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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 51-60 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 51

Shen Junwen frowned, but also a little angry, Zhang Dongchen, this stupid B, actually did it against him.

"70 million!" Shen Junwen gritted his teeth.

The other people in the venue held their breath at this moment, and didn't even dare to let out the atmosphere. They all understand that when the auction has reached such a point, what is sold is no longer the item itself, what is sold is bloody, and what is sold is face!

Two super rich second generations, no one accepts each other! At this time, there must be a victory and defeat, there must be a party, and a bloodshed!

"80 million! Shen Junwen, you have to dare to increase it again, don't blame Lao Tzu for being rude to you!" Zhang Dongchen roared sharply, his expression a bit hysterical.

"Grass your mother! Are you threatening Lao Tzu?"

Shen Junwen was very annoyed. He came over today. Although he brought 100 million, he didn't intend to cross it all off. In his expectation, the auction would be successful at most 10 or 20 million. But I didn't think that I encountered Zhang Dongchen such a stupid B, for a woman, took out 70 to 80 million to go shopping with him.

Shen Junwen was suddenly struggling to ride a tiger.

"Yeah, I'm threatening you. Didn't you mean that it doesn't work if I am the king of heaven? Haha, you continue to pretend to be forced!" Zhang Dongchen laughed wildly, his eyes covered with bloodshot eyes.

"Zhang Shao, Shen Shao, you two are calm and calm, don't get angry..." At this moment, Sun Guifang smiled and wanted to persuade him. Obviously, Zhang Dongchen and Shen Junwen are on the top. If she loses, she will eventually anger her, neither the Zhang family nor the Shen family can offend her.

Sun Guifang realized that she had never played a big game, even if she really sold a sky-high number at the auction, it was still a question of whether she would get her life.

"Shut up!" It's

okay for Sun Guifang not to persuade him. This persuasion makes Shen Junwen feel that he has been insulted, thinking that I can't afford it? !

"I'm out of 99.9 million! Zhang Dongchen, come here." Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and said with blood red eyes.


Completely crazy!

Only this time, the crazy person became Shen Junwen.

No one thought that Shen Junwen would directly call ninety-nine thousand ninety-nine million!

This is a hundred million!

For a woman, spend 100 million!

Everyone felt a little dizzy in their minds. If you have money, you don't have to be such a prodigal.

Zhang Dongchen's expression suddenly calmed down: "Shen Junwen, you are awesome!"

'Shen Junwen, you are awesome! '

This is over? Don't you continue to add it? !

Everyone immediately petrified.

Shen Junwen was also stunned. Seeing Zhang Dongchen's calm and playful look, he felt his heart trembled.

He suddenly thought of a possibility, he seemed to be tricked? !

From the very beginning, Zhang Dongchen has been playing the radical technique!

Shen Junwen's face suddenly distorted: "Zhang Dongchen, are you playing with me?!"

"What do you mean by Shen Shao?" Zhang Dongchen frowned, "Nineteen nine hundred and ninety-nine million, you called it yourself, I didn't force it. You."

"I'm damn your mother!" It's

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okay for Zhang Dongchen not to say that. As soon as he said that, Shen Junwen immediately realized that he was really being tricked, and Zhang Dongchen's angry look at the beginning was pretended! Including the hysterical appearance afterwards, too!

The purpose is to stimulate oneself, let oneself up!

Shen Junwen was aggrieved and wanted to die, didn't it mean that Zhang Dongchen was a lustful trash? How could he be so insidious.

At this moment, Shen Junwen had an urge to vomit blood. He felt that his heart was dripping blood. This was a hundred million. Although he had money, he didn't spend it like this.

What made Shen Junwen more uncomfortable was not the loss of money, but the IQ. His IQ was suppressed by a dude who only played with women!

"Shen Shao, if you can't afford 99.9 million, you can withdraw what you just said. I will continue to spend 80 million to buy Miss Xia." Zhang Dongchen said lightly.

"Grass, your mother! Who said I can't afford it!" Now, even if he knows he has been tricked, Shen Junwen can't withdraw what he said just now. That would only be even more embarrassing.

"Yes, this is a hundred million!" Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and took out a black gold bank card from his pocket and handed it to Sun Guifang.

"Shen Shao, this...too much." Sun Guifang sneered. She didn't dare to take this card if she killed her. Although there was 100 million in the card, she had her life to take it, and she would never spend her life.


Snap " Shen Junwen slapped Sun Guifang's face with a slap, and roared, "I told you to hold it, do you look down on Laozi!"

"Shen Shao, I didn't, I didn't! How dare I look down How about you." Sun Guifang shook his head hurriedly and yelled in panic. She had never thought that she, who regards wealth as fate, would one day watch 100 million in front of her, and dare not take it.

"Mrs. Sun, you can accept it. Shao Shen is not short of this money." Zhang Dongchen smiled and said, he knew what Sun Guifang was thinking, and he was afraid that if he took the 100 million, Shen Junwen would retaliate against her. I have to say, Sun Guifang Very clever, Shen Junwen will definitely retaliate against her for her flaws.


Slap " Shen Junwen slapped Sun Guifang's face again.

"Smelly biaozi, if you don't accept this card, I will kill you today!"

Shen Junwen threatened fiercely. Zhang Dongchen had already embarrassed him enough. Now that Sun Guifang is just a mere sun, he would dare not give him face. What is looking for death.

"I accept, I accept, Shen Shao, don't hit me." Shen Junwen said so. Sun Guifang didn't dare to say any more. As for Shen Junwen's revenge, he could only take one step.

Seeing that Sun Guifang accepted the bank card, everyone's expressions became very strange. No one thought that such a farce would happen. One hundred million yuan would become a hot potato. One was forced to give it to the other but the other was afraid to take it.

It can only be said that Zhang Dongchen was too thief this time. He actually concealed it from everyone and slammed Shen Junwen with him, making Shen Junwen dumb to eat Coptis, and he couldn't tell the suffering.

"You take the money, and I will get Xia Mengyao to Lao Tzu to the Queen's Building tomorrow night. If I can't see anyone, the three of you will jump off the top floor of the Queen's Building for Lao Tzu!"

Shen Junwen looked at Sun Guifang with a gloomy expression. Mother and son and Lin Landao, although he has achieved the purpose of this auction, he is not happy at all.

On the contrary, he was very painful, because the price paid was too great, and he spent a whole 100 million, just to give Chen Feng a green hat, and he was bleeding after thinking about it.

"And you, Zhang Dongchen, if you dare to offend Lao Tzu, you have to be prepared to pay the price!" Before leaving, Shen Junwen threatened viciously, unlike Sun Guifang, who had no money and no background. Zhang Dongchen was behind Zhang Dongchen. Home, so he can't treat Zhang Dongchen here, but after going out, it's okay to use small tricks to make Zhang Dongchen feel sick.

"Okay, I'll wait." Zhang Dongchen raised the corner of his mouth and said.

Chapter: 52

This auction finally ended.

As the group of people left one after another, Sun Guifang could no longer hold on, and collapsed to the ground like a puddle of mud.

"It's over, this is over..." Sun Guifang whispered in despair.

"Sister-in-law, isn't this one hundred million? How come it's over?" Lin Lan didn't think so deeply, her expression was very excited at the moment.

This is a hundred million, she has never seen so much money in her life.

She would never have thought that her daughter would be so valuable if she was killed.

"If there were no such waste as Chen Feng, Mengyao would have married into a wealthy family a long time ago. For the past three years, I would never have to live in that palm-sized place, climbing stairs all day, tired like a dog." Lin Lan complained. For a while, looking at the black gold bank card in his hand, a smile appeared on his face again.

"It's okay now, the hard days are finally over, sister-in-law, this one hundred million, I will divide you ten million." Lin Lan is very generous this time, she understands, if there is no Sun Guifang, this auction, let alone one hundred million. Just ten million is enough.


Sun Guifang directly slapped Lin Lan's face with five blood-red finger prints.

"You stupid! You know when you die!" Sun Guifang was so angry that she was about to explode. She thought that she was greedy for money, but Lin Lan, a stupid idiot, was more greedy for money than she, wouldn't she? Understand, Shen Junwen can't collect this 100 million at all?

