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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 391-4000 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 391

Moreover, he is Bai Wenli.

It is the Prince Charming Bai Wenli in the eyes of thousands of girls in China Overseas University.

In front of the 20,000 teachers and students, he confessed to Lin Wanqiu that this is Lin Wanqiu's supreme glory.

Regardless of whether Lin Wanqiu is truly innocent or fake, Lin Wanqiu will not refuse him at this moment.

Bai Wenli's affectionate look also touched many men and women in the venue, and these men and women began to roar in a roaring manner.

"Promise him!"

"Promise him!"

There was a continuous roar like thunder in the venue.

Everyone's platform gave Bai Wenli full confidence.

For a time, Bai Wenli was very proud of himself. If nothing else, he could take Lin Wanqiu tonight and take Lin Wanqiu to the zongtong suite of the Hilton Hotel to spend a good night with Lin Wanqiu.

"Wanqiu, promise me, okay?"

Bai Wenli picked up the microphone again and yelled at the backstage, his eyes hot to the extreme.

As if to respond to Bai Wenli's request, thunderous applause also sounded in the venue.

Finally, Lin Wanqiu stepped out of the backstage in the eyes of everyone's attention.

A beam of oval light shone on her graceful figure wrapped in a white dress, and at the same time, she also projected her delicate face like an elf onto the huge high-definition screen in the center of the venue.

The audience fell silent for a moment.

This is too beautiful, right? !

How could there be such a beautiful woman in this world? !

Everyone's breathing stopped for a moment, and this thought came to mind.

The skin is fat, the eyes are bright and the teeth are bright, and the eyebrows are curved.

The meticulously crafted face, coupled with the cool temperament like an ancient iceberg, is completely a replica of the Nine Heavens Profound Girl!

Some people even now say that Lin Wanqiu is the Nine Heavens Profound Girl descending to the earth, and some people believe it!

At this moment, no one would think that Lin Wanqiu is not worthy of Bai Wenli, and even how much Bai Wenli is not good for Lin Wanqiu!

After a moment of sluggishness, Bai Wenli's eyes became even more fiery. He walked a few steps to Lin Wanqiu, and confessed to Lin Wanqiu feverishly: "Wanqiu, can you be my girlfriend?"

Lin Wanqiu didn't have the slightest look in Bai Wenli's expected eyes. Moved, but looked at Bai Wenli coldly, and said coldly,

"I have a boyfriend." Do I have

a boyfriend? !

Hearing this information, the hearts of many boys in the venue trembled.

This beautiful god, has a boyfriend? !

who is it? !

"Wanqiu, what are you talking about? I didn't understand?" Bai Wenli's face also became stiff for a moment, but soon he calmed down, and said with a strong smile, he had to say that Lin Wanqiu's choice was Too much of his expectations.

In his imagination, Lin Wanqiu should accept it ecstatically when he heard his confession.

As for Chen Feng's stinky cock wire, how far it should go.

After all, as long as Lin Wanqiu's eyes are not blind, he can see how big the gap is between Chen Feng and him.

Unexpectedly, Lin Wanqiu was so direct and didn't give him any face.

"Are you deaf? I said, I have a boy! Friends! Friends! Now!" Lin Wanqiu's voice was as cold as ever, even with a trace of anger. She has a good temper, and she is weak, but this is not her responsibility. Reasons for bullying!

After being rejected twice in a row, even if it was Bai Wenli, he couldn't hold on to his face.

His original intention was to slap Chen Feng in the face, but he did not expect that he was hit in the face first.

"Wanqiu, don't tell me. Your so-called boyfriend is the stinky cock who drives a second-hand Santana." Bai Wenli's expression became gloomy. Since Lin Wanqiu doesn't give him face, then he doesn't need to give Lin Wanqiu face anymore. .

"What do you mean?!"

"Driving second-hand Santana's stinky cock?!"

"Bai Wenli saw Lin Wanqiu's boyfriend?!" The

audience was shocked, and the message from Bai Wenli shocked many people's eyes.

Lin Wanqiu's boyfriend is not a tall, rich and handsome man, but a cock who drives a second-hand Santana? !

"Who is my boyfriend has anything to do with you!" When Bai Wenli humiliated Chen Feng, Lin Wanqiu's pretty face became even colder, and an unprecedented anger surged into her chest.

"Of course it matters." Bai Wenli was a little annoyed, "Lin Wanqiu, you are so beautiful and outstanding. You shouldn't find a dick like that as a boyfriend. You are

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complacent ." "You..." Lin Wanqiu's tone stagnated. , Obviously did not expect that Bai Wenli would say such shameless words.

"You should be with me, only I can be worthy of you." Bai Wenli also gave up. He has lost such an adult on the stage today. If he can no longer take Lin Wanqiu, then this person will be lost.

"Bai Wen

Li , what are you doing?!" At this time, Xiao Wei also trot to the stage with an anxious expression, and more than 20,000 teachers and students under the stage looked at him with eyes. Bai Wen Li could be faceless, but Lin Wanqiu could not.

"What's the matter?" Bai Wenli sneered: "You'll know soon."

Seeing Bai Wenli picked up the microphone and turned to look down the stage, Xiao Wei suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

"Chen Feng, I know that you are right off the stage. If you are a man, stand up, come to the stage, and fight me out!"

Bai Wenli's deafening voice followed the microphone and spread throughout the venue.

The entire venue exploded in an instant.

Lin Wanqiu's boyfriend was there? !

Right off the stage? !

This is too amazing!

Moreover, listening to Bai Wenli's meaning, it seems that Lin Wanqiu's belonging is determined by fighting Lin Wanqiu's boyfriend.

This is too exciting.

For a while, all the students became excited.

"Bai Wen Li is too courageous. It's fine to show love in public. Now I have to fight someone else’s boyfriend?"

"Crazy, crazy, completely crazy!"

"Bai Wen Li’s doing this will probably cause a lot to the school. Influence, this matter is not very glorious after all."

"Cut, how much impact can it cause? This is a university, not a high school. Public confession, how much impact can it cause."

"Take a 10,000 steps back, even if it really caused an impact. Bai Wenli's father can also suppress things with one hand."

"In other words, what is the background of Bai Wenli's father? Why does Bai

Wenli often go in and out of the principal's office." "Bai Xiaotian knows?"

"Bai Xiaotian? You said Bai Wenli’s father is Bai Xiaotian?!"

" Damn , no, Bai Xiaotian is a few more powerful than Zhu Qingfeng. If I remember correctly, our school library is donated by Bai Xiaotian.

Yes ." "Yes, our school library was indeed donated by

Bai Xiaotian." Bai Wenli's father turned out to be Bai Xiaotian, and Bai Xiaotian also donated a library to Zhonghai University.

Chapter: 392

This news made many students in the field gasp.

Many people from other provinces may not know the identity of Bai Xiaotian, but for the locals in Zhonghai, it can be described in four words like Leiguaner.

In the 1990s, the first domestic family to connect with the Huo family on Hong Kong Island, a serious jewelry tycoon, almost one-third of the jewelry stores in Zhonghai City were opened by Bai Xiaotian.

Outsiders don't know what Bai Xiaotian's specific net worth is, but a conservative estimate is that 50 billion is definitely there.

Only such a local tyrant can donate a library worth nearly 100 million to China Overseas University.

"Trash, are you persuaded?! Don't you dare to come up?!" Bai Wenli continued to provoke, and when there was no response from the audience, he sneered: "It doesn't matter if you don't dare. From today, don't say you are Wanqiu. boyfriend. " "

wan autumn, or to me to take care of it. " "

Bai oak! "Lin Wanqiu Meimou Spitfire, angry stepped forward, ready Bai oak thrown a slap in the face, but it was tightly Xiao Chuo Hold on.

"Wanqiu, don't be impulsive, Bai Wenli's background is very big. If you dare to beat him, he won't let you go." Xiao Wei anxiously persuaded that Bai Wenli is even more advanced than Liu Kun and Wu Zhike. Existence really angered Bai Wenli, and if Bai Wenli ignored the bottom line, Lin Wanqiu would definitely be in disaster.

The sudden change also made the school leaders into a dilemma.

If this is other students who dare to do such extraordinary things on stage, let alone ousted from the stage, it is estimated that they have been expelled by now.

But by the way, it was Bai Wenli who made a big noise on the stage. It was Bai Wenli who had a jeweler as Lao.

This makes it difficult for many leaders.

"President He, do you want to let Bai Wenli down?" The director of the teaching office respectfully asked for advice. When it comes to Bai Wenli, he is a small director of the teaching office. He can't sit down at all and can only speak from the principal.

"This..." Principal He was a little embarrassed. Bai Wenli obviously had a grudge against Chen Feng, and now chasing Bai Wenli down is no different from preventing Bai Wenli from getting revenge. It will inevitably make Bai Wenli hate.

