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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 41-50 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 41

But Lin Lan's face was already overcast at this time, Audi A6, that was a luxury car of more than 500,000 yuan. It's not a waste to buy Chen Feng's takeaway waste.

"Where did you get the money?" Lin Lan asked through gritted teeth.

The mother and son Sun Guifang were already stunned at this time. After a long time, Chen Feng was a wasteful car, and it turned out to be a car that Lin Lan had bought without telling him. This is a good show.

"Mom, it's Chen Feng's own money." Xia Mengyao lied without a heartbeat.

Chen Feng couldn't help but warm up. He knew very well that Xia Mengyao said this to take care of his face, but Lin Lan is not that easy to deceive.

Sure enough, Lin Lan glared at Xia Mengyao coldly, and said, "Do you think I'm a fool? Chen Feng is the one who delivers food, and he pays 5,000 to 6,000 yuan a month. He can't afford it for ten years. An Audi A6."

"Mengyao, you honestly confess to your mother, is it true that Chen Feng's trash confuses you and makes you embezzle the Yuquanshan project?"

"Mom, what are you talking about?!" Xia Mengyao Somewhat angry, Lin Lan said so, completely treating Chen Feng as a villain.

"It's not Yuquanshan's project money, so where did you get the money!" Lin Lan said sternly, if Chen Feng really wanted Xia Mengyao to embezzle Yuquanshan's project money for her own desires, then she would never let Chen Feng go.

"Gu Dongchen paid me the money." Now, Xia Mengyao can't hide it anymore, and can only repeat what happened yesterday in Guyue Villa.

After listening, Lin Lan was very suspicious, Gu Dongchen would lose Xia Mengyao, or three million?

On the other hand, Sun Guifang's mother and son had green light in both eyes. They didn't know who Gu Dongchen was, but they heard it. Xia Mengyao had 1.5 million in his hands! Even if I bought an Audi A6 for more than 500,000 yuan, there is still nearly 1 million left!

For a while, the breathing of both of them became heavy.

"Gu Dongchen really gave you and Xu Feirong three million?" Lin Lan asked again.

Xia Mengyao nodded.

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After getting back with the affirmation, Lin Lan suddenly became very hot. If it weren't for Sun Guifang's mother and son to come today, I am afraid Xia Mengyao would have kept her from her, this one and a half million things.

The previous Xia Mengyao was definitely not like this. It must be Chen Feng, who wanted to embezzle the 1.5 million yuan, so he encouraged Xia Mengyao to hide it from herself. After thinking about it, Lin Lan's aversion to Chen Feng suddenly reached its extreme.

"Why do you want to buy a car for Chen Feng?! Don't you know how short of money is at home now! Chen Feng is the one who delivers food, can he afford such a good car!" Lin Lan shouted at Xia Mengyao.

After the roar, she turned her disgusted eyes to Chen Feng again: "And you, Chen Feng, it's best to put away your ridiculous thoughts! You eat ours, use ours, I don't mind. , But if you dare to be fooled by lard and lie to us Mengyao’s money, you will get me out of the Xia family! Our Xia family does not raise a white-eyed wolf like you!"

Lin Lan said too much. , Rao is Chen Feng with a good temper, and he is also very angry. He is the heir to the top wealthy Chinese family. Need to cheat his wife's money? !

"Mom, it's not what you think. I bought the car voluntarily for Chen Feng." Xia Mengyao was about to cry with anger. She did not expect that Chen Feng bought a car with good intentions, and it fell in Lin Lan's eyes. A selfish liar.

"Shut up!" Lin Lan gave Xia Mengyao a fierce look, and said, "Do you still have my mother in your eyes!"

"Chen Feng, I don't care what you do. Go and return the car tomorrow. , Give me back the five hundred thousand that lied you to Mengyao, or else, I will make you look good!" Lin Lan reluctantly said that it was five hundred thousand, buy a car for a waste like Chen Feng, and What is the difference between flowers on dogs.

"Oh, Lin Lan, what do you think? The matter between me and Chen Feng hasn't been settled yet. If you want to pay the 500,000 yuan, you must pay it back to me!" Before Chen Feng could say anything, Sun Guifang stood first. Came out.

"What does our family matter have to do with you?!" Hearing this, Lin Lan was immediately exploded. Chen Feng, the white-eyed wolf hadn't settled yet, and Sun Guifang wanted to divide up half a million.

"Lin Lan, how do you say it!" Sun Guifang is also an unreasonable master. He immediately put his hands on his hips and raised his eyebrows: "Lin Lan, you didn't understand what I just said! Your son-in-law, Chen Feng, he drove to kill me! And he also beat me and my son. It's impossible to just

let this matter." "Son, let your third aunt see how Chen Feng beat you. "As

soon as Sun Guifang finished speaking, Lin Dajun lifted his clothes, revealing bruises on his body. Some of these scars were indeed caused by Chen Feng falling over his shoulder, but more often, Sun Guifang deliberately came on the way. The pinch was to create an illusion for Lin Lan, and Lin Dajun was seriously injured.

Sure enough, Lin Lan's face grew gloomy after watching the injury.

"Sister-in-law, don't be joking. How can Chen Feng be a trash, beat the army like this." Lin Lan said, she is not a fool. She has heard about Lin Dajun more or less. She still believed it, but Chen Feng did not believe Lin Dajun.

"Lin Lan, what do you mean! Can I still lie to you! There were so many people watching at that time, it was Chen Feng who beat my son, so don't be fooled." Sun Guifang screamed.

Lin Lan looked at Chen Feng, and Chen Feng did not deny: "I did it."

Now it is Lin Lan's turn to be shocked. Chen Feng is a trash, fighting so hard?

Sun Guifang was very proud: "Have you heard, Lin Lan, it's not that my sister-in-law wanted to cheat you, but Chen Feng is a trash. He really beat my son."

"Mom, don't listen to my aunt's nonsense. My aunt was touching porcelain, and Lin Dajun helped my aunt. He first touched Chen Feng before Chen Feng counterattacked." Xia Mengyao explained on the side.

"When the army hits him, he can't stand next to him? Why did he fight back?" Lin Lan said coldly. Although she felt that Xia Mengyao's words were true, but in any case, Chen Feng should not treat Lin Dajun and Lin Lan coldly. Sun Guifang's hands, with Sun Guifang's vixen character, will definitely disturb the Xia family.

Why fight back? Chen Feng gritted his teeth. If Lin Lan wasn't Xia Mengyao's mother, he would definitely rush up and slap Lin Lan. He didn't expect Lin Lan to be so unreasonable that he would be beaten by others to prevent him from fighting back. Could it be that she Is Chen Feng so mean? !

"Mom, you disappointed me too much!"

Xia Mengyao roared. Lin Lan's words also made her feel cold. In any case, Chen Feng is her husband, but when he came to Lin Lan, Chen Feng didn't know anything like this. Value, even being beaten

Chapter: 42

"You shut up! Do you still have my mother in your eyes? Now that your father is in the hospital, I have the final say at home!" Lin Lan was also very angry with Xia Mengyao. Once upon a time, Xia Mengyao always let her go. But in the past few days, I don't know what Ecstasy Chen Feng has given Xia Mengyao, and Xia Mengyao has actually opposed her repeatedly.

"Chen Feng, immediately apologize to your aunt and your cousin! No matter what they do, they are your elders. You are a junior, do you have any rules for elders!" Lin Lan angrily scolded Chen Feng , In the final analysis, all these things today were caused by Chen Feng. Without Chen Feng, Sun Guifang would never come to his house.

Chen Feng looked cold and asked him to apologize to Sun Guifang's mother and son? ! It seems that Lin Lan is determined to face Sun Guifang's mother and son.

"Is the apology over? Lin Lan, what do you take our mothers for?" Before Chen Feng spoke, Sun Guifang spoke first.

"Sister-in-law, what do you want to do?" Lin Lan frowned and asked.

Sun Guifang glanced at Chen Feng and sneered: "Simple, just need this trash to do two things."

"First, kneel down for our wife, kowtow to admit our mistakes, and then let my son slap this trash several times and slap it out. Sigh."

Lin Lan's face changed, Sun Guifang's request was too harsh.

