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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 351-360 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 351

"But Ms. Jiang can rest assured that I will never

hide privately . If I can teach you, I will give everything to you, and strive to let you enter the threshold of the inner family as soon as possible." Chen Feng smiled and said that Jiang Yuting is not qualified to be him. Apprentice.

Xiao Guozhong, after all, is the nine great masters of China.

Although he has not created a sect, his name is the largest sect in the world!

To become a member of Xiao Guozhong, talent and character all need the top in the world.

But Jiang Yuting is a far cry!

In addition, the ceremony of apprenticeship is one of the most solemn ancient rituals in the martial arts world. Three prayers and nine knocks, watching tea and pouring water, are all essential etiquettes. Playing house like Jiang Yuting has a bit of nonsense. .

"Hee hee, okay." Jiang Yuting chuckled, sticking out her tongue, and she seemed to be in a good mood, then she took out her mobile phone: "Let’s add a WeChat first. After adding WeChat, I will take you to sign the contract. . " "

good. "Chen Feng nodded, took out the phone, and Jiang Yuting mutual added a micro letter.

It was only then that Jiang Yuting's WeChat name was actually called The Powerpuff Girl.

Chen Feng twitched the corner of his mouth, yes, this is very Jiang Yuting.

With Jiang Yuting leading the way, signing the anti-cancer drug contract has no problem.

And Li Le, since seeing Jiang Yuting, has been in a daze all the way.

It wasn't until he came out of the hospital that he shook the contract in the handshake in disbelief, and looked at Chen Feng with his mouth wide open: "Brother Feng, this...Is it taken down?"

"Well, taken it down, the white paper is black and red Seal." Chen Feng smiled. The process of signing the contract this time went smoothly beyond his imagination. It really confirmed that sentence. There are people in the DPRK who are easy to do. Jiang Yuting led the way. The head of the purchasing department saw him. With Li Le, that attitude is called a passion.

"Brother Feng, you are simply...too awesome!" Li Le's face flushed with excitement. The contract he signed with Dongting Hospital this time is worth nearly 10 million yuan. This is the biggest signing he has signed since joining Kangmei Medicine. A list.

The commission for this order is higher than the commission for all orders he signed before.

Roughly speaking, it is at least 150,000!

"By the way, Brother Feng, how did you meet Dean Jiang's daughter?" Li Le couldn't help asking. Chen Feng knew Jiang Yuting, and he didn't expect it.

After all, the identities of the two seem to be very different. One is a low-level employee of Kangmei Medicine, while the other is the little princess who is the director of the largest private hospital in Zhonghai City. Two people who are completely unrelated. But came together.

Chen Feng smiled and uttered two words: "Secret."

He didn't intend to explain this to Li Le, after all, the world of warriors was too far away from Li Le.

After leaving the hospital, the two returned to Kangmei non-stop.

As soon as he entered the company, Chen Feng's face sank. He was thrown on the ground all the things on Li Le's desk.

Documents, tea cups... were thrown everywhere.

"Who did it?!" Chen Fengqiang suppressed the anger in his chest and said in a deep voice.


As Chen Feng's voice fell, a tall young man of about twenty-seven and eighteen years old, physically and mentally healthy, stood up. He walked up to Chen Feng with a full face, gave Chen Feng a condescending look, and spoke provocatively. "I threw your things? How?"

"Pick it up, I don't need to care about you." Chen Feng took a deep breath and spoke calmly. The tall young man in front of him was named Yang Kui, Li Shiping's younger brother. Always flattering Li Shiping, he is the most faithful dogleg of Li Shiping.

"Hahaha, don't you care about me?" Yang Kui burst out laughing suddenly, his smile exaggerated.

Then he smiled suddenly, his expression suddenly cold: "What are you TM?! You deserve to care about me too?!"


Everyone couldn't help taking a breath.

No one thought that Yang Kui would turn his face when he said that he turned his face.

For a time, the atmosphere in the entire office freezes to the extreme.

"Yang Kui, how do you talk to Brother Feng?"

At this moment , Li Le walked up angrily and stood beside Chen Feng.

"Brother Feng?" Yang Kui glanced at Li Le disdainfully, his tone sarcastically: " You call this Brother

Fengfeng Feng?" Yang Kui sneered: "I said Li Le, you are really getting alive and going back."

"This kind of rubbish, you actually call him Brother Feng. Then I will see Laozi, you are Don't you have to call Lao

Zi Kui ?" "Yang Kui, don't deceive people too much!" Li Le's face was red, but he really had nothing to do with Yang Kui, a rogue who could play tricks and fight.

"Haha, deceived people too much?"

"I deceived people too much, what do you do with Laozi?"

"What do you do with Laozi? Huh?" Yang Kui walked to Li Le and slapped Li Le's face with a grinning grin. .

It's not a slap in the face, but the humiliation brought to Li Le is ten times more than a slap!

Li Le clenched his teeth, and his blood-red eyes were full of hatred. He stared at Yang Kui, like a beast that had been choosing people and devouring him.

With this fierce look, Yang Kui stared at him with a flurry of hair, followed by anger into anger.

Damn, it's just a waste, do I need to be afraid? Yang Kui cursed himself inwardly.

Then I was going to step forward to give Li Le two slaps. At this moment, a strange voice appeared behind him: "What are you all gathering here for? Why are you not working?"

"Brother Li." Yang Kui looked overjoyed and turned around flatteringly.

Wang Shiyuan and Li Shiping walked over side by side.

"Yang Kui, what are you doing here?" Li Shiping asked pretendingly.

Yang Kui smiled flatteringly: "Brother Li, these two wastes don't open their eyes. I am going to help you teach them."

"Oh?" Li Shiping glanced at Chen Feng and Li Le, his mouth raised a bit of playfulness: "How are they? Don’t open

your eyes anymore?" "You asked me to throw their things away. After I threw their things, they were not convinced and asked me to pick them up. Do you think they don’t open their eyes?" Yang Kui smiled. Tao.

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"I can't open my eyes." Li Shiping nodded gently.

Then he said his gaze shifted to Chen Feng: "I asked Yang Kui to throw away your and Li Le's things. If you have any comments, you can rush to me."

"Why throw our things?" Chen Feng said calmly. .

"Why?" Li Le sneered: "Chen Feng, I should have told you in the office before that if you can't get the list of anti-cancer drugs in Dongting Hospital, you and Li Le will just roll up and fuck me?

" Said it." Chen Feng nodded.

"Since I said it, it shouldn't be a problem for me to let you roll up and fuck." Li Shiping teased his face. He thought that Chen Feng and Li Le would hold on for a while, but he didn't expect that the two passed by, less than one. When he was young, he was driven out by Dongting Hospital.

"Rolling the bedding?" A

sneer appeared at the corner of Chen Feng's mouth: "Why are we rolling the bedding?"

Chapter: 352

"What do you mean?"

Li Shiping's eyelids twitched, as if thinking of something, he said with a face full of disbelief: "You don't want to say, did you discuss the list of anticancer drugs in Dongting Hospital? "

Can't it?" Chen Feng sneered again and again.

Li Shiping suddenly became very angry: "I said Chen Feng, do you know what you are talking about?!"

"That's Dongting Hospital! It's not a small pharmacy outside. I can't get their orders. You're fine, go out." In less than an hour, tell me you took it?"

"Are you dreaming?"

"Brother Li, this waste must be dreaming. Just his two grades, I ran to Dongting Hospital. The person in charge of the procurement department even Even if I see them, I still talk about cooperation with them? How is it possible?"

"The two of them must be able to talk down the list, I just jump from here." Yang Kui sneered.

"This newcomer Chen Feng is not very capable, but his tone is not small."

"That is, he doesn't brag, he also takes the Dongting Hospital's list, why don't you say that Dongting Hospital is yours? Yes.”

Many employees of the sales department sneered. Chen Feng was using them as a fool. Dongting Hospital is an iron wall. Almost every employee in the sales department went to Dongting Hospital to touch the dust. No one I know better than them how difficult it is to talk about cooperation with Dongting Hospital.

But Chen Feng and Li Le went out and came back within an hour. They also said that they had taken the courage of Dongting Hospital. Who were they bluffing?