"Secretary-General Yang, President Zhu, what do you think should be done with this matter?" Principal He shifted his gaze to Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng beside him. These two have something to do with Bai Xiaotian. Bai Xiaotian spoke in front of him and let these two make a decision. Even if Bai Wenli was upset, he would not say anything.

Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng glanced at each other, and then shook their heads in unison.

"Ahem, Principal He, I don't think it's a big deal. It's normal for young people to be angry. We are all from that age and should be understood." After all, Yang Jianxiong is an old fritters in the officialdom. It's not leaking, although I didn't directly say how to deal with the matter, but I vaguely pointed out three words, don't worry.

"Wen Li is a very sensible child. I have never seen him lose courtesy before. The reason why he is so gaffe today is probably because he has met true love. We don't talk about helping him make a marriage, but we can't beat a mandarin duck." Compared with Yang Jianxiong, Zhu Qingfeng's attitude is clearer, and directly expresses that he is on Bai Wenli's side.

As far as a businessman is concerned, Wanzili takes the lead, and Bai Xiaotian always dotes on Bai Wenli. If Bai Xiaotian is present today, he will definitely stand by Bai Wenli without hesitation.

At this moment, Bai Wenli on the platform is equivalent to Bai Xiaotian on the platform. With this affection, he will cooperate with Bai Xiaotian in the future, and he will naturally get more benefits.

Their remarks made Principal He feel confident.

With these two people opening their mouths, no matter how big things happened in Bai Wenli's back, they could suppress it.

"What about Miss Chu? How do Miss Chu think this matter should be handled?" In the end, Principal He turned his attention to a young woman wearing a mask. The young woman was sitting between Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng. The best theme.

To be able to sit on this person, the identity of the masked woman is self-explanatory, at least several grades higher than Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng.

The reason why Principal He asked the woman last, also meant that the woman with the mask could decide the matter.

If the mask woman and Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng mean the same thing, then there is naturally no suspense in this matter.

Bai Wenli, you can do whatever you want, even if the sky is falling, there will be people.

If the woman with the mask shook her head, there is no need to say more, even if Bai Xiaotian himself is standing here today, Bai Wenli has to get off the stage.

The masked woman did not pay attention to Principal He. At this moment, the light in her beautiful eyes was all attracted by a young man who had just stepped onto the stage.

"Miss Chu?" Principal He yelled again, a little embarrassed.

"Huh?" The woman with the mask reacted. She was a little lost just now. Under the black mask, a blush appeared on her fair and pretty face.

"I'm sorry, Principal He, I just thought about something and didn't hear what you said. Can you say it again?"

Principal He was relieved when he heard the mask woman explain. He thought that the mask woman had an opinion on him. .

"Miss Chu, what I asked you just now is, what do you think of this matter, do you want to kick Bai Wenli off the stage?"

"No, let him stay on the stage." The masked woman shook her head, beautiful There was a playful color in his eyes. If Bai Wenli provoked other people at this moment, maybe she would let Bai Wenli step down, but Bai Wenli provoked at this moment, it was Chen Feng.

Insult yourself.

There is no doubt that Bai Wenli is taking his own shame.

Although this is only the second time that Chu celadon has seen Chen Feng, there is an inexplicable sense of trust in Chen Feng and Chu celadon.

Especially after Chen Feng came to power, his calm expression made Chu Celadon look forward inexplicably.

The woman with the mask is Chu celadon, a mysterious guest invited by China Overseas University for its centennial celebration.

"You dare to come up?" Bai Wenli's expression was a bit unexpected. He thought that Chen Feng, a stinky cock who had never seen the world, should be timid to not come on stage when he saw this kind of occasion, but he did not expect Chen So the peak came up.

"Don't you think you are ridiculous?" Chen Feng raised his head and glanced at Bai Wenli lightly.

Bai Wenli's behavior at the moment was indeed naive and ridiculous. If he changed places, he would not pay attention to clowns like Bai Wenli, but Bai Wenli used Lin Wanqiu as a bargaining chip, which made him unable to sit back and watch.

"Funny?" Bai Wenli sneered, looking disdainful: "You are a waste of second-hand Santana, what right do you have to call me ridiculous?"

"I advise you to get acquainted and leave Wanqiu as soon as possible. Wanqiu is not a toad like you. You can get involved." Bai Wenli's tone was high. Since Chen Feng dared to take the stage, he would naturally humiliate Chen Feng and give Chen Feng an unforgettable lesson.

Chapter: 393

Chen Feng ignored Bai Wenli, but glanced at Lin Wanqiu and asked with a smile, "Do you like him?"

"I don't like him ." Lin Wanqiu said without hesitation, almost blurted out.

"Okay." Chen Feng nodded slightly, and then turned his gaze to Bai Wenli again: "Did you hear that, Wanqiu doesn't like you."

"I heard it, and then?" Bai Wenli's expression was a little gloomy, and he was covered in succession. Lin Wanqiu refused, which made him a little unacceptable, who claimed to be the pride of heaven.


Chen Feng smiled slightly: "Then you can go away."

"Wanqiu doesn't like you. What's the point of staying here with a

faceless face ." !

The understatement of the four words slapped Bai Wenli's face again, and Bai Wenli felt his face hurt at this moment.

But he still suppressed the anger in his chest, and said in a deep voice: "Want me to get out? Yes! Talk with your strength, if you can show the strength to make me roll, then I will naturally roll down!"

"What strength? Can you roll down?" Chen Feng smiled faintly.

"! Impressed me strength," Bai oak sneer: "I said before, if you are a man, then you stand up and fight it out with me on stage, people lose their own initiative to leave wan autumn ......"

"good "Before Bai Wenli finished speaking, Chen Feng readily agreed.

Bai Wenli was taken aback first, and then ecstatic. He didn't expect that Chen Feng would dare to agree, and he promised so readily.

"Are you sure? Those who lose must leave Wanqiu..."

"Yes, Wendou or Wudou, you can say, I will follow it, whether it is Wendou or Wudou." Chen Feng said lightly, dealing with Bai Wen. The best way for a rich second generation like Li, who is arrogant and arrogant, is to use his absolute strength to subdue his system.

"You all continue? What do you take?" Bai Wenli sneered disdainfully. Chen Feng, a idiot, really regarded himself as a man. What would a stubborn dick who drives a second-hand Santana compare with his heir to a billionaire?

"Don't care what connection I use, just say Wendou or Wudou." Chen Feng said lightly.

"Wendou, fighting is unnecessary. I'm afraid I can't control myself and beat you to death. It is not suitable to see blood on such a festive day today." Bai Wenli said proudly. He planned to use fighting. Beating Chen Feng half to death on the stage gave Chen Feng a lesson he will never forget, but doing so will inevitably bring a lot of negative effects to Zhonghai University, causing school leaders to be dissatisfied with him.

"Coincidentally, I thought so too." Chen Feng raised his eyebrows. He had to say that Bai Wenli had good luck. If he chose to fight by force, he might not even have a chance to shoot.

"You think so too?" Bai Wenli sneered, Chen Feng, this trash, wouldn't he be afraid of being flashed by the wind when he said such big things?

"Not bad." Chen Feng was as calm as ever.

"Okay, very good!"

"Since you want wendou, then I will accompany you wendou."

"But before fighting, I must tell you that these talents, such as piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, are inaccessible to many ordinary people in their lives. When I was seven years old, I already had the level of entering a room."

"You also watched the piano performance I just played on stage. My level is not the top international, but it's easy to win a municipal championship. . " "

so, I did not look down on you, and I Wendou, you do not have a chance of winning a half minutes! " "

resorting to violence, you perhaps there is a little bit of odds ...... "

" you nonsense how so much, also better than the ratio? Before Bai Wenli finished speaking, Chen Feng frowned and interrupted. He also listened to the "To Alice" that Bai Wenli had just played. Although his level is better than most ordinary people, it is not enough to read compared to professionals. I don't know where Bai Wenli's confidence comes from.

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"You..." Bai Wenli got angry, and then gave Chen Feng a fierce look: "Since you want to lose so, then compare it now."

"Don't say I didn't give you a chance. Wendoudou is up to you. Come choose, what are you good at, I will compare with you." Bai Wenli’s tone revealed an unquestionable arrogance. He not only wants to win, but also to win beautiful, and the best way to win beautiful. It is to let Chen Feng take out what he is best at, and then he defeats Chen Feng in the field where Chen Feng is best.

"Let's fight the piano, it happens that there is a piano here." Chen Feng glanced at the piano beside him and said.

"Are you sure you want to fight the piano with me?!" Bai Wenli's eyes widened, only to feel a little unbelievable. Chen Feng, this idiot, is out of his mind. Can't he see that his best talent is piano?

Didn’t he see how much sensation he caused by playing "To Alice" just now?

"OK." Chen Feng smiled faintly, Bai Wenli wanted to hit him in the face, why didn't he want to hit Bai Wenli in the face? Didn't you Bai Wenli just hit the stage with the song "To Alice" Yeah, then I will use absolute strength to suppress your limelight and step on your whole person.