"What else?" Chen Feng asked coldly with a flash of cold light in his eyes.

"Anything else, just give our mothers some money. Our mothers can't be beaten for nothing." Sun Guifang said.

"How much do you want?" Lin Lan asked through gritted teeth.

"Since you are my relatives, I won't ask for more. Pay me 500,000 yuan. Chen Feng's beating my wife can be done." Sun Guifang's face was taken for granted.

Half a million? ! Why don't you grab it! Lin Lan was almost fainted by this number. Sun Guifang opened her mouth and was 500,000. When her money was blank? !

"Impossible!" Lin Lan refused without even thinking.

"Lin Lan, how do you talk?" Sun Guifang was immediately unhappy. "What is impossible? In your eyes

, my wife is so worthless." "Sister-in-law, I didn't mean that, but you just opened your mouth. It would be too much to ask for half a million." Lin Lan said angrily.

"Huh, too much?" Sun Guifang snorted coldly, and said: "I don't think it is too much! This is a matter of our wife's face, if we let others know that our wife was beaten by Chen Feng's squandering, we How

will the mothers raise their heads in front of others in the future?” “Furthermore, your Mengyao’s one and a half million dollars came in vain. Our mothers only need half a million, which already gives you a lot of face.”

Sun Guifang said . Lin Lan was so angry that she knew that Sun Guifang was difficult to deal with, but she still did not expect that Sun Guifang was shameless to this point, even if Xia Mengyao's 1.5 million yuan was really a waste of money. Yes, what does it have to do with your Sun Guifang? You can open your mouth and cost 500,000 yuan without blinking your eyes.

"Sister-in-law, let Chen Feng kneel down and apologize to you, but don't talk about money matters! I can only pay you five thousand yuan at most." Lin Lan said coldly, although Gu Dongchen paid Xia Mengyao the money. But Xia Mengyao's was hers, she was absolutely impossible, and gave Sun Guifang 500,000 for nothing.

Chen Feng sneered again and again. Lin Lan asked herself to kneel down and apologize to Sun Guifang without asking her own opinions. She really felt like she was a toy doll and could knead it at will?

"Five thousand yuan!" Sun Guifang screamed, "Lin Lan, you are sending a beggar!"

"Sister-in-law, I hope you understand that no one's money is in vain. What's more, there is a debtor who is wronged. , Chen Feng beat your wife, you should go to Chen Feng to settle the account, what do you ask our Xia family to do." Lin Lan said coldly, her meaning is very obvious, Chen Feng is Chen Feng, Xia family is Xia family There is no connection between the two.

Hearing this, Xia Mengyao was completely chilled. She thought that after the last time, Lin Lan would have changed Chen Feng’s view, but now it seems that she is wishful thinking after all, and Lin Lan is still in her heart. Look down on Chen Feng.

"Lin Lan, Chen Feng is your son-in-law!" Sun Guifang was also shocked by Lin Lan's words. He was half the son-in-law, but when he came to Lin Lan, Chen Feng was not as good as an outsider.

"I don't have such a son-in-law who can cause trouble." Lin Lan gave Chen Feng a cold look and said.

There was a cold expression at the corner of Chen Feng's mouth. Don't you have a son-in-law like yourself? Lin Lan, I hope you don't regret what you said today!

Lin Lan's attitude towards Chen Feng was unexpected by Sun Guifang.

Fortunately, Sun Guifang also has a killer.

"Lin Lan, let me ask you one last time, are you really going to give me half a million?" Sun Guifang asked gloomily.

"No." Lin Lan's answer was as firm as ever.

Sun Guifang smiled and said, "Well, I hope you don't regret it."

"Sister-in-law, what do you mean by this?" Lin Lan felt something wrong, as if she had something to hold in Sun Guifang's hand.

"It's not interesting. I just remembered something. A few days ago, I ran into a man named Wang. He said you were his college classmate..."

Sun Guifang paused when he said that , but saw Lin. Lan's face has changed drastically.

"Lin Lan, do you want me to continue?" Sun Guifang asked with a smile.

"Sister-in-law..." Lin Lan grinned reluctantly, and said, "What can I do to sit down and talk slowly."

"Talk slowly?" Sun Guifang sneered disdainfully. At this time, he knew that the talk was going to take place. Where did Ruthlessness go?

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"Lin Lan, I don't want more than 500,000 yuan." Sun Guifang slowly sat back on the sofa and asked.

"Not too much, I will let Chen Feng find a way to pay you and the army 500,000." Lin Lan hurriedly said, although she wanted to tear Sun Guifang at the moment, she thought of what Sun Guifang said. I can't help but feel weak.

Chen Feng frowned. What handle was Sun Guifang holding Lin Lan? How could he make Lin Lan so jealous?

Even half a million agreed.

Sun Guifang suddenly raised her arrogance. In fact, before she came, she had thought about what to do if Lin Lan did not agree to lose money. It can be said that she had already figured out how to deal with it. With Lin Lan’s character of death, face and suffering, absolutely Wouldn't let her explode the incident.

"Don't tell me about half a million things, Lin Lan, should you let your son-in-law kneel down and apologize to our wife." Sun Guifang gave Chen Feng a triumphant look and said.

No matter how arrogant Chen Feng was in front of her and Lin Dajun before, when he arrived at the Xia family, Chen Feng was just a dog in front of Lin Lan. Lin Lan asked him to go east, and he definitely did not dare to go west.

Chapter: 43

Lin Lan didn’t hesitate, and turned her gaze to Chen Feng: “Have you heard, go and kneel down for your aunt and cousin and apologize!”

“After apologizing, you urged Mengyao to buy you a car. I can leave it alone.” Seemingly worried that Chen Fengcheng would rebel against him, Lin Lan added another sentence. In her opinion, she has given Chen Feng enough face, and I believe Chen Feng dare not refuse.

"Mom, you are too much!" Xia Mengyao's pretty face was already cold and terrifying at this time.

After speaking, she directly took Chen Feng's hand and said: "Chen Feng, let's go."

"Go? Where are you going!" Lin Lan immediately became angry, "Xia Mengyao, you have to dare to step out of this place today. Dao Sect, don’t come back in the future."

"And you, Chen Feng, if you dare to leave with Mengyao, you will get me out of the Xia family tomorrow!" Lin Lan threatened coldly. She still doesn’t believe it, so she can cure herself Not a waste of it.

Chen Feng's face was calm, and he gently broke away from Xia Mengyao's hand, and walked towards Sun Guifang mother and son.

Upon seeing this, Lin Lan couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, this trash, still dare not listen to her own words.

"Chen Feng, what are you going to do?!" Xia Mengyao was a little angry. She didn't expect that Chen Feng was so spineless that she really wanted to kneel down and apologize to Sun Guifang and her son.

"Why are you stupefied there? Hurry up and kneel down and kowtow to Laozi!" Lin Dajun said arrogantly. At this time, he was convinced of Sun Guifang, and there was really a way for Lin Lan to force Chen Feng to kneel and apologize.

"Are you sure you want me to kneel and kowtow?" Chen Feng asked lightly.

"Of course! You trash, wasn't it awesome when you beat Lao Tzu just now, aren't you awesome now? Roll over, give Lao Tzu ten bangs, and let Lao Tzu give you a few slaps, I will forgive you You." Lin Dajun's nostrils were up to the sky, and Chen Feng was completely ignored.

Chen Feng smiled slightly and walked straight towards Lin Dajun.

"I warn you, don't be foolish." For some reason, Sun Guifang felt a chill from Chen Feng's smile, so he gave a warning.

Chen Feng paused and looked at Sun Guifang with a smile: "Auntie, don't worry, how could I be fooling around? I am

eager to apologize to my cousin now." After speaking, Chen Feng came to Lin Dajun.

Lin Dajun smiled sternly and looked at Chen Feng and shouted: "Don't kneel..." Before the

next word could be heard , a big hand had grabbed his hair.

The smile on Lin Dajun's face instantly solidified, and then he felt a huge force coming from his scalp, and then his head hit the floor uncontrollably.

There was

a loud "bang" .

Lin Dajun's head smashed the wooden floor abruptly.