"Don't believe it?" Chen Feng raised his head and glanced at everyone, the sarcasm in the corner of his mouth was obvious.

"I don't believe it!"

"A fool can believe it!"

"That is, I only believe it when my brain is flooded. If you can talk about the list, then our group of people will become waste."

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, took the contract out of the document bag, held it in front of everyone, and said faintly: "Look at what this is?"

"Aren't these just a few pieces of torn paper? Still use it, you treat us as all Blind?" Yang Kui sneered and accepted the contract in Chen Feng's hand. He glanced casually, and his expression instantly solidified.

"What's wrong?" Seeing Yang Kui not speaking, Li Shiping's heart sank immediately.

"Li...Manager Li, Party A on this contract is... Dongting Hospital..." Yang Kui swallowed, his voice trembling a little.

"Impossible!" Li Shiping's face suddenly sank, then he snatched the contract in Yang Kui's hand and looked intently.

After a few seconds, his face became ugly, and that ugly was mixed with a bit of inconceivability and shock.

Party A on the contract is indeed Dongting Hospital!

Not only is the person in charge signed, but also stamped!

"The two people won't really negotiate the contract from Dongting Hospital?"

The changes in Yang Kui and Li Shiping's expressions made many employees take notice of them. If there is a problem with the contract, the two might have already It happened, why wait till now.

"Who negotiated this contract for you?!" Li Shiping suddenly raised his head and asked sternly.

His words also caused the entire office to fall into silence in an instant.


it is true!

The contract is real!

Everyone's eyes widened and their faces were full of incredible expressions. Li Shiping's words had undoubtedly proved that the contract was true.

The cooperation with Dongting Hospital was actually taken down!

"Manager Li, what do you mean?!" Li Le clenched his fists angrily. He and Chen Feng negotiated such a large contract for Kangmei Medicine, and Li Shiping didn't regard them as heroes, but the first place. Time to question them.

"What do you mean by me?" Li Shiping's face was gloomy as water.

"What is the grade of the two of you, you should know in your heart, let alone talk about cooperation with Dongting Hospital, if no one leads the way, you two will probably not even see the person in charge of Dongting Hospital!"

"So This contract was definitely not negotiated between the two of you!" Li Shiping shouted sternly. In any case, he would not admit that this contract was negotiated between Chen Feng and Li Le.

He doesn't allow himself to be slapped in the face by such two trash!

"Didn't the two of us talk about it? Could it be you?!" Chen Feng suddenly sneered, and Li Shiping had already guessed this reaction.

After Chen Feng said this, Li Shiping's complexion was even harder to look.

"I don't care anyway, this contract must be negotiated by you by some shameful means." Li Shiping simply played a rogue.

"The shameful means?" Chen Feng sneered.

"Okay, very good!"

"Li Le, call the person in charge of Dongting Hospital and tell them that Kangmei Medicine does not recognize the contract we signed, and ask them to cancel the cooperation immediately!"

Li Le smiled and nodded hurriedly, Chen Feng's trick is to retreat as a second to play.

Li Shiping did not recognize the contract. Then Chen Feng could have Dongting Hospital cancel the cooperation, but once the cooperation was cancelled, then Li Shiping, the manager, would not have to do it. After all, it was because of him that Kangmei Pharmaceutical lost the big customer of Dongting Hospital.

"No fight!"

Sure enough, before Li Le’s mobile phone was taken out, Li Shiping’s complexion changed and stopped. Once Dongting Hospital cancels the cooperation, today’s affairs will inevitably be hidden from the company’s executives. At that time, the company’s executives will know if they just inquire about it. Because of him, Dongting Hospital was asked to cancel the cooperation.

He cannot bear this responsibility!

"You said you wouldn't fight if you didn't fight?" Chen Feng sneered again and again. He glanced at Li Le with a cold face: "Fight!"

"Well, Brother Feng!" Li Le nodded heavily. For Chen Feng, he is absolutely absolute now. He listened to his words, especially after seeing Chen Feng's methods, he admired Chen Feng's five bodies.

So what Chen Feng asked him to do, he did not hesitate.

Seeing Li Lezhen dialed the phone number of the person in charge of Dongting Hospital, Li Shiping suddenly panicked and directly asked Chen Feng for mercy: "Chen Feng, don't call! Please, don't call!"

"Everyone is from the same company! Colleagues,

if you have something to discuss." "If you make this call, not only will I be implicated, but the commission for you and Li Le will also be lost..." Li

Shiping persuaded him painstakingly, with a rare low tone.

He looks like this, but he has shown many employees of the company.

Is this still the original arrogant Li Shiping? How could he be so humble now?

"Now I remember that everyone is a colleague of a company?" Chen Feng sneered and sneered. In fact, there is no phone number of the person in charge of Dongting Hospital in Li Le's phone. He and Li Le are totally acting.

On the way here, he anticipated that Li Shiping would be a rogue, so he planned it out with Li Le.

If Li Shiping concedes the bet, then he will let Li Shiping go.

But if Li Shiping insisted to die, he would never be softened!

Chapter: 353

"I'm wrong, can't I be wrong if I'm wrong?" Li Shiping's tone was almost crying, and he felt regretful in his heart. He wanted to slap himself severely. Why should I listen to Wang Shiyuan's words and let Chen Feng go and make peace? Dongting Hospital negotiated the contract. If Chen Feng was not allowed to go to Dongting Hospital, there would be no shit now.

"Wrong?" Chen Feng sneered, glanced at the documents that were thrown on the ground, and said in a cold voice: "Is this the way you admit your mistake?"

Li Shiping was taken aback, and immediately understood what Chen Feng meant. Turning his gaze to Yang Kui, he said sharply: "Yang Kui, immediately pick up Chen Feng and Li Le's things!"

Yang Kui opened his mouth wide and looked incredible: "Manager Li..."

"Are you deaf? ! Or does what I said doesn't work anymore?!" Li Shiping roared angrily, and Yang Kui was not qualified to let him sigh.

After being scolded by Li Shiping in front of so many people, Yang Kui only felt that he was surrounded by a strong sense of humiliation.

But Li Shiping is his immediate boss after all. Without Li Shiping, he wouldn't even be a dog.

"Okay, I'll pick it up." Yang Kui gritted his teeth and finally bent down and squatted on the ground obediently and began to pick up things for Chen Feng and Li Le.

"Chen Feng, look..." Li Shiping turned around and said with a grin, but before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Chen Feng's cold eyes: "You pick it up too."


Li Shiping's mouth opened wide. , Almost spit out a mouthful of old blood, but when he thought that his manager's seat was now in Chen Feng's hands, he swallowed his anger abruptly.

Squatting on the ground, picking up things with Yang Kui.

This scene stunned everyone in the audience.

Wang Shiyuan is no exception, but while she is dull, there is still a bit of anger and hatred in her eyes.

Angrily is Chen Feng's ugly posture now arrogantly.

The one who hates iron but not steel is that Li Shiping was cleaned up by Chen Feng, a redneck. How many days did this redneck join the company?

Soon, the two put the things of Chen Feng and Li Le neatly in place.

Li Shiping smiled and walked to Chen Feng: "Chen Feng, I did something wrong this time. I hope you can look at the face of Uncle Wang and forgive me once."

"In addition, you and Li Le opened the East Court. The market at the hospital has made a great contribution to the company, so I decided to give you three more commissions on the basis of the original commission, as a reward..."

Three commissions?

Hearing this, the eyes of many employees in the sales department are red. This is a list of nearly 10 million, and the three-point commission is 300,000!

Li Shiping really lost his blood.

Hearing the three-point commission, Li Le flushed with excitement.

But Chen Feng didn't respond much. For him, 300,000 yuan was no different from 30 yuan. He did this more only because the current president of Kangmei Pharmaceutical is Xia Mengyao.

After giving Li Shiping a cold look, Chen Feng threw the contract on the table, turned and left.

Since Li Shiping was acquainted, Chen Feng didn't intend to force it too hard.

Before Chen Feng's idea was to directly use the contract to kick Li Shiping from the position of manager, but in that case, Li Shiping is likely to die with him, and no one can please.

Taking 10,000 steps back, even if Li Shiping is really kicked out of the manager's seat, who will be the manager is still a question.

