body.

This kind of vigor is similar to energy, but it is different from energy. Only the warrior himself can feel it. Contemporary scientific instruments cannot detect it at all.

Unable to detect, naturally unexplainable.

But being unable to explain does not mean it does not exist.

Every warrior who steps into the dark energy can feel the existence of energy in the body.

Qi always wanders through the limbs and corpses of the warrior, tempering the body and blood of the warrior.

The reason why the strength of the martial artist's body is a hundred times higher than that of ordinary people is because of the existence of strength.

Chapter: 329

Huang Lao San is like this, he is a warrior, a warrior who can even step into the early stage of Huajin with only one step.

The vastness of the energy in his body is simply not what ordinary people can imagine.

Once Huang Lao San breaks through to Huajin, the qi in his body will undergo a qualitative change again, reaching the point of endless growth!

It's not a problem to live and tear tigers and leopards, traveling thousands of miles a day.

Carrying fire poison for more than a month is nothing at all.

Sun Qingfeng's brow furrowed deeper and deeper, and he could feel that there was a flow of "qi" in Huang Lao San's body, but he could not figure out what this "qi" was. Can stop the spread of fire poison.

"Lao Sun, how is it?" Jiang Yuting couldn't help but ask. As the Taishan Beidou of Chinese medicine in China, Sun Qingfeng's medical skills are beyond doubt. If Sun Qingfeng can't help it, then Huang Laosan can be sentenced. Death sentence.

Sun Qingfeng sighed and did not answer Jiang Yuting's words. Instead, he turned to Huang Laosan and asked, "What kind of internal martial arts has the old man ever practiced?"

Huang Laosan nodded, his expression a little surprised. Sun Qingfeng still has two brushes, and he can be judged as a martial artist only by getting his pulse.

After receiving Huang Laosan's affirmation, a look of disappointment passed through Sun Qingfeng's eyes.

Sure enough, he guessed right, Huang Laosan in front of him was a warrior.

If it is a warrior, then all of this can be explained.

Many intractable diseases, once a normal person is infected, even if they do not die, they will lose half their lives.

But the martial artist is not in this list, the'qi' in their body has amazing healing power, completely beyond the scope of medical skills.

Any illness, once it involves'qi', it becomes extremely complicated.

Even if he is a Chinese medicine doctor, he will be helpless in the face of this disease.

Sun Qingfeng sighed: "Old man, I'm sorry, Sun has no cure for your fire poison."

"However, Sun Mo can use acupuncture to delay the spread of fire poison and let you live longer."

Hearing Sun Qingfeng's words, the expressions of many people in the ward were gloomy. Sun Qingfeng said so much, and Huang Laosan might be dead soon.

But... it’s better to live longer than to die immediately.

"Old man, if I agree, I can start administering the needle for you now." Sun Qingfeng said while looking at Huang Lao San. Huang Laosan

shifted his gaze to Chen Feng, but saw Chen Feng shook his head:

"No need, Sun Lao, for your kindness, I took it for Lao Huang, but I can cure Lao Huang's fire."

"Oh?" Sun Qingfeng raised his eyelids, glanced at Chen Feng, frowning, "Do you have a cure?"

" Yes ." Chen Feng's tone was firm.

Sun Qingfeng's face sank: "What way?"

"Ice lotus pill."

It's ice lotus pill again?

Everyone in the ward looked at each other, they all saw the doubt in each other's eyes.

"Ice lotus pills?" Sun Qingfeng snorted coldly, "The old man has practiced medicine for more than 60 years, and the number of fire poison patients encountered is not 100 or 80. The total number of prescriptions for treating fire poison I have seen is no less than 10,000. Fen

! But the old man has never heard of such things as ice lotus pill ." "You said that ice lotus pill can cure fire poison, old man... I don't believe it!"

Sun Qingfeng carried his hands with his majestic attitude. In his opinion, Chen Feng is pure It is grandstanding, the fire poison in Huang Lao San's body has long been in a state of ignorance, even if it is Da Luo Jinxian, it will be helpless.

But Chen Feng now said that only a single ice lotus pill could make Huang Lao San heal.

It's just nonsense!

"Don't believe it?" The

corner of Chen Feng's mouth raised: "Lao Sun doesn't believe it now, it's okay."

"Lao Sun will believe it in a while."

"What do you mean?" Sun Qingfeng's tone sank. He had already said so, could it be Chen Feng insists on feeding Huang Laosan ice lotus pills?

Chen Feng did not speak, but walked up to Jiang Yuting and stretched out his hand: "Bring the ice lotus pills."

