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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 61-70 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 61

Chen Feng sat on the piano chair with a complicated expression. Since his mother's death, he has not touched the piano for three years.

He used to play the piano in order not to disappoint Su Zhaoqing.

Now, he plays the piano for the woman he likes.

Chen Feng's slender fingers touched the keys, and there was a cold touch from the black and white keys.

Chen Feng shook his fingers and pressed a few keys at random, and the piano suddenly made a harsh noise.

Shen Junwen didn't speak with a gloomy face. Although Chen Feng played a few noises, it didn't mean that he really didn't know how to play the piano. It might be tuning.

But the audience who didn't understand the piano in the live broadcast room didn't understand this. Only when Chen Feng couldn't play at all, he was a fierce mockery.

"I say this waste will not play the piano, now revealed the secret of it."

"He has the scrubby kind, take a look at not just the piano on the relationship, and quickly go rolling down, do not in this disgrace."

"I Leave for three minutes and come back when the waste is finished."

"Ding Ding Ding..." As

soon as the voice fell, Chen Feng started to play. The first few notes were so common that everyone did not hear anything outstanding. The place.

But as Chen Feng's fingers flew, the piano on the stage seemed to come alive, and the beautiful notes came out from the soundboard, slapping everyone's eardrums like a storm, making people tremble.

Shen Junwen’s expression changed first. As the so-called expert, he knew if he had it. Among all the people in the field, his piano skills were the highest. The same note would only sound nice to ordinary people. They couldn't tell why it was so good.

But Shen Junwen, a martial artist who has been playing piano for more than ten years, can clearly feel that the notes played by Chen Feng are simply natural!

In other words, the rhythm is perfect, and there is no gap between the notes.

Just by controlling the rhythm, Chen Feng has thrown him dozens of streets!

Xia Mengyao’s shock at this time was not less than Shen Junwen. It was also "To Alice". Shen Junwen just played it. Xia Mengyao felt that she was just following the book. Although it sounds good, she lacked some agility. Obviously, Shen Junwen did not comprehend. The essence of "Alice" is just to play for playing.

But in Chen Feng's hands, "To Alice" seemed to come alive, with a soul!

He vividly interprets the mood of a man who admires but does not admire, even if she is a woman, she can feel the complex mood of despair and hope.

Xia Mengyao's red lips were slightly open. At this moment, she was a little surprised. On the stage, Chen Feng, who was shining brightly and resembling the emperor of music, was really her ordinary husband in the past?

How can the same person be so different?

Unlike Shen Junwen and Xia Mengyao, who know the piano, most people in the live broadcast room may have never touched a piano, but this does not prevent them from defining nice.

Just like an ordinary person, if you want to evaluate whether a dish is delicious, you must first go for a chef certificate.

Everyone has their own unique understanding of beautiful sounds!

Obviously, Chen Feng's "To Alice" is very beautiful! At least millions of viewers in the live broadcast room think so.

There was a sound of lying on the barrage.

"Fuck! He really played this piece? How do I feel that he is fake, someone is playing the original song!"

"Fool! Why don't you say that the piano is fake."

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"Woo, it's so nice, I believe in love again."

"After listening to Chen Feng's play, I only have one feeling. What Shen Shao played just now was a fart."

"There is no comparability at all. Shao Shen is only playing "To Alice", but this Chen Feng is actually

performing "To Alice"." "Hidden hidden, are there so many talented takeaways these days? "

Really, I don't have any talent in the future, so I dare not go to deliver food."

"Chen Feng just played the tune, did anyone record it? I feel like it."

"No, it's so nice. I didn't even think of recording at all."


last note of "Ding Dong" came to an abrupt end. Everyone still had some thoughts, and seemed to want to listen to it, but Chen Feng stood up, without thanks, and without bowing, he walked straight down. Taiwan, walked to Xia Mengyao.

"Meng Yao..." Chen Feng's eyes were gentle, and he wanted to say something, but a beautiful face rushed towards his face. Chen Feng only felt his lips cool, and the words behind him were blocked in his mouth. Chen Feng widened. My eyes are full of incredible.

Is this... was forced to kiss? !

Although Xia Mengyao closed her beautiful eyes tightly, Chen Feng could still see that Xia Mengyao's pretty face was full of shame.

Obviously, making such a bold move is also a huge challenge for Xia Mengyao.

For a long time, the lips are divided.

Xia Mengyao lowered her head, not even daring to glance at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng licked his lips subconsciously, there was only one thought in his mind, it was really sweet.

On the side, Shen Junwen's face was pale, his fists clenched, and blue veins bulged on the back of his hand.

When things got to this point, he didn't talk about his face, even his lining was lost.

His original plan was to step on Chen Feng severely in front of Xia Mengyao, but Chen Feng stepped on it instead.

And through the live broadcast, everyone in the city saw this scene.

Don't even think about it. After today, someone will definitely say that Shen Junwen is a half-hearted piano player, and he might as well be a takeaway.

"Together, to be together!"

"Brain-disabled, people are already husband and wife! Shao Shen is the third party."

"Shen Shao's face, he was beaten up tonight."

"Who would have thought of a piano for delivery ." He played better than those international famous players."

"If he can play again, I will send ten super rockets, absolutely nothing!" In

the live broadcast room at this time, there were very few people who criticized Chen Feng for waste. Chen Feng's superb piano skill alone is enough to make 99% of the people in the world feel ashamed.

It's no exaggeration to say that if Chen Feng didn't deliver food and went to play the piano, his achievements would not be worse than the current Shen Junwen.

Such a person, who is qualified to say he is waste?

Lin Lan and Sun Guifang, who were guarding in front of the live broadcast room, felt that the sky was about to collapse at the moment.

Even if they killed them, Chen Feng not only went to the Queen's Building, but also slapped Shen Junwen in the face.

This is different from what they expected.

Lin Lan hated Chen Feng to death. She knew that this rubbish could play the piano and was so good, she shouldn't have said that to Shen Junwen. Now that's fine, Shen Junwen was beaten in the face and she would definitely be blamed on her. .

But what Lin Lan was more concerned about at the moment was how Shen Junwen would deal with this situation, and whether she could get the one hundred million.

Chapter: 62

In fact, Shen Junwenfei was about to be blown up at this time.

Before tonight, he had told all the people in the city that Xia Mengyao would become his woman, but now, Xia Mengyao was nestling in the arms of another man in front of him.

Shen Junwen felt that his face was turning green.

"Xia Mengyao, are you tired?" Shen Junwen glanced at Xia Mengyao coldly, and he said: "When you are tired, you will get me over. Don't forget that you are now Laozi's woman!"

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See you!

Shen Junwen completely tore off the disguise. Since Xia Mengyao toasts and does not eat or drink fine wine, he does not need to pretend it anymore. After all, he still has a contract with Lin Lan in his hand. As long as he takes out the contract, Xia Mengyao will definitely obey. .

"Shen Junwen, I don't know what agreement you and my mother have reached, but I can tell you clearly, no matter what agreement, I will not agree to it, you'd better give up as soon as possible!" Xia Mengyao said with a calm expression.

"Xia Mengyao, your mother took Lao Tzu's 100 million yuan, don't say you don't know!" Shen Junwen's tone is cold, how can his money be so easy to collect?

"I will let my mother return the money to you intact." Xia Mengyao said lightly.

Shen Junwen grinned and said, "Do you think I am short of money?"

"What do you want?" Xia Mengyao said angrily, biting her silver teeth.

"Simply, you immediately divorce Chen Feng, this waste, and be Lao Tzu's woman!" Shen Junwen licked his lips, the lust in his eyes did not conceal the slightest bit of lust. What about Chen Feng's talent, in front of real power, Talent is a shit.

"Impossible!" Xia Mengyao said coldly.

"Impossible?" Shen Junwen sneered, "Then you just wait for your mother to sit down in prison."

Shen Junwen said and picked up the phone. The money Lin Lan received was not a small sum, but 100 million. Letting the team of lawyers in his hand operate it would be enough to keep Lin Lan in jail for a lifetime.

There was a panic across Xia Mengyao's pretty face. Do you really want to watch her mother go to jail for a lifetime?