Sun Guifang's eyes suddenly burst into tears.

Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao were stunned.

"Sorry, cousin, I shouldn't have hit you just now." Chen Feng smiled like a demon.

As soon as he finished speaking, he grabbed Lin Dajun's head, grabbed it, and slammed it down!


was another loud noise, and blood was flowing across Lin Dajun's forehead.

"Cousin, your head seems to be broken." Chen Feng continued to smile.

"Ah! The old lady killed you!" Sun Guifang's expression was distorted, he picked up the scissors on the table and poked at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng didn't look back, he just kicked Sun Guifang away.


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Lin Dajun's head touched the floor again.

"Cousin, why don't you speak anymore?" Chen Feng asked'care'.

Lin Lan's face was full of fear, and Lin Dajun had already rolled his eyes, and how to speak.

"Chen Feng!" Xia Mengyao hurriedly grabbed Chen Feng, her body trembled a little, she was afraid that if Chen Feng went down again, Lin Dajun would be killed by him.

Seeing Xia Mengyao coming, Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and then stood up. If it weren't for scaring Xia Mengyao, he would definitely leave Lin Dajun with an unforgettable lesson.

"Mom, do you want me to continue apologizing?" Chen Feng asked Lin Lan with a smile.

"You... do you still have King Fa in your eyes? You should just kill me as well!" Lin Lan pointed at Chen Feng's nose, trembling with anger.

"Mom, I won't beat you, after all, you are Mengyao's mother." Chen Feng said lightly.

"But I hope you remember that I am the son-in-law of your Xia family, and I am not a dog!" Chen Feng's expression suddenly became cold, "There are some things, don't do too much!"

" dare to threaten me? !" Lin Lan was furious.

"This is not a threat, this is advice." Chen Feng looked calm.

"Good! Good! What a piece of advice!" Lin Lan almost popped these words out of her teeth, and then she looked at Chen Feng and shouted, "Then I will give you a piece of advice today, immediately, immediately, give me Get out of Xia's house!"


Chen Feng answered simply and neatly. After speaking, he pushed the door and left without looking back.

"Mom! How can you be like this!" Xia Mengyao's pretty face was full of tears.

"What's wrong with me?! I'm not doing this for you. It happened that this rubbish was rolled out. Mom will find another one for you, which is ten times better than him." Lin Lan thought she was right, since Xia Mengyao became the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. , There are many big brothers who have come to see her secretly and secretly, their attempts are self-evident, as long as Lin Lan finds a way to kick Chen Feng out of the Xia family, they can take over Xia Mengyao.

"Mom, you really make me feel sick." Xia Mengyao wiped away her tears and said coldly.

"You said my old lady is disgusting?!" Lin Lan immediately exploded her hair, "Do you still have a conscience, the old lady has worked so hard to raise you up easily, so that's what made you say the old lady ..."


Xia Mengyao slammed directly. The door goes away.

"Where are you going?! Xia Mengyao! You come back to me!"

Lin Lan screamed and hurried to the door, only to find that Xia Mengyao was gone.

"Lin Lan, my son will have something to do this time, I can't spare you!" Sun Guifang's face was full of resentment, and Lin Dajun lying on the ground was covered in blood at the moment, looking very miserable.

"Sister-in-law, don't worry, he will be fine with the army." Lin Lan hurriedly hit 120. She is now more afraid of Lin Dajun's accident than Sun Guifang. Once Lin Dajun's accident, Sun Guifang will definitely shake everything out. Then she It is also hard to escape the fate of ruin.

"Lin Lan, I know all the shameful things you did before. If you can't satisfy our wife this time, hum, I promise to make you look good!" Sun Guifang threatened again, since there is no other way. To find a place from Chen Feng, you have to get enough benefits from Lin Lan.

A bit of resentment flashed across Lin Lan's eyes, but a strong smile appeared on her face: "Sister-in-law, don't worry, when Mengyao comes back, I will immediately ask her to send you half a million over."

"Five million?!" With a cold snort, he sneered and said, "Lin Lan, now things are not solved by 500,000. My son was beaten like this by your trash son-in-law. 500,000 is not enough."

"You have to add money!" Sun Guifang said confidently. .

Chapter: 44

Lin Lan couldn't wait to bite her teeth. She had seen something today, called greedy insufficiency. But the person she hated most at this time was definitely Chen Feng. If Chen Feng didn't beat Lin Dajun, nothing would happen.

"Let's let my son drive that waste car first. It will be used as interest. His waste is not worthy of driving such a good car." Sun Guifang said slowly. When Chen Feng went out just now, she did not bring the car key. Having noticed this, she must get the immediate benefits first.

Lin Lan gritted her teeth without saying anything, and directly handed the car key to Sun Guifang.

"In addition, when Mengyao comes back, let her send me another half a million, and it won't work if one point is less!" Sun Guifang said harshly, after finally grasping Lin Lan's handle, she naturally had to fish enough oil and water.

Lin Lan's eyes were about to breathe fire, but her mouth could only promise: "Okay, when Mengyao comes back, I will let her give you half a million."

"It's pretty much the same." Sun Guifang nodded satisfied. Before, she was still worried about Lin Dajun's marriage without a car or house, but in a blink of an eye, the RVs were almost all there. Chen Feng, this trash, is really her lucky star.

After Chen Feng went out, he still felt a little depressed.

Even if it is a dog, after three years of raising it, it will be able to cultivate love.

Not to mention being a living person!

Chen Feng asked himself, in the Xia family for three years, he treated Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan as his biological parents. However, he regarded Lin Lan as human beings, but Lin Lan treated him improperly.

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Chen Feng could not help not being angry.

"Chen Feng." At this moment, Xia Mengyao trot over.

Before Chen Feng opened his mouth, he felt the warm fragrance of nephrite jade and was hugged tightly by Xia Mengyao.


Woo , Chen Feng, I'm sorry." Xia Mengyao's eyes were red, and she couldn't imagine how angry and wronged Chen Feng was when Lin Lan asked Chen Feng to kneel for Sun Guifang's mother and son. If it was her It is absolutely unbearable.

"Fool, never say sorry to me." Chen Feng gently stroked Xia Mengyao's long black hair. Xia Mengyao never apologized to him, and he would never let Xia Mengyao take responsibility for Lin Lan's mistakes.

"But, my mother really went too far." Xia Mengyao sobbed.

"It's okay. Mom said that because she was angry." Chen Feng comforted. Although he understood that Lin Lan's words today were probably what she had always wanted to say, but he didn't want to put pressure on Xia Mengyao and make Xia Mengyao difficult. Do, after all, he once said that to make Xia Mengyao the happiest woman in the world, when it comes to it, do it!

"Chen Feng, where are we staying tonight?" Xia Mengyao asked, raising her head.

"We?" Chen Feng was stunned, and smiled bitterly: "Mengyao, it's unnecessary. Mom just drove me out of the house alone, but didn't kick you out..."

"No!" Chen Feng said. Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xia Mengyao: "Mom won't apologize to you this time, and I won't go back."

Chen Feng couldn't help warming his heart. He naturally understood that Xia Mengyao was planning to fight Lin Lan for him this time. Up.

"Then let's live in Yuquan Mountain tonight." Chen Feng said. The villa he bought in Yuquan Mountain has not slept in the whole night. He just took advantage of this opportunity to give Xia Mengyao a surprise. However, Chen Feng felt that Xia Mengyao really After seeing the villa, the possibility of shock will be greater.

"Yuquan Mountain?" Xia Mengyao frowned. "There are only residential areas and no hotels."

"We don't live in hotels." Chen Feng said sternly.

"Then where do we live? Road?" Xia Mengyao blushed slightly, and when he thought of two people going to sleep on the road for a night, she had a different feeling.

Chen Feng scratched Xia Mengyao's Qiong nose, and said with a petting face: "What do you want? We live in a villa."

"Villa?" Xia Mengyao's cheeks were round, and then she pinched Chen Feng severely, and said: "Just know Bragging, there are only nine villas in Yuquan Mountain, which have long been sold out, so how can we live in them."

"Really, my wife, I really have a villa on Yuquan Mountain, more than 500 square meters." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He should have expected that Xia Mengyao would not believe it to be honest.

