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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 91-100 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 91

Even Liu Yiyi felt that even if it was Yang Tai himself, standing in front of Chen Feng at this moment, Chen Feng's brow would not be frowned!

The gunfire here naturally attracted the attention of the nearby security guards. Within a minute, a dozen security guards ran over.

Seeing Yang Qing lying on the ground with a bruised nose and swollen face, and one hand dripping with blood, the complexion of these security guards suddenly changed. After taking out the high-voltage electric baton, he had to act on Chen Feng and Ahao.

"Let them go!" At this moment, Yang Qing staggered and stood up from the ground, shouting hoarsely.

"Yeah?!" Many security guards were shocked, but the number of people on their side was dominant, why did they let these two people leave.

"Can't you hear what Lao Tzu said?!" Yang Qing roared, and many security guards suddenly silenced, obediently giving way.

Chen Feng smiled, thinking that Yang Qing is acquainted.

"Senior, this friend of yours was injured by Bai Guangyi and I. It has nothing to do with Jiulongzhuang. All the responsibilities shall be borne by the two of me. I hope that seniors will not be involved in Jiulongzhuang." Yang Qing said in a low tone, Chen Feng He has already shown his strength. He is definitely not something he can provoke. Even Yang Tai would never provoke a warrior who is suspected of being a land immortal. So right now, Yang Qing must take Jiulongzhuang out of this matter, otherwise, Yang Tai will not let him go.


Many security guards looked at each other and were shocked by the name Yang Qing. What is the identity of the young man in front of him? Listening to what Yang Qing said, even Jiulongzhuang didn't seem to dare to offend this young man!

Chen Feng smiled, turned around and left.

As long as Jiulongzhuang doesn't mess with him, he doesn't bother to deal with Jiulongzhuang. Of course, if Jiulongzhuang doesn't know each other, he doesn't mind letting Jiulongzhuang disappear.

After leaving Jiulongzhuang, Chen Feng called Qiao Xiaoyue, asked Qiao Xiaoyue to come over to pick up the people, and arranged Gu Dongchen to the best local private hospital.

Seeing Liu Yiyi following him, Chen Feng couldn't help but frowned: "What are you doing with me?"

"I..." Liu Yiyi was a little nervous, looking at Chen Feng not knowing what to say.

"Sorry, I was on the train before..."

"No, I didn't take it to heart." Chen Feng said lightly, "Also, don't follow me anymore." When the

words fell, Chen Feng left Jiulongzhuang by car.

Liu Yiyi was stunned for a long time before he bit his lip aggrievedly and dialed Liu Zhizhou's phone.

"Daughter, are you done with Young Master Bai?" Liu Zhizhou asked with a smile. In his opinion, as long as Chen Feng and Ahao, two reckless things stepping into the Jiulong Village, there is absolutely no way out.

"It's finished." Liu Yiyi's tone was a little cold.

"Since the processing is over, you can communicate with Bai Shaoduo, and you don't have to come back tonight." Liu Zhizhou still smiled.

Liu Yiyi was a little angry. There is no doubt that Liu Zhizhou regarded her as a piece of goods and did not consider her feelings at all.

"Dad, do you think Bai Guangyi is set to win?" Liu Yiyi asked with a sneer.

"Daughter, what do you mean?" The smile on Liu Zhizhou's face stagnated.

"Dad, if I tell you that Bai Guangyi is in the hospital now, and Yang Qing has a hand interrupted by those two, would you believe it?" Liu Yiyi sneered.

"Daughter, this is no joke!" Liu Zhizhou's tone became a little harsh.

"Oh, don't believe me, come and see by yourself!" Liu Yiyi smiled and hung up the phone directly.

It was all because of Liu Zhizhou. Without Liu Zhizhou, she might still have a chance to catch the line of Chen Feng, but Liu Zhizhou, because of her self-righteousness, would have lost this opportunity for her life!

There was a beeping sound, Liu Zhizhou was a little lost, even Yang Qing was interrupted by a hand?

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how is this possible!

Others didn't know the security force of Jiulongzhuang. He knew it. He even knew that Yang Qing had a gun, but Yang Qing was still interrupted by one hand.

What are those two people? Liu Zhizhou suddenly panicked, and he realized that he had done a stupid thing before, and without knowing the details of the other party, he was on the side of the Bai family.

The other party won't bother yourself, right? Liu Zhizhou thought anxiously.

Yang Qing was more panicked than Liu Zhizhou at this time, because when Chen Feng was leaving, he did not say exactly that he would not trouble Jiulongzhuang.

If Chen Feng finds trouble with Jiulongzhuang, and Jiulongzhuang is not prepared at all, he will inevitably fall into passivity.

Yang Qing hurriedly dialed Yang Tai's phone, and told Yang Tai exactly what had happened here, without daring to add any extra energy.

Jinling, inside a luxurious villa in the Imperial Court.

A fair-faced youth hung up the phone with a gloomy expression.

"Lao Pang, if you change to be you, are you sure to catch Yang Qing's bullet at close range?" Yang Tai's gaze shifted to the old man who was leaning as if a gust of wind could blow down his name. Pang Dongqi is the number one master of the Yang family.

Pang Dongqi's eyes narrowed slightly, then he bowed slightly, and said: "Master, ten meters away, the old slave is sure to catch the bullet, but within ten meters, the old slave definitely can't do it."

Yang Tai's pupils shrank, as expected. , Even Lao Pang is not that young man's opponent.

Even Lao Pang's strength is far from that of that young man!

Because according to Yang Qing, when he shot, the young man was less than three meters away from him!

Three meters and ten meters are the difference between cloud and mud!

"Master..." Pang Dongqi paused and said: "If the old slave is right, the young man who caught the youth bullet is at least a warrior in the late stage of Anjin, and it is even possible in the early stage of Huajin."

"In the early stage of Huajin?!" Yang Tai couldn't help but exclaimed. In the early stage of Huajin, that was already the scope of a master of martial arts, and he could establish a school and become a master of a discipline.

Moreover, Yang Qing also said that the young man was only twenty-five years old at most.

At the beginning of the twenty-five-year-old

Huajin ... Yang Tai no longer knows what to say, evildoer? Freak? Can't describe it!

Because Yang Tai himself is also a warrior!

He has been cultivating since he was six years old, and he has been cultivating for twenty years, but he can't even break through the late Ming Jin, and he can't even reach the Dark Jin.

Rao is like this, he has been hailed as a rare genius in the Yang family for a century.

But now, there is someone who is about his age or even younger than him, but he may have broken through to the early stage of Huajin!

Yang Tai really couldn't accept it, he didn't believe that there was a genius even more enchanting than him!

Seeing Yang Tai's unwillingness, Pang Dongqi hurriedly persuaded: "Master, this person is definitely not a person who is waiting for idleness. There must be an unbelievable teacher inheritance or family power behind him. Don't act rashly."

Yang Tai waved his hand. Chen Sheng said:. "rest assured, I'm not stupid, and the other just off the Yang Qing hand, I did not do anything to Kowloon village, indicating that the other party does not like to make a big thing."

"So ..." Yang Tai pondered a little, and said, "Lao Pang, first let people investigate the other party's details before making plans."

"Yes, young master." Pang Dongqi nodded respectfully, then turned and left.

Chapter: 92

After Yang Tai ordered to go down, the huge Yang family began to operate like a sophisticated machine. It only took less than half an hour to investigate many things.

Before Qiao Xiaoyue used five Rolls-Royce to pick up Chen Feng's affairs, naturally, she couldn't hide the Yang family.

Soon, a piece of information was placed on Yang Tai's desk.

"People of the Chen family?!" Yang Tai's eyes widened. At this moment, his shock was a hundred times ten times greater than when he learned that Chen Feng was suspected of being a warrior in the early stage of Huajin!

"Isn't the Chen family's range of activities always around Kyoto? When will it come to Jinling again." Pang Dongqi's expression is also very solemn, Jinling Yang family, and Yanjing Chen family, are not on the same level.

When Yang Tai is in Yenching, someone will call him his prince, but when he arrives at Yenching, Yang Tai is a fart!

"I don't know, but among the heirs of the Chen family, it seems that there is no one named Chen Feng." Such a wealthy family as the Chen family, the battles between the heirs are extremely fierce, and there are only a few who are hopeful of inheriting the Chen family. Yang Tai has the information of several people, but none of them can match Chen Feng's photo.