On the other side, Lin Lan, who was in front of the live broadcast room, was crying for her father and mother. Now she finally understands why Sun Guifang said that Shen Junwen's money was not easy to take.

It's not easy to handle, it's hot!

"Shen Shao, how about giving me a face?" Chen Feng sighed, and finally stood up without holding back.

He was going to teach Lin Lan a lesson, but he didn't really plan to let Lin Lan go to jail for half his life, so Xia Mengyao would not feel good.

"Give you face? What are you!" Shen Junwen glanced at Chen Feng with disdain, and snorted coldly. Trash knows to ask Lao Tzu now? late!

Chen Feng frowned: "You really don't intend to give me face?"

Shen Junwen suddenly laughed: "Want to give you face? That's okay. Kneel down, learn three dog barks, and then sneak through Lao Tzu's crotch. Give you face!"

Shen Junwen is so rampant, this is a good opportunity to humiliate Chen Feng, he has to vent his anger.

"Shen Junwen, don't go too far!"

Xia Mengyao was so angry that if she really had to save Lin Lan at the expense of humiliating Chen Feng, then she would rather ignore Lin Lan!

"Excessive? Xia Mengyao, let this rubbish learn to bark three times, and drill into Lao Tzu's crotch to save your mother from jail time for decades. I don't think it is too much." Shen Junwen said, of course, even if Chen Feng really did these things, he still wanted to threaten him who should be threatening, and it is impossible to really let Xia Mengyao go.

"Kneel down! Kneel down and learn how to bark!" Lin Lan, who was guarding the live broadcast room, was anxious to fly in front of Chen Feng, pressing Chen Feng's head to make Chen Feng kneel down.

Chen Feng didn't know Lin Lan's thoughts at this time. If he knew, he would probably lead Xia Mengyao to leave.

"How are you thinking about it? Trash, Lin Lan is your mother-in-law, are you really cruel to watch her sit in jail for a lifetime?" Shen Junwen's words are a bit provocative, even if Xia Mengyao is really not available today, in the future A crack will inevitably appear in the relationship between Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled and walked in front of Shen Junwen, "Remember how I beat you

at Xu Feirong 's house a few days ago?" Xia Mengyao was stunned. Chen Feng beat Shen Junwen at Xu Feirong's house? Why doesn't she know, no wonder she always feels that Shen Junwen's real target today is Chen Feng, not her, it turns out that Shen Junwen was beaten by Chen Feng.

Shen Junwen's face turned blush, and he squinted his eyes and said: "Why, you trash still want to do something to Laozi today?"

Chen Feng smiled slightly, "You guessed it."

"Grass, your mother!"

Shen Junwen cursed, subconsciously. Just want to go back.

But Chen Feng directly hit the top of his knees, and slammed it into Shen Junwen's lower abdomen.

Suddenly, Shen Junwen only felt a tear-like pain in his abdomen, and then he kneeled on the ground uncontrollably, twisting together like a soft-footed shrimp.

Several bodyguards stayed behind Shen Junwen. No one expected that Chen Feng said that he would do it, and he didn't even have a beating.

You know, Shen Junwen came over today, not at all without preparation. He had already considered the situation of Chen Summit's hands-on work, so he brought over a dozen bodyguards, but he did not expect that Chen Feng would be so fast. The bodyguard didn't even have time to react, and Shen Junwen was killed.

"You rubbish, what are you doing there to kill this bastard for Lao Tzu?" Shen Junwen roared, and he didn't know what happened to Chen Feng's knee, he felt that his tears were about to be hurt. .


"Kill him!"

The complexions of several wearing black suits and headsets changed, and they doubled up towards Chen Feng.

They are all professional bodyguards who have received professional training, and on weekdays one can beat seven or eight ordinary people.

Chen Feng in front of him, although it does not seem simple, but a few people are still confident that they can put Chen Feng down in a few strokes.


Who knows, the strong bodyguard rushing to the front, without even touching the corner of Chen Feng's clothes, was kicked by Chen Feng, flew out and hit the dining table.

There was a thunderbolt.

There is nothing to say about the next situation. Chen Feng was like a tiger into the flock. It took less than a minute to put down all the dozen bodyguards that Shen Junwen had brought.

Shen Junwen was almost crying.

He couldn't even think of killing him, Chen Summit could beat it so well.

Is this TM really the rubbish of those idiots in the Xia family?

If such fierce people are all rubbish, then in the eyes of the Xia family, what kind of person can be called an elite.

The live broadcast room also exploded.

The number of viewers soared to 1.5 million. In fact, many people have never watched such a magical live broadcast in their entire lives.

I feel like I can make a short film.

If you play the piano well, don't say anything. Even if you fight so fiercely, you still let others live?

Chapter: 63

"This buddy is really just a takeaway? How do I feel that he is an agent."

"In less than a minute, I brought down a dozen well-trained bodyguards, and the agents didn't bring such fierce ones.

" A hunk! Absolute hunk! Shao Shen has a hard stubble this time."

"A little sympathetic to Shao Shen. He spent more than five million yuan, but the woman didn't grab it and was beaten up." A

dozen bodyguards were all beaten up. Lying on the ground, each of them was worse than Shen Junwen.

Chen Feng shook his head and walked in front of Shen Junwen, with a faint smile: "Your bodyguards don't seem to be strong."

Shen Junwen's face is stiff, not because his bodyguards are not strong, but Chen Feng is simply non-human.

"Chen Feng, I admit that you can play well. I haven't seen anyone who can play like you, but their fate is very miserable." Shen Junwen took a deep breath and said, he doesn't believe that Chen Feng will really take him. What? After all, the live broadcast is still on now and millions of people are watching. If Chen Feng really does something to him, then Chen Feng will not escape death.

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Chen Feng looked calm, and said: "You threaten me?"

Shen Junwen shook his head: "It's not a threat. I just hope you understand that personal force is useless in this era of bans by chivalry. You can fight but still can't eat it. A gun."

Chen Feng squinted his eyes. Indeed, what Shen Junwen said was reasonable. In today's era, martial arts has fallen, and many people think that it is better to practice guns for three days to practice boxing for three years.

No matter how you can fight, a Type 95 pistol can teach you how to behave.

But what Shen Junwen doesn't know is that in this world, there is another level of martial arts, and that level of martial arts, if you practice it well, let alone pistols, even rocket launchers are all pediatrics.

But if nothing else, Shen Junwen would never have access to that kind of martial arts.

Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Shen Junwen's mouth raised a touch of complacency, thinking that Chen Feng himself was frightened.

"Chen Feng, the current situation is like this. There is no contradiction between you and me that cannot be reconciled. There is no need to make a fight too stiff, it is not good for each other." Shen Junwen said frankly.

"Then what do you want to do?" Chen Feng smiled and said, Shen Junwen is not as stupid as he looks.

"It's very simple! I give you a chance, you come to my hand to help me do things, I can forget the previous things, your mother-in-law, and you don't need to go to jail." Shen Junwen's tone revealed a sense of superiority. He felt that if If Chen Feng is a smart person, he should understand that what he meant by what he said was soliciting.

Seeing that Chen Feng did not speak, Shen Junwen still considered Chen Feng.

"Still need to consider? How much money can you get for a month of food delivery? You can die ten thousand, but if you come to me, I can give you one million a month!" Shen Junwen was rude, after seeing Chen Feng's skill , He also changed his original idea. He has never had any decent masters in his hands, so when attending certain occasions, he has no cards.

If Chen Feng can be subdued, then he will be more confident to travel in the future. As for Chen Feng's greening of him, although he was unhappy, he also understood that if he smashed with Chen Feng at this time, he might pay a heavy price.

Can only find another way.

Besides, Chen Feng really wants to become his little brother. Then what he did to Xia Mengyao, I believe Chen Feng would not say much even if he was reluctant.

Shen Junwen's words made the eyes of many viewers in the live broadcast red. One million is not an annual salary, but a monthly salary!

Many ordinary people can't make money in a lifetime!

But now, the money is only one month's salary!

Everyone couldn't think of any reason why Chen Feng would not agree.

Did Chen Summit agree?

Xia Mengyao was thinking too, but she felt that Chen Feng would not. Although she found herself less and less understanding of Chen Feng, she just felt that Chen Feng would not.