Xia Mengyao gave Chen Feng a white look and said, "Why don't you say that Yuquan Mountain is yours?"

Chen Feng opened his mouth, not knowing what to say. Strictly speaking, Yuquan Mountain is really his now.

"Okay, don't be kidding. Let's go to Fei Rong's house, her house is very big, and she lives alone, so let her take us in for two days." Xia Mengyao said.

"Okay." Chen Feng could only agree, and it is indeed not the time to give the Yuquanshan Villa to Xia Mengyao, he can only wait a few days to speak.

The two took a taxi to Xu Feirong's home.

Xu Feirong's home is also a villa, located in the center of Cangzhou City. Although the house price here cannot be compared with Yuquan Mountain, it is also the top group in Cangzhou City, with an average price starting at 100,000 yuan.

On the way, Xia Mengyao had already told Xu Feirong what had happened just now, so Xu Feirong did not show a surprised expression.

After the two entered the door, Xia Mengyao went to take a bath first, and Xu Feirong took out a pair of slippers and threw them under Chen Feng's feet.

"Your wife is sleeping with me these days, so you live on the first floor." Xu Feirong said with a grin.

Chen Feng was full of black lines, and only Xu Feirong, the female liumang, could say this.

"In addition, you are not allowed to go to the second floor without my permission." Xu Feirong looked at Chen Feng vigilantly again. She was still a little worried about Chen Feng, for fear that Chen Feng would use Xia Mengyao as an excuse to take her upstairs. Cheap.

"Don't worry, I won't go up." Chen Feng said lightly. Although Xu Feirong is also a great beauty who has harmed the country and the people, he really has no idea about Xu Feirong.

"Huh, it's best to be like this." Xu Feirong snorted coldly, but Chen Feng's performance today still surprised her a bit. She even dared to confront Lin Lan, which was impossible before. .

After Xu Feirong finished speaking, she went upstairs.

Chen Feng took out his cell phone and prepared to ask Chen Zhong about the recent progress of the Yuquanshan project.

"Bang bang bang"

At this moment, there was a rapid knock on the door.

Chen Feng opened the door, but his sight was occupied by a bunch of red roses.

"Fei Rong, marry me! I will give you happiness."

Before Chen Feng could figure out what was going on, he heard an excited voice.

Chen Feng's face was weird. Then he realized that the owner of his voice was a handsome young man in a white suit. At this moment, this handsome young man was kneeling on one knee, and the red rose was held high by him.

Perhaps it was because the rose flower blocked the youth's sight, so the youth did not notice that it was not Xu Feirong who stood in front of him, but a man wearing slippers.

"Fei Rong, my love for you can be learned from the world, and the sun and moon can be shown..." The youth's tone was impassioned, and he insisted on making love words out of poetry reading.

Chapter: 45

"Ahem, buddy, you have admitted the wrong person." Chen Feng coughed slightly. He found that this handsome young man was a bit silly. After kneeling for so long, he didn't realize he was a man.

After hearing Chen Feng's voice, the handsome young man finally realized something was wrong, and his complexion changed drastically: "Who are you?!"

"I am Fei Rong's friend." Chen Feng said truthfully.

"Put the p! Fei Rong has no male friends in the country at all, who are you?!" The handsome young man threw the rose on the ground and asked viciously.

Chen Feng said helplessly: "I am really Fei Rong's friend."

"I don't believe it! You let me in, I want to go in and ask Fei Rong." The handsome young man stretched out his hand and prepared to push Chen Feng away. .

"No, you can't enter now." Chen Feng frowned and stopped in front of the handsome young man. Although this is Xu Feirong's home, Xia Mengyao is taking a bath now, and he can't let other men rush in without any risk.

"What are you, why don't you let Lao Tzu in? Lao Tzu is Fei Rong's fiancé!" The handsome young man was furious and raised his hand as he said, preparing to give Chen Feng a slap in the face.

But before his hand reached Chen Feng's face, his wrist was tightly bound by Chen Feng's big hand.

"I'll say the last time, you can't enter now!" Chen Feng's tone was faintly cold. After all, this is Xu Feirong's home. He is now under the fence, so he can't do whatever he wants like before, otherwise it's handsome The young man was lying on the ground early.

"Grass mother! Let go!" The

handsome young man flushed, and he found that this thin-looking man in front of him had incredible strength in his hands, and he felt his wrists as if being held by iron clamps. Generally, it is impossible to break away.

Chen Feng sneered and increased his strength a bit.

"Ah! It hurts! It hurts!"

The handsome young man let out a miserable cry, half-kneeled on the ground, tears were sore, he felt Chen Feng's pinch, and directly squeezed his wrist bone.

"Still in?" Chen Feng asked coldly.

"Don't go in, let go!" The tearing pain made the handsome young man's face a little distorted.

"Huh." Chen Feng snorted coldly before letting go.

"I'm damn your mother!" After

being let go by Chen Feng, the handsome young man didn't know what's good or bad, so he directly raised the flowerpot at the door and slammed it on Chen Feng's head.

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This time Chen Feng was not polite with him. He slapped the handsome young man with his backhand. Before he landed, a few bloody teeth appeared in the air.

"Chen Feng, what are you doing?" Xu Feirong walked over slowly.

Chen Feng took a cold look at Xu Feirong. He found that this woman was too good at pretending. He knew that this handsome young man had come, but he was still watching the show. Obviously, Xu Feirong wanted to borrow his hand to clean up. This handsome young man.

"Fei Rong, who is this bastard?!" The handsome young man staggered up from the ground, walked to Xu Feirong, and asked angrily.

"He is my friend." Xu Feirong said indifferently.

"Friend?!" The handsome young

man gritted his teeth, "What the hell is a friend who will be at your house most of the night." "Shen Junwen, what do you mean?" Xu Feirong's expression became colder.

"What do I mean by Laozi?!" Shen Junwen spit out bloody saliva and roared: "Xu

Feirong, are you green Laozi?" "Shen Junwen, please pay attention to your words, I am not one of yours. , So whoever I am with has nothing to do with you." Xu Feirong frowned Liu brows.

Chen Feng sneered in his heart, Xu Feirong's remarks were very vague, obviously trying to lead Shen Junwen to think.

Sure enough, as expected by Chen Feng, as soon as Xu Feirong's voice fell, Shen Junwen's face was blood red.

"Xu Feirong, I am your fiance!" Shen Junwen roared.

"Fiance?" Xu Feirong sneered, "I have never admitted."

"Your parents promised me!" Shen Junwen almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. He and Xu Feirong were childhood sweethearts, long ago. The parents of the two parties arranged a baby kiss for both parties. He waited for Xu Feirong for more than ten years. He thought that Xu Feirong would agree to his marriage proposal this time when she returned to China. However, when the governor came, Xu Feirong refused to admit it. Up.

"Then you go to my parents, I didn't agree anyway." Xu Feirong turned her head and put on a female liumang style.

Shen Junwen clenched his fists, his teeth clenched, and his blood-red eyes moved to Chen Feng: "Is it because of this bastard? You don't like Laozi? How is he better than Laozi?!"

Chen Feng looked at He glanced at Shen Junwen, and said with some irritation: "It's better to keep your mouth clean. The things between you have nothing to do with me."

"It's okay?! I'm so fucking your mother, you're sleeping with Lao Tzu's woman, you say you talk to Lao Tzu It's okay!" Shen Junwen's eyes were full of resentment. If Chen Feng hadn't appeared, Xu Feirong would still like him.

Chen Feng is extremely hot. This feeling of being wronged is really uncomfortable. If he really wants to sleep with Xu Feirong, there is nothing to say, but he has never touched this crazy woman, he and Shen Junwen, They were all put on by Xu Feirong!

As for explaining to Shen Junwen, it is not that Chen Feng does not want to, but that he disdains!

A mere Shen Junwen is not qualified to let Chen Feng put his face down!

"Okay, Lao Tzu is the woman who slept with you, what can you do with Lao Tzu!" Chen Feng was too lazy to argue, and confessed with a sneer, he wanted to see how Shen Junwen would react.