But if Chen Feng is not the heir of the Chen family, how did Qiao Xiaoyue come forward to welcome him?

"Young Master, whether this person is the heir of the Chen family or not, it is not something we can offend. The old slave suggested that the young master should find a way to appease this person as soon as possible so that this person will not be dissatisfied with the Yang family." Pang Dongqi solemnly said, even if Chen Feng Not the heir of the Chen family, but just the servant of the Chen family, Yang Tai couldn't offend him either.

These words awakened Yang Tai instantly like a basin of cold water. Indeed, whether Chen Feng was the heir to the Chen family, he could not afford to offend him!

"Lao Pang, you are right. Arrange immediately. I want to know the specific location of Chen Feng." Yang Tai said solemnly. He would take Bai Guangyi and Yang Qing to apologize! At least let Chen Feng see his sincerity!

"Master, others are in Jinling Hotel now." Pang Dongqi said.

"Prepare the car, let's go there!" Yang Tai said with his eyes condensed slightly, he was going to meet this raptor!

At the same time, inside the City First People's Hospital.

Bai Guangyi was lying on the hospital bed. Although he had been treated to reduce the swelling, his face was still swollen like a pig's head, and his right hand bone was completely crushed, and there was no hope of recovery.

Tearing pain came from all over his body, Bai Guang looked at the ceiling blankly, with no color in his eyes.

At this moment, a man and a woman rushed into the ward, followed by a dozen thugs in black suits behind him. Seeing Bai Guangyi's terrible look, the luxuriously dressed young women immediately rushed to Bai Guangyi's bed.

"Son, what's the matter with you? Who did it!" The young woman shrieked. After hearing that her son was interrupted by a hand, she immediately put aside the company's affairs and rushed to the hospital.

"Mom, take revenge for me! I want to kill him!" Seeing the young lady, Bai Guangyi's dull eyes regained his gaze and shouted.

"Son, who is it! If you tell me, Mom will find someone to grab him and smash his bones and send him to you!" The young woman said with red eyes and hate. Bai Guangyi was her only son. Zhonghua didn't say a word to Bai Guangyi. I didn't expect that today, someone would directly abolish one of Bai Guangyi's hands. How could this make her bear it!

"Chen Feng! He said his name is Chen Feng and he is from Cangzhou!" Bai Guangyi said bitterly.

"From Cangzhou?!" Li Qiuyan was shocked, and then became angry. Her son's hand was actually broken by a hillbilly who came from Cangzhou!

"Mom, go find him now!" Li Qiuyan gritted her teeth and stood up, preparing to find Chen Feng.

At this time, the middle-aged man who had been standing by with a gloomy expression and had not spoken coldly said: "What are you looking for! Do you think it is not enough!" The

middle-aged man's name is Bai Jiuling, Bai Guangyi's father, and Bai Guangyi The current owner of the home.

"Bai Jiuling! What do you mean?! My son has been scrapped, can't you see you as a dad?!" Seeing Bai Jiuling's tone, Li Qiuyan suddenly became angry.

"He asked for it!" Bai Jiuling sipped coldly, "And you, if you hadn't been indulging him to misbehave, would he make trouble everywhere? It's all right now, and he got offended by someone who shouldn't be offended. Just one hand, that's all light! It's not bad

if you didn't lose your life!" "Are you blaming me?!" Li Qiuyan suddenly furious, and screamed: "Bai Jiuling! Are you such a father for a child! Son? Something went wrong, you didn’t think about helping your son for the first time, instead you blamed me for being a mother! You also said that the son was looking for him! Bai Jiuling, you are such a waste!"


Bai Jiuling raised his hand, it was one. Li Qiuyan slapped Li Qiuyan's face and said angrily: "Who do you say is trash?!"

"Do you know the other person's background? Are you going to find someone to avenge? This wicked animal has no brains, do you have no brains?!"

Li Qiuyan covered her face and was about to be mad. After more than 20 years of marriage, this was the first time Bai Jiuling beat her.

"The hillbilly who came from Cangzhou, what background can he have? Bai Jiuling, you are the one to persuade you!" Li Qiuyan cursed with tears in his eyes.

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"If you come from Cangzhou, you can't have a background? Li Qiuyan, you are too underestimating the world! As far as I know, the other party interrupted not only the hand of the son, but also the hand of Yang Qing. Who is Yang Qing? Don't you know?!"

"And even Gu Xiong is not an opponent of others, which means that he is also a warrior. This wicked animal is not good for offending anyone. He wants to run to offend the warrior. Can the warrior be offended by him? "!" Bai Jiuling gritted his teeth. In fact, he only knew about the defeat of Gu Xiong, but he was not very clear about what happened after Chen Feng entered the Kowloon International Manor. If he knew that Chen Feng could even catch a bullet. , I am afraid he only has one idea now, to escape, let everyone in the Bai family escape!

"What's the matter with the warrior? We are not without the warrior in our hands. Gu Xiong was defeated, that was his waste! I find a warrior who is more powerful than Gu Xiong, I don't believe that I can't deal with him!" Li Qiuyan said fiercely, and said Li Qiuyan. Picking up the phone, her family, Li's family, is also a second-line family in Jinling. It is not a problem to find a warrior who is better than Gu Xiong.

"Don't go!" Bai Jiuling said with a change of expression. Li Qiuyan was dazzled by hatred. He didn't. You know, the other party interrupted not only Bai Guangyi's hand, but also Yang Qing's hand. The Yang family hasn't moved much until now, which shows that things are definitely tricky.

Bai Jiuling didn't expect that Bai Guangyi would conceal what happened in Jiulong Village in order to get revenge. He only said that the other party interrupted him and Yang Qing's hands, but did not say under what circumstances the other party interrupted.

If Bai Jiuling knew, she would only curse something cheating.

Chapter: 93

"Huh, Bai Jiuling, you have to admit it yourself, but don't stop me, this time I want to let people go! Grab the bastard back and peel it!" Li Qiuyan snorted coldly, gritted her teeth.

"You..." Bai Jiuling was furious, but Li Qiuyan was using people from the Li family, not from the Bai family. He couldn't do anything to stop it.

"Mom, catch those two bastards, I want to live!" Bai Guangyi's expression is bitter, and he will return the pain he has suffered a hundredfold!

"Son, don't worry, Mom must have let you out of this bad breath!" Li Qiuyan vowed to promise that she still didn't believe it and couldn't cure a hillbilly warrior from Cangzhou.

On the other side, Yang Tai had brought Pang Dongqi to the Jinling Hotel, and Qiao Xiaoyue happened to be there.

Seeing Qiao Xiaoyue, Yang Tai immediately greeted with a smile: "Mr. Qiao, it's been a long time."

"Mr. Yang, what wind brought you here?" Qiao Xiaoyue asked with a smile. In fact, she had guessed Yang. Tai's general purpose.

Yang Taigan laughed, and said: "Mr. Qiao, what am I here for? You don't know? What about Chen Shao?"

"Chen Shao? What Chen Shao?" Qiao Xiaoyue asked knowingly that Chen Feng was appointed as the heir of the Chen family. , Is the top secret of the Chen family. Except for her and Chen Zhong, the Chen family’s confidantes, most people don’t know this, and even many of the Chen family’s children don’t know that the position of the Chen family’s head of the family has been fixed.

Therefore, Chen Feng's identity in the outside world is just an ordinary Chen family.

"Mr. Qiao, don't make jokes with me. Who else could be Young Master Chen? The Young Master Chen you took to the train station to pick you up at that time." Yang Tai said with a smile.

"It turns out that Mr. Yang was talking about Master Chen Feng. Master Chen Feng is now resting in the zongtong suite. What can you do, Mr. Yang?" Qiao Xiaoyue said.

"Mr. Qiao, this is the case. My brother was ignorant before and offended Shao Chen and Shao Chen’s friend. So Yang wanted to make up for Shao Chen’s friend. Then I would pay Mr. Chen Shao no. Let me introduce you." Yang Tai asked.

"It turned out to be this, okay, then I will ask Chen Shaoyuan if Chen Shaoyuan wants to see you." Qiao Xiaoyue smiled. Although Yang Tai is also number one in Jinling, compared with Chen Feng, Yang Tai really can't make it to the table, Chen Feng is willing to see Yang Tai, that is to give Yang Tai face.

"Then trouble Mr. Joe." Yang Tai said with a slight smile.

After a while, Qiao Xiaoyue came to Chen Feng's room.