"Sister-in-law, why are you hitting me? What is the end of death?" Lin Lan covered her face with a look of doubt, "Didn't Shen Shao pay all the money? What are you worried about?"

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"Shen Junwen's money, do you dare Accept it?" Sun Guifang asked through gritted teeth.

"What's not to dare." Lin Lan curled her lips, "I am his future mother-in-law, and he dare not treat me like that."

"If you want me to say, God opened my eyes, and saw that I was tortured by Chen Feng's waste for three years, and I should be happy, so I sent Shen Junwen, the nephew of the richest man in Cangzhou."

"Wait for Mengyao to marry in the future. Entering the Shen family, I am the mother-in-law of the future richest man in Cangzhou. Hahaha, I didn’t expect Lin Lan to have a glorious day, sister-in-law, wait for my light when the time comes." Lin Lan fell into the future. In the longing for a better life, he didn't notice at all, the desperate look in Sun Guifang's eyes.

No help, this idiot is totally helpless.

If it was only ten or twenty million, Shen Junwen might be more generous and really handed the money to Lin Lan.

But that is a hundred million!

And it was still a hundred million yuan, if Shen Junwen was narrow-minded, he would even think that it was the three of them who joined Zhang Dongchen to do the game for him.

So he will inevitably retaliate. Zhang Dongchen has the Zhang family behind them, but who is behind them?

Xia Yunsheng? I am afraid that it will be too late to clear up the relationship with them.

Sun Guifang was very regretful, but this time she really lifted a rock and hit her in the foot. She wanted to recruit a sheep into the door, but accidentally recruited a wolf.

Now this wolf is going to eat people, no one can save them.

I can only send hope to Xia Mengyao, and hope that Xia Mengyao can ask Shen Junwen to let them go.

After Zhang Dongchen went out with the Ukrainian girl beside him, he went straight into the underground parking lot. Seeing that there was no one around, Zhang Dongchen dialed a number.

"Young Master, as you might expect, that idiot Shen Junwen has really come." Zhang Dongchen's expression was extremely respectful, completely devoid of the slightest cynicism before.

If someone sees Zhang Dongchen's appearance at this time, he will definitely be shocked. What is the identity of the person who can be treated so respectfully by Master Zhang Family.

"Well, how much did he pay in the end." The voice on the other end of the phone was a little indifferent, as if everything was expected.

"Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine million!" Zhang Dongchen replied.

"Yes, Dong Chen, you did a great job in this matter." A smile was raised at the corner of Chen Feng's mouth. This time, sending Zhang Dongchen over was really a trick.

"The young master is too acclaimed, because the young master taught well." Zhang Dongchen's tone became more respectful. Although his remarks contained compliments, the admiration from the bottom of his heart was also true, because he told Chen Feng to participate in the auction. After the list of people who would meet, Chen Feng expected that Shen Junwen would definitely pass, and he would still hold the attitude of certainty.

At that time, after shouting out 20 million, Zhang Dongchen was still a little bit nervous, and felt that Chen Summit would not have expected it wrong. Shen Junwen would not come, unexpectedly, at the last moment, Shen Junwen actually appeared!

There is no difference between what Chen Feng expected!

Later, there was nothing left to say, he followed Chen Feng's orders, surging his acting skills in front of Shen Junwen, causing Shen Junwen to pay 70 to 80 million more.

The real thing is like a god!

Zhang Dongchen rarely admires a person his age so much, but for Chen Feng, he really admires the five-body cast.

"Dong Chen, you don't have to be humble. If you don't act well and show flaws, Shen Junwen will not be fooled." Chen Feng smiled and said.

As early as when he learned that Lin Lan was going to auction Xia Mengyao for the first time, Chen Feng began to make secret arrangements. After investigating that Shen Junwen was on the list of all Lin Lan buyers, Chen Feng guessed that Shen Junwen would never give up this revenge. Opportunity, he will definitely participate in the auction.

In order to impose a small punishment on Shen Junwen, Chen Feng used his own power in the Zhang family to let Zhang Dongchen participate in the auction. Punishing Shen Junwen was on the one hand, and on the other hand, it was also to maintain the stability of the situation.

It's impossible for Chen Feng to watch his stupid mother-in-law, really selling Xia Mengyao to other people beyond his control.

It was sold to Shen Junwen because Shen Junwen was stupid enough and Chen Feng was confident enough that Shen Junwen could not even touch Xia Mengyao.

Otherwise, even if someone bids 10 billion today, Chen Feng will make Zhang Dongchen 100 million more than that person.

Because, to him, Xia Mengyao is priceless!

"By the way, Master, I have found out that this matter was led by Sun Guifang, and she has Mrs. Lin's handle..." Zhang Dongchen said, Chen Feng can still make sense if he doesn't clean up Lin Lan, but he doesn't clean up Sun Guifang. I just don't understand.

"Handle? What handle?" Chen Feng asked curiously.

"Um..." Zhang Dongchen seemed a little hard to tell.

"Let's talk, there is nothing to hide." Chen Feng smiled bitterly, he had probably guessed it.

Chapter: 53

"That's the case. After Mrs. Xia married Mrs. Lin, she still had an affair with a man named Wang Menglong. This Wang Menglong was a couple who were married to Mrs. Lin in college. He had a good relationship with Mrs. Lin, but after college, Lin His wife married Mr. Xia."

"In grief, Wang Menglong used gambling to dispel his sorrows, and finally became a gambler and lost all the family property. After giving birth to Miss Xia, Mrs. Lin saw him again by chance. Wang Menglong, perhaps because of the guilt of Wang Menglong’s miserable situation, Mrs. Lin concealed that Mr. Xia and Wang Menglong’s old relationship rekindled.”

“During the period, Wang Menglong also asked Mrs. Lin several times to borrow money, and Mrs. Lin borrowed them all. In the end, this matter, somehow, was known to

Sun Guifang, and Sun Guifang took this matter and started threatening Mrs. Lin..." Zhang Dongchen only said a few words to clearly explain the ins and outs of the matter. After listening, Chen Feng's brows were tightly furrowed together. This matter involves Xia Mengyao, which is a bit difficult to handle.

Lin Lan is Xia Mengyao's mother after all. Once Xia Mengyao knew that her mother was having an affair with other men, she would not be able to withstand this blow.

"I'll figure out how to do this. First, find someone to stare at Wang Menglong, and don't let him harass Mengyao." Chen Feng ordered that this kind of parental shortness is the most difficult to handle. He has to take care of Xia Mengyao, but he can't be right. Lin Lan was too ruthless, and she had to find a way to hide this matter temporarily.

"Yes, Young Master." Zhang Dongchen nodded respectfully.

There was a sound of opening the door, and Chen Feng hung up the phone hurriedly. Xia Mengyao was back. She has been in Yuquan Mountain for the past two days, so she didn't know that the outside world had turned upside down.

But after coming back today, her eye sockets were a little red. Obviously, the paper couldn't keep the fire, she already knew what Lin Lan had done.

"Whatever you want to eat, I'll cook it for you." Chen Feng asked with a smile.

"Chen Feng..." Xia Mengyao's shell teeth lightly opened, her beautiful eyes red.

Chen Feng got up, took Xia Mengyao into his arms, and said gently: "I know what you want to say, but you know, I don't mind those."

"But, the people outside all say you..." Xia Mengyao was full of grievances. In this world, only she knew how good the man in front of her was. It was not waste at all.

"The mouth grows on them. They can say what they want, as long as you don't think that way." Chen Feng smiled. It is not that Chen Feng is generous, but he thinks that there is really no need to care about a group of ants. .

"Yeah." Xia Mengyao gently buried her head on Chen Feng's shoulder, and muttered: "Chen Feng, why are you treating me so nicely?"

"Because you are the angel sent by God to save me..." Chen There was a look of nostalgia in Feng's eyes. Three years ago, he was hunted down by the Chen family. When he was seriously injured, he was taken back to the Xia family by Xia Weiguo. Lin Lan was about to drive him out and said he was staying. The Xia family will be very unhappy.