"Okay! Okay! Your kid has a kind!" Shen Junwen was trembling with anger, and Xu Feirong opened her mouth in surprise. How dare you admit this trash? Can't he see that Shen Junwen is not an ordinary person? Is he not afraid of Shen Junwen's revenge?

Xu Feirong only felt a little unbelievable. For a long time, Chen Feng's image in her eyes was wimpy, timid and fearful, how could he suddenly become fearless and fearless? What kind of confidence does he have, or does he just want to show it in front of him and don't want to be despised by himself?

"Don't hurry up? Don't you want to stay here for the night?" Chen Feng scolded, he didn't have as many thoughts as Xu Feirong, just guessing that Xia Mengyao should also take a shower now.

Shen Junwen's eyes became blood red again when he heard the word "night". He couldn't imagine that after he left, the woman he had liked for more than ten years would be pressed under him by Chen Feng, how he wanted to play with him, that kind of humiliation. , So that Shen Junwen has an urge to vomit blood.

However, he still has nothing to do with Chen Feng.

"You bastard, and Xu Feirong, you slut, you all wait for Lao Tzu! Lao Tzu will definitely let you know what is better than death!" Shen Junwen looked resentful, and after a cruel remark, he said nothing. Back to leave.

Chapter: 46

Xu Feirong's eyebrows frowned slightly, and Shen Junwen completely hated her. When she thought of the forces behind Shen Junwen, Xu Feirong had a headache.

Immediately, Xu Feirong turned her head and glanced at Chen Feng. In her expectation, Chen Feng's expression should be panicked at this time. After all, she offended Shen Junwen, a rich man who does not know the depth.

But Chen Feng's performance once again exceeded her expectations.

He walked into the villa without even looking at her.

Xu Feirong was stunned, and she wanted to continue pretending? Isn't he going to ask for help?

Chen Feng didn't know Xu Feirong's thoughts at this time. If he knew it, he would only say something ridiculous. A mere Shen Junwen would dare to retaliate against him, and that was all. On this one-third acre of land in Cangzhou, Chen Feng, he really has nothing to fear!

Although Xu Feirong made Chen Feng a little uncomfortable, he was not such a stingy person. After all, he and Xia Mengyao now live in Xu Feirong’s house. This time, they helped Xu Feirong deal with Shen Junwen. Paid.

In this way, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao stayed at Xu Feirong’s house for two days. During this period, Lin Lan called Xia Mengyao dozens of times, asking Xia Mengyao to go home, or she would cut off her mother-daughter relationship with Xia Mengyao, but this time, Xia Mengyao was an iron man. He wanted to stand on Chen Feng's side.

If Lin Lan did not apologize to Chen Feng, she would never go home!

Lin Lan was so angry that several mobile phones were broken.

"Lin Lan, when will Xia Mengyao come back?" Sun Guifang

asked in a bad tone in the living room.

After Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao left, Sun Guifang took Lin Dajuntang to occupy the bedrooms of Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao, and stayed for two days with a good reputation. In fact, Lin Lan knew very well that Sun Guifang was monitoring her, for fear that she would suddenly run away.

"Sister-in-law, Mengyao... she'll be back in a few days." Lin Lan replied with no exception.

"Lin Lan, are you deaf as an old lady?" Sun Guifang sneered and said: "Don't think that the old lady didn't hear what that little bitch said on the phone."

"Sister-in-law, I..." Lin Lan's face changed. Changed.

"No matter what method you use, I must let that little bitch get back for me within three days. If after three days, I can't see anyone, I can't get the half a million, hum, what you did with Wang Menglong I will post all scandals online!" Sun Guifang threatened coldly.

Lin Lan's face was instantly pale and she completely lost her blood. If the things she and Wang Menglong did were posted on the Internet, there would only be one fate waiting for her, ruined!

"Lin Lan, let me tell you that you are also a trash. The little bitch of your daughter used to listen to you very much, but now, she is actually a waste of money, even your mother does not want her. It's really a failure for mom to be like you." Sun Guifang curled his lips. The original Xia Mengyao was obedience to Lin Lan. She was still envious at that time. Lin Lan gave birth to a good daughter. In a blink of an eye , Xia Mengyao ran away with a wasteful, not even returning home.

"Sister-in-law, what you said is that I am a trash."

Lin Lan lowered her head, gritted her teeth, and hated Chen Feng more and more in her heart, and blamed Chen Feng!

If it weren't for Chen Feng's inducing, with Xia Mengyao's character as a good girl, she would never refuse to listen to her.

"Well, my sister-in-law will give you a trick, and it will be done. Not only can you let your daughter go home obediently, but also let Chen Feng's trash get out of the Xia family!" Sun Guifang took a sip of tea and said slowly. .

"What... trick?" Lin Lan asked hesitantly.

"It's very simple. You will announce in a while that Chen Feng's trash is no longer the son-in-law of your Xia family. Your daughter Xia Mengyao has returned to her single state. Then, you will find a new son-in-law for your daughter!" Sun Guifang Word by word.

Hearing these words, Lin Lan's eyes suddenly lit up. Why did she forget this? Her daughter, who is now the head of the Yuquanshan project, a hot goddess-level figure in Cangzhou, if she wants to recruit her husband again, The threshold of their family will probably be broken by those rich second generations.

Lin Lan knows very well that those rich second generations don’t mind that Xia Mengyao got married once, first because of Xia Mengyao’s current identity as the head of the Yuquanshan project. Whoever marries Xia Mengyao will have the money tree to intervene in Yuquanshan. opportunity.

Secondly, the person who was married to Xia Mengyao is Chen Feng, a well-known trash. After three years of marriage, Xia Mengyao is still innocent, so marrying Xia Mengyao is no different from marrying a big girl.

Lin Lan's breathing began to heavier. If this time, he could really recruit her husband and son for Xia Mengyao, then the man who recruited, and the family's assets, would at least start in the hundreds of millions!

Definitely a thousand times better than Chen Feng!

"But, sister-in-law, Mengyao is now abducted by Chen Feng's trash. If she never goes home, what should I do, and the two have not divorced..." Lin Lan's excitement didn't last long, she thought again Given the current situation, Xia Mengyao didn't go home, everything was empty talk.

"Hmph, if you want your daughter to go home, it depends on whether you dare to gamble." Sun Guifang said.

"Bet? What to bet?" Lin Lan asked puzzled.

"Betting that your position in your daughter's mind is more important than Chen Feng's trash." Sun Guifang sneered.

"This... how to bet?"

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"It's very simple. After you announce that Chen Feng's trash is not your son-in-law, you will hold another auction."

"Auction? What is the auction?" Lin Lan was confused.

"Auction, your daughter's, you know!" Sun Guifang smiled deeply and said.

Lin Lan was stunned. How could Sun Guifang even come up with such a bad idea. Will anyone buy a girl at auction? Although Xia Mengyao is indeed very beautiful, and his current status is not what it used to be, Lin Lan still doesn't think someone will buy a girl's name.

As if he knew what Lin Lan was thinking, Sun Guifang laughed playfully and asked: "Are you worried that no one will be hooked?"

"Even if someone is hooked, Mengyao will definitely not come back then." Lin Lan affirmed that she knew herself very well. The daughter's character, innocence is more important than anything else.

"If you are willing to sacrifice yourself, Mengyao will definitely come." Sun Guifang continued.

"I...sacrifice myself?"

"Yes, when auctioning, you have to sign a legally beneficial contract with the auctioneer. Once the auctioneer pays, your daughter must show up and give her to the auctioneer for the first time. Or, if your daughter dares not come, even if you breach the contract, the consequence of the breach is that you spend the rest of your life in prison." Sun Guifang squinted.

"This can't work!" Lin Lan refused without even thinking about it. If Xia Mengyao doesn't come, will she really go to prison for the rest of her life?

Chapter: 47

"Lin Lan, I'm not discussing with you!" Sun Guifang's tone became cold, and the threat was obvious, "You have no retreat now, and this is your only chance!"

"If you can successfully auction you For the first time for my daughter, when the time comes, raw rice will be cooked into cooked rice. Without you, Chen Feng’s waste will divorce your daughter and get out of Xia’s family. At the same time, you also find a good for your daughter. Husband, believe me, the man who is able to auction your daughter for the first time will definitely not go there, at least he is a hundred times stronger than Chen Feng's wretched one!" Sun Guifang squinted.