"Chen Shao, Yang Tai said he wanted to see you, and I would pay you and your friends." Qiao Xiaoyue said truthfully. She only recently learned that Chen Zhennan will Chen Fengli as the heir of the Chen family. It is impossible to say that he is not shocked. , After all, Chen Feng is just Chen Zhennan’s nephew, and Chen Zhennan has three sons, and all of them are dragons among the people, and they have become famous at a young age.

No matter which one of Chen Zhennan’s three sons is, they are a thousand times better than Chen Feng. However, Chen Zhennan chose Chen Feng to be the heir of the Chen family. Thanks to this matter, very few Chen family knows about it, otherwise the Chen family will surely set off. An uproar.

So Qiao Xiaoyue is very curious about what special place Chen Feng has on him that deserves Chen Zhennan's attention.

Chen Feng pondered a little and said, "Let him come up."

Yang Tai was able to come to see him. Chen Feng was still a little surprised. I thought that the prince of Jinling would be as arrogant and domineering as Bai Guangyi. The ability to assess the situation.

"Yes, Shao Chen." Qiao Xiaoyue bowed slightly before leaving.

A few minutes later, Yang Tai walked in with Pang Dongqi.

"Shao Chen!" Seeing Chen Feng, Yang Tai didn't dare to put on airs anymore, his attitude immediately became more respectful.

"Sit down." Chen Feng smiled faintly, and swept past the rickety Pang Dongqi without a trace.

"Yes, Chen Shao." As soon as Yang Tai sat down, he went straight to the subject: "Chen Shao, my brother was ignorant before. He offended Shao Chen's friend and didn't say it, but also offended Shao Chen, so Yang Tai came on this trip. I want to make up for Chen Shao’s friend, and give Chen Shao a compensation. I hope that Master Chen has a lot, don’t take the previous things to heart."

Chen Feng smiled, Yang Tai is a smart man. , It seems that the title of Prince Jinling is not for nothing.

"Mr. Yang is polite. The matter between me and your brother has passed. As long as your brother doesn't provoke me in the future, I won't make trouble with your Yang family. Mr. Yang can rest assured." Yang Tai's attitude is already relaxed. Chen Feng is not too aggressive, and Chen Feng still understands the truth about not hitting the smiling face.

"Then thank Shao-up." Yang Tai-ho looks a joy, said: "In addition, Chan Siu, which is Kowloon international estate 30% stake, Chan Siu, you sign the word, these are your shares of."

Said Yang Tai put an equity transfer letter on the table, which read 30% of the shares of Kowloon International Estate.

Because the Kowloon International Manor is owned by multiple shareholders, the largest shareholder was Yang Tai, who owns 38% of the shares. But now, Yang Tai has given away 10% of his shares. In this way, Yang Tai only The remaining 28% of the shares, if Chen Feng signs now, will become the largest shareholder of Kowloon International Estate.

"Mr. Yang, what does this mean?" Chen Feng frowned. Yang Tai was going to give him shares to make amends. He understood, but he also gave too much at this time. A full 30% of the shares is equivalent to directly taking Jiulong. The control of the International Estate was transferred to him.

There is no need to pay such a big price to make amends. You must know that based on the current market value of Kowloon International Estate, 30% of the shares are worth close to 5 billion!

Sending five billion yuan out at once, even Chen Feng, is a bit painful, let alone Yang Tai.

"Chen Shao, Bai Guangyi and his brother dare to offend you, this is the price they should pay. And I, as their eldest brother, didn't discipline them well, let them offend you, and I cannot escape the blame, so this 30 % Of the shares, you deserve it." Yang Tai smiled respectfully. In fact, it would not take so much to just apologize to Chen Feng, but Yang Tai had other ideas.

He wanted to pull Chen Feng into his chariot, because the Jiulong International Manor’s interests nowadays are too great. Many wealthy families in Jinling are jealous of the business of the Jiulong International Manor. Although he is called the Prince of Jinling, the Yang family is also Jinling. One of the four first-tier families.

But for first-line families like the Yang family, Jinling has three more!

None of these three are easy to provoke. They want to get involved in the business of the Kowloon International Estate, and he alone cannot stop them.

There must be other people to share her firepower.

Chen Feng is obviously very suitable. Otherwise, the name of the Chen family alone is enough to deter the other three major families in Jinling.

Therefore, in the short term, giving Chen Feng 30% of the shares is a loss, but in the long term, trading 30% of the shares for Chen Feng to sit in the Kowloon International Manor will definitely not lose.

Chapter: 94

Chen Feng didn't know Yang Tai's little abacus, but he was not stupid. He naturally understood that there would be no pie in the sky. This 30% of the shares are definitely tricky!

But Yang Tai delivered the meat to him. If he didn't eat it, he would not be Chen Feng.

"Mr. Yang, the matter between me and your brother is not a big deal. Mr. Yang took 30% of the shares to make amends. It is too serious. Mr. Yang should take back these shares." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. In fact, there is a test of Yang Tai's ingredients. If Yang Taizhen has any calculations on the shares, he will not easily take back the shares. Instead, he will try to squeeze the shares to Chen Feng.

"Shao Chen, how can this be done? Or Chen Shao thinks that 30% of the shares are too small? So, Chen Shao, I will add 10%..." Yang Tai pretended to be serious.

Chen Feng waved his hand and said indifferently: "Mr. Yang laughed. It's not a matter of how much it is, but that there is no merit. I did nothing. I took 30% of the shares for nothing. This is really impossible."

See Chen Feng refused. Yang Tai couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. He imagined that when he took out 30% of the shares, Chen Shanfeng would accept it. After all, this was 5 billion yuan. Who would have trouble with the money? .

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would really have trouble with the money, five billion, not for nothing.

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After seeing Yang Tai's look, Chen Feng affirmed the guess in his heart. Sure enough, these shares were tricky. If he took the shares in vain, he would definitely be pulled into the thieves' den.

"Well, Mr. Yang, what is the market value of 30% of the shares of Kowloon International Manor? Can Mr. Yang tell me? If it is not convenient, forget it." Chen Feng asked with a smile.

"Convenient, convenient, this is no secret. Chen Shao, 30% of the shares of Kowloon International Manor, the market value is about 5 billion, if the stock market is good, it can increase by 10%." Although Yang Tai does not know. Why did Chen Feng ask, but he still told the truth.

Chen Feng nodded slightly and said, "Well, then, Mr. Yang, I will use 6 billion yuan. It is good to buy 30% of your shares."

"Buy?!" Yang Tai was dumbfounded. Obviously, he didn't expect Chen Shengeng to say this.

Chen Feng nodded and said, "Well, buy it."

Yang Tai was confused, Chen Feng...what is this operation? Don't give it away for nothing, but have to spend money to buy it, and it is still higher than the market price, and there is nowhere to spend more money?

"Chen Shao, don't be kidding me. I gave you these shares. You don't need to buy them." Yang Taigan laughed. Looking at Chen Feng's appearance, he doesn't look like a fool. Why do you say that.

Chen Feng shook his head and said, "Mr. Yang, I'm not kidding. I am very optimistic about the development prospects of Kowloon International Estate, so I sincerely intend to buy these shares."

"But, Chen Shao..." Yang Tai thought He said that he could give these shares to Chen Feng. Who knows that Chen Feng interrupted directly: "Mr. Yang, I know what you mean, but I still said that. No merit is not rewarded. Give it to me for nothing. I can't ask for it. If Mr. Yang really wants me to get this 30% of the shares, then sell it to me for six billion.”

Chen Feng’s attitude was so firm that he immediately stunned Yang Tai and didn’t understand at all. What is the purpose.

Yang Tai’s reaction naturally fell in Chen Feng’s eyes. Chen Feng only found it a bit funny. The reason why he had to spend six billion to buy 30% of the shares was not because he had nowhere to spend more money, but he was really optimistic. With the development prospects of the Kowloon International Estate, he plans to build it into his future base in Jinling.

On the other hand, once he spends the 30% of the shares, then this is an investment. In the future, if there is any major trouble in the Kowloon International Manor, he can change hands and sell the shares. Anyway, it is investment. He himself has no deep relationship with Kowloon International Manor.

But if he took the 30% of the shares in vain, it would be tantamount to putting a label on him. He would be inseparable from the Kowloon International Manor. If the Kowloon International Manor is in trouble, he must do his best to solve it, even Get in the front.

So in a sense, Chen Feng is equivalent to spending six billion to buy a peace of mind. If the Kowloon International Manor encounters trouble in the future, he can completely get out of it.