If he sits, I'm afraid Xia Mengyao will know that he is in the company tomorrow.

If Li Le sits, it will be difficult to convince the public, after all, Li Le's qualifications are there.

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After much deliberation, Chen Feng decided to let Li Shiping go first this time.

"Li Shiping, why did you give that hillbilly a three-point commission?! Didn't you give him money?!" As soon as she returned to the office, Wang Shiyuan couldn't help but cast her anger on Li Shiping.

A three-point commission is 300,000. Even if Chen Feng divides Li Le half, he can still get 150,000.

This is not even the five-point commission from Dongting Hospital that Chen Feng originally won.

If you count the five points of commission, Chen Feng will still get 250,000 yuan, a total of 400,000 yuan!

In other words, it took Chen Feng less than an hour to go out, and he made 400,000 yuan!

Said it is earning, what is the difference with Baizheng!

Wang Shiyuan was almost mad at the moment. She worked as an assistant for Li Shiping, and her salary was just over ten thousand a month. As a result, Chen Feng did well and went out casually and earned her three years' salary.

Doesn't this mean that she is more wasteful than Chen Feng? !

"You still have the face to say that Lao Tzu will give him money?! If you didn't encourage me to stumble him at that time, would I let him go to Dongting Hospital? If he doesn't go to Dongting Hospital, he can win Dongting. The list of the hospital?" Li Shiping glared. He was already in anger. Wang Shiyuan’s complaint was like a fuse, which completely ignited his anger, leaving him on the brink of explosion.

"No, Li Shiping, do you mean all of this is my fault?" Wang Shiyuan's eyes widened and her beautiful eyes were full of disbelief. She did not expect that Li Shiping would throw the pot on her.

"It's not your fault, could it be Lao Tzu's fault?!"

Li Shiping roared angrily.

Wang Shiyuan was blown up with anger, and pointed directly at Li Shiping’s nose and cursed: “Li Shiping, can you be more shameless?!”

“The three-point commission was given to that waste by you, not me. You Why is it my fault?!"

"Idiot!" Li Shiping gritted his teeth and scolded, "If I don't give the hillbilly a three-point commission, I will lose the position of the manager now!"

"You said the three-point commission is important, or is the position of the manager important? "

Wang Shiyuan's complexion was blue and red, and she came to her senses after being scolded by Li Shiping.

In fact, what Li Shiping did was right. Judging from Chen Feng’s character that must be reported, if Li Shiping did not give three points of commission, Chen Feng would probably poke the matter to the top of the company when he turned around.

"Shiping, yes... I'm sorry, I didn't think so much just now." Wang Shiyuan bit her lip and apologized weakly. It was indeed her fault just now. She was blinded by jealousy and jealousy, and she ignored Chen Feng's character that must be reported.

"Forget it, I know you are doing it for my own good." Li Shiping waved his hand, his anger subsided a lot, and then he said in a deep voice, "Now our top priority is to quickly figure out how this waste took the East Court. It’s from the hospital’s list.”

“I’ve been to Dongting Hospital several times. I know the urinary sex of their person in charge. They don’t even look at things like Chen Feng.”

"But this time, this trash won the list."

"There must be something tricky in the middle."

Chapter: 354

"Could it be that this rubbish gave the person in charge of Dongting Hospital kneel?" Wang Shiyuan asked suspiciously. Chen Feng used to be a door-to-door son-in-law, and there is no such thing as dignity and arrogance in the door-to-door son-in-law.

In order to achieve the goal, kneeling and praying for this kind of thing is not impossible.

"Impossible." Li Shiping shook his head decisively: "The business with Dongting Hospital is not a small business of hundreds of dollars, but a big business of nearly 10 million yuan."

"The person in charge, absolutely. It's impossible to

feel softened just because Chen Feng kneeled." "I think that there is probably someone who helps him behind this waste." Li Shiping guessed.

"Big shot?" Wang Shiyuan curled her lips. Behind a door-to-door son-in-law, what big person could be?

"Shiyuan, look back for a chance to talk with Uncle Wang to find out the details of the trash and see how he got the list from Dongting Hospital this time." Li Shiping's eyes were cold, and he had always They are all people who have grudges and must avenge. Chen Feng made him lose such a big face in the company today, or he would return it back a hundred times, and he won't have to mess with the company in the future.

"Okay, I will ask my dad when I go home today." Wang Shiyuan nodded. Her thoughts were completely different from those of Li Shiping. She felt that Chen Feng had used some disgraceful means, so without Li Shiping, she would take this Tell Wang Hongyi about the matter.

After leaving the company, Chen Feng returned directly to Jintai.

It was still the zongtong suite. As soon as Chen Feng opened the door, he saw Chen's four brothers and sisters and Shi Pojun, Huang Lao San was naturally there.

In addition to Huang Laosan, there is also a tall figure wearing a white exercise suit with a delicate and elegant posture.

This figure is Jiang Yuting.

Jiang Yuting was called by Chen Feng. The purpose was to let Huang Lao San give Jiang Yuting some basic knowledge of the martial arts world, so that Jiang Yuting had a preliminary understanding of the martial arts world.

"Uncle Chen."

"Brother Chen Feng."

As soon as Chen Feng entered the door, Chen's four brothers and sisters and Shi Pojun hurriedly got up, respecting Chen Feng's attitude.

Chen Feng smiled and nodded, then turned his gaze to Jiang Yuting: "Miss Jiang, how do you feel?"

"It's amazing!"

Jiang Yuting's pretty face flushed, and she was full of excitement at the moment. She never thought. However, under this ordinary world, there is another world hidden.

Ming Jin martial artist, dark Jin martial artist, Hua Jin martial artist... and the supreme nine great masters!

The nine great masters can control the mountains and rivers, and the sword can control the national fortune!

One person can stop a million divisions!

It's a god on earth!

Originally, Jiang Yuting felt that the word would be destined to be accompanied by firewood, rice, oil and salt in this life, ending in birth, old age, sickness and death.

The world where horses stepped on the rivers and lakes, happily enmity, I will never be able to touch.

But today, Chen Feng pulled her into that world.


At this moment, in Jiang Yuting's heart, she can only be grateful for Chen Feng's feelings!

"Thank you, Chen Feng!" Jiang Yuting solemnly thanked him. After listening to Huang Lao San's words, she realized how big the gap between martial artists and ordinary people is.

It can be said to be a heaven and an underground.

She originally thought that Chen Feng had made such a big deal for Chen Feng.

But after hearing what Huang Laosan said, she realized how stupid her previous thoughts were!

Compared to having the opportunity to become a warrior, the fact that she helped Chen Feng promote business is nothing at all!

Chen Feng didn't make any money at all, but she made it, and she still made a lot of money!

"No need to thank you." Chen Feng smiled and shook his head, and said: "It's still the same sentence, the master leads the door, and the practice is personal."

"I just gave you a chance to come into contact with the world of martial artists, but whether you can enter this world depends on yourself."

"Lao San Huang should have told you very clearly before."

"In the martial arts world, the level of the martial artist. , It will be more strict than you think."

"Ming Jin, Dark Jin, Hua Jin,

Grand Master!" "Although there are only four major realms in total, the difference in each realm, the difference in identity and status, is The earth is turned upside down."

"The laws of survival

in the martial arts world are more than a hundred times more cruel than the ordinary world!" "In the martial arts world, the bottom martial artists have no right to speak at all!"

"Even life and death must be controlled by high-level martial artists. . " "

so martial arts circles, did not you think so beautiful, when you actually go in, I am afraid will regret his choice. "

Chen Feng Jiang Yuting remarks poured cold water quite a bit of meaning, but also a clear mind Jiang Yuting , Chen Feng is for her good.

Because she only saw the beautiful side of the martial arts world, but did not understand the dark side of the martial arts world.

"I don't know if I will regret it in the future, but at the moment, I will definitely not regret it." Jiang Yuting smiled sweetly. Before she heard Huang Lao San talk about the martial arts world, she was still a little hesitant, you can listen to Huang Lao San finished. Later, she didn't hesitate anymore.

She must go and see the magnificent world where the arrogances are rising.

She must see and see, the beauty of the nine great masters!

