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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 371-380 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 371

"Thank you, but no need." Chen Feng smiled slightly, and Li Shiping was able to play this disgusting little trick in front of him.

"No need?" Li Shiping sneered: "Well, you can take a taxi by yourself. I'll take Shiyuan there first."

After saying that, Li Shiping stepped on the accelerator and walked away.

Chen Feng smiled faintly, then hired a taxi and rushed to Wang's house.

Today's Wang family was filled with a festive atmosphere. As soon as he entered the villa, Chen Feng smelled a scent of rice.

The dining table in the living room is filled with all kinds of delicacies.

But no one moved their chopsticks, obviously waiting for someone.

The person being waited is naturally Chen Feng.

"Hongyi, if you don't move the chopsticks, the food will be cold." Peng Yanfang glanced at Wang Hongyi with dissatisfaction. She couldn't understand why Wang Hongyi attaches so much importance to Chen Feng, a hillbilly from Cangzhou, and heard that Chen Feng. Talking about the next big business, Wang Hongyi was more happy than hearing his son Wang Defa talking about the next big business, and immediately held a celebration banquet for Chen Feng.

But after the celebration banquet is finished, everyone is here, but Chen Feng, the master, has never seen him. Isn't this what it means?

"Wait, Xiaofeng should be stuck in the road." Wang Hongyi said in a deep voice.

"Blocked? Where's the block? He and Shi Ping Shiyuan walked the same road when they got off work together. Why did Shi Ping and Shiyuan come over and he just got stuck on the road." Peng Yanfang said reluctantly.

"Mom, people are not blocking at all, they just don't want to come over, don't want to give dad face." At this time, Wang Shiyuan sneered and spoke.

"Daughter, what do you mean by this?" Peng Yanfang was taken aback. Why did she hear Wang Shiyuan's words?

"What do you mean?" Wang Shiyuan sneered again and again: "Mom, if I tell you, I met that guy at the door of the company when Shiping and I were off work, do you believe it?"

"I met that hillbilly? Then why didn't you bring him?" Peng Yanfang couldn't help asking.

"Do you think we don't want to bring it?"

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"At that time, Shi Ping told the guy that we were going home and dropped in with him, letting that guy get in the car, but the guy ignored Shi Ping." Wang Shiyuan said coldly.

"Shiping, it's such a thing?" Peng Yanfang's tone was uplifted, and the whole person suddenly became angry. She thought that Chen Feng was unable to get by because of something else, but now Wang Shiyuan said that Chen Feng could come with them. , But just refused.

"Auntie, there is such a thing. At that time, I let Brother Chen Feng get in the car, but Brother Chen Feng refused to get in my car." Li Shiping was embarrassed on the surface, but in fact he was very happy. This matter is said, but if he speaks this kind of thing first, it will definitely leave Wang Hongyi with the image of a sinister villain who provokes discord.

However, Wang Shiyuan said first that he could avoid this hidden worry by borrowing the donkey.

"Why didn't he get in your car? Who is he? Is he the head of state?!"

"I don't know the heights of the world! Let us wait for him here!" Peng Yanfang cursed. .

Wang Hongyi frowned: "Yanfang, Xiaofeng is not that kind of person. He may have to be busy with something first, so he didn't take the World Peace car."

"What can he be a little salesperson busy with? No matter how busy he is, can he be busier than the sales manager

of Shiping ?" "If Shiping can come, why can't he come?"

"I think he just doesn't want to come to our house and doesn't want to give you face." Peng Yanfang reluctantly instigates discord. .

Wang Hongyi's brow furrowed deeper. His instinct told him that Chen Feng was not that kind of person, but now that everyone is targeting Chen Feng so much, he can't help but doubt it.

At this moment, Chen Feng walked into the living room.

"I'm sorry, the traffic jam on the road made everyone wait a long time." Chen Feng said apologetically. The taxi he was sitting in was blocked on the viaduct for half an hour, so he was so late, even though he couldn't help it. , But being late is also a fact.

"Traffic jam on the road? I think you don't want to come to our house at all." Peng Yanfang snorted first, and then mocked Chen Feng in a weird manner. If Wang Hongyi were not here, she would just let Chen Feng get out. Up.

"Yanfang!" Wang Hongyi glared at Peng Yanfang, his tone was a bit dissatisfied, everyone had already come, and he said why.

Turning his gaze to Chen Feng, Wang Hongyi smiled again: "Xiaofeng, come and sit, you will be the one

missing." "Okay, Uncle Wang." Chen Feng smiled slightly, and this time I saw Wang Hongyi, Wang Hongyi's complexion is obviously better than last time. Obviously, Wang Hongyi has recovered well in the past few days.

After Chen Feng sat on the table, Wang Hongyi picked up his chopsticks and said with a smile: "Since Xiaofeng is here, everyone can start eating."

"Before eating, there is good news to tell everyone. I believe you have known the content for a long time, but I still have to say it here."

"That is the first day Xiaofeng entered the Kangmei Group, he negotiated a large order worth tens of millions for the Kangmei Group. This order The sales commission... is 800,000!"

Wang Hongyi said that he was shining, 800,000, which was the profit of his trading company for a month, but Chen Feng made it in one day, so Wang Hongyi was very pleased. I felt that I didn't misunderstand the wrong person.

Chen Feng is indeed a manufacturable material.

Compared with Wang Hongyi’s red face, Li Shiping’s smile is somewhat reluctant, and even deep in the smile, there is still a hint of resentment hidden. Chen Feng’s hatred of hitting him in the face of the company has not yet been reported. .

"The commission of 800,000 is really high." Peng Yanfang's tone was as yin and yang as before, and his disdain for Chen Feng remained unchanged. In her opinion, the reason why Chen Feng was able to win such a large order must be gone. What shit luck has nothing to do with strength.

"It's quite tall." Chen Feng smiled faintly. He knew exactly what Peng Yanfang was thinking, but Chen Feng didn't have much to worry about with such a small belly.

Seeing that Peng Yanfang seems to have a tendency to ridicule Chen Feng, Wang Hongyi hurriedly raised the wine glass in his hand and smiled and said, "Come on, everyone toast to Xiaofeng, to celebrate Xiaofeng’s success this time, and wish Xiaofeng his future achievements. It is rising steadily,

earning one million at an early date." "Thank you Uncle Wang." Chen Feng smiled, raised the wine glass in his hand, and touched Wang Hongyi.

Li Shiping also held up the wine glass with a smile and looked at Chen Feng with a sincere expression: "Brother Chen Feng, your business ability is obvious to all. Although I am your immediate boss, in terms of business, I am really inferior to you."

Chapter: 372

"Hahaha, I won't say anything more. I will just say one thing here: Brother Chen Feng, work hard and make persistent efforts! Strive to be the leader of your sales team before next year!"

"If you take it, Now, when the time comes, let’s go to Jintai Hotel and set up a table for you to celebrate!"

"Okay." Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Li Shiping. Li Shiping’s remarks are indeed very good. In blessing, in fact, you are telling everyone that no matter how awesome you are, Chen Feng, I am also your immediate boss, and you will never be able to jump out of my palm.

After Li Shiping finished speaking, Peng Yanfang immediately smiled and took on the stubborn words: "Hongyi, let me say, Chen Feng's 800,000 commission is worth most of World Peace's contribution."

"Auntie, your words are serious. Brother Chen Feng has excellent business ability. Without me, he could get the 800,000." Li Shiping smiled modestly.