Yang Tai naturally didn't understand the truth of this for a while, and he couldn't think so deeply. He only wanted to use Chen Feng, but he didn't expect that Chen Feng's trick completely defeated his little abacus.

"Mr. Yang, how are you thinking about it? If Mr. Yang agrees, then I will sign, and I will let Sister Xiaoyue transfer six billion to you later." Chen Feng asked with a smile.

Chen Feng said so, Yang Tai naturally did not dare to refuse, so he hurriedly said: "Chen Shao, the shares can be sold to you, but it must not be the price of six billion, five billion, just at the market price. , Chen Shao must agree to me.”

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, but did not refuse, and directly signed the equity transfer letter.

From this moment on, he will be the largest shareholder of Kowloon International Manor, and it can also be said that he is the behind-the-scenes owner of Kowloon International Manor!

"Sister Xiaoyue, transfer six billion yuan to President Yang." After signing, Chen Feng glanced at Qiao Xiaoyue on the side and said.

"Yes, Chen Shao." Qiao Xiaoyue did not dare to refuse. After all, Chen Feng is the future heir of the Chen family, let alone six billion. Chen Feng asked her to give the entire Dalong real estate to Yang Tai, and she did not dare to say half of it. No words.

"By the way, Shao Chen, this is the supreme membership card of Jiulong International Manor, please keep it." Yang Tai took out a card studded with black gold and handed it to Chen Feng.

"Supreme membership card?" Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment. Didn't Bai Guangyi say that the diamond membership card in Jiulongzhuang is the most advanced? Why did a supreme membership card pop up?

"Shao Chen, the Supreme Membership Card. There are only three in the entire manor. Only shareholders who control more than 15% of the shares in the manor have this card. This card can be regarded as a voucher. With this card, Shao Chen, you can enjoy the most luxurious stay in the manor The manor will pay for the services, regardless of how much you consume,” Yang Tai explained respectfully.

Chen Feng nodded, he understood. With this card, he can eat and drink for nothing in Jiulongzhuang.

"Then Shao Chen, if there is nothing wrong, I will go back first. If Shao Chen needs it in the future, just call me..."


Before Yang Tai finished speaking, the door of the suite was roughly kicked open.

A short and strong man came in with a dozen thugs in black suits.

After the short-dressed man entered the door, he glanced at the people in the room, and then asked coldly: "Who is Chen Feng?! Get out of me!"

"Who asked you to come?!" Yang Tai stood up with an ugly expression. Fortunately, he is with Chen Feng at the moment. If he leaves and these people come back, Chen Feng mistakenly believes that these people are the troublemakers he sent, which would be bad.

Chapter: 95

"Are you Chen Feng?" The short-dressed man did not have a photo of Chen Feng, nor did he know Yang Tai. Seeing Yang Tai stood up, he naturally thought Yang Tai was Chen Feng.

Yang Tai did not answer, but said coldly: "I said! Who asked you to come over!" In fact, he already had a guess in his heart, it should be the Bai family, but even if he knew it, he had to pretend not to know.

"You bastard, you are almost dead, and you dare to be hard!" The short-dressed man smiled and said frantically: "Want to know who asked grandpa to come over, okay, come over and kneel for grandpa, knock three beeps, grandpa will just Tell you!"

"Look! Die!" Yang Tai's expression was cold, and he coldly ordered: "Old Pang, break his leg!"

"Yes, Master." After the

words fell, a ghostly figure flashed past. , The short-dressed man only felt a flower in front of his eyes and a tight chest, and then the whole person flew back uncontrollably.

"Bang." The

short-dressed man slammed heavily on the wall of the hotel. Before he landed, he spit out a mouthful of blood foam mixed with internal organs.

But that's not all, Pang Dongqi's ghostly figure once again appeared in the sight of the short-clothed man, and Pang Wenqi gently stepped on it in the horrified and horrified eyes of the short-clothed man.


A crisp bone crack sounded, and a heart-piercing pain came from the calf. The short-dressed man let out a horrible howl like a pig, and only felt that his calf bone was bursting by this foot!

"An Jin! You are a Dark Jin warrior!" The short-dressed man yelled in horror, his eyes filled with inconceivability. When Li Qiuyan asked him to come over, she patted her chest to assure him that the person who interrupted Bai Guangyi's hand was the most powerful. Jin mid-term.

With the strength of his late Ming Jin, it can be crushed!

But how can I think that he was crushed, but he was crushed by others, and he was still a dark warrior!

In the realm of Jinling, the dark warriors are already the top figures!

There are tens of millions of people in Jinling, but the number of dark warriors is only ten fingers! Every dark warrior is a well-deserved master.

He couldn't even think of killing Li Li, this kind of character would let himself run into it.

"Senior forgive me!" Li Yan didn't have the slightest idea of ​​resisting, and he begged for mercy directly. You must know that the difference in strength between the warriors by each level is also upside down. In the middle stage of Ming Jin, you can completely fight ten early Ming Jin.

There is a difference between Ming Jin and Dark Jin, and it is no longer possible to win by quantity. Even in the ten late Ming Jin stages, I would never want to hurt the Dark Jin warriors by half!

The rickety old man in front of him must be a dark-jin warrior, and it is very likely that he is still a dark-jin mid-stage warrior!

"Now you can tell, who sent you here?" Yang Tai asked coldly.

"Li Qiuyan! It's Li Qiuyan, Chen Shao, Li Qiuyan sent me, Chen Shao, I also obey orders, and I also ask Chen Shao to let me go..." Li Qi begged for mercy. He had practiced for forty-seven years before practicing. In the late Ming Jin period, he didn't want to waste his life's cultivation due to a momentary negligence.

"Li Qiuyan?" Yang Tai frowned, and said, "Is that idiot wife Bai Jiuling?"

"Yes, Shao Chen, that's her! Shao Chen, you interrupted her son's hand..."

"My name is Yang Tai. This is Chen Shao." Yang Tai interrupted. The reason why he wanted to ask clearly in front of Li Yan was to show Chen Feng so that Chen Feng could understand that Li Yan was not sent by him, but There are others.

Looking in the direction Yang Tai was pointing, Li Yan saw a face that looked like a smile but not a smile. Is this the person he was looking for?

In other words, he found the wrong person at the beginning? !

Li Qi almost didn't spit out a mouthful of old blood, and the resentment towards Li Qiuyan in his heart was even worse. If Li Qiuyan could give him a photo, such an oolong would not happen. Maybe his leg would not be broken.

No, Yang Tai!

Li Yan reacted instantly, and the young man sitting with Chen Feng was Yang Tai!

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Prince Yang Tai of Jinling!

No wonder, this rickety old man is so powerful, if he guessed correctly, this old man should be the number one master of the Yang family, Pang Dongqi!

Li Li's intestines are all regretful, he hates, hate that he has no eyes.

But he hates Li Qiuyan even more. This stupid woman didn't even inquire about the details, so she let him take action.

Didn't you see that even Yang Tai, who is a mid-stage dark master, dare not ask Chen Feng for trouble?

Why are you Li Qiuyan? !

"Shao Chen, the little one has eyes but no beads, and I hope that Chen Hao will be a little dog!" Li Qianqiang dragged a broken leg and knelt down in front of Chen Feng, begging for mercy. In his opinion. The powerhouse behind Chen Feng is definitely more terrifying, and it is even possible to reach Huajin!

"Spare?" Chen Feng sneered, and said: "Now I know to call for mercy? If I am not as strong as you, I am afraid it is me who is kneeling on the ground now."

"Let the people behind you come over, they come over, I Just let you go." Chen Feng said lightly, he was not afraid of the so-called Li Qiuyan's revenge, but he was afraid of trouble, so some things should be solved at once.

"Yes, Shao Chen, I'll make a call now." As if catching a straw, Li Yan hurriedly took out his cell phone.

At this time, in the ward, Li Qiuyan was feeding Bai Guangyi porridge.

Li Qiuyan's face was full of self-confidence at this time. Bai Guangyi said that Chen Feng's beater Ahao almost lost to Gu Xiong, a warrior in the early Ming Jin period, so the strength of that A Hao was also in the mid Ming Jin period.

But Li Yan is the late Ming Jin!

It is one of the three masters enshrined by her natal family. In Jinling, as long as there is no secret energy, Li Li, a martial artist in the late Ming Jin period, can walk sideways!