"It's fine if you don't regret it." Chen Feng smiled. In fact, Jiang Yuting still has a long way to go before becoming a martial artist. Today's words are just a precaution for her.

It is even possible that she will never use these words in her life.

After exhorting Jiang Yuting a few more words, Shi Pojun dignifiedly pulled Chen Feng aside.

"Chen Feng, there is news, I think it is necessary to tell you."

"Brother Shi, please say." Chen Feng sank in his heart, Shi Pojun's expression was so solemn, and the news he said might not be good news.

Shi Pojun took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: "The Divine Lord's closed disciple has come to Zhonghai."

"The Divine Lord's closed disciple?!" Chen Feng's pupils suddenly tightened, and his heart was a little shocked: "What is he doing in Zhonghai?

" I don’t know.” Shi Pojun shook his head, and said: “I also just got the news from the headquarters yesterday. The headquarters said that this time the Divine Lord’s closed disciple came here as an honorary consultant of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. It is to participate in the gambling battle between the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce and the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce."

"Participating in the gambling battle?" Chen Feng sneered, and the disciple of the dignified god master closed the door, how can he only come to participate in the gambling battle of the Chamber of Commerce.

"Big Brother Shi, can you find a way to keep him in Zhonghai?!" Chen Feng's eyes flashed an astonishing murderous intent. The disciple of the god master closed the door, his status in Japan is definitely not lower than that of the heirs of the hundreds of billions of consortia, or even worse. It is much higher. If you can kill him, I am afraid that the whole country of Japan will be shaken!

"Brother Chen Feng, you think too much. If you want to kill him, I'm afraid it's harder than climbing to the sky." Shi Pojun smiled bitterly, and he knew what Chen Summit said.

Chapter: 355

"His identity belongs to the official identity, so we must not

act on him on the face of it. Once we do it, it will trigger a diplomatic incident." Chen Feng frowned . The umbrella of official identity is indeed difficult to deal with.

"Don't say killing him, just monitoring him. We are probably all able to do it. After all, he is a closed disciple of the God Lord. He reached the upper end of the state ten years ago. On our side, few people can watch him. "

This is where the Shibajun is most difficult. The realm of the Japanese ninja is divided into the lower ninja, the middle ninja, the upper ninja, and the legendary Shinnin.

Their four realms correspond exactly to Huaxia's four realms of Ming Jin, Dark Jin, Hua Jin, and Grand Master.

As a disciple of the God Lord, Watanabe reached the Upper Ninja Realm ten years ago, which is equivalent to Hua Xia's Huajin.

No one knows how strong he was after ten years.

But at least it was in the early stage.

It is conceivable how difficult it is to monitor the early stage of the transformation without being noticed by him.

Chen Feng's brow furrowed deeper, and the God Lord Shi Pojun said was the leader of Shenyin.

According to rumors, Shenyin has three chiefs in total. To the outside world, they call themselves the gods.

The realms of the three gods are Shenren, equivalent to the martial arts master of China.

Their disciples, the last time they went to Ninja, Watanabe Taichi was one of the best.

His status in Japan is extremely lofty, not inferior to the heirs of the hundreds of billions of consortiums in Japan.

This time, he came here so openly, there must be something extremely important.

"Is there any difference between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce this time?" Chen Feng asked unwillingly. If he didn't figure out Watanabe Taichi's purpose, he always felt a rock in his heart.

"This time the two major chambers of commerce have a bit more bet than before, reaching 200 billion."

"But Taichi Watanabe was

definitely not here for the 200 billion. His importance to Japan is not comparable to 200 billion." If someone else hears Shibajun say this, they will definitely think it is Shiba. The army is crazy, so who else in this world can be more important than 200 billion.

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However, Chen Feng knew that Shi Pojun was not false, and Watanabe Taichi was indeed more important than 200 billion.

Because he is one of the few Shangnin in Japan.

Forbearance, and one step further, is God forbearance.

Shenren's status in Japan is almost the same as that of Grand Master in China.

They are all strategic forces.

Japan has a population of more than 100 million, but there are only five Shinnins exposed!

Taichi Watanabe came to China with an open mind this time. Although he had an official status as an umbrella, he still took a lot of risks.

Whenever there are several martial arts masters in the Chinese martial arts world who suddenly wanted to unite together to carry out an assassination against Watanabe Taichi, Watanabe Taichi would pay a great price, not to mention death, at least he would be disabled.

The 200 billion is gone, and Japan can still make more money, but there is a great hope for Shinobu such as Watanabe Taichi, one less, and that is the sorrow of the Japanese martial arts world.

"Brother Chen Feng, you said that Watanabe Taiichi came to Zhonghai, is it possible that it is for you?" Shi Pojun suddenly raised his head and asked, this is his real purpose for coming to Chen Feng this time.

"For me?" Chen Feng couldn't help but wonder, why would Shi Pojun say that?

Shi Pojun smiled bitterly: "Brother Chen Feng, let’s tell you, the news from the Japanese branch of the Zhanmeng League said that Taichi Watanabe was not on the list of Qianshui Chamber of Commerce originally to China, that is, Taichi Watanabe I didn't plan to come to China."

"But just three days ago, when the Sensui Chamber of Commerce was about to set out, Shenyin suddenly passed the Japanese Embassy and fabricated an identity for Watanabe Taiichi, and made Watanabe Taichi an honorary consultant of the Senshui Chamber of Commerce. Joined the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce and participated in this gambling battle between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce."

Chen Feng's eyes narrowed, and Shi Pojun's meaning was obvious. Three days ago, something must have happened to China Shipping, or someone else. Appear, this matter or this person is very important, even to the point where Shenyin had to send a strategic force like Watanabe Taichi.

And he came here five days ago.

And he is still Xiao Guozhong's closed disciple, the only disciple of Xiao Guozhong who has slaughtered the gate of Shenyin Mountain in 80 years!

If you kill him, I am afraid that the whole country of Japan will be celebrated!

So it is very likely that Watanabe Taichi came for him!

There was a sneer at the corner of Chen Feng's mouth. He hadn't thought about the trouble of finding Shenyin, but he didn't expect that Shenyin was thinking about trouble with him first!

it is good! well!

"Chen Feng, there is no conclusive evidence for this matter at present, everything is just my guess, but to be on the safe side, I suggest you go to the headquarters of the Yanjing War League and stay for a few days." Shi Pojun Road, Chen Feng became Although there are few people who know about Xiao Guozhong's closed disciples, but few, it definitely does not mean there is no one.

It is not difficult for a spy agency like Shenyin to investigate the relationship between Chen Feng and Xiao Guozhong.

If Shen Yinzhen found out, then they must be sure to kill Chen Feng this time when they sent Watanabe Taiichi.

After all, Watanabe was promoted to the Upper Ninja Realm ten years ago, and he is the upper Ninja who has long been famous.

Dealing with Chen Feng is by no means difficult.

"I appreciate the kindness of Brother Shi, but Yanjing, I will not go." Chen Feng smiled and shook his head. Although Shi Pojun's words were very tactful, Chen Feng understood what he said. meaning.

Shi Pojun wanted him to go to Yanjing to avoid the limelight.

If Taichi Watanabe is really here for him, then the strength of the war alliance in Zhonghai will not be enough to protect him. He will face an unprecedented life and death crisis, and may even be in Zhonghai.

In this case, going to the Yanjing War League and seeking asylum became the only choice.

Can Chen Feng go?

of course can!

No one will stop.

After all, he is Xiao Guozhong's disciple, Zhanmeng, no one would not welcome him.

Can Chen Feng go?


The reason is simple, because he is Xiao Guozhong's disciple!

If Taichi Watanabe is really here for him, then this time, Taichi Watanabe represents Shenyin, and he represents Xiao Guozhong!

So he can't retreat!

Once he retired and sought asylum in the Yanjing Zhanmeng, the reputation of Xiao Guozhong and Zhanmeng was ruined.

It is conceivable that if Watanabe Taiichi did not find him in Zhonghai, what kind of news would he release when he returned to Japan.

The disciple of Shenyin Divine Master came to China to chase after the disciple of Xiao Guozhong from the War League, but the disciple of Xiao Guozhong didn't even have the courage to face, and fled like a dog in the family.