"Cut." Peng Yanfang curled her lips in disdain, and then smiled and glanced at Li Shiping: "Shiping, here is my family, there are no outsiders, you don't need to save face for this guy."

"That guy's 10 million yuan You must have taken it down secretly for him."

Li Shiping was slightly surprised, what did Peng Yanfang's words... mean?

She wouldn't think it was her own Chen Feng, would she?

Li Shiping did not speak. Peng Yanfang assumed that Li Shiping had acquiesced. She continued smiling and said: "Shiping, auntie knows that you want to help Chen Feng, and you want Chen Feng to be recognized by others in the company."

"But in the future, this kind of thing It’s better for you to be less. This is a bit of mud. He can’t support the wall. With so much of you, not only can you not help the mud, but you may even stain yourself.”

“Yanfang, how do you say it?” Wang Hongyi said in a calm tone. After coming down, Peng Yanfang said so, she did not put Chen Feng in her eyes at all, completely denying Chen Feng's credit.

Even if Li Shiping really helped Chen Feng secretly, he didn't believe that this ten million order had nothing to do with Chen Feng.

"What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

Peng Yanfang raised a sneer at the corner of her mouth: "Hongyi, you don't really think that the tens of millions of dollars worth of a large order was negotiated by this rubbish?"

"You are open For a trading company, don’t you know how difficult it is for a salesperson who has just

joined the company and does not have any contacts to negotiate a business?” Wang Hongyi’s tone was stagnant, and Peng Yanfang’s remarks, he really couldn’t refute. He knows very well how difficult it is for a salesperson who has just joined the company and has no contacts to talk about a ten million order.

It can't even be said that it is difficult, it should be said that it is impossible at all, so Chen Feng's order of tens of millions, Li Shiping probably really helped a lot in secret.

Wang Shiyuan looked strange, Peng Yanfang would think so, she did not expect, but at this moment, she would not say it, even if she knew that Chen Feng was completely on her own to negotiate the ten million bill.

She wanted to misunderstand Peng Yanfang and Wang Hongyi. Only in this way would Peng Yanfang and Wang Hongyi value Li Shiping more.

Wang Shiyuan didn't say it, and Li Shiping himself wouldn't say it. After all, this was the result of forcing it over.

Don't do it for nothing.

Chen Feng smiled and looked at everyone's expressions. However, Chen Feng did not intend to explain Peng Yanfang's remarks. Still, he disdain to care about people like Peng Yanfang with small bellies. .

"What are you laughing at? Am I wrong?" Peng Yanfang was suddenly upset when Chen Feng dared to laugh. Why is this trash face so thick? Relying on the help of others to get the list, even after being dismantled, you can still laugh?

"Auntie Peng, you are right. Manager Li did help me negotiate the list." Chen Feng said lightly. The best way to deal with a stupid is what the stupid says, what do you match her, turn her into a stupid too .

Hearing Chen Feng's personal admission, Peng Yanfang's complexion eased.

However, Li Shiping's heart began to feel uneasy. Chen Feng in his impression was not such a master who could hold back after suffering a dark loss?

"Since World Ping helped you negotiate the list, should we talk about the attribution of your 800,000 commission?" There was a treacherous look in Peng Yanfang's eyes. This sentence is her real goal. , I have said so much before, they are all paving the way for this sentence.

Chen Feng frowned. Peng Yanfang, this idiot, wanted him to give Li Shiping the 800,000 commission?

"Yanfang, what do you mean by this?!"

"Although Shiping helped a lot with Xiaofeng's 10 million orders, Xiaofeng didn't do nothing at all..." Wang Hongyi said coldly, he knew Peng Yanfang has always regarded Li Shiping as a prospective son-in-law, so everything is thought for Li Shiping, but Peng Yanfang’s current situation is a bit too much. In one sentence, I want to get the 800,000 commission from Chen Feng, which is so bullying. ?

"What did he do? What can he do?" Peng Yanfang interrupted Wang Hongyi mercilessly.

"If there is no World Peace, he still doesn't know where to wander at the moment, let alone talk about 10 million orders, whether he can enter the Kangmei Group is a question."

"In short, he can talk about the value of the penny. The tens of millions of orders are all the credit of World Peace, and it has nothing to do with him."

"So the 800,000 commission should have a share of World Peace." Peng Yanfang was eloquent, and her face was taken for granted.

"How much does Aunt Peng want me to give Manager Li?" Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Peng Yanfang.

"Seven hundred thousand!" Peng Yanfang coldly spit out a number and turned her gaze to Chen Feng: "You have to give World Ping at least seven hundred thousand! Because if there is no World Ping, you won't make a cent."

"Really?" Chen Feng squinted lazily.

"Is not it?"

"There is no WPI take you into the company, WPI no secret to you for help, you think you can talk down the value of one million list it?"

"Allows you to WPI 700,000 are small!"

"To I said that you should give all of the 800,000 commission to World Ping, but for the sake of running errands for World Ping, you can leave one hundred thousand for your hard work." Peng Yanfang said in a tone. Above, there is a strong sense of charity in the words.

"Yanfang, you are too much!" Wang Hongyi was full of anger, and he didn't believe it. In the list of ten million, Chen Feng's only role was to run errands. Chen Feng must have done something else, if it was ten million The list is so easy to talk about. Li Shiping should have taken it down before Chen Feng entered Kangmei.

But when Peng Yanfang was here, it was all the credit of Li Shiping.

Chapter: 373

"Too much? Where did I go too far? Didn't I still leave a hundred thousand for this waste?" Peng Yanfang curled her lips, her expression disapproving.

Then she turned her gaze to Chen Feng again: "Chen Feng, the 800,000 commission, the finance has already hit your card this morning, right?"

"It hit me..."

Chen Feng hasn't said anything yet. After speaking, Peng Yanfang interrupted mercilessly: "Since it hit you, then you can take it out. It happens that everyone is here, so you can transfer 700,000 yuan to World Ping in front of everyone. In the past."

Peng Yanfang stared at Chen Feng reluctantly. She must pull out 700,000 from Chen Feng. If she can’t pull it out today, wait for Chen Feng to leave this door and leave Zhonghai directly, then think again. It's hard to pull it out.

"Sorry, I have already spent the 800,000." Chen Feng smiled faintly.

Finished? !

The audience was shocked. Just after the game came down in the morning, you finished the afternoon? What about a liar?

"Chen Feng, do you treat us as fools?!" Peng Yanfang immediately broke out: "The commission you just paid in the morning, you spent the night?"

"That's eight hundred thousand, not eighty!"

"You don't want to If you give it to World Ping, you can just say, is it interesting to use this kind of crappy reason to deceive people?" Peng Yanfang was about to be blown up. She didn't expect that Chen Summit made up such an excuse to insult their IQ.

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: "Auntie Peng, I think I need to tell you one thing. The commission is just fine in the morning, but the 800,000 is not mine alone."

"I went to Dongting with me. The hospital was talking about cooperation, and there was Li Le, so for the 800,000, I divided Li Le 200,000."

"What about 600,000?!" Peng Yanfang looked at Chen Feng viciously.

"The remaining 600,000, I let Li Le buy a car." Chen Feng said lightly.

The audience was silent again.

Peng Yanfang’s angry voice began to sharpen: "Chen Feng, I think you made it clear that you don’t want to share the money for World Ping, right?"