"Mom, haven't Uncle Li got it right?" Bai Guangyi was a little anxious, because he was afraid that Bai Jiuling and Li Qiuyan would not avenge him, so he concealed part of the story, which naturally includes Chen Feng's strength. .

So he was also very nervous, afraid that even Li Qian would not be Chen Feng's opponent.

"Son, don't worry, that Chen Feng, if you die, it will be in the middle of Ming Jin. Your Uncle Li can handle it completely. Just wait to hear the good news from your Uncle Li. What you should think about now is, for a while, Uncle Li. Bring that bastard, how can you torture that bastard to get out of your anger?" Li Qiuyan said viciously. If Bai Guangyi doesn't let out such a bad breath, it will inevitably leave a psychological shadow, and the rest of his life will be uncomfortable.

Hearing Li Qiuyan's assurance, the stone hanging in Bai Guangyi's heart was finally put down.

"Mom, I want that bastard to kneel down for me first, kowtow to admit his mistake, and then I will break his bones piece by piece! I want him to live! No! Like! Die!" Bai Guangyi looked resentful. Fantasy Road.

Chapter: 96

Bai Jiuling sighed. The anxiety in his heart became stronger and stronger. He always felt that he had overlooked something, that Chen Feng was definitely not that simple.

At this time, Li Qiuyan's phone rang.

"Son, it's your Uncle Li's phone number. It is estimated that he has caught the bastard." Li Qiuyan glanced at the caller ID and smiled triumphantly.

"Mom, pick it up, let Uncle Li quickly bring that bastard back!" Bai Guangyi said excitedly, he couldn't wait to see Chen Feng kneeling down and begging for mercy.

"Okay, OK, Mom will answer it." Li Qiuyan smiled and pressed the answer.

"Li Qiuyan!" Li Yan's gritted teeth came from over there.

"Li Li, why didn't you bring that bastard back? My son is still waiting to break his bones." Li Qiuyan didn't hear it at all. Li Li's tone was not right, and he still said with confidence.

Li Yan was itching with anger and asked your son to break other people's bones. Your son's bones were almost broken.

"Li Qiuyan, you should come to Jinling Hotel right now." Li Yan suppressed the anger in his chest and said calmly.

"What are you going to do to Jinling Hotel? I have to take care of Guangyi in the hospital. You can bring people back directly." Li Qiuyan naturally ordered.

Li Qian's teeth creaked and said, "I don't want to go to the hospital. You will bring your son over right away, otherwise I will let him go!"

After speaking, Li Qian hung up the phone. It was impossible for him to tell Li Qiuyan. , His legs were interrupted, so Li Qiuran would take Bai Guangyi away without hesitation.

"What? Let people go?! Li Li, what do you mean, do you want to do it?" Li Qiuyan said sharply.

"Beep toot."

Seeing Li Qian dared to hang up his phone, Li Qiuyan's face was pale with anger.

"Mom, what's the matter? Did Uncle Li missed it?" Bai Guangyi asked uncomfortably.

Li Qiuyan shook her head and said, "It shouldn't be there, but that old Li Li, let me take you there, otherwise he will let the bastard."

"Okay, then go to the hotel, anyway, I must kill the bastard today. "Bai Guangyi gritted his teeth, he didn't even consider the possibility of Li Li's miss.

"Don't go there! He may be controlled by that Chen Feng." Bai Jiuling, realizing that something is wrong, reminded her aloud.

It's okay for Bai Jiuling not to say, this said, it made Li Qiuyan feel uncomfortable.

"Bai Jiuling, if you're scared, you don't need to go. Our mothers can go there. Anyway, our son doesn't expect you to be a father." Li Qiuyan sneered.

"Unreasonable to make trouble! You don't want to think, if Li Yan really succeeds, why not bring people over, but ask you to go there?" Bai Jiuling asked angrily.

"Oh, do you mean that Li Li betrayed me?" Li Qiuyan smiled disdainfully, and said: "I really don't know what you think. Our Li family has raised Li Li for more than 30 years, and raised him from the early days of Ming Jin to In the later period of Ming Jin, the cultivation resources that our Li family spent on him over the years were worth three to four billion! If he dare to betray my Li family, he will face the pursuit of other masters in my Li family. At that time, he had only one end. That's death!"


Bai Jiuling wanted to say something, but Li Qiuyan just packed up and got up. Before leaving, she mocked: "Bai Jiuling, I have recognized your essence, you are just a scared head. You're a coward! Watch it this time and see how I can help my son!"

Fifteen minutes later, Li Qiuyan took Bai Guangyi to the Jinling Hotel, and Bai Jiuling followed.

As soon as he entered the room, Bai Guangyi saw Chen Feng who was leisurely drinking tea.

Bai Guangyi's eyes suddenly burst into anger, and he almost didn't suffer from the pain in the hospital, but this bastard was drinking tea here leisurely!

"Son, is this bastard who interrupted your hand?" Li Qiuyan pointed at Chen Feng with an aura and said coldly.

"Mom, it's him!" Bai Guangyi gritted his teeth.

Li Qiuyan's face was cold, and without saying anything, she strode in front of Chen Feng and raised her hand to prepare to slap Chen Feng first.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she raised her hand, she was tightly bound by a big hand.

"Bai Jiuling! What are you doing!" Seeing that it was her husband who was holding her wrist, Li Qiuyan suddenly became furious.


Bai Jiuling was full of anger, and she slapped Li Qiuyan's face with a slap in the face.

"Vixen! When are you going to make trouble?!"

Li Qiuyan covered her face, her eyes filled with weirdness, why would Bai Jiuling slap her at this time?

"Brother Tai, why are you here?" At this time, Bai Guangyi finally found Yang Tai and Pang Dongqi in the corner. But why is Yang Tai here? And why did he calmly watch Chen Feng sitting there drinking tea? Doesn't he want to avenge Yang Qing?

A terrible idea suddenly appeared in Bai Guangyi's mind. This person from Cangzhou is probably not a hillbilly!

"Young Master Yang!" Li Qiuyan was also stunned. She had heard of Yang Tai's name, the prince of Jinling. Bai Guangyi was able to achieve this achievement today, and Yang Tai's support is inseparable.

"Bai Guangyi, you are so capable!" Yang Tai said coldly while looking at Bai Guangyi with a gloomy expression.

"Brother Tai, you...what do you mean?" Bai Guangyi smiled dryly.

"Also pretend to me!" Yang Tai

shouted angrily and said coldly: "Did you just send someone to trouble Shao Chen?!" With a boom, Bai Guangyi felt that a thunder was exploding in his mind. Did he hear me right?

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Shao Chen!

Yang Tai actually called this hillbilly Shao Chen!

Li Qiuyan's face also turned pale, she finally understood why Bai Jiuling had slapped her just now, and Li Di, she vowed to promise that she would not guarantee her Li Di, she hadn't seen her since she entered the door!

"Brother Tai, I...I..." Bai Guangyi spoke a little bit sharply, even Yang Tai didn't dare to offend him, he couldn't imagine the background of Chen Feng.

"Shao Chen, how to deal with this idiot?" Yang Tai turned his gaze to Chen Feng. Bai Guangyi's life is now in Chen Feng's hand. As long as Chen Feng gives a word, he can make Bai Guangyi disappear.

"Stop your hand, are you not convinced?" Chen Feng glanced at Bai Guangyi calmly and said lightly.

"Shao Chen, I...I serve..." Bai Guangyi wiped the cold sweat from his head and stammered.

"Serve?" Chen Feng smiled contemptuously, and suddenly closed his smile: "Will you still send someone over?!" The

overwhelming pressure swept through, and Bai Guangyi instantly fell to the ground and was scared to speak.

"Chen Shao, I sent this person. It has nothing to do with my son. Please let my son go." Li Qiuyan knelt directly in front of Chen Feng with a thud, pleadingly, without the slightest arrogance before.

Chapter: 97

"Now I know to ask for help? Isn't it arrogant?" Chen Feng raised a sneer at the corner of Chen Feng's mouth. This Li Qiuyan, as soon as he entered the door, rushed over to slap herself without saying a word, which simply brought the word arrogance to the extreme. .

After learning his identity, he immediately knelt down and begged for mercy like a dog.

Chen Feng is really disgusted. This kind of person is rampant when he sees the weak, and cries for his father when he sees the strong.


Li Qiuyan kept her promise, lowered her head and dared not speak.

"Abandon his other hand, let him increase his memory." Chen Feng said lightly.