At that time, Xia Weiguo also hesitated a bit, and regretted taking Chen Feng home. If Chen Feng had an accident, his troubles would not be small.

Only Xia Mengyao, resisting all opinions, wanted him to stay.

It's not that Xia Mengyao fell in love with Chen Feng, but she couldn't bear it.

Because driving out the seriously injured Chen Feng is no different from killing Chen Feng.

In this way, Chen Feng stayed. During the half month of his injury, Xia Mengyao took care of him meticulously like a nanny until he recovered.

It can be said that Chen Feng's life was saved by Xia Mengyao.

At that time, Chen Feng fell in love with the cold-faced Xia Mengyao. For Xia Mengyao, he resolutely stayed at the Xia family, and even the idea of ​​seeking revenge from the Chen family faded away.

"By the way, you have been reluctant to tell me why you were so badly injured three years ago..."

Xia Mengyao asked. This is a question she has hidden in her heart for three years, especially in the last few days. Chen Feng continued to show abilities different from ordinary people. She became more and more curious about what exactly happened to Chen Feng three years ago and would suffer such severe injuries. Also, was Chen Feng really just an orphan?

Chen Feng sighed. He knew that Xia Mengyao would ask sooner or later, but he didn't expect that this day would come so soon, but how should he tell her?

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Is he the illegitimate son of the Chen family? Or the heir of the Chen family?

When Chen Feng was embarrassed, Xia Mengyao's phone rang and the caller ID was Lin Lan.

Xia Mengyao coldly pressed to answer.

Lin Lan's excited voice came from the phone: "Daughter, mom wants to tell you a great news!"

"What good news?"

Xia Mengyao asked indifferently, her red lips tightly pressed.

"Mom found you a new man, this man is a hundred times stronger than Chen Feng's trash..."

"Mom, you are enough!" Xia Mengyao coldly interrupted, "I told you a long time ago, I won't Leaving Chen Feng."

"Xia Mengyao!" Lin Lan screamed and said angrily: "What's so good about that deadly uselessness? I won't use rhetoric to please you, and I can't give you glory and wealth and make you worry-free, why are you Hanged on his tree!"

"Because he loves me and I love him, are you satisfied with this reason?" Xia Mengyao said lightly.

"Love? Can love be a meal! Can love allow you to drive a luxury car and live in a mansion!" Lin Lan hated iron and said, "Do you know who the man my mother is looking for this time is?"

"I don't know , I'm not interested in knowing!" Xia Mengyao was still indifferent.

Lin Lan was itchy with anger, and said, "His name is Shen Junwen. You can go out and inquire about his identity, the nephew of Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, and the future heir of the Shen family! No matter what, Shen Junwen can dump Chen Feng's waste. Ten thousand streets!"

"If you can marry Shen Junwen, let alone in this life, in the next life, you can live without worry." Lin Lan said excitedly. In her opinion, no woman can refuse such a privilege. The conditions for marrying the heir to the richest man, how many girls squeezed their heads would not get this opportunity.

"Are you finished? I'll hang up."

"Xia Mengyao, what do you mean!" Lin Lan was furious again, she said so much about her feelings, and Xia Mengyao didn't listen to a word, "You know I'm looking for Shen Junwen for you This

golden turtle son-in-law, did you work hard?" "It doesn't matter to me." Xia Mengyao said coldly, and then hung up the phone.


Lin Lan was so angry that he threw the phone to the ground, and Sun Guifang's expression on the side was extremely gloomy.

"This slut, is his brain flooded! With such a super rich second-generation Shen Junwen not marrying, he will desperately follow Chen Feng's trash!" Sun Guifang cursed, in her opinion, any woman with a little brain, They will choose Shen Junwen instead of Chen Feng.

Chapter: 54

"It must be Chen Feng, the trash who said something in front of Mengyao, otherwise Mengyao couldn't be so stupid. I had known so, I shouldn't have agreed to Lao Xia to take this trash home!" Lin Lan resented. If Chen Feng were to die outside three years ago, there would be no such thing as today.

"Don't talk about that, but first think about how to get that bitch to agree, and see Shen Junwen in the Queen's Building tomorrow." Sun Guifang said gloomily. If Shen Junwen can't see Xia Mengyao tomorrow, he will vent his anger with their mother and son and Lin Lan.

"I'll try calling her again." Lin Lan sighed, and then dialed Xia Mengyao's number again.

"Mengyao, I'll say sorry to you first. This time it's because my mother didn't care about your feelings." Lin Lan's tone softened again. She knew Xia Mengyao's character very well, whether she was soft or hard.

Xia Mengyao frowned, Lin Lan's tone made her somewhat uncomfortable.

"But Mom wants you to understand that the reason why Mom did this is for your own good. You also know the situation in our family. Your dad is not valued by your grandfather. The annual family dividends have almost nothing to do with him. I just became the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, but in terms of finances, your grandfather is very controllable, and he doesn't want you to take a penny from the Yuquanshan project."

"As for Chen’s not my mother, he really does. Very unprofitable. The salary he earns a month is not even enough to buy you a few bottles of good cosmetics. Women depend on money to support them. Mom doesn't want you to be destitute and become a yellow face. "

My mother ." "So this time Mom made her own way and put you on the line of Shen Junwen. Mengyao, you have to believe in your mother. Mom will not harm you, Shen Junwen, he is indeed your best destination."

Xia Mengyao sighed when Lin Lan tried to persuade herself bitterly. She didn't understand why Lin Lan had to link love with matter. Couldn't you have love without matter?

"Mom, I know you are for my good, but I really don't want to leave Chen Feng. And I think you should also give Chen Feng a chance, he will definitely make changes." Xia Mengyao did not listen to Lin Lan's words , She still wanted to persuade Lin Lan again, hoping that Lin Lan could change her view of Chen Feng.

Lin Lan gritted her teeth, expecting this waste to change, unless the dog changes it and eats shit! But at this moment, although Lin Lan is extremely disgusted with Chen Feng in her heart, the tone on her mouth is very soft: "Okay, Mengyao, mom can give you Chen Feng a chance, but this time, mom hopes you will also give mom a chance. Whether you like Shen Junwen or not, go and contact him tomorrow, okay? When the contact is over, if you still insist on liking Chen Feng, then mom won't stop you."

Lin Lan's idea is simple, just send Xia Mengyao Shen Junwen has nothing to do with her. She believes that Shen Junwen definitely has enough means to subdue Xia Mengyao and cook the raw rice.

"Mom, I said, I'm not interested in Shen Junwen, I won't go!"

Xia Mengyao frowned, she didn't understand why Lin Lan wanted her to see Shen Junwen so much, but she is now Chen Feng's wife. Didn't it make Chen Feng embarrassed when a man was dating?

"Mengyao! Just be my mother, please go and meet Shen Junwen, okay?" Lin Lan nearly begged. If Xia Mengyao doesn't go, she will not only be retaliated by Shen Junwen, but she will also fly away if she gets 100 million yuan. It makes her feel more uncomfortable than killing her.

"Mom, are you hiding something from me?" Xia Mengyao asked in doubt. Lin Lan had always been very strong in front of her, but this time, she was so low-pitched. Xia Mengyao always felt that Lin Lan had something to do. Keep it from her.

Chen Feng sighed in his heart. Xia Mengyao didn't know that he had been'sold' by Lin Lan's mother.

"Mengyao, Mom... Mom has accepted Shen Junwen's money." Lin Lan's voice was very unassuming, and she also understood that she had done too much in this matter, selling women for glory, and she would be disgraced at any time.

"How much did you receive!"

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Xia Mengyao asked, biting her silver teeth.

"One hundred million." Lin Lan replied weakly.


Xia Mengyao was struck by lightning, her face pale instantly, one hundred million...

Even if she didn't know anything about the world, she should understand what one hundred million means, Shen Junwen paid so much money, it is more than just wanting to see her. Other ulterior purposes.

"Mom, please tell me honestly, what agreement did you reach with Shen Junwen?" Xia Mengyao asked angrily. She was pure and she naturally did not expect that the frenzied Lin Lan would put her at auction for the first time.