"Are you deaf? Didn't you hear what Elder Sun said?" Jiang Yuting looked at Chen in disgust. With a glance at Feng, Sun Qingfeng had already said so clearly that the ice lotus pill could not cure the fire poison at all, but Chen Feng still went his own way, and did not put Huang Laosan's life in his eyes.

Chen Feng's expression turned cold: "Is what Sun Lao said must be correct?"


The audience was quiet for an instant, and many of the chief physicians couldn't help taking a breath.

How dare this person question Elder Sun? ! !

Tired of life and crooked!

"Boy, what do you mean?!" Dean Jiang's tone instantly became severe, glaring at Chen Feng: "Do you dare to question Lao Sun?!"

"I didn't question Lao Sun." Chen Feng shook his head: "Old Sun I have always admired his medical skills, but with regard to the Ice Lotus Pill, Lao Sun is indeed lonely and ignorant."

Everyone was shocked when they heard this. They dare to say that Old Sun is lonely and ignorant? !

Sun Lao is ignorant, so how many well-informed people in Huaxia? !

"You..." Dean Jiang was even more angry and trembling.

"Atrium, let the little girl give him the medicine!"

At this moment, Sun Qingfeng said coldly.

He glanced at Chen Feng coldly, and said, "The old man wants to see how the ice lotus pill eradicates fire poison!"

When Sun Qingfeng spoke, Jiang Yuting didn't dare not follow it. After taking a look at Chen Feng in disgust, he took the Ice Lotus Pill to Chen Feng.

Without saying a word, Chen Feng directly took the ice lotus pill and came to Huang Laosan: "

Open your mouth." Huang Laosan smiled and opened his mouth.

The moment the ice lotus pill entered, Huang Laosan shuddered, only to feel that the whole person was surrounded by a bone-chewing chill, from beginning to end.

Huang Laosan clenched his teeth, but still couldn't stop the shaking of his teeth.

Fifteen seconds later, Huang Laosan's face began to turn blue, as if poisoned.

Many people's faces have changed, and indeed there are still problems.

"What exactly did you use to make this ice lotus pill?! Why did Grandpa Huang become like this?!" Jiang Yuting asked sharply.

Chen Feng frowned, and did not pay attention to Jiang Yuting, but put all his thoughts on Huang Lao San. Although he said he was sure, it was the first time he encountered this situation. What would really happen? No one knows.

So he must always stare at Huang Lao San to prevent any accidents.

After another fifteen seconds, the bruises on Huang Lao San's face became more obvious, and white mist rose from the top of his head, just like boiling water vapor.

But strangely, the temperature in the entire ward began to drop significantly at this time, and everyone felt a swish chill.

"This... what's going on?"

Chapter: 330

Many chief physicians are stunned. They have been in medicine for decades and have never encountered such a situation. The temperature on the top of the patient's head is very high, almost reaching the point of atomization, but the temperature of the body is too low. The extent to which the indoor temperature is affected.

Sun Qingfeng also looked incredible. The scene before him completely transcended his cognition.


at this moment, Huang Lao San suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood mixed with black lump, the blood still exuded a foul smell, everyone could not help covering their noses.

But Sun Qingfeng didn't dislike it in the slightest, and took a step forward, ready to check Huang Laosan's pulse.

But at this time, a stranger scene happened.

Huang Laosan's body started to freeze unexpectedly!

It starts from the lower body first, then gradually spreads to the upper body, and finally the skull.

In less than thirty seconds, Huang Lao San was completely wrapped in ice, like an iceman!


This scene scared the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family.

"This...what exactly is this ice lotus pill used for?" Even Sun Qingfeng looked shocked, as if he had seen something extremely terrifying.

Among the crowd, only Chen Feng remained calm and even quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Although Huang Laosan was wrapped in ice, he felt the signs that Huang Laosan's energy was re-circulating...

This showed that the fire poison had been completely driven out of his body.

"You dare to say that ice lotus pills are useful?! Grandpa Huang has become like this!" Jiang Yuting's beautiful eyes widened and she looked at Chen Feng furiously.


Chen Feng shook his head, walked in front of Huang Lao San, stretched out his hand and patted lightly. The energy in his body gushed out instantly. The third child has ruddy and shiny skin.

"Now, Doctor Jiang?" Chen Feng smiled faintly, then looked back at Jiang Yuting, but saw that Jiang Yuting was already stunned.

How did this bastard do it? !

At this time, Sun Qingfeng stepped up to Huang Lao San, and regardless of Huang Lao San's willingness, he directly put his hand on Huang Lao San's wrist and began to diagnose Huang Lao San's pulse.