"Yes, Chen Shao." Yang Tai nodded respectfully, but he felt that Chen Feng was a little benevolent. If he were to be replaced by him, Bai Guangyi would be killed directly.

"No! You can't do this! If you want to abandon my son's hand, unless you kill me first!" Seeing Yang Tailai really, Li Qiuyan was immediately anxious, like a shrew, protecting Bai Guangyi.

"Go away!" Yang Tai's voice was cold, and Li Qiuyan dared to roll around in front of her. That was a mistake. Yang Tai didn't want to eat this.

"I don't! You have the ability to kill our wife together!" Li Qiuyan is determined to protect Bai Guangyi, her Li family is not small, she really doesn't believe it, Yang Tai dare to face so many people Mian'er killed them both.

"Do you really think I dare not kill you?!" Yang Tai's expression was tarnished, and he gritted his teeth. Li Qiuyan's doing this made him lose face in front of Chen Feng, and the dignified Prince Jinling couldn't even cure a bitch.

"You kill! You kill both of our mothers, I don't plan to live anyway!" Li Qiuyan took out the set of crying, making trouble, and hanging himself when she used to deal with Bai Jiuling at home, and began to cry for her father and mother.

Yang Tai's face was cold, and a cold murderous intent flashed in his eyes!

Since you are trying to die, you can't blame me.

"Young Master Yang!" At this moment, Bai Jiuling, who had not said a word, knelt on the ground with a pout.

"Young Master Yang, let them go." Bai Jiuling sighed and said, "It's all to blame. I didn't take care of this wicked animal, and I indulged Qiuyan so much that it caused them to cause disaster. "

What's the matter with Young Master Yang, come at me."

"Uncle Bai, are you forcing me?" Yang Tai asked in a low voice. After all, Bai Jiuling is the Patriarch of the Bai family, and his status is placed there, even if it is. He didn't dare to really treat Bai Jiuling.

Bai Jiuling shook her head and said, "Young Master Yang, I didn't force you, nor dare I force you. The son doesn't teach, the father's fault, this wicked animal has done something wrong, and I, the father, also have a great responsibility. This time, let me take it for him."

Yang Tai's face was a little ugly, and there is no doubt that Bai Jiuling is embarrassing him.

"Forget it, let them go." At this moment, Chen Feng sighed and said.

"Go?" The

three of the Bai family were shocked, why did Chen Feng suddenly let them go?

"Shao Chen?" Yang Tai looked at Chen Feng in confusion, why did Chen Feng make such a decision.

"Let's go, don't let me see you in Jinling in the future." Chen Feng waved his hand directly without explaining.

In fact, Chen Feng didn't know what was wrong with him, but suddenly thought of the days when he and his mother were in Chen's house.

It is very similar to the present. He and his mother were bullied by others, but the difference is that Li Qiuyan's mother and son have someone stood up to protect them. The person who protects them is the father and husband.

But neither myself nor my mother.

The person who was supposed to protect them, he hadn't seen him from the moment he was born.

So Chen Feng couldn't help but feel soft when seeing Bai Jiuling's sincere love.

"Thank you Chen Shao!" Bai Jiuling bowed extremely seriously and thanked her.

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"Thank you Chen Shao!" Bai Guangyi and Li Qiuyan also knelt before Chen Feng. Although they don't know why Chen Feng suddenly let them go, it is always a good thing.

"If I see you arrogant again in the future, it won't be as simple as abandoning your hand." Chen Feng said calmly.

"Shao Chen, no! I will be a low-key person in the future, I will not dare to be arrogant if I kill you!" Bai Guangyi promised hurriedly, Chen Feng really left him a psychological shadow this time, and he will remember it all his life With Chen Feng.

"Okay, you can roll." Chen Feng said lightly, he had other things to deal with.

"Thank you Chen Shao." Bai Guangyi knocked his head several times.

After Bai Guangyi and Bai Jiuling left, Yang Tai and Pang Dongqi also left.

At this time, Li Li walked out of the bathroom. His calf bone was completely broken by Pang Dongqi. Now there is only one leg left, but because he is a martial artist, his balance is good, and he can walk on one foot without much effort. It just doesn't look good.

"Chen Shao..." There was a flattering smile on Li Di's face. Just now, Chen Feng said that as long as Li Qiuyan brought Bai Guangyi over, he could let him go.

"Ask you a few questions, if you answer well, I will let you go." Chen Feng smiled lightly.

Li Yan looked terrified, and hurriedly said: "Chen Shao, don't hesitate to ask, the villain must know that everything can be said."

"Today, how many bright martial artists are there in Jinling martial arts world?" Chen Feng asked, Cangzhou due to training resources. Because of lack, martial artists are rare, but Jinling is the capital city. Martial artists from all over the world will come here to seek opportunities. Now that he is in Jinling, he naturally needs to understand the situation in the Jinling martial arts world.

"Ming Jin martial artist?" Li Li pondered for a moment, and said: "Chen Shao, the Ming Jin martial artist in Jinling City, Guang Xiao Ren knows, there are about five to six hundred, of which, most of them are in the early stage of Ming Jin. In the mid-200 Ming Jin period, the remaining 100 are almost all in the late Ming Jin period."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. There are five or six hundred Ming Jinwu fighters. At first glance, there are many, but you must know that Jinling is a big city with a population of more than 20 million. Out of 20 million people, there are only five or six hundred Ming Jinwu fighters. , One can imagine how difficult it is to become a warrior.

However, this is also related to the current environment. Since the end of Yuan Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties, long guns and cannons have appeared, and the status of warriors has been constantly threatened. Many warriors who have practiced in the deep mountains for decades have just come out of the mountains and even flex their muscles. Without a chance, he was bombarded to pieces by artillery.

In modern times, science and technology are advancing with each passing day, and the development of firearms has reached its peak. A pistol with a large palm can teach a bright fighter to be a man.

Only the dark warrior had the ability to resist bullets, but that was also at a certain distance.

Of course, the so-called bullet is just a joke after the cultivation reaches the level of energy.

When Chen Feng and Xiao Guozhong traveled abroad in the early years, he had seen dozens of militants in a Southeast Asian country, armed with AKs, and fired at a chemical fighter. After a bullet was finished, the chemical fighter did not even blink his eyes.

This is the horror of the martial artist's cultivation to a high and deep realm.

Chapter: 98

Of course, under normal circumstances, if an ordinary martial artist does not have the natural talent, it is impossible to cultivate to the level of energy.

Even dark energy is difficult. Most people can only practice until the middle and late stages of Mingjin throughout their lives.

But even in the middle and late stages of Ming Jin, it was enough to dominate the society, and with his identity as a warrior, he became a guest of the upper class.

Take Li Di as an example. Don’t look at him being miserable now. He bows like a dog in front of Chen Feng, but he is also a big man when he is put outside. In order to support the Buddha Li Di, Li’s family will work almost every year from the family’s company. , And set aside tens of millions to buy various resources for Li Qian's cultivation.

He also built a villa on the lakeside for Li Li, and invited several tender models to serve Li Li.

It is conceivable how good Li Yan is mixing outside.

This is just a martial artist in the late Ming Jin period. When it comes to An Jin, even Shen Hongchang, who is the richest man in Cangzhou, will be respectful when he meets an An Jin martial artist.

As for energization, that is no longer what the world's financial power can move.

"Where are the dark-powered warriors?" Chen Feng continued to ask. Among the group of people who chased him back then, there were dark-powered fighters, and among them, it was very likely that there were local warriors in Jinling.

"An Jinling warrior, Shao Chen, there are about a dozen of Jinling's Dark Jin warriors. The Sect Master Tie Shanhe of the Iron Fist Sect is in the early days of An Jin, and there is also Li He, the master of Xingyi Sect..." Li Di said more than a dozen people. Chen Feng secretly wrote down the names of these people. He wanted to find out the details of these people one by one to see if anyone had participated in the hunt for him that year.

"Also, the old man who accompanied Young Shao just now is also a dark-jin warrior, but I don't know if it is the mid-stage dark-jin or the late dark-jin villain." Li Li said carefully, he didn't know the identity of Chen Feng. However, looking at Yang Taibi's respectful appearance, Chen Feng's identity is obviously not much lower, so as long as he knows something, he dare not hide it at all.

Chen Feng nodded slightly, Pang Dongqi's strength, he saw at a glance, it was the middle stage of the dark power, but it was not far from breaking through to the late stage of the dark power.