"Okay, okay, okay! Hahaha, I didn't expect you to be so ignorant of the heights of the earth." Bai Wenli was overjoyed and said three good words in succession. Chen Feng was fighting with him. Get a big axe in front of Luban.

"What tune do you play?" Bai Wenli asked. Before Chen Feng could speak, he added: "Say it first, no matter what tune you play, I will play the same as you."

Only in this way, In order to completely humiliate Chen Feng, let Chen Feng know how big the gap is between Diaosi and Gao Fushuai.

Chen Feng smiled slightly: ""To Alice"."


"You want to play "To Alice"?!"

After Chen Feng finished speaking, Bai Wenli's eyes widened again. How unreliable is this dick silk? It doesn't matter if Wen Dou chooses Douqin. Now even Douqin has to choose the same tune as him. Don’t know how to write dead words?

"Why, is there a problem?" Chen Feng asked lightly.

"No problem, no problem, haha." Bai Wenli laughed loudly. Chen Feng is a typical self-inflicted humiliation. He plays other songs. Maybe audiences who don't understand piano can't tell the difference between them. .

"The young people nowadays really don't know how high the sky is." In the VIP room, Zhu Qingfeng shook his head, with a disdainful tone. Chen Feng agreed to fight Bai Wenli, which surprised him very much, but it was even more surprising that Chen Feng should now. Playing the same tune as Bai Wenli, this is completely hitting the stone with a pebble.

Don’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick?

Chu Celadon smiled without saying a word. If it were someone else, she might have the same idea as Zhu Qingfeng.

But this person is Chen Feng.

Although she only met Chen Feng once, she knew about Chen Feng, and Chen Feng was not like the kind of person who didn't know the height of the sky.

In addition to the amazing martial arts strength, Chen Feng's piano level is probably not much worse.

Chapter: 394

"Wanqiu, can Brother Feng play the piano?" Xiao Wei couldn't help it. She couldn't figure out why Chen Feng had to fight Bai Wenli. Bai Wenli's piano level is so superb that everyone can see that Chen Feng would fight him. Qin, didn't you put your face up and let Bai Wenli play it?

"I...I don't know." Lin Wanqiu whispered. Her knowledge of Chen Feng is limited to Chen Feng being a door-to-door son-in-law and a very beautiful wife. I don't know anything else. Now Chen Feng wants to talk to Bai Wen for her. Qu Douqin, she was also a little nervous.

"You don't know?" Xiao Wei's eyes widened, and his heart became even more uneasy. Lin Wanqiu didn't know, then Chen Feng would probably not be able to play the piano anymore. Even if he could, his level might not be as high as Bai Wen. A professional master like Qu is incomparable.

When Xiao Wei was talking with Lin Wanqiu, Chen Feng had already sat on the piano chair and began to try the piano.

The audience was questioning.

"Fighting the piano with Bai Wenli, I really don't know how to

live or die."

" Does this second-hand Santana dick know how to play the piano?" "Perhaps not. Look at his dick, there is no way he has touched the piano."

"Quickly. Go down, don’t insult our ears."

Chen Feng didn’t care about the verbal abuse from the audience, but he felt a bit of emotion in his heart. Sometimes the fate was really wonderful. Last time he beat Shen Junwen in the Queen’s Building. When I played "To Alice" on his face, I never thought I would play it again today.

Chen Feng began to play amidst the verbal abuse. The first few notes were very common, and the many teachers and students in the audience did not notice anything outstanding.

But as Chen Feng’s fingers flew, the piano on the stage seemed to come alive. The notes came from the soundboard and spread throughout the venue through the sound. The beautiful notes slapped everyone like a storm. The eardrums make people tremble.

The first thing that changed his face greatly was Bai Wenli. As the so-called expert, he knew if he had it. Among all the people in the field, his piano skills belonged to the highest group. The same notes, ordinary people would only hear It sounds good, but they can’t tell why it sounds good.

But Bai Wenli, a kung fu lady who has been playing on the piano for more than ten years, can clearly feel that the notes played by Chen Feng are simply natural!

In other words, the rhythm is perfect, and there is no gap between the notes.

Just by controlling the rhythm, Chen Feng has thrown him dozens of streets!

On the VIP table, Chu Celadon’s shock at this time was not that of Shen Junwenshao. It was also "To Alice". Bai Wenli had just played it. Chu Celadon thought it was just following the script. Although it sounds good, it lacks a bit of agility.

Obviously, Bai Wenli did not realize that the true meaning of "To Alice" was only played for the purpose of playing.

But in Chen Feng's hands, "To Alice" seemed to come alive, with a soul!

He vividly interprets the mood of a man who admires but does not admire, even if she is a woman, she can feel the complex mood of despair and hope.

Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu couldn't help but glance at each other. They both saw the surprise and excitement in each other's eyes. Chen Fengcheng played the piano!

And the level far exceeds Bai Wen Qu!

There are not many people who understand piano in the venue, and most of them may have never touched a piano, but this does not hinder their definition of goodness.

Just like an ordinary person, if you want to evaluate whether a dish is delicious, you must first go for a chef certificate.

Everyone has their own unique understanding of beautiful sounds!

Obviously, Chen Feng's "To Alice" is very beautiful!

At least at this moment, the more than 20,000 teachers and students in the venue think so.

"Fuck, is this guy alive with Beethoven? Isn't it too nice to play?"

"It's more than nice, I must be moved and crying, he plays so much."

"So this is the real "To "Alice", as expected, there are people outside, there is a heaven outside, who would have thought that a dick who drives a second-hand Santana could play the piano so well."

"Compared with this big brother, the "To Alice" played by Bai Wenli just now is just one thing. Shit."

"This big brother seems to be the little piano prince that went viral on the Internet some time ago. Have you noticed it?"

"Little piano prince? No way."

"Why not, look at this big brother. Back view, is it the same as the back view of the little piano prince that came out on the Internet some time ago? And both of them played "To Alice"."

" Damn , it's impossible, the little piano prince is my idol. Did he really come to our school?"

"How impossible, I have a video of the little piano prince in my hand, you wait for me to find it for you."

Soon, someone played Chen Feng on the top floor of the Queen’s Building. The video of "Silk" was dug out.

At that time, Shen Junwen was broadcasting the whole process, so the video of Chen Fengdan's "To Alice" was recorded by many people and posted to various video websites.

Later, Chen Zhong used his own power to delete a batch of video screens, but some of them still circulated, which happened to be preserved by the students of China Overseas University.

When the audience was verifying Chen Feng's identity, Chen Feng's "To Alice" on stage had already been played.

After a moment of silence, the audience suddenly burst into thunderous applause. One wave overwhelmed another wave, and there was a tendency to overturn the entire venue.

There were even many unfulfilled students who asked loudly for Chen Feng to play again.

These sounds are naturally harsh compared to Bai Wen Qu.

Every voice slapped Bai Wenli's face like a slap, and Bai Wenli felt his face aching pain.

Now, he doesn't have to play again, because there is no suspense about the outcome of the game.

The moment Chen Feng finished playing, he was completely crushed by Chen Feng, and he would only humiliate himself if he shot again.

"Brother Feng, you are too good." Xiao Wei's eyes are full of small stars. I have to say that Chen Feng really exceeded her expectations this time. If it weren't for Chen Fenglu's hand, she would not be able to Chen Feng got in touch with the piano master.

Chen Feng smiled and didn't say anything. For him, this is not commendable, because fighting with a little boy like Bai Wenli is indeed a bit of a price drop.

Although Lin Wanqiu on the side didn't say anything from beginning to end, her red face and her tight pink fist undoubtedly showed how excited she was at the moment.

"This young man has that kind of meaning." The smile on Zhu Qingfeng's face was somewhat reluctant and a little embarrassing. Just now, everyone in the VIP table was the one who criticized Chen Feng the harshest. Now, Qiankun must be the most painful being beaten in his face.

"Wen Li, this child should also increase his memory this time. There are people outside the world, there are days outside the world, and there are some words from the ancestors that cannot be forgotten." Yang Jianxiong also sighed with a rare emotion. Before Chen Feng played the piano, he simply I never thought that Chen Summit would win, but afterwards, Chen Feng slapped everyone in the face.

Who said that people who drive second-hand Santana can't play the piano?

The only person in the field who expected the result was Chu Celadon.

But Chu Celadon's surprise at this moment is not much smaller than that of others.

Others can only hear that Chen Feng's "To Alice" is good, but she can hear the soul in Chen Feng's "To Alice".

Chen Feng played "To Alice" alive!

It's almost technical!

This level is not inferior to some domestic piano masters, and it is even worse!

What is Chen Feng's identity?

It doesn't matter if the martial arts are superb, why is the piano level so terrifying?

"I'm done playing, you can roll off the stage." On

stage, Chen Feng with his hands on his back, moved his gaze to Bai Wenli, and spoke lightly.