" agreement, Mengyao, Shao Shen just wants to see you." Lin Lan thought about telling the truth to Xia Mengyao before, but Xia Mengyao is like this, if she tells the truth, I'm afraid Xia Mengyao will tear her up.

"To meet me, spend a hundred million? Mom, do you think I'm a fool!" There were tears in Xia Mengyao's beautiful eyes, she had probably guessed what Lin Lan did, but she didn't want to believe it. .

Lin Lan couldn't say anything.

"Mom, you immediately return the 100 million to Shen Junwen. I can treat it as nothing happened." Xia Mengyao said coldly, she is not stupid, she knows her value very well, besides being beautiful, she has nothing else to do. Even if there is, it is definitely more than 100 million. Shen Junwen must have other ulterior motives.

"Mengyao, the money can't be returned. Mom signed a contract with Shen Junwen. He only wants people and doesn't need money. If he doesn't see you tomorrow, he won't let me go..." Lin Lan whispered, this time Even if the money can be refunded, she will not refund it. This is 100 million yuan. Chen Feng's waste will not make so much money in ten lifetimes.

"I said, I! No! Yes! Go!" Xia Mengyao said every word while biting her silver teeth.

Who knows, Lin Lan cried directly, "Meng Yao, you can help mom. If you don't see him, mom will be in jail for the next half of my life. This time I was fooled by lard. I'm worried, but you can't ignore me..."

Xia Mengyao was trembling with anger, and two lines of tears flowed from her cheeks. What Lin Lan was talking about, she had no intention of listening. She couldn't believe that her mother had already become so rich in her interest.

Chen Feng sighed. He naturally understood how embarrassed Xia Mengyao was.

"Mengyao, do you believe me?" Chen Feng asked with a smile. He would not embarrass Xia Mengyao, never.

Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Feng in a daze. This was the third time Chen Feng asked her. Every time Chen Feng asked her, she would solve her difficult situation and bring her unimaginable surprises. Will it be the same this time?

Chapter: 55

"Believe me, go and see Shen Junwen, I will protect you." Chen Feng said, he did not tell Xia Mengyao the truth about this incident, because he wanted to teach Lin Lan and Sun Guifang mother and son a lesson so that they would never dare Hit Xia Mengyao's idea again.

"Yeah." Xia Mengyao nodded slightly. She is not hard-hearted. Naturally, it is impossible to watch Lin Lan spend the second half of her life in prison. However, if this happens, Chen Feng will be wronged.

"Thank you, Chen Feng." Xia Mengyao hugged Chen Feng heartily. There was never a moment when she would feel that Chen Feng was so important to her. In this world, only this man would support her so resolutely. People are simply not so generous.

"Tomorrow I will pass, but I hope this is the first and last time!" After a while, Xia Mengyao called Lin Lan and said coldly to Lin Lan. After this time, she would no longer owe anything. What happened to Lin Lan, if Lin Lan was smitten by profit and tried to profit from her, she would never be merciful.

When Xia Mengyao agreed, Lin Lan suddenly showed an expression of excitement.

"Daughter, trust mom, Shen Shao will never let you down, tomorrow you will be dressed beautifully..." Lin Lan also wanted Xia Mengyao to perform well, but Xia Mengyao had already hung up the phone.

Lin Lan was not angry, as long as Xia Mengyao agreed, it would be Shen Junwen who should have a headache.

Sun Guifang on the side also relaxed.

"By the way, Lin Lan, you call Chen Feng again and threaten this waste. I'm afraid he will find a way to stop Xia Mengyao." Sun Guifang said.

"Okay, I'll fight now." Lin Lan was also a little worried about Chen Feng, afraid that Chen Feng would make trouble.

As soon as Chen Feng returned to the bedroom, the phone rang.

Seeing that the caller was Lin Lan, Chen Feng was not surprised and pressed to answer.

"Chen Feng, is my daughter next to you?" Lin Lan asked coldly, her tone of voice for Chen Feng would not be so good.

"Not here." Chen Feng narrowed his eyes and said.

"It's fine if you're not here, presumably you already know that Mengyao is going to see Shao Shen tomorrow." Lin Lan was very direct, and didn't have the intention of scrutinizing Chen Feng's ideas.

"I know." Chen Feng said in a hurry.

"Just know, you can listen to me. Mengyao will be Shao Shen's woman from now on. Whether you agree or not, this will not change. Tomorrow will be her first date with Shao Shen. You'd better Don't bother!"

"Of course, if you insist on thinking about it and want to kill you, I won't stop you. You should know who Shen Shao is and he wants to kill you. It's as simple as playing an ant. "Lin Lan threatened wildly. She believed that if Chen Feng had a little brain, she should be clear about the big difference between him and Shen Junwen. One is the nephew of the richest man in Cangzhou, and the other is a food delivery company. Any comparability.

"Mom, it's okay if you don't say that. As soon as you say this, I want to weigh how many catties that Shen Junwen weighs. Playing with it can kill me like playing with an ant." Chen Feng jokes, Lin It's okay for Lan to be honest and not come to provoke him, but Lin Lan couldn't think about it, and threatened him, which made Chen Feng a little unhappy.

"You trash, do you want to die!" Lin Lan's expression changed drastically. Chen Feng, this trash, dared not even pay attention to Shen Junwen.

"I'm telling you, Chen Feng, don't think about it. Shen Junwen is the nephew of the richest man in Cangzhou. You can't imagine the energy he has. If you dare to provoke him, he will definitely make you worse off than death!" Lin Lan She hurriedly said, she was really afraid that Chen Feng's mind was bad, and she would also be in great trouble at a critical moment.

"Is it better to die?" Chen Feng smiled disdainfully. Even Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, did not dare to say this in front of him, let alone a nephew.

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"Well, Chen Feng, I will give you one hundred thousand yuan, just as you and Xia Mengyao's breakup fee, take this money, how far you can get me, don't disturb Mengyao." Lin Lan's There was a strong hint of charity in her tone. Originally, she didn't intend to give Chen Feng a penny, but now, Chen Feng suddenly went crazy and she had to put out one hundred thousand yuan to appease Chen Feng.

"One hundred thousand?" Chen Feng sneered again and again. Lin Lan really used him as a fool. Shen Junwen gave her one hundred million, and she actually wanted to spend one hundred thousand to pass herself.

"Why? Are you still too young?" Lin Lan frowned and said in disgust: "Chen Feng, don't be insatiable. One hundred thousand yuan is enough. You can't make so much money in two years if you deliver food.

" Mom, should I thank you?" Chen Feng asked sarcastically.

Lin Lan didn't seem to hear Chen Feng's sarcasm, but rather confidently said: "You really should be thankful to me. If you don't show up for Shen Shao, you might never realize it. Your kind of trash is not worthy of me. Daughter."

"Is Shen Junwen worthy?" Chen Feng asked rhetorically.

"Nonsense, Shen Shao is more than enough to match Mengyao." Lin Lan's face was taken for granted. In her opinion, Xia Mengyao marrying Shen Junwen is a blessing that Xia Mengyao can't cultivate in her eight lifetimes.

"Idiot!" Chen Feng spit out two words coldly. Here, Xia Mengyao is priceless, but in Lin Lan's eyes, Xia Mengyao has become a not-so-valuable goods. Lin Lan thought that Shen Junwen's rubbish was Xia Mengyao's climb.

"You trash, who are you scolding stupid?! What qualifications do you have to scold me!" Lin Lan's voice was immediately sharp. Once upon a time, Chen Feng was so useless that he didn't even dare to breathe in front of her, but now he dares to scold her. Stupid, how does this make her accept this gap.

"Qualifications?" Chen Feng sneered, and said: "After tomorrow, you will know what qualifications I have. I will let you understand that the luckiest thing in your life is to have such a good daughter as Mengyao. . " "

you're a waste, what do you mean? "Ringland heart uneasy, she always felt, Chen Feng very emboldened, she did not understand what Chen Feng emboldened come from, you know, he has to face Yes, it's not an ordinary person, but Shen Junwen, a super-rich second-generation super rich.

"Beep." Chen Feng hung up the phone directly.