"By the way, Shao Chen, the villain has heard that Jin Liuan, the owner of the Diamond Martial Arts Hall recently, has also broken through to the early stage of Anjin." There was a trace of envy in Li Di's tone. Jin Liuan was the same as him. The martial artists in the later period of Ming Jin had similar status and status, but Jin Liu'an had now broken through to An Jin, and the difference between them was not even a star.

At least when he sees Jin Liuan in the future, he must respectfully call Jin Liuan a senior.

Moreover, Jin Liuan himself will be wooed by the major forces of Jinling in the future, becoming the overlord of one party, and he will have as many training resources as he needs.

Ming Jin warrior and dark Jin warrior are not at the same level.

"King Kong Martial Art Hall?" Chen Feng frowned. Han Long said that Fang Tao came from the King Kong Martial Art Hall. When he fought Fang Tao that day, he found that Fang Tao was in the early Ming Jin stage and taught him boxing. The person from is obviously one of the people who chased him three years ago, so this Jin Liuan is suspicious, even he himself was one of the chasers three years ago!

"It's the Diamond Martial Arts Hall, Shao Chen, is there any problem?" Li Qian asked cautiously. After talking about so many forces, Chen Feng's expression remained the same, but Chen Feng was obviously interested in this Diamond Martial Arts Hall.

"Nothing." Chen Feng shook his head and suddenly said: "I give you a task. If you do it well, I can find a way to heal your legs."

"Chen Shaoyan is serious, what's the matter? Just tell the villain to do it. As for this leg, the villain can find a way by himself and dare not to bother Chen Shao." Li Yan was a little apprehensive, but he was a little excited. If he gets things done this time, he will get Chen Feng. He is Chen Feng's favor, and the Li family absolutely dare not trouble him anymore.

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"It's not troublesome, as long as the matter is done for me, your leg, I can get someone to heal you with a word." Chen Feng said lightly.

"Chen Shao, you said, what is the specific thing, even if the villain fights this life, he has to do it for you." Li Li said respectfully.

"I want you to be friends with Jin Liu'an, and then ask him for some information." Chen Feng said.

"No problem, Shao Chen, what do you want to inquire about?" Li Yan hurriedly patted his chest to ensure that he knew Jin Liu'an from the beginning, so as long as it wasn't something top secret, Jin Liu'an would tell him.

"I want to know, three years ago, did Jin Liu'an take part in a killing operation? If so, whoever participated in the operation with him." Chen Feng said every word, and now he has Strength, the hatred three years ago, naturally must be reported, he can't let the dozen or so brothers who protect him die in vain!

"Yes, Chen Shao, the villain must find out clearly."

"Remember, don't startle the snake." Chen Feng exhorted, if Jin Liuan heard the wind and ran away in advance, it would be difficult to find Jin Liuan.

"Chen Shao, you are a villain, don't worry." Li Li hurriedly promised.

"Well, let's go on." Chen Feng nodded. This matter will not come to fruition in a short time. After finding out the group of people who participated in the hunt three years ago, he still has to make a careful plan. Among them, the dark warriors may be involved.

"Yes, Shao Chen."

Qiao Xiaoyue walked in after Li Yan left.

"Sister Xiaoyue, what is going on with Xu Feirong's parents' case?" Chen Feng asked. When he first came to Jinling, he asked Qiao Xiaoyue to investigate the case of Xu Feirong's parents. If Xu Feirong's parents were indeed caught If someone is wronged, then he will help to ask for justice.

"Chen Shao, I have sent someone to check. The current situation is that the wine made by Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei is okay, but they have offended a local distributor who mixed the problematic wine. The wine made by Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei was sold to an old man. The old man had a heart disease. After drinking the problematic wine, he suffered a heart attack and was sent directly to the emergency room. I didn’t save it and I died that night."

"Now that distributor is not difficult to solve. We already have evidence and can send him in at any time, but the difficulty is that the family members behind the old man are unwilling to accept compensation and threatened to let the distributor and Xu Zijie and his wife go in jail. , Because the wine is made by Xu Zijie and his wife, it is indeed inseparable from them." At this point, Qiao Xiaoyue couldn't help but glance at Chen Feng.

"The family of this old man has a lot of background?" Chen Feng immediately realized the key to the problem.

Chapter: 99

Qiao Xiaoyue nodded, and said: "This old man's son is now the vice president of the Jinling Procuratorate, or the son-in-law of the Zhao family. He is highly regarded by the Zhao family."

"The Zhao family?" Chen Feng narrowed his eyes, "Yes. The Zhao family, one of the four major families in Jinling?"

"Yes, Chen Shao. The Zhao family is very powerful in the two circles of Jinling affairs. Elder Zhao once served in the Jinling Military Region with the rank of major general. In the political circle, the Zhao family also has a wide range of connections. Several members of the Standing Committee of Jinling City are related to the Zhao family." Qiao Xiaoyue said truthfully.

After listening, Chen Feng nodded slightly. Although the Chen family's properties are all over China, but in terms of affairs, it has always been a weak point. Therefore, it is indeed a bit difficult for the Zhao family to handle affairs.

"I see, I will figure out a solution for this matter." Chen Feng said calmly. Sometimes, Qianglong may not be able to overwhelm the snake. If it is necessary to pressure the Zhao family, the Zhao family may not sell it. He saves face and can only find another way.

"Yes, Chen Shao."

Soon after Qiao Xiaoyue left, Chen Feng's cell phone rang.

"Chen Feng, is Gu Dongchen okay?" Xia Mengyao asked worriedly. She was afraid that Chen Feng was doing errands, so she didn't dare to call Chen Feng. Now that one day has passed, she must have done things well, so she took it out. Cell phone.

"It's okay, I have been sent to the hospital." Chen Feng smiled.

"That's good." Xia Mengyao's hanging heart finally let go, and Gu Dongchen was rescued, which means that Chen Feng is fine.

"Chen Feng, guess where I am?" Xia Mengyao's tone became lively.

Chen Feng looked weird. Hearing Xia Mengyao's tone, he was obviously not in Cangzhou.

"You won't be in Jinling anymore?"

"Hehe, you guessed it right, but there is no reward." Xia Mengyao said playfully.

"Where are you now, I'll come to pick you up." Chen Feng smiled. The reason why Xia Mengyao came in advance was probably because he was worried about him and wanted to come and see in person.

"Airport, Chen Feng, you can't come any longer, Fei Rong and I are about to be watched." Xia Mengyao said quietly.

"Wait for me, 15 minutes will be there." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He probably guessed what Xia Mengyao's onlookers meant. When he went out with Xia Mengyao before, as long as he left Xia Mengyao, within ten minutes, Xia Mengyao's The surrounding area will be surrounded by men who strike up a conversation. One can imagine what Xia Mengyao will face in an airport with a lot of people.

Qiao Xiaoyue's driver drove Chen Feng to the airport within 15 minutes.

After arriving at the airport, Chen Feng, who was far away, saw Xia Mengyao surrounded by a group of people. To Chen Feng's surprise, Xu Feirong was also standing next to Xia Mengyao, her pretty face full of impatience.

"Two beautiful ladies, why don’t you give me a chance? As long as you are willing to enter the entertainment circle, under the packaging of our company, within a year, you can become popular all over the country and become a well-known first-line star. The income is easy to exceed 100 million..." In front of Xu Feirong, a middle-aged man with pigtails spit and stars everywhere. He is the gold scout of China Pictures, and several of China’s most popular stars are now He discovered it. When he first saw Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong, Zhou Zhifeng was amazed by the appearance and temperament of the two. If they can develop into the company, he will definitely become the biggest hero of China Films.

"I'll say it again, I'm not interested! Please leave right away." Xu Feirong said impatiently. Maybe an ordinary little girl would be mad when she heard that she could be a star, but she really didn't. She is interested in being a celebrity. Her biggest wish is to be a salted fish, lying at home every day, eating and sleeping.

"Miss..." Zhou Zhifeng wanted to persuade him a few more words, but a handsome young man wearing Versace and wearing a Rolex green water ghost watch stood in front of him and smiled: "Uncle, you don't understand people. What? These two sisters have said that they don't want to be stars, what else are you bothering about?"

"What's the matter with you! I'm helping them!" Zhou Zhifeng was a little annoyed. He didn't expect to encounter a hero who saved the United States. The young man in front of him, although he looks only twenty-two years old, looks obvious from his clothes. He is a rich second generation, so Zhou Zhifeng is very annoyed. If this is an ordinary person who dares to speak to him like this, he will definitely kick him up without saying anything.