"One million..." Chen Feng smiled. If he were an ordinary person, he would jump up happily when he heard the salary, but Chen Feng just wanted to laugh.

He even looked down on the trillions of assets of the Chen family, and Shen Junwen actually gave him one million.

"Why? Too little? Then I'll add another 500,000 yuan to you!" Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and said, even if he is Shen Hongchang's nephew, hiring a bodyguard with an annual salary of 20 million, it hurts.

This is a serious daughter buying bones, Chen Feng will no longer fail to know what is good or bad.

Chen Feng shook his head: "Shen Junwen, you may not believe it. What you said today saved your life."

Shen Junwen's expression changed and said: "Chen Feng, what do you mean?"

"Nothing. Now, you immediately take back the one hundred million that belongs to you from my mother, and then leave Cangzhou, and promise me that you will not step into Cangzhou again in the future. The matter between us will be over." Chen Feng He said indifferently, if Shen Junwen really wanted to go to the end with him brainlessly, then he would never let Shen Junwen go, at least he had to let Shen Junwen go out sideways.

However, since Shen Junwen meant to be soft, Chen Feng was not too aggressive. After all, Shen Junwen is Shen Hongchang’s nephew. He and Shen Hongchang are still in a cooperative relationship, and if he really wants to make Shen Junwen something wrong, then he will have trouble. Less trouble.

"Are you kidding me?" Shen Junwen's face was gloomy and water dripped. Listening to what Chen Feng said, it turned out that he wanted to let himself go. Is this silly B crazy?

Don’t you know that you belong to the Shen family? He didn't know, if the Shen family wanted to kill him, would it be as simple as playing an ant?

Shen Junwen really didn't know where Chen Feng was emboldened.

"I'm kidding?" Chen Feng sneered, and said: "Well, let me give you a chance. You call and call the most awesome person you know, and you will know if I'm joking."

Shen Junwen almost laughed angrily. This silly B is simply pretending to be forced by his life, really thinking that the people in his hand are exactly the same as the dozen or so bodyguards just now?

"Are you sure you want me to call someone?" Shen Junwen sneered. "The person I called this time won't be as

easy to talk as I am." "If you call you, there is so much nonsense." Chen Feng wrinkled. Frowning, said, Shen Junwen called Shen Hongchang at best, but even if it was Shen Hongchang, he had to call him Chen Shao respectfully when he saw him.

"Okay, this is what you said, don't regret it then!" Shen Junwen sneered again and again, Dang Even took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

"Uncle Han, are you free now?"

"I'm Junwen..."

"I'm in the Queen's Building, please bring your brothers here."

Shen Junwen's attitude is very low, because the person on the other end of the phone, Back then, Shen Hongchang was born and died with Shen Hongchang. Later, Shen Hongchang washed his hands in a golden basin, but that person is still fighting on the road. Today, he is a great figure in Cangzhou City.

Everyone on the road has to call him respectfully Han Ye!

Chapter: 64

After the call, Shen Junwen became as arrogant as before.

Seeing Chen Feng's calm expression, Shen Junwen sneered, this silly B, it's time to pretend, really think he is invincible in the world?

Shen Junwen did not call Shen Hongchang. First, because Shen Hongchang didn't like him doing these smoky things, so even if he could help him, Shen Hongchang would clean up him afterwards.

Second, Shen Junwen felt that Chen Feng was not worthy to alarm Shen Hongchang, and letting Shen Hongchang go out was like a sledgehammer.

"Xia Mengyao, my previous promise is still valid, leave Chen Feng and be my woman, I can let your mother go." Shen Junwen poured a glass of red wine and looked at Xia Mengyao leisurely.

"Get out!"

Xia Mengyao's answer was simple and neat.

Shen Junwen shook his head and smiled without being angry. After Han Long came, he would make Xia Mengyao regret what he did today!

Ten minutes later, six black Range Rover Range Rover stopped in front of the Queen's Building.

Twenty sturdy men in various clothes swarmed down from the car.

After getting off the bus, two dozen big men immediately stood in two rows and bowed their heads respectfully.

Then, a middle-aged man got out of the car with a hand twisting the Buddha beads.

Seeing the security guards at the door looking at him with trepidation, the middle-aged man also showed a peaceful smile on his face, indicating that the others need not be afraid.

A group of people swarmed into the Queen's Building.

At this time, Chen Feng was a little absent-minded, not because he was afraid that Shen Junwen would really call someone awesome, but worried that his secret would be discovered by Xia Mengyao.

After all, he had already shown a lot of trouble before. If the person Shen Junwen called to get on the ground again, how would he explain to Xia Mengyao?

Chen Feng is not yet ready to confess everything to Xia Mengyao.

After thinking about it, Chen Feng called Xia Mengyao aside: "Mengyao, the person called by Shen Junwen will come over, you find a chance to slip out first."

Xia Mengyao's expression changed and said, "No, I won't go. I want to go together."

Chen Feng was moved, but he couldn't help but smile, "Meng Yao, you have already seen my skill, you are still worried, I can't beat those people called by Shen Junwen? Let you go first. I'm afraid that it will affect you after a while."

Xia Mengyao bit her lip. She understood the meaning of Chen Feng's words and understood that her own existence was indeed a burden to Chen Feng. If Shen Junwen People threatened Chen Feng with her, what should Chen Feng do?

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"Yeah." Xia Mengyao nodded slightly. She was not the kind of woman who didn't know what to do before, and knew that she couldn't be willful at this time.

"But Chen Feng, promise me that you must protect yourself. If it's not their opponent, you will be soft and don't be aggressive!" Xia Mengyao said again. In her eyes, Chen Feng's safety is the most important, as long as you stay With the green hills, I'm not afraid that there is no firewood.

"Yes." Chen Feng smiled slightly.

As soon as the voice fell, more than two dozen strong men swarmed in.

Shen Junwen stepped forward to greet him excitedly, while Chen Feng gave Xia Mengyao a look.

Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Feng worriedly, and then quietly left from the back door.

"Uncle Han, I'm really sorry, it's so late, and I have to trouble you to come forward." Shen Junwen's posture is very low. He is very clear that the gap between himself and Han Long, whether it is status or financial power, is not there. At one level, if his uncle was not Shen Hongchang or Han Long, he wouldn't even look at him.

"Junwen, don't say these things for the family. Boss Shen is the brother I have worshipped. His younger generation is naturally my younger generation. There is no trouble or trouble." Han Long said with a smile. From the outside, the smiling Buddha-like man in front of him doesn't look like an underground emperor at all, but people who know him know that this one in front of him, smiled at the three horses who had betrayed him. Skin cramps, without blinking the eyes.

"Yes, yes, what you said, Uncle Han, is Junwen." Shen Junwen's face was full of flattering smiles, Han Long said so, he made it clear that he was going to stand up for him, he wanted to see. How did Chen Feng hide this time.

"This is the little brother you can beat, right?" Han Long looked at Chen Feng with a smile and said. As soon as he entered the door, he discovered Chen Feng. It was not how outstanding Chen Feng looked, but the unique temperament of Chen Feng that was very eye-catching.

"Uncle Han, it's him." Shen Junwen nodded hurriedly.

"What's your little brother's name?" Han Long's tone was very cordial. He didn't know anyone, and thought he was greeting a junior.

"My name?" Chen Feng glanced at Han Long lazily, and shook his head: "You don't deserve to know my name, just let your people do it, I'm in a hurry." Chen Feng is too lazy to be here at Han Long It’s unnecessary to waste time on a smiling tiger.

Everyone took a breath, and no one thought that Chen Feng would dare to be so arrogant in front of Han Long.

"Grass! Chen Feng, what are you crazy! Do you know who my Uncle Han is?" Shen Junwen yelled. Chen Feng was justified in being mad in front of him, but in front of Han Long, why? !

"I'm not interested in knowing." Chen Feng said lightly. These words made the two dozen younger brothers behind Han Long very angry. This trash would dare to despise their underground emperor so much. If Han Long hadn't spoken, they Definitely will rush to peel Chen Feng cramps.