At this time, Bai Wenli's complexion was a bit distorted. He never thought that one day, he would be crushed in public by a cock in his area where he is best.

"I'm not convinced!" Bai Wenli's eyes were blood red, he couldn't accept it, he couldn't accept it, so he lost to Chen Feng!

Chen Feng, this stinky cock, must just happen to be good at piano talk. Apart from playing the piano well, he doesn't have any decent skills!

Chen Feng frowned: "Are you not convinced?"

"Yes, I'm not convinced!"

"You're a second-hand Santana cock, you don't deserve Wanqiu!" Bai Wen Li gritted his teeth, as if tore off the last fig leaf.

"I want to fight with you! If you can still beat me in the fight..."

"Bai Wenli, can you ask for a face?!" When Bai Wenli finished speaking, she was interrupted by Xiao Wei, too shameless !

It's so shameless!

Xiao Wei has seen a shameless person, but he hasn’t seen a shameless person like Bai Wenli. He said that he was going to fight a showdown, and it was him who said he was going to fight, but now he lost, but he didn’t admit it. Fight with Chen Feng? Is there such a shameless one?

"Xiao Wei, you shut up for Laozi, this matter has nothing to do with you." Bai Wenli became a little angry. Of course he knew how shameless he was doing this, but at this moment, he is already overwhelmed. He must give Chen Take a lesson and save a little bit of face, otherwise, in the future, his name as the school grass of China Overseas University will become a joke.

Bai Wenli turned his gaze to Chen Feng again.

"Smelly cock silk, aren't you very capable? Continue fighting with me! As long as your fighting can win me, I will meet Wanqiu in the future and I will definitely go around!" Bai Wenli looked cold and provocative, as long as he could hold Chen Feng If you hit the ground on the stage, then he won't lose today!

He still has a chance to comeback!

Chen Feng shook his head: "I don't want to do something like you, it will dirty my hands."

Chen Feng said it lightly, but Bai Wenli blushed with anger and his neck was thick: "You fart, you are obviously counseling.

"Yes !" "Yes, you're right, I was persuaded." Chen Feng smiled slightly and asked him to fight with Bai Wenli on the stage. The price is already very low. Now let him and Bai Wenli continue to fight on the stage. Fighting, he really can't pull that face down, and dignified the martial artist, don't you want face?

After Chen Feng finished speaking, he turned around with his hand and prepared to step down.

The disregarded Bai Wenli's face was suddenly distorted and full of resentment.

"Wen Li, come down, you have already lost." In the audience, President He stood up from the VIP table and spoke displeased. The face of China Overseas University was completely lost by Bai Wen Li today.

Even if Wen Dou loses to Chen Feng, a member of the public is fine. If he loses, he still intends to fall back on his account. If this matter is to be spread, China Overseas University may be discredited by the outside world.

Bai Wenli would step down very wittily because of why the principal spoke.

But the next Bai Wenli did an unexpected action for everyone!

Sneak attack!

Bai Wenli attacked Chen Feng when Chen Feng turned around!

He lifted the bench in his hand high and smashed the back of Chen Feng's head severely.

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This is going to be smashed, Chen Feng's head, I am afraid it will burst like a watermelon!

This sudden action made everyone in the field sluggish, and many girls' screams were stuck in their throats.

Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu, the closest to Bai Wenli, reacted first.

Xiao Wei's brain was blank, and he subconsciously had to remind Chen Feng, but at this moment, Lin Wanqiu beside him actually rushed directly to Chen Feng!

As if he was going to use his body to block the sneak attack for Chen Feng.

Bai Wenli's complexion was bitter and distorted. Seeing Lin Wanqiu rushing forward, he not only had no plan to stop, but increased the strength in his hands a bit!

Bitch, go to death!

Bai Wenli's eyes are full of hideousness. He is a selfish and narrow-minded person. He would rather destroy what he cannot get than let others get it!

Seeing that the bench that Bai Wenli raised heavily was about to fall on Lin Wanqiu, everyone in the audience couldn't help but grabbed their hearts. Many people even closed their eyes, seemingly reluctant to see, Lin Wanqiu was seriously injured. Picture.

At this moment, Chen Feng turned his body expressionlessly, and looked at Lin Wanqiu, who was close at hand with a look of selflessness, and Chen Feng couldn't help but sigh.

Then he stretched out a hand and took Lin Wanqiu back into his arms.

The other hand changed its palm into a fist and blasted towards Bai Wenli.

Chen Feng's fist first ran into the red wooden bench that Bai Wenli had hit hard.

"Kacha", at the moment of contact, the red wooden stool in Bai Wenli's hand was directly broken into a dozen pieces.

In Bai Wenli's unbelievable gaze, Chen Feng's iron fist passed through the red wooden bench and blasted towards his front door.

The fist was hitting the bridge of Bai Wenyu's nose, Bai Wenyu only felt his nose sore, and his vision began to spin uncontrollably.


Bai Wenyu flew upside down, like a kite with a broken line, flying a full ten meters away before landing heavily on the ground.

Then life and death do not know.

The audience was quiet again.


Then there was a sound of cold breath.

With a punch, a big living person blasted more than ten meters away. What is this concept? !

Even a truck can't do it!

be quiet.

Inexplicably quiet.

The super conference hall with more than 20,000 people, at this moment, is inexplicably quiet.

Everyone was stunned by Chen Feng's punch!

Bai Wenli is the president of the Taekwondo Club of Zhonghai University. His skill is not weak!

But now, he sneaked into Chen Feng, but he was punched backhand by Chen Feng and flew more than ten meters away!

In front of Chen Feng, the whole person was as fragile as paper.

What kind of freak is Chen Feng? !

Chapter: 395

"Go and see if there is anything wrong with Bai

Wenli !" Principal He was also shocked by Chen Feng's hand, but his reaction was very quick, and he immediately let people observe Bai Wenli's situation, although Bai Wenli was lost today. The face of Zhonghai University, but what he said, is also Bai Xiaotian's son, so he must not have an accident.

Soon, the dean of teaching took a few teachers to Bai Wenli's side and started an inspection for Bai Wenli.

"Principal He, Bai Wenli... he just fainted." The dean of teaching wiped the cold sweat from his head.

Principal He was relieved to learn that Bai Wenli was okay.

Then he turned his gaze to Chen Feng, his face suddenly became gloomy, and he shouted with dissatisfaction: "What does the security department eat? Why is everyone going in and letting out! If something goes wrong, can you bear it?"

See He The principal was so angry that several security guards at the school shuddered.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Principal He is planning to trouble Chen Feng.

After all, all of this today was caused by Chen Feng. Without Chen Feng, this kind of thing would never happen.

"Don't control him yet, call the police!" Principal He reprimanded with a hatred of iron and steel. In any case, it is a fact that Chen Feng knocked Bai Wentong stunned, so only by handing Chen Feng to the police can the greatest To a limited extent, China Overseas University was extracted from this incident.

Several security guards nodded hurriedly, ready to take the stage.

At this time, an unhurried voice rang in their ears: "Principal He, what are you doing calling the police?"

"If I'm not mistaken, it was the gentleman who attacked by Bai Wenzhi first, right? The action...should be a legitimate defense?"

Chu Celadon gave Principal He a smile.

At this glance, the younger Principal He suddenly burst into a thin layer of cold sweat, and couldn't stop taking a breath.

He heard that right, Chu Celadon wanted to protect the man on the stage? !

how can that be? !

Principal He was shocked. As the host of this evening party, he naturally knew the true identity of Chu celadon in front of him.

The third generation of the Chu family leads Junren, and at the same time is the granddaughter of the old God of War!

The third-generation leader of the Chu family, the identity of Junren, is not a big deal, but the identity of the granddaughter of the old war god's most beloved, if you want to say it, I am afraid that a large number of people will be scared to death.

Because looking at the whole country, there is only one person who can be called the old god of war!

Chu Family, Chu Zhen Country!

One person, one country!

The true founding father!

The only remaining marshal of Huaxia's fruits!

Known as the God of War!

Among the four great members of China Sea, the Chu family is not the strongest.

But the four masters are undisputedly headed by the Chu family.


It's because the Chu family has an old God of War!

As long as the old God of War is alive, there will be no other three people who dare to ride on the Chu family and poop and pee!

It is conceivable that Chu Celadon, as the granddaughter of the old God of War, has a lofty status.

It can be said that even if Chu Celadon wants the stars in the sky, someone will try to get her off.

Back then, Chu Celadon in the cardamom years likes to sing and dance, dreaming of being a big star.

This dream may be very popular in the eyes of ordinary people.

But in the big family like the Chu family, celebrities are actors!

The actor is the next-rate profession!

The sons and daughters of the Chu family are either officials or the party in charge. Either join the army and conquer the ruling and opposition parties.

In short, you must never engage in any career related to actor.

Chu celadon's dream was unanimously opposed by everyone in the Chu family.

Except for the old God of War.

The old God of War only said a word, give her what celadon likes.

She wants to be a star, so she can.