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"Help them?" The handsome young man snorted and said: "Don't think I don't know what you so-called shit scouts do. I said that I helped these two sisters, but I really waited for the two sisters to arrive at the company. What will happen."

"You..." Zhou Zhifeng became a little bit irritated. Indeed, if Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong were recruited into the company, the first thing they would do is to sleep with a few senior executives in the company. This is almost a well-known rule in the entertainment industry. If you want to be famous, how can you not pay anything.

"Hurry up, uncle, harass these two sisters again, don't blame me for being rude to you." The handsome young man smiled disdainfully. He was 1.85 meters tall, coupled with his well-proportioned body shape, and packed Zhou Zhifeng completely. Not to mention.

"Okay! You kid, wait for me!" Zhou Zhifeng let out a vicious word, then turned and left, fighting with the handsome young man? He is not stupid, of course, he can't beat.

After Zhou Zhifeng left, the handsome young man glanced coldly at the other men who were going to talk to Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong, and the threat in his eyes was self-evident.

These people laughed at themselves and dispelled the idea of ​​hitting up. After all, this handsome young man is obviously a rich boy with a background. They don't have the guts to grab a woman from such a rich boy.

"Finally quiet." The handsome young man let out a sigh of relief, then put on a smile that he considered handsome and looked at Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong.

Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong were expressionless.

Xia Mengyao was only thinking about Chen Feng at this time, while Xu Feirong had long understood the essence of this handsome young man, that is, a self-righteous little kid who relied on the power of the family. If there is no family, this People are full of embroidered pillows, which are not useful.

"Two sisters, my name is Liu Ziang. I go to school in the UK and I just returned home today." Liu Ziang smiled and stretched out his hand.

Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong didn't even look at him.

Liu Ziang's hand was awkward in the air.

"Uh, two sisters, it's really cold." Liu Ziang smiled and withdrew his hand. Although he felt unhappy, it didn't happen.

Chapter: 100

Immediately, Liu Ziang's eyes fell on Xia Mengyao's bumpy figure. He felt that Xia Mengyao seemed a little more accessible than Xu Feirong, so Liu Ziang turned his head to Xia Mengyao: "Where do the two sisters want to go? The driver will come right away, and I can ask them to send the two sisters a ride."

"No, my husband will come right away." Xia Mengyao said indifferently.

An irritation flashed across Liu Ziang's eyes, and there was a husband who was still here.

At this time, Chen Feng came over.

"Mengyao." Although it was less than a day apart from Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng felt that it was as long as a month apart.

"Husband." Xia Mengyao blushed, threw herself into Chen Feng's arms, and hugged Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was a little surprised, why did he call her husband today.

Looking at Liu Ziang, there was another burst of jealousy in his eyes. Looking at Chen Feng's clothes, it was obvious that he was a dick. Why can such a dick marry such a beautiful woman as his wife.

"Why is Feirong here too?" Chen Feng asked, moving his eyes to Xu Feirong.

"I...I don't worry about my parents, so come and have a look." Xu Feirong paused and said.

"I've asked someone to ask about my uncle and auntie, and I will soon have a look." Chen Feng smiled. He didn't intend to tell Xu Feirong the truth, because telling Xu Feirong would not help. With Tim worried.

"Trouble you." Xu Feirong said sincerely.

Chen Feng shook his head and said, "Let's go, the driver is still waiting outside."

"Driver?" Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong hadn't spoken yet, but Liu Ziang on the side spoke strangely, looking at Chen Feng with disdain. Said: "Just you

return the driver?" Chen Feng frowned slightly and said, "Why, is there a problem?"

Liu Ziang sneered and said, "Big brother, can you afford to hire a driver?" He looked at Chen Feng's clothes, it was obvious that he was an ordinary urban white-collar worker. Such a person said that he is a driver. Come pick up, can he afford to hire a driver!

"Does the driver I hire have anything to do with you?" Chen Feng said lightly.

Liu Ziang shook his head and said, "Of course it has nothing to do with me, but it has a big relationship with these two beautiful sisters."

"Oh? What's the relationship?" Chen Feng said with a smile.

"If I'm not mistaken, your so-called driver is the actor you hired. Moreover, the car your driver drives is definitely not a good car. You are lying to these two beautiful sisters!" Liu Ziang said with confidence. People like Chen Feng who have swollen faces and are fattening up, he sees a lot, in order not to lose face in front of women, he can do anything.

"Well, you guessed it right, you are very smart." Chen Feng looked calm, and after speaking, he turned his eyes to Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong: "Let's go."

"Well, go." Xia Mengyao With a sweet smile, he followed Chen Feng.

Liu Ziang's face was a little ugly, and was ignored!

He was actually ignored by Chen Feng! Chen Feng's last remark was obviously too lazy to pay attention to him!

"Stop!" Liu Ziang was a little angry, and angrily walked to Chen Feng and said: "Dare you bet with me?"

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"Are you sick?" Chen Feng frowned.

"I'm not sick!" Liu Ziang said angrily, "I just can't bear to let you lie to these two elder sisters."

Xu Feirong rolled her eyes, she really couldn't understand the brain circuit of such a kid. Xia Mengyao looked at Chen Feng with interest, and wanted to know how Chen Summit handled such things.

"Then what do you want?" Chen Feng smiled and asked.

"I said, bet!" Liu Ziang gritted his teeth.

"What to bet on?"

"Just bet your driver is an actor, and the car is not a good car." Liu Ziang said.

"A good car?" Chen Feng smiled playfully and asked, "What is a good car?"

"At least it must be a luxury car of millions like Ferrari." Liu Ziang took it for granted, even if Chen Feng really had money to ask the driver. He didn't believe that Chen Feng's car could be a good car, so he had the confidence to bet with Chen Feng.

"I'm afraid I will disappoint you. My car is indeed not a luxury car with millions of dollars." Chen Feng shook his head and said, the Rolls Royce that Qiao Xiaoyue gave him is the top configuration in Jinling. , There is only one, plus the license plate number worth more than three million, his car is indeed not a luxury car of several million, but a luxury car of almost 15 million.

"It's not a luxury car, then what are you pretending to be here?" Liu Ziang said with disdain. Sure enough, the whole stinky cock was swollen and fattened. Now that he was forced to do so, he revealed his original form.

Chen Feng was stunned, when did I pretend? I seem to have said from start to finish that the driver is waiting.

"I drove a garbage truck with hundreds of thousands of people and dared to come out to pick up people, and asked the driver. I really wanted to laugh at me." Liu Ziang's reluctant sarcasm made Chen Feng almost laughed angry. Not a car? Hundreds of thousands of cars can't pick up people?

"Forget it, Chen Feng, ignore him, let's go." Xia Mengyao couldn't stand it anymore. She knew that Chen Feng was too lazy to care for such a young man, but this young man liked to push his nose and face.

Chen Feng smiled and said, "Well, let's listen to you."

Indeed, it's a shame to be angry with such a little boy.

Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao did this, but Liu Ziang felt a sense of powerlessness as a fist hit the cotton.

"Oh, this big brother, don't go, I haven't seen a few hundred thousand car captains, let me see." Liu Ziang followed, reluctantly said.

Chen Feng stopped, looked at Liu Ziang with a smile, and asked, "Are you sure you want to see?"

"OK, I also want to know where did your driver get your driver." Liu Ziang said lazily.

Chen Feng smiled and continued to ask: "I don't regret it after watching it?"

"Regret?" Liu Ziang exaggerated, "Big Brother, are you kidding me? Looking at your broken car, I will regret it?

" Okay, then follow me." Chen Feng smiled. Since Liu Ziang wanted to see his'broken car', he satisfied Liu Ziang.

"Chen Feng..." Xia Mengyao pulled Chen Feng's arm and glanced at Chen Feng suspiciously, as if asking, where did you get the car?

Xu Feirong is also very suspicious, let alone hundreds of thousands of cars, Chen Feng just came to Jinling, there is not even an electric car, did he really pay a lot of money to rent a car?

Chen Feng smiled and didn't say anything. The car was outside anyway, and you could see them when they got out.

Leaving the airport and arriving at the intersection, Chen Feng couldn't help but frowned. Why was the car not there?

Didn't he just let the driver wait here?

"Brother, where's your car?" Seeing that there was no car parked at the intersection, Liu Ziang couldn't help but raise a sneer.