"But, what if Mengyao doesn't come by then?" I have to say that Sun Guifang's remarks do have some truth. The first time Xia Mengyao was auctioned, it could be said to kill three birds with one stone, but the biggest problem is , Xia Mengyao is not coming back, this is what Lin Lan is most worried about.

"That's why I said, you have to bet that your position in your daughter's mind is more important than Chen Feng's trash! If she doesn't come then, she can only watch you spend the second half of your life in prison, do you think , Is your daughter so unfilial?"

"On one side is your own biological mother, on the other, your own useless husband, Lin Lan, don't you even have this confidence?" Sun Guifang asked with a sneer.

Lin Lan gritted her teeth, a trace of determination flashed in her eyes.

"Okay, I'll bet!" She didn't believe it. She has worked so hard to raise her daughter for more than 20 years, and she will really give up her for a useless person who has known her for less than three years!

Sun Guifang smiled, and there was a touch of delight in the depths of his eyes. Chen Feng, I asked you to offend my old lady with trash. I didn't expect my old lady to auction your wife for the first time!

"You immediately announced to the outside world that Chen Feng, this trash, was driven out of the Xia family, and now he is not your Xia family's son-in-law."

"Then, I will let the army find a capable auction in Cangzhou for Xia Mengyao for the first time. Home, this matter should be concealed, not let the waste of Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng know, I am afraid that something will happen in the middle, after the auction is successful, you can directly send the contract to Xia Mengyao, then, she will not come. !"

Sun Guifang kept everything in order. Once Lin Lan was auctioned successfully and the buyer paid, there would be no chance for everyone to go back.

At that time, Xia Mengyao will either give her to the buyer for the first time, or she will watch Lin Lan be sent to jail, and then carry a lifetime of unfilial stigma. According to Sun Guifang, Xia Mengyao has a high chance of choosing the former. !

After all, the first time you surrender yourself, you can not only save your mother, but you can also marry yourself into a wealthy family!

Sun Guifang had planned everything, so that the buyer Lin Dajun was looking for would naturally have to marry Xia Mengyao to enter the house after Xia Mengyao's first time was auctioned off.

And once Xia Mengyao marries into a wealthy family, Lin Lan will become her Sun Guifang's cash cow, inexhaustible!

Lin Lan moved quickly. That afternoon, news that Chen Feng was driven out of the Xia family spread throughout most of Cangzhou.

All of a sudden, the streets and alleys of Cangzhou became very lively. Cangzhou Daily wrote a special topic on this matter, and the topic was named: "The poor son-in-law's trip to the rich!" ".

It introduces the background of Xia's family and Xia Mengyao's current status in detail. There are also a few photos of Xia Mengyao. Chen Feng naturally occupies a large page, but for Chen Feng, Cangzhou Daily is devalued within its ability.

Most of Chen Feng's photos were taken when he was delivering food. He was dressed shabbyly and had a rickety figure. From the photos alone, Chen Feng couldn't even compare to migrant workers.

However, Xia Mengyao’s photos fully show the beauty of Xia Mengyao. At first glance, people have a sense of surprise, even if they are not inferior to several popular female stars in China, even It's still worse.

One is a poor boy who delivers food, and the other is a beautiful god in a wealthy family. It is conceivable that the combination of the two will attract the attention of many people.

The Cangzhou Daily introduced in detail Chen Feng’s journey into the family. At the beginning, Chen Feng was looked down upon by everyone in the Xia family. He was called as a dog. For three years, he had been very useless. The Xia family hoped Chen Feng very much. Can make a change.

But Chen Feng did not. Even after Xia Mengyao became the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, he was still as useless as ever, and even cheated Xia Mengyao's money to buy a car for himself.

Finally, the Xia family couldn't bear it anymore. They didn't want Xia Mengyao's life to be wasted in the hands of this kind of waste. They decided to drive Chen Feng out of the Xia family!

This is the end of the poor son-in-law's trip to the rich family!

This is a topic by a friend of the Cangzhou Daily that Lin Lan specifically asked for. Therefore, in the newspaper, the image of the Xia family is naturally extremely tall, while Chen Feng was written as a toad in a stinking ditch. Not enterprising, but also greedy.

Lin Lan's idea is very simple. She wants to use this opportunity to completely stun Chen Feng! On the one hand, it is to retaliate against Chen Feng, on the other hand, it is also intended to make Xia Mengyao give up by public opinion.

I have to say that Lin Lan's plan this time was very successful.

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All the newspapers of Cangzhou Daily were sold out that day!

This time, almost all the people in Cangzhou knew a name-Chen Feng!

Cangzhou's most notorious door-to-door son-in-law!

"This kind of uselessness, you should go out and let the car crash to death!"

"That is, the man's face was lost by him."

"After three years of marriage, the wife is still intact. This TM is no longer a uselessness. Let me say, This waste, there must be a problem in that respect."

"It's a pity that his wife is so beautiful, she is more beautiful than the female stars on TV, but she has never tasted the taste of a man."

"What is a pity, wait a few moments. God, the Xia family will definitely find another man for that Xia Mengyao. This time, it is definitely a golden turtle son-in-law. The family's assets are worth over five or six billion."

"That said, Chen Feng's waste , It's quite pitiful, it's like taking care of someone else's wife, he will definitely regret his death by then, especially when thinking of his wife being slept by someone else, hahaha."

"Deserve it! What is pitiful for him, if I were him, I would have no abilities, I would have left the Xia family long ago, and I would never leave the Xia family

ashamed ." Walking on the street, people talking about Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao are almost everywhere. , Of course, both men and women are scolding Chen Feng, especially a group of men, they can't wait to tear Chen Feng.

Many people also sympathized with Chen Feng, and felt that the Xia family's food looks ugly. Xia Mengyao had just gained some fame, and the Xia family drove Chen Feng out.

However, more people still felt that the Xia family was doing it right, and even clapped their hands to cheer. People walked up high and water flowed down low. Such dead-skinned waste like Chen Feng was simply not worthy of Xia Mengyao.

What did he give Xia Mengyao happiness? Is his battery car that delivers food?

Chapter: 48

At the same time, Chen Feng also received a call from Chen Zhong.

"Master, do you know about the Cangzhou Daily?" Chen Zhong asked tentatively on the phone.

"Cangzhou Daily?" Chen Feng frowned. He had been cultivating at Xu Feirong's house for the past two days, and he had never left the house.

Seeing that Chen Feng didn't seem to know, Chen Zhong explained the external affairs again.

After listening, Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and Lin Lan caused a storm in the city in order to drive herself out of the Xia family.

"Master, the old slave has a great responsibility in this matter. The failure to stop the Cangzhou Daily's people from writing and sending indiscriminately has caused a great impact on the young master's reputation. Please also ask the young master to punish him." Chen Zhongzheng pleaded, although the outside world is extremely big. Most people don't know Chen Feng's identity, but Chen Feng is after all the heir of the Chen family, China's top wealthy. Now a small local media has devalued Chen Feng for nothing. This is simply hitting the Chen family in the face.

"This matter has nothing to do with you. It was my mother-in-law who acted as a demon there." Chen Feng did not blame Chen Zhong. He has always ignored reputation. He has been in the Xia family for three years and his reputation has long been stinking. It's just a little smellier now.

"Master, I have found someone to buy the Cangzhou Daily. In addition, the editor-in-chief who discredited the young master, I also found someone to control it. Master, do you want to..." A murderous intent flashed in Chen Zhong's eyes, and he didn't dare to be right. How about Lin Lan, but there is a Cangzhou Daily, as long as he wants, he can knead it at will, especially the editor-in-chief who discredited Chen Feng, Chen Zhong can completely make her disappear silently.

"No need." Chen Feng frowned, "Don't interfere with Cangzhou Daily's affairs, just let them go."

Chen Feng's mind is not so small that he will kill people if he makes a difference, and he really wants to buy Cangzhou Daily, I'm afraid His identity is not far from being exposed.

"Yes, young master."