It was these words that made everyone in the Chu family dare not silence.

Later, Chu celadon exploded, spreading across the two sides of the strait, the seven oceans, and the four continents!

Today, who does not know the name of Chu celadon?

The world thinks that Chu celadon's most glamorous identity is her star status.

But as everyone knows, the status of a big star is just the most inconspicuous of all the identities of Chu Celadon.

Chu celadon's most glamorous identity is the granddaughter of the old god of war!

This status is enough to ensure that she can enjoy all kinds of glory and wealth, and worry-free forever!

"Miss Chu is talking about legitimate defense and legitimate defense." Principal He suppressed the horror in his heart, and spoke with trepidation. Although he did not know why Chu Celadon gave Chen Feng the platform, he could lend him a hundred thousand courage. Dare to sing opposing scenes with Chu celadon.

Not to mention him, even if Bai Xiaotian came here, he didn't dare to say nothing in front of Chu Celadon.

Soon, Principal He called back several security guards.

Chu Celadon nodded in satisfaction. Although she would not speak for Chen Feng, Principal He's people would not have any way to deal with Chen Feng.

But now that she saw it, how could she scream, after all, Chen Feng saved her life.

Chen Feng didn't know that Chu Celadon in the audience helped him resolve a wave of small troubles.

At this time, Chen Feng had already stepped off the stage and was about to return to his seat, but after seeing the admiring eyes of many students off the stage, Chen Feng couldn't help but let go of a wry smile.

He followed Xiao Wei to the backstage.

Although Chen Feng left the stage, this party was completely pushed to the peak because of Chen Feng.

The atmosphere of the audience was extremely lively.

The news that Chen Feng is the little piano prince who has exploded on the Internet has spread like wildfire. In just ten minutes, it spread through various channels such as QQ groups, campus forums, Weibo, and other channels throughout China Overseas University.

All of a sudden, the entire Zhonghai University exploded.

Many students began to discuss Chen Feng, and many others uploaded the "To Alice" talked by Chen Feng on Weibo and Douyin...

With the likes and reposts of students from China Overseas University, Chen Feng The video of talking about the piano began to spread across the Internet quietly.

"Brother Feng, are you the little piano prince on the Internet some time ago?!" In the

backstage studio, Xiao Wei was shocked by Chen Feng again. She once heard her roommate talk about the little piano prince, and she herself heard the music talked by the little piano prince, but she did not associate the little piano prince with Chen Feng.

But today, some people say that Chen Feng is the little piano prince who was very popular on the Internet some time ago.

"I don't know what little piano prince." Chen Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head. Maybe the so-called little piano prince Xiao Wei said was him, but he himself would not recognize such a name.

Hearing Chen Feng's denial, Xiao Wei believed that Chen Feng was the little piano prince.

The reason for not admitting it was that Chen Feng wanted to keep a low profile.

Chen Feng didn't know Xiao Wei's thoughts. If he knew, he would sigh with emotion. A man would never be able to guess what a woman thought.

In fact, Xiao Wei is not only suspicious of Chen Feng's status as the little piano prince. She even suspects Chen Feng's so-called local tyrant friend.

She felt that Chen Feng was making friends out of nothing!

His so-called local tyrant friend is himself!

Chapter: 396

After Bai Wenli's piano solo, the violin solo was followed on stage.

After the violin solo, is the finale tonight, the Seven Fairies Go Down!

The Seven Fairies are an ancient dance, and they are also seven veritable little fairies.

Take any one out and put it in school. They are all beautiful women in the class.

Among them, Lin Wanqiu is the most dazzling.

She is like the moon among the stars, once she appeared on the stage, she attracted everyone's attention.

With a white long skirt and a graceful figure, Lin Wanqiu at this moment is a lively fairy in the jade palace!

In the soft music, Lin Wanqiu stood on her jade feet and danced gracefully.

Every frown and every smile of her is fascinating and touching.

Everyone in the audience was crazy.

Without the slightest surprise, after tonight, Lin Wanqiu's name will surely resound throughout China Overseas University.

The song is over.

Lin Wanqiu bowed and stepped down.

However, the more than 20,000 spectators in the audience have not yet recovered from that stunning picture.

Some ideas are still unfinished.

It wasn't until Lin Wanqiu completely disappeared from the stage that the audience remembered the tsunami-like applause of the mountain league.

After Lin Wanqiu stepped down, she did not take a break immediately, but came to Chen Feng with a blushing face.

"Brother Chen Feng."

"Wan Qiu." Chen Feng smiled and glanced at the girl. Perhaps because of the hard work she had just performed on the stage, the girl's pretty face was a little red at the moment, and it looked very red. Is tempting.

"Brother Chen Feng, how do you think Wanqiu dances...?" Lin Wanqiu lowered her head and asked in a low voice.

"Dancing well." Chen Feng smiled.

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Is it just a good jump?

The girl said silently in her heart, her beautiful eyes inadvertently dimmed a bit.

At this time, the host wearing a red gift appeared again. She picked up the microphone and said with a smile:

"Everyone is very curious about the blind date. Who is the last mysterious guest to appear tonight?"

"Curious!" Many audience members. They answered in unison, with a very enthusiastic attitude.

"I know everyone is very curious, but before this mysterious guest comes out, I can't tell you the identity of this mysterious guest for the time being."

"But I can reveal a little secret to everyone. This mysterious guest is a big beauty. "It

's a big beautiful woman who sings very well. Many of the people present should have heard the song sung by this big beautiful woman, and they are still loyal fans of this big beautiful woman." After the

host had said this, the station It exploded completely.

Big beauty, she sings very well and she has many fans.

Then this mysterious guest must be a big star!

Many viewers became excited. The celebration of Zhonghai University usually invites some well-known entrepreneurs or scientists over and invites big stars. This is the first time.

In terms of the grade of China Overseas University, the coffee of this big star must not be much lower, at least the grade of the first-line star.

Which first-tier star or singer is it?

Everyone became curious.

"Okay, let's not say much. Next, let us use the warmest applause and invite the mysterious guest tonight!" As

soon as the host's voice fell, there was thunderous applause from the audience.

In the brilliant lights, a beautiful figure appeared in the eyes of all.


The moment this figure appeared, there was an extremely sharp scream from the audience.

Then, as if it caused a chain reaction, the audience began to scream.

"Chu celadon!"

"It turned out to be Chu celadon!"

"My God, how come the school invites Chu celadon!"

"Goddess, I love you!"

Everyone went crazy.

The older generation may not understand this madness, but the younger generation is completely used to it.

Chu celadon is too hot!

Since China's history, the only actress whose debut is the pinnacle.

As early as when other girls were still in high school, she was already popular in the entertainment industry.

Today, the three characters Chu celadon have become a symbol!

Moreover, the most incredible thing is that after so many years of debut, Chu Celadon has no scandals!

Other actresses, more or less will spread some ambiguity with male stars.

But in Chu Celadon, these are not found at all.

Because there are no black spots, Chu Celadon was regarded as the goddess of the nation by the general public a few years ago, and became the dream lover of most Chinese men.

It is conceivable that she appeared at China Overseas University today, how crazy the boys at China Overseas University would be.

The situation at the scene even showed signs of being out of control!

The backstage where Chen Feng is located is naturally not much better.

A group of handsome men and women were stunned when they heard that it was Chu Celadon who was on stage.

"It turned out to be Chu celadon! It turned out to be Chu celadon! I must ask her for an autograph later!" Xiao Wei was very excited. After all, Chu celadon was her only idol and the goal of her efforts. I could see Chu celadon on TV, but I didn't expect it. Today, we are only a dozen meters away from Chu celadon.

Compared with Xiao Wei, Lin Wanqiu was more calm, because she had seen Chu celadon at the high-speed railway station in Cangzhou before, and at that time, Chen Feng also saved Chu celadon, and afterwards Chu celadon asked Chen Feng for WeChat.

"Hello everyone, I'm Chu Celadon." After

taking the stage, Chu Celadon greeted everyone in the audience generously. The audience boiled again, and the audience applauded frantically, with thunderous applause that even the roof was about to overturn.

One minute later, the applause still continued, and there was a tendency to get stronger and stronger.

"Everyone applauds again, Celadon can't sing." It was

n't until Chu Celadon spoke with a smile that the applause from the audience gradually subsided.

However, the enthusiasm in the eyes of many audiences has never faded.

"What song do you want to listen to?"


"Old friend!"

"July flowers bloom!" There

were chaotic voices in the audience. Most of the songs these voices said were famous songs of Chu celadon, and they were very popular. high.

"Then an old friend." Chu Celadon smiled sweetly and made a decision.

Backstage, Lin Wanqiu couldn't help but glance at Chen Feng. She is also a woman. She always thinks that Chu celadon sings old friends means something.

"Before singing an old friend, I have bad news to tell everyone that my accompaniment teacher happened to be ill today, so..."

Chu Celadon watched the next circle of the stage and smiled: "I want to invite someone Old friend, come and accompany me. "

Old friend? !