"I'm so useless, dare to hang up my phone." Lin Lan was angry again.

"Sister-in-law, what do you mean by his last words?" Lin Lan asked nervously.

"It's bragging." Sun Guifang smiled disdainfully, "Do you really think that this waste will have any cards? If he really has, he won't be a dog in your house for three years."

" Yes ." Lin Lan's heart was relieved again. Come down.

Chapter: 56

"Just wait, and be Young Master Shen's mother-in-law. When the time comes to marry the Shen family, don't forget your sister-in-law and me." Sun Guifang smiled. At this time, she was a little jealous of Lin Lan. Although she was stupid, Life is really good, and she gave birth to a good daughter who can be valued by Shen Junwen. A serious person who has been able to ascend to heaven, even the status of the entire Xia family, will probably rise.

"Sister-in-law, don't worry, I can forget anyone, but sister-in-law, you and I will never forget." Lin Lan is in a good mood. After tomorrow, she is a wealthy lady. She wants to let those who looked down on her before, Know what regret is!

Early the next morning, a breaking news spread through the streets of Cangzhou.

Shen Junwen, the nephew of the richest man in Cangzhou, may want to marry Xia Mengyao!

This news is hard to say.

Shen Junwen and Xia Mengyao are influential figures in Cangzhou City. One is the prince charming in the hearts of hundreds of millions of girls. Not to mention handsome and handsome, they are still super rich second generation.

The other is the number one beauty in Cangzhou. Not only is she beautiful, she is also a business woman and the dream lover of countless young people.

The combination of the two, apart from the appearance of a talented woman, no one could think of other words to describe it.

However, there are rumours that Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao were not divorced. Shen Junwen married Xia Mengyao in front of Chen Feng. To put it bluntly, he wanted to blatantly cuckold Chen Feng in front of the whole city.

Many people began to sympathize with Chen Feng. It was pitiful enough to be a man at this level. His wife was looked at by other men, but he didn't even have the right to resist.

Of course, many people ridiculed Chen Feng, after all, Chen Feng's useless name has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it is normal for him to be unable to keep a peerless beauty like Xia Mengyao.

After the news reached the Xia family, the entire Xia family exploded.

"Shen Junwen fell in love with Xia Mengyao?!" Xia Zilan's face was incredibly unbelievable. She was the least able to accept this. From a young age, she had to compare with Xia Mengyao in everything. In front of Xia Mengyao, her only advantage is that Her husband, Zhao Shihua, is a hundred times better than Xia Mengyao's waste husband.

But today, someone told her that Xia Mengyao was going to marry the nephew of the richest man, but Shen Junwen, a hundred Zhao Shihua can't compare.

"Well, I don't know how that stinky biaozi hooked up with Shen Junwen again." Xia Hao said with a gloomy expression. Xia Mengyao had already made him uncomfortable when he became the head of the Yuquanshan project. Now he wants to marry Shen Junwen again. He has no way to survive.

"Is Shen Junwen blind! Xia Mengyao is such a lousy product, and he can see it too!" Xia Zilan growled angrily. She didn't understand that Xia Mengyao had lost some luck in the past month and became the head of the Yuquanshan project. Not to mention, now that she still wants to marry into a wealthy family and be a Kuo wife, doesn't it mean that she will always be crushed by Xia Mengyao in the future.

"This stinky biaozi must have given Shen Junwen ecstasy soup again." Xia Hao said viciously. In the entire Xia family, he was the one who offended Xia Mengyao the most. If Xia Mengyao really married into the Shen family, he would definitely not be able to eat it. Go around.

"What should I do now? Can you find Shen Junwen and say something bad in front of him? Let him dispel the idea of ​​marrying Xia Mengyao." Xia Zilan asked nervously.

"When you Shenjun Wen is a fool? He must know, our relationship with that smell biao child, so our words, he will not believe! Maybe thought we were in foul slander that biao child."

"By now, too I had to find a chance and bowed my head to that stinky biaozi, or she would become Shen's young grandmother and would not let you and me go." Xia Hao's face was full of unwillingness, once Xia Mengyao became Shen's young grandmother, let alone It was him, I'm afraid Xia Yunsheng, she would not take it seriously.

"Where is Chen Feng's useless? Is he going to watch this stinky boy marry Shen Junwen?" Xia Zilan thought of Chen Feng again, and she hoped that Chen Feng could cause some trouble for Shen Junwen at this time.

"Chen Feng?" Xia Hao gritted his teeth, "This rubbish only dared to play sideways in front of us. When he arrived at Shen Junwen, he definitely wouldn't even dare to put one p. Maybe this time, he tried to send Xia Mengyao to Shen Junwen. In her hand."

"It's very possible." Xia Zilan could only comfort herself like this.

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At the same time, Xia Yunsheng, who was sitting in the office, was also deeply surprised. Logically speaking, Xia Mengyao should be happy when he married into the Shen family, but he was not happy. He knew very well that he was dealing with Xia Mengyao and Xia Hao. When it happened, he was partial to Xia Hao, so Xia Mengyao was bound to have a grudge against him.

If Xia Mengyao was a little less minded, she would definitely use the power of the Shen family after marriage to stumble the Xia family.

Xia Yunsheng had a headache. At this time, even he had to find a way to repair the relationship with Xia Mengyao.

In desperation, Xia Yunsheng called Lin Lan. The tone on the phone was extremely kind, and he told Lin Lan that he could ask whatever he wanted, and the family would do their best to help, and must let Xia Mengyao take care of Shen Junwen.

This was the only opportunity for the Xia family to soar into the sky.

Lin Lan also rarely raised her eyebrows over there. The Patriarch Xia called her personally to show her good. This was something she couldn't even think of before, but now, it is actually happening.

Lin Lan felt that she was really wise this time. Marrying Xia Mengyao to Shen Junwen was the most correct decision she made in her life.

After hanging up the phone, Xia Yunsheng sighed again.

The Xia family is really going to change things this time.

At this time, Xia Yunsheng could not help but think of Chen Feng. Logically speaking, Chen Feng is still Xia Mengyao's husband in name. Xia Mengyao and Shen Junwen are married, and Chen Feng should have reacted.

But unexpectedly, no news about Chen Feng came out. It was as if Chen Feng was invisible. This made Xia Yunsheng very puzzled. He still couldn't understand Chen Feng a little bit, especially After going through the incident in Yuquan Mountain last time, Xia Yunsheng felt that Chen Feng might have a huge amount of energy hidden in him. This energy was even so huge that he couldn't imagine it!

The rest of the Xia family also called Lin Lan one after another to congratulate Lin Lan, which can be regarded as flattering Lin Lan in advance.

However, they didn't have as many thoughts as Xia Yunsheng, from beginning to end, no one cared about Chen Feng's life or death.

I even feel that if Chen Feng is smarter, he should take good care of Xia Mengyao at this time. Maybe after Xia Mengyao and Shen Junwen get married, they can still take care of him for the sake of the old couple.

Chapter: 57

In the blink of an eye, time came to the next night.

The wealthy Shen Junwen directly contracted the western restaurant on the top floor of the Queen's Building, and invited a professional band to perform, which was extremely powerful.

At the same time, several well-known outdoor anchors in Cangzhou City also appeared on the scene, placing live broadcast equipment in every corner of the restaurant.

Undoubtedly, these outdoor anchors were invited by Shen Junwen. His purpose was simple, he wanted to make this incident a storm that everyone knew.

He wants to make his 100 million worth of money!

Chen Feng wore a green hat on him, so he must return Chen Feng a green hat!

And in front of all the people in the city, blatantly return back!

Shen Junwen is such a flaw that must be reported. If he can't express his breath, he will be uncomfortable in his life.

On the long table in the middle of the restaurant, there were several bottles of valuable red wine. Shen Junwen sat on the chair, took a sip of the red wine, and gently placed the wine glass on the table, his eyes thoughtful.

The red candlelight flickered, and he was wearing a black tuxedo tonight. His tall figure and handsome appearance really looked a bit noble.

After this scene was uploaded to the live broadcast room, many nymphomaniac girls had little stars in their eyes and began to frantically scan their husbands on the barrage.