Simply timid as a mouse!

That's just the case for the closed disciples cultivated by the dignified god of war Xiao Guozhong!

All this will eventually fall to Xiao Guozhong.

Chen Feng never allowed Xiao Guozhong's reputation to be humiliated.

So this time, even if he died, he would not leave Zhonghai for half a step!

Chapter: 356

Only one or two of him and Watanabe can leave China alive!

To be smaller, this is a life dispute.

But on a larger scale, this is a battle for fame and fortune!

Therefore, Chen Feng must not retire!

Shi Pojun sighed. If he had known that Chen Summit had chosen this way, he would not have told Chen Feng the news.

He understood what Chen Feng was thinking, and Xiao Guozhong's reputation was indeed very important.

But no matter how important the reputation of Xiao Guozhong is, it is not as important as Chen Feng's life.

After all, Chen Feng is China’s youngest martial arts master, and if not surprising, he will even become China’s tenth master!

It's a pity...

Shi Pojun sighed: "Brother Chen Feng, Taiyi Watanabe will arrive in China Shipping tomorrow. He will stay in China Shipping for about 15 days. When the gambling battle between China Shipping Chamber and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is over, he will follow Qian. The Water Chamber of Commerce will return to Japan together."

"So in the next 15 days, you must be careful. Although Zhonghai is the site of China, the spies of Shenyin are not vegetarians. They want to know your location. It couldn't be easier."

"If Taichi Watanabe's target is really you, then he may attack you at any time!"

Shi Pojun said solemnly, and was stared at by a martial arts master who is proficient in assassination. This feeling, just thinking about it, will make you shudder.

"Big Brother Shi, don't worry, I will be careful." Chen Feng nodded solemnly. He will not make fun of his life. Taichi Watanabe is indeed very strong, but he is also not weak. As a closed disciple of Xiao Guozhong, he The truly terrifying place is more than just talent.

"Well, here in the Zhanmeng, I will let my brothers stare at Taichi Watanabe for 24 hours. I will let you know as soon as I have any news." Shi Pojun said, he has not disclosed the news of Chen Feng to anyone in the Zhanmeng. , One is that Chen Feng promised to keep secret for Chen Feng that day.

The other reason is that there is still an inner ghost hidden in the Zhan League. This inner ghost has taken the Shenyin killer five years ago, and since then, he has not shown up again.

So far, the Zhanmeng has not found out any clues.

Once let him know about Chen Feng's news, then he and Watanabe Taiyi should get together, and Chen Feng might be peeling off if he is not dead.

"Big Brother Shi in trouble." Chen Feng nodded slightly, with the help of the Zhanmeng, he was a little more confident in dealing with Taichi Watanabe.

Jingle Bell.

At this time, Chen Feng's cell phone rang.

Chen Feng took out his mobile phone from his pocket, took a look at the caller ID, and found that it was Lin Wanqiu.

Why did Wanqiu call herself at this time?

Chen Feng had a hint of doubt in his mind, and then he answered.

As soon as the call was connected, a hurried voice came from the other end of the phone: "There are several rich second generations who are filling Wanqiu with wine, come here!"

Fill Wanqiu with wine? !

Chen Feng was shocked, and he didn't care who the owner of the voice opposite was. He hurriedly asked, "Where is it?"

"Wangfujing, Hongye Club Room 888, there are a lot of them. You should call the police and bring the police. Come here."


After talking to the other side, he hung up the phone directly, and did not give Chen Feng too much time to understand the matter.

"Brother Shi, how far is the Wangfujing Hongye Club from here?" Chen Feng asked in a deep voice. He just came to Zhonghai and is not yet familiar with Zhonghai.

"Not far, it's about 20 minutes by car." Shiba Jundao.

"Can ten minutes go by?" Chen Feng asked. The person who had just called Lin Wanqiu's phone was obviously Lin Wanqiu's friend. From the other's tone, it was not difficult to tell that Lin Wanqiu's situation is very dangerous now. Twenty minutes passed. I'm afraid the day lilies are cold.

"Yes!" Shi Pojun nodded heavily: "Let's go, Brother Chen Feng, I will take you there, and my car will stop downstairs."

"Okay." Chen Feng was not hypocritical, the only thing he could count on at this time Only Shibajun was on board.

Shibajun’s car is a modified Range Rover with reinforced bumpers and bulletproof glass imported from Germany. The body is dyed in pitch black, just like a black warrior in myths and legends, majestic and solemn.

Chen Feng took the co-pilot and Shi Pojun took the main driver.

Then, Shi Pojun directly kicked the accelerator and slammed to the end.

The modified large-displacement engine roared like a tiger down the mountain.

Amid the roar, the black Land Rover Range Rover shot out directly from the hotel door like a wild horse...

At this moment, a luxurious box in the Hongye Clubhouse was already in a mess, and the ground was full of all kinds of things. Not talking about the wine bottle, there are still a few young men and women who are drunk in a puddle of mud, and their mouths are talking nonsense.

Lin Wanqiu's pretty face was also flushed, and her beautiful eyes were full of blurry colors, and she was obviously too strong to drink.

However, compared with those lying on the ground, Lin Wanqiu's treatment was obviously on a higher level. She leaned on an Italian leather sofa. Next to her was a tall girl wearing a pleated skirt and showing two slender legs. Take care.

"Wanqiu, Wanqiu, wake up..."

Lin Wanqiu's name was called twice, but Lin Wanqiu still had no response. The tall girl couldn't help being a little impatient. Why couldn't Lin Wanqiu's boyfriend come back?

When the tall girl was thinking about when Chen Feng would come over, a tall young man wearing a brand-name suit and carrying Patek Philippe came to her with a smile.

After glanced at Lin Wanqiu who was drunk and confused, the tall young man's eyes flashed an undisguised obscene look, and his lower abdomen also became hot.

"Xiao Wei, Wanqiu seems to be drunk..." The tall young man licked his lips and looked at Lin Wanqiu's eyes, full of chiluo naked desire.

"Senior Liu, Wanqiu is indeed drunk, I'll take her back." The tall girl named Xiao Wei pulled out a reluctant smile. She wanted to help Lin Wanqiu up, but just put her hand on Lin Wanqiu. But it was held down by tall young people.

The tall young man glanced at Xiao Wei with a smile: "Xiao Wei, how can this kind of thing bother you, or leave it to the senior, and let the senior take Wanqiu back." The

tall young man's attitude seemed gentle, but in his tone of voice. , But it is full of no doubt.

"Senior, thank you for your kindness, but Wanqiu won't bother you anymore. She is my roommate. It would be better if I take her back." Xiao Weiqiang smiled. No one knows what Liu Kun is in front of her. This kind of goods, looks warm and jade, is a modest gentleman, but in fact he is an out-and-out qinshou, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

After three years of college, I don’t know how many girls’ stomachs have grown up, and there are even a few who committed suicide for him, but this person did not feel the slightest guilt.

Chapter: 357

"Xiao Wei, don't shame your face, okay?" Liu Kun's tone was still gentle, and even when he spoke, there was a smile on his face, but it was a bit shuddering.

Xiao Wei's delicate body trembled, and she smiled: "Senior, Wanqiu's boyfriend will be here soon..."

"Fart!" Before Xiao Wei finished speaking, she was interrupted by a rough voice.

What interrupted Xiao Wei was a black-faced young man with a height of 1.9 meters. This young man was dark-skinned, and his exposed muscles had an explosive beauty. He walked like an ancient behemoth. The ground began to tremble.

When he walked in front of Xiao Wei, the black-faced young man grinned and said: "Xiao Wei, do you really think I haven't investigated Lin Xiaoniu's background?"

"She is a turtle from a small county town. Her mother is working as a broken textile factory. Weaver, a monthly salary of two thousand and five, her father left her and her mother and ran away since childhood, and now he can't even see a person."

"As for your boyfriend? It's TM's nonsense. I have already asked Lin Xiaoniu’s classmates. They said that Lin Xiaoniu hadn’t even held a boy’s hand from junior high school to high school. Where did she get her boyfriend?"

"No boyfriend?" Xiao Wei’s pretty face could n't help being pale. , Lin Wanqiu has no boyfriend, then who is the only unremarked number stored in her phone?