"How is the construction of the resort now?" Chen Feng asked, this is the top priority.

"Master, the construction of the resort has encountered some technical problems, which need to be solved by several international scientific research experts. Shen Hongchang has already taken people to Europe and it is estimated that there will be results in a few days." Chen Zhong respectfully said.

"Well, if you have any report to me in advance before making a decision, don't make any claims." Chen Feng said solemnly. After all, Chen Zhong is from Chen Zhennan, so it is impossible for him to stand on his side in everything. Guard against.

"Yes, master."

At the same time, Qingquan Winery, in the luxurious office on the top floor of the Group Building.

Shen Junwen's hostile expression, when he thinks of Xu Feirong, Shen Junwen's face becomes hideous again. The woman he dreams of will join a notorious wimp and give him a cuckold! Shen Junwen has the heart to kill the two!

"Mr. Shen, someone downstairs sent you an invitation." At this time, another secretary in a short skirt with a hip knocked on the door.

"Come here." Shen Junwen said coldly.

After receiving the invitation, Shen Junwen glanced.

"The Xia Family Auction..."

"It is the first time for Xia Mengyao to auction items!"

Shen Junwen's pupils suddenly tightened, and his expression became extremely strange.

Shen Junwen was stunned, then ecstatic.

At the same time, Shen Junwen was also more curious, what kind of wonderful work Xia Mengyao's mother was, and she could even come up with such a bad idea to auction her daughter for the first time? If this kind of thing were to spread, I'm afraid the Xia family's face would be lost.

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But these have nothing to do with him!

He doesn't care about the shame of Xia Family, what he cares about is whether Chen Feng is ashamed!

"Hahaha, Chen Feng, you are a trash, I'm afraid you would never think that you would be killed. For the first time, your wife will be auctioned outside by your mother-in-law." Shen Junwen laughed wildly.

"Linzhi, go get one hundred million for Lao Tzu!" Shen Junwen said coldly.

"Yes, Shao Shen." Lin Zhi didn't dare to ask more, and she didn't know what the invitation was that made Shen Junwen so excited.

"Chen Feng, I am looking forward to it, you are a trash, what will I look like when I see your wife for the first time!" Shen Junwen clenched his fists and raised a happy smile at the corner of his mouth.

Lin Lan booked the auction venue in Junsheng Hotel.

Before seven o'clock in the evening, dozens of luxury cars, Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW, and even a few Rolls Royces were added to the entrance of Grand Hotel.

Naturally, these car owners are all fascinating figures in Cangzhou City. Before Chen Feng was driven out of Xia's house, someone vaguely expressed to Lin Lan that Xia Mengyao had become Qin Jin’s good ideas.

This time Chen Feng was kicked out of the Xia family, and these people would not miss this opportunity.

There are some people, such as Shen Junwen and others, although they did not intend to marry Xia Mengyao before, but because they are now of marriageable age and have a rich family background, they are well-known young Junyan in Cangzhou, so Lin Dajun is willing to give it a try. Invitations to the auction were also sent to these people.

After all, even if Xia Mengyao's honorable status as the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project is eliminated, Xia Mengyao herself is also a rare beauty, and she can even call it the number one beauty in Cangzhou.

This name alone is enough to make these young talents move.

Chapter: 49

Inside a living room on the top floor of the hotel.

Sun Guifang and Lin Dajun were in charge of receiving buyers, while Lin Lan stood bewildered, her smile a little stiff.

She was hiding this from the Xia family. After all, it was not very glamorous. If Xia Yunsheng knew, it would not be impossible to drive her out of the Xia family in a rage.

But compared to Xia Yunsheng, Lin Lan is more afraid of Sun Guifang at this time. If Sun Guifang shakes her out of her ugly things, she will surely be forever.

Soon, many buyers started to sit up. A few of them were older than Lin Lan. They were all wealthy businessmen who had been married several times. However, although they were old, they were extremely wealthy, so This auction is also inevitable.

"Ms. Lin, why haven't you seen Miss Xia come out?" a fat and rich middle-aged man squinted his eyes. The middle-aged man's name is Zhou Dakang, a well-known diamond king in Cangzhou City. There are only two listed companies under his Three.

Zhou Dakang is not interested in Yuquanshan's project. He came here because he coveted Xia Mengyao's beauty.

Lin Lan paused, and just wanted to talk, Sun Guifang smiled before her and said: "Zhou, Mengyao, she has a thin face. She is not suitable for this kind of occasion. If you want to see her, auction it for a while. When you’re at the time, you bid a few more times, and you’ll be able to see her every day from now on.”

“Hey, how did I hear that Miss Xia and Mrs. Lin are having an awkward relationship. This matter is advocated by Mrs. Lin. Miss Xia does not No consent..." Zhou Dakang said with a smile. There is naturally no idiot who can come here to participate in the auction, so they also know something about Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao. The first time Xia Mengyao was auctioned, it was very likely that Lin Lan was alone. The behavior has nothing to do with Xia Mengyao. When the time comes, when they pay, but can't get people, wouldn't it be a joke.

"Mr. Zhou, look at what you said, Mengyao had a little awkwardness with her mother, but after all, she is a mother and daughter. There is no hatred overnight. After two days, Mengyao has figured it out, she is sure I'm back." Sun Guifang explained with a smile, long before the auction, she thought about how to deal with the problems of these buyers.

"You don't seem to understand what I mean? I mean, if I really get Miss Xia's first auction, will Miss Xia agree? And Miss Xia's husband, the two have not divorced yet?" Zhou Dakang continued to ask that his question also expressed the aspirations of most buyers in the venue.

"Mr. Zhou, you are too worried. Since we dare to auction Mengyao for the first time, then we must have a panacea. Don't say anything else, Mengyao herself will definitely agree to that time."

"As for her husband. , Presumably everyone who is doing it knows that he is a real waste! If he knows that everyone here is participating in the auction, he will definitely not even dare to put a fart, maybe he will take the initiative to Mengyao brought it up."

Sun Guifang said calmly.

"Well, that's true." Everyone nodded. They all read the "Poor Son-in-Law's Journey to the Giants", so they knew Chen Feng very well. Even if they weren't as useless as the newspaper said, they were definitely not much different. Go, for Chen Feng, they didn't take it seriously.

The only thing to worry about is Xia Mengyao himself, but Sun Guifang has promised this, and they have relaxed their hearts. Sun Guifang has to dare to break the contract. They have a way to make the Xia family pay. At least Lin Lan, the initiator of the auction, will not be the next half of his life. I want peace.

"Well, then you won't waste your time, this auction will officially start." Sun Guifang smiled.

"Everyone has seen Mengyao's photos. I was always the school flower in college. Let’s not say anything else. In the world of Cangzhou, our Mengyao is definitely one of the best beautiful women. Marry such a beautiful woman. Home, my bosses are justified in terms of face."

"In addition, everyone knows that Mengyao is now the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project. The value of the Yuquanshan project is definitely not necessary for me to say, so marrying Mengyao home is equivalent to Married a money maker, no one would refute my words?" Sun Guifang asked with a smile.

"Haha, no one refuted. What Mrs. Sun said is that Miss Xia is indeed a treasure."

"That is, even if Miss Xia is not the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, I am willing to marry her and go home."

"Whoever can marry Miss Xia is definitely the ancestor who burned the incense."

Hearing the comments of everyone in the audience, Sun Guifang thought. More emboldened. But Sun Guifang was not proud, but sighed, pretending to be sorry: "But Mengyao, she is good at everything, but there is something wrong."

"Why did Mrs. Sun say this?"

"Miss Xia still has it. What's bad? Why didn't I find out?"

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"Oh, bosses don't know, Mengyao, this child, she has a hard life, and she is not good at her. She should find a girl who is as good as her. You guys like the Dragon in the family form a family, but by the way, this child is married to a food-delivery wimp. After three years of marriage, not to mention suffering and suffering, but also being ridiculed by outsiders every day. My aunt looks distressed. "Sun Guifang sighed.

"It's best not to let Lao Tzu touch that waste, otherwise Lao Tzu will definitely interrupt his dog legs!"