Han Long looked at Chen Feng with a smile on his face: "Is Chen Feng? I haven't seen a young man like you in a long time, but young man, it's a good thing to be crazy, you Uncle Han, I just want to I can't get crazy anymore."

Han Long’s tone was a little nostalgic, and then he glanced at several anchors and smiled: “Turn off the live broadcast.”

“Yes, Lord Han.”

Several anchors nodded hurriedly . Although the audience in the live broadcast room was extremely Not happy, after all, this may be the most exciting live broadcast they have ever seen in their lives. First Shen Junwen and Xia Mengyao, then Han Long, a mythical character in Cangzhou City, known as the Underground Emperor.

They were curious as to how Han Long would deal with Chen Feng, a madman.

Shen Junwen’s mood at this time was both regretful and excited. It was a pity that people in the city could not see Chen Feng being embarrassed. Excitedly, Han Long let Guan live broadcast. That means that next, he will use Extremely cruel means to deal with Chen Feng.

Naturally, this method cannot be seen by outsiders.

"Little brother, your Uncle Han is not an unreasonable person, so, peeling and cramping, you choose one yourself. After you choose, Uncle Han will give you face today and do it yourself." Han Long still smiled, as if Let me talk about a little thing that has nothing to do with me.

But the few brothers who followed Han Long all the year knew that Han Long was angry!

Otherwise, he won't end up personally, and it's a cruel punishment like skinning cramps!

Chapter: 65

"Old stuff, you're crazy." Chen Feng sneered. It's really shallow. There are big brothers everywhere, and the black boss in a prefecture-level city. He really thinks he is a number one, and he peels and cramps. , The tone is bigger than athlete's foot.

Han Long's tone was stagnant, and he had been on the road for so many years. He had never seen him before. Chen Feng, a young man who knows no height, really thought he was invincible if he had a dozen bodyguards?

He came and went in the rain in Han Longfeng, and he crossed more bridges than Chen Feng traversed. He could meet a lot of fierce men with one enemy and one hundred, but there was never one that could be as rampant as Chen Feng.

Young people, madness is okay, but you have to use your brain!

Han Long took a deep breath and said with a smile: "Since you don't choose, then Uncle Han will be the master for you. Let's choose with skin cramps." The

tone seemed to be a gift.

Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, he wanted to see who was stripping whose skin today, who was pulling whose muscles!

As soon as Han Long's voice fell, a man in a black costume appeared behind him. The man's appearance was very ordinary, but his right eye socket was hollow. Obviously, one eyeball was missing, which looked quite terrifying.

Seeing the man, Shen Junwen stepped back subconsciously, only to feel a bit cold in his back.

This one-eyed man was named Fang Tao, a powerful hero of Han Long. According to legend, Fang Tao’s master was the owner of the Jinling Martial Arts Center, and Fang Tao was once loved by that owner. It is precisely because of this. Fang Tao was jealous of other fellow seniors. In a discussion, Fang Tao was blinded by a fellow senior.

Since then, Fang Tao's temperament has changed drastically, he practiced martial arts day and night, and allowed himself to be blinded and exposed to the eyes of everyone. A few years later, Fang Tao was successful in martial arts and killed the blind man in the rainy night. The home of an eyeful brother.

A massacre was created, and no one survived in a family of thirteen!

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Later, Fang Tao was hunted down by the people of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall and fled all the way to Cangzhou. He was taken in by Han Long and became Han Long's sword.

In the past few years, there have been more than a dozen people who died in Fang Tao's hands alone, and Fang Tao had a violent temperament. He liked to torture and kill people the most when killing. None of the people killed by Fang Tao had a complete body.

Shen Junwen once saw a person who had offended Han Long, who was crushed by Fang Tao's bones all over his body, piece by piece. The horrible howling of the person whose bones were crushed left Shen Junwen at that time. The psychological shadow caused Shen Junwen to feel weak when he saw Fang Tao now.

All in all, Fang Tao is a lunatic, and also that kind of extremely powerful lunatic!

Fang Tao stood in front of Chen Feng, he licked his lips, and there was a look of excitement in his left eye.


Fang Tao made a bold move, and the iron fist rubbing against the air made bursts of sound.

Chen Feng fluttered to the left and escaped this iron fist.

But then, a fiercer offensive swept towards Chen Feng like a storm.

Chen Feng kept retreating, not because he was not against Fang Tao, but Chen Feng discovered that this Fang Tao's style of boxing, he seemed to have seen it three years ago, and the person who taught Fang Tao's boxing method had participated in the attack against him three years ago. That chase!

Chen Feng's eyes began to deepen, and he didn't expect to have such an unexpected joy. Chen Feng always remembered the group of people who chased him three years ago. At that time, most of them, although they all brought Wearing a mask, Chen Feng still remembered the number of their exercises, and only waited for the opportunity in the future to return one by one!

Today, he has to take advantage of the opportunity to fight Fang Tao to dig out the people behind him.

Outsiders didn't know Chen Feng's thoughts. They only saw that Chen Feng was beaten by Fang Tao and retreated steadily, and seemed to fall anytime.

Han Long still had a smile on his face, but there was a pity in his heart. He could resist Fang Tao's fierce offensive and he was a good seed. If it weren't for his bad brain, he would have some want to subdue Chen Feng for his own use.


Fang Tao panting, another punch hit the wall behind Chen Feng. With Fang Tao's punch point as the center, the concrete wall cracked like a spider web.

Everyone was amazed. Fang Tao once again refreshed everyone's understanding of power. A fist that could smash a concrete wall would look like a terrifying picture if it hit a person.

I'm afraid it will hit a blood hole directly. It's no wonder that Chen Feng, who was awe-inspiring before, is now holding his head, and he is facing such a terrifying opponent.

Shen Junwen clenched his fists in excitement, Chen Feng, aren't you awesome! I want to see, what are you doing this time!

Everyone is optimistic about Fang Tao, except Fang Tao himself.

No one knows better than Fang Tao how terrifying Chen Feng is!

After more than ten years of martial arts training, Fang Tao has never been so desperate. Even with his master, he has never felt such an insurmountable gap.

He felt that Chen Feng was playing with him, just like a cat that finally caught the mouse. Although it can be eaten in one bite, it just doesn't eat it!

Fang Tao was panting and his eyes were blood red. He only wanted to meet Chen Feng once, even if it was dead!

He couldn't even touch his opponent, he couldn't accept such an aggrieved defeat.

"Who is your master?" At this time, Chen Feng suddenly said.

Fang Tao laughed miserably. It turned out that the other party played with him for so long because he wanted to know who his master was.

Will Fang Tao speak? He will never die!

After parrying Fang Tao with another punch, Chen Feng seemed to see the aggrievedness and anger in Fang Tao's eyes. He smiled and said, "If you tell me who your master is, I can let you punch. "

This is Chen Feng's true thoughts. He saw that Fang Tao seemed to be trying very hard to meet himself. If he can satisfy Fang Tao, maybe Fang Tao will tell who his master is.

Chen Feng didn't mean anything else, but when these words fell in Fang Tao's ears, they turned into chiluo's naked humiliation and cut off Fang Tao's last thought.


a mouthful of blood came out of Fang Tao's mouth.

Fang Tao rolled his eyes and fell to the ground in a daze. With a bang, he hit the back of his head on the floor, directly unconscious.

This sudden scene stunned everyone.

Fang Tao is sick? This was the only thought that came out of Han Long's mind. As for Fang Tao's defeat to Chen Feng? Han Long didn't even think about it.

The smug smile on Shen Junwen's face also completely solidified, and Chen Feng was about to be killed at this sight. Why did he suddenly fall?

"What's wrong with Fang Tao?" Han Long said solemnly, losing his smile for the first time.

A sturdy man stepped forward and touched Fang Tao's nose, his complexion suddenly changed.

"Master Han, Brother Tao..."

"Say!" Han Long's face was sinking.

"Brother Tao... is dead!" The sturdy man swallowed and said

Chapter: 66

"Put the p!" Han Long stepped forward, kicked the strong man directly, and personally tested that Fang Tao is a martial artist. He is as strong as a cow on weekdays. He does five or six women without him. Rest, how could such a person die?

Han Long didn't want to believe it, but when he felt that Fang Tao did not have any breath and his heart stopped beating, his face became extremely ugly for the first time!