"Puff through"

"Puff through"

pulse is constantly beating, regular and powerful!

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Sun Qingfeng's pupils shrank, this is exactly the pulse of a normal person! And there is no sign of fire poison in the body!

This... how is this possible?

In less than three minutes, Huang Laosan's fire poison completely disappeared!

How did Chen Feng do it? !

No, it should be said, how did Chen Feng's ice lotus pill do it? !

"Elder Sun, how is it?" Jiang Yuting couldn't help asking.

"Okay...Okay." Sun Qingfeng took a deep breath and forcibly suppressed his excitement.

"What?! Alright!" Jiang Yuting's voice was suddenly raised, her tone full of incredible.

"Well, the fire poison in this old man's body has been completely eradicated." Sun Qingfeng nodded. Although he didn't want to believe it, the facts were there, and he couldn't help but believe it.

After getting Sun Qingfeng's affirmation again, the whole ward fell into a state of silence.

Many chief physicians have incredible expressions.

In less than three minutes, with a black pill, the fire poison that Chinese medicine is helpless is eradicated?

What is the source of this young man? !

"Cough cough, I said the ice lotus pill of the little boy is useful, you guys still don't believe it." At this time, Huang Lao San had already got off the hospital bed and began to move his muscles and bones on the ground.

His healthy appearance made everyone speechless again.

"Atrium, please pay this little friend. This time it is indeed an old eye." Sun Qingfeng sighed and glanced at Jiang Zhongting. Although he didn't want to admit it, this time, Chen Feng did give him a good He took a lesson to let him understand the truth that there are people outside the world, and there are heaven outside the world.

"Little brother, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..." Jiang Zhongting bowed slightly, preparing to apologize, but was stopped by Chen Feng with a smile.

"Uncle Jiang is serious. I understand your feelings just now. Lao Huang is a patient in your hospital. You can do this without any problems."

Chen Feng also turned his attention to Sun Qingfeng: "There is also Lao Sun. , You don’t know ice lotus pills, and it’s not a problem with your eyesight, but the medicinal materials used to refine ice lotus pills. They are rare ice lotus from the world. There is no record in medical books. Once, if there was no master, I would never know the ice lotus pill..."

Chen Feng's humble rhetoric immediately won the favor of many people in the court.

Sun Qingfeng's complexion also eased, but at the same time, he sighed in his heart. Originally, he planned to ask Chen Feng for the prescription of ice lotus, but now Chen Feng said that, it was unnecessary.

Because the treasures of the world are rare in a century, they are not universal at all.

Soon, Sun Qingfeng left with a group of people, but before leaving, Jiang Yuting gave Chen Feng a fierce look, apparently hating Chen Feng.

In response, Chen Feng could only shook his head, not knowing what to say.

Huang Laosan was discharged from the hospital afterwards because he recovered from his illness.

After leaving the hospital, Huang Laosan couldn't help but squinted his eyes, seemingly unaccustomed to the harsh sunlight.

"Little boy, if there is a cigarette, come one." Huang Laosan stretched out two and clamped it.

"No." Chen Feng shook his head. Since joining the Xia family, he has quit smoking and drinking.

In the past three years, he has not smoked a cigarette.

"Don't even smoke?" Huang Laosan curled his lips and gave Chen Feng a little disdainfully: "Are you your wife not letting you smoke?"

Chen Feng was startled and didn't speak.

Xia Mengyao is no longer his wife now.

"Master, I have it here, I have it here, the best Yellow Crane Tower." At this time, Chen Zeli smiled and took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, and respectfully placed it on Huang Laosan.

"Bring me one too." Huang Laosan ordered vaguely while smoking a cigarette.


"Uncle Chen, come, you smoke." Chen Zeli used his hands to pass the cigarette to Chen Feng again.

Chen Feng smiled, put the cigarette in his mouth, and took a sip. The long-lost stimulus instantly filled his chest.

"When will I go back?" Chen Feng asked faintly. After swallowing the ice lotus pill, Huang Lao San not only eradicated the fire poison, but also took a step forward in his strength. Breaking through to the strength is just around the corner.

"What's the rush? I have only been here for a few days, so you want to drive me away?" Huang Lao San gave Chen Feng a white glance.

Chen Feng smiled: "It's not that I want to drive you away. I'm afraid that you will go back later. If you Chinese help those disciples and grandchildren, I am afraid that they will be taught by the Caravan torch to kill a dog or dog."

Hearing the Caravan torch. Teacher, Huang Laosan's complexion suddenly became gloomy.

"Mom, I can't remember this. Lu Dongxiong and Kazan, two old dogs, can really kill things."