"Hmph, it has delayed Miss Xia's youth for three years, and interrupted his dog legs are light!" Someone snorted coldly. Tao.

Seeing that her remarks succeeded in causing everyone to hate Chen Feng, Sun Guifang couldn't help but smiled, and then said: "But you can rest assured that Mengyao and the child's life is hard, but there is one thing she did. By the way, that was three years of marriage. She had been sleeping with the trash and didn't give the woman the most precious things to the trash. So till now, the child is still in perfect condition, and she is a big girl. "

Sun Guifang's remarks were publicly derogatory and secretly praised, in order to highlight the value of Xia Mengyao and tell everyone not to worry.

This also made everyone's minds more intense. Whoever married Xia Mengyao would marry a cash cow and go home, and this cash cow is still the number one beauty in Cangzhou.

What's more commendable is that this big beauty, even if she has been married once, is still a big girl. It can be said that Xia Mengyao is just a piece of pie falling from the sky, and everyone wants to eat it!

Seeing that the desire of many buyers in the audience was successfully aroused, Sun Guifang raised a smile on the corner of his mouth and said: "Since the bosses can't wait, let's start the auction now. Mengyao’s first time, the reserve price was 5 million. Each price increase shall not be less than 500,000 yuan."

Chapter: 50

"Eight million!" As

soon as the voice fell, Zhou Dakang raised the sign with an expression that he was sure to win.

Sun Guifang’s pupils shrank. Although she had been mentally prepared for the first time in Xia Mengyao’s auction this time, she would auction a very high premium, but she still did not expect that someone would increase the reserve price at the beginning. three million.

"Zhou Dakang, don't be ashamed of eight million in there. A goddess like Miss Xia must go up ten million, I will give out 11 million!" Off the stage, a middle school who is not in harmony with Zhou Dakang. The young man sneered and held up the sign. Although he also coveted Xia Mengyao's beauty, but more often, he wanted to get involved in Yuquanshan's business. As long as Xia Mengyao was married and invested in Xia Mengyao, he could get the money back sooner or later. .

"Sun Sheng, this auction has just begun. Lao Tzu is just warming up. I really will only pay out 8 million? Lao Tzu will pay out 12 million! And no matter how much your grandson wins, Lao Tzu will be one million more than you! "

Zhou Dakang snorted coldly and didn't back down. The output value of the two listed companies under his control had already exceeded 100 million. For him, tens of millions is as simple as eating and drinking.

Sun Sheng's face changed. Zhou Dakang was so hard-headed, he really wanted to follow him to the end?

Everyone in the court looked at each other, and no one thought that at the beginning, Zhou Dakang and Sun Sheng were on the bar.

"Twenty million!"

At this moment, a light and fluttering voice rang out from the audience, and everyone took a deep breath. Who TM increased the price so hard, add 8 million!

Everyone couldn't help turning their heads, only to realize that the one holding the placard was a young man with dyed red hair. At this moment, the young man was still holding a sexy and enchanting Ukrainian girl in his arms. The young man's big hands were squeezing the girl's chest. The fullness of the girl made the girl's pretty face flushed.

Seeing everyone looking at him, the red-haired young man was not timid, but increased his strength a little bit, jokingly said: "Boss, see what I do, continue."

But no one in the court continued to shout. The faces of Zhou Dakang and Sun Sheng became a little ugly.

"Zhang Shao, don't you have a fiancé?"

Sun Sheng asked dryly. The red-haired young man was named Zhang Dongchen, the heir of the Zhang family in the east of the city. The Zhang family is very powerful in Cangzhou, and the family assets have already exceeded 10 billion. Is a veritable first-line family.

There are rumors that Zhang Dongchen himself is extremely lustful. Almost all the beautiful girls in seven or eight universities in Cangzhou City have been played by him. Moreover, Zhang Dongchen himself has the baby relatives ordered by the Zhang family. He will come, everyone. did not expect.

"There fiancee can not come?" Asked Zhang Dongchen frivolous, "all of you, there are a lot of home rearing yellow face of it, have not come here yet?"

The word went out, the venue of many middle-aged people They all blush a little. Indeed, some of them have not completely separated from their original partners. This time they came with the idea of ​​luck. If they succeed, they can raise Xia Mengyao as a third party, or directly and The divorce of the original wife is fine.

"Zhang Shao, you laughed." Sun Sheng smiled and said: "Since Zhang Shao is also interested in Miss Xia, then Sun will not join in the fun. I wish Zhang Shao and Miss Xia will eventually get married."

Sun Sheng withdrew, and Zhou Dakang's face was filled with unwillingness, but when he thought of the terrifying forces behind Zhang Dongchen, he didn't dare to fight anymore. He was afraid that he would fight again and his body would float in the sky tomorrow. Jiang Shang.

The face of Sun Guifang on the stage was a little uncertain. Zhang Dongchen's appearance was also not what she expected. Among the people she asked Lin Dajun to send the invitation, there was no Zhang Dongchen, because Zhang Dongchen already had a fiancée, and his fiancée was there. His family is also one of the first-line families in Cangzhou. If Zhang Dongchen really photographed Xia Mengyao for the first time, then his fiancee would definitely not let Xia's family go, let alone her.

As for driving Zhang Dongchen out, she didn't dare to do it with Sun Guifang's 100,000 courage.

"Zhang Shao

pays 20 million, is there anyone else to increase the price?" Sun Guifang asked nonchalantly. She hoped that at this time, someone could suppress Zhang Dongchen's limelight, but everyone in the field bowed their heads.

In order to be jealous, it's not a good deal to catch your life.

"Twenty million once..."


Twenty million twice..." Sun Guifang glanced at everyone again, but still no one raised the price.

"Twenty million, three..."

"Thirty million." A

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faint voice sounded from behind, and the audience was silent for an instant.

Are there any people who are not afraid of death and dare to take food from Zhang Dongchen's tiger's mouth? Who is it? !

Everyone's eyes widened, and they all looked back.

However, he saw a handsome young man in a white suit approaching with a smile. Behind the young man, there was a beautiful woman in sexy dress, who looked very docile.


Shen Junwen? ! !

Many people took a breath.

Why is this big Buddha also here? !

The playfulness on Zhang Dongchen's face also disappeared for the first time, replaced by solemnity.

Sun Guifang was a little at a loss. She did not expect that Shen Junwen would come. When Lin Dajun was asked to send the invitations, she was just trying to try. She did not report any expectations for Shen Junwen to come, even if Shen Junwen was single. Sun Guifang did not think that Shen Junwen would like Xia Mengyao.

Because behind Shen Junwen is the Shen family!

The only super first-line family in Cangzhou, the Shen family!

Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, came from the Shen family!

Shen Junwen is the nephew of Shen Hongchang.

Shen Hongchang has no children at his knees, so he loves Shen Junwen, his nephew.

Moreover, Shen Junwen is also extremely outstanding. He has been rated as one of the top ten young people in the city for many times, and his commercial talent is also amazing. The Qingquan Wine Industry he founded took only five years to become Cangzhou City. The leader of the liquor industry.

The dragon among the typical people.

"Shen Junwen! Are you fighting with me?" Zhang Dongchen clenched his fists and asked fearfully.

"Struggle?" Shen Junwen smiled disdainfully, and said: "Zhang Dongchen, are you incomprehensible about the word dispute? Two people have similar strengths. If you want the same thing, then it is called dispute."

"And you, what strength, Don’t

you have any ideas in your heart?” “I just told you directly, Xia Mengyao, this woman, I want it! The king of heaven is here, I’m all these words.”


Very arrogant!

However, no one dared to refute, because the person behind Shen Junwen was called Shen Hongchang!

Zhang Dongchen clenched his teeth, surrounded by a strong sense of humiliation.

"Shen Junwen, don't deceive people too much." Zhang Dongchen roared lowly.

"If you are not convinced, you can increase the fare, I didn't stop you." Shen Junwen sneered and said.

"Okay! Then I will pay forty million! Come on!"

Zhang Dongchen looked a little crazy, he didn't lack money, but he didn't allow it and was beaten in the face.

Shen Junwen raised his brows and said lightly: "50 million."

"60 million!"

Zhang Dongchen's voice was hoarse and his eyes were blood red.