It's dead!

The number one fighter under him is really dead!

And it's still unclear!

"Uncle Han, Brother Tao..." Shen Junwen trembled, and he couldn't accept this fact. It would be okay if Fang Tao died naturally, but if he was killed by Chen Feng, then... terrible!

"Shut up!" Han Long gave Shen Junwen a cold look. He now has a great resentment towards Shen Junwen. If it weren't for Shen Junwen's troubles, he would not have to bring Fang Tao over today, and Fang Tao would not die here.

Shen Junwen suddenly fell silent, which would make Han Long angry. He didn't dare to touch Han Long's mold.

"What shameful trick did you use?!" Han Long looked at Chen Feng and shouted. He didn't think that Chen Feng defeated Fang Tao and caused Fang Tao's death. He believed that Chen Feng must have tricked Fang. Tao.

Chen Feng shrugged his shoulders and looked innocent: "I didn't use any shameful means. We fought openly. Didn't you all see it?"

Actually, Chen Feng knows how Fang Tao died, a martial artist. , I have a breath in my chest, this breath is the motivation to support the martial artist in martial arts, and it is the vitality of the martial artist.

Many martial artists, because of this tone, are able to improve their martial arts.

But if one day, the warrior receives any blow and can't see his martial arts hope, then this breath will be dissipated and can't be held.

If Chen Feng guessed correctly, the tone in Fang Tao's chest was very powerful.

Being strong means that Fang Tao is persistent and persistent, which is a good thing. This means that when the martial artist is practicing martial arts, his thoughts are very pure, very specific, and progress will be rapid.

But sometimes, being too persistent is not a good thing.

Just like Fang Tao, because he was too persistent, after seeing Chen Feng's strength, he began to doubt whether his persistence for so many years was useful.

After hearing the last words of Chen Feng, Fang Tao was completely hysterical and desperate for himself.

Under the anger attacked his heart, he died directly.

This kind of death is difficult for ordinary people to understand.

However, as a warrior, Chen Feng can roughly guess some.

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It can be said that Fang Tao was not killed by Chen Feng, but by himself. He died of doubts about himself and despair of himself.

In Chen Feng's view, Fang Tao is not suitable to be a martial artist, he is fragile.

The warrior must fight against the sky, against the earth, and even more with himself!

Even if he couldn't pass this level, Fang Tao was destined to not achieve much.

Han Long didn't think so much. At this moment, there was anger in his eyes. Fang Tao is one of the biggest cards in his hand. It is precisely because of Fang Tao's existence that he has been able to stabilize Gu Dongchen all these years. For one thing, now that Fang Tao is dead, it means that the delicate balance between him and Gu Dongchen will be broken.

Gu Dongchen's territory in the east of the city will definitely be eaten away by Gu Dongchen.

The power that has worked so hard for many years is damaged, which Han Long cannot accept!

"Chen Feng, you must give an explanation to Han!" Han Long gritted his teeth.

Chen Feng said lightly: "What do you want to explain?"

"Han gives you two choices, first, give Fang Tao his life!"

"Second, you replace Fang Tao's seat and sell Han for ten years!"

Han Long said coldly, although Fang Tao's death made him very heartache, at this time, the heartache is useless. For him, it is more important to ensure that his territory is not eaten away. This requires a new master to replace it. Fang Tao's seat.

Chen Feng is very suitable. Although he may not be as strong as Fang Tao, he is definitely not weak enough to deter Gu Dongchen.

Han Long believes that if Chen Feng is not stupid, he will definitely choose the second one.

"I choose the third one!" Chen Feng said with a slight smile.

The third? Han Long was stunned, he didn't seem to give Chen Feng the third option, right?

Shen Junwen's face changed wildly. He knew too well the meaning behind Chen Feng's words, because just half an hour ago, he also gave Chen Feng a similar option.

"Uncle Han, little..." Shen Junwen subconsciously wanted to remind Han Long.

But before the heart word was spoken, Chen Feng stepped forward to Han Long. Han Long backed away in horror, but then he felt his neck tightened. Then Chen Feng lifted his whole body abruptly, giving him a chance to react throughout the process. nothing!

"Looking for death!"

"Grass! Let go of Lord Han!"

Seeing Han Long's feet kicking in mid-air, a group of younger brothers suddenly began to split their eyes and stepped forward.

Chen Feng sneered, and the big hand squeezing Han Long's neck slightly hardened, Han Long's complexion instantly turned red, and he hurriedly waved his hand to stop the younger brother behind him.

Everyone in the field was stunned. No one expected that the situation would reverse so quickly. The moment before, the two sides were at war, and even the crowded Han Long faintly gained the upper hand. In a blink of an eye, Chen Feng thundered Han Long. The momentum was controlled, and Xiaoming was held in Chen Feng's hands.

"Old stuff, dare to negotiate terms with me, and don't take a pee to show what you are!" Chen Feng said with a sneer. He always eats soft but not hard. If Han Long can really put down the air and talk to him, Maybe there is still room for reversal, but Han Long directly used his gang boss's intimidation and temptation, when he was a three-year-old child Chen Feng?

"Ho... I have something... OK... Easy to say..." Han Long's complexion was pale, his breathing was difficult, his face was full of horror, he now felt that Fang Tao might not have died in the hands of Chen Feng's conspiracy, but Chen Feng really has this strength!

"Now that I think about it, say it well?" Chen Feng squinted his eyes, his face suddenly turned cold: "It's late!"

"Go...forgive me!" Feeling the big hand on his neck tightened again, Han Long suddenly Horrified, the whole person was enveloped by a shadow of death.

"Dead! Or be a dog for me! Choose yourself!" Chen Feng said lightly. He couldn't really kill Han Long in front of so many people. The reason for saying this is actually a bet on Han Long. Dare to take your own life as a bet.

A group of Han Long’s younger brothers clenched their fists, and their angry teeth were about to be bitten. They didn’t expect that one day, Han Long, known as the underground emperor, would be raised and humiliated just like a chicken. It’s like killing them. Still uncomfortable.

Shen Junwen's heart is hanging in his throat at this time, will Han Long agree?

In Cangzhou, he is an underground emperor who can stop children from crying at night, a real big man with hands and eyes, will he promise to be a dog for a door-to-door son-in-law who is known as a wasteful son-in-law?

Chapter: 67

In fact, Han Long was more entangled than everyone at this time. He had been on the road for more than 30 years. How could he not understand that Chen Feng was suspected of defrauding him, but what if?

In case Chen Feng didn't deceive him, but he really only gave him two choices. If he is not a dog, he will die!

Does Han Long dare to gamble his life?

He dare not!

He spent most of his life in the bloody storm, and finally broke into his current foundation. Now he is at the age of enjoying Qingfu, let him die? He can't bear it!

Although being a dog is not decent, it can even be said to be embarrassing.

But compared to Xiaoming, the face is not worth mentioning!

"I'm a dog!" Han Long smiled miserably, and finally made a choice.

As soon as his voice fell, he felt his neck loosened, and then he was thrown to the ground.

"Master Han!"

"Grass! Kill him!"

A group of younger brothers were filled with righteous indignation, and they were about to act on Chen Feng. They didn't know much about justice, and Han Long was threatened.

"Stop!" Han Long yelled coldly, stopping everyone.

It's not that he didn't think about repentance, but just now Chen Feng threw him on the ground without even thinking about it, without asking him to make any guarantees. Obviously, Chen Feng is full of confidence and self-confidence. He is not afraid of repentance at all!

As for where the confidence came, Han Long already had an answer in his heart.

Chen Feng, he can't afford it!

"Master Han, there are so many of us..." Some younger brother was not convinced, thinking that Chen Feng was nothing but that.

"Stop talking!" Han Long waved his hand and looked at Chen Feng calmly: "Mr. Chen, from today on, I, Han Long, will be your dog. I will bite whoever you ask me to bite, Mr. Chen! "

" good! "

Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and replied simply and neatly, this Han Long, who can afford to put it down, is considered a number one. If he hadn't met himself, I am afraid he would really be able to make a name in Cangzhou.

But following himself, Han Long will not necessarily be worse than before, but will have a bigger stage.