The three words shocked the audience again.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that the so-called illness of Chu Celadon’s accompaniment teacher is just an excuse. This old friend, I’m afraid, is the point!

Moreover, there is an old friend of Chu Celadon in the field. Who is this old friend?

Chapter: 397

Soon, many students from China Overseas University thought of Chen Feng.

After all, Chen Feng has just made the limelight, and he is amazing and brilliant, and he is good at piano.

After Chu Celadon finished talking about his old friend, he turned his gaze to the backstage, and said with a

smile, "I wonder if the old friend will appreciate his face?" Backstage, after hearing Chu Celadon's words, Chen Feng couldn't help but smile.

He naturally knew who the old friend of Chu Celadon was.

But what he didn't expect was that Chu Celadon would make this request.

"Brother Feng, the old friend Chu Celadon said is not you?!" When Chu Celadon turned his gaze to the background, Xiao Wei immediately reacted. The old friend Chu Celadon said was probably Chen Feng. ? !

"It's me." Chen Feng nodded with a wry smile.

"It's really you?!" Xiao Wei's eyes widened, only to feel that her mind was once again subjected to a huge shock, and Chen Feng even knew Chu Celadon!

Chen Feng shook his head and didn't explain much to Xiao Wei, he walked directly to the stage.

In the eyes of everyone, Chen Feng made his debut again.

The audience exploded instantly.

"My God, the old friend of Goddess Chu turned out to be the little piano prince?!"

"Who is this little piano prince? It doesn't matter if the piano is good

, he is still a good friend to Goddess Chu." "He seems to be. The first man to cooperate with the Chu goddess in public."

"It doesn't seem to be, yes indeed! He is indeed the first man to cooperate with the Chu goddess in public."

"It's over, today's news headlines will be affected by this. Things are scheduled."

"Did this man save the galaxy in his previous life? It's fine to know a fairy like Lin Wanqiu, and now even the goddess Chu is involved." As

soon as Chen Feng appeared, he was locked in by countless jealous eyes.

I believe that if his eyes could kill people, Chen Feng would probably die more than 100,000 times at this moment.

"Long time no see, Mr. Chen." Chu Celadon smiled sweetly.

"Long time no see, Miss Chu." Chen Feng smiled bitterly, but Chu Celadon caught him by surprise.

"Mr. Chen doesn't blame me for being abrupt?" Chu Celadon blinked and asked. She didn't know why such a thought suddenly popped up in her mind.

Maybe it is because I have heard Chen Feng's "To Alice" that I still have no idea, or maybe I simply want to cooperate with Chen Feng once.

In short, no matter what the reason, she just got Chen Feng on the stage with a wicked mess.

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"If I say yes, will Miss Chu let me step down?" Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

"Hehe, of course not." Chu Celadon chuckled, but she finally hit this opportunity, and she didn't have any reason to let Chen Feng go.

The piano used by Chen Feng just now was lifted up again.

After the two looked at each other,

Chu Celadon walked to the center of the stage and picked up the microphone.

Chen Feng raised his hand.

The audience was quiet for an instant, and the needle drop could be heard.

Chen Feng pressed ten fingers, and the black and white keys interlaced, and a beautiful prelude sounded.

The listener is relaxed and happy.

A few seconds later, Chu Celadon smiled slightly and began to sing a cappella.

A sweet voice followed the sound.

Everyone closed their eyes and listened carefully.

The sound of the piano is extremely beautiful, and the sound is extremely beautiful.

What is Teana?

This is the sound of nature!

In drunkenness, an old friend ends.

Chen Feng got up, bowed with Chu Celadon, and then stepped down.

The 100th anniversary of China Overseas University, a perfect curtain call!

A few seconds after Chen Fengchu's celadon left, the audience's applause finally sounded

like a volcanic eruption, like a sudden tsunami, endless, endless!

This is a collaboration destined to be recorded in the history of China Overseas University.

The students in the audience have also taken out their mobile phones, recorded the song of the two old friends, and posted it to Moments, buckle, Weibo, Douyin and other social platforms.

No matter what the event is, when the protagonist has Chu Celadon, the national goddess, then this event is destined to evolve into a major event.

The same is true tonight.

"Chu Celadon Cooperating with Mysterious Man on the Same Stage"

"Chu Celadon Romance Exposure"

"Chu Celadon's Outside Boyfriend"

"Chu Celadon Is the Third Party"

Shortly after the video was released, all kinds of lace news swept across the world .

An invisible storm is brewing.

And Chen Feng had already returned to the background with Chu Celadon.

Although I had already expected it in my heart, watching the two walking side by side, everyone in the backstage was still eating.

Among them, Lin Wanqiu’s suitors were the most serious. They just mocked Chen Feng for being a Santana’s cock and not worthy to be Lin Wanqiu’s boyfriend. In a blink of an eye, the famous national goddess Chu Celadon personally invited Chen Feng to come to power. Let Chen Feng be her accompaniment.

How many people in the country can have this honor?

Wang Yanan and some of her girlfriends were not so good-looking at this time. Chu Celadon said in person that Chen Feng is her old friend, and Chen Feng's identity is beyond doubt.

It can never be like this on the surface.

Chen Feng must have a deeper background, even if it wasn't the mysterious local tyrant who gave Xiao Wei a gift, he would not be far away.

When I think of this, the intestines of a few people are all blue. Why should I be so mean before, mocking Chen Feng and despising Chen Feng.

If nothing happened before, they might still be able to hug Chen Feng's thigh.

But as their mouths were cheap, everything turned into a dream bubble.

Chen Feng brought Chu Celadon to Lin Wanqiu and Xiao Wei, and introduced Chu Celadon with a smile: "This is Lin Wanqiu. You should have seen it at the high-speed rail station before."

"Well, I have seen it. Sister Wanqiu is very beautiful, yes. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Chu Celadon smiled and nodded.

"Sister Celadon is serious. I don't have Sister Celadon pretty." Lin Wanqiu said nervously. It was the first time she saw a star like Chu celadon, so nervousness was inevitable.

"This is Xiao Wei, um... she is your little girl." Chen Feng teased.

"Hello, Sister Celadon, I...I like your song very much, can...can you sign me?" Xiao Wei was more nervous than Lin Wanqiu, and even nervous to the point where it was difficult to speak.

"Of course it can." Chu Celadon smiled sweetly, Xiao Wei's appearance is not much inferior to Lin Wanqiu, she is also a first-class beauty, and I don't know how many good things Chen Feng has done in his previous life, and there will be so many peerless beauties around him.

Although Chu Celadon is a few years older than Lin Wanqiu and Xiao Wei, the three of them are girls after all. If girls gather together, it is naturally easier to have a common topic. So in just a few minutes, the relationship between the three has become closer. Stride.

The hanging hearts of Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu were finally let go. Originally, they thought that Chu celadon would have eyes higher than the top and would be very prestigious, but unexpectedly, Chu celadon would be from beginning to end. She is very approachable. She is like a confidant big sister next door, giving Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu a very comfortable environment.

Chapter: 398

After exchanging contact information with Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu, Chu Celadon came to Chen Feng again and smiled and said, "I have something to ask Mr. Chen about Celadon. I wonder if Mr. Chen is convenient now?"

"Convenient." Chen Feng nodded.

"Then Mr. Chen, please." Chu Celadon stretched out her hand and made a request.

Then the two came to an uninhabited land.

"Does Miss Chu want to ask me, how did you see that the black ape killer was related to Jin Jiazong that day?" Before Chu Celadon asked, Chen Feng opened his mouth.

Chu Celadon was taken aback for a moment, as if he didn't expect Chen Summit to be so direct.

Then she nodded: "Yes, I really wanted to ask Mr. Chen how did I see that the Black Ape Killer was related to the Jin

Jiazong that day ." "It is true that Mr. Chen said that the people of the Wu League would have the Black Ape Killer that day. After being brought to Zhonghai, the black ape killer died in less than three hours."

"Oh?" Chen Feng raised his brows: "The people of Wumeng did it?"

Chu Celadon smiled bitterly and shook his head: "Nothing yet. Evidence can prove that it was the people of the Wumeng, but...this incident is inextricably linked to the Wumeng."

Hearing what Chu Celadon said, Chen Feng's expression couldn't help but become serious.

Although Chu Celadon didn't say it explicitly, Chen Feng could roughly guess it.

The people who killed the black ape killer were the insiders of the Wumeng. Except for those inside the Wumeng, no one else had this ability.

Who did Chu Celadon offend? This person can even infiltrate the Wu League?

How powerful is the energy of a person who can penetrate the Wu League... Chen Feng has not dared to think about it, it is definitely the existence of the top!

At least not weaker than the Chu family!

If not, the other party would not dare to risk the world and assassinate Chu Celadon, the granddaughter of the old war god.

After the incident, he also killed the black ape with the help of Wumeng.

These two things are not easy even if the Chen family wants to do it.