"You just came to Zhonghai, and you don’t even have a place to live. Buying a car?"

"Aunt Peng doesn't believe me, then I can't do anything." Chen Feng shrugged helplessly. He just told the truth and had a clear conscience. If Peng Yanfang believes it or not, it has nothing to do with him.

Seeing that Chen Feng is such a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water, Peng Yanfang was so angry that she immediately began to scream and splash: "I don't care! I don't care if you spend that 800,000, anyway, you owe World Ping that. Seven hundred thousand, one point can't be less!"

"You must come up with seven hundred thousand today, otherwise you don't want to leave my house!"

"Peng Yanfang, can you still point your face!" Wang Hongyi slapped the table fiercely and glared. Peng Yanfang, he didn't expect that Peng Yanfang could even speak the threat of not leaving the Wang family. What is the difference between this behavior and Ming Qiang?

"Uncle Wang, don't be angry." Chen Feng frowned and soothed. He didn't want to pay attention to Peng Yanfang, but Peng Yanfang became more and more sophisticated. If this continues, Peng Yanfang will probably just ride on his head and pee. Up.

Turning his gaze to Peng Yanfang, Chen Feng said calmly: "Aunt Peng, I can give Manager Li the seven hundred thousand you said."

Hearing Chen Feng's words, Peng Yanfang's face was instantly pleased, but Li Shiping on the side, But his body trembled. This waste would not be thought... In the

next second, Chen Feng verified Li Shiping's guess: "But you can ask Manager Li, I will give him seven hundred thousand, does

he dare to take it?" He dared Take it?

This sentence, like an invisible heavy hammer, was heavily hammered on Li Shiping's chest, turning Li Shiping's face pale.

"What do you mean?! Why don't you give Shiping money, why doesn't Shiping dare to take it?"

"Don't say it is seven hundred thousand, it is seven million. As long as you give it out, World Ping will dare to take it today!" Peng Yanfang was completely unaware of what was happening, only that Chen Feng was provoking her.

"Hehe, Manager Li? I'll give you seven million, do you dare to take it?" Chen Feng chuckled and turned his gaze to Li Shiping. Li Shiping's body trembled suddenly, and he looked at Peng Yanfang with a smile and said, "Auntie, it still counts. Well, actually, I didn't help Chen Feng brother very much, money matters..."

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"Just didn't help much?" Chen Feng's voice became cold.

Li Shiping's scalp was numb. Chen Feng was forcing him to tell the truth. If he didn't say anything, Chen Feng would confess everything when he turned around.

"Auntie, in fact, I didn't help Chen Feng's 10 million orders. The 10 million orders were completely negotiated by Brother Chen Feng and have nothing to do with anyone." Li Shiping Bite the scalp to speak, but regretting to die in his heart, he shouldn't be greedy for the little merit Peng Yanfang gave him. Now he is all right, instead of greedy for the credit, he was beaten in the face.

Peng Yanfang was stunned: "Shiping, what do you mean by this?"

"Isn't you talking about this rubbish list?"

"No, it has nothing to do with me." Li Shiping gritted his teeth. He can only honestly admit that he has lost Peng Yanfang's face.

If he doesn't admit it, Chen Feng will tell everything. When Wang Hongyi goes to the company, he will know everything. At that time, his face will only hurt even more.

"It has nothing to do with you?!" Peng Yanfang was irritated. "You just said that you helped to negotiate this rubbish? Why don't you say it now?"

"Auntie, I don't seem to have said that. Let's talk." Li Shiping denied with a smile, he did not admit it himself, but after Peng Yanfang said it, he acquiesced.

On the contrary, it was Chen Feng, who himself admitted, but now it seems that Chen Feng completely regarded Peng Yanfang as a fool.

"You..." Peng Yanfang almost spit out a mouthful of blood? She didn't expect that she tried her best to seek benefits for Li Shiping, but when she came to the end, she was sold by Li Shiping!

"Shiping, tell your auntie, is this trash threatening you? Don't let you tell the truth?" Peng Yanfang was a little unwilling, she really couldn't accept Li Shiping betraying him.

Li Shiping was almost crying, is Peng Yanfang's brain flooded? How could she ask such a thing in person, even if Chen Feng really threatened him, would he dare to say it?

"No, auntie. Brother Chen Feng didn't threaten me. He did talk about the list of Dongting Hospital alone, and I didn't help." Li Shiping was crying and he could only walk to the dark.

After being slapped in the face by Li Shiping one after another, Peng Yanfang only felt her face hurt.

Until now, I don't think about asking Chen Feng for money. Li Shiping doesn't admit it. It's useless for anyone to come.

Chapter: 374

"Okay, don't say anything, let's eat." Wang Hongyi said with a stern face, and Peng Yanfang wanted to put her face on her own, and that wouldn't blame anyone.

"Don't eat, let's eat a fart!"


Pop " Peng Yanfang put the chopsticks on the table with a cold face, got up angrily, dropped a word and left.

"She won't eat. Let's eat." Wang Hongyi shook his head and smiled, disapproving.

However, his gaze swept Chen Feng inadvertently. He thought he had already overestimated Chen Feng, but unexpectedly, he underestimated him.

This door-to-door son-in-law from Cangzhou is not simple.

Whether it's relying on one's own ability to talk about placing orders, or making Li Shiping have to stand on his side, ordinary people can't do it.

As soon as Peng Yanfang left, Wang Shiyuan naturally didn't feel in the mood to eat anymore. She grabbed two mouthfuls of rice and left the table.

Li Shiping also left immediately on the grounds that something happened to the company.

It was a good celebration banquet, just like this, leaving only Chen Feng and Wang Hongyi on the huge dinner table, but they just happened to have a leisurely meal.

Perhaps it is because of a good mood. Today, Wang Hongyi drank a lot of wine. After the half tour, Wang Hongyi's complexion has become a little red, which is obviously because the spirit of wine has been on his head.

After going up, Wang Hongyi felt a lot of emotion, and couldn't help but recall the tragic years of the past, and talked to Chen Feng many bits and pieces of the past years with Xia Weiguo in Zhonghai.

Chen Feng listened quietly and echoed a few sentences with a smile from time to time.

It can be seen that Wang Hongyi missed those years very much, and he really regarded Xia Weiguo as a brother.

Thinking of this, Chen Feng couldn't help but think of the leg that Xia Weiguo had been interrupted.

According to Xia Weiguo, his leg was interrupted in Zhonghai, but Xia Weiguo refused to say who interrupted it.

Obviously, the other party's background is so big, even so big that Xia Weiguo dare not even mention it.

"Uncle Wang, can I ask you a question?" After a long silence, Chen Feng finally decided to ask Wang Hongyi.

"You want to ask who interrupted your dad's leg?" Wang Hongyi paused, as if he had expected Chen Summit to ask this question.

"Not bad." Chen Feng nodded.

Seeing Chen Feng's admission, Wang Hongyi's eyes suddenly became a little complicated. After a long time, he looked up at Chen Feng and sighed: "Xiaofeng, I said that your father's leg was interrupted by me. Do you believe it?"

Chen Feng His pupils shrank, Wang Hongyi interrupted? !

how can that be? !

"Sounds incredible, right?" Wang Hongyi smiled bitterly.

"It's unbelievable." After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng said calmly: "Why is Uncle Wang interrupting my dad's leg? There must be some reason for this?"