The enthusiasm of the live broadcast room is very high, and there are hundreds of thousands of viewers even before the host Xia Mengyao is present.

This is inseparable from the status of Shen Junwen and Xia Mengyao, neither of whom are ordinary people.

Shen Junwen is the nephew of Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, and the future heir of the Shen family. Usually, many people in Cangzhou just know that there is such a super rich second generation in Cangzhou, but what it looks like is not. Know.

And Xia Mengyao, although the status and status of Shen Junwen is not as good as Shen Junwen, but her own topicality is not inferior to Shen Junwen, or even worse!

Just the title of Cangzhou's No. 1 Beauty will bring many people who want to see Xia Mengyao's true face into the live broadcast room.

Coupled with the Cangzhou Daily's report on Xia Mengyao a few days ago, many ordinary people are even more curious about what Xia Mengyao is.

It is conceivable what kind of stormy waves will be set off when dating two people with their own topicality.

Before the date has started, the barrage in the live broadcast room has been rolling dizzyingly.

"Shen Shao is simply a superb. The western restaurant on the top floor of the Queen's Building, I usually can't even book a seat. Shen Shao directly covers the first floor, and the charter fee alone costs more than 1 million.

" Cut, soil buns, what's the charter fee? Look at the decoration in the restaurant, the lights, the fresh flowers shipped from outside, none of these things are cheaper than the charter fee."

"There are also paradise bands that perform, their appearance fee. It’s not low, at least it’s a starting point of 1.5 million."

"Fuck, if you count it, Shen Shaoguang spent close to 5 million for this date!"

"Five million, enough for me to buy two or three suites. Sure enough, the world of the rich, poor people like us will never imagine."

Many viewers are lamenting Shen Junwen’s wealth. After seeing the bulletin, Shen Junwen smiled disdainfully, and a bunch of poor dicks cost five million. Terrible? If they knew that they had spent 100 million and auctioned off Xia Mengyao for the first time, they would probably have their eyes falling off.

"Suddenly I am a little curious about what Xia Mengyao looks like, and I don't know whether she deserves to be Shang Shao."

"I heard that she is very beautiful, not inferior to some female stars, but it is a pity that she married a waste husband.

" Yes, her husband is a takeaway. The two have been married for three years and have been sleeping in separate rooms."

"How can there be such a useless man in the world, what a rubbish!"

"You may not know that this rubbish has no money to buy a car, so I lied to my wife's money to buy a car."


Fuck, what else ?" Seeing the audience in the live broadcast room began to scold Chen Feng frantically, Shen Junwen's mouth raised. There was a bit of playfulness, which was exactly what he was looking forward to seeing. Not only did he want to cuckold Chen Feng, but he also had to distort Chen Feng’s reputation, so that after Chen Feng walked on the streets of Cangzhou, he could not lift his head completely. !

Shen Junwen raised his wrist again and glanced at his watch. It was only fifteen minutes before the agreed time. He was very curious that Chen Summit would not come with Xia Mengyao?

"I heard that Xia Mengyao hasn't divorced her trash husband yet."

"It must be the trash. Seeing that Xia Mengyao is now famous

, she doesn't want to leave! "Hmph, he doesn't want to leave, what can he do? After Xia Mengyao, did he dare to say nothing to Shen Shao? "

That's right, if Young Master Shen wants to give him a cuckold, he must accept it obediently, maybe I want to thank Young Master Shen." "

You said, dare that trash come over tonight, after all, Xia Mengyao is still his wife in name." His wife is dating other men, can he bear it? "It's

definitely unbearable to change to another man, but it's a waste of money, definitely bear it!" He must not dare to come over tonight. "

I also bet that he dare not come over, if he dare to come over, I will use ten supercars and remember my ID. "

The same bet, dare to come over that waste, I live upside down and eat shit!" "

Shen Junwen smiled very happily, but there was some regret in his heart. If Chen Feng was really a tortoise, it would be meaningless. He had planned to beat Chen Feng severely in front of the hundreds of thousands of viewers. Face, asked Chen Feng to kneel and beg for mercy, and then take Xia Mengyao to the hotel, go to open a room, slap a night, and put a green hat on Chen Feng.

This process is perfect. If Chen Feng can’t come, then Can be cuckold.

Ten minutes later, the elevator door on the top floor of the Queen's Building opened.

Xia Mengyao took Chen Feng's arm and appeared in the sight of everyone.

Today's Xia Mengyao, with no makeup and pure makeup, came out wearing light yellow casual clothes at home. However, as soon as she appeared, the whole live broadcast room was exploded.

So beautiful!

Those so-called Internet celebrities with heavy makeup and beauty are not on the same level as Xia Mengyao.

Both her appearance and temperament were completely crushed by Xia Mengyao.

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The hibiscus comes out of the water, and it is naturally carved.

Xia Mengyao is such a beauty!

Elegant and clean!

"Why didn't we know before that we still have such a beauty in Cangzhou."

"I thought before that the so-called No. 1 beauty in Cangzhou was probably a gimmick, but after seeing a real person, I felt that the title of No. 1 beauty in Cangzhou was a bit unworthy of Xia Goddess."

"Envy Shao Shen, I also want to be a rich second-generation."

"Goddess Xia don't marry, wait for me to buy a two-color ball!

Chapter: 58

The barrage began to confess Xia Mengyao frantically, and Shen Junwen's eyes lit up.

Before, he only heard Xu Feirong mention Xia Mengyao once, but at that time, his heart was all on Xu Feirong, so he didn’t pay attention to Xia Mengyao. But when I saw him today, Shen Junwen regretted it a bit. This is not inferior to him. Xu Feirong, even the beauty of the past, he should have noticed earlier.

Maybe something could happen to Xia Mengyao.

This also made Shen Junwen a little jealous of Chen Feng for the first time, and he was able to have a relationship with such two big beauties at the same time. What kind of ability is this waste?

"Mengyao, you are so beautiful today..."

Shen Junwen stretched out his hand, with a gentle smile on his handsome face. Who knows that before he finished speaking, Xia Mengyao walked past him, from beginning to end. , Didn't even look at him.

Shen Junwen stretched out his hand awkwardly in the air, and the smile on his face was frozen, and a touch of anger was drawn across his face. Why is this bitch's attitude different from what he thought? Didn't Lin Lan tell her that she is her own now?

Shen Junwen took a deep breath, and then prepared to return to his seat.

But then he saw Chen Feng sitting in his seat, and Shen Junwen's face suddenly turned black.

"Who made you sit there!"

Shen Junwen looked at Chen Feng in anger and scolded. He only prepared two chairs, one for his own and the other for Xia Mengyao. His original plan was, if Chen Feng When he came, just let Chen Feng stand and watch him and Mengyao have a dinner party, which is also a good way to give Chen Feng off.

Who would have thought that because Xia Mengyao didn't shake hands with him, Chen Feng sat on the master seat by himself because of his stunned kung fu. Doesn't it mean that he was asked to stand as the master?

"Your name is written on this chair?" Chen Feng said lightly. Shen Junwen's little trick is really naive.

"You..." Shen Junwen's face was blue and red. Of course, his name was not written on the chair. At this time, he had to force Chen Feng to leave. He would only appear stingy. He couldn't do this, so he could only ask the waiter to move another one. The chair came over and placed it in the middle.

Only in this way, it seems that he has become a foil for Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao.

At the same time, the popularity of the live broadcast room has exceeded one million, which is very rare in outdoor live broadcasts.

"This rubbish is here! Where did he get the courage?"

"Where are the two

people who said about running supercars and handstands and shit? Others are here!" "This man is really thick-skinned, his wife is dating other men , Is he watching from the sidelines."

"That's not a thick-skinned face, it's a useless one!"

Although he didn't succeed in giving Chen Feng an offense, Shen Junwen was in a good mood at this time.

Because only Chen Feng came, he could step on Chen Feng in front of Xia Mengyao, and tell Xia Mengyao who was worthy of her.

Shen Junwen snapped his fingers, and several tall waitresses in split cheongsam walked over with a variety of exquisite dishes.