"Junwen, you and Mr. Chen's previous affairs, Uncle Han can't mix up. But Uncle Han suggests that you should bow your head to Mr. Chen immediately and apologize for your mistake. A generous person like Mr. Chen will not follow You usually care about it." Han Long turned his gaze to Shen Junwen again. In fact, to say that he hates the person most in his heart, Shen Junwen must be in the top three now. After all, it is because of Shen Junwen that he came to this muddy water.

But the matter is over, he can't do anything to Shen Junwen. After all, there is Shen Hongchang behind Shen Junwen. He can only be a peacemaker to resolve the contradiction between Shen Junwen and Chen Feng. If not, Chen Feng asks him to deal with Shen Junwen, what should he do?

Shen Hongchang, he could not offend him either!

Shen Junwen's face was pale, with cold sweat on his forehead, and fear appeared in his eyes looking at Chen Feng for the first time. This kind of fear, even if Chen Feng put down his dozen bodyguards before, he had never had it.

But now, he has it!

He is really scared, even an underground emperor like Han Long is willing to be Chen Feng's dog.

Chen Feng is not the trash in everyone's eyes, he is pretending to be a pig and a tiger!

Shen Junwen wiped the cold sweat from his head, and hurriedly said to Chen Feng respectfully: "Mr. Chen, I had no eyes before. I apologize to you here. I was wrong. I shouldn't treat you because of Xu Feirong. Dissatisfaction with birth, let

alone coveting the beauty of his sister-in-law, Chen Shao, please forgive me." "Just apologize?" Chen Feng gave Shen Junwen a blank expression.

Shen Junwen was shocked, and remembered what Chen Feng said before let him get out of Cangzhou, but Cangzhou was his foundation. If he left Cangzhou, he would never live as decent as he is now. Everyone called him Shen less.

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But face... is life important?

Shen Junwen made a choice with Han Long.

"Mr. Chen, I will go to the United States tomorrow, and I will never return to Cangzhou in this life." Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and said that Cangzhou has no place for him. Even Shen Hongchang will not necessarily protect him, even if Shen Hongchang has that. strength.

Chen Feng smiled suddenly, he patted Shen Junwen on the shoulder, and said: "Don't be nervous, I'm joking with you, you don't need to go to the United States, just stay in Cangzhou, but give my mother the 100 million, you have to Come back."

Shen Junwen was stunned, and hurriedly said with gratitude: "Mr. Chen, that one hundred million will be regarded as my respect for Mrs. Lin..."

"Huh?" Chen Feng frowned: "I said you want to come back, you have to Come back, if you have a lot of money and have nowhere to spend, just give that one billion to Han Long and let him reward the brothers."

"Yes, yes, Mr. Chen, I will come back for the one billion, and honor Uncle Han "Shen Junwen was a little confused. Isn't Lin Lan Chen Feng's mother-in-law? Although the two have enmity, there is no need to fight that one billion, but Chen Feng's words, he dare not violate any more, so he has to be busy. promise.

Han Long took a breath, 100 million!

Chen Feng actually gave it to him without frowning, and this attitude alone made him feel ashamed.

Now Han Long didn't dare to take the slightest contempt for Chen Feng. He originally thought that Chen Feng was just a reckless man of skill. Now it seems that Chen Feng's mentality is also not bad.

In some ways, Chen Feng is more suitable to be a superior.

"Then Han X thanked Mr. Chen on behalf of the brothers." Han Long looked sincere. He knew very well that he is now Chen Feng's person. It is better to say that the money was given to him by Shen Junwen. Peak.

"No." Chen Feng shook his head. He is not short of money at all. Chen Zhong gave him a card last time, and one billion in the card was saved. Chen Feng hasn't spent a cent until now.

The reason why he gave the money to Han Long was that on the one hand he didn't want Lin Lan to get the money, on the other hand, he was to appease Han Long and his younger brother, after all, he had hurt Han Long's face before.

Han Long will be his person in the future, so naturally he can't let Han Long leave a grudge in his heart.

Seeing that Chen Feng didn't seem to want to trouble him anymore, Shen Junwen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Just when he wanted to get close to Chen Feng, the phone rang and the caller was Shen Hongchang.


"Niezi! Where are you now?!" Before Shen Junwen finished speaking, Shen Hongchang's furious voice came over there.

"Uncle, I'm in the Queen's Building." Shen Junwen was stunned, wondering why Shen Hongchang made such a big fire.

"Shao Chen is next to you?" Shen Hongchang suppressed the anger in his chest and asked. As soon as he got off the plane, he heard a thunderous news. Shen Junwen opened a live broadcast, openly asking Xia Mengyao, intending to humiliate Chen Feng.

At that time, Shen Hongchang felt that the sky was about to collapse. He finally got on the Chen family line through Chen Feng, but his nephew actually fell in love with Chen Feng's wife.

Shen Hongchang almost fainted by the news.

Chapter: 68

"Shao Chen?" Shen Junwen was even more dazed. To say that the only one who can be called the young master in this room is only Shen Junwen. Where is Chen Shao from?

"Uncle, I don't have any Chen Shao here." Shen Junwen was full of depression, and he didn't think about Chen Feng at all. Although Chen Feng also had the surname Chen, what identity was Chen Feng? The son-in-law of the Xia family was not a young master at all.

Shen Hongchang almost vomited a mouthful of old blood. He understands, his stupid nephew, he still doesn't know the identity of Chen Feng. He wants to tell Shen Junwen the identity of Chen Feng, but if Chen Feng is standing on the side, he is on the phone. It is not appropriate to say.

Shen Hongchang had to gritted his teeth helplessly: "You will wait there for me. From now on, you will treat me respectfully to everyone. If you dare to cause trouble again, I will break your leg!"

"Uncle... "Shen Junwen wants to say something, Shen Hongchang has hung up the phone.

Han Long on the side was also surprised. What was the identity of the person who made Shen Hongchang treat so seriously and respectfully named Chen Shao?

Could it be that...

Han Long turned his gaze to Chen Feng, but Chen Feng's clothes had nothing to do with the word Young Master.

In less than ten minutes, Shen Hongchang’s Rolls Royce stopped downstairs in the Queen’s Building, and Shen Hongchang hurriedly got out of the car with Ahu and Abao.

This shocked the security of the building, and I don't know who came on the top floor of the Queen's Building today, and it was able to alarm one after another big people.

First super rich second-generation Shen Junwen, then underground emperor Han Long, and now even the richest man in Cangzhou came here.

The greeter at the door respectfully greeted Shen Hongchang on the top floor.

As soon as Shen Hongchang entered the restaurant's door, he saw Shen Junwen who was looking around, and Han Long who was twisting the Buddha beads.

When he saw Han Long, Shen Hongchang's pupils suddenly tightened. Why was Han Long here? !

He won't give Chen Feng what happened, right? !

Shen Hongchang was suddenly anxious. If Chen Feng really had an accident here, then the whole Cangzhou would usher in an unprecedented earthquake.

Because of Shen Junwen's involvement, I am afraid that the Shen family will be buried with Chen Feng!

Shen Hongchang felt that his calves were a little weak, and at the same time he was always blessing Chen Feng that nothing should happen to Chen Feng.

After walking a few more steps, Shen Hongchang found a figure sitting leisurely on the table eating vegetables.

It is Chen Feng.

Seeing that Chen Feng was safe and sound, and that he seemed to be in a good mood, Shen Hongchang's hanging heart suddenly relaxed.

"Uncle, there is nothing Young Master Chen here, can you make a mistake?" Seeing Shen Hongchang, Shen Junwen hurried forward.

Unexpectedly, Shen Hongchang just glared at Shen Junwen, then walked a few steps in front of Chen Feng, who was eating vegetables, and then bowed respectfully, "Sorry Chen Shao, I'm late."

Chen Shao! ! !

Han Long's pupils shrank suddenly, as expected!

Shen Junwen's eyes were almost staring out.

"Uncle, he...he..." Shen Junwen pointed at Chen Feng, speaking a little uncomfortably.


Shen Hongchang raised his hand and slapped him, slamming it on Shen Junwen's face, and sternly shouted: "Niezi, don't kneel down and apologize to Shao Chen!"