Wang Hongyi sighed. Tone: "It's been so long. Is the reason important?"

"Important!" Chen Feng said loudly, saying word by word: "I must know how my dad's leg was broken back then."

"Oh, since you are like this. I want to know, then I'll tell you today."

"I did interrupt your dad's leg, but I was also forced to be helpless. If I didn't do that, your dad might not survive now." Wang Hongyi Tao.

"Someone is forcing you?" A cold light flashed in Chen Feng's eyes.

"Yeah." Wang Hongyi nodded.

"Who is it?"

"Wang Dongyang." Wang Hongyi spit out three words.

Chen Feng frowned, Wang Dongyang...who is it?

"You may have never heard of the name Wang Dongyang."

"But you must have heard his grandfather's name." Wang Hongyi sighed.

Chen Feng's pupils

shrank and his surname Wang was well known. Could it be... "Wang Chongyang!" Chen Feng suddenly raised his head and couldn't help taking a breath. How could Xia Weiguo and Wang Hongyi provoke him to this level? The presence? !

As if he knew what Chen Feng was thinking, Wang Hongyi sighed: "Actually, neither Lao Xia nor I, but back then, we were doing business at sea. We would inevitably encounter Wang's family when we were doing business at sea."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. The Wang family is an authentic maritime overlord. China has most of the cargo ships built by the Wang family.

In addition to cargo ships, the Wang family also intervened in China's foreign trade business. It can be said that everything that involves the sea cannot bypass the Wang family.

It is very likely that Wang Hongyi and Xia Weiguo were doing business such as maritime trade, and maritime trade has been the exclusive domain of the Wang family since ancient times. If ordinary people want to intervene, they must first ask the Wang family for their opinions.

"At that time, Lao Xia and I had just arrived in China Shipping, and we were not very familiar with China Shipping. I heard that the sea trade business was good, so Lao Xia and I bought a boat and prepared to sail."

"As a result, it was only two days away. , Our boat was burned."

"The reason is that we didn't worship Wang's mountain gate before we ran the boat."

"When I heard this, Lao Xia and I were angry at the time, and neither of us was stunned.

Knowing exactly what the Wang family meant in Zhonghai, he relied on his skill to beat several people who burned the boat to death." "The next day, Wang Dongyang appeared and said that one of the people we injured yesterday was It's his cousin."

"At that time, Wang Dongyang gave us two choices, kowtow to apologize and break our legs, or die!"

Chen Feng squinted his eyes. It is not difficult to know from Wang Hongyi how overbearing Wang Dongyang was. Wang Hongyi and Xia Weiguo only injured Wang Dongyang’s cousin, and Wang Dongyang would make them kowtow and apologize and break the double. Leg, this is still in the case that Wang Dongyang's cousin burned the cargo ship of the two people first.

"After Wang Dongyang said this, I knew that I and Lao Xia had no choice."

"If we don't kneel, we will never see the sun the next day."

"Finally, I kneel."

"But Lao Xia didn't kneel, his temper was too stubborn back then, even if Wang Dongyang held a gun to his head, he wouldn't kneel..." At

this point, Wang Hongyi's tone paused, and after a while, he sighed heavily. He sighed and said, "Finally, I personally broke Lao Xia's leg, and pressed Lao Xia, knocked Wang Dongyang three times, and this resolved Wang Dongyang's anger."

"After Wang Dongyang left. , Lao Xia also left Zhonghai disheartenedly."

"Soon, I heard the news of Lao Xia's marriage." In the

following words, Wang Hongyi did not continue, but Chen Feng probably understood what happened next. .

Xia Weiguo, who was originally full of ambitions and ambitions, was completely devastated after being hit by Wang Dongyang.

Going home to live a plain life of marrying a wife and having children.

Not only did Wang Hongyi not sink into this situation, but instead worked hard. In just two decades, he worked hard again and started a career.

The two followed a diametrically opposite path.

Chen Feng finally understood why Wang Hongyi treated him so well.

Chapter: 375


Because of guilt.

Wang Hongyi has always felt guilty for Xia Weiguo.

So he wanted to make up for the guilt of Xia Weiguo on himself.

"Xiaofeng, Uncle knows that you are a man of love and righteousness, otherwise Lao Xia would not entrust Mengyao to you."

"But what happened back then has passed, and Lao Xia and I have had a good time. . " "

so you should never be silly, go to Wang Dongyang trouble. " "

you should understand, Wang oceans these three words, what it means in the sea. "

Wang Hongyi earnest exhortations, Wang oceans, is Dynasty One of the few remaining national heroes after the founding of the People's Republic of China, his status in China is no worse than some founding fathers.

Although he doesn't have any official positions on him now, even if he is the current chief of Zhonghai City, he must respectfully call him Wang Lao when he meets him.

In addition to Wang Chongyang's own lofty status, the current Wang family is also thriving in Zhonghai.

Together with the Chu family, the Song family, and the Qin family, they are listed as the four great masters in China.

In Zhonghai, no one can shake the status of the Wang family.

"Uncle Wang, don't worry, I won't be impulsive." Chen Feng nodded lightly. The Wang family is an upright and powerful giant. They are only one line behind, and they can be promoted to the sequence of the Six Great Chinese.

Single-round family power, even the Huo family on Hong Kong Island, is a bit weaker than the Wang family.

Chen Feng would naturally not provoke such a behemoth easily, especially in this embarrassing situation.

After eating, Chen Feng left Wang's house.

As soon as I left the house, a taxi drove over.

Chen Feng beckoned, the taxi stopped, Chen Feng opened the door and sat in the back row.

"Master, go to Jintai Hotel."

"Okay, sit firmly."

The driver in the front row smiled kindly, then stepped on the accelerator pedal and the blue Jetta taxi drove away.

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Chen Feng sat in the back row, squinted his eyes, and prepared to take a nap.

Ten minutes later, a strong turbulence awakened Chen Feng.

Chen Feng opened his eyes and couldn't help but glanced outside the window, only to find that it was completely dark outside, not to mention the street lights, even a ghost could not be seen.

Obviously, this is not the road back to Jintai Hotel, but the road leading to a very remote place.

Otherwise, there will be no personal shadows on the road.

"Wake up?"

The driver in the front row seemed to have been observing Chen Feng through the rearview mirror. Seeing Chen Feng waking up, he couldn't help but asked with a smile.

"Well, I woke up." Chen Feng smiled slightly.

"You don't seem to be so afraid of...?" The driver's master wearing a peaked cap frowned. Chen Feng has clearly discovered that this is not the way to Jintai Hotel. Why is he still so calm?

"Fear?" The corner of Chen Feng's mouth raised a bit of playfulness: "Why should I shoot?"

"It should be you who are afraid."

"We?" kicked?

"A few minutes to get there?" Chen Feng leaned on the chair and asked lazily.

"Ask what this is for? Are you in such a hurry to die?" The tone of the man in the peaked cap began to become bad.

"Send to death?" Chen Feng sneered: "You think too much."

"I just want to clean up you soon and go back to the hotel to sleep."

The man in the peaked cap twitched his mouth, and he was the first time he saw someone like Chen Feng.

"Peng Yanfang sent you here?" Chen Feng asked with a smile, except for Peng Yanfang, there will be no one else.

He came to Zhonghai for a few days, and there were not many people who offended him. The skinny monkey on the high-speed rail that day counted as one, but the people behind him had to deal with themselves and would never use this method.