The professional sommelier came over and began to sober up. This time, Shen Junwen was smart and gave the sommelier a look, so the sommelier only poured two glasses of wine, one for Xia Mengyao, one for Shen Junwen, and Chen Feng could only do it. Baba watched.

"Chen Feng, do you know what kind of wine this is?" Shen Junwen asked jokingly, shaking the red wine in the glass.

"I don't know." Chen Feng said blankly.

"It's normal if I don't know. This is the Romani Conti brought back from France by my trustee. At present, there are only less than a thousand bottles in the world. This wine is comparable to the Lafite of 82 years in the eyes of ordinary people. It’s much more precious.” Shen Junwen’s tone has a sense of supremacy. Many people think that Lafite 1982 is the best red wine, but as everyone knows, there is also a wine in the red wine called Romane Conti, known as the Emperor of Wine, because It is extremely scarce, so in recent years, money cannot buy it.

A touch of disdain was raised at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. If he remembers correctly, there are hundreds of bottles of Romani Kant in the wine cellar of the Chen family, and no one cares about it. It is also the rich second generation in a small place like Shen Junwen. , Will take Romani Conti seriously.

Seeing Chen Feng not answering, Shen Junwen snorted coldly, and said, "Do you know why I didn't let the waiter pour you wine?"

"Afraid that I would waste it?" Chen Feng asked with a smile.

Shen Junwen's tone was stagnant, and he said, "You are quite self-aware. Indeed, even if this wine is given to you, you will not be able to drink anything. Only those who understand wine can taste the best wine. Where, people like you deserve only beer."

Shen Junwen joked, snapped his fingers, and said, " Bring him a case of beer."

"Yes, Shen Shao."

"Wait, here ." I also took a case of beer." At this time, Xia Mengyao followed, and as for the Romani Conti in front of him, she didn't even look at it from beginning to end.

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The waiter looked at Shen Junwen embarrassedly, wondering what Shen Junwen meant. If he could do it here, his winks would not be bad. As soon as Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao entered, she observed that Shen Junwen hated Chen Feng, so Chen Feng is embarrassed everywhere, but Xia Mengyao...

Shen Junwen's irritation is even worse. This bitch is really cheap. He puts the million-dollar Romani Conti not to drink, and has to accompany the waste to drink a few yuan a bottle of beer.

"Mengyao, do you like beer too? Say it early. I told someone to bring a few bottles of special beer. Then take a few more cases of beer. I haven't had beer for a long time. This opportunity is to have a drink with the beautiful woman." Although he was angry at the bottom of his heart, Shen Junwen's surface demeanor was still very good, and his face was still light.

"Yes, Shao Shen." The waiter wiped the cold sweat from his head and hurriedly left.

Looking at Shen Junwen's clenched fist under the table, Chen Feng only felt funny for a while, this idiot, I am afraid that Xia Mengyao would have such an attitude towards him.

I have raised my wife for three years, dare you come to grab it? Don't take a piss and take pictures of yourself.

At this time, Shen Junwen's heart was also uncertain. Lin Lan promised him that Xia Mengyao would definitely stand on his side and be obedient to him, but how did Xia Mengyao help Chen Feng deal with him when he got to the scene? ?

Shen Junwen was puzzled.

If Lin Lan knows what he thinks, I’m afraid he would call him wrong. In fact, in Lin Lan’s vision, Shen Junwen should be good enough to deal with Chen Feng’s trash, and he should be able to catch it. At that time, just let Xia Mengyao see, How wasteful Chen Feng is, and how good Shen Junwen is, comparing the two, Xia Mengyao should naturally know who to choose.

However, Lin Lan overestimated Shen Junwen and underestimated Chen Feng, let alone understand Xia Mengyao's true thoughts.

No matter how good other men are, Xia Mengyao would never look at him. In her eyes, only Chen Feng.

Chapter: 59

Seeing the waiter coming over with a few boxes of beer, Shen Junwen's heart became more irritable, and things completely deviated from the trajectory he expected.

He failed to dismiss Chen Feng and wanted to use Roman Nikon to humiliate Chen Feng and was stopped by Xia Mengyao. Shen Junwen felt that not only did he not vent his anger, but he was angry again.

"Mengyao, I heard from my aunt, you are very interested in piano?" Shen Junwen could not humiliate Chen Feng after seeing this. He had to ask about some of Xia Mengyao's preferences from Lin Lan and knew that Xia Mengyao was very interested in piano since childhood , Also specially applied for the study class to learn piano.

Xia Mengyao frowned and then nodded lightly. Although she didn't want to talk to Shen Junwen, she also understood that she couldn't be too obvious, otherwise Lin Lan would not be able to explain it.

Shen Junwen smiled warmly and said: "It just so happens that I also like pianos, and I have a lot of research on pianos. In order to improve my piano skills, I went to Europe a few years ago and paid homage to them. A Chinese pianist as a teacher, I learned a lot from that master, Mengyao, if you don’t mind, I’ll play a song for you here today.”

Xia Mengyao wants to say I mind, but Shen Junwen didn't give her a chance at all, and went straight to the stage in the middle of the restaurant, where there was a piano that was very valuable at first glance. This was prepared by Shen Junwen just in case, but he didn't expect it to be really popular. use.

Shen Junwen's thinking is also very simple, since he can't conquer Xia Mengyao in money, then he will use talents, anyway, most women can't escape these two.

Shen Junwen sat on the chair, and several anchors' cameras pointed at Shen Junwen.

This is Shen Junwen's personal talent show, such a good opportunity for flattering, they will naturally not let it go.

"Shen Shao looks good at playing the piano."

"This posture and technique are professional at first glance, and it's no better than some domestic piano masters."

"What kind of shit luck did Xia Mengyao take? How could she meet Shen Shao? Such a versatile and golden man."

The audience in the live broadcast room also began to kneel and lick Shen Junwen.

Shen Junwen took a deep breath. The piano is the only talent for picking up girls. He once used this skill to make many ladies in the circle fall in love with him, and finally climbed onto his bed and let him be at his mercy, so Shen Junwen Very confident.

He wants Xia Mengyao to understand that he Shen Junwen is not the kind of rich boy who is worthless, his talent is just as brilliant!

Shen Junwen played Beethoven's tune, called "To Alice", which was a song composed by Beethoven for one of his female students in 1810, and it is one of the top ten famous songs in the world.

The difficulty of playing the piece is naturally extremely high, but Shen Junwen's daring to choose shows that he has worked hard on this piece. Although it cannot be said to be perfect, it is really amazing.

Xia Mengyao frowned her eyebrows, and she had a deep understanding of the piano. She had to say that Shen Junwen’s "To Alice" was really good. Whether it was the control of the rhythm or the pitch, it was handled Very good, I can't fault it at all.

Several members of the heavenly band under the stage also showed their sincere admiration. They are engaged in music, and they can better understand how difficult it is to play this top ten famous song in the world. Shen Junwen can be regarded as a non-professional musician. The identity, playing "To Alice" is so beautiful, really talented!

Xia Mengyao and Heavenly Band are like this. One can imagine how shocking the millions of viewers in the live broadcast room are at this time.

Most of them don't understand piano, but they can hear it. Shen Junwen's performance is really good!

"Shen Shao's level is enough to participate in some domestic piano competitions."

"Shen Shao is too awesome, are the children of rich people so good?"

"It's so nice, I want to cry."

"Shen Shao, I To marry you, I will give birth to a monkey for you."


Many viewers started to give Shen Junwen supercars and rockets. It was just a piece of work. The live broadcast room received more than 500,000 gifts.

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This has broken several anchors to Le, and Shen Junwen is naturally not short of the money, but they are short of it. No one thought that if you just came out to do an outdoor live broadcast, you could earn more than 500,000 yuan.

It can only be said that Shen Junwen's hand is too powerful, and it has impressed many audiences.

After the performance of one piece, Shen Junwen got up, then bowed gracefully to the audience before getting off the stage.

"Mengyao, do you think there is something wrong with my song "To Alice"?" Shen Junwen's face was red, obviously, what he said was a scene, not to mention that he made few mistakes when he played. Saying yes, with Xia Mengyao's level, he would never see it, so he meant it very clearly, that he wanted Xia Mengyao to recognize his talent.