Call him yourself, will he come?

"Xiao Hao, if you want to get acquainted, please hurry up and leave Lin Xiaoniu for me and Brother Kun, so that I can have a good time tonight, I will have enough tonight, and I will take Lin tomorrow. The little girl will send you back." The black-faced young man said with a big grin. In fact, Xiao Wei looks very good in front of him, not much worse than Lin Wanqiu, but according to legend, Xiao Wei and several school directors have a leg. If they do it, , Inevitably there will be problems.

Xiao Wei glanced at Lin Wanqiu a little embarrassedly. In fact, she and Lin Wanqiu didn’t have a good relationship, they just knew each other for four or five days. If it weren’t for Lin Wanqiu’s similarity to her once, she would have been Lin Wanqiu left behind.

After all, Liu Kun and Wu Zhike in front of him are not fuel-efficient materials. The backgrounds of the two are better than the other. In addition to being the vice president of the Student Union of China Overseas University, Liu Kun's family is also not weak. His father controls the market value of a family. For a medical device company with more than one billion yuan, his mother is a deputy director-level cadre of the Municipal Education Bureau, and Liu Kun is the only son of the two.

The black-faced young man Wu Zhike, his father is the captain of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the city, and his uncle is the battalion commander of a special operations battalion in the Southwest Military Region. Wu Zhike himself has also served in a special operations battalion of the Southwest Military Region.

Two people like Lin Wanqiu, Lin Wanqiu has no chance to escape.

Had it not been for her to deal with Lin Wanqiu from the beginning, I am afraid that Lin Wanqiu would have been lying on the bed between them.

After a while, Xiao Wei finally made a decision. She raised her head: "Brother Kun, Brother Wu, I want to make a call."

"Call?" Wu Zhike raised his mouth: "Rescue soldiers?

" Hmm." Xiao Wei nodded. If she changes to someone else, she will definitely slap her a few times when she hears that she is going to move the rescuer. But people like Wu Zhike and Liu Kun will not. Their hearts are higher than anyone else. Hear her. The first reaction to the rescue is not fear, but excitement and excitement!

Sure enough, just as Xiao Wei thought, when Xiao Wei admitted that Wu Zhike was not at all annoyed, but a joke was raised at the corner of his mouth: "Who is it for?"

"Wan Qiu her boyfriend." Xiao Wei said. She did plan to call Chen Feng. She obviously couldn't help Lin Wanqiu. If she insisted on helping, she would only get herself in.

So she can only pin her hopes on Chen Feng. Although she doesn't know what the relationship between Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu is, the woman's instinct tells her that it should not be easy for Lin Wanqiu to keep the only number carefully.

If Chen Feng can't help Lin Wanqiu, then she can only say sorry to Lin Wanqiu.

"Boyfriend?" Wu Zhike sneered suddenly: "Xiao Wei, don't you play the procrastinating time with Laozi!"

"I just said it very clearly."

"Lin Xiaoniu, I don't have a boyfriend!"

"If you want to talk about a boyfriend, it can only be Brother Kun!"

"Brother Wu, I didn't lie to you, Wan Qiu really has a boy. Friend." Xiao Wei said calmly. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether Chen Feng is Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend or not. What’s important is that Chen Summit will not come over. If Chen Feng brings the police over, how unscrupulous Wu Zhike and Liu Kun will be. I will let go today.

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So she must delay time.

"I don't believe me! Xiao Wei, you don't want to be careful with Laozi..." Wu Zhike cursed, and he was about to go up and drag Xiao Wei.

Xiao Wei was in a hurry. At the

moment of the moment, Liu Kun smiled and said, "Let her fight." "Brother Kun?" Wu Zhike was taken aback. Couldn't Liu Kun see that Xiao Wei was delaying time?

Liu Kun smiled and shook his head: "Zhike, we are not short of one or two minutes."

"Since Xiao Wei wants to fight, let her do it."

"I would like to see the so-called one she moved in. What can Wanqiu's boyfriend have?"

"The woman I Liu Kun loves can't be robbed by anyone."

Liu Kun's tone is as calm as ever, but this calmness makes Xiao Wei a little bit shy. .

There was even a thought in his heart that even if Chen Feng brought the police today, he might not be able to stop Liu Kun.

The confidence that Liu Kun showed was too much!

"Hahaha! Brother Kun, what you said is domineering! I like it very much!"

"The woman our brothers are fond of, even the king and Laozi are here, and you have to go as far as you can go!"

Wu Zhike laughed wildly. The attitude of the second child and the third child.

Liu Kun smiled slightly, walked to the side table, poured a glass of red wine, shook it gracefully, and drank it all.

"Oh, Xiao Wei, why are you so ignorant?" At this time, a tall woman in a blue and white porcelain cheongsam walked up to Xiao Wei, sighed, and gave Xiao Wei a sympathetic look.

"Wang Yanan, do you still have a face to say to me?!" Seeing this cheongsam woman, Xiao Wei's pretty face was instantly cold, and waves of anger spurted from her beautiful eyes.

This cheongsam woman is also her roommate. It is her today, who brought Lin Wanqiu out of the school even coaxing her, and when she came to the wine table, she was the most ruthless one who poured Lin Wanqiu wine.

In the past, there were rumors in the school that she was Liu Kunyang's sex girl. Xiao Wei did not believe this, but today, Xiao Wei does.

Wang Yanan is a dog raised by Liu Kun, what Liu Kun said, what she did, for Liu Kun, she even lost the most basic bottom line of life.

Chapter: 358

"Xiao Wei, I know you are very angry, but I am also good for Wanqiu." Wang Yanan sighed and said, although Xiao Wei was scolded, she did not feel angry at all, but made a bitter look.

"Good for Wanqiu?! Wang Yanan, where did you say this in your face?!" Xiao Yanfei was about to be blown up. It was the first time she saw someone who could say so shamelessly.

Wang Yanan smiled bitterly: "Xiao Wei, I knew you would say that."

"I admit, my methods are a bit shameless."

"But I am true for Wanqiu's sake."

"You are here, you should know. A girl like Wanqiu who came out from a small place, has no background and looks beautiful as a fairy, what will the end be?"

Xiao Wei's eyes darkened, and Wang Yanan was right, like Lin Wanqiu without background and appearance. If a goddess is a girl, there will indeed be no good end in the end.

Either become the possession of some wealthy people, or become the impunity of some big and young, in short, it is difficult to escape the fate of being controlled by others anyway.

Seeing Xiao Wei being persuaded, Wang Yanan suddenly became excited:

"Instead of making those people cheaper, let her give her body to Brother Kun and Brother Wu."

"You know the background of Brother Kun and Brother Wu. If Wanqiu is If they can please them, what they can give to Wanqiu is definitely something that Wanqiu will not earn in ten lifetimes."

"Enough!" Xiao Wei suddenly became agitated, and she stared directly at the cheongsam woman in front of her with cold eyes: "Wang Yanan, Don't think anyone is as lowly as you!"

"Yes, you are right. As long as Wanqiu sleeps with Liu Kun and Wu Zhike, she will not worry about food and clothing in her life, and she will be prosperous and wealthy in this life. "

But, before you did all this, did you ask Wanqiu's wishes?!"

"Have you ever asked Wanqiu what she thinks?!"

"Have you ever asked Wanqiu if he would like to exchange his innocence for prosperity and wealth!"

"You didn't!"

"You didn't ask!"

"You just imposed your own ideas on Wanqiu, and you are also beautifully named as Wanqiu is good?!"

"It's really shameless!"

Wang Yanan's tone was stagnant, and her pretty face was blue and red. Xiao Wei's words really gave her a big slap and slapped her face. .

After a moment of irritation, Wang Yanan sneered again and said,

"Yes, I haven't asked Wanqiu, but how do you know what Wanqiu thinks?"

"Maybe she thinks exactly like mine!"

"No. Maybe! Wanqiu is not such a person!" Xiao Wei coldly denied?

"Not this kind of person? How do you know that she is not this kind of person?" Wang Yanan sneered.

"Xiao Wei, let me tell you, a woman is born to be a vassal of a man. It is not shameful for a woman with capital to lie down and make money. Only those women who have no capital will want to prove themselves by struggle."