The same goes for Liu Kun and Wu Zhike.

As for Li Shiping, his handle was held in his hand. Until the problem of the handle was solved, Li Shiping would not attack him.

After much deliberation, only Peng Yanfang was left.

Peng Yanfang should be the person who called after leaving the dinner table. The cap driver had obviously been waiting at the door of Wang's house early.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand." The cap driver gave Chen Feng a vicious look.

Chen Feng smiled disapprovingly, and said nothing.

A few minutes later, the taxi stopped in front of an abandoned factory.

The cap driver opened the door first and walked out.

Afterwards, seven or eight young people with colorfully dyed hair walked out of the darkness with hand-held weapons.

"Have anyone brought it?" The young yellow-haired man in the lead glanced at the man in the cap.

"Bring it, right in the car." The man in the peaked cap pointed to the back row.

"Fuck it out!" The yellow-haired man ordered.


soon as the words "bang" were finished, I heard a loud noise, and saw the taxi's door lifted directly out, flying a full ten meters away, before slamming into the concrete wall of the factory.


Seven or eight young people, together with the man in the peaked cap, took a breath, only to feel a little chill in their back.

At this time, Chen Feng got out of the car calmly and glanced at the stunned crowd. Chen Feng said with a smile: "Sorry, when the door was just opened, he didn't grasp his strength. A little bit." Is

it harder to use?

Is this Nima just a bigger problem? !

Seven or eight non-mainstream youths didn't know what words to use to describe their feelings at the moment, they just wanted to cry.

Seeing a few people trembling in their calves, Chen Feng couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

Why are you so confused?

Chen Feng sighed: "To make a long story short, I know you were sent by Peng Yanfang."

"She should want you to teach me a lesson, and then get some money out of me." The

headed yellow-haired youth and the capped man once again His eyes widened. This guy is a monster or a monster. How could he even know what Peng Yanfang said?

"Who is Peng Yanfang?" Chen Feng glanced at the yellow-haired young man who was headed by him. This yellow-haired young man should be the leader of the group.

"I...I don't..." The yellow-haired young man moved his lips and subconsciously wanted to deny it, but before he finished speaking, Chen Feng smiled and said, "After you think about it, you only have one chance. "It

's my aunt!" The young yellow-haired man almost blurted out, not dare to hide anything.

"It turned out to be Peng Yanfang's nephew." Chen Feng nodded, feeling clear.

"Today I am in a good mood, so I won't take care of you. I went back and told Peng Yanfang that there were repeated but not repeated! The reason why I didn't deal with her was not because I was afraid of her, but because I was too lazy to care about her.

" However, people's patience is limited. If she dares to provoke me like this, don't blame me for being rude to her!" A cold light flashed in Chen Feng's eyes. People like Peng Yanfang don't suffer any loss. I never know what my last name is.

Chapter: 376
Chapter: 377

Then I rushed to Cangzhou overnight and started investigating around Chen Feng. I thought it would cost some means, but Chen Feng's identity was quickly found out.

Just ask a few Xia family members and everything will be clear at a glance.

Although Wu Zhike's affirmation was obtained, Liu Kun was still a little unsure, and always felt that something was wrong.

If Chen Feng is really a son-in-law, why would he walk with someone like Shi Pojun?

This is not in line with common sense.

"What about that guy's previous experience? Why can only be found for the past three years?" Liu Kun couldn't help asking. Now, the identity of Chen Feng's son-in-law is beyond doubt. The only thing that is still in doubt is that before Chen Feng. Identity.

The three private investigators found only Chen Feng's three years of experience in Cangzhou, but they didn't know anything about Chen Feng's past, and he couldn't even find out Chen Feng's hometown.

"The guy's previous experience?" Wu Zhike was taken aback, and then said: "The guy's previous experience was not found by the person I sent out. They said that it would take at least three days to find out."

Three Days?

Liu Kun frowned deeper. He always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn't tell where it was.

Seeing Liu Kun seemed to be hesitating, Wu Zhike couldn't help it anymore: "Brother Kun, what else is there to hesitate? That guy came to the house as a son-in-law. He had no background at all. He was calm in front of us that day, and he absolutely pretended to be. "

Liu Kun shook his head. He knew what Wu Zhike meant, and wanted to go over and find Chen Feng's trouble now.

But he always felt that this matter was not safe, and Chen Feng was definitely not as simple as the information showed.

Let alone the others, just knowing Shi Pojun can't explain it clearly.

Normally, how can a door-to-door son-in-law who is not seen by anyone come into contact with a big man like Shi Pojun.

Moreover, he observed Shi Pojun that day and found that Shi Pojun was obviously the kind of arrogant type. This kind of person would never get so close to a door-to-door son-in-law.

Chen Feng must have other identities.

"Zhike, don't do it for the time being, this person definitely has a problem." Liu Kun said solemnly, he believed in his own judgment, and even more in his own way of observing people.

"There is a problem? What can he have."

"Even if there is a problem, it is a problem in the brain. How can normal elders run to be the son-in-law." Wu Zhike said, he felt that Liu Kun was completely suspicious. , A door-to-door son-in-law, how can he have a background? If he really has a background, he will be a door-to-door son-in-law?

The simplest example, he and Liu Kun, the backgrounds of the two of them, are not very big in Zhonghai, but they are definitely not small.

Will they be the son-in-law?

They won't!

None of them would kill them!

The rich second generation with their background, which one is not three wives and four concubines?

Raise a famous college student at home or Bai Fumi to be the main room, and a few young models or celebrities outside to make canaries. If you don’t enjoy the blessings of the people, run to be the door-to-door son-in-law?

It's like that when the brain gets flooded.

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"Zhike, I know what you mean, but some people's ideas should not be guessed by common sense."

"For example, Wang Lao, looking at China, his status and status are the most lofty group of elders."

"But until Now, what Wang Lao also likes most is farming in the countryside and fishing by the river."

"The average person who meets Wang Lao on the road will only regard Wang Lao as an ordinary bad old man, and will never regard Wang Lao with famous names. The ship king thinks of going together."

Liu Kun smiled bitterly. In the upper circle of Zhong Hai, he has heard many stories about pretending to be pigs and eating tigers, like the kind of rich second-generation stalling goods to buy cars, not only in novels, but also in reality. occur.

He could not guarantee that Chen Feng was not such a person.

"Brother Kun, you actually compare that kid with Wang Lao, where does that kid match?" Wu Zhike curled his lips.

"I didn't compare him with Wang Lao, I just used Wang Lao as an example. I'm afraid that kid is also a background master." Liu Kun said helplessly.

"Brother Kun, what do you mean, don't do anything with that kid for the time being?" Wu Zhike asked.

"Yeah." Liu Kun nodded: "We can't do anything to him before we know his background."

"However, we can let others do it to him!" Liu Kun paused.

"Let others?"

"Well, isn't Wang Yanan having a good relationship with Zhang Shihao? Let her find a way to make Zhang Shihao notice Lin Wanqiu, we can use Zhang Shihao's hand to explore the reality of that kid." Liu Kun said lightly, Zhang Shihao's background is no better than him What a difference, and Zhang Shihao is still pretty, he stared at Lin Wanqiu, completely justified.

Even if what happened to Lin Wanqiu, Chen Feng would not doubt him and Wu Zhike.