"Too much." Before Xia Mengyao spoke, Chen Feng smiled and spoke.

Shen Junwen was taken aback, and said: "What's too much?"

"I said that when you played, there were too many mistakes!" Chen Feng continued. Shen Junwen's level can also show off in front of ordinary people. In front of the master, there is no way to get on the stage.

"You trash, what do you know?! Do you know the piano!"

Shen Junwen was immediately furious. Before Chen Feng robbed his seat, he could not be angry, but now, Chen Feng, this trash, dares to question him the most. Proud piano, how can Shen Junwen bear it. This rubbish, I'm afraid he hasn't even touched a piano before. Why should he say that he has made many mistakes!

"Do you think I don't understand piano?" Chen Feng asked with a sneer. His accomplishments in piano are not much less than his in martial arts. Since the age of three, he has been exposed to piano and spends time on piano every day. , At least three or four hours.

His teacher is his mother, Su Zhaoqing.

More than 20 years ago, Su Zhaoqing became famous in Kyoto and is a famous instrument master in Kyoto. It is precisely because of her wonderful talent that her mother Su Zhaoqing was admired by Chen Haotian, the youngest of the Chen family, but because of the combination of the two With the permission of the Chen family, Chen Feng bore the notoriety of an illegitimate child.

Being bullied in the Chen family.

But at that time, his mother Su Zhaoqing was very strong, even though their mother and son lived in Chen's house in dire straits, Su Zhaoqing never gave up on his training.

Not only gave Chen Feng all her talents, but also let Chen Feng practice martial arts every day.

It was those hard days when life was worse than death that cultivated Chen Feng today.

On the piano, Chen Feng's level, even if compared to those of the world's famous artists, is not much better!

Shen Junwen wanted to hit himself with the piano, it was like a trick!

Chapter: 60

"You said you know the piano, that's fine, but you're going to tell me, where did I have a problem?" Shen Junwen asked coldly, Chen Feng, a fool, dare to pretend to be forceful in front of him, and I don't know your details. , Is a takeaway, piano, a kind of medicine that costs countless money to cultivate, how can you come into contact with it.

Xia Mengyao frowned slightly, she felt that Chen Feng might have been a little overwhelmed by Shen Jun’s temperament. She had lived with Chen Feng for three years, so she must know that Shen Junwen knew that Chen Feng had never touched a piano, let alone Understood.

Even if Chen Feng understands, I am afraid that he does not understand it very deeply, but Shen Junwen's level is so high that most people can't tell it at all. There is a problem with Shen Junwen.

Chen Feng said so now, I am afraid that he will insult himself.

"Do you really want me to tell?" Chen Feng asked, narrowing his eyes.


Chen Feng sighed. You forced me, not what I wanted to say.

"I'm still pretending, you don't understand piano..."

Just as Shen Junwen wanted to mock, Chen Feng's faint voice came in his ear: "Introductory part a minor, G major, you play slowly , And the seventh syllable and the ninth syllable in the middle. These two syllables are purely redundant. Your fingering is too bad and you made a mistake..." As

soon as Chen Feng spoke, Shen Junwen's expression changed. He was very clear. There is nothing wrong with what Chen Feng said!

He did have a problem playing the a minor and G major in the prelude!

What made it even more difficult for Shen Junwen to accept was that Chen Feng's mouth was like a serial cannon, shot after shot, and in a blink of an eye he said a dozen of his mistakes!

Among them, most of them were his real mistakes, and there were even a few that he didn't even notice!

Shen Junwen's face gradually paled, and cold sweat came out on his forehead. How did he see this rubbish? Does he really understand piano, but even if he does, he can't understand so much.

You know, even if it is his teacher, listening to him play a piece, he can't see so many mistakes.

Is Chen Feng's piano attainments deeper than his Chinese pianist teacher?

Shen Junwen suddenly had such a thought in his mind, but he couldn't even accept his own.

"Do you want me to continue?" Chen Feng asked sarcastically. He only said a dozen of Shen Junwen's mistakes, and there are at least 20 others behind, but he didn't bother to continue.

" did you see it?" Shen Junwen swallowed, still a little unbelievable.

"You are so bad, as long as someone who understands piano can tell." Chen Feng smiled disdainfully.

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"Put the p! Where is my level of rotten!" Shen Junwen's face is red, his most proud talent is even said to be rotten in person, how can I bear it.

Chen Feng shook his head and said, "You don't want to admit it, and I can't help it. In my eyes, your level is really bad."

Xia Mengyao opened her red lips slightly, her beautiful eyes were full of shock, Chen Feng Actually... Really understand piano!

And looking at his self-confidence now, it is obviously not an ordinary understanding, his level is at least ten times better than Shen Junwen!

Is this man in front of him really just a takeaway?

The live broadcast room also exploded again.

"This dead rubbish actually said that Shen Shao's level is bad. Where did Liang Jingru give him his courage?"

"A food delivery guy who has never even touched a piano. Why does he question Shen Shao.

" But, when you look at Shao Shen, it seems that the mistakes mentioned by this rubbish, Shao Shen does exist."

Of course, there were audiences who helped Chen Feng speak, but as soon as the barrage came out, it was covered by other barrage spraying Chen Feng. Past.

"You said Lao Tzu's level is bad, what about you? What is your level?" Shen Junwen asked viciously.

"My level is more than ten times better than you," Chen Feng wrote lightly.

"Fart!" Shen Junwen suddenly felt insulted.

"Pretend to be compelling. It's ten times more. Why don't you say one hundred times."

"Shen Shao, let this rubbish play a bit. We have to see if his level of piano playing matches He

brags at the same level." Shen Junwen looked gloomy, "Since you say your level is ten times better than mine, dare you come on stage to play a song, let everyone see."

Knowing the piano and knowing how to play the piano are two different things. Shen Junwen feels that Chen Feng may have some talent in music theory, so he can hear syllables that ordinary people can't hear, but when it comes to playing the piano, this talent can't be used.

If you want to play the piano well, you don't only need to know music theory, fingering, rhythm, and other aspects.

"Are you sure you want me to play?" Chen Feng asked with a smile. It seems that Shen Junwen has not been hit enough by himself.

"Yes!" Shen Junwen gritted his teeth. He still doesn't believe it. He has learned piano for more than ten years, and he can't compare with a takeaway.

"Okay, listen well, then, I will teach you today, "To Alice", how to play!" Chen Feng smiled confidently, and he wanted to cure Shen Junwen's problem of not seeing the coffin or crying!

"You want to play the same tune as me?" Shen Junwen's face suddenly became very ugly. Chen Feng is obviously confident to the extreme. You know, it is difficult for audiences who do not understand music to hear the same song. The nuances, unless the other party can interpret the song to the fullest.

It shows the true mood of the song, which can make people indulge in it.

But everyone who can have this level are all internationally renowned piano masters. Most of them have been immersed in piano for 50 or 60 years. Shen Junwen does not believe that Chen Feng can also have this level.

Chen Feng nodded and said lightly: "If you don't play the same tunes as you, how can you know how bad your own level is!"


Very rampant!

Shen Junwen's face blushed, this trash, where did he get his courage?

"Meng Yao, after three years of marriage, I seldom give you anything deceptively good. Today's song "To Alice" is given to you. If you don't play well, don't dislike it." Chen Feng looked at Xia Mengyao, gentle and gentle, Beethoven was unmarried all his life, but he also has a woman he likes, that is, the master of this song, his female student.

Therefore, "To Alice" is not just a piece of music. Sometimes, it can also be used to express love.

"I won't dislike it, as long as you play it, no matter what, I like it." Xia Mengyao blushed, just listening to Chen Feng's words, her heart was like a deer, full of joy.

Because the meaning of Chen Feng's words is obvious, she is his Alice, his only love.

Shen Junwen's eyes were filled with jealousy. At this moment, he understood that no matter how Chen Feng played, he had lost, because Xia Mengyao had only Chen Feng in his eyes from beginning to end!

Xia Mengyao likes it even if Chen Feng bounces a pile of shit!