"Even if Lin Wanqiu does not today Sleeping with Brother Kun and Brother Wu, then one day in the future, when she has tasted enough of the hardships of life, she will sleep with other men."

"Wang Yanan, have your three views been eaten by dogs?!" Xiao Wei was angry She was trembling, she couldn't imagine that her best friend would spit out such extremely unrighteous words about the three views.

"Three Views?" Wang Yanan sneered, "How much is that thing worth?"

"One hundred thousand? Or one million?"

Xiao Wei and Wang Yanan quarreled with red ears, but Liu Kun and Wu Zhike were drinking leisurely. Red wine, watching the two arguing with joking expression, as if watching a monkey.

Putting down the wine glass, Wu Zhike squinted at Wang Yanan and said with a smile: "Brother Kun, I like this little biaozi to talk. Would you like to lend her to me for two days?"

Liu Kun spit out a smoke ring. Ni glanced at Wu Zhike slantingly: "Zhike, you said this to me, but you are out of sight. Between our brothers, we didn't borrow the word. If you like that bastard, I will give her to You, you can play for as long as you want."

"Hey, thank you, Brother Kun." Wu Zhike chuckled, and the wickedness in his eyes was undisguised. Although Wang Yanan looked a bit worse than Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu, her figure was actually the same. It is more plump than the two. The place where the whole person should be convex is convex, the place that should be warped is like a ripe peach, and the whole body exudes a seductive breath.

On the bed, such a woman is a stunner.

At this moment, the triumphant Wang Yanan didn't know that Wu Zhike just said a word, and Liu Kun sent her out as goods.

I don't know what expression Wang Yanan would have if he knew it.

"Wang Yanan, I don't want to say anything to you anymore."

"Wanqiu's boyfriend will come over soon. When he comes, I will tell him all the things you have done tonight. You'd better pray. He can let you go." Xiao Wei said coldly.

"Hahaha, let me go?" Wang Yanan laughed disdainfully, and tears came out: "Xiao Wei, do I say something wrong with your brain?"

"That Wanqiu boyfriend you mentioned, he dare not dare dare to come, it is a problem. " "

calmly speaking, even if he really came, you think Wu Kun brother and brother would let him? " "

he's honest recognition counseling okay. " "

he Otherwise, huh, Brother Kun and Brother Wu will definitely regret coming to this world." Wang Yanan coldly snorted, she knows the details of Liu Kun and Wu Zhike, not to mention having been in the special forces team uniform. The former Wu Zhike, just talking about Liu Kun, is enough for Wanqiu's boyfriend to eat a pot.

Because the Hongye club they were in was opened by Liu Kun's aunt, and the security in the club was Liu Kun's personal bodyguard. If the so-called boyfriend of Wanqiu had the guts to come, he couldn't pass the security of the club.

Xiao Yan pursed her red lips and didn't say any more. When she said these, she was just making ruthless words. She knew in her heart that the possibility of Lin Wanqiu's escape today is very small, even so small that it can be ignored.

There was a "bang".

Almost as soon as Xiao Wei's thoughts fell, the door of the box was kicked open, and the door panel made of solid wood fell to the ground with a dull sound.

With this sudden change, everyone in the shocked box stood up one after another, all eyes converging towards the dim light at the door.

Then I discovered that there were two tall figures standing at the door of the box.

The head was a blank-faced young man, and behind the young man was a middle-aged uncle with a cold look.

Seeing that the two of them were clearly looking for trouble, everyone in the box couldn't help but turn their eyes to Liu Kun and Wu Zhike, who were headed by them, but found that Liu Kun shook his head and shook the red wine glass in his hand from beginning to end, without even raising his eyelids. a bit.

Wu Zhike squinted at Chen Feng and Shi Pojun, but when only Chen Feng and Shi Pojun came over, he immediately lost interest. Obviously, he felt that Chen Feng and Shi Pojun were not worth his shot.

Chapter: 359

The two were unmoved by Chen Feng and Shi Pojun, but their younger brother was very interested in Chen Feng and Shi Pojun.

Soon, a very robust young man with a height of 1.8 meters and a body came to Chen Feng with a wine bottle.

"What are you doing?!" The young man glanced at Chen Feng arrogantly, his tone a little careless.

Chen Feng ignored the young man, but walked straight to Lin Wanqiu, who was guarded by Xiao Wei.

"Grass! What I want to say to you, are you deaf?!"

Seeing Chen Feng ignored himself, the young man suddenly became angry and raised his hand to grab Chen Feng's shoulder.

But as soon as he stepped to the east, the back of his neck was tight, and then the whole person rose into the air uncontrollably.

Shi Pojun pinched the back of the young man's neck as if he was pinching a chicken, and with a light throw, he threw the young man onto the wine table four or five meters away.

There was a "bang".

The youth smashed heavily on the wine table. After a burst of thunder, the wine table was in a mess, and the youth fell to the ground.

Everyone in the box couldn't help but take a breath, this middle-aged uncle is a man or a ghost, how can he be so strong?

Wu Zhike's pupils shrank, and he could do it with a single hand of a young man weighing more than 180 kilograms, but he couldn't do it as easily as Shi Pojun.

Xiao Wei didn't know what Shi Pojun's hand meant. Seeing Chen Feng coming over, she couldn't help but lower her voice and asked: "

Where are the police?" "There is no police." Chen Feng shook his head, like this daring to snatch people in the club in broad daylight. The rich second-generation man, it's useless to call the police, and it's just a cutscene to get caught, so he might as well take the shot himself.

"No police?!" Xiao Wei panicked when Chen Feng didn't call the police. Why did you run over without calling the police?

Single-handedly grabbing people?

What are you robbing Liu Kun and Wu Zhike with?

You know, the seven or eight young boys in the box alone are enough for Chen Feng to eat a pot, let alone the security in the clubhouse.

If things get worse, maybe Wu Zhike's father will be there.

At that time, what will Chen Feng do to block? !

Why is it so stupid? ! Xiao Wei was a little angry. She did not expect that Chen Feng, who had all her hopes in her, would be so stupid!

"Why don't you call the police? Do you know what Liu Kun and Wu Zhike do?!"

"Without the police coming, let alone taking Wanqiu away, you won't be able to leave today!" Xiao Wei was almost out of anger. If Chen Feng came over and begged Liu Kun and Wu Zhike in a low voice at first, maybe there was still room for maneuver, but Chen Feng broke the door of the box with a kick.

He didn't save Liu Kun any face, how could Liu Kun let him go?

"I want to go, no one can stop it." Chen Feng's tone was as calm as ever. When he entered the door, he found that today's master was the tall young man at the wine table and a black-faced young man with sinewy flesh. .

The dressing and manners of these two men are indeed very unusual.

But this is not ordinary, only for students like Xiao Wei.

In front of Chen Feng, the two of them were not enough to see!


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"I'm so angry!" Xiao Ma stomped her feet angrily. Now she regrets using Chen Feng's only opportunity to make a phone call. She should call the police by herself instead of pinning all her hopes. Chen Feng.

"Uncle has a good skill, have you ever done it?" At this time, Wu Zhike walked to Shi Pojun with a smile.

Shi Pojun's hand just now has completely suppressed the other young people in the box, so at the moment, he, the boss, must stand up.

Shi Pojun glanced at Wu Zhike and did not speak, but the disdain in his eyes was obvious.

In three words, you are unworthy.

Wu Zhike's expression cooled down: "Uncle, you are crazy."

"Crazy?" Shi Pojun shook his head and smiled even more disdainfully. He glanced at Wu Zhike and smiled and asked: "Boy, do you know what madness is? "

Wu Zhike snorted coldly: "I don't know, if uncle doesn't dislike it, tell me and let me know."

"Okay." Shi Pojun smiled, "I will tell you today and let you know." know. " "

in here, I really called mad, only one man, they normally fame is not significant, where the soil as a low-key, walking in the crowd will not look at the others to see. " "

But when the country needs When the time comes, they will stand up immediately and kill the enemy. With the three-foot green peaks in their hands, they will create a bright universe for our great country."

"They fend off the enemy and the country, they sprinkle blood in the enemy's territory, they The gun in his hand only kills the enemy and never points at his own person."