"Hey, Brother Kun, please pay attention. If Zhang Shihao sees a stunner like Lin Wanqiu, his legs will definitely be too weak to walk, even without Wang Yanan, we can find a way to make him notice Lin Wanqiu." Wu Zhike Smiled.

"Well, no matter what, we must pick our two brothers out of it. Don't be afraid of ten thousand, just in case." Liu Kun said, if Chen Feng really has any background, then he and Wu Zhike are involved in this matter. , Chen Feng will never let them go.

"Okay, Brother Kun, I'll do it now."

Wu Zhike thought that he asked a private investigator to investigate Chen Feng's affairs and did it perfectly, and Chen Feng would never notice.

As everyone knows, the first day his three private detectives entered Cangzhou, they were discovered by Gu Dongchen and Han Long.

As soon as Chen Feng returned to the hotel, Han Long called.

"Chen Shao, someone has asked a private investigator to investigate you." On the phone, Han Long said bluntly.

"Well, I know." Chen Feng nodded, not surprised by the information provided by Han Long. Although he has only been in Zhonghai for a few days, he has offended a lot of people. If nothing else, investigate him. Private detectives should have been invited by Liu Kun and Wu Zhike.

In this regard, Chen Feng can only say that the two think too much.

Before he left, he considered the possibility that someone would come to check on him, so he had taken precautions long ago. No matter how these people checked, he could not find out his real secret.

The only things that these people can find out are the things that everyone knows about him.

"Chen Shao, how is the situation on Zhonghai? Would you like me and Lao Gu to come over and fight for you?" Han Long asked, in a place where Zhonghai is a mixed bag, one more person will give you more strength, and he and Gu Dongchen are also considered to be confused. The old fritters of the rivers and lakes are gone, and coming to Zhonghai can help Chen Feng a lot.

Chen Feng shook his head: "No, I can handle the situation here alone."

Chapter: 378

"You and Lao Gu, just take care of your family. The time is right, and I will let you come over." Chen Feng exhorted again that Cangzhou is his base camp. No matter when, Cangzhou can't get an accident.

Early the next morning, Chen Feng came to Kangmei Group as usual.

After joining the company, Chen Feng discovered that today's Kangmei Group has come to a'guest'.

A'guest' in a white suit with a big back and a greasy face.

"I said, you guys, do you want to die? Do you know who I am?!" The

greasy young man was extremely domineering, and his mouthful of saliva almost splashed on the faces of the security guards in front of him.

However, a few security guards did not dare to have any dissatisfaction with the oily youth, instead they continued to smile and appease: "Liu Shao, it is not that we did not let you in, but Xia always confessed that only the company that holds the company employee card Only employees can enter the company. You don't have an employee card of our company, so..."

"Fart!" Liu Shao interrupted the headed security guard mercilessly.

"Lao Tzu is the future chairman of the Kangmei Group, and now the chairman of the Kangmei Group is Lao Tzu's father. Lao Tzu needs an employee card to enter his own company? What kind of shit is this TM!"

"Get out of me! Don't let me get out of here! I'll let you fire some of you now!" Liu Shao said with an arrogant face, and pushed away the headed security guard and walked forward unscrupulously.

The headed security guard and several other security guards looked at each other, and they all saw the embarrassment in each other's eyes.

This is a young director of Kangmei Group. Although he does not have any position in Kangmei, in terms of status, he is more than ten grades higher than Xia Mengyao.

Xia Mengyao asked them to stop this kind of people out of the door. Isn't this purely embarrassing them?

In the end, several people let Liu Shaobo walk into the company.

But Liu Shaobo just walked a few steps, a tall beauty wearing black stockings and stepping on high-heeled sandals came over.

"Shao Liu, what brought you here?" The tall beauty walked up to Chen Liu Shaobo with a lot of style and inadvertently blocked Liu Shaobo's path.

"Hey, Fang Ya, what do you have to pretend with your brother? What wind blows your brother, don't you know if you are a little hooves?" Liu Shaobo smiled, and his lustful eyes invaded Fang Ya's chest unscrupulously The former two stalwarts.

That look seemed to eat Fang Ya's whole person alive.

Fang Ya’s beautiful eyes flashed a subtle disgust, but there was still a shy smile on her face: "Liu Shao, look at what you said, Fang Ya is not the roundworm in your stomach, you are thinking What, how would Fang Ya know?"

"Hey, pretend, you are a little waver, just pretend to be with your brother. My brother just called you last night and asked you to inform you Mr. Xia that I will pick her up from the company this morning. , Now you say, you don’t know what your brother is thinking? If you really don’t know, your brother wouldn’t mind telling you in person." The smile on Liu Shaobo’s face became more and more slutty, especially thinking of Xia Mengyao’s youthful youth, I see With a pitiful face, his lower abdomen was a burst of unstoppable heat.

Looking at the yindang smile on Liu Shaobo’s pale and pale face, Fang Ya only felt sick, but she still had to keep a kind smile on the surface: "Liu Shao, you laughed."

"If you said that. If this is the case, then you may have to go for nothing today. Mr. Xia is not in the company today."

"Not in the company? What did she do?" Liu Shaobo suddenly narrowed his eyes, and a cold color flashed across his eyes. .

As if he had expected Liu Shaobo to ask such questions, Fang Ya smiled and said: "President Xia went to Yanjing for a meeting, inside the group..."


Pop !" Before Fang Ya finished speaking, Liu Shaobo grinned. He raised his hand and slapped her pretty face with a slap.

This sturdy slap immediately slapped Fang Ya's fair face with five blood-red handprints.

Liu Shaobo grinned: "Bitch, do you think Lao Tzu is like a mentally retarded?"

"Whatever you say? What will Lao Tzu believe?!"

Fang Ya was completely slapped by this slap, and it took a moment for her to react to it. What's the matter, there were tears in her beautiful eyes, Fang Ya covered her face aggrievedly and said: "Shao Liu, I didn't lie to you, President Xia did go to Yanjing for a meeting, and left by plane last night.

" smelly biao child, I also Ganpian! " "

pop "

Liu Shaobo said rejection is a slap in the face of the elegant side.

"Smelly biao child, before I come, I have asked the Secretary of dad, she said the past few days, there do not have any Yanjing will be open!"

"Besides, if you really want to meet, you are a smelly biao child As Xia Mengyao's secretary, can you not accompany her?!" Liu Shaobo sneered again and again. As the only son of the chairman, it couldn't be easier for him to inquire about some group meeting arrangements.

Hearing Liu Shaobo's words, Fang Ya's pretty face couldn't help being pale. Today's Liu Shaobo was obviously prepared. She could think of all kinds of reasons to shirk before, but today, Liu Shaobo obviously vowed not to stop without achieving her goal. What method should be used to stop Liu Shaobo?

"Fang Ya, Lao Tzu has given you enough face, you have to go on like this, don't blame Lao Tzu being rude to you!" Liu Shaobo threatened again viciously.

Fang Ya's body trembled, and there was a tangled look on her pretty face. Although Xia Mengyao is the president of Kangmei Group, she can compare with Liu Shaobo in front of him. Xia Mengyao is nothing at all. Does she need to take herself for Xia Mengyao?

Seeing Fang Ya seemed to be moved by himself, Liu Shaobo couldn't help being even more proud. He continued to sneer and said: "Fang Ya, you better think clearly, you are just a secretary to the president, you are not the president!"

"I have nothing to do with Xia Mengyao, but if I deal with you, I can think of a thousand ways!"