"When the black ape died, all clues were broken, and the negotiation with the Jin Jiazong became an empty talk. After all, we have no proof." Chu Celadon said helplessly. Before, Chen Feng said that the black ape was related to the Jin Jiazong, and she consulted Chu's parents. After commenting, he handed over the black ape to Zhonghai Wumeng.

Her original plan was to put pressure on Jin Jiazong through the Zhonghai Wu League and dig out the black ape behind the scenes.

Unexpectedly, the black monkey died in the Wumeng.

So now the only clue fell on Chen Feng again.

If Chen Feng has conclusive evidence to prove that the black ape came from the Jin Jiazong, then the Chu family can follow the Jin Jiazong and dig out the black hand behind the black ape.

Chen Feng naturally knew the idea of ​​Chu celadon, but the reason why he could see that the black ape was related to the Jin Jiazong was because when the black ape hit Chen Zeli's punch, the technique used was the Jin Jiazong's Jin Jiaquan.

But now that the black ape is dead, Jin Jiaquan has naturally become empty talk.

There is no proof that Jin Jiazong would not recognize it.

Chen Feng told Chu Celadon the truth about her thoughts, and Chu Celadon nodded. In fact, she had been mentally prepared before she came. Now that Chen Feng has an affirmative answer, she would not be too disappointed.

"By the way, Mr. Chen, are you free lately? If you are free, would it not be convenient to come to my Chu family as a guest? My grandfather would like to see Mr. Chen, and thank Mr. Chen for saving the life of celadon."

At this time, Chu Celadon He spoke suddenly, but what he said surprised Chen Feng.

The old God of War wants to see himself? !

What international joke? !

Although he saved Chu Celadon's life, this life-saving grace was definitely not so great that the old war god would invite himself to dinner!

Most people don't know what the three words "old war god" mean! But Chen Feng knew very well.

Founding father!

national hero!

The cornerstone of town and country!

These few names, no matter which one, can crush a large group of people.

Although the old God of War is not among the nine great masters, his status in China is not much worse than the nine great masters.

How could Chen Feng not be shocked when such an old man with respected status wanted to see Chen Feng.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng forcibly calmed his mind.

"Miss Chu, I appreciate the kindness of the old man."

"But the Chu family...I can't go yet. Please forgive me, Miss Chu."

Can't go? !

There was a touch of shock in Chu's celadon beautiful eyes. Doesn't Chen Feng understand what the news that his grandfather wants to see him means?

Grandpa hasn't seen outsiders in ten years.

The last time Grandpa interviewed someone was ten years ago.

The person who was received by my grandfather was just an unknown prefecture-level city official before he was received by my grandfather. But after being received by his grandfather, the unknown prefecture-level city official became Jiangnan Province in just ten years. No. 1!

The current one is almost the youngest official in the country, and his potential is still very strong. In the future, he will even have the opportunity to aspire to the center and become the highest!

The reason why that person would be promoted like a rocket, naturally benefited from the side that met with Grandpa.

Now...Chen Feng is the second person to be interviewed by Grandpa himself.

If Chen Feng performed better, he would be satisfied with his grandfather.

Then ordinary people will not be able to imagine his future achievements in China!

Politics can be peaceful, and officials worship the center.

Martial arts can reach the sky in one step and approach the master.

But now, Chen Feng actually... refused!

Rejected Grandpa's kindness!

"Can Mr. Chen give Celadon a reason?" Chu Celadon couldn't help speaking. She really didn't understand why Chen Feng refused the invitation of Grandpa. You know, Grandpa didn't intend to see anyone again.

This time it was Chen Feng who saved her life. She really didn't want to repay her. Grandpa agreed and saw Chen Feng.

This kind of opportunity, if missed, will never be there again!

"Miss Chu should know my life experience." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Others could not find out the identity of his illegitimate child of the Chen family, but it was not difficult for the Chu family to find out the relationship between him and the Chen family.

"I know." Chu Celadon nodded. It was precisely because she knew Chen Feng's identity that she found it incredible that she let her grandfather meet Chen Feng.

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She couldn't understand how Chen Feng got here from a illegitimate child excluded by 10,000 people.

Not only became the heir of the Chen family, but also abolished Chen Yingrou, the little princess of the Chen family.

All this is beyond ordinary people's imagination.

Chu Celadon felt that Chen Feng must have some big secret, and Chen Feng himself must have something special.

"Since Ms. Chu knows, then Ms. Chu should understand that the relationship between me and the Chen family has reached the point where the relationship between me and the Chen family is similar."

"Once the old man meets me, I am afraid that the Chu family will also be dragged into the water." Chen Feng Said, Chu Zhenguo's intention to meet him was obvious, and he wanted to help him.

But Chu Zhenguo ignored one problem. The relationship between him and the Chen family was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Chapter: 399

In the Chen family, except for the thirteen houses controlled by Qin Xuerou and the big house controlled by Chen Zhennan, almost everyone in the other eleven rooms wanted him to die!

The strength of these eleven houses has long been so great that ordinary people can't imagine it, and it is simply not what the Chu family can resist.

Even if Chu Zhenguo came forward in person, it was useless.

"Mr. Chen's meaning, Celadon probably understands, but Celadon doesn't think that the Chen family will not even give grandpa's face. If grandfather comes out in person, it won't be a problem to protect you for three to five years." Chu Celadon Said, the reason why he can protect Chen Feng for three to five years, not more, is because the old God of War is already 98 years old this year, and he has three to five years to live at most.

Once the old God of War died, the Chu family would collapse like a mansion, and all the glory of today will be the same.

At that time, let alone protecting Chen Feng, the Chu family just wanted to protect themselves. I am afraid it would be difficult.

"Mr. Chen, Grandpa said that you are a Qianlong. If you give you three to five years, you will surely be able to rise into the abyss, soar into the sky, and have the strength to confront the Chen Family."

"The only thing you lack , Is time. And my grandfather is one of the few people in the world who can give you time."

Chu Celadon was a little unwilling to continue to persuade her. She knew very well that the reason why grandfather wanted to protect Chen Feng was not just for her. In addition to repaying the life-saving grace, there is also selfishness.

This selfishness is the Chu family.

The current Chu family has long been strong outsiders.

Perhaps in the eyes of the outside world, the Chu family is the top of the four members of Zhonghai, and its strength is not much worse than that of the top six members of China.

But only a few people in the Chu family knew that the current prosperity of the Chu family was just a dream bubble.

Because the old God of War is too famous, all the descendants of the Chu family live under the aura of the old God of War. They listen to the breath of the old God of War, and hang on to the words of the old God of War all the year round, thinking that they are the old God of War. Future generations are proud.

But no one thinks of a way to make progress.

I want to eat my money.

The direct consequence of this is that the talents of the Chu family are now very withered.

Compared with the other three members of China Shipping, the Chu family has nothing to do in the three realms of business.

There is neither an official in Xinjiang, nor a rising star.

Once the old war god dies, the Chu family will collapse like a mansion, and all the prosperous past will disappear.

The head of the four members of China Shipping will become a joke.

The old God of War had a foresight, and he had realized this problem a long time ago, so he has been looking for a way out for the Chu family for these years.

But there has been no suitable candidate.

It was not until Chen Feng appeared this time that the old war god saw a glimmer of hope.

It is not so much that the old God of War wants to protect Chen Feng, it is better to say that the old God of War is betting on Chen Feng.

He is betting that Chen Feng is not a mediocre, betting that Chen Feng will have the strength to confront the Chen family in the future!

Once he made a right bet, the Chu family was revitalized.

He didn't believe that after the rise of Chen Feng, could he not support the Chu family after he died?

Chen Feng was silent for a long time. Chu Celadon was right. What he needs most now is indeed time. Only by giving him time can he grow up.

But the old God of War, can he really give him three to five years?

The Chen Family, will the old God of War really give him three to five years?

After quite a while, Chen Feng shook his head: "Miss Chu, I then again, Father's mind, no thanks, but Chu family, I can not go yet."

"I have to wait for a person's attitude."

Etc. A person's attitude?

Chu Celadon's eyelids jumped. There is no doubt that the attitude of this person in Chen Feng's mouth is the key to deciding whether Chen Feng will go to the Chu family.

But, who is this person?

Could his attitude be more important than grandpa's attitude?


Chu Celadon nodded, remembering this sentence in her heart. When she went back, she must ask who the person Chen Feng said was.




"Ah! What's the matter?"

Chen Feng and Chu celadon dressing room were chatting closely, but Lin Wanqiu outside the dressing room was a little absent-minded, and Xiao Wei called out. There was no response to both sounds, and Lin Wanqiu didn't recover until the third sound.

"Wanqiu, what are you thinking about, so ecstatic?" Xiao Wei couldn't help asking.

"No...nothing." Lin Wanqiu denied with some guilty conscience.

"Is it really okay?" Xiao Wei smiled slyly, as long as she was a person with long eyes, she could tell how wrong Lin Wanqiu's state was just now, and her eyes floated in the dressing room from time to time.