Shen Junwen touched the blood-red handprints on his face, without hesitation. , Directly puffed, and knelt on the ground: "Shao Chen, I'm sorry, I was wrong."

Shen Junwen was full of fear, this time he was really scared, he could not imagine that he could let his uncle call Chen respectfully What kind of terrifying identity would a young man be?

Chen Feng raised his hand and said lightly: "Get up, I said, the matter between us has passed."

How dare Shen Junwen get up? Chen Feng had subdued Han Long before. Although he was afraid of Chen Feng, he was not afraid of it. But now, his only reliance, Shen Hongchang, has such an attitude towards Chen Feng. Shen Junwen has nothing to do. I doubt that if I make Chen Feng unhappy, he will definitely die without a place to bury him!

I can't save him if I come!

Chen Feng smiled bitterly and looked at Shen Hongchang: "Mr. Shen, let your nephew get up. There was a little misunderstanding between us, but it has now passed."

"Chen Shao, you are too magnanimous, my nephew, usually Li is domineering, and I haven't disciplined him well. Who would think that he is so timid this time, even you dare to provoke him."

"I can't just leave it this time, Shao Chen, I have to teach him a lesson. "Shen Hongchang looked at Chen Feng respectfully. After speaking, he moved his gaze to Ahu who was aside, gritted his teeth and said: "Ahu, chop off one hand of this evil man!"

"Yes, boss." Ahu's face Expressionlessly, he drew a dagger from his waist and walked towards Shen Junwen.

Seeing that Shen Hongchang seemed to have moved, Shen Junwen's complexion was pale, and even his crotch was already wet. At this time, he didn't even dare to beg for mercy. He knew Shen Hongchang's temper. If he dared to beg for mercy, he might not be broken. One hand up.

Seeing Ahu pick up the dagger, he was ready to cut it down.

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"Mr. Shen, forget it." Chen Feng smiled and waved his hand to stop Ahu. He knew that Shen Hongchang's move was a little showy in order to give him face.

Chen Feng didn't doubt that if he didn't stop him, Shen Hongchang would definitely chop off Shen Junwen's hand and give him an explanation.

Only in that case, Shen Hongchang will inevitably leave a thorn in his heart. It will be difficult for him to subdue Shen Hongchang in the future.

And in the long run, cutting off Shen Junwen's hand does not make much sense.

"Shao Chen..." Shen Hongchang wanted to say something, but Chen Feng waved his hand and said: "President Shen, I am not that small, and it's not a big deal, so let's do it."

Seeing that Chen Feng didn't seem to be thinking about it, Shen Hongchang couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. From the bottom of his heart, he also felt that Chen Feng was really generous and he was indeed the heir of the super rich.

Shen Hongchang walked up to Shen Junwen again, kicked Shen Junwen fiercely, and shouted, "Thank you Chen Shao!"

Shen Junwen almost crawled to the foot of Chen Feng, tearing his nose and tearing: "Shao Chen. , Thank you, thank you for letting me go. I used to be blind, don’t worry, I will never dare anymore."

"Pay it back? Tonight you will go to the U.S., and dare to return to Cangzhou in the future, I will strip you. Skin!" Shen Hongchang said fiercely. Although Chen Feng said he didn't mind, Shen Hongchang still felt that leaving Shen Junwen in Cangzhou would make Chen Feng feel bad.

"Mr. Shen, let Junwen stay in Cangzhou. I still need him to do something." Chen Feng smiled. He had to rely on Shen Junwen to recover Lin Lan's 100 million, and then teach Sun Guifang's mother and son a lesson, so Shen Junwen Can't go.

"Yes, Chen Shao." Shen Hongchang hurriedly agreed.

Chapter: 69

"Mr. Shen, have you eaten your dinner, or sit down and eat some, the food here tastes good." Chen Feng smiled. Shen Hongchang has been staying in Europe for the past few days, working on Yuquan Mountain's affairs. He doesn't know how it is going. .

"Young Master Chen, I'm not hungry." Shen Hongchang bit his scalp. He wasn't hungry anymore. He just got off the plane and didn't even remember to take a sip of the water, so he rushed over, but he didn't dare to talk to Chen. Feng has dinner together.

"Okay." Chen Feng didn't insist anymore. After eating a few more mouthfuls of food, Chen Feng stood up, glanced at everyone in the venue, and said lightly: "What happened here today, I don't want anyone to say Get out."

Everyone nodded hurriedly, jokes, that makes Han Long willing to be a dog, and makes Shen Hongchang a man willing to bow his head, the status is absolutely high enough to break through the sky, such a person will kill them more than killing an ant. Keep it simple.

Who dares to mess with?

"In addition, President Shen and Han Long, I hope the two of you will keep my identity secret." Chen Feng said with a smile. Many things require him to stand behind the scenes, and he cannot stand at the front desk.

"Yes, Shao Chen, don't worry." The two nodded hurriedly. Shen Hongchang knew Chen Feng's true identity, and Han Long roughly guessed it.

Shen Hongchang can be so respectful and his surname is Chen. It is still in the Yuquanshan project that has settled in Cangzhou. Apart from the young master of the Chen family, Chen Feng can't be anyone else.

It’s just...

that’s the Chen family eldest master. Han Long’s eyes flashed eagerly. If he knew Chen Feng’s true identity, he wouldn’t need Chen Feng to force him, he would take the initiative to run over and kneel to be a dog for Chen Feng. .

No one, just because behind Chen Feng is the Chen family!

Countless people squeezed their heads and couldn't catch up with the Chen family!

Chen Feng came out from the door alone. After he came out, he saw Xia Mengyao standing there alone.

Seeing that Chen Feng was safe and sound, Xia Mengyao could no longer control herself, so she rushed over and hugged Chen Feng tightly.

Looking at Xia Mengyao with red eyes, Chen Feng felt distressed.

"Okay, it's okay." Chen Feng patted Xia Mengyao's shoulder lightly and comforted.

"No more fights with people in the future." Xia Mengyao said with a straight face. She only realized after she came out just now. Chen Feng could go with her at the time. I believe Shen Junwen did not dare to stop, but Chen Feng stayed. Down, although nothing happened, she still worried for a while.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly and nodded. If possible, he also wants to reason with others, but for some people, if you reason with him, he tells you fist, you tell him fist, and he wants to reason with you.

"By the way, you..."

Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Feng hesitantly, wanting to ask why Chen Feng had such a good skill, but when the words came to her lips, she was held back by her because this was Chen Feng's secret. , She wanted to wait for Chen Feng to take the initiative to tell herself.

"What's the matter?" Chen Feng looked up.

"Nothing, last time in the golden years, did you save me?" Xia Mengyao asked. Last time Chen Feng said that she was just in time for the police to check and saved her, but now it seems that it is not a policeman at all, but Chen Feng.

Including the time with Xu Feirong in Guyue Villa, Gu Dongchen didn't get frightened by seeing her, but saw Chen Feng.

Thinking of this, Xia Mengyao felt a little complicated, and Chen Feng seemed to have many secrets.

"It's me." Chen Feng didn't deny either. Xia Mengyao had already seen his skill today, and there was no point in hiding it.

"Well, go home." Xia Mengyao nodded lightly, and a smile appeared on Qiao's face.

"Good." Chen Feng said with a slight smile.

"By the way, Mengyao, what brand of lipstick do you have?" Chen Feng seemed to ask casually.

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"Why are you asking this?" Xia Mengyao looked curious.

"Nothing, I just think that this lipstick tastes very good." Chen Feng said sternly.

"You're going to die!" Xia Mengyao blushed immediately, and severely pinched the soft flesh from Chen Feng's waist. How could she not understand that Chen Feng was talking about what she had just offered to kiss.

"What's the matter? I just said that a lipstick tastes good, where did you want to go." Chen Feng looked innocent.

Xia Mengyao glared at Chen Feng irritably. She found that Chen Feng was getting bolder and dared to molest her, but she liked the atmosphere of the two.

She used to be very indifferent to Chen Feng. When the two were together, they rarely even talked, let alone joking.

But now, she and Chen Feng are more and more like a loving young couple.

After Chen Feng left, the top floor of Queen's Building.