Fang Ya stepped back, her expression even more painful.

"Shao Liu, the twisted melon is not sweet. According to your conditions, you can find a woman who is ten times better than General Xia. Why do you have to pester Mr. Xia?" Fang Ya was a little uncomfortable. Persuade willingly.

Although Liu Shaobo is lascivious and a little dull, his wealth lies there after all. His father is the chairman of Kangmei Group, a super rich with a net worth of hundreds of billions.

As for Liu Shaobo, the only son of this super-rich, it can be said that Liu Shaobo will surely inherit Liu Yuanqing's 100 billion assets in the future.

Liu Shaobo had such conditions, so he didn't have to worry about finding a woman, but Liu Shaobo seemed to be insane, staring at a divorced Xia Mengyao.

Chapter: 379

"Entangling Xia Mengyao?"

"Have you seen Lao Tzu entangled Xia Mengyao with that eye?"

"She is a divorced second-hand that deserves to be entangled by Lao Tzu?" Liu Shaobo sneered. The reason why he was so diligent with Xia Mengyao was purely because Xia Mengyao is beautiful, he just covets Xia Mengyao's body.

As for marrying Xia Mengyao? It is impossible without even thinking about it.

At any rate, he is also a wealthy second generation with a wealth of hundreds of billions. What kind of woman can't be found? Marry a divorced woman as your wife? It's only when the brain is kicked by a donkey.


second hand?

Hearing Liu Shaobo's words, the expressions of many people in the hall changed.

No one thought that the newly appointed beauty president of Kangmei Group turned out to be a divorced second-hand product?

This news is really breaking news.

All of a sudden, the gossip fire ignited, and there were endless discussions.

Chen Feng's face was also extremely cold.

Without even thinking about it, what Liu Shaobo said would affect Xia Mengyao's reputation.

From today, the whole company will circulate the story of Xia Mengyao's divorce.

Fang Ya's pretty face also changed color suddenly. She didn't expect that Liu Shaobo would be so ignorant that even Xia Mengyao's divorce would dare to speak out in public.

"Shao Liu, what are you talking about? When did Mr. Xia get divorced, why don't I know..." Fang Ya pulled a strong smile at the corner of her mouth. She couldn't sit back and watch the rumors spread. She had to find a way to suppress it. After all, Xia Mengyao just arrived at the company, and her reputation is still very important to her. If people in the company know that Xia Mengyao is a divorced woman, it will inevitably have a great impact on Xia Mengyao's prestige.

"I don't know?" Liu Shaobo sneered: "Fang Ya, do you and Laozi have any meaning here?"

"That bitch Xia Mengyao's divorce can be known by just a little bit of inquiries. Does Lao Tzu

talk nonsense?" "To tell you the truth, Lao Tzu knew she was divorced the first day Xia Mengyao came to Zhonghai.

" I also know that her husband is a waste home son-in-law. He has not touched Xia Mengyao's body once for three years. Xia Mengyao is still a good person.”

Liu Shaobo sneered again and again. When he said this, there was nothing to lower his voice. The meaning was to speak loudly to many Kangmei Group employees in the hall.

His purpose was obvious, to destroy Xia Mengyao's reputation and make Xia Mengyao succumb to his lewdness.

As expected by Chen Feng, after Liu Shaobo finished his remarks, the audience exploded.

"After three years of marriage, President Xia is still a good place?! Oh my god, this news is too

hot ." "It's not so hot. If it wasn't for Liu Shaobo who said this, I wouldn't believe it at all, okay? Is there a problem with the general ex-husband in that respect, or how could there be such a beautiful woman as President Xia, who will not start for three years?"

"So, President Xia's ex-husband, let President Xia stay for three years in vain. Widowed?"

"No wonder Mr. Xia always looks like an iceberg that refuses to be thousands of miles away. It turns out that there is too much unsatisfied life."

"It may not only be unsatisfied, but also hate iron and steel, you didn't listen. Liu Shaobo said, President Xia’s ex-husband is a door-to-door son-in-law. How many prospects can the door-to-door son-in-law have in these years? I guess that President Xia’s ex-husband cannot satisfy President Xia not only in life, but also very unsatisfactory in career. If not, He won't become President Xia's ex-husband."

Fang Ya's expression keeps changing, and there is no doubt that Liu Shaobo's remarks have played its due role. At most one day, rumors about Xia Mengyao will spread throughout the company.

"Fang Ya, can I ask you Mr. Xia now?" Liu Shaobo gave Fang Ya a triumphant glance. Xia Mengyao's reputation is not stinky. It has nothing to do with him. He is greedy by Xia Mengyao's body, but not This person Xia Mengyao.

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"Shao Liu, you..."

"What are you? Fang Ya, I can tell you that I know about Xia Mengyao, but there are more than two things. If you don't let Lao Tzu in, Lao Tzu will take all of Xia Mengyao today. Things are shaking out." Liu Shaobo sneered again and again, he didn't believe it, Fang Ya would really sit and watch his big mouth talking nonsense here.

"Okay, I'll take you to find President Xia." Fang Ya took a deep breath, and finally decided to compromise with Liu Shaobo.

If Liu Shaobo is allowed to talk nonsense here, he might discredit Xia Mengyao like.

Seeing Fang Ya and Liu Shaobo walking towards the elevator, everyone in the hall looked at the show, only Chen Feng's expression was extremely cold.

After passing a cold light in his eyes, Chen Feng followed Fang Ya and Liu Shaobo into the elevator.

Just as Fang Ya stepped on her front foot, she felt a pain in the back of her neck. Then she rolled her eyes and fainted uncontrollably.

Seeing Fang Ya fall to the ground, Liu Shaobo realized what had happened, and hurriedly pointed at Chen Feng and shouted in panic:

"You...what are you doing?!"

Chen Fengsen sneered coldly and did not say anything to Liu Shaobo. When he walked in front of Liu Shaobo, he raised his hand and slapped Liu Shaobo's face.


Pa " crisp and loud applause sounded in the elevator.

Chen Feng's heavy slap directly caused Liu Shaobo to turn around in a circle, and two or three teeth splashed out of his mouth.

After a buzzing in his head, Liu Shaobo realized what had happened. His eyes were blood red, and his chest was filled with an unknown rage. He gritted his teeth and looked at Chen Feng: " dare to hit me?! You know my dad..."


Pop " didn't give Liu Shaobo much opportunity to speak, Chen Feng sneered again and raised his big hand, slapped Liu Shaobo's face with a heavy slap.

After two consecutive slaps, Liu Shaobo felt that he was going crazy.

Who is this TM?

Lao Tzu doesn't even know his name. Why does he beat Lao Tzu like this?

Seeing Chen Feng walking over again blankly, Liu Shaobo suddenly panicked, and hurriedly waved his hand to beg Chen Feng for mercy: "Brother, don't fight first, don't fight first. Have you admitted the wrong person? I have no grievances with you. I haven't seen you before..."

"Have you seen me?" A sneer appeared at the corner of Chen Feng's mouth.

Liu Shaobo, who looked at this sneer, couldn't help being surprised, but he still hurriedly explained: "Yes, I can be sure, I haven't seen you before, brother, you must have called the wrong person."

"You called the wrong person?" "Chen Feng narrowed his eyes: "Your name is Liu Shaobo?"

Liu Shaobo was taken aback, and then nodded: "My name is Liu Shaobo..."