"Wanqiu, are you eating the vinegar of Chu celadon?"

"" Lin Wanqiu became more flustered. She did like Chen Feng, but she also knew that she was not worthy of Chen Feng at all.

The women around Chen Feng are more prettier than the other, and even big stars like Chu Celadon favor Chen Feng.

"I haven't said that, the jealous smell on your body can be smelled ten miles away." Xiao Wei teased.

Lin Wanqiu's pretty face flushed, and she involuntarily lowered her head.

"Wanqiu, in fact, you don't have to eat Chu celadon vinegar. You can see that Brother Feng doesn't have that kind of thought about Chu celadon."

"As for Chu Celadon vs. Feng Brother...I'm not sure about this, but there is a high probability, and there is no reason. After all, Chu Celadon is the hottest female star in China. The man who chases her can be ranked from here to France. , What kind of man she hasn’t seen? Although Brother Feng is excellent, compared to the men chasing her, I’m afraid it’s still a lot worse.” Xiao Wei analyzed, Chen Feng’s identity, she has not yet figured it out. However, the identity of Chu celadon was clearly evident there.

The gap between the two can be seen by anyone with a discerning eye.

Lin Wanqiu bit her lip and did not speak. Maybe there are many men in this world who are better than Chen Feng, but in her eyes, Chen Feng is the best.

The most irreplaceable.

"By the way, what exactly is peak Columbia ah? I think he is very strange, obviously looked like a Cock wire, can be chosen, there is such a big star Celadon Chu friends."

"And the last time, with a peak brother The uncle who got up to rescue you, do you know? The car that the uncle drove was a bulletproof Land Rover."

"This kind of car, ordinary people in the country simply can't drive..."

"I always think there is something else Feng Feng Other identities, Wan Qiu, if you really intend to be with Brother Feng, you must ask about these things clearly." Xiao Wei gave a carefree suggestion.

Lin Wanqiu looked at Xiao Wei with a complicated expression: "Sister Xiao, I never planned to be with Brother Chen Feng."

"In fact, Brother Chen Feng... is already married."

"What?!!!" Xiao Wei stared in shock. Big eyes: "You said Brother Feng is already married?!"

"Yeah." Lin Wanqiu nodded: "Brother Chen Feng is a son-in-law, and his wife is very beautiful."

Chapter: 400

"Guest son-in-law?!"

Xiao Yan's heart shook again. She did not expect that such a capable man as Chen Feng turned out to be a door-to-door son-in-law.

Why does he want to join? What kind of woman is worthy of him?

Xiao Wei wanted to ask a few more questions, but then Chen Feng walked out side by side with Chu Celadon.

"Mr. Chen, then I'll go back first." Chu Celadon gave Chen Feng a complicated expression. Today, Chen Feng rejected her grandfather's invitation, which really shocked her.

"Well, Miss Chu walks slowly, I won't give it away." Chen Feng nodded and said.

Now there are many people outside, and the identity of Chu Celadon is there again. If he goes out with Chu Celadon, I don't know how much trouble it will cause.

"Okay." After

Chu Celadon left, there were only three people, Xiao Wei, Lin Wanqiu and Chen Feng in the huge backstage.

Xiao Wei couldn't help but glanced at Chen Feng, seemingly wanting to ask if the local tyrant who had used her to buy the space battleship was Chen Feng, but when the words came to her lips, she swallowed it back.

Xiao Wei felt that with Chen Feng's character, he would not admit it even if he was really a local tyrant.

"If Bai Wenli harass you in the future, you will tell me and I will clean him up." Chen Feng shifted his gaze to Lin Wanqiu, and he fisted Bai Wenli on the stage with a fist.

In terms of Bai Wenli's flaws, revenge is inevitable.

If Bai Wenli was looking for him, he would be afraid to go to Lin Wanqiu.

"Yeah." Lin Wanqiu nodded lightly, a bit of self-blame in her heart. She had caused Chen Feng a lot of trouble one after another, and she didn't know when she would not be able to stop Chen Feng.

Soon after Chu Celadon left.

At the gate of China Overseas University, a 788 Mercedes-Benz S600 drove over in a row.

Seeing this formation, the security guard at the door didn't even dare to let go, so he let it go.

In this way, the seven-eight-two Mercedes-Benz S600 lined up in a long line and drove into China Overseas University in a rampage, extremely arrogant.

The students walking on the campus retreated in panic.

These seven or eight Mercedes-Benz S600s are here to find fault.

As for who to blame, everyone can easily think of it.

Apart from Chen Feng, there will be no one else!

"The Bai family's reaction was too quick, that little piano prince, I am afraid it will suffer this time."

"Not necessarily, the little piano prince knows Chu celadon."

"What is it to know Chu celadon? Chu celadon is just a star. she sorted out net worth tens of billions of jewelry tycoon Bai Xiaotian over? " "

Yes, celadon with Baixiao Tian Chu is simply not comparable, even if there are comparable, Chu celadon not for a friend, offended Bai Xiaotian this business giant. "

everyone Chen Feng walked out of the backstage like a stroll in the courtyard, followed by Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu behind him.

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Seven or eight Mercedes-Benz S600s quickly locked onto the target and stopped a few meters in front of Chen Feng.

Afterwards, the car door opened, and more than twenty big men in black suits and headsets rushed out of the car and walked towards Chen Feng with a grim expression.

Although they don't have weapons in their hands, the aura exuding from their bodies is terrifying.

After walking in front of Chen Feng, the leading man gave Chen Feng expressionlessly: "Who are you Miss Chu?"

"Does it have anything to do with you?" Chen Feng said lightly. These people in front of him thought with their toes. They all thought that they were members of the Bai family.

The headed man in black suit frowned, as if he didn't expect Chen Feng to be so arrogant after seeing such a big battle.

"Our boss invites you to come over." The man in the black suit spoke patiently. On the way, he already knew what had happened on the stage before, including the Chu celadon platform for Chen Feng.

There is no doubt that the relationship between Chen Feng and Chu celadon is absolutely extraordinary.

But they didn't know anything about Chen Feng's identity.

The only thing he knew was that Chen Feng drove a second-hand Santana.

Therefore, they will never act rashly until Chen Feng's identity is known.

"No time." Chen Feng said lazily. Just now, in the background, Xiao Wei had already told him the identity of Bai Wenli.

A well-known jewelry tycoon in Zhonghai City, worth tens of billions.

If this identity is heard by ordinary people, I am afraid they will be frightened.

But Chen Feng is not an ordinary person, he will not take it seriously.

The big man in the black suit jumped his eyes. Before coming, Bai Wenli had told him to test Chen Feng's identity.

If Chen Feng was frightened and weakened after seeing their formation, then needless to say, Chen Feng must have no background and belong to the kind that can be handled at will.

But now...

Chen Feng's performance of me is completely different from that without background.

This makes the man in black suit a little bit difficult.

"Mr. Chen, our boss just wants you to go over, and it won't delay you for too long..."

" Can't you understand people? I said, I'm not free!" Chen Feng frowned, Bai Wenli Lao Tzu is very acquainted, but his men are not very sensible.

Before he finished speaking, Chen Feng interrupted him, which made the man in the black suit look blush.

At the same time, the jealousy in his heart became a bit richer.

After taking a deep breath, the

man in the black suit said in a deep voice : "Since Mr. Chen is not available, Hemou will not force Mr. Chen to leave." After that, the man in the black suit waved his hand, and more than 20 thugs were mighty. Dangling back into the car.

In this scene, many onlookers suddenly looked stupid.

Is this over?

What kind of plane is the Bai family?

He came so aggressively, but he didn't even let go of the fart and left in disgrace?

Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu behind them were also confused. They were all ready to call the police when the Bai family got rough, but they didn't expect that the Bai family's thugs were so polite and even used them.

Everyone's reaction was as expected by Chen Feng.

Everyone thought that Chu Celadon was just a big star.

But as everyone knows, the true identity of Chu Celadon is the granddaughter of the old God of War.

In the face of this identity, the so-called king of jewelry is a joke at all.

Bai Xiaotian came over with a big fanfare, obviously for the purpose of testing. If he was only half timid, then the twenty-odd person would definitely do it on the spot, and would not leave him any room.

Chen Feng drove the car back to the hotel.

At the same time, Lin Lan also went to Zhonghai.

As soon as he came out of the airport, Lin Lan saw Xia Mengyao who was waiting outside the airport alone.

"Daughter, I heard your dad say that the trash came to Zhonghai a few days ago, did he not harass you?" Lin Lan couldn't wait to ask when we first met. She didn't plan to come to Zhonghai, but Xia Weiguo said yesterday, Chen Feng has also come to Zhonghai.

After hearing this news, Lin Lan was furious and felt that Chen Feng must have gone to Zhonghai to harass Xia Mengyao, otherwise it would not be so coincidental.

So Lin Lan rushed over that night.


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