Shen Hongchang looked extremely solemn.

"You mean, Chen Shao is alone. Not only did you overturn a dozen of Jun Wen's bodyguards, even your Fang Tao is not Chen Shao's opponent?"

Han Long smiled bitterly and nodded, "Really. Boss Shen, I still can’t believe that there are people like Chen Shao in the world. They are so skilled and have a monstrous background. You say, how can such a person be the dragon of the Xia family? a little door-law "

." I do not know ah, "Shen Hongchang sighed and continued:" from the beginning, we see through the Siu, now is see through. " "

for No, Boss Shen, did you know that Gu Dongchen was cut off by a hand some time ago?" Han Long asked tentatively. Gu Dongchen and him are both the emperor of the underground world in Cangzhou, so there is something going on in Gu Dongchen. I can't hide it from him.

Being chopped off a hand, Han Long naturally knows about such a big thing, but Gu Dongchen has always kept secrets about it. He has been inquiring for a long time, but he hasn't found out why. Now it seems that this matter cannot be separated from Chen Feng. .

"I know." Shen Hongchang nodded, "You mean, Gu Dongchen's hand was cut by Chen Shao?"

"If no surprise, it is Chen Shao." Han Long said.

"Well, this matter is rotten in my heart, don't mention it again." Shen Hongchang warned. Before, he was only afraid of the Chen family behind Chen Feng, but now, he is beginning to be afraid of Chen Feng.

After returning home with Xia Mengyao, she found that Xu Feirong was not at home.

Chen Feng couldn't help frowning. Because she lived on the first floor, he knew very well that Xu Feirong had been home in the middle of the night for the past two days, and every time she went home, she was full of alcohol.

Obviously, something happened to Xu Feirong, but she didn't say it herself, and Chen Feng couldn't deal with it easily.

I hope it's not a big deal. Chen Feng sighed in his heart. Xia Mengyao had few friends, and her best friend was Xu Feirong. If something happened to Xu Feirong, Xia Mengyao would not be happy.

Chapter: 70

At this moment, inside the luxurious box of Guyue Villa.

Xu Feirong picked up a glass of red wine on the table and drank it all. After drinking, Xu Feirong wiped her lips, lifted the empty bottle in her hand, and glanced at the white-haired young man sitting opposite, and said blankly. "Mr. Bai, is this all right?"

The white-haired young man sitting opposite Xu Feirong squinted his eyes and smiled: "Miss Xu is really good at drinking."

"Wang Jiang, fill up Miss Xu!" White hair The youth glanced at a fat man beside him and said.

The fat man named Wang Jiang immediately got up with a smile, poured a slow glass of red wine for Xu Feirong, and pushed it in front of Xu Feirong: "Miss Xu, please!"

Xu Feirong bit her silver teeth and said: " Mr. Bai, I don't drink well, so I can't drink anymore." Since entering the box, she has drunk almost two bottles of red wine, but Bai Guangyi, who is opposite, still refuses to let her go.

"Huh?" Bai Guangyi frowned and said in an unhappy tone: "Miss Xu doesn't want to give me face for Bai Guangyi?"

Xu Feirong's face changed: "Mr. Bai, I didn't mean it, but I really can't Drink again..."

"Then don't drink it, Wang Jiang, send Miss Xu back!" Bai Guangyi said coldly.

"Miss Xu, please go back." Wang Jiang's expression also became cold.

Xu Feirong clenched her powder fist, and a reluctant smile appeared on Qiao's face: "President Bai, I can still drink more, but Mr. Bai promised me something..."

"As long as Miss Xu is willing to drink, things There will be talk." Bai Guangyi's face also reappeared with a smile.

"I hope President Bai will do what he says!" Xu Feirong took a deep breath, picked up the red wine in front of him, and drank it all in one go.

Song Jun on the side lowered his head. Seeing Xu Feirong drinking a glass of red wine like boiled water, he felt very uncomfortable. He was called by Xu Feirong to help stop the wine, but he really came here. After that, he never drank a glass of wine, and he didn't even dare to say a word.

Just because the man sitting opposite Xu Feirong's surname was Bai, from Jinling Bai's family.

He couldn't afford to offend the Jinling Bai family.

Therefore, he dare not stop Xu Feirong's wine!

Even if he knew what would happen after Xu Feirong was drunk, he didn't dare.

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After being infused for another ten minutes, Xu Feirong's pretty face was already flushed, and her beautiful eyes were full of misty colors. At this moment, she looked extremely charming.

Seeing that the drink was almost done, Bai Guangyi waved his hand to stop Wang Jiang who was pouring the wine.

"Miss Xu, now we can talk about your parents." Bai Guangyi laughed.

Xu Feirong bit the tip of her tongue, and a piercing pain came, which finally made her sober.

"President Bai, how can you help my parents?" Xu Feirong smiled reluctantly. Her parents were in the liquor business, and the largest winery in Cangzhou was run by her parents.

Last month, a liquor group in Jinling ordered a batch of liquor from the distillery. After his father Xu Zijie brewed it according to the usual procedure, he sent it to Jinling. As a result, someone who drank liquor died in the hospital the next day.

Father Xu Zijie and mother Zhao Mei were arrested that night, and are also facing several criminal lawsuits.

Xu Feirong knew very well that the liquor made by Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei had no problems at all and was definitely framed, but the Jinling prosecutor did not believe it and determined that Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei were the murderers.

In desperation, Xu Feirong begged Bai Guangyi. The Bai family was very powerful in Jinling. As long as Bai Guangyi said a word, the investigation could be restarted, and Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei would also be able to settle their grievances.

"Miss Xu, to tell you, I do know the leaders of the Jinling prosecution. As long as I say a word, your parents' case can be investigated again, but, Miss Xu, after helping you, how can you thank me? Bai Guangyi licked his lips, the lust in his eyes did not hide.

"President Bai, what do you... want?" Xu Feirong asked with a strong smile.

Bai Guangyi stood up suddenly, came to Xu Feirong, and pointed at her playfully.

"President Bai, please respect yourself!" Xu Feirong's face was frosty and she pushed away Bai Guangyi's big hand.

"Self-respect?" Bai Guangyi sneered, slapped, and slapped Xu Feirong's pretty face with a firm slap, "Smelly biaozi, don't be shameless! I can see you, it's your eighth life. A blessing that can't be repaired."

Xu Feirong covered her pretty face, and there were tears in her beautiful eyes.

Seeing Xu Feirong's pitiful look, Bai Guangyi's expression of excitement became stronger, and with a grinning smile, he directly pressed Xu Feirong on the sofa and prepared to ride on it.

"What are you doing, don't come over!" Xu Feirong backed away in horror, but the more she resisted, the more excited Bai Guangyi became.

"What are you doing? Of course it is you! Hahaha." Bai Guangyi licked his lips and said.

"Song Jun, save me." Xu Feirong couldn't help turning her gaze to Song Jun who was asking for help, but when she saw Song Jun lowered her head at this time, she didn't even dare to look at her.

Xu Feirong laughed tragically, and the disappointment in her heart could not be compounded. Is this the so-called man in her eyes? He didn't even have the courage to speak for her.

Bai Guangyi glanced at Song Jun interestingly, and asked with a smile: "Are you her boyfriend?"

Song Jun hurriedly shook his head like a rattle : "Young Master Bai, I am not her boyfriend, I am her classmate. "

Haha, your kid is witty." Bai Guangyi laughed, but in his heart he despised Song Jun.

"Jun Song, you are shameless!" Xu Feirong was trembling with anger. She didn't expect Song Jun to be so weak that she was even worse than Chen Feng.

Song Jun's face turned blush. In the final analysis, he was too persuasive, but it was impossible to admit it. Instead, he quibbly said: "Fei Rong, I am thinking about you, Young Master Bai is such a good man. You can’t find it with a lantern on weekdays. Today is such a good opportunity..."

"Get out of here!"

Before Song Jun finished speaking, Xu Feirong, whose pretty face was full of tears, smashed the wine glass on the table onto his face.

Song Jun screamed, and stepped back, covering his face.

"Xu Feirong, what are you doing?" Song Jun roared, is this woman crazy? Why don't you beat Bai Guangyi instead of hitting him.