Pop " Liu Shaobo hadn't finished speaking, and Chen Feng was expressionless. He slapped his face in the face.

"Since it's called Liu Shaobo, it's not a mistake."

"I'm calling Liu Shaobo!"

Chapter: 380

These two sentences fell into Liu Shaobo's ears, and Liu Shaobo almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. What is meant by beating Liu Shaobo? Did Liu Shaobo from TM provoke you? !

Although my heart was angry, Liu Shaobo was surprisingly calm at this time. Seeing Chen Feng still wanting to do something, Liu Shaobo waved his hand hurriedly and begged for mercy again: "Brother stop, if you have something to say, and if you have something to say, don't beat anyone!"

"What do you want to say?" Chen Feng gave Liu Shaobo a cold look.

Liu Shaobo rolled his eyes and said, "Brother, I know that you are a thug sent by someone else. Can you tell me how much money the person who sent you gave you to beat me?"

Chen Feng raised his mouth. For a bit of fun, Liu Shaobo, an idiot, thought he was a thug sent by someone else.

Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Liu Shaobo was a little panicked. He wiped the cold sweat from his head, stretched out two fingers and opened his mouth again: "Twice!"

"Brother, no matter how much the person who sent you here gives you, I It can be twice as much as him! You can transfer money now!"

"My dad is the chairman of Kangmei Group, he has a net worth of 100 billion, and you don't have to worry about money."

"Really?" Chen Feng's mouth Raising a touch of sarcasm, Liu Shaobo is safe to coax him as a mentally retarded.

"Yes, yes, brother, if you don’t worry, I’ll let my dad transfer the money to you." Liu Shaobo showed a humble smile on the surface, but the viciousness and malice in the depths of his eyes were undisguised, as long as After exiting this elevator door, he will kill Chen Feng in ten million ways!

"Then you let your dad turn." Chen Feng smiled slightly, glanced at Liu Shaobo, and motioned Liu Shaobo to take out his cell phone to notify Liu Yuanqing.

Liu Shaobo looked overjoyed, and after cursing a few words about Chen Feng as an idiot, he prepared to take out his mobile phone from his pocket and call Liu Yuanqing.

But just as he took out the phone from his pocket, a dark shadow appeared in front of him.


Chen Feng slapped Liu Shaobo's face unreasonably.

With this slap, the corners of Liu Shaobo's mouth were cracked and blood flowed.

It also made Liu Shaobo's whole person into a state of bewilderment. Didn't he say that he was ready to transfer the money? Why are you hitting me?

Looking at Liu Shaobo with a dumb face, Chen Feng couldn't help but sneered: "Idiot, let you turn around, let you eat shit, are you going to eat shit too."

"You...what do you mean?" Liu Shaobo For a moment, he immediately reacted. Chen Feng was playing with him from start to finish, and he didn't even want him to call.

Thinking of this, Liu Shaobo's complexion instantly rose, anger, aggrieved, and various emotions poured into his chest.

He gritted his teeth and looked at Chen Feng: "Brother, what hate do I have with you? You want to humiliate me like this?!"

"Humiliation?" Chen Feng sneered, "You deserve it too?"

"Ah! I fought with you ." !" After

being stimulated by Chen Feng several times, Liu Shaobo finally lost the last trace of reason, and his eyes were blood-red and he rushed towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng sneered, not mad at Liu Shaobo's blog, grabbed Liu Shaobo's collar, just a knee top, on Liu Shaobo's lower abdomen.

The tearing pain came from the lower abdomen, and Liu Shaobo's whole body instantly bowed into a soft-footed shrimp, and his face turned into a pig liver color. Before the pain was relieved

, Chen Feng said again. The top of the knee rested on Liu Shaobo's abdomen.

The tearing pain came again. This time, Liu Shaobo couldn't bear it. He rolled his eyes and fainted on the spot.

After a few seconds, the elevator finally reached the top floor.

Chen Feng dragged Liu Shaobo out of the elevator, and then a phone call came to Li Le's mobile phone.

"Drive the car to the underground parking lot. I want to go somewhere."

"Okay, Brother Feng." Li Le didn't think much over there, and he nodded in agreement. He never doubted Chen Feng's orders, and had almost blindly followed.

A few minutes later, Li Le saw Chen Feng in the underground parking lot.

Seeing the motionless'corpse' next to Chen Feng, Li Le was immediately taken aback. He trembled and pointed at Liu Shaobo and asked with a trembling, "Feng...Feng brother, is this dead or alive? "

Live." Chen Feng faintly vomited a smoke ring.

"Just alive." Li Le couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief when he heard that the person lying on the ground was alive. Then he couldn't help but glanced at the'corpse' on the ground, and asked with a low-pitched mouth: " Brother Feng, who is this?"


Liu Shaobo." "Liu Shao..." Li Le was taken aback for a moment, and then his whole voice was sharp: "Liu Shaobo?!"

"Brother Feng, you said he is Liu Shaobo?!" Li Le Looking at Chen Feng with wide-eyed eyes, he seemed to feel that there was a problem with his hearing.

"Why, is there a problem?" Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.

Li Le swallowed and looked at Chen Feng with trembling eyes: "Brother Feng, do you know who Liu Shaobo's Lao is?"

" Liu Yuanqing ." Chen Feng smiled faintly. Li Le had this reaction. In his expectation, after all, Liu Yuanqing is the largest shareholder of Kangmei and the head boss of more than 100,000 Kangmei employees.

Now that the son of the big boss was knocked out by himself and placed in front of Li Le, Li Le was not scared to pass out, and he was already considered to have a good psychological quality.

Hearing Chen Feng's admission, Li Le's heart trembled again, and his entire face was crying.

"Brother Feng, who are you not good enough to provoke? What are you doing to provoke this stuff?"

"The Laozi of this stuff is our head boss, Kang Mei, he stomped his feet, and the whole Zhong Hai was shaking three times."

"Brother Feng, let's run away. Before this thing wakes up, run away, maybe you can save your life."

Li Le's attitude was very pessimistic. He would never have thought that Chen Feng would kill him. The young director of Kangmei was dizzy. Everyone in Kangmei knew how much Liu Shaobo was.

Dare to offend him, from being kicked out of Kangmei, and from being interrupted.

And looking at Liu Shaobo's current look with swollen nose and swollen nose, it is obvious that he and Chen Feng have already forged a death feud. This kind of ugliness directly kills Chen Feng.

"Run? Why should I run?" Chen Feng smiled faintly, a little disdainful, he abolished Chen Yingrou, and did not run away, let alone Liu Shaobo.

"Don't run away?" Li Le was taken aback for a moment, and then he seemed to think of something. He took a deep breath, and his expression suddenly changed: "Brother Feng, you don't want to kill Liu Shaobo and hide this. Come down?"

Chen Feng smiled and did not speak. Liu Shaobo would not be killed, but it is necessary to teach Liu Shaobo a lesson he will never forget. Otherwise, I don't know how Liu Shaobo will pester Xia Mengyao.

Chen Feng didn’t speak, and Li Le acquiesced to Chen Feng. He hurriedly talked to dissuade him: “Brother Feng, you must not have this kind of thought. It’s still too late to look back. The power of the Liu family is almost covered by one hand. In the realm of the world, I heard that Liu Yuanqing has a good relationship with many big leaders in Yanjing. If you kill Liu Shaobo, he will definitely find you."