"This kind of person, in the eyes of Lao Tzu, is a crazy word!"

Shi Pojun said, the whole box was silent, no Few people are moved by it.

Wu Zhike's complexion was flushed, and his entire face began to twist. There is no doubt that Shi Pojun's remarks were mocking him. Shi Pojun had seen his former junren identity early on.

"Hey, you are a girl who robs civilians in broad daylight. You will only waste in your own nest. You still know shame?" Seeing Wu Zhike blushing like a monkey butt, Shi Pojun couldn't help but sneered.

"Shut up for Lao Tzu!"

Wu Zhike's eyes were blood red, and his chest rose and fell sharply. He was obviously angry to the extreme.

"Shut up? What if I don't shut it?" Shi Pojun's eyes narrowed, and a very dangerous aura radiated from him. He is a warrior, and even a public official of the War League, so under normal circumstances, he does not Will shoot against ordinary people, but it won't, doesn't mean it can't!

Wu Zhike provokes him so much, he makes a move, and no one else will say anything.


Wu Zhike roared and made a bold move directly.

At this moment, Liu Kun came over lightly, grabbed Wu Zhike's fist, and said in a deep voice: "Zhike, be kind to uncle."

"Brother Kun!" Wu Zhike glanced at Liu Kun a little unclearly. After seeing the extremely solemn warning in Liu Kun's eyes, Wu Zhike's pupils shrank, and immediately retracted his fist, and apologized: "Uncle, I'm sorry, I just made an impulse."

Shi Pojun ignored Wu Zhike. , But squinted at Liu Kun and snorted, the warning was obvious.

Obviously, Liu Kun realized that his identity was not simple, so he stopped Wu Zhike before Wu Zhike took the shot. If he didn't stop, Wu Zhike should have been abandoned by now.

"How do you call this brother?" Liu Kun walked to Chen Feng with a smile.

Before Shi Pojun made a move, he didn't see the depth of Shi Pojun, but after Shi Pojun made his move, he noticed something wrong. The breath of Shi Pojun was somewhat like a legendary warrior.

Chapter: 360

Once the matter involved the martial artist, Liu Kun couldn't help being careless.

People in his circle know what the word warrior means. In addition to their extremely terrifying strength, the power behind the warrior will never be weakened.

Wu Zhike's second generation of red, there are several deputy director-level cadres with real power in the family, and his identity is placed among ordinary people. That is a remarkable existence.

But to the warrior, a few deputy director-level cadres are nothing at all.

Even if Shi Pojun really defeated Wu Zhike, people in Wu Zhike's family might not dare to ask Shi Pojun for an explanation.

That's why he stopped Wu Zhike before Wu Zhike shot. If this matter is allowed to make a big deal, he will not end well in the end.

He must calm the matter down.

"This brother, how..." The first time I asked Chen Feng, Chen Feng didn't respond, and Liu Kun patiently asked the second time, but this time, before finishing the question, Chen Feng's cold eyes fell. On him: "Get out!"

Liu Kun's expression froze, and the smile on his face completely solidified.


I heard it right, did he let me go?

After a while, Liu Kun took a deep breath and forced the green-red color on his face back: "Brother, I don't mean anything else, I just want to meet..."

"I'll say one last time, get out!"

Chen Feng's response is still indifferent, that is, Lin Wanqiu is now safe and sound, there is nothing to do, otherwise he would never let Liu Kun stand here and talk to him!

Chen Feng rolled the word twice in succession, making the whole box quiet, and he could even hear the needle drop on the ground.

Xiao Wei clenched her silver teeth, wishing to rush to Chen Feng to apologize to Liu Kun for Chen Feng.

In her opinion, Chen Feng's behavior is now pure death!

Liu Kun has already given him face in this way. He doesn't have to find a step to take advantage of the situation and let Liu Kun go? !

Is your brain muddled? !

In the box, there are not a few young men and women who have the same ideas as Xiao Wei. Liu Kun’s character is clearer than anyone else. They are arrogant and defiant. Most people don’t say let Liu Kun go away in front of Liu Kun. If you offend Liu Kun with your eyes, Liu Kun will not let it go.

Not to mention Chen Feng in front of him, who caused Liu Kun to roll twice in a row.

Everyone thought this way, but the next scene happened that made everyone in the field stare.

Liu Kun actually retreated!

As he stepped back, he still smirked to Chen Feng: "Brother, don't be angry, I'll get out, I'll get out of here."

"Brother Kun?!"

Wu Zhike's mouth was open and his face was incredible. This is the Liu Kun he knew. ?

Why are you so courageous? !

If others let him go, he will go? !

Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and a subtle sneer evoked at the corner of his mouth. This Liu Kun is a bit interesting.

Barely counted as a character.

He humiliated him in the presence of so many people, and he was able to contain his anger.

It is not normal to bend and stretch.

After a sneer, Chen Feng directly hugged Lin Wanqiu out of the box. I believe that after this incident, Liu Kun and Wu Zhike must not dare to easily catch Lin Wanqiu's attention.

Even if they want to fight, they will first find a way to investigate their background and pass their own level.

"Trash things, go out in the future, don't tell people that you have been in the army and lose our junren face!" Shi Pojun glanced at Wu Zhike coldly, and after cursing, he turned and left without looking back.

The faces of Wu Zhike and Liu Kun who stayed in place were ugly.

Seeing that something was wrong, Xiao Wei also hurriedly followed Shi Pojun out the door.

"Grass!" After the

three of them left, Wu Zhike, who was distorted, slammed his fist against the wall of the box, and dared to vent his anger.

"Brother Kun, what on earth did that kid come from?" Wu Zhike couldn't help but ask. He still doesn't understand why Liu Kun is so afraid of Chen Feng, is it because Shi Pojun looks like a warrior?

"I don't know." Liu Kun shook his head, and there was a dark bird in the depths of his eyes. He really couldn't see Chen Feng. He could probably guess the origin of Shi Pojun, but for Chen Feng, he couldn't guess at all. .

No matter how you look at it, Chen Feng is no different from an ordinary person, or even an ordinary person.

But even in this ordinary situation, there was a dangerous breath that made Liu Kun frightened.

Liu Kun even felt that if he had really made a decision just now and acted on Chen Feng, then this decision would be the last decision he regretted in his life, not one of them!

Liu Kun has always believed in his instincts, so this time, he chose forbearance.

"I don't know?"

Wu Zhike's eyes widened, and Liu Kun let the other party humiliate him without knowing the other party's approximate road number?

As if he knew what Wu Zhike was thinking, Liu Kun shook his head and sighed: "Zhike, do you know what is the most frightening thing in our circle?"

"What is it?" Wu Zhikeyi Froze.

"It's ignorance, it's ignorance!" Liu Kun said lightly.

"From childhood to adulthood, there are not one thousand people we have contacted, but eight hundred. Among these people, there are traffickers and pawns, but also powerful celebrities. No matter what kind of people, they have the aura of their own class."

"The poor are inferior, sensitive, and cowardly."

"The rich are confident, suspicious, and arrogant."

"You can see a lot of their aura at a glance, and you can judge what class they are from by the aura they show. , Can you afford to provoke them."

"But the kid just now didn't show any aura on his body. His appearance and what he showed up were very confusing. The first glance at him would only take him When you are an ordinary person, you would never associate him with the words of power and nobility."

"But when you come into contact with him, you will find that he is not ordinary at all."

"His body is hidden. A wild beast!"

Liu Kun's tone was suddenly solemn, a wild beast, this is the feeling Chen Feng gave him.

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To anger Chen Feng is to anger a wild beast. In front of the wild beast, his strong background is a joke.

So even if he just said a word, he could call the security of the Hongye Club, but he did not call.

"Brother Kun, is it so serious?" Wu Zhike frowned. He felt that this time, Liu Kun was scared, or he was miserable. Chen Feng, how he looked at him, did not look like he had a background. The Shi Pojun next to him seemed more threatening.

"Zhike, you don't understand." Liu Kun shook his head.

"There are some people in this world that we can't provoke. We are blessed with unique conditions, and we also have wealth and rights that ordinary people can't match. But these things can only make us show off in front of ordinary people."